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August 2019 Wallpaper - Sunflower
August 2019 Wallpaper - Sunflowermore_vert
August 2019 Wallpaper - Sunflower 2019-09-02T20:27:16+00:00close

Love the ones you have.

Wallpapers are available to everyone thanks to the generous support of my patrons! Thank you!

Media (1)

Sunflower_wallpaper1080p.png (2.4MiB)

Attachments (1)

Sunflower_wallpaper1080p.png (2.4MiB)

Post Cards have arrived!
Post Cards have arrived! more_vert
Post file flag
Post Cards have arrived! 2019-08-20T00:38:11+00:00close

I'm stuffing envelopes tonight and checking addresses twice! Expect these to be in the mail and on their way by the end of the week. I'm just waiting for a day that is not unbelievable hot to make the walk over to the post office.

That is all my Lovelies! Thank you for participating in my special offer.

Media (1)

PostCard.png (519.2KiB)

Best Girl 2019
Best Girl 2019more_vert
Post file flag
Best Girl 2019 2019-08-09T23:11:23+00:00close

The readers have voted! I present to you, your Best Girl 2019, Lev!

Media (1)

LevBestGirl_sm.png (368.6KiB)

People's Choice Award 2019-07-05T23:08:45+00:00

Who is best of the best in the 'WDIH?' cast?

Make of this question what you will and vote with your heart! You may only pick one, so make it count!

Bonus Question: Which is the best look for Floof? ( Tell me your pick in the comments!Prepare to defend your Floof! )

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #5976571 - 5 Jul 19 23:16
E is my favorite floof!
user avatar
FireCatRich - 5 Jul 19 23:17
The smallest of the floofs? xD Is it the little horn crown?
user avatar
User #5976571 - 6 Jul 19 03:05
Definitely the little horn crown, so cute
user avatar
User #494225 - 6 Jul 19 17:33
Floof B has the color scheme I like best.
user avatar
FireCatRich - 8 Jul 19 02:05
B really didn't get enough screen time... I should fix that at some point. =3
Free Postcard Pack for +$5 Patrons!
Free Postcard Pack for +$5 Patrons! more_vert
Post file flag
Free Postcard Pack for +$5 Patrons! 2019-07-01T04:02:00+00:00close

There is a lot to celebrate in July! I'm giving the Patreon Special Offer feature a go. 'Where Does It Hurt?' 2nd anniversary is July 1st and my birthday is on July 17th. A few of you have been asking after 'WDIH?' merch/physical goods so we are doing it!

All Patrons of $5 tier or higher for the month of July will receive two (2) special anniversary postcards. One to keep for yourself and one to send on if you like! There are also some secret stretch goals that I'll be revealing in the coming weeks. Now it's time to celebrate!

Current Patrons:

  • If you are a $1 Patron, you can get the postcards by bumping up to the $5 tier or higher.
  • If you are a $5 Patron or higher, thank you for your support! Please check to make sure your address is up to date and I'll be sending your goodies out early August.

Thank you all for your continued support! I can't overemphasize how important Patreon has been for me. It helps me support myself as an independent creator. Every pledge, even at just $1/month, means the world to me! I appreciate you!

FireCatNEWS! - March Edition
FireCatNEWS! - March Editionmore_vert
Post file flag
FireCatNEWS! - March Edition 2019-03-13T20:59:49+00:00close


We are just going along and it looks like we wont have to move again this year! I'm very excited. I hate moving and its expensive and stressful. Sigmar is doing well and I've been doing a lot more baking now that things have settled down.



My twitch channel is slowly growing! 80 followers and counting. Stream is every

Hot Lunch (game stream): Monday Noon Eastern to 3 PM

Art Stream: Friday 9:30 PM to Midnight

Check out my stream => https://www.twitch.tv/firecatrich/


Smol Blep: (Updates Once a Month) This cute little comic is wandering to find its home. I'll just keep at it with the inspiration I have!

Where Does It Hurt?: (Updates Wed./Sat.) I've got plans for several chapters and I'm working on what the right order should be. Since they follow different groups of characters there isn't necessarily a 'right' answer but I think it will be stronger presented in one order or another.

FireCat Colouring Book: (Updates Once a Month) I've been very happy with the reception of this new addition to my library! I feel like its a space to create that wasn't really being served else where and I'm enjoying the more interactive/activity part of the Patreon! =)

I've got a few other projects on the back burner but they will need to stay there until I find time to do something with them. Commissions are taking up the majority of my time that is not spent managing the rest of the projects.

