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(26 Mar) Sprint 009 update
(26 Mar) Sprint 009 updatemore_vert
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(26 Mar) Sprint 009 update 2020-03-26T19:38:39+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hi everybody, hope you're staying safe and at home if you can.

We made progress on three tasks today, and completed three more:

  • [T36] Update "P001 Balcony Max fingerbang finale" for the different arousal states
  • [T44] Make Max's degrading dirty talk conditional; it doesn't fit the scene in all instances (e.g. if Kate has been very sexual)
  • [T51] Add ENF pose versions of bracelets and weapon ring

[T44] was interesting. Max can "trash talk" the agent (in Swedish) during the sex scene –it's kind of a dominance thing, telling her she's just a one night stand while he's fucking her, and that makes him feel more powerful and transgressive.

(It just arose organically while I was writing the scene, so it's probably one of the things my psychiatrist will be interested in when I show her Female Agent and ask her to figure out what the hell's wrong with me.)

However, this trash talk felt artificial on some test runs. I realised that certain things the agent can do as foreplay can arouse Max so much that he doesn't need the extra thrill of the trash talk.

So I've made Max's trash talk conditional; if the agent excites him enough, he doesn't do it. That makes this scene feel more natural and interesting, and it also gave me a big insight on a brothel mechanic that we'll go into later.

Okay, that's it for today! Try to stay alive until I report in tomorrow, I love all of you guys and want you all to survive beer virus.

Media (1)

stretch.jpg (305.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5447061 - 27 Mar 20 07:31
Stay safe too Crush! Social distancing and washing hands before touching your face whenever you touch something somone else has handled would help greatly. And be mindful not to touch the face so often. And sanitize your digital devices too as often.
Sprint 009 update
Sprint 009 updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009 update 2020-03-25T19:01:01+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! With the design doc for 1.7 completed, I got back to work on 1.6 today. It took me a little while to get back into the groove of this scene, but I finished a cool task today:

  • [T19] Write "It'll look better on your cock" BJ path for Promiscuous agents

This path allows Promiscuous agents to take a more sexually aggressive path into the sex scene –instead of going back to the hotel room to flirt and be seduced, this agent's ready to demonstrate her BJ skills.

It was great fun to write, and my head is back in 1.6 mode now.

If you look at the Trello, you'll see there are quite a few tasks still in the "To do" column. However, six of them are all components of the bed sex sequence, so they'll all be tackled at once. I believe that completing these tasks is a matter of days not weeks, so we should be announcing a 1.6 release date soon.

I plan to do more writing for 1.6 tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

lippy.jpg (110.6KiB)

Status report
Status reportmore_vert
Post file flag
Status report 2020-03-25T00:15:47+00:00close

Hi guys! I finished the 1.7 (Bangkok Intro) design doc today, and shared it with the team. I'll let you know their feedback.

Tomorrow I'm planning to switch back to working on 1.6, which we're aiming to release ASAP. (The only thing that might derail that is if there's a lot of feedback/discussion on the design doc.)

I'll post an update tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

status-red.jpg (222.6KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #156009 - 25 Mar 20 01:15
Hopefully it won't be too much longer before we get our hub location and base gameplay loop implemented and can start to keep save games between versions.
user avatar
crushstation - 25 Mar 20 18:23
Hub + gameplay loop is exactly the point I want to get to, but we'll probably get to that in a few separate steps. More detail to follow. We have a concept for a kind of import wizard that will make saves from previous versions forward compatible. We'll definitely need that in the future (people won't want to start a whole new game from scratch just to get to a new scene in Bangkok!). :-)
user avatar
User #2677906 - 25 Mar 20 10:34
I'm almost too scared to ask: how you and the team feel about the time needed to churn out content for the main game? Do you think the framework for the sex engine will help? Is it working like you expected (modularity, reusability, etc..)? Do you consider it to be (mostly) complete? Thx and keep up the nice work ;)
user avatar
crushstation - 25 Mar 20 18:29
Don't be scared. :-D However, the truthful answer is: "I don't know yet." I wanted to use 1.7 to find out: my idea was to rewrite the backstage casting scene using the new technique, and find out how many sprints it takes. That would have given you guys a new sex scene fairly quickly (certainly sooner than you're going to get 1.7 now it's bigger in scope), and let us know how fast we can produce new scenes in the new framework. As we all know I was out-argued on this, so we're going into the next stage without that info. HOWEVER, we have (of course) planned a couple of new sex scenes in 1.7, so we'll learn how well this works soon anyway. Fingers crossed, keep the faith, and (of course) I'll report truthfully on progress while we work on it.
Progress update
Progress updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Progress update 2020-03-22T21:52:52+00:00close

Hey guys! Here's a progress update on the strategy meeting, as promised. I have seven things to report:

1: Version 1.6 progress update
1.6 (new Dubai sex scene) is nearly done and will be released soon.

2: Change of plans for 1.7
My intention for 1.7 was for it to be an upgrade of the Oceana backstage casting scene using the new sex scene system. I wanted to do this to test how quickly we can make new sex scenes.

The main impact of the strategy meeting was that my idea was shot down like a MiG-23 attacking a Reaper. Nobody wanted to do it.

3: New aim for 1.7
Following team discussions, Female Agent 1.7 will now aim to deliver the intro to Bangkok. This will cover the agent's arrival in-country and the first stage of her mission.

4: Immediate objectives
We've covered some ground on this, but we still have some details to iron out. We'll do this over the next few days.

5: Short-term objectives
Once the design details are finalised, I'll switch to finishing the outstanding 1.6 writing tasks, and the rest of the team will get started on 1.7 tasks.

6: Next release
As soon as 1.6 is ready, we'll release it to all Patrons, with a general release following 14 days later. (My personal guess is that the Patron release of 1.6 will be in March and the general release will be mid-April – but please be advised my estimates are usually wrong.)

7: 14-day sprints
14-day sprints will resume once 1.6 is released. Basically: please bear with us over the next week or so while we get our strategy worked out for 1.7 Bangkok.

Okay, you're up to date! My next task is to produce a 1.7 design document based on the meeting discussions, and I'm aiming to get that finished in the next few days. I'll post here again as soon as I have an update.

In the meantime, please everybody stay safe during this coronavirus shit! Unfortunately there's no way that anyone could make coronavirus sexy, bu...


See you tomorrow.

Media (1)

secretary-thinking.jpg (193.4KiB)

Comments (15)
user avatar
User #739507 - 23 Mar 20 18:58
It felt like the sex scene was made by Sisyphus, considering how long it took. Working on Bangkok feels like just what this project needs to gain some traction. If possible, I think it would be great if the older sex scenes and the kink vignettes could be worked on by other team members (or outsourced) so you can focus on the important parts of the game.
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:08
Agreed, announcement on this to follow
user avatar
User #808007 - 22 Mar 20 22:24
Bangkok, wooo!
user avatar
User #4407352 - 23 Mar 20 01:56
Even Bangkok done poorly is better than waiting forever for Bangkok. Now I am excited about this project again.
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:07
It won't be done poorly, we built all we need (RPG rules, customisable backstory, upgraded avatar, new sex engine) to do it well :-)
user avatar
User #10423300 - 23 Mar 20 00:54
Our discussion on Discord has included about 15,000 words in about 450 posts in the past 60 hours. A paperback novel has about 70-80,000 words. So much should be noted at work, to organize all ideas alone and to bring them in one direction before a line is even written.
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:06
Hahaha wow! :-D
user avatar
User #11699630 - 24 Mar 20 03:48
user avatar
User #28897028 - 24 Mar 20 22:07
Oriental Setting And the city don't know What the city is getting
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:09
You'd better get back to your bars, your temples...the Hard Cock Cafe...
user avatar
User #12120208 - 22 Mar 20 23:48
Insert 'It's Happing' gif here
user avatar
User #548785 - 22 Mar 20 22:08
I know that place, it's right next to I-15 in Vegas
user avatar
User #893559 - 24 Mar 20 02:28
Moving on to Bangkok gives me some interest in this game again. Glad to see it happening.
user avatar
User #156009 - 22 Mar 20 22:06
Hand sanitiser wrestling sounds like a terrible idea, imagine getting that in your eyes!
user avatar
User #10004965 - 23 Mar 20 18:02
Eyes? What about other - even MORE sensitive!! - places!! ... Lord that would sting!
He's in a meeting right now...
He's in a meeting right now...more_vert
Post file flag
He's in a meeting right now... 2020-03-20T20:39:41+00:00close

Hey guys, sorry for the short break between updates. We're part-way into Hyneman's first strategy meeting, which is fascinating and important but is not yet concluded.

There's a lot to talk about, but talks are ongoing for now so I'll post a clear update on the planned next steps once everybody is exhausted from arguing with me and agrees to do what I want. (Pro tip: this is also how I get hot chicks to have sex with me.)

The meeting's scheduled to run Fri-Sun, so I expect to post a news update either Sunday or Monday. HMU on Discord or in PMs here if you want some crab in the meantime

Media (1)

meeting.jpg (169.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #156009 - 20 Mar 20 23:24
That picture is hot. Makes me want to see some scenes with our agent when she was wearing office clothes.
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:10
IKR! Even though we're pushing forward with Bangkok, I want to keep improving the Lifepath, we didn't do enough of Analyst Kate in pencil skirts and meetings.
So there's this "Community" link...
So there's this "Community" link...more_vert
Post file flag
So there's this "Community" link... 2020-03-18T21:27:11+00:00close

I am catching up on some DMs. Someone asked me about the "community posts", and that made me click the "Community" link, and that made me realise there is a whole fucking community forum I've never even looked at.

In my defence: I'm a dumb fucking crab who can't work the internet

I'll try to catch up 😬😬😬

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #27350974 - 19 Mar 20 06:27
If you've *never* been there, then how come you have several posts from half a year ago on it? I'm not sure you have recovered yet... You are delirious, you should get some rest, you stupid crab you...
user avatar
crushstation - 27 Mar 20 00:15
It confused me when I saw my own comments there. (It reminded me of a pen-and-paper RPG I played in my teens, where I was playing *myself* and the adventure started when I found a hidden diary in my own handwriting that I had no memory of writing. That campaign was a mind fuck. :-D ) I've subsequently realised that Patreon sometimes emails community posts to me. I think if I reply directly from the email the message gets a reply, if not I forget about it and don't see it again because I never click "community".
user avatar
User #11779399 - 18 Mar 20 23:29
user avatar
User #2283405 - 19 Mar 20 00:02
Community link? Patreon has a forum of sorts? Okay, just took a look. Nope. For occasional comments the layout and features are okay. For a forum it is not. Same as youtube having a comment section but it's not a social media due to it.
user avatar
User #548785 - 18 Mar 20 21:55
Glorious crab master race
Sprint 009, day 9
Sprint 009, day 9more_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009, day 9 2020-03-18T21:07:37+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

I was hoping to finish this sprint and get a new version out today, but being sick last week cost us some time.

4 more tasks were completed today:

  • [T6] Fix broken ENF pose in "P001 Balcony showing off"
  • [T17] Add fake orgasm roll and logic
  • [T21] Add logic to handle Kate being at zero arousal in "P001 Balcony Max fingers Kate"
  • [T54] Add Deception skill to the game

Zero Arousal
[T21] in particular was pretty interesting, because the way it's executed solves a design problem that existed from the very first prototype: what happens if you get to the sex scene and the heroine isn't turned on enough to have sex?

We tried a range of solutions in the past (including "they just repeat the makeout scene infinitely until the NPC finally makes the dice roll").

