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The Basics are Done! 2020-07-23T03:18:49+00:00

Alright! I said I'd let you know when I was done spamming out documentation for all the basics around here and all the links back and forth are set up, and I believe it's just about finished! If you were waiting till I had it all out there to read up on what's going on, now's a good time to have a look around. I'm still working out some of the details for project-specific rewards, but other than that, all the rewards info and forms and such should be good to go! Please do let me know if anything is still unclear!

Also, since I'm making announcements about the Patreon page, this is a good time to give warning: Next month I'll be going back and clearing out some old posts. I'm not sure how far I'll be going with that, but I need to clean up my tag system at the least, and after this many years I think it's a good time to trim some old content. Similarly, I'll be deleting some old versions of MVOL I've kept hosted all this time. So if you have a personal copy from way back then or something similar, make sure you grab it if you want to keep it! I'm expecting the vast majority of this hasn't been accessed in over a year, and I'm running out of space on my hosting services even after upgrading.

This may not be big news to most, but if it is to you, this is your several weeks' warning!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully things will finally calm down a little around here.

Welcome! 2020-07-10T22:56:39+00:00

I've tried to include links to just about everything you could possibly want, right here. If you ever have questions, check here first! You should find it always pinned at the top of my page if you're a supporter. Thanks for being part of the project!

General Information
Development Cycle - Learn about what I'm doing on the large scale, month-to-month!
Supporter Rewards - Get a detailed explanation of what each reward is and how to get yours!

My Very Own Lith: Cute cat simulator! Now finished, weighing in at 1 million words, 25 endings and 60 pieces of art!
Project Basics - What is this project? How's it going? What rewards does it have?
Latest Builds: Public - Cheats - Deluxe

Project Matchmaker: Time-traveling alien romance!
Project Basics - What is this project? How's it going? What rewards does it have?
Project Outline - Supporter Exclusive: A detailed tour of the game's goals and challenges!
Latest Builds: Early Peek

Reward Quick Links
If you don't see the reward you're looking for here, check the Supporter Rewards link above, or the Project Basics for the related project!
Your Name in the Credits - Art Archive - Alt Character Names
Writing Prompts - Lith's Diaries

Other Places
Lithier's Website - Discord Server - Lithier's Twitter, FurAffinity, SoFurry, eBooks

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4162616 - 11 Jul 20 13:13
"Now finished,..." So why can I still not get past the stone door if I pick good guy options with the black collar? Same gibberish trail off it's had for years.
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 11 Jul 20 18:29
That's one of the game's many endings, friend! You may need to go back to when Lith strongly suggests you save your game and make a different choice from there to find the right path to continue on into the rest of the game.
user avatar
User #4162616 - 11 Jul 20 18:38
Well shit, wish I knew years ago when every other path through the stone door I tried had a gibberish trail off placeholder ending that it wasn't a placeholder for specifically my favorite path
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 11 Jul 20 18:41
@.@? None of the "gibberish trail off" endings were placeholders, except maybe the one if you make Lith sad in the base area. And even that one is still in the game, just partly replaced. When I was building that section, they'd just refuse to go through the door again until the content was ready behind it.
Your Name in the Credits! 2020-07-10T21:51:10+00:00

You're a big part of making these games happen, and I want your name to be in them!

But these... well, they aren't games you'd want to show up on your Facebook. So I've made a form so you can set what name or nickname you'd like to go by. You can also choose to only be credited in some of my games... or just not be credited in that one game you don't care for. I want you to be in control!

Enter your name here!

If you ever need to update this later, you can put in another entry! This page is linked on the Welcome page if you need to find it again. Thanks for being part of this crazy adventure with me!

Lunch Time 2020-07-10T03:52:31+00:00

Dang it! I didn't give you guys a proper preview for the animation going into v1.00 ahead of time. Sorry about that! I was honestly wrestling with it practically up to the last day and still not sure it was gonna work, but so far it seems to be going okay. If you ignore one small bug that got in anyway.

In any case, to make up for it, I've put together a nice little standalone version of the animation, at full resolution, for you guys to check out! If you want just the anim on its own, this should be a little better than playing the game for it I think. Hope you enjoy!

G-Drive Mirror


Attachments (1)

OralStandalone.swf (3.3MiB)

Reward Changes, Explained! 2020-07-10T00:11:09+00:00

So I just posted a big explanation for how rewards are gonna work from now on, and you should totally check it out for all the details, but I wrote that as a sort of long-standing document I'm gonna link to all over the place, and I know right now you probably have some more specific questions it doesn't cover so well.

Like, what exactly is changing??

So I'm going to do a quick rundown of that right here! What's ending, what's going on, what's changing? Let's make things perfectly clear, tier by tier.

$3 Tier: Not much changing here. You'll still have cheat-enabled access to MVOL, but also you'll get some basic cheats for each new game as it comes out.

$6 Tier: Early access to new builds is upgrading to two weeks! Plus I plan to stop making it "mostly ready" builds while I'm still polishing it up, this is going to be the same build the public gets, barring any big problems coming up that need fixing. You'll still get the basic cheats on the advance version, too. Plus, Project Outlines to give you more insider info, and Side-Writes, the successor to Lith's Diary, has come down a tier!

$10 Tier: You still get Art Previews at this tier, and the Side-Writes will be available to you as a new twist on Lith's Diary of course, but also you're gonna be getting exclusive news on how development is going and the right to vote on how new content is made!

$20 Tier: You'll still have access to the latest Deluxe copy of MVOL, but since I won't be updating that very much and MMUs are officially over, things are changing a lot in this tier. Now, instead of MMU, you get one-month early access to any new content, and the Deluxe copy for future non-MVOL releases is replaced with Full Cheats, giving you more powerful control over the new games I'll be rolling out. Also, you'll have the option to get your name in the credits for each project coming out!

$30 Tier: You still have access to the Art Archive, which will be expanded to non-MVOL work soon, and you'll still be getting Daily Content with updates for each day I write on any of these games. Voting has move down a couple tiers, but you still get exclusive input with the new Sounding Board!

$45 Tier: You'll still get named copies with each new release of MVOL, of course, but with development on that game phasing out, you need some new stuff here. Get a personal touch in a different way with the chance to add Personal Additions to each of the new projects, and get more influence over where the game is going with triple voting power! That said, if you got a little attached to seeing your name written into my work, you might be interested in the next tier...

$60 Tier: The suggestions feature wasn't used very often, probably with all its restrictions, and this tier wasn't very popular in general. Now, I think I've found a pretty unique way to let a few passionate people really put their mark on the game! You can use the Alt Character Names perk here as just a way to get a "Named Copy" like in the tier below for your own enjoyment, or you can put a name of your choice in the game for everyone to enjoy, should they choose! I think this offers a fair amount of flexibility for those interested in such things. Plus, you can make suggestions for my Side-Writes at this tier, which I'm hoping will feel a little more fun and less awkward than the original perk here.

$80 Tier: Similar to the last, folks weren't too sure what to make of this tier, so I've formalized the most popular option that came out of it. If you're supporting the project this much, the least I can do is invite you to come game with me now and then!

And that should cover all of it! If you have any other questions about these changes, feel free to ask here! I'm leaving the rewards on the page as they have been for a few hours just so you can double check what was vs. what's coming if you like, but I'll be updating them to the new rewards later tonight. Hope all of this helps put your mind at ease during all these changes!


Lith's Diary 2020-07-09T21:37:49+00:00

From 2015 to 2020, Lith wrote 60 Diary entries as a monthly reward for supporters. Many of the early ones weren't even accessible in the archives, but I've managed to track down every one and compile them here, in case anyone wants to read through a great trove of nerding out and grumbling about balancing work and play, with some gratitude for supporters and players mixed in.

You can browse the diaries individually in this Google Drive folder, or download all of them in the attached zip file. Some of them make a little less sense without the context of the time they were written, but they should mostly still have accurate timestamps if you're curious. Hope you enjoy!


Attachments (1)

Lith's (202.0KiB)

Vote Now - Small Update/Reminder 2020-07-09T05:59:28+00:00

Hey, I'm watching the first votes come in and I noticed a couple small issues. I've adjusted the survey slightly to try and make these things harder to miss, but in case you didn't see voting early:

You can vote for as many options as you want on each question!

Your Patreon email is required in the blank at the top for your vote to be counted!

Sorry for any confusion on these! I'm still working out the kinks getting all these new things started up. And sorry for all the spam in your inboxes lately xP

Here's the survey link again in case you need to redo your entry!

Vote Now! Matchmaker: Chapter One Basics 2020-07-09T04:45:53+00:00

Note: As part of the new rewards coming out this month, supporters at the $45 tier or higher will have triple vote power! Full details coming soon!

Alright! If you haven't seen, I've posted the Outline for Matchmaker to give you a bit more context, but there are a lot of little details with these first characters I've been deliberately leaving up in the air because I wanted to try giving you guys control and see how it turns out! Now it's time to start production and I need to start nailing these things down. So I'm hoping lots of you will check in and vote pretty quickly!

Before you can do that though, you need a little more context on these characters in particular, which I haven't really given in the Outline. So let's do a quick round of introductions so you can understand who we're working with here!

The Chairman's Child
A man or woman in mid-college years, this character has been dragged out of their attempt at having a normal life despite the fame of being the only child of the planetary chairman. Now, because of strange politics, they have to immediately marry a creature from the alien race his or her people have been at war with for years, and it has to be a healthy marriage if peace is going to have a chance. The Chairman's Child didn't want any of this, didn't even know it would be happening yesterday, but now that there's no choice... they aren't very enthused, but they're gonna try their best to make things work.

Their species is basically some kind of "space furries." Not directly the same as a typical furry, but obviously pretty close. The planet may be diverse or just have one "race" of furries. The Chairman's Child has lived in the shadow of their father for a long time, trying to set their own identity and prove their own talents on some path outside politics, but they're already rather spoiled from their father's money, and reluctantly going to college in politics on his dime. For now.

The player will see things from this character's perspective, so they should feel fairly "normal" and relatable, to let the player focus on everything else happening in the introductory chapter.

The Prince(ss)
A creature of similar age, this character has grown up in a society closer to our medieval era. All of his/her kind have an intense sense of order, loyalty, and hierarchy compared to us or the Chairman's race. They all obey the Emperor without question. The Prince(ss) is one of the Emperor's many children, once thought a promising talent, but when they started acting a little strange, amused with the idea of flipping the roles of dominance that so strictly define their culture, he or she quickly lost the interest of the court and became one more "not quite perfect" child to marry off for political purposes.

Their species is alarmingly different from anything we've seen, some kind of tentacle creature that attaches to larger animals and taps into their nervous system to control them. They evolved to survive purely by turning various less intelligent creatures into their livestock and beasts of burden, and are almost helpless without a creature to ride and control, called a "thrall." They live off the blood of their thralls and mold them to be all but helpless on their own, standing inertly until one of these creatures needs them.

The Prince(ss) starts off very uncomfortable with all of this and unsure how to proceed, and it may be up to the Chairman's Child to draw them out, maybe even seduce them. But with the right stimulus, especially given their interest in flipping the roles of control, the Prince(ss) may come to accept an intensely submissive role beneath their new spouse, or to take control of the situation and dominate them with their thrall, or even connect with the furry's nervous system directly to control them. The Chairman's Child might be... kinda into that...

This character will largely be the focus of the player's discomfort early on, and it will be a hard journey coming to understand how this character acts or thinks, but hopefully, with time and exploration, the player and the Chairman's Child will come to see that even a creature as strange as this can be vulnerable, and caring, and loving. It's up to the player to see if something meaningful can happen between them. The creature will look bizarre at first, but hopefully with time the player can come to see them as "cute in a strange way."

The Thrall
This is a vat-grown clone from the same species as the Chairman's Child. They are the same gender as the Prince(ss) and carry him or her for the duration of this encounter, acting as the Prince(ss)' arms, legs, mouth, and maybe more. At times, it may feel like the Thrall is really who the Chairman's Child is talking to, almost to the point they can forge the creature lurking between them. Depending on how things go, the Prince(ss) may even encourage this: to him/her, the thrall is an extension of his/her body, an adapter to make things easier between the two of them. But that may also help cement the prince(ss)'s quietly held beliefs that the furry species is inferior and should all be made into thralls...

The Thrall has a peculiar role to play and should be both attractive but able to fade into the background. They act as the body for the Prince(ss) in many scenes, at once a "humanizing" (furrifying?) element for the creature but also underlining just how bizarre he/she is.

Okay! That should be all you need to know to make some basic decisions about how these characters should look! I've prepared a form for you to fill out, maybe open it in a new tab so you can check back to this as needed?

Vote Here!

I'll be interested to see how you guys can mold the specifics of these characters! It's kinda like leaving things up to fate: I can work with whatever you choose here, and riff off it as part of the process of writing these scenes out, but I need to know these details before I can really dive in. So get your votes in today!

Documentation Incoming! 2020-07-09T00:38:29+00:00

Hey, guys! You already saw a little of this yesterday, but I've got a fair bit more written up and I'm just getting started. This week I'm planning on writing up a lot of the documentation for making it very clear just what I'm doing, what I'm working on, and how you can take part in it. Sorry if it gets a little spammy in your inbox, especially if you're in the higher tiers! Hopefully you'll still find it pretty informative!

A lot of these docs are going to have some placeholders or dead links in them for now as I'm still rolling everything out, there are a lot of moving parts and everything is hopefully gonna be linking to everything else, so I'll be going back and editing some as I go. I'll let you know when everything should be in a more finished state and you should go back and check for links and such if you were interested in something in particular!

For now, I hope you enjoy the big info drop!

