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Farewell! (New Translator taking over) 2020-06-04T10:18:08+00:00

Hi children,
it has been a wild ride with y'all.

This month on, this project will be taken over by a new translator, HeeHee.

Thank you for letting me into your community, if only briefly! It was wild. I loved that y'all were active in the comments. The plot? Even wilder. Esp Yang Chen and his harem asdfhjklsksk.

Some of you might know HeeHee from Peerless White Emperor. Due to the decline in pledges, the release rate will be reduced to 5 a week. Come pledge on patreon to continue sustaining this novel and a possible higher release rate in the future!

I am still a translator on Veratales, many of you know that you can find me on The Silly Alchemist and Chronicles of Primordial Wars, and perhaps more to come.

Thank you to lynic too, for bringing me in here:)



How to access advanced chapters? 2020-05-04T08:46:16+00:00

1. Ensure your Veratales & patreon accountss are linked
2. After your pledge, wait for 2 hours to half a day. Do not cancel your pledge in the meantime.
3. Refresh the My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO novel page on Veratales.
4. Subscribe to the novel to be notified of updates.

If still unable to access after 24 hours:
Solution A:
Unlink & link your patreon acc to veratales.

Solution B:
Cancel & re-pledge to the same tier on patreon. If you have already paid for the month, don't worry, patreon will not charge again. (this usually works for most people)


Update: If you wish to cancel your pledge, do it in the last week of the month to avoid problems opening adv chapters mid-month.

Happy reading!

Daily CEO chapter releases + new novel pickup! 2020-02-01T15:16:33+00:00

i've decided on daily chapter releases for My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO from today on, enjoy :)

to ensure its sustainability, come pledge and help maintain our pledges at $1000!

i've also picked up Chronicles of Primordial Wars on veratales, come check it out here

plans for daily chapter release! 2020-01-06T05:46:20+00:00

hey children i plan to raise release rate from 6 a week to daily releases from 1st Feb 2020!

i rly hope this will work out, given this is what you've been asking for :)

however, i do need to ensure this is sustainable and that the finances will work out. realistically, i'm hoping to keep it at approx $1000 a month but i am aware this may or may not be possible.
i'd really appreciate any financial support as we make this transition! even just a dollar helpss!

please come pledge, even with a dollar i can get a cup of tea at my uni's cafeteria okayy :)

---- DOGE.

merry christmas! extra chaps on me ;) 2019-12-24T13:59:52+00:00

ho ho ho! 3 chapters out on christmas!

hope you have a blessed day.

suggestions for a cozy christmas if you feel like your social battery has run out:

- curl up and re-read CEO (i mean, it IS 900+ chapters at this point)

- my other story, the silly alchemist (here) is a very light-hearted novel you might enjoy

- drink green tea

do a hair toss, check your nails, baby how we feelin'?


bork wishes,


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7430253 - 24 Dec 19 19:04
Pleased to meet you!!! Supporting you as much as I can 😁
hello! i'm doge. 2019-12-15T02:25:32+00:00

hello, it's doge here taking over this page. same patreon page, same account, everything's the same.

a little about me: i also translate The Silly Alchemist. I'm a uni student, your donations will help me with uni, and hopefully travel some day. i met lynic a year ago and he's really, really cool online and irl. thanks to him, i could build a project for myself, and now he's trusting me with the continuation of this one.

please continue to support My Wife is a Beautiful CEO on this same page!

i rly hope we can maintain at approx $1000 or so for the sustainability of this project, i actually like the plot!

Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi is counting on youu (although Yang Chen might be the most powerful dude, ever)

bork wishes,


Moving On
Moving Onmore_vert
Post file flag
Moving On 2019-11-24T08:06:23+00:00close

On Jan 2nd, 2018, I decided to step into the translation scene by picking up CEO with little to no expectations. I was overwhelmed by the support. Every release day was exciting as I knew more than 15k readers would be reading. I fell in love with the incredibly engaging community—you guys.

While many have moved on, there are still 8k active readers today. But I've decided to pass this project to DOGE, a good friend of mine, who had helped out translating a few chapters when I was tied up with other stuff. She is more committed than I am. She will set the minimum release rate at 6/week and raise it to 7/week in the near future!

Thank you all, my abandoned children. This period with y'all has been an enjoyable one. I won't be translating anytime soon but I'll focus on managing and growing Veratales. See you guys around!

Lots of fatherly love,
Papa Lynic

Note: same Patreon page, same website, same editor.

Media (1)

0JZcAyN.jpg (630.4KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #8979179 - 15 Dec 19 13:14
Thank you for your hard work. I have enjoyed what you have done.
user avatar
User #13698143 - 25 Nov 19 13:46
thanks for ur hard work best of luck
user avatar
ceolynic - 29 Nov 19 15:28
Thanks for your kind words mate. :)
user avatar
User #4614489 - 26 Nov 19 04:09
Thanks. Rip.
user avatar
ceolynic - 29 Nov 19 15:28
Hope you enjoyed the series! DOGE will do a better job, I'm sure. :)
user avatar
User #5222368 - 24 Nov 19 20:31
Dam it's been a long time since I logged in onto patreon, all my accounts was ok hold and I've been reading other novels, will go check the web to see if I like the novels to support.
user avatar
ceolynic - 29 Nov 19 15:29
Awesome. Feel free to continue supporting DOGE in completing CEO too! Thanks for your continuous support. :)
Change of Translator 2019-11-17T13:30:06+00:00

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting next month, I'll be passing this project to DOGE, the translator of The Silly Alchemist and she'll (yes, a she) be maintaining the minimum release rate at 6 per week. I'll set the minimum at 6 a week as well for my remaining 2 weeks.

I'm incredibly grateful that you've read all the way to c858, since I started at c231. You're awesome! I've been struggling to keep the project going while making ends meet. It's a difficult decision to let this project go, having managed it for almost 2 years. I gotta get used to this! If you wanna help out DOGE with this project, pledge $3 monthly on Patreon today!


Note: same Patreon page, same website, same editor. I might even be talking to you all here from time to time!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7430253 - 19 Nov 19 07:33
Man, it's a shame you had to go, thank you for all your effort, time and quality translations. I hope you good luck on your next translation.
user avatar
ceolynic - 19 Nov 19 07:46
Thanks mate! I'm afraid I won't be translating anytime soon.
user avatar
User #13698143 - 17 Nov 19 16:44
thanks for ur hard work we will miss u :D
What can I do? The future of CEO. 2019-08-02T02:48:57+00:00

Hi fellow readers, I'm feeling rather helpless, and I'd love to hear from you.

The support for this project has hit an all-time low, and I'm naturally expecting support to drop further sooner or later. Knowing that many of you have lost interest in this novel, I want to know if there's anything I can do to improve the situation.

Having committed 20 months to this project, I'd love to complete the project at a sustainable rate. Each chapter takes 4 hours to complete from translating to editing and proofreading. So here's a huge shout out to all supporters!

Please help us maintain the release rate at 5c/week or more. Let us know what we can do to convince you. We're listening. Of course, only support if you're in the position to do so.

Papa Lynic

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #11351691 - 13 Sep 19 21:14
I’m on the lowest tier but will upgrade soon, hope it helps .
user avatar
ceolynic - 14 Sep 19 17:14
Thanks mate. Any amount helps :)
user avatar
User #2649927 - 2 Aug 19 14:01
You'll always have my support, papa Lynic.
user avatar
ceolynic - 2 Aug 19 14:02
Thank you so much :)
user avatar
User #9224583 - 2 Aug 19 18:34
My support might not be worth much, but I’ll give it nonetheless :)
user avatar
ceolynic - 8 Aug 19 16:36
Thank you so much Hu Sein. Any amount is appreciated!
user avatar
User #23082743 - 9 Aug 19 06:56
Hi there, as fellow countryman I decided to support your work. Right now I only can support lowest tier but maybe in the future I'll upgrade it.
user avatar
ceolynic - 9 Aug 19 07:05
Thanks hangsen!
user avatar
User #17136888 - 28 Aug 19 01:17
Hello. I upgraded to $30 month Mo Qianni but I don’t have access to chapter 793. Please help me. Thank you very much!
user avatar
ceolynic - 1 Sep 19 03:16
Hi there, did it work for you in the end?
user avatar
ceolynic - 1 Sep 19 03:16
Thank you so much for your support. Feel free to message me directly if you need help!
user avatar
User #7430253 - 8 Aug 19 12:35
I'll be working soon, then I'll be able to contribute more. Hopefully you won't close down the project within a month.
user avatar
ceolynic - 8 Aug 19 16:37
Hi Bobby, thanks for supporting. :)
user avatar
User #17136888 - 18 Sep 19 10:12
Sorry for the late response. I was busy reading. Yes, it worked for me. Thank you very much.
It's been 1.5 years. What's next? 2019-06-15T05:37:26+00:00

It has been 1.5 years since I picked up this project. Time really flies! Thank you so much for being on this amazing journey – reading your comments has always been rewarding.

I'm increasing the release rate by lowering prices. And I sincerely ask that you contribute $3 monthly on Patreon. You'll also get access to 2 chapters ahead of the public.

Current pledge: $1,463 (6 weekly chapters)

Release rate to be updated every Sunday.

Have a question? Find me on Discord. Or comment down below.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #21234012 - 15 Jun 19 20:26
Okay, I pledged and linked my patreon acc to veratales, but still can't read advanced chapters... How much time does it get to recognise my status?
user avatar
ceolynic - 16 Jun 19 01:18
1 hour at max. Could you try again and let me know?
user avatar
ceolynic - 16 Jun 19 01:19
Thank you so much for your support!
user avatar
User #21234012 - 16 Jun 19 07:09
It works now. Thank you!
Early chapters did not stop! 2019-05-01T10:25:59+00:00

Hi all, I noticed that some of you have not synced your Patreon account to your Veratales account yet. All early chapters can be found there, as mentioned in the post on Feb 24.

-Sign up on Veratales via Google/Facebook/e-mail.
-On the homepage, you'll see an orange button "Link to Patreon"
-Go through the one-click process. Wait for a few minutes to sync.

Life update: Currently in Dublin, Ireland of my 2-month Europe tour. Thanks to you all for making it happen. Really appreciate your support. :) Of course, chapters are still being updated as per the release schedule.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10381486 - 13 May 19 21:44
Nvm, is working now :b
user avatar
User #10381486 - 13 May 19 20:21
Already did but, i dont think is working :x keep showing me donatw +1 to read
Tier & Goal Adjustments
Tier & Goal Adjustmentsmore_vert
Post file flag
Tier & Goal Adjustments 2019-02-24T00:09:23+00:00close

TL/DR: Look at the chart for numbers. Connect to Veratales (instructions below) to access the chapters. And I love y'all.

-5 chapters/week is too little. And previously, it just didn't make sense for you to raise your pledge amount due to the tier structure. I'll solve both of these issues today.

-The total amount is no longer hidden. And the goals have been adjusted (slightly cheaper).

-Sign up on Veratales via Google/Facebook/e-mail.
-On the homepage, you'll see an orange button "Link to Patreon"
-Go through the one-click process. Wait for a few minutes to sync.

-Our site allows me to schedule posts across all tiers easily. I might continue to post on Patreon too (earliest in March, I need many hours to change things on Patreon).

-Dark mode
-No ads, fast-loading website
-Proper index
-Precise email notifications for each tier ("Add to Library" here)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5349506 - 26 Feb 19 02:21
Since the tiers have changed, I am interested in continuing my subscription. That said, I cancelled it for this month already and since connecting my Patreon to Veratales the sync isn’t registering my account as being a “patron”. I do not want to reubscribe to a month I’ve already paid for. Is there a way to manually push this through?
user avatar
ceolynic - 26 Feb 19 02:30
Patreon's server for their API is down since 2 hours ago. Can you try again tomorrow/
user avatar
User #5349506 - 26 Feb 19 03:09
I most certainly can! I wasn’t aware they were having issues. Thanks for the update on that!
user avatar
ceolynic - 26 Feb 19 04:18
No problem! It should be working now. :)
Read on LiberSpark!
Read on LiberSpark!more_vert
Post file flag
Read on LiberSpark! 2019-01-27T05:20:48+00:00close

1) No ads

-All patrons will not be displayed ads at the chapter/novel page. You'll still see ads for other novels/homepage.

2) Proper index

-It must've been a pain the ass for you to navigate chapters on Patreon. Simply visit the Novel page for index.

3) Email notifications

-Get precise email notifications, leading exactly to where you left off.

4) Lightweight website.

-Much faster loading time compared to Patreon.

5) How to read on LiberSpark?
-Register using email/Google/Facebook

-Click "Link to Patreon" at the homepage.

-Wait for a few minutes for it to sync. (Only have to do it once!)

-(Optional) If you wish to get email notifications, go to the Novel page and "Add to Library"

P/s. Chapters are released at exactly 10pm GMT+8 on LS. Publishing chapters on Patreon takes me 40 minutes+ a day. Hope all of you can read on LS instead.

ONE YEARmore_vert
Post file flag
ONE YEAR 2019-01-02T02:00:52+00:00close

It’s crazy how fast time passes. I picked this project up on Jan 2 last year. And since then, a lot has changed to my personal life, which I believe is the case for most of you too. I wanna start off by thanking each of you for giving support to this translation project. Much of the income is spent on coffee and Nando’s to fuel the translation.

Having translated 430 chapters in the past 365 days, I learned a ton about this translation scene. From the beauty of working flexible hours to the sad truth of having no control over the storyline. The latter of which, I believe, is the main reason that the support has fallen for over 70%. We used to be at 9/week at the highest, and now we’re back to the start at 5/week.

THE FUTURE—regardless of what the future lies, this past year wouldn’t have been so amazing without all of you. I definitely hope that I have enough readers to actually finish the project, but either way, I’m incredibly thankful for the support I have received.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #7860622 - 19 Feb 19 18:26
I truly hope you keep doing this, my wife is beutiful ceo has it problems, but again some its moments are jewels aswell, only this and few other novel only succeed cause chills on back and laugh and intensive moments... even some parts are like ok... :D anyway patreoned so you can get your coffee!!
user avatar
ceolynic - 19 Feb 19 21:53
Thank you! ??
user avatar
User #9224311 - 2 Jan 19 05:30
how dare you change that picture
user avatar
User #9434600 - 2 Jan 19 08:41
The picture changed... I for one expect a story to have highs and lows. I think you are doing a great job and can't wait to what happens next. Thank you for all your hard work!
user avatar
User #16128719 - 2 Jan 19 02:02
Thanks and keep up the great work!!
Moving Forward 2018-10-09T23:49:41+00:00

Good day, fellow patrons! We’ve worked on this series for ~300 days already, and I’m glad to say we’ve been holding up well, though it is quite a challenge on some days. We've successfully changed the release rate from barely 10 a month to one a day. But do you know what else we can do? Making it 2 a day, and that's where you, the readers, come into play. Today, we’re announcing new plans for this novel, introducing new tiers and dropping the prices for higher release rates.

8 per week: $4,000 (same)

9 per week: $5,000 (from 5250)

10 per week: $6,000 (from 6500)

(new) 11 per week: $7,000

(new) 12 per week: $8,000

TBA: 13 and 14 per week.

To make these goals easier to hit, we have 3 new tiers, with the highest at $300. Give us your money!

What's Next?
What's Next?more_vert
Post file flag
What's Next? 2018-08-18T03:13:16+00:00close

Today marks the end of extra releases. 29 chapters in total have been released in the past 2 weeks! But you need not grieve because of this, as I've added more goals for increased release rates. Assuming the pledge amount stays the same, there'll be 9 chapters next week. Thanks for your support!

$5,000 Goal Hit 2018-07-07T04:22:17+00:00

Hello everyone, in case you haven't noticed, we have a $5,000 goal which will make the release rate 15/week for 2 weeks. Now that the goal is reached, there will be 15 chapters next week (Sunday). But I may delay the second week of 15 chapters until the end of this month probably. Have a nice weekend =)

Thank you so much for your support!

Edit: My editor is on a vacation for the entire July. We'll still keep up with our 8 weekly chapters, but we will have to delay the extra releases to August. Don't worry if the amount drops below 5,000, it is already hit. Really sorry!

Chapter Posted 2018-06-23T00:14:13+00:00

Here's a small notification that this week's chapters are posted, in case you don't check this page every day.

Also, who's ready for 15 chapters next week (tomorrow)? ? ? ?

Mini Announcement 2018-06-20T07:16:09+00:00

Hi everyone! The 8-chapter-per-week goal is hit after merely two days! There's also a one-time reward of 7 chapters for one week. As the release rate is updated every Sunday, there'll be 15 chapters next week, then 8 chapters for the following weeks (unless the pledge amount drops below the goal), but there'll only be 7 chapters this week.

Release schedule: Daily chapters, 2 chapters on Monday to counter the Monday blues.

For those who find it hard to navigate chapters as there are indeed too many tiers, here's a temporary solution until we need a better fix! Make sure to bookmark these links, or just refer to this post in the future.

$150: here
$120: here
$90: here
$60: here
$30: here
$20: here
$10: here
$5: here
$1: here

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5436121 - 20 Jun 18 07:35
Ho ho ho. Spoiling us now are you. Ty
user avatar
ceolynic - 20 Jun 18 07:38
No problem!
user avatar
User #6400644 - 20 Jun 18 07:28
So if i robbed a bank and gave you all of its money could You release all edited chapters. Don’t worry you it wont trace back to you so you’ll be safe. Maybe...
user avatar
ceolynic - 20 Jun 18 07:36
For sure mate haha
Father's Day Announcement 2018-06-18T10:13:42+00:00

Good day, my children! Today, after taking over the translation project for a little more than 6 months, I’m glad to announce I’m finally increasing the release rate as I’ve recently finished my A Level exams! I’ll take a short break before getting into a university to further my studies. I’m extremely grateful for all the support you guys have shown in the past few months. I am definitely looking to commit into translating consistently for a long time, which I have been able to do so in the past.

1) New community goals

The new release rate is capped at 8 chapters per week. I feel that it’s a rate that I can do without giving myself too much stress. I’ll also have room to breathe no matter how many lemons life gives me. Avoiding to disappoint any readers is certainly a top priority.

2) New tiers

Along with the launch of new community goals, there will be 3 new tiers— Tang Wan at $90, An Xin at $120, and King Pepe at $150, with 21, 28, and 35 early chapters respectively. For the highest tier, you’ll be granted the ‘King Pepe’ role on Discord, which used to be exclusive to me as the translator.

3) Guaranteed daily releases in 2018

For the rest of 2018, regardless if the goal is hit or not, I’ll be releasing at least 7 chapters a week. I really can’t find words to describe, partly due to my non-existent vocabulary, my gratitude to have been given such an opportunity to earn a living doing something I love. With English being my second language, I’ll strive on improving upon mainly my vocabulary and hopefully the overall reading experience for all of you guys.

P/s. I understand that certain readers will still be displeased by the capped 8 chapters a week. If you’ve followed the project for a decent amount of time, you’d know that I have never over promised nor have I ever under delivered. When I find myself with higher efficiency which will allow me to squeeze more chapters over the same amount of time, I’ll consider increasing the release rate again. Keep in mind that charge upfront is now enabled. I look forward to translating this novel until the end, and hope to get your continued support along the way. Thank you so much!

TL/DR: More chapters, more tiers together with more early chapters, and more bonuses.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #7913044 - 19 Jun 18 05:15
i appreciate all your hard work. i want to just say thank you and now i'm gonna go read those chapters
user avatar
ceolynic - 19 Jun 18 05:20
Thank you so much man! Really appreciate your support :)
user avatar
User #5158373 - 20 Jun 18 00:45
Keep up the great work!
user avatar
ceolynic - 20 Jun 18 01:39
Yes I will, thanks!
user avatar
User #7913044 - 19 Jun 18 05:08
Dang why you do this to me????? My wallet :( . well King Pepe here i need those chapters
user avatar
ceolynic - 19 Jun 18 05:09
Haha I'm sorry. Thanks for your support!
Chapter 340: Father and Son at Sea 2018-05-14T23:17:55+00:00

After chatting for a short while, Yang Chen asked Makedon to sail Hatakaze back to port. After everyone exit the ship, Makedon’s men would return the warship to the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

When the Japanese flag was raised on the destroyer, Hatakaze, An Xin opened her mouth in shock. She didn’t dare to believe it was really a warship stolen from Japan Self-Defense Forces.

An Zaihuan had remained silent all this while, since he vaguely felt that the few people surrounding Yang Chen were all confident and at the same time powerful. However, they all held Yang Chen in high regard, this made An Zaihuan unable to tell just who Yang Chen was.

On the other hand, An Xin wasn’t concerned about all of these. Although she soon came to the realization that Yang Chen’s background was not as clear cut as it seemed, but she was rather thoughtful in that regard as she didn’t ask any questions, since she knew Yang Chen wouldn’t be willing to explain too many things. She knew that as long as the man beside her was the man she loved, she’d be satisfied.

Being one of the best places for a vacation, Hokkaido appeared particularly scenic during winter.

The green forest was covered in a white, thick layer of snow. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a town full of traditional Japanese houses.

Yang Chen thought of something, and turned to ask Edward, “Edward, why didn’t Ron come with you?”

Smiling, Edward replied, “Ron said he was old already, and Hokkaido was too cold for him. He’d rather stay in the Mediterranean Sea for sunbaths. He asked me to convey his apologies for you, and at the same time hoped that you could meet him before he went to heaven to meet the Lord, so that you can retrieve the things you left at his place as well.”

Helplessly, Yang Chen said, “He’s still lazy as ever.”

“It’s not entirely true. At least Ron had remotely planned your journey to eat and have fun in Hokkaido,” Edward said.

“Speaking of eating, I’m really hungry now. Where are we going?” Makedon asked.

They followed Edward towards a small seaside town upon getting off the ship, but they didn’t know where they were heading to.

Edward answered, “I’ve acquired a resort here, which has the most genuine Japanese leisure facilities and food. It’s my treat to you this thime.”

Jane looked at Edward in disbelief. “My dear cousin, how much money have you taken from Ron?”

Edward immediately looked embarrassed. Coughing a few times, he said, “My distinguished younger sister Jane, can’t you save me the embarrassment…”

“You said that you can lose things like face for money,” Jane said jokingly.

Edward smiled awkwardly, but didn’t deny her statement.

An Xin felt much more relieved when she listened to them joke around. To her, these people with incredible backgrounds acted much more adorably than numerous insignificant characters.

An Xin finally understood why Yang Chen had always held an indifferent attitude. If even the people around him could simply steal a warship from Japan Self-Defense Forces to use for a while, it was hard to imagine what Yang Chen himself could achieve.

Standing at such heights, matters like those of Liu clan or An clan were indeed miscellaneous and trivial affairs which couldn’t be taken seriously.

Thinking that such a competent man was someone she met in a bar whom she could hug after meeting merely thrice, An Xin felt that fate was certainly magical.

“Yang Chen, what happened to the two people from Liu clan?” An Xin asked out of curiosity.

Yang Chen let out a mysterious smile. He said, “They… should be in for some excitement now…”

In the middle of the international waters, there was nothing around but boundless sea water.

A small lifeboat was floating on top of the ocean.

There sat two men, one young and one elderly. They were the previously abandoned Liu Kangbai and Liu Yun who was just thrown onto the lifeboat, fully naked, with only a thin piece of towel covering his body!

When Liu Kangbai wast left in the ocean alone, he shouted loudly for help for a long time. He waited for quite a while before a small yacht came to his direction. Unexpectedly, it belonged to Yamaguchi-gumi, whose men sent Liu Yun over.

Liu Kangbai wanted to ask for help, but soon saw his languished and shriveled son being thrown onto the lifeboat by the members of Yamaguchi-gumi.

They utterly ignored Liu Kangbai’s cry for help, and took a few large plastic buckets out from the yacht before opening their caps and throwing them into the ocean, surrounding the lifeboat.

Suddenly, Liu Kangbai realized that the scarlet liquid flowing out from the buckets had started to spread throughout the sea water slowly.

Shortly after, the group from Yamaguchi-gumi left as they laughed!

Liu Kangbai was rather confused. He leaped towards Liu Yun and flipped him over. Liu Yun’s eyes were sunken in while his face had turned yellowish. Scars of whippings and beatings were evident all over his body. More grossly, the thing on Liu Yun’s lower body had gone out of shape…

Liu Kangbai recalled the clip he saw on the cruise where Liu Yun was played by the fat Japanese lady. He knew that Liu Yun must’ve been tortured so bad that he became completely handicapped.

Liu Yun’s body was extremely weak. He regained minimal consciousness and called out, “Dad.” Those were the last words he uttered.

Liu Kangbai felt hateful yet sorrowful when he saw his previously proud son suddenly become this way, but didn’t know what he could do about it as well.

What made him more upset was that he had no clue whom he provoked!

As a result, he pushed all the blame to Liu Yun. He scolded, “You’re such an unfilial child, it’s all because of your bad acts that you annoyed such a powerful character! How are we supposed to go back now?! There’s no food or water on this boat. Are we going to die here due to hunger or the cold weather?”

Liu Yun rolled his eyes, but couldn’t speak a word.

At this moment, several fins appeared, causing the surface of the ocean to become particularly turbulent!

Liu Kangbai stunned for a while before getting dumbstruck. Are they sharks?!

He thought of what he heard on the cruise. Captain Makedon said tiger sharks frequently appeared at this site…

Oh! The water buckets thrown into the ocean by those people contained fresh blood! They’re intentionally luring tiger sharks here!

Upon discovering the small lifeboat, the tiger sharks immediately started surrounding it. Evidently, they were very interested in the meat on board.

Liu Kangbai was so terrified that his body shivered. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

At this moment, some tiger sharks started acting on their impatience. They used their heads and tails to hit on the lifeboat!

The lifeboat shook violently. Liu Kangbai paled as he listened to the sound of the sea waves generated by the tiger sharks. He received a fright which made him feel like his soul was departing from his body!

Seeing that the lifeboat would get overturned immediately, Liu Kangbai suddenly had an idea. He came to Liu Yun’s side and lifted him up with both his arms. As malice appeared in his eyes, he said, “Son, for your dad to live, I’ll have you require to sacrifice yourself for me. I’ve fed you for more than twenty years. Since your life is ruined already, you’ll only suffer more if you continue to live. Don’t worry, I’ll find out the culprit and take revenge for you in the future!

After he finished speaking, Liu Kangbai resolutely pushed Liu Yun out of the lifeboat, causing him to fall into the ocean!

Liu Yun’s final gaze was left on the evil face of his father. It was filled with bone-penetrating hatred, which made Liu Kangbai shudder.

Quickly, Liu Yun who had fallen into the water became the target of the tiger sharks. Using their sharp, white teeth, they opened their mouths widely and began violently biting. In the blink of an eye, Liu Yun who was defenseless got his skull bitten off…

Having witnessed his son die just like this, Liu Kangbai wasn’t concerned about getting sad or regretful, but entered an insane state instead.

He knew that his idea could only temporarily distract the tiger sharks, so he had to quickly leave this region which was filled with blood. As a result, clenching his teeth, he took the oar on the lifeboat before starting to paddle with all his energy.

However, Liu Kangbai underestimated the speed and number of tiger sharks.

It didn’t take more than ten seconds for Liu Yun’s flesh and bones to be completely devoured. The increased amount of fresh blood further enraged the tiger sharks, causing them to rush towards the lifeboat!

The small lifeboat was no match for the continuous pounding by the sharks on its side. After receiving several hits, the lifeboat finally overturned!


Liu Kangbai only managed to yell a word, before silence ensued.

The sea turned peaceful again, leaving only a capsized lifeboat floating on the surface...

Chapter 339: Meeting for the First Time 2018-05-13T23:06:41+00:00

Seeing that Liu Kangbai had been gotten rid of, instead of wondering how the ship started moving, the first thing the guests did was wave and shout, hoping to tell the people on the destroyer that Liu Kangbai had already been thrown into the ocean!

Makedon’s voice came swiftly from the speakers.

“I’m very satisfied with each of your cooperation. Everyone is safe now, while the countdown on our missile launcher has stopped. The cruise will arrive at the port in an hour’s time, I hope everyone to have a happy journey…”

This news instantly relieved the guests on the cruise. Including the bodyguards originally working for Liu clan, staff, servants, and the guests, they felt lucky that they managed to secure their lives. Regarding Liu Kangbai who floated far away on the lifeboat, he had long been forgotten!

Go as far as you can, don’t get us involved!

Following the improvement of the atmosphere on the cruise, the guests are started to curse the father and son of the Liu clan, while some of them discussed just whom the Liu clan provoked.

At this moment, a military helicopter suddenly emerged from the back of the warship. Within a little more than a minute, it hovered above the cruise.

The guests on the cruise were rather afraid, as they were worried that bullets would start to rain from the two muzzles. The cruel pirates might’ve decided to use machine guns to kill instead of a missile, but they still kept their promise.

“Quickly hide inside!”

A few people shouted before the others became aware of the situation, and started squeezing into the cabin disorderly.

The deck of the cruise became a mess while the helicopter gradually decreased its altitude. Soon, a voice could be heard coming from the loudspeaker attached on the helicopter.

“May Miss An Xin and Mr An Zaihuan please present yourselves? The captain is summoning you.”

As soon as the sound got broadcast onto the cruise, the guests immediately turned their gazes towards An Zaihuan and An Xin who were standing at a corner.

An Xin wasn’t surprised as she saw it coming, but An Zaihuan was sweating heavily. Are they planning to take action on the An family after taking care of Liu family? Is it because we’re immediately getting related through marriage, so we would be dealt with together?

An Zaihuan regretted his decisions so much his insides turned sour. What the heck is with this luck? I put in so much effort to marry my daughter to Liu clan but something this ridiculous happened?! Worried, he shouted loudly, “Don’t look at us this way! The wedding didn’t go through! We’re not related to Liu clan in any way!”

However, the group of guests weren’t concerned. They newly retrieved their missile, what would happen if they went against their words?

“You’ve been summoned. Go now! Quickly!”

“Do you want to get us killed?! Quickly get your ass over there!

The helicopter hovered twenty meters above the cruise, and put down a rope ladder from above. Obviously, they were waiting for the two from An clan to board the helicopter.

An Zaihuan didn’t know what to do when the bunch of people stared at him fiercely.

When he wanted to ask his daughter what he should do, he noticed that An Xin didn’t want to entertain him anymore, and walked towards the ladder herself.

“An Xin! Don’t go! You’ll be dead if you go!” An Zaihuan hurriedly grasped An Xin’s arm.

“My dear father, do you think we’d be fine if we stayed here? Furthermore, how are you so sure that I’ll die if I go there? What if the captain knows us and wants to have a chat?” An Xin said scornfully to her father. Back then, she used to only complain about him, but after getting abducted to Japan and forced to marry Liu Yun, An Xin finally understood her position in her father’s heart.

He was a father who didn’t care about his daughter’s feelings, but treated her as a bargaining chip instead. Although she didn’t go so far to cut all relations with her father, he evidently didn’t deserve her respect anymore.

An Zaihuan paled. Seeing the fierce gazes of the guests, he could only force himself to follow An Xin to the ladder.

Being watched by the guests who appeared relieved, An Xin and An Zaihuan boarded the helicopter one after another.

The helicopter didn't stay there for long, but directly flew back to the warship behind.

Upon boarding the helicopter, An Zaihuan felt an atmosphere different from what he imagined. There was a caucasian soldier wearing a camouflage uniform who welcomed them aboard, and a soldier driving the aircraft. Both of them treated the two in a friendly manner, with a smile on their faces.

Can it really be someone we know? An Zaihuan couldn’t help but to think this way, but he still couldn’t think of someone he knew who was a pirate and acted so fiercely. Captain Makedon? I don’t know him at all!

On the other hand, An Xin held a smile on her face. Although she knew that the ‘wonderful wedding’ mentioned by Yang Chen would be unique, she didn’t know it would be so domineering that even a nuclear warhead was brought over. It was too imposing!

During the journey in the helicopter, the warship stopped moving on the ocean, and slowly separated with the cruise, staying in the middle of the sea alone.

After the helicopter landed on the helipad of the warship, a bunch of people were there waiting on the deck.

Feeling uneasy, An Zaihuan exit the helicopter after An Xin went down.

Upon exiting the aircraft, An Zaihuan saw his rebellious daughter rushing towards a man on the opposite like a happy little bird. She jumped into the arms of the man and hooked his neck with her arms, before starting to kiss him passionately in public!

An Zaihuan’s body stiffened on the spot. He wasn’t concerned about who was around him anymore. Dumbstruck, he gazed at his daughter making out with a man publicly.

Yang Chen was rather unprepared. When he wanted to say something, An Xin whose hair was still tied up in a bun in preparation for the wedding previously, rushed towards and hugged him like a koala, hanging the center of gravity of her body on his.

The ice-cold lips and burning-hot tongue made Yang Chen feel incredibly comfortable, causing him to generously respond to her kiss. He placed his hands on An Xin’s backside and groped them forcefully, causing her to stick to him even tighter.

