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Hello everyone! I was getting mailouts in order and I noticed that some peoples' pledge haven't gone through. Make sure to double check your payment methods so that your membership has gone through. I'll be preparing mailouts tomorrow, but I will double check next week too for anyone who may have been late.

Car Woes 2020-08-21T22:28:34+00:00

Okay, so, I’ve calmed down a bit. Talked it over with some people and I think a new car is the way to go. I’ve not been happy with my current one for a while, the gas pumps weird, the heat and air hasn’t worked in over a year, it has the old fashioned roll down windows, so new will probably be cheaper and safer in the long run.

I want to try and pay as much down as possible on whatever I get. So I’m giving myself a goal to make $2000 by the end of October to cover what I do pay.

I don’t have many commission slots left open for this year. I have a couple in December, so it may be best to wait to open commissions again. But I may offer advanced commissions at a discount to my patrons here, but I have to think about it.

I have lots of prints left over, so I will probably do grab bags for those in the future.

I have a new Hearthway Hollow collection I’ll be posting to gumroad, so I’ll be doing that sooner rather than later.

Maybe I’ll do blind dates again.

For now if you’re feeling kind, you can donate to my kofi or paypal. Everything is very appreciated. Thanks as always, and I hope you all are having a good week!

Reminder: Instagram Live on August 22 2020-08-20T14:28:00+00:00

Just reminding you that, this Saturday at 6pm est, there will be a special live between me and my most frequent commissioner! We will be answering questions about the five stories below that you all voted on, as well as what it's like to work together and what it's like to create so many universes. We will be accepting questions during the stream as well as any posted here! You can submit questions in anon on tumblr is you would like.

Love & War

Jian the Deaf Rakshasa

Kaio the Deertaur

Lerour the Paralangua &

Horvath the Giant

My instagram is momothistle, so please go follow so you can take part in this live.

Oops! 2020-08-20T01:15:51+00:00

Just realized there was some sort of huge screw up in the queue and for some reason (probably me) rough drafts and special previews didn't post this week. I am so sorry! And I will be trying to fix this and double check it won't happen again.

Orc Boyfriends: Cupid & Hector 2 (complete) 2020-08-25T19:01:00+00:00

You’re grateful you don’t have much time to panic over the date. You get home, shower, dress in something you know you can rely on, and head out the door again. You aren’t sure how this will go, because you’ve never had two dates at once before. It’s been a while since you’ve had even a one-on-one. But there’s just something about Heck and Cue that makes you feel comfortable.

You arrive at the shop to see the CLOSED sign on the door. Walking up, you push it to see if it’s locked, and it opens. The shop is quiet and dimly lit as you walk in, but Cue is behind the desk closing the cash register. “I’ll be with you in a moment,” he says quietly, not looking away from the monitor. “Still closing up.”

“It’s fine, take your time.” You take a moment to look around the shop. Several racks of leather chaps, pants, and the like, and another rack of leather bikinis, followed by a rack of shirts with the shop logo.

A door opens near the back room Cue showed you the day before, and Heck comes walking out. He’s carrying a broom and dustpan, which he sets down at the front counter. Cue whispers and points in your direction.

“Would you like to come help me start the meal?” Heck turns and smiles at you.

You nod, stepping towards the front. Your heart is pounding in excitement. “I’m not a very good cook, but I wouldn’t mind helping out.”

“I won’t make you cook, then,” Heck teases. “Up this way.” He motions to the stairs, placing his hand on your back for the briefest of moments.

The stairwell is decorated with all sorts of pictures taken outside the shop, back when it had the name ‘Leather Boutique’ - photos of Cue and Heck in their youth, as well as some family ones. The top of the stairs leads into a long, narrow hallway, with a row of windows looking out over the street on one wall. The other wall is lined with doors. “Don’t judge too much, we’re still renovating this place.” Heck opens one of the doors for you.

“I was just thinking how nice this hallway must look in the morning,” you say. “All the light that comes in, I bet a cat would...”

Just as you say this a big gray cat comes streaking through the doorway. It races up to Heck, rubbing against his legs and yowling. “This is Fat Lip.” Heck picks the cat off the floor, and it immediately quiets. The cat has a very pronounced underbite, making it look like he has tusks too.

“Aww, how cute.” You hold out your hand for Fat Lip to sniff, but he stares at you as if trying to see into your soul.

“He’s shy.” Heck sets the cat back down and walks into his home.

Fat Lip continues to stare at you. Once Heck sets a bowl of food down, Fat Lip breaks your gaze to go to it.

Their living space is open-concept, with the walls taken down from what must have been office spaces back in the day. There’s one door towards the back you assume must be their bedroom.

“So, if you can’t cook, what do you use your kitchen for?” Heck asks. He takes you into his kitchen where you stand at an island while he pulls steaks from the fridge.

“The microwave, mostly,” you say with a shrug. “It’s just easier.”

“That sounds like no way to live.” Heck winks. “Okay then, come over here and prep the potatoes for me.”

He shows you how to slice the potatoes, coat them with melted butter, toss a few peppers, onions, and mushrooms into tinfoil, then coat the potato with seasoning before wrapping it up. He prepares a huge cast-iron skillet with olive oil. Then he takes out a loaf of hearty bread, cuts it into thick slices, slathers them with butter, then chops a whole garlic bulb and tosses it into the pan.

He’s got very skilled hands, and you can’t help but notice. The way his thick brow pinches in concentration is cute too. Looking closer, you notice a tattoo in the undercut of his hair. It looks like vines, but with the overgrowth you’re not sure.

“Nervous?” he suddenly asks.

You clear your throat. “I mean, not as nervous as I was asking you out. I didn’t expect a buy-one-get-one-free scenario.”

Heck chuckles. “Neither one of us is so cheap. You still have to earn us.”

Your cheeks burn. “I don’t mind that. I like both of you, and I’m okay with taking things slow to make sure of that.”

Heck looks at you for a moment, brow pinched, eyes curious. “Really, now? And see, here I thought it was just a sex thing.”

You frown. “No! I don’t...” You shake your head. “That’s not what I intend at all. I asked you out genuinely.” You start to wonder if you’ve misjudged, and this steak dinner is just a prelude to a roll in the hay. “Maybe I should go.”

“Wait,” Heck says gently. “That’s not what I intended either. Usually, that’s what Cue and I come across. That’s one reason we wanted you over - to make sure that wasn’t your intent.”

“It’s not,” you huff. “I personally don’t like sex without context.”

Heck nods, looking back to the food that he is prepping. “That’s good. Neither do Cue and I, regardless of the work we do.”

You lean back against the counter, your lips pressed into a firm line. “I didn’t assume that.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin the mood. I get nervous about these things. Cue and I have been used before, so I’ve learned to grow cautious of people’s intent.”

You unclench your jaw for a smile. “It’s okay. I understand.”

The door opens and Cue walks in, slouching and pulling his hair down. “I fucking hate that computer.” His long hair falls around his face and neck. He pushes it away with his thick fingers, like a mermaid.

Heck chuckles. “I may have offended our date, so you talk to her now.”

“Oh no, what did you do?” Cue sits on the opposite side of the island from you. His deep brown eyes are so pretty to look at, and the way his hair hangs makes him even more attractive.

“It’s okay, just a misunderstanding,” you reply.

Fat Lip starts yowling at Cue’s feet. “Did you feed him?”

“Yes! He’s fed. Are you not used to his game yet?” Heck rolls his eyes. “That cat is so fat because you fall for his crocodile tears every single time.”

Cue picks up Fat Lip and scratches up his chin. “I can’t help it. Look at him.”

Fat Lip purrs loudly in Cue’s arm, almost seeming smug.

“I’ve got to get the grill started,” Heck says. He hands you the potatoes you prepared. “Come and enjoy the view.”

There’s a narrow staircase that takes you to the roof, which is decorated with potted plants, a raised garden, and some mismatched patio furniture, with the grill near the chimney. You look out, getting a view of your walk to work that you had never seen before. The sky is changing to pink and purple and orange, and stars are appearing. “It’s beautiful up here.” you whisper as a gust of wind blows by, pushing at your skirt.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” Cue smiles as he looks you over. “Very cute dress.”

You’ve had this dress for a long time, yet somehow over the years it’s always fit you and always looked good. It has a way of making your bosom seem bigger, your stomach smaller, and shows off your legs. It’s your go-to piece of apparel, and you had specifically learned to sew just to keep this dress tended to. “Thanks.” You can’t help but pose a little bit.

Heck adds charcoal to the grill and gets it ready. “It’ll take a minute for the coals to get just right. You’re not too hungry, are you?”

“I’m fine. I ate something at work before I got off. I’m sure this meal is worth waiting for.”

“I’m going to go get the beer, then. Is that alright with you?” Heck asks.

You nod. “Yeah, I’ll have one.” You tuck your hair behind your ear, but the breeze makes it hard to keep it in place.

Cue hands you a hair tie. “Take this if it helps.”

“Thank you.” You tie your hair back, then look back out over the view.

“You work at that cafe, right?” Cue points.

“Yeah, just a waitress,” you sigh.

Cue gives you a look. “That’s a hard job. Not ‘just’ anything.” He stands pretty close, and you can smell the leather on him. “How long have you worked there?”

“Just a few months,” you sigh. “I moved here just a bit before that.”

Cue turns, bracing his hands on the ledge and leaning back. “Mind if I ask what you moved here for?”

“My brother needed some help, which was fine. I was living at home, working another cafe job. I wanted to come and help him, but more than that I just wanted to get out of the rut I was in.”

“Heck did something similar for me,” Cue speaks softly. “I’d just graduated from school, and he and I had been casual friends. He was older than me. I wasn’t doing too well. Depression got the best of me. Heck came and got me one day, helped me clean my room, and got me a job here.”

You jump up to sit on the railing. “That was sweet of him.”

Cue’s smile is gentle and warm. “I didn’t ever think he thought twice about me. It taught me you never know where you’ll find kindness.” He smiles at you. “How is your brother?”

“He’s okay, I guess. He got a new job. But he was rough for a long time. His partner left him for someone else, so he spiraled.” You shake your head. “It really took a toll on him.”

“And what about you?” he asks. “How are you doing since moving here?”

You think for a moment. “It’s been nice living with my brother. I don’t care for my job, but who does?” You look up to the sky, which is darkening to purple and indigo. “I like it here, though.”

“It’s not too bad a place,” he chuckles. “It’s peaceful, for the most part.”

“Even with your business?” you chuckle.

“You’d be surprised!” Cue laughs. “Most of our customers don’t want to get caught, so they’re very polite and quiet. And a lot of our loyal ones have become friends, even family over the years.” He sighs heavily and shakes his head. “I just wish we had more of them, is all.”

“You said you had an online shop. Do you advertise it at all?” you ask.

Heck comes back up, carrying a cooler. He sets it down, then starts handing out beers. “What are we talking about?”

“Depression and our failing business,” Cue says chipperly.

“Good thing I was downstairs,” Heck laughs.

You take out your phone. “Can you show me your online shop?”

Cue takes your phone. “Sure. We don’t have much up, though.”

Once the site pops up he gives you your phone back. The layout is atrocious and it’s hard to navigate, even on the simplified mobile version. “You know, my brother does web design. I can ask him for some tips on how to improve your site, not to mention advertise it better. Do either of you have any social media apps?”

Heck scoffs. “I have a flip phone.”

“Does Google count?” Cue asks shyly.

You send the site address to your brother, asking him if he would be up to fixing it. “You need to build a presence. Get your regular customers to post reviews, have them take pictures wearing your gear with a hashtag. You already have a loyal following, and I’m sure they’d be happy to help spread the word about your business.”

Your phone chimes with a reply from your brother. “Oh,” you murmur. “Interesting.”

Heck furrows his brow. “What?”

“My brother said he would help revamp the site if you would make him one of those Sleeping Beauty harnesses.”

Heck and Cue exchange looks before both smiling. “He’s got a deal.”

During the evenings, after his job was over and the shop was closed, you and your brother would work with Heck and Cue to rebuild their website, as well as helping them get their online presence above water. A lot of your brother’s friends start coming to the shop. The clientele of the club he frequents become regulars, and the club’s owner even orders a bunch of harnesses to include as part of the staff uniform.

Once the site gets relaunched and the social media campaign hits, a lot more customers start coming to the store, and online sales spike. Heck and Cue end up having to hire new staff.

One night, Heck and Cue have you over to celebrate. Heck is grilling kebabs, and he pops a bottle of champagne. “Thanks to you, we’re in the black for the first time since last Black Friday.” He pours you a glass, then steals a kiss. You’re a bit surprised. His kisses have been far and few between, most of then are pecks on the cheek.

Cue puts his arm around you, pulling you close as Heck kisses him. “We owe you big time.” He kisses you, too.

You feel giddy and bubbly, and you haven’t even drunk any champagne yet. “I was happy to help! You’ve become such good friends - more than friends really - and this shop deserves it. All your hard work and craftsmanship deserves the attention.”

“Speaking of attention...” Heck pulls out a box from behind the table. “Cue and I made something to thank you for all your help.”

“You didn’t have to do anything for me, as much as you’ve been feeding me.” You open the box excitedly nonetheless. Inside, placed neatly and delicately on tissue, is a specially-made harness. It reminds you of the one you saw the first day you met them, but there are leather roses over the breasts and hips, on the collar and dotting the leather cage skirt.

“We call it our Beast Harness,” Cue chuckles.

“It’s beautiful,” you breathe.

“Just for you.” Heck raises his glass. “Maybe one day, you’ll allow us to see you in it.”

Your face burns bright red, and your heart pulses madly. You become aroused at the thought of not just wearing this, but of Heck and Cue looking at you while you’re wearing it.

“Even the tips of her ears blush.” Cue presses a loving kiss to your cheek. “I take it you like it?”

“Yes, yes of course,” you breathe raggedly. “This must have taken ages to make! The roses are so intricate.”

“Only the best for you.”

Heck kisses your ear and down your cheek. His lips brush against your neck, making your lashes flutter. Cue joins in, tugging down your shirt to kiss and nibble your shoulder. You close your eyes, leaning in to their touch and kisses, melting away with the affection they’re lavishing on you.

“I shouldn’t have made those kebabs,” Heck laments. “I would much rather eat you.”

You could pop like that bottle of champagne. You chuckle while clearing your throat.

“Just save room for desert,” Cue teases.

Heck smirks before kissing him. “We’ll see how she feels afterwards. Let me check the grill.”

Cue returns to kissing and biting. His hand sneaks up your shirt, and in the moment, you tug it up for him. He smiles, rubbing his fingers over your bra. He nuzzles between your breasts and sighs. “You smell so good.”

You run your fingers through his long hair. “Thanks.” You’re really not sure how to respond right now. Your head is foggy, and your heartbeat is rapid.

“Mind if I take a peek?” Cue whispers.

You shake your head as he easily undoes the clasp of your bra. He pushes it up under your chin as your breasts fall free.

“What the hell are you doing over here?” Heck growls.

“I...” You chuckle nervously.

Cue kisses your breast, taking the nipple into his mouth. He moans against your skin, and Heck cups the other breast in his hand. His rough thumb rubs over the hardening nipple and he rumbles deep in his throat.

“You’re driving me nuts,” you pant.

Cue lifts his head, a string of saliva extending from his lip to your breast. “Should we stop?”

You sit up and try to catch your breath. “I don’t want to stop, but… for now...” As you sit up you feel wetness in your underwear. “I don’t want the food to burn.”

Heck smirks. “The kebabs are resting. We have time to play around.”

He sits on the other side of you while Cue unzips and tugs down your shorts. He presses his thick fingers to the wet spot growing on your panties. Heck kisses you, cupping your breasts as Cue pushes your panties aside. You press your palm to Heck’s groin, feeling his hard cock pressing against the zipper. He moans against your lips while Cue kneels between your legs.

You look down as Cue rubs his fingers along your labia, gently brushing against your clit. He licks it, barely touching, just enough so you can feel the heat of him. He looks up at you as his fingers ease inside. You hold your breath and shiver. “Yes, please,” you moan desperately.

Heck chuckles against your ear. “Here, let me help.” He reaches down, pressing a rough finger to your clit, and he rubs it while Cue’s fingers move inside you. You toss your head, panting as they both work to pleasure you. A jolt scrambles your thoughts, causing your body to tense up. Your toes curl, your eyes roll, and you let out a gurgling moan.

Heck licks his fingers clean while Cue laps you up. Your body twitches, and a cold gust of air raises shivers on your skin.

“Fuck,” you whisper. “Oh fuck.”

“I think she liked it.” Cue sits up, kissing Heck hungrily. “Maybe after dinner you’d like to sleep over.”

You’re still bleary-eyed and surrounded by the afterglow. “Why after dinner?”

“To build up your energy,” Heck kisses your cheek. He cups his big hand around your groin. “After all, you’ve got both of us to work with.”

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User #16685372 - 25 Aug 20 19:30
This is wonderful! Thank you!
Orc Boyfriends: Cupid & Hector (complete) 2020-08-24T19:01:00+00:00

On your way to work you pass a leather goods store called Heck & Arrow. You’ve noticed it but never gone into it before. Still, it catches your eye all the same. In their window they feature shoes, chaps, and several other clothing items you would never wear, but the scent of leather, mixed with the scent of the cafe you work at, always comes together to make something magic.

You moved here a few months ago when your brother’s long-time partner had left him abruptly. You started living with him to help him pay bills, get him on his feet. It’s fine with you - it isn’t like anything is going on back home anyway. You worked a cafe job there too, lived at home with your parents, and didn’t have much going on aside from occasional hangouts with friends. You’d stopped attending courses at the local community college because you didn’t have the time anymore, let alone the money. You also had to pay for things which seemed more pertinent than an education.

You’re leaving work late one afternoon. The breakfast rush had been murder, and the lunch rush even worse. You’d been on your feet all day, soles aching and on fire and it feels like you’re dragging cinder blocks around. Just outside Heck and Arrow there’s a bench, so you plop down to rest for a moment. But the bench is old, and the sharp impact of your body causes it to sway and crack, leaning to one side so that you fall to the ground.

“Oh shit, Heck!” An orc comes from inside the shop, stooping to help you rise. “Are you okay?” He looks at the bench, then back at you. “Are you hurt at all?”

You bring your palm to your temple, but when you pull it away you see blood in your palm. “Oh, fuck” you grumble.

“Can you stand up?” the orc asks.

Another orc comes to the doorway as the first one helps you up. Your leg hurts little, but it’s mostly your hip that causes an issue.

“I told you that the bench needed replacing!” the second orc exclaims.

“Oh shut up,” the first one snaps. “You were right, fine. But right now we have an injured little duckling here.”

“I threw myself on the bench,” you sigh. “It’s okay. It wouldn’t be the first chair I ruined.”

“I’m Cue, and this is Heck.” Cue helps you into the back room while Heck pulls out a first aid kit. “Let me take a look at this cut here.” he moves your hand away. His deep brown eyes have flecks of gold in them, and clean-shaven with a long, thick braid draped over his shoulder. His skin is faded red, and tattoos poke out from under his shirt.

Heck walks over, taking an alcohol wipe from a wrapper. Using a pair of tweezers, Cue dabs it across the skin cut above your brow. “I don’t think she’ll bleed to death.”

Cue chuckles. “The scare probably did more damage than the sidewalk.”

“I’m not going to sue or anything,” you sigh. “I shouldn’t have thrown myself down on it the way I did.”

“Frustrated?” Heck asks.

“Tired.” You pause a few beats. “Okay, and frustrated.”

Cue places a Band-Aid over the cut. “I see you walk by a lot. You work at the cafe?”

You nod, touching your forehead to feel the bandage there. “Yeah. It was a long day.”

“Well, at least now you can say that work wasn’t the worst part of your day,” Heck jibes.

You smile up at him. Heck has green skin with purple freckles. His eyes are hazel, leaning towards green, and his hair is grey with streaks of black and white throughout. He keeps it long, all combed to one side to expose an undercut. The ear on that side has five piercings in it, each a ring bigger than the one above it. Heck is thicker around the middle, but taller than Cue. Cue has a more lithe appearance to him, but thicker thighs and more pronounced haunches. All in all, they are very appealing.

“Nah, the fall didn’t include me working with customers.” You try to stand but your hip still hurts.

“Whoa, there.” Cue comes back to your side. “Feeling your fall now?”

You nod. “I must have landed on my hip wrong.” You put your hand over it. “Yup. That’s a bruise.”

“I’ll go get some ice,” Heck says, sweeping out of the room.

“I am so, so sorry,” Cue tells you. “If you need anything, just ask. Actually, my little sister is a chiropractor, and I could ask her to see you.”

You shake your head. “I don’t think it’s anything that serious. I’ll probably just get a bruise.”

Cue reaches for the desk, taking a business card. “Well, if you do need anything, call us.” He places the card in your hands.

Looking it over you see their names are actually Cupid and Hector. You also notice, in fine print under the name of the business, an addendum to their leather shop. You furrow your brow. “Adult shop?” you look at Cue. “Since when is leather an adult thing?”

Cue smiles. “Well, leather is a big part of a lot of BDSM communities, you know? Leather isn’t even our main business. We’re an erotic shop.”

Your jaw drops. It should have been so obvious. “Really?”

Cue is trying his best not to laugh directly in your face. “Did you not know that? You walk by us almost every day.”

“I just saw leather boots and chaps in the window.” You roll your eyes at yourself. “Not exactly kinky, but it should have been a tip at least.”

“Maybe when you can walk, I can give you a tour of the entire shop.” Cue looks up as Heck comes back into the room.

“Here.” Heck places an ice pack in your hands. He also has a bottle of water and some aspirin. He puts the water and medicine beside you. “Let that settle for a few minutes. Is she going to make it?”

Cue opens the water bottle for you. “She may want to, now that she knows we’re the friendly neighborhood sex shop.”

“Did you think Amazon ran us off?” Heck’s smile perks up at the corners.

You shrug, taking the water and drinking. “Kind of? But I’m more shocked at my lack of observation than anything.”

Heck nods. “We’re not allowed to blatantly advertise out front, but those in the know understand.”

“I’m surprised my brother didn’t say anything, either.” You squirm against the ice pack, trying to get comfortable.

“We were just getting ready to order lunch, and since it seems you’ll be here for a bit, why not have something on us?” Cue asks.

You’re in the middle of a sip of water when he asks. “What were you getting?”

Heck hands you a menu. “Pick whatever you want. It’s on us.”

“I can’t remember the last time someone bought me a meal.” You glance quickly over the menu before finding exactly what you want. “This habanero pineapple thing sounds good.”

“Habanero?” Heck gives you a once-over. “That thing is pretty spicy. Are you sure you can handle it?”

You want it more than ever to prove a point. “I love spicy food. I think I can handle it.”

Cue snickers as he picks up the phone. “I like that.”

Heck sits down as Cue steps out to order. He checks your arm, finding a sore spot near your elbow. “I’ve been telling him to replace that stupid thing,” he grumbles under his breath, talking to himself more than you.

“It’ll be okay. I’ve had worse falls in my life.”

“It isn’t just that,” he huffs. “There are people out there who would be a lot less forgiving than you. If the wrong person had sat on that bench, we could have lost our business.” He gives you a sharp glare. “It’s all we have, got it?”

“I don’t have the money or time to sue anybody,” you scoff. “I get you.”

“Good.” Heck motions to the aspirin. “You should take some.”

You shake your head. “I’m not taking medicine from strangers. You seem nice, but I want to be safe.”

Heck nods. “Suit yourself.” He opens the bottle to show you it’s not tampered with.

You take the bottle back, stripping off the plastic. “Thank you.”

Cue pops back in after ordering. “Everything alright? Nothing new arising?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Heck grunts. He leans back in his chair. “How is it out there?” He asks.

“Business as usual, slow.” He sits down as well and sighs.

“It was busy since we opened today at the cafe,” you remark. “Is it really that slow here?”

Cue tilts his head to the side. “We have our loyal customers, of course, and curious onlookers. And our online shop does alright. But on an ordinary day, we can sometimes count the number of customers we get on our hands.”

“We rely on custom orders more than anything,” Heck says. “As long as we get at least five of those a month, we can pay bills.”

“Mind if I ask what you do custom?” You lean forward a bit. “Like, BDSM kind of stuff?”

Heck shifts in his seat, crossing his legs and balancing his chin on his knuckles. “Special suits, harnesses, whips. Not just for BDSM, but for anything, really.”

“Mind if I ask how you got into this line of work?” you ask. “It seems pretty interesting.”

Heck looks up to one of the monitors on the desk. “The food is here.” He stands up. “I’ll go get it.”

“Sorry,” you say.

“Nah, it wasn’t the question. Heck’s been excited to eat this all day. It’s his favorite restaurant, but to avoid overeating we agree to only order out once a week. So he maybe gets to eat his favorite dish twice a month.”

Heck comes back with the takeout order, immediately finds his container and starts eating. “Here you go, habanero pineapple fried rice for you.”

Cue watches you curiously as you take your first few bites. It really is spicy, but it has such a good flavor. “Want any more water?”

“No thanks, this is enough.” You happily eat.

“Feeling any better?” Heck asks after he finishes off his plate.

“I think so.” You move away the mostly-melted ice pack and stand up. It hurts a bit, but no worse than your feet did earlier.

“Then how about that tour?” Cue asks. He stands and leads you out of the office. Beyond the stands of leather, you see a back room with a sign posted nearby stating that no one under the legal adult age can pass. It also warns that there are cameras, and an employee will be present at the door as well. As Cue opens the door, you aren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly wasn’t the neat and clean atmosphere you step into. It’s almost like walking into a Sephora. “The shelves are a little bare, but we’re working with a new supplier,” Cue says.

Against the back wall stands a mannequin dressed in an intricate leather bodice, with straps that cross this way and that to make a beautiful lattice pattern. It’s also fitted with a hoop skirt-like cage made from leather. The outfit is completed by a mask and thigh high boots. “Did you make this?” you ask.

“Yeah, we did.” Cue smiles proudly at it. “One of our most popular designs. If you’re ever curious, I’d love to show off our lookbook one day.”

You look around again, your eyes resting on a particularly fetching vibrator. “It surprises me you’re slow. It looks so nice back here.”

“The internet allows people privacy and the ability to shop from their own homes. I get it,” he says.

“So, how did you and Heck come to open this place?” you ask.

“We used to work here ages ago. Back then, a friend of ours owned it, and when she got sick we went in together to buy the place so she could afford her medical costs.” He looses a heavy sigh. “We’ve been working hard to keep it going ever since.”

You take a toy from the wall. “How much is this?”

“It’s sixty. But for you, I can knock a few dollars off.” He gives you a smile. “I really should just give it to you, but we can’t afford that.”

“You bought me lunch.” You clutch the package close. “I considered it even then.”

You go to the front and pay for the toy. Cue places it in a black bag. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Heck asks. “One of us can drive you home.”

“You two have done enough, really. I work tomorrow, so I’ll stop by and let you both know I made it through the night,” you tease.

Heck places the bottle of aspirin in your hand. “Keep it. Take one every day to make sure you don’t get a blood clot.” He sounds like a concerned mother hen!

“Thank you.” You place the bottle in the bag with your new toy. “I’ll see you both tomorrow!” You wave as you leave, heading back home with a smile. You really couldn’t afford the toy, but after hearing their story you want to help, even a little. Besides, a little splurge now and again is alright.

You let the toy charge, so when you’ve had dinner and a bath, it would be fully powered. It’s bright neon green, thick, and the shaft is full of beads. When you push a button it rotates, and can vibrate at different levels of intensity. You lie back in total darkness, feeling your cool sheets and the breeze from the window. You close your eyes, imagining a lover in the shadows. As you touch yourself, you imagine the lover coming close, breathing in your ear, his fingers opening you. You grow slippery, and as you slip your fingers inside, so does he.

Once you feel ready, you take the toy and turn on the vibration function. You rub it up and down your labia, imagining this shadow lover preparing to thrust himself inside. You ease the toy in, moving it slowly inside you. You grasp your breast, pretending it’s him. You turn on the rotations, and you cry out loud. Rolling over, you thrust your hips up in the air and bury your face in the pillow. The vibrations and rotations require little effort from you. You’re free to moan into your pillow, while your imaginary lover takes care of you.

The orgasm takes your breath away, and glad you have the pillow to muffle your cries. You remove the toy from inside you, breathing heavily as you lick your own fluid from it. You giggle, flopping against the bed as the afterglow rolls over you. It’s been a long time, and you’ve forgotten what a good masturbation session felt like, not just a quick rub in the shower. You bite your lip, smiling contentedly. You had, at one point, pictured both Cue and Heck as the lover in the shadows.

The next day, you stop by the shop before your shift for a quick chat. Cue is behind the counter on the phone, with an irritated look on his face. His hair is tied up in a high ponytail today, which looks rather cute. He hangs up and rubs the bridge of his nose. “How are you?” he asks.

“Bruised, but not beaten.” You tilt your head. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” he scoffs. He doesn’t sound very convincing. “But I’m glad you’re okay. Are you going in to work?”

“Unfortunately. Probably another busy shift.” You grimace at the thought. “I may stop by again after work.”

“What for?” Cue seems surprised.

You clear your throat. “Well, I was rather impressed with my previous purchase. I thought of something else I might like, so...” You smile bashfully. “I’m hoping I’ll make enough tips to get it.”

Heck walks out from the back, his shirt soaked and clinging to his chest. “That fucking sink,” he growls. “It did it again!” He tugs up his shirt to fan it.

Cue whistles. “We have company.”

Heck looks at you, and you wave. “Oh, bench girl.” He gives you a smile. “You don’t mind, right?”

“You did buy me a meal,” you tease. You slap the counter. “I’d best head to work now. I’ll stop later.”

“What for?” Heck asks before you leave.

You look back and smile. “It’s a surprise.” You decide that, while at work, you’ll build up the nerve to ask them out. But which one?

Once your shift it over, you head back to Heck and Arrow. Heck is at the front desk, and he smirks as you walk in. “You weren’t joking.”

You smile. “Why would I?” You lean on the counter, having prepared for this by unbuttoning the first few buttons of your work shirt.

“What’s your surprise?” Heck asks.

“Is Cue here?” You tilt your head to the side. “I’d kind of like you both here.”

“I am.” Cue comes from the back room. “What is it?”

You take a deep breath to prepare yourself. “Okay so. I’ve never done this, especially not given the situation. You’re both really cute, and you’re friends, so it’s also a situation that could be awkward, so...”

“If you’re asking us out, that’s a lot of extra words,” Heck chuckles.

“Is that what she’s doing?” Cue teases.

Your cheeks burn. “Well, yes. But I don’t know which one to ask, or whether it would be wrong to date you both.”

“Heck and I are a package,” Cue smirks. “If you’d be into such an arrangement.”

Your heart pitter-patters like that was the most romantic thing ever said to you. “Both of you?” You almost drool at the thought. “Really?”

“We’re partners in everything,” Heck grins. “We love sharing.”

You're lost in a sea of fantasy. “Then… when would you both be free for a date?”

“We close in an hour. Why not meet us here then?” Cue asks.

“We’re lucky we have an extra steak we can grill for you.” Heck points up. “We have the grill set up on the roof.”

You smile and nod excitedly. “Okay! I’ll go home, get ready and rush on back!” You could practically skip, you’re so giddy. Two orcs for the price of a fall off a bench. Not too bad.

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User #17857248 - 24 Aug 20 19:33
Part 2???? You can't just tease my lonely ass like that 😅
Mail Outs: September 2020 (Hearthway Hollow Madness)
Mail Outs: September 2020 (Hearthway Hollow Madness) more_vert
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Mail Outs: September 2020 (Hearthway Hollow Madness) 2020-08-15T18:35:55+00:00close

For those of you who didn’t catch the last live stream, I already showed off what was coming in September. The theme is Hearthway Hollow! It’s all stickers this month.

Also! I forgot September will be my second anniversary here on Patreon, as such, I’m going to continue doing mailouts for everyone until October! So all my $10 will have two more months of constant mailouts! (Also the stamps help support the USPS so win win.)

$10 patrons will get three random stickers. $20 and up will get four. And $50 and up will get everything seen. Plus EVERYONE gets a mystery bonus!

This months features lots of artists!

Remi is by @oddacle (twitter)

Adam is by @spitchcraft (twitter)

Billy is by @chopshoppar (twitter)

& Rowan is by @thelizart (tumblr)

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August 22 Livestream 2020-08-15T14:31:06+00:00

Looks like the winners of the poll for the special live on Instagram are;

Love & War

Jian the Deaf Rakshasa

Kaio the Deertaur

Lerour the Paralangua &

Horvath the Giant

Now is the time to submit your questions about these stories! Pretty pretty please. We want lots of questions to answer coming the 22nd!

Orc Boyfriend: Lochan Part Two (complete) 2020-08-21T19:00:05+00:00

Summer is often far too hot for you, and it can make you sick or worse. Once the heat begins to bear down upon you like teeth, you’re sent further north to where your cousins have an estate. It’s cooler up there, thanks to the mountains and a massive orchard that casts shade over the entire grounds. In years prior, you had gone alone, but this time you insist that Lochan travel along with you. You feign concern over what’s happening in the rest of the world, and claim you desire someone you can trust to guard you on the trip. You knew it won’t take much, but you decide to play it up to make sure.

In the carriage you snuggle up to Lochan. Even in the heat, you still want to be close to him. His helmet is off, as well as his gloves, just so he can touch and see you better. His hair hangs down his chest in a braid. It’s gotten longer since you first braided it, and you’ve been reluctant to let him cut it because you love it so much.

“I can’t wait to get further north. The winds there know exactly when to blow, and the sun is much more forgiving.” You sit up, fanning yourself and dabbing your face with a handkerchief.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been up this way - not since I was a young man.” Lochan leans back in the seat. “I trained in the Polar, where I was considered a blessing.”

You wipe at the back of your neck. “Because everything is white there?” You smile up at him.

Lochan nods. “I could camouflage myself in the Polar. Back home, in the southern regions, I was considered a curse. Amazing how different parts of the world see the same thing and can think completely opposite things.”

“Then I much prefer the Polar.” You move close to him again, stroking your hand down his chest. “They must see what I see.”

Lochan smirks and dips his head down. Meeting his kiss, you take hold of his braid and wrap it around your hand. You tug him closer, kissing him harder. His hand pushes up your skirt, finding bare skin to touch. Lochan pulls away from you briefly, catching his breath as he tries to reclaim some of his senses. “We should wait, princess.”

You kiss his cheek and neck. “You sure?”

He nods. “This carriage is too cramped for me to do what you usually enjoy.”

You giggle and pull back. “It’s also too hot. I just find I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“I’m aware,” he teases.

Your cousin’s estate is surrounded by an endless expanse of dense trees filled with fruits. You can see laborers in the shadows, already busy with the harvest. Your cousins come and greet you excitedly, and you bask in their affection. If you weren’t heir, you’d live here year-round.

“My, my, what a big suitcase you’ve brought this time!” your cousin, Marie, remarks at Lochan.

“He’s my guard. We thought it would be best I travel with him as a companion this year.” you reply.

Marie chuckles. “I understand. We have more than enough here to take care of you both.” She glances at Lochan again. “Do you want him to have his own chambers, or will he be set up in yours?”

You clear your throat out of nervousness. “Well, I think it would be safer to...”

Marie clutches your arm and pulls you close. “No need to play pretend here, dear cousin. I myself have a guard in my room every night when I feel I need one.”

You glance her over. “What does Mikhail say?” You assumed Marie and Mikhail had a wonderful marriage. It stuns you to learn Marie ‘has a guard’ for herself.

“The guard is often for Mikhail,” she says with a smirk.

Your eyes widen slightly. “Oh!”

Marie smiles up at Lochan. “No need to act around us. The two of you are free to play here.”

Lochan grumbles under his helmet, but he doesn’t really say much. After you’re taken to your room, Marie sends someone to fetch you some cold water so you can rinse off.

“Were you aware of your family’s proclivities?” Lochan asks as he removes his helmet.

“I guess they considered me too young to be informed about their antics. It is a surprise, but it is a pleasant one.” You step closer and smile sweetly up at him. “Now that we’re here, it will feel good not having to hide.”

Lochan’s smile is soft. “I will get to sleep beside you all through the night.”

Your cheeks burn. Of course he had to go and turn it romantic. You nod, chomping down on your bottom lip. “I’ll get to brush your hair as much as I want.”

Lochan lowers himself to one knee before you. “We can’t forget things will have to go back to normal. We have to hold on to that.”

“I know.” You press a kiss onto his lips just as there is a knock at the door.

The cold water is delivered and poured into the tub. Once the staff leaves, Lochan strips naked and helps you remove your clothing. He bathes you, spilling the cold water down your skin. You sigh with relief, leaning against his back. “I feel so much better already.” You smile tranquilly.

Lochan’s fingertips trail down the side of your neck. “What would you like to do next, my princess?”

Your breathing quickens as your excitement builds. “Touch me,” you whisper.

His hands smooth down your sides and wrap around. He gently squeezes your waist before moving up to cup your breasts in his large palms. His lips come down on your neck, causing you to whimper needily. His fingers rub against your nipples, grazing them until they become rigid when he then pinches them. You throw your head back against his shoulder, biting your lip while the heat grows inside you.

“What next?” he growls against your ear.

Behind you, you can feel his cock throbbing, growing harder by the minute. “Get out of the tub,” you pant. “And go sit in that chair.”

He looks confused, but does as you ask. You gaze at him while he sits - pearly pink skin, blue veins close to the surface, dense white curls from his chest to the base of his cock. He’s too beautiful for words. You kneel between his legs, taking his cock into your hand. “Sit still,” you murmur. “And let me hear your voice.” You kiss the glans, slowly, softly, taking your time. You swirl your tongue around it, then kiss along the side.

Lochan pants, his face turning pinker by the second. His long hair, free from the braid, is like loose strands of gossamer all around his face and shoulders. How can he be that beautiful? Those bright pink eyes gaze down at you with need inside them. You kiss his scrotum, taking it into your mouth. You turn your eyes to the tight pucker between his cheeks. Licking your finger, you gently prod him there.

Lochan jerks and moans out loud. “Princess, what are you doing?”

You kiss the base of his cock. “Do you not like it? I can stop.”

Lochan clears his throat. “No, it’s just… just a surprise.” He takes three very slow, deep breaths. “Whatever made you think of something like that?”

You prod him there a little more. His cock throbs and stiffens, as do his muscular haunches. You smirk with pride, kissing up his shaft again. “You play with mine sometimes. Granted, my fingers are nowhere near as thick as yours.” You reach down, touching your dripping mound so your fingers become slick, then return to his tight bud, using your own natural nectar to easily slip a finger inside.

“Fuck!” Lochan tosses his head back and moans out loud.

You take his cock into your mouth as deeply as you can, letting his own eager thrusts do the work. You add a second finger, plunging it inside Lochan. Before you can prepare for it, he gushes down your throat. You cough, pulling away as his semen splatters on your face and chest.

“I’m sorry, princess… I didn’t… It was too...” He pants heavily, a slight glint of sweat on his brow.

You smile with pride, still coughing slightly. “I’m glad you liked it.”

Lochan smiles shyly. “I’ll take care of you, promise.” He pulls you into his lap and rubs your overflowing lips gently. His fingers slip in easily, and you tighten around them. He has such skilled fingers that he makes you come twice before showing any mercy.

That evening, as you have dinner with Marie and Mikhail, you’re flushed and satisfied from your adventures with Lochan that afternoon. Marie presents a gift to you - a small chest wrapped with a silk ribbon. “I have a gift for you, dear cousin. Now that you have that strapping guard of yours, I thought you might enjoy this during your stay. Mikhail and I have one as well.”

You arch your brow at her. “Marie, is this something perverse.”

Marie giggles while Mikhail raises his glass.

“Keeping a guard sometimes means more than your own needs. A guard needs to know they are appreciated too.” Mikhail gives you a wink.

You remove the ribbon and place it in your pocket, thinking how pretty it would look in Lochan’s hair. As you open the chest you see a bottle of massage oil, a leather paddle, a string of thick glass beads. Then, the centerpiece - a thick, long tube of rose quartz carved to resemble a phallus. “My, my, my,” you murmur. “This certainly is an event in a box.”

“There’s a harness as well. Mikhail and I make use of it often,” Marie says with an excited smile.

You furrow your brow. “Lochan already has a cock.”

“But you don’t,” Mikhail laughs.

“Why would I need… oh!” You think about earlier that day, and how hard Lochan had come from just your fingers, and bite your lip to keep from grinning. “Thank you for the gift.” You close the lid of the chest. “I will see what use comes of it.”

You set the chest in your room, pushing it under the bed. Lochan returns later, having had a meal in the kitchen and toured other parts of the mansion. You strip naked and kick your dress away. “My cousins are much more devious than I assumed.”

Lochan removes his helmet. “What did they do tonight?”

“Filled my head with ideas, and my stomach full of brie and wine.” You smile up at him. “I feel too full to do anything but sleep tonight.” You fall down dramatically on the bed and pose.

Lochan chuckles as he removes his clothing. “After this afternoon, I would be surprised I had anything left inside me.” He crawls into bed, pressing his bare skin against yours. “I’ve never come so much before.”

You relax against him, stroking your hand up and down his arms as they wrap around you. “You enjoyed it so much, I was quite surprised. And not just because I nearly choked.”

Lochan’s lips press against your shoulder, and the brush of his tusks against your skin makes you moan in pleasure. “I’m just sorry it wasn’t inside you,” he murmurs.

“You’ve been thinking about that all day, haven’t you?” you tease. You roll onto your back so you can look up at him. “A load like that for sure would have me with child.”

“I would have licked it out before it took root,” he chuckles.

You smile softly up at him. “What if I came inside you?”

His brow furrows. “What a treat it would be. But how on earth would you accomplish such a feat?”

You kiss his neck and chest. “You liked my fingers, but would you like my cock?”

Lochan shivers. “Don’t tease me so much.”

You bite his shoulder. “Come on, tell me.”

“You know I’ve had male lovers, when I was in training,” he whispers. “But I would prefer your cock over all of theirs.”

You sit up and kiss him. “I have something to show you, then.”

You take the chest out from under the bed, open it and present it to him. As he gazes over the contents, you take out the oil. “Let me give you a massage, my love.”

Lochan’s dreamy eyes gaze back at you. “That sounds nice.” He kisses you, wrapping his arms tight about you. “Don’t worry about being gentle.”

“Lie down.” You watch as he lies on his stomach. You straddle his hips, pour the oil down his back and massage it in, kneading down his spine and then back up. He has so many scars, some fresh and some faded pale pink from the years. Your lower your hands, digging into his lower back, his hips, his firm ass. Lochan grunts and he buries his face further into the pillow.

You squeeze his buttocks, then press your fingers against his tight anus, easing one finger inside. His moans grow more pronounced, even through the dense pillow. You grind yourself against his thigh, growing excited, then step off the bed and put on the harness. There is a metal loop where the dildo fits through, and its wide base secures it in place. Lochan looks up to see, and his eyes go wide. “Wow,” he whispers.

You rub oil into the dildo. “What would you like next?”

Lochan moves himself so he’s positioned off the bed. He lies on his stomach, then looks into the mirror across the room. “Like this.”

You see yourself in the mirror, standing over this powerful Orc. More of your nectar dribbles down your thigh. You take his arms and bind his wrists with the silk ribbon. “You just tell me if it becomes too much, okay? I’ll stop whenever you want.”

He thrusts his hips out further. “Thank you.”

You slip the dildo between his cheeks, rubbing it against his scrotum and then aiming towards his anus. You prod there, wondering if such a thing will fit. You start to press in, going slowly, watching him open to take it.

Lochan cries out, watching you in the mirror. You sink your fingers into his rear, watching as the dildo disappears inside him. You breathe, holding still. Then you lock eyes with him in the mirror and you begin to move. It takes you a moment to understand how to thrust. You’ve never done this before, but you so want to pleasure Lochan. You grind inside him before pulling out, shoving back in deep. His cries fill the room, and you continue to grow wetter and wetter.

“Stop!” Lochan suddenly cries out.

You pull away, breathless with sweat dripping down your back. “What’s wrong?” You untie the silk ribbon from around his wrists.

Lochan takes a moment to breathe. He eventually rolls over, his cock achingly hard. “Your turn.”

Your heart skips a beat. Lochan takes the harness from your hips and picks you up, setting you in his lap. He kisses your neck and shoulder, gently dragging his tusks down your skin. “You’re so wet,” he moans as he sinks his fingers inside you.

“I had fun,” you moan. “Didn’t you?”

He growls deeply. “I did. But I wanted to finish with you.” He kisses you as he moves you into place. His cock slips in easily, striking your cervix. You moan against his mouth and pull on his braid. “I want us to come together,” he murmurs. “To feel each other vibrate.” He grabs your hips and moves you up and down.

You wrap your arms around his neck and press your forehead against his shoulder. “Lochan,” you whimper.

“Yes, I know,” he growls. “Just a little more.” He moves you harder, faster. Your body shakes as he thrusts you down upon him. His breathing becomes gasps and grunts, but so does yours. You pull his braid and tense, then relax and melt, twitching slightly as the heat radiates through your body. Lochan sighs, stroking your back as his seed drips out of you.

He lays you down on the bed and lifts your hips, licking your clean and making you whimper with aftershocks. You melt onto the bed, panting. “Drink this.” Lochan offers you water, which you gulp down. He finishes off the glass and sets it aside.

“How do you feel?” you ask.

“Amazing.” He snuggles up beside you. “I’m sure I’ll be a little sore in the morning, but it is nothing I am unfamiliar with.”

You press against his chest. “Was I okay?”

“You did great. I loved every moment.” He kisses your temple and cheek. “I’ll have to thank you family personally for the lovely gift.”

You run your fingers through his hair, then cup his cheek. “I love you. All I want to do is make you happy.”

His eyes become dreamy and soft. He smiles, nuzzling into your palm. “You do make me happy. Happier than I have even been. I love you too, and I would do anything for you.”

As summer progresses, you receive more alarming news about battles in the south. Your father says that he wants you to stay with your cousins, as their estate will be safer for you than back home at the palace.

The leaves on the trees begin to change. Usually this would signify your return home, but not this time. It’s been a while since you heard from your father, and you grow more and more worried each day.

“No matter what happens, you belong here,” Marie tells you. “We’ll keep you safe.”

That isn’t what you’re worried about. No word from your father makes you fear the worst. You grow so worried you begin to grow ill. You get nauseous for long periods of time, especially when you first wake.

Finally, one day, you receive a letter. Your kingdom has been usurped, and your father has fled to Czarina Milain the Polar. He has asked you to come as well, as long as you feel safe. Locha decides to travel there to meet with your father, as well as his men who still survive. He promises to come for you should you need him.

You continue to have vicious bouts of nausea, but they aren’t as terrible as they were a month ago. Your nerves feel better, but there is still something gnawing away at you that you can’t shake.

“I would suggest you go now before your condition worsens,” Marie suggests.

You arch a brow at her. “My nerves are fine after the letter. I think everything will be alright.”

“No, I mean...” Marie screws her lips into a tight line. “I think you should consider your symptoms a little more closely.”

You frown, but then it strikes you like a slap to the face. You shake your head. “You don’t think that I am...with Lochan?”

Marie nods. “I’ll call for the doctor. If it turns out you are indeed ‘with Lochan’, we’ll prepare to get you to the Polar as soon as possible.”

The doctor confirms Marie’s suspicions. You are pregnant with Lochan’s child.

Marie and Mikhail immediately send you to the Polar. There you will be better guarded, and it is best for you to travel now before the pregnancy progresses. Once you arrive, you’re greeted by Czarina Mila and her brother Nicolai. “Welcome. You may not have your titles anymore, but here you will be one of my own.” Mila kisses both of your cheeks. “You will be safe, I promise.”

“Thank you. I appreciate what you’ve done for us.”

“Any enemy to Sanguis is an enemy of mine,” she says with a smirk. “Besides, I should be thanking you. Lord Lochan has been a blessing to us since he arrived.”

You touch your belly out of reflex. “Is he okay? Where is he?”

Mila eyes you suspiciously. “He’s fine. In fact, better than fine. Considering he and my mother have the same blessing, I felt it only natural to make him one of my generals.”

You’re stunned by this news, but happy as well. “He’s a general?”

Mila smiles. “Perhaps my best.”

She takes you inside, and after meeting with your father, you’re taken to a room to rest. You remove your coat and you can see how pronounced your belly has become. The door opens, and you turn to see Lochan come in. He’s dressed in Polar military regalia, and you have never seen him more beautiful.

“I’m so happy to see you!” He rushes upon you and lifts you up. “I’ve been so worried!”

“Look at you!” you gasp. “A general!”

He grins and kisses you all over. “That doesn’t matter. I would have left it all had you sent for me.” As he sets you down he notices your swelling. His brow furrows. “My princess...”

You shake your head. “Not a princess anymore.” You take his hand and place it over your belly. “But I will be a mother shortly.”

Lochan bows before you, resting his head on your stomach. “A wife as well,” he whispers. “My love, I would have appreciated a warning!” He weeps with joy.

You kiss the top of his head and gently stroke his braid. “I wasn’t sure what to say.”

Mila marries you quickly, giving a short wedding in the royal cathedral. You don’t need anything special - it is a miracle in itself that you are able to marry Lochan at all. Now that he is a royal general, he is above your current station.

Your baby comes in the middle of a calm night. His cries are soft, not the powerful wails you had expected. He looks just like his father, with pink eyes, soft white hair, and pearly skin, with a wine-red birthmark on the backs of his hands and fingertips.

“He’s beautiful,” Lochan murmurs with tears in his eyes.

You smile dreamily. “What will you call him?”

“Findlay,” he murmurs. He looks over his son with a gentle expression. “Because one day, they will call him hero.”

Findlay whimpers, then settles back to sleep.

“Do you see that?” you ask.

“What else could this blessing be?” Lochan smiles. “And I have a feeling we will need many heroes in our future.”

You rest against Lochan and place your hand on Findlay. “He has a hero for a father. So he’s already halfway there.”

Werewolf Boyfriend: Dominic (complete) 2020-08-20T19:00:04+00:00

A few years ago, your sister, Marie, moved to Hearthway Hollow for a job. It was supposed to be a temporary assignment to renovate part of the elementary school, but she ended up staying.

She also met someone, which was really a surprise to you. Her wedding is coming up, and she invited you to stay with her and her fiance during the event. You know she’s trying to get you to move closer. The two of you were always close, and you have to admit, being so far apart now is getting to you. You have no plan of moving to Hearthway Hollow, but visiting sounds nice.

Part of your wedding gift is to help your sister plan the wedding. Your regular job is an event coordinator, but this will be the first wedding to not actually take place at one of the events you plan. Most of what you do is conventions. You’ve always been a comic fan yourself, so it’s a joy to bring the big gatherings to life and see them through.

Your sister and her fiance Ava pick you up from the airport, and the drive to Hearthway Hollow is breathtaking, the road surrounded on all sides by tall trees and lush greenery. It feels like you’re traveling into another world.

Ava is the school nurse, and she met your sister while she was working on the renovation. Ava is tall and androgynous, and apparently does weightlifting. She towers over your petite sister, but the two act so adorable together that it makes for quite the contrast.

“We’ve got a room all set up for you. Marie was very particular on the bed we picked out,” Ava smirks playfully.

“She’s going to be here a while, and I wasn’t going to just let her sleep on that awful pull-out sofa the entire time.” Marie’s eyes coffee colored eyes dart back to you through the rearview mirror. “Doing alright back there?”

“I’m enjoying the view,” you reply. “I keep thinking this is how fairy tales start out.”

Ava snickers from the driver’s seat. “Aren’t those usually warnings? Did you remember to leave your trail of breadcrumbs?”

“Don’t tease, the witches here don’t eat people.” Marie winks at you.

As you come into town you’re greeted by old buildings that look straight out of an old TV show. There’s a tool shop, a café, and a bright neon sign advertising authentic Chinese food.

“You weren’t joking when you said this place was designed to charm,” you remark.

“Isn’t it cute? But this is just downtown. The rest of the area is more modern. Most downtowns are designed to be a tourist attraction these days, anyway.” Marie looks out the window as the car goes down a winding road. The paved road is really only big enough for one car, and to one side there is a massive drop.

Ava finally turns onto a dirt road leading to the little yellow house you recognize from photos. “If you need to, you can use my old car to get around.” Ava motioned to an old green pickup truck in the driveway. “I’ll get you the keys.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate that.” You move to get your things from the trunk, but Ava is already hefting them out, her arms flexing to show off muscle.

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Marie grabs your hand and leads you around the house. Since moving to Hearthway Hollow, she’s been working part-time for homeowners until she can start her own renovation company here. In the meantime, she’s been enjoying gardening and building a deck onto the house. “Over here, I’m getting ready to put in some fencing to raise goats. Ava’s friend Beau runs a farm, and one of his goats is about to have kids, so I’ve already offered to take some in.” She looks positively buzzy about it.

“This yard is huge. How much property does Ava have?” you ask.

“She’s a Locklear,” she replies. “They’re basically the founders of this town, so they have lots of land. But Ava and her siblings share plots on their family’s fifty acres.”

“Oh, wow, must be nice. Compared to growing up in an apartment, anyway,” you murmur.

“It’s so different from what we’re used to. I have to admit, getting used to the forest being right at my window was a shock when I first got here. Especially since this place is technically a wolf reserve.”

Your eyes almost pop out of your head. “There are wolves here?”

“Lions, tigers, and bears too.” She says this in such a way that you can’t tell if she’s joking. “Seriously, there are bears here. We’re in the woods, there’s all sorts of animals out there.”

“At least comfort me by telling me there is a comic shop around here. Or at least a bookstore.”

“There’s Nanette's Books, which is pretty amazing. There’s the Hollow Campus, which is near the college, lots of indie stuff. Then there’s The Puppy Nook, which is part toys, part hobby, part comics and the like. It’s your kind of place.”

You sigh with relief. You’re having your mail forwarded, but your weekly trips to your favorite comic shop are your favorite way to unwind. “Usually small towns like this don’t have anything for people under thirty.”

“The college helps,” Marie says with a shrug.

After getting a proper tour of the house, Ava heads out to pick up dinner, and you and Marie lie on the bed and catch up. It’s so much nicer talking in person than on the phone, and you go over stories you’ve already shared. The next day, Ava heads to work, and Marie has a job repairing the railing at a house. You’ve decided to start going through details for the wedding. Already Ava and Marie have some ideas for you - clippings from magazines, a Pinterest board, and some scribbled ideas from Marie’s dream journal.

