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Been working really hard these last few weeks between patreon, snapchat, Instagram, my day job, and my research on campus... just feeling really drained.

All I wanna do is cuddle with my stuffies and my kitty and forget the world for a while...

Also really missing my daddy at the moment, he went to a convention and while I'm glad he's having fun, I just feel a little lonely and forgotten, the hard ships of LDR I suppose... But he promised me all his time and attention tomorrow or Wednesday, so I'm trying to stay positive.

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June's photoshoot 2019-05-20T23:43:11+00:00

Will be a kitten girl photoshoot theme..

So stay tuned 😇 for yours truly and some sexy lingerie and a pair of kitten ears ;)

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Come on, princess. You can open wider than that.

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Just a tease of what I do on Snapchat. 2019-05-06T14:53:12+00:00close

There are things that I cant poat to patreon, so I made a private snapchat for all you guys. $1 teir will get get lewd/regular selfies like the one pictured above. And $10 teirs and up may make requests on what they want to see from me.

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A special thank you to Sparx and Maruf for joining the patreon family! I am so excited to see that my work be appreciated and loved by all who join! I hope our lewd and happy home here on Patreon will suit you well!

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Please use your patreon handles when adding me on snapchat, otherwise I will not add you and you will most out on snapchat rewards. Thank you!

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Naughty Little Girl
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Friends who play together, stay together
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Friends who play together, stay together 2019-05-01T15:19:19+00:00close

A Snake in the Garden 2019-05-01T15:17:30+00:00

Chapter 2
Make-up Sex isn't Always What You Want

Meow-Meow always seemed to be fighting with her on again, off again, boyfriend Johnny. Johnny was also part of the Sins of Eden. He was just a spy that went out and gathered information on Persephone's targets and reported back to Meow-Meow. A few months ago, Johnny had proposed to her and Meow-Meow had rejected him, saying that she wasn't ready for such commitment and being part of a gang, they don't really have the luxury of long lives. He didn't take it very well and they fought about it and Meow-Meow just gave up trying to fix it. She was shaken out of her reverie when she heard a knock on her door. She went up to it and peeked through the peephole while reaching for her knife on the side table by the door. She looked and when she realized it was just Johnny, surprisingly with a bouquet of flowers and stuffed animal that looked like a cat, she opened the door.

“Johnny, what are you doing here?” She asked. He looked at her then at the ground and back up to her. He was nervous, she could tell.

“I wanted to apologize for our fight, Andrea. I didn't mean the things I said.” She was shocked, he never used her real name, unless he was serious or angry. She moved out of the doorway and migrated to the kitchen to let him in. Johnny walked carefully through the door and closed it behind him as Andrea went to pour two cups of coffee. He put the flowers and stuffed animal down on the counter top. She was trying to think of a response to his apology as she handed him a cup of fresh coffee.

“Look, Johnny, I know it upset you when I rejected your proposal, but you have to understand that I am technically your boss and that being in this gang means that,” She paused, not quite sure how to put this, “it means that we don't get to have normal lives. Plus, I don't think that marriage is really for me. Please try to understand.” She reached out for Johnny's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He looked up at her and nodded.

“Ok, I understand. Can we take things slow again?” He said, hoping that she would agree with him. She did, she nodded and gave him a sweet smile, “Now, how about breakfast?” She asked. Their stomachs grumbled in unison and they laughed together as Andrea walked to the fridge.


Isidore was tossing and turning in his bed like he always did. He didn't like being alone. He got up from his bed and put on some gray sweats. He decided to hop back on the black market association website and get a report on the elusive Meow-Meow. When he saw her picture, he was taken aback. He didn't expect her to be so cute. Her chopped auburn and copper colored hair, almost to her shoulders, her warm blue eyes, like the ocean, and her lush and perky body. A collage of colorful, floral tattoos on her chest, her black clad hourglass figure. I wonder what her ass looks like, he asked himself deliciously. He scratched his stubbly jaw and yawned, there was no way he going to able to concentrate with such a cute, little kitten on his screen. He shook his head, why did I think of that, he thought to himself. Shocked by his own desire for a woman he never met in person.