This latest solution feels like the right one, though. Here's how it works: Max's arousal is hardwired into the scene (this won't always be the case, but it works best for this scene). The heroine has a number of opportunities to become turned on during the scene, but if it gets to the point when the foreplay's over and she isn't turned on, she gets to make a choice: end the date, or resort to a BJ instead.

Based on dice rolls, the BJ scene has three branches:

  • The heroine makes Max come through her own efforts
  • The heroine can't make Max come, and he reäcts
  • Giving head turns on the heroine, and she decides to switch to the sex scene

How does this all fit into the big picture?
Most players won't even see this part of the Dubai scene. But what's important isn't so much the content as the design.

The game needs a robust, repeatable system for handling "arousal fails". So –like the rest of this scene – the things we're creating now are templates for all the future sex scenes in the game.

Okay everybody, that's it for today. Next update is tomorrow, stay alive until then!

Media (1)

sprint-chill.jpeg (185.4KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2677906 - 19 Mar 20 16:29
Thumbs up for the Zero Arousal and the 'design thinking'
user avatar
User #7290419 - 19 Mar 20 03:39
Shouldn't there be an option for the woman to simply fake it and have sex anyway? Certainly that should be an option in Bangkok.
user avatar
crushstation - 25 Mar 20 18:43
Yes. The agent has four Arousal States, ranging from 0 (dry as the Mojave) to 3 (wet as the Mariana Trench). She's physically capable of having sex in states 1-3 (although she gets a penalty to her enjoyment at stage 1). (Interestingly, the game now calculates partner enjoyment independently, so a partner with a small cock may find sex more enjoyable when she's at Arousal 1 and less enjoyable when she's at Arousal 3.) Having penetrative sex while she's at state zero requires access to lube or a partner who's willing to injure her, neither of which are true in the Dubai scene, so we had to come up with a solution to handle cases like this. When working In Bangkok she'll normally have access to lube, but not all sex scenes there will be at her work.
Back to work
Back to workmore_vert
Post file flag
Back to work 2020-03-17T18:50:16+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys, I'm back to work! Thanks for all the good vibes and well wishes.

I don't think it was beer virus (wrong symptoms) – probably something I picked up from visiting my ill relatives. I'm feeling better now.

I've completed 7 more writing tasks:

  • [T14] Write different makeout options for "P001 Balcony flash Max reaction makeout"
  • [T16] Write alternate reactions to Max's Swedish talk
  • [T24] Tailor Max's description of the agent in "P001 Balcony bent over language lesson"
  • [T27] Change [Try to make him come] option in "P001 Balcony bent over fuck" to [Try not to come], where Kate can make a roll to try not to orgasm and fake it instead
  • [T28] Add "Take me to bed" path from "P001 Balcony bent over fuck"
  • [T31] Add "Kate storms out" path in response to Max initiating rough sex
  • [T37] Add alternate makeout options to "P001 Flash reaction (Max) 2"

Hyneman has also finished his plan for our new sprint planning format. We're going to work on the plan for the next sprint as a team, starting Friday, with the aim of publishing the next Sprint Plan on Monday.

Until then, the priority is finishing the Dubai scene and publishing the next version ASAP, so I'm just going to try and burn through as many remaining writing tasks as I can over the next few days.

I'll post an update tomorrow. Until then everybody please stay safe and healthy!

Media (1)

sprint-abs.jpg (103.8KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2518481 - 17 Mar 20 21:54
Glad you are feeling better!
I don't feel so good
I don't feel so goodmore_vert
Post file flag
I don't feel so good 2020-03-13T16:11:06+00:00close

Sorry for not posting a report yesterday, guys, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. :-(

I finished another task [T13] Write Kate's alternative balcony poses for room service, but I'm feeling rough so I'm going to turn in early instead of trying to grind more work out.

Sorry for being a pussy, hopefully I'll sleep it off and be back in action tomorrow. 🤒

Media (1)

iu-3.jpeg (47.9KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #299417 - 13 Mar 20 16:13
Self quarantine and relax, my friend. Don't stress about work. We want you healthy so we can crack the whip on you later. :D
user avatar
User #11706706 - 13 Mar 20 16:43
Take care man
user avatar
User #26780498 - 14 Mar 20 01:47
Hope you feel better soon!
user avatar
User #948527 - 13 Mar 20 21:48
I've been a bit under the weather myself this week and even though it feels like something mild I can't help but build it up in my head and worry that it's something more. Not so much for myself as I don't want to be the guy that infects everyone around me. Anyway, take your time and rest.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 15 Mar 20 11:53
user avatar
User #6884362 - 13 Mar 20 16:15
user avatar
User #4149312 - 13 Mar 20 16:15
Hey man just wanted to say I've been here since the beginning. I subscribed because I thought the crab profile picture was funny. You're doing a great job. It's been great seeing your patreon grow from a few to so many. Just keep doing what you're doing. I'll need to donate and play the game one of these days 😅
user avatar
User #2559090 - 13 Mar 20 16:23
In these crazy times. I think being sick and taking a break is not something you have to apologize for. Feel better.
user avatar
User #3103359 - 14 Mar 20 00:00
The Coronavirus is gonna to kill our man before he drops the Bangkok update.
Sprint 009, day 5
Sprint 009, day 5more_vert
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Sprint 009, day 5 2020-03-11T19:50:23+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Five more tasks completed today:

  • [T20] Write "Kate refuses to flash room service" path from "P001 Balcony Max goes to the door"
  • [T25] Add quiet sex option to "P001 Balcony bent over fuck"
  • [T26] Add loud orgasm option to "P001 Balcony bent over fuck"
  • [T50] Sync skill names
  • [T52] Add $pc.lastPosting to the Dubai Teleporter

We're also addressing a weakness we've identified in the new 14-day sprint process. Planning the next sprint is currently something I do in a few hours at the end of a sprint.

That doesn't leave me with time to confer with the team or the community about what should actually be in the next sprint, which means the game is not getting the benefit of all those extra brains and viewpoints when it comes to setting short-term strategic goals.

We discussed it as a team today, and Hyneman is now working on a better method of sprint planning. I'll keep you posted on the changes we make.

Okay, that's it for today, but the next sprint day is tomorrow! See you then.

Media (1)

collaboration.jpg (224.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 12 Mar 20 22:38
Yes, coordination in the team is certainly important, I hope that Hyneman will succeed with planning.
Sprint 009, day 4
Sprint 009, day 4more_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009, day 4 2020-03-10T18:33:30+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Three more tasks crossed off the list today:

  • [T11] Check conditionals in $scene.kateMotivation (e.g. Syria & Langley are hard coded)
  • [T15] Write pre-sex BJ for "P001 Balcony flash Max reaction makeout"
  • [T22] Add Max condom option

Sorry these sprint reports have been so prosaic for the last few days: we're just basically working through pre-release tasks, and there isn't much to say about them beyond the fact that they're getting done.

To make up for it, please enjoy this hot goth from the 90s:

Okay, next sprint day is tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday night everybody, see you tomorrow!

Media (1)

sprint-ruth.jpg (214.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4407352 - 10 Mar 20 18:51
Prosaic is good. Knocking out small tasks is also good.
user avatar
User #350955 - 11 Mar 20 07:36
Hot goths are also good!
Sprint 009, day 3
Sprint 009, day 3more_vert
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Sprint 009, day 3 2020-03-09T18:17:01+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! We completed another five tasks today:

  • [T1] Add abs choice to the Dubai Teleporter
  • [T4] Fix dead end in "P001 Balcony Max goes to the door"
  • [T23] Replace "9th cock of your life" with an accurate count
  • [T47] Add sit down/stand up macros throughout the scene
  • [T49] Check status effects are removed at the correct point

We're making steady progress. More to follow on the next sprint day, which is tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

chris-w-sprint.jpg (89.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5422691 - 10 Mar 20 18:43
Tbh, that "9th cock of your life" bit irked me a bit. If it's your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, maybe even 4th, yeah sure, please do remind me that I've already started "whoring" around "for my job". But if I've been slutting it up since kindergarten, something like "the 42nd cock of your life" reads kind of weird. To me at least. Better to remove it entirely if it's your greater-than-4th dick.
user avatar
crushstation - 10 Mar 20 22:39
Huh! That's good feedback, thanks. Now you mention it, it does feel a bit artificial. I'll ask Hyneman to change it
Sprint 009, day 2
Sprint 009, day 2more_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009, day 2 2020-03-06T19:55:11+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! We completed another five tasks today:

  • [T3] Fix dead end in "P001 Balcony undressed"
  • [T8] Fix knickers logic error in "P001 Balcony condom decision"
  • [T9] Check $scene.kateOrgasms code
  • [T10] Check cumshots are placed correctly
  • [T12] Check that agent can't wear a bra into "P001 Room service (Kate)"

I'm feeling kind of run down (in fact, I've picked up a temporary medical condition that I think is game-related). I'm going to take two R&R days in a row so I can fully recharge, which means the next sprint day will be Monday.

Enjoy your weekend, guys! I am going to watch the second half of Sex and the City 2 tonight. Honestly it's actually not that bad, I'm kind of looking forward to finding out how Carrie and Big will resolve the mismatched desires in their relationship.

Media (1)

sprint-boxer-rehydrate.jpg (178.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5422691 - 7 Mar 20 17:11
lmao keep us posted on Carrie and Big pls. Just kidding, please don't. Enjoy your weekend.
Sprint 009 day 1
Sprint 009 day 1more_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009 day 1 2020-03-05T18:38:07+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey everybody! We got the sprint off to a good start by completing five tasks:

  • [T2] Add lipstick colour conditional to elevator scene
  • [T7] Expand mentions of thong to include other possible underwear types
  • [T18] Write pre-date nerves snippets
  • [T45] Add "knickers down" art to the game
  • [T51] Disable old alcohol system in Dubai

We also made progress on nine other tasks, including [T34] Add dirty talk. I started the channel #crush-sucks-at-dirty-talk on Discord to get your help with that –come hang out there and tell me the hottest dirty talk you've ever said, heard or imagined.

Okay, that's all for today. More to come on the next sprint day, which is tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-chris.jpg (211.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 5 Mar 20 21:22
Wow, well then, wait for a lot of heated conversations, which will soon be coming to you at the Discord!)) I think it will be crazy exciting)
Sprint 009 plan
Sprint 009 planmore_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 009 plan 2020-03-04T18:38:57+00:00close

For once the task list is pretty straightforward. I took advantage of this to produce a very detailed list of what needs to be done to finish the new sex scene.

There are 50 tasks,most of which are pretty minor. So my plan for the next sprint is just to blast through them! Then we can (at last) push this scene out, and move onto other things.

– Release 1.6 to Analysts+ (around March 19th)
–General release of 1.6 (around April 2nd)

First sprint 9 report will be tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-10-plan.jpg (200.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #580302 - 4 Mar 20 20:43
One day, years later, historians discovered there was text below this image.
Sprint plan coming tomorrow
Sprint plan coming tomorrowmore_vert
Post file flag
Sprint plan coming tomorrow 2020-03-03T18:12:45+00:00close

I've returned after a three day absence. Just like someone else once did.

Apologies for the break in comms. Since Friday – and independently of one another – I had two immediate family members hospitalised! Everything is stable for the moment, so I'm back to work.

I'm currently working on the plan for Sprint 009, which is much more detailed and granular than the previous ones. I'll publish it here tomorrow.

Media (1)

crabJesus9000.jpg (106.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2518481 - 4 Mar 20 13:32
Woah! I'm sorry, that had to be stressful, but I'm glad things are stable at the moment
user avatar
User #12849533 - 4 Mar 20 21:46
Take care of yourself! It was very disturbing to find out that you were hospitalized. Hope everything is okay with you now!
Update 2020-02-29T05:21:24+00:00

Hey everybody! I worked really hard to get the 1.6 Early Access release out today, but it's 0513 and it still needs at least another day's work. Sorry.

