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 Perverted P.E. Teacher at Sunset
Perverted P.E. Teacher at Sunsetmore_vert
Post file flag
Perverted P.E. Teacher at Sunset 2020-05-16T03:04:09+00:00close

It ’s unusual for me to stay in school until this time.

In the meantime, get my special repair ...

Ah ! no no no ! Special repair foul too!

Out, out, the teacher gives out in the class !!

Media (1)

png (615.2KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3692930 - 16 May 20 06:21
Mmm..👅💦 Bikini swimsuit+Big cock muscular teacher🤤🤤🤤 Always my most favorite fantasy❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #4682317 - 16 May 20 03:27
Love your work. You have the best Muscle Beast.
Father Enhancement Center No.3 Kawada Kenichi
Father Enhancement Center No.3 Kawada Kenichimore_vert
Father Enhancement Center No.3 Kawada Kenichi 2020-05-12T02:25:46+00:00close

I can't breathe.

When I woke up, it was a pure white room.

His hands are tied behind his back and he can't move them.

It's a rectangular cube-shaped room, with no doors or windows in sight.

I messed up.

I was just cleaning up after a colleague who was involved in a similar incident when I heard that my brother had fallen victim to a so-called "brainwashing product".

At the time of the police officer's victimization, I understood that it wasn't just someone else. But he couldn't believe the fact that his own brother had been harmed until he saw his brother's bearded face in his hospital bed.

A while after I was released from the hospital, I got a report from my brother that his wife had moved out.

He said that the incident was the reason why everything was going wrong.

It's a bit ironic that all the brothers are separated. Instead of consoling him, all he could do was to say something sarcastic about it. From my brother's point of view, it would have been the same thing.

As for me, I got what I deserved because I neglected my daughter's birthday while I was at work.

It's too late for me.

But my brother is different.

It's the crimes and goods of this asshole that are at fault.

Perhaps because of my regret for my daughters, I gave up my personal life to investigate the case.

She has lost touch with her younger brother, Yuichi.

He's a grown man, he's so bored with his unreplaceable right hand that he's willing to travel alone. That's what I thought at first, as if to push a bad feeling into it.

However, such optimism was blown away when I visited my brother's house. This is not an abduction or murder. But it's not the same as a long trip. I could smell the incident.

After flipping through the house, I finally found one scribbled note that seemed to be a clue.

Center, Tsumigami-mountain, Enhancement Center.

I reported it upstairs, but it ended with a nail in the coffin to stay out of the way.

That's for sure. It must be a very big project.

But that didn't mean I was in the mood to sit on my hands.

You'll end up with one end of your life anyway. Why don't we at least do something about the family crisis?

--Now that I think about it, I'm sure the police organization had its hands in it long ago.

I tried to get into the center with all my heart, but I didn't even arrive and was caught like this.

Shit.... my head is spinning....

They set me up with something. I can't move my unbound legs satisfactorily. And yet, for some reason, my crotch is getting as angry as ever.

His sense of smell and senses were strangely vivid, and he could feel the steamy smell rising from the only sock he was made to wear.

I feel like an asshole. But don't lose your cool. It's a desperate situation, but if you manage to get out of here and report it to a decent police officer, you can manage.

Just as I made up my mind, an inorganic, synthetic voice echoed through the small room.

"Hello, this is AI Oedipus at the Center for Father Enhancement, checking your deep paternity score. "

Center, Enhancement . It is as my brother notes. This pure white room had to be the center I was headed to. And the ringleader of the case.

" Your paternity score is 19%, a remarkably low result for someone who has been through procreate, and the center will refuse to accommodate you. "

What's the paternity, what's the check, for fuck's sake? What's with this center, I know my brother is here, get him out of here now!

"NO.2-K.Y. is an outstanding culture, and its application is unacceptable. After a final check, you will be processed for either memory wipe or Milky sea Flooding , whichever you prefer. "

You can have a conversation, but you can't communicate. I finally got impatient. Erasure of memory. Perhaps it's because it's seriously possible that you can tell me to "choose" with such a straight face.

"Damn it, let go! No! I want my brother! For the love of God, please! "

"Final check complete... most importantly, the masterpiece has been located... and the feet are smelling above standard. "

After that, they started calling people smelly.

I said, frowning back.

"Bullshit, my feet stink, of course they do, they're a cop's feet. What's your problem, you bastard! "

The words I shouted at my wife one day came out verbatim.

"Very nice. "

The machine's response, however, was different from my wife's.

It sounded like a voice with a mixture of joy, as if it had found something it had been waiting for, that didn't sound like a mechanical voice.

That, in turn, was creepy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! No! Hey! What's that, what's that... hey! Machine! No! "

"Your foot odor is out of the ordinary. It's more intense than any of the paternalistic ones in our center. The center needs you. The center has been waiting for you. The center blesses you. "

From the narrow ceiling, an autonomous moving tube crawls up to my feet with a creep. I'm trying to "collect" my smell, seriously.

It was so hot that her face burned with embarrassment. In spite of the fact that I tried to sound superior, I still had a complex. It's an itchy, indescribable feeling to be complimented on that.

What is this situation in the first place, the whole thing confuses my thinking. I can't wrap my head around anything.

"The Center congratulates you, thank you, and consider that everything so far has been to affirm your foot odor, thank you for everything you've ever done, thank you for your fierce odor, thank you. "

The inside of the cramped box is enveloped in a nonsensical mechanical voice.

It's confusing, it's muddying up, the voice of the machine seems to crack my head. Thanks. Affirmation. Blessing. Such words flow into my head.

Everything was going to melt away if he didn't continue his vacuous denial.

"At the time of imprisonment, your masculinity will be transformed into your fatherhood. Thank you for your help. "

After the unilateral declaration, the air in the cramped box changed.

The air was raw and warm and nose-dropping.

It smells like it's tangled in your skin.

A dampness that makes you feel swollen.

''Ugh, ugh, stink..........stink!

'I'm going to fill this place with the odor I've collected from you and inject it with the odor you've spent your life building. "

I contorted my face. Is this really what I smell like? It stinks, it stinks too much, I don't know what it is!

"Don't deny it, it's all about you, your work, your family, your love, your feet made you, your smell is all about you. "

This is what I'm all about. That smell. This one is too masculine.

This is me. I'm the one who fills this room.

It stinks. It stinks. But it can't be helped.

I'm a detective, and there are days when I don't take a bath. Steamy feet are part of the job.

That's why this smell is me. That's my smell. --no, it stinks! No, it's just foot odor! No, but to deny this is to deny me... no, no, no, oh, my God, what am I supposed to do, what's going on?

"This smell is the very symbol of your fatherhood. "

I sucked in a breath.

Awareness is distant. The smell. Yes, but this is, after all, it is. This is something we should be proud of.

This foot odor that is trying to stain all the white small room.

"Socks ... stink, smell, no, I'm ... helping ... my ... family ... to ... help ... this ... smell ... to ... help ... to ... help ... "

I'm here to get my family back. The result is this smell.

So I, as a father, was stuck in this smell. So I was losing my wife, my daughter, and my brother because I was in denial about this.

" Recognize your fatherhood, and that trajectory is what this smells like. "


Suddenly, there was a sensation of something coming into my body that I had been dumbfounded by.

I look down. The tube that stretched from the ceiling and the upholstered mold that stuck to the tip of it were going to invade the cock like me with slimy and undulating like water.

I've been stunned by the stench of my motionless body and feet filling the entire room, and I don't have the strength to resist. And I didn't even have that idea.

"I will unite fatherhood and joy in your body. "

A foreign body is moving up and down in the urethra.

It feels like something is coming out. It feels like something is coming in.

My body is getting smeared. It's all fucked up. A man's symbolic cock is violated by something.

Zing, zing, zing. Be violated. My cock gets fucked. As a man, I'm on the receiving end of it. It is comforting. Is this what fatherhood is all about? This magnitude, this masculinity.

The sensation of sloshing and refluxing through the urethra, followed by a gentle, unstoppable ejaculation. Such an illusion. The sweet stimuli stirred the detective's thoughts into a gaggle.

I feel that a foreign object has arrived at the root of the dick.

Tingling, something like an electric current flows.

I'll get it. Answer. I know. I'll get mine. He put it on my back and I came.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

I let out the male juice as I slowly leaked.

I didn't handle it, I didn't shake my hips, I didn't put it in my pussy, and yet it was the greatest pleasure of my life. The semen slithered through the tube and climbed to the ceiling.

"Ohhhh, wow, ohhhh, ohhhh, you'll be hit, you'll be hit, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh ! "

It felt so good.

His breathing is ragged from repeated ejaculations, and he smells more and more foot odor in his lungs, nose, and brain.

It makes you feel better. I'm proud of my stink, I'm ejaculating just from the smell, and my brat juice is coming out more and more more more mormormommmmmmmmmmm.

An unbroken ejaculation followed.

They poke you in the back, they go in your neck, they hold in your precious things, and then they let you out.

That feeling of pleasure.

Oh, so this is what it means to be a parent.

This is the father. So this is what it's like to be a father. You know, it feels too good to be a father, and I've been running away from this and that. Oh well, that's great.

Along with her breathing, each time she snorted, semen traveled through her tubes and climbed to the ceiling.

I loved it so much. My kids are going to be out more and more. It's good, it's good, it's energetic, it's thick and full, it's strong and manly. That's my boy. Good, good, good...... I come again......

I mean, we're going to be dads. Shoulder to shoulder, great......

I was almost crushed with satisfaction. The muscular physique that looks like a father, both legs that emit the smell of hard work.

I had already forgotten what I came here for.

If I have stinky feet, that's all the father I am. I've come to realize that I can have a child just by doing that.

"Congratulations, your paternity score has passed 120% and you will be admitted to our facility permanently as our most important masterpiece. "

''Oh, okay, let's do that...... "

I'm now being carried to the back of the center.

On the way, I saw various fathers. Everyone seems to be happy. Oh, yeah, we're all dads. We're all fathers. We're on the same team. Let's get on with it.

--I saw a guy on the way who looked just like me.

Yeah, he's a good father figure, he too, heh heh..............

All right, Dad, I'm gonna do more for you from now on.

Media (1)

p.png (507.0KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #32778888 - 14 May 20 19:29
And also balls oder too actually
user avatar
User #3692930 - 12 May 20 04:29
WOW😍😍😍 Fucking manly and handsome🤤🤤🤤 Nice work👍👍👍
user avatar
User #3969584 - 16 May 20 05:51
Very hot!!! Would've loved to see him in clothes being stripped down in that position, or with psd format for us to play with, like the Standing Picture Maker you did back then.
user avatar
User #32778888 - 14 May 20 19:27
I think stinky farts are more masculine than foot oder...🤔
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Erotic part
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Erotic partmore_vert
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Erotic part 2020-04-30T05:37:42+00:00close

Mr. Ohyama was a gentleman, albeit a bit hot and blustery.

She told me that she has two children and is a civil servant who usually works at the city hall. I see, that meddling may be due to my profession.

By the way, who wants to show a pool facility to a guy younger than them for the first time?

Or is it that fathers try to act like fathers, even when they are dealing with children from other families? I'm not sure, but I'll let it flow here anyway.

I went to my room, unpacked and got my bathing suit and bathing suit ready.

The plan was for seven nights, so there was no need for a guide, but it was an unfamiliar solo trip, and since Mr.Ohyama is an experienced traveler, it would be more convenient to leave things to him. And honestly, it's not like I don't have ulterior motives. Maybe I can touch those muscular muscles at least a little.

He finished his preparations and left the room, but Mr.Ohyama hadn't gone out into the hallway yet.

The next room was once again empty of doors.

I wonder if they are not in the habit of locking the door.

I glanced inside, trying to make a sound. There stood Mr.Ohyama, who must have been staring straight into the mirror.