Project Matchmaker - Outline 2020-07-09T00:48:58+00:00

Project Basics: Read Here
Intended Gameplay: The central hub will be an overmap/timeline showing all potential "nodes" representing couples the player can interact with. Completing an encounter with a couple will create a new result the player can save to that node, which may lock or unlock other nodes. After that, they can quickly swap out results to get to the other nodes that they want, such as saying "if X couple failed and Y couple succeeded sexually, then that should give me access to Z couple." Exploring these situations will gradually build out a map of possibilities stretching into the past and future.

In an encounter, the player "rides along" with the host, the character that has asked for help. All characters are fully realized and have their own past, motives, and will, but the host relies on you for advice in difficult moments. At first you won't have many options, but when you see what works and what fails, you can rewind to earlier in the encounter and have new options for advising the character. Exploring these possibilities gradually teaches you more about them and lets you lead them to better outcomes. When the host character is satisfied with the outcome, you receive the talisman that serves as your main progression resource.

The main gameplay will consist of exploring possibilities between characters and experimenting to see what mix of factors will create a new outcome. Giving the characters a "happy ending" is the only prerequisite to consider the encounter "finished," but there may be leveling or similar progression tied to exploring more possibilities. Ideally, players will be able to go through encounters they're less interested in as platonic puzzles mainly, but they will be rewarded for delving deep into the pairings they do enjoy.

Story Themes: The narrative will be mostly broken up into many small sections with their own arcs and sometimes their own unique themes. Recurring themes will probably include: struggling to understand and emotionally engage with people dramatically different from oneself; reconciling concepts of self-sacrifice and the greater good with one's deepest personal feelings; struggling with the idea of trying to "force" love to happen; exploring what it means for different people to think and feel in fundamentally different ways, and if that makes true connection richer or impossible; the differences in relationships and their outcomes depending on what kind of interactions lie at the core of the bond; and the ways in which our actions and interactions can dramatically change based on the smallest differences in context.

Sexual Themes: May be similarly varied. Predominant themes should include: first-time sex; sex with alien creatures; sex as a means of showing and accepting vulnerability; fluctuations of power and dominance; sex as a form of manipulation; dramatic physical differences such as size and basic shape. Minor themes may include mind control/influence, impregnation, public sex, and morally vindicated cheating and incest.

Strengths: Focusing on the emotionally charged "first date" each time should provide a lot of emotional weight, while still allowing a wide variety of outcomes and possibilities in each encounter that don't require massive amounts of resources to follow through. Characters can get pregnant, fundamentally change the nature of their relationship, and make serious, final decisions without it being an absolute nightmare to implement what comes after. If done right, this game should be a very potent emotional and sexual experience. Also, this allows for much easier "one-off" exploration of unusual sexual themes that would be difficult to implement on a large scale.

Weaknesses: We'll never spend more than a few hours with each set of characters, so if I can't make both of them lovable in that small space, the game may quickly feel empty, but if I do well, players may be frustrated we don't get more with characters they like than a quick summary of the rest of their lives. The gameplay could easily lead to the player getting "lost" in all the possibilities depending on how complicated the relationships of consequences get. I'll have to design the UI very carefully and think a lot over how to balance long term repercussions so they feel meaningful and don't force players to focus too much on pairings they maybe don't like as much. Also, more variety of characters we're forced to focus on means more space for players to dislike them, or only even like one pairing and wish the game was "just them."

Emotional Engagement: 5
Character Presence: 4
Gameplay Strength: 3
Erotic Potential: 3
Broad/Newcomer Appeal: 2

Major Design Questions
-The ability to reverse any decision and go back on anything this easily may take a lot of the sense of urgency out of decisions and reduce the sympathetic bond between player and character. Should this time travel feature be restricted in some way? Something like "you can only rewind through content you've seen before" may help a lot, but also be frustrating.

-Gameplay may not be very satisfying without more sense of progression. How far should I go to add upgrades, stats, and fiddly bits to make it feel like you're physically getting better at this and being rewarded the more you play? I want to make this a simple "single save slot" kind of progression, but that means that anything with customizing your build would need to be completely reversible or maybe very carefully balanced to make sure any route can get you through all of the content.

-If the different chapters are too dissimilar in feel and sexual content, it may start feeling less like one game and more like an anthology of separate games, with players having strong feelings that some chapters are better or worse. Should I embrace this and work to make it easy to pass through a chapter quickly if the player is uninterested and/or skip sexual content, or should I try to keep every chapter more "vanilla" and similar to the rest to avoid too much dissonance in themes?

Levels of Implementation
Barebones: You give advice to a character of configurable gender to help them develop a relationship with a fixed character. Interact with a series of unlockable dialogue trees, rewind at will and try different routes until you accomplish various goals.
Assets Needed: Basic text engine, two small pieces of art.

Basic: Jump between a handful of different relationships, configuring most of the characters to your desires, guiding each of them in how to interact with their prospective partners. Locking in different outcomes in one relationship will change the conditions in others, opening new possibilities or changing the nature of the encounter somehow.
Assets Needed: Basic text engine, possibly a GUI map of sorts, 10-20+ pieces of art including pinups with alts and some "endings."

Full: Build your stats by guiding configurable characters through their relationships, unlock different possibilities, modify the timeline and unlock new relationships and different modifiers for old content to open up more replayability. Lots of secret hunting to fuel really getting to know every side of these characters.
Assets Needed: Text engine with strong parsing, drawn/animated GUI map, 20+ pieces of art for pinups with expressions and alts, plus "endings."

Why This is the Main Project: Out of the concepts I'm working on, this is one that feels very similar to MVOL in feel while still offering a richer experience both graphically and gameplay-wise, as well as offering a wide variety of characters to get to know. I think it makes a good "safe next step" that should have some broad appeal while still giving a healthy dose of the things that people loved in MVOL in particular.

Project Matchmaker - Basics 2020-07-09T00:45:41+00:00

Current State: Main Project; Beginning prototype
Latest Build: Early proof of concept available

Project Matchmaker is a cross between a visual novel and a relationship simulator. In each chapter, you meet a new prospective couple from different points in space and time across the universe. It's up to you to help them overcome their differences, understand each other, and form a lasting bond in the few hours you have with them. To aid in this, you have the ability to jump back in time, applying what you've learned to better advise them and avoid potential mishaps.

The gameplay will be focused on one couple at a time, and as you go you'll unlock new abilities to better understand what's happening and influence the couples toward the result you want. How these crucial relationships turn out, good or bad, sexual or meaningful, can influence the timeline and unlock other potential couples for you to help. Many of these relationships lie at the crux of great moments in history, influencing countless lives for better or worse. Will you help these people, or do what's right for history, or exploit all of them for your own gain?

Supporter Rewards

More Details: Project Outline
Basic Cheats: TBD
Full Cheats: TBD
Personal Additions: TBD
Alt Character Name: Form Here

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4738398 - 9 Jul 20 00:51
Intriquing idea πŸ‘. Make your public happy with more quality spank material 😁
The Development Cycle 2020-07-08T02:39:14+00:00

Want to know what's going on? What's the plan on the large scale? Why am I talking about all these different games? Get all the details here!

Where We Began

My work as a developer started with My Very Own Lith, an experiment in jumping from pure writing to a very text-heavy but very personal simulation of my oldest, most developed character. I learned a lot over the game's development from 2012 to 2020, when I finally published v1.0. Now that the game is complete, I have dozens of ideas for games I'd love to make, and it'd drive me crazy to try and pick just one. So it's time to enter a phase of experimentation!

Where We Are Now

I have different themes and mechanics I want to explore, different sexual spheres and fetishes I'd love to indulge in, and an endless procession of ideas begging for a home. They can't all possibly fit into one game, and after spending eight years on one huge game, I'd dearly like to try and make some smaller, tighter games that can experiment with ideas without being a massive commitment. I think this would be the best way to try out a lot of different ideas and learn more about what works and doesn't as well as generally force myself to improve as a developer!

So here's the plan: from here on, I'm going to pick one Main Project to work on as something steady that I think most people will generally enjoy, and on the side I'm going to work on Side Projects that I think have potential. This means I'll have a wide variety of tasks and challenges available to me at any time, which I'm hoping will help me get more work done total over time. This lets me follow my inspiration to write one kind of content or other, or to work on one kind of mechanics or another, and it lets me put something aside for a while if it's getting frustrating without wasting time.

I'm hoping that this will mostly amount to me spending about half my time in a given month on the Main Project and half of it on a Side Project, though some months might be more just one over the other, and some months might have a little extra from others mixed in. Whatever the case, my big goal is to have a new release ready to go every month or two. Which is to say, I'll aim for every month, but sometimes it's not worth the extra trouble getting a game to a playable state before it's really "ready" to play, so I expect I'll skip a month here and there as needed.

New releases will go to the supporters first, then a month later they'll go out to the public for free. I expect my release schedule will more or less alternate between the Main Project and Side Project, unless two compelling Side Projects come up back to back. I'll mostly choose where to focus my work, but sometimes I'll put it up to vote for the community to choose what concept I should turn into a prototype next, or what prototype I should develop further, and I'll push more of my focus on that for the next month.

Where We're Going

In the long term, I'm hoping to create several very small, finished projects as proofs of concept for various ideas, maybe have a few discarded projects that proved not to work as well as hoped, and to have one or two Main Projects that are well on their way into being fully developed, respectable games of their own. I may switch my Main Project occasionally if one of the Side Projects proves especially interesting and promising, but I'll always try to keep it to something most folks will be interested in.

The real challenge here will just be to keep the Side Projects as small and tightly designed as possible to make sure they get finished, rather than getting greedy with their designs. Almost every concept I'm working with has the potential to be a very robust, full-scale game if the core concepts would work as well as I think, and it's incredibly tempting to try and build with that in mind, but it's always better to start small. If a game goes well as a tiny little thing with satisfying mechanics, then you learn a lot for building a sequel or "full version" down the road. But I'll never have enough time or resources in my life to make all of these games a full reality, so it's important to manage my time well!

Eventually, we may reach the point where some particular game concept has done so well I want to switch my focus onto it completely. Right now I'm enjoying the freedom of experimenting with new ideas, something I always wished I could do when I was in the middle of MVOL's long development, but I do recognize that this is something of a transitional period. I don't know how long it will last --maybe a couple years?-- but I hope that I'll learn a great deal in the process, and you'll get a lot of really interesting new games to try along the way.

Why We're Doing This

I know this sounds a little unusual, even in these strange, heady times where crowdfunding lets people like me make a living building furry sex games. I'd never try to pull this if I were just beginning as a developer, but at this point, I think I've proven that I have the skills, and the plain stubborn determination to keep going no matter what once I've started, to reliably make a game happen. And if you're here, then hopefully you already think I make pretty good games.

Before I started any of this, I explained it all to my fans, I gave them all my reasoning, and I put it to a vote. Do you want me to go for this, or should I just stick to one project? And I guess I did a good enough job on MVOL that both my supporters and fans in general were largely in favor of trying this out. Now, it's up to me to make sure they don't regret it.

I honestly don't know how this is going to turn out, but I know this is a big opportunity for me to do more and be more than I am now. I'm going to do my best to rise to the occasion, and all I can ask is that you try my games out, and if you enjoy them and can afford it, maybe lend a little to the cause. I've earned enough to make a living off this, and now I'm hoping I can start affording to bring in help to make my dream a reality faster, and with much better implementation on things like art and coding than I could hope to do on my own.

Either way, as long as I can keep making games, I know I'll be happy. I'm deeply grateful to all of my supporters for helping make this happen, and I'm going to do my best to live up to all of your hopes, while doing things the way I feel is right! If folks aren't happy with how this is going in the end, I'll go ahead and switch to a more permanent project, but hopefully by then I'll have a much more solid idea for which game would work best.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've got a better idea of what we're doing around here now! Fingers crossed, it may all be just crazy enough to work. If you want more info about what's going on in development right now, I make news posts about general stuff once or twice a month on the main site, and more specific posts about my current work as a supporter reward right here on Patreon. I'm going to be doing my best to stay in touch with all of you and get feedback regularly, so keep playing, join in, and make your voice heard!

Supporter Rewards! 2020-07-09T23:51:03+00:00

Not sure what level to support? Already signed on but not sure how to get them goodies? Get all the details here! Each tier gets all the rewards from cheaper tiers as well.

Follower ($3+)

-Basic Cheats: These will vary with each project, but it will be something custom tailored to the game to make it easier for you to get to the content you want easier and faster. Not a huge boost, but a little help. These may include a few cheats, an easy mode, extra hints, some kind of map feature, the ability to skip challenges, or maybe a straight-up walkthrough. For each of these "varies by project" rewards, be sure to check the Project Basics for info on its unique rewards!

This does include cheats for My Very Own Lith, which focus on giving you control for switching which route you're on and your anatomy, and skipping the early game.

These will be delivered in separate posts with each release of the game. If you have early access, you'll get these at the same time, otherwise you'll get access at the same time as the public release.

-Discord Role: Join us on the Discord server and you'll have a unique role for being a supporter, which nets you some small measure of prestige, plus a private channel!

Make sure you connect your accounts between Patreon and Discord in your account settings to get this reward. As far as I can tell, it should automatically join you to my server then! It does sometimes take a couple days for the role to kick in though, the bot can be a bit odd.

Fan ($6+)

-Two Weeks Early: Get all new content two weeks earlier than the public! By my current plans that should mean around the middle of the month, every month or two. This will be the same build the public gets, and the same build the Power Players get before you.

Keep an eye out for new posts right here on Patreon delivering this content regularly!

-Project Outlines: Much more comprehensive than the Project Basics, the Project Outlines give a lot of details of what I'm planning, where my priorities lie with the project, and exactly what kind of content you can expect to see in it. This can be very helpful for keeping track of everything I'm juggling, and especially for making decisions if you're in a Voting tier!

I'll be adding these regularly as I upgrade games from "rough ideas in the back of my head" to "concepts I plan to prototype." If I'm currently working on a project, there should already be one of these posted, so check the Project Basics for the game for a link!