You take a break and go outside to enjoy some tea while going over the local business in Hearthway Hollow. As you walk across the yard, you get the strange feeling you’re being watched. The hairs at the back of your neck prickle, and you recall that wolves live in these woods. You fear moving, but you have to look up. When you do, you see a goat in the yard. He’s huge and demonic and has a big red bow around his neck.

“Hi, Satan,” you breathe.

The goat looks at you and bleats loudly before trotting around the yard. You notice he has a collar, but you don’t trust it, so you call your sister.

“Oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you, that’s Remi,” she laughs. “He’s the father of the goats we’ll be adopting.”

“Remi? I called him Satan.”

“He’s cute! He belongs to Beau at the big farm. If you take Remi yourself, Beau will load you up with farm goodies as thanks.”

You look back at Remi in the garden. “I fear if I touch him I’ll be sent to hell.”

“He looks frightening, but he’s precious, I swear. As long as you aren’t an asshole he’ll like you. He can sense that.”

You turn and see Remi is now much closer, staring at you. “Where is this farm?”

To your surprise, Remi willingly gets into the back of the pickup truck with you. Taking the directions Marie gave, you head out to the farm. Ava’s old truck makes all sorts of racket, but at first you don’t think twice about it. Fortunately, when you come out to the main road you see signs for the farm. Unfortunately, the truck kicks and sputters, slowing to a crawl. You pull over on the side of the road as the truck makes a horrible grinding noise.

“This isn’t good,” you sigh.

You search the truck for some signs of a mechanic, hoping Ava has a business card. Eventually, you find one tucked into the car visor and give it a call.

“I’ll send Dom out to pick you up.”

“I have a goat in the back of my truck... I don’t know if that changes anything.” You’ve given Remi the contents of your water bottle, since it’s rather warm out.

“Ah, you have Remi!”

How does everyone know about this goat? you ask yourself.

“I’ll make sure Dom gets the proper truck for that. Give him about fifteen minutes.”

You get back into the truck, expecting a much longer wait time than that. Luckily, fortune smiles on you, and the tow truck arrives much sooner than you expected. You get out to greet Dom as he steps out of the tow truck. He’s quite tall, with long, shaggy hair falling over his face and tattoos covering both his arms.

“Oh, hey, Remi.” He immediately approaches the truck bed and starts lavishing affection on the goat. “It’s been a while!”

Remi happily receives the pets and scratches, nuzzling his head into Dom’s huge hands. “I’ll get you fixed up in just a moment,” Dom chuckles.

“I was mainly just trying to get him back where he came from,” you reply. “If we could take him home first, I’d appreciate that.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Dom turns, brushing his hair out of his face. His jaw is scruffy, and he has thick eyebrows. But it’s eyes that catch you - they’re such a pale, bright blue, they almost seem to glow in the daylight. “I’m Dominic, by the way.”

“Yes,” you say in a strangled voice. You quickly clear your throat. “Hi! Um, I’m new here.” You’re not sure why you said that. Something about him is causing your heart to race and your mind to turn to static.

“Okay,” he says with a shrug. He takes Remi and situates him in the back seat of the tow truck. As you drive off, you lapse into quiet. The radio is fuzzy, but you can make out the lyrics to ‘Your Song’. You fidget with your hands and chew on your lip. Dom is silent for a long while, which only adds to his allure.

“Where are you staying?” he suddenly asks. “So I can take you home after this.”

You don’t know the address. “I’m staying with Ava Locklear,” you reply. “Well, her and my sister. They’re getting married, so I came up to help them plan the wedding.”

“I know Ava,” he says. “We grew up together. Her grandmother raised me. I was wondering why you had her truck.”

“Okay, great then!” you say. Then everything goes silent again.

Eventually you pull up to the farm, where a giant of a man comes out with a toddler at his heel. The baby happily greets the monstrous goat, who lovingly circles around him. The man - Beau, it turns out - loads you up with blackberries, collards, and bell peppers to take home as thanks for bringing Remi back.

On the way back, you glance over the bounty in the back seat. “This may sound stupid,” you say quietly. “But what are collards?”

Dom chuckles. “You’ve never had them before?”

You shake your head. “Is it like kale? It looks kind of like flat kale.”

“It’s Southern, very Southern,” he laughs. “Mama Locklear used to have it in the crockpot all day with bacon or ham. She’d pour vinegar over it. But I’m sure there are fancy ways to prepare it that you can find on the internet.”

“Is it good?” you ask.

Dom grins. “If you can cook it right, it’s fantastic.”

He takes you back to Ava’s house, and you give him the key to the green pickup truck. “I’ll call Ava,” he says. “Just to make sure of things, but hopefully I can have it fixed in a day or two.”

“What do I owe for the tow?” you ask. “I can pay for it right now.”

“I don’t have the paperwork or anything. Just come down to the garage when you get a chance.” He hops back into his truck. “Until then.” He drives off.

That evening, Ava teaches you how to cook collard greens from her great-aunt’s recipe. You leave them in the crockpot all night, and while they make the kitchen smell like cabbage farts, Ava assures you they’ll be amazing. “Take some to Dom as thanks,” she suggests. “He’ll love it.”

The next day you go to the garage to pay for the tow. When you do, you see Dom come out from under the hood of the truck. He’s wearing a headband to keep his hair away from his face, and he’s sweated through his t-shirt. “New girl,” he says. He wipes his face with his shirt, giving you a peek at his chest and stomach.

You nervously hold out the container of collards. “Here. I tried.”

He takes them and nods. “Thanks.” He grows very quiet.

You clear your throat. “How much for the tow?”

“Oh, right.” He moves over to the work table and picks up a clipboard. “Um...” he shifts through the papers, then drops the clipboard. He quickly goes to pick it up, but hits his head against the work table as he does.

“Are you alright?” you gasp.

“No.” The grimace on his face says everything. He rubs the sore spot on his head, then hands you the clipboard. “Take that.”

“That sounds like it hurt.”

“It did,” he grumps.

You look down at the clipboard. “Should I take this to the front? I can tell them you need a bag of ice.”

“I don’t need a bag of ice.” He rubs the top of his head, then down his neck. “I’ll be fine. I just feel stupid.”


He looks up at you. “Never mind.” He stands again. “Yeah, just take that to the front office and you can square things away. Thanks for the collards.”

Over the next few days, you notice something strange happening. Each morning when you wake up, you find something left on the porch. It’s odd enough to raise an eyebrow, like bottles of fancy vinegar, or a wrapped country ham.

One morning, when you can’t sleep, you decide to get some tea and relax on the porch in the cool air. When you open the door though, you see something strange. It’s a large, hairy animal, and when it looks up you see bright blue eyes. The wolf turns to run, but slams its head into the gate post and barks out a curse.

A wolf using profanity?

You drop the mug of tea in your hand and it hits the ground, shattering and splashing steaming liquid everywhere. “What’s going on?” Ava calls from inside.

A moment later, Ava is walking out, and your sister is behind you. “Oh, shit, you’re bleeding,” Ava huffs.

“Make her go inside,” the wolf whispers.

Marie tugs your hand. “Come on. It’s okay. Let Ava handle this.”

“No!” you yelp. “What the hell is that? What’s going on?”

Marie gives you a very pointed look. “Come inside, right now. It’s time we tell you everything.”

Marie tells you the secret of Hearthway Hollow - how it is indeed a sanctuary for wolves, but not the wolves you’re used to. It’s a safe haven for werewolves who wish to live their lives normally. She tells you of their ways, especially the courtship ritual.

As she’s going over this with you, Ava walks in with Dom. His nose is bleeding heavily, and he won’t look at you. “Is he okay?” you ask quietly.

Ava smiles. “His pride is hurt more than anything. Stay here, I’m going to help get him cleaned up.”

You watch as she leads him away, and suddenly your jaw drops. “Ava?”

Marie nods. “She’s a werewolf, many people you’ve met here are. But they’re harmless, and they’re wonderful. And yes, the courtship can be a little tricky and weird to people. But at least he didn’t leave a dead deer for you.”

“They leave dead animals?”

Marie nods. “It shows that they can hunt and provide.”

Ava steps out from the hall. “He’s pouting a bit.” She sits down at the table. “You okay?”

“I’m not sure,” you say breathlessly. “This is all a bit weird.” You glance down the hall and can see the bathroom light is on. “I didn’t think Dom liked me. He always seemed standoffish to me.”

“He’s shy,” Ava replies. “Always has been. He’s the sweetest thing on this earth, but he’s like a timid bunny rabbit. He gets scared and hops too hard and ends up hurting himself.”

You remember that the few times you’ve met, he always found a way to accidentally hurt himself. “Oh. Maybe I should talk to him?” You’re not sure what to make of this. Werewolves have always been your favorite monster. But knowing they’re real and not just pieces of fiction, you aren’t sure how to react.

You find Dom in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub with his shirt balled up under his nose. “You okay?”

He looks up at you with those amazing blue eyes. “No, but I’m fine.”

You smile shyly at him. “So… I know what’s going on.” You scratch at your arm. “If you’d like, we can talk about it.”

He huffs. “I’m not good at talking.”

You close the lid of the toilet and sit down. “It’s still new to me, and I don’t know what to think - werewolves and all that.” You chew your lip for a moment. “But if it helps, I do like you. You’re very cute.”

He looks up again.

“If you aren’t up for talking, maybe we could go see a movie.” You smile shyly. “Maybe, after a while, you’d feel more comfortable talking.”

Dom nods. “That sounds nice.”

It takes a while, but after a few dates, Dom eventually stops hurting himself around you. He jumps less, bumps into things less. He even tells you about how Mrs. Locklear took him in when he was little. You tell him about your job, and he asks you all sorts of questions. He begins to wear his hair back more, letting you see his handsome face. The more time you spend together, the more he opens up to you.

After a few weeks, you have your first kiss. His stubbled jaw is rough against your skin, but the way his large hands touch you makes you feel soft and malleable all over. The kiss is short, but Dom is still quite shy. It takes a few more kisses for him to open up further.

One evening, you’re alone at his place watching a movie and eating take out when he turns to you. “I want to show you something.”

“What’s that?” You lick sauce from your fingers.

Dom swallows and he takes your hand. “I want to shift for you, show you who I am.” Those beautiful eyes of his melt your heart.

“I thought werewolves only changed on full moons.”

He chuckles. “That’s a legend.” He takes your hand and leads you outside. He has you sit down in a wicker chair on the porch, then goes out into the yard. Stripping off his shirt, he begins to grow dark, black fur. His body contorts, jerking and making popping sounds. You watch as he shifts, growing larger and changing into the werewolf you saw that night.

Dom stands there, looking like a timid puppy. “Well,” he grunts. “This is me.” He places his large paws on his chest. “The final part of the courtship ritual is me showing myself to you, scenting you, and asking for permission.”

You bite your lip, unable to ignore how much you actually like it. “Permission for what?”

Dom comes back to you, kneeling before the chair. “To become your mate.”

You grin nervously and giggle. “Well...” You nod. “I would very much like to… mate.” You burst into giggles again. “Sorry! I don’t mean to laugh! I’m excited and nervous and...” You snicker some more.

Dom smiles, kissing your cheek and rubbing his face against yours. You place your hands on his chest and run them up to his face. His fur is soft, but his eyes are even better. You kiss him, feeling sharp teeth but not fearing them at all. Dom licks your neck and gently bites before burying his face there. His hands move up your body, squeezing your soft waist and gently nudging away your shirt.

“Is it really okay?” he asks again.

You gulp and nod. “Yes, of course. I really want this, especially with you.” You look into his eyes. “I’m falling for you.”

Dom kisses you again, moving his hands under your rear and bringing you towards the edge of the wicker chair. He tugs down your leggings and panties, then kisses down your chest and abdomen. He nuzzles your thighs, then looks up at you again for permission.

Your face is burning hot. No one has ever done this for you before. “You sure? Out here?”

“Usually I would take you into the woods.” His laugh is also nervous. “I thought here we’d both feel a little better.” His strong hands open your thighs. He kisses your mound and his tongue darts over your skin.

You take a shaky breath, throwing your head back. You run your fingers through his thick fur, rubbing behind his ears as his tongue touches your vulva. It’s hot and wet, burrowing between your folds. He growls against you as he licks. His trembling hands become more sure as they knead into your hips.

He rises again, licking his chops and breathing deeply as he picks you up and lays you on the grass. It’s cold against your back, but every inch of you is burning hot. He kisses you again, stripping away your shirt and bra before kissing your bare breasts. His warm body covers yours, and his erection pokes against your thigh.

A cold breeze washes over your skin, and you wrap your arms around Dom. He moves slowly, gently, taking his time. Once inside, he starts to tremble again, and he moans into your ear as he pushes himself deeper. Your thighs tighten around him and you let out a groan. His body tenses, and when he thrusts you cry out briefly.

“Don’t be quiet.” he whispers. “I want to hear more of your voice.”

You cling to his back. “Go harder.”

He moans and shudders. He thrusts his hips, dipping deep inside and then pulling all the way out. With a hard thrust he pushes back in all at once. You moan for him. You sing. You don’t let yourself go quiet for a moment.

His howl fills you senses and the heat rushing through you courses through every vein and fiber of your being. You curl up and twist, gasping for air as the wave finally settles.

You wake in bed, snuggled up to Dom’s tattooed chest. His shaggy hair hangs over his sleeping face, but he is still, adorably himself. You kiss his chest and neck, and he begins to stir. He chuckles, meeting your lips.

“So, am I a werewolf now, too?” you ask.

“No, it’s not like that.” He pushes his hair away from his face. “You’re my mate now, so you’ve got something even better.”

“That was fun,” you whisper. “You were wonderful.”

He starts to lift his hand and accidentally slaps his alarm clock off the side table. “Sorry.” He drops his arm again.

You sit up and kiss him. “Why do I make you so nervous? Aren’t you the monster?”

He smiles shyly. “I like you so much. I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it.” He cups your cheek in his hand. “You’re amazing.”

You smile down at him and cuddle back up to his side. “So are you. Nerves and all.”

Tiefling Boyfriend: Mercutio Part Eight (complete) 2020-08-19T21:00:02+00:00

Lena is gone, August is gone, Lynk is away, and I am still here. I know I am the cause of all these absences, so beating myself up is easier. I don’t have a family, but by all accounts they were as close as I would ever come to such a thing.

I work, but it’s nothing like it used to be. If anything I’m even crueler. I’m harsh on the courtiers who work under me. I don’t have August to cushion me and make me sweet, I don’t have Lena to keep me in line, and I don’t have Lynk to bounce ideas off of.

I don’t regret sending them away, or at least allowing them to go. August is doing what’s right, something I don’t think I’ve ever done. Lena is taking care of Valentine and the forthcoming baby, something I could never do. Lynk is busy preparing for said baby, keeping him away for long stretches of time. I will be fine. One day it will all be worth it.

There comes an evening, though, when ‘fine’ might no longer be okay. I am sitting alone in my chambers and reading over the diary that August left for me, daydreaming of the day we can be together again, when I feel a chill at the back of my neck. I look up, seeing the flames in the fireplace wither. As I sit alert in my seat, a smooth hand wraps around my throat.

“My dear boy,” Fierna whispers to me. “I think we need to talk.”

I stiffen, setting the diary between my thigh and the arm of my chair. “It has been awhile. Why come now, of all times?”

Fierna’s hand tightens around my throat, choking me and forcing my head back against the chair. I look up at her, gazing into those ferocious things she calls eyes. She sneers at me, lip curled and eyebrow arched into a fine point.

“You are my son, so I expect some youthful rebellion.” Her sharp fingers dig into my flesh, causing a warm rush of blood down my neck to stain the white collar of my shirt. “But it has gotten to a point where I can no longer ignore the warning signs.” Keeping her hand on me, she walks around the chair. “You do remember why you are here, correct?” She presses the heel of her palm into my throat, and it feels as though I might throw up. “You belong to me, my son. You are here because of me.”

I wrap my hand around her wrist, and her skin feels lava-hot.

Her eyes look down at my fingers, and then back at me. “I know what you are doing, so this is a warning to you.” More blood stains my shirt. “Stop this right now. Stop sowing your attempts at discord. Stop placing yourself on a pedestal that does not exist. You will live a lot longer.” She grins at me. “You’re lucky to be alive at all right now.”

My grip tightens. If Lena were here, I am sure she would find a way to soothe the tension, to tell me I was going crazy and I needed to let go. If August were here, I would protect him, and I would do anything to save him. If Lynk were here, he would have wine to distract her.

But none of them are here.

I push back, forcing Fierna against the fireplace. Her head cracks against the stone and she screams at me, lunging and forcing her hands back around my throat. I kick her in the stomach, and fire starts to flicker from my fingertips and palms. She looks up at me, chuckling as she wipes the corner of her mouth. “Do you honestly think you can take me, child? Who the hell do you think you are?”

I throw fire at her, and it catches on the tapestry. She surges through the flames, coming at me with her own blaze. I dodge her, and her fire goes up the ropes to the canopy of the bed. The room has become a tinderbox, but I don’t care. Someone is leaving this room dead, and it won’t be me.

Fierna finally has me in a corner, and fire licks all around us. I can feel the smoke in my lungs, and every part of me burns. My nails have dug gashes into her arms and face, but I am growing weaker by the moment. The human in me is giving up.

“You’re not enough,” Fierna cackles. “That is why I kept you close.” She spits on my face. “Just let go. I can find another one like you.”

My vision is starting to blur when I see a blade against her throat. It slices across, and Fierna’s expression turns to shock and fear. She doesn’t seem to feel her blood spill black on me. Her body is tossed into the flames, and standing over me is someone with dark lip stain.

“Get up!” Lynk grabs me, pulling me into his arms.

I am breathless and weak as he hefts me over his shoulder. “What are you doing here?”

“Saving your ass.” Lynk carries me from the burning room. “Lena said I should check on you.” He takes me outside, and I can see the flames shooting from what was once my room. The castle will be safe, thankfully. But my room will burn until morning.

“Lena?” I wheeze.

Lynk looks over my wounds and frowns. “You really gave her a fight, didn’t you?”

“Where’s Lena?”

“Hey, shut up.” Lynk scolds me. “I’m taking you home with me to heal.”

I feel as though if I stop talking, something awful will happen. “What’d you do?” I cough. “How’d you stop her?”

Lynk presses a kiss to my forehead, it’s soft and comforting, helping to ease my shaken mind. “I’m here to take care of you, alright? We’ll get this settled in the morning.”

Already the flames in my room are dying down, and water is pouring through the window. I cling to Lynk, holding tightly as he carries me to safety.

When I wake again, I am bandaged from head to toe. My hair has been sheared off after being singed. I look around the room and see Lynk sitting at his desk. He turns as if sensing me and smiles. “Hey, killer.”

“Is she really dead?” I hold my hand up to him. “Is she gone?”

Lynk takes my hand as he sits down beside me. “Lena gave me the dagger that was intended for you the night you were attacked. The poison in it should have finished what you started.”

I grip his hand as tightly as I can. “I couldn’t take it anymore, Lynk.”

“I know.” He pets the top of my head, and his touch feels so different without all of my hair. “I’m surprised you lasted this long.”

“Without Lena without August...” I start to shake all over.

Lynk presses his forehead to mine and chuckles. “Hey, shut up.” He gives me a soft kiss on the lips. “It’s going to be okay. With Fierna gone, it’s all yours.”

“How?” I whimper.

“You killed her, that’s how.” Lynk kisses me again, easing me back to relaxing on his bed. “Now rest and recuperate. I’ll handle things for now.”

As her only blood, everything she had is passed on to me. Her castle, her wealth, everything. Due to the fire, a lot of the staff fled the palace, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Once I return, Lynk takes me to Fierna’s throne room. I walk slowly across the black floor to the throne. I stroke the arms of the chair and look down at the bloodred seat. I sit down on it and my forehead begins to ache. I touch the base of my horns and realize they are growing.

Lynk approaches the throne and bows before me. “What is your first decree, my lord?”

I take in a deep breath. “I want a drink before I start decreeing shit.”

“I expect nothing less.” His laugh fills the otherwise dark and dismal chamber.

“And open some curtains,” I scoff. “I plan to decorate as well. With Fierna gone, I want no traces of her remaining.”

“I’ll see to that as well.”

I shake my head. “No.” I walk to the window, pulling open the curtain to look down at my domain. “Save that for Lena, she’s good at it. I don’t want my home looking like a brothel.”

“You’re so mean, my lord,” Lynk teases. “Should I send for Lena to come home?”

I turn back and look at Lynk with a smile on my face. “Send as many men as you can to fetch her and Valentine. I want them both here.”

His eyes widen. “But that’s basically challenging King Charles to war. Are you sure about this?”

“One letter will assure he won’t be an issue,” I say thoughtfully. “All this time, blackmailing and pulling strings has been leading to this moment.” I yank the curtain and pull it down, and light spills through the dark room. “It’s time to end what they started.”

It’s only when I hear the cry of a baby in the halls that I allow myself to relax. Valentine has given birth to a son, whom Lynk has named Tybalt - my heir should anything horrible happen to me. He’s small and squishy, bright red like his father.

“Isn’t this amazing?” Lynk says, showing off the bundle in his arms.

“Yes, yes, very cute.” I look over the little sleeping face, then at him. “Thank goodness he looks like his mother.”

Lynk is grinning ear to ear, happy to be a father and a husband. The wedding is performed as soon as Valentine is brought to my castle. Not exactly a royal ceremony, but it does solidify everything.

My hair has grown back some, in small curls at the top of my head, more fluffy than long. It tickles the backs of my ears and makes me think a bug is buzzing around my head.

I wage battle with King Charles, my father. I have overthrown him, and been granted the legitimacy of his throne. He still has those who are loyal to him, but his efforts are growing weaker and weaker by the day. All this time, August has been at the front lines, fighting for me and dealing with the other noble houses to keep them on my side. I’m proud of him, but he is the only missing piece that can make my life a perfect one. I won’t be happy until he is home and by my side.

Baby Tybalt is a cause of celebration in these halls. It has been so long since a life came into this castle without being snuffed out almost immediately. I’ve held him a few times, but each time I do I grow strangely nervous. It feels so strange to be holding something so small and fragile. I feel unprepared.

“Here, take him.” I hand him back to Lena.

“Why so nervous?” Lena teases as she bounces the baby. “You’ve held many young men in your time.”

“Don’t be like that.” I sit back down at my desk. “I just want the lad to get used to what might be his someday.”

I’ve taken my old office as the base of my operations. Lena has made it bright and airy, and it has become one of the few places where baby Tybalt seems to rest peacefully. I’ve removed all the dark traces of Fierna from this place, but it still doesn’t feel like home. Back when I was young and with my mother, it didn’t take much for our small house to feel like home. Having her there just made everything better. Knowing she loved me and would hold me was enough to make even a dark street home. I just wish I knew how to bring that feeling here.

There is a knock at the door, and Lena looks at me. “Want me to answer it?”

“See who it is. I’m trying to finish all this.” I motion to the papers scattered across my desk. I have many letters to respond to, and I am so used to doing that myself that I haven’t let any servants take it on.

Lena lays Tybalt back in the crib and approaches the door. I’m not paying attention, thinking it’s just another letter, or Lynk wanting to take Tybalt back. But a quiet falls over the room that makes hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Someone stands before my desk but I don’t look up right away.

“Is there anything I can get for you, Master Mercutio?” His voice makes my ears ring, and I am almost in disbelief it is him speaking. It’s too good to be true.

I drop the quill in my hand and look up, eyes brimming with tears. I see his eyes, so soft and warm on me. He’s grown a lovely, well-kept beard, and he somehow has more freckles on his face. Not only that, but his hair has grown quite long. August smiles shyly and fidgets in place. “Your hair looks really cute that way. Lena told me you had to cut it.” He clears his throat and stiffens his back nervously. “But I really like it. I think any hairstyle would suit you.”

I climb on top of my desk and throw myself into his arms, laughing and crying in the same breath. I hold him so tightly it feels my arms will break. His strong hands spread across my back and make me feel so safe, so at home. I sob into his hair, his neck. It’s been so long since I last saw him and held him, I am overwhelmed by how good it feels. Capturing his hairy face between my hands, I kiss him passionately, forgoing breathing just to taste him longer.

Lena gathers up baby Tybalt. “I’ll bring lunch later,” she says before shutting the doors.

“I can’t believe it’s you!” Tears stream down my cheeks. “I’ve waited so long!”

“Look at you.” He strokes his knuckles down my cheek. “How can you have gotten even more beautiful?”

“Look at you!” I place my hands on his shoulders and look over him. There is still a softness to his belly, but his legs look stronger, his arms more solid. Even his cheeks look more chiseled. “You look like an actual prince.”

August’s face reddens just the same, starting at the tips of his ears and spreading down to his cheeks. He kisses me again, this time much softer, more lovingly. He kisses the scars on my neck while his hands circle my waist. “Have you been eating? You feel so tiny.”

I smirk and puff out my chest. “I’ve been ruling a kingdom and running a war. I’ve missed a meal or two. Not to mention I haven’t had you around to gobble you up.”

August shakes his head and chuckles. “Well, I’m back now.” He lifts me off the desk and sets me on the floor. “I’m going to take care of you, just as I promised.”

Tears begin to well up in my eyes again. “I still can’t believe it. You’re here.”

“I’m not leaving you again, Mercutio,” August whispers. “From now on, I’m by your side until the day you send me away.”

He kisses me, moving his hands down until his fingers brush against the base of my tail. I gasp and shiver, thrusting my hips against his. “You remember?”

“How can I ever forget?” He licks my lips and smiles at me. “I’ve been thinking about this moment ever since I left you.”

I kiss his forehead and cheek. “I’ve been reading your diary this entire time. It’s been the biggest comfort I’ve had. But I’m afraid it got burnt with Fierna.”

“That’s alright, it’s just a diary. I can write a new one.” He gazes into my eyes, and I melt even more than before. “I am having a hard time deciding where to begin with you, though.”

I grin brightly, kissing him all over his face. “How about with how you left?” I pat his cheeks between my palms. “Ask me again.”

August’s smile grows into a grin. “Mercutio, would you honor me by becoming my husband?”

I can barely contain myself. My tail wags back and forth so excitedly it knocks over everything standing on my desk. I nod and bend to kiss him, grabbing him wherever I can. “Of course!” I breathe. “That’s all I have been waiting for!”

August picks me up, spinning me around in celebration. With him here, everything finally feels like home. I can hold him and feel safe. Even if we were in a dark alley, it would feel like home.

“I don’t think I can wait to make it to your room,” August whispers.

I set my feet back onto the floor. “I thought you told me once that you didn’t like to do it in the office,” I reply with a smirk.

August arches a brow. “It’s either now or much later.”

I point at the door. “Lock it.”

As August bounds to lock the door I quickly strip away the outermost layer of my clothes. Once August returns, he finishes the work. I’m pressed naked to the floor, feeling the cold marble against my back heat to a scorching temperature. August’s hands move over my body, rougher than I remember them. When he braces them on either side of my head, I realize how big his arms have gotten. I look up at him, breathing heavily, eyes burning, lips parted. I’ve never been this aroused in my life.

“I don’t know how long I’ll last.” August takes my legs and pushes them up, grasping my thighs in his palms. “But I will try to keep up with you.”

I bite back a smile. “It’s been a while for me too. I may not withstand the first thrust.”

August presses his fingers to my anus. “Are you being serious with me?”

I grunt, fluttering my lashes as he plays with me. “Very. I’ve been quite the good egg while you’ve been away.”

August spits on his fingers, pressing one inside me. I buck my hips, lifting them off the floor to meet his touch. “Warn me when you do that!” I whine. “I wasn’t prepared.”

August chuckles. “Please tell me you have some oil around here like the old days.”

I run my hands down my chest, take my cock and stroke it as he watches. “See that decorative bottle?” I point to the shelf behind my desk. “I use that when I can’t control my hands.”

August is quick to fetch it, uncork it and tip it into his hand. The oil flows smoothly, coating his fingers and dripping onto my belly. I slip my fingers through it and return to touching myself. “You won’t need to do that anymore.” August pulls my hands away and pins them above my head. “Not unless I want a show.”

I grin uncontrollably. “I like how you talk now.” I lift my legs again for him, grabbing the backs of my knees. “Have you learned anything new out there?”

August slowly works the oil into my ass, kneading the flesh first and then easing his fingers back inside. “I’ve mainly just daydreamed.”

I chew on my bottom lip, whimpering in pleasure as I watch him. “You’ve always been too sweet.”

August places himself between my legs, rubbing his cock against mine. “I’ve never wanted someone so badly, and never needed touch like this,” he whispers into my ear as we rub together. I latch my legs around his strong waist and hold on to his shoulders.

“I’ve missed you,” I sniffle. “I’ve been lost without you.”

August kisses me and positions himself. His hand reaches down, placing himself at my tight anus, working his glans inside me. I gasp in pleasure, holding my mouth open over his. He teases me, going slowly and gently, inch by inch, torturing me with how good he feels.

“Don’t be so gentle with me,” I pant.

“I’m not trying to be. I just feel if I go all at once I’ll come.” He places his hand against my back so his fingers knead into the base of my tail. I thrust down hard upon him, unable to hold back with his touch so concentrated. My cock slaps against his belly, jabbing him and then sliding upward. He goes deeper, fitting all of himself inside me. I forgot how thick he was, how much he filled me.

It doesn’t take long for either of us. All this time it;s been building and building to the point that all it takes is a cold draft to topple us over. We lie tangled together on the floor, happy and satiated for the time being.

“Just like old times,” August chuckles.

I stretch out luxuriously and sigh in contentment. “Better than old times. Much better.”

August kisses down my chest and belly. “Maybe we should wait until our wedding night for the next round.”

“You can’t be serious,” I scoff.

He laughs. “No. Now that I have you again, I don’t think I will be able to keep my hands off you.” He sits up and that long red hair spills down his shoulder. I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight in all my life.

“August,” my voice quivers, “why do you love me?”

He looks a little hurt by the question, but he smiles despite it. “There’s so many things I could say, Mercutio. So many reasons, some small, some big. But what made me fall for you was the fact that you saw me.”

I sit up and he holds my face in his hand. “Is that all?”

“Of course not. But for the first time in my life, I felt as if I mattered. When you looked at me I felt important. You supported me through everything, even when you felt you weren’t enough.”

August wipes away the tears that fall. I hold onto his wrist to keep his hand there. “I was so afraid to love again,” I whimper. “I felt that you couldn’t hurt me, that you wouldn’t be a threat. But you became a threat so fast, a good one, a welcome one. You saw me clear as day and you still wanted to be with me. I will never be able to thank you for that.”

August’s kiss is sweet and loving. I never want to let go of this man, ever.

Our wedding is held off until King Charles is dead. I don’t feel safe getting married until then, so it’s a bit of a wait. By the time we get married, Tybalt is walking, so I have him walk with me down the aisle. The entire event is elaborate - I spare no expense. Lynk provides a reception that I doubt I’ll forget for the rest of my life.

August and I decide to go to the sea for our honeymoon. We want to be alone for a while, and I luckily have an island where we can do just that. The house there is small, but I don’t think we will be doing anything besides making good use of our marital bed and swimming. Lynk provides us with enough wine to last us a long while, so I’m not worried about much else. It’s the first time I’ve felt at peace since before my mother had passed. I hope she knows I’m happy, and I wish more than anything that she could have met August. I know she would have loved him, but August would have adored her too.

“I’m glad you agreed to come here,” August whispers to me. “I want to see you rest for once.” He kisses my shoulder. “Ever since I knew you, I’ve never known you to really relax.”

I roll over so he can kiss and touch my back. His hands stroke down until he reaches my tail, and then he moves up just to tease me. “I’ve never lived my own life as long as you’ve known me. Before Fierna came for me, I thought I was happy. But until I met you I never realized how sad I really was.”

August’s fingers dig into my tail again, and I moan in pleasure. He takes my tail in his hand, stroking it while kissing as much of my skin as he can. “I want to make you happy. That’s why I married you.”

“No, that’s why I married you.” I roll onto my back and smile up at him. “Do you promise to make me pregnant on our honeymoon?” I tease.

“You really have to quit saying that,” he laughs.

I kiss him, pulling him down on top of me. “Fuck me like you’re trying.”

Our cocks rub together and I take them both in my hand, stroking them as August bucks his hips. “Why don’t you try it?” August breathes.

I lick my lips. “Were you talking to Lynk again?”

August strokes his hand down my chest. “He’s a good friend.”

“He’s a bad influence,” I tease. “But you do have that diary we need to fill up.”

August readies himself, and once he does he straddles me on the bed. As he eases himself down I watch as my cock slips inside him.

“This feels weird,” August admits.

“You don’t have to do this.” I knead his thighs and hips.

He lowers himself a little more. “I want to, Mercutio.”

I watch him, aroused beyond belief. The only other person who allowed me to have sex with them like this was Lynk. As August sits on me he has a strange look on his face, uncomfortable yet learning to like it.

“You should have let me top.” I take his cock into my hand and stroke it.

“I want to see you like this,” he pants.

I roll my hips under his lap. “Maybe I wanted to see you.”

He begins to move slowly, raising himself then easing back down. It takes him time to get used to it, and I come to appreciate the view of him above me. I’ve seen him like that before, but never like this. His expression is different, and his body moves in new ways. I stroke and touch him, running my hands over his soft abdomen, his strong thighs, up through the hair on his chest. We take our time, savoring every moment.

When he comes, it splashes on my belly and chest. His breathless expression is almost too much for me. He looks so handsome, so beautiful. I push deeper and harder inside him, pulling his hips until I release inside him.

August lie beside me, gasping slowly as he takes in everything. “How do you do it?” he chuckles.

I let slip a smug smile. “That’s a loaded question, my love.”

He kisses my cheek. “I think you can’t possibly get any better, and then, you blow my mind again.”

I nibble his neck as he cuddles up to me. “Did you enjoy it so much?”

“It was different. I didn’t think I would end up liking it, but you made me feel safe, so I was able to enjoy it.”

I look at him with my heart pounding. “I make you feel safe?”

“Of course.” He brushes my hair out of my face - it’s gotten long again. “Anywhere I am with you, I’m home.”

It takes my breath away. I knew he loved me, knew he felt the same I did. But I never imagined I could give him the same things he gave to me. I kiss him lovingly, embracing him as a breeze blows through the open windows.

I know we have to go back. I’m a king, after all, but if all I had was this tiny island I would be happy here. As long as I have August by my side, I would be happy anywhere.

It’s good to go home though, I have to admit. I missed Tybalt with his cat-ear horns and toothless smile. I would be happy anywhere with August, but I think I would miss my family too much. I need them all, Lena, Lynk, and Valentine. Without them, I would be nothing, just like Fierna said. I may not have a family built on blood, but I have a family that matters to me. It may not seem like much, but it’s worth more to me than anything else I have built.

Tiefling Boyfriend: Mercutio Part Seven (complete) 2020-08-18T19:00:02+00:00

“It’s so boring here.” I’m half asleep. Having been here three days already, I am uncertain I can survive until Lynk’s banquet.

Lynk opens a window, letting in more sunlight than I would normally approve of. “Can you stop complaining? It’s a vineyard. What did you think would happen?”

I shield my eyes from the uncomfortable rays. “Not this!”

“Oh stop it, you big baby.” Lynk refills my glass. “You’ve had more wine since you got here than most people ever will. Calm down. You’re pouting since your lover boy has gone off to become a gallant lordling.”

It’s been well over a month since August left. I’ve actually lost track of time since then. Lena has been chiding me for dating my letters wrong. Still, it seems like there is no time at all, or never enough of it. I was startled when Lynk told me it was time for the banquet he planned so I could meet my half sister, Valentine.

“He’s off trying to reach your level,” I scoff.

Lynk throws his head back and laughs. “That’s not very far to go. All he has to do is sit up, really.”

I scowl at him, watching him move around half-naked as he sets up our lunch. It amazes me what he can do when only a few people are around. “Tell me about my supposed sister.” I sit alert in my seat. “Do you think she will like me?”

“Oh, goodness no.” Lynk turns his attention away from the cheese he is cutting into. “You two are far too much alike to really like one another.”

I look down at my hands. “She’s that much like me?”

“You’re both hiding a lot of yourselves to make your way through life. Her father thinks of her as a bargaining chip, and your mother uses you as a pawn.” Lynk offers me a plate of sliced cheeses, meats, and fruits.

I grasp the plate, taking a crisp chunk of fruit. “We’re both treated as objects.”

“Except you would probably look at one another and see what you don’t have. She has the power and the legitimacy that you crave - and for her, well, there’s a lot.” Lynk sits down across from me with his plate.

“Well, tell her I have nothing worth wanting.”

Lynk gives me a grin and an arched brow. “That’s not true, and you know it.”

I slam down my wine goblet and glare at him. “She was raised in luxury! She probably had a stable of maids looking after her. I bet you she’s a condescending little brat. I grew up with nothing. Thankfully I had my mother, but I was beaten, taunted, and judged all my life by everyone else. My mother died because of it. My mother deserved to be a queen.”

Lynk returns my angry stare in full. “You don’t know her at all. I thought you were better than to judge someone without even meeting them.”

I sniff and avoid his stare by focusing on my plate. “I have my reasons to be angry with her.”

Lynk scoffs. “And that is why you two are so alike.”

There’s something in his tone that gives me pause. “How close would you say you are to the princess, then?”

Lynk reaches for his cup and drinks, as if stalling. He hums as he sets his glass down. “This was not a good bottle.” He dabs his mouth with a napkin. “Sorry about that, I must have grabbed from the wrong shelf. What did you ask again?”

I roll my eyes. “Princess Valentine. How close are the two of you? Obviously close enough that she’d take your offer to meet with me.”

“Oh, that!” Lynk laughs. “We’re close enough I’ve made her come once or twice.”

I sigh heavily. “That’s ‘hello’ for you.”

Lynk’s grin grows tense. “No need to be a bitch about it, Mercutio. But the princess and I write often, and she sleeps with me out of spite for her father.”

“Something else we have in common,” I snicker. “Okay, so she’s at least on a personal level with you.”

Lynk’s gaze grows distant for a moment. “Yes. It’s personal.” he says.

His somber tone piques my interest again. I glide my fingers over the tabletop, smoothing out a wrinkle in the cloth. “Would you call her a friend?”

The corner of his mouth twitches. “I don’t call many people that, you know this about me, Mercutio.” He tries to brighten his tone. There is something that Lynk is hiding from me about this princess. I’m not sure what he hopes to get out of it, but obviously it’s something worth hiding. “The meeting will take place during the banquet, so you’ll be able to find out all those things once she arrives.”

I know to be prepared for anything and everything, but I find myself nervous about this meeting. I know that blood does not dictate my family, but this woman shares actual blood with me. We must deal with lives we don’t necessarily want, all because of one man. I suppose that’s as binding as anything. This could possibly be the one person who understands me most in this world, and that could go horribly wrong.

The guests for the banquet trickle in throughout the day, so I keep to myself in Lynk’s chambers. I’ve barely had anything to eat out of pure nerves, so I’m picking at a dish of grapes on the table. I slap a grape between my palms on the table top, watching it go back and forth in front of me. I hit the grape too hard, and it slips from my fingers and rolls onto the floor as the door opens. A young woman walks in, with Lynk close behind her. I notice his hand on her waist, but it quickly drops away.

The second thing I notice is how much the young woman’s eyes look like mine. Her features are soft and rounded, but we have the exact same nose. I stand as she steps forward, looking down at her as she keeps her neck stiff. We stare each other down like alley cats crossing each other during a hunt. Normally I would like this, even be aroused by it, but with her I am on edge. The hair on the back of my neck bristles, and I twitch my fingers so that they pop.

“So,” she speaks first. “You’re my brother?”

I raise my hands and clap them together, forcing a smile onto my face. “If your father put his dick in your mother and left her a gooey little surprise, then yes. I am your brother in that regard.”

Valentine reaches up, unpinning the young woman’s black hair. It flows down in springy curls, and she has a lock of premature white on her widow’s peak. “I’m sure that’s what he did. He keeps putting it everywhere these days, so I don’t know if that is a proper classification for siblingship.”

My mouth is a bit dry. “Sit down and have some wine with me.” I motion to the table, watching as Lynk pulls out her chair. Her hand touches his, and I see a flush of color on her cheeks. I pour her a goblet of wine as Lynk’s fingers brush her newly-freed hair from her face. “How was your trip here?”

“It was fine,” she says simply. Her smile vanishes along with the color in her cheeks. “Just a trip.”

“You don’t seem too happy to see me, sister.” I place the goblet on the table near her hand. “I thought this would be a rather joyous reunion.”

“You think you are my only half-brother?” she demands. “I have three from my mother. It was the only reason my father married her to begin with. He thought she could give him a son, but instead she gave him me. He let her die because of it. Family is no more reason to celebrate than full moons or rainclouds. They exist everywhere.”

“He gave me away,” I say coldly. “Gave me to a servant and told her to kill me.” I look down at her, even more in contempt of her than before. “She raised me and loved me instead.”

Valentine looks me over, her gaze as sharp as knives. “Lucky you. I wish I had been sent away to be killed.” She tilts her head. “Why am I here, ‘brother’?” She says the word mockingly. “What can I do for you when I can’t even do anything for myself?”

I take a long drink of my wine. “You can vouch for my legitimacy.”

Her brown pinches even harder. “And why would I do that?”

“Because if you’re standing on my side, it’s better than standing on his. I was brought into this world as a means to an end, a bargain between devil and human. But that doesn’t mean I have to go along with it. I didn’t agree to their terms. So I have been working myself into the world behind their backs to...”

Valentine yawns. “And what will you do for me?”

She’s better than I thought. “What do you want?”

Valentine’s eyes flick towards Lynk for the briefest of moments; had I blinked I would have missed the exchange. But she definitely looked his way. “I’d still be in the same position I am now. What good would it do me?”

“It would do you better than being his piece of the pie,” I huff. “You wouldn’t be an object to me. You’d be part of my team.”

“A team?” she scoffs. “What sort of team?”

I lean forward. “Like minds working towards the same goals. You’d have a speaking part in every scene. No longer a background character. No longer a shadow. You’d have the stage just as long as me.”

Valentine tucks her hair behind her ear. “You seem to think I have a voice.”

“Lynk says you do. He speaks exceedingly highly of you.” I glance towards him, seeing the corner of his mouth twitch. “He talks about you often.”

The color returns to Valentine’s cheeks. “Yes, it’s easy to impress him, I’ve found.”

I look her over, feeling I’ve finally started to get her back against the wall. “You’re a fetching young woman, and of age as well.” I tap my fingers against my jaw. “Surely you have suitors, even secret ones.”

“I’m not even discussing marriage plots with you,” she scoffs. “Let’s get on with why we’re here.”

“To screw over Dad, yes, of course. But it begs me to ask why he hasn’t had you married off to some friend of his. It seems that if he doesn’t like you, he would want you sold off to the highest bidder at least. Have you pop out a grandson he could take under his wing.” I sigh and lean back. “Considering I asked Lynk here to marry me, it would be a boon for me to have a sibling who could produce an heir for me.”

Valentine stiffens and looks over at Lynk for the longest time. Her eyes are wide, her color pale. Even Lynk looks horribly uncomfortable. “You and Lynk are engaged?” she asks breathlessly.

“I asked him to marry me a while ago,” I say with a smirk. “Does that bother you, dear princess?”

Valentine takes a deep breath and settles herself back into her chair. She’s stronger than I gave her credit for. “No. It just seems Master Gaiseric could make a better choice than you. Besides, I won’t give my father heirs. Why would I give you any, either?”

I smile. “It seems he would have something to say about the child you have now.”

Lynk turns to her. “What child?”

She slams her hand down on the table. “Enough of this! Did you bring me here just to mock me?”

“I brought you here in hopes of making a partnership with you. I want to give you everything you want in return for your help. But I can’t help noticing a few strange things about you princess. So tell me, what will you do with your baby?”

Valentine stares up at me, trying to keep up the steely facade she’s held this entire time. Instead, tears fill her eyes.

“You’re pregnant?” Lynk whispers.

I look at him. “Is it yours?”

His mouth hangs open. He doesn’t know, or maybe he has no answer to give me. He looks back at Valentine, whose tears have now gathered to fall from her lashes. “I’m used to being called fat,” she whispers. She looks at Lynk and her hands cover her belly. “So he doesn’t notice.”

Lynk rises, but I hold him back from approaching her. “So you admit it?”

Valentine scowls at me. “I needed to see Lynk more than I needed to speak to you.”

I continue to keep Lynk at bay. “So Lynk is the father of your child?”

“He’s the only one I have ever let touch me. The only one who...” Her voice catches in her throat.

I approach her and place my hands on her shoulders as she starts to shake. “I’ll help protect your child, but I will need your allegiance.”

“This is blackmail,” she whispers.

“No. I haven’t even gotten to that part yet.” I place my hand on her belly. “I would help your child for nothing. But I need you, Valentine. I truly and honestly do.”

She wraps her hands around my wrist. “I’m powerless, I told you.”

I shake my head. “You have your own court. You can bestow honor on noble houses. AndI need you to bless the House of Brassard.”

“You’re joking,” Lynk exclaims in disbelief.

Valentine furrows her brow at me. “They’re a low-ranking house. Why them?”

I smile at her. “Their son August is a very intelligent young man. I suggest you gain his favor, because he will be able to help you. You also need to realize the power you do have. Kingdoms love their princesses, and if you find favor with the people, that means more than a crown.”

Valentine whimpers and grips tighter onto my wrist. “Fine. I’ll help you.”

I move her over to Lynk, who instantly pulls her into a tight embrace. She sobs into his chest, and I must admit I grow horribly jealous watching the two lovers come together.

“The engagement was broken off, by the way,” I confess. “I just needed to find the weak point in your walls.”

Valentine looks up at me, wiping away the tears in her eyes. “That was cruel.”

“I know, and I apologize.” I take the pitcher of sangria from the table and raise it to them. “I will leave you two alone, then.”

I walk out of Lynk’s chambers, wandering down the empty hall until I step outside and through the vineyard. I hide in the toolshed, drinking sangria and eating the fruit from the bottom all night. I fondly remember the last time August and I embraced, how warm his body felt, how strongly his hands held me. I wonder what he’s doing now, how he’s sleeping, what he had for supper.

I set the pitcher aside and hold my head in my hands, sobbing. I would marry August now if he came back, it doesn’t matter what status he holds. I would love him even if he was a shoemaker. I gulp down more sangria and pass out on the bags of mulch. I have sweet dreams about August and lovemaking.

My rude awakening comes when the gardener opens the shed. I wave off the bright sunlight and the gardener’s own panic as I make my way back to the vineyard house. I go into the dining hall, where the banquet has not yet been cleaned up, and pick at the food left over, plopping myself down before the smoldering fireplace while I eat handfuls of cold roast.

“There you are. Come to bed.” Lynk beckons softly.

“What about her?” I ask.

Lynk places his hands on my shoulders. “She’s asleep. Just come to bed. Put that old food away. I’ll have them make you something special for breakfast.”

“Will you be a good father?” I grumble. “Will you love that child?”

Lynk kisses the top of my head. “I already do.”

I look up at him. “You have to be good.”

“I will.” He swipes the food from my hands and wipes them on the tablecloth. “Come on now, pouty face.” He takes me back to his room where Valentine is asleep in bed. Lynk lies beside her and pulls me into his arms.

“I’ll send Lena to be with her,” I whisper.

“But then you will alone,” Lynk murmurs.

“I know. It will be fine. Before this I was used to being alone.” I rest my head on the pillow as tears come. “It will all be worth it.”

Lynk kisses my neck and cheek. “It would mean the world to me.”

“I’m sure it would. Just hold me, alright? I don’t need you to talk.” I close my eyes as his embrace tightens around me. I pretend it is August holding me, and turn my head to cry into the pillow.

Tiefling Boyfriend: Lynk (complete) 2020-08-17T19:00:04+00:00

Do you want to know a secret? Because I know hundreds. My family's wines have had a way of making people talk for generations, or at least it makes them honest. Our main trade is not wines and liquors, but knowledge. I know more about other high families than I do my own. It’s been our secret trade, our real trade. Wine gets our foot in the door, but we stay inside once the truth comes out.

Despite this rather nasty business, my father raised me to believe that kindness is also a virtue. My mother never really gave me any life lessons, aside from how to weaponize myself. When I was with my father, I started to learn something good in an otherwise cruel place.

My father treated our staff like family, paid them well, and gave them quarters in the palace that were more than just straw beds. He believed that this would foster loyalty, and it was this loyalty he relied on to further our family. The staff sometimes saw more than we ever could. We hosted many gatherings in our home, with our servants working as our eyes and ears. The bordello was established naturally over time. My father preferred the vineyard, and agreed that I needed an occupation that would utilize my natural talent at pulling the truth from people.

I was a lonesome child, born from my mother’s desire for my father as well as the power he held. I was used only to get an upper hand. To my mother I was a pawn, a doll for her whims. My father had never before assumed he could have children, and so I was his heir.

It took my father years to set me free. He had to make some deals that haunt him to this day, and now he is indebted to Lady Fierna. I think Fierna would have killed my mother for a pickle had someone offered. The two never got along. That’s just how things go, I suppose. Once I was with my father I was happy, and nothing else really mattered. I was free from my mother, able to go about my life the way I wanted.

I got an education, and learned a fondness for music and art. And, yes, having sex with my tutors. I learned a great love of sex. For years I had been timid about it. My mother only ever used it as a weapon, so I told myself I wouldn’t have sex at all, afraid it would be used to hurt me. But after staring at nude models for days at a time, I realized that lust was just part of me. It was in me, it was powerful, and it would be a shame not to use it.

I can’t recall how many lovers I had in my early twenties, but it was enough that my father once found me half-dead in a ditch somewhere. I had been pent up and prudish for so long that I let it get the best of me. But my father helped me find ways to curb my cravings. I still loved having a good roll in the hay, so to speak, but I learned that sex was for pleasure, and pleasure was highly sought after. If I was good enough, I could hold a lot of power.

It was around the time the bordello was really becoming a success that I heard about Fierna’s son. This was a great shock. I never knew that bitch had any children, I figured she just ate them. But after doing some digging, and sending someone to watch him, I found out a great deal about Mercutio.

“He’s extremely smart,” my informant tells me. “He tries to play himself off as a fool, but he’s hiding himself. He doesn’t want anyone, especially his mother, to know what his true worth is. He’s trouble, Master Gaiseric - at least, if he wants to be.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Unfortunately, you two are a lot alike. You two would get along well, but I don’t know if that would be a good thing.” the informant says.

Mercutio’s father is King Charles, who also happens to be a customer of my father’s vineyard. His goal is not to have an heir, but to build his power to the point where no one can challenge him. Fierna is using their son to give him what he wants, but Mercutio has his own plans in motion. One evening, King Charles is set on having a party, and he orders great casks of wine and many of my dancers and entertainers from the bordello. Curious, I slip into the party. I want to see what King Charles is like, and what Mercutio is up against. I bring my best agent along with me, to learn what they can and report back.

The party is nothing new - a simple display of Charles’ wealth and affluence. His family has been disgraced for years due to cowardice and centerism. Now, with Charles on the throne, he’s aiming for what his family once held, even if it means destroying whoever is in his path.

In the midst of the party I wander away to look around the palace. I always found it interesting to see what people decide to display in their homes - paintings, pottery, tapestries. It all seems like such a waste to me. I would much rather decorate my home with comfortable furniture and people. I love having people around.

I come into a room I thought was empty - quiet and cool, and the glow in the fireplace is merely embers. I goto the window to look out over the view, and as I do I catch movement from the corner of my eye, a man hunched over something. He looks at me and places his finger to his lips. “If you keep quiet, you can have a turn.”

I look down and see he is astride an unconscious woman. I smile. “How kind of you! I was afraid I would have nothing to do tonight. Mind if I watch?”

The man reaches down to rip the woman’s clothes, but I take hold of his arm and yank it back until there is a snap. The man’s screams are nothing to me, even as I toss him out the window. “I love slaughtering pigs.” I spit out the window after him, then turn back to the woman on the sofa, her skirt hiked up. I must have come into the room just in time. I get her comfortable, placing her head in my lap and watching over her until she wakes.

“I feel sick,” she groans. “Oh, god...”

“I’ve got you.” I help her sit up and rub her back. “There, now. You’ve probably had too much to drink.”

“I don’t drink at all,” she moans again. She looks at me, her skin sickly pale and her expression queasy. “Who are you?”

“What do you remember last?” I ask her.

“I had my meal in my room. Next thing I know… well, you.” She holds her stomach and breathes slowly.

“You live here?” I ask.

“I have to,” she grumbled. “My father owns this palace.”

I nod my head. “You’re the princess.”

She wobbles a bit as she stands. As she looks around her expression becomes much more cross. “How did I get here?”

“Who served you your food?” I stand up to make sure she doesn’t fall.

“One of the visitors.” The princess rubs her neck, then unhooks her hair from the braid wound around her head. She becomes alert. “Where is he? Did he do this? What did he do?” Panic starts to wash over her, so I tell her what happened, and despite her initial discomfort she seems to take it in stride. I lead her outside to get some fresh air. “Gaiseric?” she asks. “Like the wine?”

“It’s my family’s vineyard,” I say with a nod. “And what is your name, Princess?”

Her features are soft, with rounded cheeks and lips and a snub nose. She has long, dark hair that looks wild and curly when let down. “Valentine,” she answers with a smile.

I take her hand and gently kiss her knuckles. “Pleasure to meet you. Even more of a pleasure to kill for you.”

“About that,” she murmurs. “I won’t say a word. I’ll tell my father I pushed him out the window when he was trying to manhandle me.”

“I wouldn’t care if you told the truth. I’m not afraid. I would gladly pay for your father’s loss if I had to.” I tilt my head to the side. “It was worth it.”

Valentine smiles shyly up at me. “I’m relieved he didn’t hurt me. But my father had a fondness for him,” she grumbles. “I’m used to never being in his graces, so it’s fine if I take the fall.”

“That’s a rather sad tale to hear.”

“But it’s mine. I’m not a boy, so I’m not anything,” Valentine says with a shrug.

“But you are beautiful.” Yes, I am flirting. It’s hard for me to find someone I wouldn’t flirt with. “And you appear to be at least a little observant.”

Valentine’s look of displeasure doesn’t fade. “It doesn’t matter to my father what I am or what I look like. I don’t have a dick, and that’s what matters.”

Mercutio has a female sibling. Very good to know. “Then why care about him in return?” I ask.

Valentine looks up at me and sighs. “Because he’s my father.”

“I understand.” I offer my hand to her again. “Let me walk you back to your room, Princess. I’m a little exhausted from the party, and would love an excuse to retire for the rest of my evening.”

Valentine’s smile grows. “Surely you can find a much better companion for the evening than me.”