Yang Chen could feel An Xin’s ecstasy and surging love through the passionate kiss. It was the kind of gratefulness that made Yang Chen indulge in the feeling.

“Babe, let’s stop here for now. We can’t just exercise on the desk right?” Yang Chen said smilingly as he touched An Xin’s face.

An Xin blushed. She got too excited when she spotted Yang Chen, as if he was the only figure in the entire world. Without hesitating, she pounced on Yang Chen to kiss him.

At this moment, An Xin noticed that there were actually people dressed in various ways standing behind Yang Chen. Shyly, she separated with Yang Chen and nodded at them.

An Zaihuan could finally take a good look as to whom his daughter was hugging. Isn’t this average-looking young man wearing a simple black jacket and light-colored slacks the one who slept with An Xin at a hotel and got arrested afterwards?!

An Zaihuan was dumbfounded. He thought that the arrogant young man was merely an ordinary man. Judging from the situation today… is it possible that he’s the one behind all that had just happened?! Who the heck is he?!

Yang Chen held An Xin’s soft waist and turned her around to introduce the people around, but he spoke using English, since these people were from all around the world. Being a stewardess of international flights, An Xin naturally understood a few foreign languages.

“This red-haired fellow is called Sauron, just call him Red Hair.”

Sauron didn’t hold any expression on his face, but sincerely nodded at An Xin. To this steel-like man, bowing with his neck was already a sign of huge respect.

“This bald fatty is Makedon. This ship is stolen by his men, we still have to return it later,” Yang Chen said and chuckled as he pointed at Makedon.

Makedon, who was biting a cigar, got displeased after hearing what Yang Chen said. Taking his cigar down, he said, “Plu— erm no, Yang, I feel like it’s more appropriate to use the word ‘borrowed’, Hatakaze is too insignificant for us to steal. Here at Mossad, we pride ourselves with stealing nothing short of a cruiser. We wouldn’t want a crap like this even if it were free. We’re just using it temporarily, not like the Japan Self-Defense Forces didn’t allow us to.”

“It’s just that they didn’t notice,” Sauron added.

Yang Chen ignored them and continued pointing at a blonde-haired, handsome-looking, and tall white man. He wore a earring which looked like a gold coin that seemed rare.

“This guy is called Edward. He’s considered to be the type to look for things to do all day out of boredom, and he’s very petty. He came here all the way from England just to eat for free, you can completely ignore him,” Yang Chen said.

Edward didn’t mind the criticism. Smiling like a gentleman, he said, “Miss An, this is the first time we’ve met but I don’t have any gifts for you. I’ll certainly bring a present for you next time.”

“Humph,” Jane who hadn’t been introduced yet snorted in contempt and rolled her eyes upon listening to Edward’s speech. “Brother Edward, you owe me seven years’ worth of gifts. If you’re so unwilling to buy presents, don’t keep telling people that you want to gift them something.”

After she finished speaking, ignoring Edward’s awkward expression, Jane said to An Xin smilingly, “Nice to meet you, you can call me Jane.”

An Xin greeted the four people with a smile before looking at Jane for a while longer. This western girl was dressed casually, but her clothing still failed to cover her poised and noble aura, especially due to the wisdom revealed in her beautiful, light blue, gem-like eyes. She definitely wasn’t an ordinary character. Evidently, Jane was an enchanting lady who would cause envy to all the women around her. I wonder what’s her relationship with Yang Chen.

Chapter 338: Pirates 2018-05-13T13:50:31+00:00

Following the fainting of Liu Kangbai, Liu Yun’s impressive performance on screen came to an end, before the screen turned dark again.

However, the hundreds of guests in the venue couldn’t stay silent about this situation anymore. Due to the news from an unknown source, the fact that the cruise ship was being targeted by a missile-equipped destroyer, had already spread amongst the people.

As a result, everyone rushed out of the banquet hall in a disordered manner, clambering to the top deck of the ship, ignoring the resistance coming from the security staff courtesy of the Liu clan. At that moment, the celebration of the wedding was the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.

The bright yellow sunlight shone endlessly upon the vast ocean, while the cold wind blew violently and caused sea waves to crash against the ship.

No one knew when the Liu clan’s cruise started decelerating. It slowly waded forward as it was closely tailed by a slightly smaller warship.

On this silver-grey destroyer, a banner blown which was billowing in the wind appeared especially eye-catching. From afar, it could be seen that it was a flag with a picture of a human skull!

Many people over the course of their lives, may not receive such an opportunity to see this ancient flag in their lifetime. However, for the people who saw it for the first time, knew instantly what it represented—pirates!

Even pirates kept up with the times. They piloted an advanced destroyer just for a pillaging!

Most of the guests paled and their legs shivered with fear at the sight of the main cannons, missile heads and missile launchers aboard the ship. If the destroyer fired one basic cannonball on the cruise, numerous people would die!

To make the matter worse, the cruise the guests were on didn’t posses any defensive weapons and countermeasures!

To add to their dismay, the god damn ship stopped moving!

The guests started fleeing in all directions while the venue became immensely messy. Some people were even considering if they should proceed to the lifeboats to escape from the cruise.

At that moment, Liu Kangbai who was treated by his personal doctor walked onto the deck. Holding a loudspeaker, he yelled, “Silence! Calm down!”

Liu Kangbai was livid. He had been infuriated to his max. All of these occurrences wasobviously planned by someone, someone with extraordinary influence.

Being able to silently abduct Liu Yun away while planning everything this flawlessly, they even managed to get pirates to threaten them. This definitely involved a lot of money.

Having witnessed various experiences, Liu Kangbai knew that he had to be calm after pondering for a while. He knew if he became nervous, the guests would definitely cause a ruckus like headless mosquitoes.

Regarding An Xin, she was dragged by her father An Zaihuan to hide in a corner. An Zaihuan nervously looked at the warship behind before looking at Liu Kangbai. He really didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

An Xin had removed her wedding dress and walked out of the ship with a coat. She wasn’t nervous at all, but was rather curious about all this. How is Yang Chen able to mobilize warships? This is too spectacular!

“Everyone listen to me! Don’t be afraid! Even if this warship really belong to the pirates, they are only one! I have already sent someone to contact the Japan Self-Defense Forces at Ishikari Bay. They’ll come to our rescue once they receive our signal! We’re within their territorial sea, they’ll definitely come to save us! Come that time, the pirates will be doomed!” Liu Kangbai shouted loudly.

The guests finally calmed down slightly after Liu Kangbai’s speech. They whispered to each other and nodded in agreement as they felt it made sense. <i>The Japanese can’t allow pirates to mess around in their domain right?</i>

At this moment, the assistant whom Liu Kangbai sent to contact the Japan Self-Defense Forces ran over. Laughing, Liu Kangbai announced, “Everyone, look! We have a reply!”

As soon as Liu Kangbai stopped laughing, the guy cried, “Boss! Boss! Not good! Our cruise somehow sailed out of Ishikari Bay and entered international waters! After scanning us on their radar, they said this place didn’t belong to them!”


The crowd went in total chaos once again. The guests were horrified. The hope that arose just immediately vanished again!

According to international laws, around 22 kilometers away from mainland would be considered a non-territorial scope. In an island country like Japan, sailing into the international waters certainly didn’t require much time.

Furiously, Liu Kangbai yelled, “Don’t they care about humanitarianism?! We met pirates, pirates! There are hundreds of lives on this cruise being threatened by cannons!”

The man cried as he said, “Boss, even you know that the Japanese military is being restrained by America. Before the Americans give their approval, they wouldn’t dare to send their troops into the international waters… Moreover… moreover we’re not Japanese people, we’re all Chinese… They asked us to contact the Chinese navy instead…”

“Damn it…” Liu Kangbai scolded before he remembered something. He asked, “How about the captain?! Where’s the captain? Why has the ship entered international waters?!”

Helplessly, the assistant answered, “Boss… I forgot to tell you that I was newly informed that the captain and other crew members… are all gone and can’t be contacted…”

“What?!” Liu Kangbai’s legs softened, but he didn’t fall down since the two bodyguards behind came to assist him. With his voice quavered, he said, “Then… then it means…”

“Yes, our ship can’t move anymore…” The face of the assistant twitched.

Liu Kangbai widened his eyes. He felt that the sky was spinning while the ground was rotating. He couldn’t speak a single word.

After knowing the situation, some ladies started sobbing shouting that they were too young to die. The chaos of this scene was far beyond one’s imagination.

At this moment, the warship who had been silent behind suddenly delivered a message…

The speakers of the cruise suddenly started a broadcast. The deep voice of a man could be heard. He spoke the internationally spoken language English, but his pronunciation evidently showed that he wasn’t a native speaker.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Don’t be surprised by this. I’m the commander of this missile destroyer Hatakaze. My name is Barbour Hussein Makedon, you guys may call me Captain Makedon.

“I’ll now announce why the cruise you all are boarded on was targeted by us. There’s only one simple reason—the father and son of Liu clan did something which upset my much respected friend.

“Now, I’ll give my fellow friends on this cruise five minutes’ time to make a choice between two options. Firstly, you guys can think of a way to let Mr Liu Kangbai immediately get off the cruise. This way, the missile won’t be aimed at the cruise anymore.

“For the second option… you guys may bravely accompany Mr Liu… to his and your deaths…

“Oh yeah, tiger sharks are frequently spotted here. This type of sharks only require two bites to devour a human body. Everyone may witness this wonderful show if you have a chance… Hehe… Alright, my speech ends here. The countdown of five minutes will start now…”

Although Makedon’s English wasn’t excellent, more than half of the people on the cruise could understand him and instantly displayed panic on their faces, before staring at Liu Kangbai with gazes containing hatred.

Even the employees of Liu clan including the bodyguards started looking at Liu Kangbai weirdly.

Regarding those who didn’t speak English, they either started crying out loud or scolding furiously after someone translated it to them. However, the person they were scolding wasn’t Makedon, but Liu Kangbai who brought them such misfortune!

Liu Kangbai swallowed audibly. Looking at the hundreds of gazes, his heart started to pound. He didn’t know who Makedon was at all, let alone the friend of his whom he supposedly irritated. However, it was evident that all of these were coming towards the father and son of the Liu family!

“Everyone please calm down! They’re trying to worsen our relationship! I’m the owner of this ship! I won’t abandon everyone nor will I let you all approach danger! You have to believe me! I’ll immediately contact the closest Chinese navy! I’m sure they wouldn’t dare launch missiles at us! They’re just bluffing to scare us!” Liu Kangbai shouted loudly.

However, his speech didn’t seem to have taken much effect. The guests looked like they didn’t trust him much, while the flame in their eyes became more obvious.

At this moment, An Xin who was standing in a corner silently suddenly cleared her throat before raising her voice, “It’s not a matter of whether you’re abandoning us or not, it’s about how all of us should treat you… Should all of us die because of you, or should you sacrifice yourself to let us to live?”

Liu Kangbai tensed up. Turning around, he pointed at An Xin before scolding, “Stupid Kid! Who taught you to talk to the elderly like this?! An Zaihuan! Control you daughter! Our families will soon be related through marriage! How can she speak this mercilessly?!”

Unfortunately, An Zaihuan was fully aware of the situation. Although he wanted to get on Liu clan’s side to act as his shade, it was the furthest thing from his mind when his life was at stake.

As a result, worried that he would get involved, An Zaihuan immediately turned his head away and shut his eyes, acting like he heard nothing!

Liu Kangbai felt a chill up his spine. Knowing that the situation was urgent, he hurriedly ordered the bodyguards around him, “Quickly bring the staff on the ship to lead the guests to the lowest floor. It’ll be safer there for now. We’ll think about the next step when the navy comes to our rescue!”

However, after he finished speaking, his bodyguards and staff from his company looked really awkward. They didn’t move at all, and had no response, avoiding to make eye contact with Liu Kangbai.

Liu Kangbai paled. He finally understood the that the relationships formed with people which he usually bought using money, doesn’t do him any good when it came to life or death situations!

Suddenly, Makedon’s voice resounded from the speakers again.

“My dear guests, only three minutes are left. Our missile has been sent for launch. Oh, I forgot to remind you that this missile is a nuclear warhead, which is enough to obliterate five passenger ships. So all of you shouldn’t feel much pain the moment you bid farewell to the human world. Hehehe…”

The deck of the ship shook violently after the speech ended. Many guests, especially young men, rushed towards Liu Kangbai as they ignored everything else!

“Stupid Old Man! Do you want us all dead?!”

“You’re running a wedding even when you have enemies! Go to die!”

“Everyone, quickly throw him into the ocean!”

“Don’t throw him into the sea! What if the people there can’t see him in the ocean?! Throw him onto a lifeboat and lower it to the sea, so that it can be seen clearly!”

The men talked among themselves while they ignored Liu Kangbai’s resistance. He shouted as he was being lifted before directly heading to the nearest spot for lifeboats!

The few servants and bodyguards didn’t bother stopping them. They quietly watched the guests do their work, and subconsciously turned around when Liu Kangbai shouted, “Save me,” at the top of his lungs. Some people even removed their working uniforms and mixed into the crowd as they were afraid of suffering the guests’ hatred.

Liu Kangbai helplessly looked at himself being thrown onto a lifeboat. When the rope of the lifeboat was put down, Liu Kangbai felt that he was being put into hell…

“No! Don’t abandon me…”

Finally, Liu Kangbai couldn't mind his face anymore. He started sobbing while mucus came out from his nose, even his pants got wet when he lost control…

The lifeboat still managed to land on the sea. Liu Kangbai kneeled at the front of the lifeboat and asked to be pulled up again, but was completely ignored.

Suddenly! It could be heard that the engine of the cruise turned on!

“Damn it! Didn’t the captain go missing?!” Liu Kangbai scolded, but his voice was engulfed by the horn of the ship.

Once the ship started moving, a huge waves churned.

The little lifeboat got hit by the waves, and instantly got pushed away. The more it got pushed away, the more Liu Kangbai wasn’t able to reach the cruise!

Chapter 337: Liu Yun's Performance 2018-05-10T09:18:29+00:00

The next morning, the numerous guests who were attending the wedding, started to board the Liu clan’s luxury cruise ship at Ishikari Bay.

Being the hosts of the wedding, Liu Kangbai and An Zaihuan had been standing by the entrance of the cruise ship together, with their men, as they warmly greeted their guests. Even the breeze of the ice-cold sea didn’t affect them at this moment.

Around an hour later, a white helicopter with the logo of the Jade Clouds Corporation slowly descended on top of the cruise ship as it parked at the helipad.

Being the host of honour, and the centre of attention, Liu Yun who was dressed in a well-ironed tuxedo exited the helicopter energetically. Looking bright and confident, he was complemented about his appearance by quite a lot of the guests.

Soon after, An Xin whose appearance was nothing short of divine, walked down from the helicopter. Her jet black hair was tied up in a tall bun. Covered in a cold-proof, red trench coat, she was escorted into the cruise by a few bodyguards.

An Xin felt that Liu Yun who was walking in front of her, acted rather weirdly. Ever since they met this morning, he hadn’t talked to her at all, and all the while the gazes that he gave her was not unlike something a person would give a stranger.

Recalling what Yang Chen told her last night, An Xin couldn’t help but wonder if Yang Chen poured some kind of soup into Liu Yun’s mouth and made him become idiotic.

After all of the guests had boarded the ship, the luxury cruise set sail towards the center of the ocean at Ishikari Bay. The cruise would be out at sea for two days as a celebration for the marriage.

The official wedding ceremony had not yet begun, but the banquet hall of the cruise was starting to get lively. Hundreds of guests toasted the marriage with wine as they chatted away. There were ten or so giant LED screens which were broadcasting MTV surrounding the venue, causing the people around to feel joyous due to the melodious rhythm.

However, most of these guests were families and friends of the An and Liu clans, in addition to their business partners. The major families in Zhonghai, including the Yuan clan, Cai clan and the others weren’t involved. The reason was really simple. Since Liu family planned to swallow the An family, it didn’t make sense to make the wedding a high-profile one, even the invited guests were merely used to lower An Zaihuan’s caution. Furthermore, An Xin wasn’t willing to marry Liu Yun, so it was logical for the wedding to be conducted in Japan.

Liu Kangbai and An Zaihuan stood on the stage together as they started to give speeches regarding the marriage of their children.

When Liu Kangbai walked off the stage, he turned around to look at An Zaihuan who was still standing cheerful on the stage, before the corners of his lips revealed a disdainful smile.

Liu Kangbai called an assistant over and asked, “Are Yun and An Xin here yet?”

The assistant answered respectfully, “Young Master said the wedding may start now. Everything’s in place.”

Liu Kangbai looked upstairs and noticed his son Liu Yun, who raised his wine glass towards him.

Liu Kangbai was satisfied. This son of his was certainly more merciless and cruel than him, and wouldn’t get affected by insignificant matters in his life.

He would give up his reputation, to marry into the An family, just to devour all of An family’s assets in a perfectly justifiable manner, even though he knew the lady had been with other men before.

After their plan succeeded, even if the Liu clan’s assets couldn’t surpass the Yuan clan who were still number one in Zhonghai, they wouldn’t be too far off. Unfortunately, Yang Jieyu was in Yuan clan, which made it impossible for the Liu clan to overpower the Yuan clan in terms of government official backgrounds. But Liu Kangbai would hold no regrets for what has happened in his life, should that happen.

Liu Kangbai took a glass of champagne from a server and raised his glass back at Liu Yun, before telling his assistant, “Ask the pastor to go on stage. The wedding will now officially begin.”

“Yes Boss.”

Not before long, the lights of the venue were dimmed, while the screens around stopped playing MTV, and changed to a wedding music.

When the emcee announced, “The groom may now make his way in ,” everyone’s gaze turned to the direction of the entrance in which they came in from.

Liu Kangbai was already seated as he waited for Liu Yun’s arrival together with the others, while An Zaihuan was being prepared at the backstage to bring An Xin into the venue as he held her hand.

However, after an entire minute, Liu Yun’s figure was nowhere to be found.

Liu Kangbai frowned and wanted to ask what was going on. At this moment, Liu Yun’s makeup artist rushed down quickly and came to Liu Kangbai. Softly but anxiously, he said, “Young Master, he… he’s gone!”

Liu Kangbai exclaimed as he tried to lower his voice, “Nonsense! We even greeted each other remotely just now. Why is he gone now?!”

“He’s really gone! He was still in the makeup room earlier. I turned around to look for a tie, but Young Master disappeared when I turned back around!” The makeup artists was extremely nervous.

“Idiot!” Liu Kangbai’s face reddened as he stared at the makeup artist fiercely. “If you dare to lie to me, I’ll throw you into the ocean!”

“I… Why would I dare lie to you…” The makeup artist was so anxious that he almost cried. What show is he putting up now? Is he a magician? Why did he suddenly go missing?!

The few uncles from Liu clan aside asked nervously, “What is it? What happened? Where’s Liu Yun?”

Liu Kangbai really wanted to slap these retarded old fellows till they meet death’s door. He felt that something was definitely wrong with this situation. Ignoring the questions by the uncles, he summoned a few bodyguards. “Search every corner of the ship. The cruise is on the ocean, how it possible that he went missing just like that?! Search immediately!”

Liu Kangbai’s voice wasn’t soft at all. Many people around him heard what he said. In an instant, the news started to spread around like wildfire —the groom was missing!

Right before the wedding started, the groom was nowhere to be found. Not only was it a joke, but it was a rare occasion as well.

An Zaihuan who was at the backstage heard the news as well. His expression immediately turned sour. Looking at his expressionless daughter beside him who was wearing a wedding dress, he frowned as he asked, “Is this something you did? Where is Liu Yun?”

An Xin raised her head and said in contempt to her father, “Something I did? You dragged me to Japan, forcefully I night add, and I have been kept monitored ever since. This place is within the domain of the Liu clan, what do you think I can do here? He’s a living man, what can I do to him?”

An Zaihuan merely brought it up. He knew that the incident wasn’t related to An Xin after asking her. Worry could be seen on his face as he looked around nervously. He put in so much effort to become related to the Liu clan through marriage, but the groom disappeared during the key moment. How was this acceptable?

An Xin appeared calm, but inside, she was extremely pleased with the situation. She was worried that Yang Chen’s plan had failed, since nothing happened even when she was almost at the venue.

So the problem appeared on Liu Yun’s side. Although An Xin didn’t know why and how Liu Yun disappeared, she knew that everything was definitely under Yang Chen’s control.

Presently, An Xin wasn’t worried about whether she would be forced into marriage, but was rather looking forward to what was going to happen next.

After ten, full minutes, the entire cruise was searched, but the security staff from the Liu clan didn’t manage to locate Liu Yun’s shadow. The crowd in the hall had started to become more restless and disorderly.

Liu Kangbai looked furious. He had been calling Liu Yun but his phone was always shut off. There was even no news from Liu Yun’s assistant.

Suddenly, a subordinate beside Liu Kangbai looked like he just witnessed something horrifying. Ponting at the giant screen nearest to him, he shouted, “Boss, look!”

Annoyed, Liu Kangbai raised his head to look at the screen. His eyes immediately widened while he almost fainted due to hyperaemia in his head!

No one knew when the giant screens around started displaying a video. The main character in the clip, was Liu Yun whom everyone was looking for!

Under everyone’s attention, Liu Yun who was on the screen, was in a dimly lit room, with only a searchlight shining on him exposing his body. In the video, Liu Yun wasn’t wearing anything. His skin was exposed in the air while his limbs were fixed on a recliner.

A stout Japanese woman, weighing roughly more than 100 kilograms, whose body was covered entirely with tattoos of banshees sat on Liu Yun’s thighs, naked!

Worsening the situation, the man-like woman was conducting the ‘ultimate exercise’ with Liu Yun, while uncontrolled moans echoed throughout the venue. The elderly and young included, male and female, all recognized the savageness through the sounds and the beast-like roughness.

The most depressing yet laughable thing was, Liu Yun appeared to have been ‘used excessively’. His firm and healthy face were sunk in while his eyeballs were bloodshot. His gaze looked lifeless, his face appeared apathetic, and his lips were pale. He looked like his life force had almost been depleted, and he would die at any moment.

However, under such circumstances, Liu Yun’s little junior was erected particularly upright. It was being unstoppably toyed with by the grinding-disc-like butt of the woman, but it still didn’t fall down!

“This… this…”

Liu Kangbai wished he could have caved his brain in with a brick! He looked like he was pissed to death and angered to life again!

“Shut it off! Shut it off! What the heck is this?! It’s all fake, it’s all fake!” Liu Kangbai crazily shouted at the subordinates around. “Quickly call the people in charge to turn off all of the screens!”

“Yes!” The staff in charge of audio and video used his walkie talkie as he tried to establish a connection, but the signal suddenly got cut off!

“Boss! They can’t be turned off! I can’t contact the people in the control room!” The person yelling almost cried. It would cost his life to say something like that!

At the backstage, An Xin and her father similarly witnessed the ‘wonderful performance’ on a mini television. Dumbstruck, An Zaihuan stood still while his eyes turned white, while An Xin covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

The other guests there didn't have to be described. Naturally, all of them laughed scornfully while a lot of swearing could be heard. Some of the Liu clan’s maids and servants facing the screens couldn’t hold themselves back from laughing as well.

On the screen, Liu Yun seemed like he reached climax once again. His eyeballs turned white and foam came out from his mouth before fainting away. However, the fat woman on his body started scolding Liu Yun using Japanese and slapped his face violently, in an attempt to wake him up for another round of exercise.

Liu Kangbai found it hard to breathe. Holding onto his chest, he pointed at his son on the screen, mumbling, “Unfilial child… unfilial child… you animal… do you want to infuriate me to death…”

However, before Liu Kangbai could speak any more, a bodyguard rushed in swiftly and reported something as he panted…

“This is bad! This is bad! Boss! A missile-equipped destroyer is behind us. They sent us a signal warning us that they want to launch a missile at us!”

Liu Kangbai staggered and his eyes turned white before he fell onto the ground, fainting on-the-spot!

Chapter 336: Yamaguchi-gumi 2018-05-09T03:08:43+00:00

Liu Yun and one of his assistants were having an oil massage at a high-class private clubhouse in Otaru City, for their final preparations for tomorrow’s wedding.

His assistant was a gentle middle-aged man wearing golden-framed spectacles. Lying side-by-side on the soft, white bed together with his boss Liu Yun, they enjoyed the professional service provided by the two Japanese female masseurs.

While the masseurs provided their service, they would occasionally rub their bosom againt the men’s back. This type of actions weren’t uncommon to Liu Yun and his assistant, but they didn’t respond in kind.

They weren’t interested at all to play with women of this tier.

Two of Liu Yun’s bodyguards stood by the door in a dignified manner. They were elites hired from the special forces of the Liu clan. Liu Yun would never step out of the house alone. Being a man of great caution, bringing only two bodyguards was the minimum he required..

Liu Yun’s entire body was so relieved that he almost started humming. That was when hia assistants phone started to ring.

The assistant looked at the number, and realized it was a call made by the reception counter of this clubhouse. Knowing that they had something to inform, he picked up the phone call.

The assistant spoke Japanese. He asked the reception counter what happened.

Hurriedly, the female employee replied loudly, “Sir, a group of people rushed inside looking for you guys. We couldn’t stop them!”

After the assistant asked a few more questions, he quickly ended the call. Turning to Liu Yun, he said, “Boss, they said ten or so people are coming to look for trouble. They looked like people from Yamaguchi-gumi!”

“Yamaguchi-gumi?” Liu Yun frowned. Despite being promising and calm, he was still rather confused currently.

“Yamaguchi-gumi wouldn’t cause a commotion out of nowhere. We have business partnerships with them in Japan. Logically speaking, they won’t do harm to us, so don’t do anything reckless for now,” Liu Yun said as he got up from the bed before putting on his suit in preparation to meet the members from Yamaguchi-gumi.

In less than half a minute, a bald man leading a group of more than ten people, male and female, walked into the room from outside.

Tattoos could be spotted on their necks and other parts of their body. This situation convinced Liu Yun immediately that they were indeed from Yamaguchi-gumi.

Japan was the only country in the world to legalize underground syndicates. It couldn’t be said that it was related to their history, but what could be confirmed was Yamaguchi-gumi’s development in Japan had been extremely vigorous.

Anyone who wanted to enter Yamaguchi-gumi, male or female, had to tattoo themselves. Moreover, common and small ones weren’t acceptable. Every one of them had various totems of demons tattooed all over their bodies.

The two bodyguards had long stood in front of Liu Yun, ready to escort him out of the place.

“You’re Liu Yun from Jade Clouds Corporation?” the bald man asked as he touched his chin while staring at Liu Yun with his bean-sized eyes.

Liu Yun smiled gently. Using Japanese, he said, “That’s right, I wonder what my friends from Yamaguchi-gumi are here for.”

“Your friends?!” The bald man gazed upon Liu Yun furiously. “I’m Iburo, the team leader of Yamaguchi-gumi for the division in Otaru City. My men reported to me that you traded heroin at my domain.”

“Heroin?” Liu Yun was confused. “When did I start doing business in heroin?”

Iburo snorted in contempt. “Don’t try to reason with me. If you haven’t done anything in that nature, my informants would have no reason to report to me. Although we’re an underground syndicate, we won’t allow foreigners to contaminate our citizens using narcotics. You’re a cunning businessman. If you claim that you haven’t done it, are you confident enough to let us conduct a pat-down?”

Liu Yun felt that something wasn’t right, as if someone wanted to backstab him. After thinking for a while, he said, “Mr Iburo, I know your regional chief Hashimoto. Can you allow me to make a phone call to him before deciding whether I want to accept your search? After all, I feel that there has been a misunderstanding. It wouldn’t be ideal if our relationship worsened due to this.”

Jade Clouds Corporation was a huge multinational company after all, while the regional chief of Yamaguchi-gumi was coincidentally one of their business partners. Liu Yun guessed it must be one of his enemies in the industry who held malice towards him. However, Liu Yun wasn’t afraid, since even if it was the Yamaguchi-gumi, he didn’t see the city team leader as anything significant.

Iburo hesitated for a short moment. Nodding, he said, “Make it quick.”

Liu Yun’s assistant made a call to Hashimoto’s number. After a few rings, a sound could be heard from the other side. “Mr Liu, you called me so late at night, is there anything important?”

Liu Yun greeted him politely in a few sentences before explaining to him that his man Iburo wanted to search him for heroin, in hope that he could bring his foolish subordinate away.

Unexpectedly, after Liu Yun finished speaking, Hashimoto replied, “Since you claim that you aren’t involved in the heroin business, you shouldn’t mind being searched. Our partnership is built on top of trust, we should accept inspections from the other side. Iburo is merely defending the honor of the Yamaguchi-gumi, I hope that Mr Liu can cooperate.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Liu Yun’s reply, he immediately ended the call.

Liu Yun’s expression turned aggrieved. He felt that something was certainly wrong. Hashimoto sounded that he knew about it and prepared the speech beforehand.

Liu Yin didn’t know that Hashimoto who was at his luxury villa in Sapporo was putting up another show as soon as the phone call ended.

Hashimoto was cowardly kneeling in front of a slender lady dressed in black. Smiling, he said, “Chief, everything is handled nicely. Liu Yun will be caught soon.”

The lady was Hannya who continued carrying out her mission after separating with Yang Chen.

Indifferent, Hannya nodded. “You should know what you’re supposed to do next.”

“Yes! I’ll definitely accomplish the mission given by Chief in full!”

“This is a mission given by my master. If even the slightest problems arise, your head will pay the price not a second longer after the mistake has been made,” Hannya said coldly.

Hashimoto swallowed his saliva audibly. He shouted, “Yes!”

Possibly the strongest and threatening underground syndicate, Yamaguchi-gumi, was one of the components of Yamata Sect!

In the clubhouse, the situation turned crystal clear.

Disdain appeared in Iburo’s bean-sized eyes. Waving his hand, he said to his people, “Go forward and check carefully!”

After yelling in acknowledgement, the group of guys and ladies immediately stepped forward roughly as they prepared to remove Liu Yun’s and his assistant’s clothing.

The two bodyguards from the special forces stopped enduring. Stepping forward, they wanted to fight the few members of Yamaguchi-gumi to knock them out.

Unexpectedly, although these members appeared ordinary, they were all carefully selected experts of judo or karate. Each of them was at the level of black belt, and at the same time had much experience in violent fights.

The two special agents didn’t manage to block too many attacks before getting whacked by the seven or eight members together, causing them to bleed so much that they couldn’t move anymore!

Liu Yun and his assistant naturally couldn’t resist. After being grabbed by the few members, their clothing got forcefully removed.

Two female members searched around the pockets of their suits. Suddenly, they took out three or four packs of white-colored powder! It was the heroin they were looking for!

Liu Yun immediately paled. Angrily, he turned his gaze to the two ladies who gave them a massage earlier, only to see that their heads were lowered as they remained quiet.

“These don’t belong to me! These two ladies must’ve snuck them into my pocket!” Liu Yun shouted in shock.

“Do you think I’ll believe you? Why would two masseurs do that to you out of nowhere? Also, how are they able to obtain such a huge amount of heroin?” Iburo said contemptful.

One of the masseurs raised her head and yelled, “Sir, you can’t slander us. We don’t know you two at all!”

Liu Yun was so mad that he almost went crazy. As he recalled, he realized that the lady rubbed his back with her bosom earlier not to seduce him, but to distract him so that she could insert the heroin packs into their pockets!

It was such a deep plot. The most important part wasn’t the plot itself, but the fact that someone managed to fully have the situation under control flawlessly!

Cold sweat exuded from Liu Yun’s forehead. Just whom did I provoke?! Why did something like this happen at such a moment?!

“I want to make a phone call.” Liu Yun shouted repeatedly, realizing that he was getting caught one way or another. He wanted to report to his father Liu Kangbai, as only he could get him out of this situation.

However, Iburo snorted coldly before saying, “Mr Liu, you tricked us once before. Do you think we’ll fall for your lie again? Take him away!”

Liu Yun’s phone got snatched away by a female member, even the stuff of his assistants got all taken away.

The members from Yamaguchi-gumi abducted the two and sealed their mouths with duct tape. After walking out of the clubhouse, they boarded a white Toyota van.

After around twenty minutes, the door of the car got opened again.

Liu Yun and his assistant could be seen walking on the streets again with their suits worn tidily, without any unusualities. They walked back to their car, but their two bodyguards weren’t following them this time.

On the sparse street, no one noticed any abnormalities.

Chapter 335: Don’t Be Afraid to Spoil It 2018-05-07T23:57:55+00:00

Having located An Xin’s room, Yang Chen smilingly sneaked into it. Upon opening the door, he saw An Xin, who was dressed in her pyjamas, pointing a utility knife at herself, saying to herself she wanted to commit suicide!

“Erm… Calm down, I’ll just leave if you don’t want to see me. Don’t kill yourself…” Yang Chen said gloomily.

An Xin heard a voice which sounded rather familiar. It isn’t Liu Yun?

