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Dev Stream Summary Part 2:  Infotag updates
Dev Stream Summary Part 2: Infotag updatesmore_vert
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Dev Stream Summary Part 2: Infotag updates 2020-10-14T00:28:24+00:00close

Hullo again!

Sorry for the delay in getting the second part of the dev stream summary up. There were some technical difficulties, then some general timing issues that came up. As always, remember all features outlined here are tentative and subject to change.

So, today we have a video demonstrating the changes to Infotags. Infotags are the fancy name for the information fields in a profile found in general details, sexual details, contact details, and RPing preferences.

These changes are intended to streamline and simplify the creation of new profiles, especially for new players. Instead of being given all fields at once, as you would have on the old site, you will be given a default set of options which are considered important for a new, basic profile. Changing certain options, such as Body Type and Gender, will also automatically add other fields. You can add additional fields as you need, and don't need to see any extra empty fields if you don't want to.

This is a simple change, but we hope this will make creating profiles easier for any new profiles, and allow finer control over profiles for advanced users.

Following this, we have one more update to make, which will hopefully be in the next or two. This will concern the roll out of these changes, as well as changes to the feedback collection process during this update.

See you next post!

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Provider URL

F-List Dev Stuff: Infotag Updates

Royalty Free Music from Bensound: www.bensound.com



Comments (1)
user avatar
User #37831855 - 17 Oct 20 20:34
the updates look great...i'm sorry if this was discussed in the stream and i missed it, but is there a rough timeline for when this new version will be live on the beta site?
Dev Stream Summary Part I
Dev Stream Summary Part Imore_vert
Post file flag
Dev Stream Summary Part I 2020-10-08T02:18:38+00:00close

Hullo Patrons!

I'll do a short summary of some of the important talking points from the dev stream from yesterday. This will cover some of the design changes we've done to the new site! I've attached some snapshots of some of these changes and tried to do most of them, with a couple of exceptions, in all three themes to give a proper demonstration of these changes.

As a disclaimer, please remember that nothing is finalized and everything is subject to change.

Point 1) There have been some changes to the Navbar. These are general quality of life changes that make accessing various features easier and more intuitive; less clicks means more time to find partners!

Point 2) As part of the Navbar changes, certain things have also been moved, such as a dropdown for Account & Settings; this also coincides with the next change and again, facilitates easier access of certain features.

Point 3) The side bar navigation menu has been removed in almost all areas of the web site with the exception of areas such as the character edit page. This was done to increase the viewing area and make general navigation easier.

I was lazy and only did examples of this, for the RP ads page and Character List, in the blue them--I apologize to light and dark theme users!

Point 4) Viewing character profiles has been completely changed. You'll notice that the side menu, as it has been in most other places, has been removed. Navigation for profile information has been moved to tabs to spread the information out horizontally rather than vertically, which is more in line with the original site design. Overall, the profile view has been changed dramatically to display more information while increasing readability.

Tomorrow, I'll go over our changes to the "infotags" in profiles, because this section of profiles has had a significant update to make it more user friendly and accessible. Unfortunately, these changes are so significant that we need to fix it before showing it off, but we'll make sure to demonstrate this upgrade as soon as possible.

We hope everyone enjoyed the dev stream and these tidbits of information. We plan to try to do another dev stream at the future, probably when we have the updated chat client working nicely, so stay tuned for future updates!

Once again, thanks for being a supporter! See you tomorrow~

Media (17)

