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Blep Icons
Blep Iconsmore_vert
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Blep Icons 2017-04-21T04:32:37+00:00close

Some cute new icons for Mason and I on FA.

Art, Toast © Toast435
Felix © Weeniespice

Patreon Sketch Page - Xylea
Patreon Sketch Page - Xyleamore_vert
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Patreon Sketch Page - Xylea 2017-04-03T08:42:51+00:00close

A finished sketch page for Xylea on Furaffinity - ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xylea)
Cute behind pose of Xy to show off all those fluffy tails! <3

Expressions - Surprised/Pouty.
Chibi - is chibi and really freakin' cute!

Art © Toast435
Character © Xylea

Patreon Sketch Page - Zensuei
Patreon Sketch Page - Zensueimore_vert
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Patreon Sketch Page - Zensuei 2017-03-29T03:40:59+00:00close

A finished sketch page for Zensuei on Furaffinity - ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zensuei/ )
Once again, I love how the coloured sketch came out.
Digging the pose I put her in.

Expressions - Happy and Shy/Embarrassed.
Chibi - is chibi.

Art © Toast435
Character © Zensuei

Patreon Sketch Page - Kittehskye
Patreon Sketch Page - Kittehskyemore_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Sketch Page - Kittehskye 2017-03-25T21:57:12+00:00close

A finished sketch page for Kittehskye on Furaffinity - ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kittehskye/ )
I really like how the coloured sketch came out.
The expressions I used for the headshots would be "laughing so hard you cry" and "absolute and total disgust".
Chibi is chibi.

Art © Toast435
Character © Kittehskye

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #724556 - 26 Mar 17 14:09
I love it <3 Tysm
Expressions Study - Eyes
Expressions Study - Eyesmore_vert
Post file flag
Expressions Study - Eyes 2017-03-14T21:32:27+00:00close

Decided I needed to do more work on expressions, I've gotten into the habit of the same face syndrome.
But it's hard to break when commissioners don't tell ya the expression of the piece/character :')
So have some eyeball doodles.

Them eyes belong to Toast.

Art, Toast (c) Toast435

{WiP} Froggie Fun
{WiP} Froggie Funmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} Froggie Fun 2017-03-12T11:10:33+00:00close

One of the extra pieces of art that come/came with the Tree Frog adoptable.
She was bought by Zensuei on Furaffinity.
I love her to death and she'll probably be getting a lot of (possibly free) art from me.
I'm super glad she's going to a good home!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4692447 - 14 Mar 17 17:31
Possibly free, you say? :P And yes, she is going to a good home. I will take great care of her. <3
user avatar
Toast435 - 14 Mar 17 21:32
Yesss, possibly free. I still love her ; u ;
From Here
From Heremore_vert
Post file flag
From Here 2017-03-10T10:25:52+00:00close

After about a month or so, I've finally finished it.
Kept true to my word, and it's been completed mid-March.
Honestly, super nervous to post -- afraid it won't get a whole lot of love ; u ;

It can chill on my Patreon for now..

Art, Toast © Toast435

{WiP} RPG Icon
{WiP} RPG Iconmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} RPG Icon 2017-03-06T08:04:01+00:00close

Oh gosh..
Finally put some more work into this.
I managed to mess up my files some how.. but I think everything is fixed?
I hope they're fixed.. ^^;

{WiP} From Here
{WiP} From Heremore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} From Here 2017-02-27T11:33:09+00:00close

Oh gosh, I feel like I haven't done any work on this in a while.
Decided to put some work into it tonight.

Got the face, hair, smol face details, and some of the background done..
The front pieces to the pic are all inked and flat coloured.

This'll probably be done before April... probably mid-March.

{WiP} RPG Icon || Bouncing + Blinking
{WiP} RPG Icon || Bouncing + Blinkingmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} RPG Icon || Bouncing + Blinking 2017-02-18T10:17:13+00:00close

Sooo bouncing and blinking works, and the greeting and talk options on my icon have been completed.
Next up is gift, more -- flirt/insult, and leave.

If you'd like a holding slot two slots are available!
Go here; http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8084595/

{WiP} RPG Icon
{WiP} RPG Iconmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} RPG Icon 2017-02-18T09:25:19+00:00close

A quick test on the animation.

So far, so good.
I'll try and work in a bouncing and blinking animation.
Along with the other text options.

{WiP} RPG Icon
{WiP} RPG Iconmore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} RPG Icon 2017-02-18T00:03:32+00:00close

A quick WiP of my most recent RPG Icon.

Playing around with my background/style.

{WiP} From Here
{WiP} From Heremore_vert
Post file flag
{WiP} From Here 2017-02-16T02:36:36+00:00close

A WiP of my most recent personal piece.
Pledge 1$ and get a sneak peek!


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