He got up from his computer and went to go put on his suit. He was going to go to one of the many bars to patrol around and hopefully find a few people who owed the mob some cash. He wanted to forget the image of the little minx on his computer screen. Just as he walked out the door his cellphone rang. It was Krys. He answered it immediately, “yes, boss?” He answered.
“Isidore. I need to go to one of my bars. Peck should be at the Foxy Gentlemen's Club. He owes us and I'm tired of waiting. Wanna drive?” Krys asked.

“Yeah, boss. I'll be there in ten minutes.” Isidore answered, still trying to get the image of Meow-Meow's lush curves and fiery blue eyes out of his mind. Good thing he wasn't wearing the sweatpants anymore. He got into his black SUV and drove like a bat out of hell to go get his boss.

Meow-Meow had just gotten off the phone with Persephone. She found their new target, Peck and that he was going to go to a strip club called The Foxy Gentlemen's Club. Persephone wanted her and another member to scope out the club and make sure that Krystopher Mescher wasn't going to spoil the fun. Meow-Meow went to her closet to fish out her tightest and shortest dress; a red, crushed velvet dress. It showed off everything she needed it to, her chest, tattoos, and it hugged every curve like a glove. She paired the hot red number with some fishnet tights, a spiked collar choker, and her dainty necklace that Persephone gave her, it said kitten on it. She did her makeup like usual, but for some added flare she paired the look with a black lipstick. She did her final checks at the hallway mirror before walking out the door. She felt like she was on fire she was so excited to get out of her nook of computers and go out on the town.

When Meow-Meow arrived at the club and was waiting in the lounge area making sure to get some good information on the most dangerous man in the city and his overgrown bodyguard while waiting for the DJ she paid off to play Persephone's song. The waiter came around with their round of drinks, Meow-Meow ordered her usual lavender vanilla bourbon.

She watched the bar, checking to see who came and went. When she heard Persephone's song start to play over the speakers, Meow-Meow rose from her chair and walked slowly to the bar as she saw that Isidore and Krys were walking in the door. She cursed herself, thinking the other sins had given her good information. It was of little consequence, Persephone was in her disguise. She stood close to the bar, head down, just listening to Krys talking to all his business associates and watching as Isidore was making his patrol around the lounge area, looking for someone.

She noticed that Isidore was wearing a burgundy button down that fit tautly across his broad chest and shoulders. He wore black slacks that really showed off a cute little butt. Meow-Meow bit her lip, it was time to use her body to get what the information she desperately wanted. At least he's not that bad looking, she thought to herself selfishly.

She walked straight past Mescher to get to Isidore who was making his way back to one of the lap dance rooms. She came up behind him as he entered and closed the curtain, totally unaware of her presence. She tapped him lightly on the shoulder and when he turned around, she managed to get good punch in to his face.

Isidore was shocked that someone got the drop on him while he was scoping out where Persephone might be hiding and landed in the chair that was conveniently placed in the middle of the room. She pulled a small knife from her bra and quickly straddled him as she held the knife loosely to his throat.

“Hey, stud. I have a few questions I need to ask you.” She said in a rather seductive tone as she leaned in close. Isidore could smell her cinnamon perfume and noticed her dainty necklace that said kitten on it. He laughed inwardly, she really is a kitten. He looked her in her mischievous blue eyes that were delighted by the chaos she just caused, it aroused him, the way she got the drop on him.

He smiled back at her, “depends on what questions you have in mind.” He picked her up by her tight full ass and pushed her up against the wall. Meow-Meow gasped and dropped her knife, she didn't have time to react to the way he took charge of the situation. She tried to squirm out of his arms but they were like steel bars against her body, he wouldn't budge. She gave him a surprised expression, but it slowly formed into a wicked grin as she met his chocolate brown eyes.

“What are the Sins of Eden doing here?” He asked. He had this look in his eye that demanded her respect, even her obedience. He leaned in closer, his face and full lips only inches away from hers and asked here again, “What are you doing here, Meow-Meow?” She was shocked that he knew who she was, but she was also surprised at her urge to give in to him when he used her gang name. She had to think quickly, as Persephone's song was almost at an end.

