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Stomping trap!
Stomping trap!more_vert
Post file flag
Stomping trap! 2020-01-15T02:19:44+00:00close

I can't Find this gif here so here ya go! Friend asked to be stomped on by Felix

New content incoming January 27th! 2020-01-12T07:09:17+00:00

Vacations ending soon, I have announcements to make! Stay tuned!

What she'll do to you! (Live Action)
What she'll do to you! (Live Action)more_vert
Post file flag
What she'll do to you! (Live Action) 2020-01-09T09:41:19+00:00close

A woman I know giving some good stomps! Enjoy :D

Embed data

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Google Drive

Cópia de Stomp




Comments (1)
user avatar
johncarper2 - 9 Jan 20 09:43
If video link doesn't work, click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PfLqKW3aSmnuSR6e01bwikGjVSEglYoS/view?usp=drivesdk
Happy new year! 2019-12-31T23:28:44+00:00

Hope everyone had an awesome 2019 and will have an awesome 2020!

Thank you for sticking with me and here's for a new year of content!

Genderbending feet!
Genderbending feet!more_vert
Post file flag
Genderbending feet! 2019-12-30T06:48:18+00:00close

Some gentle back trampling from Naruko, with Sasuko asking her to do it!

Media (1)

trampled.png (5.1MiB)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2019-12-24T17:32:20+00:00

I hope everyone enjoys their meals and families or friends! I love you all! <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13574975 - 24 Dec 19 17:34
Same to you buddy! :D Have an awesome Christmas and a blessed New Year!
user avatar
User #2758386 - 26 Dec 19 02:51
To you as well!
The strongest ninja?
The strongest ninja?more_vert
Post file flag
The strongest ninja? 2019-12-18T17:23:02+00:00close

Shizune giving some trample training to the gamble-obsessed Tsunade.

Media (1)

Shizune.png (3.9MiB)

Supreme Kai of Trampling
Supreme Kai of Tramplingmore_vert
Post file flag
Supreme Kai of Trampling 2019-12-17T05:30:20+00:00close

Kai giving some massages to little Towa for not doing her work properly!

Media (1)

kai.png (3.6MiB)

A heads-up! I will take a vacation from December 23th to Mid-January! 2019-12-13T01:15:11+00:00

I will still open a request week on January and hopefully do it between the end of January and Beginning of February, so that no ones loses anything for a month! Love you all!

Results of a Shrink Ray
Results of a Shrink Raymore_vert
Post file flag
Results of a Shrink Ray 2019-12-11T00:10:55+00:00close

Bulma trampling trampling a tiny Yamcha after shrinking him with her shrinking ray bulma finally found a use for Yamcha to be her little foot pet. But it seems that Yamcha is rather enjoying it!

Media (1)

bulma.png (4.0MiB)

A hard massage
A hard massagemore_vert
Post file flag
A hard massage 2019-12-01T03:41:03+00:00close

Seems that the tiny asked for a massage to his servant, Ishtar. She gladly accepted, except she's a giantess! Guess he really wants it to be that way hahahaha!

Media (1)

ishtar.gif (23.4MiB)

Happy Thanksgiving! 2019-11-29T22:41:25+00:00


A quiet time between his toes.
A quiet time between his toes.more_vert
Post file flag
A quiet time between his toes. 2019-11-29T22:39:55+00:00close

Astolfo just taking care of his tiny, trapping between his soft toes on a friday night!

Media (1)

astolfeet.png (3.8MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5425428 - 6 Dec 19 02:23
voce modifica os pés dos modelos ?
user avatar
User #11440773 - 30 Nov 19 00:26
what a nice way to spend the night
The slave on top of the master!
The slave on top of the master!more_vert
Post file flag
The slave on top of the master! 2019-11-22T23:52:12+00:00close

It seems Virgo is trying to have some fun with Lucy, but she is so caring that its doing a gentle smoosh!