When she opened her big watery eyes to take a closer look, her body immediately shivered and the knife fell from her hand. Refusing to believe who she saw, she stared at Yang Chen who stood at the door with a smile.

“Ya—Yang… Y—you… Why…”

Anyone would be dazed if they saw someone show up where they thought it wasn’t impossible in that situation. It was good enough that An Xin didn’t faint immediately.

Yang Chen quietly locked the door and walked towards An Xin with his arms wide open.

Seeing the man she had missed day and night, An Xin flattened her mouth like a wronged little girl before jumping onto Yang Chen and hooked his neck with her arms. Burying her face into Yang Chen’s chest, she started sobbing loudly!

Yang Chen felt slightly troubled in his heart. Patting the woman’s back and sniffing the natural fragrance of her body, he silently listened to her uncontrolled crying. He knew that she must’ve been through a number of unfair treatments recently, so she must have been filled with negative emotions that she had to vent out.

Being abducted by her own father and brought to Japan, before getting dumped to the people from Liu family, she had been locked in the room all day while her surroundings were tightly monitored.

Just like a kidnapped wife of a village head, she was not given any human rights with the exception of living like a tamed canary every day. She had been guarding herself against Liu Yun’s sudden emergence for the past ten days. Was it possible for An Xin, who had always been confident that she wouldn’t not go insane?

Having wept for fifteen minutes, An Xin finally calmed down. Wiping her reddened eyes, she blinked a few times and looked at Yang Chen, worried that she recognized the wrong person.

Yang Chen smiled. “You saw me right. Babe An Xin, your husband is here.”

An Xin blushed. “I realized. Other than you, no one else would be so thick-skinned to call themselves my husband.”

Shortly after, An Xin asked, “How did you come here? Didn’t you get discovered for coming up here?”

How can the useless wine and rice containers notice me? He answered, “Don’t worry about how I came here. You said that if I wanted to have you, we had to depend on fate to let us meet again. I have been waiting for the day to come, but I recently found out that you were suddenly getting married with Liu Yun. This is simply breaking the rules of our game. I couldn’t gift my woman to a pussy, so I visited a monk temple to ask for divination from a daoist. After finding out you’re here, I came all the way to look for you to rescue you from the bitterness. Oh yeah, does what you said about fate still count? Now that we met again, you can’t run away anymore.”

AN Xin chuckled. “How glib-tongued. How do you find daoists in a monk temple? Be honest with me, have you always been watching me? It’s impossible that you managed to locate me this easily, and know that I got caught by the Liu family for the wedding. I’m certain that the people from the Liu family wouldn’t have let you known.”

“Even if I’d really been watching you, it’s still better than you being snatched away by Liu Yun.” Yang Chen pecked An Xin’s nose. “Look at you, you cried so much that you look like a tortoiseshell cat.”

An Xin wrinkled her nose as she looked at Yang Chen happily. At last, she tiptoed and kissed Yang Chen on his forehead.

“Thank you Yang Chen. I’ve been praying for you to come rescue me, just like how you did in the past. You really came today, I want to thank you for making my dream come true.

Yang Chen smirked. “You’re thanking me this early. Shouldn’t you ask me how I plan to rescue you?”

An Xin let out a playful smile. “I’m not stupid. You tracked me down so easily and managed to enter the presidential suite on the top floor while being unnoticed, you must have a plan. I’m too lazy to ask you about it, I’ll just do whatever you say.”

“It seems like you’re already conscious about it. Do we already have the tacit knowledge between a married couple this early?” Yang Chen asked, elated.

An Xin smiled charmingly. “Since fate had allowed us to be together, I won’t leave you, even if you want me to. I’ll do whatever you do.”

Listening the alluring lady in her arms talk this gently, Yang Chen suddenly had a fiery impulse. As he breathed, he could smell the scent on An Xin’s body which could tempt people into committing unspeakable acts. Yang Chen gently rubbed An Xin’s back involuntarily with one arm, and moved the other to her hips. The softness and elasticity made him pinch on her flesh unintentionally!


An Xin moaned lightly. Her eyebrows looked like the crescent moon while her eyes were like a mirror. Her flushed face revealed an elegant expression, as if she was enjoying Yang Chen’s rough action.

“You pinched me too hard,” An Xin said as she exhaled.

“Do you want me to pinch you a few more times? You look like you liked it a lot,” Yang Chen said with a naughty smile.

An Xin rolled her eyes in resentment. Suddenly, she thought of something and said, “Wait, I’ll do something first before you take action.”

Yang Chen stunned. My excitement is at its peak. How can you interrupt like that?

An Xin forcefully pushed Yang Chen away. Pouting, she said, “Turn around first. You can only turn back after I allow you to.”

Yang Chen looked at An Xin’s serious expression and wondered what she wanted to do. But he didn’t want to disobey the woman, so he slowly turned around.

Zipping sounds could be heard. After around a minute, An Xin said, “I’m done now. You can turn around.”

Yang Chen, with a carefree attitude, turned around before getting immediately astonished.

An Xin, dressed in the white wedding dress, instantly turning into a glorious bride. However, the unique part was Yang Chen could clearly spot An Xin’s exposed arms which were as white as snow, and her delicate collar bones, together with the firm calves on her lower body…

An Xin had removed her pyjamas. She was only dressed in the thin layer of her wedding dress!

The dress trimmed with lace together with numerous hollow designs revealed countless vaguely attractive sceneries on An Xin’s entire body. In addition to her shy and adorable expression, Yang Chen suddenly forgot to breathe.

No wonder people say that a woman dressed in a wedding dress, is one of the best moments of her life. Yang Chen started believing this sentence.

“Hubby, am I pretty?” An Xin asked in a shy manner. After she finished asking, she immediately blushed and lowered her head, afraid to look at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s heart almost melted. How is this a woman? This is straightup an evil spirit!

“Babe An Xin, you need not sleep today. I feel like I’m filled with boundless energy.” Without saying anything more, Yang Chen rushed forward and hugged An Xin tightly in his arms before repeatedly kissing her.

Although the two hadn’t met for more than two times, something excellent happened during their meetings. The two coordinated extremely well. Very quickly, they entered a situation of entanglement.

The two passionately kissed while they slowly moved to the huge, soft bed. Shortly after, Yang Chen let go of his hands, throwing the bride dressed in a wedding dress onto the center of the bed.

When Yang Chen pounced on An Xin, her eyes were already shut as her emotion raised to its peak. The elation in her heart, the yearning for the man, in addition to the special environment at the moment, under the arousal from different stimuli, An Xin couldn’t wait to flip the clouds and overturn the rain with Yang Chen.

[TL note: Wanted to keep the translation literal here for extra flavors. It depends on your interpretation, but it’s something along the lines of doing vigorous bed exercises.]

As Yang Chen kissed An Xin’s delicate collar bone, he said blurrily, “Babe… let’s do it with the wedding dress on… I haven’t tried this kind of uniform before…”

“Mmh… How is this a uniform…” An Xin murmured. “Don’t be afraid to spoil it, it belongs to Liu family after all… It’s… it’s fine if you want to tear it apart…”

This sentence was like a lit match being thrown into a tank of oil. Yang Chen’s eyes almost went red.

Fine to tear it apart?

If Yang Chen still didn’t know what she meant, he would have considered his life wasted after living for so many years. She was straight up begging for violence, for stimulation!

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. He shouted, “I’m coming, my wife,” before forcefully flipping An Xin’s soft body around.

An Xin cooperated by raising her hips, while her puffy wedding dress brought up a fragrant wind.

Yang Chen didn’t constrain himself. Looking at the group of white skirt, he willfully pulled it from two sides. Rip! The skirt got torn into pieces!

The only underwear An Xin was wearing, her panties, revealed itself. Wrapping around the firm and beautiful buttocks, evidently it looked undersized.

Yang Chen’s desire was raised to its highest. Leaning downwards, he pressed forward from behind…

Not before long, the giant bed of the presidential suite started shaking violently. The moans got louder one after another, resounding deeply…

If the contented and delusional Liu Yun knew that his bride was conducting vigorous sports with another man in the wedding dress specially prepared by him, he might want to vomit so much blood that he’d die instantly.

The war lasted for more than two hours, Yang Chen looked at the pitiful bride who looked like she’d almost fainted from all the excitement before deciding to constrain his wildness. Having vented all of his accumulated energy, he hugged An Xin in her arms and lay down on the bed.

Post-climax red could be seen on An Xin’s face. Exhausted, she only managed to open her mouth after a long while. Hitting Yang Chen’s chest with her powdery fist, she said, “Yang Chen… you… you bullied me…”

“Isn’t that what you wanted? I tore your dress apart and worked so hard just for you,” Yang Chen said with a serious look.

“I only said you could tear my dress… You did it for two whole hours once you started…”

“But you didn’t ask me to stop. I could hear you screaming in the beginning, and stopped after a while. I thought you didn’t have enough fun.”

An Xin got speechless. She then decided not to speak anymore.

After resting for a while, An Xin thought of something. She asked, “Yang Chen, you haven’t told me what we’re going to do next.”

In an indifferent manner, Yang Chen said, “You don’t have to do anything. Just continue being the bride tomorrow.”

“Ah?” An Xin’s head was obviously filled with question marks.

Smiling strangely, Yang Chen said, “In short, do whatever you have to. Board the cruise tomorrow as the bride. Regarding the wedding… it’ll definitely be special…”

An Xin blinked her big eyes. Seeing that Yang Chen was acting mysterious, she didn’t ask further questions. Yawning in a charming manner, she drilled her head into Yang Chen’s chest.

Yang Chen pulled the blanket to cover An Xin. He then took his phone up from the bedside. There was a message from an unsaved number…

Mission accomplished.

Chapter 334: Get Out 2018-05-06T23:20:48+00:00

For the upcoming two days, Yang Chen stayed at the research institute obeying Jane’s arrangements, to help her modulate an antidote. At the same time, he informed Yamata Sect, which had strong intelligence networks, to check on Liu family’s situation at Ishikari Bay.

During the evening on the second day, inside the laboratory of the research institute, the ‘time bombs’ in Yang Chen’s body had finally gotten neutralized before vanishing into thin air, thanks to Yang Chen’s domineering internal energy and the newly developed drug by Jane.

Having gotten rid of these substances from his body, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that the True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture circulated significantly smoother in his meridians, while each of his organs became more acute than before.

Yang Chen realized that the improvements he felt earlier wasn’t the full power of the Rebirth level. Now that he wasn’t affected by the substances anymore, he could truly be considered to have grasped the full capacity of level nine.

Jane who was previously frightened by Yang Chen’s condition secretly felt relieved as she witnessed his recovery.

Yang Chen looked at the lady in front of her who’d looked pale due to the lack of two days worth of sleep . He couldn’t help but feel touched. The favor owed by the mother and daughter rising from their rescue had long since been repaid, not to forgetting that the chronic illness in his brain was contained by Jane’s treatment as well. Furthermore, they had also helped him in lots of other ways.

“Thank you, you’re always the one who can solve my biggest troubles,” Yang Chen said sincerely. If he hadn’t had the assistance of this talented girl, it was very likely that he would’ve exerted more energy to solve the same things.

Jane’s lips were rather pale. Forcing a smile, she said, “If you want to thank me, just stop doing idiotic things in the future. You are Pluto, not Idiot.”

“It’s merely a title. Gods are people too. Every person gets tied up by feelings, but I have to admit, this incident only took place because I had been dwelling in the past. This isn’t the first time it had happened, I have made many mistakes in the past as well,” Yang Chen said with a smile. As nostalgia filled his eyes, he said, “I’ve thought it through, since Hokkaido is a good place for a vacation, I’ll ask them to come gather here. I miss them quite a lot.”

Jane didn’t ask whom ‘them’ was referring to. Evidently, she was well aware of who Yang Chen was talking about. She asked, “How are you going to deal with Blue Storm, the Vatican and Takamagahara? Are you going to start a war with them?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “Although I’m not afraid of them, the balance of this world would be broken if the Vatican and Blue Storm suddenly got attacked by me. Just like what you said, the war will also be resumed because of me. The Vatican is the main force containing the Dark Parliament in Europe. This has remained status quo for several centuries, it can’t be broken. Regarding Takamagahara, forget about them. Regardless whether or not we can locate all of them, they don’t even have a leader. Their members live their own lives. It so happened that this time, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox and Nine-lived Demon Cat came to take revenge for their elder sister Snow Girl. There’s no need to annihilate them for this.”

“Are you possibly planning to let them go?” Jane appeared rather furious. “They don’t even care about the consequences they have caused you in pursuit of God’s Stone.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “I have already asked Hannya to send the three corpses from Blue Storm and the other three corpses from the Vatican to their headquarters of American Department of Defense and the entrance of Vatican City respectively, all done on my behalf. I bet they’ll understand what I’m trying to say.”

Jane pouted. “What if they don’t?”

“Then I don’t mind killing their minister of defense before dealing with the pope in Vatican City.” Cold light flashed in Yang Chen’s eyes. “Even without unsealing, there isn’t much stopping me from bursting into their headquarters now.”

Suddenly, Jane turned around and kissed Yang Chen on his left cheek.

Feeling the gentle and cold touch on his face, Yang Chen stunned as he stared at Jane who didn’t look shy at all, confused.

“I like the current you, you are exactly how you were when you rescued Mother and I at the age of fifteen,” Jane said with a gentle gaze.

After she finished speaking, Jane stretched her body before walking towards the exit of the laboratory. “Go and do whatever you need. I’m going to sleep now.”

Yang Chen touched the wet mark on his face before sighing lightly.

Liu Yun’s wedding was arranged to commence tomorrow morning. Yang Chen felt that it was time for him to leave, so he asked Hannya to prepare a low-profile Honda sedan, and headed to a seaside hotel in Otaru City alone.

According to Makedon’s report, An Xin was locked inside a seaside four-star hotel, while the people of Liu clan were posted outside her room day and night, leaving no opportunity for her to escape.

However, fortunately for her, she wasn’t bullied too much, so Makedon’s men didn’t need to expose themselves to help An Xin out.

When he arrived at Otaru City, the night sky was already filled with stars. Yang Chen came to the hotel building An Xin was located, and suddenly felt that he was hungry, so he had two huge bowls of ramen at a traditional roadside ramen stall before thinking about how he could break in. He was in Japan after all. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to rescue An Xin out and kill everyone from Liu family. His main objective was to put up a wonderful show.

If all he wanted to do was just prevent the wedding, which wouldn’t have ended nicely anyways, Yang Chen would’ve asked the ninjas from Yamata Sect to cause everyone to faint, the proceed to extract her.

At the same time, in a spacious and bright presidential suite, An Xin who was dressed in a white wedding dress stood in front of a full body mirror. She held a bouquet of flowers in one hand while the two attendants beside her were sorting out her appearance.

An Xin’s charming body appeared purer and brighter coupled with the wedding dress. Her snow-white skin, bright and smooth face, and sharp facial features were all extremely prominent. The fortunate environment she grew up in together with the little traces of pride made An Xin look like a princess from a royal family when light shone upon her.

However, An Xin didn’t look too pleased. Her watery eyes were filled with the repressed blaze of anger, while her red lips were tightly shut didn’t speak a word.

The two attendants revealed envy on their faces when they looked at An Xin’s reflection in the mirror. To them, it was absurd for the bride to feel this dissatisfied. Being able to get married to a prince like Liu Yun from a wealthy family, An Xin still showed a miserable look, how tasteless.

An Xin sighed deeply. “It’s done now. You guys may leave.”

“Yes.” The two attendants didn’t dare to stay any longer, so they obediently exited the room before shutting the door.

After the two left, An Xin immediately threw the flowers to the back of the room before forcefully unfastening the buttons and waistband of her wedding dress. After quickly removing the dress worth hundreds of thousands, she threw it on the ground, leaving only a thin layer of white pyjamas made of silk.

An Xin grieved. Ever since she got forcefully dragged by her father into the flight, her life had always been monitored in Japan. She was forced to do many things in preparation for her marriage with Liu Yun.

An Xin felt gloomy. Having destroyed her reputation, Liu clan still wasn’t willing to dismiss her, and wanted to take her as their daughter-in-law. Although the An family had huge financial capabilities, Liu family evidently had many more choices. If she had to find a reason, it would be that Liu family wanted to take revenge on her act, not allowing her to successfully get away with the marriage.

Staring at the blurry night sky outside the window, An Xin felt a heartache as her eyes involuntarily reddened again.

I should’ve left with the bad guy back then. Why did I say stuff like letting fate decide whether I should become his woman… I gave him my body, and couldn’t stop myself from doing something shameless with him, do I not like him already? Why do I have to put up a front with the romance of a little girl?

Great, now that the romance is gone, my life is gone as well.

However, where is this man now? He used to stand in front of me like a brave knight. Will he still do that now?

As she thought, An Xin felt that she was too laughable. She didn’t grasp the opportunity back then, and got abducted to a corner in Hokkaido. Am I still supposed to hope for his arrival? Furthermore, even if he knows I’m getting married, he wouldn’t have the ability to stop such a huge wedding anyway.

I bet I have to live the rest of my life with regret. I just hope for his life to be a blessed one. But… does he still remember me?

At this moment, the door suddenly got opened.

An Xin suddenly got reminded of something. Happily turning around, she quickly got disappointed as the person who came was Liu Yun dressed in a white suit.

Liu Yun noticed the change in An Xin’s expression. Stupid Bitch, are you disappointed to see me? He then looked at the wedding dress on the floor before his gaze turned more malicious.

Putting up a fake smile on his face, Liu Yun walked forward and asked, “An Xin, we’re getting married tomorrow. Are you satisfied with the wedding dress?”

An Xin subconsciously retreated to the bed as she looked at Liu Yun anxiously. “Talk using your mouth, don’t get near me.”

“We’ll immediately be a legally married couple tomorrow. Can’t we get intimate a day before the wedding night?” Liu Yun looked at An Xin’s curvy body under the silk pyjamas as an evil flame ignited in his eyes.

Such an alluring woman… while an animal had the first taste of her body!

An Xin saw that Liu Yun was walking closer to her with no intentions of stopping. Swiftly, she took out a utility knife under her pillow!

The shining, silver utility knife was pointed at Liu Yun. An Xin shouted, “If you come any closer, I’ll slash your face open before commiting suicide!”

Liu Yun stopped moving while the fire of anger burnt violently in his heart. But he still managed to calm himself down. He was very good at being tolerant. When he found An Xin and Yang Chen together back then, he tolerated that the same way as well.

“Alright, don’t be rash. I’ll leave now,” Liu Yun said. Bitch! Why are you still acting like you’re a virgin? After tomorrow, you’ll still have to let me finish you obediently. After I get enough fun out of you, I’ll throw you to my bear-like bodyguards. Let’s see how you’re going to meet people in the future! I’ll return you a hundred times more than what you gave me ! Oh yeah, every asset the An family owns won’t fall in someone else’s hands as well!

As he thought, a smile quickly surfaced on his face again. “Good night,” he said before walking out of the room.

An Xin finally relieved herself, as if she had used all the energy she had. She then put the utility knife back under the pillow.

However, tears of grievance still flowed down her face, before dropping onto the bed sheet…

At this moment, the door got opened again!

An Xin tensed up again. Abruptly, she took out the utility knife again and pointed at the door. She shouted, “Get out! Get out! I’m asking you to get out! Otherwise I’ll die in front of you!”


Chapter 333: Diamond the Size of a Cow’s Eye 2018-05-06T02:20:27+00:00

Having listened to Jane’s conclusion, Yang Chen was unsure if he should cry or laugh. Of course he understood what she meant. If something were to happen to him, the worst that could happen was the utter destruction of his body. However, in a sense, it was no different from dying in this world.

“Is it very serious?” Yang Chen asked in an obscure manner.

Jane nodded. “Right now, every single drop of the blood in your body is mixed with countless amounts of lethal toxins, including heavy metal and radioactive ones. There are still various complicated compounds. Any one of these elements can cause endless deaths, especially the radioactive ones. All the elements in your body combined can be used to develop ten nuclear bombs, as a conservative estimate.”

[TL note: In the raws ‘nuclear bomb’ is written as **. Yes, just two asterisks. For some reason it’s censored, so I’m just guessing what it is.]

Yang Chen swallowed audibly. “Are you sure it can go so far that my body contains ten nuclear bombs?”

“What else do you think it is? Do I have to be this mad otherwise?! Do you know that even I find it incredible that you’re still standing in front of me like nothing had happened?!” Jane shouted really loudly as she couldn’t care less about the manner of speech she learned through the education of noble families anymore.

Yang Chen secretly praised the technique passed down by Song Tianxing. Even this can be contained?! This meant, eastern martial arts when trained to the extreme, was more domineering than the divine power of gods! He just didn’t know if he had a chance to develop into a higher level, since he had finished training the last level of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. There were no other techniques he could try.

“Since you make it sound so serious, can I still be saved?” This was the question Yang Chen was most concerned about.

Frowning, Jane said, “It’s totally possible to purely destroy these harmful substances. Although the technology of Blue Storm is world-class, I’m confident in dealing with any substances as long as they are already discovered. The problem is the drug in your body has spread out in all of your veins and arteries, not to mention most tissues are already infected. Even if I want to put together antidote to neutralize these substances, it’s not possible to neutralize your entire body. After all, this is equivalent with fighting poison using poison. Although it can take care of all the substances currently in your body, it’ll bring other harmful substances into your body.”

Yang Chen pondered for a while before saying, “Then what if… I can gather all of the harmful substances to an area, will you be able to deal with them this way?”

Jane stunned. Surprised, she raised her head and asked, “Can you really do it? How is this possible? There are no scientific theories at all that make it possible!”

“This isn’t science,” Yang Chen said, satisfied, “this is internal energy.”

“Internal energy?” Jane thought for a while. “Is it the Chinese martial arts you told me you were practising? Magical stuff like that definitely has no scientific theories to base upon.”

“That’s right, I had a breakthrough two days ago. I think I can achieve that if I tried my best. Although I will certainly feel an immense amount of intense pain if I do that, I can withstand it for a while and forcefully move these substances to one of my organs. I’m quite confident that I can do that,” Yang Chen said. He only dared to say something like that after his internal energy reached the ninth level. He was completely helpless back then.

Jane finally relieved herself. “If you can do it, the only problem left is to make an antidote to neutralize them. This isn’t too big of a huge problem for me. Many scientists in Blue Storm are my students.”

Yang Chen smiled stiffly. “The students you taught are causing me trouble now…”

“You should feel lucky that none of my students knows ‘Chinese medicine’ that you Chinese always talk about.” Jane seemed like she wasn’t worried anymore as she revealed a smile.

“Chinese medicine? Why?”

Jane explained, “Because in this world, only the medicational drugs of a Chinese nature are difficult to be explained using scientific theories. Many of them have an unimaginable amount of complexity surrounding it. I tried to analyze a type of Chinese medicine pill before. At last, I concluded that the composition of the medicine used at least ten to fifteen years to develop, and my estimation may not be accurate. Just imagine how terrifying something even I have difficulty in analysing in. This means if you got poisoned by something from Chinese medicine, you might really have to live tens of years with ten nuclear bombs in your body.”

Yang Chen’s back sweated unstoppably. Judging from the situation, he should stop looking down on these poisons. If a madman really poisoned him using a combination from Chinese medicine, he really had to give up touching women for the rest of his life!

Jane was rather pitiful. Yang Chen wasn’t worried that his body was carrying nuclear bombs, but was concerned about not sleeping with women ever again.

Since a solution was found, and Yang Chen had to deal with something three days later, Jane didn’t further delay the treatment. She contacted the suppliers of the ingredients in the fastest way possible, and planned to develop an antidote within two days.

Only people like Jane dared to promise the development of an antidote within two days. After all, the people who developed this kind of drugs were all at her students’ level.

After listening to Jane’s series of complaints, Yang Chen couldn’t calm his mind for sometime.

Over a year ago, due to Seventeen’s death, his violent and bloodthirsty heart was soothed, while his brain could finally be controlled after getting the serious stimulus.

It was safe to assume that, if it wasn’t for Seventeen’s death, Yang Chen may really turn into a walking corpse which only knew how to kill, or a brutal beast.

The unforgettable agony made Yang Chen feel some fear more terrifying than death itself.

Now that he got to the level of ‘Rebirth’, he understood more about the reality of life. Together with killing ‘Seventeen’ disguised by Nine-tailed Arctic Fox himself, Yang Chen actually understood slowly that his Seventeen really wasn’t there anymore.

The words earlier by Jane acted just like an alarm bell in his mind, knocking the heavy clouds in his mind away.

Because of his fear, he hurt the people around him. Also because of him, the people around him got harmed. These are both undoubtedly a kind of suffering.

In an instant, Yang Chen’s mind got so clear that it seemed like an entirely different world.

He suddenly had a strong urge to listen to the cold woman’s icy cold voice, even if it meant he would get scolded or treated coldly by her. As he thought about these, they both seemed like something to enjoyable at this moment.

My, my, my… When have I become a masochist? Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He took his phone out and dialed a number. “Fuck, Japan doesn’t allow international calls!”

After walking around anxiously on the roof, he immediately thought of the chick Hannya from Yamata Sect whom he could use. Thus, he sent a mail to Hannya’s contact number.

“Contact the telecommunications company immediately, ensure my nnumber will be able to make and receive calls internationally!”

He didn’t know how Hannya would react to his order. She should’ve gotten speechless to this boss of hers who was always troubled by insignificant matters, but she still replied the message quickly with a confirmation.

Bringing about a joyful mood, he called Lin Ruoxi’s phone which was far away in Hainan.

After the beeping sound rang a few times, the phone got picked up.

Although the call was connected, Lin Ruoxi didn’t say a word, as if she was waiting for Yang Chen to open his mouth.

Yang Chen cleared his throat before saying happily, “Wifey, how did you enjoye your trip?”

Lin Ruoxi on the other side still remained quiet. He didn’t know what she meant this time.

Yang Chen frowned as he thought, This chick is playing the game of icebergs again. He continued speaking, “Babe Ruoxi, I originally wanted to return to Zhonghai today, but my friend invited me over to Hokkaido to have fun, so I’ll only go back a few days later. Remember to call me once you reach home safely… Oh ya, do you want any gifts? I’ll buy them for you. Do you want a diamond as big as a cow’s eye? How about a golden bracelet as thick as a toe? Or do you want glutinous rice balls produced in Japan? It’s quite difficult to bring stuff like that back. It expires very easily…”

There was still no sound coming from his phone. Yang Chen started suspecting that Lin Ruoxi walked away upon taking up the call.

Yang Chen felt helpless at last. Having said a bunch of nonsense, he said, “Bye bye,” before ending the phone call.

Yang Chen sighed deeply. Lin Ruoxi seemed to have harboured deep hatred for him. They hadn’t met for so long, but she still refused to talk to him after he gave her a call.

However, what he didn’t know was the situation in the suite of the five-star hotel in Hainan.

Lin Ruoxi had just finished bathing. Wearing a thin pyjamas made of silk, her hair was still rather wet, while her clear skin reddened. Her big, beautiful eyes were wide open, pointing at the phone in her hand with a weird expression.

After triple checking the phone call was made by the man, Lin Ruoxi turned around and forcefully threw her phone onto the bed!

The phone bounced a few times on the bed before finally stopping.

Pointing at her phone while placing her other arm on her waist, Lin Ruoxi said angrily, “You only bothered to call after so long, do you think I’ll entertain you this way?! Stupid Yang Chen! Stinky Yang Chen! I just didn’t want to speak! I’ll see how you feel! All you’re waiting for is our divorce! A diamond the size of a cow’s eye? A friend from Hokkaido? Continue flirting with your Japanese girl! Who ever said glutinous rice balls would go bad quickly? Why would they go bad in just a four-hour flight?! Don’t look for excuses if you don’t want to bring them back! I’m not waiting for another six months! I’ll divorce you immediately when the respected me gets home!”

At this moment, Mo Qianni who, similarly, just got out of bed in her pyjamas walked over from another room. She coincidentally spotted Lin Ruoxi who had one of her arms on her hip while pointing at her phone as she scolded Yang Chen. Suddenly, her entire body petrified on the ground...

Chapter 332: Slap 2018-05-02T23:07:33+00:00

The damned wedding of An Xin would be held at Otaru City in Hokkaido two days later, on the Liu family’s cruise at Ishikari Bay. This accurately provided information was by Makedon after careful investigation. Having understood the situation, Yang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to cause a disturbance. He rushed to Sapporo of Hokkaido early to meet Jane.

Jane just finished a seminar at a scientific institution called Royal Society of London. Being a spectator and the final judge, she got anxious after receiving Yang Chen’s email, knowing that he needed help. But Yang Chen said he was temporarily fine, so she tried her best to restrain her worry and came to Japan only after the seminar ended.

Yang Chen just got out of the airport in Sapporo. Wearing a brown coat and a red scarf, Jane was already waiting for him as she stood beside a white Nissan 370Z. It seemed like she had been waiting for quite some time already.

Jane’s slightly curled, long, amber hair appeared immensely eye-catching in the crowd. Her special family background and exceptional intelligence gave this young girl the charisma of a mature Caucasian beauty. Her exquisite and near-flawless face made the men who took a glance at her feel wasteful, so she didn’t get hit on by playboys.

Jane frowned when she saw Yang Chen exit the airport with another Japanese girl. Evidently, she was feeling rather helpless towards Yang Chen’s interest on that aspect.

“Is she your new love again?” Jane glanced at Hannya and didn’t look at her anymore.

Yang Chen laughed. “Do I look like someone so casual?”

“You don’t look like one, you are one,” Jane said straightforwardly.

Yang Chen touched his nose and said, “Let’s get into the car first.” He then told Hannya, “Get your men to pick you up. I need to go handle something.”

Hannya bowed respectfully as she looked at Yang Chen enter Jane’s car.

After Jane left the airport, Yang Chen said, “That’s the new leader of Yamata Sect, named Hannya.”

Jane looked like she didn’t expect her true identity to be that, as surprise could be seen in her eyes. “Isn’t the leader of Yamata Sect Noriko Okawa?”

Soon after, she immediately thought of something. Jane opened her mouth slightly in shock, saying, “Yang Chen, did you possibly kill Noriko Okawa?”

Yang Chen pouted. “Yes he’s dead, but I can’t be considered the one who did it. I’ll explain the details later. Bring me to a place to check on my body condition first. I feel discomfort throughout my entire body.”

Jane nodded, but still looked like she didn’t fully believe what he said. “Why did you get poisoned? I don’t even think anyone could successfully poison you.”

“It can’t be explained in a short time.” Yang Chen sighed.

“I asked one of my students to empty out a bioengineering research institute before I came here. We can immediately go over there to conduct a comprehensive inspection.” Jane didn’t continue asking questions.

“You really have students all over the world.” Yang Chen looked at Jane with a weird gaze. This little girl had such a large number of students whose age could be her uncles and aunts.

Jane got slightly pleased. “I didn’t want to take them in, but I have no choice since they’re begging me to keep them.”

Yang Chen looked at Jane who held a relaxed expression. Feeling rather downhearted, he asked, “Why do I feel like you look different every time I see you?”

Jane smiled happily. Since they were meeting privately, Jane didn’t put on any makeup. Her perfect and flawless face appeared fresh and pleasant. She turned her head to wink at Yang Chen before saying, “The old woman felt as sol. It could be because I got yet another year older. You know that women’s mentality actually changes pretty easily. I used to feel afraid every time I met you, but I felt that you weren’t actually that frightening since seeing you in Hong Kong. Instead of saying you’re my savior or head, it’s more appropriate to treat you as my very strong friend.”

Smiling, Yang Chen replied, “You’re indeed Catherine’s child. But I’ve never said I wanted to be the savior and leader of you two. You guys are the ones who look up to me too much. I’m actually really old-fashioned and poor. More importantly, my name isn’t as long as your ones.”

“It seems like you know yourself well,” Jane said in a serious manner.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly. “When I rescued you and Catherine eight years ago, I didn’t know a kid like you could give me so much help.”

“Don’t call me a kid,” Jane stared at Yang Chen angrily. “I’m not younger than you at all.”

After she finished speaking, Jane violently stepped on the accelerator, causing the white 370Z to shoot across the highway like a rocket…

The research institute mentioned by Jane was located on a mountain near a bay. It was a large silver-grey building built on top of a huge area, owned by one of Jane’s students. But her student had long been kicked out by the unethically beautiful scientist teacher.

Yang Chen followed Jane to the aseptic work place in the research institute. Jane herself gathered Yang Chen’s blood sample in a highly practised manner.

However, ordinary equipment couldn’t extract Yang Chen’s blood, since his skin was overly tough. He had to cooperate by cultivating internal energy before forcing a drop of blood into the test tube.

“I can analyse all the information within around half an hour. Wait for me outside.” When Jane started working, she acted in an incredibly serious manner, directly chasing Yang Chen out.

Yang Chen understood the girl’s personality. Geniuses always had a kind of paranoia in the fields they excelled in, which often was the reason of their success.

After walking out of the room, Yang Chen looked for the nearest staircase and walked to the roof of the research institute.