“I don't kiss and tell, sweetheart.” She breathed lightly. She closed the distance between their lips and found herself kissing him and, shockingly, enjoying it. Isidore was stiff at first, taken by surprise at her tenacity, but he was more surprised that he was starting to get hard as her tongue began to enter his mouth as they kissed. He began to relax as her hands were creeping over his body, as if to memorize the way his muscles twitched at her touch. He was starting to lose control the longer this went on. Isidore snapped back to reality as he felt her hands creep light over his ever growing erection, he finally had the sense to end their kiss.

Isidore shoved Meow-Meow away and she giggled. He was angry that he not only let her get the drop on him once but now twice, before he could give her a punishment befitting her crime against him, she managed to slip out of his grip and as she left the room she turned and said, “My real name's Andrea. See you around, big daddy.” She bit her lip as she called him that and gave a seductive look to his prominent erection before turning around and walking that sweet little ass out of the room. He noticed the music has faded away as she left the room.

Isidore totally forgot that he was looking for Persephone before she could get to Peck. He cursed himself as he tried to hide his desire for Andrea to get back to the task at hand. He saw that curtain to Peck's usual room wasn't shut all the way and when Isidore opened it, he found Peck dead with just the smallest prick on his neck from where Persephone must have injected him with something. Isidore ran to Krys who was still at the bar and told him that Peck was dead and that he lost sight of Persephone. Krys was less than thrilled and shoved a paper into Isidore's hand and told him to go the address and that he would follow behind. Isidore nodded and as he ran out of the club and climbed hurriedly into the SUV he thought of Meow-Meow, or Andrea, and how he would have loved to take that dress off her body to reveal all of her ink to him and call him daddy one more time.

In the Garden of Eden 2019-05-01T15:16:10+00:00

Chapter Three
Stalkers and Flashbacks

The minute Dr. Mescher let them out of the room, Persephone was hurrying down the steps to the first floor and out to the parking lot, hoping he wouldn’t try following her, or stopping her. In the glass of the library building she passed by, she could see him, walking behind her like he didn’t have a care in the world, nothing like the energy and aura he’d given off the second she’d slipped up and he’d seen the tattoo.

When she got to her modest apartment, registered to a fake name, nothing that would pull attention to her, she sat in front of her computer preparing to work on the next assignment she needed to do for Dr. Mescher’s class. But after staring at the blank document for over twenty minutes replaying the class from every possible angle, she gave up, pulling out her cell phone and calling up her second in command.

Andrea- or Meow-Meow, because of her unusual obsession with petting cats- answered the phone with a grumble, muttering about the death of whoever woke her up, and Persephone could almost see her running her hands through her messy copper hair.

“Hello?” Persephone said, caught off guard, Meow-Meow was usually upbeat whenever she answered the phone, especially if she knew it was Persephone.

“Boss, is that you?” Meow-Meow asked, some of her normal carefree demeanor slipping back into her voice. “What do you need?”
“I need you to go back over my hacking algorithm from last night and tell me if anyone else could have backtracked into that server and gotten some footage,” Persephone said, leaning back in her chair and setting the phone down on her desk with the speaker on.

“Sure, give me like two minutes,” Meow-Meow said, setting her phone down and Persephone heard a chair roll across the hardwood as her second sat down in front of her extensive computer system. “Yo, Seph, I thought you learned from the best when it came to hacking and always made sure to double check security mainframes?”

Persephone rolled her eyes at the ribbing. “Just tell me if someone came behind me, because something weird happened in class today, and I think he might have figured something out.”

“Alright, but you’re not gonna like it. So, someone did come in behind you. They managed to get a photo from the stored footage. It wasn’t your face, but it was your hand tat and a small wisp of your luscious locks.” There was a pause, and then, “Also, I know the guy that came behind you. It was Krystopher Mescher.”

It was silent for a moment as Persephone processed. “It was him then?” she asked and Meow-Meow hummed on the other end. “Damn. I knew he was getting too close to our target list when he almost took Kyle Hardy from us, but I didn’t know he was this close. I wonder what the mob wanted with Pagano.”

“I knew there was a reason we took his class that one semester, and you keep taking them. I thought you were keeping tabs?” Meow-Meow asked.