''Hmm, this swimsuit is brand new but not too bad, is it? ''

Apparently, he is in the middle of doing a fashion show by himself. He looks clumsy, but he seems to be quite stylish with his flashy aloha. It would be rude to call out to them. I decided to watch in silence.

'' But it's okay to show a little more...isn't it? He didn't seem to have a bad impression of muscle, and yes, a sporty impression might be more dependable... ''

Mr.Ohyama muttered, slowly reaching for his swimsuit.

There was no way to look away.

I pulled down my bathing suit with such speed that I couldn't wait any longer.

'' Hmm, after all, this can be...... ''

What came out from underneath the swimsuit was a minuscule competition swimsuit.

There's nothing small about it. It's an outrageous size, so much so that it's a little over the top.

No, it's actually really protruding. The base of his shaved penis, like a bodybuilder's, spilled outward.

''Well, it's a bit small for a man to say, but we're both men, so it's not rude to say that... well, hmmm... don't you see...''

Mr.Ohyama was posing in front of the mirror even as he said this, as if he wasn't satisfied.


He's like a different person when he's talking to you.

He was kind to me for some reason, but now he's trying to show off his muscles for some reason.

They say that people who work out want to show off their bodies, but even so, this is pretty extreme.

Perhaps because he imagined himself being watched, Mr.Ohyama's face was quite red with excitement.

''Well, that's right, do you have great muscles, uncle? When I'm complimented, I'm hustling for my age..... Okay, okay, well then, I've got a better looking figure for you, so hold off for a minute! ''

Alone, Mr.Ohyama spoke to the mirror and reached into the luggage compartment.

''Well, wait, it's too soon for me to show off as the righteous hero Blue Titan...? ''

A righteous hero?

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

'' It's not the bathing suit that covers your entire body, but the tights that cover your entire body. His navy blue suit is engraved with a very heroic pattern. ''

Mr. Ohyama was stripped bare, and his suit covered him from the tip of his tongue to his neck.

"How do you like this figure? This is my uncle's other profession, the righteous hero Blue Titan! ''

I could see Mr.Ohyama's lower body rising with a throbbing throb.

'' What a blunder. This time, I need to ask them carefully, because they may have a heart that hates the righteous hero and may have bad feelings for me...! ''

Is he really the same person as Mr. Ohyama who carried my luggage?

He continues to put on a fashion show, waving his sticky cock in anticipation of his excitement. I'm making excuses for this and that, and I'm working on my fantasy of showing off all sorts of things.

The smell of sweat and something muddy wafted to the outside of the room.

He was euphoric about how he was going to get me to see his ruggedness.

"Huh, huh ... this isn't that kind of thing you really like, but ... well, but if you look like this in a public place, it looks like a pervert ..."

"Oh, no, no, I've already made you wait too long, I have to come...! ''  

''If you show up here with an erection like this, I'm going to show you your uncle's cock, all bare...! I'm going to show you my rugged muscles and rugged cock...!

"Oh! Cum out!"

Mr,Ohyama went straight to the mirror and spewed a large amount of semen from his erect penis.

''Excuse me, I was just getting ready for something... did you wait?''

''No, no, no, I had just finished picking out my swimsuit, too, just in time.''

After a while, I went back to my room once and then out into the hallway.

Mr. Ohyama, wearing sunglasses, greeted us with a cheerful smile.

It's as if that peek-a-boo figure is a lie. It's back to the meddling uncle who spoke to me in the first place.

No, really, wasn't that a figment of my own imagination?

''Let's go then.''

Ohyama said so, showing off his wide back and started walking.

I watched the whole thing to see what kind of stuff was tucked under those half-pants, and what kind of expression his face would change into under these sunglasses.

I'll tell you about that.

I thought about it the whole time I was walking down the hallway.

◆ You can enjoy dress-up your picture using the attached PSD file.

Various characters have appeared in this series as a series, and will be updated at any time.

Stay tuned for more!

Media (2)

3.png (511.8KiB)
3.png (526.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3692930 - 2 May 20 16:56
I love that bikini swimsuit😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
user avatar
User #4682317 - 14 May 20 04:26
Ohyama is AWESOME, a true Muscle Bull
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Introduction
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Introductionmore_vert
Giant Onsen Hotel Yu-Topia Chapter 1 Introduction 2020-04-30T05:35:37+00:00close

''Um, my luggage... it's really okay now. ''

'' No, no, no, no! This hotel is a long way from the lobby, isn't it? It's the first time you've ever been on a solo trip, and it would be a waste of your energy to spend it here. Don't worry about it if you leave it to your uncle and his two arms. ''

The first man I met said that and grinned at me, showing his white teeth. Gui stretches out his two arms and lifts my baggage like a dumbbell. Lightly.

Through the aloha shirt that looked like a resort, I could see a nice rounded power hump.

'' It's pretty heavy, isn't it? Well, it's seven nights and eight days, so I guess that's about it. ''

''Ha, well....... ''

I was puzzled by the pushy meddling, but gave an appropriate nod. It's a funny thing that happened.

Izu Onsen Yu - Topia Resort Hotel.

Originally a long-established ryokan, it was renovated during the bubble economy period due to regional development and other factors, and reborn as a hotel specializing in hot spring facilities. In those days, a large bathhouse facility that stretched to the 5th basement floor was the talk of the town, and it seemed to be doing quite well......

I never thought it would be this big.

If you get off the bus other than at the main entrance, you'll have to walk an inordinate amount of distance to the lobby... I wish it had been written in the brochure.

As I was walking with my overly heavy baggage, I was suddenly stopped by this giant in an aloha shirt (I haven't even heard his name yet). Whenever I see someone in need, I can't leave them alone.

The man, who was about my father's age, easily carried the luggage I was struggling with. This is the direction of the lobby, and it's faster this way. We haven't gotten to the lobby yet.

'' I've been staying here several times since I was young, but it's been a long time since a young man like you came here. ''

'' Oh, my dad hit it. In the Fukubiki of the shopping arcade. And then I couldn't help but run out of them... and I took their place. ''

'' I see. ''

It was an unusual invitation.

It's not a pair ticket, it's for one person, and the name of the plan is "One person is welcome! Genki Ikpai Bottle Plan 7 nights, 8 days. I couldn't pass it on to my relatives at this time, and my father, who couldn't fit in with my schedule, said until the very end, "I'd like to taste it myself.

'' Do they all come as couples or families after all? ''

''Oh, no...not necessarily...it's kind of...oh, look, I'm in the lobby. ''

Just when the man was about to explain, he finally reached the open area.

Apparently, while I was walking and getting lost and confused, a bus had arrived later than the one I took. The men, who must have just arrived, were relaxing in their thoughts, taking a smoke, unrolling newspapers, and relaxing the muscles in their shoulders. They all have good, solid bodies. Sunburned skin. The muscles that push the clothes up. A face that looks like it has a sweaty smell. It looks like a group of sportsmen, but judging by the distance between them, they all seem to be individual customers.

'' Come on, it's Koch, Koch is the counter. ''

It was a sight that I would have continued to observe closely if the man hadn't accosted me.

I hurriedly glanced back and followed the back of the aloha shirt that was already ahead of me.

Looking again, this person also has an amazing body. The leg exposed from the half-pants to the wide back muscle that is far from Japanese is also thick like a mass of muscle.

You are welcome to stay alone! Full of energy Plan 7 nights 8 days

The name of the plan, which had only smelled suspicious before it came, now sounded strange and remained in the center of my thoughts.

''Thanks for your help. - Hi, your stuff. Go finish checking in, then have a nice vacation! ''

The man finally said that, winking and making his white teeth shine. He seems to be looking pretty cool.

The room we were shown was room 403.

With a clear destination, the weight of the luggage didn't suffer as much this time. As I make my way to my room, I look at the corridors and lobby with the peace of mind I've finally created. The whole hotel had a nostalgic atmosphere with very old carpets and lighting. Of course, I didn't have any experience with it, but I didn't hate the retro feel of the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, all the people passing each other are men. Everyone was a big guy with a bigger build than he was, and every time he did, he would turn his attention to them. It is bad for the heart that a man like myself is rare even from the other side, or that he is glanced at every time. But every time I looked at the map or tried to push the button of the elevator, I was spoken to in a low, frowning voice by a middle-aged man with a bearded face and short hair, although there was no man who suddenly volunteered to carry the luggage.

We finally arrived in room 403, and the door to the next room was open.

I glanced over and saw a large man in a blue aloha shirt with his hand on a button.

'' Um... you. ''

The man in the room looked at me and our eyes met.

Ah, said a voice.

'' Isn't that next door? Room. ''

'' It's quite a coincidence, isn't it? Hahahaha, then I should have brought my luggage to my room. ''

The man came out of the room and happily held out his hand to me and said, "It seems that you and I have a strange connection.

They shook each other's hands with big hands and smiled strangely happy. It's the kind of attitude that would be misunderstood if it weren't for the sparkly wedding ring on the finger of that hand.

'' How about after this, if you don't mind? ''

''Eh, what do you mean...?''

'' This is a huge pool and hot spring facility with five floors underground, so I'm going to tell you where I can recommend it. ''

The man said.

It was no wonder they were meddling. It's sweaty and pushy. But there was no reason to refuse. I nodded my head in agreement to my pectoral muscles, which were breathing heavily in my aloha shirt.

''Excuse me, I haven't identified myself yet, my uncle is named Ohyama Hidekatsu. Ha-ha-ha, please come in. ''

◆ Please continue to enjoy after the support!

Media (1)

3.png (658.7KiB)

Ohyama Hidekuni Tatami room SEX -相伝-
Ohyama Hidekuni Tatami room SEX -相伝-more_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni Tatami room SEX -相伝- 2020-04-20T16:25:04+00:00close

Media (1)

2.png (529.3KiB)

Attachments (1)

座敷父々p.zip (10.0MiB)

Father Enhancement Center No.2 Kawada Yuichi
Father Enhancement Center No.2 Kawada Yuichimore_vert
Father Enhancement Center No.2 Kawada Yuichi 2020-04-09T15:30:54+00:00close

I've done one hell of a lot of things.

I wasn't decent that day.

In front of the student, I became naked, called it the lesson of the insurance, exposed the penis, and spouted the male juice so that the whole classroom would be covered with the smell at the end, and I went to school with the bearded teacher and Kawada teacher of the first big and heavy school.

The aftermath was terrifying, and it wasn't until another teacher walked into my classroom that I regained my ability to think normally.

Life is over. That's what I thought as I dangled my bare cock.

But what followed was different.

The exact same incidents that happened to me happened all over the place at the same time.

The product I got hooked on was widely recognized as a new kind of brainwashing business, and I was supposed to be slandered by a perverted teacher, but I was rather treated as a "pathetic victim" at a psychosomatic clinic.

He was spared arrest and was not disciplined or dismissed.

But he had made such a disgraceful ejaculation and dumb appearance. There can't be any faces to meet the students. I voluntarily applied for a leave of absence.

However, because of this, the couple did not get along well, and the wife and daughter went back to their parents' house, saying that it was only temporarily.

I visited the Center a little after my single life had begun.

Unlike the recommended psychosomatic medicine, it is in a remote place that takes two hours one way by car, and the unfamiliar information of the defect improvement of the male only.

I had heard rumors about it, but it was hard to bring myself to actually visit it.

But I couldn't do it anymore. It was too much to endure. I wish I could have had this treated right now.

I got out of the car and walked deeper and deeper into the center, swinging the cock that was dangling between my legs.

The reception desk, which was located in a rather recessed area, was an unfamiliar unmanned reception desk with only electronic media.

I typed my troubles impatiently with my fingertips, dry from a long drive.

"I can't get enough of ejaculation.

Yes, just like the ad said, my cock has become as big as any male.