blue_1.png (30.6KiB)
blue_2.png (39.2KiB)
blue_3.jpg (904.9KiB)
blue_4.png (232.2KiB)
blue_5.png (166.5KiB)
blue_ads.png (148.8KiB)
blue_characters.png (107.7KiB)
dark_1.png (30.8KiB)
dark_2.png (38.6KiB)
dark_3.jpg (865.1KiB)
dark_4.png (235.1KiB)
dark_5.png (164.9KiB)
light_1.png (31.3KiB)
light_2.png (40.1KiB)
light_3.jpg (925.6KiB)
light_4.png (236.5KiB)
light_5.png (151.9KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #8346644 - 8 Oct 20 03:13
It's looking good!
user avatar
User #6349234 - 13 Oct 20 08:07
So I noticed that there's no place to view our current inline selections in the current version. And that all new inlines are added via the gallery. Will those inlines we currently have remain active, or will we have to re-add them via putting them in our galleries?
user avatar
flistdotnet - 14 Oct 20 02:39
Currently, all inlines which are in use are defaulted to the profile which they are in use under. For instance, if you have currently have a profile named Carlos Santiago and you have three inlines in use in that profile, those images will be auto attached to Carlos Santiago's gallery and marked as an inline. We're currently considering how to proceed with inline images which are uploaded to the account, but not in use in a profile.
user avatar
User #6349234 - 15 Oct 20 06:17
Now you bring up another question: If people have a full gallery, what will happen? Or is there plans to increase the gallery size?
user avatar
User #13705556 - 10 Oct 20 15:45
The way the screenshots show the profiles is perfect as is. Looks great guys.
user avatar
User #103915 - 8 Oct 20 02:27
I like these changes, though I'll admit I'm somewhat sad that you didn't make profiles infinite scrolling so you can see all the information without clicking tabs.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 8 Oct 20 21:28
Thanks for the feedback, we will take that into consideration!
Dev Stream Beginning! 2020-10-06T23:08:52+00:00


Sorry for starting a little late--a lot of things decided to not work at the last minute.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #38397585 - 7 Oct 20 21:49
Will there ever be an option to pick our own gender colors? For instance, having a shemale character but still allowing them to be colored how ever I wish? I really don't like the shemale purple used in chat.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 8 Oct 20 21:24
Presently it is unlikely, but we have considered it and it's still on the table. We are testing some things out to see how they work.
Maya's Stream Change/Delayed 2020-10-03T18:17:22+00:00

Hullo Patrons!

We have... news today! We will be delaying the stream for the second Patreon goal to the following date and time:

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 @ 3 PM GMT-7 ( Or Mountain Standard Time )

The stream is going to be repurposed into a dev stream! Virginia and Maya will demonstrate some of the things that have been going on with the new site developments and patrons will get the first tidbits of this information via stream! Unfortunately we had to delay the stream time because a few things aren't ready for demonstration, but we should have them ready by the new time.

We hope to see everyone there!

The Lif-ening
The Lif-eningmore_vert
Post file flag
The Lif-ening 2020-08-28T06:39:28+00:00close

What's this? Find out more later today via F-List Newspost!

Media (1)

lif2.png (21.6KiB)

Preparations for Public Alpha Test 2020-07-24T05:40:39+00:00

If you have been trying to access the Closed Alpha Test site, you will notice that over the last few days that (A) you can't and (B) as of now, it currently requires further authentication for access. We are doing some preparations for opening the Public Alpha Test and, unfortunately, this is necessary for a few things that have changed. I will list the changes and pending issues. This information will also be in a public newspost when we open the Public Alpha Test:

Notable changes

The design

We have addressed the most common points of criticism, notably the font size being too big, and the My Characters page not being compact enough. Overall, most of you seemed to be happy with the direction of the design, but it is still very much open for input.

The Gender System

The closed site alpha included a redesigned gender system, with the intents to allow you to be more detailed, and alleviating the need for labels that some perceive as slurs.

Your feedback on this was clear and we have heard it. You brought up issues with searching, filtering, quickly identifying genders on a profile, and general ease of use. All of those are very understandable concerns, and we do not have clear solutions for them.

We are now trying something different; a more general approach that many of you have asked for for a long time. Every non-text character information field now allows you to add an optional comment to it. This includes Gender, and allows you to specify exactly what your character is.

We are also aware that this doesn’t directly address the issue of what some perceive as slurs being used as official labels on the site. During the Public Alpha Test, we will be running a poll to collect user opinions on the gender system to see what you prefer.