“I was,” she responded, mind whirling. If Mescher was the one that came in behind her, than he knew it was her who killed Pagano. He could tell anyone, not that it much mattered, the entirety of the police department was pretty much on her payroll, but he could pull down the feds, if he wanted. She’d spent enough time studying the sociology professor/mob boss to know that he could do it in seconds, if he truly wanted to. She’d seen him in action, seen the results of those who had gone against him. Her only solace was that at least last night he’d gotten a glimpse of the things she could do.

“Look, Seph, if Mescher’s figuring out who you really are, you should probably drop the class and get out of there, especially once he figures out that you took Pagano from him. He’s dangerous,” Meow-Meow said.

“Yeah, and we can handle ourselves, Meow-Meow. I can’t just disappear, it will only make it look worse. I have to stay. Speaking of business we need to handle, do you have the alias and payment in place for us to handle Justin Peck?” Persephone asked, hoping to distract the girl on the other end with another job.

“I do. Kandy will be mysteriously ill tomorrow night, and Ivy is all set up with the owner and the bouncer, though you still might have to sweet talk him a little. I assume you’ll want me and Katrina there for backup?” Meow-Meow asked.

“I do. Talk tomorrow, I got work to do. Stay sinning,” she responded, ending the call with the usual farewell and tossing her phone onto the bed behind her.

There was a ping from Persephone’s laptop, and she opened it, expecting to to be more details from Meow-Meow about tomorrow’s job, but when she opened up the private email on the server she’d set up for the gang’s private use, her blood chilled. It was anonymous, sent from a dummy account, and when Persephone tried to trace the IP address, it just bounced her all over the world. She didn’t know anyone who could have gotten into this server because herself and the gang were the only ones that had access. The only possibility was that this was Mescher, toying with her after finally realizing her identity.

Carefully, she clicked on the email, scanning the lines once, twice, three times: I know who you are. I knew your mother. Let’s have some fun. Sincerely, Your Secret Admirer.

Persephone’s mind was whirling flashing her back to her childhood, and she remembered the bone deep weariness, eating ice chips for dinner because they didn’t have any food to eat, and curling up as close to her mother’s side as possible because the heat was off again. She remembered her mother’s voice, the way she always used to tell her that all the flowers in the garden had a purpose and a story to tell, if you listened long enough.

Her mother’s favorite lavender colored dress hung off her thin frame when she came home from another day at another temp job. “I picked this for you,” Persephone would say, holding out a wilted dandelion in a tiny palm. Her mom would smile, call her her sweet flower girl, twirl her around. But even her mom’s love, even with all the things they did to make the bad times seem a little better, it didn’t fix the fact the Persephone had to take paper towel baths at school before the bell rang because they had no water, and that Andrea would sneak her some of her sandwich, and that at night, after her mother thought she’d fallen asleep, Persephone could hear her crying.

Sadness clouded her judgement, she was angry at the insolence of this anonymous stalker, her brain was fried from dealing with the job the night before, trying to puzzle out the weird behavior Mescher exhibited today, and now this. And so she wrote back quickly, without thinking: Bite me, bitch.

She didn’t have time to play around. How was she going to deal with Dr. Mescher, the intelligent, warm sociology professor, who ran the mob, the one group that she was always at odds with for control. She tossed up her hair into a messy ponytail, closing out of the still blank document and opening up a window to the deep web, where the black market site for the city was stored. She had everything she needed to know about Krystopher Mescher, but if he was the one sending her anonymous emails to a server he shouldn’t even know existed, let alone be able to access, there had to be something she’d missed.


Krystopher was still in his office, his professor office, trying to find anything he could on Ashleigh Lynn, though he now had his doubts that that was even her real name. He searched all social media and found nothing, and his frustration was mounting. What kind of young college girl didn’t have any form of social media, not even a Tumblr or a Twitter? He kept glancing over at the security still and thinking about Ashleigh’s rose tattoo. It was in the same place, but the security camera image was too blurry to tell anything else.

He’d nearly slipped in front of his students, given away some part of him that he kept carefully hidden because he couldn’t afford anyone he didn’t pay to know who he was. And yet, the second he’d reacted to Ashleigh, to her tattoo, it seemed like she’d known him already, like she knew something he didn’t. Krys didn’t even want to think about the too cold, too hot chill he’d gotten when his fingers brushed against hers to give her the stupid paper, the wrongness in the way his body had reacted to the way she’d called him sir, innocent, soft, but like she still knew what she was doing, and even now his pants were tightening, his body reminding him it’d been too long since he’d allowed himself the pleasure he so constantly craved.