The ejaculation of that moment also had the influence of the medicine ingested, and the super mass ejaculation suitable for the size also came true. It was a hell of a good feeling.

However, when I stopped taking it, my ejaculation returned to normal, and the amount of semen was not even close to the size of my cock, which had grown so big.

It doesn't even come poking out of the urethra. Only about the time I ejaculated and cooled off, the juices leaked out moistly afterwards.

It's like pissing in your sleep.

This is too miserable for a man.

He's a glorified lumberjack who can't impregnate anyone.

If I'm going to feel like this, I'd rather have it back to its original size.

I waited at the reception, and eventually the electronic media directed me to the room I was supposed to be in.

I entered the room, took off my clothes as instructed, exposed my cock, and sat down on the blue-green translucent tubular chair in the center of the room.

--On closer inspection, I saw that it wasn't a chair I was sitting on, but a strange machine I'd never seen before.

The center is jelly-like, a large hole, so to speak.

It's just like sticking a giant masturbator in the ground.

New instructions have been given.

I mean, I want to put my cock in this hole.

--I mean, this is how my man functions, right?

''Ugh, raw warm.........

With a mixture of anxiety and anticipation, I put my cock in the tube.

As I waited in such a disheveled state, an inorganic voice echoed in the room.

Hello, this is AI Oedipus, Paternity Correctional Center. We are now starting a diagnostic program for your paternity defect.

"AI? Wait, the right doctor-- oh!

The moment I was about to complain, I found the onyx that had been swallowing me contracting.

Words and thoughts are swallowed up by the sensation of being absorbed by the air.

"The diagnosis is that your paternity defect is in that non-sexual penis.

A person who secretes a large amount of male hormones but has non-viable male genitalia and insufficient amount of semen. You are currently very unbalanced and unworthy as a father.

"We will now proceed with the treatment. Artificial Plasma Men's Gasoline Preparation.

Just as I said that, what looked like a refueling nozzle came down from the ceiling.

It's not something as delicate as a syringe. There's a huge machine and tube with a big nozzle aimed at my ass.

Wait. Shit. What are you doing? What are you doing?

"Fill the men's gasoline from the rectum.

This changes the constitution, increases the amount of hormones, and changes the amount of semen to be commensurate with the size of the current male genitals. Increased sperm production, increased secretion, increased production, increased production time--


I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm here to get this cock straightened out.

You're going to be able to make a lot of cum on this cock. They say it changes your body type. So you're saying that you're going to have to taste the ejaculation like you did in that classroom, every time.

" ……!

I felt like drool welling up from my brain and my skin was all hairy.

'No, no, no, no! Don't! If I ever taste that stuff again I, I, I can't go back, I can't go back! No! Don't do that!

With reason coming back, I desperately pleaded with them to stop the treatment.

But the masturbator still tightens me up and doesn't let go. It's an exquisite inhale, and the power doesn't come in well.

Something that looks like a refueling nozzle is getting closer and closer to me.

Cancel, cancel! Don't you understand? Stupid AI! No! Stop!

"Commencing. The target figure is 120%. One moment, please.

The tip of the cold nozzle burrowed forcefully into my asshole.

It creeps in, it creeps in, it creeps out. I pulled my ass tighter and tried to get it out, but at that moment I felt something sticky flowing into the back of my ass.

Oh, woohoohoohoohoohoohoo! Whoa!

It's hot.

The pores of the whole body seem to open up.

You can see that the liquid is absorbed immediately. You'll understand.

The urge rises in my body.

The thoughts disappear and the instincts emerge vividly.

It's coming. This is it. Well, well, well, well, well!

My, my coming, the real me is going to wake up.

Her back teeth grind against each other in her beard-covered mouth.

I could feel my core going through my erection.

It's that craving feeling that runs through my urethra.

"Aaahhhh, it's coming out, it's juicy! I'm out! It's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great, it's going to be great!

I thrust my hips into my jock, and at that moment, a huge amount of semen shot out of my cock like piss.

Semen was spurting out of her body at a tremendous rate. The pleasure of spitting out semen, the pleasure of releasing what I've been holding back, and the pleasure of filling something with my white juice.

It all comes together in one fell swoop.

I can see my cum running rampant in my masturbator.

That's a lot. That's a lot of momentum. You look like a great guy.

"Thirty percent complete.

My thoughts are being crushed by the buzzing, the blackening.

"Fifty percent complete.

My blood is bubbling, my whole body is cumming, and it's still not stopping.

"Ninety percent complete.

Too many dicks. I got a dick. It's too much of a cock, too much of a cock, too much of a cock, too much of a cock! I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming! That's what I'm talking about!

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it's going to be great!

"One hundred and twenty percent complete.

"Phew... totally full of high-octane, motherfucker.

I finally shook my ass, feeling refreshed, as the nozzle that filled my ass was gone.

The treatment is complete.

It feels good.

I've become a dick. Also known as a penis.

It's a perfect state. The Perfect Penis.

The pent up jerk that seems to overflow in waves proves I'm a man.

The whole room smells amazing. I've knocked this whole room up. With his whole body, and I mean his whole cock.

There is no way that a man who has impregnated a space can say something nonsensical about a woman or two.

If I don't ejaculate, who's gonna ejaculate, bastard. He's got too much dick, and everyone's a bitch except me.

"The procedure has been completed and you will be permanently admitted to our facility as a plasma culture unit.

The machine is saying something again.

I don't know what you're talking about, but it looks like the arm's stretched out and trying to carry me away.

All right.

After all, I'm a dick.

Your dick doesn't need to think about anything other than your dick.

Thinking and worrying is something soft bastards other than dicks do. All I have to do is prepare for the next cock-eating.

Oh, that feels good.

I'm gonna get it with this big cock. You're going to get it with this big cock again next time.

I can cock it over and over again. We can have dicks tomorrow and the day after.

" Heh, heh, heh, cock.

I let the precum drip from my cock as it carried me deep into the center.

On the way, I saw that something similar to the medicine they were using for bloat was being made.

Oh, I didn't know you made it here.

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3.png (224.6KiB)

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User #3692930 - 9 Apr 20 18:54
Hot, hot, HOT🍆😍🤩😋🤤🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #32778888 - 9 Apr 20 15:34
Kawada is my favorite ! I hope to see more of him in the next post !
Bodybuilding exhibition pose “Cock posing” by Dr. Kawamoto and winner Kiyokawa
Bodybuilding exhibition pose “Cock posing” by Dr. Kawamoto and winner Kiyokawamore_vert
Bodybuilding exhibition pose “Cock posing” by Dr. Kawamoto and winner Kiyokawa 2020-03-30T22:15:40+00:00close

"Mr. Oedipus ... bodybuilding?"

One night when I was watching a video on Youhub for no purpose, the recommended section was filled with an eye-catching live stream.

Even on the small thumbnail screen, you can see that he is a muscular builder.

Muscle shining shiny on a wide and dark background. It's not a fitness video or spoof video, it's like a serious tournament scene.

I hear that bodybuilding popularity is rapidly heating up in Japan these days, but it seems that it has become such a recommendation video someday.
I don't know much about the contest, but it was definitely a wasteful body to see on such a small screen.

I also clicked on it and joined the live stream, which also helped to gain momentum.

"Now, it's an exhibition pose between the winner, Kiyokawa, and the judge, Dr. Kawamoto."

Apparently it was after the tournament was over.

Speaking of Kiyokawa ...... a player who recently raised a cosplay photo on SNS and became a hot topic.

Today I have no fancy hair or one of the special outfits.

The builder is dressed on the screen with just one piece of pants. But when you look back, you can see that the body is the most attractive.

Some of the builders were particularly concerned about the builder, so it was a good fact from a sexual perspective that such a player won.

"... Ah, this Kawamoto is that person from that video?"

The other older man was familiar. He used the name Kinniku☆Doctor In the video, but he seems to have been active under this real name and received high praise overseas.

It seems that he is currently giving professional commentary videos, as well as increasing interest in bodybuilding and fitness, but it is surprisingly admirable.

To the untrained eye, it looks like he has not lost to active players at all.

The buzz was a video of the relationship between sex and muscles, but at that time I didn't realize that she had such a good body.

Despite the exhibition, it seems that posing is done like a normal competition.

The two muscular men lined up one after another in typical poses that they hear and imagine as bodybuilding.

Unlike the expression you see on SNS, it is a serious face and serious muscle.

Even a person who looks at a man's body with sexual eyes can imagine daily training and be impressed if he can show such a completed body.

Both the style of the winner of Kiyokawa and the attractive body of Kawamoto's age were both really stunning.

"Next is Sphinter Prostate"
Prostate ...? Prostate?
I heard out of place words. What an analogy?

Even so, it uses strange words.

"But I think it's a breakthrough. The builder pants unnecessary theory has always been on the agenda. After all, you should show everything. But more than that, male organs, and cocks are also part of the body, so this is a modern ...

Clamored my ears. But even more amazing was happening at the venue.

They put their hands on their hips at the venue ... and took off their pants as if they were in the way.

"What is this good for?"

I found my face hot. Excitement brings her face closer to the screen. no doubt.

They are naked at the contest, with their faces exposed. Record your browser screen in a hurry.

Not trouble or stingy. Comments on the broadcast go on as if it were taking this situation for granted.

Just getting naked was not enough, and the two famous builders on the screen protruded their hips and erected the cock.
That famous two people are erection.
It was an excitement that made my field of vision so rough.
The commentary follows.

"But some have pointed out problems. A player with a big cock may be too advantageous for the tournament. There is no way to increase the cock size acquired. "

"No way, Professor Kawamoto was introduced to penis pinging in an efficient video of the Chintre Osiki method the other day. After all, the increase in cocks seems to be responding quickly as an integral part of bodybuilding. "

"It seems that the association is considering uniformizing the size of the cock with drugs. However, criticism has risen as a doping element ... "

A close-up of Kawamoto's face is projected to match the words in the commentary.

He was proud of his gaze, and he was posing sharply while erecting.

"Continuing with phase 2, ejaculation judgment. This is a very important point because the strength of the cock is greatly influenced by the way the sphincter is trained. "

"Yes. Ten count has begun at the venue. Ejaculation within an hour and in the last second is a condition for a top player. "

10, 9, 8

The audience started counting in the venue. ejaculation. From the moment I heard the words, I saw their expressions change suddenly.

The facial muscles convulsed and the face gradually smiled. The angle of the erection is at its climax, and the precum is starting to drip comfortably.

"At the venue, the count went up to 5. Well, it seems like both players are good at it, they increased their daily media exposure and quickly adapted to this event. "

"I've heard that we're attracting attention by various means and training for this moment. The active player, Kiyokawa, has been interacting with his fans and he is thinking of the words at that time. The cock gets bigger and bigger. "

"But Kawamoto hasn't lost. It has a reputation for being rumored to have returned to active duty. Look, the expression muscles are hanging up wonderfully. It moves, the cock is moving many times. "

4, 3, 2

The voice in the venue is getting louder.

As if being connected to the sole, the two rods erect into breadcrumbs in the posing state, the muscles pump steadily, and the juice overflows without even touching one fingertip.

1! !

A loud voice shouted at the last count.

At that moment, two famous bodybuilders twisted semen out of the cock.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh ! !

Cheers rise.

"Two people at the same time, a wonderful finish. With the power of my sphincter alone, I tightened and stimulated the prostate, giving me pleasure until ejaculation. "

"Good! It is truly orga! "It's a wonderful orgasm face. Look, this is the finish face that is hard to beat! ”

"I'm farewell to you where the excitement was. Then on another occasion. The other party is ... "

The screen slowly turned dark, while the two ejaculated figures were firmly captured.

Not a sudden end. That was definitely complete as planned.

After calming down a bit, I stopped recording the screen.

"It's recorded properly ..."

Now it's really real, says the video left on the HDD. I checked SNS, but did not find any criticism of perverted behavior, although there were impressions of the excitement and praise by players.

