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July 2020 Wrap-Up - Big Victories, Big Burnout 2020-07-30T15:23:16+00:00

July has ended and it's been a strange mix of some great milestones here, but also an acknowledgement of my continued struggle with burnout.

To start off, Kev and I packed up the FINAL Kickstarter order after a year and change of consecutive Kickstarter campaigns dedicated to the Birthstone Goddesses enamel pins!

It's been amazing to see how fans, new and old, have turned out to support this pin series' creation. The pins are complete and I am so happy with them! That's one big project milestone for the Birthstone Goddesses complete:

(The entire series is now available in my shop!)

Now, we can sit back and get some much needed rest! This year-long journey has shown me what my limits are as a one-person business and that I just can't do this all by myself without sacrificing my well-being. It shows me I can only do two Kickstarters a year at most, and that it's super important for my creative wells to not sacrifice so much of my time painting to business upkeep, promotion, and project management.

It showed me I was very bad at taking time off as well! It just wasn't possible. The last few months I kept trying to take time off, but there was always something in Backerkit that needed setting up, ads to design, proofs to approved, and Kickstarter things to promote before the next deadline.

So now for vacation take three (or four?), I'm losing count! Now that there are no more Kickstarter things until next year, I'm taking some ACTUAL true and proper time off! Reading this article on artists defining and struggling with their burnout really made me pause and think about some specific strategies for myself to set better resting habits!

Our creativity is a muscle that can be strained and it's a skill they don't teach in school. I'm giving myself permission to have fun in August, do non-art crafty projects, and play all the video games! And THIS TIME I will not have to worry about unavoidable Kickstarter deadlines encroaching on that all-important rest time.

Coming in August

I'll still be sharing a new coloring page and new art. I'll be meandering with fun art, like Anko's 6 Outfits Challenge, finishing more portraits for my charity drive, and sharing more creative journey posts here, for a little while. The Birthstone Goddesses are entering their final phase for me and there's a lot I want to tell you all about where we're going from here, once I've rested a bit!

Digest of July's Posts

New Rewards Added in July


I hope you all won't mind seeing my continued art diversions here for a little while longer! The Birthstone Goddesses will return momentarily, but as I've been going full steam ahead on them for 6 years (wow!), it's important that I let it rest for a little while to finish it off the final phase with a bang! I'm planning some very different illustrations to be included in the art book and I am SO excited to get into something that's less Mucha and more ME.

More soon!

♥ Ang

New Art! Keyword Drawings - "Dark Fairy" & "Whimsical Pinup"
New Art! Keyword Drawings - "Dark Fairy" & "Whimsical Pinup"more_vert
Post file flag
New Art! Keyword Drawings - "Dark Fairy" & "Whimsical Pinup" 2020-07-28T10:00:03+00:00close

I've been working this month on many things, from completing portraits for my BLM charity drive to also doing these ink drawings for Limited Edition Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Books that were bought via the Goddesses of Spring Kickstarter.

NOTE: These Limited Edition books are available ONLY through my Kickstarter Add On shops, but can also be found in my Patreon Secret Shop, should anyone here be tempted!

KEYWORDS: "Dark Fairy"

I've had a character in my head for years who was a mischievous fairy who liked to eat butterflies and moths. I don't think she's necessarily evil, but she does enjoy a good prank!

Drawn with Micron Pens & Faber-Castel PITT Warm and Cool Grey Markers.

KEYWORDS: "Whimsical Pinup"

After all the Art Nouveau style I've been working in, I couldn't resist channeling the mood of Alphonse Mucha's lovely theatre posters for this one! Faeries were still on my brain and she ended up a 'light' version of the Dark Fairy.

I somehow ended up with an unintentional Princess Zelda vibe with this one. I am okay with this!

Drawn in Micron Pens.

I hope you enjoyed the ink sketches! I ended up liking them so much that I plan to add them to my Fantasy coloring page offerings once I have time to clean up and re-draw the line art, so stay tuned for them to be included in the next coloring page offering poll!

My Muse seems to really enjoy taking an abstract prompt and running away with the ideas the words generate. I enjoy this more spontaneous process as a way to relax from my usual meticulously planned process.

More portraits coming next, plus Anko's Outfit Challenge!

♥ Ang


If you use my material links here to purchase supplies via Amazon, I get a little kickback! I hope you all have fun with your inking projects.

Media (1)

keyword-drawings.jpg (299.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5879148 - 29 Jul 20 05:32
They are lovely!
user avatar
angelasasser - 30 Jul 20 01:16
Thank you, Shaiha! I'm glad you enjoy them. :)
Kickstarter Post-Mortem: Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book 2020-07-16T21:06:54+00:00

I wrote a rather extensive post on Facebook back in 2018 about my experience with my Birthstone Goddesses coloring book Kickstarter as an artist with a small following. I am finally re-posting it here so it is more accessible to all! (This project was known as the Ladies of the Months back then. Ah, title regrets!)

Book Kickstarters are a LOT of work and this post summarizes the life cycle of how this campaign operated with bonus pointers at the end as to why my first Kickstarter for the Birthstone Goddesses failed. You'll also find a compilation of links to my ads, landing pages, etc. at the end for further study.

May this prove useful for any of you hoping to run your own Kickstarters in the future! SHOUT OUT to the Make Your Art Work folks whose Kick Start Art Intensive with Stephanie Law prepared me for the Kickstarter journey that helped me make this campaign a success!


My Project Link
My Project's Goal: $8k
Campaign Length: 30 Days
Hype Time: 2 months
Ad Budget: $200
All Stretch Goals Met - Ending Total - $9.4k

I started out with a somewhat small audience (approx. 250 on my mailing list at the time).


- A Hype Period.
My 1st Kickstarter which failed did not have one, but this time I was promoting my Kickstarter 2 months in advance via Facebook ads and Facebook coloring book groups.

- An Incentivized Landing Page.
This Landing Page created with Mailchimp acted as my central hub for information for all my ads and links. I decided on this because I could include a mailing list sign up which is good for gathering new fans for future promotions, as well as quick facts about my Kickstarter and my product.

When they signed up via this page, they would be sent a Welcome message via Mailchimp's Automation workflow customized for them with a free coloring page which was a sample of a page from the book to tease the final product.

This landing page also included a note saying that people could Follow me on Kickstarter if they were already members and I got a large amount of Followers from it who backed the project and are now keeping tabs via their internal Follow system for my future projects.

- Sharing to Interest Groups.
I shared my project on Facebook and Facebook Pages/Groups dedicated to Art Nouveau and coloring books, but also shared the sample page and other art from the series on subReddits that were interested in the style of art I was working in (ie. Art Nouveau and Mucha blogs/subreddits). Any users who visited my website were also funneled to the Kickstarter via banners advertising my Kickstarter.

I also contacted a coloring book magazine client I'd worked with in the past and they re-shared my KS to their fanbase. They were excited to share the success of one of their artists. Sometimes past clients can be some of our best cheerleaders!

- FB Event 2 weeks Before the Launch.
I feel like hosting this event where I talked about the art and gave away color pencils and other items related to my topic helped keep the project on the radar immediately before people were to take action. It also helped people get excited right along with me for a more personal connection!

- Share New Art in Video Form.
Having new art/videos related to my project being posted regularly during the campaign. I posted time lapses of my inking from the series as well as quick short time lapses of originals I made for Rewards and held back specifically to share during the month of my KS.

IE. one day I'd share the 2D art, the next day I'd share a time lapse of that same art. This kept my art and KS on the radar and didn't feel too spammy since I was sharing different aspects of the art each time and new art people were really excited to see. People could enjoy the flat 2D posts for the image, then the videos gave them another layer of dimension to appreciate the making of the piece.

- Pay for Extremely Targeted Ads.
Not only did I pay for ads during the hype period, but I boosted art posts that were related to my Kickstarter. IE. posting new originals that were attached to Rewards tiers and funneling people to the project that way.

I also paid for an ongoing daily limit ad of a slideshow that showed off features of my book and funneled people to the campaign page to a very specific targeted audience narrowed via interests related to my project (ie. Art Nouveau, coloring books, Kickstarter, people with upcoming birthdays or friends with upcoming birthdays, etc.).

I feel targeting ads this way was -essential- for reaching beyond my somewhat small audience as even after the hype period, I only had 250 people on my mailing list!

During the final week/78 hours of my campaign, I changed these ads to be more urgent with a 'FINAL HOURS' tag and also did two ads, one ad to targeted to the previously mentioned custom targeted audience and another post boosted directly to my FB Page fans to alert any stragglers who were already my fans who might have forgotten to pledge.

All in all, I spent around $200 on ads for my pre-hype and campaign period and my stats showed that Tumblr, Facebook, and my mailing list were my biggest funnels for pledges.

- Send Email Reminders.
In addition to having a Landing Page to capture sign ups, I also did 3 emails:

1. A project launch email

2. A mid-month reminder showing off the Rewards they were missing out on

3. A final 72 hour email.

- Press Kit Posted on Patreon.
My Patreon Patrons are some of my biggest, loudest fans, so I chose to host a Press Kit in a blog post there which had links to posts people could re-share, images they could save and re-share, and other project info. They were some of the first people to pledge AND constantly shared my KS throughout the month.

- Extremely Motivational Stretch Goals.
My Stretch Goals were tied to something people would really enjoy, but that I wouldn't be too stressed if they were not met - extra pages for my book of supplementary art. The folks who wanted these pages shared the heck out of the project as much as they could because they saw pages they wanted to be included and wanted to motivate others so they could be met.

- Include 'Ways to Help' in Your Kickstarter Updates.
Every single Update I did during the campaign included a list of links to post I had created with the intent of being shared. That way people don't have to do much more work than to click the link and re-share on their chosen platform.


- An Uptick in Fan Following and New Patrons.
I had so many new Patreon Patrons sign up during this campaign, as well as an uptick in orders. I was not expecting this! Apparently, new fans with money who found me from shopping around on KS went to my Patreon thanks to the Press Kit link I would periodically put in my KS Updates as an easy way for people wanting this project to succeed to share it.

- Early Pledges Earned the Project We Love Tag.
Because I was able to get so many people pledging at the beginning ($2k in the first couple of days), I got a nice bump very early on and earned the coveted Project We Love tag after the project got on the Popular list in the Publishing category.


I wanted to talk about this because I learned a lot from my first ever Kickstarter which failed. I was trying to raise money for a print run of my first birthstone Lady with the intent of having a Kickstarter for each one in the series. Here are the reasons why I think it failed:

- No Hype.
I just hit the button without telling anyone much of anything and relied solely on what boosting I could do during the campaign. Blogs who might've featured me ended up being too late to share by the time they got to my inquiries. People just didn't have enough time to hear about the project!

- No Landing Page.
I feel like having that info page clearly detailing my product's features and asking for sign ups helped my coloring book so much! I didn't have much set up to entice people before, just videos introducing myself and what I was making, which was perhaps too long for people to watch to make a snap judgement.

- Too Niche.
I was trying to do one print at a time to a much smaller audience. I barely had 100 people on my mailing list at the time, plus the fact that I was trying to push a print aimed at a single birth month that's statistically not a popular birth month. I've also done so much more networking since this first failed project and knowing more 'curators' who can share my content to their interested audiences has been invaluable!

- Misunderstandings About What I was Doing.
I don't think people understood that by pledging for one print, they would help improve the next painting in the series. I eventually moved my project here to Patreon where people are used to supporting an ongoing project and this format has worked better for me!


I know that was a ton of info, so if you have any questions, feel free to comment with them here so that the answer in replies might help others! Good luck and keep at it, fellow dream-makers!


NOTE! If you'd like to get more of my articles like this one which discuss art marketing, business, and advice, check out The Muse's Library, my project dedicated exclusively to this kind of in-depth info for artists.

June 2020 Wrap-Up - This Month Was the Longest Year 2020-07-01T20:04:48+00:00

Hey, all! June has been extremely challenging and I don't even know where to begin. There are so many difficult topics to cover here.

To start, I've had a bit of fallout this month from posting the portrait of Kev and myself in support of Black Lives Matter. Having to describe to people, especially close acquaintances, how this is not a terrorist movement, how 'all lives matter' is a dismissive statement, etc. has been exhausting (and only a fraction of what my husband has to deal with 24-7, every day of his life). But honestly, this discourse has been long overdue. I'm going to keep explaining and going to keep working on the charity portraits because it is important we keep speaking up and discussing difficult topics! It's a discussion that needs to be ongoing and ever-present beyond the hashtag trend.

Speaking of difficult topics, I also have to discuss the fallout of Noah Bradley and Sam Flegal, both who have admitted to sexual misconduct publicly this month. As someone who helped promote Noah's resources and classes, as well as someone who was heavily involved for years with One Fantastic Week where Sam participated as a co-host, I have been shaken to my core. I've lost two major communities for networking and sharing professional practices with other artists in the span of a couple of weeks, which is nothing next to the pain of the victims that have been coming forward risking their careers and friendships to speak out.

I hope that anyone who ever saw my recommendations to these communities here was never hurt by any of their actions. I don't know what will become of these communities that were such major touchstones for many of my fellow artists and myself, but I do know the wildfire spread of people finally being brave enough to speak up is ultimately going to make us stronger and the community safer.

I also want to do my part here to help others, to provide alternatives for those who need them right now, which is why I've re-invigorated my side project, The Muse's Library, so that I can return to more actively providing art biz advice, stock art, etc. We desperately need more variety in the voices putting out this material for aspiring artists and I want to contribute to that. This may mean a shake-up to this Patreon, as I may endeavor to share more advice articles, as you have seen me do in regards to my Kickstarter etc. I'm currently pondering how best I can bring that presence here or if it clashes too much with my Birthstone Goddesses endeavors. (If you have thoughts on this, let me know!)

This month has been disappointing and enlightening, for better or for worse. I don't know what's coming next this year, but all we can do is brace, encourage one another, and face that uncertain future together!

Coming Next Month:

I HOPE that after I finish shipping all the packages for the final pins Kickstarter that I can get back to creating! Now that the coloring page poll has been answered, I'll continue bringing out new coloring page releases as well. I hope to share my mini art side trip exploring Anko's 6 Outfits Challenge also!

Digest of June's Posts

Rewards Added in June

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2931933 - 1 Jul 20 20:15
*BIG BEAR HUGS* I wish I could offer better comfort, but I feel for you. You're a rockstar, a shining beacon of light, your care and love is seen from anything you do. I think renewing the Muse's Library is a great idea, and will of course continue to support any of your endeavours here on Patreon!
user avatar
angelasasser - 3 Jul 20 19:36
Thank you for your kind words, Alexandra! It means a lot that you take the time to comment and provide words of encouragement here. I still have to wrangle all of my ideas and projects together and see what I should prioritize, but I'll find a balance, somehow! I'm glad to to hear one vote of support for the The Muse's Library. It may end up being its own special soon as I learn the ins and outs of how posting to a single tier only might work and what kind of posting volume that'd mean for me and you guys!
user avatar
User #2931933 - 4 Jul 20 02:23
I can see that being it's own tier with other content catered to those who want to learn!
[Art] BLM Portraits for Charity - Collection 1
[Art] BLM Portraits for Charity - Collection 1more_vert
Post file flag
[Art] BLM Portraits for Charity - Collection 1 2020-06-18T15:23:59+00:00close

My last journal entry talked about doing what I can with art to help a good cause. Today, I'm happy to say that so many kind individuals have donated to that cause!

I have a total of 9 portraits to complete in my queue and have raised a total of $313 thus far, over a 4th of my $1k goal, with a few folks even donating above the minimum! Your kindness has been amazing and I am so honored to paint these generous individuals and their characters.

I wanted to share these portraits here as I do them, as they'll be the main art I'll be focusing on for awhile until I reach that goal and make the donations. Other art may happen as and when I have time (which will also be shared here), but I am prioritizing these portraits first.

Here's a closer look at the kind individuals and their Original Characters who have donated for icons thus far (with another collection to come as a finish the next few).

Portrait of Lanyra for Sam Hogg

You can see more of Sam's lovely character here. Sam is a gifted artist who has also been doing portraits for charity! She's closed for them now, but definitely give her a Follow in the future to see her amazing art and support a good cause in the future.


Portrait of Patrick C.


Portrait of Anïsa L.


Portrait of Lisa for MorpheousXO

You can see more of Lisa and MorpheousXO's gallery of art here!


