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{WiP} Gadget Hackwrench Solo Pornage
{WiP} Gadget Hackwrench Solo Pornagemore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Gadget Hackwrench Solo Pornage 2018-01-30T09:00:02+00:00close

I figured I'll start doing some monthly Patreon fanart.

So have a Gadget Hackwrench for February.
This will be my Patreon Project for February and I'll post a gif of the progress once I finish it.

I think next month I'll do Carmelita Fox from Sly Cooper or maybe Lola Bunny.
Not sure yet.

{Commission} A Night with Mango || MangoCream
{Commission} A Night with Mango || MangoCreammore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} A Night with Mango || MangoCream 2018-01-26T05:22:57+00:00close

A full body fully coloured + shaded piece with a background YCH commission MangoCream on Furaffinity.net

━ • ? • ━

Art, Bottom Character © Toast435
Top Character © MangoCream

{WiP} Chinook_Orca
{WiP} Chinook_Orcamore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Chinook_Orca 2018-01-17T03:11:16+00:00close

An edited sketch for Chinook_Orca on Furaffinity.net

This piece will be fully lined + coloured + shaded later.
But I felt like sharing what I've done today :3

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Chinook_Orca

{WiP} Sarge_Buckwheat
{WiP} Sarge_Buckwheatmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Sarge_Buckwheat 2018-01-17T03:10:05+00:00close

A WiP for Sarge_Buckwheat on Furaffinity.net

First time drawing wrapping, it's different but it's in the bondage category so I like it :P

Art (c) Toast435
Characters (c) Sarge_Buckwheat

{WiP} Titty124
{WiP} Titty124more_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Titty124 2018-01-17T03:08:52+00:00close

Just a WiP of a commission that the user Titty124 on Furaffinity.net ordered.
Their character is a Deathclaw and the piece is Fallout themed! :D

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Titty124

{Commission} Pyramid Head Approves
{Commission} Pyramid Head Approvesmore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Pyramid Head Approves 2018-01-16T03:29:27+00:00close

Finished Flat Colour commission for Pyramid_Head_Approves on Furaffinity.net :3

coughs More humaaans!

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Pyramid_Head_Approves

{Commission} Budding Family || Jioojyadaisy
{Commission} Budding Family || Jioojyadaisymore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Budding Family || Jioojyadaisy 2018-01-05T00:17:39+00:00close

A finished commission for Jioojyadaisy on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Characters (c) Jioojyadaisy

{Commission} Gamer Pup || Veerano
{Commission} Gamer Pup || Veeranomore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Gamer Pup || Veerano 2018-01-05T00:12:37+00:00close

A finished commission for Veerano on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Veerano

{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || Sonicality
{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || Sonicalitymore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || Sonicality 2018-01-05T00:11:36+00:00close

A finished in-stream chibi for the user Sonicality on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Sonicality

{Commission} Flat Colour || Leviathan55
{Commission} Flat Colour || Leviathan55more_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Flat Colour || Leviathan55 2018-01-05T00:10:21+00:00close

A not finished commission for the user Leviathan55 on Furaffinity.net but due to some issues we had I gave him a partial refund along with the art.

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Leviathan55

{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || HackerSleuth
{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || HackerSleuthmore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} In-Stream Chibi || HackerSleuth 2018-01-05T00:08:39+00:00close

A finished in-stream chibi commission for HackerSleuth on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) HackerSleuth

{Commission} Bailey Chibi || BigBadWolfie
{Commission} Bailey Chibi || BigBadWolfiemore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Bailey Chibi || BigBadWolfie 2018-01-05T00:05:43+00:00close

Just a finished in-stream chibi for BigBadWolfie on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) BigBadWolfie

{Personal} Animal X-ing
{Personal} Animal X-ingmore_vert
Post file flag
{Personal} Animal X-ing 2018-01-01T22:26:17+00:00close

Just a little something I made myself for the New Year!