“I assure you,” I wink, “I will not.”

Valentine takes my arm and moves close beside me. I keep her company all night, talking to her, teasing out nuggets of information about her father and his dealings. She’s bitter about a lot of things, especially her father constantly changing the man she’s engaged to.

By the end of the evening, I give her a kiss, one meant to leave her short of breath and dreaming of more as she goes to bed. “I have to leave in the morning,” I whisper to her. “But a letter from you would make my life more meaningful.”

“Do you say that to all the girls you seduce?” Valentine smirks.

I lick my lips and break into a grin. “Do you think I am seducing you, Princess? Or do you just wish I would? Because if you think that was seductive, you should see me when I am really able to spread my wings.”

Valentine’s eyes narrow at me. “I’ll write, but only because you’ve piqued my interest, young Gaiseric.”

I take her hand and kiss the knuckles again, moving them up to brush against my cheek. “I look forward to what you have to say. And I look forward to what I’ll reply with.”

Valentine’s gaze pierces through me in a way that makes me feel vulnerable and exposed. I’m used to being naked around people, but her scrutiny makes me feel absolutely raw. “Do you purposefully dress like you’re inviting people to use your body?” she asks.

I smile at her. “Is there something wrong with an invitation to a banquet?”

She shakes her head. “Not necessarily.” She leans in the doorway. “I’ve just never seen a man dress the way you do.”

I brace my arm just above her on the frame. “Your father doesn’t allow you around very many men, do you? Because men may not dress this way, but there are those who are more open invitations than me.”

“My father doesn’t think well enough of me to think I am even capable of accepting invitations,” she scoffs bitterly. “My father just sees me as a worthless piece of stone carved into a pawn.”

“Speaking from experience, I can say that men are idiots.” I grin at her. “He doesn’t see the treasure you are. Not a hunk of stone, but a gem painted to look like a pawn.”

Valentine reaches up, placing her fingertips on my exposed navel and sliding them up my chest. “Thank you.” Her fingers slip around to the side of my neck and bring my long hair forward, and she strokes the silky strands before patting her fingers over my lips. “Wait here a moment.” She disappears inside her room and returns with a small, ornate pot that fits in the center of her palm. She opens it, revealing pigment inside. When she dabs the pigment on her finger, I see it’s wet, almost creamy. “What are you doing?” I ask.

“Lower your head,” she commands.

I break into a grin as I bend to her will. “You have no idea how many times I have been told that, dear Princess.”

“Don’t get lewd.” She swipes the pigment over my lips and pats it so that it becomes soft and drier. “There.” she sighs. “This really makes everything come together.”

I touch my lips and eye her in confusion. “Lip stain?”

Valentine places the pot in my hand. “It’s the signature on your invitation.”

I dip down, giving the princess another breathtaking kiss. She clings to my arms, holding me even as I pull away. The dark lip stain is smeared on my mouth and cheek, even on her chin. I grin, enjoying the way I have left my mark upon her. “Thank you for the gift, Princess. When I wear it I will only think of you.” I place the pigment in my pocket. “You’ve given me something I didn’t know I even wanted.”

She clears her throat and touches her lips. “Use it well. I never found use for it.”

I find myself aching that night, more than I ever have before. It feels as though the princess has tied strings around me and is pulling me towards her. I’ve always prided myself on being the one who holds the strings, and I’m not sure how to feel now that I am tied.

Princess Valentine’s letters soon become a favorite of mine. She’s a great writer, able to transform mundane stories into captivating ones. Our correspondence is lengthy and detailed, and not just another alliance I can sway. I sign each letter with a kiss, using the pigment she gave me. From then on, I am never seen without my lips stained with the contents of her pot.

Mercutio has become an ally as well. Thanks to my agent watching him, he comes into my bordello. After our initial meeting, I realized how similar we are. We have similar appetites, similar minds. More than that, he is beautiful. I can understand why people like him so much. Looking at him is like looking at art.

I find Mercutio to be an amiable ally, as well as a burgeoning friend. I enjoy our times together, even when we talk about nothing. But both of us are like-minded, so nothing is hardly ever a topic. I trade him information for a promise of power.

“You don’t think I’m evil, do you?” Mercutio asks one night.

I look up at him from the ledger I am checking. “No I don’t. I think you’re grey.” I close the book and pass it over to him.

Mercutio’s well groomed brow is pinched and arched at the same time.

“You are neither black nor white, my friend, but in between. A deep, rich grey capable of being warm or cold.” I reach out, touching Mercutio’s cheek. “You tend to lean towards warm,” I breathe. My fingers brush across his lips and his mouth parts. “But I would never call you evil, my friend. You have a sweetness that would not allow such harsh words.”

He bites my finger, then thrusts his tongue against it. I seethe in pleasure, removing my hand so I can kiss him. I love to see how my lip stain smears on skin, especially his. The beautiful sapphire of his body makes the paint look almost black.

Mercutio has become a frequent customer of the bordello, drinking and watching mostly. His eyes fix on one of the dancers, but I can see his mind working. He truly is a master at hiding his intent, his genius. I suppose he and his sister had something in common.

One night I am between his legs, sucking his cock as the music of the bothel pounds behind the door. Around us people are fucking, moaning, gasping for air. But I am serene. I knead my fingers into his thighs and stomach, moaning against him so he feels more. His fingers comb through my hair.

“You’re so good, Lynk,” he moans. “But I can’t help but wonder if it is me you’re thinking of when you’re down there.”

I look up at him, sliding him from my throat and tongue. I love the way the lip stain leaves rings around his blue cock. I lick my lips and wipe my chin. “What makes you say that?”

Mercutio smirks. “You cannot tell me I’m all you think about.”

“You occupy a large corner of my mind.” I sit up and kiss him.

“You’re beautiful and charismatic, and surely must have left a trail of heartbroken lovers behind you.”

“I don’t care for hearts.” I lift my dress and place myself in his lap. “I much prefer the parts of the body I am well-versed in.”

Mercutio smirks at me. “Never had your heart broken?”

“Not since the first time.” I kiss Mercutio, clutching his face between my hands. I rub my ass against his cock as the cries of lust and hunger flow around us. All I smell is sex, but what I taste is Mercutio. I take him inside me, crying sweetly into his ear until he shudders. His fingers dig sharpley into my hips.

Afterwards, we go outside to the garden and lie naked under the stars. Mercutio has earned this respite, because already he has been working to spread his influence. I have heard whispers of yearnings for Mercutio to seize power from his father. It’s been a goal of Mercutio’s to ruin his mother’s plans and take everything from his father out of spite.

As he gazes up, he lets out a weary sigh. “I think I’m in love.”

I roll my eyes and sigh in exasperation. “Every fucking time.”

“Not with you,” Mercutio scoffs. “Someone else.”

I prop up on my elbow and look at him. “What is that like?”

Mercutio frowns. “I’m terrified.” He rolls over and looks at me. “I don’t want to get into it. But I feel if I don’t say anything I’ll lose my mind.”

“All I do is listen, my friend.” I brush his hair from his face. “How do you feel when you’re with this person? Are you still afraid?”

“I forget,” he murmurs. “I want to be afraid, but when he’s near I forget how.” He closes his eyes. “I’m safe when I am with him. No pretensions, no airs, only us. For the first time in a long while, I know who I am.” He looks at me. “Have you ever felt that way?”

I lie on my back and return to stargazing. “Thankfully, no. I know who I am at all times.”

A few days later, King Charles once again orders casks of wine and my dancers for another party. When I arrive, Princess Valentine is there to receive me. It’s been a while since I last saw her, but something about her has changed. Her eyes appear sharper, and I can see her mind working like Mercutio’s. There’s also a change in me. I am fixated on her, unable to focus on the conversation at hand. I fear what will happen when I am alone with her.

At the party, I see her across the room. She crooks her finger at me, then turns and vanishes down the hall. I give chase, following her down the hall into a dark room.

“It’s good to see you again, Princess. But why do I have a feeling I’ve fallen into a trap?” My breath is caught in my throat, and my heart is hammering in a way I’ve never felt before.

“Perhaps a little.” Valentine says with a sly smirk. She approaches me, placing her hand on my chest and touching bare skin. I’m wearing very revealing clothing, but then again, I always do. But I wanted to wear this outfit for her. Her small, wet tongue presses against my chest, and I bend my neck back.

“Oh no, this certainly is a trap,” I chuckle in pleasure. “But I do not mind being trapped by such an inviting predator.”

She kisses and opens my shirt further, pulling it so it hangs off my shoulders. “I have a favor to ask of you, Lynk.” She twists my nipple, eliciting an excited cry from me. “Before I bend to my father’s wishes, I want you to bend to mine.”

I lift my head back up and comb my hair away from my face. “Princess, this is dangerous. Are you sure you want to do this?”

She steps back and pulls up her skirts, showing me she is wearing nothing beneath. Dark curls cover her mound, and her thighs look soft and warm. “I don’t care anymore, and I am tired of waiting for you to show up.”

I kneel in front of her, kissing her thighs and stomach. The lip stain leaves purple marks against her skin, and I have never enjoyed seeing them more. I run my hands over her skin, grabbing her ass and slipping my fingers between her thighs.

Valentine sighs with relief and grasps my horns tight in her fists. As she opens her thighs, I taste her right away. All I can think about is pleasing her, how I want to make her moan and her knees quake. I want to make her come. I want to make her happy.

I lay her on the table, keeping my horns still in her small hands. I taste her deeply, thrusting my tongue inside and feeling her quiver. I circle her clit with my fingertips, then suck the immaculate berry to make her legs spasm, nearly kicking me in the face. Her screams make me happy, and I realize this is more than sex to me. I pull back, face coated in his honey, sticky, sweet, and messy.

Valentine hangs limp on the table, her gaze dreamy and her lips wet with drool. I kiss her, and she weakly wraps her arms around me. “You’re too good at that,” she purrs.

I’m suddenly nervous. “I’ve had a lot of practice, princess.”

Valentine smiles. “Then a little more won’t kill you.” She slips her legs around my waist. “All your lip stain has worn off,” she says.

“I left it all on you.” I’m hard as stone for her, and eager to fulfill her wish. “Is this really what you want?”

Valentine looks up at me. “It isn’t a want, Lynk, it is a need. Our letters are my only solace these days. I find myself coming to depend upon them. I find myself thinking of you more and more.”

“Why?” I whisper.

Valentine kisses me, clasping my face between her palms. “I can’t explain it, exactly. But I feel as though I am myself around you.”

I kiss her again to silence her, afraid of what is rising up inside me, and thrust myself inside her. She leaves scratches down my back, and love bruises on my neck. I find it hard to leave her alone. I want to stay with her all night.

When I return home, I have a meeting with Mercutio. We have dinner, fuck, and towards the end he says something that shocks me. “We should get married.”

I break into a grin. “Tell me everything.”

Mercutio chuckles. “I didn’t think you would look so eager for it.”

“Oh, but I am. I have no want of marriage to anybody, and I have a lot to offer if I do. You marrying me would be a thorn in so many sides and a source of legitimacy for you.”

“I have no hopes of my father ever recognizing me,” he replies. “But with your name, I have a way to make myself something.”

I decide to suggest something even more dangerous. “You know, King Charles has only one legitimate child.”

Meructio gives me a confused look. He sits up, his body going tense. “I didn’t know this. Who are they?”

I take my cup and drink with a smirk upon my face. “A daughter named Valentine. You would be able to challenge the throne if she remains his only heir.”

Mercutio breaks into a smile. “Do you know her?”

I think how her claw marks still pain my back. “I do.”

The look on Mercutio’s face is one of deep relief, it makes me worry. “I would love to meet her.”

I am nervous all over again, not for any plot that Mercutio might have, but because I will see Valentine again, and I want to see her more than anything. “Of course. I think I can have something arranged. Give me a few days to plan something, and hopefully, I can plot a meeting between you siblings.”

Mercutio grimaces. “As far as I am concerned, I have no family. But blood is all that matters in this world.”

I get to work bringing Princess Valentine into my home. King Charles doesn’t let her venture from the castle without him, and since my home is so close to Fierna, he has never come to this region. Instead, I decide to host a banquet at the family vineyard. I explain it to my father as a chance to drum up new business, or even bring in some extra funding. If our regular customers understand what goes into making their favorite beverage, maybe it would interest them into funding the enterprise more directly.

I invite King Charles, asking him to bring Valentine because my father would love to meet her. I also invite several other notable clients, just to make sure it all appears genuine. I would have Mercutio come as well - although he would be a secret guest, meeting only with Valentine and me.

I go to invite him personally, but as I enter his chambers to do so I find him in a pitiful state, barely dressed in only a shabby sleeping shirt. His hair is unwashed, greasy, and tangled. His horns are dull, his complexion uneven.

I take Lena by the arm before they leave. “What the fuck is this?”

Lena gives me a look I am all too familiar with. “August left.”

I scrunch up my nose. “The little redhead?”

Lena’s glare becomes much harsher. “Mercutio told him about your stupid ‘engagement’, so August proposed as well, but he knows he cannot offer the same strengths that you do. So he went home to build up his family’s name.”

I look back at Mercutio pouting on the bed, half asleep and tail twitching. “He told me recently he was in love. I never assumed it was with him.”

Lena jabs a finger into my bare chest. It hurts like hell. “I blame you. You’re the one who put August and I here, you’re the one who wanted to meet Mercutio. You’re the one who had to shake his stupid dick around...”

I grab her hand so they will stop poking me. “Lena! I know! I didn’t realize it had gotten that way between him and August. He never even gave me a reason for his leaving. August just told me he needed to go home, so I paid him for everything and thanked him.” I look back into the room. “I didn’t know it had gotten that way between them.”

Lena sniffs. “Well, if you want to start making up for it, try and get him to take a bath. I have tried everything, and if you can bathe him I can change that awful bedding. He’s not let me wash it since August left.”

“I understand,” I murmur. Valentine’s eyes flash in my mind for a brief moment. I stride into the room and sit down on the edge of the bed. “Hey there, my beauty.” I pet the top of his head. “I came with good news.”

Mercutio’s eyes slowly start to open. “I don’t feel like it.”

I lie down beside him and bring his head onto my chest. “King Charles is coming to the vineyard for a tour and banquet. He’s bringing the princess with him.”

Mercutio grumbles under his breath.

“Hey now, cheer up.” I rub my hand down his back, finding his shirt damp with sweat. “You wanted this, right?”

Mercutio scoffs and sits up. His hair is mashed to one side of his head. “I don’t feel like plots and schemes and whatever it is I do right now.” He gets out of bed and moves over to the sofa before the fireplace.

I rise and follow him. “Maybe a bath is more in line with what you’re feeling.”

Mercutio scowls up at me as I lean over the back. “Lena told you to make me do that, didn’t they?”

I shrug. “I’ve never seen you in such foul shape. I’ll scrub every inch of you, but only because I want to help you.”

Mercutio closes his eyes and turns his head away. “Why would you want to help me?”

“Because you’re my friend, and I don’t have many of those.” I walk around the couch and sit down in front of him. “I don’t like seeing people I care about this way, especially when I know how they usually are.”

Mercutio sighs. “How do I know this isn’t just you using pretty words?”

I place my hand on his shoulder and squeeze. “Because these words aren’t pretty to me. They’re real.”

Mercutio sits up and looks down at me. “Fine, I’ll take a bath. You don’t have to sound so stupid to ask.”

I kiss him softly, cupping the back of his head in my palm. “Are you okay?”

He slips his hand down my shoulder to my chest. “No, but I am glad to see you.” He wraps his arms around me, holding me in a tight hug.

I take him to the bath when it’s ready, pour water over his head and wash his hair. I massage his scalp and shoulders. I polish his horns and scrub his body. Then I sink into the tub with him, letting him lounge against my chest. He eases back, pressing his cheek into my arm. I kiss the top of his head and stroke my palm down his chest.

“I guess our engagement is off?” I ask.

Mercutio growls and lifts his head. “It was a foolish idea.”

“No, it wasn’t. It just was a little unplanned.” I take his hand and kiss his knuckles. “You could have told me, you know.”

“I could barely tell myself. Besides, I don’t know what I can tell you. I never know what is safe with you.” These words actually hurt me.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “You are my friend, and I haven’t shown you that. You’re not just another stepping stone for me, not just another part of my family’s legacy. I know that using you would do nothing for me.”

Mercutio sits up and looks back at me. “If you are my friend, then prove it.”

I cup my hands around his face and kiss him. “I’m trying. Come to the vineyard, and I will prove it.”

Jasper & Aisling: Prologue (special preview) 2020-08-25T21:01:00+00:00

Aisling came walking briskly down the hall, just wanting to get somewhere she knew, somewhere safe. Then again, what was really safe for her these days? Ever since her uncle and cousin had taken over her family’s kingdom, she was no more than a prisoner.

She came to her door and opened it, walking inside she felt some relief, some strain lift away from her chest. She closed the door behind her, bracing against the handle and let her shoulders sag.

She had been there for so long with fear. Before, home had been what she called this place. Nowadays, it was a prison. She learned the way her uncle ruled with lies and dicete. Learned how to lie to even Reginald to chirp and sing for them. A bird in a cage, she would later think of bitterly. All had been liars, and all of them better at it than her. All but one, who never lied. He had been there, for all of Aisling’s sufferings. Had seen her avoid Reginald’s hand, had seen her struck by it. It had been this supposedly cruel man who had convinced Reginald that her face was not worth slapping. He had given her advice she took as cruelty, later finding it forged and tested truth.

Beginning to stride to the comfort of her bed Aisling was made aware she was not alone in her room. Someone was huddled in the corner with his hood around him. He stiffened with a grunt and sat up, his cape charred and reeking of sour wine. His eyes caught her small lantern, and yet they still seemed so dark and far away. It was Lord Jasper of her uncle’s ‘Beauties Regiment’, an army made of nonhuman soldiers. It was a cruel regiment, but not because of the men in it, but because of the way Reginald ran it. Lord Jasper was lizardfolk, a massive man who led the Beauties. He was often around as Reginald had made him his personal guard.

Lord Jasper put on a frightening act, something that Reginald encouraged. He looked horrible in his armor, but Aisling had found the visage underneath the helm could curdle any soul. He was burned horribly in youth, and now, his face was melted and pulled taut around the left side. The eye there was a narrow slit, and his mouth was constantly cut back in a horrible sneer.

Right now though, Aisling found he looked more pathetic than frightening. His armour was dingy with the chest plate hanging loose and back pieces nearly off. His cloak was stained, burnt, and the pungent odor of sour wine wasn’t the only thing wafting from it.

He gripped and ungripped at his knees, hands bare. his shoulder plate and jerkin still intact. “Not up for staying with the hens?” He growled, a sick sardonic smile crossing his face.

Aisling jerked, pressing herself against the door even harder. She saw him, made out the face that had tormented her. Wasn’t it bad enough? She thought to herself. Why does he have to be here too? She quivered, her knees shaking, and she slid down, falling to the floor.

"What are you doing here?" She managed to whisper out as he rose from the ground. Even from where she was, she could smell blood. She could smell the fire. She could smell him.

Jasper wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and as he walked towards Aisling an empty bottle skittered from his feet and under the bed. "I’ve come to take you away. Take a song, and make off with you from this bloody sodden shit-hole you see as a gilded cage." He gripped her arms, pulling her up, wavering slightly.

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User #16685372 - 25 Aug 20 21:45
Dryhn Boyfriend: Bo (special preview) 2020-08-24T21:01:00+00:00

I’ve been working in Amber Hollow for years now. The children’s clinic there was in desperate need for someone who could treat children of other origin. I had made it my specialty in school since most of my siblings were other in nature, and I watched first hand as most of them had gotten mistreated in youth by the family doctor. It made me angry, so I wanted to do something to assure their children never receive such treatment.

I love my job, as tough as it is some days, but the Amber Hollow children’s hospital has made leaps and bounds in treating children or all origins. It’s been the best place I have worked so far, and as it stands, the only place I wish to work.

Recently I have become the primary care physician for a young boy named Bucky. He’s a chimera child, and is recovering from neglect and malnutrition. From what his father has told me, Bucky had been kidnapped at birth and raised in a traveling circus. Since Chimera are rare, due to over hunting, it’s hard to treat them, but Bucky has been a trooper. It’s also thanks to his father’s care he’s doing so well.

His father, Bo, did not give off a great first impression. He’s quite tall and lean, giving him this willowy scarecrow appearance. But it’s his face that gave me pause upon the first meeting. It doesn’t move, and not in the too much plastic surgery kind of way, in just a sort of mask way. It stays in the same stern, hollow expression, never changing after all this time. He is handsome, I will say that, but the mask like quality of his face still is unnerving. But through all the visits with Bucky, I feel like emoting is not his strong suit. He cares very deeply for his son, and has done everything in his power to assure his son is healthy, loved, and tended to.

There is a day when I have to give Bucky quite a few shots, and for the first time I notice a change in Bo’s expression. He looks queasy in the eyes.

“Da doesn’t like needles,” Bucky replies.

“It’s fine,” Bo says sternly. “I’m here for you.”

Bucky tilts his head back to look up at him. “I’m not afraid, Da.”

Bo places his long, slender fingers over Bucky’s eyes. “I’m not leaving you. I need to be here for this.”

“If it helps,” I offer as I prepare the needles. “When I am administering them, just look at me and we can talk. It’ll distract Bucky, as well as you.”

Bo grimaces. “But I know they’re in the room. It’s like spiders or cockroaches.”

Bucky is just smiling. “Da doesn’t care for those either.”

“Don’t give away all of your Da’s secrets now,” I chuckle. “Tell me, Bo, what’s your job? We’ve met so often now, and I know so little about you. I know everything about Bucky.”

Bo clears his throat, that stern yet slightly queasy look on his face remains. “We’re in similar professions,” he says, his voice slipping into monotone nonchalance. “Although, I tend to treat familiars and pets, and magical origin species.”

I smile, wiping Bucky’s arm with an alcohol wipe. His arms are a little fluffy, with scales along the back sides. “Oh really? That’s amazing. We’ve been so close all this time and have never talked about it.”

“Da makes his medicine,” Bucky says excitedly. “I help him in his garden, and he lets me help him in his lab sometimes too.”

“Sit still, Bucky.” Bo and I say at the same time.

Bucky settles, a big smile still on his face. “You’d like it there, Dr. Winter.”

“So, you’re an herbalist too?” I administer the first shot. Bucky doesn’t seem to notice, but Bo’s expression grows a little more uneasy.

“Yes,” he says with a sharp nod.

“I saw someone is opening an apothecary downtown,” I murmur as I prepare the second shot. “Have you seen it?”

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Ooh! Bonding
Special Instagram Live: August 22 2020-08-08T14:56:25+00:00

On August 22, I'll be hosting a special live with my most frequent commissioner who has been the force behind many favorite stories as well as the creation of Mr. Faire, Miror, and the deities. As such, we're going to be talking about our favorite stories, which we'd like you to vote for below! That top five will be what we discuss and take qustions on.

New Collection: the Mysterious Lovers
New Collection: the Mysterious Loversmore_vert
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New Collection: the Mysterious Lovers 2020-08-06T14:42:29+00:00close

There is a new collection out on gumroad! This collection features mysterious and odd lovers. You'll get such fan favorite stories as Dasamiza, Anatoly the Peacock, and Gustaaf Von Malevance.

$10 and up patrons can still use their discount codes!

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Ten Favorites: Mysterious Lovers

Ten of my most beloved stories featuring mysterious, strange, and unusual monster lovers. Features stories like Dasamiza, Anatoly, Gustaaf, and Qidel.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="670" height="670" scrolling="no" title="Gumroad embed" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Upcoming Stories: August 2020 2020-08-03T17:09:03+00:00

The stories coming this month include a whole week of special stories from my past. Old works that I uncovered and want to share to show you that growth is sometimes inperceptial until you look back.

Mercutio the Teifling Saga

Two Orcs and a leather shop

Lochan Part Two

A moose minotaur and his daughter

Ariton the Demon 2

Jasper and Aisling prequel

A clumsy werewolf

Minotaur childhood friend

An older werewolf

And a new type of monster

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User #29500284 - 3 Aug 20 17:11
gimme the clumsy wolf i wanna see a tail knocking over a vase, turns around with an oops to knock somethong else they big they bad they suck at coordination no hon, i didnt get in a fight, ik im bruised and scratched, its nothing... ok, it was a tree... several trees...
Tiefling Boyfriend: Mercutio 6 (complete) 2020-08-14T19:01:01+00:00

I don’t know exactly who Lena is or where they came from, and it’s a mystery I enjoy not solving. But there are times when they get a look in their eyes that makes me believe they’re the messenger of the fates, come to judge whether someone is deserving of their destiny. That’s the looking Lena is giving me now.

“You fucking proposed?” They strike me freely with the broom.

“Ow! Fuck! What are brooms made of?” I try to block the attacks, but Lena is more skilled with a broom than I ever was with a weapon.

“Lynk Gaiseric! You proposed to Lynk Gaiseric!” Lena continues to yell at me. “You stupid! Miserable! Boy!”

I grab hold of the filthy bristles and yank the boom, pulling Lena towards me. “What’s so wrong with that?”

“Your mother is going to lose it!”

“My mother is dead!” I bark at them.

Lena’s expression goes soft, and the tension on the broom laxes. “Fierna is going to hate this. You’re not supposed to do shit like this. You’re supposed to be a tool for her and King Charles. And why Lynk, of all people?” She throws her hands up into the air, relinquishing the broom for me to chuck aside.

“Lynk and I understand one another. We’re both tools for our parents. And you have yet to tell me how you know Lynx so well.” I reach for a drink, but find my glass unfortunately empty.

Lena crosses their arms. “I worked in House Gaiseric for a little while.”

“Same as you’re working here?” I point to the floor. “Spying? Annoying? Being creepy?”

I walk across the room to pour myself a new drink. Lena’s disapproving scowl does not falter. “The Gaiseric family plays the game better than most. Lynk and his father know they have Fierna and possibly more in the palm of their hands. Even suggesting a marriage to Lynk plays right into that!”

“Why do you care?” I scoff. “Don’t you want to see me fail? Isn’t your ‘real job’ supposed to be stopping me?”

Lena drops their arms back down to their sides. “I also don’t want to see you get hurt. I can do both things, you idiot.”

I lower my glass at Lena’s surprisingly kind words. “Why would you?”

“Because I see more than a pawn when I look at you. You’re not what Fierna thinks you are. And if there is any possible way I can influence you further away from her, then so be it.” They give a definitive nod. “Besides...” They start to chuckle. “You don’t seem like the marrying type.”

I grimace and look away. Lena’s laughter stops immediately. “What’s that look, Mercutio?”

I can’t believe it still hurts after all of this - after meeting August, even after finding a kindred spirit with Lynk. This anger, it still gnaws away at me, even though I have tried to keep it dead and buried since I came here.

Lena approaches, placing their hand on my arm. “What’s wrong?”

“I know how I come off,” I say calmly. “But I am certainly the marrying type, Lena.”

Lena’s look is apologetic. “I never would have assumed.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” I take her hand off me and hold it as I turn. “I was married once before, and I was quite happy, too.”

Their eyes go wide. “What happened?”

“My mother was murdered,” I state simply. I let go of Lena’s hand and turn back to my drink. “My mother is dead, and everything is worse now.”

Lena’s palm rests at the center of my back, a strangely comforting gesture. I look back at them and give them a small smile. “As much as you annoy me, I genuinely enjoy your company.” I offer them my drink.

Lena shakes her head. “You’re okay.”

I grin and start to laugh. I’ve never had a true friend like Lena, even if they are supposedly working against me.

Since I came here, I’ve never told anyone about my husband Tyrone. It was something inside of me I tried to kill. I didn’t want to think about him, or the circumstances that led to me living with Fierna. I know everything played right into Fierna’s hands, and perhaps it had even been set up that way. But the death of my husband was something I couldn’t ignore. I tried. I tried with the blacksmith. I tried with August. And now I am trying with Lynk. I try to live my life as if it doesn’t matter at all, but it doesn’t stop mattering.

I take solace in August’s diary more and more these days. His thoughts are of perversion, but to me they are a comfort. He’s innocent in a way, and the idea of having him idly daydreaming about how he wishes to take me brings such a smile to my face. I worry how he will take the news of my potential alliance. I don’t know his feelings for Lynk, but I can assume his feelings for me run deeper than he wants to let on. My marriage plans could upset him, which is why I am hesitant to say anything.

I invite him to my chambers for dinner, hoping to tell him, but knowing there is a chance I won’t. He looks nice tonight, with his hair combed back and away from his face. There is ginger stubble along his jaw, as though he’s attempting to grow a beard.

“You’re being very quiet tonight,” he says. I look up from my meal and into his lovely eyes. “Is something the matter?”

I try to swallow the nervous lump in my throat, but it’s lodged in tight. “Just admiring you. You look very handsome tonight.”

August’s pale cheeks turn bright pink, and his smile is quite proud. “I wanted to try something new.”

“It suits you.”

“Is that all?” August asks. “I got the feeling there was something you wanted to talk to me about. You were quite serious when you invited me.”

Damn him for being so perceptive. “Yes, well.” I clear my throat. “August, I’ve told you before you’re my right-hand man in everything. I want you by my side always, no matter where I go and what I do. You’re what keeps me grounded. So I feel it is only right to tell you everything, including my plans for the future.” My gut is churning. I don’t want to upset him, but I know this will. “Lynk Gaiseric and I are considering getting married.”

August’s expression is blank at first, slowly morphing into confusion, hostility, and finally into pain. I can’t stand to look at him, but I know if I look away from him it will be worse. “I see.” August wipes his mouth and pushes away from the table. “That is...” He stops and looks down, his brow pinched tight.

“I thought it would be best. He’s from a noble family, and if I ever have any hopes of legitimizing myself, this is the best course. We all know my father would never sign off on me being his...”

August slams his hands down hard on the table. “I get it! Stop… stop talking.” He grips the edge of the table, his arms tense, breathing hard and shaking his head back and forth slowly.

I’m practically chewing on my bottom lip. “It’s all just part of the plan. It’s not really going to be a real marriage except on paper.”

“Stop explaining it! I get it!” August sits back in his chair, rubbing his chin. He looks so angry, and yet near tears. “Let me just ask you a question, Mercutio.”

I remain silent and look away from him.

“Why Lynk Gariseric? Why him, of all the nobles you come across daily?”

I start to open my mouth, but August slams his hand down on the table.

“I know my family isn’t as affluent or connected as the Gaiseric family, but it’s still noble!” August snaps. “Why not me?” There are tears in his eyes. “I may not have a lot to offer like Lynk does, but at least if you married me it wouldn’t be a complete lie!”

I timidly look back at him.

“I would love you and only you,” August whimpers in anger.

With those words I break. I moan in despair as I begin to cry, shaking all over.

“Mercutio,” August says gently.

“I’m sorry,” I sob. “I can’t...”

August stands from his seat and approaches me as I blubber onto the table. His hand rests on the top of my head and strokes down my back. I lift my head and reach for him, throwing myself into his arms. He holds me tight, leading me to the bed. I lie in his lap while he rubs my back, remaining silent. After the tears stop, I stay still for a long time, breathing, thinking, trying to tell August what I don’t even want to admit to myself. I finally sat up and gave him a soft kiss.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper. “And I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’d be willing to love me, even as a friend.”

August wipes my cheek. “What’s going on, then?”

I sniffle and try to steady my breathing. “I was married once before,” I say quietly. “I loved him so much...” My voice breaks off, and I can barely stand to say it.

August squeezes my hand. “But?”

The tightness in my chest burrows down into my gut and sinks like a stone, heavy and painful. “He never loved me.” It escapes me like a ghost. I look into August’s eyes who looks hurt as well. “He only married me because of what I could offer. Money, sex, comfort.” I tremble all over. “After my mother had been murdered, he acted like he cared, but as the money dried up, so did he.”

I squeeze August’s hand for support, and he returns the gesture willingly.

“I begged him to come with me. I needed him more than anything. I was in pain. Every breath I took was fire...” The tears come again, and August quickly wraps his arms around me. “He told me I was a monster.” I say those words as quietly as possible. I believed them for so long.

August’s strong hands rub my back. “You’re not, though.”

I bury my face against his shoulder. “I don’t want you to end up thinking so.”

He lifts my head, holding it between his soft palms. Tears begin falling down his cheeks as he looks at me. “Only a real monster would ever think such a thing, especially about someone who loves them.”

My hands tremble as I place them over his. “I don’t want to risk it.”

August leans in, placing a tender and loving kiss on my lips. I try to return it as best I can, but I am afraid I have forgotten how. As August pulls back, I try to chase him, wanting to feel that warmth and comfort again.

“I don’t want you to hurt over him,” August whispers. “He isn’t worth it, no matter how much you may have loved him.” His smile fills my heart to the brim. “You are not a monster, Mercutio. You may be wicked and calculating, but you are capable of kindness. It may not be the way people categorize it, but it’s at least there.”

I chuckle through my tears. “What makes you think that?”

“The way you looked at me when we first met. The way you singled me out and took me under your wing. You could have anyone in the entire world, and instead, you saw me and that was...” He loses his breath for a moment. “That meant more to me than anything.”

I kiss him, trying to pass to him what he had given me.

“You made me feel safe.” I sniffle and use my shirt to wipe away the snot from under my nose. “When you were near me your presence was warm and welcoming. I knew I needed you.”

August presses his forehead to mine. “I know I’m not much to look at, but I would be yours always. Until my final breath, I would be yours, imperfect and ugly, but yours.”

“Don’t you get it? You are perfect.” The tears flow again. “Perfect and beautiful. I’ve always thought so.”

We kiss again, and this time there is an edge to it, a desperation. August and I cannot get close enough. We clumsily rip away each other’s clothes, gripping one another for dear life. The way we fall down together is so different from before - gentle and slow, and yet I have never felt something so breathtaking in my entire life. I feel August inside me more than ever before, and I want even more of him.

We kiss achingly slowly, moaning to one another. August moves slowly, enjoying me more than the pleasure of being inside me. We lock eyes and breathe in unison. I’ve never had a moment like this before.

I lie with August afterwards, still swimming in achingly slow bliss. He nuzzles my neck, kissing and breathing me in. I meet his lips, touching him all over as that slow fall begins again.

“I love you,” August whispers to me. “Please, marry me. Not as a plot, not in a malicious intent, but because I love you, and I hope you love me.”

“I don’t know if I can marry someone I love again,” I whisper. “But I would like to. I would hope to.” I touch his cheek, and he kisses my palm. “I don’t want to hurt you, August. I don’t want you pulled into my curse.”

“I want you, all of you.” His palm rests on my chest, over my heart. “Good or bad, I will stand beside you in it.”

I smile despite my anxious tears. “How are you so sexy right now?” I nuzzle his stubble. “It’s not fair.”

August turns me to face him again. “Mercutio, will you marry me?”

My chest aches again. “I want to. More than anything.”

His smile becomes sad. “I know, but you can’t. But for me, would you say yes?”

I smile. “Say it again?”

“Mercutio, would you honor me by becoming my husband, from now until forever?” He says in a voice laced with joy and sadness.

I lock my fingers with his and kiss him deeply. “Yes. Please.”

We make breathless love again, and I am overwhelmed by it. I never want this night to end. But when I open my eyes in the morning, I find that August is gone. I look around, saddened but not surprised. Then I find his dairy laid open on the pillow beside me.

“Mercutio, my love: I am sorry I had to leave you, but it will not be forever. I am going home to my family in hopes of finding a way to elevate our name so that I might equal or even surpass Lynk Gaiseric. When that day comes - and trust me, it will - I will return to you and be worthy of the ‘yes’ you gave me last night. I will write to you often, sending you my love as much as possible. When we next meet, you will never be heartbroken again. This is my last fantasy, and for the time being, my only fantasy. I want to save you and protect you as your friend, your lover, and your husband. You are my light, my life, my angel. I love you, and I always will.”

As I begin to cry again, Lena is beside me. They place their arms around me and remain quiet to comfort me.

I receive word from August that he has made it home. Already he is working on obtaining a vineyard in hopes of making a wine to impress Fierna’s palate. “It could take years,” Lena says gently to me.

“It will be worth it. Until then, I can find ways to better myself as well.” I smirk at her. “I need you to take his place.”

Lena arches their brows. “I’m not fucking you.”

I grimace with them. “Oh god, no, that’s what I have Lynk for. I need you to be my right hand. Even if you are against me, I trust you more than anyone. Are you willing to work with me?”

“What do you think I have been doing all this time?” Lena takes my hand. “I told you I want what’s best for you, and if that means keeping you safe until August comes back, then I’m up to the task.”

I smile down at them. “Then I am going to need you to tell me something.”

“I have a ledger of all the families I have ever worked for, even the Gaiserics. I will give it to you, but you are going to have to earn it.”

I feel quite proud of Lena. “Of course. Now, come along. There is work to be done.”

Lena smirks and walks beside me. “Yes, Master Mercutio.”

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User #29500284 - 14 Aug 20 19:22
hE LEFT?!?!
Tiefling Boyfriend: Mercutio 5 (complete) 2020-08-13T19:01:00+00:00

August has been quiet ever since I went to Lynk’s bordello. I worry that perhaps I may have struck the wrong chord by showing up there. Even though I had been curious about what he did at such a place, it was not my intention to follow him. It was Lynk I had been after, to start building up an alliance with a powerful person I could trust.

One evening as work is ending, August is bringing me the last of the papers. His eyes are downcast as he sets the workload on my desk. “That should be it, but I would suggest looking over it tomorrow. There won’t be much to do then, and you can focus on going over these.” He pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. “It’s also late, so...”

“Thank you, August.” I try to capture his attention with a smile, but he seems more focused on the stacks of paper. “August?”

“Yes, Master Mercutio.” He looks at me, but his gaze goes over the top of my head.

I sigh and lick the inner corner of my lip. “You’ve been awfully quiet around me the last couple of days. Is there something we need to talk about?”

“I don’t think so.” He shakes his head and clears his throat.

“I think there is.” I stand from my chair. “Ever since I found you at the bordello, you’ve been reluctant to talk to me or look at me. If I need to apologize, just ask me to.”

“I’m so sorry!” August blurts.

It’s not the response I expected from him. I expected him to get a little terse with me, maybe even give me a good talking to. Instead, August is the one apologizing.

“It’s been a habit of mine for some time, even before I met you.” He takes off his glasses, and those genuine puppy dog eyes of his move me. “And ever since you got hurt, I’ve not wanted to risk making it worse or exhausting you. So I’ve been going there, but to be honest, it’s made things worse.”

“I really don’t mind, August. I have no say over your body or what you choose to do with it. We’re friends, lovers, not property.” I step closer towards him. “But what is worse?”

August’s eyes look into mine, and I could sink to my knees for him right now. His soft arms wrap around me while his strong fingers press into my spine. “I mainly buy dances at the bordello.” His voice is a timid whisper, one I would love to hear in my ear as he lies on my back. “I haven’t yet paid for… company.” He licks his lips. “What I thought would help me control my urges has only exacerbated them.”

How can this morsel seem like such a fantastic feast spread out before me. His words, his hands, those lovely eyes, he’s making me weak. “Tell me about these urges.”

“I can’t,” he breathes. “You’re excited enough.”

I run my hands down his chest. “I can never be too excited, August. Tell me everything. You’ve always been docile in bed, following my commands. I want to know your desires, your needs.” I smile at him. “I owe you that much.”

August takes a shuddering breath and moves his hands up my back. “I’m happy just being with you. I miss it.”

I kiss him softly. “But what are your fantasies, August?” I purr sweetly. “Do you picture me tied up? Do you want me to spank you? Or perhaps I am the one who needs a good spanking?”

August clears his throat. “Master Mercutio...”

I lick his lips and begin to sink to my knees. “I’m getting stronger every day. You don’t need to worry about hurting me.” I rest on my knees before him. “I may be a pillow princess midway through, but my body is yours to do with as you please.” I rub my cheek against the growing bulge in his pants. “It’s been so long.”

August takes hold of one of my horns and whimpers. He jerks my head back, then pauses and looks down at me, eyes glazed, lips parted. Then he pulls on my horn again so my face presses against his groin.

“You want me here?” I wink up at him. “Then you might as well grab hold of both of them. It’s easier to control me that way.”

“Not here. I hate doing it here.” He puts his glasses back on. “Stand up, I’ll take you to my room.”

I have never been to August’s room, so I feel a twinge of excitement. “What a gentleman.” I take his hand. “Lead the way.”

The staff quarters are all along one hallway. August takes me to a tiny room with just enough space for his bed, clothes, and a small shelf. I tap the wall with my fist. “Won’t we be heard?”

August has me lie down on his bed, and he stands back to look at me while I lounge. I smile up at him, but I feel something hard beneath his thin pillow.

“What’s this?” I smirk.

“I just wanted to look at you for a bit.” August climbs into the bed beside me, kissing me as he moves on top of me. I wrap my arms around him, having missed the sensation of his weight on me. I swirl my tongue in his mouth and moan happily as he kisses down my neck. He opens my shirt, touching the bare skin. I run my fingers through his hair as he kisses my chest.

“You said you never paid for company at the bordello. Why not?”

“I get nervous,” August chuckles. He moves his hands down, palming the bulge in my pants gently. “I really don’t know what I would do.”

“You seem to know right now,” I tease. I sit up, kissing him again as I clutch his face between my hands. “Who would you want? Why would you want them?”

“I’m not as experienced as you,” he pants. “Not as confident.” He brings me into his lap and removes my shirt. “I’ve slept with a woman before, when I was younger.”

“Am I your first?” I whisper.

“First tiefling, yes.” His lips drag down my chest, and his tongue darts over my nipple. “I’ve slept with a man as well, before you.”

“I don’t care about before and after.” I drag my nails down his scalp and to the back of his neck. “It doesn’t matter to me how you share your bed. Just as long as you make room for me from time to time.”

August lays me back down onto the bed and rolls me over. He pulls off my pants and rubs his hands over my ass. I remember how Lynk touched the base of my tail and how good it felt. “Pull my tail,” I whimper.

“Really?” August’s laugh is nervous.

I wiggle my rear at him and lift my tail into the air. “Grab the base and pull it.”

August does as I ask, and I cry out in pleasure. The sensation shoots up my spine and floats throughout the rest of my body. August’s fingers knead into my tail, tugging and releasing, slowly massaging before pulling again. How did Lynk know this felt like heaven? How did he know it would make me harder than a broadsword? Oh, right, he probably knows this from experience.

“I can’t take this,” August moans. “I can’t hold it anymore.”

The longer he holds my tail, the limper I become. “Then don’t! I can take it.”

August keeps hold of my tail, lifting it up and he spits on my anus. I shiver with anticipation as his tongue presses against it. He moans, gripping tighter onto the base of my tail. I come so hard I almost faint. Every inch of me is overheated and tingling, and I can’t describe how good and terrifying it feels. I lie flat on August’s bed in a puddle of my own semen.

“Are you okay?” August is just as shocked as I am.

I nod weakly. “No one has ever made me come like that before.” I roll onto my back, and my cock is still throbbing. “August, you animal!”

“I didn’t...” He looks at me nervously, his own erection trembling.

I smile up at him. “I’m a pillow princess, but I am a completely willing one.” I spread my limp legs as much as I can. “Fuck me, August.”

August lies on top of me, kissing me sloppily before taking a bottle from his shelf. He coats his cock in oil, then uses his fingers to gently prepare me. Each touch makes me tremble and gasp, and when August finally enters me, I’m a slobbering idiot.

“Mercutio!” His lustful voice reaches me through my euphoric haze. His thrusts shake my senses, and when I look up I see him above me - soft arms and belly pressed against my back, gentle expression even in the throes of passion.

I wake in the middle of the night, completely satisfied, and I kiss August while he sleeps. My lower body might as well be made of pudding. I try to relax, but that hard feeling under my head keeps bothering me. I reach under the pillow and find a diary. I am curious to look, but I would hate to ruin August’s trust after such a wonderful night.

“I figured you’d be unconscious for a while,” August sighs.

I kiss him again and lay the diary aside. “I find that after amazing sex, I want it even more.”

August kisses my cheek and smiles at me. “What happened? When I was stroking your tail you became a different person.”

“It felt amazing. I can’t explain it. The base of my tail felt connected to my cock and then the rest of my body. It was like you had found the handle of my soul.” I’m starting to get hard again just from the memory. “Lynx enlightened me.”

August kisses me softly. “You seemed close to letting him do the same.”

“I wouldn’t mind it,” I laugh. “I would love both of you at once.” I kiss down his body, moving under the blanket. I find his wonderfully thick cock half hard and waiting for me, and I lap up the side and back down to kiss his scrotum.

August moans. “Mercutio, you’re driving me crazy tonight.”

I bite his thigh and sigh dreamily. “It’s been so long. Please let me feast.”

August moves back the blankets to look at me. Our eyes lock as I take him into my mouth. He stretches my jaw, but I don’t care; it feels so good to act on my desires again.

“You do that too well,” August pants. He grabs my horns again, and I think he is just doing it for balance until he forces my head down. I cough and gag for a moment, but I find myself loving this act of forcefulness. He pulls me back, spit stringing from my lips to his dick.

I sputter, and his expression goes soft with guilt. “Oh god, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to choke you.”

“No!” I slurp, licking my lips. “Do it again! Go ahead. You’re holding me.”

He looks uncertain, but as I take his cock into my mouth again he pushes my horns down. His cock fills my throat and my eyes roll back. He bucks and thrusts himself down my throat, gasping and crying out. I stroke myself, so excited to have August use me. Once he comes, it spills hotly down my throat all the way to my stomach. I release on my own thigh and fist. August lays me down, rubbing my back and kissing me all over. He’s so happy, so grateful, and that’s the best feeling of all.

“I want you to enact every fantasy you have for me,” I whisper to him. “I feel like I’m going to be putting you in danger in the future, so I want you to make use of me however you want.”

“I know you and Lynk are playing a dangerous game.” August kisses my shoulder as he lies down on me. “I’m willing to work with you, despite the danger.”

“I adore you,” I whisper. “I would never let anything hurt you.”

August places himself beside me, and I roll over to face him. He cups my face in his palm and runs his finger under my eye. “I don’t want you to get hurt ever again.” His voice breaks. “That’s what would kill me.”

“I’ll try,” I whisper.

August sits up and hands me his diary. “I’ve been writing down my frustrations in there. Ever since I first met you.” He lies back down as I open the book. “Things I’ve thought, things I’ve dreamed, desires I didn’t even know I could have.”

His sexual needs are scribbled down on each page, and there are dozens of them. Some feature sketches, and on others there are lists of various objects. I smirk at August proudly. “We’ll start with page one, and work our way through every single word.” I kiss him softly. “Thank you for this gift.”

The next day while working, I’m able to focus better, but that all goes out the window when I catch a glimpse of August’s smile. I’m enjoying my day - a rarity - when I receive an invitation from Lynk. He’s inviting me to have dinner with him, which I have been wanting to do since our meeting.

“You need to be careful with Lynk,” Lena warns me as they help me get ready for the visit. “He’s not like anyone else that you play with. Lynk is serious.”

“Good. That’s what I’m looking for.” I pose in the mirror and frown. “Do you think this outfit suits me?”

“Everything suits you,” Lena huffs.

“Flatterer.” I smooth down the collar. “I know what I am doing, Lena. So whoever you report to, tell them that I have no fear of my endeavors.”

“You should,” Lena grumbles. “You’re playing with fire, Mercutio, and a lot of it.”

“I’m so happy you have confidence in me,” I laugh.

Lena just frowns again. “Don’t be stupid, and don’t think with your dick. Ever since you and August have been getting chummy again, I know that’s been on the forefront of your mind.”

“You’ve noticed!”

They roll their eyes. “Lynk’s business is sex, and he knows how to weaponize it.”

“That begs me to question how you know so much about Lynk and the Gaiseric family.”I look more narrowly at them. “Did you spy on them, too?”

Lena just stares back at me. “Don’t get stupid.”

When I arrive at the Gaiseric manor, Lynk greets me at the door, pressing his palm into the small of my back. His clothes are of a masculine cut today, all black save for his dark burgundy thigh boots. “So happy to see you again, my new friend.” He kisses my temple. His hair is pulled to one side and hangs in beautiful ringlets. “Come now, I’ve prepared a wonderful meal for us.”

“Is there a purpose for this invitation?” I ask.

Lynk’s hand comes to rest on my ass. “Of course. I wanted to see you.” He takes me into a small, intimate room, all in lavender and deep purple, with a table low to the ground and floor cushions for seats. Lynk sits close beside me, opening up the dishes and feeding me from his fingers.

“We never got to finish our conversation from the other night.” Lynk offers me a drink from his glass. “I’ve been so curious ever since.”

I’m enjoying the fruity cocktail much more than other liquors I’ve had, so I drink more than usual. “What would you like to know, then? I’m completely open.”

Lynk licks some of the spilled drink off my cheek and throat, then nuzzles my hair. “How do you expect to double-cross your mother and get away with it unscathed?” He moves his hand to the base of my tail, tickling and kneading there.

“How am I supposed to think when you keep touching me so?” I reach into his lap, finding him exceptionally hard.

“A truly wicked mind can think even under the most pleasurable duress,” he teases. He licks my ear and bites the tip.

“All I can think about is you,” I moan.

He chuckles, moving to kiss my cheek. “That’s awfully sweet.” He tilts my head up. “I want to work with you, but only so I can see the chaos you’ll bring.”

He lowers himself into my lap, opening my pants and taking my cock into his mouth. His head bobs up and down, and I tangle my fingers into his beautiful hair. I throw my head back, moaning out loud. “You have the most skilled mouth I’ve ever felt,” I laugh.

He moans in reply, sending sparks up my spine. As he lifts up I see his dark lipstick has left rings around my cock. “Two skilled mouths can cause a lot of damage.” He kisses me, sucking my tongue before letting me go. “I’ve had enough of this world. I’ve had enough of people looking down at me. I want to rule them.”

I gaze into his eyes, feeling as if I’ve met a missing piece of me. “My father is a king.” I free Lynk’s impressive cock, finding he has golden studs down the sides. I stroke him slowly, savoring his heat in my palm. “I think we can find a way to do that.”

Lynk grins. “This is lust talking. We should discuss our plans when our cocks aren’t hard.” He throws his head back and moans loud. “I want you to fuck me.”

Lynk was so much bigger than me in all manner of ways, and I’ve always been the one being fucked. But I’m eager to do it to Lynk. I strip him down, all except for his boots. He drapes himself over a pillow so his hips are propped up. After preparing him, I stand behind him and guide my cock into his tight anus. Lynk throws his head back, all that beautiful hair flying up in a perfect arch. “You feel so good, Mercutio!”

I grab his hips, thrusting myself deeper inside him. He’s hot and squeezing, and I feel he may get the better of me. I pace myself, wanting this to last as long as possible. It’s an incredible surge of power to have this big hunk of man under me. Lynk sounds quite cute as I fuck him, his voice heightening with need. He begs for me, wanting more and harder. I grab his tail, pulling hard. I’m surprised by his endurance - he’s lasting longer than I did when August yanked my tail.

Eventually, we’re drinking again, snuggled up naked. Lynk sighs and lies back, looking up at the ceiling. “So, what’s your plan?” he asks.

I lick my lips and sit up, looking down at him. “We should get married.”

A wicked grin spreads across his face. “I like that.” He rises and looks me in the eye. “Tell me everything.” He presses his forehead to mine. “Absolutely everything.”

Tiefling Boyfriend: Mercutio 4 (complete) 2020-08-12T19:00:02+00:00

I’ve still not fully recovered from the attempt on my life a while ago. The venom has made me weak. I have to walk with a cane, and to rest my hands often when I am working. If I wasn’t working I think I would go crazy. It’s bad enough that I can’t work the way I am used to, but now I know there is a beast breathing down my neck, and if I do not keep up the subterfuge, she’ll bite me.

I’m not talking about Lena, either. It would be offensive to refer to her as a beast. Lena is much more like me than either of us would care to admit. Whoever she is working for, or whatever personal reasons she has for being here, she is less a stress on me than my mother.

Fierna, my supposed mother, has been really chomping at the bit lately. The only thing the attack did for her was to cause her to add more security to the castle and send me flowers, which I prefer. Being in her presence only causes the rage inside me to overflow. I see her and I think of my real mother - the woman who raised me, the woman who died.

Right now, my main concern is not how much I can get done, but rather how I can possibly go about it. I have a long list of people Fierna either wants tied to her, or eliminated, which can mean a multitude of things. Sometimes it means dishonor, and other times it’s a little bit worse. Blackmail isn’t exactly grand, but it keeps me busy. What I need is someone to help me in my daily errands, someone who knows things.

“Here’s the parchment you asked for, Master Mercutio.” August has been a godsend. Not only has he become my right-hand man in all things, he’s helped keep the household running smoothly even when I cannot.

“Thank you, August.” I straighten up in my seat.

“This is a strange parchment,” August murmurs. “You’re not getting yourself into any more trouble, are you?”

I smile at August. He’s been so attentive since the attack. “You’re such a good boy, August. But please don’t worry about me.”

“That’s just the thing. Lately that’s all I can do.” August takes off his glasses and rubs the bridge of his nose. “This parchment is mainly used by the noble houses in Dartsmith.”

“Aren’t you too smart for your own good.” I click my tongue as I look up at him. “Don’t worry about the nobility, or what noblemen are writing their scathing letters on. You’d best worry about how I’m going to ruin your reputation once I’m strong enough to ride you again.”

August’s cheeks blossom bright red in an instant. “Master Mercutio, you should focus on getting better.”

I smirk. “I bet you would like nothing better than to take off those pants and thrust that thick cock down my throat.” I lick my lips and lean closer to him. “I am a little hungry.”

August frowns at me. “Master Mercutio,” he growls warningly.

I lift my hand and make a stroking motion in the air. “Should I finish my forgeries or should I make you come?”

August places his hand over mine and eases it back down onto the desk. “You should stop tormenting me.”

“It’s been so long though,” I whine. “I miss sex. Don’t you miss it?”

August places his glasses back on. “I’m fine. Some of us aren’t debauched nymphs like you.” The smirk on his lips is well-earned.

I place my hand on the small of his back. “Is that what you really think of me?”

August swallows as he glances back down at me. “I think many things about you, Master Mercutio, and sometimes too much.”

I bite my lip, taking a moment to steady my breathing. “How can you say that and not kiss me after?”

“Because I do not want to excite you too much,” he chuckles. “You’re not as vivacious as you usually are, and I want you to get back to that soon.”

I grope his ass, and he flinches. “You do like me.”

August kisses my forehead, and I smile brightly. “You should be working.”