The flooring of the rooftop was made of wood. In the distance, he saw the ocean and the large number of Japanese traditional houses near it.

Although it was really cold in Hokkaido during winter, Yang Chen wasn’t affected at all. He enjoyed being blown by the dry and cold air as he silently waited for Jane’s results analysis.

After less than half an hour, Jane who was wearing a white coat walked to the roof with a report in hand.

Yang Chen turned around and noticed Jane’s expression. He could tell that the situation was far worse than expected. Her azure eyes contained a blaze of anger, as if she wanted to devour Yang Chen who was in front of her.

“Erm… judging from your look, I guess the situation is more serious than I imagined?” Yang Chen asked as he grinned. He was merely a patient while Jane was his doctor, it was only natural that he acted cowardly.

Jane flipped browsed through the folder as she asked coldly, “Tell me honestly, what did you go through? How did you consume something like that?”

Jane’s voice lightly shivered. She seemed like she was agitated.

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t keep her in the dark, since this involved his own life. Thus, he started slowly narrating his journey, from meeting ‘Seventeen’ to getting lured into the plot set up by Noriko Okawa, Blue Storm and the two demons from Takamagahara.

When he consumed the tea made by ‘Seventeen’, since his emotions were slightly out of control, he drank all of the liquid carelessly.

After that, Yang Chen didn’t mention about having a breakthrough to level nine of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. In short, he killed all of them while Hannya sneaked an attack to the defenseless Okawa, taking his life away before taking over Yamata Sect and swearing her loyalty to him.

As Jade listened to him speak, her eyes got rather watery. Looking at Yang Chen with her reddened eyes and biting her lips, she said coldly, “Is Seventeen that important to you? So important you couldn’t even tell such a shallow plot apart? So important that you’re not willing to accept the fact that she died?!”

Yang Chen didn’t dare to look straight into Jane’s eyes. Indeed, his heart had always been covered with the shadow, not to mention there was hope hidden within, for the possibility that Seventeen was still alive. Evidently, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox exploited his weakness to go against him.

“Do you know how many people will be annihilated by their enemies once they lose your protection, how many places will become hell in the human world because of the lack of a leader, and how many people will go berzerk to kill for God’s Stone after you die?!”

Indignant, Jane violently slapped Yang Chen on his face!


Yang Chen didn’t dodge it, but silently received the slap instead.

Tears flowed out of Jane’s eyes. “You only think about yourself. Have you thought about just how many people who love you will get depressed for your death?! Your Seventeen is dead! She had died long ago! Do you possibly want to let the other people who love you suffer forever because of Seventeen’s death?! No one can live eternally. You’re a god, you can live forever, but we can’t!

“We just hope that we can see you by our side when we’re alive. Regardless whether or not you’re loved, hated, sad, or depressed, don’t avoid us! Because no matter whether we’re in danger or not, dead or alive, we’ll still be willing to trust you! What about you?! You shied away yourself to hide in China, and left us behind! Do you think what you’re doing is to protect us?! You’re hurting us! Yang Chen! You’re too selfish!”

Yang Chen stood still on the ground. Gazing upon Jade who was sobbing, his mind was filled with complex emotions.

Am I really too selfish... Although the reason he gave for returning to China was because he was done with the life of constantly killing. However, deep down his heart, he actually was afraid of witnessing the people around him die. Regardless if they were his friends or subordinates, how could he look at the people he cared for die for him?

Of course, the women who loved him and whom he loved were included as well.

Yang Chen was reminded of the similar gaze and aura Seventeen held. She must be hating him now, just like what Jane said—he was overly selfish.

“Yang Chen…” Jane wiped her tears and calmed herself down. “Do you know that… it is really, really possible for you to die…”

Chapter 331: God's Instruction 2018-05-01T23:44:55+00:00

The remaining few days of their journey remained peaceful and quiet. Hannya who was disguised as Kawanako followed the schedule to be the tour guide for five days professionally.

However, Liu Mingyu felt that Yang Chen had experienced some changes during the trip. She couldn’t tell what specifically was different, but she had a feeling that Yang Chen’s aura was calmer than before. Is it because I got a clearer view of him after interacting for a long time? she thought.

Just like what Yang Chen said earlier, they still had lots of time to understand each other in the future. Their love would definitely deepen as they knew more about each other. This gave Liu Mingyu quite a lot of confidence.

However, she was most surprised by the fact that Yang Chen didn’t request to do that kind of activity during the following nights…

She didn’t feel that it was any bad at all. Since there were many people around, it would be a pain if their relationship got found out, but she still felt vaguely regretful. However, she still didn’t blame Yang Chen for treating her coldly.

On the other hand, Yang Chen had difficulties that he couldn’t talk about. Since the day he noticed that the radioactive drug was still in his body, and couldn’t be cleared using internal energy, he had been feeling troubled.

The drug was just like a small bomb attached to all of his cells. Every time he tried to cultivate internal energy to clear it out, he’d feel an intense recoil. If he got a little careless, it was very possible for a chain reaction to get initiated, potentially causing his body to suffer heavy internal injuries.

At the same time, the element was immensely harmful towards ordinary people. It had to be mentioned that he consumed a concentrated polonium solution worth 40 million US dollars.

Yang Chen searched for the market price for polonium and its toxicity. He realized that every gram of polonium could kill 10 million ordinary people, while the amount he consumed could totally kill 60 million of them!

Yang Chen even started to admire himself, and look up to the power of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture even more. Raising to level nine from level eight allowed him to withstand a poison that even 60 million people couldn’t resist together! It was something he didn’t dare to think about back then. It seemed like his strength had really risen to a whole new level.

This still hadn’t included any other fatal elements yet!

After finding out the situation, Yang Chen gave up forcing the toxins out of his body using internal energy. He could only do his best to contain the toxicity. He planned to ask for Jane’s help after she rushed over from Europe, since he didn’t dare to mess around with scientific stuff. But this also caused him to not dare to get close with other people, let alone exercising with Liu Mingyu. If even a trace of the poison entered Liu Mingyu’s body, he’d regret for the rest of his life.

The trip was quickly coming to an end, but the group of ladies weren’t very satisfied with it yet. Unfortunately, their purses and credit cards were all empty. They wouldn’t go as far as getting a loan to purchase handbags or cosmetics. All they could do was to return sadly.

The last place they were going was Osaka, while the flight from Kansai International Airport to Zhonghai was planned in the morning.

This airport was built on the ocean, on the land obtained from land reclamation. The scene on the way to the airport through the huge, sea-crossing bridge was still really remarkable.

When they came to the electronic ticketing counter, Yang Chen said to Liu Mingyu who was beside him, “I won’t be going back with you guys this time. I still have things to do in Japan. I have to catch a flight to another city.”

Liu Mingyu stunned. She was completely unaware of Yang Chen’s sudden change of plan. Frowning, she asked, “Are you actually serious or are you just kidding?”

“Of course I’m serious. A friend of mine hopes that I go over to stay other for a few days. We’re still on our holidays after all. You may return first, my flight ticket is already booked. I’ll be leaving later,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Liu Mingyu knew that Yang Chen lived abroad for many years. She wasn’t surprised when she heard he had a friend in Japan. Although she wasn’t too happy that Yang Chen told her about it during the last minute, knowing that Yang Chen wasn’t a reckless person, she asked out in doubt, “Is your friend a beauty?”

Yang Chen widened her eyes. “How did you come to that?”

“Humph, it can be easily guessed since you’re trying to hide it.” Liu Mingyu really wanted take a bite on Yang Chen’s arm to vent her anger. She thought about whether the reason he became well-behaved these days was because he had been thinking about another woman.

Yang Chen burst into laughter and lightly slapped Liu Mingyu’s hips. “Stop overthinking, it’s for a serious matter. I’m just not in a position to tell you about it. You’re not a woman who would behave unreasonably, go back obediently and don’t think about it anymore.”

“Who said I wasn’t unreasonable…” Liu Mingyu was finally feeling slightly better. Feeling rather sad, she glanced at Yang Chen before saying, “Take care of yourself then.”

Yang Chen nodded. He really had to take care of himself.

The other colleagues were greatly unhappy about his change of plans. They scolded Yang Chen for not bringing them together to play in Japan for a few more days, causing him to quickly leave in fear.

After bidding farewell with them, Yang Chen came to the terminal for his flight.

Upon sitting down, a black-haired, graceful lady wearing a small, black waistcoat and a purple, low-necked sweater together with a pair of tight-fitting jeans walked over. She was Hannya who changed back to her original appearance.

Respectfully, Hannya said, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you need me to employ our private jet?”

Yang Chen blinked his eyes a few times. “What private jet?”

“We have exclusive jets in every airport in Japan. It’s not publicly known since it’s a secret. All of them are at your service anytime,” Hannya explained.

“I…” Yang Chen pointed his finger at Hannya as he got speechless. After a long time, he said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I didn’t have to book the flight earlier. Do you know that I could’ve saved more than a thousand bucks?”

Wronged, Hannya said, “Your Majesty Pluto, you didn’t tell me where you were going earlier, and didn’t ask if I had planes or not…”

Yang Chen realized that he certainly didn’t tell Hannya about it. This female ninja was frightened by his behavior when he caused the massacre on that day. Why would she dare to ask the fellow whom even Noriko Okawa couldn’t do anything against out of nowhere? She recently managed to secure her life.

Yang Chen waved his hand. “Alright, alright. Quickly bring me there. I want to get to Sapporo in Hokkaido. Damn it, you better be more intuitive in the future!”

Hannya nodded her head obediently. She didn’t look like the cool female ninja anymore, but a maid instead. Yang Chen wasn’t very used to seeing her behavior. He wasn’t aware that Hannya started treating him as her master ever since he allowed her to live. Naturally, she acted extremely soft.

He walked through a VIP channel together with Hannya who attracted countless gazes by men along the way, and finally arrived at the exclusive spot of Yamata Sect at the airport mentioned by Hannya.

It was a private mini passenger plane, a luxury model specially made by Airbus which had a very high price tag. According to Hannya, all the airports in Japan had planes which belonged to Yamata Sect. Yang Chen couldn’t help but to think that he previously looked down on its net worth.

Although they didn’t have as many elites as Takamagahara, Yamata Sect certainly had much more resources. This world wasn’t one where pure combat ability ruled anymore.

Yang Chen entered the spacious cabin, only to find a set of sofas inside made in Italy using deer leather, various furnitures and decorations made using mahogany and redwood in addition to numerous bottles of wine. This didn’t look like a plane, but a hotel instead.

Ah! The people outside called him ‘God’. He only drove a small BMW M3 on the streets in China, not to mention he was the one stepping on the accelerator, since he didn’t even have a driver. To make things worse, the car was borrowed from his wife.

Yang Chen wondered if he was too conservative. When he returned to the country, he resolutely refused to bring back the money the people honored him, since he wanted to rely on himself to keep food on the table. Although he’d look more admirable this way, wasn’t it rather foolish in fact? Yang Chen felt that he had to think over this question concerning his life values after going back.

Hannya followed Yang Chen into the luxurious plane. She changed into a light purple kimono, with a pink waistband which was tied behind her back elegantly.

Although according to Japanese tradition, unmarried ladies wearing kimonos all had to be closed off, it was evident that Hannya intentionally made the V-neck wider, allowing the turbulence inside to appear extraordinarily eye-catching. It wasn’t known if she was trying to please Yang Chen, or had some other plan instead.

Hannya walked over with a plate in her hands. The rich fragrance of natural flowers it brought immediately woke Yang Chen who was lying on the sofa up.

“Your Majesty Pluto, this sake is specially made by us at Yamata Sect. Made using rice from Hokkaido and water from Nishinomiya with our special brewing technique, it’s completely different from the ones outside. It’s suitable to be consumed during the journey.” Hannya placed the plate in front of Yang Chen before carefully pouring the sake for him.

Yang Chen had long noticed the fragrance of the rice wine. Ignoring everything else, he lifted the cup and finished everything in one go.

Suddenly, the corners of Yang Chen’s eyes sighted the snow-white skin within the kimono of Hannya who was serving him as she kneeled on the ground. There wasn’t any underwear, causing her stretched curves to appear particularly obvious.

How can it be? Isn’t she waiting for me to commit a crime? Although Yang Chen felt that she really had that intention, he’d be too cheap if he pounced on her this easily. As a result, he waved her hand and said, “Go and do your stuff. Don’t wait beside me, I don’t need to be served.”

It could be seen in Hannya’s eyes that she was disappointed. But she still stood up gently and left after bowing.

However, Yang Chen called her again before she had time to walk away. “Eh, wait a minute!”

Joy appeared between Hannya’s eyebrows. Turning around, she asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, what else do you need?”

Yang Chen pouted. Lowering his head, he poured some sake and asked, “Since Yamata Sect has such a huge network, help me contact the airline company. Ask them to refund the ticket of nearly a thousand Chinese yuan to me. I didn’t even board the plane, just ask them to get me a refund…”

Hannya, a jinnin who wouldn’t blink when she killed, suddenly felt that her legs softened. She almost tripped and fell onto the ground!

So, even gods could be this stingy…

Chapter 330: What Are You Doing 2018-04-30T22:57:24+00:00

After Yang Chen walked into the courtyard, he didn’t choose to rush and deal with Hannya who didn’t dare to move at all. Instead, he bent his body down and picked up the masamura, playing with it.

This blade could be considered something he looked up to since young. Being someone in the world of assassins, he’d naturally respected the legendary weapon amongst assassins.

However, now that the blood-dripping blade with its long history was in his hands, Yang Chen didn’t have too much of a desire to possess it.

His former idol became a dead soul under his feet, while his former dream turned to a toy in his hands. Who’s to say that life wasn’t a joke?

After looking the blade for a while, he felt that it truly had a tough body. Together with its extremely sharp feature, it could cut gold and break jade. Regarding the vigorous killing aura, Yang Chen felt that not everyone could fully utilize it. The things like the curse merely deified it. Its true power still depended on its user.

Yang Chen threw the masamura to Hannya’s front.

Hannya who was kneeling on the ground didn’t look surprised when Yang Chen threw the blade to her. She picked it up and held the demon’s blade in front of her neck horizontally.

“Your Majesty Pluto, thank you for allowing me to cut my own throat.”

As soon as Hannya finished speaking, she was going to cut her throat.

Yang Chen was still wondering what she wanted to do. When he found out that she wanted to commit suicide, he was so confused. He flicked the sword from Hannya’s hand onto the ground.

“I didn’t ask you to die. Why are you killing yourself?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Hannya got stunned. Raising her head, it could be seen on her gloomy face that she didn’t understand what Yang Chen meant. “Then… this is…”

“You shall stay. You’ll be of use to me.” Yang Chen looked at Hannya from head to toe, as if he found a rather nice prey.

As she noticed that Yang Chen glanced at her this way, she immediately thought of something else. Blushing, she removed her waistband in a shy manner, but didn’t hesitate too much.

Yang Chen stunned once again. After Hannya removed her waistband, her dark purple ninja uniform fell off, revealing the white skin of her chest in the air. Her abundance was constrained as it was wrapped with cloths. However, it further displayed the large-scale vitality within.

Between Hannya’s left collarbone and shoulder, there was a beautiful purple rose tattoo. On top of her delicate and soft skin, it looked like it was prepared to be released, appearing particularly lifelike.

After removing her clothing on her upper body, leaving only the cloth wrapping her chest, Hannya finally raised her head. Her black hair was let loose while her eyebrows were appeared tidy, and her almond-shaped, watery eyes looked exceptionally charming.

“What are you doing?” Yang Chen groaned in his heart once again.

“Your Majesty Pluto, no matter what you want to do… I… I’ll be willing to accept your treatment…”

Evidently, Hannya thought that Yang Chen needed a woman to vent his feelings on after getting into a fight, or directly saw her as the trophy he looted from the victory.

It was a kind of thinking that only Japanese ladies would have. The strong could kill and loot, while it was very common for women to be taken as prizes. Being raised by Noriko Okawa since young, Hannya was naturally treated as his adopted daughter in addition to his toy, since she had had a stunning appearance since young.

Although Okawa was now dead, Hannya’s servility hadn’t changed yet. She didn’t think it was in any way inappropriate to obey a strong man like Yang Chen, but felt nervous and shy instead.

Yang Chen gulped his saliva before coughing. Turning around, he asked, “Do you think I’m your brainless father? I’m not very interested in your body. I’m keeping you to ask if you’re able to grasp the entire Yamata Sect if I pass the demon’s blade to you.”

“Ah…” Hannya said involuntarily. Embarrassed, she quickly said, “I’m sorry Your Majesty Pluto. I… I thought you wanted to… to do that. That wasn’t what I meant…”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Apparently, the woman got so strictly trained by Noriko Okawa that she became compliant and dependent. Killing Okawa was merely caused by the flame in her heart for revenge. If she really met a person stronger than her that could subdue her, she’d easily become that person’s slave.

“Your Majesty Pluto, if you hope to obtain Yamata Sect, it actually isn’t difficult even without the demon’s blade.” Hannya finally understood that Yang Chen developed interest towards this major ninja organization—Yamata Sect in Japan. She answered, “Now that Okawa is dead, I’m the strongest in Yamata Sect. Ninjas are extremely loyal. As long as Okawa’s death is known, the leader position of Yamata Sect will naturally fall onto me.”

It’s that simple?

Yang Chen didn’t expect it’d be this easy to take over Yamata Sect. He mainly wanted its power because he was afraid that it’d land in some other person’s hands, for example getting controlled by some country. That would only inconvenience his life in China. Instead of letting it happen, it was better for him to think of a way to destroy or conquer it.

After all, he’d be able to walk in Japan without any obstacles and treat it as his home if Yamata Sect was in his hands. Many things would be much more simplified. At the very least, it’d be a decent help when he was going to create a disturbance for the Liu clan next week.

Yang Chen said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll pass the demon’s blade to you and let you live. You’ll take care of Yamata Sect to replace Noriko Okawa. I don’t need you to be any more loyal to me than you already are, just don’t do something stupid when I need to use you. Of course, if there are people coming to take Yamata Sect away, I’ll give you a hand.”

Hannya felt as if she was dreaming. Not only did she not have to die, she still could become the leader of Yamata Sect! More importantly, Yang Chen sounded like he wanted to help her secure her power!

“Your Majesty Pluto… then what should I do now?” Hannya asked, confused.

Yang Chen pouted. “Put on your clothes first.”

Hannya quickly noticed that she was still ‘on display’. Instantly, she put on her clothes again before standing in embarrassment as she didn’t dare to look into Yang Chen’s eyes.

Yang Chen was actually feeling rather regretful. He hadn’t had a taste of this female ninja before. Unfortunately, he acted in an overly dignified manner earlier. He’d appear too shameless if he went forward to enjoy himself now. As a result, he had to dismiss the thought momentarily. Clearing his voice, he said, “This place is already sealed off, I guess you should know how to take care of the aftermath. My shirt had already gotten dirty, get me a decent one immediately.”

Hannya had calmed herself down. After listening to Yang Chen’s order, she immediately left the courtyard.

After a few minutes, Hannya walked over with a set of new clothes. When she wanted to change for Yang Chen, she got scolded by Yang Chen again. All she could do was to put the clothes onto Yang Chen’s hands before standing aside.

Yang Chen changed to the set of clothes and said to Hannya, “Are you able to disguise as ‘Kawanako’ just like Nine-tailed Arctic Fox did?”

Hannya nodded. “Although it wouldn’t be as flawless as hers, I can imitate her for the most part.”

Yang Chen remembered that Hannya disguised herself as Mo Qianni before, so he mentioned it to her. ‘Kawanako is now dead after all. Changing the tour guide out of nowhere would required a good reason. Letting Hannya replace her was appropriate. Although he could tell the authentic from the fake, the bunch of ladies certainly couldn’t.

After informing Hannya several things that he wanted to be dealt with, more than an hour had passed. The ladies drinking tea at Nijo Castle must be anxious already, so Yang Chen asked her to disguise as the new version of Kawanako before returning to the group, leaving other things to be handled later.

Luckily taking over Yamata Sect was easy and hassle-free. The few main elders quickly surrendered upon seeing the demon’s blade in Hannya’s hands, so the process didn’t take a lot of time. They only had to seal the combat region off to take care of the aftermath in the dark.

Yang Chen and Hannya who was disguised as Kawanako returned to the group on their own, naturally avoiding a lot of questions.

Yang Chen’s sudden change in clothing made the ladies dissatisfied. They complained that he went shopping without their knowledge, really unacceptable.

Liu Mingyu was more observant and thoughtful. She could tell that Yang Chen didn’t look like he went shopping. She asked, “Are you okay?”

Yang Chen wouldn’t state the truth of course, not because he was afraid that Liu Mingyu would say it out, but it was a matter that belonged in a completely different world. He didn’t want her to get worried.

“Do I look like I’m not? I only changed because my clothes got wet due to the rain,” Yang Chen said.

“Who asked you to run around? Are you satisfied after getting wet in the rain?” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes. She didn’t ask further questions as she knew Yang Chen wasn’t willing to say more than required.

The Kawanako disguised by Hannya wasn’t as chatty. Luckily no one figured out anything wrong. She was also a Japanese woman after all, not to mention she had received professional training. There shouldn’t be many problems for her to be a small tour guide.

It was evening already, the group of people didn’t plan on staying at the tourist attraction for any longer. As a result, they went back to the bus one after another.

Yang Chen frowned when he went back to his seat. He felt a spiking pain on his heart and other organs. Furthermore, even his head got dizzy!

As he felt these abnormalities, Yang Chen immediately got worried when he looked into his body. He thought that the radioactive elements which previously restrained him wouldn’t have any effects upon him reaching the level of Rebirth. Unexpectedly, these elements didn’t completely dissipate after they got contained by him. They still acted like a tumor which conquered his body, it was just that the effect of the drug was weakened.

He was previously cultivating internal energy, so the drug wasn’t effective. However, the remaining symptoms clearly showed again when he relaxed himself.

Yang Chen knew that it wasn’t a small issue, since the drug couldn’t be gotten rid of even after his internal energy achieved the level of Full Cycle. It had proven itself to be difficult to deal with.

Damn you Noriko Okawa. The drug given by you really did manage to constrain me.

Yang Chen pondered for a while. He was considering if he should ask the drug expert Jane to look into his body, since letting a scientist deal with science-related matters was more convenient. It was possible for him to expel toxins from his body, but he couldn’t necessarily discharge these radioactive elements.

When he thought about it, Yang Chen took his phone out. Although he couldn’t make a phone call, he could send an e-mail through the internet service in Japan.

— — — — — — — — — — —

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Chapter 329: Scarlet Revenge 2018-04-29T23:47:38+00:00

Seeing that Nine-tailed Arctic Fox died just like that, Nine-lived Demon Cat’s eyes immediately reddened, while Noriko Okawa noticed that his life was at risk in the battle. He shouted at his two helpers Hannya and Tanuki loudly, “If you want to live, give it your best!”

Hannya and Tanuki looked incredibly solemn. They didn’t move after listening to the order. Even an expert like Noriko Okawa couldn’t cope with the situation, what could they do if they stepped in?!

As Yang Chen closed in on Noriko Okawa, he finally stopped holding his power back.

He was seen raising the demon’s blade in his hand. The dragon carving which was covered with Yang Chen’s blood on the Mystical Masamura became lively again.

“You may not know this. The stronger the blood, the more the of this blade can be brought out. I’ll let you have a taste of the strength of the demon’s blade activated by your own blade.

Killing aura exploded from Noriko Okawa’s entire body while the blood light of the demon’s blade lit the place brightly, while his white hair reflected various colors when it was shone upon!

Yang Chen silently looked at him gather killing aura while he stood still.

“You’ll regret this!”

Noriko Okawa didn’t use any fancy moves. He merely raised the demon’s blade high up swinging it downwards!

Having reached Noriko Okawa’s level, one would’ve simplified complicated movements. Without any particular techniques, the most direct skill he could display was his robust strength!

All of the killing aura was condensed onto the blade, causing the dragon carvings on the demon’s blade to roar faintly while the red light of Mystical Lotus Sutra shone!

Nine-lived Demon Cat and the two jinnins Hannya and Tanuki all understood what they were witnessing. How is this still the same demon’s blade as the one before?

At the moment when Okawa’s demon’s blade swung towards Yang Chen, a humongous scarlet light with a height of more than five feet rushed towards him, with a thunderous sound of breaking the sound barrier, slashing onto the top of Yang Chen’s head!

Since the blade was overbearing and overly fierce, and had a height of more than five feet, the majestic energy dispersed into the surroundings violently. When the strong gust slid across the faces of the three people around, they even felt a slight pain!

When Demon Cat and the other two were dumbfounded by Noriko Okawa’s hidden ultimate skill, their hopes for survival raised… <i>He may really slay Yang Chen with that!</i>

At the same time, the roof which wasn’t very high to begin with got slashed apart, while the walls on the opposite were broken into small pieces.

The hundred-year-old mansion of Okawa clan got cut apart by Noriko Okawa himself!

The rain outside which was getting heavier as time passed wet their faces. The dust brought up by the huge blade light quickly got brought away by the rainwater.

Yang Chen who had been standing stil,l quietly waited for the blade light to land on him suddenly burst into laughter.

His laugh made everyone fall into despair once again!

“Blade Condensation of Killing Aura, this skill is quite impressive. Unfortunately, I’m not who I used to be a while ago anymore…”

Under the overcast sky, the only one who wasn’t drenched in rainwater was Yang Chen. Without the slightest injury, he stood still on the ground as he gazed upon Noriko Okawa who was heavily panting as a result of utterly depleting his energy with a fun look.

The entire half of the wall behind together with more hand half the area of the roof on top of Yang Chen had collapsed. However, the place where Yang Chen stood wasn’t the slightest affected!

Noriko Okawa appeared hopeless. He took a few steps back pathetically. His previously calm expression changed which evidently showed his panic!

“Attack! Attack! Quickly attack!”

Noriko Okawa immediately shouted to order Hannya and Tanuki. At such a moment, he really hoped he could gather all of the ninjas from Yamata Sect. Although he knew that it wouldn’t help, since such a level of battle could only involve true experts, it would still be good if there were more people to delay Yang Chen, even for a little bit!

Being most cunning, Tanuki saw that the situation didn’t look right since Noriko Okawa couldn’t fight anymore, he decided it was best to escape from the place. With his incredible speed, he thought Yang Chen wouldn’t necessarily manage to catch him, not to mention Okawa and Demon Cat were still there.

As he analyzed his situation, Tanuki took a small step back. Grasping the opportunity, he suddenly sneaked out as he disappeared from where he stood!

However, he didn’t know that the entire area had long been in Yang Chen’s control. Yang Chen could tell what Tanuki was going to do with ease.

Without waiting for Tanuki to leave the place, Yang Chen simply waved his hand to the back!

A shapeless field formed by internal energy blocked Tanuki’s escape!


Tanuki’s body got obstructed by an unknown wall of air which seemed impenetrable. His body shook violently before falling onto the ground from midair and spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Yang Chen walked to his front with an evil smile. “I haven’t liked you a lot since the time you came to China. I wasn’t in a convenient position to take action then, but it’s another story now.”

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Tanuki to say anything, he directly stomped his foot, turning TanukI’s skull which displayed terror into a lump of flesh.

Due to the rapid improvement of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, Yang Chen didn’t feel any discomfort after killing a few people. Turning around, he looked at the remaining three people.

Noriko Okawa paid full attention at Yang Chen as his hand which was holding the demon’s blade shivered. Cold sweat flowed down his forehead repeatedly. One had to get near death to truly experience fear.

Having killed countless people, Noriko Okawa was still afraid of death!

It wasn’t a matter of courage. It was the most basic human instinct!

“Hannya, strike later together with Father! We’ll fight with our lives!” Noriko Okawa said to Hannya who was behind him.

Hannya looked cold and emotionless. Drawing her short knife out, she replied, “Yes, (Adoptive) Father!”

Yang Chen got slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Hannya to be Noriko Okawa’s adopted daughter. No wonder Hannya was the leader during the mission to China earlier, although Tengu was the strongest.

“Demon Cat, don’t even think about escaping. Attack together!” Noriko Okawa said to Demon Cat who looked hesitant. He knew that the woman may really be thinking of an escape if he didn’t remind her.

“Humph,” Demon Cat snorted in contempt. She was indeed considering an escape, since Yang Chen had too strong of a power level, so they basically had zero chance of defeating him. However, escaping wouldn’t cut it as well. After listening to what Okawa said, she knew that she had to fight with her life.

Noriko Okawa looked solemn as he gazed upon Yang Chen. He didn’t dare to behave incautious for even half a second. The masamura in his hand beamed red again. However this time, he evidently didn’t have enough killing aura anymore to output the blades light earlier. All he could do was to focus his energy and pose a fighting stance.

“Hannya, you go first!”

Okawa’s plan was really simple. He’d sacrifice Hannya as a vanguard, and find a chance to sneak an attack with Demon Cat. This was his only chance!

Hannya nodded without any emotions. She gathered killing aura on her glowing short knife before suddenly launching forward!


The sound of a broken sound barrier could be heard. Violently, she used her short knife to pierce through Noriko Okawa’s heart!

This sudden twist caused the situation to become strange once again!

Noriko Okawa was originally gazing upon Yang Chen. Unexpectedly, he received a surprise attack by Hannya from behind. The knife which penetrated his back came out from his chest, causing blood to splash out!


Noriko Okawa slowly turned around, only to find that Hannya moved a few feet away. Evidently, she was defending against Noriko Okawa’s counter-attack.

Joy and hatred could be seen in Hannya’s eyes, while viciousness which didn’t match her aura could be seen on her oriental face.

“Are you surprised? I’ve been waiting for today for ten years,” Hannya said coldly.

Noriko Okawa was aged to begin with. His excellence in fighting fully depended on the accumulation of his training. Having depleted a huge amount of killing aura and been pierced his lethal body part, he finally fell onto the ground as he died, with his eyes rolled.

Clunk! The demon’s blade fell while the red light dispersed.

Yang Chen didn’t see this coming at all, for a show of an adopted daughter killing her father to be put up. However, he didn’t mind it too much. Smiling weirdly, he said to Hannya, “If you’re thinking I’d let you go because you killed your father, you must be looking up to me too much. I’m not that generous.”

Hannya shook her head. “I have nothing to say if Your Majesty Pluto wants to take my life away. I just want to take revenge on him killing my entire family, and for abusing me since young. I didn’t do it to ask for Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”

Yang Chen realized it was a hatred formed long ago by blood. As he thought about it, it made sense that she’d want to kill Noriko Okawa for abusing and humiliating her since young.

Unfortunately, Noriko Okawa was too powerful. So Hannya only managed to succeed because he was forced to the blind alley by Yang Chen today.

At this moment, Yang Chen’s silhouette flashed again. He appeared on top of a wall of the courtyard!

Under the wall, Nine-lived Demon Cat who was trying to escape revealed horror on her face. She grasped the opportunity earlier when Yang Chen and Hannya were talking to secure her life. However, she got blocked by Yang Chen again.

“Your sisters are all dead, Okawa is dead as well. I feel it’s best for you to die as well.” Yang Chen smiled brightly, as if he wasn’t going to kill, but was sending someone to a good place instead.

Demon Cat retreated in fear as she shook her head repeatedly. She couldn’t think of resisting anymore. She turned around immediately as she wanted to run away!

Yang Chen didn’t say much this time. He moved and appeared in front of her. Turning around, he raised his palm and slapped Demon Cat on her skull!

Demon Cat’s body shook violently. Following closely, her limbs and upper body expanded…

Boom! Her flesh scattered in all directions. Her entire body got smashed into meat pieces by Yang Chen!

Yang Chen had to do it this way. He knew that Demon Cat had strong self-healing abilities. Although this way of dying was disgusting, it was the best way to take her life, by smashing her with internal energy.

Hannya paled after witnessing the scene. Even when she had killed numerous people before, she still couldn’t stand the bloody and violent method to kill.

Yang Chen didn’t mind it too much. Turning around, he walked back to the courtyard. The dramatic battle with multiple conflicts was finally coming to an end. The only one left was the female ninja who was trembling in fear.

Chapter 328: Turning Point 2018-04-29T00:00:40+00:00

Actually, this incredibly magical scene which everyone was terrified by didn’t amaze Yang Chen at all.

Now that his internal energy reached Full Cycle, he could finally cultivate True Qi outside his body freely.

When he walked past Judy and the others earlier, he used a pressure that the other person couldn’t resist, and even made them forget to breathe, while cultivating an overbearing True Qi surrounding his body, forming atmosphere like his realm.

In this realm, Yang Chen merely activated the internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to generate a penetrative pressure using extremely pure True Qi, directly causing unnoticeable internal injury to the six people!

All six of them had their organs shocked into pieces before falling down dead. Regarding the absence of blood, it was because they fell before their blood could flow to their mouths and noses.