Media (1)

virgo.png (2.8MiB)

A happy accident!
A happy accident!more_vert
Post file flag
A happy accident! 2019-11-18T06:00:35+00:00close

I was heading out to give a very warm hug and "Happy Birthday" messages, but she didn't see me in her way! But it was all a-ok, this is just another story to tell to our friends!

Happy birthday, Lulu! I hope you have an awesome year! <3 (Also, am happy for your recovery!)

Go visit her Patreon! www.patreon.com/lululewd

Media (1)

lulubday2019.png (4.4MiB)

Three styles
Three stylesmore_vert
Post file flag
Three styles 2019-11-17T03:16:30+00:00close

That's me! Getting treaded by three friends in three different styles! I asked for it so don't worry for me. Just a little painful, that's all.

Media (1)

TripleTrample.gif (20.4MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13405188 - 17 Nov 19 15:07
More of this BRO Haha
user avatar
User #11440773 - 17 Nov 19 20:04
seems like you have some fun
Satsuki taking a time out
Satsuki taking a time outmore_vert
Post file flag
Satsuki taking a time out 2019-11-17T01:54:05+00:00close

After fighting with Ryuko, Satsuki needs some time to cool off. And so she uses one of her students to rest her dirty barefeet on his face for the rest of the afternoon.

Media (1)

Satsuki.png (7.7MiB)

Teaming up on the tiny
Teaming up on the tinymore_vert
Post file flag
Teaming up on the tiny 2019-11-09T04:11:06+00:00close

Rias and Akeno team up against a tiny, trampling him with their barefeets! Just like the little dude wanted!

Media (1)

TeamingUp.png (2.1MiB)

Absorbing nutrients through the roots
Absorbing nutrients through the rootsmore_vert
Post file flag
Absorbing nutrients through the roots 2019-11-04T04:53:12+00:00close

Here we see a flower using her "roots" to absorb nutrients into her form. Or is just Lillymon trampling a poor guy under her feets. Isn't she cute though?

Media (1)

Lillymon.png (5.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #13405188 - 13 Nov 19 19:27
Where are the MMD trampling videos??
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Halloween! 2019-11-01T02:22:34+00:00close

Have some Corpse Bride soles! <3

Media (1)

bride.png (4.8MiB)

Two Queens. One Rug.
Two Queens. One Rug.more_vert
Post file flag
Two Queens. One Rug. 2019-10-21T04:47:49+00:00close

It seems that Nessa and Lusamine found a tiny carpet for them to toy with their barefeet. Prepare to get trampled, pervs~

Media (1)

nessalusacombo.png (3.0MiB)

The superior Digiwaifu
The superior Digiwaifumore_vert
Post file flag
The superior Digiwaifu 2019-10-20T04:13:08+00:00close

Ranamon: I've already told you, Impmon, I am not available for a date. You insist in coming to my house day after day, asking me out. Honestly, you are too small for me, so it is easy to just trample you down under my wet feet. I hope you are ready for a full day under my soles.

Media (1)

ranamon.png (3.9MiB)

Haku's bored of you.
Haku's bored of you.more_vert
Post file flag
Haku's bored of you. 2019-10-15T22:12:10+00:00close

Seems Haku just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet, but you insist to make the trap ninja stomp you down. So here you go!

Media (1)

Tramplegif_1.gif (11.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3295143 - 15 Oct 19 22:25
Oh man awesome job on this one it came out great!!!
Thinking about solutions
Thinking about solutionsmore_vert
Post file flag
Thinking about solutions 2019-10-14T22:35:07+00:00close

Vatrena is the owner of Micro Inn (a Discord server) and sometimes she needs to wind out and think about new stuff for her Inn, so that members living there enjoy their stay! And as such, she uses me as a trample pad, mindlessly walking on me while just pondering about the situation of the Inn.

And I'll gladly be her trample cushion! Consent!