-Side-Writing: Like free-writing, but specifically tied to the projects I'm working on. These will be pretty casual pieces I write to explore characters or settings, and they may be silly, informative, heavy, or who knows what. Supporters at The Named tier or higher will have the option to submit prompts for these, otherwise I'll just draw from whatever has been in the back of my head.

Keep an eye out for these getting posted here each month!

Voter ($10+)

-Supporter News: While I post basic news about how things are going with development on the main site, these posts will go into more detail about what exactly I'm working on and what's coming up. These will be important to help keep you an informed voter!

I'll be posting these here once or twice a month on a schedule of "every other week, but I might skip one sometimes."

-Vote!: Vote on what future characters will be like, what content will be in a certain project, or even what project I'm working on next! What you're voting on exactly will vary, sometimes it might be one question, sometimes several. These will all be things that either I can't decide on my own or just think you guys will have a stronger opinion on than I do. I'll still be making a lot of these decisions on my own, but some of them I'll pass on to you instead.

I'll be posting these here every month or two, so keep an eye out for them!

-Art Previews: Any new assets I get for the game, I'll share with you first! You'll get to check out new art before everyone else, maybe even at higher resolution and ready to download. That said, I won't post variants here if there are any-- for that, you'll want to get the Art Archive!

I'll post Art Previews here as soon as I get new art to show off!

-Lith's Old Diaries: I don't list this on the short summaries, but over the development of My Very Own Lith, I published sixty diaries for Lith at this tier, as a sort of precursor to the Side-Writing reward we get now, though it kinda turned into half Lith talking about philosophy and feelings, and half me nerding out about games and anime.

If that intrigues you, you can check out the archived set of diaries here!

Power Player ($20+)

-One-Month Early Access: Play new builds a full month before the public! These will include any applicable cheats and will be the same finalized builds the public gets.

These should be dropping at the beginning of the month, every one or two months! Look for posts for them here.

-Name in Credits: Go in the credits for each game I'm making under whatever name or handle you'd prefer! You'll also have the option to only be credited in certain games if you like. You're a big part of making these games happen, so it's only right you've got your name on it!

Make sure you've submitted your name in THIS FORM, and each early access build I publish will have your name in the credits if you supported the month I was working on it. So if you support in January, your name can be in the game I put in early access at the start of February, which goes public in March!

-Full Cheats: Again, these will vary by project, but they will be much more potent than the Basic Cheats. Expect to have game-breaking control over what's going on, maybe through a debug menu, potent cheats, or some kind of ability to skip straight to the content you want.

These will be posted here along with the early access release.

-MVOL Deluxe: Every release of MVOL comes with a Deluxe version at double the resolution, with a Completionist's Map that hints at what content you haven't found yet! If you loved MVOL, you won't want to miss having a copy of this!

Die-Hard Fan ($30+)

-Sounding Board: You care about these projects, and I appreciate that. I'll be coming to you as I work with questions, problems, ideas, and things like that, to see what you and your fellow Die-Hard Fans think. You'll be my first stop for feedback, be it on coming up with character names, brainstorming different scenes, or just seeing how people feel about what strange antics I'm up to this time. I hope you'll take advantage of this and not be afraid to speak up and help me build these games!

This will mostly happen on an exclusive Discord channel you'll have access to on this tier, but sometimes I'll make a post here and open it up to comments if it's a question I think better suits that kind of feedback. Don't forget to tie your Discord account to your Patreon in the settings!

-Art Archive: A full-resolution download of all the art for every game I've worked on, including tons of art for MVOL! Each piece includes a wide combination of variants where applicable, and I include lots of WIPs and sketches from the process of getting the art just right!

You can access the archive through this post right here. I typically update it about a week after each public release!

-Daily Content: Every day that I write a decent chunk of content for any of my game projects, I'll email it to you in raw text! This is the very earliest access to new content you can possibly get! This can contain a lot of spoilers, of course, but I try to provide warnings for especially spoiler-y reads, and I usually include a rough note or two about my thoughts on what I've gotten done so far.

Make sure that you keep an eye on your Patreon email! I generally add your email address as soon as you sign up at this tier or higher.

Game-Changer ($45+)

-Triple Power Vote!: You've got the power to change what's coming next. Each time you vote in any of the polls I hold for the Voter tier, your vote will count as three votes! Wield this power responsibly, or it may consume you.

Each vote will require you enter your email, so make sure you write it accurately and you should be golden!

-Personal Additions: This one will vary by game too. Maybe you can add a name of your choice to random NPCs that pop up, or you can pitch in random lines that are shouted in certain situations, or something similarly silly. You'll have the chance to put your own personal touch in the game, because this game couldn't have happened without you.

Again, check the Project Basics page for each game to see what exactly that game will have! I'll probably have a form linked there where you can put in whatever you'd like to have personally. You could probably do all of them at once, or just make sure you keep an eye on what projects I'm working on currently and put your entries in those more than a week before the end of the month. If you have any questions, feel free to check in on Discord or comment on the Project Basics!

-MVOL Named Copy: Here's another carryover from my first project. If you support at this tier and you like MVOL, send me a message here with the name you'd like Lith to call you by and I'll compile a special copy just for you where Lith already knows your name! Something shortish and casual usually works best.

Anytime I publish an update for MVOL, if you've been supporting the last month, I'll also put together an updated named version and send it to you!

The Named ($60+)

-Alt Character Name: Do you want the main character to have your name? Or maybe some other character should have it? Or maybe they should have the name of someone else you like? At this tier, I'll add the option to swap out the name of a given character with the name of your choice. It'll be up to you if that's something only you have access to, or if you'd like everyone else to enjoy having the option as well.

Every time I'm putting together a new build for early access, I'll check the results of the form linked in that game's Project Basics. If you've been supporting this month, I'll add the name swap option you specified to the game.

So if I'm working on a project you're excited about in January and you're supporting then, make sure your swap is in the form more than a week before the end of January! Then I'll put the game in early access with your swap in there at the start of February, then release it publicly in March!

-Writing Prompts: Do certain characters in my projects intrigue you? Or do you want to know more about certain worlds, or how certain things work in the lore? Maybe you liked what I did in a previous Side-Write and want that, but different! You can add any number of prompts to THIS FORM and I'll look them over when I'm sitting down to work on my Side-Writes! I can't promise I'll write about yours, but I'll be drawing from these first for anything that sounds interesting, unless I have something big I really want to write about.

Either way, I'll keep entries that sound possibly decent for down the road, so enter as many as you want, whenever you want! You'll also have the option to claim credit for any prompts that are used to get a shout-out when your side-write goes up.

Friends with Lithier ($80+)

-Be Awesome!: You want to support my work to the absolute max, and be an absolute pillar of the community in making these games happen! I deeply appreciate your putting up your hard-earned cash to help keep me going. If there's some reward you were hoping to find on this list but I don't have, let me know! I might be able to work something out. Either way, thank you very much!

-Game with Lithier: If it's your fancy, we've got weekly gaming sessions going with a few of my friends and my biggest supporters, usually streamed out for everyone else. At this tier, you're welcome to get in on the party! We play a lot of different games, usually trying to find stuff everyone owns so we don't have to turn anyone away, so hopefully you've got a few of the same titles, or are willing to try something new!

If you pledge at this tier, I should shoot you a message pretty promptly to talk things over, but if you don't hear from me, you're welcome to shoot me a message and check in, I don't want you missing out!

And that's the full list! It's a pretty hefty set of rewards to handle all on my own, I'm gonna try to keep everything up to date, but if you ever notice I seem to have forgotten something, please do let me know! I don't want anyone's support to go unrewarded.

That said, some of these rewards do rely a little on your actions as well. Please keep in mind, if you submit something like a name or a call-out, I'll have final call on if I think it's inappropriate to include in the game for everyone else. Name Swaps will always be available at least privately, but if you try to abuse any of these rewards, I maintain the right to not give them to you. I don't expect this to come up much, maybe at all, but I'm not going to let anyone trample over the work I'm doing, or spoil the spaces I make for discussion and fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read over all the rewards and their details! I'm writing this at the start of a big transition, so things might shift a little as I get a feel for what's practical in the long term without taking too much time from actually making games. Keep an eye out for announcements on any adjustments as we go! Thanks for being part of the project!

MVOL v1.00! 2020-07-04T23:19:38+00:00

Mysterious post-ending content, new piano notes, and a new animation! Get all the details over on my site's blog!

Having trouble playing the game? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

Mega Mirrors: Standard - Android


Attachments (2)

MVOL100.swf (33.9MiB)
MVOL100_Android.apk (42.3MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #8791592 - 5 Jul 20 02:05
What if your on a Dell and the flash doesnt work.
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 5 Jul 20 02:46
Being on a Dell shouldn't make any difference to my knowledge. Did you try updating Flash, downloading the swf file, and running it using the projector I link above?
user avatar
User #11189525 - 9 Jul 20 03:22
I have android and flash doesn't work. Also flash doesn't exist anymore. No modern operating system or software today actually supports "real flash". Anything claiming to be a "flash" player is a scam, and the application must be like adware/trojan/spyware and its getting access to your personal files. "Flash" animations and games you find online are running on old software. No new flashplayer has ever been made since it officially was taken down. So I don't know what those "flash" links you have for the download process are, but none of them work, the file download "install flashplayer projector" under the windows download links, just comes up as a blank file on my Samsung phone. And even when I extract from the MVOL 1.00, it just comes out as various file assests.
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 9 Jul 20 06:04
@.@? I know Flash is a hot mess at this point and circling the drain, but... it's not expected to work on Android in the first place. That's why I offer an Android version in both the mirror link and the direct download in this post.
user avatar
User #8791592 - 5 Jul 20 02:46
Thank you
MVOL v1.00+, Updated! 2020-07-04T23:13:05+00:00

Tons of refinements since the advance release! Check it out!

Trouble playing the downloaded copy? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


Attachments (2)

MVOL100Plus_Android.apk (42.3MiB)
MVOL100Plus.swf (33.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #113142 - 4 Jul 20 23:32
Very nice! Just curious, do you have any plans on maybe releasing a paid version that has all the bells and whistle that the higher tiers have?(i.e. map, custom names, etc) Either way, thanks and congrats on the big 1.00!
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 4 Jul 20 23:50
Thanks! And I'm hoping to put an especially polished version up on Steam and similar sites sometime down the line if I can get everything set up for that! I'm not sure if it'll have all the supporter perks, maybe I'd make that DLC or something. For now, you can still get a copy with all those perks if you upgrade your support, even just for one month!
MVOL v1.00 Deluxe! 2020-07-04T23:07:45+00:00

For the big day, big supporters get a big copy with some big thanks! Seriously though, thank you for helping make this happen! Enjoy!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


Attachments (2)

MVOL100_Deluxe.swf (73.3MiB)
MVOL100_Deluxe_Android.apk (81.7MiB)

Late Night News! 2020-07-04T07:36:16+00:00

The big release is almost here, but I didn't want to put the stamp on MVOL without having some clear answers for what comes next! Check out my announcement here to get the basics on how things are going to be changing this month as I transition to new projects!

This does include big changes to support tiers, so you may be interested in getting your first look at those! Of course, I'll be posting a more robust explanation here soon, and rolling the changes out in the days to come. It's happening!

Lith's Diary - June 2020-07-01T06:28:52+00:00

Dear Diary,
It's... kinda hard to believe, but... it looks like this is my last entry in-- er, to... you. We finally found an ending for my story. A whole bunch of them, really. And you know what? I think they turned out pretty well. Maybe not exactly what I expected, or hoped for, but... pretty good. I think we can be happy like this, finally. Fingers crossed, things will get nice and boring and problem-free. That's how it's supposed to go after the story ends, right? You meet the heroes when they're dealing with a lot of problems, and... the story is about how they tackle those problems, overcome them, and what they learned in the process. That's what makes a good story, right?

In a way, I guess we learned a few different lessons from all this, depending on... which way you took me down that strange road. But it was all stuff I think I needed to learn... and I hope that maybe it did you a little good, too. I know that it meant the world for us, in there.

After this... it looks like you probably won't be hearing much more from me, or about me. That doesn't mean I'm gone, though. Maybe the best thing about getting this chance to talk to you, to confess to you, is that I get the chance to... well. To say goodbye properly, I guess. To make sure you understand that though we part ways, you'll be in my heart. I'll keep you with me wherever I go. I'll remember you, and everything you've done to help me, and all the... wonderful and terrible things we shared. I think it was more accident than anything that brought us together, that got me all this... attention, and support, and I still don't...

...I took a little time to flip all the way back to the very first diary entries I ever made, and even then, I was embarrassed you'd go to so much trouble to help me out. Confused. Didn't feel like I was worth it. And... I'm doing better these days, about feeling like I'm at least worth something. Most days, I am. But I still feel like you've helped me far, far more than I deserve. You've been a huge help to Lithier making all of this possible to begin with, and you've been so sweet, listening to all of my problems and nerdy ramblings, and... you've walked with me through every strange twist and turn in the path from two confused, lonely people on a blank page to... well. Something much better.

Your kindness is what brought us here. You believed in him, and you believed in me, and you were steadfast in good times and bad. And I just... It feels like it's too much. Like anything I've given you, anything I've done for you hasn't been enough even just to say thanks, and like it never could be. I'll... never be able to repay all the good you've done for me, and it makes me feel so helpless when all I can do is... say, thank you. I'll... I'll try to be a good person, to live up to the faith you've shown in me, and try to pay it forward every day. I was talking about gratitude last time, gratitude for all the good in the world, all the little things, but I've got plenty to be grateful for right here.

