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We're Back 2020-06-08T23:43:27+00:00

Well, like so many people living under the Shadowy Specter of COVID, I've lost my main source of income for the time being, so the battleship will now be fully operational again. I'll be posting new songs and old songs alike, hopefully with even greater frequency owing to more free time. I look forward to getting back into it. I hope you and yours are well.


Livestreamed Concerts 2020-04-16T21:59:13+00:00

Hey all,

I'll be livestreaming two concerts from my messy living room / "studio" in the coming week: one this Saturday, April 18th, and another one next Thursday, April 23rd. Both will be at 8 PM Central Time, both will be broadcast on Twitch. Hope you can join one or both. Wishing you the best in these troubled times.


What I've Been Up To 2020-04-11T22:37:19+00:00

Hey all,

Sorry it's been a minute. Here's an update on what's been going on with me.

Re: The Times in Which We Find Ourselves

I needn't remark much upon the situation we're now living in; by now you're probably tired of that. But as a result of all this I've become a bit derailed, artistically, both because of a general upending of my schedule and because of a sense of confusion about what exactly merits saying or doing under the circumstances. This is one reason why I've not been posting much here. The other reason is that my day job is stable for now, and as such I haven't feel right incentivizing people to give me money that they might very much need for other things. Whatever I might work on and post will, for the time being, be free to all. If you have to discontinue your support to take care of yourself or others, please do so.

Live Streaming

As I said, I've been a bit derailed, but there is nevertheless one piece of good news: I have a new setup for live-streaming performances, and I'm trying to do so pretty regularly. If you want to catch some livestreams, either of folk songs or of me making improvisational ambient music, follow me on Twitch:

I did a fairly impromptu folk concert last weekend, and it was such a good time that I'd like to do another one (or more) in the near future. I'll post a date and time here soon.

Thank you as always for your support. Stay safe!


January 2020 Update 2020-01-10T00:32:31+00:00

Hello, friends and supporters. This is just a quick post to share some good news: starting this month, I'm working reduced hours at my day job, meaning I'll have an extra day during the week to work on art and music. I expect this to make a pretty significant difference in how much I'll be able to get done in 2020, and hopefully you will see some of the fruits of it soon, on this very website.

I don't have any new music to share just yet, but stay tuned. And, if you missed it, I posted quite a number of brand new songs on my Soundcloud during Advent, some of which are, I think, even rather good:

That's all for now. Thank you, as ever, for your support.

— Harrison

Advent Songs 2019 2019-12-03T20:23:28+00:00


This Patreon will be mostly quiet for the month of December, because I'll be posting as many new songs as I can bring myself to write during these weeks over on SoundCloud:

Please follow along there for your quasi-daily tape hiss fix. I will try to post a few patron-only alternate takes and deep cuts from years past as well. Stay tuned, and may your Advent be filled with sober joy.


Song from upcoming EP, "6 Psalms" 2019-08-27T03:25:41+00:00

Hello, friends!

On 9/6 my latest EP, entitled "6 Psalms", will be released on Bandcamp, Spotify, and a bunch of other places. This EP follows in the footsteps of 2017's "Six Psalms" and 2015's "Sound Check at the Eschaton" in trying to find a new vocabulary for devotional folk music in layers of noise, forced guitar feedback, tape hiss, and cheap 80s keyboard sounds.

I've attached a song from the new EP for you to hear before the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, you can click this link to follow me on Spotify and have the EP saved to your library as soon as it comes out:

Thank you, so much, as always.

Until next time,


Attachments (1)

cloak of stars.mp3 (3.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8927763 - 27 Aug 19 06:05
Thank you! + Two songs 2019-08-05T04:23:03+00:00

Thank you all so much for your support. I don't know exactly what I expected to happen upon making my Patreon public, but it was certainly less than this. Your generosity gives me great hope that trying to carve out more room for music in my life is neither pointless nor doomed. Psychologically, that's important.

Attached to this post are the first two "fan club" songs. (Incidentally, I feel weird at best about the concept of a fan club, and a better name might be in order.) These are songs I've been kicking around a while but which have never been widely heard. In their own ways they're both special favorites of mine, so I feel they're a good way to start this thing off. "Lost in St. Louis" is about realizing suddenly that no one you know knows where you are; "To Live Hidden" is about wishing, desperately wishing, that that were the case.

My tentative goal is going to be to share something here at least monthly. Fuzzy demos are mostly going to be the order of the day as I've always liked their intimacy; hopefully they're to your liking as well.

Your humble servant,


Attachments (2)

lost in st louis.mp3 (3.4MiB)
to live hidden.mp3 (3.8MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #750407 - 6 Sep 19 23:47
How about 'jam club'? Too goofy?
user avatar
hplemke - 8 Sep 19 22:29
hmm. i'll consider it.
user avatar
User #22946220 - 29 Sep 19 02:36
patron society

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