If you or anyone you know might be interested in a portrait icon in this style of themselves or their Original Character and would like to help out the cause, you can read the full details here. I'll be making portraits until I reach that $1k goal! The blog entry includes instructions on how this process works, a list of the charities I'll be donating the funds raised to, and other pertinent details.

Or if you're ready to go right now, here's a link to where you can donate directly to the Paypal money pool! Then all you need to do is email me your reference photos to angelicshades(at)

Thanks so much for your support, thus far! The kindness people are showing right now has been so awe-inspiring. I hope in the future that I can do more to support good causes this way in a more long-term capacity. I realize I can do something powerful with my art and I'm determined to keep at it!

Much love!

♥ Ang

[ART] No More Silence + Art for Charity Drive!
[ART] No More Silence + Art for Charity Drive!more_vert
Post file flag
[ART] No More Silence + Art for Charity Drive! 2020-06-08T10:01:00+00:00close

I know this seems a deviation from my usual art, but at the same time, I needed to make this and share it.

When my husband, Kevin, and I first started getting serious as a couple, people's support of us turned from reluctant smiles to "Are you sure you want to date him? That could make life harder for you." Hearing this from people I love and respect popped the optimistic bubble I had always lived in.

All my favorite movies and stories had taught me that I could grow up to be anything I wanted, that everyone was created equal, that I was a good person who could stand up against injustice like my heroes, but the true lesson from those around me was this...

...I could do all those things as long as I was safe and didn't marry a good man who I adored and who adored me because it was easier to just move on to someone 'safer' who was not black. The world wouldn't change any time soon, so I should just be safe.

Kev and I have usually been silent online about these topics for fear of upsetting anyone. Conversations about tolerance, guilt, and racial misconceptions were best left for private one-on-one conversations with friends and family. It's finally the time for these conversations to happen out loud. If we've learned anything from the past few weeks, it's that so many folks are like us. They have kept silent for a long time awaiting a single voice to give them the courage to speak out.

Now's the time we need to choose not to be safe and comfortable. Now's a chance to catch the world up with the fine sensibilities that we preach to our children and ourselves, but that we don't have the same courage to live by.

I've used my art for examining morality in a 'safe' indirect way via the Fantasy genre, but if ever there was a time to be direct, it is now. I want to be like my epic Fantasy heroes and now all of us have a chance to be!

Portraits for Charity

I'll be creating ribbon portrait icons like the examples here for charity. This idea was inspired by Bkomei's icons for charity drive. Bkomie asked that others take up this format to do good, if they can, so I'm doing my part!

If you donate $30 or more to my donation pool, I will create an icon in this style for you to show your solidarity. Original Characters are also welcome! 100% of the money will be donated to charities supporting racial equality and providing aid to those neighborhoods currently impacted by protests. I hope to raise at least $1k or to create 34 icon portraits. Whichever comes first! There is no cutoff date.

In the event kind individuals donate more than the minimum and I reach $1k faster, this charity drive will end and my art queue for icons will be closed.

How This Works:

  • Donate $30 or more to my Paypal Donation Pool here (Paypal account not required).
  • Send me your reference photos (either a photo of yourself in profile or references of your Original Character) to angelicshades(at)
  • Your completed high res digital icon will be emailed to the address from which you emailed your references, unless otherwise requested. EDIT: Your icon will be sent as soon as it is finished. I will not be waiting until the pool is full and the final donations are made.
  • Once I hit my goal, I will donate the money to selected charities (the receipts will be shared on my blog and on social media for confirmation). The specific charities will be decided upon after I have done adequate research on each. EDIT: I am open to your suggestions to which organizations I should choose! I am currently considering the ACLU, Black Visions Collective, Campaign Zero, and Reclaim the Block.
  • I'll update this post with a link to a queue to let people know the status of portraits. I will be working on these icons outside of other obligations, so expect a moderate wait time.


If you do not have the funds to donate, I encourage you to help signal boost this post, instead, and do what you can to be compassionate and outspoken about injustice in these dark times. Thanks so much for your generosity, either way! Kev and I really wish we could be out there helping voices be heard, but due to his medical fragility as a heart and cancer patient, we have to self-isolate as much as possible right now. I wanted to do what is within my power to do and that is to create something with art!

Let's be heroes, guys. Stand up. Speak out! Don't be silenced by fear and comfort. I know we have the power to change things together, because together is the only way the world can, and has, changed.

Much love,

♥ Ang

Help Signal Boost

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2931933 - 8 Jun 20 19:26
Angela, thank you for opening up and sharing this part of you with us. Your words are bursting from your heart, and it is really felt. Sending you guys so much love right now. I've shared these posts, so I hope the 1k goal can soon be reached. I am happy to see that the original artist who started this is allowing others to help with the portraits for the cause! These portraits you did of you and Kev are phenomenal.
May 2020 Wrap-Up - Fanarts, Refocusing, and Next Steps! 2020-06-01T16:24:27+00:00

May went by way too fast, you guys! I was able to take about a week off before I had to hop back to prepping Backerkit for the Goddesses of Spring Kickstarter to make sure that was working smoothly for those of you who picked up pins. But do not worry, I plan to take a true and proper break once this FINAL Kickstarter finishes its 'lifecycle' and everything is shipped!

In that bit of downtime, I took on the Six Fanarts Challenge which are my first paintings in Procreate! I'm extremely proud of these. It's nice to be reminded I can still paint this way after years of working almost primarily in ink and watercolor:

(Check out this post for the collection and narrated time lapse video!)

I'm also pretty terrible at downtime and as usual when I am trying to take a break, my brain is alight with all the things I'd like to do! I've been thinking of the ways I want to re-focus and make some changes to organize my studio, refine my social media output, etc. now that this project has finished one major phase and begins to enter another.

The focus of this next and final phase is going to be the Wall Calendar and Art Book, the latter of which will feature some unpublished pieces (that my Patreon Patrons will totally be getting a sneak peek of before everybody else!). These pieces are going to be much more in a dark and elegant vein as I bridge the gap between Mucha's style and my own personal style. It's going to be very different, but still something I hope you all will enjoy!

June is going to be about finishing up one last Art Challenge to let my brain wind down (The 6 Outfits Challenge), setting a study schedule, wrapping up Kickstarter (I hope! These delays are killer), doing taxes, and re-organizing the studio to be more efficient now that my inventory has grown so very much!

Lastly, as much as I like to focus on my fanciful art here, this month has also been mentally rough for so many folks, especially as I write this. For those who don't know us, my husband and I are an interracial couple. Seeing recent events unfold is a strong reminder of how safe my husband and family are not in this world, a constant 24-7 truth we've become good at ignoring just so we can live our lives. I've shared some places you can donate here where you can also help others during these tense times, if you are able.

Please be kind to others and speak up when you see injustice! Let this horror help us come together with renewed and combined strength.

Much love!

♥ Ang

Digest of May's Posts

Rewards Added in May

6 Fanarts Challenge - Part 2 + Video Compilation Sneak Peek!
6 Fanarts Challenge - Part 2 + Video Compilation Sneak Peek!more_vert
Post file flag
6 Fanarts Challenge - Part 2 + Video Compilation Sneak Peek! 2020-05-19T21:17:28+00:00close

Check out Six Fanarts Part 1 for the first three images in this collection! The video above collects all of the time lapses I created of these pieces in a sneak peek I'm sharing early just for Patrons. Much of this post is a transcription of what was said in the video.

My journey with this challenge continued last week between prepping Kickstarter things! What a fun ride it's been after I've gone so long without doing much painting in this style. I hope you enjoy the last few portraits in this set!

Azula from Avatar the the Last Airbender

Next, we have Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, one of my all-time favorite shows. Azula was one of my most requested subjects and I was happy to oblige! This cold, calculating villainess is one of many of the amazingly realized characters from Avatar.

For this portrait, I learned that Procreate’s Lightpen brush is amazing for lightning effects! I think 80% of the time spent on this was perfecting Azula’s smiling glare.

Out of all the portraits, I was happiest with Azula’s for the challenging facial expression and pushed lighting. Do you agree with my favorite pick? Leave a comment and let me know after you get to see all of the portraits!

2B from Nier Automata

For the 5th portrait and the most requested from fans, I present 2B from Nier Automata. You can't beat the gorgeous aesthetic of Nier or the amazing twisting narrative which asks deep questions on the nature of humanity. Plus, blindfolded swordgals are definitely my aesthetic!

I had more fun exploring some of the texture brushes in Procreate to simulate a suede texture with this piece.

Joker from Persona 5

And now we reach the final portrait for my Six Fanarts Challenge! I surprised my husband with a last minute swap out of Alucard from Castlevania with Joker from Persona 5, since this is one of his favorite video games. Persona is just one of those indescribable games. High schoolers? Demons? Part-time jobs? All you need to understand is that Joker is a boss with an amazingly stylish character design that made him a joy to paint!

I got to play with even more of Procreate's texture brushes for this piece with splatters. I'm finding I lean on the Gouache brush pretty heavily for most of my painting purposes! The subtle texture in it works so well and preserves the nature of your natural brushstroke. It's perfect for a more natural look to my digital painting!

If you’d still like to see me draw Alucard sometime, show your vampire love in the comments!

And now THE FULL SET REVEAL! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in comments!


I had SO MUCH fun taking a break from my usual meticulous watercolor and ink work to take a break with painterly art and try something new! I had such a blast with Procreate and plan to experiment more, which I hope to share here.

My adventures with art memes aren’t over, however, as I’ll be doing the 6 Outfits Challenge for my Dungeons & Dragons character next! 3 of the outfits were chosen by Patrons so I'm excited to get going on them. I'll also have a pack of coloring pages for the Goddesses of Spring coming for $5+ Patrons next post!

Stay tuned!

♥ Ang

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6 Fanarts Challenge: Painting Video Game & Comic Characters in Procreate Azula, Joker, Dabi, 2B, etc

I took on the 6 Fanarts Challenge to take a break from traditional painting and to teach myself Procreate. What a fun journey it was! Do you have a favorite from this set? Let me know in comments! My Patreon: My Site: Talk to me on social media: Transcript + Gallery of Portraits: Music - Royalty free assets from Kevin McLeod and Camtasia Studio



Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2931933 - 29 May 20 15:18
These are all so good!! Color, lighting, it's all fantastic! Hehehe and these are so your aesthetic :P I'm glad people picked characters that are so "you"!
user avatar
angelasasser - 29 May 20 17:01
These were such a great warm up that I really want to do more again sometime! There are so many characters I left off of this list that are BEGGING to be painted now. :D
user avatar
User #2931933 - 29 May 20 21:13
Muahahaha maybe you can fit htem into another trending challenge!
user avatar
User #198445 - 20 May 20 16:56
tough choice! They're all nice; today's Azula and 2B are probably my favorite, followed by Aaravos & Deathface Ginny
user avatar
angelasasser - 21 May 20 01:02
Those are my favorites as well, though I am very happy with all of them! It's interesting to hear what you guys are drawn to as well. :)
Six Fanarts Challenge - Part 1
Six Fanarts Challenge - Part 1more_vert
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Six Fanarts Challenge - Part 1 2020-05-10T18:53:13+00:00close

My May art vacation continues with May Sketch A Day and the Six Fanarts Challenge! I reserved the first 3 slots for my own personal picks, while the next 3 are going to be picked from the suggestions given on social media.

I've been enjoying taking a break to curl up with the iPad Pro, chill out with some of my fave movies, and paint some portraits for fun! It's nice to know after years of working in a line-heavy traditional style that I can still paint digitally with strong lighting and painterly edges.

Portrait 1 - Aaravos from Netflix's The Dragon Prince

I've been in love with this character's design from the first moment he showed up in The Dragon Prince! With starts twinkling in purple skin, he's just gorgeous and his mysterious agenda in Dragon Prince intrigues me even more. I highly recommend this show for the wonderful writing (from the head writer of Avatar the Last Airbender) and cool characters.

I used Photoshop for iPad for this piece, but eventually switched to Procreate for its ease of navigation and time lapse recording.

Portrait 2 - Deathface Ginny from Pretty Deadly

If you've been wronged, sing the song of vengeance. Deathface Ginny will ride on the wind to answer the call!

Meet Deathface Ginny from the graphic novel Pretty Deadly, a wonderful surreal fusion of mythology and the Wild West featuring this gal, the Reaper of Vengeance. I highly recommend this hidden gem of a comic if you like strange and beautiful things!

This is my first finished piece in Procreate and I was impressed with the results! Painting this image allowed me to familiarize myself with Procreate's highly streamlined UI. It too me way too long to figure out how to switch the Layer blending mode!

Watch a time lapse here!

Portrait 3 - Dabi from My Hero Academia

I’ve been wanting to draw this man ever since he showed up! His look is so creepy and unique and I've always found subdued color palettes with bright accents to be visually stunning.

This portrait helped teach me how to use the selection and color fill features. I also learned that the Flame brush in the Elements brush set works really well for fire affects!

Watch a time lapse here!

Next up, I'll be trying my hand at the crowd picks of Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, 2B from Nier Automata, and Alucard from Castlevania!

If you could see a fandom character in my style, who would it be? Maybe I'll take on this challenge again sometime!

Next post, I'll be sharing a Patreon Reward of a wallpaper set of the Ink & Gold Goddesses of Spring then sharing the rest of these portraits when I can (hopefully) finish them over the course of the week.

♥ Ang

Media (1)

6-Fanarts-Montage-Part-1.jpg (416.4KiB)

MSAD - Week 1 - Face Mask Designs + 6 Outfits Suggestions Needed!
MSAD - Week 1 - Face Mask Designs + 6 Outfits Suggestions Needed!more_vert
Post file flag
MSAD - Week 1 - Face Mask Designs + 6 Outfits Suggestions Needed! 2020-05-04T16:10:27+00:00close

My Art Vacation has began in earnest with sketching every day for the first short week in May for May Sketch A Day! I'll be sharing weekly compilations of this event here so I don't overwhelm you guys with daily posting.

Day 1 - Calavera Face Masks

I wasn't planning to sketch face masks until I saw that Art of Where announced they would be offering masks we can print art on soon! These masks will have an adjustable nose piece, a pocket for a filter, and adjustable lining, which sounds swankier than many of the other custom printed art masks being offered by Redbubble and Artscow.

So of course I needed to make one for myself and Kev! He is medically vulnerable as a heart and cancer patient, so we're doing our best to stay safe and wear masks when we go out. Our handmade masks are going through the ringer being washed often, so it'd be nice to have an extra set!

My first attempt at a design was inspired by my Lady of November with her butterflies, marigolds, and underworld themes.

Day 2 - Akali Samurai Masks

My mask design exploration continued with exploring different shapes inspired by Akali's mask from the KDA music video. I designed the oni look for myself and the samurai for Kev (because we're giant anime nerds), but ironically we ended up liking each other's designs instead. I realized I made a head croquis years ago that ended up being perfect for this!

A glimpse at Akali's neon mask which inspired the look. So cool!

Art by Michelangelo Lanuza.

Day 3 - Persephone Moon Masks

MOAR masks! I'm still searching out the design that feels like 'me'. Stories of moon goddesses and Persephone have always been some of my favorites. I wanted to play with moons and pomegranates as symbols! I think I've gotten closer with the Persephone inspired design, the round shape where the mouth is looks a bit odd like a gas mask or a gag, so I may find another way to arrange these symbols.

Next week, I hope to finish up the 6 Fanarts meme that I got suggestions for on Twitter! In the meanwhile, I need YOUR help to pick 6 outfits for my kind-hearted Tiefling gal, Anko! I'll be working on them after I finish up 6 Fanarts.

I'll be saving 3 of these outfits JUST for my Patrons to suggest, so leave your suggestions on this Twitter post OR comment on this entry if you don't have a Twitter account. Be sure to mention you're a Patron if you comment on Twitter!

Are you guys doing May Sketch A Day? Link me yours! I'd love to see.

More art coming soon!

♥ Ang

Media (1)

MSAD-2020---Week-1-Banner.jpg (171.0KiB)

April 2020 Wrap-Up - Going on Art Vacation! 2020-04-30T10:00:02+00:00

Hello from Day 52 of self-isolation! This week has been the first week since self-isolation started that I haven't been crazy busy juggling pin samples, Kickstarter promotion tasks, etc. The final campaign for the Birthstone Goddesses Pin series on Kickstarter wrapped up this month and I'm celebrating finishing up this next phase of this project! All that's left now is to produce the pins and ship them out.