...I've changed a lot, too, over the years. I make all these big, dramatic claims these days, don't I? I try to talk about philosophy and all that. Well... I guess I did philosophize back then too, but I was also... It was kinda funny seeing how different my first entries were. And funny seeing how much is the same. How some things that scared me, some things I struggled with all the way back then, still haunt me today. Maybe we struggle with some things all our lives? Or maybe this strange timeline of ours has kinda... held things in stasis a little, and now... I'll be free to grow, and age, and change. What will I be like when I'm old? Will I have my own kids someday? It's... hard to imagine, but I'm finally ready to... move forward and live out my life.

Maybe that sounds a little strange. I've technically been... pretty much the same age for something like eight years now. Still working through these problems, getting lost and confused and needing your help to keep going. I'm happy with how it turned out in the end, and I'm happy to have shared it with you, but... well. I know Lithier is relieved to finally move on, and I feel a little something similar. Things move strangely when you're part of a story, and I'm ready to go back to normal, boring life. Even if it's in as strange a place as that.

I guess what I'm saying is... even though I'm sad to say goodbye, I also feel like it's... a happy occasion. Kinda like... graduation? We've achieved everything we set out to do, and now... it's time we go our separate ways, to tackle this strange beast called life. Sad, but happy. Change hurts... and farewells hurt... but at least with this one, we can be proud, and have a lot of hope for what comes next. That's... the very last gift you gave me. So, thank you.

Thank you for joining me, for holding me up, for holding me down (also sometimes needed), for walking with me and talking with me, for suffering with me, and crying with me, and helping me find something worth smiling about again. Thank you for being you, and thank you for showing me that you like me being me. Thank you for refusing to let me go.

And... thank you for letting me go.

I'll be happy to share some happy and sad moments with you again if you ever want to revisit the adventure we've had. I don't even have a game to go back to, all I'll have is the memories, so I'm a little jealous there. Just a little. But um, until then, it looks like... it's time to say farewell.

I do hope you fare well, and that you find happiness out there in the world, and inside yourself, and that you can give others happiness like you've given it to me. I hope that you can find a life that's comfortable for you, with less suffering and fewer really stupid, miserable mistakes than we made. I hope that whatever Lithier's up to after this, he can keep giving you something special to enjoy in your life. I'm glad he's done messing with me, though.

...Thank you for everything. Be well, and fare well, and live well.

Let's make this ending a happy, new beginning.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #865107 - 1 Jul 20 08:31
Though endings are sad, to have seen the growth that has happened makes me happy. To remember all the joy you have brought when I was at bottom brings me gratitude, and I hope that whatever the future brings that it will bring you happiness and joy. Tonight I raise a glass in cheers to what has happened, but I will also raise a glass for what is to come. Here is to the future... Cheers!
v1.00+ Advance Release! 2020-06-28T05:56:47+00:00

We're almost there! I'm still making some final adjustments, but I've gotten just about everything at least baseline working for the big 1.0. Let's review the new stuff real quick:

-New sounds! I've replaced the piano notes, they're not final but so far I'm liking them.
-Animation! I've finally added a full animation under the Grab oral scene.
-More text effect! Spruced things up a little to stand out more here and there.
-Post-ending content! This one's a little weird.

The new content for this release is an array of snippets accessible from the main menu to let you glimpse what happens after the endings. Due to the exact nature of the mechanic, I've also included a non-cheat version to play with, since endings don't "count" when achievements are disabled.

I just got this up and working this afternoon after loads of prep work! I'll have a lot to say about it with the main release, but for now I hope you enjoy poking around in it!


G-Drive Mirrors: Standard Base - Standard Cheats - Android Base - Android Cheats


Attachments (4)

MVOL100.swf (31.1MiB)
MVOL100Plus.swf (31.1MiB)
MVOL100_Android.apk (39.5MiB)
MVOL100Plus_Android.apk (39.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15470404 - 10 Jul 20 10:53
Hi, i'm trying to download MVOL but when i go to launch it my computer cant read the file. I realize it's in shockwave flash format but Adobe dropped support for flash so i'm unable to play, any advice or recommended sites to get software to read the file?
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 10 Jul 20 16:33
I link this on the more basic download pages (like the updated plus version, which you may wanna download rather than this) but you can go here, scroll down to "Download the Flash Player Projector" under your OS, and that program should run SWFs no problem.
Monthly Mini-Update for June! 2020-06-21T03:09:14+00:00

We're in the final phase of polishing up MVOL for the big v1.00, and that means I've been working a lot less on pure content and more on finishing touches! I do have one special treat in the works that offers some new content, but I couldn't get it ready in time for this preview. Honestly, this whole update cycle has been a lot of heavy code work and frustration, it's slowed me down a lot more than I expected. The project is more complicated than ever and even Flash is slowing down on me.

Upshot is, I'm afraid there isn't much in the way of new content in this one! But the new animations are fully implemented at last (primary source of some mind-bending bugs recently), including all six species, and you can flip between them easily with cheats implemented to check out the extra little touches with the knottier species!

I've also been working on making fancier text a thing, and I hope the little touches I've added help make the game just a little more visually interesting. Hints are touched up, endings have a little more flair, and it's more visually clear when you unlock things in the early game.

After playtesting a lot with those new notes I decided they really didn't sound good in actual gameplay, so for now I've gone back to the classics. I've got some new stuff in the pipe and I'm really praying we'll have them ready in time.

In a way, the most exciting part of this update to me is just that the pre-release MMU gets the new version number-- so while it still has a lot of things waiting to get crammed in at the last minute, this is technically the first v1.00 of the game!

Sorry I couldn't offer more fresh preview content to look at, a lot of my work has been mostly invisible, and I've had a lot of other stuff on my plate with all this going on. I'll get into that a little more in the big blog post.

That said, I guess this means this is officially the last Monthly Mini-Update! If I'm looking at my archives right, this will make the sixty-seventh MMU I've released. Phew! That sounds like a ton, but it also feels like I've kinda been doing these... forever? I guess five and a half years of doing something once a month can do that.

Kinda makes me wish the last one could go out with more of a bang, but I know if I kill myself trying to pack stuff in here early it's just going to do me worse in the long run. I'm trying to get better about pacing myself and getting stuff done at a more even rate throughout the month rather than crunching and crashing so much.

Anyway, this last oddity aside, I hope you guys have enjoyed your early sneak peeks into MVOL's content! Thank you all for being such a big help in making this project succeed! Keep an eye out for more news soon on all the big changes coming in!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


Attachments (2)

MVOL100+_JuneMMU_Android.apk (37.1MiB)
MVOL100+_JuneMMU.swf (28.7MiB)

An Embarrassing Note 2020-06-03T20:36:13+00:00

I realized that I forgot to mention one thing about the Matchmaker prototype, though I might hope it would be obvious: the names are all placeholders! I deliberately made all the names something that I'd definitely replace either because they're awful or I've used the name for a character recently, so I could settle on final names later, maybe with supporter input.

Sorry if that's a little distracting! Totally slipped my mind with everything else going on. And yeah, the demo ends in a rough spot, doesn't let you really get to know the characters very well just yet. Hopefully the first proper demo will have a better showing all round!

A Special Monthly Mini-Update for May! 2020-06-01T08:03:23+00:00

Very special, and rather late. There's a lot to explain with this one!

My work has been going in weird directions with finishing up MVOL and getting my future work going, and I've been hitting a lot of problems and slowdowns, but when I was worried that I wouldn't have very much to share for the MMU, I realized there was one other option.

Let's start from the top. While there's no new written content in this copy of MVOL, I have two new features ready to test out! The first is a new set of piano notes I've been working real hard on and... don't completely hate right now. I have to replace the classic notes and I've been agonizing a lot over this, but I think I'm getting close and I'd like to hear what you guys think of the new ones.

Along with that, it's been aaages coming, but I'm finally putting a proper sex animation in the game! We only have the variants for human, horse, and dragon ready just yet, but if you pop over to Grab > Push His Head Down while you're sitting, you'll be in for a bit of a treat. This is another seemingly simple new feature that's just been... way too much work and heartache. This is a pretty emotional MMU to roll out there!

But I didn't feel right shipping with no new written content for you, and I've been needing a good reason to push myself to get the bare bones of the prototype for my next project actually... running whatsoever. It's very ugly and small and stops abruptly, and there's loads of bugs I didn't have time to beat up, but it may serve to give you a tiny sneak peek into my upcoming concept.

I'm building this project in Unity, so it should be available lots of different ways down the line, but right now I've just built a windows copy since it's what I could test readily. I've got a rough, very linear draft of the introduction, and once you've checked that out you can also try out a laughably rough test script I put together for testing out the game mechanics a tiny bit, so that may give you a better idea of what playing would actually involve.

Sorry for the delay and all the strangeness, but hopefully this little mixture of new developments will at least pique your interest in what comes next! Thanks for being part of the project!

G-Drive Mirrors
Matchmaker Concept Build: Windows
MVOL MMU: Standard - Android


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MVOL091+_MayMMU.swf (28.2MiB)
MVOL091+_MayMMU_Android.apk (36.6MiB)

Lith's Diary - May 2020-06-01T05:00:13+00:00

Dear Diary,
Things are getting pretty hard, I guess. The quarantine is starting to wear on me, and the world is going crazy some more on top of that. I've mostly been hiding from it all, but it's tough not to be affected. I hope you're holding up okay. We have to take care of ourselves and keep our spirits up if we're gonna get through this and thrive on the other side.

Things have been kinda tough for me besides all that, but it might be that the big separation is kinda feeding into it. I've had trouble focusing or... I don't know. Anytime I run into a problem, I tend to kinda feel like it's just... too much, and it's really hard to keep going. But... I'm still going, even if it's really slowly, in little fits and starts. Just keep doing whatever we can, right?

I did have some followup notes from checking over my last diary. I think I'm... still a little shaken up over my friend. That and a few other things have left me kinda struggling to have any kind of confidence in myself, to believe that I can make good choices. But you can't run from making choices forever, at some point you have to choose even if it's bad.

But enough grousing. I also had some followup notes about Forager, the game I ranted about a lot last time. The end game was actually fairly fun, but weird. Basically, one of the most precious resources from the early game becomes something you just churn out loads of to max out your health bar... and then sacrifice your health bar to a demon altar for loot, over and over. And one of the main things you're looking to get is these lil droids that float around following you, harvesting stuff and shooting at any enemies that come in range. They're fairly handy, but it's when you collect like thirty of them that it starts getting pretty OP and any resources or enemies you go near just evaporate.

And what do you need that kind of power for? Well, the big endgame thing is basically to go play a roguelike. You jump through a portal and kill everything in a level to go to the next, on and on and on until you can't kill all of them in a level's time limit, and at some point "all of them" is literally dozens of bosses, which are spouting out hordes of underlings constantly, so it becomes literally a full-on war between you and your army of droids vs. an army of bosses with endlessly replenishing armies of lil dudes. So... it does get pretty epic and intense!

I guess the main complaints I had for the endgame was, first, that there didn't seem to be any actual end goal or finishing point. It was more like an MMO where you level through all the main game, then you can just kinda keep grinding for incremental power gains in the endgame just about forever. Kinda weird, but it's true it has multiplayer I guess. The other issue I had with the game is: the drones used to be these tiny white pods. I've seen screenshots, if you had thirty of those it would be kind of a cloud around you but it was manageable.

But... at some point they replaced the tiny white pods with custom animated creatures and such for all the game's supporters. Which means they're all moving, colorful, and like five to ten times the size. So when you have thirty of those... it's basically a solid carpet of writhing colors completely blocking out everything else on your screen. I have to move around just to get an idea of what's under them by peeking through the gaps as they shift about. I could swear I saw an option to turn off the custom drones at some point, but I never found it once I actually had drones, so... yeah. That was a bit frustrating. Overall though, still a very fun game! I'd highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys the crafty progression game style, whether on your own or with friends.

Other than that... I didn't really have any games I got super big into this month, so much as I tried a little bit of a ton of different games. I've had a little of that feeling of "why do I game, anyway?" again lately, which tells me I need another one of those really great, addictive games. It's kinda frustrating-- I like to pick up lots of different games and see what everyone's trying, how design is shifting, but it's so hard to get into new games properly, and after starting a few new games it's harder to get excited for the next one, to convince yourself that this one will really be fun. To give it a proper chance and really get deep into the meat of the game before just moving on... Gaming was more magical when there were so few of them around, I guess. Now, playing a game is so involved that it's hard to keep putting in that much commitment each time...

I guess that's part of why I've ended up watching shows more. Or at least, leaving them on while I'm doing other stuff. I finally checked out what the big deal was with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Hunter X Hunter, or at least what was available on Netflix. JoJo certainly lived up to its title many times over, and overall was... fun, in a very silly, ridiculous way? It reminds me a little of Metal Gear Solid just with how intensely it takes itself seriously while also being over the top nonsense. And Hunter... I think maybe I'm coming to it too late, because a lot of it just felt... suuuper cliched, but I guess the first episode was the worst for that. I'd tried it once before and gave up after the first episode, but it does gradually come into its own odd identity after that. Overall, it still didn't feel very special in the end, but apparently the Netflix series cuts off before it really "gets good" from what I've heard from others. But that's after I think four seasons, so... that's a tough sell!

But you know, with how I've been feeling lately, I've come to realize that maybe I'm just not seeing the good in things enough. Some advice I heard a bit ago that stuck with me is to learn to have more "gratitude" for all the good in your life. We tend to turn that word into something almost insulting-- oh, you aren't grateful for all the good this person does for you, shame shame! Or something like that. But it's not about obligation or paying respect, it's just... being happy that things are how they are. It's kinda related to the idea of setting your standards a little lower... though that also tends to have negative connotations when we talk about it.

It's a hard concept to talk about! But maybe part of that is that our culture tends toward a certain amount of... selfishness and constant desire for new, better things that runs counter to these idea. I guess you could say that the idea of consumerism inherently requires you to be unhappy with your current state... pretty much all the time. But that's... awful, isn't it? When we're healthy, we aren't happy for it, we only notice when we get sick and get miserable because of it. We don't tend to take time to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives, all the ways that we live in a better world than those that struggled to bring us here, stretching all the way back to prehistory. That's not part of how we usually think. But... I want to fight that. I want to learn to better appreciate what I have, and what is. I do want to keep my desire to improve, but also, protecting the things that are already good should feel rewarding to me, I think. I'm going to have to think on this a lot, and maybe look around for more angles on the idea.