Having used such a magical technique, Yang Chen didn’t feel very content. It was merely an ordinary skill among the ones he could use on his level. It couldn’t be said that he was skillful. He solely relied on his strength to defeat the weak.

Noriko Okawa together with Hannya and Tanuki waited seriously, even Nine-tailed Arctic Fox and the short-haired lady who were excited earlier stood on the opposite of Yang Chen in a solemn manner.

They were very aware that the speed Yang Chen displayed earlier, had far exceeded their expectations and imaginations. Except confrontation, they had no other way to leave!

“Legend has it that among the lightness skills in ancient China, one of them called ‘Shrinking Lands to an Inch’, when trained to its deep realm, the user could achieve teleportation-like movements. Apparently, Your Majesty Pluto is not very far away from the legendary cultivation method,” Noriko Okawa said in a serious manner. The demon’s blade in his hand which was gleaming the light of blood was unstoppably vibrating, as if it was ready to be sent to combat again.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

“Oh, I haven’t heard of it, but my speed is still far from teleportation,” Yang Chen replied.

Noriko Okawa raised his masamura and pointed it at Yang Chen, being two feet away from him.

“Even so, I still have a chance if I try my best.”

Yang Chen didn’t mind that he was being pointed at with a sword. He glanced at the remaining five people, and said to the short-haired girl who hadn’t shown her ability yet, “You should be Nine-tailed Arctic Fox’s other sister—Nine-lived Demon Cat.”

The yellow-haired Nine-tailed Demon Cat’s pupils shrank and they turned from black-brown to light green. Smirking, she said, “So you found out who I am already.”

“Although Takamagahara is an association, it doesn’t have a leader. I bet it was your own decision to come and seek revenge for your elder sister Snow Girl,” Yang Chen said.

“That’s right, but unfortunately, you seem to be far stronger than we imagined. This made the two of us sisters really afraid,” Demon Girl said with a weird smile before patting her chest.

Yang Chen looked indifferent. He put his hands into the pockets of his pants while his upper body was naked. Seeming interested, he said, “I’ve crossed hands with most hidden associations before. You guys at Takamagahara are considered the more creative ones, all of you have different origins. I really hope that you can show me something I’ve never seen before.”

Anger could be seen in Nine-tailed Demon Cat’s green eyes. “Do you think we’ll be afraid of you just because you can stand up again?! Stop putting up an act, watch out!”

After she finished speaking, Demon Cat appeared in front of Yang Chen in the blink of an eye like a shadow.

Sharp and long cat claws appeared from her fingers out of nowhere which flashed electric currents faintly. Quickly, she reached her claws towards Yang Chen’s throat!

Yang Chen’s body was stronger than ever. Although Demon Cat was fast, he easily dodged her attack and stood aside.

However, Demon Cat’s acuity was extremely high. Once she missed her first attack, she turned around and immediately struck back with a kick, generating gust from her foot!

The gust caused ripple to appear in the air, while the door frame of the ancient mansion collapsed and fragmented into pieces as a result of the force!

Yang Chen finally noticed just how fast Demon Cat’s movements and actions were. Facing the oncoming kick of strong gust, he raised his arm and slapped downwards using about the same force!

Demon Cat snorted. She failed to gain any advantage following Yang Chen’s slap which blocked her kick which brought a powerful cyclone.

Utilizing Yang Chen’s arm strength, Demon Cat retreated before using a single hand to support her body on the ground. She shouted, “Raise!”

Yang Chen was still wondering what it meant. Suddenly, the wooden floor shook violently!

Boom! Boom!

A loud noise echoed. A few bamboo-shaped rocks and soil formed spikes and rushed out from the ground, heading directly to Yang Chen’s lower body!

“What a girl!”

Yang Chen quickly dodged away, but got splattered with soil all over his body, making him look rather pathetic.

“Legend has it that Nine-tailed Demon Cat ganis a new tail every nine years. The addition of one tail will grant the ability to control one more natural element. One with nine tails and lives could use gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, rain, thunder and lightning. Evidently, you know at least three of them already,” Yang Chen said like he was admiring something and behaved calmly.

Demon Cat couldn’t cause any damage to Yang Chen. Being observed like a toy by him, she knew that he was teasing her, she immediately got enraged. “I’m not done yet!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sharp claws on both her hands lengthened once again, becoming whopping five inches long. The light of electricity appeared in the surroundings. With a speed much quicker than before, she pounced on Yang Chen!

Witnessing her own sister fighting Yang Chen with her life, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox stared at Noriko Okawa angrily. “Okawa, if you want to live, you have to team up with us. Do you possibly want to give your life away only after the two of us sisters die?”

“Fight him if you want, don’t drag me in there. I’ll naturally have a showdown with him later.” Noriko Okawa stood still.

Arctic Fox violently gazed upon him, hating that she didn’t have the ability to scoop his eyes out.

She was most profound in disguise, creating illusion, and reading minds. There really wasn’t much she could do when it came to a battle. If she suddenly stepped into the combat, she’d only be an obstacle to Demon Cat, so all she could do was watch the battle nervously.

As Arctic Fox hesitated on whether she should cast illusions to leave the place while Yang Chen was battling, since there’d always be hope if she stayed alive, the fight between Yang Chen and Demon Cat suddenly had some changes!

Provoked, Demon Cat launched her thunder claws towards Yang Chen’s skull. However, Yang Chen suddenly raised his left hand and blocked her claws head-on!

Sounds of explosion repeatedly resounded from the purple electric current in Yang Chen’s hand, but he didn’t move at all and look any unusual.

“It seems like these little things are all you’re capable of.”

Yang Chen sighed in an indifferent manner. Shortly after, he flipped his left hand before pushing forward!


Demon Cat cried sharply in pain. The sharp claws on her left hand were all broken by Yang Chen with ease!

Fresh blood splashed from her fingertips while she quickly retreated to a corner. Staring at Yang Chen in enmity, she didn’t look like a cat, but an exasperated leopard instead.

However, when Yang Chen was prepared to launch another attack, Demon Cat’s sharp claws grew out from her fingers again. Her blood stopped leaking, as if she wasn’t damaged at all.

“Eh, no wonder you’re called Nine-lived Demon Cat. Your self-healing ability is quite impressive,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Humph,” Demon Cat snorted in contempt. When Demon Cat wanted to strike again, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox shouted, “Stop!”

Yang Chen took a glance at her before his facial expression immediately changed.

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox changed to Seventeen’s appearance in an unnoticed manner. She was dressed in a blue dress while her hair was ruffled by the wind. She looked depressed, especially her eyes which brought misery as they fixed on Yang Chen, as if Seventeen were revived once again, standing right in front of him.

“Thirteen… Please don’t kill anymore...”

Yang Chen was stunned.

Even if he knew she wasn’t the real Seventeen, Nine-tailed Arctic Fox illusion was so flawless that Yang Chen still stunned for a moment.

However, getting distracted for only a short moment in a fight amongst skilled fighers was enough to form a huge turning point!

Not only did Nine-lived Demon Cat who rushed towards Yang Chen’s chest see the opportunity, even Noriko Okawa who wasn’t willing to help earlier also reacted quickly as he pulled out the demon’s blade masamura, like bringing a water dragon into the ocean, before charging towards the back of Yang Chen’s skull!

Coming from the front and behind, the attacks charged with all their energies caused the two of Yang Chen’s most lethal body parts to get threatened!

However, when the two thought they would immediately succeed, ‘Seventeen’ who stood there opened her eyes wide open, revealing an inconceivable expression…


Yang Chen who was standing at his original position suddenly disappeared, forming an afterimage there, while Yang Chen’s real body appeared behind the back of ‘Seventeen’ out of nowhere.

Blood flowed out from the corners of the lips of ‘Seventeen’. She kneeled on the ground on both her knees, before slowly falling onto the ground. With her eyes still opened, she died on the spot!

Following the death of ‘Seventeen’, Noriko Okawa’s and Demon Cat’s attacks both failed. They looked at Nine-tailed Arctic Fox who was lying on the ground. Without the support of her illusion, she returned to her original costume and appearance.

Yang Chen turned around. It couldn’t be seen what he was feeling on his face, joy, anger, or sadness.

Staring at the woman who didn’t even know how she died on the ground, he murmured, “My Seventeen, is already dead.”

Chapter 327: Rebirth 2018-04-26T00:57:49+00:00

Yang Chen’s face which still had bloodstains looked immensely pale, but his eyes slowly became clearer. A faint smile could be seen on the corner of his lips. He looked like he was in a rather good mood.

Lowering his head, Yang Chen smiled as he looked at the poisonous dagger in his chest.

He gripped the hilt and pulled the dagger out before relaxedly throwing it to a corner where Nine-tailed Arctic Fox stood, causing clanking sounds to echo as a result of the collision between the dagger and the floor.

After Yang Chen removed the dagger, there weren’t any signs of blood splashing on his chest.

Yang Chen shook his head as he removed his coat and inner clothing. Being half-naked, he threw the dirty clothes soaked in blood aside.

At this moment, everyone had a clear view of Yang Chen’s chest. The spot where two blades had pierced through were fully healed!

“How is it possible!”

The members of Blue Storm found it unbelievable. Their drug was totally supposed to prevent Yang Chen from healing. However currently, Yang Chen seemed like his self-healing ability had surpassed what he was previously capable of!

Noriko Okawa finally frowned as well, as he felt bewildered. The demon’s blade in his hand started vibrating, emitting a formidable killing aura.

Hannya and Tanuki stuck around Okawa tightly as they stared at Yang Chen with a complicated expression on their faces.

Being stared upon by various gazes, Yang Chen exercised his neck muscles, as if the people who were staring at him like tigers didn’t exist, before starting to mumble something…

“So this is the case… On the day of Seventeen’s death, I had a breakthrough and reached Full Cycle. ‘Life and Death’ essentially meaning undergoing permanent parting due to the separation of Yin and Yang. One also had to realize the boundaries between being alive and dead, only then they could be considered to have successfully trained ‘Life and Death’. I’ve been wondering how I haven’t been able to practise the final level ‘Rebirth’ no matter how hard I tried. Rebirth… doesn’t rebirth simply means dying? But committing suicide is too foolish, who would’ve thought that they could get a new technique after dying… Hehe… How clever, no wonder I hadn’t managed to comprehend level nine...

[TL note: Separation of Yin and Yang means one person is still alive but the other is dead.]

“Eh? No, ordinary people won’t necessarily be conscious after dying, so they can’t think of the technique even if they achieved the Full Cycle of the eighth level… It seems like the success rate of the ninth level is damn low…”

Seeing that Yang Chen ignored the others present, Noriko Okawa’s eyes were filled with hatred. “What are you mumbling about?!”

Yang Chen finally raised his head. Touching his chest as he smiled, he said, “Okawa, I both hate and love the attack you struck me with earlier. What should I do? You’re someone I want to kill, but you’re actually considered half of my benefactor.”

Noriko Okawa noticed that Yang Chen seemed to have received some changes through his ‘death’. However, he immediately dismissed the thought. Are you joking?! Not only did the fellow whose heart was pierced by the demon’s blade not die, he got stronger instead?!

No one knew that this plot which was planned to secure the kill became Yang Chen’s breakthrough for the ceiling of level eight, allowing him to reach the highest, ninth level—Rebirth!

Back then, Seventeen’s death allowed Yang Chen to understand a lot. At the same time, he practised and reached Full Cycle of level eight. However, in the next year, he hadn’t had a clue what level nine was about. This made Yang Chen feel helpless and gloomy at the same time.

This was because Yang Chen urgently hoped that he could treat the chronic disease of his brain using Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to suppress it. After all, it was an illness that would make him go insane after killing numerous people, just like a time bomb, or even more terrifying than a bomb. It had to be mentioned that once he lost his mind, the number of people he’d kill couldn’t be compared to the power of a bomb.

Earlier, the drug with radioactive elements weakened his self-healing ability, causing his body tissues to become vulnerable. Yang Chen continuously had his heart pierced by the poisonous dagger and the demon’s blade. Such fatal strikes would make him lose his life at any given time.

However, at the moment when he was faced with death, Yang Chen’s strong body type and consciousness brought the small flame of his life back at last. This also made Yang Chen finally understand the true meaning of the ninth level in Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

One had to witness the death of another person, before experiencing oneself’s death at last.

Just like what Yang Chen said, there were two types of people in the world which were most terrifying. One was a madman, since he wouldn’t hold any fear, while the other was someone not afraid of death!

Yang Chen used to think he wasn’t afraid of death only because his heart refrained his instincts.

Today, having gone through Rebirth of level nine, he truly understood what death meant.

This was a kind of magical understanding which could only be comprehended, but not explained in speech. It was exactly the same as what the drunk man in his memory said—you’d comprehend it if you did, and nothing could be said to help you if you didn’t.

The moment Yang Chen understood the final tier, the previously repressed internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture violently surged, utterly inhibiting all of the radioactive elements in his body which was suppressing his self-healing ability.

Furthermore, Yang Chen felt that his physique and consciousness become a couple of times stronger than before. When he pulled out the dagger from his heart, not even a drop of blood leaked before the wound had completely recovered!

Yang Chen had a wonderful thought. The True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture might’ve reached its peak condition, while there seemed to be a shapeless obstacle blocking the way above the peak.

Yang Chen suspected that the ninth level may not be the true highest point, since the intensity of level nine’s True Qi could already rival what he was capable of after unsealing!

This meant once internal energy was trained to great heights, it was a form of energy that could potentially match divine powers!

However, it was said that cultivating could bring such strengths from rumors in the east during ancient times. Would there be a being who was as powerful as gods through practising internal energy?

Yang Chen thought of too many important things. Currently, the existence of the people around him suddenly seemed insignificant, since he felt that he had entered an entirely new realm!

When Yang Chen was pondering upon these random thoughts, the six people from Blue Storm and the Vatican all looked at each other. Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t look like he’d make a move, they immediately turned around and planned to leave!

No matter what changes Yang Chen had been through, they had a feeling that it wasn’t something they could handle!

However, even when Yang Chen was reflecting on other things, he was totally aware about the situation in the outside world. Even a drop of water that fell couldn’t escape his senses.

“I asked you guys to stay but you chose to oppose me. Then you shall stay forever.”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, his body disappeared for his original position. When he appeared again, he blocked in front of Judy and the others!

Rainwater poured from above, but when the raindrops approached Yang Chen, they were all jammed by a shapeless hood. It was a protective shield of True Qi naturally formed after his internal energy achieved Full Cycle.

Yang Chen looked at the pale-faced Judy and the others whose hair and clothing were drenched by rainwater. Smiling weirdly, he said, “Judy I remember you had protection from Aphrodite earlier, so you managed to escape. This time, do you possibly have another bubble talisman?”

“Your Majesty Pluto, please let us go for once. The ones who truly set up all of these to deal with you are Noriko Okawa and the two from Takamagahara who want revenge. We merely provided some help on technolo—”

Judy couldn’t speak anymore, since she felt a killing aura more majestic than the one Noriko Okawa exerted earlier, as if it came from thousands of troops, so suppressing that she couldn’t even open her mouth!

This wasn’t the killing aura she felt when she met Yang Chen last time, it was a much more taxing and concentrated one which was more irresistible than killing aura, like an energy which would make people beg more mercy!

She wasn’t the only one. The two other members from Blue Storm together with the three from the Vatican seemed to have forgotten to run and rebel!

The True Qi of Yang Chen’s Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture freely and crazily revolved in his meridians. Due to the breakthrough into Rebirth, he didn’t have the concept of compassion and violence towards taking lives anymore. What was left was the purest, most formidable aura.

“I only asked if you had a protective talisman or not. Since you don’t, all of you have to die.”

Yang Chen finished speaking calmly. Casually, like getting groceries from the morning market, he slowly walked past Judy and the other five people, who didn’t move at all.

When Yang Chen’s figure walked through the front of Judy and the cardinal Bruno, his footsteps were the same as taking a stroll. Nothing unusual could be spotted. He continued his way walking to the courtyard.

As soon as he stepped past the door, the six people behind him still held a terrified expression, as they all suddenly crashed onto the ground! In the cold rainwater, judging by the situation, their lives just ended!

Okawa and the others inside the courtyard were dumbfounded!

None of them understood how Yang Chen killed the people outside by merely walking past them, not to mention not a single drop of fresh blood could be seen!

Chapter 326: Okawa 2018-04-24T23:04:11+00:00

In the desolate Gobi Desert, there lay infinite yellow sand and little hills. The weathered, strangely shaped rocks formed a bleak and tragic world.

Behind a rock on a small slope, a middle-aged man and a boy leaned against the rock side-by-side in the shade.

The man was holding a bottle of Remy Martin XO which was half finished. His slovenly face was unshaven while his eyes were half closed. The flush on his face as a result of consuming alcohol made him look like he would faint at any moment, especially when he behaved in a very lazy manner.

“Uncle, what technique did you teach me? Why is it so magical?” the boy asked as he fidgeted with two pebbles. At such a boring place, all he could do to have fun was using small things like this to help his boredom.

The middle-aged man had a hiccup. Using his hoarse voice, he asked, “What is it? How is it magical?”

“After I finished practising this morning, I got stabbed on my leg by someone this morning. However, after cultivating the technique Uncle taught me, my wound has almost fully recovered,” the boy said contentedly.

The man laughed as he panted. “You’re still far from the level you’re heading to. Focus on your training…”

“Uncle, what’s this technique named?” the boy asked out of curiosity.

“The name… I don’t remember… It’s not important, only you and I know how to use it. Call it whatever you want…” the man replied casually.

The boy seemed to have more questions. He continued asking, “Uncle, what will happen if I reach the ninth level that you mentioned? Uncle, what level are you in now?”

The middle-aged man shut his eyes. He looked like he was rather tired. Blurrily, he said, “I don’t know as well… I’ve only managed to reach level seven—The Passing. I have yet to get an insight on level eight ‘Life and Death’, let alone the last one, level nine ‘Rebirth’...”

The boy appeared disappointed. “Uncle, you’re only at level seven at such an old age. Then don’t I have to wait until I become an old man if I want to get to level nine?”

“Nonsense… This has nothing to do with age. You’ll comprehend it if you do. If you don’t, it doesn’t help even when you grow older…”

“Then how may I comprehend it?” the boy asked.

The man stopped talking. He fell asleep as he snored away.

The boy sighed helplessly before turning his head to face the deserted Gobi Desert. Looking absent-minded, he revealed an expression which didn’t match his age at all…

It was unknown when the dismal raindrops started falling from the overcast sky.

In the courtyard, Noriko Okawa looked at Yang Chen whose breath was cut off. Slowly, he withdrew the Mystical Masamura.

Lacking support, Yang Chen’s body softly slid off the door frame before lying on the ground while his blood dyed the bricks red.

Having absorbed blood, the dragon carving on the demon’s blade turned scarlet as it displayed ferocity. Faintly, it looked like it wanted to get away from the sheath.

A surging killing aura dispersed from the blade, causing the few people around to frown slightly.

“Such a good blade. The legendary cursed blade of bloodlust really exists,” the cardinal Bruno said before a weird look appeared in his eyes. “I wonder how this blade would compare to the devil’s weapon of heresy—Massacre Blade.”

Noriko Okawa didn’t answer him. He kept the blade and silently gazed upon Yang Chen who wasn’t moving anymore. As the corners of his lips revealed an evil smile, he said, “Even real gods can be slaughtered, let alone a human being who acquired god status through ‘god killing’. How ignorant…”

“You can’t put it that way. We only managed to defeat him using the radioactive drug we developed wasn’t present, paired with Miss Ninetails’ superb acting skills and magical mind-reading ability… Oh, of course, we required Leader Okawa’s understanding towards god status as well. We had to carefully work together to beat him, so it’s actually rather appropriate that he’s called a god.” Judy’s words sounded like a compliment, but her face didn’t hold the slightest respect, but contempt instead.

“No matter what, starting from today, Pluto won’t appear for the next hundred years. Regarding where he’ll be reincarnated to and when he’ll awaken again are none of our business. We only have to investigate the specific coordinates of God’s Stone now. I definitely won’t be difficult to obtain it without his guard,” Noriko Okawa said, elated. “Even if he comes to take revenge on us at that time, it’s not impossible for us to become gods with God’s Stone. If we can’t become one, we won’t be alive at that time anymore, which means he won’t have a place to vent his anger on.

“Leader Okawa’s words sound very nice, but who’ll be in charge to look for God’s Stone, and who will it belong to after it’s found?” Judy asked with a smile.

Noriko Okawa said disdainfully, “What is it? Are you people from Blue Storm planning to hold it yourselves? Ignoring the matter of God’s Stone, as long as I’m not willing to let you guys leave today, you won't have any chance to live as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Noriko Okawa’s martial arts robe wavered without the help of the wind, while the demon’s blade in his hand started vibrating, faintly echoing the sharp sound of metals which sounded like the yells of ghosts and roars of wolves.

The oncoming horrifying killing aura made Judy and the other two members of Blue Storm and the three people from the Vatican to take a few steps back in caution before looking at Noriko Okawa, terrified.

Hannya and Tanuki had witnessed their leader’s power before, that belonged to the peak of chinnin, which was said to be one step away from the legendary rank—Tennin, a level beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Having reached the level of jinnin, the two already had overwhelming power levels. However, the more they trained, the more they felt the huge gap between jinnin and chinnin which was incredibly difficult to conquer.

Ninetails and the short-haired lady from Takamagahara had long retreated to a corner. They looked at the scene like watching a movie as they weren’t afraid of Noriko Okawa’s killing aura at all.

“Leader, the two of us will be enough to kill them,” Hannya said as she bowed.

Noriko Okawa snorted in contempt. “Killing these rubbish won’t make any difference. Now that Pluto has died, you two shall head to China again in search of God’s Stone after a few days. You have to find it this time.”

Noriko Okawa said it in front of Blue Storm, the Vatican and Takamagahara. Evidently, he was showing his domineering attitude. If someone dared to stop him, he wouldn’t mind slashing them apart with his demon’s blade.

Being looked down upon, Judy and the others got infuriated but didn’t dare to voice out. They didn’t expect the chinin-level Noriko Okawa to hold such horrifying power. Yamata Sect may not have the most elites, but they were superior in terms of quantity, in addition to the various ninjutsu. They certainly couldn’t be easily dealt with.

Now that the biggest obstacle to obtaining God’s Stone had died, it became an item of no owner.

Victory would belong to the side with the hardest fists.

With their headquarters in Japan, Yamata Sect was really close to China, earning them a huge advantage, not to mention their huge number of members in addition to Noriko Okawa’s depthless ability. All of these couldn’t be stopped by these power-users. Evidently, Yamata Sect had the biggest chance of obtaining God’s Stone.

To make the situation worse, Noriko Okawa understood the god status and God’s Stone the most. After all, when Zero conducted the experiment on God’s Stone, he was already a core member in Zero. He knew how God’s Stone operated more than anyone else.

However, relative to these worries, Judy and the others were more concerned with their lives. If Noriko Okawa really wanted to kill all of them, it wouldn’t be easy for them to escape.

“Leader Okawa, we only came here to help you slay Pluto, not to snatch God’s Stone from you. We only fight heresy at the Vatican. Since Pluto’s body is destroyed, we shall take our leave now,” Bruno said. He saw that the situation turned bad, and decided to escape before thinking about anything else.

However, before he could leave, two ghost-like silhouettes blocked the exit.

Tanuki and Hannya sealed the path from both sides as they held a sharp sword in their hands, appearing ready to strike any time.

“Why do you two have to force us?” Bruno frowned as his nerves tightened, while the two knights beside him got ready to pull their weapons out.

Noriko Okawa snorted in disdain. “Hannya, Tanuki, let them leave.”

“Yes!” The two instantly stepped aside.

“Leader Okawa is indeed rational.” Bruno’s back stopped sweating.

“Rational? It’s just that I don’t care about the lives of some ants,” Noriko Okawa said scornfully. “After I obtain God’s Stone and become god, deceitful organizations in the name of God like yours can’t even be considered as ants.”

“You…” Bruno wanted to rebuke, but immediately realized he was still standing near the cave of a tiger. He knew that it was impossible for him to block the overwhelming killing aura together with the two knights beside.

He required the help of the two strongest teams of crusaders from the Vatican to be able to at least survive. He wasn’t confident on defeating Noriko Okawa even using the secret skills of the Vatican.

As he thought, Bruno angrily flung his sleeves before turning around and leaving.

Judy and the other two members of Blue Storm knew that it was dangerous to stay as well. Seeing the ‘strategic retreat’ of the Vatican, they wanted to quickly leave as well. At least, they could avoid being insulted by Noriko Okawa.

The two groups of people had the same thought, to please the madman Noriko Okawa for now, and gather more forces to go against him. They even managed to plot Pluto’s death, why would it be hard to kill him?!

However, at this moment, an eerie and hair-raising sound resounded from behind…

“I haven’t said… you guys could leave…”

The six people from the Vatican and Blue Storm violently turned around as their faces went pale instantly!

Even Noriko Okawa got astonished. He took a few steps back and stared at the exit without hesitation.

The two demonic ladies from Takamagahara had their mouths half-opened as well, as if they witnessed something terrifying.

Yang Chen who originally stopped breathing and lay on the ground had somehow recovered his breath. His body quivered like a tree branch trying to resist a heavy load. He stumbled as he pulled himself up from the ground, but soon managed to stand up!

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Chapter 325: The Demon's Blade 2018-04-23T23:02:53+00:00

A blonde Asian lady wearing a tight-fitting, black, leather jacket which revealed her immensely curvy body, approached Yang Chen and walked around him as if she was catwalking. Turning to Nine-tailed Arctic Fox, she said, “Ninetails you stinky fox, I didn’t expect you to actually get anything done.”

Ninetails snorted in contempt. “Stupid Cat, do you expect everyone to be the same as you, to only know how to fight but not how to use your brain?”

“If you’re talking about using your brain, how can anyone rival Noriko Okawa?” the lady referred as Stupid Cat said before turning her gaze to the man with white hair who led the others inside.

Although it could be seen that the man was old, his face was vibrant and healthy while his skin was smooth, not the slightest sign of aging could be spotted. With his gaze fixed on Yang Chen, his eyes looked like cold water which didn’t hold any ripples.

Yang Chen looked at the white-haired man and the man and woman who followed him behind. They were the two jinnins he met a few times—Hannya and Tanuki. However, Tengu was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Chen didn’t know that Tengu had long been killed by Hannya.

Hannya held a complicated expression when she saw Yang Chen, while Tanuki sneered, as if he saw something very comical.

The three other people who walked inside as well, wore blue leather jackets. They were the power-users from the American Blue Storm!

One of them was Judy whom he released from the battle in Tibet!

Judy’s charming face was pinkish and warm. Evidently, she was overjoyed to see Yang Chen injured. Back then, Blue Storm suffered a major loss and got heavily humiliated because of Yang Chen. She previously relied on Venus’s protective talisman to stay alive. Today, she brought two other members and the two strong Japanese associations to deal with Yang Chen!

The appearance of another three people puzzled Yang Chen.

One of them was a cardinal from the Vatican while the other two armored swordsmen were from Knights of the Holy Palace!

Yang Chen didn’t know why even the Vatican was involved to deal with him.

“Your Majesty Pluto, we meet again,” Judy said with a smile.

Yang Chen took a step back to lean on the door frame. He noticed just how strong the poison was, as his body slowly weakened. He couldn’t even stand straight and stable anymore.

“I was just wondering how Takamagahara managed to develop a poison that even I’m susceptible to, even if they’re strong… Now I understand why, even you guys are involved…” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

If Yang Chen had to guess just who had the ability to develop an effective poison against him, or even a drug, it could only be Blue Storm.

Having gathered the world’s top-notch power-user and technology association, it wasn’t impossible for them to develop a type of poison tailored to harm Yang Chen’s body.

Expectedly, Judy nodded as she admitted. “Your Majesty Pluto, this drug we made specially for you is one of a kind in the world. Because of your unique body type, poisons made from ordinary elements cannot harm you. So, we chose to use a radioactive element called polonium as the main ingredient. The concentrated polonium element which cost us 40 million US dollars in addition to another 200 million for the remaining elements and various development costs… are all in the tea you consumed earlier.”

“Polonium, is it…” Yang Chen lowered his head to look at the teacup he drank from earlier. Some of the characteristics of polonium included transparency and lack of flavor, so it was totally normal for him to fail to identify its presence. “You guys spent almost 300 million US dollars just to develop a drug used against me. Isn’t that too wasteful?”

“Not wasteful at all…” Judy walked forward and gazed at the dagger pierced into Yang Chen’s heart. Smiling coldly, she said, “Your Majesty Pluto, haven’t you noticed that your senses became really slow? You couldn’t detect Miss Ninetails’ killing aura nor could you tell she was going to stab you with a dagger. Most importantly, your body isn’t as tough and your wound… can’t recover itself anymore… These are all effects caused by the radioactive elements. Alpha particles can effectively suppress your self-healing ability, and can weaken your body tissues by repeatedly colliding.”

Yang Chen finally understood his poor senses were caused by the drug as well, which allowed Ninetails to succeed so easily!

Thus, not only did the drug affect his physiological functions, it also suppressed his senses and thinking ability!

“Actually, I have to thank Your Majesty Pluto for not killing me last time. After I returned to the headquarters, I managed to provide lots of direct information,” Judy said. “The strength of Gods comes from the combination of their bodies and consciousness. According to the legend of Treaty of Gods, being non-God individuals, we don’t have to be afraid since your ability is constrained. After all, you can’t unseal your true ability against non-Gods. I bet Your Majesty Pluto mustn’t want to disobey the treaty, unless you want to be the common enemy of all the other Gods. As a result, this drug designed specially for you alone was born.”

Yang Chen smiled coldly. “It must’ve been tough for you to use nuclear technology against me. However, do you guys possibly think this can kill me…”

“We can’t.” The person who spoke was the white-haired man who was the leader of Yamata Sect, also a Chinin—Noriko Okawa. Evidently, this entire plot was set up by him.

“Both of us used to be assassins in Zero. Although we weren’t close, I understand you more than anyone else.” Noriko Okawa spoke Japanese in an monotonous manner, sounding extremely lifeless. “Although most people don’t know this, I’m fully aware that you only managed to snatch the God status of Pluto, from the leader of Zero, through ‘God killing’. I know that Gods are theoretically eternal and indestructible, but if their bodies were destroyed, they definitely couldn’t immediately revive. As far as I know, once the body of a God is destroyed, he’s left no choice but to reincarnate… while reincarnation certainly couldn’t be done within tens of years…”

Yang Chen’s pupils shrank. His understanding towards God tier has reached such a level!

Noriko Okawa continued speaking, “So, regardless if we can snatch God’s Stone from your hands, as long as your body gets destroyed today, you won’t form any threat towards us!”

Yang Chen laughed. “Didn’t I give you all God’s Stone long ago? Why are you talking about it now?”

“That one is fake…”

Noriko Okawa basically squeezed these words out of his mouth. Painfully, he said, “Your means is indeed clever. You managed to trick all of us… I thought you’d hand in the real God’s Stone for the woman you love, but it’s still fake at last… The real God’s Stone must be hidden away by you in some corner!”

“Your Majesty Pluto, Leader Okawa got visits from quite a lot of enemies after getting the fake God’s Stone. Even when he told others that his God’s Stone was fake, no one was willing to believe him. This is indeed a wicked act,” Judy said before sighing.

Yang Chen felt that it was fun. Looking at them, he said, “You guys from Blue Storm should be one of the forces that are going for God’s Stone, otherwise you wouldn’t get together with Yamata Sect like now.”

“That’s right, but so what if that’s the case? As long as a deal is beneficial to us, we don’t mind spending some time,” Judy said with a smile.

Yang Chen turned his attention to the three members from the Vatican who had remained silent all this time. “I’m really curious about something. Do the people from the Vatican want to snatch God’s Stone as well?”

Using Italian, the cardinal replied, “Your Majesty Pluto, I’m Bruno from the Japanese parish. I came here today because you promised the Dark Parliament an alliance agreement. This is negative news to us at the Vatican, so we decided to join this time.”

Yang Chen felt dismal. I shouldn’t have signed anything with Lilith since the beginning. It got found out at all. I’m usually not afraid of this, but my body may really be destroyed today.

“I think Mr Cardinal doesn’t have to step in yourself.”

Noriko Okawa waved his hand at a sword holder nearby. An old-looking katana suddenly flew into his hand.

“Pluto, do you know what this sword is…”

Without saying anything more, Noriko Okawa pulled out the blade from the sheath.

The gleam from the blade flashed in front of Yang Chen. It could be seen that lots of scripture were written tightly on the katana, while a lifelike ancient dragon was carved on its side…

“The demon's blade, Mystical Masamura?!”

Yang Chen immediately thought of the name, with the reason being the sword was really too famous in the assassination scene.

Before Yang Chen truly became an assassin in Zero, legend had it that the first assassin from Zero owned that weapon Mystical Masamura. There wasn’t concrete evidence on who the assassin was.

Masamura was the most common type of blade during the Edo period. Compared to other weapons which would mostly get worn out quickly, it was sharper and tougher, hence the name the demon's blade.