Their buzz videos and images are no different, they are happily cosplaying or talking about fitness seriously.

Along with that, the ejaculation of that tournament was being retweeted and growing.

... One week has passed since then.

Not to mention the video files, which are commonplace in the distribution archive on Youhub.
It seems that the "Sphinter Prostate" competition is being held at the world tournament taking place today.
Every time I look back at the broadcast of the day, I can remember the intense discomfort of that day, but the real feeling is gradually fading.
An anomaly is melting in the world.

Bodybuilding seems to be more and more popular than before.

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png (811.9KiB)

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User #4682317 - 31 Mar 20 03:31
Loved the massive muscles on the Male Muscle Beasts. Would love to see them wrestling and cockfight. Who would win? Great Work, AWESOME.
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User #3692930 - 31 Mar 20 01:57
If this were REAL😍🤩😋🤤🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
M.P. stinky feet P.E. teacher OHYAMA HIDEKATSU
M.P. stinky feet P.E. teacher OHYAMA HIDEKATSUmore_vert
M.P. stinky feet P.E. teacher OHYAMA HIDEKATSU 2020-03-16T02:26:29+00:00close

Media (1)

png (619.9KiB)

Father Enhancement Center No.1 Kumagai Hajime
Father Enhancement Center No.1 Kumagai Hajimemore_vert
Father Enhancement Center No.1 Kumagai Hajime 2020-03-07T19:53:18+00:00close

Media (1)

2.png (576.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Father Enhancement Center_Kumagai.zip (32.3MiB)

P.E.teacher Ohyama hidekatsu Bare feet smell
P.E.teacher Ohyama hidekatsu Bare feet smellmore_vert
P.E.teacher Ohyama hidekatsu Bare feet smell 2020-02-28T00:38:00+00:00close

That was when I took classes in the gymnasium.

That day, I changed my shoes in front of the students.

I usually prepare everything in the instructor's office before going to class, but that day before the test, I spent a lot of time preparing for it.

That was the beginning of everything.

One of the students pointed out the smell of my feet.

At first I thought it was just a prank, and I laughed lightly and returned.

But as the other students gathered, they all sniffed my feet and clogged with the smell.

In the end, I had to stop denying and pretend to reopen, saying, "I'm an adult man, so I guess I can smell a bit."

When I returned to the physical education instructor's office, I looked at the shoes I had worn before.

Sit in a comfortable chair and take blue shoes in one hand.

I approached my nose where my legs were stuck.

Hmmm ... guh ...! Mmmm ...! !

I noticed a terrible smell of bitterness and sourness, different from the smell of sweat, rising from my nostrils to the brain.

Fat sweat spreads. My body shakes.

The room looks distorted with tears.

But, isn't that something we can't help?

This is the result of healthy metabolism as an adult man.

It's such a proof that you have worked as a teacher, thought about your students, and continued working.

This is the result.
I need to be careful, but don't be ashamed.

This smell is proud. It is a history of activity as a male.

No matter who else smells, I alone ... must acknowledge my achievements.

Just as you praise the students' efforts, you should praise the ridiculous smell in these shoes.

Yes, nothing is wrong. It's amazing, it smells amazing.

I opened my crotch, shook my waist and went crazy, sniffing my shoes.

"Mr. Ohyama ... what the hell ...

Suddenly, there was another human voice in my own world.

I pulled my nose out of my shoes and looked at the door connecting the instructor's office and the gymnasium.

New Harada teacher.

He is still young, a little sweaty, but also a refreshing, fearless colleague and a cute junior.

Oh, no, it's just ... just checking the smell of the shoes ...

Harada wasn't looking at my face.
Harada was staring at the large bulge that could be seen from above the jersey.

With eyes that see incredible things.

Ah, ah, this is ... it's an erection, but you've been trying hard and smelling it ... Good smell.

As a man, just because I reconsidered my work ... I understand that Harada, you know the same P.E. teachers.

Harada approached me as an excuse.

An ordinary gentle smile is like a lie.

"Did the student point out the smell? Can I check one?"

Oh, like that. What do you say? Mr. Harada.
check. Is it such a different physical education teacher? My foot smell.
It's no use to smell the sticky foot smell of the stuffy stuff with a new young teacher.

But I have no choice.

If this kind of figure is broken by someone, my teacher's life is over. Now in this room, Harada's decision is absolute.

I shook my feet and turned my sock-wrapped sole to Harada.

"--Wow! Wow, what's this smell! I'm always in front of my students in this way !? I've never smelled like this."

Mr. Harada told my feet to spit out.

This is a hard-working smell, and I can't help but smell it. I replied weakly.

"Somewhat? It's sexual harassment that smells like a man.

Younger Harada condemned my feet and me without any mercy.

Just because my feet smell. Just because you're too masculine.

"Ohyama, what are you doing, this is the P.E. instructor's office, the holy school building, what are you going to do?"

Huh ... huh ... ah, it doesn't stop.

Although this is being said, precum overflows without permission.

Juicy dripping from the cock.

"... I know, Oyama. You're a pervert excited by the smell of your feet.
And that's what makes people excited about it. "

Ah, everything, everything is gone.

Was the smell of my feet, my quirks, and Harada crazy?

I finally couldn't hide my excitement.

Smell more, more. Admit me, my work, my stinking feet ...

See how I am normative as a man, like a dad, see me, see me, my feet smells like a child, my feet tell me my father is just smelling, oh, look, Smell and acknowledge me, make my child !

"Oh, cum out!

I spit out the semen into the closed gym room.

I put strong force on my odorous toe, and my conceived juice was spit out.

The smell of my feet and the semen spread to the empty instructor's office.

The smell slowly penetrates deep into your head.

Oh, if you don't clean up quickly, someone will really come.

That's when Harada comes here after finishing classes.

However, it can't stand up with the ejaculation.

Erection does not fit. I can't stop smelling.

Because many of the students point out my smell.

Because I admitted my odor in front of such a student.

Today, a very strong thing has come out.

Oh, it seems to ejaculate again, and the teacher juice rises for the second time only because of the smell and lingering.

It seems to ejaculate.

Out. Get out.

Someone may come in, but it's gone.

I felt footsteps behind the door.

It's Harada's voice. I'm heading here, talking with the students jokingly.

I gasped. At the same time, the odor was inhaled through the nostrils.

Come out again. Really comes out.

Media (1)

peohyama2.png (916.6KiB)

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User #15395423 - 19 May 20 13:36
I would absolutely love to see Illustrations with like this both in nude forms just like these ones with Aegir and Vulcan from Tokyo AfterSchool Summoners or Rider Iskander from Fate Zero with Reinhardt from Overwatch being massive and tall muscular muscle gods just like Blue Amber Superhero of yours mister hitenmaru and being very gigantic in both the nude and not nude illustration versions just like Blue Amber who is in a some pictures with his bikini underwear, some other illustrations with his blue super hero suit and some other picture illustrations completely naked!!!! Even Zeus from Disney Hercules with Kratos from God of War 2018 with Marvel Hercules and Thor with Proffesor Hulk and Superman!!!!
Golden monk's ancestral oni's gold stick cooling
Golden monk's ancestral oni's gold stick coolingmore_vert
Golden monk's ancestral oni's gold stick cooling 2020-02-19T17:33:59+00:00close

Once upon a time, there was a shaven boasting a great deal of mystery.

The monk who wears the swelling muscles calls himself a golden monk,

He traveled around each place and turned around like a monster.

In the early spring, the shaven came to a village that was plagued by a youkai.

The red oni and the blue oni, who originally lived in different places, are forming a duo, working against people.

The shaven was angry and headed deep into the mountains where the onis were roosting.

When the onis who were drinking on mossy soil found the shaven, they stood gently and looked down at the shaven.

A hugely magnificent body stands as if two red and blue pillars were standing.

But when the shaven laughed fearlessly, he turned his two fists together.

The shaven was not just a muscular boast, but also had a strong holy power.

The onis rolled upright on their backs with the shaven power of the shaven. The shaven pierced his fist into the big open oni anal. And as it was, the shaven lifted the oni lightly.

Onis who are left to be less powerful than themselves cannot hide their upset.

I'll forgive me if I release it now, I'll just miss this one, and you'll just be drinking with me.

The shaven grabbed the onis' "male walnut".



Immediately, the onis raised a lot of energy with a whining voice.

The weakness of a man is also effective for onis.

The onis surrendered to the shaven and were managed with lust.

It is said that this is the origin of the oni "gold stick cooling" used in the "Mantodo Festival" that continues to the present day.

Media (1)

png (1023.6KiB)

 Magical full throttle monk in a  Hammam in the early morning
Magical full throttle monk in a Hammam in the early morningmore_vert
Magical full throttle monk in a Hammam in the early morning 2020-02-04T21:51:08+00:00close

Hey! I'm getting up early today. That's great!

Good morning bath habits.

When you are wrapped in steam like this, your body and head will wake up clearly.

If you slowly wake up with mana in your body, you should not inadvertently forget about checking your equipment.

Today, I will fight with you with this trained body and mind in front of you.

See, yesterday ... I was tired.

The fasteners on the equipment are loose, hey, because I was tired, that blunder.

What! ?

So why now?

Hahaha, what exactly are you talking about? Should not be visible due to steam ...


Do you really see it?

Oh, oh, no, this is ... because the magic has returned rapidly, and because it's morning ... oh, oh, oh, yes, no, no, don't look at me ... Don't ...!

Ah, this, it's been so much time for me ...

Oh ...!

Well, wait, don't look at me ...

Well, bad, if you can see ... oh, see, if you can see-! !

Ohhh ...! !


※ Bonus illustration is included in the zip file.

Media (1)

2.png (735.3KiB)

Zentai Monk Beware of battle victory
Zentai Monk Beware of battle victorymore_vert
Zentai Monk Beware of battle victory 2020-01-31T01:59:20+00:00close

"Wow, one calm down! The sweat that I scratched for justice is good to dry with the wind!"

" Oh my ...!"

I'm going to create a naked difference illustration later and release it later.

Also, as a public work for Patreon next month, we are planning to create an illustration of the oni series released on pixiv.

I am not in time for Setsubun, but I hope you can wait.




Media (1)

png (516.4KiB)

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User #4682317 - 31 Jan 20 03:46
Love this muscle monster.
Ohyama Hidekuni New year SEX
Ohyama Hidekuni New year SEXmore_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni New year SEX 2020-01-13T01:21:45+00:00close

"How long will you put in ..."

It was a low roaring voice.

I noticed that the face buried in the sheets turned sideways.

A sharp gaze under a thick eyebrow is looking at you. The mouth surrounded by rich white beard is moving. It is a valiant expression.

Even though the dick is inserted directly into the back of the anal, there seems to be no weakness.

"How long will you put in ..."

However, no matter how harsh the face was, the voice had an expression.

When I pierce the inside, there is a muddy voice, "oh ...". This was not the first moment I entered. Did he hide it in the sheets all the time?

"Put it all the way into the back ... forever, many shots ..."

I want to graduate from a virgin.

That was all I wanted from Santa Claus. It is the end of the year that he desperately wishes Santa who came to Christmas Eve and finally abandoned his virginity.

That night was already over.

When I noticed, it was already dawn outside and the New Year's sun was shining through the curtains.

The white sheets were wrinkled, and the fortified brown skin was wet with sweat.

The white sheets glistened like the sea surface, and the dark skin glowed like forged iron.

It is a male ideal body.

A latissimus dorsi muscle like rock face.

Two raised gluteus maxima.

Muscles all over the body, showing a rugged appearance, overwhelm and attract men.

In the back of the ass of such a man, several vaginal cum shots have already been made. Contains the juice.

The virgin's first soup, etc., had been prepared many hours ago. It must have been absorbed into the body.