Next, I'm excited to start work on the next phase of the Birthstone Goddesses with some new art I hope to create in a more fantasy vein for the art book, plus the long-awaited wall calendar. Wonderful things are on the horizon, which I hope to work on this year and release next year via Kickstarter when things are hopefully a little more stable for everyone!

But first, I'm enjoying some downtime! May is going to be about letting myself rest and relax to recharge some of my burnt out batteries now that the Kickstarter gauntlet is officially over. We had been planning a trip to Myrtle Beach to celebrate, but until it's safe to travel, we're having a staycation instead. I'm amusing myself catching up with shows like The Expanse and Dr. Stone and playing video games like Overcooked 2 and Bloodborne.

I'm also excited for letting my muse off the leash to explore something new for a little while! I'm planning to take on some short term art topics for May, including the May Sketch A Day event (which is where you try to sketch anything once a day in May), plus these other fun ideas:

  • 6 Fanarts Challenge - Drawing fan art from suggestions! I've already drawn two out of the six portraits and will share the finals here when I'm done.
  • 6 Outfits Challenge - Draw 6 outfits suggested for one of my characters. I'll be taking suggestions here soon!
  • 5 Minute Artist - Draw a little portrait and share a little about yourself as an artist!
  • Color Palette Challenge - Pick a color palette from this site and create a piece around it!

Along with posting the next few Birthstone Goddesses related Rewards, I'll be sharing my adventures with art memes in May. Feel free to do them along with me!

New Rewards Added this Month

Posts You May Have Missed this Month


How have you all been holding up? How are you keeping yourselves busy? I'm looking forward to having a little quiet time for art and introspection now that this phase of my project is well and truly finishing up!

More art soon!

♥️ Ang

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2931933 - 30 Apr 20 21:23
Yay!! Art Vacation!! I am so glad you get to sit back and relax. 💖 You've been so busy for so long! Those art challenges sound fun! Ummm I have been keeping too busy during quarantine? I realize that I overloaded my schedule, so after I finish participating in this virtual market this weekend, I'm going to take it easy next week and reward myself with sewing 🥰
user avatar
angelasasser - 1 May 20 16:14
Thanks, Alexandra! I've been looking forward to this break for a LONG time. I think it will be really healthy for my muse to not have so much stress put on it to deliver the kind of results I want for my Birthstone Goddesses project! Time to play for awhile and remember that not EVERYthing has to be a masterpiece. Haha I can relate to giving yourself too much to do, but I'm glad to hear you're working in some fun activities too. Good to hear from you and stay safe and healthy, lady!
user avatar
User #2931933 - 1 May 20 16:50
Oooh I understand that stress that comes with trying to make everything PERFECT. Let that muse fly free for a while, unrestricted! 💜 You stay safe and healthy, too! 💕
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Spring + Full Series Collection
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Spring + Full Series Collectionmore_vert
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New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Spring + Full Series Collection 2020-04-06T18:56:59+00:00close

Now that the Little Gem Goddesses of Spring have been revealed for the Goddesses of Spring Kickstarter, it's time to share them here!

Little Lady of March

There's just something that vogues so well with chibi March! Her color palette just sings with vibrant Spring life. I was amused at including her skeleton as a decorative little skull. Dark things make the best cute chibis!

Little Lady of April

This gal was one of my most popular original paintings. I wonder if her chibi will enjoy the same popularity?

Little Lady of May

Somehow, this gal got lost in the rush! I ended up completing her last after realizing my mistake. I think having mastered the style with practice she ended up being one of the most striking of the Little Gems!

Progress Videos

If you'd like to watch the recordings of the livestreams of the creations of the Spring chibis, you can watch them here. I wasn't able to record May, however, so she is not included:

Browse the Art Post Collections for the other Little Gems


  • Wallpapers (for the Spring set) - Coming this month for $1 and up Patrons.
  • Coloring Pages - Already available for $5 and up Patrons OR in my shop.

Full Set

Finally, now that all these little goddesses are complete, here they are together in a full set!

Which one ended up being your favorite Little Gem? Was your favorite chibi the same as your favorite from the original paintings? I'm curious to know!

My personal favorite from both series is still Lady of November who I think shines in both formats! August's chibi is a close 2nd with the way that I could show off more of her lanterns and ethereal nature with this new angle.

I hope you've enjoyed the Little Gems series! It's been so fun and I hope to run a Special Offer here soon involving stickers for Patrons now that the entire set is complete, so stay tuned!

May these bright little ladies bring you a smile today!

♥ Ang

Mar 2020 Wrap-Up - Arting through the Pandemic
Mar 2020 Wrap-Up - Arting through the Pandemicmore_vert
Post file flag
Mar 2020 Wrap-Up - Arting through the Pandemic 2020-03-29T21:33:29+00:00close

Reading my last posts and writing this one right now feels so surreal. Last month, we were canceling cons just in case. Now? Kev and I have been self-sequestered for 3 weeks and adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Funny enough, my husband is handling this very well, while I'm the one who's been an anxious mess working in my pjs, taking twice as long to do anything, and reading news late into the night (a bad habit I'm breaking with reading manga/comics instead!).

It's been rough for me launching a Kickstarter this month as well because I honestly thought "With everyone in survival mode right now, why would they support a Kickstarter? I wouldn't blame them for saving!". I'm so incredibly moved that even during this tough time, you guys came out to support me so that we've already fully funded the Goddesses of Spring! So many of you have also chosen to stay as my Patrons, which I am so eternally grateful for. My fans are the best! Thank you so much for supporting the arts during a difficult time for all!

Right now, Kev and I are both safe, working from home, and financially stable. Knock on wood! I hope you all are doing well. It's okay if it's difficult to focus. The world is going through something it hasn't seen in years. Just remember that we will endure!

I've decided to keep on working through the Birthstone Goddesses and try to do my best. I still want to work on a calendar and Art Book for my Goddesses and am still excited to indulge more Fantasy Art to share with you all! In these dark times, we turn to art for a hopeful escape. A little light goes a long way!

On that note, I thought I'd round up a few resources that are keeping me sane that might also help you guys out (feel free to share more with me in the comments!):

Free Comics for 60 Days - Comixology, my fave comics reader, has extended their Unlimited subscription service free trial to 60 days. They have a ton of comics in the Unlimited program! They also integrate with Amazon for easy sign in.

Free Virtual Museum Tours - Here's a collection of some of the biggest museums offering tours online.

StayHomeWrimo - The minds behind NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) are doing a daily event where they share writing prompts and self-care tips. Camp NaNoWriMo is starting up in April as well!

The Uncrucified Free Audiobook + Book - My shameless plug! If you're interested in my current writing project, check out this story inspired by my adventures in the Exalted tabletop roleplaying game.

It's a mature fantasy tale about a young girl who rises to greatness from a childhood spent in slavery. After being granted abilities by a god to help stave off the world's destruction, she chooses instead to use her newfound powers to forge her own path of revenge to right the wrongs of the world. But will absolute power corrupt absolutely?

Also, gunslingers, Queenpins, sand, and sorcery!

It's my hope that those who aren't into Exalted can still enjoy it! Come marvel at my very first try at audiobook reading and perhaps become invested in a writing project near and dear to my heart. (Currently seeking Beta Readers for the expanded rewrite!)

New Rewards Added this Month

Posts You May Have Missed this Month


For April, I'm hunkering down to ship out as many of the Birthstone Goddess pins as possible, while managing the Goddesses of Spring campaign. Then, I've promised myself a break afterwards to work on other non-Birthstone Goddess things for awhile. I'm excited to share new work after being focused on more decorative art for so long. I can't wait to sink my teeth into some narrative art! We may be seeing more art inspired by the aforementioned writing project.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

♥ Ang

FREE to All for a Limited Time! Angels Coloring Pack
FREE to All for a Limited Time! Angels Coloring Packmore_vert
FREE to All for a Limited Time! Angels Coloring Pack 2020-03-23T20:15:22+00:00close

With so many of us staying at home right now, I thought I might be able to help make that time pass by a little faster by offering a free coloring pack from now till the end of April! I've attached the PDF to this post, which can be downloaded and printed out at 8.5x11 Letter size.

If you prefer a physical coloring books instead, consider picking up one of my Birthstone Goddesses coloring books in my shop.

This is a 9x12 inch book with 70lb paper collecting all of beautiful line art from my entire Birthstone Goddesses series! When this book comes directly from my shop instead of Amazon, it will come autographed by the artist!

Get 10% off this book (or anything else in my shop) with the discount code TENOFF at checkout.

(Buy the book here!)

May these coloring pages bring you light and comfort during this dark time! If you happen to share your colored versions of my line art online, please tag me at the following places so I can also enjoy and share your work:

If you love what I do, consider pitching in a pledge here on Patreon! Every little bit helps my family out during this difficult time. If you can't help out with a pledge, that's ok too! Consider spreading the word about my Patreon and art. I'm grateful either way! You can also support me with a one-time tip on my Ko-fi page if a monthly subscription isn't your style.

I can't wait to see what beautiful color palettes you'll choose for these heavenly creatures!

Wishing you all good health and inspiration,

♥ Ang

Media (1)

angels-pack.jpg (353.4KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #7625873 - 27 Mar 20 18:47
Thank you so very much <3
user avatar
angelasasser - 27 Mar 20 19:27
You're welcome, Shelley! Happy coloring!
user avatar
User #26643674 - 31 Mar 20 11:29
THank you
user avatar
User #8299436 - 25 Mar 20 19:20
Thank you!
user avatar
angelasasser - 25 Mar 20 19:52
My pleasure, Laura! Happy coloring!
user avatar
User #20155523 - 26 Mar 20 08:56
Thanks sooo very much for this
user avatar
angelasasser - 27 Mar 20 19:27
You're very welcome, Maryann. Enjoy!
PRESS KIT: Goddesses of Spring Enamel Pins on Kickstarter
PRESS KIT: Goddesses of Spring Enamel Pins on Kickstartermore_vert
Post file flag
PRESS KIT: Goddesses of Spring Enamel Pins on Kickstarter 2020-03-19T23:00:28+00:00close

The moment we've been building up to for almost a year has finally come. The Kickstarter for the final set in my Birthstone Goddesses enamel pins has launched!

This launch almost didn't happen, however. In uncertain times like this, I was very afraid to push the button! Does anyone have time for art right now? Won't everyone be saving for other things? It felt almost irresponsible for me to do this. After some thought, I realized that it was ok to do this. Art is there for us during the dark times to bring us a bit of shine and beauty. If people connect with my project and want something to help bring that feeling to them, they should be allowed!

And honestly right now with all of my conventions canceled for the year, I'm grateful for any support that comes my way. I almost cried during my livestream of the launch after seeing the enthusiasm of fans in the chat and the fact I raised so much during my first minutes of support. It means a lot right now to me!

(Watch the launch's livestream recording here)

Thank you all for your kindness! Especially those of you who have continued your support here on Patreon as well! It truly helps and warms the heart. I understand if anyone must drop their Pledges for financial purposes right now and doubly appreciate anyone who chooses to stay!

Before I get all sappy again, here's the Press Kit of images and links to help with sharing my project! Ya'll are my biggest fans and your voices are always the loudest when I run these campaigns. Share away, my lovelies!

Links to Share!

Remember to add your own commentary, if you have the time! People love to know what you think. Did you enjoy your last pins? Do you have a fave Goddess you can't wait to see as a finished pin? Let everyone know!

Downloadable Images

(16:9 aspect ratio Cover Photo)


(Cover Photo - Square for Instagram)


(Cover Photo - Facebook Cover Size. Feel free to snag this to use for your own Cover!)


(March's Pin - Square for Instagram)


(March's Pin - Rectangle for Facebook)


(April's Pin - Square for Instagram)


(April's Pin - Rectangle for Facebook)


(May's Pin - Square for Instagram)


(May's Pin - Rectangle Facebook)


(Selected Reward Tier Images)


Thanks to everyone who has been cheering me on through this project. It's been a year of pushing and creating something grand with these pins (and more years before that for the paintings)! I can't wait to see all of these lovely designs together soon.

I hope these beauties bring you all a bit of light and happiness today!

Stay safe, friends!

♥ Ang

How to Support Me Outside of Cons. A Shareable Post!
How to Support Me Outside of Cons. A Shareable Post!more_vert
Post file flag
How to Support Me Outside of Cons. A Shareable Post! 2020-03-10T20:52:08+00:00close

In my last monthly wrap-up, I announced that I will not be attending conventions out of an abundance of caution for my husband and elderly parents who are in vulnerable populations right now with the threat of COVID-19's spread throughout the US.

This means that I will be focusing on my online business in the meanwhile, but times are definitely going to be rough for a lot of artists out there with the trend of event cancellations happening! Thankfully for my husband and I, we can survive without convention profits. However, it's also an income that acts as a safety cushion.

If you'd like to help supplement our income during this lean season, I wanted to create this shareable post for you all! You can support me outside of conventions through the following places:

Via Patreon - If you're already supporting me here, I am so very grateful! Patreon has been one of the most reliable sources of income that helps me in so many ways. For those who are Following but not Patrons, consider pledging for access to my private Discord server, exclusive Secret Sketchbook posts, coloring pages, and more! $1 goes a longer distance than you might think.

Via My Online Shops - Did you know that I have multiple online shops for different facets of my business? Here's a quick rundown for everyone:

My Art Nouveau Shop - For all things Birthstone Goddesses, Angelic Visions, and Art Nouveau style! This shop has art prints, drawstring pouches, coloring books/page, and enamel pins. I'll also be adding stickers, scarves, and tote bags very soon!

My Fantasy Art Shop - For all things Monster Girls, Kushiel's Legacy, dark fantasy, and ttrpg-related! This shop has playmats for CCG, dice bags, and art prints. For those who like my dark side!

My Artisan Crafts Shop - For all my handmade leather crafted masquerade masks, keychains, jewelry, etc. If you fancy wearable art, this shop might have something for you!

If a monthly subscription isn't your thing, I also have a Ko-fi for one-time tipping.


My gratitude and love to everyone who shares and supports artists right now! I'm really going to miss seeing familiar faces and being among kindred spirits at these events, but my family's safety comes first and foremost.

Perhaps this means I'll be able to do more fun community things I don't usually have time for, like hangouts, new videos, tutorials, and streams? We shall see what shakes loose as this year unfolds and I wrap up my current major endeavor!

♥ Ang

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14839184 - 10 Mar 20 21:24
I've been following you for years and didn't realize you'd done Kushiel's Legacy art. Hot damn.
user avatar
angelasasser - 11 Mar 20 02:36
Haha yes I'm a big fan of the Kushiel's Legacy books! At one point, I was working on doing my own collection of covers inspired by the books, but I never got beyond the first book's cover for Kushiel's Dart. I'm feeling like I may be coming back to this project again soon, sometime! It would be a nice temporary break from the Birthstone Goddesses. If you're interested in all the Kushiel sketches and things I was doing, they're all collected in my fan project blog at Enjoy! Always happy to find another fan of Jacqueline's work here. :)
Feb 2020 Wrap Up - Coronavirus Delays, Con Cancellations, & Burn Out
Feb 2020 Wrap Up - Coronavirus Delays, Con Cancellations, & Burn Outmore_vert
Post file flag
Feb 2020 Wrap Up - Coronavirus Delays, Con Cancellations, & Burn Out 2020-02-29T23:32:07+00:00close

This month has been a doozy! Stress levels have been high while all of my Kickstarters and the items in my shop that are made in China have been delayed by about a month due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That's meant writing many support messages to explain delays, dealing with folks who fear my products will contain viruses (they do not), etc. Thankfully, most of my fans and Backers have been very understanding and supportive during the chaos. Most can agree products are NOT worth people's lives and I'm happy for that!

Unfortunately, due to an abundance of caution, I've decided to cancel all of my convention appearances for this year. While I think most healthy adults have nothing to fear, my husband is in an extremely vulnerable population as someone with a heart condition (making him susceptible to respiratory complications), plus the possible need for cancer treatments that may lower his immune system, should he come out of remission at any point this year (he is thankfully clear for now, but it is an unpredictable situation he must get regular scans for).

Since we cannot predict what the situation will be like this year as far as the spread of COVID-19, I decided now was an opportune time to make 2020 about hunkering down and focusing on making new art. I also very much need to update my shop which does not even have nearly all of the bags, scarves, etc. in it that I've been designing since last year!