There is enough new content for another Beta Test version. Access to Beta Tests is normally restricted to Operators+. I called a quick meeting of the ones I could find online and they all agreed that I should extend access to Analysts this time.

I'll post the Beta to Analysts+ next. Announcement on next steps will follow shortly but right now this crab needs to sleeeeeep

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User #25246919 - 29 Feb 20 05:39
No worries your crabbiness just don't over work yourself. Remember we all know this is a beta bugs are to be expected, can always work on them next sprint if need be. ;)
1 day delay 2020-02-28T01:44:29+00:00

Hi everybody! Sorry for the bad news but the planned analyst release will be tomorrow, not today as planned.

The whole scene is now basically working, but now it's integrated into the game it's easy to break if you make choices that were impossible for the pre-generated character (Carla).

(For instance: if your agent doesn't wear lipstick on the date, the scene will crash when you return from dinner with Max.)

It will take me a few more hours to get everything done, and it's 0130 here, so I'm going to get some sleep and finish it off tomorrow.

To recap, tomorrow's release will be an early release version of Female Agent 1.6. The major new content is an upgrade of the Dubai dinner date scene, rewritten to test and showcase the new sex scene mechanics we're planning for Bangkok. (There are also a few new features, including dark mode, mega avatars, and the ability to jump directly to new scenes without starting a new playthrough.)

The general release will follow two weeks later.

I'm excited to get this version out to you; I'm very sorry for the delay. Please stand by for an update tomorrow.

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User #4842746 - 28 Feb 20 09:07
"if your agent doesn't wear lipstick on the date, the scene will crash when you return from dinner" - The world will crash if the lipstick aren't in order. So that's not a bug ;-)
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User #19480759 - 28 Feb 20 11:50
Wow 😱
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User #8780229 - 28 Feb 20 04:56
so a new playable version for $5 supporters will be in two weeks? i've been subbed for a while now, and there haven't been any updates on tfgamessite since last october. am i missing something? i feel like i'm missing something big.
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User #18844116 - 28 Feb 20 06:23
Dev's trying to rewrite the mechanics for the sex engine, and sorely underestimated how much work it would take.
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User #2283405 - 28 Feb 20 08:29
Yes it feels you are missing the overall picture. These are "sprint" updates, he writes and develops to a usable state before he releases anything. Receiving half updates that near constantly crash, destroy saves, ... are a relatively sure way to get rid of almost all patrons up to that point. Plus he is in a rewrite process that takes longer than anticipated. A new version is not promised every single week/month but at the widely known time of "When It's ready™". Ask yourself what you'd want more from a game. Be done or be good?
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crushstation - 28 Feb 20 09:05
Negative, the new playable version for Analysts+ will drop *today*. In two weeks it will be made available to everybody else.
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User #8780229 - 28 Feb 20 23:54
i've been reading the sprints and updates. i just never saw any release information or links to a playable demo, being only a $5 supporter. i figured only the higher tiers were getting playable/testable content. thanks for the clarifications
Sprint 008, day 6
Sprint 008, day 6more_vert
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Sprint 008, day 6 2020-02-25T20:33:02+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey everybody! Writing day today. I'm behind schedule on the bed branch (which I wanted to finish by Sunday), and I realised that I'm spending too much time trying to make the writing polished and sexy.

Tomorrow, I'm just going to blast through the remainder of the scene using plain language, e.g. You straddle Max, not You wrap your long legs around his hips and gaze into his sword grey eyes. That should help me get the scene releasable, and we can improve the language later.

I want to say a quick thank you to everybody who's participated in the Green Screen Teardown on Discord –there have been some great insights, and the high quality of the ideas and the discussion is very exciting to me. I feel like we're on the verge of something special with this process.

Yesterday hornguy6 raised a very important point in the comments – this scene has taken a long time to produce, so how can we speed up production of future scenes? The quick answer is that the first time always takes the longest – because you're learning how to do it as well as doing it – so subsequent scenes should be faster.

This is a critical issue, so I do want to go into a more detailed answer soon. I plan to use the sprint reports to do some analysis on how time was actually spent in producing this scene (e.g. how many weeks were spent designing it, building prototypes, developing the SURPS rules, etc) and also reflect on the best and fastest way to write and produce scenes. Watch this space for more info.

Okay, that's it for today because I want to get an early night and really hit it hard tomorrow. See you then!

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sprint-tired-chick.jpg (237.8KiB)

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User #580302 - 26 Feb 20 00:50
We're talking about sex scenes here, and you assert that the first time always takes the longest. :)
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User #546575 - 26 Feb 20 02:18
Isn't sword grey the sharp version of earl grey? 🤨
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User #2677906 - 25 Feb 20 20:52
That's a really big 'should'. If what you've built since now isn't already built to be reusable/modular's over? :P
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User #2677906 - 25 Feb 20 20:56
To make things clearer: I was imagining core blocks (heavily scripted on stats) here and there around which you would build the uniqueness of a scene. But if you've to start from scratch or something remotely close to it every time then you simply can't afford it (not even 1/5 of what this scene costed). I'm really curious to see what you got ;) Sorry for the bluntness but I'm like that
Sprint 008, day 6
Sprint 008, day 6more_vert
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Sprint 008, day 6 2020-02-24T20:47:58+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Sorry I missed yesterday's report.

I've been working on the revamped bed sex branch. I've been, wait, experimenting with different ways to structure this part of the scene.

I've hit on something that feels like it's working. The drawback is that the structure's more convoluted than I wanted it to be – there are now lots of snaking paths through the scene, which feels kind of inelegant from a coding perspective. But the scene is now capable of delivering some quite tailored niche moments (e.g. all agents can give Max a BJ before sex. Agents with Oral Sex +1 or higher can optionally give his cock a thorough tongue lashing first. If she does so, she can optionally move on to lick his balls. From this position, if she's Promiscuous, she can rim Max).

It's complex but I think it's working. I'm a bit frazzled now, so I'm going to sleep on it and hit it hard on the next sprint day, which is tomorrow. See you then!

PS I'm still really behind on my messages, sorry everybody who's written to me recently.

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running-up-that-hill.jpg (359.7KiB)

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User #900249 - 25 Feb 20 00:09
So I have a question for you to consider: With all this work being put into this scene, and this scene being a basis for scenes in the future, isn't this taking a very long time? Now, don't get me wrong. Your work on this scene is important. It's the proof of concept for other scenes that will be throughout the rest of the game. However, you've been working on this single scene for, what? Months now? It's going to be a problem for the rest of the game if every new scene takes you anywhere between 2-6 months to write every time. And I understand that this scene can help you to be used as a template for future scenes and you'll be able to sort of copy and paste, but even with a copy and paste format the work will be time consuming. The branches could theoretically be the same but you're going to have to change every variable in the scene to be unique to the new scene. Every path will have to be re-written or re-done in some way. And I know how time consuming this can be because I've done it myself. So I pose this question to you not as a criticism, but to remind you that this is a major obstacle that you need to find a solution to. If every scene continues to take this long to write and code, then in 3 years you're going to have somewhere between 6 and 12 new scenes. Even if it takes half as long, you're looking at maybe 24 new scenes max in that same timeline. Nowhere near the massive scope you undoubtably desire for your game. Once this sex engine project is done, what are you going to do to streamline the process in the future? Because you need to be no less than 5x as fast if you want this game to match your vision. You definitely need to finish up this task, but this efficiency problem is you need to continue to think about or start thinking about now if you haven't already.
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User #13705836 - 24 Feb 20 21:03
Rimming :o
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crushstation - 24 Feb 20 23:27
I know! Totally not in the plan, but it seemed to flow naturally from that specific BJ. This is an example of how the new sex scene system is going to allow us to do much more than we could before.
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User #13705836 - 25 Feb 20 00:39
I'm not complaining I love this addition! :D
Movie night
Movie nightmore_vert
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Movie night 2020-02-22T23:35:16+00:00close

Hey guys! I decided to catch a movie for my scheduled R&R day. I've heard lots of good things about Joker, Jojo Rabbit, Parasite and 1917...but none of them are set in Dubai

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sacrifice.jpg (275.1KiB)

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User #350955 - 23 Feb 20 02:48
But Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol even has spy stuff in Dubai!
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User #12120208 - 23 Feb 20 01:20
oh god nooooooo
user avatar
User #10423300 - 23 Feb 20 07:55
Syriana (2005) The location: the desert of Dubai City of Life (2009) The location: different locations in Dubai Mission Impossible - Phantom Protocol (2011) The location: Burj Khalifa Star Trek Beyond The location: Downtown, Dubai Marina Wall Street: Money Doesn't Sleep (2010) Most of the film was shot in New York, but some of the more luxurious scenes were shot in Dubai.
user avatar
User #10423300 - 23 Feb 20 08:05
Bangkok "James Bond - The Man with the Golden Gun" (some interior scenes (martial arts arena)) "James Bond - Tomorrow never dies” (motorcycle chase, action takes place in Saigon, but was shot in Bangkok) "Hangover 2" "Fack ju Göhte 2" (German comedy) and "Bridget Jones - On the verge of madness" filmed Soi Cowboy with their closely spaced go-go bars on the 200-meter long street "The Beach" shot on Khao San Road, Bangkok's popular backpacker mile
user avatar
User #12120208 - 23 Feb 20 12:57
Maybe Kate is a big fan of the Hangover 2 and decides to visit Siam Sams.
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User #22186851 - 23 Feb 20 04:20
I'm pretty sure this movie is set in Abu Dhabi not Dubai.
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User #3299357 - 22 Feb 20 23:59
Oh, you poor bastard crab...
Sprint 008, day 4
Sprint 008, day 4more_vert
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Sprint 008, day 4 2020-02-21T19:58:24+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

The new Dubai sex scene has two broad paths: the agent can have sex on the balcony, or in the bed.

My original plan was to basically copy-and-paste the balcony sex content (which is largely complete) into the bed path. Which I did, but something about it wasn't quite landing.

The bed path just felt like a cut-down version of the balcony path. In a way that's fine – not every scene has to be exactly equal– but I just felt like something was missing.

In the end I went back to first principles: why do people even have sex in beds? Because it's more comfortable and you can do almost any position in it. That implies a different pace and different options from a quickie over the hotel balcony.

With that in mind, I made some changes to the structure, and it feels better now. Now the overall scene feels like a choice between two experiences: risky and exciting on the balcony, or longer and more intimate on the bed.

All this messing around means that I didn't actually complete any story points of work today, but I should catch up on the next writing day. Hyneman finished a task though!

  • [T1] Add "Favourite sexual position" to Lifepath

Your agent now has a favourite position (chosen by you around the time she gets her first boyfriend). Partners get a bonus to their dice rolls when fucking her in that position. And Victoria drew some cool icons for the screen where you make your choice:

Okay, that's all for today. Tomorrow is scheduled R&R, so the next dev day is Sunday. Have a lovely weekend, everybody, and I'll see you then!

P.S. I have lots of messages that I haven't replied to yet –sorry to everyone who's written to me but is waiting to hear back. I'll aim to get caught up tomorrow!