Profile Pages

A very common point of criticism was kinks being hidden away in a tab rather than immediately visible, and we have therefore adjusted this. Also, many of you rightfully brought up that with inlines now being a part of a character’s normal gallery, you overall have fewer image slots available. To compensate, we have raised everyone’s image limit to 60 (from 50) and further raised the image limit for Subscribers to 200 (from 150).

Animated Content

Many of you seemed excited about animated inlines coming, but also voiced concerns about having to see shocking or unexpected content. In addition to the “Image Display Mode” setting, we have therefore added a setting to “Auto-play animated content”. If you turn this off, animated inlines and icons will only play if you hover over them, and display only their first frame with a play symbol otherwise.

The icon/eicon BBCode

While a lot of you seem to appreciate or at least understand and be indifferent about the changes to these tags, you have also voiced understandable concerns about having to fix existing usages of these codes. Therefore, with this migration, we are trying out an experimental fix for existing usages on profiles. This is ultimately just a simple and stupid text replace, so in some cases this may have caused issues - but based on your feedback, we figured that this would overall cause less work for you.


Obviously, with this now being a public alpha, Subscriber status is no longer required to access the alpha site. Instead, you can now unlock Subscriber status by linking your Patreon account to your F-List account in your Settings. Consider this an evaluation period - if this goes well, we may very well be able to carry this system over to the live site and finally offer a way to unlock Subscriber status again!

Known Issues

The following are issues that we know about and haven’t been able to address yet, but are working on resolving.

The Logo

Many of you already correctly assumed so, and yes, the current logo on the new site is a placeholder. We are working with a professional designer to finish up a new and much better one, but it is not quite ready yet.

Character Names

Renaming characters is still disabled on the alpha site. The details of this system are still being finalized, and it will be ready soon.

Filtering RP Ads

Many of you have suggested that these need better filtering options, most notably basic things like gender and species of the character posting them. We agree! How exactly those filters will work depends on how the gender system will ultimately work on the new site, though, so this will have to wait until that decision is finalized.


Yep, still missing! Work on it will resume once the initial feedback on the new site is sufficiently addressed. It’s pretty far along though, and it has some awesome things to look forward to.

There will be more information once the Public Alpha Test launches. We are still on track to release the Public Alpha Test tomorrow, pending any serious issues. Access to the Closed Alpha Test should be available some time in the next 8-10 hours, and Closed Alpha Test users will have a few hours to take a look at the new changes before the Public Alpha Test access begins.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #8650882 - 3 Aug 20 03:44
How do I access the new site? I subscribed last month and thought I would get an invite or something.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 3 Aug 20 19:12
As explained in previous Patreon posts, previously you should have been able to access the site linked in these posts ( https://icantbelieveitsnotfinishedyet.f-list.net/ ) and link your Patreon account. Currently, you should be able to access the site without linking your account. If there any issues, please let us know!
user avatar
User #543491 - 1 Aug 20 13:46
Just subscribled! Linked my f-list account to my patreon too and its really good.
user avatar
User #8346644 - 1 Aug 20 17:20
How do I link my F-list? Because I did that with the alpha site, but don't know how to do it with the live site.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 3 Aug 20 19:11
You should be able to link your account through Account Settings on the test site. If there any issues with this, please let us know!
user avatar
User #8346644 - 6 Aug 20 06:06
Oh, I've done that. I for some reason read it as it was now possible to link the live site to patreon too.
Postponement of Dasa's Doodlin' Time. 2020-07-03T01:01:19+00:00

Due to technical difficulties, we will be postponing the Dasa spider doodle time. We will try again, aiming for Monday, July 6th, at the same time ( 6 PM Arizona Time/-7 UTC).