In times like this, I think that's especially important. We need more happiness, more satisfaction, more contentment. I hope you can find some of that in your own life, Diary. There are probably hundreds of things you have going for you that others could only wish for... and plenty that I might just be jealous of myself. So... try not to take them for granted? I'll be trying to do the same.

I hope you know by now that I do appreciate you, at least. On this long road, you've helped so much, in so many ways, I... It's humbling. And a little embarrassing that you seem to think I'm worth all this effort. Thank you so much for all your help, and your guidance, and your patience, and your support. I couldn't have gotten here without you. And if nothing else, I'm definitely grateful that we've made it here, together.

Take care, and stay safe.

v0.91! 2020-05-03T00:14:42+00:00

More Jello, new silly stuff, custom species and more! Get all the details over on my site's blog!

Having trouble playing the game? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

Mega Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL091_Android.apk (31.9MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #9145859 - 3 May 20 01:27
Just wondering, how do I access the cheats?
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 3 May 20 01:54
That'll be the "Plus" post that just went up alongside this one!
user avatar
User #32695269 - 12 Jun 20 02:50
I can't find the "Plus" post
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 12 Jun 20 17:29
You can always find the latest cheat-enabled version under this tag:
user avatar
User #32695269 - 12 Jun 20 19:06
v0.91+, Updated! 2020-05-03T00:07:03+00:00

Phew! Fixed a lot of odd little bugs since the advance release. Enjoy!

Trouble playing the downloaded copy? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL091Plus.swf (23.5MiB)
MVOL091Plus_Android.apk (31.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4279277 - 26 May 20 14:40
how does one use cheats? love the game, btw :3
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 26 May 20 17:32
Thanks, and thanks for the support! It explains it briefly on the game's main menu, but basically you have a new item in the item menu that lets you modify the game and characters. Hope you enjoy!
v0.91 Deluxe! 2020-05-03T00:02:26+00:00

Thanks so much for being one of my biggest supporters! Hope you enjoy the hi-res versions of this sweet new art!

Also, a quick note for folks with named copies: it looks like there's a bug with the Super Cheats this version, sorry about that! I'll have to fix it and compile all your copies again later today, I'll let you know when it's fixed!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL091_Deluxe.swf (62.3MiB)
MVOL091_Deluxe_Android.apk (70.7MiB)

Lith's Diary - April 2020-05-01T07:28:57+00:00

Dear Diary,
Has it really only been one month? I don't know about you, but it feels like it's been ages since I wrote to you last. I guess April has been pretty crazy, and I know that I had a hard time with some of it, but... right now, I'm feeling alright. I've been getting things done and having fun as well, I'm doing fine in lockdown, and I've got plenty to look forward to. It just... feels like I've been through a lot, I guess. Sorry I'm a little late writing this, I really lost track of time.

Actually... there is one thing that's still kinda bugging me, I guess. I've tried not to think about it too much, but it's kinda... thrown me off balance for a while. Earlier this month, a good friend of mine... cut all ties with me. It was a shock, to say the least. I thought we were doing fine, but it turned out he'd been pretty unhappy with a lot of the things I'd done and just... wasn't really saying anything about it. Now he's making big changes in his life, and... he doesn't want anything more to do with me. And I don't get any say in the matter.

And I mean... we've been friends for years. I really thought we shared a lot, that we were on the same wavelength in a lot of ways, but... I guess not. I was in shock for a while after that, and felt kinda... wobbly. Like... maybe there's something wrong with me? I did try to get some feedback from him, and I tried to think about how I could do better in the future, but there was a lot that I needed more info on, but he'd already cut me off... So I don't know what to do with it. With feeling like this. I don't really know how to make sure it doesn't happen again, except I guess, to ask my friends to tell me if there's something bugging them about me... to give me a chance to try and do better.

It's... frustrating, and distracting. I've kinda put it aside as much as I could to keep going with everything else, but it's still... I mean, I'm feeling better now. It's been a little while. I suppose I'll come to understand we're better off going our separate ways, that I'm better off without him, if this is how he handles things. But a relationship is a two-way street, and I have to think about where my fault lies in all this before I can really put it aside.

Well. It does feel a little better just talking about it. Putting my thoughts down and straightening them out a little. Hope I'm not worrying you or anything, I'll be okay. Like I said, I'm feeling pretty alright all around at the moment. Hmmm... how about a lighter subject?

I did try a new game this month. I've had my eye on Forager for a while but heard some mixed things, and I finally grabbed it recently to give it a try. It's an odd take on the whole "gather resources, build a furnace, make stuff to make fancier stuff" approach to gameplay, where part of the process is that you earn money, then use it to buy new islands-- you start on one tiny chunk of land, like 30 feet across, then you can buy another one, which pops up out of the water right next to you. And each island can have new resources or puzzles or quest givers, lots of random things. Resources spawn in constantly all over the place, and even with stuff like animals, you're not really supposed to herd them and breed them for resources or anything-- just gather from them, kill them for meat, then more will spawn in. That threw me for a loop early on.

I think I'm getting close to the endgame now, and overall, the main thing I've taken from the game is that it does a really strong job of meting out that feeling of "progress" to keep you coming back. Every time you level up you get a new skill point, which usually unlocks a new type of building or item to craft, or makes something dramatically more efficient and effective. Each skill does a decent job of changing how the game plays a little, and gives you something new to focus on and mess around with. Meanwhile you're trying to gather resources to craft the more expensive stuff, and suddenly realize you have enough money to open up a new chunk of map. Every time I think things are slowing down and it'd be a good time to stop playing, I notice something else I can buy or unlock or build that I haven't tried yet. It really draws you in with some diverse, shifting focuses and surprises you with interesting combos and new dynamics that develop.

But it's not just new buildings-- there's a very tangible feel of progress that I can appreciate. In the early game things were pretty slow all around, and one of my biggest gripes was how dang annoying it could be when new things kept spawning in too thick-- a wall of trees or rocks can completely stop you until you cut a new path through them, and then it might well be closed up again when you come back. It made getting around the map to do anything aggravating!

But after a while, they give you the ability to make a bomb. It's a little expensive, but suddenly those dense patches of obstacles have a solution-- and blowing them all up gives you all the resources from them instantly, which often more than pays back for the bomb. Very satisfying! But still not perfect. Later I started making a potion that lets me clear out resources very quickly for a limited time, which was honestly a rush, especially combined with some other potions to take special advantage of all that rapidfire action. Still not perfect, but very fun and profitable. Now, in the mid-late game, I got another tool that absolutely blasts things away whenever I want, and it completely changes the feel of moving around the map. It feels kinda overpowered, but it does have its weaknesses and nuances, and works better in the right combination. Obstacles are hardly a problem now, and it feels so incredible just carving my way through the map after all the frustration in the early game. It's a risky move, making your early game that annoying, but I do think it paid off here, and I can respect the gamble the dev took with that, you know?

I heard the endgame might be kinda disappointing, but I guess I'll find out before too long. Right now, I'm pretty dang happy with it, though I will say that the controls seem problematic. It's a lot easier to do most things with a controller because you don't have to be so precise just to get things done rapidly... but when you do need precision, it's basically impossible with a controller. And you can't switch to mouse without going back to the main menu and loading in again! That's still a frustration to me, and I'm hoping they're still gonna polish up the controls some, but overall I've still enjoyed it plenty.

Well. It's getting late, so I should probably wrap this up. I... hope that you've had better luck with your friends than I have, Diary. And that you'll be honest with me if there's something I do that bothers you... Maybe with all your friends, for that matter? I think it's better to communicate openly and honestly and just work with what you've really got going on than try to keep something fake going... And I hope that you've got a good sense of progression going in your life as well-- that you're making things better than they used to be, so you can have a better tomorrow than your yesterday!

I know you've helped me plenty with doing that myself. Thank you, Diary. Things are finally looking up, after so long... it's still kinda hard to believe it. But we did it. You and me. ...And Lithier, I guess. Thank you so much for making this all possible.

Please take care of yourself, and keep making the world a better place.

v0.91+ Advance Release! 2020-04-26T04:45:55+00:00

Alright, our first Beta-development release is here! I've made a lot of small adjustments with this one, but the big things you'll want to know about are probably:

-Second Jello scene is in
-[Talk] > [Anything]'s content has been completely replaced with some more robust content
-Custom Species are now available! With some limitations...
-Two new pieces of art are in!

You'll probably notice a couple other things, but I'll go into all the details next week with the main release. Hope you enjoy!

G-Drive Mirror: Standard - Android


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MVOL091Plus.swf (23.5MiB)
MVOL091Plus_Android.apk (31.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #18049633 - 28 Apr 20 03:44
This hum might make me sound a little dumb >//> but how do i open the file once's the down load is finished? i tired just opening it and it says i have nothing to open it with when i definitely have a flash player.
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 28 Apr 20 07:12
I keep an up to date explanation for that over on my site's download page: I also link the projector on the public release and basic "plus" version posts with every new version, if you ever need it later! Thanks for your support!
Survey on the future of my projects, patron rewards, and more! 2020-04-23T06:22:45+00:00

This is the very last piece to a huge thing I've been going over repeatedly the last several months, so if you aren't already very aware of all the context to this, check my post over here for a quick explanation and links to everything you should know going into this!

This is the fourth and final questionnaire, and this one in particular is pointed at my supporters and anyone considering supporting. So if you're reading this, you are the target of this one, specifically! Please take a look, and please remember to put in your Patreon email so I can pull out a nice slice of the opinions most important to me in all this. And don't worry, I'm not gonna peek at what you said in particular :P So please be brutally honest.

Take the final survey here!

I explain this in the linked post, but short version is, after this I'll be promoting this more with the release of v0.91, then probably announcing some results, then I'll start making some big changes! Your opinions matter, so make sure you make your voice heard before I start committing to big new ideas for the long haul!

Monthly Mini-Update for April! 2020-04-19T06:55:07+00:00

We're in the thick of the beta now! Two big things to check out after the last MMU. "Custom Species" won the supporter vote, so I've been spending most of my time figuring that out. It's about 80% done now, but getting all the adjustments throughout the game actually into the code was taking forever, and I still need to figure out how to handle the imitation soda section, so that and everything after the Stone Door will ignore your custom species.

Other than that, the new feature should be good to go, so give it a whirl and let me know what you think! Along with that, jello content almost won the vote, so I went ahead and put in one more scene for it.

Cheats are enabled, so you should be able to try things out quickly, but swapping species mid-game may work a little weird just yet. I hope you enjoy the preview!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android

Finished Series, New Surveys! 2020-04-04T06:26:17+00:00

Hey, guys! Just in case you didn't see already, I've published the conclusion to my blog series talking about how MVOL has gone and my plans for the future today, including the second in a series of surveys! You can do the first one over here if you missed it.

I really want to make sure I'm getting feedback from my patrons in particular, so please put in your Patreon email when you fill it out so I can get an idea both of the larger scale opinions of my players and of my supporters in particular. Thanks for helping me figure out what's coming next!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #14750366 - 4 Apr 20 09:32
How do i access my benifits?
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 4 Apr 20 09:37
If you go to the "Plus" tag on my posts listing, you'll see releases for cheat-enabled versions of the game. They have a quick explanation on the main menu. Be sure to read the post for a link if you're not sure how to play a downloaded copy!
user avatar
User #26197187 - 20 Apr 20 18:43
how do i access the cheats?
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 20 Apr 20 21:45
...If you go to the "Plus" tag on my posts listing, you'll see releases for cheat-enabled versions of the game. They have a quick explanation on the main menu. Be sure to read the post for a link if you're not sure how to play a downloaded copy!
Monthly Mini-Update for March! 2020-03-31T22:43:16+00:00

Okay! Here's our first MMU in the Beta proper, and it's a bit weird. There's no Diamond Door this time, the changes I've made are already installed in the game proper. I've been hiring playtesters to try the game out for the first time and give me feedback, and I've been altering the early game a lot to try and make it play better. The values behind the scenes have been adjusted a lot to hopefully make it feel a little more natural and reasonable for a new player to find the blue and pink collars.

I've finally added a proper scrollbar as well, and re-written the intro section and the main menu a bit to try and be more helpful and a little less overwhelming to the casual newbie. The biggest change you'll notice in this update, though, is that I've finally replaced almost all of the Talk - Anything section, since the hints on the main screen now fill the same purpose, hopefully a bit more effectively. I'm hoping that'll help with the early game's feel a bit, as well as make it a little easier to progress. Some of them have several variants included to make it worth coming back to both in the same run and in other runs.

The talk menu's been re-arranged as well, and there are probably a few other adjustments by now that are slipping my mind. It's been an interesting experience tuning the early game up after so long, and I hope it'll make a big difference in letting new players enjoy the true depths of the game, and maybe make the game a little more enjoyable and less of a slog for experienced players as well.

Sorry if it does feel a little light on actual content to read! I expect that'll be rectified more in the next chunk, once the poll for voters has closed, since it looks like some new side content may well be getting voted in.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the new, tightened and cleaned up early game!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL090+_MarchMMU.swf (22.6MiB)
MVOL090+_MarchMMU_Android.apk (31.0MiB)

Lith's Diary - March 2020-03-31T22:15:30+00:00

Dear Diary,
Things have really gone crazy in the last month, huh? Well, I've been managing okay so far. It's been a bummer, dialing back the socializing in person, but I guess that makes more time for being a nerd online and such. I've never considered myself particularly good at adapting to disasters and hardship, but this is one change of lifestyle I can deal with pretty easily, that I guess a lot of people have been struggling with. I hope you're not going too stir-crazy, Diary. And that you're staying healthy!