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bed-sex.jpg (159.6KiB)

Comments (3)
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User #8780229 - 21 Feb 20 20:04 - revision 2
these might be obvious, but perhaps they will help. balcony sex is outdoors/open world. it changes the feel and focus to include what's going on outside as well as what's happening on the balcony. it appeals to people who look for more excitement from external stimuli. eg. the risk or thrill in being seen by others. bedroom sex is 1v1. it is more intimate and safe. the focus is almost entirely on the people involved and the chemistry between them. those who wish to feel a deeper connection to their partner and/or the act they are engaged in while ignoring everything else will seek this kind of closed off environment.
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User #8780229 - 21 Feb 20 20:04
these might be obvious, but perhaps they will help. balcony sex is outdoors/open world. it changes the feel and focus to include what's going on outside as well as what's happening on the balcony. it appeals to people who look for more excitement from external stimuli. eg. being seen by others. bedroom sex is 1v1. it is more intimate and safe. the focus is almost entirely on the people involved and the chemistry between them. those who wish to feel a deeper connection to their partner and ignore everything else will seek this kind of closed off environment.
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User #19480759 - 28 Feb 20 12:01
Red ❤
user avatar
User #12849533 - 21 Feb 20 20:29
Well, yes, we often don’t have enough time, don’t worry regarding replies to messages, you’ll have time to catch up. By the way, a job well done!
Change of plan 2020-02-20T10:20:41+00:00

Hey guys, something personal (not serious) has popped up so I'm going to take tomorrow's scheduled R&R day today, and work on the game tomorrow. See you then!

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User #12849533 - 20 Feb 20 20:31
Well, yes, very often some unforeseen circumstances appear, and accordingly, malfunctions. Settle your affairs.
Sprint 008, day 3 & Green Screen teardown
Sprint 008, day 3 & Green Screen teardownmore_vert
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Sprint 008, day 3 & Green Screen teardown 2020-02-19T21:10:25+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! I didn't complete everything I wanted to today, but we made good progress anyway. We completed the following tasks:

  • [T4] Integrate S-001 Wireframe branch into master dev branch
  • [T12] Create quick start version that jumps straight to the Green Screen scene
  • [T13] Set up Green Screen Tear Down channel on Discord, and promote it on Patreon

That's only 2 story points completed today –but I made progress on some other tasks. 28 to go!

Green Screen teardown
There are a few lines of writing in the game that I'm (absurdly) proud of, and would fight to keep. The vast bulk, though, is just a rough first draft that needs editing.

The green screen scene, where the agent poses naked in the JTF Neptune bunker, could especially use some attention. A certain patron (whose name escapes me –sorry – but whose insight did not) fed back that the scene drags, especially on replays. I agree completely.

Normally I'd add "fix the green screen scene" to my to-do list, and wait for it to bubble to the top. But as an experiment, I'd love to hear your ideas about how to make this scene better.

So we've set up a new channel, #green-screen-teardown, on our Discord. There you can download a special version of the game which takes you directly to the scene in question, and post your ideas about how to fix it.

If this method works well, we could do regular scene teardowns (and thereby continually improve the content in the game based on the thousands of minds in the community).

Okay, that's all for today. Next dev day is tomorrow, see you then!

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greenScreenBikini.jpg (1.8MiB)

Sprint 008, day 2
Sprint 008, day 2more_vert
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Sprint 008, day 2 2020-02-18T22:16:05+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! I made a new Trello so you can track task progress.

Today was such a greta day! I got up at 0600, and completed the following tasks:

  • [T16] Prep avatar mouth, lipstick & eyeshadows art
  • [T3] Add "Quick Start in Dubai" function

That's 8 story points completed. 30 to go! I'm actually ahead of schedule for once, which I take as a sign that everything is about to go to ratshit.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the feeling while I can. The "Quick Start in Dubai" function now lets you jump right to the new scene – with your character, not a pregenerated one – without having to play through the whole game to get there. If this is popular, we'll try and do it more in the future.

The prep work on the avatar was to begin fixing a technical problem that's preventing us adding new mouth art to the game. (Including new agent faces –we have more coming soon, including Piper Perabo, Olivia Wilde, Denise Richards and selfies from an actual fan of the game :-D and also new agent racial options).

As a side benefit, the new mouth art method makes it a lot easier for us to create attractive lipstick shades. I know that this is literally a cosmetic feature, but makeup options should be an easy way for you to individualise your agent's look in the game.

Right now lipsticks are a huge pain in the ass to create, and they all look kind of ugly anyway, but I made these test shades in about 90 seconds today:

Okay, that's all for today. More on the next dev day, which is tomorrow! I'm going to grab an early night in the hope of having another awesome dev day. See you then.

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sprint-morgan.jpg (178.0KiB)

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User #156009 - 19 Feb 20 10:56
Personally I would probably look into procedural generation of assets in the browser, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that hard to use a greyscale image and a colour code to create any colour lipstick you wanted, I've done that kind of thing before.
user avatar
User #350955 - 18 Feb 20 22:53
*scene where Kate frantically searches through 20+ tubes of lipstick trying to find the one that's a spy gadget*
user avatar
User #548785 - 19 Feb 20 04:44
Time to start singing praise praise to great horned rat rat!
user avatar
User #8780229 - 19 Feb 20 20:00
very nice. i love this development blog thing.
Sprint 008, day 1
Sprint 008, day 1more_vert
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Sprint 008, day 1 2020-02-17T21:38:45+00:00close

Hey guys! I kicked off the sprint by completing a few admin tasks today:

  • [T2] Integrate P001 alpha prototype into main story
  • [T5] Specify alt dress art requirements
  • [T14] Give Lara access to stock photo library
  • [T15] Set up channel for community to submit hero headers

That's 6 story points completed. 38 to go!

Hero Headers

Lara is aiming to implement Hero Headers in the next version. Please help by dropping location photos into the #hero-headers channel on Discord. They should be as big (especially as wide) as possible. Thanks so much!

That's all for today. Next sprint day is tomorrow. See you then!

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sprint-8-1.jpg (184.3KiB)

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User #216901 - 23 Feb 20 02:58
So, I live in Newport News, if you need photos of Newport or Norfolk, and have specific place ideas, let me know. I can drive there and take a photo if you need.
Sprint 008 plan
Sprint 008 planmore_vert
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Sprint 008 plan 2020-02-16T21:16:37+00:00close

This is my plan for the next two weeks.

Crab thoughts
I'm planning to do 44 story points of work in the next sprint. This is more than I achieved in sprints 005 (39 points), 006 (15!) and 007 (36).

I feel like I can do it. But it's important that sprints aren't tied to releases; if I can do it, we'll put out a working release to Analysts+ at the end of the sprint. If not, we'll put out another Alpha, and the Analyst release will drop sometime during Sprint 009.

Work schedule
Here's my plan, click to embiggen it:

The numbers in brackets is my estimate of the story points needed to complete the task. Only my personal tasks have story point estimates.

New Dubai Sex Scene
Finish and integrate the new prototype sex scene.

  • [T1] (Hyneman) Add "Favourite sexual position" to Lifepath
  • [T2] (Crush) Integrate P001 alpha prototype into main story [3 story points]
  • [T3] (Crush) Add "Quick start in Dubai" function [3]
  • [T4] (Crush) Integrate S-001 Wireframe branch into master dev branch [1]
  • [T5] (Crush) Specify alt dress art requirements [1]
  • [T6] (Victoria) Draw alt dress
  • [T7] (Crush) Balcony branch: write TBD content [8]
  • [T8] (Crush) Bed branch: write mutual satisfaction path [4]
  • [T9] (Crush) Bed branch: write unsatisfied Kate path [4]
  • [T10] (Crush) Bed branch: write unsatisfied Max path [4]
  • [T11] (Crush) Scene: general writing polish [8]

Green Screen Teardown
The "green screen" scene in the JTF Neptune bunker drags. As an experiment, get the community involved in a writing teardown/brainstorm session on how to make it better.

  • [T12] (Hyneman) Create quick start version that jumps straight to the Green Screen scene
  • [T13] (Crush) Set up Green Screen Tear Down channel on Discord, and promote it on Patreon [1]

Hero Headers
Code is in place and working, let's get Hero Headers into the game.

  • [T14] (Crush) Give Lara access to stock photo library [1]
  • [T15] (Crush) Set up channel for community to submit hero headers [1]

Avatar Art
New faces and races are blocked by a technical problem related to avatar lip colour.

  • [T16] (Crush) Prep avatar mouth, lipstick & eyeshadows art [5]
  • [T17] (Tommy) Recolour mouths, lipsticks, eyeshadows

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sprint-008.jpg (130.5KiB)

Comments (3)
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User #20589829 - 16 Feb 20 21:30
Hi there. Just a friendly reminder for Crush: You released a dev test on Feb. 1st saying "Analyst release to follow soon, then a general release soon after that." (Sprint 006, day 9 report).
user avatar
crushstation - 17 Feb 20 21:48
Thanks DD! I was hoping that Sprint 007 would be the Analyst release, but when I planned it I realised that was unlikely to happen. :-( Like I said in the Sprint 007 plan: I can't promise to always be *right* about my time estimates, but I do absolutely promise never to *bullshit* you about my time estimates. I do expect that the outcome of Sprint 008 – this sprint! – will be the Analyst release. If for some reason the Analyst release isn't ready, I'll release another Alpha and release the Analyst version some time during Sprint 009 (maybe even just a day or two into Sprint 009). Hopefully that won't happen, and it's not my intention, but I just want to reässure everybody who is excited about the new sprint discipline that I'm not going to slip back into the old "endless sprint" model if we miss a release target. Sprints have to be independent of releases.
user avatar
User #19480759 - 17 Feb 20 04:37
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Valentine's Day! 2020-02-15T01:38:46+00:00close

My girlfriend bought me a 4-pack of Thai beer in your honour. :-D I love you guys, I hope you all have a great Valentine's day!

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crab-chang.jpg (193.9KiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #19480759 - 17 Feb 20 04:49
Happy day🤘
user avatar
User #4161136 - 15 Feb 20 02:01
Very cool girlfriend!
user avatar
User #4407352 - 15 Feb 20 02:40
user avatar
User #299417 - 15 Feb 20 03:18
Wow, I honestly thought that maybe, secretly, you were a girl... Still could be, but gosh, revising my head cannon.
user avatar
User #18844116 - 15 Feb 20 03:21
That they have a girlfriend doesn't necessarily rule it out. Get with the times, man...
user avatar
User #299417 - 15 Feb 20 03:25
True, which is why I said still could be. :)
user avatar
crushstation - 16 Feb 20 18:19
Sorry to disappoint, but I'm all man baby! Rarrrr!
user avatar
User #12120208 - 16 Feb 20 23:32
Well, pulling my support.
user avatar
User #299417 - 17 Feb 20 02:48
I'll believe it when I see the chitinous underbelly with the long center column.
user avatar
User #580302 - 17 Feb 20 13:33
That's not you leaning over the table to get a selfie with the claw in it?
Sprint 007 reflection
Sprint 007 reflectionmore_vert
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Sprint 007 reflection 2020-02-14T17:40:26+00:00close

What did we accomplish in the last two weeks?

  • Added working dice rolls to the prototype
  • Added subtitles to some of Max's Swedish dialogue
  • Published my suggested improvements to Lara's Hero Header design, and got feedback from the community on whose design is best. Result: 100% in favour of Lara's original design. You fucking traitors
  • Developed new sex scene structure, with a streamlined way of handling arousal and orgasm stages
  • Developed v1 of a new feature that will let you test out new scenes with your agent instead of starting a whole new playthrough just for one scene
  • Wrote content for the balcony branch of the sex scene, which now has multiple outcomes ranging from "Max bangs the agent over the railing and they both come" to "The agent gets fingered up the ass then Max jerks off in her face"
  • Added the first iteration of a post-sex reflection system
  • Published an alpha test version to Operators+

Did we meet the sprint objectives?