After that, the first ancestor of Okawa shogunate got killed by a masamura. As a result, the usage of masamura as a blade was utterly banned before a huge number of them got destroyed!

However, the strongest masamura which held a curse of bloodlust was left. This blade had Mystical Lotus Sutra engraved all over its body together with a dragon carving. As soon as the blade was dipped in blood, its dragon carving would shine in red, allowing the sword to unleash its overwhelming power.

No wonder Noriko Okawa was so trusted by the first-generation Pluto. So he used to be the highest-ranked person in Zero!

“You look like you know what it is.” Noriko Okawa touched the blade with one of his hands. Proudly, he said, “The reason today’s plot is planned here is only because this is the ancestral home of Okawa clan. Killing a God here is still a glory to us. Our ancestor from Okawa was killed by a demon's blade, while the strongest demon's blade still belongs to Okawa clan.

“You’re an opponent worthy of dying by this blade. Even if your true ability is contained by the drug, it’s still worthy for me to kill you with a masamura.”

After Noriko Okawa finished speaking, he pointed the blade at Yang Chen. “Let me ask you one last time. Where’s God’s Stone?”

Yang Chen was in agony even when all he did was breathe. If it wasn’t for his body type and the pure internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, he would’ve died hundreds of times as a result of his heart being pierced.

“I won’t tell you even if it means I have to reincarnate today,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “Furthermore, it’s not certain yet if you’re able to take my life.”

“How ignorant!”

Following his yell, the demon's blade in his hand behaved like a frightened goose!

Yang Chen looked extremely pale as he violently spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Lowering his head to have a look, half of the demon's blade had already entered his chest…

Except the poisonous dagger with gold lines, his heart was pierced by a demon's blade as well at the same time.

The drug developed by Blue Storm made him so sluggish that he didn’t even have time to think of dodging the attack, not to mention his body completely lost the ability to move!

Yang Chen dazed. Feeling dizzy, the energy in his body rapidly leaked while his vision started to get blurry…

Finally, the world turned into complete darkness!

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Chapter 324: Plot 2018-04-23T00:10:28+00:00

Yang Chen’s mind couldn’t digest what just happened in that short period of time. The sudden change in situation completely went beyond his imagination!


Why did Seventeen who was right in front of him stab his heart with a dagger?!

Secondly, how was it possible for his body to be this easily penetrated?!

Furthermore, he didn’t sense the slightest bit of killing aura earlier!

Even if he was completely incautious, his keen senses definitely couldn’t allow anyone to have the time to take a dagger out to stab him!

“Your Majesty Pluto, can it be that you have not felt the pain of being injured for too many years?” Seventeen asked scornfully as she wiped the tears around her eyes. “How is it? The feeling of getting your heart stabbed must be great. You’re indeed someone people refer to as ‘God’, you’re still standing this straight even when your heart is pierced.”

Yang Chen quickly realized the lady in front of him had a completely different expression than before. He shouted, “You’re not Seventeen!”


‘Seventeen’ burst into laughter as her body moved front and back, as if she just listened to the most laughable joke.

“Of course I’m not the bitch. The woman had long sunk somewhere in the ocean after getting knocked unconscious…” the lady said contentedly.

Yang Chen’s lips started to pale. The dagger in his heart evidently brought some form of strong chemical composition.

What made Yang Chen feel even horrifying was his extraordinary healing ability was continuously plummeting!

In the past, he certainly could still recover normally even when his heart was pierced. It was because of his strong body type after getting shone upon by the divine light, and the magical ability he acquired after practising Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. However currently, Yang Chen could clearly feel that the recovery of his body was exceptionally slow. As a result, if he pulled the dagger out, his blood loss wouldn’t be stopped on time. The high pressure in his heart would definitely spurt huge amounts of blood!

If that happened, it was totally possible for his body to be completely demolished!

However, compared to how he currently felt, listening to this lady describe how Seventeen truly died made him feel much more miserable!

This could be how it felt when one entered hell from the heaven!

When he saw Seventeen alive right in front of his eyes earlier, his heart fell into a kind of ecstasy. However, all of these were nothing but a trap! A trap planned and set up for him so that he could be killed!

However, even if this was the case, there still were too many questions in Yang Chen’s mind. After all, if someone wanted to plan a plot this precise against him, they’d require much more than just good acting skills.

How did this fake ‘Seventeen’ stalk me without me noticing? Being able to grasp my coordinates, appear at the right time and disappear into thin air is definitely not easy.

Also, how does she understand Seventeen so well that she so flawlessly mimicked her actions?! She even knows the various past events between me and Seventeen!

More unbelievably, why couldn’t my senses detect her action of striking an attack? What’s the drug that can weaken my recovery ability?! Ordinary toxins held no threat towards me at all! It definitely isn’t as simple as poisoning me!

Also, when did I get drugged?!

“I know that you must have lots of questions. Before my partners come, I can explain some of them to you.”

Smiling, the fake Seventeen walked towards Yang Chen, stopping three feet away from him before twirling leisurely…

In the blink of an eye, ‘Seventeen’ who was wearing a blue dress transformed…

“Kawanako?!” No matter how Yang Chen tried to stay calm, he still widened his eyes in shock.

Kawanako chucked. “Mr Yang, now you know how I managed to grasp your whereabouts while going unnoticed.”

Yang Chen finally realized he wouldn’t spot ‘Seventeen’ when Kawanako was around. The fake ‘Seventeen’ would only appear when he went to the market alone during free time!

Earlier in the day at Nijo Castle, Kawanako delivered tea to the bus driver with a plan in mind! She intentionally excused herself to become ‘Seventeen’ and lured him over!

As he thought about it, the reason there was no one at all outside the courtyard was all planned as well.

The yearning he held for Seventeen, together with various agitated thoughts, made him unwilling to think about these unusual details. Moreover, he subconsciously thought that no one at all could be a threat to him, so he let down his awareness!

“What a well-planned plot. Your ability to disguise yourself is perfect, but how do you—”

“How do I know the past between you and the bitch, is this what you want to ask?” Kawanako snorted disdainfully.

“You better clean your mouth up.” If it wasn’t because Yang Chen had too many uncertainties, he would’ve rushed over to obliterate Kawanako, although he wasn’t sure how much strength he had left.

Kawanako put up a frightened act as she took a few steps back. Smiling, she said, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you still remember a really beautiful woman you killed amongst all the others on the island at the Pacific Ocean a year ago?”

Yang Chen squinted as he tried to recall. Instantly, he thought of the woman who ordered to initiate the explosion when laughing!

“What’s your relationship with her…” Yang Chen already noticed something.

The smile on Kawanako’s face faded. Coldly, she said, “That’s my elder sister, Snow Girl while I’m her younger sister. You can call me… Ninetails.”

“Nine-tailed Arctic Fox from Takamagahara!” Yang Chen exclaimed.

“Ah, I really didn’t expect Your Majesty Pluto to know my name…”

Ninetails clapped before spinning around once again. Instantly, ‘Kawanako’ didn’t exist anymore. The one who remained was a charming lady dressed in a pink Japanese kimono with a scarf made of fox fux wrapped around her neck.

“So, even Takamagahara was involved in that incident…” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

If Yamata Sect was the strongest ninja organization, the association Takamagahara which had extremely few members would be the other strongest, hidden power-user association in Japan.

The legendary Takamagahara was actually a place the Kami recided. The Japanese kings and queens would rise to Takamagahara following their deaths.

On the other hand, the real Takamagahara was an organization formed by a group of ‘monsters’ which possessed some kind of superpowers. Although they had limited members, each of them held extraordinary powers.

Yang Chen heard about Nine-tailed Arctic Fox who was in front of him before. Best in forming illusions, she could easily transform into different characters, with the exact same voice and appearance.

The more terrifying thing was… this woman could also read minds! As a result, she would understand of of the memories from the people she disguised as!

A bright gleam flashed in Yang Chen’s eyes. He asked, “Since you could imitate Seventeen so well that I failed to identify you in a short time, I bet you must’ve read her memory before…”

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox didn’t mind his question at all. Smiling proudly, she said, “That’s right. I’m also not afraid to tell you that I was the one who initiated the explosion after my elder sister Snow Girl gave the order. In fact, I had been the one who guarded your woman before that. So I’ve read a lot of Seventeen’s memories…”

“So… you’re the most direct executioner…” Yang Chen said with a weird smile.

Nine-tailed Arctic Fox looked at Yang Chen disdainfully. “Your Majesty Pluto, it sure seems you still don’t understand that your woman’s death is caused by you murdering too many people you shouldn’t have killed. You became all of our enemy and everyone’s threat. Furthermore… you refused to give up God’s Stone which is in your hands… You got in everyone’s way, so you are the true executioner who caused your woman’s death…”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door of the courtyard was pushed opened slightly, before a few people dressed in different clothing walked inside.

The face of Nine-tailed Arctic Fox revealed pride. “You guys came really late. Were you really worried that I might fail?”

Yang Chen turned his head around. It only took him a glance before his look turned solemn.


Chapter 323: Don't Leave 2018-04-21T23:58:04+00:00

Seventeen’s charming body shivered lightly as her eyes reddened. Turning her head away, she said, “Now you think about the child. Back then, why didn’t you give the child any thought?”

“I…” Yang Chen painfully shut his eyes. After a short while, he said, “My brain wasakin to glue at that time, I couldn’t control myself…”

“Humph,” Seventeen snorted coldly. “Couldn’t control yourself? Did you ever think of controlling yourself? I really pity the child. Because of a father like you, he left just like this before he was born…”

Yang Chen’s body went stiff as he felt his scalp go numb. If someone else were there, they would have seen the bulging veins on his forehead.


“Do you think I would be completely unharmed when I fell into the ocean after the explosion without dying?” Seventeen asked angrily, agitated.

The place fell into silence once again, so quiet that the place felt dead.

In Yang Chen’s mind, he recalled the different occasions in the past. Quickly, his eyes got red…

It was extremely windy on the ocean of surging waves.

A warship stolen from the military slowly sailed into the international waters. Under the sunlight, the angular steel monster looked unruly.

On the front desk of the warship, there was a large group of people of different skin colors and dressed in different clothing. Looking imposing and ferocious, they held a killing aura as they were gathered together.

Each of their faces was filled with resentment and hatred. There were at least fifty or sixty of them, all staring furiously at a lazy-looking young man sat on the chair in front of them.

There were a few people who looked like generals behind the young man, looking solemn and respectful. Evidently, they held the young man in high regard.

“Since you guys took the money from someone else to deal with my people, you should’ve expected this to happen. So, stop giving me the look. I’ll give you all a chance to kill me together. You should be thankful that I’m not using a machine gun to annihilate you all. I advise you to quickly take action,” the young man said with a smile.

Using German, a white buff man roared, “Only a small team of us from Blaze Mercenary was involved. Why do you have to chase us down and wipe us all out?! You’re even not letting our families from the headquarters go!”

“You’re nothing but a bloodthirsty devil. You’re just using an absurd excuse to satisfy your bloodlust!” another huge-bodied man shouted angrily.

“Being the strong one, don’t you feel disgraceful when you swing your blade at children and women?!”

“Karma will strike on you one day…”

The young man suddenly opened his eyes which revealed a scarlet light. “I asked you guys to move your hands, not your mouth!”

In the blink of an eye, the young man had left his seat. When he appeared again, he suddenly rushed towards the crowd!

The two strong men who were speaking a moment ago suddenly received a forceful blow on their skulls, immediately turning into two groups of blood fog!

Shortly after, the young man’s body spurted through the group of fifty to sixty prisoners of war a few rounds just like the whirlwind of death, leaving a floor full of broken limbs and other body parts.

The dark-red blood water formed a river and flowed into the ocean following the deck…

After killing everyone, the young man’s face revealed a smile of satisfaction. He used a white handkerchief to wipe his hands before turning around and walking back to the cabin.

At this moment, a young lady dressed in a blue dress walked to the deck and looked at the pool of blood. Frowning, she said to the young man, “Thirteen, don’t kill anymore. Haven’t you killed enough people?”

Thirteen stopped walking. “My dear Seventeen, it’s not that I haven’t killed enough of them, but there seems to be people constantly looking to die.”

Painfully shaking her head, Seventeen said, “Three years ago, you told me you wanted to wipe Zero out and live a bloodless life. Now that you destroyed Zero, why do you always have to kill? The people earlier didn’t offend you at all, let alone their families! Thirteen, you weren’t like this back then!”

Thirteen smiled in an indifferent manner. “Seventeen, do you remember the time where I asked you why you liked to wear a blue dress for all four seasons in the year?”

Seventeen remained silent.

“You told me that when you were dressed in a clean-looking shirt, you’d feel a sense of achievement when blood got on your shirt.”

Seventeen turned her head away. “That was a long time ago. I don’t have the urge to kill now. I just want to live a peaceful life.”

“Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I don’t as well.” A flame of excitement flashed in Thirteen’s eyes. “Seventeen, I get a wonderful feeling every time I finish killing these days. I get a sense of accomplishment when lives flow away from my hands, and I can only experience it deeper by killing even more people.

“You’re the one I trust the most, also the woman I like the most. I’ll get really angry if you oppose me from killing. So, I don’t allow you to try to stop me again!”

After he finished speaking, Thirteen walked into the cabin without turning back.

Seventeen stood at the cabin entrance. Silently, teardrops fell from her face.

Early in the morning, Thirteen got up from a huge velvet bed blurrily.

Thirteen’s mind was rather dizzy after a night of gulping alcohol. He reached out to feel the area beside him, only to find out that there was no one.

As he felt confused, Thirteen felt a hard object. He took it up and had a look. It was an envelope.

Upon opening it, he found a piece of paper with a few short sentences. The familiar writing made Thirteen’s eye become clear…

Thirteen, I’m leaving.

I had failed to persuade you. You changed so much that I feel scared.

It’s not that I want to leave you. The reason is I now bear your child.

Our child cannot grow up in a bloody environment full of murders. I want him to peacefully grow up.

If I told you I had a child earlier, I wouldn’t have the chance to leave. So, forgive me for only telling you after I left.

If the day where you become the old Thirteen again comes, I’ll bring the child and come back to your side.


Thirteen’s hands shivered, causing the paper to slip away…

He suddenly remembered the look on Seventeen’s face when she left the bar yesterday night. He didn’t feel very unusual at that time, but when he thought about it currently, her gaze was filled with resolution, abomination, agony and grief, as if the soul in the beautiful shell was suffering as it tried to free itself.

So, she was saying goodbye?

At a steep cliff on an island located at the Pacific Ocean, a few heavily injured individuals were forced to the cliff. If they backed off a bit more, they’d fall onto the surging waves and cold reefs!

Thirteen’s eyes were filled with anger. The scarlet glow of glow looked just like the blaze in hell, causing the few arrogant people to recede.

“I don’t care if you guys are power-users or mercenaries. If you want to take revenge on me, I’ll entertain you any day, but if you kidnap my woman, I’ll let you suffer more than you would if you died…” Thirteen’s voice sounded like the rolling of gears. Even when the strong sea breeze whistled, his voice still clearly drilled into the people’s ears.

Below the cliff, there was a whole bunch of dead bodies drenched in blood, signifying the violence of a cruel war.

However, Thirteen was still standing, while the last few people were forced up the cliff.

One of the flirtatious women laughed loudly. “Pluto, even if you kill all of us, your woman and the child in her belly will be buried with us!”

“So what if all of us can’t defeat you even when we cooperate? Once we die while you’re still alive, you’ll suffer more than dying!”

Thirteen clenched his fists. He felt a strong urge to slash the people apart. However, he didn’t know Seventeen’s coordinates, which caused him pain as if his heart was cut open with a knife.

The charming lady could be seen taking out a walkie talkie from her sleeves. Using Japanese, she said, “Mission failed, initiate explosion…”

Thirteen suddenly realized what order it was. However, when he wanted to shout ‘stop’, it was already too late!

Boom! Boom! The sound of explosion could be heard coming from another cliff far away. The stone wall shattered violently into pieces because of the strong explosives!

A black object which looked like an iron cage fell towards the ocean following the explosion, before getting annihilated by the tides and swallowed by the sea waves…


Thirteen’s roar couldn’t stop the instant explosion hundreds of meters away at all, let alone stopping the cage hidden in the cliff from falling into the ocean…

The lady laughed loudly. “Although our alliance failed to kill you this time, letting you go through the pain forever of losing the woman and child you love can be considered our victory as well!”

After she finished speaking, without waiting for Thirteen’s anger to be vented on them, the few power-users jumped off the cliff together before impacting the reefs and becoming bursts of blood, swallowed by the sea waves…

Thirteen absentmindedly kneeled on the cliff as he stared on the fluctuating sea waves. The gaze of Seventeen on the night she left appeared in front of his eyes again…

The scarlet in his eyes faded slowly at last…

Withdrawing his thoughts, Yang Chen stared at the woman in front of him as he held a complicated look.

“I made you experience those things and lose the child. Not willing to see me although you’re alive is not wrong. I definitely don’t deserve to meet you anymore.” Yang Chen’s eyes turned bloodshot. Smiling pathetically, he said, “But I’m already satisfied to see you alive.”

“Leave. Seeing you today is the last time we’ll ever meet,” Seventeen said after standing up as she emotionlessly tidied her messy, black hair.

Yang Chen quivered as he stood up. He felt like his heart was bitten by insects and snakes. As he endured the pain, he looked at the woman who was less than a foot away. “Seventeen, I know that it’s useless for me to say anything now. Back then when you fell into the ocean, I suddenly understood a lot of things. Regrettably, I didn’t manage to comprehend them when you were still beside me…”

“Stop talking about it. I don’t want to listen…” Seventeen replied coldly and mercilessly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “In the past year of returning to China, I met a woman who looks extremely alike with you… Her look, her personality, the way she speaks and especially her gaze looked very similar. I once thought that she was a woman the heaven sent to my side as a replacement… However, I realized that she is her, while you are you. You’re Seventeen, the Seventeen whom no one can replace…”

Yang Chen silently turned around. Clenching his teeth, he looked resolute as he raised his feet to leave.

“Thirteen!” Seventeen suddenly yelled.

Yang Chen turned around, and looked at her absentmindedly.

It wasn’t known when Seventeen’s eyes were covered with a layer of mist. Suddenly, she rushed towards Yang Chen and hugged him tightly!

Yang Chen stunned for a short while before he understood what just happened. As he felt warmth in his heart, he lightly hugged the woman who was sobbing in his arms.

“Don’t leave…”

Yang Chen listened to the sad whisper. As he wanted to console her, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t right!

How can it be?!

Seventeen who was in his arms slowly took two steps back away from Yang Chen. It was still the familiar face which was tearing. However, she was now looking at Yang Chen with a playful gaze.

Stunned, Yang Chen lowered his head, only to find a dagger intertwined with lines of gold stabbed into his heart!

A beautiful flower of blood bloomed on Yang Chen’s chest!

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Chapter 322: Trophy 2018-04-18T23:45:59+00:00

In Sanya of Hainan, the warm sunlight hit on the while buildings of the coastal resort, while the tall coconut trees were swaying back and forth.

Over here, winter couldn’t be felt and one wouldn’t feel cold.

Outside a sea-view deluxe suite was a spacious balcony. There were two recliners on the balcony, each with its own sunshade. There was also a pool with tens of square meters at the front of the balcony. The clear, azure water in the pool reflected sunlight.

Dressed in pink and blue swimsuits, two willowy ladies wearing sunglasses were lying on the chair as they enjoyed the quiet sunshine of the afternoon, while their hair was still wet.

They were Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni who came for their vacation.

“Ruoxi, it’s more comfortable this way. We haven’t had tea this relaxedly together in a while as we sunbathe,” Mo Qianni said gently.

Lin Ruoxi took the white porcelain tea cup from the small table beside and took a sip of the eye-catching British black tea, before softly saying, “Yeah.”

Mo Qianni was used to how Lin Ruoxi spoke. She’d always been this indifferent. As Mo Qianni didn’t mind her reply, she said, “The others said they were going to take part in the campfire by the seaside. Are you going?”

Lin Ruoxi put the tea cup down. Shaking her head, she replied, “Nah, you may go with them. I’m not going.”

“Although I think that your personality definitely wouldn’t agree on going to an event like that, why not give it a try since you came here with all of us? I bet the others would be pleased for your participation,” Mo Qianni said as she tried to encourage Lin Ruoxi.

“You know my character. I’d only make other people nervous if I went. I don’t want the atmosphere to be too awkward,” Lin Ruoxi said as she smiled faintly.

Mo Qianni sighed softly. “Alright then, I’m not going as well. I’ll stay to keep you company.”

“You should go since you’re the department head. You’re leading the team this time, while I merely came to relax myself,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Mo Qianni’s facial expression slightly changed. After hesitating for a while, she asked out of concern, “Ruoxi, you seem to be in a really bad mood. Did you argue with that guy? If it was you back then, you wouldn’t come to a trip with us for no good reason.”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes under the sunglasses didn’t hold any emotions. She bit her lips and didn’t answer the question.

Mo Qianni sighed. “It’s fine if you don’t want to say. I don’t mean anything else. I’m just worried about you… so…”

“I know,” Lin Ruoxi suddenly said. “Qianni, I’m fine.”

“Alright…” Mo Qianni forced a smile.

Lin Ruoxi turned her head to look at Mo Qianni. She said, “Qianni, if you like Yang Chen, marry him in the future. I can tell that he likes you a lot as well.”

Mo Qianni’s body shivered as she thought that she heard it wrong. Taking her sunglasses off, it could be seen that her eyes were filled with shock. Staring at Lin Ruoxi’s calm and beautiful face, she asked, “Ruoxi, you… What are you talking about?”

The two had been avoiding Yang Chen’s topic whenever they were together, since both of them treasured their friendship. Even if their feelings changed slightly because of a man, they still carefully protected their friendship. Unexpectedly, Lin Ruoxi suddenly said she was going to divorce Yang Chen, and even suggested Mo Qianni to be with him!

Lin Ruoxi looked like she didn’t notice Mo Qianni’s agitation. In a dull manner, she said, “He said he’d divorce me in a few months’ time. I feel that the reason he gave me is absurd. Since there was nothing he was nostalgic about, that is even the case for me. After we divorce, he’d be free. If you like him… then I’ll support you.”

It was Mo Qianni’s first time listening to this news. Logically speaking, after listening to such a news, even if she wasn’t happy, there was certainly nothing bad about it, since the man she loved could finally be with her officially. However, for unknown reasons, Mo Qianni failed to get excited as she gazed upon Lin Ruoxi who looked so cold that one would think she wouldn’t bothered! On the contrary, she felt pain in her heart…

“Ruoxi, just what happened between you and Yang Chen? Why did this happen so suddenly? You’re not the type of person who would be this unconcerned when it comes to love, are you?” Mo Qianni couldn’t help but to ask.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head. “I also don’t know what happened. Anyway, we’ll separate if we have to. Since the beginning, I’ve never felt that we’d have any good outcome.”

After she finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi stood up from the chair before turning around and walking into the room.

“I’m tired, I’ll go get some rest…”

Before Lin Ruoxi walked into the room, Mo Qianni stood up as well, looking rather solemn.

“Wait.” Mo Qianni stopped Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi stopped walking. “Is there anything else you want to say?”

“Ruoxi, regardless of what the reason is, I hope that you don’t give up so readily. If you don’t love him and he doesn’t like you, you guys wouldn’t have come such a long way until now. At least that’s what I think. I’ve been an outside party since the start, but I’ve never regretted my decision, since I believe everyone has their right to chase their love. Of course, I won’t destroy the relationship between you two. I had never stopped him from going home when he wanted to be with you. I even almost never give him a call, and I try my best not to see him in the office…

“Sometimes it gets me thinking. Why do I want to endure the suffering to help you two maintain your relationship, while I want to own him myself? However, I’ve always been doing this like a fool, even I myself look down on my weak behavior.

“However, when you suddenly told me you were divorcing Yang Chen today, without even making the reason clear, I felt a major heartache. I feel really sad, for you, and for myself as well. I feel that everything on my end has been a mistake since the start.”

Currently, Mo Qianni’s eyes were filled with tears.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and remained silent.

“Lin Ruoxi.” Resolution appeared in Mo Qianni’s eyes. “If one day, after you divorce Yang Chen, I got together with Yang Chen and became his wife… I hope that you know it isn’t because you quit, but I fought for my own love through hard work. It isn’t a kind of donation, it is my trophy!”

Lin Ruoxi turned around before smiling pathetically. “Qianni, back then you said that you definitely wouldn’t have performed as well if you were the CEO of Yu Lei instead, because you said you were inferior... However, today, I feel like I’m the one who’s inferior…”

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she turned around and walked back into the room.

Thick dark clouds appeared in the sky at an unknown time. They slowly blocked the sunlight while the air started getting moist and cold.

In the courtyard, Yang Chen looked at the overcast sky before walking into the simple and elegant mansion.

“Sit down, I’ll make you tea…”

The girl dressed in the water-blue dress slowly kneeled in front of the low table. Her snow-white arms and elegant calves appeared particularly eye-catching in the dimly lit room.

A tea set was tidily arranged on the table together with a new pack of specially chosen tea.

Yang Chen contained his violently beating heart as he kneeled down calmly on the lady’s opposite. His gaze would fall on the girl’s cold and beautiful face, and her practised technique on making tea occasionally.

The fragrance of the tea diffused into the air, causing them to get calm and relaxed.

“I didn’t expect my Seventeen to know how to make tea other than killing,” Yang Chen said.

“After being in Japan for more than a year, I forgot how to kill, but learned how to make tea.” Seventeen put a small tea cup in front of Yang Chen. “Also, I’m not your Seventeen.”

Yang Chen snorted disdainfully at himself. “Your attitude still hasn’t changed. You must hate me now, or even detest me. I can’t blame you, you wouldn’t have to go through that experience if it wasn’t because of me… I thought you had long left me forever. I didn’t expect to see you again here.”

“I didn’t expect to survive that kind of situation. I also didn’t think I’d see you again,” Seventeen said coldly with her head lowered.

“Why did you refuse to see me twice earlier?” Yang Chen asked.

Seventeen raised her head and looked at Yang Chen’s eyes which were struggling to stay calm. “I hadn’t decided yet on whether I should see you again.”

“How about now?”

“I feel that I shouldn’t have to avoid you. I never did anything wrong. I can cut off all my worries after seeing you,” Seventeen said.

Yang Chen sighed deeply and nodded. “That’s right. It’s my fault from beginning to end, while you’re only the victim.”

The two got quiet. Before meeting her, Yang Chen wished so bad that he could see her. However, now that she was right in front of him, Yang Chen noticed he didn’t know what to talk about.

“The tea is getting cold. Drink it first,” Seventeen said.

Yang Chen nodded. As he recalled the past in his mind, he lifted the tea cup and finished it instantly.

“You’re supposed to savor the tea,” Seventeen said as she frowned.

“I’m not in the mood.” Yang Chen put down the tea cup and stared at Seventeen’s indifferent look. Gathering courage, he asked, “Since you’re alive… how about our child?”

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Chapter 321: Owe You Something 2018-04-17T23:15:57+00:00

The classical buildings built in the Edo period were messy, yet pleasant. As Yang Chen searched for the silhouette, he passed through two alleys and arrived at a garden formed by fences.

Since it was winter, most of the trees and other plants had withered away. Red and yellow leaves fell on the tiles and slates of the roof which have seen some rough times .Tree branches could be seen through the mottled fences.

A few really aged yew plum pines which were green during all four seasons occupied some of the space in the courtyard. Delicate trimmings made them hold the green which was exclusive to winter.

There weren’t any tourists at the bluestone path in front of the courtyard. Yang Chen didn’t know if the place wasn’t a tourist site, or it was just coincidentally deserted.

Yang Chen was extremely emotional, since he didn’t lose her trail this time!

The figure dressed in a water-blue skirt pushed the wooden door of the courtyard open before quietly walking inside.

Yang Chen followed to the door, which should have seen years of history since the iron bars on the wooden door revealed rust. However, the thickness, mass and texture of the dark-colored wood gave off the dignity of a noble house.

When he noticed that the person he wanted to see so badly could be inside, at such a short distance, Yang Chen suddenly hesitated.

His footsteps stopped outside the door. Clenching his fists violently, Yang Chen took a deep breath before slowly pushing the door open.

The first thing that entered his vision was the artificial mountain and a water stream inside the courtyard. The stream of water which trickled down a small pool should remain unfrozen all year round. Dense, but frequently trimmed plants surrounded the blocks of ancient houses.

One could feel the majesty of ancient shoguns through the elegant yet generous design of the buildings.

However, all of these had no appeal to Yang Chen’s eyes, as his gaze had been fixed on the pathway in front of the mansion at his opposite, since he entered the place.

Her skirt wavered when the wind blew slightly, revealing a pair of bare feet with the color of snow. She looked curvaceous like a Japanese quince as her black hair got blown to her face by the cold wind, looking cold and quiet as always.

Her eyes still didn’t hold any emotions.

The nostalgic face, posture and aura made Yang Chen stunned where he stood absentmindedly as his mind went completely blank.

Following closely, too many complicated scenes evoked acted like vicious and violent waves as they sucked Yang Chen into the past…

In a place of icy weather, there lay numerous pine trees which were covered in snow all year round. The dark and dense sky was spread with feather-like snow.

A youngster dressed in a robe was pressing onto his arm which scarlet blood gushed out of. He leaned against a humongous tree while the ground of snow in front of his feet was drenched in blood.

The youngster’s lips were pale while his face was ashen. A sharp and ferocious ambience condensed in his eyes as it refused to disperse. However, due to excessive blood loss and the low temperature in addition to three days of continuous stressful battle, he couldn’t sustain himself at last.

Occasional howling of the arctic wolves could be heard from the endless snow forest.

At this moment, more than ten armed soldiers wearing snow capes came in two armored vehicles which were capable of climbing mountains. They stopped on a nearby slope.

The youngster knew who they were. The team was one of his enemies, the special forces called Snow Fox who were secretly trained in Northern Europe, who came to surround and annihilate him. Frequently battling in snow forests and mountains, they were more skilled in fighting at snowy areas than anyone else.

Snow Fox jumped down the armored vehicles orderly before running in a quick but complicated manner as they started their inch-by-inch search in the forest.

The youngster exhaled a mouthful of fog before his eyes turned scarlet once again.

This was the fifteenth wave of enemies he encountered. The previous fourteen waves were all wiped out by him alone, but he finally got heavily injured.

The bullets of his opponents were specially treated so that his wounds couldn’t recover in a short time, even a scab would be difficult to form. This meant his body strength would be expended uncontrollably while he would slowly lose his life…

However, he didn’t want to die!

A long blade slid down into the youngster’s palm from his sleeve. It was the final weapon he had with him!

At this moment, a soldier from the Snow Fox nearest to him suddenly choked!

There was a hole cut open by a sharp weapon on the soldier’s neck. As blood poured, he crashed onto the snow ground!

Behind him appeared a graceful young lady whose body was wrapped in snow camouflage clothing, causing her long hair to be the only eye-catching on the ground of snow!

Before the other soldiers from Snow Fox assaulted the lady, she circled the numerous trees around like lightning.

Occasionally, the short blade in her hand could draw out a splendid splash of blood from a soldier’s throat. Her death-like dance was attractive but lethal!

When a small team of Snow Fox got wiped out by the lady, she walked towards the youngster without saying anything. Ignoring the youngster’s intention, she pulled his arms and lowered her body before carrying him up on her back.

“Didn’t you leave earlier, why did you come back…” Blood still overflowed from the youngster’s arm, causing the lady’s clothing to be soaked slowly.

The lady ran swiftly but she didn’t pant at all. Without any emotions, she answered, “Came back to rescue you.”

“It’s my turn to cover the retreat this time. Missions are all like this, you don’t need to save me.”

“You saved me in the rainforest, I’m returning the favor,” the lady replied.

The corners of the youngster’s lips raised slightly. “You allowed me to vent on your body earlier while I let you live. That was the deal.”

“Correct, that’s a fair trade, but I still owe you something else…”

“What is it?”

“It was you who told me I could learn to trust, at least I can trust you…”

The lady’s voice was really soft while she sounded immensely cold as usual, just like scattered catkins in the wind.

During a night in midsummer, everyone seemed impetuous on the jammed streets where the noise of nightlife could be heard.

On the rooftop of a five-storey building, a youngster stared at the foggy streets with a poor-quality cigarette hanging on his mouth. Over there, some people were fighting, some authorities were chasing unlicensed food stalls away and some people who had gotten in a car accident were arguing. There were all kinds of people doing different activities, as if it was an entire different world.

The youngster had started smoking not long ago and gotten addicted to the feeling since. As the hot smoke entered his lungs, his mind could be temporarily awakened, causing him to feel his own existence.

Suddenly, a silhouette landed on the rooftop and slowly walked towards the youngster.

The youngster turned around and looked at the girl dressed in a water-blue dress whose air was blown by the wind. The face which had gotten a lot mature still looked like a lifeless wooden doll as ever.