This is the painted version.
I'll be posting the crayon version shortly :)

Art, Toast (c) Toast435 / Me

{Commission} Seductress || RustHeart
{Commission} Seductress || RustHeartmore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Seductress || RustHeart 2017-12-16T10:53:27+00:00close

Finished commission for RustHeart on Furrafinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) RustHeart

{Commission} Xmas Presents || Sarge_Buckwheat
{Commission} Xmas Presents || Sarge_Buckwheatmore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Xmas Presents || Sarge_Buckwheat 2017-12-16T05:23:49+00:00close

Finished commission for Sarge_Buckwheat on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Sarge_Buckwheat

{Commission} Ghostly Encounters || Hexxie
{Commission} Ghostly Encounters || Hexxiemore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Ghostly Encounters || Hexxie 2017-12-15T02:07:47+00:00close

A finished commission for Hexxie on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #11648574 - 8 Jun 18 04:41
{Commission} Candy and Manga || Ritha
{Commission} Candy and Manga || Rithamore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Candy and Manga || Ritha 2017-12-13T05:41:04+00:00close

Finished commission for the user Ritha on Furaffinity.net

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c)

{WiP || Personal} Milk Drinker
{WiP || Personal} Milk Drinkermore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP || Personal} Milk Drinker 2017-12-07T00:44:11+00:00close

Have a little something I've been working on.
Tried a new style for the eyes.

I'll be making a tutorial on how I do eyes sometime next week.
Along with changes to how I'm running + managing my Patreon.

AAaand, I'll finally be starting that Judy Hopps piece.
*groans* a lot to do and so little time. . .

Practicing perspective in this piece.
I'm getting the hang of it. . . kinda.

Which Old Art Piece Should I do a Redraw Of? 2017-12-07T00:32:11+00:00

With a few of these pieces I'll have to sub characters.
I'll probably just be using some of my own for certain pieces (pieces where it was my character and other people's, as I can't remember who owned what and what belongs to who.)

Copy + paste the links, as I couldn't figure out how to hot-link anything or get the links to link.

{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-12-07T00:28:07+00:00close
Exact Date: ?

More old art from my sonic the hedgehog days.
He's wearing a fedora.
Also, those shoes are actual rectangles.

This was gift art for my boyfriend at the time and his sonic character dressed like this. . . and looked like this??

Lipsync Test
Lipsync Testmore_vert
Post file flag
Lipsync Test 2017-12-07T00:26:01+00:00close

So, I hadn't animated moving mouths in a really long time.

Here's an attempt after about. . . 3-4 years?
I need more practice.

{WiP} MapleLucario
{WiP} MapleLucariomore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} MapleLucario 2017-12-07T00:24:30+00:00close

A WiP of a Win a Date commission for another user that's gone missing.
I really can't wait for them to come back.
I'd love to work on this piece.

>n> not just cuz it's got my baby Cole in there. . . .

{WiP} DraggySeri
{WiP} DraggySerimore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} DraggySeri 2017-12-07T00:23:09+00:00close

A WiP of another commission.
The commissioner vanished, not sure what to do with this one.

{WiP} YukikoWakahisa
{WiP} YukikoWakahisamore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} YukikoWakahisa 2017-12-07T00:22:16+00:00close

Another WIP of a commission in the works.

{WiP} Hellcat4377
{WiP} Hellcat4377more_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Hellcat4377 2017-12-07T00:21:24+00:00close

Just a WiP of a commission I'm working on.

{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-11-28T06:49:51+00:00close
Exact Date: July 18th 2012

So I was just learning how to shade when I started this.
A friend of mine suggested I use the dodge/burn tool in Gimp (my go-to program for art back in the day).

And boy-o-boy that was a huge mistake.
I'm glad I learned how to shade (and I'm currently learning how to do backgrounds. . . don't mind that acid-trip/fever-dream behind those three characters. . .)

If I remember correctly I drew this to become friends with the two guys that owned those two characters.
Tiger guy was cool if I remember correctly; brown hedgehog dude was a little creepy.
Wanted some pics of my feet (I was 13 at the time and had no clue what a foot fetish was) luckily I never sent him any :D

So out of my SaNiC dA Heg-h3g oriGinal karachtur donut steals I've shared;

- Nyx
- Xy
- Nova
- Luna

I think there's more.