Media (1)

renawalkover.gif (32.6MiB)

Heartless dreams.
Heartless dreams.more_vert
Post file flag
Heartless dreams. 2019-10-13T05:03:26+00:00close

In order for Sora to be whole namine tries to remind Roxas what being Sora is like by playfully trampling him with her feet like Kairi does with Sora!

Media (1)

namifeets.png (6.0MiB)

Hinata wins!
Hinata wins!more_vert
Post file flag
Hinata wins! 2019-09-29T03:00:03+00:00close

Come watch this request! : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ps2f3tpfkegdev/hinatrample.mp4?dl=0

Not the best vid I've done but it certainly made me recover the time lost

Media (1)

Preview.png (4.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #25624020 - 13 Oct 19 00:32
Where are all the videos?
user avatar
johncarper2 - 13 Oct 19 00:53
There is a post with the links! I might repost it
Don't be in her way!
Don't be in her way!more_vert
Post file flag
Don't be in her way! 2019-09-23T01:03:53+00:00close

Or she might just smear under her cute dirt sole!

Thank you for letting me use her model again!

Visit her Patreon! www.patreon.com/lululewd

Media (1)

lulu.png (2.4MiB)

Submit to be his carpet
Submit to be his carpetmore_vert
Post file flag
Submit to be his carpet 2019-09-22T05:42:31+00:00close

Astolfo: Here we are, Master. All alone, just like you said. What is it that you wish from me? You seem to be quite nervous for some reason. Did something happened?


Oh? You want me to sit down? Sure master! I hope you don't mind letting me get a breeze through my thighs though. Hey! It's okay! You can stare all you want! You are my master after all, and sometimes, we need to unwind a bit. But I am still worried about you. So please, could you tell me what is the reason you brought me to this secluded place?


You want me to take off my boots? For what reason, Master? I mean, I'm not even sure if that is a good idea. I've been using them for days of no washing. I can safely tell that the smell could even make you sick if you stick around. But on the other hand, these are killing me. My feet are quite hurt from all the walking we took to reach this place. Okay, fine. Here, I took them off.


Your eyes seem to be fixated to my feet, Master. Are you okay? Do you feel sick? Is there something stuck to my dirty soles? Why are they dirty, you ask? Well, I haven't got the time to wash them, okay?! Maybe Master should mind how to treat their servants better! Master? Are you listening?


Hmmmmm. Are you...one of "those"? One of those foot lovers? Teehee~ don't deny it. In fact, it all makes sense. Everytime I am on my barefeet, I could see your eyes fixated to my toes. Don't worry Master, no shame in admitting to something so unique. You may lust to my soles. You want them? You want to lick the dirt of my soles, Master? Or maybe suck the lint of my toes? Or maybe you want to lay down and let me trample you like the perverted rug that you are. Well, Master, what is it going to be? Don't worry about me, you have full clearance~ Enjoy.

Media (1)

astolfeets.png (5.1MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #8522799 - 23 Sep 19 07:31
Femboy facesitting from you sounds fantastic
user avatar
User #983637 - 22 Sep 19 07:59
I saw that on deviantart you said I you like the "buttcrush" but you never made an pictures or video of this kind of fetish ?
user avatar
johncarper2 - 23 Sep 19 01:02
I've done a few. Thing is, people don't ask them that much unfortunately. Sometimes I post some renders I do and proud of doing that involves buttcrushing or facesitting and such.
user avatar
User #983637 - 23 Sep 19 02:12
i also like facesitting if you have pictures and videos i'm interested
Princess of Light Soles
Princess of Light Solesmore_vert
Post file flag
Princess of Light Soles 2019-09-15T03:22:26+00:00close

Kairi had been training hard with her keyblade and had tested the results by defeating master Aqua not only that but the Princess of Light humiliates her by making her lick her sweaty feet clean! This is the mark of being an adult, Kairi!

This was a Request!