He had to stay in control, that was the only way he was going to get to the bottom of the new mystery dropped in his lap. He tried to focus on the papers he needed to grade, but his hand clenched tighter around his pen when he pulled the next assignment to him, to see her name, her fake name. He sighed, reached under the desk, into a small built in cabinet for his favorite brandy and a rocks glass, pouring himself a healthy drink.
His computer dinged, the tone he’d set for emails sent to his school account, and he fully expected it to be another student complaining that they were failing his class, begging him to give them something for extra credit. Instead, he felt his blood roil and surge under his skin as he took in the words. Your wife was so pretty, even prettier as she died. Don’t fuck up, professor. Falling for a student is a big no-no. Sincerely, Always Watching.

Below the short lines of text was an attached image, taken somehow from the inside of his classroom, of him paused in front of Ashleigh, the slightest glimpse of tattoo on her hand, the look on his face as he’d seen it. “God dammit,” he muttered, throwing back the rest of his drink to try and quell the rage that simmered in his veins, try and dull the hurt that this anonymous stalker had brought on, the echo of his own screams the night he’d found her.

He pulled his jacket on, and stomped out of the room, heading to one of the bars he owned, hoping he’d find anything that would lead him to the truth of Ashleigh’s identity, anything that would distract him from himself.

I had finals with him today.. 2019-04-30T21:47:47+00:00

So I'm wearing my "Daddy's little kitten" shirt and my school girl skirt and that hot professor I keep going on and on about, read my shirt when I handed over my final exam and he chuckled at my shirt. He says thanks. I almost thank you daddy but stop myself mid sentence and simply cleared my throat and walked away... I felt like a hot mess for like 2 seconds lol

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User #15979719 - 30 Apr 19 21:54
Haha he was a nervous wreck no doubt. You keep teasing him! Naughty, naughty! But love these stories 😂
user avatar
witchykittengirl - 30 Apr 19 21:56
Actually it was my turn to be nervous lol I didn't wait around to see his reaction lol I got the hell out of there
Whoever said that being bad wasn't fun
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Shhhhh don't tell Sir
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Private snapchat maybe?
Private snapchat maybe?more_vert
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Private snapchat maybe? 2019-04-20T20:42:05+00:00close

For my patrons who have snapchat you can now follow me there as well. As patreon lens clip is finicky and doesn't send out notifications to you guys on time. Also there I might do personal snaps for you guys that may or may not be included in your regular package here on patreon.

About today... 😏😈 2019-04-16T04:14:19+00:00

So today I had class with my hot soc professor and me and my friend got matching t-shirts that say spank me daddy on them. We wore school girl skirts to go with our shirts and we ran into him on our way to get our seats..

1. He almost didn't move out of our way as we were walking towards the building.

2. He tells us "hello ladies" (I didn't hear this) and my friend says "hello Sir"

3. He cocks his eyebrow up at us and he smirks as his eyes dilate slightly.

Then we went our separate ways.

He walks into the classroom and during his lecture he:

1. Refuses to make further direct eye contact with either me or my friend (as we suck on some lollipops)

2. Starts sweating and fidgeting his hands (crossing his arms in front, gripping his upper arm and behind himself, fiddling with his shirt collar)

3. Neck and chest are starting to turn red

4. When he does make eye contact he stumbles on his words

5. Won't move from behind the podium much

And as soon as my friend leaves the room to go to the bathroom, he lets class out 20 minutes early and makes a bee line for the door.