If you think so, the dick will become hard again.

"You ...! Until when do you put it in ...?!"

I saw the arm grabbing the sheets tremble when trapped.

The expression changes at last. I saw drool dripping from my mouth.

It was no longer an expression like "I'm having sex" or "I'm helping with virgin graduation".

After hours of digging, seeding and rubbing, Santa's male is about to crumble. surely.

I shook my waist as if entangled. It turned out that the tightening of ass became strong. He began to groan and his back began to tremble.

"Oh ... wait ... !! I'll come!"

Before we put it inside, we found that the ass, like a mass of muscles, jumped to suck the dick. Over and over again, the male cock eats the roots.

"Come, come ... come, go ... like a virgin dick ... ahhh ...!"

I didn't know what was going on.

I just knew that "something" was happening to a man like this masculine by continuing to be violated.

Ah, ah ... the last juice left in the ball was thrown into the ass of a man moaning.

It was a terrible tightening.

...... You passed.

A small voice came from the mouth buried in the sheets.

The New Year's sun had risen completely when I noticed.

Media (1)

-2.png (1.0MiB)

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User #21569787 - 15 Jan 20 19:35
It is ok I did it , thank you .
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User #9146688 - 14 Jan 20 01:03
if only you can included a hairy back varient , would be perfect
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User #21569787 - 15 Jan 20 15:48
I can’t download the photos , do you have a pdf version?
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★ hitenmaru - 15 Jan 20 19:34
Added the file converted to jpeg. Have you done DL?
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User #4682317 - 13 Jan 20 03:31
Great story, AWESOME art. Would like to see this muscular Santa going at onether muscle monnster
user avatar
User #15798040 - 13 Jan 20 23:29
Ohyama Hidekuni  Hired SANTA
Ohyama Hidekuni Hired SANTAmore_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni Hired SANTA 2019-12-25T15:19:51+00:00close

"Hey, don't look at it forever. A wish or a gift ... don't wait all night. "

"What if you graduated from a virgin ...? ――You, if you're a man, you win with your abilities, that kind of thing. ''





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Public toilet masturbation  Urinal side
Public toilet masturbation Urinal sidemore_vert
Public toilet masturbation Urinal side 2019-12-02T14:55:51+00:00close

One half of my daily training, half of the run, I arrived at the checkpoint park.

Slow down and head to the horizontal bar in the park as you relax. If you train fast and slow muscles in a well-balanced manner, such as by hanging lightly, the fatigue will overlap, but it will be more severe.

Since I changed my running course to park, I feel that my muscles are getting more and more tensioned.

It was a really nice and efficient change.

However, there is a point that only one point is worrisome. If you repeat the suspension, you will see what is in my sight.

I sweat on my cheeks. The public toilet at the end of my line of sight is where I was “too excited” the other day.

Even though it is a private room, it is a public facility. Even though I was a city employee, I was not praised, even though I was reluctant.

It was really unwilling.

If you enjoy such a numbing pleasure, no man should be able to withstand ejaculation.

That feeling that melts into the world. A feeling that makes you feel so uncomfortable. That is very dangerous.

My legs were moving toward the public toilet when I realized that the heart of justice in me had reacted.

Inside the public toilet, there was still a cold and damp air.

It was hard to say that it was comfortable, and I was a city official with a child in such a place. I was embarrassed to think so.

More windows should be added with more deodorants.

This is a park, so it should be changed to a place where children can use it with peace of mind.

With that in mind, I stood in front of a proper urinal.

The last time I entered the private room, my body odor was over there. Perhaps there was a sense of security that people's eyes could be avoided, and that's why I ran to such an act.

Here, you will not be confused by such a mysterious feeling.

I tried to do something like posing with my muscles in the middle. Usually, it is an act to excite yourself when you are alone in the room.

It would be okay if you were in such a dirty place where no one could see it. I thought so.

But ... my crotch in underwear swelled out.

Oh, it ’s getting cramped. To say such a stupid place like this.

I didn't even go into the private room this time, but if someone came from the entrance, I could see me straight.

With that in mind, I touched my eruption. The thrilling touch is too comfortable and the erection becomes stronger and stronger. Like my trained muscles.

Oh, don't fit. In addition to becoming difficult, I entered a private room again ...

When I was thinking about that, I heard a dry sound of kicking the soil.

It ’s a footstep.

Bad, bad, bad. If you see an erection, everything will end.

However, the leg does not move. The erection does not fit. Pride does not stop.

Oh, it ’s no good. With so much excitement, something else dominates my body.

I want you to admit, I want you to give up. After all it may be over.

I want to see, I want to see, I want you to see it, I want you to see it.


The boy who came into the toilet was a boy who never went to the end.

“Oh, hey! By the way, this is a misunderstanding, I'm never a suspicious uncle ... oh!”

The boy got out of the toilet before I could say it.

You might have been surprised that there was an adult you didn't know, or you might have understood the erection. Have you ever misunderstood as a pervert and went to call your brother or mother?

"Oh, oh ... this is a misunderstanding, oh, it's a misunderstanding ..."

I made a desperate defense to the delusional partner with a low voice that came out of my throat.

Lift up the erected dick and repeat the words to the air partner that this is a mistake. However, even if you do such a thing, the dick becomes bigger and bigger.

Oh ... Then think in reverse.

The boy saw my muscular muscular body. So, maybe I thought the hero was in a public toilet ...

What if you went to a friend with so much surprise?

At first glance, my compression wear sticks to my muscles and looks like a hero suit.

Oh, wouldn't it be better to show off a ugly figure?

"Huh, huh ... how is it, this is the power of adults ...!"

As such thoughts accelerated, my right arm accelerated violently.

Oh, it feels good. Too comfortable.

The male musk overflowing from my body spreads not only in the private room but also in the public toilet. It ’s amazing power.

When will it come back?

Will you come to see this masturbation show with your friends and family?

My delusion was one step ahead of the children's praise.

I was in such a storm that I was complimented, longed for, and trusted.

Ah, it will grow. I can't stop my hands. Be seen be seen be seen

"Oh, I'm going out, I'm going out, I'm going out already. Oh, oh, oh, the power is fully open!"

I screamed from the bottom of my belly and pulled all of myself out of the dick.

My semen is poured into the urinal.

My energy, full of seedlings, was sticky and stuck to the wall of the urinal forever.

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 Public toilet masturbation in the private room
Public toilet masturbation in the private roommore_vert
Public toilet masturbation in the private room 2019-11-14T14:52:30+00:00close

I thought it was getting cold, but it seems a little over.

Even though it was winter, my daytime running was much hotter than at night and my sweating was great.

Inside the compression wear, you can sweat a lot.

I stopped walking and inhaled from my nose.

Nh ...!

Unintentionally throat.

The sweat that rose from a slight gap inhaled my muscular muscles and gave off a strong odor.

How many times have you passed by people so far, but have you rubbed this smell?

Such annoying behavior, contrary to my principle of refreshing running.

I moved my leg again and hurriedly changed my destination.

When I found a nearby park, I rushed to the public toilet at a glance.

Choose a vacant center room and keep it in a narrow, damp space.

I confirmed that I had locked the lock, and I removed the clothes I wore from my body.

The chest plate loomed, the lower body became free, and the erected dick was exposed.

This erection is probably due to fatigue or because of abstinence,

While running, it rarely happens like this.

Although smell is just a problem, if you keep it as it is, you can see an erection clearly in someone's eyes.

Japanese training wear can't cover my body loosely, so my crotch is a little insisting.

If you have an erection, you must be able to understand it from a distance.

In other words, there is no choice but to process here,

It seems like a young man with a lot of libido, such as masturbation,

It's sad,

But it ca n’t be helped,

I can't walk the table like this,

Huh ... oh ...

When I opened my crotch a little, I started rubbing my dick while holding down my voice,

Comfortableness gradually spreads to the lower body,

If you don't handle it.

If you don't get an erection,

This is a mission,

Outside, it ’s still time for kids to play, and my lyrical appearance does n’t have to be bad.


Is it still time for children to play? ...

I once again remembered the side room,

The door was shut.

That means someone is in,

I stopped the hand that was rubbing the dick up and down and was quiet.

I don't think I'm masturbating in the side room, but what if I sneak in and listen carefully?

I had a terrible imagination, but the dick didn't wither.

My chest was loud and my face was getting hot.

Oh, what should I do if I notice it?

No, what should I do if I notice it?

There is a situation in masturbating naked.

There is no reason why you can hear explanations.

Muscular man masturbating naked in the park toilet,

If you look from the side, you are a pervert.

I resumed masturbation with patience so as not to make any noise,

"Nh ... Huh, hmm ... huh, huh, fuh ...!"

It ’s not on purpose, yes, but my hands move violently.

I can not bear the comfort.

The voice becomes loud.

Occasional noises from precum.

It smells bad ...

This masculine musk is different from the toilet odor.

I began to remember even the illusion that I myself was diffused into the air.

Together with the sweat, I become fine particles, spread, and enter someone's nasal oral cavity.

The male juice from the crotch, the perspiration swollen from the heel, smells like climbing from the feet.

I'm full of scents in the toilet ... No, it spreads throughout the park.

“No, oh!

I'll be scattered all over the city, Japan, and the world.

Everything is seen, felt and smelled.

Some people hide their eyebrows and others blink their eyes.

Along with the feeling that I have in the world, the greatest pleasure penetrated my brain.

Oh, ejaculation-get out, get out, get out.

"Ohoooo ...!"

I moaned and shook my legs.

Step through the floor as you step on the floor.

I put heavy semen in the toilet bowl.

While ejaculating, my hands did not stop and a sticky sound rang from the dick.

Oh, I did it ...

It's a terrible sound.

It smells terrible.

However, I feel that it has been quite a while since I started toilet masturbation.

Neighbors ... aren't there anymore?

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png (762.2KiB)

Captain Mascular Parasitic / Abnormal / Insanity Suit
Captain Mascular Parasitic / Abnormal / Insanity Suitmore_vert
Captain Mascular Parasitic / Abnormal / Insanity Suit 2019-10-31T03:52:19+00:00close

Today, as the war with “They” continued, I was in comfort for the ruined town.

Playful children are stuck in my speech without moving.

Although humanity is struggling, it speaks out loud to swear to itself that it will be protected by Captain Mascular.

I must not lose to protect this wonderful future seeds.

“Now, this is a commemorative photo!”

As soon as the voice was heard, the children glanced at their faces and sparkled their eyes.

I decided to salute, and I smiled at the children.

At that time, a startup sound that should not sound now sounds from the chest's macular mark.


At the moment, a signal is sent to the brain, and the genitals between the groins immediately erect. Accordingly, the suit opened the crotch and exposed the penis to the public.

The signal was a sex processing signal.

In order to play an active role as a hero, my body has undergone reinforced surgery and has gained muscular strength that human beings cannot.

The side effect of the enhancement called acquired androgen shower is abnormal development of sexual function.

If abnormally produced sperm / prostatic fluid is not drained, the mental health is adversely affected, so sexual treatment is performed as a regular maintenance.

Originally, the sex processing signal is transmitted only in the dormant capsule, and the semen is circulated in the suit and the genitals are not released.

I was confused by the abnormalities.

"Stop, stop! Stop ... shit, why not stop!"

My body does not move.

Like the growing penis, my body was firmly fixed in salute.

A cord of electromagnetic pulses wraps around my genitals like a tentacle.

I can't hide my penis with my hand, and even if I give an instruction from the computer to stop it, the signal doesn't stop, and my body is gradually getting ready for launch.

The children are staring at me with anxious eyes.

The staff accompanying the comfort does not try to stop my anomaly.

No way, "they" are up to the headquarters ...?

“Wow! What ?!”

Suddenly my body crouched. The so-called ritual squat emphasizes the crotch and disturbs the genitals.