Media (1)

kairifeet.png (4.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #15437524 - 16 Sep 19 00:52
Ahh the beautiful kairi
Training with hew new Master
Training with hew new Mastermore_vert
Post file flag
Training with hew new Master 2019-09-01T18:52:45+00:00close

Ishtar just enjoying some training with her Master, which loves being trampled underfoot! :3

Media (1)

FGO.gif (3.8MiB)

Haku massage
Haku massagemore_vert
Post file flag
Haku massage 2019-08-31T19:08:35+00:00close

Just a hard pressing massage from Haku. God I miss doing stuff with her.

This was a Patreon request!

Media (1)

hakunogore.png (4.5MiB)

Accidental wisdom crush!
Accidental wisdom crush!more_vert
Post file flag
Accidental wisdom crush! 2019-08-30T03:07:37+00:00close

Zelda taking a stroll once again in Hyrule Castle outskirts, and once again, stepping on someone small. This time, it being Link, smooshed tightly into the Princess sole. Lucky hero! He is alive and well by the way!

Requested by a Patreon!

Media (1)

zelda.png (1.4MiB)

Post file flag
Pawsies! 2019-08-25T17:19:22+00:00close

Kathrin using her paws to trample a tiny guy!

This was requested by a Patron!

Media (1)

pawsies.png (6.0MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22646764 - 26 Aug 19 11:13
AAAAH! Oh my god! She's showing him the superior species >:3
Back to old times.
Back to old times.more_vert
Post file flag
Back to old times. 2019-08-24T21:12:36+00:00close

Rin: Hey Len...remember the old times where people would watch me trample you under my soles? Well, its a long time coming, so I hope you don't mind having your big sister march and jump on you, right~?

Media (1)

rin.png (6.8MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #13405188 - 13 Nov 19 21:28
Where's the video?
user avatar
User #14291109 - 12 Sep 19 21:39
to me this is my favorite size for tiny and giantess
user avatar
User #22646764 - 24 Aug 19 22:50
I miss this stuff. Pls do more.
user avatar
User #22646764 - 24 Aug 19 22:50
I saw you favourited a two kinds model. Please do a trample pic with her!!
user avatar
johncarper2 - 24 Aug 19 23:45
I will in due time! :3
Rascals do dream about bunny feet
Rascals do dream about bunny feetmore_vert
Post file flag
Rascals do dream about bunny feet 2019-08-24T07:22:53+00:00close

Mai Sakurajima gets asked all the time from tiny people to trample on them with her gorgeous soft feet. She questions it, but never says no, since it is empowering for her~

Media (1)

bunny.png (1.5MiB)

Dragon Girls Week - Lulu
Dragon Girls Week - Lulumore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girls Week - Lulu 2019-08-18T18:42:19+00:00close

Hunter: And so we reach the end of my quest. The last Dragoness. I just had to endure another day full of stomping and trampling. But this was just gentle. She seemed so...natural, stepping all over my tiny body with her dirty barefeet, ornated by this rather unique looking blue toenails. As a woman myself, I would love to ask her about pedicure tips. While being grinded under her sole, I dare speaking up to the girl.

"You are quite natural at doing this. How come?"

Lulu: "Its a living."


And so ended the Dragon Girls week, certainly one of my favorites to work so far (since I love these types). And I couldn't end the week without mentioning one of my favorite OCs from amazing artist, ! Thank you for letting me use her for this! And hope you guys enjoyed the finale of Dragon Girls Week! Next thematic week is also gonna be a fun one! I just hope Nintendo doesn't sue me...

Model by www.patreon.com/lululewd

Media (1)

lulu.png (3.7MiB)

Dragon Girls Week - Corrin
Dragon Girls Week - Corrinmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girls Week - Corrin 2019-08-17T20:43:46+00:00close

Hunter: "There was nothing to say here, except the fact that the girl stepping on me doesn't even look like a Dragon Girl...but she sure looks like royalty. She is just wandering around in her own castle courtyard, with this unique outfit and somewhat barefeet. The only problem is that she didn't even noticed my small self on the floor. I was desensitized by getting stepped on at this point. Hell, I grew fond of it. All of the girls are cute, their soles are soft. But no, this isn't a character building arc where I get a foot fetish."