We apologize for this, as we know it may come as a disappointment, but unfortunately the internet gods are not working with us.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #19477405 - 7 Jul 20 16:09
Will Dasa be dressed up as the Furry F-List dragon while they doodle a spider?
user avatar
User #3585346 - 3 Jul 20 20:30
I have not known sadness such as this, since cat could not haz cheezburger... Stay strong in yourselves everyone. Only together shall we get through this.
user avatar
User #40858183 - 18 Aug 20 09:03
Aww, I joined specifically to push the monthly subscription upto $700 per month :(
user avatar
flistdotnet - 18 Aug 20 22:55
Do not fret, we have noticed! We will be making plans regarding this soon, so stay tuned for further Patreon posts!
user avatar
User #40858183 - 19 Aug 20 08:20
Well... ok. MS Paint Spiders are what I paid for after all. Certainly not as my way of saying thanks to all of you for giving us a great site to use :) (Thanks btw; it's an awesome site)
Patreon Update! 2020-07-01T20:56:27+00:00

Now that we've got our 2.0 site update out for alpha testing, and soon the Chat will follow it, we've decided internally that we will soon start to work on and expand our Patreon page. In short, we will be offering subscriptions again, in the form of tiers. We don't quite have anything major to flesh out nor do we have anything to show just yet, as we're still in the process of building it out, but I thought I'd let you guys know that this will be coming down the pipeline.

Thank you guys for your support, now that we're here we really hope to expand F-List by a good amount and really start to grow the site for everybody :)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #11189069 - 1 Jul 20 21:59
I'm unable to access the Alpha site. It says "No subscription to the F-list patreon found." every time.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 6 Jul 20 17:47
Sorry for the late response; are you still having issues? If so, please feel free to message Virginia (or Remilia Zeebach) or Maya on F-List via Note or Chat for support.
user avatar
User #8346644 - 2 Jul 20 15:37
Yes! I missed the lifetime subscription period by ONE MONTH, and I regretted it ever since.
user avatar
User #5060191 - 1 Jul 20 21:02
Yessssss. Are these subscriptions including those custom titles? Yes please
user avatar
User #37856228 - 4 Jul 20 10:30
same as amy
user avatar
User #34249555 - 2 Jul 20 00:27
I can't access the site either. It keep telling me "No Subscription." as well. I'm really confused since I brought this patreon.
user avatar
User #8832155 - 1 Jul 20 21:00
Sweet! Can't wait!
user avatar
User #678773 - 5 Jul 20 16:16
Great news, hopefully with some more space for pictures :D
user avatar
User #37831855 - 1 Jul 20 21:11
Great news! thanks for the update. as finances allow, i plan on increasing my monthly pledge, i've been a member for over 9 years now, and i feel like contributing is something long overdue on my part
user avatar
User #14657551 - 2 Jul 20 00:29
Happy to take a part of it. I’ll let you know if I run into issues :3
First Goal Met: Dasa's Spider Doodling schedule 2020-07-01T02:27:56+00:00

Hello everyone,

This will be the last post for today, but we wanted to remind everyone that we met our first Patreon ''goal,'' so Dasa will be sitting down to draw some manner of spider in MS Paint by mouse. Commentary of the art show will be provided by Virginia and perhaps others.

The Dasa spider doodling show will be scheduled for 6 PM Arizona time (UTC-7) on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020. If there any changes to this schedule, we will make sure to notify everyone.

Hopefully we'll see all of our Patrons at the doodling stream!

As always, thank you for your support!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8346644 - 1 Jul 20 08:13
If I had known F-list had a patreon, I would have subbed years ago! THis was a very well kept secret.
user avatar
User #8851677 - 1 Jul 20 03:40
Living the dream at long last!
CAT commencement and new goal! 2020-07-01T00:40:09+00:00

Hello everyone!

If you weren't already aware, patron access to the Closed Alpha Test has already begun.

You should be able to log in to the new site here.

Upon your first login, the site will currently ask you to link your Patreon account, and then you should have access to the full alpha site. If you have any issues with connecting your account or accessing the site, please contact Maya or Virginia via F-List either by note or by PM in chat for assistance.

Please see the news post here on the F-List site for more information, especially on how to provide helpful feedback for our developers.

Additionally, we have officially reached our first Patreon uh... "goal" and we will make another post for more information on that shortly. We have also added another sordid "goal." We will be making plans to further improve perks for Patreon supporters going forward, so stay tuned for more information!