FireCatColouringBook - BONUS #2 February 2019
FireCatColouringBook - BONUS #2 February 2019more_vert
FireCatColouringBook - BONUS #2 February 2019 2019-02-26T00:18:41+00:00close

So this bonus page doesn't have a long story behind. @JennaLynnMeowri said she needs more boys in lingerie and I agreed! So Bram got volunteered and this page is a gift to everyone because we do need more!

I reserve the right to add rules to the use of these pieces as necessary but downloading the colouring book pages you agree to the following:

You may:

  • Colour the page using traditional or digital media of your choosing!
  • Show off/post your coloured page where ever it is appropriate to do so (as long as I am properly credited for the linework and characters)
  • Edit these lines and have fun! This is a fun and naughty little activity and I hope you enjoy yourselves. =3

You may NOT:

  • Sell/use these pages commercially in any way
  • Claim the characters, designs, or linework as your own

Now you can find the colouring book page in high resolution available in three file types for ease of use depending on if you are printing or just colouring these pages digitally! Let me know if you require assistance and I would love to see your creations when you are done so don't be shy about posting them in the discord or linking me where ever you have them posted.

#ThankYouPatrons Day
#ThankYouPatrons Daymore_vert
Post file flag
#ThankYouPatrons Day 2018-11-19T23:09:12+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 5 Dec 18 18:22
Nice !
Sigmar Stickers
Sigmar Stickersmore_vert
Post file flag
Sigmar Stickers 2018-03-29T16:37:45+00:00close

Okay Lovelies,

I have stickers and as promised, patrons get first crack at them. Sheets are $8 USD + shipping. Drop me a message if you are interested! Otherwise I'll be posting them for sale publicly after the start of next month.


Comic Experiments 2018-01-22T01:13:06+00:00

So there are a few ideas floating about in various states in my notebook. I can't do them all at once so this is more a question of which you all would like to see my efforts focused on! It'll be design work at first to work out the details and see if the ideas are viable to draft.~

Snow and Lace - 04(b)
Snow and Lace - 04(b)more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 04(b) 2018-01-22T08:00:59+00:00close

It's cold outside, but that doesn't look like its deterring him.

Snow and Lace - 04(a)
Snow and Lace - 04(a)more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 04(a) 2018-01-22T08:00:59+00:00close

It's cold outside, would you invite a stray cat in?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6005886 - 22 Jan 18 08:23
Grumps!!! <3
Pick of the Litter - New Community Project
Pick of the Litter - New Community Projectmore_vert
Post file flag
Pick of the Litter - New Community Project 2018-01-10T05:36:08+00:00close

Hey everybody!

We're going to try and have some fun with something that I hope you all enjoy. So I'm pretty sure every one of you knows what a book club is and/or does. We want to do the same thing...but with anime. Lots of people love anime, and there's always at least one good show every season, and if there isn't we've got some back ups planned.

Here's the plan. Every season (3 months) we're going to pick one of the currently airing anime to watch as a group and open the discord up for discussion and fun. We've got a couple restrictions on the sorts of things we'll choose, but are open to suggestions. First off with the way anime is distributed these days (RIP AnimeStrike) we're going to try and limit choices to more easily available shows. We'll try to pick a different variety every season and hopefully something that can appeal to everyone. We really like shows like One Punch Man, Shokugeki no Soma, Madoka Magica, and are likely to go out of that comfort zone when we see some shows that are getting a very large amount of pre-season hype. Basically all-ages shows plus some that get more into some heavy stuff. As much as I'd love to watch another season of Keijo!!!!!!!! it's not really the sort of thing (for now at least) that we'll be picking.

Rules and general information. Here we go

-If you've read the source material, or choose to go and read the source material. Please respect the no spoilers preference that many people have.

-No hating on dub vs sub. People can choose the way they want to watch and no one is allowed to judge them for it.

-All information is going to maintained in the discord pins. This will include show name and info link, air times (roughly), where to find the show, and which episode is considered "current" for spoiler territory.

Which leads me into our pick this season. For the winter 2018 anime season we're going to be watching "Violet Evergarden." This show has recieved a ton of pre-season hype and is animated by KyoAni, so it should be pretty good at the very least. You can find all the information about it in the link further down, but the quick and dirty is it's beautiful and has more hype than I've seen in a show for a long time. This one is a Netflix exclusive to my knowledge but I think most people have Netflix these days and they are doing a Simulcast for it, which is something relatively new to Netflix.

First episodes airs tomorrow! Check discord for more details.

If you are not already part of the discord here is a 24 hour pass: https://discord.gg/JDcbxn

See you there!

January 2018 Wallpaper - First Kiss
January 2018 Wallpaper - First Kissmore_vert
January 2018 Wallpaper - First Kiss 2018-01-09T04:01:21+00:00close

Hello Lovelies!