We finished 7 of the 11 sprint objectives. (See the Trello)

Story points

What worked really well this sprint?

  • My story point estimates are improving. I tried to estimate the writing tasks with more granularity; I'll try and improve on this further in the next sprint plan.
  • The writing feels like it's getting easier, and the structure feels like it's coming together.
  • The two-week sprint discipline is still working really well. It's forcing me to prioritise more ruthlessly.
  • The weekly backlog review sessions are helping me get the overall project into a more organised state.

What could have gone better?

  • I'm still struggling to consistently start at 0700. I have a greta day whenever I manage it, so I'll try harder in the next sprint. (I think the main problem is that I don't like going to bed early.)
  • I didn't make very good use of the team in this sprint.

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reflection-selfie.jpg (158.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #548785 - 14 Feb 20 18:03
A Greta way to start the day is sometimes just eating an apple
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Zzzzzz 2020-02-14T03:48:43+00:00close

Hey guys! I just put out a new alpha of the sex scene to Operators+.

It's nearly fucking 4am so I'll put out a good progress update tomorrow, along with a sprint reflection etc.

In brief: I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but I feel like the scene is now structurally correct. I intend to implement it into the game in the next sprint (unless Operator feedback is terrible).

Okay, I need to sleep! See you guys tomorrow.

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sprint-exhaustion.jpg (293.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #19480759 - 17 Feb 20 04:54
I so tired too👎
Sprint 007, day 8
Sprint 007, day 8more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 8 2020-02-12T18:57:29+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Today I worked on writing task [T10] Afterglow scene. You may have noticed that the sex scenes currently in the game end abruptly:

  • LIONESS guy 1 skulks back to his partner
  • LIONESS guy 2 interacts with Bettis
  • LIONESS guy 3 sparks up a joint and gets kicked out
  • Max rushes off to the bathroom right away

To me, endings like this steal something important (and sexy) from the sex scene: the heroine's reaction to what just happened. It doesn't need to be an essay, but I do want to know how the agent feels about fucking a guy she just picked up in a club, on camera, for the third night in a row.

The reasons we haven't explored this so far are:

  • (a) it's hard to write a reaction to a totally generic, randomly-generated sex act, and
  • (b) I don't want to write a reaction that doesn't fit your concept of the character.

Both these problems are addressed in the new sex scene structure. (a) is solved by making the scene more tailored and interesting – so there are more things to react to. (b) is solved by the new feature where, right at the start, you tell the game how your agent is feeling about the scene.

So today I took a first stab at adding some tailored reactions to the scene. I'm pleased with how it's working out. :-)

That's all for today. The sprint ends tomorrow: I'll publish a new Alpha version to Operators+ for feedback. There's still a lot to do so I'm expecting tomorrow to be a very long day. :-D But I love it! See you tomorrow, guys!

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beach-runner.jpg (3.5MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #328046 - 12 Feb 20 19:13
Need to be able to smoke that j with the guy
user avatar
User #2518481 - 13 Feb 20 04:00
100% agree. It always felt weird that my agent, who dabbled in cocaine, would freak out about losing the deposit on a room she wasn't even paying for over something as innocent as a little weed.
user avatar
User #580302 - 13 Feb 20 14:59
She's pretending to freak out about losing the deposit on an AirBnB, because she's playing a character who's renting an AirBnB.
The guys she's fucking don't know it's a safe house.
user avatar
User #2677906 - 12 Feb 20 22:15
I'm not sure I understood correctly, but you're saying we (the players) should tell in advance how the MC will react to the events into the scene that is about to start? Why should it be a good thing? I feel like I'm basically spoiling myself (the events and the fun). Why not use the stats of the MC you designed in so much detail? They should be enough to drive whatever you need.
user avatar
User #2518481 - 13 Feb 20 04:03
Current version of the hotel date starts with the agent thinking about her upcoming date and the player picks one of the four options (satisfying the B part of the above equation): * (Promiscuous) I hope he's good in bed. * I'm always like this with guys I find hot. * I'm only doing this to hack his phone. * This is good practice for Bangkok.
user avatar
User #328046 - 13 Feb 20 04:16
There's a balance. Using stats is good but it's hard for the developer to predict how everyone reads the stats. One example is if you're too submissive or good in some games you get raped. But what if my perspective was she's a strong woman who decides to be a sub in consenzual sexual situations but in the rape situations she would fight back? There's a balance between stats meaning everything and stats meaning nothing
user avatar
User #900249 - 12 Feb 20 19:46
When you say Alpha, does that mean that all paths of this scene are written?
Sprint 007, day 7
Sprint 007, day 7more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 7 2020-02-11T23:58:56+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Sorry for skipping yesterday's report, I was knackered.

Today I finished another writing task, [T4] Balcony branch: unsat Max Path. This is the path in the sex scene where the agent fails her sex rolls, meaning that Max doesn't come during sex with the agent.

In this path, Max or the agent can change up the sex style in an effort to make it more satisfying for Max. It's complex because it's possible for the agent to fail this (and one more) re-roll, which extends the path. It's also possible for the agent to orgasm during this path too.

(This is a good example of a design concept I'm trying to introduce, where failed dice rolls don't necessarily cause worse outcomes, just different outcomes. Some players may find )

Okay, that's it for today. More writing on the next sprint day, which is tomorrow. See you then!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4407352 - 12 Feb 20 02:06
If I understand this correctly, this seems like really micro detail stuff. Is it going to take this much work to design every sex path in the game?
user avatar
User #580302 - 13 Feb 20 15:06
I think the idea is to fill in a "kinda sorta" 3D grid of clashing and complimentary kinks, squicks and traits, so there'll be a custom-written scene for a sadist top man and masochsit bottom Kate doing it doggy-style with handcuffs and a studded condom, a custom-written scene for a pleasure-giver going down on a blindfolded Kate, a custom-written scene for a breast fetishist sucking on the nipples of an easily-pleased, multi-orgasmic Kate with sensitive nipples, a custom-written scene for a pleasure-giving Kate with an oral fixation and a loev for older men going down on an older man with a love of blowjobs and so on, and then Bangkok can pick whatever scene matches the Kate, the client and the action and use that.
It's a bit like Hawkeye, weeks spent designing the various specialist tracker, thermite, electric, muscle-relaxant, frog-crotch and illuminating arrowheads and the system that sticks the chosen arrowhead type onto the next shaft in the quiver then pops it up for him to grab, followed by minutes of action in which he can just hit a button and grab the kind of arrow he needs for the current situation.
user avatar
User #4407352 - 13 Feb 20 23:07
I get that but I would like to play a little in Bangkok in 2020.
Super quick sprint report 2020-02-08T20:09:14+00:00

Hey guys, super quick sprint report because it's 2000 on Saturday night and I've gotta go out!

Today I worked on the product backlog (which is nearly ready to publish somehow). I also got partway through the next writing task. Everything's going well!

Antilles requested a hot 80s chick in this post. I give you Madonna:

Hot in the 80s; likely to be hot in her 80s.

Okay, that's it for this week! Tomorrow is a scheduled R&R day so the next sprint day is Monday. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone and I'll see you back here in two days!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #546575 - 8 Feb 20 23:20
Didn't Madonna flee the country for smuggling Hispanic sex slaves across the boarder?
user avatar
User #580302 - 9 Feb 20 12:32
Madonna's rich enough not to need to take in a boarder.
user avatar
User #580302 - 9 Feb 20 16:30
well tomorrow you better give us a smokin' hot 70s chick!
user avatar
User #2682763 - 9 Feb 20 17:55
Yes one 70s chick like Laura gemser😊
user avatar
User #12120208 - 9 Feb 20 22:59
I cannot wait for the hot 1880's chick showing some bare hands.
user avatar
User #12120208 - 9 Feb 20 00:46
I'd still fuck Madonna.
Sprint 007, day 4
Sprint 007, day 4more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 4 2020-02-07T18:30:49+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys, sprint's going well! Today I finished the writing task [T5] Balcony branch: unsatisfied Kate path.

Um...that's kind of all I've got to report today. Here's a photo of a smoking hot 90s chick to make up for it:

Okay, that's all I got. Have a great Friday night, everybody, and I'll see you on the next dev day which is tomorrow.

Media (1)

sprint-jlh.jpg (211.8KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #350955 - 7 Feb 20 20:20
well tomorrow you better give us a smokin' hot 80s chick! (I am always willing to accept Linnea Quigley)
Sprint 007, day 3
Sprint 007, day 3more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 3 2020-02-06T20:27:52+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Today I finished the writing task [T3] Balcony branch: mutual satisfaction path.

Tommygun made some good progress on a feature I'm hoping to include in the next version. Sometimes new scenes get added to an adult game that I'd like to play, but I don't want to start a whole new playthrough just to see.

I'm planning to add a link that will let you jump right to the new scene:

You'll create a character as normal, and then be asked to make any decisions the scene requires (e.g. "What bikini line style does your agent have?" "At the pool in Dubai, did she sunbathe topless or in a bikini?")

Then you'll jump directly to the start of the new scene, letting you try it out with your own individual character. (Important: you'll be able to play right through to the end of the scene in this mode, but not beyond it, as future scenes are likely to break if you go into them without a fully complete story so far. This is just a way for you to try out new scenes.)

Okay, that's it for today! I'm back onto writing on the next dev day, which is tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-siobhan.jpg (99.9KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #156009 - 6 Feb 20 23:56
That sounds good, that's a problem with a lot of games that are developed in a non-linear manner, adding in scenes in the middle it can be a pain if we want to view them without playing the whole game (which even with a game with replayability like this one, we don't always want to do). Once the structure has stabilised and each new version no longer means having to start again, perhaps a way to view new scenes from within the game would be a good idea too, save people having to go through the character creator when they already have a working save with that agent in it.
user avatar
User #580302 - 7 Feb 20 14:46
{squints at screenshot} A date with a Yamaha Vmax?
user avatar
User #808007 - 6 Feb 20 20:49
What are the best adult games that you've played? Was there one in particular that inspired you to start work on Female Agent?
user avatar
User #4407352 - 7 Feb 20 01:27
I'm so excited about this game. My development hype is off of the charts!
user avatar
User #2518481 - 7 Feb 20 06:58
I love the scene testing feature, that's great!!
Sprint 007, day 2
Sprint 007, day 2more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 2 2020-02-04T19:27:07+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Today I got about halfway through writing task [T3] Balcony branch: mutual satisfaction path.

This is the most straightforward of the balcony sex paths –the agent and Max have sex, and they both make each other come.

Complexity's introduced by things like:

  • Arousal. I simplified this from a previous version – now Max is always turned on by the agent (having to work at coaxing erections out of nervous or jaded NPCs is definitely going to feature in other scenes, but it didn't add much to this scene). However, the agent can be fucked in one of three arousal states, so the scene needs to take that into account.
  • Traffic control. The order in which the characters orgasm is important. This is based on dice rolls, but some male NPCs – either through consideration or ego – will debuff their own rolls until the heroine has come (or faked it).
  • Production speed. This is a framework for future sex scenes, so I'm trying not to make it too complex or fiddly to produce.

All of these issues have been addressed to some degree either by the Sex Engine Rules or the previous dev tests, but I've made some final tweaks today now that the scene is close to its final form.