And I'll be frank, guys. After working four Kickstarters which have included stressful delays that have prolonged these stressful times, I am ready to shift gears and let myself recuperate for awhile! Promoting a pre-launch period, launch period, etc. is like shouting at the top of your lungs for two months each time to be seen and it is extremely draining, energy-wise, despite these being 'simple' projects. I'm ready for a break!

And there is still one more launch to go for the Goddesses of Spring (on March 19th aaaaah SOON!)

But I got this! I got this. I got this! I can do this. Aaaah!

So after that last Kickstarter, maybe I'll work on some personal pieces? Or some new portfolio pieces? Perhaps I'll indulge in some fun diversions from the Birthstone Goddesses for a little while? We'll see where this Side Quest might take us!

I'll miss seeing some of your faces in person, but I hope we can still keep sharing here and in my Patreon Discord server where we've all been chatting about our projects and inspirations.

New Rewards Added in February

Posts You May Have Missed In February

I'll have some new wallpapers coming in March along with some new art, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and inspired!

♥ Ang

Media (1)

ERzFPB9WsAE2roU1 (897.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #198445 - 1 Mar 20 02:36
hope you all stay healthy & sane!
user avatar
angelasasser - 1 Mar 20 16:29
Thanks, Jeremie! We’re going to focus on good health and happiness this year and are ALMOST done with our current challenges. I’m excited for a break! You take care as well!
Jan 2020 Wrap Up - Spring Goddesses & Plans for 2020 2020-02-03T18:18:35+00:00

Wow did January fly by or is it just me? I've been managing a lot of stressful situations this month, including my husband launching a deer into the stratosphere with his car (he is thankfully uninjured, but the deer was not) and many production woes involving my pins. So that's meant a new car payment for us and dreaded Kickstarter production delays!

I'm especially grateful to my Patrons who have stayed with me through the holidays, as I know things can be tight during the holiday rush. Welcome to the new folks who've hopped on board this month when many are still recovering from the holiday expenses! The support is definitely helping us during the extra stress this month. For those who had to leave, I still appreciate your support during the time you were here and totally understand that life happens (Boy howdy does it. Hello, teleporting deer!).

I'm grateful that all the Kickstarter Backers have been so understanding of delays thus far as well! I'd much rather the factory workers be safe during the coronavirus outbreak, as my pins are not worth more than people's lives! I've written an update about how this situation affects shipping and safety here for the curious.

Meanwhile, I'm marching ever onwards and have started designing the Goddesses of Spring pins! There'll be a Secret Sketchbook entry showing off the creative process behind these designs within the next week or so.

I'm starting to see the finish line that's coming after a year straight of Kickstarter projects and that feels GREAT! I love how successful these campaigns have been, but I'd be lying if I said I weren't also pretty exhausted from doing them! I've learned exactly what my tolerance is for stress and project management and plan to never do this many in a row ever again (hopefully not famous last words!).

I've started to ponder what's next after the Birthstone Goddesses wrap up, which could be a whole blog entry on its own! For now, I'm focusing on finishing the Birthstone Goddesses pins and the wall calendar in 2020 and then we shall see what happens at that point!

I can tell after 5 years of working on this endeavor, my muse is starting to meander with Witcher OCs and other distractions and that's a clear sign to me that I may need to temporarily switch gears when I get to a good stopping point. But to what? I have many thoughts which I will save for a later entry once I've wrapped up my current queue!

New Rewards Added in January

Posts You May Have Missed In January

I'm keen to see what amazing beginnings and endings happen in 2020! Thanks for being along for the ride.

♥ Ang

New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Winter
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Wintermore_vert
Post file flag
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Winter 2020-01-27T19:35:39+00:00close

With the debut of the chibi style Goddesses of Winter during their enamel pin campaign, it was about time to share these little ladies here! These were the first gals I finished in the chibi set, with January being the first one created and December being the last. The poses for each goddess grew more dynamic and adventurous over time, which you can definitely tell between these two particular ladies!

Little Lady of December

This gal was the last one to be completed and I think the most ambitious as far as decorative background elements! She channels a gentle snowfall and candlelit warmth all at once. She's possibly the most fabulous chibi with her flowing cloak!

Little Lady of January

Little January here was the first chibi who was created! I was still finding my way with this series and its definitely evolved from this one, but you cannot deny she is still the sassiest of the set!

Little Lady of February

I started getting more ambitious with the set props starting with this lady!

If you'd like to watch the recordings of the livestreams of the creations of these chibis, you can watch them here:


  • Wallpapers - Coming Wednesday for $1 and up Patrons.
  • Coloring Pages - Already available for $5 and up Patrons.


The Little Gem Goddesses of Spring are the next to be released during the next Kickstarter for their accompanying pins! It's been really fun to do these light and lovely gals. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have!

Is your favorite Goddess the same among the chibi style versions as your favorite among the main paintings? Share in comments!

♥ Ang

Media (1)

Little-Gem-Goddesses-Winter.jpg (450.8KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16954134 - 28 Jan 20 03:39
Are the Little Gem Goddesses of Winter Chibi Coloring Pages also part of the Kickstarter physical rewards? Just asking since I purchased the early bird option with all the physical rewards for the pin set, so I don't want to end up purchasing twice! Thanks!
user avatar
angelasasser - 28 Jan 20 05:31
Hey Melanie! The chibi style goddesses are not included in the pin Kickstarter Rewards. The only current place to get them is here on Patreon or via my Etsy shop at I will however be posting coloring pages of the main pin designs that were featured in the Kickstarter to Backers once the Backerkit shop goes live! They will be accessible at the end of your surveys once surveys have been locked.
user avatar
angelasasser - 28 Jan 20 05:32
ALSO those same Kickstarter pages will be a showing up here on Patreon as well eventually for my $5 tier!
user avatar
User #16954134 - 28 Jan 20 05:35
Awesome thanks!! I just didn’t want to miss out on them or end up getting them twice! LOL
Kickstarter Post-Mortem: Goddesses of Winter Enamel Pins 2020-01-21T23:26:06+00:00

My Goddesses of Winter enamel pin Kickstarter has ended and I'm so proud of what we've accomplished. Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word and encourage me here! You guys are my loudest fans and that injection of optimism is always appreciated.

I wanted to take a moment to analyze why this was my most successful Kickstarter to date! This may be a lot of tech talk, but I wanted to do this write-up to get my own thoughts in order, as well as share this info with my fellow artist-entrepreneurs here who might find this kind of data useful.

Improvement Analysis

I had 156 Backers who helped raise 161% of my funding goal in just 5 days, which is 17 more Backers and 24% higher funding in far less time than the previous campaign, which took about 20 days to reach its funding goal.

My Most Popular Reward - The Early Bird Tier

The Early Bird set remains my most popular Reward as it allows folks to save money and encourages them to pledge early. Next in the ranking came the $40 set which I imagine was so popular because people love to get the small discount on the entire set.

It's important to note that the next most lucrative tier (but NOT my most popular one) was my Goddesses of Winter Collection which is the tier that came with all pins plus all prints. While I only had 9 Backers at this premium tier, the combined funds raised $720, which would have taken a lot longer to raise if I only relied on smaller low priced tiers. "Luxury" tiers seem like a must for campaigns with small items that have lower price tags which make it harder to reach that funding goal.

My Most Popular Pin - Lady of December

It's always intriguing me to know which pins are the most popular from these sets! This time around, the Lady of December pin proved the most popular. I suspect her birth month to be a popular one, while her design with its Saint Lucy influences presents an appealing theme for a pin.

Most Effective Promo

I changed methods this campaign from the Goddesses of Autumn Kickstarter by dropping Pinterest from my ad sources and instead focused on a higher paid per click ad budget for Facebook/Instagram instead. Despite my ad budget going primarily into Facebook/Instagram, the majority of my pledges came from the following places:

  • Kickstarter - Most people pledged after Following my profile on Kickstarter, finding the project via recommendations/Discover, and me notifying past Backers of the pin campaign Updates that a new campaign was launched. There are so many ways Kickstarter notifies people who have already backed your projects via algorithms, which is a large reason why I love the platform!
  • My Newsletter - The next greatest source of pledges was my mailing list of 491 contacts. I sent out 3 newsletters related to my campaign, a pre-launch hype email, a mid-campaign reminder, and a last chance reminder.

Total Ad Expenses - $88 (a lower budget than past campaigns, surprisingly!)

Pledges Earned Directly from Ads (Not counting mailing list pledges) - $131 ($383 if we count mailing list pledges)

I still believe paying for Facebook/IG ads to be effective, as many of the users funneled from my ads were directed to my mailing list first during the pre-launch period (accounting for the high mailing list pledges) and were no doubt brought into Kickstarter's ecosystem through the ads, plus the fact that I still made back my ad fees in the pledges that were directly brought in by paid promo.

The rest of users who saw my ads during the campaign were most likely funneled to Kickstarter via my ads, but instead of immediately pledging, they Saved the campaign for late or looked my project up later instead, which results in higher traffic being counted from within Kickstarter's infrastructure instead of my paid ads.

Social Media Promotion

I posted announcements about my campaign primarily through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with more direct art-sharing posts shared via Reddit. I've dropped Tumblr from my rotation to save time, as I believe many of their users have moved to Twitter instead.

While paid ads brought more direct pledges, I believe having these front-facing posts helped to remind people of important deadlines, plus give them an easy way to share word of my project and feel more personally connected to me in an artist-fan relationship. In an internet full of so many talented folks and cool shiny things, people need repetition and emotional connection as reminders.

I did not seek out influencers like other blogs to promote my posts this time as I have with my past Kickstarters. However, I believe a lot of my previous exposure on these influencer blogs have already brought fans to my list, which shows the value of doing this activity where possible.

Additional Resources

Feel free to check out my Trello board for this campaign! As a single person biz, it's important for me to keep track of all the micro-tasks that go into this immense undertaking. My board collects important dates, including manufacturing tasks, promo deadlines, etc.

If you like Trello, feel free to use my Referral link to give me a little kickback which helps extend my Trello Gold sub with every referred signup!


I believe a combination of paid promotion and social media announcements played a large part in helping this Kickstarter succeed, but the work put into building up my audience via the mailing list as well as promoting via my landing page (which links to my mailing list) has paid off the most.

Additionally, the fact that this Kickstarter was presented as a series has created a following which is attracted to Collectible items. Many people have commented saying they are looking forward to a particular month's pin from a future set, and so they Follow along to make sure they don't miss out.

It feels like my results have begun to snowball the longer I have been running these Kickstarters and that's so satisfying to see!


I hope this write-up helps any of my fellows also on this journey with crowdfunding! It's an evolving process and not everybody's journey will be the same, but I hope this entry might give you some clarity of the grand intimidating process that is Kickstarter!

♥ Ang

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5961012 - 22 Jan 20 18:16
Hey Angela - congrats on the campaign!!!! So happy for you. Thanks for sharing your KS marketing ideas and process!
user avatar
angelasasser - 22 Jan 20 19:28
Glad to share! I hope it gives people ideas and makes the whole thing a little less scary.
New Art! The Cobra Witcher of Ofir
New Art! The Cobra Witcher of Ofirmore_vert
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New Art! The Cobra Witcher of Ofir 2020-01-08T01:19:04+00:00close

And now for something completely different - my first painting of 2020! Seeing The Witcher adapted into a tv series on Netflix re-ignited my old love for this fantasy world, so I thought I'd take a break with my own fan homage. I couldn't resist hopping on the Witcher OC bandwagon with a Witcher concept of my own - a Witcher of Ofir!

Ofir is a country south of Nilfgaard consisting of numerous desert tribes and kingdoms united under a Malliq. It is a land of great cities said to be even more grand than those of Nilfgaard.

This gal is from the Ofieri School of the Cobra (a school of my own creation), who train Witchers in alchemy, oils, and poisons made to fight monsters. She doesn't have a name yet. Comment with your suggestions!

The Witchers of Ofir

DISCLAIMER! This is a fan concept for how Witchers might operate in Ofir. It is not canon and I have not read all of the novels yet, just the first three, so there may be other obscure lore of Ofir I might have missed.

The Witchers of Ofir are not feared as their counterparts in the Northern Realms, but are revered as experts. However, royal decree states that only a certain number of Witchers may exist at any one time, the Malliq's subtle population control of these powerful beings. When one falls, another is chosen from among volunteers to take their place.

Witchers of Ofir undergo their own unique Trial of the Grasses which is said to be the origin of the techniques used in the Northern Realms and lauded to be superior, resulting in more powerful mutations with less side effects and lethality to the subjects of the Trial.

Witcher Gear

Ofieri Witchers also do not use medallions to detect magic, but rather sense it through the markings tattooed on their faces, which also identify their School of origin. Created with infused dyes, these tattoos grow warm and tingle in the presence of magic and are iridescent in appearance.

Ofir is the homeland of masterful Runewright mages who have perfected the technique of enhancing the properties of blades with runic symbols. The Witchers of Ofir benefit from this talent, each individual granted a unique weapon imbued with runes upon their initiation and survival of the Trial of the Grasses.

Work-in-Progress Pics

I created this image in Photoshop with an experimental method of using multiple adjustment layers and effects. I'll be uploading a wallpaper pack featuring this gal for all of my Patrons, plus a PSD for my $5 and up Patrons to study and enjoy!

References for Ofir from the world of The Witcher. Including the Witcher comic "Of Flesh and Flame", the Witcher 3 video game, and excellent swordcraft of Kaer Morhen Forge.

Exploratory sketching. I dropped the hood so she would read less like an Assassin's Creed character.

Trying out different hairstyles. I chose the style she ended up with since it reminded me of the cowl of a cobra, which is symbolic of her school. I imagine she could also use the silver hair thong as a garrote in a pinch as well!

Final line art.

Completed color flats.

I've been missing doing more traditional dark fantasy work, so this was a nice break from my usual art mode.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of whimsical Art Nouveau ladies! I hope you enjoyed this brief diversion into my geek love.

♥ Ang

Media (1)

ofieri-witcher.jpg (260.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #198445 - 8 Jan 20 15:57
very cool!
user avatar
angelasasser - 8 Jan 20 15:58
Thanks, Jeremie!
New Art! Goddesses of Winter in Ink and Gold
New Art! Goddesses of Winter in Ink and Goldmore_vert
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New Art! Goddesses of Winter in Ink and Gold 2020-01-14T11:01:00+00:00close

Another Kickstarter for the Goddesses of Winter means another round of ink and gold drawings created as special Reward Tiers for the campaign! December and January are still available as of this writing and can be claimed via the project. There are still a few days left to snag one, if you're interested!

Lady of December

Lady of December's pin concept represents December's Turquoise birthstone and White Narcissus birth flower. She draws inspiration from Saint Lucy and was the first ever painting/Goddess I created for the Gemstone Goddesses series.

Watch a Time Lapse

Lady of January

Lady of January's pin concept represents January's Garnet birthstone and Carnation birth flower. She draws inspiration from Persephone and represents undying hope.

Watch a Time Lapse

Lady of February

Lady of February's pin concept represents February's Amethyst birthstone and Violet birth flower. She brings blessings of creativity and prosperity inspired by the goddess, Brigid. Her low-burning candles symbolize Winter's end.

Watch a Time Lapse

Tools & Materials List:

For those who are interested in this sort of thing, here's a list of the tools I used to create these images! Buying the supplies at the links gives me a little kickback. Using my links is appreciated, but not required!


Can you all believe we're nearly done with the pin series now? It's an amazing feeling! Thanks to everyone who has made this project possible thus far. We're making beautiful things together!

♥ Ang

Dec 2019 Wrap Up + A Year/Decade In Art Retrospective
Dec 2019 Wrap Up + A Year/Decade In Art Retrospectivemore_vert
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Dec 2019 Wrap Up + A Year/Decade In Art Retrospective 2019-12-26T22:17:57+00:00close

It's that time of year when we look back and celebrate how far we've come! It's been a momentous year of new beginnings for my husband and myself. Kev completed his radiation treatments for an 'All Clear' cancer diagnosis and started a new job, while I've put my all into the Birthstone Goddesses. We're so excited to hit our stride in 2020 after all the challenges we've faced along the way in 2019!

This year on Patreon, we've achieved so much together! Here's a list of major accomplishments I've had with Patron help:

  • Created 9 enamel pins for the Birthstone Goddesses
  • Finished the chibi style Birthstone Goddesses
  • Published my Birthstone Goddesses coloring book on Amazon.
  • Patreon funds helped us pay our bills when we were buried in medical debt.
  • Patreon funds helped me invest into the ads which helped my pin Kickstarters be so successful.
  • We've gone from 50 pledges to 66, a nice spurt of growth for a small indie creator!