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User #15979719 - 16 Apr 19 04:16
Hahaha this is absolutely great! I don't blame him for his reaction! I would be turning red and stumbling on my words if two gorgeous ladies in mini skirts and "spank me daddy" shirts were in my classroom! 😂😂 Well played ladies, well played.
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witchykittengirl - 16 Apr 19 04:24
Me and my friend's mutual guy friend went and met with him today, and swear to God the professor had a poker face of steel while talking to him. Didn't even flinch when he mentioned our names
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User #12945797 - 16 Apr 19 04:20
I'm surprised he made it as far as he did. Seeing you like that would've made me way too nervous and excited to teach!
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witchykittengirl - 16 Apr 19 04:19
I'm glad you think so. Lol I think we broke his resolve by a lot lol and we still have like 2 and a half weeks left lol
Isidore Character Sketch
Isidore Character Sketch more_vert
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Isidore Character Sketch 2019-04-02T04:43:55+00:00close

A Snake in the Garden (Spin off fanfiction) 2019-04-02T04:31:48+00:00

Chapter 1
The Devil’s Right Hand

Isidore was born into the mob, his father was the previous boss’s right hand man, and now it was his turn to serve the new boss, Krystopher Mescher. He took his job seriously, it was his family’s name on the line. Krys was kind to him, they were partners for a long time before Krys became boss. Krys and Isidore even grew up together and as kids Krys always stuck up for Isidore. Isidore was the quiet type, never would say anything if it wasn’t meaningful or constructive. He prefered to do things in his own way. He never liked confrontation if he could avoid it, which is why he was picked on so much as kid. Now that he was Krys’s lieutenant, he would lay down his life if meant that the mob would be safe, they were his only remaining family.

He was lost in his thoughts while watching the fire escape on Pagano’s office building, Pagano owed the mob a lot of money to keep his secrets hidden, even though Krys was going to leak all the information anyway. Pagano was selling drugs in the projects in the city and weapons to third world countries; all to fund his campaigns and maintain what little power he had. Isidore took his eyes off the doors for a split second to change the radio station in the car, when he heard the screeching of tires rolling in his line of sight and a female with lilac hair making a quick getaway from Pagano’s building. He immediately got out of the car, gun drawn and cocked at the car’s tires. They were too quick for him to get a shot or two in to stop their getaway.

“Shit!” he cursed a loud as he went into the building where his boss was watching and waiting for the money to wired to their accounts. He was out of breath and he gathered himself as best he could before entering and facing Krys, running his fingers through his thick, curly, black hair what was coming undone from being slicked back.

“I just saw someone leave the building, Boss.” he said, still slightly out of breath as he put his gun back in its holster.

“Thank you, Isidore.” Krys nodded to him.

“Do you want me to tail them?” Isidore asked. He was confused, usually Krys would lose it if everything wasn’t according to his plan. Krys just shook his head at him, but before Isidore could turn to leave the room, he noticed the air around Krys began to change, Isidore turned back around but didn’t say anything. Krys was frustrated and cursing about a security footage loop as he typed feverently on the keyboard. He heard the printer going off as it was printing an image. The image of the woman who left the building, the one with lilac hair. He also noticed the cold and calculating look in Krys’s eye, he knew what that look meant. It meant overtime.

Krys looked up at Isidore and said with a smirk on his face, “Wanna do some paperwork for me, friend?” Isidore nodded and smiled back. He walked back into the room and seated himself in Krys’s chair while he was trying to hack the server’s program to find out who was behind the fake security loop Krys was frustrated with.


Meow-Meow was in the middle of hacking into Pagano’s bank accounts and eating some hot and spicy noodles on her laptop when her mega computer dinged. It usually indicated that someone was counter hacking her system. What the hell, she thought to herself. She began typing away as she got another message on her other computer screen from her gang leader and best friend Persephone, saying she finished the job and Pagano was dead. She was wanting Andrea to look for a new target. She quickly switched between the two screens, typing furiously. She was too late trying to wipe up Persephone’s security loop.

“Shit. You actually know what your doing.” She whispered to herself, she was surprised that someone caught on that quickly to the map of proxy servers she was using to try to hide their tracks. She pursed her lips in frustration as her computer flashed a huge red banner that said game over. She may have lost the digital fight for the security footage, but she wasn’t gonna get one upped by some novice asshole. She sent them a virus to their server, so if they logged into their computer’s again, it would give them the blue screen of death and give her permanent access to their files and webcams. She was going to find out who was behind this.