Okay, that's it for today! Tomorrow is a scheduled R&R day (in fact, I have a meeting at my old job, which is going to feel weird). I'll probably catch up on messages and stuff tomorrow, but the next sprint day is Thursday. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-leggings-bridge.jpg (193.5KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #22896101 - 4 Feb 20 21:48
Regarding Traffic Control, have you considered allowing the agent to attempt controlling this? IE delaying or speeding up her own.
user avatar
crushstation - 4 Feb 20 21:54
Good input! Right now she can fake her orgasm (to encourage the male to get on with it) or, if she's aroused enough, fuck hard (which increases the orgasm chance of whoever's closest to coming). There isn't currently a "try not to come" option for her - is that a good idea?
user avatar
User #156009 - 5 Feb 20 17:27
It might be a good idea for people who want to try for simultaneous ones. Me, I wouldn't use it, I want her to cum early and often, multiple orgasms are what I want.
user avatar
User #22896101 - 13 Feb 20 20:34
I think it would be a good option. Depending on the scene, it might even affect spy-stuff that comes afterwards, like being a bit distracted when trying to hack the cellphone.
user avatar
crushstation - 4 Feb 20 21:33
Yeah, definitely on the list. :-) I want to tie it in with some kind of BJ stamina system (based on skill) so Kate can't always just suck her way through every sex scene, not until she's really good at it.
user avatar
User #2677906 - 5 Feb 20 17:17
user avatar
User #2677906 - 4 Feb 20 21:23
I'm glad to see you talk about the framework, and sorry but after giving a look at the Sex Engine Rules document I have to bother you (again) with one of my most wanted features (that I hope many others share): bring the pace mechanics to the BJs too (deciding who sets it on variables like mental stats or temporary ones). I hope you have it on the list ;)
Sprint 007, day 1
Sprint 007, day 1more_vert
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Sprint 007, day 1 2020-02-03T21:20:48+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! Today we got the sprint off to a solid start. I completed the following tasks:

  • [T1] Balcony branch: fix dice rolls. In the last dev test, I just used coin tosses to settle every dice roll. I fixed the logic today so that the dice rolls actually take into account both characters and their histories. (For example; if Max succeeds at his making out dice rolls early in the scene, he gets a bonus to his fingering and fucking dice rolls later in the scene.)
  • [T2] Balcony branch: add Swedish subtitles. In this scene I decided to experiment with a language barrier mechanic, to see if it could be made interesting or sexy. Max now speaks some lines in Swedish during the sex scene –based on Operator feedback (thanks Antilles) I added a mouseover translation, so you the player can understand what's going on, even if your agent can't. (Tack också till ArsenalJacob för att ha fixat mitt skit Svenska.)
  • [T11] Hero Headers: publish new test version for user feedback. Lara and I had differing opinions on which artwork version looked best, so I published a comparison version for your feedback. So far only 100% of you chose her over me. Now I know exactly how Jesus felt when the disciples forsook him, only it's worse for me because I have to deal with so many more treacherous disciples than He did.

Today Hyneman did a lot of code merging, and got the new Status Effect Icons working in my branch of the game engine. They look greta:

Okay, that's it for today! I set up a new Trello so you can follow the progress. Next sprint day is tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-sophie.jpg (96.5KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #948527 - 4 Feb 20 23:23
That has to be a photoshopped picture of the woman in the starting position. Her legs look like cartoons or rubber. Regarding the game, my concern with the sex system is that in certain key situations, like that balcony scene, we won't be able to get the result we want because we got bad rolls. I'd be re-loading until I got the result I wanted.
user avatar
crushstation - 5 Feb 20 01:23
Hmm! I see what you mean about the model, although think she may just be really tall and thin. Re dice rolls: my aim is to make the dice rolls not *lose/win* like in a traditional RPG (e.g. if I don't kill the next monster, the story ends) more *different*. For example, there's a path in this scene where Max can attempt to give the agent "the shocker" (i.e. a finger in her ass while he's fucking her). She makes an Anal Sex roll when he does this: if she succeeds (more likely for an agent who's had lots of anal), we jump to scene A: *Max just shoved his finger up your ass! What do you do?* If she fails, we jump to scene B instead: *Max is pushing his finger into your tight ass! What do you do?* So in this case, the dice roll leads to two interpretations of the same scene. Your previous decisions weight the outcomes; if your agent is the kind of girl who takes it in the ass a lot, she'll probably get scene A. If she doesn't let men do that to her, she'll probably get scene B.
user avatar
User #5137842 - 4 Feb 20 16:32
Keep up the good work!
user avatar
User #4407352 - 3 Feb 20 21:51
That Trello seems to be set private. :)
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 22:48
Sorry, fixed!
user avatar
User #548785 - 3 Feb 20 23:16
Such a greta report
Hero headers alt design 2020-02-03T13:10:10+00:00

Lara made a different size version of the Hero Headers. I personally like it, but she feels it's too big.

Can you check it out, and let us know which version you prefer? The first type of Hero Header is on the first screen, the new design is on the second.


Attachments (1)

HeroHeaderV2.html (505.9KiB)

Comments (22)
user avatar
User #240908 - 3 Feb 20 13:56
I suspect others may have mentioned this - but while you are working on UI optimization - is it available to add an optional dark theme?
user avatar
User #5318409 - 3 Feb 20 15:56
Yes. The bigger monitor you get, more you prefer dark themes.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:23
Yeah! We've got a working prototype now, so this *should* be a selectable option in the next release.
user avatar
User #240908 - 3 Feb 20 13:56
First one(smaller one) is the one I like more - specifically having the text on the bottom of the image and the image itself not getting in the way of the rest of the page.
user avatar
User #4953563 - 3 Feb 20 21:01
First one works better
user avatar
User #8676966 - 3 Feb 20 17:52
The previous one. Scrolling too much could lead to player fatigue and make Bangkok seem really grindy if all locations have the same same sized header.
user avatar
User #17682386 - 3 Feb 20 22:48
I'd definitely say the first one, the second one makes the screen too crowded
user avatar
User #745685 - 3 Feb 20 13:16
I prefer the smaller one.
user avatar
User #6455743 - 3 Feb 20 13:25
The second Header is making me feel like i have to finally buy a 4k monitor so I have Screen space left for the text I need to read. I don't think a text based game should instill me with the desire to buy a new monitor. ;)
user avatar
User #5504314 - 3 Feb 20 13:17
Smaller one. Im ok with big images in descriptions ... but for a header, it's too much.
user avatar
User #5447548 - 3 Feb 20 18:26
I agree the first is better
user avatar
User #2873170 - 3 Feb 20 21:33
I think the smaller one is better as well
user avatar
User #2677906 - 3 Feb 20 16:35
The original version, the second one takes up 65% of the screen ffs XD
user avatar
User #739507 - 3 Feb 20 20:40
The first one is better in my opinion (and I use a 2K screen).
user avatar
User #4189508 - 3 Feb 20 13:27
Definitely smaller one. Except you use the big ones very sporadically to announce a new country/location/chapter. Then it could be alright as some kind of introduction into the new scenery. For example at the beginning of the training in Scotland, but NOT for every nightclub there. (Or, as in this case, for Dubai, but only once). But then I think the whole design including the text should get a subtle change to distinguish itself from the rest of the pages.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:22
Very interesting idea, thanks
user avatar
User #942279 - 3 Feb 20 23:31
I like this idea as well
user avatar
User #7697875 - 3 Feb 20 23:41
That is my vote to. Big for chapters/major events, small for the rest.
user avatar
User #3298925 - 4 Feb 20 03:15
this is my vote too, but keep the "header" text at consistently at the bottom left of the image, big or small.
user avatar
User #2518481 - 4 Feb 20 04:49
I agree with this idea. The large is good for new chapters in the game, but otherwise keep it small.
user avatar
User #26290521 - 5 Feb 20 21:40
I personally love photos so either option works well, but I think the smaller version suits the overall theme of the game design better.
user avatar
User #11087841 - 3 Feb 20 13:17
I like the smaller one better.
Sprint 007 plan
Sprint 007 planmore_vert
Post file flag
Sprint 007 plan 2020-02-02T23:15:36+00:00close

This is my plan for the next two weeks.

Crab thoughts
In both of the previous two sprints, I seriously overestimated what I could deliver.

In this sprint, I wanted to set the target as "finish the remaining writing, and integrate the scene into the game." That would be so great: we could release the Analyst version on Valentine's Day.

However: I don't think I can get that done in the time available. What I think I can get done is the first part, finishing all the writing. Integration into the scene will have to happen in the next sprint.

That means that–if all goes to plan – in two weeks, there'll be another test scene release to Operators+. At the end of Feb we'll release a working version of the scene for Analysts+ to play. (That version will be released to everybody else in mid-March.)

I hope that's okay. It's two weeks slower than what I wanted to announce, but although I can't promise never to be wrong about my time estimates I do promise never to bullshit you about my time estimates.

Work schedule
Here's my plan, click to embiggen it:

I've tried to be more granular about the actual tasks. The numbers in brackets is my estimate of the story points needed to complete the task.

  • [T1] Balcony branch: fix dice rolls (2)
  • [T2] Balcony branch: add Swedish subtitles (1)
  • [T3] Balcony branch: mutual satisfaction path (8)
  • [T4] Balcony branch: unsatisfied Max path (8)
  • [T5] Balcony branch: unsatisfied Kate path (8)
  • [T6] Balcony branch: populate TBDs (8)
  • [T7] Bed branch: mutual satisfaction path [8]
  • [T8] Bed branch: unsatisfied Max path [8]
  • [T9] Bed branch: unsatisfied Kate path [8]
  • [T10] Afterglow scene [8]
  • [T11] Hero Headers: publish new test version for user feedback [1]

Total story point estimate: 68

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #26290521 - 3 Feb 20 08:01
You could still plan to release the updated game on Valentines day, Wherever Status it is at. We'd appreciate seeing the update even if it isn't perfect or where you want it. We do understand it is a growing work in progress. Having those releases at varying points would help us give you better feedback too. Just my thoughts.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:27
I'd love to, but I don't think we'll even start the integration until the next sprint. Sorry. :-(
user avatar
User #156009 - 3 Feb 20 02:03
That header image makes me wonder if there might be *extreme high-end* escort work available to us.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:25
Great idea! Victoria will definitely enjoy designing the dresses for that. :-)
user avatar
User #26290521 - 3 Feb 20 08:03
Also, just a suggestion. When you set a goal, start cutting it in half. And it might be more realistic than always overestimating and then apologizing. Adapt, Adjust, and Overcome.
user avatar
User #739507 - 3 Feb 20 10:34
We've been learned to give an initial estimate, then triple the amount of time needed. The initial estimate is if everything goes smoothly, which it seldom does, while tripling it gives you plenty of time to finish the task if something goes bad.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:27
This is great advice and it's basically what I've tried to do this time out. Hopefully it will work.
user avatar
User #12120208 - 4 Feb 20 13:12
James T Kirk: Mr. Scott. Have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four? Montgomery Scott: Certainly, Sir. How else can I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?
user avatar
User #5422691 - 3 Feb 20 15:02
I obviously have no idea how much work these tasks actually entail, but the fact that they are all either 1, 2, or 8 story points suggests you might want to try and see if they can be broken up into smaller subtasks.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:31
Hey ammut, thanks for this, your advice in this area is always useful. I'm trying to visualise Story Points as pomodoros, with 8 being a full day's (focused) work. In previous sprints I tended to grossly overestimate how much I could write in a day, so I tried to be more accurate this time: if it doesn't work I'll try your advice and split it down even further. (The downside of that seems to be that planning will take longer, but if it makes overall delivery shorter/more accurate then it's probably worth it)
Working on the foundations
Working on the foundationsmore_vert
Post file flag
Working on the foundations 2020-02-02T17:28:44+00:00close
I think a lot of patrons would like a reflection on how the things you're designing right now will impact the content of tomorrow. Just my 2c, keep up the nice work ;)

Okay, this is a great idea! Let me start by saying that I believe that the sex scenes are the least sexy part of Female Agent. Let us count the ways they suck:

  • All partners are totally interchangeable –there's no difference between the agent fucking the man of her dreams or the ugliest guy from Cathouse
  • All sex moves always "work" –kissing the agent always turns her on, even if she's kissing Jabba the Hutt
  • Total focus on the physical specifics in the scene –He puts his left hand on your right breast. You put your right hand on his left shoulder...
  • Zero focus on the emotional/psychological/character specifics of the scene –the sexiest stuff is left out

The result is that sex scenes are anti-climactic, just something you click through to get back to the story. I think they could be better.