A Year in Art

The year's end is also my favorite time to look back and see what I've created! Art is a craft that takes many years to master, which means that one must be vigilant of the small milestones or risk losing sight of the fact they have made any progress at all.

Just from looking at the compilations above, I can tell my sense of detail and light continues to improve. I'm proud of myself for learning how to create cool designs for merch, like the pins, stickers, purses, and scarves! It's been fun designing fashion accessories for my Birthstone Goddesses project and exploring this new facet of my own creative skillset.

Next year, I want to keep pushing my understanding of the fundamentals of art and to get more ambitious with narrative painting!

A Decade in Art

2019 also closes out an entire decade! Here's a look at what I was doing in 2009

In 2009: I worked mainly in watercolor + color pencil. Impact Books commissioned me out of grad school to create my how-to painting book ANGELIC VISIONS.

In 2019: I'm creating more digital art & also use digital sketching as part of my workflow for traditional painting prep, creating a more efficient process. I've published my 2nd book with the Birthstone Goddesses coloring book!

My original character, Ramah, (the main character of my would-be novel & fuzzy man pictured on the left) was a werewolf back in 2009. In 2019 he is now a cursed prince with daddy issues. He is married to the badass businesswoman, Khalara, in the 2019 image on the right (early developmental sketch of her created this year).

New Rewards Added in December

Posts You May Have Missed In December


My gratitude to all of you who have given your support and encouragement this year! Know that even just a small amount of kindness goes a long way.

As we close this post, what did you enjoy about your 2019? What are you looking forward to the most in 2020? Are you exploring any new avenues or refining old ones?

Here's to an exciting year of inspiration and growth for us all!

♥ Ang

Media (1)

Year-in-Art-Full-Collage.jpg (751.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4334960 - 26 Dec 19 22:32
Well the last year was quite enlightning and successfull. It started with me getting my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and starting a 90% home Office Job. While it did come with a lot of freedom, ultimately the Lack of coworkers and delay in correspondence with my Boss proofed too much, and I quit this month. On the Art side of things though, i Managed to write a Light novel,though the follow up stories are currently Stuck in my head. I also went back to University to try my hand at doing Japanese Studies. Next year will open with a New job in it development, shortly followed by Exams. I also have a New Art project in planning that would interweave with my Studies. Though before that can go anywhere there's going to be more drawing practicing, Research into shinto practices, and day to Day Operation of a Modern shrine, and reading up on Japanese mythology, especially it's mythical beings. Maybe even a bit of norse mythology to get ratatoskr rightish. I do hope everyone will have a great Start into 2020.
user avatar
angelasasser - 29 Dec 19 21:43
You've had such a prolific year! It's been really great getting to know you better over on the Discord and seeing what adventures in discovery you're undertaking. I'm excited to see how you'll weave all of your passions together next year!
Goddesses of Winter on Kickstarter! + Press Kit for Sharing
Goddesses of Winter on Kickstarter! + Press Kit for Sharingmore_vert
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Goddesses of Winter on Kickstarter! + Press Kit for Sharing 2019-12-21T21:19:12+00:00close

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! The fateful day I've been preparing for has arrived and I'm so pleased and excited to let you all know the Goddesses of Winter have launched on Kickstarter today!

View the campaign page here!

If you're new to my Patreon, I have been preparing these pin designs for the past month, along with others in this Birthstone series for the past year. My goal is to create an entire set of 12, one for each Birthstone Goddess! This will be the 3rd set of 4, each set representing a season of 3 months.

As ever, you guys are my best and loudest fans! It'd help me out immensely if you could help spread the word. Feel free to share the following links or make your own posts with the images I have provided!

Leaving a comment with your thoughts about my project will also help my posts be seen more on places like Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to leave a few words for me!

Say hello and let everyone know what your favorite design is or what Goddess you're looking forward to seeing the most!

I've also made some graphics you're free to use:

The cover image (can also be used as a Facebook Cover photo):

Sample Rewards:


It's so surreal to be done with 3 of the 4 launches now! It's all thanks to great supporters of the arts like you guys. Thanks so much for seeing me through the intense amount of work it takes to get these projects going!

Enjoy your Solstice celebrations and stay warm and inspired, my friends!

- ♥ Ang

Embed data


Provider URL

Kickstarter Intro - Goddesses of Winter Art Nouveau Birthstone Enamel Pins for Dec, Jan, and Feb

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with my GODDESSES OF WINTER Enamel Pins now LIVE on Kickstarter! These 2 inch hard enamel cloisonne pins explore the themes of birthstones and birthflowers for the winter season. DECEMBER represents the Turquoise birthstone and White Narcissus birth flower. She draws inspiration from Saint Lucy. JANUARY represents the Garnet birthstone and Carnation birth flower. She is inspired by Persephone. FEBRUARY represents the Amethyst birthstone and Violets birth flower. She draws inspiration from goddess and saint, Brigid. Don't miss the Early Bird deal on the set available for the first 50 Backers. Pledge Today and help an independent artist bring her creations to life! More about the Gemstone Goddesses: For more of Angela's art:



Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2333543 - 29 Dec 19 01:58
Are these still in stock?
user avatar
angelasasser - 29 Dec 19 19:52
Hi there! The Goddesses of Winter pins are currently being pre-ordered on Kickstarter right now. Once the Kickstarter is over and the Pre-Order period has closed, then I will be placing an order for pins based on the amount of pledges/pre-orders. The previous pins in the set for the Summer and Autumn sets at Let me know if you have any questions!
[New Art] "Evergreen Lady"
[New Art] "Evergreen Lady"more_vert
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[New Art] "Evergreen Lady" 2019-12-13T20:46:30+00:00close

“Evergreen Lady”, 9x12 inches, watercolor and ink with 23k gold leaf accents.

In dark times, we must hold on to a sliver of warmth and light. Evergreens remind us of the eternal quality of our persistence. The darkness will end come the daybreak of hope.

A painting for my mother inspired by her Lady of December, the Goddess that started it all for my Gemstone Goddesses birthstone series. This Lady takes her inspiration from Saint Lucy, whose feast day is today, December 13th. With her, we celebrate bringing light and gifts during the most difficult times.

This painting is the newest addition to my Spirits of Winter series, a set of paintings dedicated to my favorite imagery of the season. The art from this series is only available in my shop for a Limited Time during the holidays (late Oct to Dec).

A few work-in-progress shots. Those Patrons who have joined my Patreon Discord server also got to see glimpses of this painting as she was being made, so be sure to join in the fun there, if you haven't yet:


  • Art Prints (Limited Time Availability)
  • Digital Wallpapers - Coming this month for ALL Patrons
  • Coloring Page - Coming this month for $5+ Patrons
  • Tools & Materials List

Media (1)

Evergreen-Color.jpg (272.3KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #645075 - 21 Dec 19 01:01
You’re welcome!
user avatar
User #645075 - 17 Dec 19 09:56
She is beautiful!❤️
user avatar
angelasasser - 18 Dec 19 17:00
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this one.
Nov 2019 Wrap-Up: Good Habits, Winter Goddesses, + Holiday Shop Open!
Nov 2019 Wrap-Up: Good Habits, Winter Goddesses, + Holiday Shop Open!more_vert
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Nov 2019 Wrap-Up: Good Habits, Winter Goddesses, + Holiday Shop Open! 2019-11-26T20:54:41+00:00close

It felt only natural that I should follow up last month's wrap-up post featuring my trashed studio with a follow-up shot of it all cleaned up! I spent my much-needed 2 weeks off getting my studio and office in ship-shape, playing Chrono Trigger, and reading Jacqueline Carey's Starless.

I didn't do any art, much to my chagrin, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about that. Everyone needs a complete unplug sometimes! I'm back in action now and hopping immediately into the gauntlet of preparing for the next Kickstarter for the Goddesses of Winter enamel pins and the holiday shopping season! I'm hoping to use the return from vacation as a milestone to test out some new good habits.

For example, I've been testing out the 4 Day Work Week working longer days from Monday to Thursday, then taking Friday as a time to do 'light' things, like update my ledger, upkeep the studio, study fundamentals, and work on personal projects unrelated to my main commercial endeavors. So far, it's been great having that prolonged free time so I can make more meaningful progress on my lessons and personal fun projects!

Project Status

Birthstone Goddesses Enamel Pins

We are officially halfway done with the entire set, plus, I've completed the preliminary concepts for the Goddesses of Winter! I'll have a Secret Sketchbook post up soon about their development. Till then, check out this page for a sneak peek and a free coloring page of Lady of February!

Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book

After much ado, I've finally completed all the applications and paperwork for making my book available on both Etsy and Amazon! However, if you buy directly from me on Etsy, you'll get an autographed book instead. Now's a good time to snag one because of my holiday sale. Speaking of which!

My Holiday Shop is OPEN!

If you'd like to get 20% off on my coloring book and everything else in my shop, I have a holiday sale going on till Dec 4th! My limited time Spirits of Winter series is back for the season with prints, holiday postcards, etc. I've also added new prints and originals just in time for the holidays!

(See what's happening in my shop and give the gift of art while supporting an artist! Don't forget the Patreon-only items in my Secret Shop as well. )

Posts You May Have Missed in NOV:

Upcoming Events


And that has been my November! I turned 38 and continue to work on my dreams. We're building them one day at a time!

Thanks as ever for your support and encouragement along the way!

♥ Ang

Happy #ThankYouPatrons Day!
Happy #ThankYouPatrons Day!more_vert
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Happy #ThankYouPatrons Day! 2019-11-19T18:42:13+00:00close

Deadlines are looming as I work towards launching another set of enamel pins for my Birthstone Goddesses in the near future. I'm happy to be at this point in my life where I can spend a lot of my time on this in large part thanks to my Patrons!

It's amazing to think how many of you have supported and encouraged me from the beginning of this endeavor years ago. Your words of encouragement constantly inspire me. Your support helps me stay strong when the going gets rough!

This past year has been especially tough with my husband's fight against cancer and the medical debt that left us with. But we've forged ahead together! My husband is recovered (and cancer-free!), debts are starting to be settled one by one, and all the hard work I've put into the Birthstone Goddesses is starting to pay off as more people discover this little project of mine.

Thanks so much for helping me to make the impossible possible and letting me continue to work as an Independent Artist. My Patrons are the best kind of people!

Happy #ThankYouPatrons Day!

♥ Ang

Adorable artwork provided by Morgan Ramberg.

Oct 2019 Wrap-Up: The Con Aftermath + Vacation Days Begin!
Oct 2019 Wrap-Up: The Con Aftermath + Vacation Days Begin!more_vert
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Oct 2019 Wrap-Up: The Con Aftermath + Vacation Days Begin! 2019-10-31T16:36:05+00:00close

Another month has passed, bringing us another wrap-up! October has been blessedly slower now that my last con of the year has happened. It's been a time to come down from the crazy gauntlet of events and finish up a few small, but important tasks before I go on a vacation!

That's right, you guys. A vacation! I'm taking some time off starting this weekend and lasting till November 17th to rest and recuperate before the next Kickstarter pre-launch period for the Goddesses of Winter begins. Hopefully I can get some completely indulgent art and reading time in!

I wanted to go on a writing retreat, but alas it's not in the budget this year. Next year, perhaps! I'm going to take the next best option and sneak away to write and relax in coffee shops like a real pro. NaNoWriMo starts up tomorrow and even if I don't officially have a dedicated project for it, it's always a great excuse to let my muse wander and get motivated for making better writing habits to work on my many stories in progress!

As for this Patreon, it will remain active during vacation! I'm going to schedule a few posts ahead which will include a couple of new Rewards for everyone, since I finally have a bit of time to catch up. I may be slow to communicate during this time while I do my best to downplay stressful elements such as social media/shops/etc. briefly, so please be patient with me!

As for the pic above, that's the wreck that is my studio after not having a ton of time to clean it between conventions, Kickstarter fulfillment tasks, etc.! It really needs some love and care during my vacation as well. Time to get it orderly again so I can concentrate without a tower of empty boxes falling on me!

Also, I can't forget to say happy Allhallowtide, Halloween, and Samhain, to my lovely Patrons today! Did you get to wear any costumes? I'd love to hear about them in comments!

I'm dressing up this weekend with metallic orange makeup and cute bat earrings! But you can have my Halloween ensemble for last year, in the meantime. Spoopy hand warmers! (I REALLY need to work on getting normal pictures of myself without a costume or spoopy things on).

Project Status

The Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book TRADE EDITION (Book Finished. Applications pending!)

GREAT news in that I was finally able to complete all my official registration forms! I'm currently waiting on Amazon to get back to me about how we'll proceed from here to get my coloring books officially listed under me as a vendor on the site.

Birthstone Goddesses Enamel Pins (50% Complete)

Sketching has started the same day of this post! I hope to have a Secret Sketchbook entry up after vacation on the development of these new designs.

Little Gem Goddesses Stickers (Finished!)

I am plotting on something special I can do with them for Patrons, so stay tuned!

Birthstone Goddesses Tote Bags and Scarves (Planning)

Will prep these designs to be integrated into my Etsy shop after vacation!

Birthstone Goddesses Wall Calendar (Planning)

Development will begin once the enamel pins have been completed.

Birthstone Goddesses Art Book (Planning)

Planning to launch after the calendar. I'll be dropping previews of some of the new painting concepts I'll be planning for this art soon!

Upcoming Cons

Goblin Market - March 28, 2020 (Awaiting Confirmation)

Join us in the market where the fairy denizens may ask for more than money for the items you seek! This year's theme is 'fairy tales'. Fingers crossed I get in! I LOVE the theme and immersive storytelling of this event.

New Rewards Planned for November

  • Goddesses of Autumn Coloring Pack
  • Little Gem Goddesses of Summer Wallpaper Pack

Posts You May Have Missed in OCT:


It's been so lovely to meet some of you this month at Multiverse, as well! I'm so happy to have a place like Patreon where I can get to know you all better.

Thanks for your support and here's to an inspiring month of relaxation and inspiration before the holiday rush begins!

♥ Ang

Media (1)

studioaftermath.jpg (3.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9453219 - 31 Oct 19 16:46
I love all of this. Have a good vacation Ang. Have fun!
user avatar
angelasasser - 31 Oct 19 17:00
Thanks, Aaron! I'm looking forward to taking a break from this big endeavor of mine and enjoying some small, quiet times!
Convention Report - Multiverse 2019
Convention Report - Multiverse 2019more_vert
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Convention Report - Multiverse 2019 2019-10-24T15:33:06+00:00close

Kevin and I had a great time at Multiverse this past weekend! It represented our last show of the season and the first time we've been at this con, since this is a brand new event. Normally, I'd be hesitant to do a first-year show because the traffic is usually slow at these, but in the end, I'm glad I gave this show a shot!

After the chaos of DragonCon and consecutive Kickstarters happening around here, it was nice to do a small, chill con, while still being able to network with other artists and enjoy a more relaxed environment.

Booth Tour

I'll admit by the time the con rolled around, I didn't have a plan or proper signage for the vendor table for this untested arrangement! Here's what we were able to throw together at the last minute.

After studying the booth's traffic flow at DragonCon, I realized many folks were afraid to walk up to the prints in the corner. I knew I wanted to try a display where the prints were front and center and viewers could engage with them immediately, so on the table they went so people would not be afraid to pick them up or venture into our personal space!

A spice rack served as a display for the pins. I'm still trying to decide if it blends well and if I should cover it with paper. Or if I want to place it with a rotating rack entirely. My table display is always evolving!

You can see where I also forgot to bring the table runner, so the scarves ended up being draped across the front of the table, since I wasn't sure where to put them otherwise and it filled the space left by our missing table runner. I didn't have proper signage for the top behind me either, so my Patreon sign became my main sign temporarily.

Folks had trouble even realizing the scarves were there because they blended so well, so I will have to think of a new way to display them so they stand out more. Perhaps hanging them off a dowel rod of some sort? Or replacing my silver tablecloth with a darker color? I know I want the scarves up front where people can touch them because most people want to feel the material before they buy clothing accessories.

Gallery Tour

While my table display focused on the Birthstone Goddesses, I decided that my gallery display should focus on my darker narrative art, which I felt was relevant to the interests of this con's scifi/fantasy/literary themes.