As part of my goals for this year I want to get a wallpaper out for all my patrons once a month for all of 2018. This is the first step towards that.

I've been pondering some of my favorite comic frames (some that made it in the comic and some that had to get cut) and I think this monthly wallpaper could be a place for me to revisit them! I hope you enjoy the detailed paint of some of my favorite moments.

This particular frame was Ch. 3, Page 6, center frame. I have so many feels for this frame and I really enjoyed getting to revisit it.

That being said, what are some of yours? Is there a page that has the perfect frame? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it. =3

Attachments (1)

2018_01_January_FirstKiss.png (1.8MiB)

WDIH? - Raw Deal 22
WDIH? - Raw Deal 22more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 22 2018-01-20T08:00:00+00:00close

Ms. Floof is Mr. Floof.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 21
WDIH? - Raw Deal 21more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 21 2018-01-17T08:00:01+00:00close

Words of wisdom. You don't want to hurt yourself, right?

January Patron Pick - Ice Elf
January Patron Pick - Ice Elfmore_vert
Post file flag
January Patron Pick - Ice Elf 2018-01-06T19:17:56+00:00close

Vic Bic has spoken! One frosty elf pinup for enjoy one to enjoy. It is very cold here in Canada so I was able to channel some of that into something to keep you warm.

My work doesn't often take me down the road to male pin ups but I do enjoy myself while I'm there.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 20
WDIH? - Raw Deal 20more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 20 2018-01-13T08:00:01+00:00close


Snow and Lace - 03
Snow and Lace - 03more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 03 2018-01-15T08:00:59+00:00close

Inside is so delightful.


Eva and Gwen doing what they do. Cats just love watching a struggle.

 Snow and Lace - 02(b)
Snow and Lace - 02(b)more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 02(b) 2018-01-08T08:01:00+00:00close

Hattrick got started early.


Variant paint up.

Snow and Lace - 02(a)
Snow and Lace - 02(a)more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 02(a) 2018-01-08T08:01:00+00:00close

Hattrick dressed up for a special occasion.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 19
WDIH? - Raw Deal 19more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 19 2018-01-10T08:00:00+00:00close

Good to know.~

Snow and Lace - 01
Snow and Lace - 01more_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 01 2018-01-02T20:35:27+00:00close

Serine snowfall.


Nam making an appearance for the opener of the winter folio.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 18
WDIH? - Raw Deal 18more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 18 2018-01-06T08:00:00+00:00close

This is behaving..?

2017 in Review
2017 in Reviewmore_vert
Post file flag
2017 in Review 2017-12-31T18:09:40+00:00close

What was your favorite piece for 2017?

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I'll see you in 2018!

WDIH? - Raw Deal 17
WDIH? - Raw Deal 17more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 17 2018-01-03T08:00:00+00:00close

There are obviously more important things to to be talking about right now. xD

Smol Blep #5
Smol Blep #5more_vert
Post file flag
Smol Blep #5 2018-01-01T05:30:59+00:00close

Not everyone likes bright lights and loud noises.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 16
WDIH? - Raw Deal 16more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 16 2017-12-30T08:01:00+00:00close

Snow and Lace - 00 Cover
Snow and Lace - 00 Covermore_vert
Post file flag
Snow and Lace - 00 Cover 2017-12-28T02:38:11+00:00close

Hello Lovelies,

The winter folio for 2017 is on the way to keep you warm this winter!

Evanya has taken command (and the cover) and setting the tone for the folio: limited colours and lace. This is one of the most varied folios I've done and I'll be looking for getting them out one a week, more as they get polished and I finish the variations on some of the pages.

What did you wish for this winter?


WDIH? - Raw Deal 15
WDIH? - Raw Deal 15more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 15 2017-12-27T08:00:02+00:00close

Those mages and their free energy...

WDIH? - Raw Deal 14
WDIH? - Raw Deal 14more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 14 2017-12-23T08:01:00+00:00close

It's time for story!

FireCatNEWS! - December Edition
FireCatNEWS! - December Editionmore_vert
Post file flag
FireCatNEWS! - December Edition 2017-12-19T22:20:44+00:00close

Hello Lovelies!

It is the last edition of 2017! There were work adventures, physically illness, but I think its all wrapping up well enough. It is time to review the goals I set out almost 12 months ago and see how things went.

So the goals for 2017 were:

  • Find employment back in the games industry doing 2D art

On this goal I actually had a couple different success. I did join a studio and worked on a small space game. I actually don't know when or if it will be published but it is out in the world! Second I have started out on a super secret project with some of my peers and I hope to have updates on this in 2018.