At the same time, it causes a sense of crawling throughout the body.

When I looked at the protruding pectoral muscles, I could see a linear thing moving around my nipples, as if a worm was lying around my whole body.

The suit has a function to change the shape according to the situation in order to protect and strengthen the body.

Perhaps this is a use of it.

I was terrified. This is not just an abnormal signal reception, but the suit itself is completely dominated.

Don't just ejaculate. Never do it.

Don't just show children that I'm losing hope ...!

The headquarters that senses the abnormality of the suit should call for relief, just to endure it.

In spite of the pleasure associated with the sexual processing signal, the sphincter is tightened tightly against the intense relaxation that dyes the brain, and the semen that tries to leak is desperately endured.

That became a trap.

“Noo! Oh!

Suddenly the sensation that penetrates the butt, intense pleasure is struck into the prostate.

The ass is fucked by the suit!

It wasn't a pleasure that I could endure.

"Don't go out, don't look at me, don't look at me!

And I finally had a great defeat ejaculation in front of the children.

"Ah, Gu, Gii, Iii ... and stop ... stop stopping !!"

The ejaculation never stopped after a large jet.

I can't think of anything, I can only wait for this ejaculation to end.

An abnormal sound, a new signal is received.

Something seemed to melt. Something disappears in my head and is newly written.

I have been rewritten.

Due to a significant drop in processing and the defensive function in the brain

I have been rewritten.

A hero protects the world.

Children are needed to survive the world.

In other words, increase the number of children.

Increase heroes. Increase my children a lot.

Increase production, increase, make in large quantities, make, put out, put out, start out, put out.

A hero is a person who puts out semen.

When I realized it, I realized everything and a full smile.

"Okay, it's a masculine semen-full of baby babies, absolute pregnancy juice, juice!"

When the relief from the headquarters arrived, Hero Captain Mascular was naked and continued to show unstoppable ejaculation to people.

It seems that the suit is stored in the mass rectum due to its deformation function, and is moving.

“Oh hoh! Wow, it ’s really nice! It ’s huge!

About 20 minutes after the abnormal signal was detected and the headquarters rescue team rushed, the hero fell in a short period of time.

This incident seems to be caused by a person who believes in “Enemy Creatures” as a spy.

The “captain-mascular model”, which makes the best use of the masculine struggle instinct, had the greatest vulnerability to sexual decline.

Although it was a mascular that had been protected from the fall for the past 10 years, such as a personality protection system with a brain chip, and a program to correct the spirit as a hero, the “hostile creatures” finally got the technology to break through it It seems.

“Nh, it ’s too hero, I ’m the most hero now.”

A hero whose personality has been destroyed before she is complete will be confined with the "predecessors" and will continue to ejaculate happily.

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User #5241752 - 14 Nov 19 11:55
More suit art! ❤️
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User #3692930 - 31 Oct 19 17:21
 【Kawada Yuichi】Health classes with hypnosis of penis enlargement
【Kawada Yuichi】Health classes with hypnosis of penis enlargementmore_vert
【Kawada Yuichi】Health classes with hypnosis of penis enlargement 2019-09-27T02:40:32+00:00close

It was that ad that changed all of me.

It was when I was looking for a song to be used for a game of an athletic meet in the physical education teacher's room after school.

When you tap the video, the advertising video begins to play. I tried to tap the skip sign as usual, but I don't care why.

On the contrary, I was nailed to the advertisement.

Colorful sandstorms, random electronic sounds, and advertisements are strange.

When I noticed, I couldn't move one fingertip.

All functions of the brain stop, and only the visual and auditory senses that receive this image become sharper.

Sandstorms and electronic sounds shine brightly.

An unusual situation may have occurred, but there was no discomfort.

On the contrary, the video that seemed like noise was comfortable.

The advertisement washed away the emotions and emotions in my brain and realized that it was most important.

This is a revelation.

Large letters appear as images in the brain.


That's a penis.

When I realized my body moved, it was completely dark outside and my penis was erected.

The day to fulfill my mission begins tomorrow.

"Today's health class uses the teacher's body as a teaching material."

In a classroom that is only for male students, he finally shows off his proud penis to the students.

During the past month I have trained my penis in every way for today.

“Well, my penis will be better than my dad's penis. If you do n’t know your dad ’s cock size, check it out tonight and submit it in a contact note.”

As soon as the students see it, light and sound spread in the brain.

"Penis ... Penispenis ... Penis instead of cock, ultimate, strongest, best penis ..."

The man's tower awakens beyond the navel.

This is advertising. Advertising as a man, a symbol of a man who shows off a man and everything.

Born as a man, I must show off as a penis in the world.

Penis life can only be achieved by enlarging the penis.

I can't be surprised.

“Oh, oh! When you polish the glans like this, the whole penis orders to fight the heavens!"

I must advertize the students I love next to my penis and how to become a fine penis.

And you will realize the happiness of living as a penis.

"How is it! This is it! It's all about it! Now everyone is aloud!"

I was teaching my students when the class started.

Teacher's cock is huge

Teacher is too penis

Read it aloud with a signal.

The students who were distracted by the great penis started reading aloud with each other.

My guidance is spreading penis ads to students.

Admiring the penis.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooooooooh!"

Gene juice comes out, out, out, out!

Gene diffusion, which is the greatest role as a penis, condenses glitter in the brain and is released into the classroom.

It is a thick special juice that is released in large quantities every day, sprinkled in the gene storehouse, and all dried and circulated.

The classroom is filled with its own soup.

The gene juice splashed on the floor eventually evaporates and condenses the space, creating the next generation of penis.

The body that blood concentrated on the penis and became an accessory seemed unnecessary anymore.

After ejaculation which seems to be eternal, I fell down to the sea of ​​my own gene.

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png (773.4KiB)

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User #3692930 - 27 Sep 19 07:25
So manly and manly and MANLY🍆😍👅💦🤪❤️❤️❤️
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User #32778888 - 31 Mar 20 17:28
Kawada is the BEST !!
Civic athletic meet【Tug of war with ass】
Civic athletic meet【Tug of war with ass】more_vert
Civic athletic meet【Tug of war with ass】 2019-09-10T02:23:12+00:00close

"Oh, next is a competition with parents?"
Citizen athletic meet in Iteyoshi Elementary School, mountainous countryside is also a big event
Unfortunately, my weak son has participated in the tour seat, but I can show my activity to that extent. I want to think that it is a good opportunity to learn the strength of a true man.

It seems that he just went home today, and the Ohyama guy seems to be participating.
Even though he was not an officer, he seemed to be a strange fan, and often showed up at the preparatory meetings.

Poohoooooo ... ……

A siren is ringing. It sounds strange. Is it a sign of the meeting? Sounds deep in the head. I didn't feel strange or disgusting. Rather, motivation comes in from the bottom of the body.

“—That ’s the next, I ’m going to be a boss with my parents. The dads who are proud of sphincter should join us.”
While listening to the mechanical announcement, head to the ground so that many men can be guided.
I got up and joined them.
It was a strange atmosphere. Everyone doesn't have a rough gait.

Tug of war with ass.
Surely ... It's a one-on-one battle. It is a classic game that asks whether or not the sphincter is usually trained.
"Oh, Mr. Kumagai. Was my partner you?"
" Wow , Ohyama ..."
Damn this guy? Strong enemy.
But you can't lose, I'm confident in my ass.
Even when you are doing it in the toilet alone, you can feel better if you put your effort into the ass. That feeling is like training. If so, I'm already an ass specialist.

I haven't been assigned to Date alone.

“No, I've been confident in my butt recently, and during this time ...

I focused on the ass while watching Ohyama laughing provocatively.
Both Ohyama and I had a dick rising up before unraveling the ass. The men's fighting spirits are bare.

Do you see! Don't miss the dad's cool look!
Huh, isn't there a person who is more like a father than your father?

The butt was pointed at each other, and one baton was put in each other's butt.


The competition started with the sound of a starter pistol.

First win.
I tightened the butt hole and I got a baton.


You can feel the position and thickness of the dick that is completely hooked in the ass.

Oh ...!

Ohyama's cry was heard from behind.
He also seems to have finished the start dash.
If you get rid of it even for a moment, it seems that the thick and comfortable kid will fall out of the ass in no time.

Is it something you lose? My son is watching.

I put power on my ass and thighs and shook my lower body desperately.
Pulling with force to aim for a single win, or stimulating and exhausting the opponent. I shake the ass while thinking about the strategy.
However, the opponent is really strong. If you don't attack, you won't be able to compete.
If so, I got the baton deeper for defense.


The back hits the back. It feels good.
Ah, yeah, awesome. Oh, but if you go so far into the back, you will never lose. But if you put it in the back, a little more, you won't lose. I'm going to go into invincible mode. So, more and more.


The moment I hit the best place, a thick stimulus hit the outside of my ass.
It seems that I was not the only person who came up with a strategy.

Uooo! !

Muho! !

Ohyama and I were two people and they swallowed all of the baton.
At that moment, the baton in the ass slipped into the back and crushed all the man's feelings.
Too much comfort, I couldn't stand and just got crazy.

During ejaculation, it's good, but when you're done, you always lose power from the ass. I will lose.
I couldn't stand ejaculation even though I knew that.


However, I could feel the same vibration as me from the loose and connected butt.
It seemed that Ohyama was also pierced deep inside and was completely defeated by comfort.

Together ejaculation is a draw.

Unfortunately I couldn't show my son victory.
However, I think that the fierce battle with these opponents surely delivered something hot to his son.
The battle with your opponents is a big deal.

I did a guts pose in my heart while sticking to the mat.

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png (999.0KiB)

Tug of war with ass WIP
Tug of war with ass WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Tug of war with ass WIP 2019-08-31T14:38:32+00:00close

It is the progress of the entanglement picture of Ohyama Hidekatsu and Kumagai that we are reporting the other day.

At present, line drawings other than dick and costumes have been completed, and the prospect of "Is it completed now?"


Ohyama and Kumagai in the Pervert Citizen Sports Day. Both of them who participated in “Tug of war with ass”, who participated in their parents, mobilize their sphincter muscles fully while showing off their bodies in order to be respected by their children.

This is the plan for the painting.

In the actual performance, we are going to do a tug-of-war (double-headed dildo) with the hips back to back.







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png (363.4KiB)
-.png (694.0KiB)

 Situation voting results announcement
Situation voting results announcementmore_vert
Post file flag
Situation voting results announcement 2019-08-28T02:53:00+00:00close

Thank you for your cooperation in the vote the other day.

We will announce the situation that each character will make a lottery.

Yuichi Kawada

“The biggest mission is to enlarge the penis by hypnosis, and it will be enlarged using various means.”

Captain molecular

"Parasitized by a hero suit, penis is caressed by the suit and ejaculates in the suit"

Create an illustration with the above combination.

※ About lottery method

Numbers were assigned to the situations answered by FANBOX and Patreon in the order of voting, and lottery was performed using the following site.


【Work until the end of this month】

I made illustrations separately from the voting project, but it was difficult to complete by the end of the month due to other work requested.

By the way, what I was working on was an illustration of Kumagai Hajime and Ohyama Hidekatsu.

Work as much as possible and report the situation at the end of the month.

The voting project illustration will start from the beginning of next month.

Thank you.

















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png (532.1KiB)

 Deodorization box by city representative Hidekatsu Ohyama
Deodorization box by city representative Hidekatsu Ohyamamore_vert
Post file flag
Deodorization box by city representative Hidekatsu Ohyama 2019-08-25T02:56:55+00:00close

Today's news.

The other day, a deodorization box was installed by Mr. Hidekatsu Ohyama, the representative of the city, at Migo Station.

The purpose is to inhale and deodorize Mr. Ohyama, who is in the box, with his feet stinking from his hard work for men at the end of work.