Isidore was surprised that someone noticed his hacking as soon as he did it. It felt like a game and he knew how to win. He kept countering her every digital move, like a knife fight, except you just have to be adept at using fingers instead of a blade. Isidore found the main server and managed to save the real security footage. The main server was based deep within the turf of the Sins of Eden. They had been scraping at each other for years, always fighting over targets, money, or control over certain areas of the city. He wasn't going to lose this chance at one upping one of the sins. He also managed to find out the hacking signature and he knew it well. It was Meow-Meow. She was the second in command of the gang, she definitely knew what she was doing and Isidore had seen what she is capable of with both technology and a gun. Krys was watching over his shoulder.

“Did you get the real footage?” Krys asked. He wasn't quite as savvy as Isidore when came to computers.

“Yeah, I got it. It's sent to your computer, boss.” Isidore answered, debating if he should tell him that the person who set all this up was from the Sins of Eden. He decided to keep that information to himself to deal with them later. He's got other things to worry about, Isidore thought to himself.

He watched Krys leave with his photocopy of the security image and Isidore decided to stay a while longer to do deeper research into the hacking signature.

In the Garden of Eden (Chapters 1 & 2 edited) 2019-04-02T04:29:46+00:00

Chapter One
Loose Ends

The new moon hid her from view, black boots aiding her silent footsteps. She had a job to do, a target to eliminate- she’d been waiting for the right time to handle him for months, since some of her people had gotten the heads-up that the politician had been dealing weapons in third world countries, and selling drugs in the projects all around the city to fund his campaigns. Persephone was dressed in her usual leather pants, low cut shirt, a cloak that helped to hide her amongst the shadows, and her lilac hair was tied in a loose braid behind her, nothing to leave any trace of her behind that she didn’t want seen.

She’d hijacked the security system already, so that it played a fifteen minute loop of the security guard (the one she currently had knocked out and locked in a supply closet) walking around the halls of the office building. Her target was due back any moment, he always returned to his office after a deal to deposit the documents in the safe he had under his desk, but she’d already emptied the entirety of it into a black bag strapped to her back.

She had already left her calling card, a bouquet of poppies and a musk cluster of roses, bearing the recipient a grim fate. She wandered around his office, studying the articles on the walls, photos of the man shaking hands with benefactors, giving speeches in the projects about crime and drug rates, his face split into fake smiles, shark like, he didn’t know these people, and the kind of struggle they actually lived with. Persephone felt her anger surging, tried to control it. She needed to focus. This man deserved what was coming to him; deserved to lose all his money- she’d hacked his bank accounts, depositing money into accounts of poor families all over the city, and he deserved his death.

After the job was done, and her target was neutralized, bleeding into his expensive rug, she hurried down the hallway to the fire escape stairs. She made her escape quickly, calling to Ciel, her driver, from the alley.


In a building across the street, Krystopher sat in a dark and abandoned office, his shadowed jaw illuminated by the sleek laptop he had perched in his lap. “Boss, I just saw someone leave through the fire escape,” called someone from the corner of the room.

“Thank you, Isidore.”

“Should I tail?” he asked. Krys shook his head, and the man was silent. His focus returned to his screen. He had been watching the security footage of the office building where his target was supposed to be. The man was late, and Krys was irritated. He was supposed to be collecting his blood money from the man, in exchange for him not to leak photos of the politician and his secretaries and interns fucking like dogs in heat.

Krys did not like to be ignored, and he did not like to be lied to. And when he had the money in hand, he would be leaking the photos anyways, just on principle. His eyes flicked across the screen, noticing something he hadn’t for the past hour he’d been viewing the security footage. It was the same, too clean, too identical, the officer stopping to scratch his nose at the same time and in the same spot on every pass, and it was then that he figured out that something was wrong.

The footage had been hacked by someone with a fair amount of skill, and he’d never have caught on if he’d been even a fraction more distracted. He growled in frustration, typing rapidly into the computer, back tracing the hack, deleting the algorithm that had fooled the cameras. He hacked into the stored footage that the camera had been recording while he’d been shown the fake loop.

All he could pull was a blurry still, a pale, feminine hand, with a rose curling over and around, disappearing into the sleeve, and a wisp of lilac hair. His body tightened with his irritation and he barely restrained himself from throwing the damned laptop across the room. Sharply, he ordered Isidore to take the computer back to his home and lock it in his office until he returned.