I had a small 4'x4' bay in the Art Expo which left a little to be desired. The unexpectedly large bid sheets and the print bin which overlapped my display meant I had to leave 2 pieces out of my planned display. Simple fixes for next year, however! The show staff are also new to things and were receptive to feedback.

I sold nothing from my bay, so if any of this display interests you, drop me a line! (Reminder that Patreon Patrons will get their Patreon discount on these as well.)

So was it worth it?

I honestly would have been satisfied for the fact that I sold enough to cover my attendance fees AND I got to network with fellow artists in a much more relaxed environment! We're always so busy at DragonCon and other shows and barely have time to say hello.

During this show, I was invited to two local events, was invited into a new vendor group online, and was able to attend 3 fantastic panels on writing since traffic was chill enough for me to let my husband handle things alone.

On top of all that, we did end up meeting a metric of success I agree with, which is this formula:

Profit = Cost of attending + $100 a day = worth attending

We made back the cost of attending, plus at least $100 of profit per day, so were paid for our time at the very least. I got to test my new Square Terminal as well. I'll have more about the Terminal later over in The Muse's Library where I'll be writing a review on it! This is a fantastic piece of tech we just invested in that has totally blown my mind for how useful it is.

Favorite Cosplay

I always love to admire the wonderful costumes of attendees and Multiverse did not disappoint because the amazing folks of the Whiskey Weasel Cosplay dropped by with their wonderfully detailed Monster Hunter World cosplays! They even replicated the scoutflies you use for tracking with little LEDs. SO COOL!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it's worth it for more reasons than just money to attend smaller shows. It was nice to leave my art cave and remember how awesome the fan community is, as well as to meet a couple of my Patrons in person and say thank you for their support.

It's easy to spend so much time alone without the love and laughter of the community. I hope to return next year and continue supporting the spirit of fan appreciation this convention is nurturing!

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User #7695874 - 24 Oct 19 15:40
I started buying scarves recently only bc I didn't realize all the ways they could be worn! You might consider having 2-3 dummy/doll heads there showing the scarves tied around the neck, hair, etc. Could be cute!
user avatar
angelasasser - 24 Oct 19 15:45
Oh yes I have a couple of mannequins here! The trouble is the footprint on the table is so large, it would mean leaving something out. They also take up a lot of space in my hatchback. However, next time I may try leaving the pouches/rotating rack at home and taking a mannequin instead to see how it goes. We're getting into scarf weather here!
New Art!  Goddesses of Autumn in Ink and Gold
New Art! Goddesses of Autumn in Ink and Goldmore_vert
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New Art! Goddesses of Autumn in Ink and Gold 2019-10-17T19:41:42+00:00close

With the Goddesses of Autumn Kickstarter wrapping up in a few days, I can finally share this collection of ink drawings with you all! To add some extra special rewards to the Kickstarter, I took the designs I had created for the Goddesses of Autumn pins and rendered them in ink with accents of genuine 23k gold.

Each one is 5x7 inches and will be matted up to 8x10 inches in a white mat with black core. If you're interested in claiming one of these originals, you can do so via the Kickstarter! September has been claimed, but October and November are still available (and will go up in price once the Kickstarter ends).

Lady of September

You can watch a time lapse of this drawing here.

Lady of October

You can watch a time lapse of this drawing here.

Lady of November

You can watch a time lapse of this drawing here.

I realize I don't think I shared the ink and gold drawings I did from the Summer pin set! I'll upload those here soon for those who missed them.

Tools & Materials List:

For those who are interested in this sort of thing, here's a list of the tools I used to create these images! Buying the supplies at the links gives me a little kickback. Using my links is appreciated, but not required!

I'm off to Multiverse this weekend to peddle my wares and attend some of the writing panels! Come say hello if you're going. It's always nice to meet my Patrons and thank you in person!

More soon,

♥ Ang

Kickstarter Launched!  Goddesses of Autumn Enamel Pins + Summer Pin Pre-Orders
Kickstarter Launched! Goddesses of Autumn Enamel Pins + Summer Pin Pre-Ordersmore_vert
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Kickstarter Launched! Goddesses of Autumn Enamel Pins + Summer Pin Pre-Orders 2019-09-24T10:01:00+00:00close

The fateful day has finally arrived and the Goddesses of Autumn Enamel Pins have now launched on Kickstarter! By the time I've sat down to write this post, we're already almost 30% funded, which fills me with such happiness. It's been easier for me to deal with my fear of failure when doing these kinds of crowdfunded projects because of your massive support and enthusiasm!

So thanks so much to all of you who have been along for the ride while I grow my Birthstone Goddesses into a collection of my own and fly free as an independent artist. It means the world to me!

Since my folks here are my SUPER FANS, your word of mouth means a lot! If you'd like to help spread the word, here are a few links for you to easily share even if pins aren't your thing or you don't have the funds to participate this time. Sharing is caring!

- Retweet this post on Twitter
- Share and/or Like this post on Facebook
- Re-blog this blogon tumblr

Pre-Order the Goddesses of Summer Pins

If you missed out on the Goddesses of Summer pins, I've finally listed them in my shop where you can pre-order the whole set or a single pin! I plan to ship them out in mid-October or sooner (once my Kickstarter Backers have all their pins first).

>Pre-Order here!<

Patreon Patrons, don't forget to use your Patreon discount code for 15% off (or your 25% off code if you are pledging $10 or more!).


Now it's time to celebrate this milestone! We're now officially at the halfway point with the enamel pin Kickstarters. What a gratifying learning experience it has been!

I'll be back soon with another update about where we're going from here.

Here's to all of you who make my dreams possible!

♥ Ang

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #168485 - 24 Sep 19 10:59
Backed it early
user avatar
angelasasser - 24 Sep 19 15:40
Awesome, thanks Robert! ♥
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Autumn
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Autumnmore_vert
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New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Autumn 2019-09-20T14:09:29+00:00close

Happy Friday, all! In anticipation of the Goddesses of Autumn enamel pins Kickstarter launching on Monday, I wanted to share the chibi sticker designs of the Autumn gals I did since they'll be making their debut as Stretch Goals for the Kickstarter project (and eventually as freebies here on Patreon once the pin Kickstarters are complete!)

Little Gem Goddess of September

One of the fun things about doing multiple angles on these gals is that I get to show off design elements that weren't clear in the main paintings! September's chibi shows off her dual-colored eyes and parti-color dress so well. Inspired by the red and blue color of Sapphires!

Little Gem Goddess of October

Funny how she was not my fave from the main set, but this chibi version stands out as one of my fave of the chibis! Her pose came out with such perfect flow and I love all of her little spirit friends. It feels like she has a stronger connection to them in this version.

Little Gem Goddess of November

This gal never ceases to steal the show in any form! Her flowing veil and dress made a wonderful design element. Having her floating among her butterflies also ties her more strongly to their ghostly ethereal nature (and also looks cool).

Designing these cute versions of my asture Goddesses presented a fun challenge for me! Plus, chibi versions of overly serious things will never cease to make me smile. I was able to bring a bit more of a magical fantastical touch to these than even the main series and that makes me happy as well! I'm slowly, but surely, bridging my way over to more fantastical art topics, which is the art I truly adore making!

If you'd like to watch the recordings of the livestreams of the creations of these chibis, you can watch them here:

Have a great weekend, all. I can't wait for Monday when the next enamel pins launch! Are you excited? I am hyped after how beautifully the last set came out!

More soon!

♥ Ang

Convention Report - DragonCon 2019
Convention Report - DragonCon 2019more_vert
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Convention Report - DragonCon 2019 2019-09-05T21:53:45+00:00close

I'm back from DragonCon and have finally stirred from my post-con torpor! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, including a couple of my Patrons here! It was so lovely to meet you and give you hugs (and pins!). I got to see so many artist friends I haven't met in person, plus old friends I only get to see this time of year. I only wish I'd had more time to spend with everyone!

I always like to do a write-up if I can. DragonCon is such a massive show and always a great event for testing out new, ambitious things! I've been working hard towards it for a long time before the event to make new products to debut, such as the tote bags and scarves. This was also the first time I've ever had to fill such a large space at 8 x 10 feet! It was an intimidating prospect!

So how'd I do? I sold half my canvas totes, but only a couple of scarves! Most folks went for my prints, pouches, totes, and greeting cards (especially the ones themed for the month of September!). I also think my display made an impression! People really seemed to love my little 'shrine' of flowers and candles.

All in all, I made back expenses and then some! Having a larger display space really paid off for me, as I think the larger display footprint allowed me to give people a better idea of the scale of this ambitious project of mine which is really hard to contain in a smaller space.

The Art Show

The Art Show was a new beast this year! New management meant new changes, such as the lack of a silent auction or a print shop. This meant more floor space for artists and a new way to buy directly from the artist, instead of an auction! It was nice to be able to take my earnings from sales in the Gallery area home immediately instead of waiting for a check to come in the mail.

There was a little confusion about how to buy things from the gallery bay, but otherwise, I felt the changes were for the better, letting the Art Show check-in process go more smoothly (no dealing with barcodes or anything of that nature). I really enjoyed the new black pegboard for the Gallery area as well!

The volunteers were especially exceptional this year. They came around often to see if we needed help and check on our well-being!

What Did I Learn?

DragonCon, especially one where I test out new things, is always a learning experience! Here are some things I learned.

  • Bundle Deals. The bundle deals worked like a charm! I attribute most of my sales to people wanting to buy gifts for multiple people and being encouraged to do so by saving a little money with a bulk discount.
  • More Signage. I need more signage to show people I'm on Patreon, what my name is, and also that the series is about a birthstone series, as it took people a minute to realize this was a birthstone series and upon realizing that fact, they of course then wanted to immediately see what their month was, which was easier when I made month signs to go by the images (and to subdivide the print bins).
  • The 15 Second Rule. Kevin, who has vast retail experience and is a remarkable salesman, taught me this at the con. Basically, instead of smothering people with my overeager greetings, give people 15 seconds to process what they're seeing and decide if they are engaged with it.

    This wait time helped me make a better call about who was meandering through and who was actually interested so I don't waste my precious introvert energy on people who have no interest.
  • Stock for Birthday/Month Sensitive Items. I had so many September babies stop by and say "It's my birth month and I'm treating myself" or I had friends of September babies shopping for birthday gifts for the special September person in their life. This should have been obvious to me, but I need to keep more stock on hand for these timely occasions! I even made extra of September and still sold out!
  • More Small Impulse Items. I had so many people who didn't want to make a big investment or who didn't have a lot of wall space who ended up scooping up stickers and greeting cards. I would have sold pins like hot cakes for this reason as well!

    I want to focus my table area around showing off these small items since they became the 'bread and butter' small sales that added up nicely at the end of the day because they are easy to manufacture on a mass scale with a good markup and impulse range price tag that isn't too much of a burden for the average buyer.
  • Calendar. I REALLY need to finish up the calendar for this series, as now that I have all 12 images, it's become my number one requested item. I've planned to work on it after the enamel pins, so it will be coming next year!

Favorite Cosplay

Oh boy it was SO hard to pick a cosplay to feature here! Now that they've lifted the no photo ban in the Art Show, I had a lot of fun taking photos of amazing cosplayers who dropped by my booth. They were all wonderful and you can see more of them here.

However, I just have to feature this lady! I was a Power Rangers fan back in the day and this lady made me squeal with nostalgic glee. She also made her costume herself!

I am already missing the glorious geeky chaos that was DragonCon! I love being around so many kindred spirits that it feels pretty lonely when I get home and return to the grind. I'm grateful my fans (and especially my Patrons) are here in my corner experiencing this journey along with me. Your encouragement and feedback have helped me have one of my best cons ever!

Next, I'll be hopping right into Kickstarter fulfillment and revving up for the Goddesses of Autumn pins, so there's no rest for the wary!

Did you stop by at DragonCon? What was your fave cosplay? Sound off in the comments!

♥ Ang

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2574239 - 6 Sep 19 10:51
Your booth looks so amazing! Congratulations on your show going so well.
user avatar
angelasasser - 6 Sep 19 20:39
Thanks so much, Patricia! I'm so happy it worked out in the end after being nervous about it beforehand. Onwards to the next show in October!
New Art!  Little Gem Goddesses of Summer
New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Summermore_vert
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New Art! Little Gem Goddesses of Summer 2019-08-19T22:57:51+00:00close

There has been so much going on lately that I almost forgot about my Little Gem Goddesses! I'm excited to test out Patreon's new group image posting feature by sharing the first of a set of the 12 Birthstone Goddesses I've drawn in a cute chibi style.

We unlocked these Little Gem gals sticker designs as a goal some time ago and now they've finally arrived! Stay tuned for news about a Special Offer I'll be running for them once the DragonCon busy time dies down (spoiler alert, you guys will be getting free stickers involving these designs and the other chibis from the set! I still need to settle on the details).

For now, enjoy the Little Gem Goddesses of June, July and August!

June waltzes in surrounded by falling rose petals, while July flies onwards with her lanterns and free spirit. Meanwhile, August floats along with her soul lanterns (and is probably my favorite from this set).

Which Little Goddess do you like best from this set? It's always fun to hear what my fans are drawn to!


If you'd like to hang out with my online ghost while I paint these goddesses, you can watch the live recordings of each design as it was being made here! Thanks to everyone who joined me while I was streaming. It was fun to hang out and I will be back to streaming soon once things are calmer!


If you like this style and want to learn how I create images this way, $10+ Patrons have access to my Chibi Tutorial here! You can also buy the tutorial separately here.

More soon!

♥ Ang

[Early Release] Unboxing Art - Mucha's Le Pater Century Guild Edition
[Early Release] Unboxing Art - Mucha's Le Pater Century Guild Editionmore_vert
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[Early Release] Unboxing Art - Mucha's Le Pater Century Guild Edition 2019-08-14T16:36:40+00:00close

I've been saving opening up the lovely package I received from the Century's Guild long-awaited Kickstarter since a couple of weeks ago till I could take a moment to enjoy it. That moment has finally come!

Join me as I unbox the loveliness and dive into this wonderful collection of Mucha's spiritual works! This video will be released to the public on Friday, but you get an early look because you're special.

Now back to con prep with me!

- Ang

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Unboxing Art - Mucha's Le Pater Century Guild Edition

Join me as I unbox this beautiful hardcover edition of Mucha's masterpiece, "Le Pater" created by the Century Guild! This hefty art book features historical research, photos, and more, representing a trove of information and loveliness for any fan of Alphonse Mucha. Stay tuned to my book review channel for the upcoming review: Find out more about this book at the Century Guild: The original Kickstarter campaign link:



Upcoming Coloring Pack Release: Goddesses of Summer
Upcoming Coloring Pack Release: Goddesses of Summermore_vert
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Upcoming Coloring Pack Release: Goddesses of Summer 2019-08-06T16:41:43+00:00close

Head's up that the Goddesses of Summer coloring pack is coming to my Patreon digital library! If you missed claiming these pages via the Goddesses of Summer Kickstarter, here's your chance to get these coloring pages for yourself.

Friday, 8/9 - This pack will be released for my $5 and up Patrons.

Monday, 8/12 - This pack will be available in my Art Nouveau shop.

If you backed the Kickstarter, I've also just sent out Backer surveys today, so be sure to check your email and the project's Updates for more details! For those who missed the Kickstarter, the Pre-Order shop went live today as well, so feel free to tell your friends about it, if they are interested in a second chance at making sure they get pins.

A BIG art release of the finished Birthstone Goddesses chibi sticker designs will be coming soon (next week) as well. Time to break in Patreon's new gallery feature!

More soon!

♥ Ang

July 2019 Wrap-Up: Too Many Books in My House. Send Help!
July 2019 Wrap-Up: Too Many Books in My House. Send Help!more_vert
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July 2019 Wrap-Up: Too Many Books in My House. Send Help! 2019-07-30T20:20:56+00:00close

July was a month dedicated to ALL the Goddesses of Summer pin things! The Kickstarter took over my life, as Kickstarters are wont to do, and I found myself the recipient of so much love and support!

Seriously, you guys are awesome. We funded the Goddesses of Summer pins in no small part to fan enthusiasm and sharing! It officially did better than the coloring book Kickstarter at 114% funded. You guys are the best! ♥

Project Status

The Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book Trade Edition

The Trade Edition has been printed and 1k books are now sitting in our house! I still need to prep them for sale via Amazon's vendor program and take care of some of the background maintenance/setup, but they'll be available via Amazon and Etsy soonish! I will make an announcement here, on my mailing list, and on social media when they are available.