Mr. Oyama responded to the public affairs that are painful to the heart, “No, I do n’t like the smell of men ’s feet (bitter smile). “It was just raised as a city employee and father of the family…” he replied, deceiving the wet crotch.

It seems that the removal was decided today because it had no effect.






Media (3)

e.png (616.7KiB)
png (1.5MiB)
2.png (1.5MiB)

Situation voting
Situation votingmore_vert
Post file flag
Situation voting 2019-08-19T14:11:01+00:00close

Since the character who creates the illustration has been decided, vote for what kind of situation you want to see with that character, and decide by lottery.

When voting, please vote for the situation you want to see by character.

As with the character's final vote, the vote will be held once per person.

■ Voting deadline: Until August 25th 23:59 (Japan time)


※ During the explanation of the project, it was explained that "Three situations will be decided by lottery, and the most popular one will be voted out of them."

From the idea of ​​adopting a special or niche situation, we will change it to a form that is decided in a lottery format.

△Difficult to adopt

・Orgy illustration

・Remarkably contrary to morals

✕What cannot be adopted

・Things that involve copyright characters

・Not a sexual situation













Media (1)

png (557.6KiB)

Final voting results announcement
Final voting results announcementmore_vert
Post file flag
Final voting results announcement 2019-08-18T00:51:03+00:00close

Thank you for your cooperation in the final vote.

Immediately, the results are announced.

(★ mark is an illustration production decision character)

[★ No. 1] kawada Yuichi

25 votes

[★ No. 2] Captain Mascular

12 votes

[3rd] Kumagai Hajime

9 votes

[4th] Ohyama Hideo

8 votes

[5th] Ohyama Hidekatsu (Blue Titan)

4 votes

Illustration production was decided by Kawada Yuichi and Captain Mascular.

Kawada was a character that was also produced in CG collection and Patreon, but Captain Mascular will appear for a long time.

Characters that were not won this time will be collected as valuable opinions and will be used in future productions.

Situation voting will begin as soon as it is ready and will be decided in a lottery format.

I was sorry that my counting and announcements were delayed because of the fever I fell asleep.

Since the work that was produced behind the scenes has also been delayed, posting may be delayed overall.

Sorry for the inconvenience.





















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2.png (640.1KiB)

 Character final vote
Character final votemore_vert
Post file flag
Character final vote 2019-08-12T15:11:52+00:00close

This is the final vote for the illustration production project.

※ Voting deadline: August 16 (Japan time)


Since you have set up a one-time vote, you will need to log in to your Google account.

This time, the character to create illustrations will be decided.

Thank you for your vote.




Media (1)

4.png (695.7KiB)

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User #7477355 - 13 Aug 19 14:41
隈谷さん見たい! 息子(達?)はいくつ? 大学生以上だったら、親子のシチュエーションをめっちゃ見たい! 例えば、ちょっとマッチョな息子にシングレットをあげて、その後、次のそのシングレットを見るとき、一物のへんはめっちゃ恥ずかしい先走り汁の染みがあって、好奇心で息子の臭いだらけのきついシングレットを着てみる…とか… 息子は憧れの父のシングレットの姿の写真を撮りたくて、そして勃起のハプニングとエロ撮影セッションが起こる… とか… やっぱ親子ならなんでも楽しみに!
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User #3692930 - 13 Aug 19 00:56
Yuichi sensei❤️
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User #22875452 - 12 Aug 19 15:13
kumagai hottest tbch
 Character voting preliminary results announcement
Character voting preliminary results announcementmore_vert
Post file flag
Character voting preliminary results announcement 2019-08-12T14:43:45+00:00close

Thank you for your vote the other day.

We will announce the results.

【1st】Ohyama Hidekatsu (Blue Titan)

15 votes

【2nd】Kawada Yuichi

7 votes

【3rd】Captain molecular

5 votes

【4th】Kumagai Hajime

4 votes

【5th】Ohyama Hideo

3 votes

It became such a result.

Excludes items that have been voted for the same name in a few seconds.

Five of them will vote for the final, and two top illustrations will be produced.

In addition, in the final battle voting, a limit of one vote per person will be set for fairness.

(Google account login is required)

The final vote will start as soon as it is ready.



















Media (1)

2.png (598.2KiB)

 Monthly hard work smell review masturbation
Monthly hard work smell review masturbationmore_vert
Monthly hard work smell review masturbation 2019-08-11T22:23:38+00:00close

Socks, leather shoes, sneakers scattered all over.

This is the “result of efforts” that Ohyama Hidekatsu worked hard for a month, trained like a man, and soaked in sweat and smell.
After all the hard work of thirty days, Hidekatsu Oyama tastes each of them, compares his “good work”, and charges his pride as a father.

In other words, this fair is necessary and mandatory to work majestically as a father.
Recently, it has been found that stimulating the prostate can gain more energy.

You can see that energy accumulates in no time if you poke the back of the anal while stimulating the back of your nose with your own smell. This charge is also a huge success.

It was too successful, and the excess was blown out in large quantities from the penis.







Media (5)

png (1.5MiB)
-1.png (5.6MiB)
-2.png (5.7MiB)
-3.png (5.6MiB)
-4.png (5.6MiB)

1st Character Voting
1st Character Votingmore_vert
Post file flag
1st Character Voting 2019-08-03T15:53:14+00:00close

Please vote from here.

Voting period Until 23:59 August 10 (Japan time)

Any character that I have produced so far is OK.

Characters in the above image, works published, characters released in Patreon, pixiv, etc.

※ This time copyright character is NG. (Such as anime characters)

If you do not know the official name, it may be acceptable to mention [Yurozu Mala gaKomi Rugby Player].

Please vote by one person.





Please see this page for an explanation of the project.


Media (1)

vote1.png (685.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3692930 - 3 Aug 19 16:52
I love the PE Teacher Kawada Yuichi❤️
Ilustration Suggestion vote.Project explanation
Ilustration Suggestion vote.Project explanationmore_vert
Post file flag
Ilustration Suggestion vote.Project explanation 2019-08-03T01:34:35+00:00close

I would like to vote for illustrations to be produced in the future.

■ We vote for character this time.

Voting is done by Google form.

Any character that I have produced so far is OK.

Characters in the above image, works published, characters released in Patreon, pixiv, etc.

※ This time copyright character is NG. (Such as anime characters)

If you do not know the official name, it may be acceptable to mention [Yurozu Mala gaKomi Rugby Player].

Please vote by one person.

■ Winning is decided by the number of votes.

In the form of voting, it is expected that the votes will be split, and the top five will be voted again as the final vote to make the top two illustrations.

(If there are a lot of same votes, we will draw a lottery here)

This poll is a bit inefficient because I want to know what kind of characters are popular among the supporters, but I would like to take this form.

We hope that the voting results will be an indicator of who will be the characters to be produced in the future.

■ The second is situation vote.

When the top two people are decided by voting, the situation is asked what kind of illustration you want to see with that character.

I am thinking about the lottery format for the situation.

In each of the three characters, we will draw a lot of votes and make a drawing of the situation where we got votes and earn the most votes.

★ vote of form like this there is the first time for any result to become either a little uneasy point, but I would like also performed for the purpose of data aggregation.

The same vote will also be made by PIXIVFANBOX, so the result is the sum of Patreon and FANBOX.

Thank you!




















Media (1)

e.png (665.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10292324 - 3 Aug 19 02:38
Where is the Google form?
user avatar
User #11049549 - 3 Aug 19 09:33
Yes where do we find it to vote?
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic All page
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic All pagemore_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic All page 2019-08-01T17:29:22+00:00close

It is all pages summary file of Ohyama Hidekuni comic.


Media (1)

png (569.9KiB)

Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 5page【Completion】
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 5page【Completion】more_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 5page【Completion】 2019-07-30T01:17:29+00:00close

It is the 5th page of Ohyama Hidekuni comic.

This comic is complete.

I'm thinking of this comic as an introduction to a story that only a concept has been made,

It became a manga to talk about the backbone of the story.

It has been so long, but I hope you enjoy it.






Media (1)

png (659.9KiB)

Attachments (1)

父々5pat.zip (30.2MiB)

Blue version of Superman from the Ohyama
Blue version of Superman from the Ohyamamore_vert
Blue version of Superman from the Ohyama 2019-07-27T01:03:23+00:00close

It is a blue version of Superman from the Ohyama cosplay book released the other day.


Ohyama Hidekuni comic, but it will be available at the end of the month.

The comic is completed on the next 5 page.

The picture is a little different from rough, but I hope you can look forward to it.




Attachments (1)

SB-pat.zip (15.6MiB)

Standing Picture Maker【Kumagai Hajime】
Standing Picture Maker【Kumagai Hajime】 more_vert
Standing Picture Maker【Kumagai Hajime】 2019-07-16T01:39:25+00:00close

It is a standing picture of Kumagai Hajime.

Since the difference became a lot, I tried to be able to change the PSD format.

You need Photoshop or Photoshop free software that can open PSD format files.

Please play with your favorite costume by showing / hiding the layer.

※ Please use the file within the range of personal enjoyment. Posting to various sites such as SNS is prohibited.

【Character setting】

The father of two children who play an important role in a security company.

Although he was a wrestling experienced student, he left fourth place at national tournaments, but

He felt that he could not go to the podium, and he thought he would like his son to continue his dream, but he could not proceed because of his weakness.

I build a house in suburb Iteyoshi town for my son, and the person is in charge of a single person in Migo City.

Sometimes I wear a singlet at home, show it to my son, and wonder if he would like to start wrestling with a longing for himself.

Sexual preferences are straight and there are no unusual sexual habits.

However, it is physically felt that the complex has a very large amount of precum ahead, and that it can contaminate underwear before taking action.

It's easy to sweat, and the feet also smell.

We consider Ohyama Hidekatsu who often meets in training room of citizen gymnasium rival.
















Attachments (1)

Kumagai Hajime-Standillust.psd (15.4MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #4682317 - 27 Jul 19 03:29
Love this character. So incredibly strong. I would like to see him wrestling another muscle man
user avatar
User #10292324 - 16 Jul 19 03:47
Can we share our story creations?
user avatar
★ hitenmaru - 16 Jul 19 18:10
I'm sorry, I am translating with software, so I can not completely understand the meaning of your words.
user avatar
User #10292324 - 16 Jul 19 22:08
私たちの物語に衣装を使うことはできますか "Can I use costumes in our stories"
user avatar
User #13308929 - 17 Jul 19 16:24
What do you use to open file @Anthem ono ?
user avatar
User #10292324 - 17 Jul 19 17:40
@Blake Daniels basically, you have to use a digital art program. Like sai, Photoshop, or clip studio art. Krita is a free digital art program you could use as well, otherwise there are trial versions you can find.
user avatar
User #3969584 - 16 May 20 05:46
I love this format. I can mix and match his clothes using GIMP. Wish there were more...
Schedule of July
Schedule of Julymore_vert
Post file flag
Schedule of July 2019-07-08T01:32:24+00:00close

【Planned for July】

・ New character illustration production

・ Ohyama Hidekuni comic production

・ Kinki Chobuku CG production

■ New character illustration production

I wanted to make a character with a whistle so I made a new character.

Kumagai Hajime 隈谷 一

Father of two children acting as security company executives.

Although he was an Amares experienced student, he remained in fourth place at a national tournament when he was a student, but

I felt that I couldn't get on the podium, and I thought that I wanted my son to continue his dream, but he could not move forward because of his weakness.

We build house in suburb Iteyoshi town for son, and the person is in charge alone in Migo City

We rival Ohyama Hidekatsu who often meets in training room of citizen gymnasium

It is such a character.

I'm making a standing picture with erotic difference now and I'm working on difference now

It will be available soon.

■ Ohyama Hidekuni comic production

I will work on the fifth page of the rough that I published before.

I would like to work in consideration of the balance with other work.