“I should have you inside me, but whatever!” I scoff. I pick my quill up. “I like it when you come to visit me. Hurry back later with an excuse.”

August looks towards the doorway. “I’ll come and see you just because I want to. I don’t need an excuse.”

I arch my brows at him and grin. “How dare you, sir?”

August returns the smile and points to the window. “Get to work. There is only so much daylight left.”

I cannot wait to be rid of this venom, because once I am I want August to get me pregnant. In any case, work is done, discontent will be sewn into Dartsmith, and their neatly stacked house of cards will come toppling down with a sneeze. All in a day's work.

I’ve begun to notice a strange pattern, though. August’s attentions seem much more focused towards the end of the month, but towards the start of a new month, he seems almost guilty and shy. He usually comes to visit me in my quarters often, but at the start of the month I see little of him. At the end of the first week of each month, August leaves work early. I had never really put it all together, but lately I’ve been adding it up in my head.

One evening where I am feeling particularly pouty and lonesome, with only Lena to keep me company, I long for some affection.

“Lena, go and fetch August for me,” I say from the comfort of my coziest chair. “And tell him I want him to spend the entire night.”

Lena stops hanging my clothes for a moment and furrows their brow at me. “August isn’t in the castle tonight, Master Mercutio.”

I scowl at them. “Are you just being lazy? Perhaps I should bend you over my knee and spank you.”

Lena arches her brows at me, unimpressed and unbothered. “I am being serious. August always leaves the castle during this day each month. Haven’t you noticed?”

I sit up in my chair, letting my robe fall off my shoulder. “I have noticed he does act a little weird during the start of the month. But to actually leave the castle mysteriously?”

Lena continues her job of organizing my closet. “Not so mysterious when you consider that is when the local bordello has their Feast of Kings each month.”

“August? At the bordello?” I scoff in disbelief. “He’s such an angel, what the hell would he be doing at a bordello?” I am quite cross! I am an entire bordello in one stunningly beautiful package. Is it because of my health he’s had to go to such a place?

“It’s his ritual. I’m surprised you never realized.” Lena places their hands on their waist. “That’s very unlike you.”

I pout and slouch back down in my seat. “This does explain a few things about his behaviour,” I grumble. I look over my shoulder at them. “How far away is this bordello?”

“Closer than you would think.” Lena gives me a sharp glare. “All the work you do, and you don’t really know?”

“I’ve not had to fuck with anyone local,” I say with a roll of my eyes. “Whoever runs this place must be either in Fierna’s good graces, or unuseful to her.”

Lena sniffs and goes back to working. “The bordello is in the house of Lord Gaiseric, who, if you didn’t know...”

“He provides the entire castle with liquor,” I huff. “Fierna’s favorite repast.”

Lena walks towards me, standing in front of the fireplace. “His son, Lynk, runs the bordello, since his father is often away at the vineyard.”

I’m struck with an epiphany that nearly takes my breath away. I glance up to Lena with a big smile on my lips. “So how far away is this place?”

Already Lena knows what I am getting at. This is why I keep her around, and it is nice to have someone who is on the same page as me, even if we have different translations. “Why would you want to go there?”

“To find August,” I grunt as I stand up. “I would also like to meet the young Lord Gaiseric.”

Lena grabs my arm to keep me from going to change. “Master Mercutio, I really think you should lie down and try to get some rest.”

I smile at them and tap the tip of their nose. “You and August are both too smart for your own good. So if you’re so smart, my lovely Lena, I would suggest you try not to make me rest, and instead help me get to this place. I think this Feast of Kings could be beneficial to me.”

Lena releases my arm with a scowl on their face. “You need to be careful. If you offend anyone in the house of Gaiseric it won’t be good for you. Fierna values them too much, and they hold a great deal of power here.”

I strip naked while Lena delivers their warning. Then I search my perfectly organized closet to find the perfect outfit to wear. “Which is exactly why I want an ally in that house.”

“Your dick can’t exactly open doors like it used to,” Lena sniffs.

“Oh!” I laugh loudly. “You think you’ve wounded me?” I lay my hand flat on my chest as I look at them. “My mouth has been opening doors since before you were just a shiny cog piece, dear Lena.”

Lena approaches and helps me get dressed. “Lynk Gaiseric isn’t what you’d expect.”

“Most men are never what I expect,” I sniff. “They’re often worse.”

Lena gives me a cautious look while she finishes buttoning my shirt. “You need to be careful.”

I narrow my eyes at them, then capture their hand. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you were worried about me.”

“August is my friend.” Lena yanks their hand back. “And for some reason he cares about you. I promised him a few things.”

I kiss Lena’s forehead in jest, and they shove me back. “You like me!”

Lena is rubbing furiously at her forehead. “Ew, gross. You blue bastard. You better not have left a stain.”

“You be so lucky, my friend,” I say to taunt her. “Now take me to House Gaiseric.”

Perhaps Lena wants to see me fuck up, or maybe she just doesn’t want to fight me. Either way, she takes me to House Gaiseric, and even from outside I can smell the wine and revelry within. The pungent odor mixed with the dull roar coming from inside reminds me of the vigor I carry inside me.

“Come on, this way.” Lena takes me away from the main entrance, towards a path that’s hidden close by the pond.

I know Lena is smarter than most people, quite possibly smarter than me, but even this is a surprising turn. “How do you know about this?”

Lena takes me under the wheelhouse, where there is a small room lit with candles. On the far wall there is a door where an Orc is sitting guard. The Orc stands as we approach and his severe scowl turns into a smirk. “Long time, no see,” he laughs.

I look at Lena in shock, although I am not above believing I sleepwalk here often. The second option sounds more believable if I am honest.

“I got a new job,” Lena answers. “I need to come in.”

The Orc glances at me. “And who is this with you?”

Lena speaks before he even finishes his sentence. “Master Mercutio, son of Fierna.”

The Orc’s eyes widen and he opens the door. “You certainly know how to get yourself into deep water,” he growls at Lena.

“I can swim.” Lena walks through the door with me in tow.

I grab their arm as soon as the door closes. “What was that?”

“An old friend,” she says simply, and leaves it at that.

The hallway opens into a massive dining hall, where all matter of debauchery is already happening. People are bent over tables, or under them. A crowd of undulating dancers parade in front of the inebriated guests.

“You’re here,” Lena scoffs. “Now what?”

I look around, feeling my blood begin to pound. I watch a dancer gyrate on the mouth of an eager patron.

Lena snaps her fingers in my face. “Mercutio!”

“Hm?” I look back at her. “Sorry, I’m horny, I couldn’t hear you.”

They roll their eyes. “Find August. I’m going to a quiet corner.”

I scan the room while sampling food from the table. I watch people enjoy themselves with liquor, flesh, and cheese. It’s quite nice. This type of revelry is something I always wanted back when I was married to...

I suppress the thought and return it to the task at hand. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot August’s red crop of hair here. I continue scoping out the room, trying to find my chubby little lover, but I’m distracted by a male dancer whose cock is so impressive I lose my breath for a moment. I could easily give away my entire life to someone like him.

A hand claps down on my shoulder. “Enjoying the sights?”

I look back at another tiefling, who has dark red skin and thick black hair that comes down in perfect curls. Their features are masculine, but their paint is feminine.

“I am. I must admit, I am impressed.”

The red tiefling looks me up and down. “I’ve certainly never seen you before. I would remember such a vision.” The tiefling looks quite buff, and is clothed in the most provocative dress that shows more skin than it covers.

I grin, enjoying the way he looks at me. “I’ve only just been alerted to this fine establishment. Had I known someone like you was here, I would have run much faster.”

The red tiefling grins. “Who are you?”

“A growing admirer,” I say suggestively. “You approached me first, and you should be the first to introduce yourself.”

The teifling’s black tongue darts over his lips. “Lynk Gaiseric.”

My mouth opens, and I cover with a smile. “So this is all your doing? I’m even more impressed.”

Lynk chuckles and places his hand around my waist. “I know exactly who you are, and I have been dying to meet you.”

My arousal turns to caution. “Have you?”

Lynk’s hand moves down, groping my ass greedily. “You and I are quite similar, Mercutio. Not just because of our births, but because of what we were born to do.”

“How do you know about me?” I ask.

“My father knows many things about Fierna. That’s partly why he’s still alive, and exactly why he’s never been placed in your lovely hands.” Lynk’s fingers continue to knead into my ass. “Let’s share a drink. Or are you unable to imbibe after your little… accident?”

“I’m looking for someone,” I say breathlessly.

“Who? I’ll send someone to find them and bring them to us.” Lynk’s hand moves up to my lower back again and massages the base of my tail, which instantly turns me into pudding.

“August. He works for me as a valet.”

Lynk snaps his fingers and one of the dancers comes up beside him. After a chat, Lynk hands the dancer some gold and turns back to me. “Come now, let’s go somewhere quiet.” He leads me away to a room where the sound of his bordello does not reach. The chamber is small, but warm and inviting. The walls are lined with bookshelves and the furniture is all soft leather - easy to clean I suppose.

“How are you feeling since the attack?” Lynk asks. As I sit down he goes over to the bar where he pulls out a dark decanter.

“How well can one feel after such a thing?” I look around the room, curiously reading the spines of the books before me. Lots of interesting topics are represented.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to see you. After what happened I feared I’d never see you come through my door.” Lynk joins me on the sofa, placing a glass in my hands.

I sniff the sweet liquor, then wait for Lynk to take a sip. He notices me eyeing him and grabs my glass, drinking from it. “I’m not going to poison you,” he says. “I don’t think that’s playing fair. If I wanted to kill you, I’d fuck you to death.”

I relax a little and smile at him. “It’s so hard to find a true romantic these days.” I sip the drink, tasting sweet almond.

“I don’t want you dead. I have no reason to,” Lynk continues. “You and I are kindred spirits, and I have desperately been seeking that.”

“Did you father fuck your mother to destroy the world too?” I laugh.

Lynk scoffs. “I have a horrible mother. But what happened between my parents was not a cooperative thing. Rather, my mother wanted my father and my father wanted to be left alone.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I murmur.

Lynk sips his drink, then looks me in the eyes. “I was nothing more than a bargaining chip growing up. I’m sure you understand. It’s probably why you’re really here.”

Lynk’s thigh is exposed, and I place my hand on it. His muscles are hard and strong, and his skin is so warm. It’s been so long since I’ve been hugged by such a wonderful pair of thighs.

“Your father has favor with Fierna, and your bordello, I’m certain, attracts many interesting people.” I stroke my palm down to his knee. “I’m very attracted to such a thing.”

Lynk smirks at me. “I know what it is you do, Mercutio. It’s not hard for me to guess what you want. It’s also extremely brash of you. What if you piss me off? My father is so important to Fierna.”

I inch closer to Lynk’s side. “I have my way of currying favor.”

Lynk grabs the back of my head, twisting his fingers through my hair. “I’m sure you do,” he laughs. “Just looking at you, I can tell exactly how you wind people around your fingers.”

“Ah, harder,” I tease.

Lynk licks my neck, then bites my ear. His dark lipstick drags across my skin and smears at the corner of his mouth. “My business here is pleasure, Mercutio.”

“Mine is suffering, Lynk,” I click my tongue. “Sometimes when you mix the two, it makes them better.”

Lynk places his large palm on my crotch, groping it and feeling the heat radiating off me. “Your methods of wooing won’t work on me. I can get any desire I have met easily here.”

“I know.” I struggle to keep my head above water. He’s way too good at this, possibly better than me. “Which is why I want us to become friends.”

He eyes me suspiciously, but the smile on his lips tells me he is at least entertained. “You want to be my friend?”

I move into his lap. “Birds of a feather need to flock together, right?” I tuck his hair behind his ear. “Your hair is beautiful.”

Lynk throws his head back and laughs. “Why thank you. I do enjoy the flattery.”

I clear my throat and get back on topic. “I want to earn your trust, Lynk. And I want you to earn mine. I think together we could create a small fortune for ourselves.”

He bounces me in his lap. “I’m already wealthy.”

I bite my lip as I feel his hard cock against my ass. “Let us combine our businesses of suffering and pleasure. Let us use your unique skills to create our own empire.”

Lynk arches his eyebrow. “That’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting you to try and seduce me, but this is much more impressive.”

I kiss him, pressing my tongue into his mouth. He moans, cupping the back of my head and pressing closer to me. “I know that these walls are full of people wanting to hide,” I breathe. “People who would pay anything to keep themselves hidden.” I smirk at Lynk and lick his lips. “Sell me those secrets.”

The door opens before Lynk can answer. August walks in, his worried expression shifting to pure shock. “Mercutio, what are you doing here?”

I sit up in Lynk’s lap. “I could ask you the very same thing, young man.”

August swallows nervously. “I’m just… I don't...” He grimaces. “Did you follow me here?”

Lynk chuckles. “This is who you were after?”

I pinch the tip of Lynk’s perfect nose and shake his head. “Don’t judge him by his cover. You’d be impressed by his pages.”

August steps further into the room. “What’s going on here?”

I slide off Lynk’s lap and stand up. “You’re my right-hand man, so it’s only fair you’re included in all business I do.”

August glances suspiciously to Lynk, then back to me. “What are you doing?” he whispers urgently.

“Preparing myself,” I say with a sniff. “I don’t want to be under my mother’s thumb forever.”

Fae Boyfriend: Aymeric 3 (complete) 2020-08-11T19:00:02+00:00

To be fair, you never told Aymeric the exact sort of fairytale castle you imagined in your youth. It didn’t seem like the sort of thing that needed explaining. You say ‘fairytale castle’ and instantly images of white stone spires, lilac and blue stained glass, slowly falling drawbridge, and a garden of roses pop into your mind.

You really should have known better. The castle Aymeric took you to is high up in the mountains, a black obelisk surrounded by spiraling towers, walls like rows of pointed teeth, and haunted-looking trees. It looks like a much grander version of his mansion, and just as ominous.

Aymeric snaps off his sunglasses and looks you up and down. “What’s that look?” He asks as you study the castle. “I don’t like this look. Tell me about it?” He pinches your cheeks between his fingers.

“It’s a castle.” You push his hand aside. “Just not… exactly…” You sigh. “It’s a castle. Surely the insides are more inviting.”

“This isn’t just any castle, my love, this is a fortress! A keep, a safe place.”

You smile reassuringly at him and lay your hands flat on your chest. “This is the unsafest looking place I could imagine. Not that I doubt you’d be safe inside, but if I were standing outside it, like now, I would feel horribly unsafe.”

Aymeric slips his sunglasses back on. “The cannons aren’t active, you know? They’re far too old. Let’s get back into the car. The drawbridge should be down by now.”

“You keep cannons?” you exclaim as he pops back into the driver’s seat. You look back up at the castle one last time and sigh. It belongs to Aymeric, and you can understand. It’s to his taste, and it’ll probably be even more his taste once you get inside.

Once you’re over the drawbridge, the courtyard of the castle is mainly stone. It’s wide open to admit ranks of soldiers, but now it has cars parked off to the sides. You’re still uncertain as to why he needs so many cars, especially since he hasn’t been to this castle in a while.

The stairs that lead up to the entrance are pitch-black and flanked on either side by massive stone dogs, their features sharp and teeth bared. You can almost hear them snarling.

“I know these stairs are quite high, but you won’t need to traverse them until we leave.” Aymeric’s long legs take the steps in great strides. His stiletto heels seem to blend in with the stone. He offers his hand to you, slowing to match your gait. The massive doors at the top open as you approach, staff already prepared to receive you. “I thought you said you hadn’t been here in years,” you murmur.

“I haven’t, but I have family members who often come to stay, so I keep the staff here regardless.” He takes off his sunglasses again and tucks them into your purse as he retrieves the cluster of keys he placed in there earlier.

“Why not put things in your own pockets?” you tease.

Aymeric slaps his hip. “You look at these pants. Do you think I could fit keys inside them. But thank you for allowing me the space of your handbag. I’ll be sure to buy you a new one.”

“Sure, sure.” You follow him as he sorts through the keys. You come to the end of the main hall and then take a narrow, spiraling staircase into another long hall. All the while he combs through the keys. He eventually stops before a massive door and shoves an old key into the lock. “I keep my special rooms locked up, so I don’t know what state I’ve left them in. We’ll get changed and have something to eat while the staff freshens it up.”

“I was hoping we could have a moment alone, you know?” you smirk. “To give me a chance to let my conquering queen out.”

Aymeric bites his lip. “In due time.” He bends down to kiss you, pushing open the door as he does. “We have so much time to get acquainted with her.”

The bedroom is scattered with discarded clothing and shoes, and a fur coat is lying across the floor like an afterthought. Aymeric scowls as he picks it up from the floor. “This isn’t mine.” He glances at the bed and storms over to it, throwing open the canopy curtains and thrusting himself inside. There’s a scream from within the bed and Aymeric starts dragging out a naked figure.

“I thought you were in Japan!” Aymeric hisses.

“Let go of me!” The naked man fighting Aymeric drops to the floor and starts kicking him.

“This room was locked! How the hell did you get in?” Aymeric is still fighting him, slapping away his long legs and kicking off his own heels to better fight him.

“Um...” You raise your hand. “What’s happening?”

The naked man stops kicking and turns, looking into your eyes with very familiar silver ones. “Did you bring someone else?”

Aymeric finally has the naked man where he wants him, and flips him over and kicks his rear. “This is my brother, Laertes,” he sneers.

Laertes stands up and smiles charmingly at you. “I’m a disappointment.”

Aymeric tosses the fur coat over him. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s the only place I still have access to.” Laertes puts the fur coat on, still looking quite scandalous. His long legs are thin and shapely, and he has similar features to Aymeric - the same pearly skin, silver eyes, and white hair. But Laertes’ hair is more curly, and he has fuller lips and a smaller nose.

Aymeric kicks some of the clothes on the floor. “I’m not surprised. Now get out. I plan on staying here for a while, and I don’t need you mucking up the experience.”

Laertes points at you. “You still haven’t introduced me to this lovely being.” His eyes take you in in the same manner that Aymeric’s does. “Since when did you go to single digits?”

Aymeric glares down at his brother. “I don’t have to explain anything to you. Just get out of here.”

Laertes shoots Aymeric a kicked-puppy look, and his bottom lip juts out like a juicy slice of fruit. “Oh, come on, this is a big place. I can go upstairs and you’d never hear from me again. I seriously have nowhere else to go, and I like it here.”

Aymeric scowls at him. “Have you seriously nowhere else?”

Laertes shakes his head. “Ever since my mom died, Dad has been a little less forgiving of me.” He glances back at you. “Because I’m a disappointment.”

You shake your head. “You don’t need to keep saying it.”

Aymeric pulls you closer to him. “You can have the upstairs, but if I hear one peep out of you I’m pushing you out a window.”

Laertes smiles brightly. “Thank you, big brother.”

Aymeric rolls his eyes. “Please, do not call me that.” He looks down at you. “Come on, let’s go get something to eat.”

You glance back at Laertes and wave. “It was nice meeting you.”

“That’s very kind.” Laertes grins and waves goodbye.

Aymeric stops to interrogate a maid, who tells him that Laertes had been here a few years on and off, claiming that Aymeric allowed it. Aymeric asks her to clean the main bedroom and make sure Laertes is moved upstairs.

“What’s going on?” you ask Aymeric. “What’s Laertes done?”

Aymeric huffs, pouring himself a drink as you go into the dining room. “Laertes is from one of my father’s many, many, lovers.” He sips the drink and exhales slowly as he comes and sits beside you at the table. “A human woman.”

“Like me?”

Aymeric takes hold of your hand. “Like you. And my mother didn’t approve. She thought that having a human lover was beneath my father. When she got pregnant, it was even more insulting to her. Laertes could never do anything right afterwards, so he just leaned into it.”

“You seem rather forgiving.”

Aymeric frowns. “I felt sorry for him. He was like a pathetic stray cat who kept coming back because you fed it once.” He looks down at the table with a serious glint in his eyes. “I don’t know, but I could just never turn him away.”

“He looks just like you.” You rub his thigh under the table. “Maybe that’s why you feel a bit sorry for him. You see yourself.”

Aymeric’s smirk sharpens at the corners. “What about him looks like me?”

You scoff. “You two could be twins! If it wasn’t for the hair I wouldn’t be so sure you weren’t the same person.”

He snatches your hand up and bites your fingertips. “Be that as it may, he is not allowed the same liberties I am. This trip isn’t about him anyway, it is about us.” He kisses the center of your palm. “If I wanted family drama I would have gone home.”

You smile and nuzzle his nose. “I would still like to get to know him.”

“I must warn you, he’s a brat.”

You sputter and snort. “Look who's talking!”

Aymeric’s lip curls. “Okay, that is it.” He kisses you hungrily, pushing his body against yours. “Need I remind you of why we are here?” he whispers into your ear. “Of what I asked very nicely of you?” He bites the tip of your ear and tugs.

You nod and sigh. “You don’t need to remind me.” You reach down into his lap, feeling his cock already straining against his pants. “I’ve been looking forward to it.”

Aymeric’s tongue darts over your lips. “Once the room is ready, I will be on my knees for you.”

“I picked out a very fun toy, and I think you’ll enjoy it.” You kiss him, continuing to rub his cock through his pants.

Aymeric shivers. “It’s been so long. I’m aching.”

“Just a little while longer.” You pull away from him. “You’ll live.”

He shivers and grins. “I’ve taught you too well.”

After eating, Aymeric still has a few things to go over with the staff, so you head up to the room to get ready - and promptly get lost. As you’re fretting in the hallway, Laretes comes out of a room, looks at you with surprise and smiles. He’s wearing something similar to Aymeric’s fashion choices, all black and sensuous. “What are you doing here?” he asks.

“I’m lost,” you scoff. “I have no clue how to navigate anything.”

Laertes chuckles. “I’ll take you back down. How did you even go up three flights without realizing?”

You shake your head. “I don’t know.”

“That’s okay, I’ll get you where you need to be.” Laertes walks with you back down the hallway. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the deal between you and my brother?”

“It’s a long story,” you chuckle. “He placed a curse on my family, so when my niece was to be born I decided to offer myself up to make sure she didn’t suffer under it.”

Laertes nods. “That sounds about as expected.”

“But we both caught feelings.”

“Ah! Completely unexpected. I wasn’t even aware my brother was capable of such a thing. I thought he’d be more like our father.” Laertes takes the lead on the stairs.

“He takes care of you, though, doesn’t he?”

He shrugs. “I think that’s just pity. But I don’t mind. At least I’m not completely destitute.” He glances back at you. “I’m grateful for the pity.”

“Why accept that, though? Why not try to find what you think you deserve?” You ask.

Laertes smiles up at you. “Because I don’t deserve anything.”

You step off the stairs and look up at him. “But why?”

“I’m used to it.” Laertes' smile doesn’t falter. “As long as I have my brother, I’ll be okay. I don’t mind what I’ve been given. Come on, I bet he’s looking for you.”

Laertes leads you to a corridor you recognize, and as you step off the stairs Aymeric is coming down the hall. “There you are!” He frowns when he sees Laertes. “Where have you been?”

“I got lost. Laertes helped me find my way back.”

Laertes just smiles. “No worries, she’s safe and sound. She didn’t find her way into the sex dungeon.”

Aymeric frowns, but softens as he looks at you. “I’m not sure I can wait any longer. I’ve been excited all day for this.”

“Oh my, big plans?” Laertes chuckles.

You look back at Laertes. “Would you like to watch?”

His ears turn pink, and the flush bleeds down onto his cheeks. “I, uh...”

Aymeric arches a brow at you. “What are you doing?”

“You told me I’m the queen while we’re in this castle, and as queen I know what I want.” You kiss Aymeric, then turn and take Laertes’ hand. “I have a plan, love.”

“I don’t want to make my brother mad,” Laertes says.

Aymeric huffs. “No. It’s fine. If she wants it, I cannot say no.”

“Well, that’s new.” Laertes’s peachy cheeks turn a darker shade.

“Come along.” You lead Laertes into the bedroom. Laertes stands awkwardly in the room while you push Aymeric down onto the bed. “Laertes, help me undress.”

“Of course.” He approaches, tugging down the zipper on the back of your dress. While he does this, you make Aymeric lay on his stomach. You peel off his tight pants, and once Laertes has your dress off you bend over and bite Aymeric’s ass.

“Laertes,” you moan, “the little black bag on the table over there. Fetch it for me.”

He darts across the room while you continue to fondle and grope Aymeric’s ass.

“Love,” he moans, “what are you doing?”

“Having everything I want.” You take the bag from Laertes and pull him down for a kiss. You press your naked body close to his, already feeling something hard hit your belly.

“Get comfortable. I have to get your brother ready.” You turn your attention back to Aymeric, removing a bottle of lube from the bag. You dribble it down his ass, rubbing it into his cheeks and between them. Aymeric moans and thrusts his hips backwards towards you.

Laetres has stripped naked and is watching you from a chair. His face looks innocent compared to his brother’s, but his erection gives him away. You smile at Laertes as you swirl lube around Aymeric’s anus. Your finger presses inside, and Aymeric’s shoulders arch back.

“Laertes, can you come help me for a moment? My hands are quite full.” You motion to the black bag again. “There’s a little something in there. Help me get it on.”

Laertes takes the bag and pulls out the strap-on within. The harness looks like something Aymeric would wear, while the phallus is an amethyst color. Laertes helps you step into the harness and gets you strapped and adjusted. He kisses your legs and thighs as he does, slowly moving up to lick your neck.

“Thank you, Laertes.” You give him a kiss, biting his lip. Then you slap the dildo against Aymeric’s ass.

“I can’t take it, please!” Aymeric growls against the pillows.

“Hold on.” You suck Laertes’ tongue. “When I give you the ready, I want you to take that pretty cock and fuck me.”

“What about me?” Aymeric huffs.

You slap Aymeric’s ass. “You’re both my toys for the night. Be a good one for me.” You slap his ass again, then massage the red mark.

“Yes, my queen,” Aymeric pants.

You come up behind Aymeric, dribbling lube along the shaft of the dildo. Moving slowly, you press the head to his anus, rubbing against it. Aymeric arches his hips, lifting them so you have a better angle.

Laertes comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around you to grasp your breasts. He rubs his cock between your thighs, finding you wet and dripping.

“I could get used to this,” you breathe. You spread Aymeric’s cheeks, watching as the toy easily slips inside him.

Aymeric cries out loud, throwing his head back. He buries his face into the bed while his hips move on their own.

Laertes is biting and kissing your neck while his hands roam your body. You bend over Aymeric, thrusting into him. Laertes kisses down your back, his fingers gently massaging your vulva.

“How do you like it?” you purr into Aymeric’s ear. “Want it a little rougher?”

“Yes! Yes, please!” Aymeric whines. “I need it!”

You giggle and glance back at Laertes. “Go ahead.”

His hair hangs over his face, hiding his sweet expression. He comes up behind you and plunges his dick inside you. You shudder and moan into Aymeric’s ear, matching Laertes’ thrusts. His hands wrap around your waist while his sighs of pleasure hang above you. Aymeric whines and whimpers into the bed, thrusting his ass back onto the toy, causing Laertes to push deeper inside you.

Aymeric sounds so sweet playing the submissive, almost like Laertes above you. You enjoy being a conquering queen, and you have a hard time being satisfied. Through the night you have Aymeric and Laertes take turns, never letting them settle for too long. You take control of your own desires that night, making sure the brothers attend to them. Laertes is a very sweet and tender lover, while Aymeric is rough but thorough. You take them both greedily.

In the morning you want to reward them for their attentiveness. Laertes is curled up on one side, while Aymeric is wrapped around you. You wake him by rubbing your backside against his morning wood.

“You were terrible last night,” he chuckles. “I loved it.”

You kiss him as he rubs between your thighs. “I had a lot of fun, but I feel like a bit of tenderness this morning.”

“Are you going to wake him?” Aymeric pants. “Seems rather rude if you don’t.”

You reach down, guiding Aymeric’s cock inside you. “In a minute.” You wrap your thigh around his hip so his thrusts will be more precise from behind.

Then you kiss Laertes on the shoulder until he stirs. He turns, accepting your kiss.

“About last night… It was fun, wasn’t it?” You moan as Aymeric begins to thrust harder. “But for now, let me thank you for all your hard work.”

That sweet, shy expression returns as he sits up, letting you rest your head in his lap. You lick his cock from tip to base before taking him into your mouth. You suck him, feeling his grow harder and hotter on your tongue. Laertes brushes his fingers through your hair, moaning softly as Aymeric’s rough thrusts rock you.

Laertes closes his eyes, letting his long hair fall over his face. He thrusts his hips slowly, but soon his pulsing reaches its peak and his seed spills on your tongue. Aymeric growls, thrusting hard and deep until he finds the right spot. He bites your shoulder just as Laertes is dripping down your throat.

You tremble and moan, coughing as Laertes pulls away. You catch your breath, sighing happily as you sink back into the bed.

“Wow,” Laertes moans.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Aymeric chuckles. “If you want something like this, I suggest you find your own.”

“You deserve it,” you sigh.

Laertes lies on the pillow, his hair splayed out, looking very much like a prince. “I would like to, but where would I even begin?”

“You could always try cursing a family,” Aymeric shrugs. “It worked for me.”

You roll your eyes. “Don’t worry, the right one will come along. I’ll help you.”

Laertes smiles and sits up. “I should let you two be alone.” He gathers his clothes off the floor. “Thanks again for including me, Queen.”

You smile at him. “Thanks for letting me.” You snuggle against Aymeric as Laertes leaves. “I don’t think I can move.”

Aymeric grins. “I don’t want you to anyway.” He kisses your cheek while rubbing his hands up and down your sides. “I’m going to pamper you all day today.”

“You do every day,” you laugh.

Aymeric nuzzles into your hair and breathes deep, taking in his favorite scent. “I know. I like the habit.”

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User #16685372 - 11 Aug 20 21:04
This is a delight!
Fae Boyfriend: Aymeric 2 (complete) 2020-08-10T19:00:02+00:00

The cold breeze brushes against your skin and combs sharp fingers through your hair. You open your eyes to see the terrace door open, and Aymeric standing there and looking out. His sharp eyes are peering intently into the distance, but they aren’t focused on just anything.

You sit up in bed, rubbing your eyes of sleep. Your mouth is dry and your head is throbbing from one too many drinks the night before. Aymeric keeps his court well-entertained, and being his pet, you have your own duties as well. You don’t mind the new lifestyle you lead. Ever since you came to Aymeric, you’ve been quite content.

“It’s cold and you’re half-naked,” you scold him while you yawn. “Come back inside.”

Aymeric remains focused on whatever distant thing he’s staring at. “I’ll be back inside in a moment, dearest. Go back to bed. You need your beauty sleep.”

You stand up, wrapping the blanket around you as you head to the washroom to get some water. “There was no beauty in that sleep, only recovery.” You rinse out a wine glass from last night and fill it to the brim with water. You drink it in its entirety, then fill it again and walk back to the brooding Aymeric.

“How come water from the bathroom tap always tastes better?” you murmur.

Aymeric’s eyes finally move and fall on you. The silver in them appears darker this morning. “It’s also in a fancy glass.” He takes it from your fingers to steal a sip. “That also enriches the flavor.”

You open the blanket and he steps into your arms. He takes hold of the blanket, wrapping it around both of you so only your head pokes out.

“Bad dreams?” You nuzzle his chest.

“I never slept last night,” Aymeric admits in a soft voice. “I just lay there and watched you, or lay there and watched the moonlight move across the floor.”

“What’s wrong?” You smooth your hands up and down his sides and back. “Did something happen at the party last night?”

The look on his face gives him away before he even answers you. “I was bored the entire time.”

“Bored?” You raise an eyebrow. “How could you have been bored? What was it?”

Aymeric huffs and places his chin on top of your head. “I am not sure what it was. I just remember a point in the evening when I looked across the room and realized there was nothing new there for me. There was no one I looked forward to talking to aside from you. So when I couldn’t see you, it felt like I would be the only limp dick in the room.”

“Maybe it’s time to take a vacation,” you suggest. “Go out and do something new for a little bit. When you get back, you’ll have stories to tell, and something more than just me to talk about.”

Aymeric lifts his chin from yours with a great big smile on his face. “My pet, what a wonderful suggestion.” He kisses you excitedly, cupping your cheeks between his palms. “A long vacation may be exactly what I need.” He kisses you again, biting your cheek and neck. “I’ll start planning something,” his moans are hot in your ear. “Just as soon as I finish thanking you.”

“I have a bit of a headache.” You do enjoy how good his touch feels, though. “Can you thank me later?”

Aymeric pouts and bites the tip of your ear. “I am a bit tired,” he grumps. “I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pace you’re used to. Your thighs are so warm and soft I’d probably fall asleep on them while my tongue is in you.” He yawns and shakes his head. “Fine, we’ll have breakfast.”

“You can thank me later.” You go over to the table, while he closes the terrace door and rings the bell.

“Any ideas on where you’d like to go?” You smile as he slips on a black robe that makes his skin all the more pearlescent.

“Well,” he untucks his long hair from under the robe. “It’s been quite a while since I felt this bored.” He sits down at the table with you to wait for breakfast. “I haven’t been home in a while, but I’m not sure I need that much drama to find life here entertaining.” He thinks for a long moment, only looking up as breakfast is delivered. “What about you?” Aymeric pours your coffee. “Where do you like to vacation?”

“To be honest, I’ve never taken one.” You add milk and sugar to the coffee. “Your little curse always made it hard to travel somewhere unknown.”

He looks up from his pastry, slowly taking it from his mouth. “You can blame your distant relative for that, not me.”

“Since when have I said I blamed anybody?” You sip your coffee with a slight smirk. “Besides, I think you’ve paid off your debt quite nicely.”

“Being a spoiled pet and having no worries at all must work wonders,” he teases. He licks crumbs from the corner of his mouth. “So tell me, when my curse was heavy on your head, was there anywhere in the world you wanted to go?”

You set your coffee cup down, and while you look at the fine china a childhood memory is sparked. “This might sound silly.”

“Then I am all the more interested.” A wicked little smirk sharpens the corners of his mouth, and the tips of his pointed ears seem to twitch.

“I used to daydream about living in a castle,” you confess. You eye him carefully, making sure his smile doesn’t turn to mocking. “I used to look at pictures of French castles and dream of being a princess waiting for her fairy tale romance.”

Aymeric titters. “And look at you now.” His silver eyes look you up and down. “You have a fairy tail, alright. Mine.”

You take one of the decadent pastries and smile. “Crude.”

Aymeric strokes his fingers along the side of your ear then gently tucks your hair away. “A holiday in a castle? I’m certain I own one somewhere.”

You near choke on flaky crust. “You own a castle?”

Aymeric inches closer to your. His lips brush against your cheek as he snickers. “I own lots and lots of things.” His tongue tickles your ear. “I have my own little dragon hoard of real estate.”

You tilt your chin up and he licks crumbs from your cheek, slowly tracing his pointed tongue around your lips before sinking into a kiss. You move into his lap, straddling his thin hips as his fingers knead into your rear.

Aymeric nips your chin. “How’s that headache?”

You grin back at him. “How’s your lack of sleep?”

He lifts up your nightshirt and bites his lip when he sees you’re wearing no underwear. His perfectly manicured nails comb through the curls on your mound before he slips his fingers between your thighs.

You close your eyes and moan deeply. You kiss him while his fingers explore, finding you wet and eager for his touch. His tongue licks down your neck and his teeth sink into your shoulder, and all the while his cock hardens against your thigh. “Did your fairytale fantasies ever include a perverted scoundrel like me?” Aymeric moans into your ear.

You squeeze around his fingers as they slip inside you. “My fantasies included a scoundrel or two, but I could never imagine someone as deviant as you, my love.”

Aymeric sighs in delight, wiggling his fingers to tease and tickle. “I know your wicked little mind,” he breathes. “You must have pictured some lusty romp in a rose garden. Perhaps an adventure on some enchanted wood.”

“Clever word play.” You take his cock in your hand, stroking it slowly. “One of my fantasies was fulfilled with you.”

“Oh?” The tips of his ears begin to redden. “What would that be?”

You kiss him softly. “I always wanted to have sex on a massive canopy bed.”

“That’s it?” he scoffs.

You kiss the tip of his nose. “Let me finish.” You take his cock and begin to lower yourself over him. His fingers move to your clit, swirling around it slowly while his eyes lock with yours.

“A big canopy bed,” you breathe, “with a handsome, slightly evil, prince.” You sit on his lap, taking his cock deep inside you.

Aymeric holds your hips, moving his own so that he sinks deeper. “Why slightly evil?”

You try to catch your breath, but only moans escape. “Because it’s more… ah!” you bite your cheek. “It’s more fun that way.”

Aymeric pulls your shirt up and nuzzles his face between your breasts. “How right you are, my love.” His warm mouth moves over your breast. Meanwhile, he starts to thrust his hips, moving inside you. His teeth nip and bite, causing your back to arch. His fingers dig into your rear, his sharp nails scratching your skin.

“What else?” he purrs against your breast. “Tell me your fairytale life.”

You try to sort out your thoughts, but he’s making it difficult. He knows your body inside and out, how to make you mindless and greedy. You can’t focus long enough because he’s too good at what he does.

“Speak up,” he teases.

“Aymeric,” you pant. “I can’t...”

He laughs and scoops you up, carrying you back over to the bed. He spreads your legs out and kneels between them, kissing your mound and pressing his tongue to your clit. His moans vibrate along your sensitive skin and radiate through the rest of your body.

You throw your head back, gasping for breath. “I can’t think like this!”

Aymeric lifts his head, kissing your stomach. “I’m curious to know. After all, it’s my job as your master to see to your every need.” He spreads you open with his fingers and smirks.

“You’re my fantasy,” you whimper. “That’s all I know.”

His ears darken, and the flush spreads down to his cheeks. He looks up at you with dreamy eyes and the beginnings of a smile. “What a cheap, romantic thing to say.” He sits up, holding the back of your knees in his hands. “I am everyone’s fantasy.” His cock eases back inside you, but the flush on his face remains.

“Aymeric,” you moan loudly.

He thrusts himself hard and deep inside you. “You want a castle?” He grunts with each thrust. “I’ll give you a castle. But you must take my enchanted wood first.”

You giggle despite your pleasure. “You perverted scoundrel.”

Aymeric lets go of your legs to lean down on top of you. “I’m your evil prince,” he groans. He rolls his hips slowly. “No. Not a prince.” He slips his hand around your throat. “That sounds too pretty. I’m a conquering king.” His hips move faster. “I’ve taken over your kingdom and stripped you of your crown, princess.”

You wrap your arms around him, crying out with each deep stroke he delivers.

“I’ve stripped you of everything,” he snarls. “You’re my pet, my plaything.” His fingers tighten around your neck. “Mine.”

You throw your head back as sparks crawl up your spine. You squeeze tight around him, thighs trembling, mouth wide open. He lies on top of you, kissing you breathlessly, holding you still against the sheets, while he comes inside you. His soft kisses pepper your face and shoulders while his long hair brushes against your skin. You swoon, taking deep breaths to come back to reality, but the afterglow is too good.

“A conquering king, huh?” You tease.

Aymeric smirks. “You seemed to like it.” He lies down beside you, his hair spilling like silk over the bed. “How’s your headache?”

You kiss him. “I forgot all about it.” You rub your hand down his bare chest. “You’re welcome, by the way.”

Aymeric laughs and sits up. “I’ll get everything ready today. Travel plans and whatnot.” He stands up naked and walks back to the table to finish his cruller. “Don’t worry about a thing. Don’t even pack.”

You stretch out on the bed, unwilling to get up like him even though you really want your coffee. “I don’t trust that. For all I know you’ll only fill my suitcase with underwear.”

“I would never! You don’t need it.” He comes and sits down on the bed, helping you sit up before he places your coffee cup in your hands. “I’m the only thing allowed between your thighs,” he jests.

You kiss him. “I’m still packing a small suitcase of my things.”

“That’s fine, but you won’t need it. I’ll be taking care of everything and anything you could ever dream of.” He stands back up and strides to the closet.

You sip your coffee naked while he dresses for the day. He comes out in tight black pants, a billowy white shirt, and stiletto heels that look like that could stab an eye like a shish kabob. “Braid my hair for me?” He asks as he adjusts the cuffs on is shirt.

You set your empty cup aside. “Sit down.”

He sits at the foot of the bed so you can brush and style his hair, relaxing as your fingers comb along his scalp. The tips of his ears are still rosy and warm. You smirk, knowing exactly how to make him squirm right now. “I love you,” you whisper to him.

He fidgets. “I know.”

You kiss the top of his head. “I love you very much.”

Aymeric clears his throat. “How could you not?”

You finish off his braid. “I mean it,” you whisper. “You’re the love of my life, evil king or not.”

Aymeric slightly turns, giving you a glimpse of his apple-red cheeks. He mumbles something under his breath, and all you catch is ‘yeah’ and ‘you too’.

“What was that?” You gently tug his braid. “Speak up.”

“I love you too,” he says quietly. His expression is soft and sweet, something you only see a handful of times. He takes your hand and bites your fingers. “I know you only do this to get a rise out of me.”

“I do it because you’re cute.” You kiss him. “And I love you.”

Aymeric leans into the kiss to shut you up. “Yes, I know.” He stands and smooths out his shirt. “Thank you for braiding my hair.”

You stand, putting on his robe. “I need to get a shower. Then I plan on going to see my sister and niece today.”

“Take my car,” Aymeric says. “I don’t trust that hunk of scrap parts you drive.”

“I like my car,” you chuckle. “But fine. I’ll take yours.”

“Why don’t you stop and get something for your niece before you go?” He glances back at you. “It’s rude to go empty-handed.”

“I know you like her. Just say so.” You swat his butt as he opens the door. “I’ll tell her you said hello.”

Aymeric glances down at you. “Be safe out there.”

“I will.” You reach up and pinch his cheek. “Get mean, okay? No one will know how to handle the postcoital Aymeric that I love.”

“Then stop saying it,” he hisses. “You know it makes me soft.”

You smirk knowingly and close the door as he strides down the hallway, his heels clacking so loudly you’re sure people can hear them all throughout the mansion.

After your visit with your sister and niece, you come back home and are told to go to the dining hall to meet Aymeric. As you walk in you see bouquets of flowers everywhere and candles running down the center of the table.

“What’s all this about?” you ask.

Aymeric stands from his seat. “Just a glimpse into the life of a princess.” He takes hold of your hand and kisses it. “When we travel, all you will know is a fairytale dream come true.”

You eye him curiously. “This doesn’t sound like you. What’s going on?”

Aymeric holds your hand in both his palms. “I got quite excited planning today. I forgot just how many castles I have.”

You furrow your brows at him. “How is that even a sentence?”

He kisses the wrinkle between your puckered brows. “Don’t worry about it, love.” He pulls your chair out, then reaches for a bottle of wine. “I haven’t been this excited since I first met you, back when I was sure you’d run away within the week.”

“How long ago was that?” you ask.

Aymeric uncorks the wine and pours you a glass. “One year ago today.”

You look around in surprise. “This is an anniversary? You remembered?”

“I don’t like to be romantic,” he grumbles. “I didn’t even think I knew how to be such a thing.” He sets the glass down before you. “But this morning it hit me, and my desire to be such a strange thing rose up inside. All this talk about castles and fairy tales… I don’t know, it brought out the little boy in me.”

“You have one of those?”

Aymeric laughs as he sits. “I was once the cutest child you would have ever seen. I was also a daydreamer like you.” You sips his wine and sighs. “I used to imagine myself with a large family like my father had, and yet, all there is is me.” He looks across the table and the flames of the candles reflect in his eyes. “And now, you.”

Your nerves start to rumble in your belly. “Aymeric.”

“You’re more than a pet or plaything, you know that.” He reaches out and takes hold of your hand. “And during this trip, I’m going to get better at showing that side of myself. The side of me I had before I became an asshole.”

“I like that, though,” you murmur. “I like all sides of you.”

Aymeric kisses your knuckles. “I know. Despite the conquering king, there is still a pretty prince inside me.” He leans over and presses his lips to your ear. “And he wants to meet his queen.”

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I’m thinking about doing another Instagram live tomorrow evening. But I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do. Thinking about talking about stuff coming in the future and showing off spoilers for my Patreon rewards. Also considering on picking five characters and talking about them. Or just one universe. Too many ideas. Any suggestions to help?

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I mean maybe talk about different genres or subjects you wanna do? Idk there’s a lotta different stuff you could flex your brain into trying. Maybe a personality type you really wanna develop that stands out to you as of recent.
Tentacle Plant Lover: Sin (complete) 2020-08-07T19:00:03+00:00

You often take a quick shortcut to get to the back of the theatre, between fences and down a small alleyway. It saves you time, and you don’t have to fumble through your keys looking for the right one to get through the side gate. Sometimes you see interesting things, especially since you started leaving the theater late.

Ever since recasting the lead in response to a stream of displeased social media posts, the production has gone into overtime every night to prepare the new cast member in the time left before opening. You don’t mind it at all though - you love your job in live theatre. The long days also help you avoid dealing with your mother whining over you not getting married yet. After your sister got married, it seems all she has time for is bemoaning how her eldest child isn’t settled.

The alley you take has a lot of interesting surprises during the evenings, like the little old lady who sits on her terrace every night peeling potatoes. The skins fall down on the ground from above, and she hums a tune you’ve never heard before. There’s a lot of cats in the alley, and some kids who are trying to hang out in peace.

One evening, as you’re heading home, you’re approaching the old lady’s terrace when a pot comes crashing down from above. You yelp and clutch your nonexistent pearls. Looking up, you see a bright orange tabby on the railing, and then the little old lady leans over. “Sorry he scared you, sweetie. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” you call up to her. You stoop, gathering up the plant from the shattered pot. “But your poor plant!”

The old lady scoffs while the tabby purrs. “Envy here has never cared for that one. I can’t tell you how many times he’s tried to do away with it. Do you like plants?”

The plant appears to be a succulent, but it’s in bad shape. Some of the leaves are soggy and browning, drooping - possibly from the fall, but more than likely stressed and unattended to. “I do.” You glance back up at the woman. “I have a small garden in my kitchen.”

The woman smiles and waves her hand. “Then why don’t you take it? It could use a nice home, and you look nice enough to make any plant happy.”

You scoop the plant into your palms, trying to make sure the roots are okay. “Thank you! I actually have an extra pot that would be perfect for it.” You’ve never seen a plant like it before, succulent or not. The leaves look strange, almost alien. “Can you tell me what it is?”

“It’s a plant!” she says cheerfully.

Rather than pushing the subject, you wave up at her. “Thanks again. I’ll take good care of it, I promise.”

You head home with your new roommate, taking it to the kitchen where your other plants are waiting. You have a thing for saving the neglected plants in the garden centers of department stores, giving them the attention and love they need, which has resulted as a lush green landscape in your kitchen.

You get your newest addition potted and trim away the injured and dying leaves. The way this plant grows reminds you of aloe, but the leaves are much more jagged. They take on a star shape that stacks upon itself, giving it a spiky Christmas-tree look.

“We’ll get you back up to snuff in no time,” you say tenderly to the plant. You take the rice starch water you use on your plants from the fridge, get the dirt moist around the plant, then set it where it will get good sun the next day.

“Let’s see,” you murmur as you gaze at the new plant. “What should I name you?” Each of your plants has special names, something that reminds you of the day you got them. The cat’s name is Envy, who is also a character in the book you’re currently reading. “I know it’s not the cutest of names, but I think Sin suits you just fine. It sounds cute without context,” you chuckle.

The next morning you find Sin’s soil bone-dry, as if you hadn’t watered it at all. You give Sin an extra helping of water, setting a plate under the pot just in case. Already, Sin’s color looks brighter, and the leaves are starting to look plump and healthy.

Coming home that evening, you find the dirt dry again. Knowing you’d watered it, even given it a touch extra, you’re a bit confused. Not knowing exactly what this plant is, you couldn’t possibly know the proper way to care for it, much like the potato lady. You decide the best option is to put an automatic waterer in the pot with the plant. That way, it can have water when it needs it. But the next morning the dirt is dry yet again, and the watering device is completely empty.

The plant does look bigger, and already the leaves you pruned are starting to grow out again. Whatever this plant is, it appears to be some sort of super-plant. So before you go to work, you set the pot in a shallow bowl full of starch water, hoping it will keep the dirt moist enough for the plant. You also take pictures, so you can stop by your favorite greenhouse to ask for advice.

“It looks like a tiger's tooth aloe, but not enough like it,” the lady replies. “And you say the dirt is always dry no matter what you do?”

You nod and scratch your chin. “I’ve never seen a plant leave the dirt dry. I’m starting to wonder if I’m supposed to just have the roots suspended in water.”

“What did the roots look like?”

You shrug. “Like normal roots, although they were kind of thick.”

“I’ll try to look up what I can, but just keep watering it. If it wasn’t properly taken care of before it could just need to recover right now. Give it time.”

You do, but Sin continues to guzzle water like it’s in a drought. It’s getting bigger and bigger every day. It sprouts more, and soon you have to transfer Sin to a bigger pot. Some of the leaves grow limp over the sides of the pot, while others stiffly reach high. The more you water Sin, the more it just keeps growing.

Work is going well, and practice for the play was going smooth like butter. Everyone is pleased with the progress. Unfortunately, one evening your mother calls, and the conversation goes well until it doesn’t. She starts going on about how well your little sister is doing with her new husband; they’re looking for a house. It would be okay if your mother simply said ‘I’m worried and only want something nice like this for you.’ Instead she says something much worse: “I just want you to get married.”

You could probably marry the next jerk off the street and it would make her happy, just so long as you follow the heteronormative expectation. It’s all she ever seems to talk about - how she wishes you were married or that she’s so happy your sister is married.

After the call is over, you make another call to your sister. “I didn’t marry my husband for her, I married him because we talked it through and wanted to. Why does it feel like she’s treating my marriage as a favor to her?”

“Because dad divorced her and something in her snapped,” you answer.

“Try not to let her get to you. If I knew she’d get worse after the wedding, I wouldn’t have done it,” she laughs.

“No, I’m glad you did. You two are so happy together. When you find a house, let me know. I’d like to see it.”

“A house?” Your sister sounds confused. “What house?”

“Mom said you were...” You sigh. “Is she wanting you to get a house?”

Your sister groans. “Yeah. She thinks our apartment is too small.”

“For the baby?” you say mockingly.

Your sister bursts out laughing. “She’s not said it yet, but she’s saying it! Even though I told her we don’t plan on having any kids besides our dogs!”

You hear something rattle in the kitchen. “We need to have a talk with her eventually.” You walk towards the kitchen door and reach for the light switch.

“Yeah I guess.”

Something shatters, and you yelp.

“What was that? Are you okay?”

You find the light switch, and when the lights flicker on you see that Sin’s pot has fallen onto the floor. “Yeah. It’s fine. But one of my plants fell, and I need to clean it up.”

“Oh, okay,” your sister says. “Well, if you need to talk again, give me a call.”

“Will do, thanks.” You hang up and kneel to clean up the mess. As you turn the pot over, you can’t find Sin. “What the fuck?” you whisper in disbelief. You search under the table and cabinets to find the plant, but there’s nothing! It’s as if Sin disintegrated on impact. But Sin had gotten so big, it seems impossible for it to just vanish like that.

As you stand you hear something rustle behind you. Every hair on your body stands on end, and you reach for the frying pan on the stove. You turn, hearing the rustle again. You hold your breath, trying to keep every sound you make as quiet as possible.

You poke your head through the kitchen door, but you don’t see anything. Stepping out, you listen closely to every sound, even any cars that drive by the apartment. You start to think you were hearing things when you hear the shower turn on in the bathroom.

Every cell in your body throbs in high alert, as if vibrating in preparation to disperse should someone actually be in your shower. You tiptoe to the bathroom, peering in the open door. You hear a moan from inside, and your heart stops.

“Who’s in there? I’ve got a weapon!”

There’s no answer.

“Are you a ghost?” Your voice cracks.

Something green hangs over the shower rod and down the curtain - long tendrils that flare out in spiky protrusions that flex open and closed. You swallow your heart back down from your throat as you step into the bathroom. More green limbs pop out along the shower and when you snatch open the curtain, you see Sin lying under the stream.

“What in the...”

Sin reaches up and turns off the water. The long limbs hanging from the shower belong to it. Sin sits silently in the pool of water, not moving.

“I didn’t think you’d mind,” the plant says.

You scream and nearly topple over, but Sin’s vines catch you and keep you from slamming your head against the doorframe.

“Sorry.” Sin’s voice is smooth and even. It would almost be comforting if it wasn’t a plant talking!

“What’s going on!?” You struggle against the limbs, but they’re all that’s holding you up now. “What are you? Are you an alien?”

Sin sits up in the tub, and between the tendrils you see two bright pink eyes glowing. “I’m Sin, like you called me. Thank you, by the way, for getting me away from that cat. He was awful.”

Your heart is pounding like a jackhammer on asphalt. It feels as though you might never calm down from this. “Sh-sure,” you stutter.

“It’s okay,” Sin’s deep voice murmurs. “I know this is weird, but I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long time.”

“Yeah it’s weird,” you gasp. “How long have you… been this way?”

“Always. I could see you and hear you, but I was still too small to be able to reply.” Sin’s voice is mellow. “Today I was able to wriggle from the pot, but when I did, I felt so dry.”

“Oh.” You feel yourself calming down. “Well, next time, give me a warning before you… do that.”

Sin lifts a tentacle and brushes it against your cheek, moving your hair away from your face. “There, much better.”

“Wow,” you whisper. “Sorry, I’m still in shock over this.”

“I didn’t want to scare you,” Sin says. “You’ve done so much for me, I feel as though I owe you.”

At last you can stand on your own, and you try to take in the giant plant that’s filled your bathtub. “I think you would have scared me no matter what. I’m still kind of… uncertain. I don’t know if this is a ‘Feed me, Seymour’ situation or not.”

Sin’s eyes glow slightly brighter. “Who’s Seymour?”

You smile shyly. “Never mind, I’m just saying this might take me some time to get used to. I’ve never had a plant talk to me before.”

Sin rises up in the bathtub, tendrils dripping with warm water. It stands taller than you, almost bumping against the shower rod. “Don’t worry, I’ll pretty much be the same as before. But if you need help around the house, I would be happy to do it.”

You don’t see anything beyond Sin’s vines besides the glowing pink eyes. They blink and shift along the body, peering through the openings in the tendrils seeming to appear where Sin wants to look the most. You wonder if this is really a ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ situation, and Sin came here from outer space to conquer the planet. Or maybe it’s some sort of demon plant. Maybe this is just the next step in evolution. Who knows? Certainly you don’t.