“Have you met your mother yet?” the youngster asked with a smile.

“Yes I have,” the girl replied in a dull manner.

“Ah, you’ve spent so much effort to look for her. You finally found her.” Out of curiosity, he asked, “Has she told you your real name yet? Your real name can’t be Seventeen as well right?”

There weren’t any emotions in Seventeen’s eyes. As he gazed at the dark sky, she said, “I don’t have a name. Also, I killed her.”


“The woman who gave birth to me,” Seventeen said.

The youngster coughed violently for a few times. He choked after listening to what she said. Gloomily, he asked, “It wasn’t easy for you to finally locate your mom. Why did you kill her?!”

Calmly, Seventeen answered, “She’s a prostitute. She was doing business when I found her. I asked her who my father is, to which she replied she didn’t remember, since she had many customers each day. She said there was the people back then were willing to pay a high price to play with pregnant ladies, so she didn’t get an abortion. However, since she didn’t have enough money to spend, she didn’t want me either. As a result, she directly left me by the road, so I wasn’t given a name.

“She asked if I had money, and I replied no. She asked me if I wanted to do the kind of business together with her, since she’s old and she wants me to pay for her living…”

The youngster flicked the soot on his cigarette as he remained quiet for a while. “Don’t you feel that you acted a bit too recklessly?”

“Based on the way she lived, it was more appropriate that she died. At least she didn’t have to worry about money or getting old. She should be more blessed this way than being alive. You too know that I don’t feel pain when I kill…” After Seventeen finished speaking, she turned around and snatched the cigarette from the youngster’s hand. As coldness flashed in her eyes, she said, “Let me tell you, Thirteen, don’t smoke this kind of stuff in front of me. I hate to see this look of yours!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the girl turned around. At that moment, a teardrop fell from her face and floated onto the ground.

Seeing the silhouette-like figure disappear in the night, Thirteen slanted his head and smiled before taking yet another cigarette from his shirt pocket and lighting it up.

“Stupid, it’s better that you know how to hate than not know how to feel…”

Chapter 320: Nijo Castle 2018-04-17T23:13:38+00:00

It was reported that earthquakes in Japan which could be felt by people amounted to more than a thousand times a year. This meant earthquakes were as common as eating three meals a day to the Japanese!

Although Yang Chen wasn’t new to earthquakes, it was the first experience for most tourists in the resort!

Quickly, the screams of women and children could be heard coming from all directions. The running footsteps in the corridor resounded unstoppably as well.

Yang Chen hugged Liu Mingyu with an arm to calm her down as they moved to one of the corners in the room.

“This is merely the most common earthquake. Japanese construction has really well-built shockproof structures. We’ll most likely be fine unless it’s an exceptionally serious earthquake.”

Being hugged by Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu could feel his warmth, which helped her a bit in calming down. She realized that although the room was vibrating, her situation was generally fine, so she finally relieved herself.

As her face was still reddish, Liu Mingyu exclaimed nervously, “Oh no! Hongyan must’ve been awakened. She’s alone in the room, what if she wakes up and comes to look for me after noticing my absence? If I go out of your room now, I will be seen by a lot of people.”

“Erm…” Yang Chen said with a smile, “I’ll go out with you later and take a look at each of their rooms later, to act like we’re checking if anyone’s injured. Wouldn’t it explain why we’re together?”

Liu Mingyu pondered for a while and decided to go with Yang Chen’s suggestion since she didn’t have any other ideas. As she thought about it, the rooms continued shaking while the earthquake persisted. As a result, they wouldn’t appear as eye-catching.

Similar to what Yang Chen said, the earthquake didn’t continue for long. The decorations in the room weren’t damaged, and everything became peaceful again.

Quite a lot of tourists who had fled earlier felt embarrassed. Most of them quickly returned to their rooms.

When Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu exit the room together, Liu Mingyu didn’t seem any unusual. Since she was used to dealing with public relations, she was excellent in covering her emotions.

They walked to the nearest room of their colleagues, which had closed lights. Liu Mingyu knocked on the door, only to receive no response after a while.

“Did they possibly run out?” Liu Mingyu asked as she frowned.

Yang Chen shrugged, and proceeded to the next room together.

They found out that there was no one in the next room as well. This situation became slightly weirder.

When they walked to Zhang Cai’s and another colleague’s room, Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu noticed that the lights were on inside.

The knocked on the door. After a while, Zhang Cai’s cowardly voice resounded, “Who is it?”

“It’s me. Zhang Cai, are you guys fine?” Liu Mingyu asked.

The door got opened, revealing a small gap and Zhang Cai’s round face. She looked a bit pale. Nervously, she greeted, “Sister Mingyu.” She wasn’t surprised when she saw that Yang Chen was there as well.

Liu Mingyu saw that Zhang Cai seemed frightened. Hurriedly, she asked, “Why do you look so pale?”

Zhang Cai shook her head. She still hadn’t opened the door fully. “I’m fine, Sister Mingyu may return to rest.”

It was evident that she was asking Liu Mingyu to leave. Liu Mingyu felt that the atmosphere didn’t seem right. Frowning, she said, “Is there something you’re hiding from me? Why aren’t you opening the door? Why did you only leave a small gap open?”

Zhang Cai’s face reddened. Quickly, she explained, “No it’s not what you think. Sister Mingyu, it’s just that I’m tired, so I want to go to bed now.”

“There was even an earthquake just now. Based on how you usually behave, it’s impossible that you’re this easily calmed. You must be hiding something from me.” Liu Mingyu wasn’t willing to let it go. Walking forward, she forcefully pulled the door open, ignoring how Zhang Cai tried to stop her.

Unexpectedly, after the door got pulled open, the scene inside Zhang Cai’s room stunned Liu Mingyu, even Yang Chen who was standing behind didn’t expect this.

The few female colleagues they failed to locate earlier were all inside Zhang Cai’s room, sitting on her tatami. They were all wearing the pyjamas provided by the resort and were gathered together. There were even a bunch of snacks, beverages and fruits on the floor.

All of these weren’t a big deal. The television inside the room was switched on, while its volume was set incredibly low. It was evident that it was done intentionally.

Regarding the reason they did that, it only took Liu Mingyu a glance for her to immediately understand.

The television was displaying the midnight Japanese adult video channel!

At this moment, a man and a woman could be seen on the screen. They were tangled together as they were enthusiastically doing it, putting up a stimulating and intense show!

“You… you guys…” Liu Mingyu immediately blushed while Zhang Cai and the other colleagues had their heads lowered.

Yang Chen felt that it was funny. No wonder he couldn’t find them earlier, so they had gathered to watch a special show all this time.

During the day when Zhang Cai asked about the vending machine, he explained to them about how it operated, which all of them said they weren’t interested. Unexpectedly, they were secretly watching it at night together, and seemed to have enjoyed it very much. The snacks on the ground were almost finished already!

The reason Liu Mingyu and Zhao Hongyan weren’t invited was mostly due to her position at the department head. Although everyone was close like sisters, calling a superior to watch this type of show together was inappropriate, not to mention Liu Mingyu was usually the elder sister among the group of ladies, and wouldn’t normally talk about these topics.

Since they weren’t going to invite Liu Mingyu, her roommate Zhao Hongyan naturally wasn’t informed as well. Being a man, Yang Chen definitely wouldn’t be notified!

Liu Mingyu saw that the group of sisters all had their heads lowered and faces reddened. She didn’t know what to feel. At last, she slapped Zhang Cai’s firm and elevated butt and said, “I’m really impressed! You make it sound like you’re in an underground intelligence organization, which made me wonder what happened to you! You almost frightened me to death!”

“I’m sorry… Sister Mingyu, I’ll definitely invite you next time. Oh, do you want to come in now?” Zhang Cai immediately asked as she tried to please her. “It’s really affordable, paying only a thousand yen can grant us access for the entire night!”

“Who said I was blaming you for this?” Liu Mingyu stared at Zhang Cai angrily before turning her attention to the colleagues in the room. “You guys may continue watching, don’t behave like thieves.”

After she finished speaking, Liu Mingyu turned around and said to Yang Chen, “Let’s go and check out whether Hongyan’s fine or not.”

Yang Chen touched his nose awkwardly and raised his thumb at Zhang Cai before following Liu Mingyu to her room.

The farce-like night quickly ended. The next morning, all of them boarded the bus as they headed to Nagoya without mentioning what happened last night.

However, Yang Chen felt that Zhao Hongyan would look at him weirdly once in a while. This made Yang Chen question if Zhao Hongyan realized something about him and Liu Mingyu last night, but he couldn’t just approach her to ask, not to mention he didn’t really care about that.

No one knew where the tour guide, Kawanako, stayed yesterday night. During the journey, this average-looking Japanese lady explained the local Japanese customs using Mandarin with a weird accent, which showed her commitment and effort to her job.

However, since what Kawanako talked about wasn’t really interesting, the ladies fell asleep in the bus once again within an hour.

The following schedule was slightly tighter. After playing in Nagoya in a day, they headed to Kyoto the next day.

Kyoto was basically a city based on the design of ancient Chang’an in China. The place had a large number of world heritages and relics, so they stayed there for a slightly longer time.

After playing at the well-known Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji temples on the first day, Yang Chen accompanied the group of ladies to shop at the market for half a day.

Relatively speaking, Yang Chen was more relaxed on the second day. The first place they went to was the Saihoji Temple. They then visited Nijo Castle in the afternoon.

Having a large surface area, the Nijo Castle was built during the Edo period, by Tokugawa Ieyasu who was the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan.

Since there were many places they had to visit, Yang Chen wasn’t afraid that the ladies would suggest shopping at markets again out of boredom.

After visiting a few tourist attractions, Kawanako saw that they all seemed rather tired, so she suggested to rest at a small teahouse. The ladies whose legs were sore naturally were happy about it.

After ordering tea for everyone, Kawanako took a cup of tea to the driver who had followed them through the entire trip. This made the few busybody ladies start to discuss if Kawanako was in a relationship with the driver or not. Yang Chen couldn’t help but to sigh when he heard these conversations. Women were indeed ‘good talkers’.

When Yang Chen finished his third cup of tea, he wanted to shut his eyes to rest for a short while. However, the familiar figure who had lingered in his mind for the past few days once again appeared in Yang Chen’s vision!

Dressed in a blue dress, a figure with ink-like, long, black hair quietly walked past the crossroad two streets away the teahouse in a seemingly inadvertent manner.

It was merely a short moment, but Yang Chen was sure that he didn’t see it wrongly!

As the figure who constantly made him perturbed and crazy walked to an alley, ignoring the surprised gazes given by the ladies, Yang Chen rushed out of the teahouse without hesitation!

Liu Mingyu and the others stood up to shout at Yang Chen. However, Yang Chen had entered an alley in front in the blink of an eye before his body disappeared from their vision completely.

Chapter 319: It Is Easier to Move Mountains and Rivers 2018-04-16T12:36:24+00:00

As the sky got darker, the air in Japan became abnormally fresh. One could see the lustrous gleams in the galaxy.

After having a relatively mild Japanese dinner, Yang Chen didn’t plan to follow the ladies to the hot spring, but went straight back to his room instead. He turned on his laptop and discussed with Makedon and Sauron about Liu family’s wedding which was taking place in a week.

Together, the two old, unscrupulous men gathered lots of resources to plan a disturbance at the wedding event. Yang Chen realized that he himself didn’t have to be involved in the plan, so he assigned the task to the two completely. What mattered the most was Makedon could take care of An Xin’s safety and occasionally monitor her situation in the dark.

Yang Chen sat near the floor-to-ceiling window and stared at the night scenery as he contemplated the time where he saw Seventeen’s back view this afternoon.

There were too many uncertainties that Yang Chen couldn’t understand. He saw the same figure twice consecutively. Yang Chen faintly felt that it wasn’t a coincidence.

However, if Seventeen noticed that he was there and stalked him, he should’ve noticed her presence long ago. It wasn’t a matter of whether she was particularly skilled in stalking or not, but a kind of instinct he acquired over the years. Yang Chen was confident that he definitely would’ve noticed if he was being stalked, unless the opponent was at the same level as him.

Regarding why Seventeen only followed him but wasn’t willing to see him, Yang Chen wasn’t too surprised. After what he’d done back then… he definitely didn’t dare to meet her face to face. There was nothing weird about her unwilling to see him.

A few hours had passed. The cold wind outside blew, causing the wind bell hung on the ceiling to ring.

Yang Chen’s contemplation got interrupted. He took a look at the time, it was almost twelve at midnight, while his door hadn’t been knocked yet. Did she forget about coming to my room? Or is she unwilling to come because she’s shy?

Knock! Knock! As Yang Chen pondered, his door finally got knocked on.

He rushed towards the door like an arrow and pulled open the traditional Japanese wooden door. Expectedly, there stood Liu Mingyu by the entrance.

Liu Mingyu was wearing a kimono-like pyjamas prepared by the resort after bathing. Her black hair was tied behind her head in a simple manner while her creamy-white collar of her pyjamas was loose. As a result, Yang Chen could see her surging waves within. Also, she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

“Stop looking, quickly let me in,” Liu Mingyu said. She got shy when Yang Chen stared at her collar for a long time.

Smiling, Yang Chen pulled the woman into his arms before closing the door.

Without waiting for her to speak, he turned her over and pressed her onto the soft blanket placed on top of the tatami.

[TL note: A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms.]

Yang Chen indulged in the natural fragrance released by the tatami and the body scent exuded by the woman as he deeply inhaled the air. Smiling, he said, “Babe, I would’ve gone to your room to look for you if you aren’t here yet.”

“Are you that horny? Can’t you wait for a little longer?” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

“Of course I can wait if there aren’t women around me, but you’re not letting me take a bite of the meat in front of my mouth. Aren’t you a bit too cruel?” Yang Chen asked.

Liu Mingyu’s look suddenly turned serious. She asked, “Yang Chen, in your eyes, am I just a lover who can satisfy your desires in bed?”

Yang Chen stunned. “Why did you suddenly ask?”

Liu Mingyu took a deep breath and moved Yang Chen away. She climbed out of the bed and tidied her hair before saying, “I’m just a bit curious about what position I hold in your heart. On that day, Department Head Mo and I, oh, I should call her Qianni now, we went for a drink. We talked a lot, mostly about you. I know that you’re not an ordinary man. There must be something extraordinary about you, otherwise you wouldn’t have saved me back then. Although I was surprised that a woman like Qianni is also your lover, she told me that you still have other women.

“At that time, I struggled a lot in my heart. Although I never expected us to go out publicly one day, I still very much want to know how you look at me.

“I’m not a little girl anymore. Since I gave you my first time back then, I won’t regret my decision. I want to listen to your honest thoughts. Even if you say I’m your lover, or you merely treat me as your toy, I won’t blame you no matter what. Also, if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve been harmed by Department Head Ma back then. But… I want to give myself an explanation at the very least.”

Yang Chen thought for a while before reaching his arm out to hold Liu Mingyu’s gentle soft hands. “Have you ever thought of leaving me?”

Liu Mingyu stunned for a while before shaking her head. “No, I’ve complained that you’re unfaithful, but I haven’t thought of leaving you before. This surprised me as well.”

“Me too, I’ve never thought of letting you go. I sometimes hate that I’m always provoking women, and I can never reject someone I like. I’m especially possessive, I’d rather occupy a woman first before thinking of how I would take care of my relationships with other women. It is easier to move mountains and rivers than to alter one's character, so I’ve never thought that I was any good. I told you about this when we newly knew each other. When you told me you wanted to do it with me that night, I asked you to carefully think it through first, for the same reason.”

Yang Chen sighed. Smiling faintly, he said, “You’re not my toy, I treat you with sincerity. However, I can tell you very clearly that you won’t be the woman I love the most, since we’ve only known each other for a short period of time, not to mention that you know even less about me. For example, Qianni and I have a much deeper connection since we’ve been through a lot together… However, since both of us are not letting each other go, I believe our relationship will deepen as well when we know more about each other as we spend more time together in the future. Even if our relationship had to be kept secret for our entire lives, as long as we can be blessed together, wouldn’t it already be a life people admire?”

Liu Mingyu gazed at Yang Chen’s eyes which reflected her own slightly confused expression. She said, “I really don’t know why I like you, you’re really a man with no attitude. In front of your woman, you’re telling her that your relationships with other women are better. Don’t you even know how to lie to me?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “But you asked me to tell the truth…”

“Did you have to tell the truth just because I wanted you to? You’re such an idiot,” Liu Mingyu said angrily.

Seeing that Yang Chen looked helpless, Liu Mingyu smiled. “But I like idiots like you.”

Yang Chen felt that he got tricked. He pounced on Liu Mingyu like a wolf before pressing her onto the blanket once again. He kissed her all over her body, causing her almond-shaped eyes to lightly reflect light as she felt comfortable down to her bones.

“You won’t let me go, will you…” Liu Mingyu asked blurrily and gently.

Yang Chen nodded. “You said that I wasn’t an ordinary man. If I can’t even do this, wouldn’t I be too normal?”

Liu Mingyu’s look displayed satisfaction. Closing her eyes, she put up a charming appearance, signalling her man that he could do whatever he wanted.

Yang Chen had been refraining himself long ago. How could he bear with huggin such a soft and springy body as he got asked multiple questions?

Seeing that Liu Mingyu cleared her doubts, he immediately reached into her pyjamas collar with both his hands before lightly pulling from both sides…

After an entire hour, the continuous moans in the room finally retired for the night.

Liu Mingyu lay on Yang Chen’s chest as her fragrant sweat broke out from her body. With her pyjamas messily covering her body, she looked like she didn’t want to move as her watery eyes were half closed.

Yang Chen on the other hand was extremely energetic. He appeared to be totally ready for another round.

“I finally know which part of you isn’t common, you’re only good at doing this kind of stuff…” Liu Mingyu complained. Every time she did it with this man, she would get the urge to sleep for a few days consecutively.

Yang Chen didn’t know if he should feel proud or shy. He didn’t know if his ‘talent’ continuously leveled up through practising Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, or because he had a life-and-death experience when he was ten years old. Following his improvements in strength in the recent years, although he’d gotten the chronic disease in his brain, his biological ability seemed to have become more powerful.

Yang Chen was aware of just how violent he was on the battlefield, so he didn’t force Liu Mingyu into a few more rounds even if he wasn’t satisfied.

“Rest well, we still need to wake up early tomorrow,” Yang Chen said.

Liu Mingyu shook her head. “What if Hongyan finds out about this if I sleep at your place? I wouldn’t have the face to meet them anymore.”

Yang Chen felt that it was true. Although he wouldn’t mind, other people would have their own reserves after all.

Liu Mingyu climbed out of the bed. She was exhausted, but should be able to stand up barely.

After fastening the belt of her pyjamas, Liu Mingyu stumbled when she stood up…

However, before she gained balance, the entire room suddenly vibrated!


Liu Mingyu lost her balance and fell right back into Yang Chen’s arms once again!

Following the tremor, the room started shaking. The television, the chandelier, the books on the shelf, the window… everything started shaking!

“Is it an earthquake?!”

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Chapter 318: What's This Again 2018-04-15T01:54:42+00:00

Having dreamt about too many things at night that he hadn’t thought about for a very long time, it was rare that Yang Chen wanted to sleep for a while more after waking up. However, since he was on a trip and had to visit tourist attractions with his female colleagues in the morning, he lazily brushed his teeth before going downstairs for breakfast.

He sat beside Liu Mingyu and the others in a sluggish manner before looking at the women who were eating Japanese grilled fish early in the morning, while Yang Chen himself didn’t have the appetite to eat.

After drinking two bowls of miso soup, Yang Chen didn’t continue to eat anything else.

“What happened to you? You’re normally the one who eats the most. I didn’t expect you to only drink soup today,” Zhao Hongyan said out of curiosity.

Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t tell the truth. He touched his belly which wasn’t hungry at all before saying, “I received too large of an impact yesterday for going to the market with you guys. I don’t have much appetite now.”

“How is it related to you going to the market with us? Don’t try to come up with an excuse to get away with it, we still want to go there tonight,” Zhang Cai said as she violently stuffed a sausage into her oily mouth.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. I shouldn’t have provoked them earlier!

Their morning schedule was to visit Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. It was the oldest temple in Japan, with a history of close to seven hundred years. Numerous tourists and residents would visit the place to pray for blessings every year.

Japanese temples weren’t to worship a particular god. It could be an item, or even a plant. Everything they felt had a soul could have a temple built for it. As a result, Japanese temples had always been strange.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t very interested in these. He was more energized by the fact that Makedon reported back with An Xin’s whereabouts.

Makedon sent a report to him via the internet regarding An Xin’s situation.

It only took Yang Chen a brief glance before he felt it was funny. No wonder An Zaihuan caught An Xin to Japan, so Liu clan is behind this.

Through Makedon’s investigation, it was known that Liu family seemed to have lost their patience on waiting for An Xin to willingly return home. Under Liu Kangbai’s instigation, Liu Yun directly chose to hold a grand wedding in Otaru, Hokkaido.

By then, many representatives from various families would come to Otaru, boarding the passenger ship of Liu clan to attend the wedding.

An Xin got caught by An Zaihuan and forced to get married with Liu Yun no matter how much she was unwilling to do so.

Yang Chen looked at the date, it would come in a week’s time. It seemed like he couldn’t finish the trip with his female colleagues. Although quitting the trip midway was rude, wouldn’t Liu Yun be pleased if An Xin really became his bride?

Yang Chen reckoned that An Xin would feel disheartened towards life at that time. Based on her crazy and reckless behavior, it was possible for her to commit suicide.

Yang Chen immediately sent an email to Makedon, to let him send his men to watch An Xin, so that nothing bad would happen to her. Regarding how he was going to deal with the wedding carefully arranged by Liu clan, Yang Chen wasn’t worried at all.

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. I’ll let you be happy for a few more days.

After having breakfast, Kawanako who got judged from behind by the women happily brought them out to their first destination.

Walking past Thunder Gate of Sensoji Temple, various food stalls and shops selling traditional Japanese crafts could be seen on both sides. Lots of tourists were attracted to this place. The group of women had a look here and there before quickly going their own ways as they had fun.

[TL note: Thunder Gate (Kaminarimon) is the entrance gate of Sensoji Temple.]

Kawanako briefly gave an explanation for a short while before letting everyone walk around as they pleased. She asked them to gather by the bus when it was time.

Yang Chen didn’t expect to go shopping with women this early in the morning. How could he endure such act? After visiting a few shops, he pretended he was hungry and bought a bunch of takoyakis before running to a spot at the stairs where there weren’t many people and eating away.

Liu Mingyu and the other ladies violently rolled their eyes at Yang Chen as they felt dissatisfied, but couldn’t do anything to this thick-skinned fellow at the same time.

Other men would do anything to stick with these beautiful women, but this fellow acted like he was fed poison when he was asked to walk with them.

Yang Chen leisurely leaned against the stone wall as he chewed some traditional local snacks which didn’t taste any exceptional while looking at all kinds of tourists around.

Quite a number of local Japanese came there to pray. Since the new year was almost here, many Japanese came wearing kimonos and clogs to sincerely ask for sacred lots.

[TL note: O-mikuji is the specific name of this act.]

After asking for sacred lots, they could proceed to the wall at Sensoji Temple where Chinese poetries were hung. Different poetries signified different meanings. After reading the Japanese translation, the locals would know whether they were getting good luck or not in the coming year.

If the luck would be terrible, they’d leave the lot inside the temple and pray for the misfortune to leave.

All of these weren’t something the female colleagues were concerned about. Although Yang Chen used to visit Japan often so he knew a lot about this place, he was too lazy to say anything. It was rather weird after all. It would be difficult for him to explain if people asked more questions.

After finishing all the snacks he bought, Yang Chen planned to throw the paper bag into a nearby dustbin. However, at the crowded area in front of him, a figure passed by from the corner of his sight…

It was a huge crowd who had finished praying and were leaving the place. The emergence of the figure was actually tough to be noticed. However to Yang Chen, even if this figure appeared at the tip of an iceberg, an immensely intense reaction would take place!

It was the same blue off-shoulder dress he saw yesterday night, and the same long, black hair. The difference was there was a pink ribbon tied behind her long hair, revealing a Japanese style.

During the cold winter, who else would be dressed in this loose clothing which gave off coldness just by taking a glance?!

Yang Chen was no longer concerned with throwing away the trash in his hand. Quickly, he rushed towards the crowd beneath. Since there were way too many people, it took him some time squeezing through the crowd as he knocked a few people. When Yang Chen arrived at the place where the figure appeared, he once again lost sight of the person.

Yang Chen quickly searched the surroundings. There were countless heads, but none of them belonged to the figure earlier…

Yang Chen forcefully threw the trash in his hand onto the ground. Ignoring the disdainful gazes from the people around, he walked towards the exit of the temple gloomily.

It could be an illusion if it was my first time seeing it. Then how did I manage to see her the second time?!

Yang Chen suddenly felt like God was playing a huge joke on him, but this joke wasn’t funny at all.

It was just like a jar of miscellaneous flavors was rolling in his heart. The different kinds of sourness and bitterness made Yang Chen feel the urge to shout towards the sky, but he still managed to refrain himself from doing so at last.

When Yang Chen returned to the tourist bus, Kawanako wanted to greet him. However, she saw that Yang Chen looked incredibly frightening, so she immediately kept her mouth shut.

When he got back into the bus, the group of ladies hadn’t returned yet.

Yang chen shut his eyes as the figure he saw earlier emerged in his mind. His heart tightly contracted before a violent pain came about, as if it was twitching.

Seventeen… Seventeen… Is it possible that it’s you… Are you really still in this world?

If it was really you, why did you avoid me? If you want to avoid me, why would you appear in front of me twice?

After almost half an hour, Yang Chen recovered to his usual condition when the ladies returned to the bus. He was lying on his seat and yawning. This situation made the tour guide Kawanako feel extremely puzzled.

The afternoon schedule was planned at the last minute. The group of ladies weren’t interested in modern skyscrapers, and were only concerned with cosmetology and shopping. As a result, they decided to cancel their plan to visit the Tokyo Tower and head to Kanagawa instead which required a 30-minute car journey to visit their well-known Yugawara Onsen.

When the ladies talked about the hot spring hotel and tatami, they couldn’t close their mouths in the bus.

Liu Mingyu chatted with them for a while before noticing that something was wrong with Yang Chen. As she felt rather worried, she asked, “Why are you so inactive, are you sick?”

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “It’s fine, it’s just that I can’t mix into the topics you guys are talking about, so I feel quite down.”

“That’s for sure,” Liu Mingyu said with a bright smile. “You’re not a woman, you won’t be able to understand how we feel.”

“Yeah… I really don’t,” Yang Chen muttered.

After having lunch at a famous barbeque shop, they came to Yugawara Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture via a two-hour bus journey.

They entered the slightly old hot spring hotel with a wooden structure. There were old folks all around working as servers, but they had a light makeup on their faces. Just like young servers, they welcomed Yang Chen and the others inside smilingly.

Zhang Cai who had a straightforward personality pouted as she complained, “The Japanese are so unethical. They’re letting so many old people work as servers. Have the young people all died? What should I do? I feel so embarrassed when these old people serve me.”

“It’s not that the old people have all died. Japan has a serious issue on population ageing, and the young people aren’t good in spending effort to be servers. You’ll get used to it once you experience more of these. Even the western developed countries do this,” Yang Chen explained.

Zhang Cai nodded as if she understood what Yang Chen was talking about. “But it’s still awkward.”

Since it was more appropriate to go to the hot spring at home and they’d gotten tired after sitting in the bus for so long, they followed the servers to their booked rooms.

When they arrived at the guest area, a vending machine placed by the walkway attracted everyone’s attention.

It was because the packaging of the products inside the vending machine evidently showed adult content. It displayed a strong man and a woman dressed in revealing clothing…

“Hey, what’s this again…” Zhang Cai asked as she blushed after pulling Yang Chen’s sleeve.

The other ladies wanted to know as well, but they were too shy to ask. So they were all staring at Yang Chen as they awaited the answer.

Although Yang Chen was thick-skinned, he really felt shy when he was faced with this kind of situation. He explained, “After you put a one-thousand-yen note inside, you’ll be given a card. The card’s number can be used on the television in your room. After you key in the number, you can get access to that kind of channels.”

What was ‘that kind of channels’? This didn’t have to be explained as the ladies all understood. Japan was extremely developed in that industry. Adult channels were of course often seen. A thousand yen could buy 24 hours of access, it definitely wasn’t expensive.

The other ladies looked serious as they acted like nothing happened.

Yang Chen touched his nose before he coincidentally noticed Liu Mingyu’s shy look. Suddenly, heat surged from his lower body.

“I’ll look for you tonight,” Yang Chen whispered beside Liu Mingyu’s ear.

Liu Mingyu made sure that nobody was looking before she stared at Yang Chen angrily. “I’m in the same room with Hongyan, don’t think of doing anything dumb!”

“Little Yu’er, you’re too cruel. Can’t I at least get it once?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Liu Mingyu bit her lips. She had the intention as well. Softly, she said, “Then I’ll wait for Hongyan to fall asleep before I go and look for you…”

Yang Chen chuckled, as if he was a fox that successfully pulled off a play. “Remember to wash yourself nice and smooth in the hot spring. I’ll be waiting for you.”

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Chapter 317: Seventeen 2018-04-11T23:05:07+00:00

At a deserted, mossed ice field filled, there was a huge underground world built beneath karst.

A few kerosene lamps spread minimal heat to the surroundings, and the light they emitted hit the cave ceiling and walls, refracting luster between metals and ores.

It was damp, cold, lonely and depressing.

In this inaccessible underground space which seemed like an entirely different world, numerous steel pillars with the width of an arm securely formed a square iron prison with an area of a few hundred square meters.

An immensely heavy and rusty giant lock tightly sealed the only door of the iron prison.

This was a place isolated from the rest of the world. It was a place where sunlight couldn’t be seen throughout the year. One couldn’t inhale fresh air inside as well.

The cold, underground humidity could unstoppably erode, or even swallow anyone’s soul.

However in the iron prison, there were around ten thin and small figures curled up in different places of the iron prison. Some were lying on the ground, some sat there while hugging their knees while the others leaning against the steel pillars of the prison.

They were a group of boys and girls who looked around ten years old. They were all wearing grey short-sleeved shirts and shorts on their haggard and gaunt bodies.

There was no food. The only thing which allowed them to survive was merely the underground water which was occasionally dripping from the stalactites.

After days of suffering cold and hunger, many of the children were on the edge of collapsing.

More horrifyingly, there was no sound at all in the underground world which had a creepy and dark atmosphere. Even adults would feel insecure and oppressed after staying in the isolated space for a long time, not to mention it was an ice-cold iron prison. The feeling of despair would repeatedly emerge.

Two days ago, there were still children who were sobbing as a result of failing to suppress the fear in their hearts. However, these children who spent most of their energy had long finished their fuel.

Among the ten or so children, the ones who were lying on the ground were mostly cold corpses by now. However, due to the extremely low underground temperature, the decaying of the corpses took place in a particularly slow manner. They were merely at a rigid state.

Being in the underground which lacked sunlight and moonlight, none of them knew how much time had passed.

Slowly, the remaining ten or so children became the final ones who were alive.

In the huge iron prison, no one was talking while everyone’s breathing became extremely quiet. This was because they knew if they wanted to continue living, they couldn’t waste even the slightest amount of energy.

At this moment, a kid who had a relatively big physique finally had some movements after enduring immense hunger which was unimaginable by normal people.

Using the most efficient posture, he slowly moved towards the child’s corpse which was nearest to him.

In the dark, the boy leaned downwards to the neck of the body which was about his size. Slowly and resolutely, he took a bite on the body!

Before long, the sound generated by the friction between raw meat and teeth echoed in the quiet iron prison…

It was a sound that ordinary people would never get to listen in their entire lives. To the children there who were still alive, it sounded incredibly familiar. It wasn’t something that would shock them.

Following the first child’s hunt for food, three other children started looking for corpses.

Children’s teeth were much sharper than imagined. He swallowed the stiff and cold raw meat silently, only his deep breathing sound could be heard.

After swallowing a few mouthfuls of bloody flesh, the child slowly regained energy, causing his biting sound to be louder…

In a corner of the iron prison, yet another boy couldn’t endure his hunger anymore. He moved his limbs and climbed to two corpses which were closest to him.

One of the corpses was a girl while the other was a boy. They had been lying on the ground for more than a day without moving. The girl’s body was small and thin as opposed to the boy’s. However, under such a situation, whether it was a girl or a boy didn’t make a difference. They were both food!

The boy didn’t bother to choose. Gulping his saliva which had gotten bitter, he opened his mouth and leaned downwards to chew the girl’s corpse…

Suddenly! The boy felt something abnormal!

However, it was already too late the moment he felt something was wrong!

The girl ‘corpse’ that was assumed to be dead violently turned around and extended her palm which was as skinny as a bone near the boy’s temple.