■ Kinki Chobuku CG production

I will proceed with production in the same way as last month.







隈谷 一(くまがい はじめ)














Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 4page
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 4pagemore_vert
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic 4page 2019-06-30T14:37:21+00:00close

Attachments (3)

4P-p1.png (5.0MiB)
4P-p2.png (4.9MiB)
4P-p3.png (4.8MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4682317 - 13 Jul 19 00:41
user avatar
User #3250681 - 7 Jul 19 15:54
super hot!!
Schedule of June
Schedule of Junemore_vert
Schedule of June 2019-06-08T13:11:29+00:00close

※ Apology and apology

Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book had a mistake in line substitution, so the corrected page will be published.

In the future, we would like to be careful when creating, such as checking to prevent such mistakes from happening again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

【Planned for June】

・ Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book DL version production

・ Oyama Hidekuni comic production resume

・ Kinki Chobuku CG production

■ Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book

We are producing a color version to which the difference file of the copy book sold at the Yarou fes was added as a DL version.

Since it was difficult to post naked differences etc. in the page number, one kind of addition and expression are added for each character.

■ Ohyama Hidekuni comic

We will complete the published draft on Patreon and so on.

We aim to complete the fourth page during this month.

■ Kinki Chobuku

We are making new illustrations and modifying existing CGs.

Prioritize production

1. Oyama Hidekatsu cosplay book

2. Oyama Hidekuni comic

As for the work of Prohibition, we are proceeding at the same time with the current work.






・大山父コスプレ本 DL版制作















Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book V&H
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book V&Hmore_vert
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book V&H 2019-05-24T01:07:03+00:00close

It is a completed version of Venom and Hulk.

The English version will be added when creating the DL version, so please wait for a while.



Attachments (1)

V&H.zip (23.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8428240 - 25 May 19 08:27
Will there be more Venom in the future?
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book S&B
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book S&Bmore_vert
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book S&B 2019-05-23T01:00:21+00:00close

It is a completed version of Superman and Batman.

The original was planned to be published in monochrome, but since we worked in color, we will publish in this state.

(The copy book is produced in monochrome)

The English version will be added when creating the DL version, so please wait for a while.






Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress report VOL.2
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress report VOL.2more_vert
Post file flag
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress report VOL.2 2019-05-21T01:01:03+00:00close

It is a cosplay of Venom and MCU Hulk from the copy book under production.

The basic picture is 4 sheets in combination with the previous two.

I will start the work to complete one by one from here.




 Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress report
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress reportmore_vert
Post file flag
Ohyama Hidekatsu cosplay book progress report 2019-05-16T01:01:37+00:00close

It is a cosplay of Superman and Batman than the copy book under production.

I was planning to release one by one as it is completed, but I would like to give priority to working with line drawings in order to adjust the overall progress, and finally to complete the whole.



 Distributed in the Yarou fes & About work of May
Distributed in the Yarou fes & About work of Maymore_vert
Post file flag
Distributed in the Yarou fes & About work of May 2019-05-07T15:46:51+00:00close

【About work of May】

As we had predicted, we will start producing Oyama Hidekatsu cosplay illustration collection (black and white copy book) scheduled for a Yarou fes.(野郎フェス)

It's a bit complicated, but this book will be published in various ways.

■ Publication at Patreon

We will post it to Patreon as soon as the illustration is completed. (Black and white version)

Those who support you can view all pages.

You can also view all versions in order to post the DL sales version (color version) described later.

■Distributed in the Yarou fes
It is a copy book of black and white version.
The same content as what will be posted to Patreon,
It is intended for those who want to get it at the event and those who want to get it in the form of a book.

■ DL sales version

We sell DL in color at DiGicket.com and BOOTH.

The same content as what will be posted to Patreon, It will be for those who want to obtain a collection of illustrations alone.

・ All illustrations can be seen in FANBOX

・ Event is black and white copy book

・ DL version sale is color version

Please think as above.

There are many undecided parts because I work in the form of drawing as much as I can draw to the event.

I think that I want to make the contents of about 8 pages by including the difference.























Ohyama Hidekuni Comic WIP
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Ohyama Hidekuni Comic WIP 2019-05-07T15:45:44+00:00close

It is rough of Oyama HIdekuni Comic 4 pages.

The line drawing is almost complete, but we will adjust the expression and details later.

(The background is tentative)

At this point I would like to pause my work and start work in May.





 Teacher Daimonji Iwao liquid golden administration
Teacher Daimonji Iwao liquid golden administrationmore_vert
Teacher Daimonji Iwao liquid golden administration 2019-04-30T00:10:36+00:00close

Daimonji iwao dosed with liquid metal with intention.

The metal fuses on a cell-by-cell basis, increasing genitalia and giving the host a six-fold pleasure.



WIP of Oyama Hidekuni comic
WIP of Oyama Hidekuni comic more_vert
Post file flag
WIP of Oyama Hidekuni comic 2019-04-25T01:29:12+00:00close

It is a comic WIP of Oyama Hidekuni.

It is assumed that 4 to 6 pages are sequels from the last time.

The sixth page is going to be a closing picture rather than a comic.

There was something I wanted to draw, but I struggled as to how to express it in a comic and it took quite a while.

I want to work on comic until the end of the month, and to report to the part I have made.






Ohyama HIdekatsu Singlet Costume & Socks Gas Mask
Ohyama HIdekatsu Singlet Costume & Socks Gas Maskmore_vert
Ohyama HIdekatsu Singlet Costume & Socks Gas Mask 2019-04-16T00:44:59+00:00close

The works with strong fetish elements are popular and will be released again.

Since this picture is a favorite, there are many other versions.

I would like to take the opportunity and publish it.




 About work report & production after April
About work report & production after Aprilmore_vert
About work report & production after April 2019-04-06T15:20:13+00:00close

I am currently working on an illustration to contribute to the novel.

I'm working on publishing this month in the circle of Dukekatu's(Pixiv) BOOTH.

As it is a novel, it will be sold in Japanese again. Thank you in advance for completion.

【Scheduled for April】

We will start producing Ohyama Hidekuni comic, which we mentioned in February.

It will be 2 to 3 pages, and production reports will be made one by one.

【Scheduled after April】

I am planning to produce a Illust book where Ohyama Hidekatsu is cosplaying various characters.

This is scheduled to be distributed on consignment to the 野郎フェス(Yarou Fes) held on May 26,

Every page will be posted to Patreon as soon as it is completed.

As a plan after that, we are planning series planning at Patreon.

I would like to make something on the stage of a hot spring hotel.

This is going to be in the form of illustration + novel, but it will be produced a little further

It may change in the future.

We look forward to your continued support.
















Attachments (4)

風.png (1.3MiB)
風2.png (1.2MiB)
風3.png (1.1MiB)
風4.png (1.3MiB)

 Feet Snuff Board
Feet Snuff Boardmore_vert
Feet Snuff Board 2019-03-30T12:15:17+00:00close

It is a piece of stuffed with various legs that I drew when I created this illustration.

Everyone who is put on the board initially suffers, but it is a horrible board that is said to cause the brain to go beyond limits and turn odor into sexual pleasure.



Comments (4)
user avatar
User #664178 - 1 Apr 19 07:34
user avatar
User #10292324 - 3 Aug 19 01:38
 Abnormality awards ceremony for Hunks
Abnormality awards ceremony for Hunksmore_vert
Abnormality awards ceremony for Hunks 2019-03-26T23:41:40+00:00close

State of the Abnormality award ceremony held at the X school ground.

The old picture stuffing was fun and I used to do it for a while.



Attachments (2)

表彰.png (3.5MiB)
表彰2.png (3.5MiB)

Blue Titan VS Tentacle Monster
Blue Titan VS Tentacle Monstermore_vert
Blue Titan VS Tentacle Monster 2019-03-20T17:23:51+00:00close

"Huh ... n! All right!"

A short while. The crumbling rubble smashed the boys, and at that very moment the Blue Titan appeared to be a whistle.

"Because this Blue Titan has arrived, I will not like it anymore!"

The blue loneliness screamed powerfully and looked back on Titans miles that gave the boy a great sense of security. But they were not happy and lost words and crumbled on the road without force.

It is not impossible. Beyond the dust, large monsters are rampaging, and their grotesque tentacles are destroying buildings around.

I must hold them powerfully as soon as possible except the rubble and let me escape from here.

When the hero burns in a sense of mission, he pushes the rubble back.

"I'm waiting for a while, such a rubble ... for a hero-what !?"

Then the hero noticed. The crotch was gentle, soft, and had a small discomfort.

Move your gaze down while supporting the rubble. The gentle eyes of the hero were opened. The evil tentacles of the monster are stuck in the lonesome crotch of the Blue Titan more than anything else.

"Oh, let's aim for a point that is one of the few weaknesses!"

The hero raised his voice.

But this loud voice only denounced the evil tricks of evil.

I am not upset.

You may think that the Blue Titan Pinch has fallen into a big pinch right now,

As long as this blue sparkling suit is present, the Blue Titan's defense is perfect

"Does not come to victory! Come on, let me decide at once!"

It was a blue Titan with a smile, but there is also an exception to the hero heroes.


A sense of incongruity has stimulated the crotch, vision and hearing.

This is ... what is emitted from the tentacles-it is a poison wave!

Mazui. Only this. I've been exposed to this ...!

But it is late. A moment of stimulation, the Blue Titan suit disappeared with the light, and it was the family's mainstay, Hidekatsu Ohyama, who appeared there.

"This monster is a fallen hero!"

A fallen hero is an artificial monster, the falling end of a hero who has passed into the hands of an organization.

"Is it a transformational change using suit ability ......!?"

A sudden upset, brutishness made Blue Titan too late for anger and shame.

"Nuh! di, dic... genitals! This tentacle!"

What protects the current Blue Titan is only one boxer shorts bought by my wife.

Of course, since he is a hero, genitals are weak points, and if blamed there, it is inevitable that they will be erected in ultra-high speed in a second. As this is a hero, it is a desperate fate.

"I'm supposed to lose to the love of tentacles! Oh!"

The tentacles instantly envelop the dick and caress the urethra using the inner tentacle

If you blame the inside of a weak dick, even if it is weak, it is impossible to forge ... There is no choice but any hero or father can only give out a cry of surrender declaration.

"Ah, I will come out!"

And if you blame the prostate from the inside, there is no excuse for this premature ejaculation.

"Creampie! Public Creampie in front of the boys ......! Such, Pies Completely Lose Cum! Wow!"

There are two types of Fallen Heroes: a pattern produced by remodeling Heroes and a pattern produced by collecting semen.

In other words, the organization wants this excellent hero gene ......

"O oh! Oh yeah! I'm addicted to the monster daddy! In front of the children's eyes! Heroes have sex with cock!"

White and dirty hero's semen is drunk in the monster.

That's a huge amount. It is a tremendous density. It is the strongest semen.

... In this way, the organization produced the strongest fallen hero "Evil Titan" and the world fell into an unprecedented crisis ....

"Hmm ... uh ... uh ... is a virtual defeat training, the end ... foo ... ..."

Exhale breath and strength from your sweaty body, open your crotch wide and sit down.

When I wipe off the semen left on the tip with plenty of tissue, it's just a paragraph now.

Of course, I have not made vaginal cum shot to evil monsters. The eighty percent was wiped off with a tissue.

The rest has fallen on the body or dropped on the floor, but this is a bad thing because it is too male to be so good.

"-It was quite defeated today ... ..."

Training is an important task of heroes in anticipation of defeat. If you only think about victory, you can not say that it is a good hero. However, recently, the number of ejaculations is increasing rapidly by delusion alone.

When I smell my body after work, I get a switch on.

"Oh, I'm going to go to a public bath today, and it is running training."

Take a sweat, get lonely and refresh in the sauna.

I wonder if my father will take another step?


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