What is the point of Bangkok?
Bangkok exists for you to take your lovingly crafted agent and throw her into new and exciting sexual scenarios every time you play.

The main quest – in precise opposition to the main quests of most CRPG stories –is indefinite and open ended. Although there will be "spy stuff" for your agent to do from time to time, her mission is basically: get a job as a stripper/whore and just live her life until the target happens to show up.

What kinds of sex scenes do I want to write in Bangkok? Here are some examples:

  • Audition sex. Who does your agent have to suck or fuck to get the job in the first place?
  • Shift sex. Seducing tourists at the Hard Cock Cafe, and servicing them in the back rooms.
  • Bar BJs. A few hundred baht gets the agent on her knees right there at his barstool.
  • Floorshows. The entertainment in the Hard Cock Cafe isn't limited to stripping and pole dancing. Your agent's going to find her name on the rota for dildo shows, girl/girl shows, BDSM shows, ladyboy shows, oil wrestling shows, etc...
  • VIP suite. Here's where your agent performs for visiting high rollers.
  • 49ers. The real VIPs. Access to Hard Cock Cafe girls, in and out of the club, is a perk of being a member of the Red Wa.
  • Corrupt cops. And of the Civil Police.
  • Outcalls. Your agent can earn extra baht by making herself available for escort work. She'll visit businessmen in hotel rooms, entertain stag groups, party with playboys on yachts out in the Gulf of Thailand, service the labour force at a Red Wa meth lab hidden in the jungle...

Etc, etc, etc. And this is just the stuff that her work will throw at her; I've got dozens of ideas for sexy side quests (from passionate holiday flings, to "seduce the target" spy missions, to decadent half moon beach parties, to quest chains like helping an NPC set up a porn studio).

Bangkok should be a porno playground, with new surprises for your agent every time a new version gets released. (Note that there'll also be non-sexy scenes for pacing, avatar maintenance, and character/story development. Some of these scenes will unlock opportunities for further sex scenes, e.g. training at the Muay Thai camp can lead to your agent getting gigs as a ring girl, with opportunities to party with fighters, promoters and VIPs.)

What's holding this up?
The existing sex engine just can't cope with shit like this. Imagine just getting your agent to her audition scene for the Hard Cock Cafe. Picture the build-up to that crucial scene. And then imagine You put your right hand on his left hip. He touches your left buttock. You look at him with your blue eyes. He touches your right buttock.

What improvements are needed?
I wrote the existing Sex Engine myself, when I was way worse at coding. And I am shit at coding now. These are the features needed by a Bangkok-Ready Sex Engine:

  • A way to mechanically simulate each character's mental and physical capabilities, and produce weighted, randomised outcomes of their actions. Status: Delivered by the SURPS ruleset
  • A way to know your agent's backstory – is she slutty? Tough? Intellectual? A jaded field agent? A rookie desk analyst? – so the sex scenes can deliver individualised character moments (e.g. being fucked over a desk is hotter when it reminds your agent of her desk back in Langley). Status: Delivered by the Lifepath
  • A way to mechanically simulate blow jobs, anal sex, vaginal sex, arousal, attraction, etc. Status: Delivered by the SURPS Sex Rules
  • Finally: a way to combine all this into sex scenes that are actually sexy, interactive and fun to play. Status: Working on it

So, the point of the scene we're focused on now isn't just the sex scene itself. The bigger picture is that we're working on the formula for writing sex scenes in Bangkok.

No more clicking through generic descriptions of body parts meeting body parts – instead imagine a series of sexy scenarios, individualised for your unique character. That's what I want Bangkok to be, and we can do it –but we need to finish laying the foundations first.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau

Media (1)

construction-worker.jpg (273.5KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #29794817 - 2 Feb 20 20:43
Is there any chance that we will get an agent who is able to be active in the sex scene? After a point it is simply clicking "Let Mr. X fuck you." Which seems like our agent is just lying there catatonic. Also what's the point of having the agent experience anal in her personal life but not use it? There are no sex scenes (that I can tell) where that is a choice, but it is a box you check.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:33
Yeah, exactly! Giving the agent within the scene is exactly what I want to do. And yeah, anal is definitely going in. :-)
user avatar
User #5041178 - 4 Feb 20 13:11
You know girls in Bangkok are also rated as per reputation and the cost goes up as you are more popular? I’d love to see the notoriety system somehow based on your daily performance there.
user avatar
User #4189508 - 3 Feb 20 07:38
Maybe you should consider delivering some of those scenes outside the engine. So you can focus on the engine of being the main set-up for "standard" scenes, and you can put your effort into making standard scenes as exciting and diverse as possible. But what you describe there seem to be quite a few scenes and situations outside any kind of normal procedure, and maybe it might be better to just write them in a few chapters like the kink vignettes are written. As a user, I don't think I want 100 percent control of my agent every single time during a scene. Maybe I am just happy from time to time to read through a sexy three-chapter-scene with just one single point where I can choose, and the rest is pre-written. I mean, people enjoy erotic literature where they can't choose at all. It's all just one text, one path, and still it's enjoyable. Plus, you can make the decisions the agent (the player) took BEFORE make count, so the player knows that a particular scene only develops now because his agent has certain stats or took certain decisions. I am writing all this because I am wondering if you put too much pressure on yourself and on the engine, so it mounts up to this huge blob of things it needs to accomplish and maybe never really can do.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:39
Yeah...honestly, it might be the case that I'm over-reaching, here. I guess the vibe I'm going for is somewhere between erotic literature (zero interactivity, high sexiness) and the existing Sex Engine (high interactivity, low sexiness). Let's see what everybody thinks of the scene when it's released.
user avatar
User #5447548 - 2 Feb 20 17:43
Thanks I really enjoyed reading this looking forward to the future of this game
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:31
Awesome thanks man
user avatar
User #2677906 - 2 Feb 20 19:48
Well done :)
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:31
Thank you for suggesting this!
Sprint 006 reflection
Sprint 006 reflectionmore_vert
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Sprint 006 reflection 2020-02-01T14:31:17+00:00close

What did we accomplish in the last two weeks?

  • Rewrote a big chunk of the prototype scene
  • Designed a new way of structuring sex scenes that is (definitely) easier to produce and (hopefully) sexier
  • Made notifications and dice rolls more elegant and consistent
  • Experimented with a new writing process
  • Released dev version of changes to Operators+
  • Added Status Effect icons
  • Tested a new type of Hero Header
  • Released a prototype of Dark Mode UI to Operators+

Did we meet the sprint objectives?
There were three objectives, codenamed T1-T3.

[T1] Mk2 Sex Engine prototype
I aimed to finish the prototype, but in the end only completed another chunk of it.

Assessment: progress made, not finished.

[T2] Status Effect icons
These will show you which Status Effects are affecting your agent.

Hyneman made these work yesterday.

Assessment: completed.

[T3] Hero Headers
I asked Lara to test some new code for these.

Assessment: completed.

Story points

At the start of the sprint, I estimated we’d complete 39 story points of work. Actual output: 15. (This is mainly because I changed the way I was writing part-way through the sprint, so the way I worked diverged from the way I'd planned to work.)

What worked really well this sprint?

  • The two-week sprint discipline feels like it’s forcing me to create and deliver prototypes at a tempo outside my comfort zone.
  • The new sex scene structure, and the new way dice rolls and notifications work, feels like a big improvement. I think the writing is a lot sexier.
  • Night Mode was produced with almost literally no input from me. That’s really exciting. :-)
  • Tommygun's early experiments with taking over art production are looking good! If it works, it will free up a lot of my time in the future.
  • I tried a new writing technique, in which I follow a single “throughline” through the scene, instead of trying to build up every alternate branch as I go. This felt like a more fun and natural way to write. I think the output is better, but let’s wait for feedback.
  • I’m getting the hang of Backlog Reviews. Spending an hour a week or so thinking “big picture” is helping me organise the Big Fucking List into something more usable (update on this to follow soon). I’m also finding these sessions energising and exciting.

What could have gone better?

  • In the last sprint, Lara grabbed hold of the Hero Headers project and produced a working prototype that everybody praised, and is way better than what’s currently in the game. In this sprint, I asked her to try making some changes to the code based on a website I’d seen. It was only much later that I realised how incredibly fucking annoying that intervention must have been, and how the main result was to push the Hero Headers project back into a stalled state, waiting for me again. That’s destructive behaviour. I apologised to Lara, but I need to think more strategically about my approach in this kind of situation.
  • My best days are the ones where I stick to a certain structure (get up early, start with a plan for the day, make time for exercise and cooking). In this sprint I started like that, but abandoned the discipline at a point when the writing wasn’t working well. I should try to stick to the discipline throughout.

Media (1)

reflection-shopMirrorRed.jpg (249.2KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #19480759 - 2 Feb 20 15:01
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:42
😍 Today I learned that some girls look hot even if they wear unicorn masks
user avatar
User #10423300 - 1 Feb 20 20:42
Since I can enjoy the Sprint Dev's and can see the individual progress, I also have to break a lance for the team. I myself am listed among the writers, but my "task" is really only that I bring in tons of ideas and suggestions for improvement to make the game even more complete. If new tests are released, I could accept them. But there are always a few small corners and edges, to which I then suggest a few changes. Discord also talks about it and ultimately Crush, the programmers and the actual writers decide to what extent these ideas and changes can be implemented. Often I shoot well past the target and I have to put time on some delays on my flag. Sorry. But in the end there is a big goal that I am waiting for as long as you all here. The next big update. But you can believe me one thing. If you play the current free version and then the next version, it will simply blow you away.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:43
Thanks FOB! Fingers crossed. :-)
user avatar
User #739507 - 2 Feb 20 08:32
Your last point (about making time for excercise and so on) is more important than you might think. Not only because physical excercise is good for you (including your brain), but also that more working hours won't equal more output.
user avatar
crushstation - 3 Feb 20 21:43
Thanks man. I used to kind of pride myself on going without rest or breaks, but I'm starting to realise how fucking dumb that was
Sprint 006, day 9
Sprint 006, day 9more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 9 2020-02-01T03:02:34+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Ugh, it's nearly 3AM!

I just pushed out an Alpha version of my work in this sprint out to Operators+. Like I told them: it's less than I wanted, but there are some important changes in there which I need feedback on. Hopefully they don't think it sucks. 🤞🏻

This new two-week sprint thing really feels like a new tempo of work. If there's been a time before when we put out two test versions in four weeks, I can't remember it. Analyst release to follow soon, then a general release soon after that.

Okay, I have to sleep. All species need sleep, Commander. Tomorrow is the final sprint day; I'll publish a reflection on the good and bad things I've noticed in this sprint, and also I get to fuck around for a few hours developing something low priority but fun. I'll post here tomorrow, guys, have a great Saturday in the meantime!

Media (1)

tired-christine.jpg (131.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2677906 - 1 Feb 20 11:35
I think a lot of patrons would like a reflection on how the things you're designing right now will impact the content of tomorrow. Just my 2c, keep up the nice work ;)
Sprint 006, day 8
Sprint 006, day 8more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 8 2020-01-30T22:41:17+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey everybody! I did moar writing today.