As always, thanks for your support!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #357504 - 1 Jul 20 15:59
Thanks! The new site is better, although I'm still searching for the option to decrease the font size...
F-List 2.0 Closed Alpha Test! 2020-06-24T03:19:32+00:00

Hello everyone,

We will be performing a closed alpha test of our new site design soon. We are aiming for Friday June 26th, 2020 and this testing period is expected to last two weeks, pending any serious issues that must be resolved before an open alpha test. Current Patreon supporters and anyone that supports us on Patreon during the testing period will be granted access to the closed alpha test in an effort to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible before we perform an open test.

More information regarding the closed alpha test can be found here: https://www.f-list.net/newspost/344/

Additional information concerning user feedback will be released the day of the closed alpha test.

Thank you all for your support!

Comments (18)
user avatar
User #8832155 - 25 Jun 20 07:04
user avatar
User #9093682 - 26 Jun 20 01:38
I really hope there is more bbcode colors then the basic colors we have now
user avatar
User #8346644 - 24 Jun 20 09:45
This is going to be awesome!
user avatar
User #37828271 - 26 Jun 20 20:23
Its functioning
user avatar
User #37856228 - 27 Jun 20 10:01
how does one get into f-list 2
user avatar
flistdotnet - 1 Jul 20 02:16
Please see the most recent Patreon post for more information if you haven't already been able to access the test site. If you have any problems, please let us know!
user avatar
User #10479062 - 24 Jun 20 03:28
Okay, cool! So how do I gain access? "The Dark Fantasy" is my main name on F-list; because I definitely support all efforts to upgrade the site. I didn't even know the Patreon existed until just now.
user avatar
User #13653340 - 24 Jun 20 03:30
They'll probably announce it soon how it's gonna work. Maybe tomorrow or the day after.
user avatar
User #10479062 - 24 Jun 20 03:31
user avatar
User #560566 - 24 Jun 20 03:38
Looking forward to the new site!
user avatar
User #10479062 - 27 Jun 20 04:21
How do I get into it?
user avatar
flistdotnet - 1 Jul 20 02:15
Please see the most recent Patreon post for more information if you haven't already been able to access the test site. If you have any problems, please let us know!
user avatar
User #4778358 - 26 Jun 20 15:54
Shadina from F-List here, teh commenter who was concerned about accessibility. Has the Alpha test begun? I haven't seen any prompts for it.
user avatar
User #4532657 - 26 Jun 20 18:32
if you read the post, it should be done sometime today, but snags can happen.
user avatar
flistdotnet - 1 Jul 20 02:15
Hopefully you have been able to access the site already! If not, please see the most recent post on here for more information.
user avatar
User #357504 - 29 Jun 20 01:36
So, it's june 28 now. Can we test it now?
user avatar
flistdotnet - 1 Jul 20 02:17
You should be able to access the test site now. Instructions on how to access the test site have been posted in our most recent Patreon post.
user avatar
User #357504 - 1 Jul 20 15:50
Some Previews of Upcoming Changes!
Some Previews of Upcoming Changes!more_vert
Some Previews of Upcoming Changes! 2018-08-21T15:59:41+00:00close

(I apologize for the double-post!)

Hello all! We'd like to give all of our patreons a little teaser as thanks for your ongoing support, by showing you the first glimpse of some new upcoming features, updates and additions to the F-list site and site functionality. The design in these screenshots isn't final - things may vary according to themes and fluidity of development. The layout will still be heavily worked upon. However, we'd really excited about showing off some new convenience functionality!

Firstly, we'd like to show off the upcoming addition of [row] and [col] BBCodes, which adds row support and auto-expanding column BBCodes per the picture below. We're quite sure that many will find this to be a useful addition in making their profiles unique and visually impactful, which leads nicely on to our next addition.

We added inline functionality for images a while ago. Since all users can access inlines after the sub-changes, we've needed to make the use of inlines a little easier. The picture we've provided shows the design of the new interface for doing so, which we hope will make adding your pretty pictures a much nicer experience! Speaking of experience, here's our next little feature.