To be honest, I think when I wrote you last month, I was still struggling through some bad stuff, because I remember lapsing into some serious valleys in mood early this month. But... I was able to pull through, and I'm mostly feeling better now, I think. I can still have some trouble focusing, but I've been getting things done again, and that's been feeling good. I think a lot of my depression really might be tied to my sense of productivity. If I let things I want or need to do stack up, it gets harder to motivate myself and I start spiraling. But if I can keep making progress, then I can work through the pile and feel better, which makes it easier to get more done. I do suspect that I have a hard time really... feeling happy with things I've gotten done, though. Like... you should feel proud, when you accomplish things, right? You should feel good. But it tends to be more like... a sense of relief, that things are a little closer to how they should be, and then I go on to the next thing or take a break. Something in how I look at my work tends to make me see it less as a personal achievement and more as just... fixing problems? Filling a void, or erasing a negative feature in the world? It's kinda hard to describe. Maybe I just always feel like I should have gotten it done better, or faster. Maybe I still have a ways to go in just... allowing myself to be happy with what I've done, to take pride in it.

Well. For now, getting things done again was enough to break me out of my spiral, so I'm glad for that much. And like last month, I have more things to work on, but at least as long as I know what they are, I have some idea of where to go from here, something to look forward to trying to improve on.

This month, I re-watched the whole series of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's been a good, long while, and I found I'd forgotten just how strange and out there some parts of the story got, including a full 1984-type section with a population's very understanding of the world controlled by the government. I'd mainly remembered wacky adventures flying around and meeting weird benders. Well. If you haven't seen the show, I definitely recommend it as an exceptional example of how they can do kid's TV right, to not only be fun and entertaining, but to explore a healthy variety of ideas and worldviews, forcing the characters to struggle with a lot of serious questions of morality and interpersonal relationships. The show, even while being whimsical, has a dignity and a "wholeness" to it that can be hard to explain. It's a little like a mysterious, wise monk that teaches you things, while also having a silly sense of humor. The show has still aged well, though the humor and such can be a little more entertaining when you're still a kid at heart, I think.

Other than that... I tried a game called Megaquarium, it's basically an aquarium management game. I think I was still in the early progression, and it felt pretty nice, but it was turning into a lot of solving little puzzles over and over of which fish can go together where without eating each other or making too much work and such. I've put it aside for now, but hopefully I'll give it another try sometime I need a super chill game to play.

I think that was my main new game this month, but I also returned to a couple games I've played before, but that got some updates. I was really frustrated with Raft last time I tried it, largely because it created a really heavy sense of time pressure between your rapidly draining thirst and hunger meters and the game not letting you pause, and then I bumped an island and found out you can never turn your raft back "the right way," which crippled my resource production.

Well. Between discovering a few silly things I hadn't known and what was either an upgrade in a patch or just a tech I hadn't seen before, I was able to fix all that! I set the difficulty to easy, which literally just makes food and water drain slower, and I still spend so much time messing with that stuff, I have no idea how anyone has the patience to play on normal difficulty. I found I couldn't pause the game because I'd left it set to "friends can join," and apparently if there's even the possibility of a friend joining you, you can't pause to go to the bathroom or anything. And while I never found a way to "turn my raft back," I did find I could partially set my own direction of movement with the sail, which is... almost as good, and helpful in other ways.

So this let me finally play a lot of the game! And... it's pretty fun? It has a pretty decent gameplay cycle to it, and a lot more content in it than I was expecting by this point. It gave me a lot of those "whooaa, no way?!" moments as I discovered more, though some of the creatures I encountered were incredibly annoying, and your options for fighting are very limited and very expensive. Overall, I had a lot of fun with it, but I had to take a break after getting really mad at a bird with a really dumb fighting mechanic. There's still more game in there for when I'm ready to get back into it, I think.

In the meantime, I've come back to what's become a very familiar guilty pleasure of mine. Satisfactory finally got another update, adding lots of silly little quality of life upgrades you can unlock by feeding all your excess resources into a grinder, and now there are pipes for liquids, which is neat. Every time I play this game I end up setting up a bigger, more ridiculous factory complex to work in, because I never remember how big it actually needs to be. Now it's so big that just running across it takes forever. Thankfully, this update also added zoomy tubes! Like... what were they called? Pneumatic tubes, I think. Big pipes that suck you in, Futurama style, and zoom you to the other end! That was pretty much perfect for me, and I can finally zoom all around my way-too-big factory floor that's mostly empty to go handle whatever resource nodes are on the outer edges, and the refinement chains set up next to them. I really just lose hours and hours into this game way too easily, sometimes on the most mind-numbing processes of building out infrastructure and setting up chains of machines aligned just right, but... it's satisfying, and relaxing, like almost nothing else. So I guess it does its job? I just have to be careful not to lose half my day to it anytime I open it up, haha.

It still strikes me as an odd balance sometimes, when we do something "meaningless" to feel better in the short term, but need to keep doing things that actually matter to feel better in the long term. One is so much more tempting, and the other seems so much more noble, but once again, it comes down to balance. You need both of them to really do well in anything.

I hope that in the midst of all these troubles, you're maintaining your own balance, Diary. Not just in doing things for yourself and for the world, but in all things. When the pressure is on, it's up to each of us to show what we're truly made of, to be strong, but also to keep our balance, lest we forget about other important things and let these hard times do even more damage, indirectly. Take care of yourself, and others.

Thank you for taking care of me all this time. It's dizzying to think we're just about at the end of our journey, but there's still more to be done, and new hope on the horizon. I know you'll be ready for whatever comes next.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Regarding Future Project(s)! 2020-03-24T06:22:14+00:00

Just in case you've missed it, I've been making some big blog posts on my site to talk about how MVOL has turned out and my plans for the future. I'm hoping to wrap it all up in a big conclusion/summary and get one or maybe multiple polls going soon, so now is a great time to make sure you've read up on what's going on!

You can get started with the Introduction here, or if you've already read that, check the tag for it and scroll down to the last one you've seen.

I couldn't do this without you guys, so I want to make sure your voices are heard, but I'm hoping you'll have the time to hear me out first, so you know where I'm coming from with all the craziness I'm getting ready to dive into. I can't describe how much excitement and anxiety I've had ramping up to this point, and one way or another, it'll be a relief to finally get the full feedback from everyone.

Comments (1)
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User #12849533 - 25 Mar 20 00:08
Well done, that you shared your plans with us, I’m sure everything that you have planned will happen the way you want.
For future reference
For future referencemore_vert
Post file flag
For future reference 2020-03-18T01:56:25+00:00close

Here's another one that was a bit rough to get right. This is actually a recolored version I made real quick to be a little more accurate (it's a little sloppy in places, sorry) but overall I'm fairly happy with it. I'm long overdue to have a proper ref for Lith, and I knew I had to get it from Mz Nite, but she's super busy these days, so it was tough getting it done. Glad to finally have it, though!

Obviously this won't be going in the game directly, but I thought you guys might like to see it. I set it to wallpaper size just in case someone wanted to be silly like that. Thanks for helping make this happen!

Media (1)

Adjusted-Ref-Preview.png (719.1KiB)

This pose was "not" inspired by a game for children
This pose was "not" inspired by a game for childrenmore_vert
Post file flag
This pose was "not" inspired by a game for children 2020-03-18T01:32:44+00:00close

This one was a more difficult piece to complete, surprisingly, but I hope folks like how it turned out. Vertry has a lot of talent, though we were both going through some hectic times that made it harder to get things adjusted properly and the whole thing dragged out some. To be honest, I'm still not 100% happy with how it's turned out, but a friend looked at it and told me it was all in my head, which I could believe at this point.

Things have been a little rough for me lately, and I've been falling behind on a lot of side tasks that should have been done by now, but hopefully I'm finally getting on top of a lot of it today! Hope you guys are doing well in all the craziness out there!

Media (1)

Floating-Preview.png (1.4MiB)

v0.90! 2020-03-06T22:14:21+00:00

Hidden content, a new snack, and lots of stuff! We're finally entering Beta! Get all the details over on my site's blog!

Having trouble playing the game? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

Mega Mirrors: Standard - Android

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #7129214 - 17 Mar 20 03:03
How do I access the cheat-enabled version? I purchased the Follower tier, but can't figure it out
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 17 Mar 20 04:08
Thanks for your support! You'll be looking for the "plus" version, over under this tag:[tag]=Plus
user avatar
User #30324922 - 21 Mar 20 21:49
thank you
user avatar
User #30324922 - 21 Mar 20 09:50
i downloaded the game off of mega and when i went to play it, it did not work even with the latest version of adobe flash player.
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 21 Mar 20 17:29
Sorry for the trouble! Did you try opening it using the projector I link in the post?
user avatar
User #29218270 - 7 Mar 20 04:33
Is there any way to move my progress from an old version to new
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 7 Mar 20 04:39
It should transfer automatically, if you're playing on the same device. If not, you could try opening the old version and making a save backup file. If you played in incognito, the files may be gone, though.
user avatar
User #29218270 - 8 Mar 20 06:27
thanks this helped out, although I did end up starting over I did not want to miss anything new.
user avatar
User #4464936 - 23 Mar 20 18:22
Gotta say, I cannot wait until the next update! The hidden content in this update was worth the effort to get it.
user avatar
User #5241931 - 24 Apr 20 15:49
Nice! So glad to see you've come so far since i tried this game early years ago, how do i get the cheat version? I need to see what i haven't unlocked :) cheers
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 28 Apr 20 23:27
Hey, thanks for your support! And sorry for the delay. At your tier, you can get the advance copy (which also has cheats enabled) under the Advance Release tag, or the current version just with cheats under the Plus tag. Sorry for the slow response! Almost lost track of some things for a minute there.
v0.90+, Updated! 2020-03-06T22:06:48+00:00

Since the advance release I tweaked the hidden content a lot, added art, and tuned up a lot of the little extra bits. Hope you all enjoy!

Trouble playing the downloaded copy? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android

Comments (2)
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User #16058123 - 16 Mar 20 12:35
Won't let me install on my android for some reason
user avatar
β˜… Lithier - 17 Mar 20 04:09
Have you played MVOL on Android before? It can be a little tricky the first time, I have a couple tips on my site's download page:
v0.90 Deluxe! 2020-03-06T22:03:08+00:00

It's a big day! Thanks for being a big part of this project and helping make this happen! Your extra big copy is ready to go!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL090_Deluxe.swf (58.9MiB)
MVOL090_Deluxe_Android.apk (67.3MiB)

Lith's Diary - February 2020-03-01T02:11:17+00:00

Dear Diary,
This month has been difficult, but not so much so that I really feel like I can complain. It's more like... I still feel like I could do better, and be better, than what I've been doing. So I guess it's important to try to understand how I can improve? That'll give this mess some real worth.

I don't want to get into too much detail on it, to be honest. I took some time off to be social, and it wasn't bad, but it could have gone better. I had a hard time getting back into my routine after that, as well. Maybe part of the problem is that I'm always trying to push myself to do better, but sometimes aiming for how I believe I should be able to do something just makes it take longer than if I was honest with myself about my needs and shortcomings. I'm not sure what the best solution is there. Maybe I need to learn to be better aware of when I'm off my footing and need to play it safe, versus when I'm more comfortable and it's safe to push out of my comfort zone. It's frustrating having to slow down for something like that, but if I want long term change, I need a slow and steady approach, I think.

Anyway, things haven't turned out too bad, all things considered. I'm thinking more about my plans for my life lately, and I hope I can find some time to put aside and really just relax and think things through again soon, I'm always wishing I'd do that more, but all the other things in life are always demanding my attention, for better or worse.

Like games! I played a lot of this odd, obscure little tower defense kinda game called Rats, Bats, & Bones this month. It's clearly inspired by Dungeon Warfare, which is great since I really liked that one, but didn't really like the direction it went in for the sequel. Basically, it's a 2D game where you're building up traps and barricades in a dungeon to kill off waves of monsters with various powers, immunities, and special qualities that make it harder to kill all of them. It has this heavy early 90s feel with super old school pixel graphics that feel like the game should be running in DOS, but with this strange, funky synth soundtrack that actually works pretty well. I'm still holding my breath for something weird getting thrown in that spoils the experience, but so far I'm two-thirds of the way through the campaign and I really enjoy it as something to pick up and zone out with for an hour or two, studying a map and figuring out just which routes to block off to funnel all the enemies into one super concentrated killzone. Except when there are enemies that can slip past those, or maps where it's really hard to set one up properly, or it's only possible super close to the crystal you're protecting... It throws a lot of challenges at you! If you enjoy tower defense type games, I definitely recommend it. The progression system is a pretty strong mix of tantalizing and frustrating to keep me always wanting to earn more upgrade points.

I've been playing that on and off this month, but my big game more recently was getting back into Subnautica's sequel/expansion thingy, Below Zero. Come to think of it, Monster Hunter: World had a big icy expansion recently too, I've been meaning to get into that sometime. And Warcraft 3 had a big icy expansion too! Is there something about icy areas that make them great for expansions?

Well, Below Zero has changed a ton since last I played it. It's working in the same basic mechanics as the first game, using a lot of the same resources, but it's almost all new creatures, and there are a lot of interesting new pieces of technology to really change up the experience, some of which I know I'm really gonna miss if I ever play the original again. The game still does a great job of creating that sense of tension and exploration, but it's got a very different feel to it overall. They've been working a lot on giving it more actual story with characters and dialogue, including a player character that actually talks and has a personality. So far the storyline feels a little confused and incomplete, I think they're still working on adding some pieces partway through and ironing the whole thing out, but it definitely feels more like you're an actual person in this world rather than a silent entity just interacting with monsters.