“Actually,” the words come to you before you even have time to process how asinine the idea is. “I could use someone to pretend to be a boyfriend for me.” It sounds so much more ridiculous when you say it out loud, and you suddenly regret it.

Sin tilts to the side. “Boyfriend?” Several eyes blink open at once.

“You know,” you start, “like a partner. A romantic partner.”

Sin’s tentacles shift and the spiky parts stick up, making its whole form look bigger. “You want me to be your partner?”

You quickly shake your head. “No, no! Nothing like that. It’s stupid, forget I said it.”

“I know you get upset when you talk to your mother on the phone,” Sin says thoughtfully. “Does she make you feel bad for not having a partner?”

You grimace. “You’ve heard all of that?”

“I told you, I could hear and understand everything. I just couldn’t reply to it until now.” Sin reaches out and touches you, and the spiky parts close up so the tendrils are silky and cool against your skin. “It makes me upset to see you hurt by whatever your mother says.”

“It’s okay,” you say in defeat. “Mom has had it hard for a while. She tends to hyperfocus on these things, so...” You trail off as Sin’s limbs pull you close. The spiky leaves all close up, giving them a soft, bubbly feel. Sin’s scent is relaxing, almost like yuzu. It’s crisp and woody, cooling to the senses.

“Oh uh, thanks,” you say in surprise.

“I’ll pretend to be this boyfriend, if you think it will keep you from getting hurt.” Sin kneels down close to you. “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

You smile, then start to laugh nervously. “Well, with a voice like that, I think Mom would be fooled.”

Years of working in theatre have prepared you for this moment. You build up a script for how to naturally introduce Sin as a boyfriend. First, you have them make noises in the background during calls. Over time, they start talking while you’re on the phone. Once your mother is curious enough, which doesn’t take long, you introduce Sin over the phone as Seymour.

“She sounds pushy,” Sin says after one such call.

“She can be,” you sigh. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to talk to her again if you don’t want to.” You set your phone aside and smile up at Sin. It’s been a few weeks since they scared the daylights out of you. Now, you’ve come to enjoy having them there. Sin helps clean up around the place, and does the dishes you tend to ignore. You sleep a little more soundly at night knowing Sin is with you. Not to mention they have really helped lower your stress in dealing with your mother.

“I don’t mind. It helps you.” Sin brushes a limb against your hair to tuck it behind your ear. “Did you hear what we were talking about?”

“I was changing the sheets on my bed,” you reply. “I didn’t wanna be nosy. I figured you would handle her well enough without me.”

Sin shifts, seeming nervous about their response. “She asked me what it was about you that I was attracted to.”

“Oh, god,” you sigh. “I’m sorry. She didn’t mean that to sound as awful as it was. I’m sure she was just being nosy.”

“I wasn’t sure what to say at first, because I had so many thoughts at once.” Their deep voice is gentle and soft, and reminds you of a thick blanket rustling on a cold night.

Your heart skips a beat. “What do you mean?”

Sin fidgets, lowering themselves down so they appear quite small. “It’s just that I don’t have one thing I can focus on when I think about you. Sometimes I’m just happy to have you close by. Other times I like to feel how warm you are. And in the evenings when you come home after it rains, and there are droplets in your hair, and you smell cool, and your skin is flushed pink. I just...” They go silent, as does your pulse.

You take a breath just to make sure you’re not dreaming. “What did you end up saying to her?”

Sin’s eyes glow softly between the vines. “I told her that because of you, I felt purpose and joy. It wasn’t just one thing I was attracted to, but when I put them all together, it was one thing, and it was just you.”

You’re almost as scared as you were the night that Sin made themselves known, only this time there is a tinge of excitement to it. “Wow. You’re a better romantic writer than most people would ever dream to be.” You laugh to try and dissipate the tension. “You must have really impressed my mother.”

“I don’t care if I impress her or not,” Sin grumbles. “The only person I care about impressing is you.”

Your cheeks burn as you clutch your hands over your knees. “So that wasn’t some creative writing exercise. That was… that was real?”

Sin rises up a bit more so that now you’re eye level with them. “I’ve known that from the first moment I met you. The way you held me so tenderly and talked to me with that gentle tone. I felt safe and protected in a way I never have before. Knowing you were watching over me allowed me to grow like I have. I want to be able to do the same for you, even if all you see me as is a plant.”

You sniffle, unable to stop your tears. “I’m sorry.” You cup your hands around your face. “No one has ever said something like that to me before. I...”

Something wet touches your cheek, and you see a purple tongue emerge from Sin’s vines. The tongue laps up your tears and Sin sighs softly. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

You shake your head. “It’s a good cry, Sin. A nice cry.” You smile at them and giggle as their tongue darts over your cheek again. “Thank you. I don’t think you realize how much that means to me.” You hiccup and try to keep yourself from bursting into tears again. “It was beautiful.”

“If what I said is beautiful, it’s only because you’re beautiful.”

More tears fall. “You’re too good at this!”

“I’m sorry!” Sin yelps.

“It’s okay,” you laugh despite your blubbering. “Where did you learn to speak like that? I don’t even have any poetry books here.”

Sin licks your cheek again. “The old lady I used to live with watched old movies all the time. I learned a lot of things from them, as long as that stupid cat wasn’t around.”

“I see.” You steady yourself, taking a deep breath to stop the tears. “That makes sense.” You look into Sin’s glowing eyes. “How can I kiss you?”

Sin’s spikes stick out all at once. “You would do that?”

You nod. “I’d like to. After all you’ve said, I want to kiss you.”

“I didn’t mean that at all. You don’t have to. But I would like...” Sin hesitates, shrinking back down. “I’ve never kissed anyone. I fear it might be weird.”

“I can close my eyes if you’d like.” You place your palm over your eyes. “Will that help you any?”

“Maybe?” You feel the silky touch of Sin’s tentacles on your face. They slip under your chin, tilting your head up. You feel the sensation of something wet tracing your lips. Sin's tongue licks you, slowly pressing into your mouth. The tongue tastes sweet, almost like honeysuckle with a bit of lemon.

Then there is something soft and cool against your skin. You kiss it and Sin shudders, pulling away again. “I’m getting too excited.”

You open your eyes and smile at them. “It was nice.”

“Was it?” Sin looks up at you. “It didn’t feel strange?”

“It was different and new, but I wouldn’t call it strange right away.” You wink at them.

Sin sits up tall again and many eyes open. “If I try hard enough, and I earn it, do you think I could be your boyfriend for real?”

You nod, not sure what to say or do, but knowing you would never say no.

A few days later you’re coming home from work, walking down the same alley as before. You haven’t seen the potato lady in a while, but tonight she’s sitting on her terrace peeling potatoes like always.

“It’s supposed to rain soon,” she warns. “Do you have an umbrella?”

“I’m afraid I don’t.” You stop and look up at her. “I wanted to ask - where did you get that plant you gave me?”

She leans over the railing. “I’m sorry dearie, I can’t hear you. What did you say?”

“I wanted to know where you got that...”

All at once the rain comes down in a thick, heavy sheet, slapping you in the face and filling your open mouth. Needless to say, you never get your answer. Instead you bolt home, running through the rain. Once you make it inside, you’re soaked to the bone.

“Are you alright?” Sin comes to you as you toss your soggy shoes aside.

“I’m okay,” you huff. “Just wet.”

“Well, here, let me help you.” Sin helps take off your cardigan, then starts to take off your shirt, but you stop them.

“I’ll go undress in the bathroom,” you say. “I would love some hot tea, though.”

“I’ll get a pot on for you,” Sin says quickly.

When their vines touched your skin a spark went through your body. It wasn’t nerves or even a slight hint of fear, it was pleasure. You go to the bathroom, stripping off your wet clothes and tossing them over the shower rod. You take a deep breath, then dry off your face and hair.

Sin knocks on the bathroom door. “I put your robe in the dryer for you, so it’ll be nice and warm when you’re ready.”

“Thank you.” They know what you want even before you do.

You wash your face, getting off the makeup that’s already running. Patting the towel over your face you take a calming breath. You still have that excited sensation coursing through you from when Sin touched you. It was an innocuous touch, they just wanted to help. But something about just them touching you made you happy about it.

You crack open the bathroom door. “Sin, I’m ready.”

A moment later they hold out the fluffy, warm robe to you. “Tea is ready, too! I made you the cinnamon one.”

“That’s perfect. Thank you.” After putting on the robe you join Sin at the table where they have the tea waiting. They’ve even added a little milk to help it cool off.

“Aside from getting caught in the rain, how was your day?” Sin asks.

You blow on your tea and take a small sip. “It was good. We’re getting close to our dress rehearsal, so everyone is on pins and needles.”

Sin lies on the table, their pink eyes looking up at you. “Are you worried about anything going wrong?”

“No, I feel really good about this. The only thing I’m worried about is how tired I’ve been,” you chuckle. “But that’s normal. I was told as a kid that being an adult just meant being tired all the time.”

Sin places a tendril in your hair. “Let me brush your hair. One second.” They scurry off to the bathroom and a second later you feel the brush at your back. Sin starts at the ends, working their way up. Sometimes they touch the back of your neck, sending an excited current down your spine.

“That feels nice, Sin.” You try to distract yourself by sipping coffee.

“I always want to make you feel nice,” Sin answers cheerfully. “If there is anything else I can do for you, let me know.”

You think long and hard on what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Then you slip your robe down around your shoulders. “Do you mind rubbing my neck and shoulders a bit?”

“Oh.” Sin sounds breathless. “I can!” Their limbs smooth out into that silky bubble texture. They knead into your shoulders and the back of your neck slowly, hesitantly at first. You bite your lip as their touch grows more intense. When a moan escapes your throat, Sin suddenly pulls away.

“What’s wrong?” You pull up the robe again and turn around. “Sorry about that. It just felt really good.”

Sin sways side to side. “Nothing is wrong. But that sound, it...”

“I’ll be quiet.”

Sin shakes. “No. I liked it. In fact, I would love to hear more of your voice like that. But I know I have to earn such a thing. I can’t just want it and take it. I have to wait.”

You rub the robe between your fingers. “Wait for what?”

“Wait for you to love me.” Sin’s voice is soft and lovely. “So that when I do cause you to make those sounds, it’s because you want me to.”

“I want you to, Sin.” You stand up and let the robe open, exposing your naked body to them. “Please?”

Sin goes stone-still, but you can hear them breathing. Their eyes flicker all at once, and they rise tall over you. “Really?”

You nod. “I keep thinking about you and how much you’ve come to mean to me.” You take a step closer to Sin, and they place limbs on your shoulders. “Ever since that night when you told me how you felt, I keep thinking that perhaps… I feel that way too.”

Sin shivers, and more of their vines begin to touch you. “Do you?”

You smile and reach up, searching through the vines to find something solid beneath. “I do, Sin. I can’t hide how much anymore.”

Sin scoops you up and carries you hurriedly off to the bedroom. “Sin!” you cry out in surprise.

“I’m so happy, I can’t wait to show you.” Sin keeps you suspended in their tentacles, each limb slowly closing so every vine is smooth and silky. They brush away the robe so you lie naked in their arms. You wiggle, feeling nervous about how high above the floor they’re holding you, but excited to see what they have in mind.

Sin leans over you, and their long purple tongue darts over your skin. It moves between your breasts, down your belly, and tickles the seams of your hips. You giggle as their tongue slips between your thighs.

“Is it alright?” Sin asks. “I’ll stop if this is too much.”

You open your thighs for them and reach down. You slowly touch yourself as Sin watches. Your fingers open up the mound to show off the lips inside. Your fingertips dance around your clit, rubbing it until a low moan escapes your throat.

Sin gasps and eases themself closer. They tongue darts over your folds, it then presses closer. They then slip their tongue inside.

“It’s wet!” they exclaim.

You bite your cheek and nod. “The more you touch me, the wetter I’ll get.”

Sin’s tentacles start to envelop your body, squeezing around your breasts, hugging your waist and rubbing your arms. One replaces your finger, swirling around your clit while Sin’s tongue travels back inside. They suck, shivering as you start to feel heated and dizzy. You pant and moan as Sin leaves nothing untouched.

“So warm!” Sin pulls back, tongue hanging between the vines. “Can I try more?”

You’re not sure what more they could try. “I’d like that,” you say between deep breaths.

Sin sits up straight, and the tentacle on your clit eases down. It rubs at your vulva, catching the slick wetness there,then slowly eases inside as you and Sin moan with the same breath.

“I can’t believe how good that feels,” Sin moans. “So warm and wet, so tight!” They push the tentacle in deeper, thrusting it back then pulling it shallow where they swirl.

You cry out, bucking your hips to feel more. Sin’s voice is deeper now, more desperate. They wiggle the tendril inside you, pulling it out and using another limb. You whimper and shiver, throwing your head back as Sin coaxes a deeper excitement from you.

“Your body is amazing,” Sin pants. “I never want to let go.”

“Sin, I’m gonna come!”

Sin’s tentacle inside twitches and starts moving harder. It feels like it’s opening up, and the bubbly texture becomes more intense. You squeeze hard around them, crying out with abandon as the tension inside you builds to high pressure. It feels like steam releasing from your entire body all at once. You go stiff, then limp, your hips thrusting as Sin’s tentacle keeps moving. A jellylike substance drips from inside you, clear and goopy, almost like aloe gel.

Sin keeps you aloft in their vines as they slowly move closer to you. They kiss your body before giving you a soft, long kiss to the lips.

You wrap your arms around Sin. “How do you feel?”

“Amazing,” they chuckle. “What about you?”

“I’m worried,” you confess.

Sin shudders. “About what?”

“I may not sleep tonight,” you say as you flash them a devilish smirk. “Because you were too good at that.”

Sin chuckles excitedly. “I’ll do whatever you want. I love you.”

You hold Sin close and sigh, because you know what’s in your heart at that exact moment. “I love you too, Sin.”

They squeeze tight around you. “I’m so happy. I really don’t know what to do with myself.”

“Just lie here with me,” you whisper. “Stay with me.”

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User #16685372 - 7 Aug 20 20:22
Sin is a darling!
Harpy Boyfriend: Mihalis (complete) 2020-08-06T19:00:05+00:00

It’s a chilly morning, and the weather reports say there is a high chance for snow later in the day. You’ve decided to go into work early, afraid that the thermostat isn’t turned up enough for your patients. Even though your coworker, Colin, is on duty tonight, he sometimes complains of being too hot. You would call to remind him, but your phone charger is never plugged in overnight. As it charges on the way in, it turns back on, and a ton of unanswered messages pop up. It looks like most of the night and morning Colin has been trying to reach you.

When you pull up to the bird rehab and sanctuary, there’s more than just Colin’s car pulled out front. From the look of things, he called in the entire team. You race inside to find Colin is standing at the front desk. His hands are shaking, and there is blood all over his white lab coat.

“Where have you been?” he instantly snaps at you.

Freezing up, you shake your head. “I’m sorry. My phone died. I didn’t know.”

Colin sighs and his shoulders sag. “It’s been a night and morning already. I don’t mean to yell, but I really could have used you.” He waves a shaky hand for you to follow. “You’re the only one who seems to have any luck calming the birds down. Don’t know if you’ll be able to calm this one.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?” You follow him into one of the operation rooms and see the other employees of the sanctuary standing at the open window, with looks of concern on their faces. As you approach you see an extremely large bird cowering inside, and blood speckling the walls and floor.

“A hunter dropped him off this morning then immediately left. Probably afraid of getting in real trouble, given the circumstances,” Colin grumbles under his breath. “The poor guy was scared out of his mind.”

“The hunter?” you ask.

Colin shakes his head. “No, the harpy.”

Your eyes widen. At first, you took the bird inside the operating room for a giant owl. But the closer you look the more you see the shape of the harpy crouched down, its large wings wrapped around itself protectively.

“The poor guy is freaking out. He’s hurt really badly, but he won’t let any of us near him. He keeps fighting and clawing, and he’s way stronger than us. We managed to give him some food and get him in here. We need your magic to help him.”

“I’ve never...” Your voice catches in your throat. “I’ve never worked with a harpy before.”

“You can calm anything down,” Colin assures you. “I’ll go in with you.” He hands you a fistful of fish jerky. “We’ve been giving him this. Use it if you need to.”

“Okay.” You psych yourself up. If you can work on vultures and hawks, creatures that would eat your eyeballs like candy, you could work on a harpy.

You follow Colin slowly into the room. He stands beside you, close enough to get you out of the way if need be. You crouch down so you’re on the harpy’s level. He shifts and fluffs his feathers, aware that you’re there. You can hear his labored breathing and smell the copper tang of blood in the air.

“It’s going to be okay,” you say gently. “We’re here to help you. That’s all we want. It looks like you’re hurt pretty badly.”

The harpy turns, and you can see his sharp, golden eyes. The sclerae are pitch-black and surrounded by thick, dark lashes.

You take a strip of the fish jerky from your pocket and offer it to him. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but I want to help you.”

You’re used to dealing with abandoned parrots, parakeets, injured mourning doves. Bigger birds are a rare thing here at the sanctuary, and harpies are something you never come across. Although you’ve seen them, they tend to be wary of humans. They mainly keep near large bodies of water, where they hunt best. This is the first time you’ve been this close to one.

The harpy stretches out his long neck, and his brown and black feathers rise as he tries to make himself look more intimidating. You shakily hold out the fish jerky towards him.

“I know you’re hurt, and it’s scary.” Your voice trembles. “But I promise, I will take care of you. I’m not scary, am I?”

He sniffs the air, his flat nostrils flaring. He glances back into your eyes, and a gurgling rasp comes from his throat. “I know you…”

His eyes suddenly close, and he falls over onto the floor.

“Colin!” You jump up instantly to tend to the harpy. He’s fallen unconscious, probably due to blood loss. Right away, you and Colin get to work on the wound.

The arrow has pierced straight through his shoulder, narrowly avoiding his heart. You staunch the bleeding, remove the arrow and patch up the hole. Then you call up a harpy specialist who tells you how to further treat your new patient. You place him in one of the recovery rooms, which luckily is empty, and build him a nest of towels and blankets from around the sanctuary so he can feel comfortable.

You sigh heavily, rubbing your face between your hands. The harpy is quite large, the biggest creature you’ve operated on since coming to the sanctuary. He must have been at least seven feet tall, but due to his avian nature he’s relatively light. His feathers are a mix of black, copper, and a few shimmering red ones around his face. He’s beautiful, but Colin says he looks creepy.

After several hours the harpy begins to stir. His wings shift and he pulls himself into a ball before rising off the makeshift nest. He lets out a slow, hissing breath while attempting to roll his shoulders and stretch his neck. He touches the bandages on his arm, then cranes his neck to look at you. His golden eyes widen as he stares at you.

You remain still in your seat and nod to him. “You need some time to heal.”

“I can tell that.” His deep voice rumbles all around the room. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing. We’re going to keep you safe and take care of you until you can fly again. You’re welcome to stay here and rest as long as you would like.”

He turns and stretches his long neck out, feathers fluffing up again. “And what makes you think you can make me stay?”

You shake your head. “I can’t. Unlike the other birds here, we can’t hold you. But I’m asking you to stay and heal.”

He retracts his neck, then sniffs his shoulder. He glares back at you with those strange eyes. “I’ve seen you before,” he says. “You’ve released birds on the cliffs where I nest.”

“It’s a safe place for them,” you reply. “It’s far from people, and somewhere they feel protected. At least, I hope so.”

He tilts his head to the side. “What makes you think it’s far from people?”

You furrow your brow. “It’s part of a reserve. Unauthorized people aren’t allowed to be there.”

He lifts his arm to show you his shoulder. “Then how did I get this?”

“A hunter,” you grumble. “I’ll contact the ranger station at the reserve. This is extremely illegal. If there are people hunting there, they need to be caught.”

“It happens more often than you think. They come in and hunt in parts that the rangers don’t patrol.” His voice is a low, snarling rasp that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. “They don’t like me mocking them.”

“May I check your stitches?” you ask gently.

The harpy settles in the makeshift nest, and you slowly approach him.. He watches you closely as you pull back the wrappings to see the fine stitches along his shoulder. He inches closer to you, sniffing your hair, then getting so close to your face you can feel his breath on your cheek.

“It looks well,” you say softly. “The painkillers will wear off, so if it starts to hurt or feel tender, please tell me.”

He doesn’t blink.

You swallow nervously. “What’s your name?”

“Why do you want to know?” His voice rumbles like distant thunder, but it’s so close you can feel it on your skin.

You smile reassuringly at him. “So I can call you by name.”

He sniffs, then settles back into the nest. “Mihalis.”

“That’s a beautiful name, Mihalis.”

His feathers fluff up, making him almost look like a ball. You aren’t sure what causes that reaction, but it does make him look cute.

You prepare Mihalis a hearty dish of raw fish and liver for his recovery meal. He happily eats away at it, using his claws to rip and mash the liver before he downs it like a smoothie. He offers you some, but you graciously turn it down.

“You’re the one who needs to build up their strength.” You pat your belly. “I’m fine.”

“You look plump for winter,” Mihalis says. “Are you getting ready to hibernate?”

You frown at the comment. “No, I’m just a little overweight,” you grumble.

Mihalis spits bones onto the floor. “A larger female makes a better mate in winter. A slender male like myself needs a nice fluffy mate to keep him safe from the frost.”

Your cheeks burn, and you force an awkward smile. “I get cold easily, though. I have so many blankets on my bed right now it’s like a hill.”

Mihalis licks his chops with a long black tongue. “So you already have a nest prepared?” A smile perks the corners of his mouth. “Are you wanting to mate with someone?”

You look down at your hands and press your lips into a tight line. “Nothing like that. I’ve not… Do you need more food?” You hope this will change the conversation.

“I’m getting full, but it’s been so long since I had a fine meal like this.” He spits more fish bones onto the floor.

“We have more than enough, even if you want a smaller plate.” You stand up and head to the door. “I’ll go get you some more.”

Mihalis’ appetite grows each day, and he has a little more with each meal. His feathers get a wonderful shine after a few days, and he seems more responsive than before. Anytime he has to deal with Colin he appears agitated, but around you, he seems calm.

Once he starts to feel better, you take him into the main recovery wing, a solarium filled with trees and high perches for the recovering birds to play on. Mihalis looks around, watching all the birds that flutter by. A parrot comes and rests on your shoulder, happily singing lyrics from Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’.

“There are so many here,” Mihalis murmurs.

“There are a lot who were once pets and got abandoned. Some are elderly and just need a calm place to spend their days. This is the long-term sanctuary, and we do allow adoptions.” You walk along a row of small cages, taking a small white dove from one of them. It coos peacefully and curls up into the center of your palms. “This one just laid eggs. Once her babies are ready to fly, we’ll be releasing them.” You smile up at Mihalis. “You both should be able to go on the same day.”

He furrows his brow and tilts his head to the side. “If I want to go, that is.”

“Why wouldn’t you?” You pet the top of the dove’s head. “Colin and I have been talking to the rangers at the reserve. We’ve offered some help in putting an end to the poaching there. They’re setting up some cameras, and if they capture anyone, maybe we can positively ID who shot you.”

“It isn’t the hunters,” Milhalis scoffs. He walks away towards the biggest tree in the sanctuary. He looks up at it, then walks around so he’s hidden behind the trunk.

You set the dove back into the cage, then follow to see Milhalis sitting at the foot of the tree. “Is something the matter?”

Mihalis closes his eyes and bows his head so it merges with the fluffy feathers of his neck and chest. “It doesn’t matter. You want me to go.”

You sit down beside him. “Because if you go, it means you’ve gotten better. That’s why I’m helping you.”

He cracks an eye open at you. “But what if I stayed?”

Your heart is pounding. His deep voice mixed with his odd choice of words has your mind spinning. “Why would you stay?” you chuckle nervously. “What could there be here for you?”

Mihalis inches close to you, pressing his forehead to yours. “You’re here,” he whispers. “I’ve always wanted to get closer.”


“I’ve not just seen you on the cliffs,” he says. “I’ve seen you outside this place. Your voice is like a beacon to me. I want to have it ringing in my ears always.”

You look down. “Why didn’t you say so before?”

“Harpies aren’t supposed to fraternize with humans. It’s against our ways. I would be seen as a freak if I were to choose a human woman for my mate.” He touches your cheek to lift your gaze to him again. “I never wanted to get close, because I knew if I did I wouldn’t have a fighting chance against you.”

“I’m not trying to fight,” you squeak nervously.

Milhalis laughs and nuzzles his cheek to yours. “You’re soft and sweet. You may not have realized it, but all this time you were only proving me right.” He looks back into your eyes. “I don’t care how I am seen by anyone except you, and I want you to see me as a man and mate.”

You gulp down the growing lump in your throat, but it does no good. “Milhalis, you’re my patient.” It’s the only argument you have.

“Then take care of me always.” He cups your face in both his hands. “Or am I not the mate you want?”

You gently wrap your hands around his wrists. “I don’t know. This is… so sudden,” you say breathlessly. You look into his eyes and your heart sputters. “No one has ever said anything like this to me before.”

He presses his forehead against yours again. “Morons, the lot of them. I can say it to you every day.”

“Where would you stay? My apartment? That’s no place for a harpy.” You run your hands up his arms. “I can’t keep you like that.”

A low rumble vibrates his chest. “You think you could keep me?” he whispers into your ear. His tongue darts over your skin. “I could come and go as pleased, but I would always return to you. I wouldn’t sleep anywhere but the nest we would share. I would want nothing more than your body to warm me.” He moans and breathes against your neck. “And as mates, it’s my responsibility to see to your every desire.”

You gently push against him. “Mihalis...”

He chuckles. “Sorry, did I go too far?”

You frown. “Are you trying to get a rise out of me?”

Milhalis dips his head back down and kisses your forehead softly. “Not at all. I am only telling you the truth as I see it. I will wait until you release the dove. Once she and the chicks are released, I will wait for your answer.”

You nod in agreement. “I think that’s fair.” You stand up and tuck your hair behind your ear. “I’m still in a bit of shock.”

“What’s so shocking?” Milhalis asks.

“You’re so beautiful, and I’m so plain,” you murmur.

Mihalis stands to his full height, towering above you. His feathers fluff then relax. “You do not see what I see,” he says. “My view is very different from your own.”

You put your arms around him for a hug, and his hands slowly rub your back. “Thank you,” you whisper.

“I would do anything for you,” he whispers. “Remember that as you think of your answer.”

A few days later, the rangers come in with footage from their cameras. They’ve captured quite a few people sneaking into the reserve, not just hunters. Apparently there’s a small group growing a pot farm in the reserve. But Colin is able to identify one of the people caught on film as the hunter who dropped off Mihalis.

“Oh, the garden, right,” Milhalis scoffs. “They’ve been there for a long time now. A few weeks ago one of them trampled some of my favorite mushrooms. I called him on it every time I saw him. Not to mention all their awful traps. I suppose he thought I was a threat and shot me.”

“Were you threatening him?” I ask.

“Possibly. I say a lot of things,” Milhalis says. “Especially when they were hurting things. Their garden is surrounded by traps. They’ve killed quite a few supposed trespassers just looking for a meal.” He grimaces. “They’re happy to disrupt others for their own purposes.”

Colin sighs and stands up. “Well, the rangers have warrants out and have sent photos to the police. So we’ll see what happens. Until then, they’ve found the garden and have dealt with it appropriately. If these idiots are caught, they’re in for a world of charges.”

Mihalis smirks. “I always thought I would have to do something a little drastic before they were caught. I just tried to scare them off before.”

“Wouldn’t you consider getting shot a drastic measure?” Colin asked, almost teasingly.

Mihalis sniffs, then lets a grin spread across his face. “I suppose you’re right. But I wasn’t planning on being hunted.”

On a rainy afternoon you remove Mihalis’ bandages and attend to his stitches. You remove them slowly and then clean the area. Mihalis is very quiet and intense the entire time. He watches you with a serious eye, and only his breath seems to give away any discomfort.

“Just a bruise now,” you say softly. “But it looks so much better.”

He wiggles his shoulder. “It still hurts.”

“I’m sure. Healing isn’t a comfortable process.” You smile sweetly at him. “But you’ll be good as new before you know it.”

Mihalis’ neck feathers ruffle up. “Sorry, rain always makes me a bit agitated.” He goes back into his nest and hunkers down, wrapping his arms around himself so his wings hide most of his body. You think he looks like a stuffed animal when he sits this way, but you’d never say that out loud.

“It’s okay. Is it too cold for you? I can turn the heat up a little.”

“It isn’t that,” he grumps. “I mean, I’m not one for the cold. But it’s something about the wet, the sound - it makes me understand how alone I am, and I start to ruminate on it.” He grimaces and closes his eyes. “It isn’t something I like to think about.”

The day to release the dove is coming up soon, and you’ll have to answer his question. “Why haven’t you found a mate yet?”

He narrows his eyes at you, knowing exactly what you’re aiming at. “No one has been right. No one has felt quite like the match I’m longing for.” He stretches his neck out. “Not until I saw you.”

The heat rises from your neck to your face and prickles all the way up to the tips of your ears. “You’re a very handsome fellow. Surely you must have your pick of anyone.”

“My plumage isn’t as colorful as some of my brothers,” he answers. “I don’t stand out. I barely have a chance.”

During his time with you, you’ve become more and more aware of the red undertone in his black feathers. The ring of red ones around his face has become a deeper crimson, less burgundy. He looks like he would stand out regardless. “Really? I find your feathers very beautiful.”

His smile blooms on his face again. “Then maybe that’s a sign.”

You smile shyly, then return to cleaning up the remnants of his wound.

On the day you’re supposed to return the dove and her chicks to the wild, you load up the jeep to take them into the reserve. There are storm clouds in the distance, but for the time being it’s sunny and warm.

Mihalis watches from the tree in the main room as you take the dove’s cage off its stand. He jumps down from his perch and comes up to you. “Today is the day?” he asks.

You nod. “If you’d like to come with me.”

Mihalis searches your face for some sort of sign. “I suppose.”

You load the dove into the jeep, and Mihalis sits in the front seat beside you. After you reach the checkpoint at the reserve, you park and start walking along the trail. Mihalis walks beside you, both of you quiet. Once you get to your favorite spot, you open up the cage and step back. You watch with anticipation for the mother and babies to come out. Mihails puts his hands on your shoulders, and you feel a current run through you.

The sun hits the white feathers of the dove as she steps from the cage. She stands for a moment, still and complacent, then takes off into the air with her children close behind. You watch happily as they fly away, bidding them farewell as they return to the wild.

You turn quietly, looking up at Mihails as he regards you with a very serious look. You take his hand and hold it, then press your face against his chest.

“I’m not sure if what I want is what will be good for you,” you whisper. “If I want to hold you, to love you, will that be hurting you in the long run?” You wrap your arms around him. “As much as I want this, I don’t know if I can have it.”

Mihails puts his hands on your shoulders again. “I do not doubt there will be struggles, but I also do not think that I was meant to love any one else on this earth.” He places his claws under your chin and lifts it so you look at him. “I will be your mate as long as you want me.”

A few tears slip down your cheeks, and you nod. “I want you, Mihails.”

He dips down, giving you a kiss that steals your breath. You stand on your tiptoes to reach him, but he’s so tall you feel as though you cannot get close enough to him.

He pulls away slowly. “Go back to work,” he whispers. “I’ll find you tonight.” He gives you another small kiss. “I need to fly a little today before the storm comes.”

“Be careful.” You nearly trip as you walk away. When you get back in the jeep and drive, you nearly pass by the sanctuary. You’re excited and nervous, unable to keep your thoughts straight.

When you go home that evening you find Mihails perched on your porch, waiting. His feathers shimmer red in the moonlight, making your heart pound faster as you approach him. You rush onto the porch to meet him and he sets his feet on the wood slats, stooping under the roof of the porch.

“You’re here,” you gasp.

Mihails smirks. “I couldn’t wait. Sorry if I’m too early.” He bends down to kiss you again, and this time, there is a sharpness to the kiss that feels very needy. His tongue traces your lips, and he moans softly as he pulls back.

“I’m glad you’re here already.” You fumble with your keys to unlock the door, nearly dropping them. As you let him in he takes a deep, deep breath, drawing in your scent and ruffling his feathers.

“I know now, more than ever, that I am where I’m meant to be.” His golden eyes go wide as he looks at you. “My mate - show me your nest.”

You silently go into your bedroom, and he stoops to get through the door. You look at your bed, then hesitantly back at him. You hold your breath as he moves closer, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close to his body.

“I’m a little nervous,” you confess.

“I’m excited,” he whispers. He dips down and presses his lips to your ear. “I can barely contain it. I finally get to lie with you.”

“What should I do?” You peer up into his eyes, seeing his chest fluffed up.

“Undress,” he murmurs. “And lay in our nest for me.”

You nod, slowly removing your clothing. You find it exciting as he watches you. He crouches down and stretches his neck out as you stand naked before him. You climb into bed and he follows close behind. He kisses you, moving his lips down to your neck. His feathers brush against your body, tickling and electrifying you. Your nipples grow hard, and you feel wetness between your legs. Mihails nuzzles your neck, breathing hard as his hands grab your hips. You fear his talons might hurt, but his touch is so gentle you don’t even notice their points.

Mihails lifts your hips off the bed, slipping one hand onto the small of your back while the other holds the nape of your neck. He brings you close to him, pressing his waist between your thighs. Something long and slippery presses against your folds, and Mihails lets out a choked breath. His eyes are nearly completely gold, and his long tongue hangs from his lips.

“You’re so warm,” he finally breathes. “This heat… I don’t know how I’ll survive it.” He prods for a moment, finding his place between your legs.

You’re hovering off the bed by his hands, trembling slightly from the nerves of it. You reach down, opening yourself and helping him find the right place. “Here,” you moan. “If you want it, it’s here.”

His eyes focus on yours, his mouth open slightly. He breathes as he eases himself inside you. He lashes flutter and you make the first sound. Your back arches and Mihails brings you closer, pressing his body against yours. His hips buck sharply up, burying him deep within you. The low, snarling rasp in his throat comes to the surface and brushes against your ear.

He takes his time to get used to you, moving slowly. He watches closely as his bright red shaft slides between your lips, appearing then disappearing. He breathes deeply, moaning in pleasure as he savors everything.

He lays you back down onto the bed but keeps your hips lifted. He watches you, studying your face and body as he moves. “Does this please you?” he whispers.

You look at him, a few tears in your eyes. “Yes.” You reach up and touch his face. “You take my breath away.”

Mihails nuzzles into your palm, kissing it as he gazes into your eyes. “I want you to breathe deep, my mate,” he moans. “I am yours from now on.” After a few moments he allows himself to go faster. You whimper as he hits deeper, clinging to his arms as his hands dig into the bed. His hips move sharply, grinding him within you before he pulls out.

He takes his time, sometimes going harder, most of the time going at a slow, luxurious pace. You feel almost pampered by his affections, the tender motion of his hips. As the night wears on and the storm begins to rage he gets closer and closer, until you feel wrapped up entirely by him.

When you have that first climax, all Mihails does is kiss you and touch you. He licks his semen from your insides, making you come all over again. Then he lies beside you, watching you breathe with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“It’s raining,” you whisper. “How do you feel?”

“For the first time, I’m not thinking about it.” He kisses your cheek. “What about you?”

You smile and nuzzle his chest. “I’m so happy you’re here.” Thunder rumbles in the distance, but it feels so very far away.

“I’ll always be here,” Mihails chuckles. “From now on, I’ll protect our nest.”

You look up into his eyes and smile. “You won’t regret this?”


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User #12798180 - 7 Aug 20 21:26
I love how straight forward he always was with his feelings ❤️ and the way he speaks is nice too :> wonderful story, i love it!
Bicorn Boyfriend: Torvald 2 (complete) 2020-08-05T19:00:02+00:00

I once read that Unicorns eat the hearts of the guilty, while Bicorns eat the flesh of the innocent. Something about it confused me in my youth. Why the heart? Why the flesh? It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized a guilty heart is tender from neglect, and the flesh is rotten, while the flesh of the innocent is tender and sweet, and the heart is tough and strong. I was told that Unicorns and Bicorns were hunted because their horns were extremely valuable. I think they were hunted out of fear, and the horns became a byproduct. Looking at Torvald, I wonder if he has eaten the flesh of innocent men.

The wedding is barely a ceremony, more a business transaction than anything. I sign my name on a piece of paper, and I am given a necklace bearing the Rothschild crest. Carmine has a new father, and I have a new husband, although we will only be coupled when we share a bed.

Torvald buys me and Carmine matching dresses, and provides a wonderful meal before the paper is signed. He gives Carmine a wonderful nursery filled to the brim with everything she could ever want or need during her first few years, and hires a small staff of wonderful nannies and nurses to look after her while we have our supposed honeymoon.

He takes me further north to a chateau he shares with his two younger brothers. It’s big enough that I could evade him if I wanted, and I suppose he could hide from me if he liked. The place is rather stark, and almost everything is done in black and white.

“It was all we could agree upon, since we all three had to share it,” Torvald tells me. “My brothers and I have varying taste.”

“Do either of them have anything else to offer besides a cold shoulder?” I remove layers of fur and warm clothing.

Torvald laughs. “My shoulder will not be cold tonight, my bride.”

I cannot help but roll my eyes at him. I continue to explore the ice-covered chateau, finding very little personality within. I come across Torvald later, in a room that is white from floor to ceiling except for the fireplace, which is like an iris in the eye, the pupil enlarged with joy, burning with passion.

He’s sitting in a high-backed chair, lounging and drinking a wine that is almost black. He barely acknowledges me as I walk into the room.

“Should we have dinner, or perhaps just get the evening over with?” Torvald asks.

I sit beside him in another white chair. I feel rather garish in my blue dress amongst all the white. “Are you so eager?”

“Rosemund, my bride, I may not believe love has a purpose, but I do know a man and woman can still enjoy their moments together.” He takes a breath slowly and purposefully, exhaling slowly before drawing another sip of wine to his lips. “I’m not sure which I like most - this wine, or the taste of a woman’s heat.”

I arch my brows. “Are you trying to excite me?”

“I will not fit without you being wet and eager, Rosemund.” Torvald shrugs nonchalantly. “I do not want this to be a painful experience for either of us.”

“Until the baby arrives,” I correct him.

Torvald sits erect. “You are a good mother, and it will be worth it.”

I rest my cheek against the chair and look at his profile, the way the dark brown mingles with the white patches. He appears somewhat stitched together. He is not awful-looking. In fact, I rather envy his long silver hair, and have found myself wondering what it would be like to run my fingers through it.

“Will you be a good father?” I ask.

Torvald sighs. “I can’t say. I can provide well enough, but all I know is Carmine. I cannot say what I will be to the children you gift me with.”

“You know I am not strong like most. Carmine was a miracle born from comfort and my own determination. How can you be sure I will give you anything but disappointment?”

“Because you’ll fall in love with me.”

I throw my head back and start to cackle. I slap my palm against the arm of the chair, then quickly move to hold my aching ribs.

“You find that funny?” Torvald’s tone is calm and even.

I wipe my eyes of tears, then let out another guffaw. “What sort of pompous, egotistical idiot are you? You think I will fall in love with you? Do you think everyone will fall at your feet?”

“I fully expect almost everyone to hate me. But I know you will love me. Not now, of course, but over time.” He sips his wine again.

“I would rather dissect you than love you.”

His eyes fall on me. Those eyes that remind me of my husband so much. “You will kiss me one day, and beg me to say the words back to you.”

I stand from my chair with a huff. “If you want to touch me, you’ll shut up.”

He raises his glass to me. “Fair enough.”

That evening, Torvald has supper served in our chambers. The dinner is intimately close, and I drink my first glass of wine too fast. Torvald eats slowly, seeming to pick his morsels carefully.

“Do you plan on finishing once you have finished inside me?” I quip.

Torvald licks his chops, placing an olive on his tongue. “Are you looking forward to that moment?” he asks. “Tell me, before we do it - what do you enjoy most about sex?”

I think for a moment. “Well, if it helps you with anything… what I enjoy most, when it first begins, is being opened by a man’s shaft. The way that first stroke inside feels so luxurious and needed, like it’s been missing for so long.”

Torvald’s pupils dilate, becoming darker than before. “My favorite is when I feel my partner lose control,” he says. “When they come to the edge and topple over it. The feeling of their body quivering and convulsing, the way their loins palpate and squeeze around me.”

I take a bite of my food, trying to act as though his words don’t bother me. “Not even your own orgasm?”

“It’s on the top of the list, but for a different reason,” he chuckles. He pushes a plate of strawberries soaked in champagne towards me. “Tell me, dear wife - how would you like for this night to unfold?”

“My curiosity has the best of me. You’ve talked so much about yourself and your talents that part of me wants to see you succeed, and another wants to watch you fail.”

I take one of the strawberries and bite into it. The juice and champagne dribble down my chin to my neck and between my breasts. Torvald’s eyes follow the pink stream of liquid, and his nostrils flare. “If I fail, then we both will have a horrible evening.”

I give him a smug wink. “Says you.”

Torvald leans over, pressing his tongue to my chest and licking up my neck. I hold my breath from the surprise, and as he bites my neck, I let it out in a shudder. His hand goes up my skirt, stroking my leg and gripping my small thigh.

“I know you’re curious about anatomy, and so am I. Such a small frame you have, and yet you’ve carried life. I cannot wait to watch your lips spread to take my cock inside.” He breathes these words into my ear, making the hair on the nape of my neck stand on end. “More than anything, I cannot wait to watch you orgasm.” He moans against my skin. My nipples grow painfully hard.

His fingers make quick work of the buttons on my dress, and he pulls it away from my breasts and breathes against my flesh. My nipples are leaking. I am used to feeding Carmine around this time. He takes my nipple into his mouth and drinks the milk while I sink my fingers into his silver hair. It’s so thick, I almost get tangled in it. I pull at his scalp, making him moan.

He looks at me, his eyes wide, almost wild with delight. As we kiss, I am overcome by ravenous hunger. I bite his tongue, nip his neck, and beg him to remove all his clothes for me.

I sit in my chair as he stands before me. The mottled brown and white covers every inch of him. His belly looks soft and heavy, but it is his cock that my eyes focus on. Settled between two fat thighs, it throbs in anticipation. It is indeed as thick as I imagined, white at the base, then dark brown, and a bright candy-pink at the tip. I taste his glans, slowly twisting my tongue around it. He moans above me, standing still as I study him. I am growing wetter by the moment, excited to feel such a thing open me. I have not been with anyone since Carmine was conceived, and I have not feasted at all.

Torvald picks me up and carries me to the bed. His fingers rub my small, drenched mound while a look of superiority crosses his face. His thick finger slips inside me while his thumb gently rubs against the aching bud above my lips.

“You flow like a river. What a surprise,” he chuckles. That deep voice vibrates in my ear and down through my limbs. “I figured it would take time to make you pliant.” He opens me with his fingers, and writhes when I moan. “Your husband was a fool.”

“What do you mean?” I pant.

“He traveled and left this behind?” His fingers squelch noisily inside me. “If you would let me, I would never leave this warm, wet sample of heaven.”

I am close to having my eyes roll into the back of my head. His touch is practiced and indescribable. “Just… just fuck me. Okay?” I manage to snap. “Enough chatter, enough whatever it is you’re doing. Just do what you’re here for.”

He is silent after that. He places his thick form on top of me and opens me slowly. That first sensation I love so much nearly knocks the breath out of me. His girth stretches my inner walls, tests the muscle I worked so hard to build. I lose my breath as he takes his marital reward.

I lose track of the night, and even myself. I have been starving for so long that I make up for lost time. I forget everything in those lost hours, and all I know is the pleasure of his body and how he pours it into me. Our honeymoon becomes indulgent so very quickly. Those first few days, my body begs for more and more. Torvald gives himself over, delivering to me the satisfaction my body craves. I am saturated with him; his sweat, his saliva, his essence seeps into every inch of my body. I feel less like myself, and more like some ravenous creature. It is almost as though I am in an animal heat, and to my surprise I enjoy it.

Torvald kisses my belly after he leaves himself inside me. I realize he does this in hopes of a son.

“Once we get back, I want you to take things easy. I want my seed to take root right away.” He enjoys coffee with his breakfast, and the smell is one I have grown to enjoy during our time together.

“After this weekend, I fear I may have to teach myself to walk again.” I eat the hearty bacon and sop up the grease with a biscuit.

“I’m glad you’re having fun,” Torvald almost purrs. “But more than that, I am glad our bodies are compatible.”

“Yes. It’s made this union tolerable.”

I am excited to see Carmine again when we return to the castle. I don’t see Torvald for a few days after that, but when I do, our bodies cry out for each other. I poke his belly as he tries to sleep, and he knocks my hand aside. “Do you think it’s funny?” he scoffs.

“I rather envy it,” I confess. “I’m quite bony and thin. I’ve always wanted some softness.” I squeeze his ass, and he growls. “Something to hold on to.”

“You have long legs. That’s plenty to hold,” Torvald grunts. “Now go to sleep.” His hand rests over my belly. “Let my son come into existence.”

Much like with Carmine, the pregnancy makes me weak and tired. I am given a wheelchair again, and Torvald moves me to a room where I get plenty of sunlight. He sees to me every day, keeping track of how the pregnancy is going. As time passes, I notice a softness to him that doesn’t come from his belly. Even his horns seem less threatening.

I am put on bed rest soon after. I keep Carmine by my side with her nanny, and it is nice to have their presence. One day, I wake from a nap to find the room quite dark. Carmine and her nanny aren’t there, but someone else is.

“Did I wake you?” Torvald asks quietly.

“No.” I roll my head over in the direction of his voice. “What are you doing here?”

“Watching you sleep,” he says.

I sigh and relax a little into the bed. “And why would you do that?”

Torvald walks to the edge of the bed, a dark outline. “Do you love me yet?”

“No. I do not.” I look up at him, following the lines of his horns. “Do you love me yet?”

Torvald sits down on the edge of the bed. “I told you I don’t think love has a purpose. I don’t think it will serve anything.”

“Then why do you love me anyway?” I ask.

Torvald laughs, and the sound is ominous in the dark room. “How cocky you are just because you’re pregnant. Do not mistake that for love.”

“I’m not. I see you, and that’s all I need.” I try to sit up, but find the effort too hard. Torvald’s hand slides under my back and helps ease me up. “Was it when you ate my husband?”

Torvald goes stiff.

“When he died, what did you eat? Was it his flesh? Or did you eat his heart?” I move my hair off my shoulder, then smooth away the strands that cling to my cheek. I had assumed early on that Torvald’s treatment of me had been out of guilt. I came to realize in the midst of our honeymoon that it was for another reason.

“I did not kill him,” he whispers. “He fell off the horse and broke his neck.” His voice quivers. “But I ate his flesh and drank his blood like wine. That is what my kind do, and that is how we survive. I didn’t expect him to seep into my bones and my mind,” he snarls. “It was as if part of him took over me. But he was nothing! He had no strength. All he had was...”

“His love for me. I knew it,” I sigh sleepily.

“But I do not love you,” he hisses.

“Yes, you do.” I stroke my hand up his arm. “He made you open to me. He poured his love inside you so that I would be safe. He is here.” I place my palm on his chest. “And here.” I squeeze his belly. “You’ve belonged to me all along. You were just afraid.”

“I am the master here.” Torvald’s argument is weak.

“No, I am.” I kiss his cheek. “You bit off more than you could chew, my husband, and I am glad of it. Now lie down beside me. I’m quite cold.”

Torvald is quiet. He is overwhelmed, but somehow completely at peace. It will take him time, but he will eventually give up and let it take hold. “Why didn’t you say so?”

“I just did.” I lay down beside him and snuggle up against him, using his thick arm as a pillow. “He was protecting me all this time. I’m glad.”

“It terrifies me,” Torvald snarls angrily.

“Of course it does.” I rub my hand up and down his chest. “Someone like you is taken down by something so simple, it is to laugh.”

I give birth to a baby boy on an uneventful and sunny morning. He comes out mottled like his father, with tiny pink fingers and toes. He’s very small, even compared to his sister when she was born. Luckily, he is a relatively quiet and calm baby, but his appetite matches his father’s.

Torvald holds him like a fragile piece of porcelain. He looks at him, awed and baffled by this strange creature in his home. He looks at his son like he is impossible.

“You need to name him,” I say gently. “You are his father, and it’s your job to give him something he will be proud of.”

The baby begins to cry, and Torvald hands him to me so I can feed him. “I keep searching for a name, but all I see is you.”

I look up from the baby at my breast to make sure he is serious. “You really do love me.”

Torvald cups his hands over his face. “I feel breathless and powerless. I am constantly fearing it every time I breathe. But when I see him, I forget how to breathe.”

The baby grunts at my breast. “Then his name is Abel,” I say firmly.

Torvald looks up at me, his bright eyes watery and red around the rims. “Abel?”

“A breath,” I say with a smile. “So you’ll remember to breathe.”

I wake one morning to the sound of rain. The children are with the nanny so I can sleep, but I cannot find rest. I take my wheelchair to Torvald’s room. As I enter, I see him standing naked on the porch, letting himself become drenched in the cold rain.

“What on earth are you doing?” I chuckle. “Trying to impress the thunder?”

Torvald turns, his long silver hair plastered to his body. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I think I sensed you were doing something ridiculous.” I roll the wheelchair over to the bed and climb in. “Also, I was cold.”

Torvald closes the door and stands naked before me. I drink him in slowly like he does his wine. The water slips down his skin, making the candlelight shimmer in the dew. I breathe in the scent of rain on his skin, lick the droplets from his side and coax him closer to me. My body is not yet ready, but I can feel that hunger inside me all the same. I fear my appetite for this man and welcome it all the same.

Torvald slips his fingers under my chin. “Do not excite me. I cannot have you to myself yet.”

“Dry off and come back to bed.” I lie back down to wait for him. I close my eyes until I feel his weight on the bed. Once he comes close, I open my eyes and watch him. “I don’t want to sleep separately anymore,” I tell him. “I want you in my chambers every night.”

“Why?” he asks.

“Because you’re my husband and I want you there.” I rub my hand across his belly. “You’re the father of my children, present and future.” I can still smell rain on his skin, and when I kiss his chest, I feel that rapid pulse of his heart. “Do you love me?”

“You know the answer,” he growls.

I press my lips to his temple, just below his horn. I kiss his ear and whisper softly so only he can hear. “I love you too.”

Torvald chuckles. “I told you that you would.”

“Only because you wanted me to. Now, I love you because I want to.” I kiss him and lie back down on the bed. “Once I am able, I want to study again.”

“I know,” he whispers. “I’m prepared.”

We lie together in silence as the rain pours down outside. I hear him breathing, but I know he doesn’t fall asleep.

“What weighs heavy on your mind?” I ask.

He breathes through his nose. “Why don’t you hate me?”

“Because I know what’s in your heart.” I chuckle. “I don’t quite understand it myself. All I know is that I simply don’t.”

“Will you one day?” Torvald’s voice is breathless.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to say.” I close my eyes and listen to the beating of his heart even out. “I guess we’ll find out.”

For our anniversary, Torvald takes me back to the house where I married my first husband, where Carmine was born. It’s warm there, and he has had it made into a summer home for us, with a garden and treehouses for the children.

“Are you sure you want to be here?” I ask him.

“Part of me belongs here,” he says, holding a sleeping Carmine in his lap. “It will always be home.”

Abel is still nursing, and his chubby hands knead against my breast. I eventually lay them both down to sleep with the nanny and return to my husband. I take him inside me, and I make love to him very deliberately and slowly. I study his body, his reactions, every muscle spasm.

“I never thought I’d have such a thing,” he breathes.

“Does it still scare you?” I moan.

He nods, breathless and trembling. “Of course it does,” he sighs.

I kiss him, tangling his silver locks around my fingers. “Is that alright?”

“Yes,” he moans. His fingers dig into my hips and grinds against me. “Do you love me still?”

“Yes.” I cup my hands around his face. “More than I can fathom.”

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I was always sickly and weak as a child, so it came as a surprise when my parents found me a husband on the first try. Most of my youth was spent either in bed or my wheelchair, and I was always being educated in some form or fashion. Either I taught myself, or my family hired tutors for me.

I wanted to make myself useful in some way, since I was the firstborn and had very little chance of producing an heir, let alone finding someone who would want to be with me. I studied art first, thinking it would be befitting of a lady. I was terrible at it. I fared well with the piano, but I found painting or studying paintings to be dreadfully dull. I had no eye for color, and I half-suspect I may not see colors like the rest of the world. And do not get me started on form or lighting.

I studied history for a day or two. I know it is important, but it all felt like men running in place, creating the same events over and over again. To me, that was insanity, so I turned to science, and there I found my calling. It wasn’t the ‘feminine’ thing to do, but I took comfort in it. I found great pleasure in the machinations of the body. I enjoyed studying how blood flowed, how nerves fired, how muscles moved. It wasn’t something my parents thought I should be learning, but they encouraged me and my growing intellect.

They hired a tutor for me, perhaps hoping that I would lose interest once I had hands-on experience with what I so enjoyed in books. My tutor was a tad bit younger than me, just freshly graduated from university, and he was eager to show me the world I had so admired in texts. He brought in anatomy figures and up-to-date books. He offered to take me to a demonstration of surgery, which my parents thought was inappropriate.

What was truly inappropriate was what we did behind closed doors. After some months together, my tutor and I harbored a natural attraction to one another. He was young, handsome, educated, and virile. I was lovely, intelligent, and had a carnal hunger that he gladly satiated. I was interested in his anatomy - the shape of it, the feel of it, even the taste of it.

He asked for my hand in marriage, and although my family was reluctant to accept, they soon allowed us to wed. Shortly after we were married, my husband was called away for another job. We had such a short time together, although it was blissful, and being outside of my family’s estate was a welcome change. I could move around my own home any way I pleased. I worked on building up my strength, which was something my mother deemed ‘too hard’ for me to do.

My husband returned, but only for a short while. He was being called off to another job, one he promised would bring us a great deal of money. My exercises had found me in good form, and we made love as much as we could stand one another. I was curious to see the limits a body could take, even while experiencing great pleasure. Was there a limit to gratification? Could one sustain such heights of frenzy for long, or would the body eventually give out?

When my husband left again, I continued building my strength. I wanted to be able to walk without the aid of a cane, without growing weary so quickly. But when I became ill, I was worried I had found the limits to my body. I grew weak again, and would vomit without warning.

It came as such a surprise to learn I was with child, that I didn’t believe the doctor at first. I had been told all my life I was too frail to ever conceive. I felt smug in my pregnancy, having proved so many people wrong. I was excited to tell my husband the good news, but when I received a letter from the estate he was working for, rather than him, I lost a great deal of joy.