(f)Art (?), Nyx (c) Toast435
Other Characters (c) Rightful Owners
{WiP} Commission || JioojyaDaisy
{WiP} Commission || JioojyaDaisymore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Commission || JioojyaDaisy 2017-11-28T06:43:13+00:00close

Just a small WiP from something I started today.
This is a two character fully coloured + shaded (obviously not yet) piece for the user JioojyaDaisy on Furaffinity.net

I am so excited to work on this, it's a rare treat for me to get to do human art~

Art (c) Toast435
Characters (c)

{Commission} Purple Boy || Acepilot245
{Commission} Purple Boy || Acepilot245more_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Purple Boy || Acepilot245 2017-11-28T06:40:51+00:00close

A finished Wing-It commission for our very own Acepilot245 ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/acepilot245/ )

I mean to upload this last Friday but with the holidays everything got all sorts of difficult.
I tried a new style for shading hair and tails and honestly I love it a lot.
I'll be sticking with this for a while :3

I'll be uploading this on Friday (December 1st, 2017)

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) Acepilot245

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6273667 - 28 Nov 17 10:34
OwO makes my tail look so fluffy
user avatar
Toast435 - 29 Nov 17 01:27
I knoowww! :D It's still a WiP for tail shading, but I think I'm moving in the right direction?
{WiP} RPG Icon || Artemis_Evelyn
{WiP} RPG Icon || Artemis_Evelynmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} RPG Icon || Artemis_Evelyn 2017-11-06T05:30:50+00:00close

I added a little bit more to that RPG icon ordered by Artemis_Evelyn on Furaffinity.net.

It's still not done.
Just needs one more animated set and we're good to go!
It's about 90% done right now.

Art, Animation (c) Toast435
Character (c) Artemis_Evelyn

{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-11-05T11:32:01+00:00close

Did you know I used to be a brony?
I was like 14 and thought MLP was the bee's knees.
Glad I grew out of that one tbh :')

This was my first attempt ever at lineless.
Of course it was a white character on a white background.
I think this one was a commission too.

I could totes do a redraw for this... 'cept I don't draw ponies anymore?
I have no clue who owned this character.

(f)Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) ???

{WIP} GIF || Artemis_Evelyn Icon
{WIP} GIF || Artemis_Evelyn Iconmore_vert
Post file flag
{WIP} GIF || Artemis_Evelyn Icon 2017-11-05T11:27:49+00:00close

Well, this is only a WiP.
But here's an RPG icon ordered by Artemis_Evelyn on Furaffinity.net.
It's not done, but getting really close to it!

I just need to add in the scrolling text for the "flirt" option and add in the "insult option" (gotta sketch, pixel, and animate it)....
But it's getting there!

Also will be working on the comic this week.
I'll be posting page one here first and starting page two this week as well :3c

I'm just scared of never finishing said comic :/
But with constant support I feel I can finish it.

Art, Animation (c) Toast435
Character (c) Artemis_Evelyn

{Commission} 12-Inch Stripper || MollieMare95
{Commission} 12-Inch Stripper || MollieMare95more_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} 12-Inch Stripper || MollieMare95 2017-10-28T11:40:22+00:00close

Finished commission for MollieMare95 on Furaffinity.net

Have some fresh new art instead of all my stale sad stuff from five years ago.
I figured you guys could use some eye-bleach and some titty.

But seriously, to be completely honest; this was so much fun to work on. I never thought that I'd enjoy working on glowy bits and a glowy character as much as I did with this piece.
I was flat colouring it and just kinda said "fuck it, let's go" and completed it on Wednesday (October 25th, 2017). I forgot to post it on Friday though :')

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) MollieMare95

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3354666 - 6 Nov 17 02:18
Stale stuff from 5 years ago is great. Where you came from is nice to see. Don't sweat it.
{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-10-28T11:36:37+00:00close

Exact Date; December 19th 2012

I think this was my first attempt at anthro.
Like, my very first.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I didn't know how to draw people or animals.
I was so used to that crappy Sanic de Hegheg style that I never bothered to learn anything else, until I joined the furry fandom.
Technically I was a furry at a very young age, but I didn't "officially" join until I was thirteen with my Sanic Kurcters.