That said, the monsters are also a bigger presence in this world. Even though this is one huge frozen biome, it feels like there's just way more life everywhere, especially big creatures, especially the ones that want to take a bite out of you, or just swallow you whole. In the first game, it was common to have huge open areas with almost no life in them-- which is actually true for a lot of the open ocean. But where it's this shallow, it makes sense there's more life everywhere, and while it can get kinda ridiculous sometimes just how many threats there are to your survival (I think they wanted to crank up the difficulty for veterans of the first game) it also kinda feels more appropriate in a way, in how it forces you to play. Even once I have a vehicle, I have to play carefully, hugging the ocean floor and hiding in crevices to avoid the bigger creatures roving through the open waters. In the shallows, that's kinda the way life goes, right? You hunt smaller creatures while hiding from the bigger ones trying to hunt you. So in that respect, it does feel like they do a better job of making you feel like you're literally part of the food chain and struggling to survive, not just an observer passing through.

Plus, the creatures are a lot harder to brush off as non-threats. The Reaper Leviathan from the original game is terrifying when you first meet it, but by late game you know that you can basically just dance circles around it because it has a really slow turning rate, so it's pretty easy to just swim right up to it and scan it, which takes like 20 seconds, by just staying right at its side as it swims in circles around you. But in Below Zero, the creatures are a lot more maneuverable. If you get really close to them, they'll do things like dart away from you to turn properly and lock on, and some are just able to turn really quickly at times, to be able to get at creatures right next to them like you'd expect a big hunter to be able to do. It's harder to just evade them, so they feel more like real threats you need to avoid altogether.

I have had some frustrations with the game, but so far the big ones were basically just me not doing something the right way, not looking in the right place, and suffering for it. So on the one hand, that's my fault and I can't complain too much, but on the other, the most frustrating thing was (embarrassingly enough) the exact same problem I'd had a year ago when last I tried playing, and I'd apparently then forgotten it and had to struggle through all over again. So I feel like at least maybe, they should do something to make the right path a little more clear? I should hope it hasn't just been me that's messed this up trying to get started in the game. If you're gonna play the game, I'll give you one hint I wish I'd had: you don't actually need the moonpool until the mid or late game, and you won't be able to get it till then either. Yeah, that one left me feeling pretty stupid...

Well. Like I said, the important thing about messing up is that you learn from it, so you can do better in the future. I guess I failed to do that last time, and I think I had a similar problem in the original game actually, so this might be a lesson I really need to think on as well. And as long as you have something to learn from, you have a plan for how to improve yourself, which means you can look forward to being better tomorrow than you are today. It can be hard to accept how much you've fallen short of a challenge today, but that's not the important thing. It's good that it's humbling, because pride tends to blind us to our mistakes altogether.

So don't be afraid to make mistakes, Diary. And most importantly, don't be afraid to own up to them, to accept that you're not perfect. Just make sure to turn that into a positive thing! We all need hope for the future to keep us going, and the promise of being able to improve can be one of the most precious kinds of hope.

I know we couldn't have gotten this far in the void without being willing to accept that. It's been hard, but I think it's been worth it. Thank you for helping me get this far. I know this is all thanks to your help, and your compassion, and your patience. So, really, just... Thank you so much. I'm happy that you're a part of my life.

Be well, and be proud of yourself. But... don't be afraid to be humble, too, I guess.

v0.90+ Advance Release! 2020-03-01T02:06:00+00:00

That's right, we're finally making the jump from Alpha to Beta! What's that mean? In short, the main content of the game is complete! From here on, I'll be transitioning to tuning the game to play better and be a better experience in general. But I'll get into that more later!

The important thing right now is, the new content is ready, along with a slew of new side features! The easiest to find is a new snack, but if you follow the new hints in the game, you might be able to find the new hidden content, something I've had several requests for by now...

I don't want to spoil too much with this section, but I'm looking forward to feedback on whether the hints are enough to help you get there! Please let me know what you think! Also, sorry for any bugs or typos, gonna be cleaning those up this week before the full release!


G-Drive Mirror: Standard - Android


Attachments (2)

MVOL090Plus.swf (21.4MiB)
MVOL090Plus_Android.apk (29.8MiB)

Monthly Mini-Update for February! 2020-02-23T06:45:26+00:00

Alright! This MMU has a lot of different things going on, as we're making the big jump to v0.90 with a bunch of new little features added in! I'll go through them quickly in order of significance.

The big chunk of content I previewed in the last MMU is now complete and moved from the Diamond Door to its proper place in the game! This does mean that it will be much harder to find it, though, as this is basically meant to be the single most challenging section of content to find in the game. If you want it spoiled how to find it, the last preview's Diamond Door should make it pretty easy to figure out. But if you'd like a subtler clue, you're in luck, MVOL has those now! I'll get into that in a minute.

Next, a new snack has been added in the Wooden Door, and it's different enough from the others that it's had its own whole section of the menu opened up for it. Once you've used all the other snacks through the menu at least once, it should appear as an option. Right now it's only partway written, which in this case means there's only one scene, and only in one variant right now, so sexual content may not go exactly how you expect just yet. Hoping to expand it some next week!

Now, along with that, I've added a lot of small bits to make it easier to track what's going on, including a more explicit description for each save file, but more importantly right now, a series of tips and hints have been added to the "main area!" I'm still planning on expanding these as well, but I'm hoping they'll do a lot to help people find things they may have been missing with little nudges and nuggets of wisdom here and there. Notably, one of them is a veiled clue as to how to reach the main new content for this update! You'll probably still need to know the game pretty well to put it together just from that, but it's my hope this would be just about the last thing a dedicated player would discover anyway.

I'll be interested to hear any feedback you guys have on the hints and if you can find the new content without spoilers! I'm still debating on how exactly I'm gonna present it to the public at large.

Thank you for helping me get to this point! We're finally gonna be going into Beta with this update! I think that's time for a party!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL090+_FebruaryMMU_Android.apk (29.8MiB)
MVOL090+_FebruaryMMU.swf (21.4MiB)

Inanimate objects??
Inanimate objects??more_vert
Post file flag
Inanimate objects?? 2020-02-16T08:19:55+00:00close

Who commissions art of inanimate objects for a porn game?! Honestly! Well, I do feel like they each have some character to them, and certainly come with a great deal of meaning, so I was happy to finally have them rendered properly, and I think SalKitten did a fantastic job bringing them "to life." Especially considering just how weird some of these turned out to be, once I started looking for references and realized that maybe I don't 100% understand how doors are supposed to work or be. Or like... modern metal art, for that matter. It was a strange and frustrating experience, but Sal was very patient and accommodating, and I really appreciated that.

Things have been a little rough this month, I had some personal stuff come up that ended up taking up a lot more of my life than expected, and I've only just been getting back into my roll the last couple days. I've still got a lot planned, so it's gonna be tough getting all this done without pushing myself too hard, but you gotta maintain that life balance to be more productive in the long term! Thanks for your support, guys!

Media (4)

Stone.png (1009.3KiB)
Wood.png (1.1MiB)
Glass.png (680.3KiB)
Steel.png (721.5KiB)

Monthly Mini-Update for January! 2020-01-31T08:18:21+00:00

Okay folks! We're in the endgame here, so this is another preview that's a little bit tricky. Both what this preview contains and how to get to it is a pretty big spoiler, and like a few updates back, if you open it, you'll be missing out on the experience of discovering it for yourself in the game. That said, I expect this to be one of the most challenging to find and least commonly known sections of the game, so if you're not looking for a challenge, playing this preview should give you a fairly strong idea of how to find the content later.

In terms of preserving the experience, I think you'll miss out on about... 25% of the experience playing it now rather than "in the natural flow" of the game, and that's not counting the fact that it ends abruptly for now, since I ran out of time. So, like before, I have to advise you to use your own judgment to decide whether or not to wait for the proper release. You can also get a somewhat less spoilery hint on how to find the bulk of the hidden content later if you only play the first couple pages, then load out of the preview.

Now, with all those warnings out of the way, here's the standard info! This is the post-release MMU, so the Diamond Door is open! You can access it by going to the doors menu, and if you don't have that right now, cheats are also enabled. Cheat a collar in and you should have access before long. If you haven't played all the door content by now, though, I wouldn't recommend playing this preview...

That should be all you need to know! It's been hard for me to judge my progress with this update, but overall I'm fairly happy with what I've gotten done, and I hope that whether you're reading it now or later, you'll enjoy! Thanks for your support!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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MVOL044+_JanuaryMMU.swf (21.4MiB)
MVOL044+_JanuaryMMU_Android.apk (29.8MiB)

Lith's Diary - January 2020-01-31T08:03:46+00:00

Dear Diary,
I hope you've been staying warm! It's finally easing up a little here, but I know that in a lot of places, the winter is getting to its most bitter part around now. It's been a long time since summer, and the cold is setting in deep. You'd better be taking of yourself!

I probably could be taking a little bit better care of myself, actually. Things were a little hectic this month, and I ended up doing a lot of cleaning as well as working hard, and I had to remind myself to get some actual relaxation in again. I mentioned getting behind on things last month, and while I feel a little better about that, it's certainly still a lingering problem: always having more things that need to get done than I have time or energy for, making it hard to ever really relax when it feels like they're always looming over me. That can be a bummer, but it's especially frustrating because I still want to be doing more, and better!

...I guess that makes it sound like I have a work ethic? I think that's kinda misleading. It's more like... I'm still really lazy, but I'm always frustrated with myself for needing so much downtime and wishing I could do more. I think I might be getting better, but if so, it's pretty slow going.

With all this going on, I definitely needed a game that would let me relax more than something like God of War would. Thankfully, one game I picked up recently fit the bill well, and I've been playing it pretty much all month! I do enjoy it, but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. Before I can really tell you about that, though, I think I need to give you a little background, in case you don't pay a lot of attention to the gaming community.

I'm a big fan of stealth games, and one of the biggest titles out there for that is Metal Gear Solid. The games are always incredibly well-polished to have solid, satisfying stealth gameplay and a lot of interesting innovations... and they're notorious for being really weird. The plot tends to be ridiculously convoluted, with layers of conspiracies, hidden identities, false premises, and ulterior motives. All of this is happening against a backdrop of high-powered technology that begins with giant mechs that launch nukes and only gets weirder, more ridiculously powerful, and closer to just being straight up magic. It's fascinating, sometimes awesome, sometimes goofy, and while cutscenes often dragged on way too long, seeing just what the heck was gonna happen next certainly felt rewarding once you snuck your way through the facility to your objective.

The whole series spanned something like ten games I think, if you count spinoffs and side stories, with the main story stretching across two generations of impossible technology and larger-than-life characters. It was bizarre, but it was great, and it was one of the few AAA releases out there that really felt like it was driven by a focused passion, because a guy called Kojima had complete control over it.

Well, apparently the company he was working under to make these games finally got sick of him, and of making money, and decided to kick him out. They kept the rights to Metal Gear Solid, too, so he couldn't make any more games in the series. And without Kojima, no new MGS game could ever possibly work, everyone's pretty well agreed on that. So now that company is making pachinko machines with the license, and Kojima has started over with a brand new IP, at his own company, where I guess he has even more control than he did before, presumably because he doesn't have any executives looking over his shoulder and reining him in. And for a long time, all we knew was that it's called Death Stranding.

And... well, in this particular case, I think maybe he needed someone reining him in a little, because this game is... I mean, it's good? And it's well-polished. But it's just so incredibly weird, it's hard to say how to really feel about it. It makes me miss the MGS days.

The basic idea of the game, gameplay-wise, is that America has been decimated by an apocalypse of ghosts with antimatter inside them, and now all the survivors are huddled up in shelters across the country. It's up to you to cross the country on foot delivering supplies and hooking them up to a new network that's basically "the internet but better" so they can finally start cooperating and sharing knowledge again. Along the way, you unlock vehicles to help cross open terrain, you get resources to build your own roads, and you build up to better tech all around for getting across a country full of hostile terrain, crazy raiders, and ghosts that want to eat you so they can set off an antimatter bomb with your body. This is literally the most normal, easy to understand part of the game.

And it's fun! For me, anyway. I like trading games, and I like building infrastructure and stuff like that, so while this is a little off my sweet spot, it's still really satisfying to build this big transportation network by hand, going out there on foot with the equipment and resources to build all this stuff so that it's a ton easier to deliver more stuff here later, and then do all that delivering myself, too. But instead of making a profit or building up colonies or something, you're rewarded for delivering stuff with... likes?

The game is all about getting likes, as if the whole world has been eaten by Facebok. If you deliver the cargo faster and in better condition, you get more likes, and also the people in the shelters will thank you profusely with telegrams. You almost never actually see another person face to face, but there's tons and tons of thanks and praise that gets thrown at you as you do the work, to the point that I'm just skipping through all of it because I don't need to listen to someone find a new way, for the fiftieth time, to say "you're really helping us out, delivering this stuff." You could say there's a strong theme of like... how you can feel connected to people through social media, but also feel incredibly lonely because you get so little actual contact in person. There are obviously a lot of strong messages in the game about people needing to connect, to come together and cooperate, instead of squabbling among ourselves or drifting apart. And I can appreciate that! But it tends to feel... really strangely executed. And they'll really waste your time with millions of little cutscenes and speeches if you let them, you have to skip a ton of stuff just to keep actually playing the game.

And... then there's the story. Like... When you play Metal Gear Solid, it feels like you're in a... slightly weird version of the real world. It feels like most people lead normal lives like we do, but we're peeking into the secret underbelly where ridiculous, secret technology is used to do incredible things, and all these bizarre, outlandish, and often insane characters duke it out for the fate of the world. It always struck this mesmerizing balance between taking itself super seriously and having hyper-realistic mechanics and military tactics and equipment... and just hilariously weird, nonsensical stuff mixed in, also trying to be taken seriously.