Custom kinks are one of our more unique features, and thousands of users have crafted their own fun takes on things we couldn't even dream of! Now we've got a revamped UI element for adding those in, which should make the process smoother and quicker.

Finally (for now) we've got an often-requested redesign to the subkink feature we offer. Now, when adding in kinks to your profile, you will be able to click the 'subkink' button directly from the kink selection screen and put it straight into a subkink you've already created.

These features will be part of a major site revamp that we have been working on for a while, and as such it may be a few months until you'll be able to try them out for yourself. We don't quite have a set deadline yet for the rollout of these features, but we'll be working hard at it and you'll be able to give them a try when the quality is there. However, as we value our patreons and want to give you guys something back for supporting us, we wanted you to be the first to see these updates - and hope you'll be there with us when they get added to the site.

Once again, thanks for your patronage and we'll be in touch again soon!

The F-List Administration team.

Attachments (3)

Custom Kinks.png (8.4KiB)
Inline Images.png (25.3KiB)
Subkinks.png (23.1KiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #9199428 - 22 Aug 18 20:36
Hmmm. Yes. It seems usefull to design a better looking profile. Nice <3
user avatar
User #33301617 - 9 Apr 20 03:12
Suggestion: Delete profiles that haven't been in use for one or more years.
user avatar
User #5293785 - 28 Jun 20 13:17
Why a year? That's just about a deployment for those who are on seas duty in the military.
user avatar
User #4237493 - 2 Jul 20 01:49
Also noticed that when my profile was copied over, it wasn't up-to-date. It copied over my profile from a month ago. I've done quite a few changes since then and they weren't copied :(
user avatar
User #754771 - 21 Aug 18 16:05
Niiice! This will be awesome! Thank you for the update!
user avatar
User #8892665 - 21 Aug 18 16:26
Good additions, thank you.
user avatar
User #174216 - 21 Aug 18 16:03
Looking good. :) Glad I can support you guys directly through here a bit.
user avatar
User #3366811 - 16 Sep 18 18:15
Very good, though I'm wondering if there's any plan to add full hexcode control for text colors along with this? There's definitely a couple profiles I could make good use of this with, mind, but... well, text color expansions are the biggest thing I'm hoping for.
user avatar
User #5149162 - 21 Aug 18 19:51
Definitely going to love using the columns for my profile, surely!
user avatar
User #2503266 - 21 Aug 18 16:02
God, yes thank you.
user avatar
User #357504 - 1 Jan 20 15:49
Hey, I have a suggestion. For high-demand canon character names, how about you allow duplicate names but just with a different random underlying id# ?
user avatar
User #37856228 - 28 Jun 20 08:35
Get rid of gender colors if ya can?, or at least add more colors and hues?
F-List WebChat 3.0 Beta! 2018-03-30T15:36:23+00:00

Heyo guys, another update!

We're going to be doing some limited release / testing on our new Web 3.0 Client! Please give it a poke / try here: https://www.f-list.net/chat3/

You can leave feedback here:


Let me know what you think guys :) This is early invite more or less for all patrons!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #678773 - 30 Mar 18 18:54
Looks great so far
user avatar
User #425419 - 15 Feb 19 20:36
it is a lot cleaner that the 1 and 2 though it is awkward that the dropdowns for the search cover the option below it
user avatar
User #6670856 - 12 Apr 18 20:35
Really awesome
user avatar
User #701131 - 1 Apr 18 05:36
Went to offer feedback and can't find the "help" menu requested.
user avatar
User #14889568 - 11 Dec 18 10:17
F-Chat Mobile app is up and running :) 2018-01-22T21:57:13+00:00

Please refer to this newspost here for all instructions and what have you! We're live :) Thank you all!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2503266 - 23 Jan 18 22:18
Thanks for this, working very smoothly and I can watch rooms I'm helping monitor even better with it not shutting down when I have it in locked mode. I prefer getting alerts for key words even when I'm not actively on that window. Feel like it's only going to get better from here, good going guys.
user avatar
User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 17:34
Cool ;-)
Small update! 2018-01-19T22:15:17+00:00

Heyo! I just wanted to let you all know that by Monday, the mobile client beta will be released :) We've almost got everything finalized, just doing a few last minute pieces of work and then it'll be made available.