  • Start comic project this year

Double check on this one! I actually started two comic projects this year. Where Does It Hurt? is well into chapter three and Smol Blep is a cute monthly high point. I plan on continuing these two into 2018 and I have a third idea that is rather nebulous right out but I hope to get some exploratory pages in the works.

  • Post a new wallpaper every month of 2017

I did not do so well on this goal actually. I believe I got out four monthly wallpapers this year. I think the new Patron Picks section has been working out rather well, it just hasn't been translating to wallpapers. 2018 I think I'll set this as a goal again. I can certainly do better than 4 out of 12.

  • Double down on daily warm up sketches

Finally, I think this goal may have been misplaced. I didn't see a lot of good coming out of doubling my warm up time. I did however feel that giving my time more time to draw and taking regular breaks through out the day to improve my productivity!

Goals for 2018

So 2017 is nearly over. What are my goals for this coming year?

  • Keep the comics rolling out!

Where Does It Hurt? and Smol Blep need to stay on schedule as a top priority and any new projects need to be approached cautiously. There are a few ideas floating around so we'll see what comes of it.

  • Make More Wallpapers, Ideally One Per Month

Taking another swing at this goal. I can do it! I just need to prioritize my time more effectively.

  • Stream and Make Twitch Affiliate

Already more than 50% there now! I've set up a schedule over on twitch.tv/firecatrich starting with two days. I'll add more trying to find the right balance between my work on stream.

Wrap Up

I think that'll about do it for goals for this year. How did you do with your goals? What are your goals for next year?

There are some new faces here on patreon now! If you haven't joined already WIPs, chatting throughout the day, and Q&As are as always found over on my discord server: https://discord.gg/0100PVKUoETAzbiBg

WDIH? - Raw Deal 13
WDIH? - Raw Deal 13more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 13 2017-12-20T08:00:59+00:00close

December Patron Pick - Christmas Soulon
December Patron Pick - Christmas Soulonmore_vert
Post file flag
December Patron Pick - Christmas Soulon 2017-12-19T04:58:41+00:00close

Lemmon got this months pick and Soulon was his choice for pin up! Ms. December this year.

Soulon doesn't care about the nice list or the naughty list. It is all about the just-list.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 12
WDIH? - Raw Deal 12more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 12 2017-12-16T06:20:08+00:00close

Fix the problems you cause?

WDIH? - Raw Deal 11
WDIH? - Raw Deal 11more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 11 2017-12-13T08:00:01+00:00close

WDIH? - Raw Deal 10
WDIH? - Raw Deal 10more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 10 2017-12-09T08:00:00+00:00close

WDIH? - Raw Deal 09
WDIH? - Raw Deal 09more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 09 2017-12-06T07:00:00+00:00close

WDIH? - Raw Deal 08
WDIH? - Raw Deal 08more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 08 2017-12-02T08:00:59+00:00close

It starts with half way...

WDIH? - Raw Deal 07
WDIH? - Raw Deal 07more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 07 2017-11-29T08:01:00+00:00close

Thinking warm thoughts.

Smol Blep #4
Smol Blep #4more_vert
Post file flag
Smol Blep #4 2017-12-01T15:10:08+00:00close

You see it coming... but it doesn't help.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 06
WDIH? - Raw Deal 06more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 06 2017-11-25T08:01:00+00:00close

Kissy faces! Drew so many kissing faces for this page before it looked right... you just start feeling silly at some point.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 05
WDIH? - Raw Deal 05more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 05 2017-11-22T08:00:02+00:00close

The time for talk is... later.

(High Res.) November Patron Pick - Christmas Nam
(High Res.) November Patron Pick - Christmas Nammore_vert
(High Res.) November Patron Pick - Christmas Nam 2017-11-18T00:03:08+00:00close

All the lace in high res glory.

Attachments (1)

ChristmasNam_HighRes.png (38.0MiB)

November Patron Pick - Christmas Nam
November Patron Pick - Christmas Nammore_vert
Post file flag
November Patron Pick - Christmas Nam 2017-11-17T00:01:48+00:00close

Cue up the holiday music people! Christmas is here early!

You all can thank one Mr. Kinder for picking the theme this month for the Patreon pin up.

WDIH? - Raw Deal 04
WDIH? - Raw Deal 04more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 04 2017-11-18T08:00:02+00:00close

No a demon... only a demon between the sheets? I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere....

WDIH? - Raw Deal 03
WDIH? - Raw Deal 03more_vert
Post file flag
WDIH? - Raw Deal 03 2017-11-15T08:00:59+00:00close

Floof can't tell if you are boy or girl... and she doesn't care!