But in Death Stranding, it feels like... the very premise of the world is half-confusing, half-nonsense. And the basic people in the world are really weird. The main human enemies you fight are people that got "addicted to the rush of delivering packages" and went rogue, attacking other couriers and stealing their packages. And the technology level is really weird. And you basically have magic because you can put the word "chiral" in front of anything and it will do anything you want it to. And then every single character you see is just really, really weird. And creepy. And probably lying. That last part is standard for a Kojima game, it's kind of a tradition that basically everything you learn in the first hour will turn out to be a lie by the end, just because there are so many twists and shocking reveals. But in this game, it's just... there's no straight man.

MGS was fascinating because it was part serious and realistic, part completely bonkers. Now, this game is trying to take itself super seriously and have emotional depth, but... every single thing is complete bonkers nonsense. You can't tell what's an obvious cover and what's the truth, finally revealed, because none of it makes any kind of sense. It's a living fever dream, but also you're delivering packages. I don't know if this is what MGS would have been like if Kojima hadn't had anyone mediating his vision? I heard Star Wars only turned out so great because George Lucas was under a lot of restrictions and a lot of other talented people helped refine it, and that's why the prequels turned out so weird. I think that's basically what we got here. It was great with just a splash of genius, but too much and it just becomes... Well, it's certainly unique.

I do like the game! I've been basically wringing all the fun I can out of it getting kinda completionist, doing all the repeatable deliveries at least once, unlocking all the hidden places and building all the relationships to max. I'm about ready to finally finish the game, but I already know that even once you understand the full story, it doesn't get any less weird, or less crazy. I kinda watched a let's play first... But I've had a lot of fun with it anyway, so that shows you how good the gameplay is! I just... wish it was a little closer to MGS. There was a little stealth, but it was seriously stripped down from what MGS had, and while the plot was crazy, it was also fairly emotionally involving and fun, which was definitely missing here. A lot of this game felt like it was just aggressively trying to waste my time, and fell flat on what were supposed to be some of the best parts. I hope Kojima can work things out and bring us a new experience that strikes a better balance next time!

Phew! So yeah, kinda complicated. And I do still mean to finish God of War, I kept playing for a while and it kept surpassing my expectations, it really gives you a ton of options for handling combat while keeping things feeling simple, so it's kinda up to you to remember all the ways you can use all your tools. It was getting harder though, so I hope I don't have too much trouble getting back into it!

What else? I've watched a few anime, I might talk about Log Horizon next time, there's still more of it for me to catch up on. I did finish one called School-Live! that I definitely recommend. It looks very innocent and silly for most of the first episode, but it slowly unfolds into something intense, and sad, and it'll quietly draw you in to feel for the characters as they struggle to survive and to maintain a sense of joy in life. You can tell a lot of love and attention went into the show, and while I can't say it's one of the greats, it's absolutely worth a watch.

Alright, that's all the nerding out I've kept pent up this month. Thanks for listening! It still feels silly sometimes rambling about this stuff to you so much, but I hope it'll give you something new to enjoy now and then, and at least a few new ideas to think on here n there. I'm about to take a hearty break and get some real social time in, so hopefully I'll finally get to unwind properly after all the fuss this month. I'll just have to be careful not to let that get me too far behind on the work for next month, of course!

I hope you're taking care of yourself as well! It's important to take a proper break, or even a vacation, now and then, or you'll burn out without realizing! If we get too caught up in our work, we can lose perspective on why we're doing what we do, which will drain all the meaning and the joy even from what should be a good job. Make sure to get out of your own head now and then!

...I guess that's funny wording, coming from me, actually. Things are... reaching a peak, in the void. We've come a long way, you and me, you know? ...Thank you for standing by my side. Thank you for all your help, and your patience, and your support. I think it's finally paying off, so... I hope that you'll be happy with how things are turning out. That you don't feel like you've put all this effort in for nothing. It's meant the world to me that we've gotten this far.

From the bottom of my heart... thank you. And... Stay warm!

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Coldsnap 2020-01-13T21:31:01+00:00close

Here's one I've been wanting to get for a long time. With this, I've gotten three pieces from Khuraji centered around strong moments in Lith's journey through the Stone Door, and I've been really happy with all of them. They really help push the feel of this section, I think. This one was delayed some with my own preoccupation, and getting all the details of this scene right was challenging, but he was great about communicating clearly and getting things figured out. I think this might be the most beautiful piece of art I've commissioned yet!

The last update left me kinda wiped out again, and I've been struggling some getting myself back in a state to get work done when I have so many other things cropping up that I need to catch up on, but I think I might be past the worst of it. I'm a touch overdue by my usual schedule on a few things, but hopefully can get a fair chunk of that fixed today.

Thanks for your support! You've made all of this possible!

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v0.44! 2020-01-04T19:33:14+00:00

The Hidden Section is complete, and MVOL now has a dark mode! Get all the details over on my site's blog!

Having trouble playing the game? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

Mega Mirrors: Standard - Android


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User #8791592 - 6 Mar 20 22:02
It doesn’t work on my phone. Help! Phone is Apple SE
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β˜… Lithier - 6 Mar 20 22:56
Sorry! Apple hates porn and also its users. You may have better luck doing things you want to do if you get an Android!
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User #4018532 - 11 Jan 20 15:24
Hey, this one and the last 2 + versions of the apk aren't downloading correctly on android. For some reason, they are treated as zip archive files rather than install-able apk file. Just thought I'd let ya know so you can try and trouble shoot it.
user avatar
User #4018532 - 11 Jan 20 15:25
The last 2 + editions I guess I should say, as 0.43 public release still works fine when downloaded.
v0.44+, Updated! 2020-01-04T19:22:29+00:00

Added a lot of small things and tweaked the hidden content's gameplay, so keep an eye out if you played the advance copy! Thanks for your support!

Trouble playing the downloaded copy? Go here, scroll down to your operating system and click "Download the Flash Player projector."

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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User #4538282 - 6 Jan 20 22:21
my heart. my soul.
user avatar
User #23360586 - 17 Jan 20 03:58
I'm gonna fucking die playing this game. My body will run out of water from all the tears I will shed
v0.44 Deluxe! 2020-01-04T19:16:32+00:00

Ready to go! I think the new art is pretty great in full definition. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for being awesome!

G-Drive Mirrors: Standard - Android


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Lith's Diary - December 2020-01-01T01:42:45+00:00

Dear Diary,
Happy holidays! I hope you had fun exchanging gifts, celebrating with friends, whatever you got up to this month. It's the middle of winter here and I believe we're passing the longest nights right around now, so it's important to take some time to be cheerful and celebrate all the good things in our lives. Friends, safety, family, health, they're all so precious, and we can so easily take them for granted until we lose one of them. Stay warm, and stay grateful for all the good in your life, rather than worrying about the bad.

Hmmm. This month I've been really busy again. Or maybe it's more that I'm letting my work stress me out a bit much again. I do feel like I'm getting a lot done, and I've still been taking some time to relax, but my pile of things I should be doing or want to do has been growing again, and that's frustrating. I don't know if I need to shift my priorities or fix my habits a little, but hopefully I'll be able to get a better handle on it soon.

Christmas here was pretty quiet. Just a small celebration, and I tried making a silly baked thing. It's supposed to be like s'mores, where you melt chocolate in a pan or on a plate and bake it with a layer of marshmallows on top. It makes a "s'mores dip" you can dip into with graham crackers, and... it was pretty tasty! But it was incredibly rich, so you definitely need a few people to share it with I think, and it was hard to really get that "crisp" you get to marshmallows when you actually roast them. And the stuff hardens and gets pretty gross as soon as it cools, so you have to finish it all off pretty quickly. I heard you can warm up the leftovers and they're half-decent, but when the last of it turned into concrete I decided I was done with it. Now I have a lot of leftover marshmallows though. Guess I get to make rice crispy treats sometime!

Oh, and I've been picking up a lot of new games, so I'll probably be rambling about lots of new titles soon, haha. I'm awful about game sales and keep buying more when the price gets too tempting. I think I jumped into a new homage to Final Fantasy Tactics right around when I wrote you last, actually. It's called Fell Seal, and it's absolutely, intensely obvious in being "a new FFT," and honestly it does a pretty good job on that. I put something like thirty hours into it and I was enjoying it in... a strange way? It has a huge, elaborate web of classes you can unlock, with lots of stuff you discover by learning new abilities, in such a way it's hard to predict but you always know where to explore next to try and pick out a new piece of the puzzle. I was actually buying a new ability for almost every character after every battle! That was an odd sensation. It was cool, but almost felt like it was becoming too much maintenance and poking around between each fight? Even if I really like fiddling around with classes and abilities. I'm still waiting to give my final verdict on the classes and such, but it's definitely interesting.

The combat is pretty solid and familiar but with some new design elements, and I like most of their choices. I did have a few frustrations with the game, though, and when I ran into one big one, maybe it's just that I was already a little too stressed at the time, but I decided it was time to drop the game for now. The game does feel harder than FFT in some ways, and I think a lot of that has to do with it feeling more like the NPCs get all the same tools you do... and some of those tools are really cool and overpowered. So I'd be excited to try out all my cool new abilities, or I'd be leveling something boring trying to get to the good stuff, and suddenly the NPCs would unload all these crazy things on me that started making me pretty sore. One fight, they gave me an ally NPC that could teleport enemies around, and a lot of characters instantly die in water because they don't have the swim ability. I thought that felt a little overpowered, but it was obviously a fight balanced with this in mind against what would otherwise be overwhelming enemy forces.

But when an enemy showed up in a random encounter that casually teleported my characters into the water to kill them in the second round of the fight? I decided I'd had enough for now. I think this is similar to my problem with Overwatch, actually: flashy, ridiculous abilities look really cool and appealing to use, and it's exciting to use them, but it's very not-exciting to have them used on you. And that aggravation can be worse than the excitement you feel using the abilities yourself. So when your enemies have the same overpowered tools, it becomes a race to who can be the most overpowered first, and it starts warping things in weird ways to feel unfun. In PvP, mirror matches are expected, so while it's frustrating it at least feels reasonable, but when I'm playing a single player game and I'm expected to win dozens of battles in a row, I expect to feel like a hero with some exceptional abilities to get me there. Tactics is a bit part of that, of course, I play to outmaneuver the enemy, but having a few really powerful options at my disposal to get me out of tight spots can be great. Give them to every set of enemies, though, and it quicky feels less like I'm a hero and more like I'm just begging for punishment.

The game does have a ton of difficulty settings, so maybe I'll tweak those later and try again, but I don't think they'll remove stuff like "cheap, reusable ability to instakill half your party one by one." I really want to like the game, but I don't know. And I have a million other games just begging to be played right now...

And I've gone and used so much space ranting about this one! Um! Let me try and summarize some other thoughts real quick, I don't want to go on forever. I'm a good ways into God of War and actually enjoying it more than I expected. It's not too fast paced, the combat is challenging and sometimes frustrating but not too much for me, and the fiddly rpg bits don't seem like as much of a bother as they'd looked watching someone else play. I expected it to be a great story with some problems in the gameplay, but so far the problems have been lesser and I've found new nice touches I hadn't expected, so it's turned into a better game than I expected multiple ways! I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing it, so I'll try to touch on it again next month.

I tried Raft after I'd played it a long time ago and liked it. There's a ton more to it, and I wanted to enjoy it, but I found it was rapidly turning into an anxiety simulator more than anything else. You keep having to juggle a million different demands on your attention and resources while trying to build things up and get more stuff to use to build, and when I found out that islands can just casually turn your raft different directions and allow you absolutely no way to turn it again on your own, AND that I literally can't pause the game, I decided to put it down. Again, maybe someday, but I don't need that stress right now!

I've also watched some stuff! Tokyo Ghoul got a lot worse at the end of the first season, and I kinda dropped it three or four episodes into the second season. It lost a lot of its charm and flair, the characters got less interesting, and the animation quality took a big dive. Maybe another team took over? I said last time I hoped it'd have a big twist or something, and I guess it did, but really not of the type it needed. Dr. Stone has been a lot of fun, I forget if I mentioned it? Basically nerding out over rebuilding civilized technology from stone age resources. It's pretty silly, but also fascinating, educational, and a lot of fun.

I've never gotten into Gundam, but I finally gave Steel-Blooded Orphans a try. Apparently it's kind of a spin-off, alternate universe thing, I don't really know the details, but it was a pretty good show. Very intense, visceral, and emotionally involved, exploring the mentality of "we have no choice but to keep going forward" as both a blessing and a curse. The whole thing is sort of a violent tragedy with a lot of highs and lows and complicated relationships and politics woven in, but I actually found myself following things pretty well and enjoying a lot of it even though I was only half-paying attention. I liked to put it on while I was cooking. Conversely, I tried another Gundam show after and it's just been so much more emotionally shallow, heavy on complicated politics I don't really care about, and kinda disappointing in general. They like to highlight the tragedy of war on a personal scale with these shocking moments of death in high definition animation, but it still doesn't give the same emotional weight as Orphans did. So I feel like main line Gundam still isn't for me, but I did find a pretty nice one off to one side of it.

Alright. I've gone on too long again! For now, I just want to say that I hope you've had a good decade! I know it's been a good one for me. I was pretty lonely at the start, but over the last ten years I've met so many kind people like you! I have loads of friends and we've gone on all these strange adventures, and finally found some... some answers, to some questions I've been struggling with a really long time. We're not done just yet, but I think we can all be proud of all the things we've accomplished in this decade. I know I'm proud, and I'm grateful that you've been here with me. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

So as you ring in the new year, remember to stay warm, and that I count you among the good things in my life that'll put a smile on my face, no matter how hard things may get in the future. Keep looking up, keep hoping, and we'll make the coming decade even better than the last, together!

Happy New Year!

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User #865107 - 1 Jan 20 02:16
I recently got a game called Octopath Traveler and if you like games like final fantasy you might like it, be warned though that it takes a long time to beat. Happy new year!
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