I've got mixed feelings about today, because on the one hand I didn't get as much done as I wanted. On the other, I feel like the game is close to having a sex scene that's actually sexy.

Based on player feedback from the alpha, I've been experimenting with the balance of notifications, dice rolls, decision points and arousal states. It's still not exactly right, but there's something about the flow of the scene now that just feels more organic and natural.

Recently a few people have asked me why I'm working on this instead of Bangkok –but the designs and processes we're building here are specifically designed to be used in Bangkok. The point of working with a familiar scene instead of a new one is so that improvements are easier to judge.

Tomorrow I'm going to release another alpha to Operators+. Again, this will just be one branch of the scene, but it will include actual sex using the new system. If all goes well, Sprint 7 should be implementing the new scene into the game, so you can play it with your actual agent. (We'll also aim to add in Night Mode, and a feature that lets you jump right to the new scene instead of playing through all the way to Dubai again.)

Okay, that's it for tonight. Next sprint day is tomorrow, see you then!

Media (1)

sprint-retro.jpg (197.5KiB)

Sprint 006, day 7
Sprint 006, day 7more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 7 2020-01-29T18:49:03+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! I had a good writing day today. Those of you following the Trello may have noticed that the writing of section 4 hasn't moved in a few days: the reason is that I've adjusted my writing style a little.

Part of my new process involves frequently playing through what I've just written in the game engine (which gives me a better sense of pace and feel than just looking at it in the code creator). Doing this made me realise the scene was starting to feel disjointed, getting into the weeds.

So I'm trying a new approach: instead of trying to fully complete all the options in a passage before moving on, I'm just sticking to a single "throughline" and trying to make it feel fun and interesting. Once that's done, I have a template for pacing and mechanics that I can model the rest of the scene on.

I was struggling to make this work on Monday and part of today, but this afternoon everything clicked into place and I'm feeling good about the last few days of the sprint. I'll go into some more detail in the next sprint report, due tomorrow. Have a great evening, see you then!

Media (1)

sprint-brunette.jpg (169.8KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 30 Jan 20 15:27
I think it is the right decision to stick to one line in the writing, and by the way we are waiting for the sprint report))
Super quick dev report 2020-01-27T21:55:41+00:00

Hey guys! I had a writing day today. I was struggling with some pacing stuff but I streamlined it and it seems to be working better.

I'll know more on the next dev day, which was scheduled for tomorrow but something personal has come up (hence the super quick dev report). I'm going to shift around my plan so the next dev day will be Wednesday. I'll see you then, and sorry for the last minute change.

Happy Year of the Rat!
Happy Year of the Rat!more_vert
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Happy Year of the Rat! 2020-01-25T20:24:31+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! I spent most of today writing, but started the day with an hour or so on the Product Backlog. I think I've done three of these sessions so far, and it feels like it's becoming a useful discipline. (In my head I have hundreds of ideas for scenes and features I'd like to add to the game; getting them out of my head and into a list is a big step forward in organisation.) I'll share the list soon.

Something that's historically been very time consuming is the implementation of art assets into the game. Our lovely Victoria produces great stuff in Illustrator, but actually making them work in the game involves some manipulation of the Illustrator files and some coding.

Illustrator guys who can also code are rare beasts, so delegating this activity has been challenging. However, I'm cautiously excited to report that Tommygun has taken an Illustrator course, and is experimenting with art processing. Early indications are good.

This will be a big improvement if we can make it work; it takes a task away from me, it unblocks some projects that are on hold waiting for art production (e.g. dark mode, messy makeup, new agent faces), and it gets more of Victoria's great art off my hard drive and into the game.

Okay, tomorrow is a scheduled R&R day, so that's all for this weekend. I'll be back with an update on Monday. See you then!

Media (1)

year-of-rat.jpg (102.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8770228 - 25 Jan 20 23:08
hey Crushstation! I love your game and have been following FA for 2 years now. cant wait to see all that innovations in actual, full game. so I wanted to ask you, heard that qustion billions times, probably, but: do you have a picture of full story or for now it's Bangkok? with Bangkok and aftermath? as much as I exicited to see all this new fancy cool stuff you implementing, script and story always #1 for me, so just interested in that. thank You and stay awesome! =)
user avatar
User #2518481 - 26 Jan 20 02:50
Excited to hear you are delegating the artwork implementation! I've watched the game grind to a halt multiple times because you had to focus on that. happy to keep you on writing and project management 😊
Sprint 006, day 4
Sprint 006, day 4more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 4 2020-01-24T19:34:03+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Sorry I missed yesterday's report, guys, something personal (non-serious) demanded sudden attention late last night. All sorted now.

Writing's going well. Hyneman did some great work on the Status Effect icons –so great, in fact, that I marked it "done" in the Trello.

It sure seems nearly done, though. Check out how greta it looks:

Wait, I mean great:

Okay, that's all for today. Have fun tonight everybody, and please expect more greta content in the next sprint report, coming tomorrow!

Media (1)

sprint-workout-gear.jpg (198.5KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #156009 - 25 Jan 20 05:40
"How dare you!" 😉
user avatar
User #156009 - 25 Jan 20 19:04
Also I really hope that we'll get to have our agent wearing workout gear like in the page image at some point.
user avatar
User #19480759 - 29 Jan 20 12:34
Work work and work 💪
user avatar
User #12849533 - 25 Jan 20 20:50
Yes, it’s worth noting that the icons turned out really cool, don’t worry and we are waiting for tomorrow's report)
user avatar
User #546575 - 25 Jan 20 00:09
Now want a Greta game "Against the Wall." 😉
Sprint 006, day 2
Sprint 006, day 2more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 2 2020-01-22T19:33:08+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Hey guys! I did some moar writing today. I finished section 3 today and started working on section 4.

I made a simple but hopefully cool little innovation today, with the introduction of a new Inhibitions stat. This currently works according to the following scale:

0: Normal (Default)
-1: Reduced
-2: Low
-3: Gone

Drinking alcohol and getting turned on can reduce your agent's Inhibitions. Reduced inhibitions can unlock dialogue choices that would normally only be available for certain Kinks or traits (i.e. any agent can behave like an Exhibitionist if she's drunk or horny enough).

This new system currently only works on one locked dialogue choice (agreeing to answer the door naked to room service during the date with Max), but if it works well we can implement it in other scenes.

Okay, that's all for today! Next sprint day is tomorrow. See you then!

Media (1)

sprint-pawg.jpg (255.7KiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #26290521 - 23 Jan 20 07:04
Do you have an idea when the next release will be?
user avatar
crushstation - 23 Jan 20 09:08
I'm thinking 2-4 weeks probably (but please bear in mind that I have a reputation for terrible estimates). The next release will be a working version of the new sex scene, properly integrated into the game so you can play through it with your actual agent instead of Carla from the beta.
user avatar
User #8960434 - 23 Jan 20 00:26
so we havent had a release for like 7 months?
user avatar
crushstation - 23 Jan 20 09:06
Last public release was October. On Christmas Eve I released a beta version of the new sex engine – I'm currently adjusting that based on player feedback. The new 2-week sprint discipline feels like it's speeding things up, let me know if you have any suggestions for me
user avatar
User #26568198 - 24 Jan 20 01:03
Getting excited!
user avatar
User #18844116 - 23 Jan 20 04:51
the way you're doing all these you have a thing for yoga pants?
user avatar
crushstation - 23 Jan 20 09:06
Doesn't everyone :-D
user avatar
User #156009 - 22 Jan 20 20:49
Lowered inhibitions are really hot, whether that's from alcohol, other drugs, or just because she's so damn horny.
user avatar
crushstation - 23 Jan 20 09:03
I know right :-D I'm pleased with this system because it lets drunkenness and horniness interact
user avatar
User #580302 - 24 Jan 20 04:39
In response to that, I submit the following line from New Year's Eve, many years ago: "Hello? I'm drunk! Isn't anyone going to take advantage of me?"
user avatar
User #29720454 - 23 Jan 20 17:17
This made me think. What happens when the agent is an exhibitionist and is too drunk / horny? I think she should have a slightly more daring exhibitionist behavior than a normal agent
user avatar
User #156009 - 24 Jan 20 18:14
So 'exhibitionist' would not simply be a flag to unlock exhibitionist events, but would provide, say, a -2 modifier to exhibitionism inhibition checks? I'd think that could work.
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Promoting...Glorification! 2020-01-20T21:52:58+00:00close

From time to time we promo other adult games here. Glorification was created by Female Agent fan Darina! She helped me write the Zero Kate Thirty combat scene, and she also looks super hot in barbarian armour and a dog collar in her game's promo video. Check out the video, but also check out the dark, sexy gladiator game she's creating!

- - -

What if you mixed "Jupiter Ascending”, "Gladiator", "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Mad Max" to create an RPG game of fighting, strategy and survival, full of violence, sexual content, strong language, and black humor?

Here's that game!

Just don't think that living there will be too easy - the world of this game is cruel, with no "right" or "wrong" decisions, and it can surprise you with unexpected twists! (Or not... but I will really try to surprise you, lol ).

But I really hope that you will be able "TO BE WHOM YOU WANT IN AN ULTIMATE WORLD".

Please be kind and patient, this studio is a small team (one regular person only, lol) but we're going to make our first game as ideal as we can!

Check out Glorification on Patreon

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #546575 - 20 Jan 20 22:04
I think this is the link you wanted.
user avatar
User #4407352 - 20 Jan 20 22:47
I think I am in love (again). :D
user avatar
User #546575 - 20 Jan 20 21:56
Can you post about "black humor" on the MLK holiday? 😉
Sprint 006, day 1
Sprint 006, day 1more_vert
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Sprint 006, day 1 2020-01-20T21:33:35+00:00close

Sprint plan | Trello

Happy Monday, everybody! Sprint 006 blasted off today. I finished the following tasks:

  • Wrote documentation for all status effects needed in the prototype scene (needed by Hyneman)
  • Uploaded new status effect icons to image server (needed by Hyneman)

I also nearly completed my first writing task of this sprint. I could have got it done in another hour or so, but at 1800 I decided to squeeze in a run instead.

Bad move. It was fucking brutal. I actually felt my blood slushing around in my body. It felt like all the blood alcohol and blood sugar that had been pooling in my feet for weeks suddenly got flushed back through my heart and my brain. I thought I was gonna fucking die somewhere around mile 4. An ambulance raced up behind me, siren blazing, and I thought: Thank God, somebody has seen the state of me and called for a casevac. Well, the fuckers just drove past.

But fuck them, I survived without them, so I'll get back to writing on the next sprint day. The new writing technique I experimented with in the last sprint is really working; writing felt faster and easier (and just better) today.

In non-sprint related news, we're making fast progress on implementing a long-requested UI feature, dark mode. More on this soon.

Okay, that's all for today! Tomorrow is a scheduled R&R day, so the next update is Wednesday. Have a great day tomorrow, everybody, I'll see you then!

Media (1)

sprint-6-start.jpg (156.0KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #769563 - 21 Jan 20 01:35
Important life advice, never trust a fart after mile 2.
user avatar
User #948527 - 22 Jan 20 13:28
So what you're saying is you always aim for too much?
user avatar
User #12849533 - 22 Jan 20 12:26
OMG, what a terrible story you told about your race! Was everything really so serious, I hope everything is all right with you now!
user avatar
User #17989678 - 22 Jan 20 23:04
Keep running trust me it sucked when I started too, but over time as you get fitter and you get mentally tougher it becomes almost easy

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