Thank you all!

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #3519530 - 22 Jan 18 16:35
Is the client out yet?
user avatar
flistdotnet - 22 Jan 18 17:40
We actually found a critical error at the last moment. We're working to fix that before we get everything up and running x.x
user avatar
User #3519530 - 22 Jan 18 21:03
But I want it so bad. :(
user avatar
flistdotnet - 22 Jan 18 21:30
almooosssttt ready!
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User #389110 - 21 Jan 18 03:33
I have a suggestion for the Desktop client. Please add image loading in the desktop client. Ex. Someone posts a direct link to image. Show the image, and of course allow us to enable and disable the function. This feature would be super helpful to us in the Artist and Writers room.
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User #357504 - 19 Jan 18 22:35
Okay! Great. A couple quick questions: 1. I think supporter tags would be huuuge and persuade soo many more people to donate. Any plans to do these? 2. I think that the 3d /vr roleplay scene is going to be not only huge but also profitable. Do you guys have any plans to get involved there? As always, love the site, hope it endures forever :)
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User #9177906 - 20 Jan 18 00:07
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User #8829918 - 21 Jan 18 07:35
Post it the the suggestions panel so it can be organized better
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User #6090346 - 20 Jan 18 22:25
I can't wait.
F-List 2018! Thank you, and some news!
F-List 2018! Thank you, and some news!more_vert
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F-List 2018! Thank you, and some news! 2018-01-02T22:28:54+00:00close

Heyo guys! :)

What an awesome first month! I'm really thankful for everybody that chose to donate to us and support F-List as we work to expand our website :D Happy 2018 and all that!

With that said, I'll be doing small updates here and there for patrons ahead of time, so that way all the patrons know whats coming down the pipeline from F-List staff and keep in touch with all the things we've got going on.

So! Our first 2018 update: We're going to be releasing the beta version of our Mobile client within the next 2 weeks! :)

The mobile client will be compatible with most Android and Apple iOS devices and tablets, so you can take F-Chat with ya where-ever you wanna go and keep in touch with all your friends as well! :)

I've attached a preview of the client. More details will be released soon once we're closer to launch, but we're right on the cusp of it as it is.

Thank you guys for all your support. We hope to really grow our community in 2018 and deliver an awesome experience for everybody!


Comments (10)
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User #9177906 - 7 Jan 18 10:59
Any plans for log backing up/syncing with clients and devices.
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User #2320740 - 5 Jan 18 15:28
Do you plan to add in the ability to sort the chat member list by status, (looking, busy, away) or alphabetically, or maybe gender? Really that's the only thing stopping me from using it regularly.
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User #239340 - 2 Jan 18 22:43
Spectacular. Thanks.
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User #6739161 - 2 Jan 18 22:57
How will it work with multiple alts? I tend to hang out in different rooms with different chars
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flistdotnet - 2 Jan 18 23:00
In the initial version, you will be able to connect with one character at a time. We will look into ways to possibly allow multiple connections in future version though.
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User #9267256 - 12 Jan 18 23:53
I have a question please, i sign in newly and confirm my email, and one i log in, it tells me " Login Failed " i even try another account and the same happen What should i do ? :(
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User #754771 - 15 Jan 18 01:56
You may want to ask Patreon themselves for help! I can dig up the link for you, if you need it!
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User #5167669 - 3 Jan 18 13:53
Looking good.
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User #239340 - 2 Jan 18 22:33
Quick question. Currently my adhoc way of logging in on my phone closes the connection when I switch the app or close the browser. Is it going to be always on, like other IM apps?
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flistdotnet - 2 Jan 18 22:36
The connection should be consistent and always on in the mobile client :)

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