The letter came with his salary, as well as extra for his loss. His employer, a man named Torvald Rothschild, invited me to come live with him on his estate. He kept correspondence with me throughout my pregnancy, and even sent some of his own doctors to look after me. I was suspicious of his efforts - they seemed like an admission of guilt.

I gave birth to a daughter on a particularly horrible day in the fall. A storm was raging, and the screams of the wind matched my own. She was a breech birth, and as her feet emerged, lightning struck a tree outside, which started a fire. It spread in the yard, and smoke started to fill the house. My daughter was a miracle, coming out healthy, screeching, and covered in my blood. I named her Carmine.

After she was born, I was moved back to my family’s estate. Almost immediately, my mother started to take Carmine from me. She attempted to rename her, only allowing me to hold her when she needed feeding. I was growing weary of her treatment of me, of my child.

I wake one morning to see a strange creature standing over me. Long horns jut from the figure’s temples, curling upwards to end in sharp, deadly points. I blink a few times as I gaze at this dark shadow. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but perhaps this being is here to take me to it.

“I am Torvald Rothschild,” he says in a voice that could shake stone. “I’ve come to take you back with me.”

I sit up in bed weakly, and he places his large hand on my back to support me. His long hair falls off his shoulder, shining silver in the dim morning light. I hear Carmine crying in the distance. She isn’t in her crib beside my bed.

“Get my daughter,” I say to him, “and I will go anywhere with you.”

“As you wish.” He props my pillows behind me before he leaves my side. As the doors close behind him, I hear my mother screaming. A moment later, I am holding Carmine in my arms.

“You didn’t hurt her, did you?” I ask Torvald.

His face is a mottled chocolate brown and milk white. “Did you want me to?”

I open my nightgown to feed Carmine. She instantly latches on to my breast and grunts happily with her meal. “No,” I murmur. “I want to do that myself.”

Torvald sits down beside the bed. His sharp brown eyes look over me, then down at Carmine. “I got word of what happened at your home. It will take time for repairs. Would you rather be here with family?” He says the word with some hesitation. “Or would you like to come with me?”

I meet his eyes with a steely gaze. “Did you kill my husband?”

He grins, showing me that his teeth are much sharper than I thought. “Is that what you think?”

“I find your kindness suspicious.” I say it as bluntly as I can. “My husband dies in your employ, you send me money, doctors, and offer me your home? I find that rather a hard pill to swallow, Lord Rothschild.”

He chuckles, making the sort of sound that would come from the depths of a pit or cave. The sort of thing children fear in their beds at night. “Your husband spoke often, if not incessantly, about you. I feel as though I know you.”

“You don’t,” I reply coldly.

His smile doesn’t fade, despite my barbs. “Come home with me.”


Torvald taps the tips of his fingers together. He’s growing impatient. “Wouldn't you rather be near your husband’s remains than the affections of your mother?”

I look down at Carmine, and her small hands kneading away at my breast begin to slow. I remove her and pat her back so she can burp. “When you put it like that...” I murmur.

Torvald reaches out, touching the soft curls on Carmine’s head. “I’ll take care of you and the child. Your husband always said your family made you wilt, and you only grew when you were out of their garden.”

I watch him with curiosity in my eyes. His thick fingers are bigger than Carmine’s neck; with even a breath, he could snap her, and me, in two. “But why do you want to do this for us?”

“I have money, and I have grown bored with it.” He moves his hand back into his lap. “Let me use it on you.”

I look him up and down. His clothes are immaculate and cut to suit his large body. I would not call him fat, but I wouldn’t call him muscular either. He has thick rings on his fingers, and jewels in his ears. If he’s bored with his money, who knows how much of it he really has?

“I don’t believe you, but I’ll accept it.”

I leave with Torvald soon after. It’s been almost a year since my husband died, four months since Carmine was born. I travel north with Torvald to his castle, blanketed by snow. He gives me a fur coat to wrap myself in, and even has a matching blanket made for Carmine, so when I carry her I look like a mother bear with her cub.

“Where is my husband laid to rest?” I ask Torvald as I step from the carriage.

“There is a graveyard just beside the woods,” Torvald replies simply. “He is there.”

“How was he buried?” I ask. Carmine starts to fuss as the winds pick up. “Is he alone in his grave? Is there a coffin?”

Torvald looks down at me. Lately, his eyes have reminded me of my husband’s. The once-dark brown in them has lightened, and they have a more honeyed hue. “He is alone in his coffin, but the marker is not permanent.” He offers his hand to me. “You must be tired. I will take you there after some rest.” His hand slips onto my lower back. “Lady Dowling, from here on out, my home is your home.”

“I am still uncertain of your motives,” I tell him. “You're a man of means, and still young, but old enough that you should be married. Why aren’t you? Why take care of a widow and her child?”

“You assume I have never been married,” Torvald smirks.

I keep my eyes straight ahead as he leads me down the hall. “Have you?”

“I care not for what you and your husband had,” he says with a sniff. “I don’t see a point in it.”

“What?” I ask. “Love?”

“I am curious about it, but I don’t think it serves any purpose in this world. That is one reason I do not marry. I already have titles and wealth, so I do not need to marry someone for those either. Furthermore, I do not see the point in marrying someone so they can have mine and use me for their own prestige. I am not stairs or a ladder for someone to climb.”

I look at him from the corner of my eye. “But what about an heir?”

“That would be the only reason.” He opens a door for me, showing me into a room done all in green. “A garden for Rosie.”

“Only my husband could call me that,” I say sharply as I step inside.

Torvald stands in the doorway. “My staff will be at your beck and call, Lady Dowling. If you should need anything, come to my office and ask for it in person.”

I remove my hood. “I will remember that.”

“You do not need to call this home, but I ask that you find comfort here.” Torvald closes the door behind him as he leaves.

I lay Carmine down in the crib and smile at her as she stretches her legs and arms. “It’s just us, little one,” I whisper. “That’s all we need.”

I take to walking the halls with Carmine to soothe her before I put her to bed. In those halls I find a wealth of information. In the paintings, I see many different faces. Torvald says he has not been married before, and yet there are numerous women depicted in portraits, and several handsome men. It makes me wonder even more about Torvald and his life.

Every so often I have supper with Torvald, although he is usually busy when meals come around. The times I do see him, he’s quiet, and tends to observe more than he speaks. He sits back, drinking wine while I enjoy my meal.

“My staff tells me you enjoy long walks to nowhere,” he says.

“It helps soothe Carmine to sleep,” I reply.

Torvald sips his wine, dragging on the rich, red liquid slowly as if it were jelly. “You are not restless?”

“I miss my education,” I tell him. “Some literature or even directions to a library would be nice.”

Torvald sets his cup down. “Your husband said you had an aptitude for the body.”

I meet his sharp gaze. His eyes appear bright rather than dark. “Coming from you, that sounds like an invitation to be lewd.”

“I do not intend such a thing - not without permission.” He lifts his glass again. “I merely mean that your theories and knowledge of anatomy, human or otherwise, impressed your husband greatly. He spoke in poetry about your intellect.”

I smile to myself. “He was always proud of me and my studies. Even when I used him as my study aid.”

“Now that sounds lewd,” he chuckles.

I take a bite of a rather bloody steak, my absolute favorite. “I’ve been admiring your artwork,” I reply. “So many beautiful women.”

Torvald eyes me. He knows exactly what I am leading to. “My mothers.”

He has my attention, I must concede. “Mothers?”

“My father was a romantic - always falling in love, always prattling on about it,” he grunts. “He married three women - my mothers - and had a son by each of them. I was raised in a home where love ruled, but all I ever saw was a greedy man with his treasure trove.”

I furrow my brow. “So he was married to them all at the same time? I didn’t think such a thing was… acceptable.”

“It didn’t matter to them,” he sniffs.

I lick my lips, savoring the lingering taste of the meat. “And that is the reason for your aversion to romance?”

“I like to think so,” he chuckles. “But now I am in a predicament.”

“How awful,” I mock.

Torvald’s gaze becomes a touch harder. “My father has given me an ultimatum. Either I marry and produce an heir, or I secede my right as firstborn to my brother.”

I smile and let out a sigh. “So that’s why I am here. I knew it.” I toss my napkin onto my plate. “I knew there was a reason for your kindness!”

“Yes, you are much smarter than I. Huzzah for you.” He finishes off his glass so that only traces of red cling to it. “But a smart woman such as yourself would also know what that means. You would be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Your child - nay, children - would have the world on a string. You could live whatever life you desired. You would not have to enjoy me. You wouldn’t even have to see me if you wanted, once we have a son.”

I stare him down, trying to burn holes into his head, or crack his horns from his skull. “Did you kill my husband?”

“He fell while horseback riding,” he answers. “The horse killed him.”

“Why me then?” I ask. “Because it would be easy for you?”

He raises his empty glass to me. “Exactly.”

I sit back in my seat and place my hand over my stomach. Torvald rises and stands behind my chair. He undoes the laces of my bodice so I can breathe deeper, and his fingers knead into my spine. The hair on the back of my neck bristles. I know I should not find this pleasurable, and yet I do.

“You can continue your studies,” he breathes into my ear. “You can practice them on me.” His hot breath flows down the back of my neck. “I do not make love, but I will fuck you until your eyes cross. I will help you to know the pleasures of womanhood, inside and out.”

I shiver with both repulsion and hunger. “And what will happen to me if I cannot give you a son?”

Torvald’s thick hand slips around my throat, and his mouth presses against my cheek. “That is not an option.”

I hate my body at this moment. I hate how aroused I am, and how curious I am about Torvald’s form. I imagine his cock is thick and his testicles enormous. I grow wet with the idea of him inside me, biting me, treating my tender form roughly as I come.

His tongue runs behind my ear and down the back of my neck. I wrench away from him, but his hand around my throat tightens. My lashes flutter, and a deep laugh escapes my lips.

“I know the stories,” he whispers into my ear. “How strong your appetite is. Mingled with your curiosity and intellect, sex isn’t just anything to you - it’s an education. You learn from it, and draw inspiration in the heat of fucking.” He bites the tip of my ear. “He told me everything.”

“Why would he tell you these things?” I moan.

Torvald turns my head, holding my face between his massive hands. “Think about it, Lady Dowling.” He releases me. “Marry me, and have a life you want. If not, you can return home when the repairs are finished and simply live.”

I look down, seeing the bulge in his trousers. I lick my lips and gaze back into his eyes.

“I’ll sleep on it.” I stand, and my wetness drips down my thigh.

Torvald’s smirk is wicked. “I can see the curious spark in your eyes.”

“I can see your dick,” I sneer. “Sleep well, Lord Rothschild.” I leave the dining room, and once I am in my quarters I strip naked. I throw open the windows and let the cold winter air beat down upon my body. I do not know how he is able to elicit such excitement from me. His touch, his voice are very attractive, but I can’t trust him. I want to fuck him if only to know, if only to study, but it feels so wrong.

I weigh my options all night. His question is like a blade hung above my head; it could swing and chop me to pieces, or it could hang there forever.

As I am feeding Carmine the next morning, Torvald comes into my chambers. “Did you sleep?”

I stay where I am as he kneels beside my chair. I look into his eyes, more like my husband’s than ever before. “You will adopt Carmine as your own,” I tell him. “You will take care of her just like any of your children.”

“She will know nothing else.” He stands again. “I’ll arrange for the wedding. I do not want an event.”

I sigh with relief. “Neither do I. If all I have to do is sign a paper, so be it.”

Torvald kisses the top of my head. “You made the right choice.”

“Did I?” I scoff.

“Rosemund,” he says gently, “your life is yours to steer now, as long as you bear me a son.”

I glare at him. “You seem so certain I will.”

He chuckles and bows his head. “I have faith in you. Defy me if you must, and see what happens.” He turns to leave the room. “The sooner the better on our wedding day?”

I look only at Carmine and smile at her. “Of course.” I notice she has his eyes. It is a haunting vision.

“I’ll buy you a present worthy of a Rothschild bride,” he says.

A Rothschild - that is what I will be. I take a deep breath and think to myself that it is possible I will outlive him. “I care not for gifts, but whatever you must do to feel right about this, do it.”

“How about a new bed for our wedding night?” he says with a grin. “I suspect we’ll need it.”

I lift my eyes to meet his. “That is the only thing I am looking forward to.”

Rakshasa Boyfriend: Rafe (complete) 2020-08-03T19:00:02+00:00

It’s awful to leave home, and even worse being sent away. It feels as though you’re being moved aside so your little sister can shine brighter. Not that she needs any help with that. She was always the shining star of the family, beautiful, talented, and petite - all the things that you are not. You’re more like an overweight, slow-moving moon, with wild, frizzy hair. You never felt particularly beautiful either, at least not when standing near your sister.

You keep yourself busy tending to the special barn your parents built for your prizewinning animals. It makes money for the family, but you do it because you love animals and they love you.

You’ve been hearing talk of your parents finding suitors for your sister, who is equally excited at the prospect. They’ve set up meetings with some of the royal families, and even have the nerve to attempt a meeting with one of King Amit’s sons. You feel lucky it isn’t you. You’re happy to spend your days taking care of your animals, and hope that one day you can inherit your parents’ home and property.

That is, until the day you’re told that a husband has been found for you. When you get the news, you remain in a state of shock until you and all your belongings are packed up to be moved to your husband’s home. He lives further north on the coast, where everything is rocky and cold. You aren’t allowed to take your animals with you, as there won’t be any place for them there. Your parents have assured you the animals will be cared for, but you won’t be there for them, and so you remain heartbroken.

Your new husband is an astronomer, a little bit older than you. His home was built so he could do his research there, with a large observatory dominating the upper levels. When you step out of the carriage in your heavy layers of clothes, your breath comes out in thick white clouds, watching the ocean waves crash on the shore below.

The house is quite large, with a massive domed roof, all built from grey stone and black iron. It would have been beautiful if it didn’t blend seamlessly into the surrounding area. There’s barely any greenery to speak of - no trees, no shrubbery, not even vines growing up the sides of the house.

Your new husband, Rafe, emerges to meet you, stepping down the stony path. His clothes are icy blue, and his pitch-black fur gleams beneath the cloudy sky. He’s extremely tall and lithe. When he takes your hand, he does not seem too pleased to be doing so. “Welcome home,” he says simply. “I am glad you had a safe journey.”

You nod your head shyly. Your hair and most of your face is tucked away inside your hood. You’re afraid that once you take it off, he will be even less pleased with the sight of you.

He leads you inside to the drawing room, where there is a large fireplace surrounded by chairs and bookshelves. The stone floor and walls are surprisingly bare - no rugs, no paintings. You look around, feeling as if you’re peering into a hollow shell.

“Let me take that for you.” Rafe offers help in removing your coat. Hesitant at first, you almost step away, but worry takes hold and you let him take off your coat. All morning your mother fretted over your hair, using hot oils and all manner of tricks to try and tame it. What she managed to do was make a surprisingly pretty braid, but over the course of the trip it became a mess all over again.

You keep your head down as Rafe takes your coat. “You may rest if you wish. Your things have been placed in the bedroom at the end of that hallway.” He points. “I have some very important work to take care of, so rest as long as you need. I don’t have the staff your family does, but the few servants I keep will check in on you later.” He lays your coat over the back of the chair. “I will see you for dinner.”

He walks away towards the stairs at the very back of the room. You lift your head enough to follow him with your eyes, wondering if he really is that disappointed in his new bride. Well, you knew this would happen, so there’s no sense in feeling bad about it now.

You find your room filled with the chests your belongings had been sent in. Rather than lie down and rest, you start going through each chest, trying to find the things that mean most to you. As you sort your belongings, there’s a knock on your door. “Come in,” you say softly.

An old Rakshasa woman enters, wearing simple, white clothes and a wrap around her head. “Sorry that I did not greet you when I first arrived.” She leans on a cane as she comes into the room. “I was having one of my naps. I am your mother-in-law.”

The hairs on your arms and back of your neck stand on end. You jump up to your feet to bow to her, but she laughs.

“No need to bow.” She touches your cheek and lifts your head. “What a lovely set of eyes you have. But that hair!”

You look away, almost wincing. “I know, Mother, I’m sorry.”

Mother scoffs. “For what? That braid is no good for your hair. Sit down.” She taps a chair with her cane, and you do as she bids. “Hair like this can’t just be shoved into a braid.” She uses her claws to comb the braid out. “You would fare well with a haircut. I bet this becomes uncomfortable.”

“It does,” you reply softly.

“No need to be shy around me. Speak up. After all, I am the one who brought you here,” she says proudly.

“I don’t think your son likes me,” you say. “He said hello, then immediately left.”

“That’s exactly why you’re here. He loves his work more than anything, and I can barely get him to come down from that tower of his. I didn’t pick you for status or prestige - I chose you because he needs someone who will actually give a shit about him.”

You furrow your brow as Mother’s claws run down your scalp. “But I’m not particularly pretty.”

Mother scowls at you. “Who says that?”

You go quiet and look down at your hands.

“Rafe is shy too, and it makes him seem cold,” she sighs. “But he’s a very gentle young man, very loving. You just have to melt away that icy outer layer to find it.” She gets your hair brushed out and pulls it into two tails. “We’ll get someone to cut this properly later, but for now this is much better.”

That evening, it’s just you and Rafe for dinner. You have to wait a while until he comes down from his observatory. He sits at the table and pours himself a glass of wine, sniffs it and sips gently, then serves himself from the dishes. “Are you getting settled?” he asks.

You nod. “Yes. I met your mother.”

“That’s good.” He takes a bite of food and chews slowly. “There will be days she’ll need help getting around. I’m counting on the two of you becoming friends.”

He appears to be rather rushed with his eating. Is he eager to consummate the marriage? Your stomach twists in knots. You know it must happen, but you barely know him, and you’re not ready.

“You’re not touching your plate. Are you ill?” Rafe asks.

Shaking your head, you lift your eyes to his. “No. I feel fine.”

Rafe tilts his head and his ears twitch. “Is something the matter?”

Yes, everything, you think. “I’m just a bit nervous. I’m very used to my home.” Your throat and mouth feel so dry. “Forgive me, your home is lovely. I should be more grateful.”

Rafe looks down at his plate, then reaches for his wine again. “I didn’t want this marriage, but my mother was adamant. And since her health is failing, I feel the need to placate her before it’s too late. I’m past the age a man should marry anyway.” He sighs heavily, letting his shoulders slouch. “I thought if I called her bluff, she would grow picky about the woman she would select for me. I thought I had time. I did not expect to be married by the end of the month.” He downs the wine in one gulp and sets the empty glass aside. “I am sorry for that.”

He takes a few more bites from his plate then stands. “You must be exhausted. Get some sleep tonight. I want to continue working.”

That’s it? You’re grateful, but it seems like such an insult.

That evening marks the beginning of a pattern - Rafe will work and leave you alone. He wakes late in the afternoon so he can work in the evenings, and you rarely see him except at dinner, when his mother makes him join you.

One evening, as you’re leaving your room to fetch a book, you hear a very heated argument between Rafe and his mother. From what you can tell, Mother is standing up for you.

“She’s a very sweet girl! You are her husband, and the least you could do is spend some time with her. She’s lonely here, and no one wants to spend their days with an old lady who is half-conscious!”

Rafe scowls and shakes his head. “You knew I didn’t want this, mother. I only agreed because you kept henpecking me! I’ve not wanted this since...”

You round the corner just in time to see Mother give Rafe a hard look as she prods her finger into his chest. “You can’t keep using her as an excuse, Rafe. You can’t keep using the horrible thing she did as a shield. This girl is sweet and warm, and that is why I brought her to you. She can give you comfort.”

“I don’t want comfort, Mother! I want...” He finally sees you standing in the hallway, and his expression shifts from anger to guilt. He blinks a few times, avoiding your gaze. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were there.”

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I just...” You swallow the lump in your throat. “I can leave if you...”

“No. Come here.” Mother holds her hand out to you, urging you forward. “You need to make an effort too.” She takes your hand and places it in Rafe’s. “You two are married. Attempt to look at one another.”

You shyly look up at Rafe, who has a rather sad expression in his eyes.

“Take her upstairs with you and show her your work. Once she sees it, she will understand you. Once you understand her, there is a chance for you both.” She steps away. “Now go.”

“Would you like to?” Rafe asks softly.

“I’ve been curious,” you murmur. “I used to have a small telescope when I was little. I’d like to see yours.”

“That was probably just a toy.” Rafe’s laugh is nervous. “Just enough to see things in the distance. This one is much more powerful. All of them are.” He keeps hold of your hand as you walk to the stairs.

Your heart begins to pound nervously. “How many do you have?”

“Six. All of them have a different purpose.” He leads you upstairs, opening the door to his observatory. The chamber is wide, with a large, strangely angled column in the center of the room. There are cabinets to one side and a desk to the other, and five tall windows with a different telescope before each one.

“Right now, I’m trying to chart… um...” He walks up to his desk and hesitates. “It’s hard to explain.”

“Is it stars?” you ask. “Or is there something else you’re following?”

“It’s a galaxy,” he says with an uncertain smile. “Or at least, the borders of our own.” He places his hand on your back as you lean over the desk. “I’m trying to find the edge of our galaxy. I’m sure there are other bodies within it, and I am trying to keep track of them all.”

“How many have you found?”

“Well...” his smile grows more confident. “There is at least our planet, and our moon and sun.” He then traces his finger tip across his map. “I’ve found this, which may be another planet. I’ve been charting its rotation compared to our own, and it’s helping me to understand and figure out the rotation of other planets that could be in this galaxy with us.”

“Are there other galaxies besides the one we are in?” you ask.

His smile is bright. “I think so. I can theorize all day about it. Everything that is beyond our world, where the moon and sun and stars all exist, is so much bigger than our minds can even realize.” He motions to the column in the middle of the room. “Would you like to see?”

You nod, and he takes you to a seat before the column. It’s then you realize this is his sixth and final telescope. “It’s so big,” you say in awe.

Rafe has you sit before it as he adjusts the dials and pulls. The column moves, shifting and turning, and the chair beneath you is raised on a platform. Rafe extends the eyepiece and has you bend your head over it. What you see, beyond the sky, beyond the moon, is a field of tiny, winking lights of many colors. The field glows and shimmers in a way you cannot explain. You have never seen such depth and endlessness before.

“It’s so beautiful,” you gasp.

“Do you see the ribbons?” Rafe asks. His voice is so close to your ear. “Like when you pour milk into your tea.”

“I see them,” you say breathlessly.

“I believe them to mark the edge of our galaxy,” he murmurs. “The end of us, and the beginning of something else entirely. I believe that the Underneath that the tieflings talk about in their songs is actually just the other side of our galaxy.”

You lift your head to look at Rafe, and his eyes meet yours dreamily. He smiles awkwardly at you again. “It’s all just theory, of course.”

“It sounds smart to me,” you chuckle.

“Yes, well.” He clears his throat. “Sometimes smart can be boring.”

“Do you work alone up here?” You give him a shy smile. “Maybe I could start helping you, if you’d like.”

Rafe shrugs. “You don’t have to. I know this can be kind of boring.”

“I want to be a good wife for you. I should help.”

He sighs heavily and takes your hand. “You don’t have to pretend to be happy to be a wife. I’ve not been a good husband.”

“This could be a chance to be one, though,” you say softly. “Even if we find we’re just friends.”

Rafe pauses in thought, his eyes falling but soon rising back to you as he nods. “Okay. If you want to assist me, then by all means.”

You begin working alongside Rafe during the evenings, helping him draw his charts. He teaches you how to map, and how to use the telescopes as well as properly care for them. You’re not used to the late hours, nor this new schedule you’re trying to keep, but you’re trying your hardest.

You feel yourself liking Rafe, and more than that, you’re excited to spend time with him each night. You’ve grown to long for the moments when he holds your hand or places his paw on your back.

One evening as you're noting measurements in one of his logs, you let out a big yawn and shake your head.

“If you’re tired, you can go on to bed,” Rafe says. He comes up behind you, placing his warm paw on your back, then handing you a cup of strong tea.

“No, I want to finish,” you reply.

Rafe smiles at you. “You’ve helped me so much. I owe you.” He kisses your temple, at first thinking nothing of it, but then the full meaning of the gesture sinks in. Rafe goes stiff, but you feel like you’re melting inside.

“I’m...” Rafe halts as he tries to think of the right thing to say.

“It was nice. Don’t worry,” you murmur as your face grows warm.

Rafe coughs. “Well, I meant it as something sweet, as something...” His fur seems to fluff up from nerves. “I might do it again, so...”

You bite back your smile. “I wouldn’t mind it.”

“I have to be honest with you - if I kiss you again, it might not be so sweet.” He sits down beside you at the desk. “I might come off a bit strong.”

“I might like that.”

He slips his fingers under your chin, tilting your head up and closing his eyes. You press your hands to his chest as the kiss finally happens. It is warm and hard, slowly melting as it grows deeper.

A deep moan rumbles in Rafe’s chest that elicits a strong reaction inside you. As you part, you’re slightly dizzy, but extremely happy.

“I haven’t kissed anyone like that since...” Rafe hesitates.

“Since what?” You smooth your hand up his chest to his neck.

Rafe frowns and dips his head so his cheek nuzzles into your palm. “I loved someone once, very deeply, to the point that I was willing to give up everything for her.” He looks at you, sad and sweet. “But I loved her so much that I didn’t see how cruel she was, or how she was using me.”

“I’m so sorry,” you say.

He shakes his head and kisses your palm. “It’s not your fault. You’re nothing like her, so there is no need to worry.” He looks around for a moment, his eyes distant. “I think we’ve done enough work for tonight. How about we go to bed?”

Your heart rumbles, dancing around in your chest wildly. “Are you sure? I don’t mind if we keep on working.”

“You’re tired, and so am I.” He kisses your cheek. “Besides, I need to do this now while I have my courage ready.”

“Do what?”

Rafe kisses you again, slipping his hands around your waist. “Be a husband.”

Your heart is in your throat. “Oh,” you exclaim.

“I want to rest beside you tonight,” he whispers. “We don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I just want to sleep beside you.”

You nod nervously. “That’s fine. Okay.”

You and Rafe go down to your bedroom. You try not to watch while Rafe undresses, but you steal glimpses of him in your mirror. His tail swishes back and forth, giving you peeks at his firm rear. Once he crawls into bed, you change into your nightgown.

As you slip into bed, Rafe is snuggled against the pillow with his golden eyes open on you. Your heart feels like the wings of a hummingbird. “It smells like you,” he murmurs. “Sorry.”

You lie down, and his warmth seeps across the bed to you. “Do I smell good?”

“Very.” He places his paw on your face. “I sometimes find myself fighting the urge to bury my face in your hair.”

You inch a little closer to him. “Your fur is so shiny. I keep wanting to touch it.” You put your hands on his bare chest again. “It’s all over you though, so...”

Rafe pulls you close, nuzzling the top of your head while your hands stroke down his back. He feels so warm, and being wrapped in his arms makes you feel safe.

You wake in the morning, unaware of having fallen asleep to begin with. Rafe’s arm is gently draped around you, and his chest is against your back. You smile to yourself and slowly ease close to him. His arm tightens, and you realize he is not asleep.

“Good morning,” Rafe purrs into your ear.

“Morning,” you squeak.

His lips brush against the back of your ear. “All night you were in my dreams.”

“Was I?”

Rafe moans for you. “It made me realize that I have not been the attentive husband I should be.”

You bite your lip, unsure of what to say. All you know is that right now his touch feels just right, and is welcome.

“I want to give you a gift.”

You roll over so you can look up at him. “What would that be?”

Rafe kisses you, pressing his lips all over your face. “Myself.”

He opens your nightgown, undoing the little laces so he can kiss more of your skin. You gasp as he goes further. His hands push up the rest of your clothing so all your skin is exposed to him, and his lips give every inch of your plump form affection. His tongue grazes over you, and you can’t help but let out a noise.

“I want to be with you,” Rafe whispers. “I want to share everything with you. If you said you wanted me, too, I would not be able to contain myself.”

Your cheeks burn and your heart pounds excitedly. “You’re barely contained now,” you giggle. “I can feel it.”

Rafe kisses you hungrily as he laughs. “Forgive my excitement.”

“It’s okay.” You hold his face between your hands. “I want you too. Of course I do.”

The shuddering breath he lets out is followed by a few tears. He kisses you more, pressing his weight upon you as you wrap your arms around him.

“You’re trembling.” Rafe kisses your cheek.

“I’m nervous,” you confess. “I’ve never… You’re my...” Looking into his eyes, you feel some relief. “And I know I’m not perfect to look at.”

Rafe frowns. “Who says? I’m not here now because of a body, I’m here because of a soul, and it’s beautiful inside and out.”

It’s your turn to cry. Tears flow from your eyes, and he kisses each one that spills.

“I have a beautiful person in my arms. One I am excited to be with.” He runs his hands down your body. “One I cannot wait to become a single flesh with. I want to make you moan from my affections. I want to feel the heat radiating from your body. I want to be the one who makes you erupt with pleasure as I drive my love into you.” His fingers slip between your labia, and eyes lock with yours as he rubs the tender bud at the top of your folds.

“Rafe...” you whimper needily.

He nods his head slowly. “I know.” His voice is a deep, low grumble. “I can feel it too.” A finger dips inside you, stirring up the wetness that has begun to spill. “Look at me, focus on me.”

You look into his eyes, breathing heavily as he continues to pull deep, unknown pleasures from your body. “My wife,” he purrs, “how beautiful you look now.”

More tears spill down your cheeks. “Rafe, oh, please...”

He continues to rub your clit, slowly moving his finger inside you as well. His breathing is deep, and his mouth hangs open as he watches you. Your body starts to move, hips thrusting to meet his touch. You toss your head, moaning out loud as he reaches deep inside you. You cry out, gasping his name.

Rafe moves away his fingers, and the weight of his body returns. Through your blurry vision, you see him above you. You reach for him and open your legs more to him. He guides his penis in slowly, gasping for breath.

His heat flows through you as he joins you in flesh. He throbs inside you, his arms tight around you. Clinging to him, you feel as though you cannot get close enough. Every inch of bare skin is pressed to his, every breath is echoed by his. The thrust of his hips, the touch of his lips - everything melts together until your nerves are crackling. Every sensation is delivered to you tenfold. His deep voice in your ear sends shivers down your spine. The slow motions of his hips burns deep inside you. You cannot get enough of him.

Rafe kisses you, chuckling as he steals your last breath. “I could spend all day like this.” He rolls you onto your side with his chest to your back. “I never want to leave this heaven.” He kisses your shoulder and arm while he moves deeper inside you.

“I can’t tell where I begin and you end,” you whimper. “Rafe, it’s too much. I feel like I’m going to dissolve.”

He chuckles into your ear. “I’m here to hold you. Go ahead.”

Something about the brush of his lips against your ear and the way his voice shivers down your spine finally ends it for you. Your mind reels, and you melt into his arms as your body crackles from your toes to the tips of your fingers.

“I have you.” Rafe groans as his hips move faster. “I have you. I...” His body spasms, and his hips buck deep inside. You shiver again, gasping for breath. His lips drag against the back of your neck and he moans softly.

“See? You did not dissolve.”

“I can’t move,” you sigh. “My whole body is limp because of you.”

“I’m happy to serve.” He lays you on your back, then rests himself on your bosom. “I will clean up my mess - just let me enjoy this bliss.”

You scratch behind his ears, and his purrs grow louder. He eventually rises and looks over you, his eyes wide in appreciation. “How was it?” he asks. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

“You never hurt me,” you murmur. You touch his bare chest. “I want you more like this. I want you in my bed.” Your face burns. “I want my husband.”

He smiles and kisses you. “I will never leave your side as long as you want me. I am just happy that our first night together was enjoyable for us both.”

“I could tell you cared throughout.” You stroke down his back. “Every touch, every kiss, each was so purposeful and loving. Sometimes I just wanted to cry, but you felt so good I couldn’t focus.”

Rafe smiles. “That was lovemaking.”

“I know,” you whisper. “Can we do it again?”

His grin grows bawdier. “I suppose after all this time you’ve grown an appetite. Today is the first of the rest of our lives, and we shall celebrate it.”

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User #15785309 - 3 Aug 20 20:27
There was so much emotion in this one. I loved it dearly. Thank you!!!
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User #16685372 - 4 Aug 20 00:56
This one is sweet
Minotaur Boyfriend: Mac (special preview) 2020-08-22T21:00:01+00:00

Since your great grandfather, your family has owned and operated a green grocer that gets everything they have from the local farmers in the area. Your small town recently had gotten one of those big super shopping centers. People had fought against it, but it became a widespread rumor that the local government had been paid off by the hulking corporation.

A couple of small family owned businesses had already gone out of business. Once bright windows were dark with for sale signs plastered behind the dark glass. The once thriving downtown area now looked more like a shot in an old western these days.

Your family was trying to compete with the monstrous shopping center, and you had started letting some of the businesses that were struggling join forces with you. You had turned one area into a deli to incorporate the bakery. Still, it was hard drawing in customers.

“You would think, after all the fighting they did to make sure it didn’t come here, they wouldn’t look at it.” Mac, one of the local farmers you worked with groused. He came from Angled Horns Farms, also family owned since his great-grandfather’s days. His family of minotaurs had been one of the first farms in the area, and he now owned a great chunk of land in town. In fact, the super market chain had come to him first because they wanted a plot of his land for the ‘scenic appeal’. Of course, Mac shooed them away.

“It’ll be alright,” you say as you total up what he brought in. “I’ve already had people coming complaining about their produce.”

Mac frowns, his usually sky blue eyes seem dim. “I just don’t know about folks sometimes,” he scoffs. “I look around and see less of the town I love.”

You start to write him a check but he stops you. “Hold off on that for now,” he says. His big hand overs yours, stalling your pen.

“But I have to pay you!” You insist.

Max nods and releases your hand. “I know, and I have to get paid. But I want you to only give me half of what is owed.”

You frown up at him. “What are you talking about?”

Mac smiles, his ears flicking forward. “You can run a sale. If you don’t have to pay as much, then you don’t have to mark up as much to make your funds back. If you have a good sale, then people will flock here for it rather than the supermarket.”

You slowly drop your clipboard down as you look up at him. “But that’s only good for us, what good does that do you to get paid half?”

“Because back in the day, your family was the first to sell my family’s produce in town. No one else would touch us because we were minotaur. But your family paid double when no one else would even sell our stuff.” He motions back to the clipboard. “So only half. Got it?”

You frown still, not liking the idea of not giving Mac what he was due. His produce was always the best, not only that, but you had harbored feelings for him ever since you were little. Mac was a bit older, but the two of you had been around each other all your lives. His father and your father had worked closely together since they were kids, and your families had always been close.

Mac was always the popular one because he was handsome, strong, and intelligent. His crystal blue eyes and black fur made him look like an old movie star, but he was burly and muscular on top of that. He had always been nice to you too, even when you were your most awkward and weird. He found a way to see the bright side of how your shyness made you act.

Minotaur Moose Boyfriend: Frank (special preview) 2020-08-22T21:00:01+00:00

Teaching elementary has been fine for the most part. It’s always been your dream. Being able to teach at such a prestigious school like Croftwood Academy was another bonus. The place was so fancy, you’d never worked at a school like this where you didn’t need to buy your own supplies. It was a miracle you got the job, so you made sure to be extra careful with it. The kids were wonderful though, you’d not had any real reason to be concerned.

Until one day.

A small fight had broken out between two girls in the class. You and your teaching aide, Louis, had to pull the two girls apart.

“She called me the b word!” One girl was crying.

The other girl had tears in her eyes but she looked heated. “No I didn’t!” She sniffled. “Motherfucker does not start with b!”

You and Louis exchanged shocked and uncertain looks. This would be the first time you had to call in parents to discuss this. You had called and scheduled meetings with the parents for after school one evening.

Gigi, the little girl who said ‘motherfucker’, was usually very sweet and bright. She followed you around like a lost puppy most days, and was happy to sit and chatter away with you while she waited to be picked up. She always had the nicest things, but most of the kids at Croftwood did. Gigi was a moose minotaur, and was getting picked on recently because she was the tallest girl in class. You had tried your best to reassure her that, no matter what, she mattered and her height was just part of what made her special. You suppose that’s what she clung to you.

“I’ve heard Gigi’s father is quite formidable,” Louis whispered as you waited for the parents to show up. Gigi was in the play section of the classroom inside the tree house.

“I figured most of the parents would be,” you reply just as quiet.

Louis shakes his head. “No, I mean-” He looks around then leans down. “He’s Frank ‘the tank’ Leonetti, he owns the most successful restaurant in town, as well as the mall, and a couple of other places.”

“Why do I know that name?” You whisper. “Aside from Gigi’s papers I mean.”

“He’s supposedly linked to the mafia,” Louis hisses.

Your eyes widen. “You have to be joking! That is not funny!”

There’s a knock at the door that halts your conversation and Gigi jumps up with glee, rushing to the door. “Daddy!”

The massive figure standing just outside the doorway stoops down and enters sideways as he comes into the room. He’s massive! Absolutely huge!

“There’s my sweetheart,” Frank coos as he picks Gigi up. “Now, little Giovannia Isabelle, why am I here today?”

Gigi pouts and looks down. “I got into a fight.”

“I see.” He strides into the room, smelling like clean linen, roses, and a touch of cigar smoke. “Sorry I’m a bit late. Traffic was horrible.”

You hurriedly rush to stand up. “It always is after school.” You stand before him, feeling very diminutive in his presence. You extend our hand to him as you introduce yourself. “It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Leonetti.”

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Oooohhhhh I love it already
Demon Boyfriend: Ariton 3 (special preview) 2020-08-20T21:00:05+00:00

There are still stories circulating about the monster in the woods, the supposed Sapphire Devil. Ariton has done little to try and cover things up, aside from spooking that nosy photographer a few months back. You’ve asked him to be careful, commanded him to even. But his playful side seems to enjoy the chaos his identification as a cryptid causes.

“Suppose you and I take a trip and get away if you’re so worried about my alter ego. Go away for a while and have fun until these sightings fade from the memory of the civilians.” Ariton leans over the back of your chair as you try to work.

You’ve been cataloging your great-grandmother’s spells and recipes since finding a multitude of them scattered all throughout the tower. She seemed to have them hidden in every nook and cranny of the place. It was almost like she was still playing games with you even long after her passing. She might have just been doing it before she passed, but the more cards and pages you uncover, the more you think she had been doing it all her life.

“What sort of trip?” You blow a loose hair away from your face. “I’m not taking you somewhere so you can get into more trouble.”

Ariton arches a brow. “How little you must think of me.”

“I don’t at all, dearest, but I am thinking realistically. You may be a little shit, but you are my little shit.” You look up from the desktop at him. “I’m simply trying to protect the unsuspecting from your ways is all.”

Ariton dips down and places a soft kiss on your lips. He pulls back with your dark blue lipstick on his lips. “What if I promise to be a good boy?”

You take your opportunity to play. “Oh, you’re going to let me handcuff you to the bed so you can’t move?”

“When you get the chance to tease it either comes out too mean or sounds like a very, very fun weekend plan.” He takes your hair, scooping it from your face with his fingers, and pulling it away from your face. “Have you been thinking about me all tied up?”

“When I’m aggravated.”

“See? There’s the too mean.” Ariton releases your hair then slips around the chair and plops into your lap like he’s some sort of cat. “I am so sick of the woods! Let’s go somewhere with a better view. Perhaps a vineyard or the ocean, somewhere fun rather than this-” He flits his hand about. “This makeshift mausoleum.”

You huff, not just from the weight of him in his lap, but from your mild perturbance. “Ariton, I am working right now.”

“Butting together Granny’s book of magic and shit, I know.” He looks over at the desk. “Old bird sure had a lot on her mind now, didn’t she?” He sniffs and smiles. “Crazy old ninny.”

“Ariton! You’re squishing me.”

“Why not take a break then and pay me back with your thighs.” The look her gives you is both seductive and corny. Her arches his brows, jutting his blue tongue out between his teeth. “Come on, love, wrap those thighs around my head and give me a squeeze.”

You purse your lips and give him a blank yet stern look.

His smile vanishes a little. “Not any good?”

You shove him off your lap. “Let me finish this and get things put back in to place and we can talk. Okay?”

Ariton pouts but nods his head. “Fine. I’ll just go wither away in front of the fireplace.”

“I’m sure you will.” You scoot back under the desk and continue to work.

After a while of organizing and placing everything into proper folders so you can transcribe later, you find Ariton laying in front of the cold fireplace. You sit down beside him and his tail coils around your waist.

Undead Boyfriend: Nemo Part Four (special preview) 2020-08-20T21:01:00+00:00

Upon opening the doors you’re hit with the scent of cut wood, fresh paint, and an otherly newness you weren’t used to. Inside, the new apartment is bright and new, almost completely untouched. Nemo and Asha had hired a team to move things in, bringing in all new furniture and appliances. You step inside, holding your breath as you look around. You felt out of place here, like a doll accidentally placed in the home and garden section of a store.

Asha is busy in the courtyard of the clinic, preparing it to become more functional than just something to look at. She had been planning this for a long time, and finally everything was coming together. It would be a working garden, providing fresh and much needed food for the clinic. Nemo was working, but he had promised to spend some time with you that afternoon.

You wander through the living room, passing by the black fireplace. You see your hazy reflection in the slick stone, almost appearing like a ghost. That’s sort of how you feel, out of time, out of place, wandering like a cloud through a world that isn’t yours. You quickly hurry through, stepping towards a pale wood door. Beyond it is your room.

Now, you had had your own room before, but not one that was wholly and completely yours. You had helped design what you wanted for your new bedroom, you didn’t have much to ask for, just one silly thing you had always wanted; a bay window. It had been that silly thing in story books you had always admired. All the great heroines had one that they would sit in. Wendy would rest in one to wait for Peter. It was a notion that had been hard to shake. You had never envisioned having such a thing, but it was the tiniest inkling of hope you clung to.

Inside, the bay window was spectacular. Wrought iron and glass all the way down to the half moon seat with shelves under it. You bit back your smile, slightly afraid of letting your joy be known. You’re breathless as you stand in your room, looking from the plush bed to the old wardrobe. You had asked no fuss over a closet, but Asha had insisted that you have a nice one. You figured it would just be a hole in the wall, but upon opening the mirrored doors, you gaze into a shallow, but still very large walk-in. There are clothes already hanging inside that you don’t recognize. Upon inspection you see each one has a handwritten note attached.

“A professional blazer is always in style. This one I thought suited your eyes. Love Asha.” She had basically supplied you with a new wardrobe, new suits for work, casual clothes for around the house, even a new robe with pajamas. You would treasure the notes.

Your room went right into the master bath, a large nearly all white room. For some reason, this had been the room Nemo was most adamant about. He insisted on it being large enough to house all three of you at once comfortably. The shower was all glass, the bathtub was claw footed, and the toilet was, well, it was a toilet. You footsteps echo in this room, and you grow a tad excited to hear Asha sing when she bathes, she always does.

The master bath then led either back out into the hall, or into the master bedroom. Stepping inside there, your heart began to pound. Asha and Nemo would be mainly staying here, but there would be nights you’d be sleeping with them as well. Although, Asha and Nemo do much more than just sleep. Your face grows warm as you approach the king size bed, smoothing your hand out over the grey duvet. The things Asha and Nemo will do in this bed, in this room, you can’t take your mind off it.

You clear your throat and collect yourself, a tad embarrassed at your own train of thought. You’re happy Nemo and Asha are able to join together like that. You’re happy they choose to even include you in that love at all, even if you don’t participate in certain aspects. You’re lucky.

You wander down the hallway, back to the living room where you’ve set your laptop bag on the sofa. Sitting on the floor, your laptop blends in with the modern aesthetic of the coffee table, you feel almost like you are at work. Asha had insisted on some natural elements to the house, which included wood pieces made by her sister and mother. The shelves in the living room were pale wood, as was the coffee table which had black granite as the top to match the fireplace. She said she would also bring in plants to freshen up the place. Nemo was much more minimal than Asha, wanting everything simple, easy, and greyscale. The pops of green Asha’s plants would bring in would almost seem fluorescent against Nemo’s chosen color palette.

To center yourself to start working, you take a deep breath and clear your thoughts. Usually, that does the trick, but today it feels difficult to sweep the cobwebs and clutter in your mind away. Your head feels heavy, pressing your neck into your shoulders, your shoulders tense, your fingers do not want to focus on the keyboard. You breathe deeply again and set to work. There’s work you need to finish on the database that can’t wait.

Outside you hear voices from the courtyard, you stare beyond the scaffolding against the window. The sky is bright blue but in the distance it fades to grey, getting darker the further on it goes before the horizon is nothing but trees. You lose your breath for a split second when something dark skitters across your mind.

Undead Boyfriend: Nemo Part Three (special preview) 2020-08-20T01:18:15+00:00

You’re used to the smell of antiseptic, the harsh thick wafts of the chemicals used to clean the clinic’s halls. It had become all you knew once you took on your position at the clinic with Nemo. It had become your home, your life, and you were so exceedingly grateful for it. Not so long ago you didn’t even have a roof over your head. The scent around you then were not pleasant ones either; It was of gasoline and garbage, your own body odor. It was a scent that haunted you at night, crushing upon you into believing that all around you isn’t yours.

You wake in a cold sweat, terrified that you will reach out into cold air, huddled in a corner of some abandoned building. Only when that soft perfume reaches your nose do you feel at peace, do you realize you’re home.

Asha lays beside you, soft hair spilled over a pillow, her long ears resting against the pillowed headboard. She stirs only slightly to reach out to you and place her hand upon you. You could cry from such a touch.

Easing back down into bed, you try to memorize everything. The feeling of the sheets, the warmth of Asha’s hand, the delicate scent of her hair that lays on your pillow. You smile to yourself, wondering if she will ever understand how important this is to you.

“Can’t you sleep?” Her crackly, sleep addled voice takes your breath away.

“It was a bad dream,” you admit guiltily. “Don’t wake up because of me.”

Asha grunts softly as she moves closer, wrapping her arms around you so your head rests upon her chest. She strokes your hair, the back of your neck. “You need to sleep. You’ve been working so hard lately with everything happening.”

Tears prickle in your eyes, you can’t help it. Even after all this time, it still stuns your soul that you have this. “So have you.”

“I will survive some lack of sleep, you, my little mortal, need it more than ever.” Asha kisses the top of your head. “There’s so much sickness right now,” she murmurs with dread. “You and Nemo are working so hard, I’m trying to keep up.”

Ever since the virus began during the new year, Nemo had been preparing the clinic to take on as many patients as possible. The news seemed to be downplaying it, claiming that it would not effect the day to day life people took for granted. Yet Nemo seemed panicked, like he couldn’t do enough, open enough rooms, find enough beds. Asha had started helping in his efforts as well, working to expand the clinic so that it could be a fully operational hospital.

Then, it had a name. This looming cloud of dread had begun spreading across the world. It was not some flu, which was false information being spread. It was so much worse, it was so unknown and frightening. Once Covid19 was beginning to be taken seriously, it was too late.

You too had been working hard on getting everything prepared. You followed Nemo and Asha’s example, taking everything as seriously as possible. You were the administrator for the clinic, it was your job to make sure the computer system and it’s database are working smoothly. You’ve organized patient files and created a system that makes it easier for Nemo to do his job. Now, you were preparing the staff, and getting the clinic ready for this perfect storm.

Nemo had been renovating the clinic as it was, updating and fixing rooms, as well as adding on. He had been preparing the top floors, which had basically been abandoned and used for storage, to make a new apartment for you, Asha, and him to share soon. But progress on it had been halted in order to hasten the progress on the clinic floor. Nemo had been working tirelessly as the outbreak came to your door. He did not require rest, but you could tell he was going to work himself into a frenzy, but he refused to leave his patients.

Asha’s soft skin rubbing against your arm feels like the only anchor you have right now. “Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Your eyes blur as more tears fill them. You close our eyes and take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the romantic scent of Asha’s hair. “How do you talk to people who are so afraid?” You whisper. “I want to give comfort to the patients, to the people wanting to know about their loved ones, but I can’t-” Your voice catches painfully in your throat. “I can’t seem to find a way to get through my own fear.”

Something Different....? 2020-07-25T15:15:33+00:00

I just found a storage drive with a bunch of old works on it. Like stuff from maybe five or so on years ago old. I was thinking, to show how far I've come, I would post some of this old stuff for all of you to point and laugh at. Maybe even just for a week.

Instagram Live 2020-07-23T13:30:00+00:00

Thanks to everyone you joined! I know it was last minute and I was disorganized but I'll be doing this again soon.

I'm already getting ideas for what I can do, but I would love to hear any ideas ya'll have! I thought about talking about my favorite books that have influenced me, movies, etc. I even thought about opening blind bags like a hangout. Maybe even themed questions like for certain universes or characters.

Let me know what you'd think and tell me what days and times would be best to do these things.


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Instagram Live Tonight 2020-07-22T21:53:34+00:00

I know this is a bit last minute, but tonight at 6:30 pm est I will be doing an Instagram live to celebrate my birthday. I’ll be answering questions, telling stories, and hopefully having a good time. My @ there is momothistle

Artist Spotlight: August 2020
Artist Spotlight: August 2020more_vert
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Artist Spotlight: August 2020 2020-07-21T17:00:40+00:00close

August is all about fan favorite Lochan! The artwork this month is by @ilustaraine & @wnelumbo

For the August mailouts $10 patrons will be receiving a sticker and two random prints. $20 will get two random prints, sticker, and a magnet. $75 patrons will receive everything seen with special pearlized versions of the prints!

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My favorite boy 😭😭💗💗
Rougarou Girlfriend: Gisela 2 (complete) 2020-07-31T19:01:00+00:00

There are still no signs of hunters in Hearthway Hollow, but Adam insists on staying vigilant just in case. I kind of agree - they could be waiting for us to drop our guard. Then again, part of me wonders if there isn’t already someone here. Hearthway Hollow is a quiet place and it usually takes care of itself. The pack keeps the peace, but it’s my job to assure it. Adam leads the wolves, I lead the humans, and I’m lucky that Adam sees us on equal footing.

I haven’t seen Gisela in a long while. She told me that the new moon marks the peak of her transformations. The moon is waning quickly, so she must be at the high point. I keep messaging her, but she only sends the shortest replies.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“I’ll be fine.” She answers.

After this back-and-forth has gone on for a while, I want to make sure. “You don’t have to reply, but I just want you to know you can tell me anything. If you’re in pain, if you’re worried about your appearance, I want to know. But it’s up to you to tell me.”

I’m surprised by how quickly she texts me back. “It isn’t just that.”

“What’s happened? Did something happen in Louisiana?”

“No.” Those two letters are suspended on the screen for a long time before she starts typing again. “Something a little more embarrassing.”

“I see. Anything you feel like sharing?”

“I would like to. But I’m not sure how I’ll react.”

I’m a bit confused by her wording. “How I’ll react, or, how you’ll react?”

“Me. Even the slightest thing could set me off. Even just thinking about you sometimes makes me salivate.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Sort of?”

It takes longer than I care to admit for it to click what Gisela is trying not to say out loud. “Busy month, I take it?”

“It happens. I just wish it didn’t when I’m fully transformed. Makes it harder to, you know?”

“Even in Louisiana?”

“For me, personally.”

“Are you okay, though?” I ask again. “You can tell me if there’s anything I can do for you.”

There’s a long pause before she replies. “I miss you. I keep thinking about you. But I need to be careful.”

“I understand. I usually don’t have that effect on women, but I get it.”

“You have an effect on me.”

I smile to myself. “The offer stands. I’d like to see you again. It’s been a long time. But you know what’s best for you, so I’ll wait for your word.”

“Thanks, Alex.”

That evening, I’m sitting on the porch at home, enjoying the rain and the cool breeze it brings. I dread how humid it will be tomorrow, but at least for now it’s nice. I sip my beer, which is ice-cold, and try to focus on the pages in front of me.

The sound of the rain shifts, like it’s falling on something soft in the woods. I hear breathing - it’s faint, but I can tell it’s there. After years of growing up with three brothers, I’ve grown very alert in the dark. Any one of them could have been lurking with shaving cream or noogies. I set my book aside and look into the woods. I think I see fireflies glowing in the shadows, but the lights are fixed and very still. Eyes.

I take a steadying breath and stand from my seat, moving closer to the edge of the porch. I smell a faint whiff of perfume in the air.

“It’s raining. You should come inside.” I extend my hand out beyond the porch. “It can’t be comfortable for you.”

The intruder places her hand in mine. The skin is velvety, with tufts of fur on the knuckles and back of her hand. “It wasn’t raining when I left.” Gisela steps up onto the porch, her face in shadows and her hair hanging out of her hoodie. She’s gotten taller, and stands just a few inches over me. Her back is hunched, causing her shoulders to slope forward. Her skin is dark, almost black, with hints of yellow and green. There are patches of fur along her hips and legs, and a long, bony tail extends behind her.

“I’ll get you something to dry off with. Come on in.” I clasp her hand, bringing her into my home. She stands in the doorway with her head lowered while I fetch towels from the bathroom. As I return, I hear her sniffling. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I don’t know why I came here.” Gisela begins to cry. She places her hands inside the hoodie. “I wanted to see you so bad. But I know I’m...”

“I’m glad you’re here,” I say gently. “I wanted to see you too.”

Gisela shakes her head furiously. “Not like this.”

“Especially like this.” I offer the towel again. “You’re soaked through. If you want, I’ll get you one of my hoodies.”

“Would you...” She hiccups. “Would you mind?”

I smile. “Not at all. I’ll be right back.” I go to my bedroom and fetch a hoodie from my winter storage. When I come back out, I see the back of Gisela’s bared head as she’s drying herself off. Her skull is slightly pointed, and her hair hangs down around sharp ears, almost like a Doberman’s.

“I’ll put it here.” I set the hoodie on the table. “When you’re ready, I’ll be in my bedroom. Just knock on the door.”

“Okay.” Gisela’s voice sounds small.

I sit on the foot of my bed, taking in deep breaths. I’m excited, but so nervous. In the midst of trying to clear my thoughts, I hear a knock on the door.

“I’m ready,” Gisela says from the other side.

I step out to meet her. She’s wearing my old college hoodie, and it looks a bit bigger on her than the previous one. “You look cute,” I say with a smile.

Gisela fidgets with her fingers. “It smells like you. I like it, but it’s a bit like playing with fire.”

“Are you okay?” I ask. “I can drive you home if you’re worried.”

“I can behave.” She tugs the hem of the hoodie down. “I really wanted to see you.”

“Would you like something to drink, then? I have some leftovers if you’re hungry.” I move to the fridge.

“Alcohol might be a bad idea for me right now. Wouldn’t want these claws pawing at you, would you?” She holds her hands out flat, showing me her rough, leathery palms and the sharply curled claws where her nails had once been.