Corrin: "Little did she know that I was well aware of her presence, I just didn't care enough to acknowledge her~"

Media (1)

corrin.png (2.3MiB)

Dragon Girls Week - Bowsette
Dragon Girls Week - Bowsettemore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girls Week - Bowsette 2019-08-16T00:43:09+00:00close

Hunter: "Is this one even a Dragon? It sure has the features of one, but that shell...it throws me into a loop. I did see her breathe fire. But why question it? The fact of the matter is that this one was quite the stomper. If I remember correctly, her words were something along like this..."

Bowsette: I don't know who you are. Or what you are. But you were noticed by my subordinates. I couldn't believe that there were others like that pest of a plumber, but smaller. It matters no, I shall jump on you like I would to that plumber, in hopes to destroy you. Bwargh hah hah hah hah hah!

Hunter: "And so she did. It wasn't until she was bored of jumping and trampling my body that I had a chance to even escape her powerful soles. She just scoffed, visibly annoyed in seeing me in flesh and bones after about 1 hour of stomps. I just laid there, with an unamused expression, touching the stone and giving a long sigh inside the vortex, wondering if the next one is going to be even more brutal."

Media (1)

Bowsette.png (2.4MiB)

Dragon Girls Week - Tohru
Dragon Girls Week - Tohrumore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girls Week - Tohru 2019-08-15T01:12:11+00:00close

Tohru: Oh so you came to test my Dragonic powers? Why should I even use them? You are such a small bug that I can easily overpower you with my foot, just like this~

Hunter: "And so it started. Teleporting through realms to test their power. But somehow, all of the had the same results. This fascination with Dragonesses trying to step on me. This was the first but certainly wasn't the last. Thankfully, the small shard of Dragon Stone made me quite sturdy to survive a girl which is 100x my size. Despite the disparate heights, it still felt soft, warm...sweaty. This Dragon girl had this unique outfit. A maid of sorts? What kind of world did I land on? I don't know. I didn't even put on a fight. After a few minutes under her foot, I gathered enough information to see that she was strong on her own. So I tapped the Dragon Stone, ready to move on to another realm."

Media (1)

merge_from_ofoct.jpg (2.4MiB)

Dragon Girls Week - Tiki
Dragon Girls Week - Tikimore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girls Week - Tiki 2019-08-14T02:38:39+00:00close

Hunter: Departing from the Hunter's hub world, travelling through high and low terrains, I followed the directions given to me to find the quest giver. Days and nights pass on; The world seems at peace with itself, and somehow, we hunters still get a lot of work cut-out for us. But I didn't mind it - I love the adventures, the new places, the new creatures. So reaching this destroyed temple after 3 suns didn't feel like time has passed. Passing through the broken doors, with each step taken, it seemed that the world around me changed. Everything seems bigger. I paid no mind, it was business as usual.

Reaching the center of the temple, a soft voice beckons, giggling and happily welcoming her new visitor. She came down flying through the ceiling, landing in front me with her soft jade-painted toenails gracing her rather clean barefeet. Her wings were angelic, which contrasted with her own form which was quite beautiful. I still took a defensive stance, despite knowing that I had no chane against her.

Tiki: "At ease, mortal. I give no danger. I am merely a Dragoness with a simple request. I want you to visit other realms, utilizing the powers of this stone, and meet other Dragonic beings to see how their lives fare at the moment. Of course, giving your current situation, you might think your quest might prove...difficult. Fear not, this stone shall protect you. Just bear with them. And do not hurt. They are my friends."

Hunter: I accepted the quest in silence, hypnotized by the Dragoness beauty, accepting the stone and just as I touch the blue crystal, the world becomes untangible, dark. It took me somewhere...