He stalked to the building across the street, to the office his target should have been in, waiting with his money. He threw open the door with gloved fingers, and nearly stepped into the bloodsoaked carpet when he noticed the politician on the floor, freshly dead. He grinned, but it was cold, feral almost. He would find the thief, already simmering on who it was, thinking that whoever she was, she had some real balls to take from him.

Chapter 2
Late Morning Surprise

The first thing Persephone thought when she woke was Aw, shit, I’m late. Second, Shit, I’m late for his class. She launched out of bed, ignoring the aches from the night before and slammed the door to the bathroom. She took only the time to rinse off before she applied simple soft makeup, and then swiped mascara over her lashes. Then she was popping in brown contacts and pulling on a soft brown wig.

She tugged on clothes, nothing flashy or tight, pulling a maroon cardigan around her shoulders to cover her arms. She checked off the things she needed in her head before rushing out the door. Keys, phone, wallet, bag, wig, contacts, sweater, check. She threw everything in a beat up, old, green, sedan, the one she used to blend in, and backed out, racing to the campus. She may only live ten minutes away, but it seemed like every stupid driver and red light was out to work against her today, and she couldn’t afford to miss this class and raise his suspicions, not when he’d been blind to her identity thus far.

She rushed into the building and up the stairs, narrowly missing a group of basics who scowled at her as she passed and she just harrumphed to herself. If only they knew, she thought and then she was bursting through the door and tumbling into her seat just as Dr. Mescher walked into the room. She was pleased to note that he looked tired and vaguely irritated and she knew it wasn’t because he’d been up late grading papers. Dark circles settled under icy blue eyes, he was wearing his standard sweater, one that wrapped across his chest and arms, and earned him wanting looks from most of the girls in the room, and charcoal slacks. He scratched at the shadow on his sharp jaw absently, waiting for everyone to settle before marking attendance to begin his lecture.

“Alright, everyone, before we dive in to today’s lecture on Max Weber’s types of political authority and decision making, I want to pass back your assignments from last class.” He made his way around the silent room, handing papers back to mutters of anger or excitement, before stopping in front of Persephone in the last seat of the back row.

He reached to hand her assignment, and too late, her hand was reaching out to take it. Her sweater sleeve was not quite long enough, and the stark black rose was shocking on her pale skin before the rest of it disappeared into her sleeve. Mescher froze with his hand locked on her paper, clenched fingers wrinkling it, and she just stared back at him evenly, trying to hide her anger at the mistake, her terror at the shocked recognition in his eyes.

“Thank you, sir,” she said quietly, her eyes darting to the side as heads began to turn towards the strange sight, then staring back at him, flicking slowly down to his mouth and back up. She couldn’t deny that Mescher was unfairly attractive, and she would love to see how much she could push him before he snapped. He nodded curtly, and his eyes seemed to darken for a moment at her form of address, a hungry look in his eyes, before turning to take his place behind the lecturn. His voice faded into the background, and she scribbled a note here and there in her notebook but all her thoughts were on how she was going to fix this.

No one in the room had seen her skin before, she made sure to wear jeans and cardigans everyday, always with sleeves that would cover her hands. She made sure that her makeup made her face plain, and basic, and she was quiet so that no one ever had any reason to think twice about her. But Mescher knew something now, it was painfully obvious in the strange behavior she’d never seen in him before.

She tried to focus back in, meeting his eyes as he lectured on, roaming her gaze over his sharp jaw, the lean, muscled body that he too tried to disguise, not knowing that the one person he didn’t want to know his identity already did. His eyes did not leave her for the remainder of the class, and it left her confused, wanting, anxious. She clenched her thighs together.
His thoughts were reeling. The girl in the back of his class had always been quiet and soft spoken, always turned in beautifully written assignments, always paid rapt attention to his lectures. Ashleigh Lynn never had any other reason to stand out other than being one of his prize students.

But her hand. He knew that tattoo, had stared at it for hours the night before, until it was burned into his prefrontal cortex , until he knew when he saw it on her that she was not the plain girl who sat in the back of his class, and when he met her gaze now, mid-lecture, he could see, even behind what must be contacts, the even, measured look, the hard steel in her eyes, she was dangerous.


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