I look them over and sigh. “You don’t know what I want.” I give her a grin, then take her hand and kiss the center of her palm.

“Easy!” Gisela snatches her hand back. “You don’t know what your smile does to me.”

“Sorry,” I force the smile down. “I have popsicles. Do you like grape?”

Gisela nods her head. “I do.”

I take one out for her. “Growing up, me and my brothers used to always fight over them. Now I can have them all to myself if I want.”

“Do your brothers still live here?” I see a black tongue extend from the hoodie, and a spark of excitement bounces in my gut.

“Two of them do. One started working with a traveling carnival a few years ago, but he still visits here often.” I lean on the counter which divides us. “What about you? I know your mothers have adopted a lot of kids throughout the years. Do you still keep in touch?”

She nods. “I have a couple I’m much closer to, though.” I see that black tongue again as it catches droplets that fall from the popsicle.

“What about your home in Louisiana?” I ask. “Have you heard anything?”

Gisela sighs. “Things seem calm, but everyone is so afraid to leave. They’re starting to worry about food.”

“Is there anything we can do? Surely if we sent Billy and Beau down there, we could get some supplies in on their trucks, not to mention it’s Billy and Beau.”

Gisela chuckles softly. “They want to wait. They don’t want anyone else to get hurt.” She clears her throat. “Sorry. I’m just… feeling a bit warm all of a sudden.”

“Do you want to step outside?”

Gisela shakes her head. “No. I just need a moment to, um...”

“Take off the hood,” I suggest. “Your ears are what’s holding in the heat.”

Gisela goes still. The popsicle starts to melt onto her fingers. “I don’t want you to see me.”

I furrow my brow. “Why not?”

“I just don’t.”

I sigh. “Okay. That’s fine. But I still think you’re beautiful, Gisela, no matter what. The way you play with your fingers, the way you talk - none of that changes. You’re still a sweet, lovely woman to me.”

“Rougarou aren’t pretty,” she whispers.

“Says who?” I ask. “Who’s told you that to your face?”

Gisela shrugs. “No one, but...”

“Good. Because if there was someone, I would make sure to take every word they said and throw them away for you.”

“Alex.” Gisela fidgets in her chair. “It’s getting hotter in here.”

I chew on my cheek. “I can turn the AC on for you.”

She reaches up, slowly pushing back her hood. Her muzzle is quite long, showing sharp teeth. Her hair hangs around her head and partially shades her eyes, which have become all black, save for golden pupils. She ducks her head and turns slightly.

I take the popsicle from her and wipe her hand clean. “There we go. Much better.” I smile up at her. “Why, Gisela, what big teeth you have.”

Gisela giggles softly. “Don’t tease me.”

I reach up, brushing her long hair away from her face. She closes her eyes and presses closer to my palm. “Please, don’t tease me,” she moans.

My heart feels as though it’s beating through all my veins. “I wouldn’t. But I would do anything for you, Gisela.”

“Alex,” she whimpers.

I lean closer to kiss her, pressing my lips all over her face. I kiss down her neck, nipping gently, making her breath catch in her throat.

Gisela grips my shoulders. “I said don’t tease.”

“I’m not.” I lick my lips. “If you want to go lie down on the bed, I’ll show you.”

Gisela pulls her hands back and nods her head. “Only if you’re sure. I could… we could...”

I take her hand and lead her to the bed. She sits down and looks up at me shyly. “Take your clothes off first,” she says.

I smirk. “Okay. You’re the boss tonight.”

I strip away my clothes, giving her a show as I take my time. As I drop my pants, she gasps softly and squeezes her thighs tighter together. “You’re hard?” she says in surprise.

“Only half.” I kneel to kiss her, running my fingers through her hair and trailing my lips down her neck.

Gisela lies on the bed, pulling me on top of her. I slide my hand under her hoodie, finding velvety skin. Her breasts are small, but her nipples are quite large. She shivers when I brush my fingertips against them. “Is it okay?” I ask.

“Yeah.” Gisela pants. “I’m just not used to it.”

I smile at her. “Just tell me what you want, whatever you like. I’m here to serve.”

Gisela tugs up her hoodie, exposing her chest to me. I kiss down the expanse of skin, rubbing my hands down her sharp ribs and kissing the hollow of her belly. I lick between her breasts, hearing her breath shudder. Her nipples are dark, sticking straight up and pebbled with arousal. I lick around one and she cries out. I lick the other nipple, and she goes silent. I take the nipple into my mouth and suckle it, and her claws dig into the nape of my neck. She moans deeply, letting the sound rumble in her chest.

I get more pleasure hearing her voice than I can remember. I slip my fingers into her shorts, finding her wet and hot. “How are you?” I whisper. “Still okay?”

She wheezes and nods her head. “I’m trying to stay still.”

“You can move.” I remove her shorts, and she hikes her legs up. I move between her thighs, kissing them and her mound. Her vulva is swollen, and her clit juts out from the flesh. The heat radiating from her steams my glasses, so I take them off and set them aside.

“Gisela, I’m going to kiss you here, okay?” I tap her mound, and her legs quiver.

“Okay,” she squeaks.

I kiss her clit, then slowly lick it. Using my fingers, I open her vulva, finding slick labia inside. Her vagina seems to pulse open slightly, perhaps because of the heat she’s in. Above me, she’s gasping for breath and writhing on my bed. She clutches the blanket and her hips lift slightly.

I ease my fingers inside her, finding her molten-hot. She grips tight around my digits, letting out a shrill yipping sound. I lick her clit, swirling my tongue around it before sinking my lips over it to suck. I pump my fingers inside her, swirling them to find where she’s most sensitive.

Gisela shakes, bucking her hips. I hear the blanket tear as she clenches around my fingers. A gush of heat goes down my knuckles, and she throws herself away from me. She flops onto her belly and then curls up on her side, nearly crying as she shivers.

“Hey,” I whisper. “Everything alright?”

She whimpers and trembles, managing to nod. She eventually uncurls and takes a deep breath. “Give me a minute, please. I’ve never… That’s never...” A smile spreads across her muzzle.

I lie down against her back, kissing her neck and shoulders. Her whole body is pleasantly hot.

“I’ve never come like that before,” she giggles shyly.

“I’m glad.” I kiss the ridges of her back. “You deserve it.”

She wiggles her hips, digging herself into my lap. “Alex,” she moans. “I don’t think I’m done.”

I gently bite her shoulder as I grind my crotch against her. Her tail moves, letting me feel the wetness between her thighs. “I told you,” I breathe, “you’re the boss tonight.”

She turns around and places herself on top of me. I look up at her, watching her breathe deeply. She’s heaving on my hips, but it’s a pleasurable feeling. I run my hands up her thighs to her waist and back down again.

“When I go into heat, it lasts a while,” she says. “I can understand if it’s overwhelming to you.”

“It’s okay.” I grin up at her. “I’m having fun with you. I like making you feel good. I like seeing what I’m seeing now.”

Gisela wiggles on top of me. “Why?”

“I just do.”

Gisela dips down, biting my neck and licking my cheek. She takes me and guides me inside, and the strong grip of her inner muscles tightens around me, causing my brain to turn to mush. She gently drags her claws down my chest. She growls under her breath, slowly moving her hips.

I can’t quite describe what happens after that - it feels fast and rough, colorful and surreal, like a blurry music video. Gisela isn’t demanding, but she is needy. In the thick of her heat, she has a lot of energy to expunge. She rides me hard into the bed. Then she’s on her knees with her face buried into the pillow. The night wears on, and I never notice the storm that comes through and shakes the windows.

By morning, I’m still breathless, and the humid prickle in the air hasn’t quite reached my senses. Gisela is sleeping soundly under the ripped comforter as I lie beside her. My head is spinning, my throat is dry, and when I stand to get a drink of water, my legs nearly buckle under the pressure. I go to the bathroom and splash water on my face before gulping down handfuls. I’m a mess, but I can’t stop grinning.

I return to the bedside and kiss Gisela on the cheek. “You can stay as long as you want. I need to get to work soon.”

She moans and rolls over. “What are you doing after work?”

“I’m gonna have dinner with you.” She wraps her arms around me as we kiss. “Then I’m going to eat you again.”

“Don’t get me excited if you have to leave,” she warns.

“Get some sleep.” I tuck the blanket around her again. “There’s plenty of food in the fridge. Help yourself to anything.”

“I want you,” she chuckles.

“I have to go to work, or else I’d give myself over willingly.” I have to force myself away from her. Nothing would make me happier than staying in bed all day with her. Unfortunately, I rarely get rest with my job.

I go into work a little late, but still grinning. My day feels far too long. For the next few days, we’re never apart aside from my job. When I’m at home, I’m with Gisela, either eating or easing her through her heat.

On Sunday, I wake to the sound of rain outside. Gisela is sleeping peacefully, and I think to myself how happy I’ve been. Not just because of the sex, but because I’m with someone I feel a genuine connection to. Vampire, werewolf, rougarou - whatever she could possibly be, I would love her no matter what. I would willingly spend my life in her arms.

Gisela sighs deeply and rolls over, curling herself against my body. “Good morning.”


“Not yet.” Gisela’s tail wags under the blankets. “I just want to lay here for a little while longer.”

I smile. “Sounds good to me.”

Something thuds beyond the bedroom door. I sit up in alarm, and Gisela rises with me. “What was that?” she whispers.

“You stay here.” I put on my pants and go to the door. “Stay here, okay? I’ll be right back.”

I open the bedroom door, and I see the front door is wide open.

“Alex?” Gisela whimpers.

“It’s okay,” I say softly. I close the bedroom door behind me, then walk over to the open one. I study the doorframe. It looks like someone kicked the door in. Everything is far too quiet.

“Is someone there?” I ask sternly.

Glass shatters. Gisela screams from the bedroom, and I rush back. Inside I see the window shattered as someone spills through the frame. The door was a diversion. I get Gisela out of the room, but I notice she’s bleeding from the shoulder.

“Get out of here,” Gisela starts to cry. “Run!”

“I’m not leaving you here!”

The door is kicked open again, and Gisela screams. I throw myself in front of her and feel a white-hot, searing pain go through my back. There’s a ringing in my ears, and I can’t hear anything going on around me. Gisela has blood all over her hands. She’s on top of me, and I see more blood on the floor. The edges of my vision start to turn white as I go numb.

The last thing I remember is Gisela looking down at me before I’m lifted into the air.

I wake up to the sterile scent of the hospital. I hear the beep of a machine and hushed voices beyond the door.

“Easy, now,” I hear my dad say. “You’re gonna be okay.”

“What happened?” I croak. “Where’s Gisela? Is she okay?”

My dad sighs. “I’ve been told a lot in the past ten hours. Gisela is fine. She had to have stitches, but she’s with her mother. The hunter who shot you, he’s here’s as well. Got into a scuffle with your girlfriend.”

“So, uh… you know about Hearthway Hollow now?”

“I’ll get used to it,” he chuckles. “How do you feel?”

“Like I’m on pain meds.”

By the next morning, I’m able to take visitors. Adam is the first, then Billy comes in after him. Mrs. Locklear shows up with Gisela in tow. I hug her tightly and don’t want to let go.

“I was so scared,” she whimpers. “I thought I was going to lose you.”

“Thank you,” I whisper. “You saved my life.”

The hunter is questioned once he recovers, and he reveals that he and his team were hired to get rid of the Rougarou in Louisiana by some mysterious benefactor. He’s put in jail. After I get out of the hospital, Gisela moves in to help take care of me. She gets to know my dad, and the two became friends.

As Gisela’s transformation starts to fade, I still find myself in love with her. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, just as long as it’s her.

About two months later, Gisela approaches me, looking like the cat caught with the canary. “I have some news,” she confesses. “It may come as a bit of a shock.”

“What, are you pregnant?” I tease.

She grimaces, then takes the pregnancy test from her hoodie. “How’d you guess?” she asks.

I drop everything I’m holding. “You are?”

Gisela nods. “I know we’ve not known each other long, and I know you said you wanted to be married before you start having...”

I embrace her tightly.

“Is it okay?” Gisela starts to cry.

“Of course. We’ll get married, if you want to. We don’t even have to.” I kiss her and smile at her. “I shouldn’t be surprised! As much as we went at it while you were in heat.”

“I know!” Gisela laughs through her tears. “But are you sure?”

I kiss her again. “I love you, my big, beautiful rougarou. I’m sure.”

We decided to find a bigger place to live, a house further away from town, but big enough for our growing family. It’s old and once belonged to Mrs. Locklear’s family. We appreciate the privacy, so Gisela can have peace and quiet during her transformations.

“I thought after leaving Louisiana, I’d never find anything else like it again.” Gisela says one evening as we snuggle together. Her belly thrums with little kicks. “I’m glad I found you.”

Rougarou Girlfriend: Gisela (complete) 2020-07-30T19:00:04+00:00

The lineage of mayors in Hearthway Hollow is a short one. For the longest time, there hadn’t been any sort of government outside the Elders and their circle, and it wasn’t until the nineties that a true government body was formed to protect human interests, which were slowly growing in Hearthway Hollow.

I used to work with the parks department, a fledgling wing of this government. From the time I moved to Hearthway Hollow in my teen years, I worked there doing gardening and cleanup, moving my way up through the ranks until I led the department. Then I was asked if I would run for mayor when the elections were coming up. I was backed by Mrs. Locklear. I knew she was important to the town, but I never realized how important until I became elected.

When I was elected mayor, I was informed of the secret of Hearthway Hollow and the particulars of how to protect it. I had known Adam since I moved to Hearthway Hollow - we were the same age, graduated together, and all that. Finding out he was the Alpha of this werewolf town was a bit of a shock.

I decided not to dwell on that, and just do my best to help Hearthway Hollow and lead the people there. Despite the fact that I was a human, I was often asked to join meetings with Adam and the Elders. They wanted my input as the elected official to make decisions for the pack and the town as a whole. Looking at Billy, Mrs. Locklear, even Adam, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate sometimes, like I was just playing mayor. After all, it was Adam and the Elders who led Hearthway Hollow. What did I really contribute besides a veneer of legitimacy?

One afternoon as I’m in my office, Mrs. Locklear strides into the place like she owns it, then sits down in one of the chairs before my desk. Mrs. Locklear is calm composure blanketing an active volcano. I have learned that where there is a Locklear, there is sure to be a commotion.

“What is it, Mrs. Locklear?” I ask. “If there’s another meeting with the Elders tonight, I’m afraid I cannot attend. I have a date that I’m looking forward to.”

“Nothing like that, Gevaudan,” she says with a slightly sly tone. “There’s just something I feel you should be informed of. You see, my daughter is coming home for a visit this weekend.”

I purse my brow slightly. “Your daughter?”

Mrs. Locklear nods. “She was the first child that my wife and I adopted. Remember the Cabin Girl?”

It happened while I was still in high school. The ranger station was mapping out how to expand the nature reserve when they found a cabin in the woods, and inside, they found the body of a man who had died merely a few days before. Upon further inspection, they found a young girl hiding in the basement. The story was spread through Hearthway Hollow, but the girl was kept hidden to protect her.

“I never knew you adopted her,” I reply.

“That was what we thought was best for her, Kaga and I. We didn’t want her headlined as ‘The Cabin Girl’ to affect what could be a very normal childhood. We homeschooled her until the hype died down and we let her make decisions she felt best suited her. But Kaga and I soon discovered we didn’t have an ordinary little girl on our hands.”

I was prepared for this story to take the usual course. “She was a werewolf as well?”

“No,” Mrs. Locklear sighs heavily. “Our daughter was something else.” She leans forward slightly in her chair. “Gevaudan is a French name, correct?”

I nod. “Why do you ask?”

“Then you must know the story of the Rougarou.”

I furrow my brow deeper at her. “It’s Cajun, not French. But my father used to have a storybook he read from to scare me and my brothers.”

“Much like the werewolves you know here in the hollow, they are very real. Rougarou are a special kind of monster, not born but made. Werewolves are genetic. It’s something they are born with and cannot change. Werewolves can have children who do not inherit the gene; it can be recessive for them. It’s those children who are in danger of becoming Rougarou.”

I take a slow, deep breath and nod. “How does this happen? How did it happen for your daughter?”

“I’m glad you’re taking an interest,” she says with a smile. “The Rougarou transformation has a chance of being triggered by biting or being bitten by another were. I’ve even been told that drinking a vampire’s blood is what awakens the recessive gene.”

“Wait.” I stop her. “You’re telling me vampires are real too?”

Mrs. Locklear just smiles knowingly at me. “You would be surprised what stories you were told as fairy tales are actually history.”

I lean back in my seat as I take in this information. “So it’s like a horror movie, then? They get bitten and it changes them?”

“Once the recessive gene kicks in, it changes them, but often not in a good way. Werewolves’ bodies are prepared for the changes, but a Rougarou body is not. The transition can be painful and horrible. My wife and I sometimes had to make ice baths for our daughter because of the pain she felt. We watched her suffer during most of her teen years. A difficult time for all children, but for her, it was ten times worse.”

“I’m so sorry.” I don’t know what else to say.

“Kaga and I found a community of Rougarou in Louisiana that is much like Hearthway Hollow. They take in Rougarou and help them to get used to their new lives and changes. We took her there so she would be able to get what she needed. She was happy, and she made a life there, but now she wishes to come home.”

I nod again, then drum my fingertips on the desk. “Did something happen? You wouldn’t come to tell me this if something hadn’t have happened.”

“Someone has been murdering Rougarou,” Mrs. Locklear says calmly, but her voice chills me to the bone. “One by one, they have gone missing or been found dead, and because of what they are, nothing is being done to protect them. Gisela wants to come home to feel safe, but if whoever is killing the Rougarou follows her, I think we should all be prepared.”

I can’t shake the fear I feel. Sure, learning vampires are real is a kick in the teeth, but if there’s some monster hunter on his way into my home, Hearthway Hollow could be in real trouble. “You couldn’t have said that from the beginning?”

“You wouldn’t have understood the grave importance of it had I not given you the history, Gevaudan.” She stands from her chair. “When Gisela comes home, I would like you to meet her so she can tell you the whole story.”

I get up to walk her to the door. “Is she alright?” I ask quietly. “As your friend - and not the mayor - can you tell me?”

Mrs. Locklear sees through bullshit better than anyone I have ever known. The woman has a superpower besides turning into a giant wolf. “Are you asking about now, or when she was the Cabin Girl?”

I’ve been caught.

“When she was found, the man who kept her locked away had been stunting her growth and maturity with medications. I suspect he either had some hand in her becoming a Rougarou or had seen it happen. Otherwise, Gisela was like any other girl.”

“I’ll talk to her,” I say with a nod. “It’ll be good to know what we could face in the future. Just let me know when would be a good time.”

“I will. Thank you for hearing me out.” She leaves as soon as I open the door for her.

My date goes well that evening. It’s one of my first since I became mayor, and it’s been hard meeting people, especially since I’m well aware that anyone could be a werewolf. Or vampire, apparently. As much as I enjoy my date’s company, I can’t help but keep thinking how she could be a vampire, even though I met her outside in broad daylight.

That evening as I take myself out of date mode, I get a text message from Mrs. Locklear. “Gisela just got home. After she gets some rest and we get to spoil her, she said she would gladly talk with you.”

“Take your time, but the sooner the better.”

I’m not sure what to expect when I meet with Gisela. I don’t know what a Rougarou looks like or how they act. When I get the okay from Mrs. Locklear and head to her house, I’m prepared for anything.

“Come on in,” Mrs. Locklear says when she greets me at the door. “Gisela and I just made some fried bread to go with lunch.”

“You don’t have to feed me,” I say with a shake of my head.

“Oh, yes, I do.” She has me sit down at the table and pours me a glass of iced tea. As I’m adding lemon to the glass, I feel a bristle at the back of my neck. I turn, glancing out of the corner of my eye at the girl who walks into the room. She sets down a plate of fried bread and looks directly at me. Her eyes are a rich brown, wide and endless.

“Gevaudan?” she asks.

“Alex,” I say breathlessly. I stand to greet her and see the difference in height between us. She couldn’t be taller than five feet. “Gisela, right?”

She takes my hand and shakes it. Her nails are black, but they don’t look painted. “Mama told me about you.” Her voice is surprisingly husky.

“She told me about you, too.” I’m not sure why I’m suddenly nervous, and it’s not in a bad way. It’s more like being seated next to your crush in class, you don’t want to do anything to mess up or embarrass yourself in front of them. For some reason, Gisela makes me feel that way.

“Go and sit back down,” Gisela says. “Mama and I will bring the rest of lunch out.”

“Okay, yeah.” I try to sit down, but find myself fumbling to pull the chair back out.

Mrs. Locklear and Gisela bring out lunch, and while we start to eat Gisela starts to talk about the Rougarou community in Louisiana. “It was nice there, freeing. Sometimes it was hard, but it was hard for all of us. The changes and the way your body takes them can make you suffer at strange times. We could all be cranky and grouchy, but we never hurt anyone. If we knew someone was in need, we took care of them and made sure they didn’t do anything they regretted.” I notice her knitting her fingers, twisting and untwisting them together in front of her. Perhaps the joints hurt and she needs to move them to make them feel better.

“Everyone was always accounted for,” Gisele says quietly. Her deep olive skin makes her veins look almost green. The more she twists her fingers, the more I notice the veins in her hands. “So when one was missing, it was unheard of. And when there were two...” She grimaces and shakes her head. “We knew right away something was wrong. Those things just don’t happen.”

She looks at me with those dark brown eyes, and every hair on my body stands on end. “Some of the leaders of the community had dealt with hunters before, so they knew the signs and what to look for. We found traps in the woods, traps normal hunters wouldn’t use in those parts. Modified bear traps, spike traps...” She chokes up and presses her fists to her forehead.

“She found a friend in one,” Mrs. Locklear reaches over to rub Gisela’s back.

“I wanted to stay and help, but the elders decided people who were able should start going home.” Gisela shakes her head and sniffles. “I just… I want to make sure this home is going to be safe, or at least can fend for itself if a hunter follows me.”

“We have a former hunter living in town now,” I tell her. “I can talk to them and get their insight, maybe even have them train others to be prepared.”

“How can you trust them?” Gisela bristles.

“They’re mates with a were here in town,” I say gently. “They raise chickens, and the most dangerous thing they own is a shovel for their garden.”

Gisela settles down and nods. “Okay, but be careful.”

“We will be, Gisela. No worries. If you know of anyone else from your community in Louisiana who needs a safe place, I’m sure we could work it out.”

Mrs. Locklear gives me that smile again. She knows I’m behaving like a peacock. Oh god, she knows I find Gisela attractive. I’m probably going to get it.

“That’s good to know,” Gisela nods. “Thank you, Alex.”

A few days later, I’m returning from a small meeting when I see Gisela waiting in my office. She stands as I come in and gives me a once-over.

“Gisela, what a surprise. Is everything alright?” I step into my office, walking towards her with my hand ready to shake.

“I was just curious to see how things are,” she says with a shrug. “Did you talk to that hunter?”

“They’re putting some things together for us. They said it’s been a while since they’ve participated in hunts, but they still have some journals from their time.”

Gisela nods. “Good. That’s good.” She sits back down. “I’m sorry if this is going to be any trouble for the town.”

“No more than usual.” I sit down in the chair beside her. It feels too formal, too weird, to sit behind my desk now. “There’s always something going on here, and often it includes your mother.”

Gisela giggles. I notice she’s wearing fingerless gloves, long sleeves and a turtleneck, as well as boots. It’s getting close to summer, and it’s already hot and humid out. “Are you alright?” I ask her.

Gisela frowns. “Yeah. I’m used to this by now.” She looks at her hands. The nails look longer than they did yesterday, and darker too. “Every day I change just a bit more.”

“Your mother told me about Rougarou. It must be difficult.” I motion to the water cooler. “Do you want something to drink? You must be hot.”

“Thank you, that’d be nice.” She sits on the edge of her seat. “I don’t know anything else, so it’s hard for me to imagine another way.”

I pour her a cup of ice-cold water, and when she takes it her nails scrape against my knuckle. It feels kind of nice. “There’s nothing you can do for the discomfort?” I ask.

Gisela rolls her eyes. “I eat.”


She chuckles shyly. “I find that when I eat, sometimes it makes me feel better. I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything.” She sips the water slowly. “Sometimes sex helps.”

I’m taken aback by that. “Interesting.”

“Sorry, just sharing.” Gisela looks around my office. “Kind of small for a mayor.”

“I prefer that money for a huge office goes elsewhere. It’s easy to clean and manage, and I don’t need a lot of decor or furniture. If I want to impress someone, I take them to one of the restaurants in town on my dime. It benefits the local business, and sometimes earns them a new customer.”

“Trying your best to not be a corrupt politician?” Gisele teases.

I smile at Gisela as my palms grow sweaty. “Always trying.”

Gisela closes her eyes then and takes a deep breath. “You smell good.”

I stop breathing for a moment.

“I’m being weird.” Gisela sets the cup aside and stands up. “I should probably go home, anyway. Thanks again.”

“Here, let me walk you to the door.” I stand to lead her out, but she’s already ahead of me. She lets herself out and closes the door behind her.

A few days later I go with the former hunter, Mic, to Mrs. Locklear’s home for a meeting with other weres. When I arrive, I don’t see Gisela anywhere in the house. During the meeting I go back into the kitchen to get a drink, and I find her standing over the sink with her head shoved under the faucet, guzzling water. She’s wearing only a black hoodie, and her legs are exposed. They’re dark, covered in coarse hair, and the skin is a mottled yellow-green.

Gisela stops drinking and slowly looks up at me. Her eyes are darker than before, and her irises seem to have grown larger. Her nails look like claws, and her features are sharpened. “I couldn’t fit my head in the bathroom sink, so...” she says, sounding almost terrified.

“Are you hungry?” I motion at the dining room. “Billy brought more pizza than anyone needs.”

The small smile on her lips is enough to make my pulse quicken. I sneak into the dining room and steal a whole pizza, and Gisela and I sit on the kitchen floor while she eats it. Her teeth look sharper as she eats, and her tongue is stained black. When she takes a large bite, the cheese stretches, snaps and hits her on the nose. “You don’t have to sit with me. I know you’re having a meeting.”

“It’s winding down now. They’re mostly talking werewolf things.” I lean back against the cabinets. “They don’t need me right now.”

Gisela reaches for another slice of pizza. “Mama likes you. She says you’re not as stupid as most people.”

I smile. “Coming from your mom, that’s a real compliment.”

Gisela licks her lips, then sucks the grease off her fingers. “Did you always want to be a mayor?”

“No one grows up thinking that,” I chuckle. “I just sort of fell into it. I started working in the parks service when I was a teen, and I just stayed in government work. I always thought I’d be a musician or something as a kid.”

Gisela smiles at me. “What do you play?”

“Drums.” I look down at her and can’t help but feel slightly giddy. “My dad was a music professor, so my brothers and I all knew how to play something. We made a band together as kids, and everyone hated us.”

“You were that bad?”

“Probably,” I laugh. “Do you have any talents?”

Gisela is already halfway through another slice of pizza. I think in less than ten minutes she’d go through over half of the extra-large pie. “I used to take dance classes, back when I lived here in Hearthway Hollow. I wanted to keep doing it, but my teacher said I was too short.”

“What?” I scoff.

A red pepper flake is stuck to her cheek. “The new dance teacher here is really nice, though. He’s letting me join his adult classes.” She looks down with a sad expression. “I wish I’d never stopped.”

I touch her cheek to wipe away the red pepper flake. She turns abruptly, and I accidentally poke her in the eye.

“I’m so sorry!” I gasp in alarm.

“I’m in enough pain!” She’s laughing, and playfully swats at me. “How dare you? What were you trying to do?”

“There was red pepper on your cheek. I was just trying to get it off! I’m so sorry.”

“I’m fine,” she chuckles. “It’s just funny. You haven’t asked me why I look weird.”

“Because you don’t look that weird.”

“Liar,” she huffs. She takes another slice of pizza and shoves it into her mouth.

I look her over - her legs, her fingers, her sharp teeth. I’ve seen the werewolves in their glory and, at first they scared me, but now, it’s just part of my life. Seeing Gisela, I’m more worried for her comfort than my own. “I mean it. I’ve seen worse things in the world.”

Gisela places a pepperoni on her tongue. “So you’ve seen Billy shift.”

I grin and nod. “Do all Rougarou change slowly?”

“Not all,” she murmurs. “Some can control it like the werewolves do. Others only change during the week of a new moon.” She grimaces. “But I change in and out over the entire month. So for maybe ten days, I’m able to look normal. But for the other twenty days of the month, I’m either changing into or out of my Rougarou form.”

“I’m so sorry,” I murmur.

“I’m used to it,” she says bitterly. “I just… I just know I look weird. Fuck,” she grumbles.

“What’s wrong?”

Gisela pouts as she closes the pizza box. “I ate that entire pizza.”

I stand up. “I can go get you another.”

“No, don’t. I shouldn’t.” She rises as well and looks up at me. “This was really nice,” she murmurs. “Thanks for just sitting with me.”

I shrug. “Even if I poked you in the eye?”

“Even then.” She fidgets with her fingers as she quietly says, “I like you.”

I reach out and take her hand. “I like you too, Gisela.” I kiss her knuckles. “If you ever want to talk again, just ask me.”

Gisela smiles shyly as she captures my hand. “Who kisses knuckles these days?” She tugs me down, planting a pizza-flavored kiss on my lips. I don’t mind it at all. I even like how her sharp teeth bite into my lip.

“Sorry,” Gisela chuckles. “Payback for my eye.”

“Is it?” I smirk, rubbing my chin.

Gisela glances aside to make sure no one is looking. “When can I see you again?”

“I’m free most evenings,” I say breathlessly.

Gisela’s dangerous smile broadens. “Then I’ll see you soon.”

Merman Boyfriend: Ty 2 (complete) 2020-07-29T19:00:02+00:00

I’ve seen ships many times in my life, but never have I been aboard one. It feels strange to be on the water and yet so far away from it. Haytham has prepared enough medicine for my colony, as well as extra should the disease still linger. Daddy also has supplies ready, in case there is a need for food or anything else since the outbreak started.

“We have other merfolk in the carnival, but we don’t want to risk them getting ill, so Authaire and I will join you,” Haytham says.

“I’m not sure how my people will take to landwalkers among them. Most are quite afraid of them. Who knows what the disease has done to their way of thinking?” My wife, Seira, has a strong distaste for landwalkers. Ever since her sister ran away with one and never returned, she’s held a very harsh opinion.

I want to get back home so badly. I have no idea what happened since I’ve been away. I know I left in a hurry - I wanted to get gone and be back as fast as possible so my family didn’t have to suffer any more. What if I failed them? What if there’s nothing left to go home to? I would be lost forever. I wouldn’t ever want to be in the ocean again.

“Will you miss your legs?”

Echo’s voice brings me out of my dark thoughts. She looks at me from her seat, wearing a bright orange life vest that looks too big for her skinny frame.

I smile at her and shake my head. “I don’t quite know how you get around on them.” I stretch my legs out. More scales have grown since last I looked, and it seems the spell is wearing off. “They make no sense, especially the feet. How is someone supposed to balance on those?”

Echo leans forward slightly. “What’s it like to have a tail?”

“Well,” I sigh. “When I compare the two, knowing now what legs are like, I would have to say a tail is much better.” I wink at her. “To me, the tail feels weightless, just a natural continuation of me. I’m not in separate pieces - it’s a unified whole working together.”

Echo tilts her head to the side. “Do you get tired?”

“Of course. Everyone does. But that’s why I have a large nest for me and my family. It’s where we go to rest and be safe.”

Echo’s smile grows a bit. “Can I see it?”

“I’m afraid not,” Daddy says. “Where we’re going isn’t very safe for you. We have to swim very far down, and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Echo begins to pout, and I recognize the same look I’ve seen in my own daughter. “It’s okay. I get it,” she says, but it clearly bothers her all the same.

“Maybe one day,” I say to placate her. “Who knows what the future holds?”

Echo thinks about this. She nods at me, then gets up to look over the railing as the ship takes off.

My legs are beginning to ache, and the further out to sea we get, the more they cramp and make me limp when I have to walk. I suppose it’s the spell wearing off, but it could also be my need for the sea as well. As the stars come out, I start to remember their positions from my view back home. They fill the sky as it grows blacker, and the moon is full and bright.

“I think we’re close,” I say to Daddy. “Let’s stop here.”

Authaire stops the boat while Haytham drops anchor. The world is quiet - nothing but the sound of the waters lapping against the boat. Ruby is sitting with Echo, gently stroking her hair while Echo lies sleepily in her arms. Something seems wrong.

“Is she alright?” I ask.

“Echo gets a little sick during full moons,” Ruby says. “She still hasn’t shifted yet, so the full moon affects her.”

I furrow my brow. “Shifted?”

Ruby nods, gently brushing Echo’s hair away from her face. “Echo is a werewolf. She’s a fish out of water too.”

There’s a heavy splash in the water, and a stone is tossed up on board. Another stone crashes through a window, and I hear a scream from below. I run to the railing, with Haytham and Daddy close behind. “Get Echo inside!” Daddy calls back to Ruby.

I see something yellow in the waters. A moment later, something like a bolt of lightning flashes up above the water, and I’m struck across the head by a sharp shell.

“Get out of here!” someone screams. “Leave now! Get out!”

I look through the pain in my temple and Isee my wife. Seira is brandishing another large stone, and the look in her eyes is terrifying, angry and hateful. But I am so happy to see her. I want to jump off the edge of the boat, but Haytham holds me back.

“Monsters!” Seira screams. “Animals!” She throws the rock, and it very nearly hits me again.

“Seira, it’s me!” I call out to her. “It’s Tybrus! I’ve brought help! Please tell me, is Nixie okay? Have you had the baby?”

Daddy and Haytham push me to the deck as Siera hurls more shells and stones our way. “You know her?” Haytham asks.

“That’s my wife!” I exclaim. “I need to go speak with her. If she could just see me...”

I try to rise, but Haytham holds me down. He gives me a harsh glare to end my struggling. “The spell has two more hours left on it. You can’t go out there. You don’t know how to swim with your legs. If she has no memory of you, she could drown you without a second thought.”

“But she needs me!” I say, near tears. “Let me go! I have to try!” I break free from his grip and leap from the boat. I hit the water, and then the side of the boat as Seira slams up against me. I barely manage to catch my breath before she hits me again. I flail to the surface. “Seira! It’s me! You have to remember me, please!”

“Evil landwalkers!” Seira screams. “I hope you die!”

I loved Seira at first sight. She had been an angry, bitter sort. She lashed out at the world, especially me, since I represented the world she was trying to fight against. Her sister had run away with a landwalker, so she felt she had something to prove. She built up a small gang that did an alright job of that, so much so I had to go and talk to her. She was vicious to me, but kind to her own, and treated them like family. I realized that most of them were young, injured and outcasts of other colonies. I agreed to give them a place to live and work if they were willing to accept the protection of a colony.

Seira was uncertain, so she followed me around to make sure I wasn’t just feeding her followers false promises. I’m not sure when I earned her trust, because it seemed like one day, she wasn’t following me, but accompanying me. The first time she kissed me, I could have knocked the moon from the sky. And when she presented a pearl to me, asking me to be her mate, I had never been so happy. To me Seira had always been, and will always be, the most beautiful jewel in the sea. Even now, when she’s hurling stones and shells at me.

I remember the night when she gave me the pearl, how beautiful and confident she was. The pearl nearly filled her palm. She must have been searching for such a thing for hours, maybe even days or weeks. She was so proud, I couldn’t say no. “You didn’t need to give me a pearl. In fact, I was certain you would tell me we were mates, rather than ask.” I took hold of her wrist and pulled her close.

“Of course I was going to ask!” Siera scoffed. “I may be mean, but I am not barbaric.” She looked at me with those beautiful black eyes. “So, what are you going to say? Tell me already, so I can go about my night.”

I kissed her, pulling her into my chest. She pressed the pearl against me, melting into the kiss so her whole body relaxed.

“Of course I say yes. It was always going to be yes.” I slipped my hands around her waist. “You’re my pearl. That’s all I needed.”

“Goof,” she chided me before stealing another kiss. “Take me to your nest. I can’t wait a moment longer.”

“I’m surprised you have,” I teased.

“I wanted to make sure.” Her long arms looped around my neck. “I had to be. I didn’t want to mistake it.” Her expression then was so unlike her - soft and vulnerable, and so precious. “I needed to know I loved you.”

“Do you?” I whispered.

“More than anything, Ty.” Her hand slipped up the back of my neck. “Do you love me?”

I pressed my forehead to hers. “More than anything. I did from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

The kiss she gave me next took my breath away. The water stilled, and I could barely control my natural urges. We rushed to my nest, where we spent the night tangled up in one another. We conceived Nixie that very night, and from that moment on, Seira and I were never apart.

The day Nixie was born, I had been out visiting some of the elderly members of the colony. I heard that Seira had gone into labor, and I rushed home as fast as I could. But Seira wasn’t there. It turned out Seira had gone into labor while out hunting. I had told her to let someone else do it, or at least let me when I was done for the day, but she was so stubborn she couldn’t bear it.

I found her in a cave, holding baby Nixie in her arms. Nixie was so tiny, we were both terrified we would lose her. Her tail was malformed as well, so we were on constant alert with her. But Nixie proved to have her mother's will and rarely let us forget it. Despite her troubles swimming, she was eager for everything else. Her appetite for exploration was voracious, and her inquisitive nature led her into all sorts of trouble. She was the most important thing in the world to me, my pride and joy.

“Is Nixie okay?” I try. I can’t tell the salt water from my tears anymore. “And our new baby? Has it been born? Is it okay? Seira!”

Seira screams and lunges, diving through the water and ramming me back against the side of the boat. Then she drags me underwater. I’m not strong enough to fight back, nor would I want to. But I can see she’s still pregnant. She’s not had the baby yet.

Someone jumps into the water and manages to drag Seira off me, and I’m pulled back to the surface by Haytham. Meanwhile, Daddy pulls Seira away from me. She bites and claws at him, screaming and hissing.

“She’s still pregnant! Be careful with her!”

“Her nesting instinct has taken over. She won’t stop.” Haytham helps me get back on board. “It’s okay, you don’t need to worry.”

“Yes, I do!” I insist. “That’s my wife and child out there! I can’t wait two hours. This is unbearable as it is! My family, my colony needs me. I don’t even know where my daughter is!”

“Don’t worry. Authaire is going to calm her down, he has that ability with women.”

Haytham looks up as Daddy comes up the ladder with Seira on his shoulder. She’s unconscious and twitching as he lays her down on the deck. I quickly pull her into my arms and hold her close. Her scales look pale. The vivid yellow is dull, and the blue spot on her back is barely visible at all.

“She’ll go into labor once we administer the cure,” Haytham says to me. “Your baby will be born, perhaps a bit early. But this isn’t my first merchild. I’ve delivered at least ten.”

“Please, you have to help her.” I kiss her forehead and lay her in my lap. She twitches and grimaces in her sleep.

Haytham gives her an injection just below her gills. She hisses and flops, then falls into my lap like a stone. “It should start working in an hour,” Haytham says. “But by the time she goes into labor, the spell on you will be wearing off.”

I shake my head. “I’m not leaving her. I’m staying right here.”

“That’s why we’ll have to move into the water. The baby needs to be born underwater.” Haytham takes a deep breath. “You see something new every day.”

Once water starts to pour from Seira’s ears, she begins to stir. She slowly opens her eyes and looks up into my face. “What is that?” She reaches up, slapping her entire palm over my face. “I know that shape.”

I kiss her palm. “It’s me, Seira,” I whisper. “I came back.”

Seira rubs her eyes. “I can’t hear you. What’d you say?”

I lean down so she can see me better. Her eyes go wide, and she cups her hands around my face. “Tybrus? Is that you?”

“It’s me, my love!” I whisper happily to her.

“Ty, it’s time,” Haytham says.

I nod and kiss Seira softly. “You’re about to have the baby. We need to get you back into the water.”

I pick her up, and she wraps her long arms around my neck. “I’m scared,” she whimpers. “I don’t know what’s happening.”

“It’s okay. I’ve got you.” I slowly ease down the ladder, then slip into the water. “Where’s Nixie?”

Seira is trembling, and her sharp claws dig into my shoulder. “I can’t remember. I don’t...” She lets out a pained scream.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Haytham joins us in the water. “It’s normal. Just try and breathe through it, Seira.”

“Who is this? Where are we?” Seira sobs pitifully. “I want to go home, Ty.”

“I know, I do too, but our baby. Think of the baby. Think of Nixie, too.”

Seira screams again, thrashing her tail and arching her back. Haytham slowly eases himself under water. As he does, I feel a sharp pain shooting through my body. It goes down my spine and through my legs. I scream, and Seira screams. I descend underwater, tasting blood on my tongue. As my tail fuses back together, I am in agony, but I still cling to Seira.

I take a breath, and everything is clear. Seira reaches down into the bloody water, lifting a small, perfect shape. It’s wrapped up into a tight, round ball, but it slowly uncoils. The tail is covered in slime, and the smallm pale body is almost translucent. The baby clings to Seira’s hands and starts nibbling on them.

“It’s another girl,” Seira whispers.

I take the baby into my hand, where she fits perfectly. She grabs my thumb, sucking on it. I see stripes on her, and a big red spot on her tail. I kiss her softly and welcome her into the world.

Seira and I take Haytham and Daddy to the colony. All around us merfolk are wandering around, frail and lost as they try to collect their thoughts. Seira takes us to the nursery where the children are kept. Right away I find my Nixie, but she’s so weak she can barely open her eyes.

Haytham gets to work right away on treating them. He administers the cure, then watches over the children for the next hour. I keep Nixie in my arms while Seira and the new baby rest against me. By dawn, Haytham has administered the cure to almost all of the colony, but he has to return to the surface to rest.

“Who are these landwalkers?” Seira asks me. “Where did you find them?”

“I didn’t,” I murmur. “They found me. They saved my life. I almost died up there.” I take both daughters in my arms. The baby nibbles on my arm while Nixie sleeps. Haytham said he would return after he got some sleep, and would check up on the progress of everyone, but especially the youngest.

I kiss the top of Seira’s head. “I know you hate them, Seira, but without them, none of this would be happening. We all would die.”

“I know,” she whispers. She touches the top of Nixie’s head. “Which was the one that saved you?”

I think for a moment, then smile. “Her name is Echo. She reminds me of our Nixie.”

Seira rests her cheek on my arm. “I missed this great big arm. I didn’t even know I did.” She closes her eyes and nods. “Let’s name our baby after her.”

“You would do that?” I ask excitedly.

“I would be honored.”

Later in the day, as Seira and Nixie rest in our nest, I take my new baby up to the surface to introduce her to her namesake. Echo leans over the side of the boat, eyes wide with wonder as I present to her little baby Echo.

“She’s so small,” Echo says with tears in her eyes. “So cute.”

“Seira said, since you saved me, she thought it would be the best way to honor you.” I smile up at her. “Thank you, Echo. Without you, none of this would have been possible.”

“Will I ever see you again?” Echo sniffles.

“I hope so,” I smile up at her. “This will not be goodbye.”

Once Haytham is done with his checkups, the boat leaves to head back to shore. For a while, the colony sleeps. Things are quiet, but the stillness is peaceful. As Nixie grows stronger, baby Echo grows as well. I take care of my girls, making sure they eat well and get strong.

“Daddy,” Nixie murmurs one night as she lays on my chest. “What was land like?”

“Very strange,” I say to her. “They have these things called croissants that look like fat, beached seals, and they eat them with an oil called chocolate drizzled all over them.”

Nixie’s eyes grow wide. “Did you eat them?”

“I tried them, but they don’t compare to lobster.” I rub my fingers down her neck. “They also have these itty-bitty tridents called forks, and they use them to spear their food.”

“Not their hands?” Nixie exclaims.

I chuckle and shake my head. “Nope! They don’t! They think these little tools are better.” I lean in close to her. “I grew legs, too!”

Nixie’s expression is too sweet to take. She looks bewildered and wild for a moment. “How did you grow legs? What were they like?”

“They were the strangest thing of all!” I reply. “I still don’t quite know how they really worked.”

“Could we go back one day?” Nixie asks. “Maybe I could grow legs, too.”

“Don’t get your hopes up,” Seira sighs. “You have exactly what you need to get around in this world.”

“What about the landwalkers?” Nixie asks quietly.

“The ones I met were the best of people,” I say softly.

Nixie snuggles up close to me. I know she’s getting ready to butter me up, because she has always done this ever since she was little. She curls up between my neck and shoulder, laying her tail down my arm while her head rests on my chest. “Could we go on land someday?” she asks sweetly. “I would like to meet the girl who saved you.”

I smile. “I think the two of you could become best friends, so I would like you to meet her too.”

A few months later, I receive a sort of ‘knowing’ from Ruby. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a feeling deep inside me, and it tells me to return to the beach. Siera needs some convincing, but she does want to thank the people who saved us in person. When we arrive, we discover a party under way - Echo’s birthday. She cries when she sees me, and I cry when I see her. “This is my daughter, Nixie,” I introduce the two. “She’s been so excited to meet you.”

“I like your tail!” Echo says excitedly.

“I like your legs!” Nixie chimes back with the same exuberance.

The two are instantly inseparable. They play on the beach together, making sand castles and drawing pictures. Nixie takes Echo swimming into the waters, and they fall asleep on the beach holding hands.

“We’ll have to do this more often,” Daddy says to me.

“I’d like that,” Seira replies ahead of me. “Does your carnival take in merfolk?”

“All the time.”

Seira looks at me. “I wanted to show our daughter the world, remember?”

I kiss Seira lovingly. “Let’s see that the colony heals properly. Once we’re ready, we’ll see the world.”

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The sun is painfully hot, and the sand grates against my body as if it were trying to peel it away. I can barely breathe. I can’t move at all. I just lie here while the sun continues to beat down on me. I can’t remember how I got here. Vague faces and voices flash in the back of my mind. I’m so weak. Why am I here?

“Daddy!” a voice screams in horror.

Am I Daddy? What’s a daddy?

“Echo, go get your mother.” Another voice. Perhaps that’s Daddy. “It’s alright now. I’m going to help you. Poor thing. My god, you’re sick.” Something cold touches my face. “We’re going to get you help. Ruby! Get Haytham and a few others to help me carry him.”

“I’ll be right back!”

I take in a slow, painful breath that feels like rocks scraping down my throat. Relief runs through me as Daddy pours water over top of me. The relief is so sudden and so welcome, I start to cry, but I’m still too weak to lift my arms to cover my face.

“My name is Authaire,” Daddy says. “I’m going to get you help. My home is nearby. I have a very good doctor on staff, and he’ll be able to take care of you. You’re lucky we found you.”

I blink a few times, and through the blinding white light of the sun I see a man with very pale skin and short red hair. He smiles reassuringly at me while pressing a damp cloth to my face.

I can’t remember why I am here. I feel like it is important. I have to remember. I don’t know who, or where, but someone is waiting for me to come back. I can’t remember, but that someone is very important to me.

I wake to the sound of voices. There is no more sun scorching me, no sand rubbing away my flesh. Instead, everything is dark and there is something soft and silky around me. I breathe in and something feels strange inside my body. I don’t feel quite right.

“For the time being, this will stop the spread of the infection. I’m working on getting the cure, but it’s old, and there aren’t too many books on merfolk health anymore.”

“Just do what you can. I’m sure he’ll understand when he comes to. My only concern is that, if he’s sick, how far has the infection spread?” I recognize the voice as the man from before.

“We can’t know yet. But one of the symptoms is memory loss, so it may take time for him to remember. He may have come close to the shore hoping to find help. We won’t know until he has had some time to recover.”

I push back my cover, and rather than seeing my tail, I see two strange sticks jutting out from my torso. A strangled cry leaves my throat and suddenly, there is a light and two men standing beside my bed.

“It’s alright! You’re fine!” Daddy says comfortingly. “Just a small spell.”

My screams turn to coughing, and the second man hurriedly fetches me a glass. The water inside is cold, but it has a strange taste to it. I breathe deeply after gulping all of it down and hold my hands over my chest.

“What have you done to me?” I whisper.

“You’re very sick, and I had to use this spell in order to treat you. It’ll stop the disease from spreading, and it’ll give me time to whip up a cure for you.” The second man is tall with dark skin. He looks down on me with golden eyes. “I’m Dr. Haytham, and I’m going to see you get better.”

My body still feels weak, but I’m able to lift my hands to my face. “I was sick?”

Haytham sits beside the bed I am on. “It’s an old disease that plagued the merfolk to near-extinction. There is a cure, but I am having a hard time tracking down accounts of it. This disease will affect your memory, but it is important for you to tell me anything at all you remember, in case any more of your kind have become ill as well.”

“I don’t...” I struggle to bring up anything. I can recall images more than anything else. I see faces and places, small hands reaching out to me. I shake my head and clasp my hands around my face. “I don’t know. I can’t remember anything.”

“It’s okay,” Daddy says. “Haytham said in a few days, things should start coming back to you.”

“Hopefully, by then Puck will have found something for me,” Haytham sighs. “You look strong, though. You should be able to recover quickly with some rest and a few good meals.”

“Thank you,” I murmur.

“Is there anything you need right now?” Daddy asks. “Ask for it and we can get it for you.”

I look down at the legs where my tail had once been. They have the same scales with deep red spots and stripes of black and white, but they feel very foreign to me. I glance back at Daddy. His hair isn’t what I remember - long and gray. I could have sworn it was short and red.

“Authaire, the coffee is ready if you want it,” Haytham calls.

Daddy’s eyes light up. “Would you like some?”

I shake my head. “I don’t know what it is.”

“I’ll let you try mine, and if you like it, I’ll get you your own cup. It’s wonderful. I think you’ll really like it.” He leaves, but returns a moment later carrying a steaming mug. “Be careful, now. It’s hot.”

The aroma is quite strong. Looking into the cup, I see an inky liquid within. I take a cautious sip and, for a moment, the bitter flavor disgusts me until it has time to settle on my senses. “I’m not sure what’s happening,” I murmur. “Is this bad for me?”

Daddy’s smile brightens and a glow comes into his eyes. “Oh no, of course not. Coffee is good for everyone.”

“Authaire,” Haytham scolds from behind him. “He doesn’t need coffee! He’s dehydrated enough.”

“But it’ll help his energy,” Daddy protests.

“I said no!” Haytham snaps.

Daddy sighs and sits back down. “Okay, fine.” He sips his coffee with a slightly sullen look on his face, then turns as if hearing something. A moment later, a little girl pokes her head through the doorway.

“She wanted to make sure he was okay,” the woman’s voice from before says. “She’s been worried all day.”

“Ruby,” Haytham calls, “I need to speak with you.”

“He’s awake now,” Daddy says to the little girl. “Let me just make sure he can accept company.”

There is a vivid pulse in my mind - a flash of a small, round face and high-pitched giggling, a blue tail rippling through the waters ahead of me. “Is this your daughter?” I ask.

Daddy looks back at me. “Yes, my Echo. She’s the one who found you, so if you must thank anybody, thank her.”

A little girl steps into the room. She has messy, wavy black curls and bright green eyes. She comes towards the edge of the bed and looks me over, and is quiet for a long moment. There is something about her that feels so familiar to me. “Your name is Echo?” I ask.

She nods.

“My name is...” I stop. “I can’t remember. But I like yours.”

She smiles shyly. “Thank you.”

The woman steps inside. “Haytham said you have memory loss. I wonder if I could help.”

Daddy picks up Echo and sets her in his lap. That’s when I see that one of her legs is made of silver. “My Ruby has a special gift. She can help unearth your memories.”

“Is it alright if I touch you?” Ruby asks.

“I’m always happy when pretty women touch me,” I reply brightly.

“Hey now, that’s my wife,” Daddy says warningly.

Ruby chuckles and places her hand on my cheek. Her fingers smooth up along my temple, and I close my eyes, feeling as if there is a pool in the back of my head. The water surges, coming closer and closer to me. It feels cool and familiar, and I can hear a voice calling out to me.

“Tybrus! Tybrus!”

“Tybrus?” Ruby whispers. “Is that your name?”

I open my eyes and look up at her. Her hand moves away from my face, and I see blue scales appear on her fingertips before vanishing again.

“It is,” I whisper.

Ruby turns as Haytham steps in. “It’s strange,” she says. “I can see things and reach them, but there’s almost a sort of barrier. I can mostly hear the memories, but I can’t feel them like I usually do.”

“I was worried about such a thing.” Haytham sighs. “This merfolk disease is tricky, and I really hope Puck gets back to me.”

“What did you do?” I ask Ruby. “It felt strange, but… nice.”

“I’m an empath,” she answers. “Haytham thought I might have a chance of helping you with your memory loss, but it seems it will take time.”

Over the next few days, I learn how to use my new legs. I’m not used to walking, let alone being out of water, and I stumble and fall a lot, but at least I am feeling stronger each day. Little Echo has also been a great comfort to me.

“When I got my new leg, it was hard learning to walk with it,” she tells me. “But I practiced a lot, and now I’m taking dance classes with Uncle Oriharu.”

“I should practice,” I say. “But I wouldn't know where to begin. This place seems so big! I feel like I could get lost.”

“I can show you, Ty,” Echo says happily. “The carnival will be opening tomorrow, so we’re doing our dress rehearsals today.”

“What’s the carnival?” I ask.

“It’s my home,” Echo says softly. Her eyes light up. “But it’s, like, all sorts of things. You know, like shows, food, games. It’s fun! The whole family works in it.”


Echo smiles at me. “My Dad started it, and everyone who’s in the carnival is here because of him. Just like you. So that makes you family too.”

I see a face again, lovely and soft, with black eyes that have vertical stripes running down the skin over them. Her bright yellow scales seem to glow in the dim water. “We’re going to have a family!” her voice rings through my mind.

“Ty?” Echo reaches up and touches my face.

I smile at her. “It’s okay, Echo. I’m fine. I think my memories are coming back.”

“That’s good!” Echo exclaims. “What do you remember?”

“Someone important, I think.” I take a deep breath. “I’m hungry. Where can we go to get something to eat?”

“You want to walk there? Okay!” Echo slips off the bed and offers her hand to me. I use her for balance as I stand, and let her lead me out of Haytham’s doctor’s tent. Outside, the sun is scorching and bright. I can smell the ocean not too far away, and all around us are tents. “The cafeteria is right over here.” Echo points to a white one. “We can get anything we want there.”

“What do we want?” I ask curiously.

“Echo, careful now!” Haytham comes out of the tent. “He’s sick. You shouldn’t be making him exert himself too much.”