Media (1)

tiki1.png (43.7MiB)

Ninja Footstool
Ninja Footstoolmore_vert
Post file flag
Ninja Footstool 2019-08-11T22:00:12+00:00close

Hinata using Sakura's face as a footstool, to rest up her tired soles from trampling Naruto on that Naruto Girls week.

Media (1)

sakura.png (2.7MiB)

Boa's worst Nightmare
Boa's worst Nightmaremore_vert
Post file flag
Boa's worst Nightmare 2019-08-10T01:04:42+00:00close

Poor gal is getting trampled by Nami while she is getting ready for marriage, with Luffy!

Media (1)

Nami1.png (6.2MiB)

Results of the sparring.
Results of the sparring.more_vert
Post file flag
Results of the sparring. 2019-08-08T02:31:44+00:00close

Aqua giving Ventus a taste of her sweaty feet for the 6th after she beats him in a sparring. I wonder if Ventus is doing it on purpose at this point; Not that Aqua cares anyway~

Media (1)

aquafeet.png (3.2MiB)

Failing on purpose
Failing on purposemore_vert
Post file flag
Failing on purpose 2019-08-02T18:31:09+00:00close

Kawakami: You keep failing the tests, just so that you can get close and personal with me? Do you like taking "F"s so much because it reminds you of my "F"eet?


Also, the paper asks "Who has the better feet?" and the answer is Futaba Sakura

Media (1)

kawakamiF.png (4.0MiB)

Dealing with a tiny villain!
Dealing with a tiny villain!more_vert
Post file flag
Dealing with a tiny villain! 2019-08-02T01:47:01+00:00close

Mina is just showing off her pink sole, with a tiny villain stuck to it after she gave a firm stomp!

Media (1)

Mina.png (3.0MiB)

Take care of your Pokemon!
Take care of your Pokemon!more_vert
Post file flag
Take care of your Pokemon! 2019-07-29T23:41:30+00:00close

Specially if they have cute feets that need to be pampered*

*: Most Pokemon have paws or nothing at all. Results may vary.

Ara ara~
Ara ara~more_vert
Post file flag
Ara ara~ 2019-07-29T04:13:21+00:00close


A little pest in the wrong house
A little pest in the wrong housemore_vert
Post file flag
A little pest in the wrong house 2019-07-29T01:33:22+00:00close

Don't come inside Sakura's house, Ino!

Birthday gift for Kitty-Evalia
Birthday gift for Kitty-Evaliamore_vert
Post file flag
Birthday gift for Kitty-Evalia 2019-07-24T03:08:16+00:00close

Is 's birthday! And I offered a free pass for me to do anything for her! And unfortunately, she decided to hurt me beneath her soles, just because she felt like it.

Happy Birthday, <3 love you lots!

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #983637 - 25 Jul 19 19:27
I recommend you to put your video on vimeo with a password is better for you
user avatar
johncarper2 - 26 Jul 19 02:23
Because you think is gonna get deleted?
user avatar
User #983637 - 26 Jul 19 03:21
on vimeo with a password you risk nothing on YouTube even privately they can deleted your account like me
user avatar
User #983637 - 26 Jul 19 03:28
and the worst it's that i shared with nobody my videos, youtube can see all
user avatar
User #22646764 - 28 Jul 19 01:56
Master can I see your videos?
user avatar
User #983637 - 28 Jul 19 02:14
yes but you like what as fetish ?
user avatar
johncarper2 - 28 Jul 19 21:28
I will do that, since it got deleted hahahaha
user avatar
User #983637 - 28 Jul 19 22:10
I'm not surprised, YouTube it's shit
Traps Week - Astolfo!
Traps Week - Astolfo!more_vert
Post file flag
Traps Week - Astolfo! 2019-07-24T02:46:18+00:00close

And how else to end the thematic week with everyone's favorite trap, Astolfo? Look at him, smushing the tiny girl with his toe, while enjoying himself. Hope you liked this thematic week! And hopefully in the future I feature more traps!

Love you all!


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