Birthstone Goddesses Enamel Pins

The first set for the Summer goddesses (June, July, and August) are funded. Now, we're just waiting on payment processing and the gears of production! They will be sent to the manufacturer once the Pre-order period (Aug 5th - 15th) for them ends.THEN the Goddesses of Autumn will launch on the first day of Autumn, September 23rd. This year has gone by SO fast!

Upcoming Cons

I am confirmed for the following events:

  • DragonCon - AUG 29– Sep 2 - I'll have a booth for the first time ever!
  • Multiverse - OCT 18-20 - This one's new to our area! Come help me celebrate their inaugural year.

New Rewards Added

Angelic Vision Coloring Page ($5+ Patrons)

Posts You May Have Missed in June:


I've enjoyed a very brief downtime after all this hubbub and now it's onwards to DragonCon in early September, which means August is going to be full of prep for the con, Kickstarter fulfillment, and working on designs for the Goddesses of Autumn that are up next on the Kickstarter docut for Autumn.

Stay tuned for more art and things as and when I can share them during this hectic time!

Thanks for your support this month, everyone.

♥ Ang

Media (1)

get-out-of-my-house-books.JPG (3.9MiB)

Coming Friday! Angelic Vision Coloring Page
Coming Friday! Angelic Vision Coloring Pagemore_vert
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Coming Friday! Angelic Vision Coloring Page 2019-07-09T16:23:39+00:00close

Coming soon to my $5+ Patrons this Friday, July 12th! This page will be added to my digital library here on Patreon. This whimsical angel was the featured image on the cover of my Angelic Visions howto book representing a flowing and graceful angel with a compassionate heart.

Start planning your color palette! This image will release to Patrons on Friday and to the public via my shop on Monday.

- Ang

June 2019 Wrap-Up: Kickstarter, Upcoming Cons, etc.
June 2019 Wrap-Up: Kickstarter, Upcoming Cons, etc.more_vert
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June 2019 Wrap-Up: Kickstarter, Upcoming Cons, etc. 2019-07-02T18:48:40+00:00close

It's been a relatively quiet month here on Patreon, as I've been busy managing all the moving parts of the Goddesses of Summer Kickstarter and adjusting to a major life change.

My husband has started a new job and suddenly we now have the option to improve our situation a bit! We can finally start considering a new home of our own without the issues of our current rental and also take a little bit of pressure off the art side of things.

To be frank, we've been scrambling between the two of us to cover unending medical bills, debts, rent, etc. something which has been taking up most of my proceeds from Patreon for the past few months while we've been struggling for balance.

It's been a frustrating endless cycle of climbing out of a hole only to fall back in as soon as we reach the top.

But now I'm hoping with the shift in our finances that I can put more of my Patreon earnings back into funding the art and to keep bringing you all the cool things I've always been wanting to do that I just had no time and/or money to do (ie. creating more art videos, more fun physical perks, etc).

It's such an amazing release to not feel so stressed and fearful of what even a little emergency could do to our budget. I know that peace of mind is going to be reflected in my art and productivity as well!

Project Status

On to business! During this quiet time, I've been making a lot of small background moves on the entries into my Birthstone Goddesses collection.

The Birthstone Goddesses Coloring Book Trade Edition - After many small corrections and all the official book registration process, the coloring book is currently off to the printers who are prepping it for printing by the end of July! I plan for this trade edition to be made available on Amazon and in my own online shop. I should have it with me at cons this year too!

The Birthstone Goddesses Enamel Pins - The first of the set of 12 total pins is on Kickstarter right now! We're 80% funded and everything is looking good, thus far. Keep spreading the word, everyone!

Upcoming Cons

I'm slowly getting back into the convention game and have been confirmed for the following events:

  • DragonCon - AUG 29– Sep 2 - I'll have a booth for the first time ever!
  • Multiverse - OCT 18-20 - This one's new to our area! Come help me celebrate their inaugural year.

New Rewards Added

Glimpse of Eden Coloring Page ($5+ Patrons)

Posts You May Have Missed in June:


Now that things are calming down and the constant stress has eased somewhat, I'm hoping to get back to posting more regularly around here. I have some articles on the agenda to talk about what goes into designing an enamel pin, what goes into a Kickstarter, etc.

My ambitious project keeps growing and this year all the little seeds I laid years ago are finally starting to bear fruit!

More soon!

- Ang

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2528816 - 2 Jul 19 20:03
I will definitely come find you at DragonCon! Best of luck with everything!
user avatar
angelasasser - 2 Jul 19 20:28
Yay that would be lovely! See you there. :)
user avatar
User #10257162 - 2 Jul 19 18:56
I hope everything goes well with your hubby's new job. What an awesome month for your art though! I am pumped for the pins, and I am super excited for DragonCon! I've wanted to show my art there before, but I've never actually BEEN to the con before, lol, so this year is my vacay to it! I can't wait to go and cosplay, and I can't wait to see your booth. So exciting!
user avatar
angelasasser - 2 Jul 19 19:36
Thanks, Stephanie! I'm so excited to have those pins in hand too AND to fill a booth full of lovely things for DragonCon. Ohhh and you're a first timer to the con? Prepare to be amazed! It's huuuge and there's so much to do. Feel free to drop by the art show and see us. We'd love to say hi!
user avatar
User #10257162 - 2 Jul 19 21:28
I'll definately stop by! 😊
user avatar
User #198445 - 14 Jul 19 21:53
Hope things continue going well for you guys! Also, that Glimpse of Eden is amazing!
user avatar
angelasasser - 15 Jul 19 21:11
Thank you for your well wishes, Jeremie! Glimpse of Eden is an old favorite of mine from my book published back in 2011. Sometimes I forget not everyone has seen the work from that one! There's a whole gallery of work from the book here if you'd like to peruse -
Now LIVE on Kickstarter!  Goddesses of Summer Enamel Pins
Now LIVE on Kickstarter! Goddesses of Summer Enamel Pinsmore_vert
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Now LIVE on Kickstarter! Goddesses of Summer Enamel Pins 2019-06-22T19:27:07+00:00close

I'm so happy to be celebrating the official start of Summer with the launch of my Goddesses of Summer enamel pins on Kickstarter! Patrons have been getting a peek of the Behind the Scenes insanity, but now the main event itself has inexorably arrived!

Let us just BASK in this next milestone in the develop of the Birthstone Goddesses! It feels good to see one major step towards adding another building block into the library of beautiful things I've wanted to share with the world. Thanks to everyone who has supported and followed here and kept me going with your constant encouragement!

Here are just a few peeks of fun things you can get via the Kickstarter, including an Early Bird set of the pins for just $30! But hurry because this tier will only be available till 6/28 and is limited to just 50!

How Can You Help?

Kickstarter projects live or die by word of mouth! I can't do this without your help. Even if you can't afford to back this project, Liking, Sharing, and talking to your friends about my it is equally as helpful. Here are some ideas on how you can share my project:

- Retweet this post on Twitter
- Share and/or Like this post on Facebook
- Re-blog this blogon tumblr


My posts have slowed down a bit here while I've been focusing energy on this launch. I've promised myself a short rest, then we're on to the mandala paintings next which are going to help provide material for the upcoming wall calendar for this project!

Look forward to posts about the behind the scenes Kickstarter development, plus art WIPs of the mandala pieces next.

Bask with me, now! Bask!

More soon,

♥ Ang

May 2019 Wrap-Up: Vacation, MSAD, & Upcoming Giveaway!
May 2019 Wrap-Up: Vacation, MSAD, & Upcoming Giveaway!more_vert
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May 2019 Wrap-Up: Vacation, MSAD, & Upcoming Giveaway! 2019-06-17T16:19:29+00:00close

Ooops we're over halfway into June and I've not posted my May wrap-up yet! As ever, May (and June) have been a crunched month while I prepare to unleash the Birthstone Goddesses enamel pins upon the world. And what did I decide to do in the middle of the hype period for my upcoming enamel pin Kickstarter and other craziness?

I went on vacation for a week! Doh!

But you know what guys? Sometimes you just have to have a little self-care, which is what May was all about for me. My husband has been declared in remission from lymphoma and a long period of stress is over for us (for now). It was a good time for a vacation!

A friend also encouraged me to take on the May Sketch A Day Art Challenge, which allowed me some much needed time to let my muse meander without being tied to any theme. I also spent a week in South Carolina walking on the beach and enjoying a local botanical garden!

(A tease of one of the beautiful aqua gardens I visited at the Brookgreen Gardens while I was on vacation!)

And while I have returned to a crazy prelaunch crunch time, I'm grateful for some fresh air and the ability to let my creative wells refresh!

I have plans to share some posts with all the flower photos I took in an upcoming Inspiration Trip post, but for now, here's a quick rundown of what you might have missed in May.

Posts in May

(ALL my sketches from May Sketch A DAy! Check out the posts above for story snippets and full views of the sketches I did)

New Coloring Pages Added:

Upcoming Giveaway!

It's tradition by this point that I host a Launch Party on Facebook for each Kickstarter I do! Come join me at this Event leading up to the Launch Day. I'll be sharing the stories of each Goddess as we lead up to Launch Day and an art+book giveaway!

THEN, once Launch Day arrives, I'll be streaming the choosing of the winner as well as hitting the big shiny red launch button! It's all very exciting!!

Woo hoo June is going to be epic! Thanks for following along with my journey here as a Follower or a Patron. I'm always in good company here!

More soon!

- Ang


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May Sketch A Day Week 5 - Dark Fey & Mermaids + Full Month Recap
May Sketch A Day Week 5 - Dark Fey & Mermaids + Full Month Recapmore_vert
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May Sketch A Day Week 5 - Dark Fey & Mermaids + Full Month Recap 2019-06-02T00:38:16+00:00close

Week 5 was another lean week while I was out to the beach on vacation! I intend to share an Inspiration Trip post at some point collecting all the reference I took. I got to explore the beach and one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever visited! I stole a few late night hours during the trip to do some quick sketches, most of which were dominated by one of my story concepts that's captured the muse of late.

The Watcher II & III

Last week, I introduce this character from my story, Song of Exile, into the MASD mix. In my worldbuilding pondering for this story, I've envisioned an ancient spirit who once held dominion over the desert. She watched mankind with curiosity, vexed by the seemingly irrational actions of these short-lived specimens. One day, she ventured to them, teaching them knowledge beyond their primitive achievements, learning from them the joy of irrationality.

But one day those gifts were taken for granted and calamity struck. Her wrath was swift and thorough.

Her concept is a seed of a story right now, but each image I create, she becomes clearer in my mind and I discover something new about her. The butterflies and other eye-marked creatures of her own creation are her 'eyes', her own lost during the 'Fall'. She is the creator of the silk moths that roam throughout the desert, though she is no longer watching through their wings, their markings having lost their luster since The Watcher's disappearance from history.

Deep Blue

How could I NOT draw a mermaid for this month with the Mermay challenge happening as well? Plus the fact I was surrounded by so much lovely blue and green water while I was on the beach! All the sketches this week were done in Adobe Photoshop Sketch on my new iPad Pro. It's pretty easy to pick up and put down a sketch while also being able to easily record a time lapse!

Full Month Recap

Here's a collection of ALL the sketches I made for this event! You can read the stories and notes about each week's sketches at the following posts:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

All in all, I had a fantastic time letting the muse off the leash to wander and do as she pleases! I've been in desperate need of refreshing the creative wells and letting my mind wander while also getting some new experiences at the beach have helped a bit. I'm hoping I can carry forward the daily sketching habit into the future as either daily warm-ups and/or freeform sketch time during my usual routine!

Did any of you participate in May Sketch A Day (or any of the other May art events)? How did it work out for you? Like NaNoWriMo, Camp NaNoWriMo, and other art challenges, I've found it to be a re-energizing experience with community support behind it which helps to keep me motivated!

Next, more enamel pin progress once I'm back from vacation starting Monday!

- Ang

May Sketch A Day Week 4 - The Blood Hunter & The Faerie
May Sketch A Day Week 4 - The Blood Hunter & The Faeriemore_vert
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May Sketch A Day Week 4 - The Blood Hunter & The Faerie 2019-05-27T20:52:19+00:00close

This week was a lean week for sketching while I was rushing to get my enamel pin sketches off to the company! I squeezed a little bit of sketching time in thanks to my husband gifting me an iPad Pro (YAY!) and encouraging me to take the time to sit down and have a play with it.

All of the sketches this week were created with Adobe Sketch on the iPad Pro, with the exception of the sword portrait, which was started in Sketch and transferred into Photoshop for finishing.

Head Portrait - Nils

This piece is a milestone for being the first image I created on the iPad Pro! I'm impressed by the responsiveness of the Apple Pencil and the way I could tilt the stylus for the graphite shading used in this one.

This week I had an urge to explore Nils, a shy priest of Kelemvor from a Dungeons & Dragons one-shot I played some time ago. I was smitten by this quiet, sweet man in such a brutal profession of being a Blood Hunter!

He wears his worries on his face, where he often looks tired and anemic, the blood magic use taking a toll, as well as the terrible things he's seen in his past (which you can read more about in his character biography here).

The Watcher Appears

Experimenting with the watercolor blooms in Sketch on the iPad made me want to draw something dreamy and dark, which is where this gal from my Song of Exile storyworld came in! She was drawn completely off the cuff without worrying about my mistakes. This won't be her final design, but it was just fun to muck about without being too precious (the whole goal of May Sketch A Day for me).

Some flavor text for The Watcher:

Old stories still speak of her, though her name is long forgotten. They called her The Watcher, for she watched mankind for centuries from between the moments and the twilight shadows, always curious, always seeking through the eyes of the animals in her desert domain. Why did humans tarry so, she mused?

Whenever a traveler finds her moths in the desert, they know she is there, always watching through their spots, and they pay her homage whether she is there still or not.

Blood Grooves

After seeing this glorious character sheet by Mooncalfe, I was in the mood to do some more character sketching to show various pieces of equipment and angles for Nils! I'm pretty shocked that Blood Hunters don't have any specialized weapons for their demon-slaying, monster hunting craft.

I've envisioned Nils using a pair of scimitar custom crafted by his Order that allow him to trigger a needle which lances his palms and sends blood down the handle into the blood grooves on the sword. This lets him more efficiently use his blades for Crimson Rites, which require bloodletting to imbue the blade.

First level Blood Hunters don't even get silvered weapons for their starting gear, poor sods!


So that was my short week! Which one of these did you guys enjoy most? Have you done any cool sketches for May Sketch A Day or Mermay this week (or seen any?) Share in comments!

Next week, I'll be on vacation at the beach, which I haven't seen in well...years! I expect to be pretty AFK for awhile and sneaking internet when I can, so I may be slow! My stream schedule is on hold for now till I return on June 1st. Hope you all don't have too much fun without me!

I hope to return with more enamel pin mockups to share and a refreshed mind. See ya after!

- Ang

May Sketch A Day Week 3 - Tieflings Galore!
May Sketch A Day Week 3 - Tieflings Galore!more_vert
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May Sketch A Day Week 3 - Tieflings Galore! 2019-05-19T20:35:27+00:00close

This week, my muse followed my Dungeons & Dragons character, Anko, down the inspiration rabbithole this time! I have a lot of behind-the-scenes deadline to meet this week, which meant an 'easy' week where I didn't have to think too much, just have pure fun exploring this character who's already fairly established in my brain.

It's felt good to define Anko even more thoroughly, since I've been playing her for years now! She's had a really satisfying arc from being a timid young Tiefling girl to blossoming into a fully capable mage. She deserved more art than she's gotten from me, honestly!

Day 14

This week's journey began with gesture sketches and trying to discover what pose worked best for showing off Anko's small demure horns for a formal concept chart. I needed an angle that would show enough dimension in the spirals so that I could properly show off any danglies and decorations and ended up with a classical head turn.

My first horn decoration ideas were simple bejeweled tips and a studded cloth wrap inspired by how sacred cows are adorend in India. Inspiration leads you to unexpected places sometimes!

Day 15

Some days are slower than others when you're tired, but I managed a single variation with lots of braids and dainty filigree horn caps! I love the way the braids wrapping around give a more elegant transition between hair and horn.

Day 16

I explored two concepts in mind, including flower garlands around the horns and gold-dusted or painted horns. I was surprised how many colors this character looks good in and how much I loved the flowers! They were my favorite look until the next set came along. Even if I don't go with them, I think if I ever have a need to depict Anko in a marriage or spring ceremony that the flowers would be perfect!