“I feel okay. Besides, I’m hungry.” I start in surprise as I see a woman suspended high in the air with long flowing fabric all around her, making her look like a whal swimming under the water. “That whale looks weird!”

“That’s Matilda, she performs aerial acts,” Echo giggles. “She performs in the carnival on the main stage.”

I stare in awe at the creature, watching her as she takes up the landscape before us. “What a magnificent thing!”

Haytham sighs. “Ty, you’re still recovering. You shouldn’t push yourself right now.”

I look back at him. “I can’t push myself. That’s not how it works.”

Haytham sighs. “Okay, go get something to eat. But come right back.”

“I’ll make sure he comes back! Promise.” Echo tugs my hand again. “You ready, Ty?”

“Ready!” I say excitedly. I stumble a bit, but with Echo’s help, we make it to the cafeteria tent. Inside, there are so many different things - people, food - I have never seen before. “Look how small those seals are!” I exclaim as I press my palms to a glass case. “Oh no! They’re covered in oil!”

“Those aren’t seals, they’re croissants,” Echo giggles. “And that’s not oil, it’s chocolate sauce.”

I look down at her. “I have no clue what either of those are.”

“They’re really good! Have you ever had bread?”

I shrug. “Haytham gave me a bed.”

Echo giggles happily. “It’s a type of food, silly.”

“I’ve had lobster,” I say.

Echo helps me pick out some food, and then we sit together. On my tray is a strange, tiny trident, and I pick it up and look around. “Who am I to fight with this?”

“That’s your fork,” Echo says. “You eat with it.”

I frown at her. Echo demonstrates using her own tiny trident, moving food from her plate to her mouth. “You know! So you don’t have to use your hands.”

I pick up a wad of my food with my hand and shove it into my mouth. “This works just fine.”

Echo can barely contain her giggles. Ruby comes walking up and sits down across from us. “It’s good to see you up and about, Ty. How are you feeling?”

“He doesn’t know what forks are,” Echo replies.

Ruby smiles at her, then back at me. Once again, I see that woman. Her long tail presses against my side and I can feel her lips against my cheek. I shake my head, and concern darkens Ruby’s face. “Is everything okay, Ty?” she asks gently.

“There’s someone on my mind. I don’t know who she is, but I keep seeing her and I know she’s important.” I close my eyes, trying to conjure her up again.

Ruby lays her hand over mine, and that pool in the back of my mind appears again. I exhale softly as it starts to overflow. It grows and grows, from a pool to an ocean.

“My wife,” I whisper.

“You’re married?” Echo looks up at me with wide eyes.

“Our daughter got sick… so I had to go to...” I cup my hand over my ear. “Something feels strange. I can’t...”

“You’re leaking,” Echo says in surprise.

Ruby stands. “Let's get you back to Haytham, I think your memory is starting to return.”

She and Echo take me outside, but as we walk through the crowd, I have to stop. “Sorry. I just... There’s water in my ear.”

Ruby looks around nervously. “Come on, Ty, we do have some people not from the carnival here. We don’t want to bother them.”

I rub my ear and make a face.

“He’s leaking more.”

“Just swimmer’s ear!” Ruby exclaims.

The more I rub my ear, the more water starts to pour out. All at once it’s like a waterfall, cascading out with such force that it splatters on the ground and scatters rocks and dirt. Echo starts clapping when people start gathering around us. “It’s such a cool magic trick! Right?”

The stunned crowd suddenly relax, laughing and clapping along. Ruby and Echo hurriedly lead me back to Haytham’s tent, my ear still pouring liquid.

“Goodness.” Haytham places a bucket under me. “I didn’t expect this to happen so soon.”

“What is it?” Ruby asks.

“The disease is like a fungus,” Haytham replies. “It causes the natural filters in the merfolks’ bodies to become more like dams. They build up water in their systems, and it causes them to bloat. The water trapped inside them stagnates and becomes toxic to them, which allows more of the fungus to grow and fester, causing a multitude of problems. Once the water is able to drain, that means the merfolk can heal.”

“What?” I shout over the rushing water.

Haytham trades buckets. “Puck sent me the cure he found this morning. I didn’t expect it to arrive so fast.”

“Well, that’s wonderful,” Ruby gasps.

“We will be able to save his family if they’re sick?” Echo asks.

“I remember!” I sit up so fast, I accidentally splash Haytham with the water coming out of my ear. “I remember what happened! I...” I flop backonto the floor, passing out from a mix of sudden memory as well as the water.

I was so happy. I had a beautiful, loving wife and a strong, talented daughter. I was one of the elders of my colony, and my wife, Seira, had been an outsider, causing trouble for us with her small gang for years. I agreed to meet with her face to face, which was a foolish venture, because I fell in love with her at first sight. After some time passed, Seira fell for me too, and we had our daughter almost immediately.

Seira was still wild at heart, often taking me out on swims in dangerous waters, or showing me land where the landwalkers didn’t go. “Once our child is born, I want to show her the world. I want us to travel and see all sorts of places. The landwalkers won’t stop us. I want this one to have everything.” Seira said dreamily.

Our daughter, Nixie, was born prematurely, tiny and weak, and her tail growth was stunted. She wasn’t a strong swimmer, and often required assistance getting around. Seira never gave up. She practiced every day with Nixie, helping her build strength and stamina. Nixie’s tail was small, but soon she could swim with the best of them.

“I have some news,” Seira said one day. “Nixie, you’re going to be a big sister.”

I could barely contain my joy. But Nixie almost seemed to be confused by the announcement. After a moment, she started to celebrate with us, but it seemed like she was only playing along.

Nixie was one of the first to get sick. I first noticed it when she couldn’t remember where our nest was. She was always tiny, but she began to grow weaker and frailer by the day. All the hard work she had done was regressing. Our whole colony was starting to contract the disease, and more and more began to fall ill. Already, some of the other leaders and I were working on a plan to find a cure, but it would mean seeking landwalkers for help.

Seira was having a hard time remembering her own name, even though she would say mine with certainty. Unable to take it any longer, I decided to go and seek the landwalkers for help. I wouldn’t let my daughter continue to waste away, and I couldn’t bear it if my wife had to suffer as well. But as I swam away with Seira screaming after me, a strange, heavy dread descended over me. Where was I going? What was I doing?

I washed up on shore, where Echo and Daddy found me. I think I was there for days.

I wake with Echo beside me, holding my hand. Daddy is there too, reading a book while drinking his beloved coffee.

“I need help,” I whisper to him.

Daddy smiles at me. “I know. Haytham has been working all day on making batches of the cure.”

“Thank you,” I say breathlessly. “My wife, my children...” I don’t even know if my second child has been born yet. I can’t remember how long I’ve been gone. “I’m desperate.”

“It’s okay. Once Haytham is ready and the spell wears off, we’ll be helping you find your family.” He gives me a smile. “We have a boat and equipment all ready. We just need you to tell us where to go.”

I look down at Echo and stroke the top of her head while she sleeps. “I understand now why I took such comfort in her friendship. She reminds me of my own daughter.”

Daddy smiles. “I’m glad she helped you. I just hope she’ll be able to say goodbye.”

Super Villain Boyfriend: Maestro Swan (complete) 2020-07-27T19:00:03+00:00

When you were a kid, you joined a group of others around your age. It was part of a hero program in the works, before Hepheastus founded the Academy, and it was a rough time to say the least. You all had special abilities that you used on missions, and yours passed down for generations, allowed you to create moveable channels with electric currents. You mastered a way of slipping into phone lines, television frequencies, and internet streams, but it took a lot of effort. You were known as Plug-In.

Now you’re known for your small cake-making business. Ages ago you wanted to be a superhero, but over time you grew resentful of your work. You went through so many dangerous experiences, and saw your friends get hurt. On top of that, you eventually discovered the program was essentially a cost-cutting measure for a now-defunct insurance business.

Recently, your little sister Tabitha has shown interest in the superhero business. She has the family power, and can use phone and internet channeling powers in a way you never could. She’s been attending Hephaestus Academy while working at your bakery over the weekends. She’s been on a supervised mission for the last couple of weeks, and while you’re worried, you know she’s in good hands - or so you believe, until you’re called to the school for an emergency meeting.

“We’ve gone over every single report,” Hephaestus tells you. “But the only thing we’ve been able to find is this.” He hands over an evidence folder. Inside there are some strange photographs and records from your sister’s tracking beacon.

You also see a familiar calling card from an old enemy - a metal feather, the edges sharpened to a fine blade. You don’t touch the metal feather. You just look at it. “I thought Maestro Swan was dead,” you say with a creased brow. “I thought I...”

“A lot of things are coming to the surface,” Hepheastus replies. “Apparently, Maestro Swan is very much alive, and has taken your sister hostage.”

You clench your fingers tight around your knees as your shoulders start to shake. You breathe in raggedly and nod your head.

“We need your help to find her. We need your abilities, because that means we have a better chance to get her back.”

You nod. “I know. It’s not just that.” You cup your hand over your mouth. “All these years, and I thought I killed him! I thought...” You sob with relief. “I thought it was all my fault!”

Hephaestus sighs and hands you a box of tissues. “I understand. But if your sister is with him, you’re the only one who can access his whereabouts.”

“It’s been a long time.” You blow your nose into a tissue. “I’m not sure what my powers are capable of anymore. But for my sister, I’ll do anything.”

You’re outfitted and prepared to enter Maestro Swan’s domain. His powers allow him to create pocket dimensions within the internet. You discovered his hidden crime syndicate by accident when you were younger, uncovering the dimensions he used to host a black market. You were able to cut off his access and disable his powers, and the two of you became extremely heated rivals. But one incident between you changed the course of your life forever.

This will be the first time you use your powers in well over a decade, but you find they still come naturally to you. You remember how to send the charge through your arm and concentrate it in your fingertips, which allows you to gently nudge open the channel. The whizzing holographic entry is still the same as you remember it - the bright flashing lights, the slight electric tingle on your tongue - as if you had never left at all.

“Wow.” You exhale the word slowly. Stepping further into the channel, you feel like a kid again. You take another breath. “I’m here for Tabitha. I had to find her first.”

You seal the entrance behind you, so that no one can get in or out without your knowledge. “I’ve made it though,” you report through the comm link. “I’ll be checking locations now, and I’ll report back as soon as possible.”

“Stay careful out there. Who knows what Swan is hiding,” Heff answers.

You bring up your old browser, a map of saved locations and channels you created as a kid. The screen hovers before you, showing all the new routes Tabitha has crafted during her time. There is a new pocket along one of her routes - possibly Maestro Swan’s new hideout. “If he went along one of her routes,” you murmur to yourself, “that means she could have stumbled upon him by accident.” You close the browser window and open up the channel. Your sister’s routes are much cleaner and more organized than your own. She places them on grids, making them easier to access as well as navigate.

One you step inside one, you suddenly plummet, and the shock of the fall takes your senses away for a moment. You flounder in midair, trying to grab onto something, whirling through the holographic stream until you come to a halt, as if caught by invisible wires. You grunt loudly at the sudden stop, swaying until you're locked into place by the invisible cords.

“Well, well, well. Looks like I have another visitor.” The gravelly voice is all too familiar, and while you know you should be wary, you can’t help but be relieved to hear it again.

You’re turned upside down as the cords reappear, shimmering a dull silver as they lower you. The figure standing before you is tall and gangly, with long limbs and a long neck. His familiar chrome head glimmers brightly in the light, but his rose-gold faceplate is a new addition. Ages ago, his faceplate had been a glitchy screen, but this one adds a hint of sophistication. A cape of bladed plumes hangs around his shoulders as he stands menacingly over you.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Swan.” you gulp, waiting for your nerves to catch up. “I came to get my sister.”

He recoils slightly and kneels to see your face more closely. “No one calls me Mr. Swan. It’s Maestro!”

This old song and dance - funny how you kind of missed it. “I only call you Mister. Maestro is for musicians, not for whatever the heck you are.”

“It can’t be.” He tilts his head to the side. “Plug-In?”

“Who did you think it was?” You’re released from the cords and dropped with a resounding thud onto the ground. “Ow!”

Maestro Swan stands erect again and shakes his head. “But I thought...”

You sit up and rub the back of your neck. “Yeah, I’m a little surprised too. How long has it been?”

He shakes his head in disbelief as he looks at you. You must admit, you can’t believe it yourself. All those years racked with guilt. But he’s okay. He looks more than okay! He looks amazing.

“I thought you were dead.” Swan’s voice breaks.

Your brow pinches even harder, but before you can respond Swan’s cords wrap around you and cover your mouth. “This must be a trap! Just like the last one.” He snaps his fingers, and the cords drag you along the ground. “Take them and put them with the girl, while I figure out why I’m getting so many of these intruders.”

The scenery around you flickers, blinks and goes dark, then blinks on again as you’re taken to different rooms. You’re placed in a cube where the walls hum loudly, like a live wire. As the cords release you, you’re tackled to the ground. “It’s you! You came!”

You grab hold of Tabitha and hug her tight. “You’re alright!”

She grins at you. “Yeah of course. This weird robot dude hasn’t done anything except keep me here. He keeps calling me a ‘phony reminder.’”

You sigh with relief. “I’m just glad to see you.”

“I’ve been trying to find a way out, but that weirdo has made it impossible. I don’t know if he’s using some sort of inhibitor.”

“It’s his version of a firewall,” you reply.

You touch the wall and it crackles and pops threateningly until you pull your hand back. “I can get through. It just takes time, and I’m not used to using my abilities anymore.”

“Tell me what to do,” Tabitha says.

“Well, first we need to...” The walls blink on and off, and the room around you disappears. The new room you’re popped into looks like a Vincent Price fantasy - long and dark, with a table to match in the center. At the far end is a fireplace with armored knights on either side. Candles flicker all around you, running all the way up and beyond the confines of the ceiling.

A chair sweeps up behind you and knocks you down into the seat while it whisks you up to the fireplace. Maestro Swan steps out of the digital flames and rises tall before you, looming over you with one foot planted on the arm of your chair. You stare back and forth at one another in silence.

You clear your throat, breaking the quiet. “What are you doing?”

Maestro Swan growls. “Who are you?”

“What?” You stare in disbelief at him. “What are you talking about? Who are you?”

He scoffs. “I know I’ve been hiding for a while, but surely the nefarious Maestro Swan has not left the memory of the people so soon.”

You scowl. “Of course, and he deserves to be properly resurrected. If you’re trying to pretend to be him for clout, I think you’d sadly overestimating people. Take off that mask and show yourself for who you really are!”

Swan grumbles something under his breath. “Only one person in this world has seen my face.”

“Yeah, me.” you say tersely.

Swan takes his foot off the arm of your chair and leans in, placing his hands on either side of you. “I killed the only person who ever saw me. I won’t hesitate to do it to an imposter like you.”

“I’m not an imposter! You never killed me. I thought all this time I had killed you!” You slap your hand over the face plate. “After all the time we fought one another, you never came close to wounding me. What makes you think I’d let you kill me?”

“I saw it!” Swan growls. “I saw the body.” He grabs your wrist and forces your hand off his face. “After getting lost in the void with you… I thought...”

Before you retired and gave it all up, you were a hapless twenty-year-old looking to become serious. Your final confrontation with Maestro Swan ended up with both of you becoming lost in the void together. At first it was awful, but as time went on you began to rely on one another. With no sense of time, and no hope of escape, you grew close and opened up to one another. In his childhood Swan had been forced to undergo testing to create the perfect weapon. You were training to do almost the exact same thing. You both had your childhoods taken away. He comforted you, and you returned it in kind. You became intimate on more than one occasion, as both of you were lonely and looking for closeness. And after trial and error, the two of you found a way to get out. Unfortunately, it resulted in what you had thought had been his death - a tragic error on your behalf.

“Was it an illusion? Or is this?” Swan jabs a finger into your face.

You swallow the lump in your throat. “The face under the visor has dark blue skin with golden scars all over. Your left eye is crystal clear, but your right is sealed shut and covered by more gold. You have two tongues, and your teeth are bright red. Sometimes, when your pulse quickens, you begin to glow in the dark.”

Swan lowers his hand. “How did you...”

“Swan, it’s me,” you whisper. “I’m not a trick, I’m not dead. I’m alive, same as you.”

“I don’t believe you.” Swan grabs you by the shoulders and picks you up. “Plug-In died in my arms. I held them and saw the life drain from their eyes.”

He pushes your head to the side and brushes away the hair to expose your neck, looking for your birthmark - probably the reason why you keep your hair long to one side and short on the other. He exhales sharply when he finds what he’s looking for. “It can’t be.”

You take hold of his wrist and look up into his eyes. It’s been so long, and you’ve carried so much guilt. As he takes off the rose gold face plate, you grab hold of one another. You kiss him, falling into his arms as he cups your face in his hands.

Swan pulls away quickly, keeping his hands tight around your shoulders. “What happened? Why did we see each other die?”

You sit down on the holographic floor before the fire, a parallel to the nights you huddled around an illusory fire in the void. After a moment of thinking, you come up with a theory. “Maybe we ended up on different sides, which would explain why we haven’t seen each other in all this time. It took us coming here to finally meet back up.”

You look at him as he removes the rest of his helmet. The back of his head is metal, with many ports and switches running along the dome and down his neck. “Perhaps,” he whispers. “We must have somehow created duplicates as we escaped the void - sacrifices.” His low whisper fades away as he stares into the flame.

“What have you been doing?” you ask softly.

Swan scoffs. “I was quiet for a while. I was unsure of myself after what we had gone through, after I lost you. I hid myself away, tried to think… I eventually decided to go back to what I knew, since I didn’t have anything else.”

“You’re smuggling again?”

“In a sense. The little one I first thought was you caught me, but she wasn’t quite as prepared as you used to be,” he laughs.

“That’s my sister,” you reply.

“I see,” he murmurs. “And what about you? Still a hero, I see.”

You shake your head. “No. I decided to make an exception just this once, to save my sister.” You pull your knees up to your chest. “I stopped the hero work not long after I thought you were dead. I didn’t see a reason for it anymore. I didn’t believe in it.” You scowl as you gaze into the fire. “I opened up a bakery.”

Swan clears his throat. “I’m sorry to hear that. You could have been the best.”

You smirk. “Nah. I think I would’ve gotten tired of it regardless.” You lift your head from your knees. “I like where I’m at.”

“That’s good.” Swan stands. “I’ll release you and your sister. Just stay away from this place. I have no use for a nemesis again.”

You jump up as well. “Now, wait a minute! You’re going to just shoo me away?”

Swan places his helmet and faceplate back on. “You bet.” He snaps his fingers, and suddenly you’re standing just outside his fortress with Tabitha beside you.

“What happened?” Tabitha gasps.

“Nothing. Let’s just get out of here before he changes his mind.” You take her hand and open a passageway to the outside world.

After a few days of recuperating and health checks, Tabitha returns to the Academy as usual. Meanwhile, you’re sort of drifting at the bakery. You keep thinking about Swan - and more than that, you keep thinking about what might have been. Had you met again sooner, would you be in love? Would you still both be fighting one another? Would you be a hero like Hephaestus? You keep messing up batches of donuts, so you try to put it out of your mind - until day, a man in a suit comes into the bakery. You see his bottom half first, through the glass of the display case. It isn’t until you pop up that you see the rose gold faceplate.

“What good do you do here?” Swan asks.

“Uh...” You’re not sure what to say.

Swan slips his finger under your chin and closes your mouth. “You’ll catch flies that way if you leave your mouth hanging open.”

You catch his hand before he pulls it away. “I’ve never seen you on this side before. What’re you doing here?”

“I came to see what you’re wasting your time on.” He kneels before the display case. “Cupcakes and donuts?” He tuts and shakes his head as he rises. “What an absolute waste.”

You smile at him. “You haven’t tried them.” You take a cupcake from the case and hand it to him. “Try it, and tell me it’s a waste.”

He sniffs, then removes the face plate. His tongue snaps out and pulls the cupcake into his mouth, smearing icing along his cheek as his mandibles stretch to take it all in. You bite your lip to keep from smirking. “Not bad,” he mumbles between bites. He wipes the icing from his mouth. “Maybe not such a waste. But still, I can’t help but want better for you.”

“I’m happy where I am, Swan. Can you say the same thing?”

He licks his lips, icing still clinging to them. “I can’t.”

You sigh. “Why don’t you come back for some coffee?”

“I didn’t come here for treats or coffee,” he sniffs. “I came here for you.”

You furrow your brow. “For me?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he says in a low voice. “I can’t get you out of my head. All that time we spent apart when we could have been together.” He comes close, leaning in to whisper into your ear. “Remember those last moments in the void? The way we clung so desperately, the way we came together as one. Your body on top of mine. Your strong hands holding me down.”

Your cheeks flush as you look aside.

“I told you no one else had ever made me feel that way, man or woman. Only you.” He touches your cheek and turns your gaze back to him. “I’ve never felt it again.”

As he kisses you, the icing melts from his lips onto your tongue. You grab the front of his suit and pull him in close, but you’re the one to pull back this time. “Not here.” You lock the door, then drag him into the back. It’s hot from the stove, and already the air is steamy. You grab his wrists and pin them to the wall, then shove your knee between his legs.

Swan’s breath becomes ragged, and his skin begins to glow with his excitement. “You’re still quite strong.”

You flash him a prideful smirk. “I work out.” Using your knee, you force his legs apart. “Now, let me see if I can still do this.” You bring out one of the invisible cords and latch his hands to the wall. With your hands free, you start undoing his suit.

“I didn’t come here just for this,” Swan laughs.

“I know.” You smooth your hand over his bare chest and kiss the glowing skin. “But it’s been so long, hasn’t it?”

“I want you and I to work together - start an empire and grow,” Swan laughs. “What do you say?”

You open up his pants. “I can teach you to bake. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

He grimaces. “Not here!” he snaps.

“Yes, here.” You press close to him. “From now on, you’re going to be my little apprentice.” You wrap your hand around him and stroke him. “Then I’ll work you up to being a big apprentice.”

Swan laughs and grits his teeth. “You won’t win this.”

“I think I will.” You snap your fingers, and the invisible cords pull him down until he’s sitting. You straddle his lap, kissing him as you grind against his growing shaft.

“At least you’re letting me sit this time,” he snickers.

You wriggle out of your pants and push your underwear aside.

“I remember when you told me you were nonbinary,” he whispers. “Is that still how I should address you?”

You kiss him softly. “I would appreciate it, Swan.”

His smile becomes soft as he looks at you. “I always knew you’d be stunning. I’m glad I got to see it.”

You kiss him again, wrapping your arms around him as you slowly ease down on him. You take your time, slowly grinding your hips as you take him in deeper, enjoying this moment of togetherness. His hands strain in their confines, but the glow of his skin radiates his pleasure. You both moan and grunt faintly, barely making any sounds at all.

“Release me, let me finish this,” Swan pants.

You do as he asks, letting him lay you out on the floor. He tugs away your pants and underwear as he sinks his mouth over you. One tongue slips inside you while the other twists itself around your clit. You bite your lip, grunting hungrily as he feasts upon you. He sucks and moans, making eye contact with you. His hands move under your shirt, touching your chest before rubbing down your sides.

His tongue inside you rubs against a sensitive spot beneath your cervix, while the tongue on your clit comes to a humming vibrato. You grunt, arching your back off the ground and gasping. You beat your fists on the floor as an electric jolt ricochets through your every nerve.

Flopping back onto the ground, you see Swan grinning smugly above you. He cleans up the mess on his thigh and slowly lies down on top of you. As he kisses you, you gently cup his face in your hands.

“So, baking,” he grunts as he lays down. “What are the benefits?”

You giggle and smack the center of his chest. “Just me.”

He chuckles. “We’ll have to have a talk about that.” He rests on top of you, burying his face in your neck. “I’m so glad to have you back.”

You cling tightly to him. “I know,” you whimper. “I missed you.”

“I promise, from now on, that nothing short of hell will separate us again,” he murmurs. “Even if I’m baking cakes the rest of my life. At least I know you’re safe.”

“You can bake bread, too.” A few tears slip down your cheeks. “Just stay here. Okay?”

Swan kisses you softly. “Deal.”

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User #16685372 - 27 Jul 20 20:27
This is delightful!
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User #2325863 - 28 Jul 20 03:12
FANTASTIC!!! I've been looking forward to this one! And it did NOT disappoint! But you never disappoint 😘💕
Orc Boyfriends: Cupid & Hector 3 (special preview) 2020-08-14T21:01:00+00:00

Heck and Arrow had become quite popular. Of course, the brick and mortar storefront doesn’t see the same amount of customers as the online shop does, but it’s more than they had before. The online shop is booming to the point Cue and Heck have gone completely behind the scenes to continue making products to keep up with demand. You’ve even started working there part time to help them manufacture. Using your sewing skills, you’re able to help them piece things together.

“I feel bad about making our girlfriend work for us.” Cue is making breakfast while you and Heck are finishing up some straps you prepared last night. You make the hole, then Heck inserts the inglet.

“I’m cool with it,” you murmur.

Cue looks a bit grouchy. “But it’s making us all tired. We come up from working and just fall asleep.”

“That’s the price for fame.” Heck takes off his glasses and massages the bridge of his nose in slow circles. “Once we get ahead and open sales again, we’ll be able to take a break.”

Cue yawns and taps the spatula against the pan. “Alright, food is ready. Stop working and come eat.”

Since the business took off, at most, you’ve just fooled around with Heck and Cue. It would be nice to have a night where it was just the three of you and you had the time to really play. But due to demand, you’ve all been tired.

“We’re just doing prep work for the most of the day aren’t we? Store is closed, why not us?” Heck sounds just as irritated as Cue looks.

“We need to get ahead,” Cue sounds unenthused.

“Our custom orders are already done with, why are we breaking our backs over the stock?” Heck frowns as Cue hands him his breakfast plate.

“Our stock is what makes us money,” Cue is still trying to convince himself.

“It’s fine to take breaks, everyone needs them,” you interject. “No one is going to get mad if the launch is a day late. You’ve not even announced it, you’ve only planned it.”

“I don’t like going off schedule,” Cue says. “But-” He sighs heavily as he looks at the piles of leather straps on the coffee table.

“It’s Sunday, who gives a fuck what we do?” Heck asks.

Cue takes a bite from his plate and chews slowly. “Then why don’t we just go back to bed?”

Your heart leaps in excitement. “That sounds nice to me. We can rest up and snuggle.”

Heck’s huge palm claps down on your rear. “I was thinking more that we would rest when we were done.”

A shiver goes up your spine and your cheeks turn red. “I didn’t want to assume,” you giggle.

Cue smirks. “Now is the perfect time, get tired now, relax the rest of the day.” He walks around the counter and takes your hand. “Want me to help you get changed into Beast?”

You gulp down an excited breath. “Yeah!”

In the bedroom, Cue strips you down naked while Heck watches. Cue’s hands are gentle on your skin, smoothing down your body and helping you put Beast on. The leather roses almost cover your nipples, but dark skin still shows. The leather hugs your body, it is neither too tight or too loose, it’s just right. Like your favorite dress, it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

“It’s perfect,” Heck grins. His tongue darts across his lips as he gazes at you.

You smooth your palm down your body as Heck and Cue drink you in. Something about the leather and the way it cuts across your skin makes your nerves turn to steel. You bite your lip at you smirk and grab the crop Cue placed on the bed. You snap it down on the comforter and see the light in their eyes flicker bright.

Orc Boyfriend: Cupid & Hector 2 (special preview) 2020-08-13T21:01:00+00:00

You were grateful you didn’t have much time to panic over the date. You got home, showered, dressed in something you knew you could rely on, and headed out the door again. You weren’t sure how this would go, you’d never been on a date with two at once before. It’d been a while since you had even had a one on one. But there was just something about Heck and Cue that made you feel comfortable.

You arrived at the shop to see the closed sign on the door. Walking up, you push to see if it’s locked, and it opens. The shop is quiet and dimly lit as you walk in, but Cue is behind the desk closing out the cash register.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” he says quietly, not looking away from the monitor. “Still closing up.”

“It’s fine, take you time.” You take a moment to look around the shop. Several racks of leather chaps, pants, and the like. There was another rack of leather bikinis, followed by a rack of shirts with the shop logo.

A door opens near the back room Cue showed you the day before and Heck comes walking out. He’s carrying a broom and dustpan which he sets down at the front counter. Cue whispers and points in your direction.

“Would you like to come up and help me start the meal?” Heck turns and smile down at you.

You nod, stepping back towards the front. Your heart is pounding in excitement. “I’m not a very good cook, but I wouldn’t mind helping out.”

“I won’t make you cook then,” Heck teases. “Up this way.” He motions to the stairs, placing his hand on your back for the faintest of moments.

The stairwell is decorated with all sorts of pictures. Ones taken outside the shop, back when it had the name ‘Leather Boutique’. Photos of Cue and Heck in their youth, as well as some family photos.

The top of the stairs leads into a long, narrow hallway, with one side that is the windows looking out over the street. The other side features a lot of doors.

“Don’t judge too much, we’re still renovating this place.” Heck opens one of the doors for you.

“I was just thinking how nice this hallway must look in the morning,” you say. “All the light that comes in, I bet a cat would-” Just as you say this a big gray cat comes screaming from the doorway. It races up to Heck, rubbing against his legs and screaming still.

“This is Fat Lip.” Heck picks the plump cat off the ground and it immediately stops screaming. The cat has a very pronounced underbite, making it look like he has tusks just like its owners.

“Aww, how cute.” You hold out your hand for Fat Lip to sniff but he stares hard at you, as if trying to see into your soul.

“He’s shy.” Heck sets the cat back down and walks into his home.

Fat Lip continues to stare at you, even as you come into their house. Once heck setsa bowl of food down, Fat Lip ignores you for it.

Their home is open concept, with the walls being taken down from what must have been office spaces back in the day. There’s one door towards the back you assume must be their bedroom.

“So, if you can’t cook, what do you use our kitchen for?” Heck asks. He takes you into his kitchen where you stand at an island while he pulls steaks from the fridge.

“The microwave mostly,” you say with a shrug. “It’s just easier.”

“That sounds like no way to live.” Heck winks. “Okay then, come over here and prep the potatoes for me.”

He shows you how to slice the potatoes then coat them with melted butter and toss a few peppers, onions, and mushrooms into tinfoil, then coat the potato with seasoning before wrapping it up. He prepares a huge cast iron skillet with olive oil then takes a loaf of hearty bread. He slices it thick, slabs each side with butter then chops a whole garlic bulb that he tosses into the pan.

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Cooking lessons!
Orc Boyfriends: Cupid & Hector (rough draft) 2020-08-13T20:01:00+00:00

On your way to work you pass by a store that sells leather goods called Heck & Arrow. It’s never been a store you’ve gone into before, but it’s caught your eye all the same. In their window they feature shoes, chaps, and several other clothing items. It’s things you felt you would never wear, but the scent that came from within always smelt amazing. That scent of leather, mixed with the scent of the cafe you worked at, always mingled together to make something magic.

You hadn’t lived here long, so you were still familiarizing yourself. You had moved here a few months ago when your brother needed some help. His long time partner had left him abruptly, running off with someone else. Your brother went into a depression after that, so you moved in to help him pay bills, get him on his feet, and make sure he was alright. It was fine with you, it wasn’t like anything was going on back home anyways.

You worked a cafe job there too, lived at home with your parents, and didn’t have much going on aside from the occasional hang outs with friends. You’d stopped attending courses at the local community college because you didn’t have the time anymore, let alone the money. It was okay, but you also had to pay for other things which seemed more pertinent than an education. You preferred working than sitting in a classroom all day anyways.

You were leaving work late one afternoon, the breakfast rush had been murder, and then the lunch rush was even worse. You had been on your feet all day and it felt like you were dragging painful cinder blocks around. Just outside Heck and Arrow there was a bench,s o you plop yourself down there to rest for a moment.

The bench is really old though, and that rough plop of your ass causes it to sway and crack, leaning to one side so that you fall to the ground.

“Oh shit, Heck!” An Orc comes from inside the shop, stooping down to help you rise. “Are you okay?” He looks back at the bench then you. “Are you hurt at all?”

You have your palm to your temple, but when you pull it away you see blood in your palm. “Oh fuck,” you grumble.

“Can you stand up?” The Orc asks.

Another comes to the doorway as the first one helps you up. Your leg does hurt a little, but it’s mostly your hip that causes an issue.

“I told you, Cue, that bench needed replacing!” The second Orc fusses.

“Oh shut up, Heck,” Cue snaps. “You were right, fine. But right now we have an injured little duckling here.”

“I threw myself on the bench,” you huff. “It’s okay. It wouldn’t be the first chair I ruined.”

Cue helps you into the back room while Heck pulls out a first aid kit. “Let me take a look at this cut here.” He moves your hand away. His deep, brown eyes have flecks of gold in them. He’s clean shaven and has a long, thick braid draped over his shoulder. His skin is greyish red and tattoos peek out from under his shirt.

Heck walks over, taking out an alcohol wipe from a wrapper. Using a pair of tweezers, Cue dabs it to the skint cut above your brow. “I don’t think she’ll bleed to death.”

Cue chuckles. “The scare probably did he more damage than the sidewalk.”

“I’m not going to sue or anything,” you sigh. “I shouldn’t have thrown myself down on it the way I did.”

“Frustrated?” Heck asks.

“Tired.” You pause a few beats. “Okay and frustrated.”

Cue places a bandaid over the cut. “I see you walk by a lot. You work at the cafe?”

You nod, touching your forehead to feel the bandage there. “Yeah. It was a long day among other things.”

“Well, at least you can say now that work wasn’t the worst part of your day,” Heck jibes.

You smile up at him. Heck has green skin with purple freckle like patterns through it. His eyes were hazel, leaning more green, and his hair was grey with streaks of black and white throughout it. He kept it long, all tosses to one side to expose the undercut. The ear on that side had five piercings in it, each one a ring that was bigger than the one above it.

Heck was thicker around the middle, but was taller than Cue. Cue had a more lithe appearance to him, but he had thicker thighs and a much more pronounced ass. All in all, they were very appealing.

“Nah, the fall didn’t include me working with customers.” You try to stand but your hip still hurts.

“Whoa there.” Cue comes back to your side. “Feeling your fall now?”

You nod. “I must have landed on my hip wrong.” You put your hand over it. “Yup. That’s a bruise.”

“I’ll go get some ice,” Heck says, sweeping himself from the room.

“I am so, so sorry,” Cue replies. “If you need anything you just ask. Actually, my little sister is a chiropractor, I could ask her to see you.”

You shake your head. “I don’t think it’s anything requiring something like that. I’ll probably just get a bruise.”

Cue reaches for the desk, taking a business card. “Well, if you do need anything. Call us.” He places the card in your hands.

Looking it over your see their names are actually Cupid and Hector. You also notice, in fine print under the name of the business, you see an addendum to their leather shop. You furrow your brow.

“Adult shop?” You look at Cue. “Since when is leather an adult thing?”

Cue smiles. “Well, leather is a big part of a lot of adult communities, you know? Leather isn’t even our main business, we’re an erotic shop.”

Your jaw drops. It should have been so obvious. “Really?”

Cue is trying his best not to laugh directly in your face. “Did you not know that? You walk by us almost everyday.”

“I just saw leather boots and chaps in the window.” You then roll your eyes at yourself. “Not exactly kinky, but it should have been a tip at least.”

“Maybe when you can walk I can give you a tour of the entire shop.” Cue looks up as Heck comes back into the room.

“Here.” Heck places an ice pack in your hands. He also has a bottle of water and some aspirin. “Let that settle for a few minutes.” He puts the water and medicine beside you. “Is she going to make it?”

Cue opens the water bottle for you. “She may want to now that she knows we’re the friendly neighborhood sex shop.”

“Did you think Amazon ran us off?” Heck’s smile perks up at the corners.

You shrug, taking the water and drinking. “Kind of? But I’m more shocked at my lack of observation than anything.”

Heck nods. “We’re not allowed to blatantly advertise out front, but those in the know will know.”

“I’m surprised my brother didn’t say anything either.” You squirm on the ice pack, trying to get comfortable.

“We were just getting ready to order lunch, since it seems you’ll be here for a bit, why not have something on us?” Cue asks.

You’re in the middle of a sip of water when he asks. “What were you getting?”

Heck hands you a menu. “Pick whatever you want, on us.”

“I can’t remember the last time someone bought me a meal.” You glance quickly over the menu before finding exactly what you crave. “This habanero pineapple things sounds good.”

“Habenero?” Heck gives you the once over. “That thing is pretty spicy. You sure you can handle it?”

You want it now more than ever to prove a point. “I love spicy food, I think I can handle it.”

Cue snickers as he picks up the phone. “I like that.”

Heck sits down as Cue steps out to order. He checks your arm, finding a sore spot near your elbow. “I’ve been telling him to replace that stupid thing.” he grumbles under his breath, talking to himself more than you.

“It’ll be okay. I’ve had worse falls in my life.”

“It isn’t just that,” he huffs. “There are people out there who would be a lot less forgiving than you. If the wrong person had sat on the bench and not you, we could have lost our business.” He gives you a sharp glare. “That’s all we have, got it?”

“I don’t have the money or time to sue anybody,” you scoff. “I got you.”

“Good.” Me motions to the aspirin. “You should take some.”

You shake your head. “I’m not taking medicine from strangers. You seem nice, but this world is weird nowadays.”

Heck nods his head in approval. “You’re smart, I’ll give you that.” He opens the bottle to show you it’s not tampered with. “But so am I.”

You take the bottle back, puncturing it yourself. “Thank you.”

Cue pops back in after ordering. “Everything alright? Nothing new arising?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Heck grunts. He leans back in his chair. “How is it out there?” He asks.

“Business as usual, slow.” He sits down as well and sighs.

“It was busy since we opened today at the cafe,” you remark. “Is it really that slow here?”

Cue tilts his head to the side. “We have our loyal customers of course, and curious onlookers. Not to mention our online shop does alright. But on an ordinary day, we can sometimes count the number of customers we get on our hands.”

“We rely on custom orders more than anything,” Heck says. “As long as we get at least five of those a month, we can pay bills.”

“Mind if I ask what you do custom?” You lean forward a bit. “Like BDSM kind of stuff?”

Heck shifts in his seat, crossing his legs and balancing his chin on his knuckles. “Special suits, harnesses, whips, not just for BDSM but for anything really.”

“Mind if I ask how you got into this line of work?” You ask. “It seems pretty interesting.”

Heck looks up to one of the monitors on the desk. “Food is here.” He stands up. “I’ll go get it.”

“Sorry,” you say.

“Nah, it wasn’t the question. Heck’s been excited to eat this all day. It’s his favorite restaurant, but because of health we agree to only order out once a week. So he maybe gets to eat his favorite dish twice a month.”

Heck comes back with the take out order. He immediately finds his container and starts eating.

“Here you, habanero pineapple fried rice for you.” Cue watches you curiously as you take your first few bites. It really is spicy, but it has such a good flavor too. “Want any more water?”

“No thanks, this is enough.” You happily eat.

“Feeling any better?” Heck asks after he finishes off his plate.

“I think so.” You move away the mostly melted ice pack and stand up. It hurts a bit, but no worse than your feet did earlier.

“Then how about that tour?” Cue asks. He stands and leads you from the back room. Beyond the stands of leather, you see a back room advertising no one under the legal age could go back. It also warned there were cameras, and an employee would be present at the door as well.

As Cue opened the door, you weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it certainly was the neat and clean atmosphere you stepped into. It was almost like walking into a Sephora how nicely everything was put together.

“Shelves are a little bare, but we’re working with a new supplier.” In the back there is a mannequin dressed in an intricate leather bodice, with straps that crossed this way and that to make a beautiful lattice pattern. There was also a hoop skirt like cage made from leather. They had it styled with a mask and thigh high boots.

“Did you make this?” You ask.

“Yeah, Heck and I did.” Cue smiles proudly at it. “One of our most popular designs. If you’re every curious I’d love to show off our look book one day.”

You look around again, your eyes resting on a particularly fetching vibrator. “It surprises me you’re slow. It looks so nice back here.”

“The internet allows people privacy and the ability to shop from their own homes. I get it.” He huffs.

“So, how did you and Heck come to open this place?” You ask.

“We used to work here ages ago. Back then, a friend of ours owned it. When she got sick, we went in together to buy the place so she could afford her medical costs.” He lets lose a sigh that’s heavy. “We’ve been working hard to keep it going ever since.”

You take a toy from the wall. “How much is this?”

“It’s sixty. But for you, I can knock a few dollars off.” He gives you a smile. “I really should just give it to you, but we can’t even afford that.”

“You bought me lunch.” You clutch the package close. “I considered it even then.”

You go to the front and pay for the toy. Cue places it in a black, opaque bag. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Heck asks. “One of us can drive you home.”

“You two have done enough, really. I work tomorrow, so I’ll stop by and let you both know if I made it through the night.” You tease. Heck then places the bottle of aspirin in your hand.

“Keep it. Take one everyday to make sure you don’t get a blood clot.” He sounds like a concerned mother hen, you had even considered that!

“Thank you.” You place the bottle into the bag with your new toy. “I’ll see you both tomorrow!” You wave as you leave, heading back home with a smile.

You really couldn’t afford the toy, but after hearing their story you wanted to help, even a little. Besides, a little splurge now and again is alright. You let the toy charge, so that way when you had dinner and a bath, it would be fully powered.

It’s bright neon green, rather thick, and the shaft was full of beads. When you pushed a button it rotated inside and out, as well as vibrated at different pulse levels. You laid back in total darkness, feeling on your cool sheets and the breeze from the window. You closed your eyes, imagining a lover in the shadows. As you touch yourself, you imagine this lover is coming close. He’s breathing in your ear, his fingers opening you. You grow slippery, and as you slip your fingers inside, so does he.

Once you feel ready, you take the toy and turn on the vibrations. You rub it up and down your slit, imagining this shadow lover preparing to thrust himself inside. You ease the toy in, moving it slow inside you. You grasp your breast, pretending it’s the shadows. You turn on the rotations and you cry out loud. Rolling over, you thrust your hips up in the air and bury your face in the pillow. The vibrations and rotations require little effort from you. You’re free to moan into your pillow, while your imaginary lover takes care of you.

Your orgasm takes your breath away. You’re glad you have the pillow because you don’t register how loud you are. You remove the toy from inside you, breathing heavily as you lick your own honey from it. You giggle, flopping against the bed as the afterglow rolls over you. It’s been a long time, you’d forgotten what a good masturbation session felt like, not just a quick rub in the shower.

You bite your lip, smiling contentedly. You had, at one point, pictured both Cue and Heck as that lover in the shadows.

The next day, you stopped by the shop before our shift for a quick chat. Cue is behind the counter on the phone, with an irritated look upon his face. His hair is tied up in a high pony today, which looks rather cute.

Cue hangs up and rubs the bridge of his nose. “How are you?” He asks.

“Bruised but not beaten.” You tilt your head. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” he scoffs. “Yeah.” He doesn’t sound very convincing. “But I’m glad you’re okay. Are you going in to work?”

“Unfortunately. Probably going into another busy shift.” You grimace at the thought. “I may stop by again after work.”

“What for?” Cue seems surprised.

You clear your throat. “Well, I was rather impressed with my previous purchase. I thought of something else I might like, so-” You smile bashfully. “I’m hoping I’ll make enough tips to get it.”

Heck walks out from the back but his shirt is soaked and clings to his chest. “That fucking sink,” he snarls. “It did it again!” He tugs up his shirt to fan it.

Cue whistles. “We have company.”

Heck looks at you and you wave. “Oh, bench girl.” He gives you a smile. “You don’t mind right?”

“You did buy me a meal,” you tease. You then slap the counter. “I best head to work now. I’ll stop later.”

“What for?” Heck asks before you leave.

You look back and smile. “It’s a surprise.” You decide that, while at work, you’d build up the nerve to ask them out. But which one?

Once your shift it over, you head back to Heck and Arrow. Heck is at the front desk and he smirks as you walk in.

“You weren’t joking.”

You smile. “Why would I?” You lean on the counter, having prepared for this by unbuttoning the first few buttons of your work shirt.

“What’s your surprise?” Heck asks.

“Is Cue here?” You tilt your head to the side. “I’d kind of like you both here.”

“I am.” Cue comes from the back room. “What is it?”

You take a deep breath to prepare yourself. “Okay so. I’ve never done this, especially not given the situation. You both are really cute, and you’re both friends, so it’s also a situation that could be awkward so-”

“If you’re asking us out, that’s a lot of extra words,” Heck chuckles.

“Is that what she’s doing?” Cue teases.

Your cheeks burn red hot. “Well, yes. But I don’t know which one to ask, or if it would be wrong to date you both.”

“Heck and I are a package,” Cue smirks. “If you’d be into such an arrangement.”

Your heart pitter patters like that was the most romantic thing ever said to you. “Both of you?” You could almost drool at the thought. “Really?”

“We’re partners in everything,” Heck grins. “We love sharing.”

You're lost in a sea of thought and fantasy. “Then uhm...when would you both be free for a date?”

“We close in an hour. Why not meet us here then?” Cue asks.

“We are lucky we have an extra steak we can grill for you.” Heck points up. “We have the grill set up on the roof.”

You smile and nod excitedly. “Okay! I’ll go home and get ready and rush on back!” You could practically skip you’re so giddy. Two Orcs for the price of the fall off a bench. Not too bad.

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Orc Boyfriend: Cupid & Hector (special preview) 2020-08-12T21:01:00+00:00

On your way to work you pass by a store that sells leather goods called Heck & Arrow. It’s never been a store you’ve gone into before, but it’s caught your eye all the same. In their window they feature shoes, chaps, and several other clothing items. It’s things you felt you would never wear, but the scent that came from within always smelt amazing. That scent of leather, mixed with the scent of the cafe you worked at, always mingled together to make something magic.

You hadn’t lived here long, so you were still familiarizing yourself. You had moved here a few months ago when your brother needed some help. His long time partner had left him abruptly, running off with someone else. Your brother went into a depression after that, so you moved in to help him pay bills, get him on his feet, and make sure he was alright. It was fine with you, it wasn’t like anything was going on back home anyways.

You worked a cafe job there too, lived at home with your parents, and didn’t have much going on aside from the occasional hang outs with friends. You’d stopped attending courses at the local community college because you didn’t have the time anymore, let alone the money. It was okay, but you also had to pay for other things which seemed more pertinent than an education. You preferred working than sitting in a classroom all day anyways.

You were leaving work late one afternoon, the breakfast rush had been murder, and then the lunch rush was even worse. You had been on your feet all day and it felt like you were dragging painful cinder blocks around. Just outside Heck and Arrow there was a bench,s o you plop yourself down there to rest for a moment.

The bench is really old though, and that rough plop of your ass causes it to sway and crack, leaning to one side so that you fall to the ground.

“Oh shit, Heck!” An Orc comes from inside the shop, stooping down to help you rise. “Are you okay?” He looks back at the bench then you. “Are you hurt at all?”

You have your palm to your temple, but when you pull it away you see blood in your palm. “Oh fuck,” you grumble.

“Can you stand up?” The Orc asks.

Another comes to the doorway as the first one helps you up. Your leg does hurt a little, but it’s mostly your hip that causes an issue.

“I told you, Cue, that bench needed replacing!” The second Orc fusses.

“Oh shut up, Heck,” Cue snaps. “You were right, fine. But right now we have an injured little duckling here.”

“I threw myself on the bench,” you huff. “It’s okay. It wouldn’t be the first chair I ruined.”

Cue helps you into the back room while Heck pulls out a first aid kit. “Let me take a look at this cut here.” He moves your hand away. His deep, brown eyes have flecks of gold in them. He’s clean shaven and has a long, thick braid draped over his shoulder. His skin is greyish red and tattoos peek out from under his shirt.

Heck walks over, taking out an alcohol wipe from a wrapper. Using a pair of tweezers, Cue dabs it to the skint cut above your brow. “I don’t think she’ll bleed to death.”

Cue chuckles. “The scare probably did he more damage than the sidewalk.”

“I’m not going to sue or anything,” you sigh. “I shouldn’t have thrown myself down on it the way I did.”

“Frustrated?” Heck asks.

“Tired.” You pause a few beats. “Okay and frustrated.”

Cue places a bandaid over the cut. “I see you walk by a lot. You work at the cafe?”

You nod, touching your forehead to feel the bandage there. “Yeah. It was a long day among other things.”

“Well, at least you can say now that work wasn’t the worst part of your day,” Heck jibes.

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I love it already💘💘💘
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They have a point.
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Orc Boyfriend: Lochan 2 (special preview) 2020-08-11T21:00:02+00:00

Summer was often far too hot for you, it often made you sick or worse. So once the heat begins to bear down upon you like teeth, you’re sent further north where your cousins have an estate. It’s cooler up there, thanks to the mountains as well as their massive orchard which casts shade upon the entire grounds.

Years prior, you had gone alone, but this time you insisted that Lochan travel along with you. You feigned concern over what was happening in the rest of the world, and desired someone you could trust to guard you while away. You knew it wouldn’t take much, but you decided to play it up, even a bit, to make sure.

In the carriage you snuggle up to Lochan, even with the heat you still want to be close to him. His helm is off, as well as his gloves, just so he can touch you and see you better. His long hair hangs in a long braid down his chest. It’s gotten longer since you first braided it, you’ve been reluctant to have him cut it because you love it so much.

“I can’t wait to finally get further north. The winds there know exactly when to blow, and the sun is much more forgiving.” You sit up, fanning yourself and dabbing your face with a handkerchief.

“It’s been a while since I have been up this way, not since I was a young man.” Lochan leans back in the seat. “I trained in the Polar where I was considered a blessing.”

You wipe at the back of your neck. “Because everything is white there?” You smile up at him.

Lochan nods. “I could camouflage myself in the Polar. Back home, in the southern regions, I was considered a curse. Amazing how different parts of the world see the same thing and can think completely opposite things.”

“Then I much prefer the Polar.” You move close to him again, stroking your hand down his chest. “They must see what I see.”

Lochan smirks and dips his head down. Meeting his kiss you take hold of his braid and wrap it around your hand. You tug him closer, kissing him harder. His hand pushes up your skirt finding bare skin to touch.

Lochan pulls away from you briefly, catching his breath as he tries to reclaim some of his senses. “We should wait, princess.”

You kiss his cheek and neck. “You sure?”

He nods. “This carriage is too cramped for me to do what you usually enjoy.”

You giggle and pull back. “It’s also too hot. I just find I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“I’m aware,” he teases.

Your cousin’s estate feels like nothing but trees. Their home is surrounded by dense trees filled with fruits. You can see people in the shadows harvesting already. Your cousins come and greet you excitedly, each year it’s so nice to see them. If you weren’t heir, you’d live here year round.

“My, my, what a big suitcase you’ve brought this time!” Your cousin, Marie, remarks at Lochan.

“He’s my guard, we thought it would be best I travel with him as a companion this year.” You reply.

Marie smirks and chuckles to herself. “I understand. We have more than enough here to take care of you both.” She glances to Lochan again. “Do you want him to have his own chambers or will he be set up in yours.”

You clear your throat out of nervousness. “Well, I think it would be safer to-”

Marie clutches your arm and pulls you close. “No need to play pretense here, dear cousin. I myself have a guard in my room every night when I feel I need one.”

You glance her over. “What does Mikhail say?” You assumed Marie and Mikhail had a happy and wonderful marriage. It stunned you to learn Marie ‘kept a guard’ for herself.

“The guard is often for Mikhail,” she says with a smirk.

Your eyes bulge slightly. “Oh!”

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Omgggg yessss lochan 2 😍😍😍
Werewolf Boyfriend: Dominic (special preview) 2020-08-10T21:00:30+00:00

A few years ago, your sister, Marie, had moved to Hearthway Hollow for a job. It was supposed to be temporary as she was there to help renovate part of the elementary school, but she ended up staying. She met someone, which was really a surprise to you.

Her wedding was coming up, and she had invited you to come stay with her and her fiance until the day. You knew though she was trying to get you to move closer. The two of you were always close, and you had to admit, being so far apart now was getting to you. There was no plan in your mind of moving to Hearthway Hollow, but visiting was always welcome.

Part of your wedding gift too was to help your sister plan the wedding. Working as an event coordinator you were already well versed in the ins and outs, but this would be your first wedding to not actually take place at one of the events you plan. Most of what you do is comic conventions. You’d always been a fan yourself, so it had been a joy to bring conventions to life and see them through.

Your sister and her fiance Ava picked you up from the airport, and the drive to Hearthway Hollow was breathtaking. All the trees and greenery were absolutely stunning. It felt like you were traveling into another world.

Ava was the school nurse, having met your sister when she was working on renovations. Ava was tall and androgenyous, and apparently did weightlifting. She towered over your petite sister, but the two acted so adorable together it was quite the dichotomy.

“We’ve got a room all set up for you. Marie was very particular on the bed we picked out.” Ava smirks playfully.

“She’s going to be here a while and I wasn’t going to let her just sleep on that awful pull out sofa the entire time.” Marie looks back at you. “Doing alright back there?”

“I’m enjoying the view,” you reply. “I keep thinking this is how fairy tales start out.”

Ava snickers from the driver’s seat. “Aren’t those usually warnings? Did you remember to leave your trail of breadcrumbs?”

“Don’t tease, the witches here don’t eat people.” Marie winks at you.

As you come into town you’re greeted by old buildings that look straight out of an old TV sitcom. There’s a tool shop, a cafe, and a bright neon sign advertising authentic Chinese food.

“You weren’t joking when you said this place was designed to charm,” you remark.

“Isn’t it cute? And this is just down town, the rest of the area does look a bit more modern. But most downtowns are designed to be a tourist attraction these days anyways.” Marie looks out the window as the car goes down a winding road.

The small paved road is really only big enough for one car, and to one side there is a massive drop off into what you can only assume is an abyss. Ava finally pulls up a small dirt road leading to the little yellow house you recognized from photos.

“If you need to, you can use my old car to get around.” Ava motioned to an old green pickup truck in the driveway. “I’ll get you the keys.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate that.” You try to get to your things in the trunk first but Ava is already hefting them out, her arms flexing to show off muscle.

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Marie grabs your hand and leads you not inside, but around the house. Since moving to Hearthway Hollow, she’s been working part time doing ‘honey do’ work for individuals until she could start her own renovation company here. In the meantime, she’d been enjoying gardening and building a deck onto the house.

“Over here I’m getting ready to put in some fencing to raise goats. Ava’s friend Beau runs a farm, and one of his goats is about to have kids, so I’ve already offered to take some in.” She looks positively buzzy about it.

“This yard is huge, how much property does Ava have?” I ask.

“She’s a Locklear,” she replies. “And they’re basically the founders of this town, so they have lots of land. But Ava and her siblings share plots on their family’s fifty acres.”


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