WDIH? - Seeking Stable (Full Chapter)
WDIH? - Seeking Stable (Full Chapter)more_vert
WDIH? - Seeking Stable (Full Chapter) 2017-11-10T21:00:03+00:00close

Attachments (1)

WhereDoesItHurt_Ch02.zip (13.1MiB)

The Ever Growing Character List
The Ever Growing Character Listmore_vert
Post file flag
The Ever Growing Character List 2017-11-09T21:01:41+00:00close

Hello Lovelies,

A few weeks ago I got a request for a character list with head shots of my most common subjects with a few sentences about them. So this is it! I'll keep adding to this list as need. =3

Name: Sazha

My personal masked mascot. She has been around for a very long time now and appeared in dozens of designs but she is often pictured as a short brunette cat girl in a steel mask. She breathes fire, smoke, and steam usually dependent on mood.

Name: Evanya Efimova

Origin: RP

Evanya is one of the most common characters I draw in recent years. Her most distinguishing characteristics are purple markings above her brows, bright blue eyes, pale blonde hair, and often seen with two long fluffy tails. Shes an RP character that spun out of the monster cat myths from Japan and with that she is both a figurative and literal man eater.

Name: Heart

Origin: RP

Heart is Evanya's ever present stoic servant. He is a blade (dagger) that was touched by a trickster god and given life. His most common attributes are a very tell brunette with yellow eyes that often hides his mouth which is full of sharp triangular teeth (like an over-sized serrated blade). He is an amoral creature that follows his mistress's orders above anything else.

Name: Cerberus

Origin: Design Challenge

She is an easy one to spot being a tower pink, three headed dog girl. She spun out of dozens of design challenges and I'm rather found of how she turned out.

Name: Namair (Nam) Duskbough

Origin: Where Does It Hurt? (comic)

A relatively short, spunky, purplish elf that gets into all manner of trouble just running a little shop in a magic city. She is a retired adventure and married to Soullon.

Name: Soullon

Origin: Where Does It Hurt? (comic)

A tall blonde, human woman married to Nam. An active adventurer that often takes long trips with her company out into the wilds hunting for monsters and treasure.

Name: Ms. Floof (Often assumes other names)

Origin: Where Does It Hurt? (comic)

A sassy shapeshifter that assumes different appearances when trying on new names. Her long term motivations aren't clear but most of what she does seems to focus around satisfying her basic needs and staying entertained.

Name: Bo

Origin: Red Sun (video game)

Protagonist for a small video game project. Bo is a puzzle solving, platform jumping lady that is finding her way in a reality that doesn't seem to want her there.

Okay Lovelies. I think that is about it for now. Where there characters that you wanted to know more about or ones that didn't make the list? Leave a comment and I'll keep adding to this little project from time to time. =3

FireCatNEWS! - November Edition
FireCatNEWS! - November Editionmore_vert
Post file flag
FireCatNEWS! - November Edition 2017-11-09T17:44:32+00:00close

Hello Lovelies~

I feel like it's been a little while since we've had a proper news update. My month of travel is over and I think I want to hibernate for at least a year before going anywhere again.


So after months of specialists and lots of tests I have been cleared as healthy but there is no explanation of what made me so ill in August. For now I'm off a mind set to take the stamp of good health and run with it!


I had an amazing time at BlizzCon. It is certainly something I'd like to attend again. I went to lots of panels, tested out new features, and caught some professional Heroes of the Storm matches. I had an artist table at the Convert to Raid Party. I didn't bring merchandise to sell (it was a last minute addition to my Con plans) but I did have goodies to give away.

I've been considering a travel blog (not because I travel often) but I would like to organize my pictures and put my comments down somewhere.

My love for Blizzard games and where they are going is at a high and I got some good portfolio reviews while there. I'm a bit skittish about more studio work but I would like to work at Blizzard some day.

Patreon Goodies

Chapter 2 of WDIH has finished so I'll be putting together the text free and complete chapter packages. I am still looking for a proper hosting website for the comic for easier reading of past chapters but as of yet I haven't found one I'm satisfied with that allows adult content. If you had any hosting recommendations please let me know.

I've had a couple of one off/sporadic comic ideas that if I can squeeze in I'll work through but December is fast approaching! I'll be making Christmas cards for the first time in many years and I want to complete a winterfolio. Much to do!

If you haven't joined already WIPs, chatting throughout the day, and Q&As are as always found over on my discord server: https://discord.gg/0100PVKUoETAzbiBg


This creator doesn't have any shared files yet. You can add some by clicking Upload.