Eventually I wanted to break away from that cartoon-y style and try something else.

Art, Character(?) (c) Toast435

{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-10-28T11:33:12+00:00close

I swear I learned how to draw properly.... I mean; I still don't... but it's much better than this crap!
Sorry for putting this on the four of yous' feeds ;c
But I guess it's really cool looking at my old (f)art and looking at my new stuff.
Soooosososososo proud of myself and the improvement I've made over the past five years.

This was my "fursona" Nyx (who eventually turned into Xy).
I think Nova Lee was my first "fursona" but I felt a stronger connection to Nyx.

(f)Art, Characters (c) Toast435

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6273667 - 28 Oct 17 18:21
Everyone's gotta start somewhere
{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-10-28T11:30:37+00:00close

Have more art.
Someone commissioned me for this, I'm so sorry I'm forcing you guys to look at this.
My like.... first attempt at NSFW art + transformation or somethin' like that??
I had to have been 14.
Still in my Sanic Phase.
This... trash (c) Toast435
Characters (c) ???

{Old Art} Circa 2012
{Old Art} Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Circa 2012 2017-10-22T02:07:57+00:00close

Have some more old art!
I found even more old art to post!
I hope you guys are as excited to see this as I am to share this!

If I remember correctly I was 13-14 when I drew this and it was a gift for a friend. This was/is Nova Lee she really loved balloons and was L0lSoR@Nd0mmmm!!!!1!!!!one!!!
Cuz I was L0lSoR@Nd0mmmm!!!!1!!!!one!!! when I created her.

Clearly she's a terrifying beast, based off that other guys' facial expression.

Art, Nova Lee (c) Toast435

{Old Art} Xy Shadowlock || Circa 2012
{Old Art} Xy Shadowlock || Circa 2012more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Xy Shadowlock || Circa 2012 2017-10-16T11:10:51+00:00close

Hey, found some old art worth sharing.
I actually remember drawing this.
I didn't have a bed at the time and slept on the floor.
I was drawing on a piece of paper with my back against the wall and I remember the aches I got afterwards.

I sketched her out on paper and failed drawing her in digitally.
I've kept Xy around for awhile now, however I don't draw her anymore.
For the most part she's become a seasonal character (Halloween, obviously).

You could also say she was my first-ish fursona? (Or more precisely my oRiGiNaL sOniC ChaAraCteR TM)

She was a pumpkin witch with a horribly edgy backstory (I was about 14 when I made her and going through my scene phase ^^;)
Art?, Xy Shadowlock (c) Toast435

Sorry for Inactivity! 2017-10-16T11:09:04+00:00

Sorry I don't have much to share as of late, and I've really been slacking on Patreon rewards and art to share :/
Life is beating me up and I've been struggling lately.
I'll try and get the ball rollin' tomorrow (Monday, 10/16/2017).
I'll share my new sketches I'll be starting tomorrow and some more old art.

{Commission} 3TailedFireFoxMiko
{Commission} 3TailedFireFoxMikomore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} 3TailedFireFoxMiko 2017-10-13T11:48:35+00:00close

Finished commission for 3TailedFireFoxMiko on Furaffinity.net

I tried to make her hair and fluffy parts all poofy like a poodle.
I think I need some more practice.

Art (c) Toast435
Character (c) 3TailedFireFoxMiko

{Commission} Long Dong Rabbit || Ryce
{Commission} Long Dong Rabbit || Rycemore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Long Dong Rabbit || Ryce 2017-10-05T01:00:47+00:00close

Finished commission for Ryce on Furaffinity.net

Art © Toast435
Character © Ryce

{Commission} Downward Dog || Zyphor
{Commission} Downward Dog || Zyphormore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Downward Dog || Zyphor 2017-10-04T22:18:39+00:00close

A finished commission for Zyphor on Furaffinity.net

Art © Toast435
Character © Zyphor

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #11648574 - 8 Jun 18 04:43
Favorite so far
{Redraw} Luna the Cat
{Redraw} Luna the Catmore_vert
Post file flag
{Redraw} Luna the Cat 2017-10-03T21:53:08+00:00close

I decided to redraw that old piece a few months back and here we have lil ol Luna.
I redesigned her and figured she'd be a lynx of some sort now.
I think she was a lynx back then but I was 11 - 12 and didn't know how to design specific characters/animals. Neat.