Day 17

A productive few days! I honestly thought I was done with concepts, but then I got the idea to combine my previous day's concepts into a new variations, plus try the cloth wraps, but with chain taking the shape of the wraps. I also loved the long elegant shapes of the dangling flowers I found while reference hunting and had to try them on horns!

Day 18

I needed another easy day and laying in flat colors on Anko's dice arrangement from last week obliged! Color brings all the golden goodness of baked goods to life, doesn't it?

Day 20

After all this concepting, I wanted to work up one of my fave designs into a more fleshed out sketch! The result is this lovely little portrait which was also great gesture and anatomy practice. I had a little help from Senshistock with the pose as well! Highly recommend her awesome stock for idea-gathering.

Concept Compilation

I'm not sure I made it any easier for myself to choose a formal look for Anko because they all have something I like about them! Which ones did you guys like best?

Did you draw anything for May Sketch A Day this week? Share your favorite in comments so I can see and enjoy it too! Or if not, let me know which of my sketches you enjoyed best.

More soon! I've been working on a collection of enamel pin design sketches I'm so excited to share once I have them in a more finished spot!

- Ang

May Sketch A Day - Week 2: D&D, Tangled, & Harse! 2019-05-12T19:59:31+00:00

See week 1's collection here!

What a weird combination May Sketch A Day week 2 has been! The week started out strong with another portrait of Khalara exploring her glowing silk moth dress concept.

And then my muse went bonkers with my D&D Tiefling and randomness! But hey that's half the fun with this event. Enjoy the randomness!

Day 6 - Mothglow Portrait

This ended up becoming a little more than a sketch, but I was obligated as soon as I created that mothglow dress design from last week to work it up on the character!

Khalara continues to evolve from her Exalted look and is starting to look more like her own character now, though I'm still giving a nod to the original character's flaming hair with her henna-dyed tips.

Kalara had a hand scar while this Khalara has dyed hands to cover stains from her life as a slave. It's been really intriguing to translate this character to my own story world and preserve what I like about her RPG concept!

I played around with the idea that the silk also has iridescent properties in normal lighting. I may have to work this one up to final sometime, as I really enjoy this concept for a painting! She's come so far since my first sketch of her last week.

Day 7 - Adira

I took a totally indulgent day to draw some fan art of Adira from the Tangled animated series. The first time I saw this hulking, badass, cocky woman and her amazing character design, I just KNEW I had to draw her!

May Sketch A Day was the perfect excuse to finally draw her after many instances of 'dang she's cool' when I saw her in the show.

Sidenote, this was also the first time I noticed the character wore mismatched earrings, something I never noticed until I was dissecting her character design in order to draw her!

Day 8 - 10 - Anko Head Variations

After playing my Tiefling Warlock Anko for the past few years, it was about time I decided what her horns looked like under her hair buns! For those who haven't met my D&D character yet, she's a young Tiefling from a ghetto who grew up in her family's bakery. She ends up adventuring and learning about a legacy of dark magic she never knew of as a Warlock.

She ended up with cute little 'cinnamon roll' style horns which seem to fit her themes and the shape of her hair buns. The shorter straighter horns are also quite nice. Stashing them for later!

Day 11 - Harse

This is what happens when I try to quickly draw a horse from memory. Anatomy from Hell and a horn because I only ever learned to draw horses so I could draw unicorns!

I can’t look at how hilariously bad this is without laughing so hard, I cry. May Harse bring you a laugh today instead of nightmares!

Day 12 - Anko's Dice

I was inspired by the beautiful dice arrangements of SweetDelilahs to make a similar one for my Tiefling gal, Anko! She loves baking and the dark arts (but let's hope she doesn't mix up food with her spell components!)

How was your week? Are any of you taking on a May art challenge? Share your favorite one in the comments! Or if not, which sketch of mind did you enjoy the most from this week?

If you're on Discord and are one of my Patrons, you can see these sketches a day before I post them by connecting your Discord to Patreon! You can see how to do that here.

Can't wait to see what next week brings for May Sketch A Day and share more progress on the enamel pins as well!

- Ang

New Secret Shop Offerings! Coloring Books and Embellished Prints
New Secret Shop Offerings! Coloring Books and Embellished Printsmore_vert
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New Secret Shop Offerings! Coloring Books and Embellished Prints 2019-05-10T10:01:00+00:00close

I'm excited to share the new items I've added to my Secret Shop! If you're pledged at any tier ($1 or more), you can now find the following items in my shop which are available exclusively to my Patreon Patrons and nowhere else!

Flawed Ladies of the Months SPECIAL EDITION Coloring Books

If you missed your chance to snag one of my coloring books when my Kickstarter was going on, now's your chance to grab an imperfect copy! These flawed books have gold foil errors and other cover printing errors that make them unsellable, but the interiors are still intact for anyone who'd like to color the pages inside.

They are marked down at 50% off the retail price and I only have 16 in stock!

Otherwise, the Special Edition version of this book (which is not flawed) will only be available through my future Kickstarter campaigns! A trade edition for public availability is planned for future release, but it will not include the gold foil accents or signature of the artist inside.

(An image showing an example of gold stamping error in the flawed books.)

Hand-Embellished Matted Art Prints

I've made nine gorgeous goddesses from my Birthstone Goddesses series available as matted prints which have been adorned with an ink drawing and accented by 23k gold leaf. If you cannot afford any of the original paintings, these matted prints are the next best thing with a hand-drawn touch on the mat!

The prints are 8x16 in. matted up to 10x20 in., which is a standard frame size.

Get them while you can because these are one of a kind items!

(Examples of the embellished matted prints. See more of them in the Secret Shop!)

Not sure how to access my Secret Shop? You should have received a survey via Backerkit from me towards the beginning of last month or this month, depending on when you joined! New Patrons, it may take 24 hours for you to receive your Backerkit email so you can 'activate' your survey and shop access there. You can access the Secret Shop by clicking the link in my Backerkit email.

You can also recover your surveys here with the email you signed up for my Patreon with if you've lost your email!

Questions? Thoughts? Don't hesitate to comment here or message me!

I hope you guys enjoy the new items!

- Ang

May Sketch A Day 2019 - Week 1: Silk, Lies, & Angels
May Sketch A Day 2019 - Week 1: Silk, Lies, & Angelsmore_vert
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May Sketch A Day 2019 - Week 1: Silk, Lies, & Angels 2019-05-05T14:01:44+00:00close

As promised, here's the collection of art from May Sketch A Day's first week! I've really been enjoying letting my muse off the leash and the sense of relief I get just indulging in random ideas has been invigorating for me. I really needed the creative refresher! My Writing Muse apparently wanted in on this too, so brace yourself for story snippets, as well!

Are any of you taking on May Sketch A Day, Mermay, or any of the other events happening in May? Feel free to share your favorite sketch from your own journey this week in the comments!

DAY 1 - Khalara

Many would try to steal the secret of Khalara's silk harvesting techniques. All of them would return home empty-handed and sometimes not at all.

They whisper that she stole the secret from her father before poisoning him and inheriting his business. She was his slave once, even though she hides her indigo-stained hands behind pretty jewels and henna swirls.

Let them whisper. Their fear keeps them right where she wants them.
. . .
Started off the event with the exploration of one of the cast of my original story, Song of Exile. She’s a port of my Exalted RPG Eclipse Caste, Kalara, into my original world. I'd love to see who would win that mercantile war, though they'd probably end up best frenemies.

DAY 2 - Mothglow

“And here we are."

Ramah could at least agree on that. Their wedding was elegant, professional, an event to behold. The only thing missing from the great ensemble was love.

Now there was just the issue on the to-do list of their wedding night. Instead, he was engaged in a rather intense game of Dalit against himself. He didn't even notice the sheer silks gleaming with mothglow, the unearthly gleam Khalara's textile empire was famous for.
He hadn't even looked up.

“Wine cures all ills, I find." She said, finally catching his attention as she set the bottle down next to his game board and offered him a glass.

He had planned to be a perfect gentleman that night. She, however, did not make any such plans, should he decide to lose interest in the game board.

“Gold Warrior to Obsidian Dervish." She slipped into the chair across from him and took the place of his imaginary opponent. "I didn't know you had the brains for this kind of game."

Ramah smiled. Perhaps there was hope for them after all. They at least had the same taste in wine and he always valued a good player.
. . .
I’m still channeling so much of Kalara’s Exalted look here, but I still like it as an evolutionary step. I've been playing with how to keep a similar red-haired look to conjure the character's original fire symbolism by using henna red dyed tips as a solution. Also, I FINALLY got to do cut across lighting on someone!

DAY 3 - Worker Angel

I had one last limited edition coloring book drawing to do so I double dipped on May Sketch A Day for it, as it's always a fun exercise to draw from random prompts and to be surprised by what my brain comes up with. This one was a special one for my mother in law who requested "Worker Angel".

This prompt somehow conjured an image of an angel working on countless numbers of pots, as if she were searching for something, despite the fact each pot was a very good pot. Finally, she created one that sang to her soul.

I suppose that's what comes to mind when I think of most creative endeavors! So much of it is searching for that moment when your creation 'sings' to you.

DAY 4 - Mothglow Dress

Continuing my exploration of the properties of the preternatural moth silk Khalara harvests for her trade empire in my story, Song of Exile. She guards the secret of its creation leaving her competition to guess the process.

Rumors abound of sinister origins, from blood infused plants to feed the moth larvae to dark magick ceremonies performed over their cocoons. Regardless, wealthy nobles pay handsomely for the silk, their eyes dazzled by its nighttime glow and their bodies soothed by its cooling properties, a valuable asset in a desert locked nation.

I went with a moth motif for this dress, an integral trademark of her business and also a personal symbol of transformation. Khalara has built herself up from slave to Merchant Queen and she's damned proud of that!

It was laaate and I didn't have a lot of time to spend on this one, but decided to get something rough down anyways. Taking a lesson from May Sketch A Day not to be precious lest the idea stays stuck in my brain forever!


And that was my first week! Did you guys have a fave sketch from my collection this week? Do you want to see more of any particular concept? I'm always curious to know what strikes your fancy!

Onwards to next week!

- Ang


Reminder that my Patreon Patrons are getting a peek at these a day early before everyone else via my private Discord server! You can pledge at any tier for access to it. ;)

May Sketch A Day 2019 Begins!
May Sketch A Day 2019 Begins!more_vert
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May Sketch A Day 2019 Begins! 2019-05-01T19:46:24+00:00close

Sorry to make another post so soon, but I wanted to let you all know about an event I'm super excited for! I was too slammed last year to participate, but this year I'm going all in on May Sketch A Day, an Art Challenge which asks you to sketch every day. There is no assigned topic, per say, just having fun drawing anything you like!

I want to use this challenge to help refresh my creative brain. I've been focusing on my Birthstone Goddesses for so long now, it's been difficult to find time to indulge some of the things I like to do just for fun! Some topics you can expect to pop up during this challenge are my Dungeons & Dragons characters, my desert fantasy (Song of Exile) story concepts, and other indulgent things.

I won't be sharing here EVERY day, but I will be sharing a weekly compilation of my sketches here on Patreon.

Sneak Peeks for Patrons!

If you want to see the sketches before the public does, I'll be sharing them a day early on my private Patreon Discord server! If you haven't checked it out yet, the Discord server is where I'm the most active sharing inspiration, answering questions, etc.

Read on here for details on how to claim your Discord Rewards through Patreon.

Where Can I Follow Along?

Aside from the Discord server, you can also Follow me on social media to keep up with this month's art challenge:

I think this will be an excellent way to refresh the creative wells and have some fun! Is anyone else taking on an art challenge this month? Mermay and MayShroom are going on too. I can't wait to see my feed explode with art!

- Ang

Apr 2019 Wrap-Up: Little Gems, Con Season, Etc.
Apr 2019 Wrap-Up: Little Gems, Con Season, Etc.more_vert
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Apr 2019 Wrap-Up: Little Gems, Con Season, Etc. 2019-04-30T20:37:52+00:00close

Wow this year is just flying by! Convention season is already upon us, which means show season is here as well. Aaaah!

My first con of the year was JordanCon, which was lovely as always! I got to hang out with other artists and talk about streaming, as well as geek out over Dan Dos Santos' art, since he was the guest of honor this year. It's a chill sort of small con with welcoming staff and kindred spirits which I enjoy attending!

(I got a print of this glorious piece by Dan. My jaw drops every time I see it, which means it had to come home with me!)

Next up, I'm hoping to start making a name for myself at art fairs in my local area, something I've always been shy about doing! Setting up tents adds an extra level of intensity and effort, but I really think I'll gain access to the people who will love my Birthstone gals more at these events than I will via conventions, honestly! I've sent off my applications for a few local markets, so fingers crossed I'll hear back soon!

It's scary to expand into these new areas, but I think it will be good for me and this crazy endeavor of mine!

Art Streaming Schedule

My Little Gem gals have taken off this month now that I've started streaming online! I've been working on them live on Twitch and YouTube. If you missed a stream, don't worry! Recordings are automatically added to my YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell there so you can watch the streams later, if you like to hang out with the ghost of my recorded self.

And of course, don't miss my streams when they happen live on Mondays and Wednesdays! (See my stream schedule here).

Secret Shop Upcoming Items

Our first test of the new Secret Shop system seems to have worked out well! Now that it's all set up, I'll be adding the following items soon:

  • Flawed Gemstone Goddess Coloring Books - I have a limited number of coloring books with flaws in the cover foil that I can't sell, so I want to make them an exclusive item for my Patrons who missed the Kickstarter!
  • Embellished Gemstone Goddess Prints - I had a few hand-embellished prints left over from JordanCon's Art Show that I'll be putting on offer exclusively through the Secret shop as well.

I'll put up another post when these items are live and ready for purchase from the shop!

Posts You Might Have Missed

Additions to the Digital Library


As we head into May, I'm planning to practice some self-care with the May Sketch A Day event. I'll be posting about this soon, as I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

I'll also have new art to share in May as the Little Gems, mandala paintings, and enamel pin designs have been coming together in the background during April. Brace thyselves for a mega-burst of art sharing!

Till next time, thanks for your support this month!

- Ang

JordanCon Bound! + Art Show Preview
JordanCon Bound! + Art Show Previewmore_vert
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JordanCon Bound! + Art Show Preview 2019-04-25T10:00:01+00:00close

I'm headed to JordanCon in ATL this weekend, which is one of my favorite local fantasy-centric conventions to attend. The Art Show there is so warm and welcoming and I'm excited to share more of my Birthstone Goddesses there this year!

My body of work grows and grows, this year's showing at JordanCon now including a selection of the designs I created to be used as header images. I haven't added prints of these designs to my online shop (yet), so in-person events are the only place to buy them until I have finished rolling their print offerings out (slowly, but surely!):

I'll also be showing off the original painting of Lady of September as my centerpiece this year! She looks so stunning in the new frame that my Patreon Patrons helped me pick out last year.

I'll also be displaying two of the limited edition masks I created for my Birthstone Goddesses, the mask of February and May! Here they are as photographed by the talented WinterWolf Studios.

Convention Inventory

For those attending this show who may be considering adding something to your collection, here's a rundown of what I'll be offering at JordanCon this year:

In my gallery bay:

  • The framed original of "Lady of September"
  • Hand-Embellished Prints of 7 of the Goddesses
  • 4 matted open edition prints of their header designs
  • 2 of my hand-tooled Limited Edition leather masks

In the Print Shop:

  • 8x16 prints, 5 prints per Goddess representing each month of the year!

Unfortunately, I will not have a dealer's table this year, but the Art Show staff will be happy to help you out with purchasing my art.

You can also still come say hi to me in person at the panel on Livestreaming for Artists (Stream A Little Stream) which I will be co-hosting with fellow artists on Friday at 2:30 pm. Feel free to come join us and/or chat me up after the panel!


If you cannot attend the show, I'll be adding any unsold items to my Art Nouveau online shop, with the hand-embellished mats being made available exclusively through my Patreon Secret Shop.

I hope to see some of you there!

- Ang

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Showcase - Embellished Birthstone Goddess Prints

A closer look at my hand-embellished prints of the Birthstone Goddesses that I'll have at JordanCon this weekend! Created with archival india inks and 23k gold leaf. More Birthstone Goddesses My Patreon




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