Luna was 13 when I created her, she'd be 21 now.
I think I'm gonna do more doodles of her in the future.

Art, Luna © Toast435

{Old Art} Luna the Cat || Circa 2009
{Old Art} Luna the Cat || Circa 2009more_vert
Post file flag
{Old Art} Luna the Cat || Circa 2009 2017-10-03T21:48:14+00:00close

I figured I'd start sharing my super old art with the three of you, let you guys see how far I've come I guess?
Or maybe just to laugh at my old masterpieces with me.

I made this piece when I was 11 - 12.
I was super into Sonic the Hedgehog stuff and this was my OrIgInAl ChArAcTeR dOnUt StEaL!!!1!!! I named Luna the Cat.
I did a 15 minute redraw of her a few months back that I'll post in a bit.

Art(??), Luna © Toast435

{Commission} Upskirt || Night_Krystal
{Commission} Upskirt || Night_Krystalmore_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Upskirt || Night_Krystal 2017-10-03T21:45:06+00:00close

A finished YCH commission for Night_Krystal on FA.

Art © Toast435
Character © Night_Krystal

{Commission} Sleepy Frostchu || Sentey93
{Commission} Sleepy Frostchu || Sentey93more_vert
Post file flag
{Commission} Sleepy Frostchu || Sentey93 2017-10-03T21:43:37+00:00close

A finished commission for Sentey93 on FA.

Art © Toast435
Character © Sentey93

{Personal} Pumpkin Guts
{Personal} Pumpkin Gutsmore_vert
Post file flag
{Personal} Pumpkin Guts 2017-10-02T11:51:45+00:00close

Finished version of that pumpkin guts piece.
Decided to finish it tonight since I plan on doing a Halloween doodle a day (it'll range from finished pieces to coloured sketches)

I tried shading boobs differently?
I think I've been shading them wrong for a while.
I'll do an anatomy study on boobles and get back to everyone ^^;

Art, Toast © Toast435

{WiP} Pumpkin Guts
{WiP} Pumpkin Gutsmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Pumpkin Guts 2017-10-02T05:37:39+00:00close

Have a small WiP of that Pumpkin Guts piece.
I plan on trying to do a Halloween themed doodle a day.

Art, Toast © Toast435

{Doodle} Eyes
{Doodle} Eyesmore_vert
Post file flag
{Doodle} Eyes 2017-09-25T23:41:53+00:00close

I had art block a while back and decided I wasn't happy with my eye-style so I doodles eyes until I was happy and feeling better.
Figured I'd share with you guys.
I could try and do an eyeball tutorial, like lining, basic shape, and colouring.

{Personal} Spirited Away Bath Token Scene || WiP
{Personal} Spirited Away Bath Token Scene || WiPmore_vert
Post file flag
{Personal} Spirited Away Bath Token Scene || WiP 2017-09-25T23:39:48+00:00close

I don't have a whole lot to share as I've been working on commissions today but have some stuff I worked on over the weekend c:

This piece is actually almost done.
The background is done, the lines are almost done, and I just need to flat colour and cell-shade the piece.

It's the bath token scene from Spirited Away since we watched that movie on Sunday.

Art, Toast © Toast435 / Me

{Personal} Pumpkin Guts || WiP
{Personal} Pumpkin Guts || WiPmore_vert
Post file flag
{Personal} Pumpkin Guts || WiP 2017-09-25T23:38:18+00:00close

I don't have a whole lot to share as I've been working on commissions today but have some stuff I worked on over the weekend c:

Just gotta line, flat colour, and shade this piece.
Some good old fashioned guro for Halloween and look, it's even pumpkin guts! :D

Art, Toast © Toast435 / Me


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