The girl had rather long fingernails. At this moment, she used all the energy she had to clasp her palm, inserting her fingernails into the boy’s head…

The previously ‘diner’ suddenly turned to a dead ‘prey’ in the blink of an eye.

The girl pounced on the boy who just died a short moment ago. Just like a crazy and insanely hungry lioness, she started biting the boy’s flesh…

A newly dead corpse still contained body warmth after all while the blood was similarly heated. Such a ‘food’ evidently gave the ‘predator’ a much better fuel for survival.

As the girl started her first meal in a many days for around ten seconds, the ‘boy’s corpse’ located nearest to the girl slowly climbed up as well.

The boy quietly went towards the corpse which got killed by the girl with one strike. He didn’t communicate with the girl at all. Opening his mouth, he started biting the flesh at the areas where the girl hadn’t chewed on before...

The girl seemed like she wasn’t surprised. Apparently, she knew that the boy was similarly faking his death earlier, to wait for a warm prey. They minded their own business as they devoured the corpse and drank the hot blood.

Since it was all raw meat which was incredibly tough to be chewed, the two basically swallowed it without biting much. Their meal lasted for almost an hour before they finally stopped eating. Currently, their faces and hands were drenched in blood.

The body which was previously warm had already started releasing a stench.

However, since there were many corpses eaten in the iron prison, the smell had long diffused in the air.

The two went back to their own corners in the prison. In the dark, the two could barely see each other’s faces. Both of them had messy hair while their eyes held a beast-like, cautious gaze, as if they were ready to launch an attack.

The two children both knew that each other was most skilled in this type of survival training. If either of them gave the opposite side any opportunity, they’d end up being a prey.

Under such an unnecessary condition, fighting face to face was evidently irrational. As a result, defense was the best choice.

Once they sat down, their gazes hadn’t move away from each other’s faces before…

After an unknown amount of time, light entered the iron prison from the door. When the light shone upon the two, they slowly turned their heads to look at the light source.

A pale and cold voice resounded in Russian language to record the results…

“2 survived out of 57 subjects, number thirteen and number seventeen…”

In a dense rainforest, a multi-colored, venomous snake was wrapped on top of a red towering sequoia.

On the side of the sequoia facing away the sunlight, there stood a youngster who looked thirteen or fourteen year old, dressed in a tight-fitting camouflage shirt and camouflage pants made of canvas. Had had a strong and well-built body. He was currently resting his back against the tree as he sat on a pile of fallen leaves relaxedly.

He held a combat knife in his hand which had blood stains that weren’t dry yet.

The sound of cicadas repeatedly echoed in the rainforest. The youngster seemed like he was sleeping. His eyes were shut while his head was slanted.

At this moment, a figure similarly dressed in a camouflage shirt slowly walked out of the bunch of banana leaves. Holding a short knife in hand, it approached the youngster.

When he was one foot away from the youngster, the combat knife the youngster held suddenly pointed towards the figure that walked towards him while his eyes had opened as well.

It was a pair of cold and emotionless eyes while the emptiness within felt like surging lava was hidden inside.

“It’s you…”

The youngster spoke in a dull manner in English. Evidently, he knew who the person who appeared was.

The person in front was a teenaged girl who was similarly thirteen or fourteen years old. Her short hair extended to her ears while her skin was lightly red since it was exposed in sunlight for a long time. It could be seen that her face was extraordinarily exquisite. She would definitely be a beauty that could attract countless people when she grew up. However, her eyes held an expression which felt like the coldest period of winter, and had the same numbness and toughness as the youngster’s. It was hard for people to get close to her. Anyone who took a glance at her would even take three steps back.

“I want to partner up with you,” the girl said directly.


“You’re the strongest among everyone. I want to live. I have the highest chance of success if I team up with you,” the girl said concisely.

The guy laughed. “You should know that except venomous snakes and beasts, my enemies also include anyone in the rainforest.”

“You’re not afraid of me?” The girl laughed disdainfully.

“Don’t try to provoke me in this childish manner. Take out your assets.” The guy smiled coldly.

The girl suddenly revealed a seductive look which didn’t match her age at all, while her eyes expressed a strong, enchanting quality of a female.

“There have been two foolish men who thought they could eat me, but got killed by me at last. You’re stronger than them, but there’s something similar between you and them…”

The girl stopped talking for a while. Using an immensely enticing and husky tone, she said, “You’re a man as well. Similar to them, you want a woman to vent on…”

The guy’s gaze looked a bit different from before. After remaining quiet for a short while, he said, “You’re not the only woman here.”

“That’s right.” The corners of the girl’s lips revealed contentment. “But you are well aware that I’m the most good-looking one among them.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she started elegantly removing her tight-fitting shirt. Slowly, from her soft but firm, slim waist, her alluring skin of her body was revealed…

The girl had evidently been professionally trained. Every action she made was exceptionally alluring. No one could imagine they were performed by a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl!

The moment the girls body which was still in its development stage completely presented in front of the guy, his eyes finally couldn’t keep calm anymore as flame ignited inside them.

“I want to live, and you want to survive as well. Being the weak one, I’ll use my body in exchange for your help.” The girl didn’t try to seduce him with her female weapons anymore. Standing in front of the guy completely naked, she asked solemnly, “Thirteen, do you dare to want me?”

“How do you want me to trust you?” The guy was evidently suppressing something. Having understood the nature between men and women, he indeed needed a channel to vent on, to prevent his mind from collapsing as a result of the immense burden. However, he was very aware that the owner of the body in front of him was a beautiful, venomous scorpion…

The girl bit her thin lip while her gaze still looked so resolute and cold. Clearly, she said, “I don’t have any evidence, but I can tell you that—this, is my first time.”

The guy didn’t ask any more questions. Just like a leopard, he pounced on the girl who had given up all her energy, causing her to fall onto the ground…

After a series of stormy events, the top of the fallen leaves had finally regained peace.

“What’s your name…”

“Number Seventeen.”

“Your original name…”

“I don’t know.”

“Then why are you still persistent on living? Dying, is actually a kind of relief…”

“I want to return to my hometown. I want to meet my parents.”


“I want to ask them, about my name…”

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Chapter 316: Illusion 2018-04-10T23:42:36+00:00

After napping for more than four hours in the plane, they finally landed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

After taking care of the entry procedures, Yang Chen brought the group of female colleagues to the exit of the airport.

Since it was a group travel, they naturally had a tour guide and a driver. Dressed in a pink sweater, a young lady with a good figure who was carrying a small handbag could be seen from afar. She was holding a banner with the words ‘Yu Lei International’.

As Yang Chen and the others approached her, the lady tour guide named Kawanako welcomed their arrival using rather acceptable Mandarin. She then led everyone to board a minibus before heading to the hotel, to allow the people to rest after the long flight.

Upon entering the minibus, Kawanako started introducing their schedule for the trip briefly and the current situation in Tokyo.

Actually, even if she didn’t tell them, this top-in-the-world international financial centre, the second largest city in the world, was enough to open the eyes of the fellow lady employees from the public relations department. These endless streams of crowds and vehicles together with the compact and dense skyscrapers all displayed the atmosphere of a metropolis.

There was a total of around ten days allotted for this trip. They would be heading from Nagoya to Tokyo, then to Kyoto and Osaka before finally flying back to Zhonghai.

The place that the ladies were most concerned about wasn’t somewhere to have fun at. The first thing they asked was where they could purchase cheap, branded handbags, or questions like where affordable, branded cosmetics could be found.

Including Liu Mingyu who appeared the most steady and mature, they held an expression of high expectations as their eyes shone with wild, aggressive gazes. This made Yang Chen feel rather helpless. Judging by the situation, shopping was the main factor that caused the ladies to pick Japan.

“Do you women want to buy all the nice handbags you see? Why can’t you resist the desire?” Yang Chen asked Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu blushed, but still nodded at last. “Yeah, I have an experience of almost failing to pay my credit card overdraft once.”

Feeling gloomy, Yang Chen asked, “Don’t handbags get renewed every four seasons in the year? Even superstars or entrepreneurs wouldn’t be able to afford all of them, let alone you people who live on wages. This is nothing other than a depthless hole.”

“Although we can’t purchase all of them, we can certainly try our best!” Liu Mingyu answered.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. It could be said that he was utterly impressed.

“Kawanako, will we be scammed when we’re buying branded stuff since we’re foreigners? What happens if we get knockoffs?” Zhang Cai asked as her eyes shone, agitated.

Kawanako smiled gently as she answered, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any inauthentic products as long as you’re buying from a legit business. In Japan, a business would be immediately reported if someone noticed they’re selling counterfeits. The punishment is very severe.”

The group of ladies cheered in joy. They immediately got close to the tour guide Kawanako, as if they were sworn sisters.

They quickly arrived in the building of a booked four-star hotel. Although the atmosphere didn’t scream luxury and the place wasn’t very big, the place was tidy and clean, making it give off a feeling of coziness.

Being the only man in the team, Yang Chen instantly realized that he was indeed rather offbeat. He didn’t think much before coming. Currently, everyone was sharing rooms in pairs of two, while he would be sleeping in a small room alone. He couldn’t help but to feel like a lost child as he got teased by the female colleagues.

Coming to the twenty-seventh floor, Yang Chen entered his own room and put down his simple luggage. He was ready to pull out his laptop to contact Makedon. Except asking for An Xin’s coordinates and situation, he still wanted to check if there were any movements from Yamata Sect. He came to their nest this time after all, he had to make sure to avoid something bad from happening. However, before he even switched his laptop on, someone knocked on his door.

Yang Chen wondered if it was Liu Mingyu who came to get intimate with him eagerly. He felt that this was really possible. As he secretly felt pleased, he walked to the door before opening it.

Expectedly, Liu Mingyu was standing behind the door. However, Zhang Cai, Zhao Hongyan and a few other colleagues were there as well, amounting to five or six people in total.

As the bunch of women stared upon him, Yang Chen felt really helpless, as if he was a antelope being targeted by a bunch of lionesses.

“What is it? Did anything happen?”

Liu Mingyu said, “We’re thinking of going to Akihabara to get cameras and stuff. I heard they’re affordable and high-quality there. None of us brought a camera here, so we want to get it now. This way, it’d be convenient for us when we visit the attractions tomorrow.”

Akihabara was a well-known commercial district in Tokyo specialized in electronics, so Yang Chen could comprehend them. However, Yang Chen’s eyes got opened when he heard the ladies wanted to immediately start shopping upon checking into their rooms.

I have never seen them this hardworking before in the office…

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you looked for the tour guide? Are you possibly looking for me to be your translator?” Yang Chen asked gloomily.

“But tour guides can’t be trusted, they get so much commission from stores!” Zhao Hongyan immediately said.

Yang Chen couldn’t hold himself back from laughing. “Didn’t you all behave really closely with the lady Kawanako earlier?”

“Have you forgotten what we’re working as? We all deal with public relations. Getting close to and truthfully treating someone are two completely different things. Your eyes are so unobservant, she looked like a conwoman at first glance. We certainly won’t get tricked!” Zhang Cai said proudly. Not long ago, she was still happily chatting with Kawanako.

Yang Chen felt a bit dizzy up his head. He almost couldn’t deal with these women anymore.

He had no choice. He couldn’t just tell these beautiful faces that he was tired as a man. As a result, he followed them as their translator and servant.

After getting two old Toyota cabs outside the hotel, they went to Akihabara together. Actually, they could totally go with a train, but none of them was familiar with Tokyo. Getting a cab was still more convenient.

As they arrived at Akihabara, the countless, dazzling shops blurred the ladies’ eyes. After making their way inside, the different kinds of well-designed cameras in addition to new smartphones all became the their targets.

Japanese service attitude was famous in the entire world. The servers would all bow to welcome you inside as long as you passed by or walked into their shops.

Even if you decided to not purchase, they’d still be thankful for your visit as you walked out of their stores.

Using such a service attitude, their immensely polite behavior would make customers feel comfortable. If I’m not buying anything at all, will I be sorry to their ninety-degree bows?

Thus, the ladies managed to buy something they wanted after entering merely a few shops.

Yang Chen saw that his female colleagues looked elated as they held their newly bought electronics. Helplessly, he asked, “Are you satisfied? Let’s go back if there’s nothing else.”

The ladies looked at each other before shaking their heads together.

“I haven’t shopped enough. I’ll walk a little longer, it’s not like it’s dinner time yet,” Zhao Hongyan replied.

Yang Chen felt really helpless, but he really couldn’t stand shopping with the group anymore. As a result, he sat on a bench by the walkway in a thick-skinned manner and said to the ladies, “You guys may continue shopping. I’ll sit here to wait for you all. Come look for me here when you’re done, since the entrance of the mall is just here.”

The ladies disdained Yang Chen’s lazy act. Making stupid faces, they went their own ways as they shopped away without forcing Yang Chen to come along.

In Japan, communication had a really magical and tricky situation, even global phones couldn’t be used. One had to get local Japanese SIM cards before they could make a phone call. So Yang Chen asked them to walk around together to avoid failing to locate each other later on.

After the ladies left, The corner of Yang Chen’s eyes suddenly caught a beautiful figure…

It was a woman dressed in an elegant blue dress which had no embellishments at all. It was just a plain cotton dress, appealing fresh and natural. Her white and slim arms were exposed in the air together with her lotus-root-like legs. She wore a pair of flat white shoes. Although it was winter, she was still dressed up loosely as if it was summer.

The woman’s hair extended all the way to her hips. She was tall and graceful.

To ordinary people, this woman looked elegant and was dressed inappropriately in the weather. Although her back view was considered attractive, there was nothing else unique about her.

However, in Yang Chen’s eyes, her long hair that stretched to her hips naturally and her simple but stylish dressed in addition to her strangely matched white shoes, her figure brought a hint of sadness…

Suddenly, Yang Chen’s brain almost stopped working. Just like getting an electric shock, his body turned stiff and numb. He even forgot to breathe!

Yang Chen’s ears couldn’t listen to any noise from the outside world while his eyes didn’t blink for even once. All he could feel was his heart which was beating madly!

An explosion-like scream echoed from the bottom of his heart!

It’s her! It’s her?! Why is it her?!

Yang Chen violently stood up. He completely forgot that he was at a crowded market. His movement speed was so quick that most people’s eyes blurred. Astonished, they stared at Yang Chen and doubted if they had seen an illusion.

At that moment, Yang Chen moved from his original position to a corner more than twenty meters away.

The figure disappeared from exactly this corner.

However, when Yang Chen came to the corner, there was no trace of her anymore.

Yang Chen gulped as he widened his eyes. Nervously, he looked at his surroundings in an attempt to look for her figure, which was nowhere to be found…

“Was it an illusion… I haven’t felt this way in a while. Why is it back again…” Yang Chen murmured as he painfully shut his eyes. Sighing bitterly, he said in a mournful manner, “Yeah, how is it possible that she’s still in this world.”

Yang Chen slowly walked back to the place he came from. He looked just like a deflated ball, appearing particularly soft. Without any energy, his eyes silently waited absently.

Regarding the few people who witnessed Yang Chen’s movement speed earlier, none of them dared to come over to talk to him when they saw his sorrowful look. Most of them concluded that they saw it wrongly, since this kind of speed wasn’t something a human being should have been capable of.

In the large market, Yang Chen shut his eyes as he sat on the bench alone without moving at all. He looked just like a decaying sculpture, hidden away in the dark...

Chapter 315: Escort 2018-04-10T00:39:48+00:00

The Christmas night dismissed badly at last. No one was in mood to continue eating. Hui Lin and Zhenxiu only took a few more bites before ending their meal, leaving more than half of the cooked dishes to waste.

Yang Chen sent Zhenxiu back to her rented place. She seemed like she wanted to say something, but ended up saying, “Goodbye Brother Yang,” before entering her house.

When Yang Chen returned to the villa, the three women were all back in their rooms to rest.

After returning to his room and taking a hot shower, Yang Chen lay on his bed as he felt his chest burdened. Various complicated thoughts appeared in his mind, causing him to be unable to fall asleep.

Since it was the year end, there were particularly many things to be done in Yu Lei International, not to mention their vacation was immediately starting in a few days’ time. Almost all of the employees were leaving the company for two to four weeks, so they had to rush their work beforehand.

As a result, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have much time to meet Yang Chen in the next few days. The two lived their own lives and didn’t even see each other.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed. It was time for the vacation trip. Lin Ruoxi and Mo QIanni brought the people from the finance department to Hainan, while Yang Chen followed the ladies from the public relations department to Japan.

Before departing, Yang Chen specially informed Rose and the members of Sea Eagles to pay attention to the situation in China. At least, they couldn’t allow anything bad happen to Wang Ma or Hui Lin. Although Hui Lin had extraordinary skills, it couldn’t be guaranteed that Yang Chen’s enemies wouldn’t come over when he was absent.

Cai Yan’s situation was still unknown. Yang Chen asked the bald Makedon who was proficient in intelligence and had eyes around the globe to check as well, but there was no news temporarily. Under such a situation, it was most possible that Cai Yan entered some kind of hidden region which even Makedon’s men couldn’t step into.

However, when he was checking on Cai Yan, An Xin whom he had always paid attention to appeared at a place where he thought was rare.

An Xin had been flying across the globe as she worked in an international airline. Coincidentally, she was a crew member on his flight on the day Yang Chen was flying to Japan.

This made Yang Chen’s mood to turn slightly better, previously due to Cai Yan’s incident.

Although strictly speaking, he’d only met An Xin twice before, this rebellious yet adorable seductive woman left a deep impression to Yang Chen after their two passionate encounters.

Such a woman wouldn’t necessarily stay beside you obediently. She’d always been more inclined to independence and freedom, even a marriage certificate was only considered as a piece of waste paper to her. However, once she decided to put you in her heart, she wouldn’t let go of you no matter what, as if she was making her life difficult for herself. She’d cling to you forever and constantly think about you secretly when she wasn’t with you.

Yang Chen enjoyed spending time with An Xin. It was relaxing, peaceful, cozy, and of course, he could indulge in the intimate activity between men and women.

Since it had already started, Yang Chen of course wouldn’t give up the ending that should belong to him.

Back then, An Xin hoped to decide the destiny between her and Yang Chen through fate. Yang Chen felt that the slightly crazy woman would open her little mouth wide open and fail to say something when they met in the airplane at that time.

It was a sunny morning in Zhonghai where almost all the accumulated snow was melted. After driving to the car park in Yu Lei International, he searched the address and came to the place where the travel buses were.

The ten or so ladies from the public relations department had long been there as they chatted away. They were putting on makeup and smiling in a relaxed manner, causing them to look exceptionally energetic.

In fact, there were a lot more people from the public relations department, but some of them chose other trips to other locations while others decided to spend time with their family members until Chinese New Year. Thus, there were only around ten people left going to Japan.

In the entire group, Yang Chen was indeed the only man.

However, Yang Chen took up an important role of being a translator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as he was fluent in various foreign languages including Japanese. There were many people who knew English, but knowing Japanese was rare.

It was known that Japanese hated English. The usefulness of the language in Japan was much less than in China.

Wearing a white casual sportswear and a pair of light-colored sunglasses, Liu Ming’s skin looked particularly white and smooth while her black hair was let loose. When she saw Yang Chen board the bus, she took a magazine and acted like she saw nothing.

Yang Chen knew that she was shy, since it was a shameful for her to have such a relationship with him. So during this trip, Liu Mingyu evidently didn’t hope the others to notice the intimacy between her and Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen couldn’t care less about these. He minded his own business as he sat on the seat beside Liu Mingyu which was empty. Grasping the opportunity when nobody was looking at his direction, he grabbed Liu Mingyu’s springy thigh.

“Don’t do this, it wouldn’t be good if others saw it,” Liu Mingyu said hurriedly. Although she intentionally tried to avoid Yang Chen, she was in fact still glad that Yang Chen sat beside her.

Women were always this contradictory, even she herself hadn’t noticed her behavior.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “The more you act this way, the more people would suspect us. Behave naturally and relax yourself. Didn’t you tell me very casually that after doing it, you’re still you while I’m still me? Why aren’t you as cool as before now?”

Liu Mingyu removed her sunglasses and rolled her eyes at Yang Chen. “You’re making me speechless. Fine, since I’m already a mistress, touch or fondle me as much as you want. If the worst comes to the worst, my reputation will just plummmet together with yours. What do you think? I have my ‘work ethics’ as a mistress.”

After Yang Chen listened to her, he grabbed her thigh once again without hesitation, causing Liu Mingyu to start behaving obediently.

After an hour, the group of people boarded their plane at Zhonghai International Airport. All of them bought tickets of the economy class. This made quite a few of the ladies complain, since they’d be sitting on the plane for more than four hours.

On the other hand, Yang Chen was thinking if An Xin was solely serving the business class or not. If that was the case, it wouldn’t be as convenient to communicate as the time he went to Hong Kong a while ago, let alone doing something that’d heat his blood up.

Following a long queue, Yang Chen slowly walked into a large Boeing 747 passenger plane and sat down according to his seat. He didn’t manage to locate An Xin’s figure in the plane.

Fortunately, he sat beside the walkway. Yang Chen planned to look for her after the plane took off.

After yet another half an hour, the flight finally departed. When the plane got stable, the Chinese and Japanese flight attendants each sent the tourists beverages.

Yang Chen thought that it was time. After unfastening his seatbelt, he walked towards the direction of the business class.

He came to the business class area and walked a whole round before even taking a look into the service area. He still hadn’t managed to locate An Xin yet.

A kind-hearted Japanese stewardess, the chief of the service crew, saw that Yang Chen seemed like he was looking for something. She approached him and spoke using jerky Mandarin, “Sir, do you need anything?”

Yang Chen felt that asking someone was faster. Using fluent Japanese, he said, “Miss, is there a stewardess called An Xin on this flight?”

The chief got slightly surprised when she listened to Yang Chen’s Japanese. Smiling, she answered in Japanese, “An Xin? She originally is in this flight, but she had something to do yesterday night so she changed her flight early in the morning today and flew to Tokyo early.”

“Early? Why?” Yang Chen frowned. No wonder he wasn’t able to locate the crazy fellow.

The chief shook her head. “I don’t know about this as well. It’s an order from the headquarters. An Xin seemed like she was forced to change, but it still happened at last. Oh yeah, I think An Xin’s father is in the same flight as hers.”

Yang Chen immediately realized that something bad must’ve happened. An Zaihuan brought An Xin to Japan? An Xin only became a stewardess to avoid her father. Now that she got ‘escorted’ away, it mustn’t be something good.

However, the plane had already taken off. Yang Chen couldn’t immediately contact Makedon to track An Xin’s newest whereabouts. All he could do was to patiently wait for his arrival in Japan.

However, Yang Chen wasn’t too worried, since An Zaihuan wouldn’t harm An Xin. Otherwise he wouldn’t go such a big round to escort his daughter to Japan.

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Chapter 314: Christmas Night 2018-04-09T01:31:14+00:00

Since it was a Christmas night, Yang Chen wasn’t willing to let Zhenxiu go through it alone at her small rented apartment. As a result, regardless of how Zhenxiu tried to decline, he brought Zhenxiu to the villa at Dragon Garden. He thought Lin Ruoxi would hope him to do so as well, since she witnessed Zhenxiu grow up, although she was only a few years older than Zhenxiu.

When Yang Chen arrived at home with Zhenxiu, the three women were chatting in the kitchen as they busied themselves. It was rare for Lin Ruoxi to come home this early. Naturally, Hui Lin obediently followed her back as well.

Lin Ruoxi still remembered how to cook after learning from Li Jingjing. Having an intelligent mind since born, she was capable of learning anything. On the other hand, Hui Lin knew some basic cooking skills as well despite having lived in the hills with Abbess Yun Miao since young while having a vegetarian diet and chanting scriptures. At least, she wasn’t troubled with small tasks. The two ladies helped Wang Ma in the kitchen cheerfully.

After noticing to the sound Yang Chen made when he reached home, Hui Lin was the first one to rush out. She really treated Yang Chen as her brother-in-law. Her good upbringing let her know that she had to come out to greet Yang Chen.

“Brother Yang, you’re back,” Hui Lin said with a smile before noticing a little girl standing beside Yang Chen, who looked around nervously. When she saw Hui Lin, she immediately greeted her as she lowered her head, but her voice was so soft that no one could hear her.

Yang Chen brought Zhenxiu to the front and started introducing, “This young sister is someone I know, your elder sister knows her as well, she’s Xu Zhenxiu. Since she’s alone, I brought her here to go through the night together.

Hui Lin was really thoughtful. She immediately smiled at Zhenxiu, but didn’t know what to say since she was unfamiliar with her.

Lin Ruoxi who was in the kitchen wasn’t willing to deal with Yang Chen. However, after listening to Yang Chen say ‘Zhenxiu’, she immediately wiped her wet hands before walking out of the kitchen with a pink apron on her.

She didn’t look at Yang Chen at all, and walked directly to Zhenxiu. She held Zhenxiu’s hand and asked with a smile, “Did you visit the president today?”

When Zhenxiu saw LIn Ruoxi, she seemed like she got slightly relieved. Smiling sweetly, she nodded and said, “Yes, I did. Brother Yang even brought me to get lots of gifts for the children and President. We had lunch there as well.”

“Great, President must be elated. It’s your first time at Elder Sister’s house, you may sit there to watch the television. Make yourself at home, the meal is going to be ready really soon.” Lin Ruoxi didn’t even glance at Yang Chen from beginning to end. Evidently, she started an utter cold war.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly in his heart as he couldn’t do anything about it. Since he chose this path, he had to be prepared with such a consequence.

Hui Lin noticed the cold gap between the two. It was evident that she felt terrible, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

Lin Ruoxi pulled Hui Lin back to the kitchen to cook while Yang Chen led Zhenxiu to the sofa. He took out some candies and dried beef prepared by Wang Ma for her, causing her to feel embarrassed. The money she earned every month was barely enough to pay for rent, water and electricity bills and food. To her, even snacks were considered to be a luxury.

It wasn’t that Yang Chen didn’t know she was living a hard life. He felt distressed for her as well, but Zhenxiu’s pride evidently wouldn’t allow Yang Chen get her nice food and clothing for nothing. It took her awhile to finally agree to return to high school using the money Yang Chen lent her.

The steaming-hot rice and other dishes got served from the kitchen within half an hour. Being thoughtful, Zhenxiu forced her way into the kitchen to help carry the dishes out.

When Lin Ruoxi saw that Zhenxiu’s tiny hands were reaching to a plate which just got steamed, she hurriedly said, “Zhenxiu, don’t touch that one, your hands will get burnt!”

Zhenxiu looked like she didn’t feel anything. Smiling, she said, “It’s fine, Sister Ruoxi. It isn’t hot.”

Lin Ruoxi was surprised that Zhenxiu really wasn’t affected by the heat. She didn’t dare to even touch the plate once.

“The hands of this child are full of callus, she must’ve done lots of rough work.” Wang Ma’s eyes were sharp. She noticed that certain parts of Zhenxiu’s palms were yellow and lifted. “I feel bad for even looking at it.”

Lin Ruoxi talked about Zhenxiu with Wang Ma before, so Wang Ma didn’t feel too strange towards Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu smiled faintly. Since she was in such a luxurious villa, she didn’t dare to speak too much.

Very quickly, the five of them got seated around the dining table. Yang Chen sat at the main seat of the table. Wang Ma and Hui Lin sat on one side of the table while Lin Ruoxi and Zhenxiu, the other.

Suddenly, he thought, If one day, all of my women can dine together at the same table, sitting on both rows. How spectacular, what an achievement!

However, he merely thought about it for a while. Although Yang Chen was slightly domineering since he was possessive towards the women he liked, he didn’t think he was an ancient emperor, and needless to say, he wouldn’t treat these women as concubines in the palace. So, he wouldn’t expect the women who would treat him nicely to treat his other women in a friendly manner. Similarly being beauties, all of them would have their own pride. Their hearts that strived for complete love were all the same. How could they tolerate each other just because Yang Chen wanted them to?

It was good enough that they didn’t choke each other to death in front of him, but behaved nicely on the surface instead. He still had to go through countless battles if he really wanted them to truly live in harmony, to take up this huge responsibility.

However, Lin Ruoxi who was currently beside him shouldn’t be with him anymore at that time...

As they had their meals, the four women interacted particularly well, even Zhenxiu who was previously shy slowly relaxed and started talking more often.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Wang Ma stood up and walked to the door to look at the display. She stunned for a while, and said, “It’s the big sister from Cai clan,” before opening the door.

The big sister from Cai clan was naturally Cai Ning.

Yang Chen felt rather surprised. He knew that Cai Yan was Lin Ruoxi’s close friend while Cai Ning shouldn’t be too close with her. It was more likely that she came for Yang him. But what made her come over during Christmas night when everyone is gathered for a meal?

Cai Ning wore a black windbreaker. Since she practised internal energy, the cold of winter didn’t affect her much. Her tall and slim figure was extremely eye-catching in the windbreaker. Her face was about as cold as Cai Yan. Currently, she looked like she newly defrosted. The cold aura she exerted would injure people.

After walking inside the house, Cai Ning didn’t look at anyone else, but stared at Yang Chen with a bone-penetrating gaze, as if she held a deep hatred towards him!

Yang Chen felt confused while Lin Ruoxi and the others got surprised as well. None of them dared to greet Cai Ning.

“What did you do to my sister?”

Cai Ning’s question stunned Yang Chen, while Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma both revealed a shocked expression. Hui Lin knew that Cai Ning was Flower Rain, but didn’t know who her sister was, while Zhenxiu was completely confused.

“What did I do?” Yang Chen shook his head. “I had lunch with her yesterday and talked for a while, but I didn’t do anything to her.”

Agitated, Cai Ning shouted, “What did you say to her?!”

Yang Chen hesitated for a bit before walking towards Cai Ning and briefly explained to her what happened yesterday, using a volume that only Cai Ning could hear. In general, he told her about rejecting Cai Yan.

Cai Ning widened her eyes and stared at Yang Chen fiercely. “How can you do this to her?! Do you know how terribly she’s been living because of this?!”

“I can’t do anything else. This kind of things cannot be forced, you also wouldn’t hope that she went on the wrong path,” Yang Chen said helplessly.

“You… you have no idea what I’m talking about!” Crystal-like teardrops fell out of Cai Ning’s eyes. “Do you know that… you’re very cruel…”

Yang Chen kept quiet. He was indeed cruel, but wouldn’t he also be cruel if he accepted Cai Yan?

Cai Ning took a deep breath. Coldly, she said, “Yang Chen, if anything happens to my sister, I’ll definitely come at you, even if I know I can’t defeat you. I definitely won’t let you live a good life.”

“What exactly happened to her?” This was the question Yang Chen really wanted the answer to.

Cai Ning glanced at him before saying, “You don’t need to know, and you don’t deserve to know.”

After she finished speaking, Cai Ning turned around and left.

Yang Chen looked rather gloomy. Did the woman do something foolish after I rejected her?

When he thought of Cai Yan’s look as tears fell from her face, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that he was actually worried about her safety.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi walked forward. Without any expression, she suppressed her anger and asked, “What happened to Yanyan? What did you do to her?”

Yang Chen sighed. “I don’t know, I really want to know what happened to her as well.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at him as she didn’t believe what he said. She walked to the landline and dialed Cai Yan’s number.

When the phone played the message of a turned-off cellphone, Lin Ruoxi’s look got worse. The gaze she gave Yang Chen turned from the initial coldness to one full of hatred.

Wang Ma looked sad when she saw how the previously warm family dinner turned out this way, especially the discomfort between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi that anyone could notice.

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Chapter 313: Yes I Do 2018-04-08T04:27:42+00:00

President Cha and Zhenxiu hugged each other tightly. Tears flowed down her eyes unstoppably as she felt extremely emotional.

Zhenxiu cried so much that her eyes reddened. She kept whispering, “Grandma,” as if she wanted to talk about all the suffering she had been through outside, and her yearning towards her loved ones.

Feeling moved, the woman asked, “President, is she the child you talked about who hadn’t returned for a very long time?”

President Cha seemed like she had much respect for this woman, but she couldn’t speak a word as she was heavily sobbing. All she could do was to nod repeatedly and she hugged Zhenxiu’s small figure.

Smiling, the woman said, “I’m glad that she’s back. She must’ve suffered a lot outside, she should be considered a thoughtful child as well.”

President Cha stroked Zhenxiu’s black hair as she consoled her. She couldn’t be concerned with anything else anymore.

The woman turned around and smiled at Yang Chen apologetically. “Young Man, I’m really sorry. These two children are just worried about my safety, they actually don’t mean to do harm. I hope you don’t keep it in your heart. How would someone who was willing to visit the children during Christmas be malicious? You wouldn’t bear a grudge about it, would you?”

The indignation in Yang Chen’s heart somehow instantly vanished into thin air when he looked at the woman’s face which felt like spring breeze. He couldn’t help but to feel impressed by her. The attitude she held and the way she talked were exceptionally gentle, making it hard for people to get mad at her, just like an enormous force that landed on a sponge or a cow sculpture made of clay that entered the ocean and melted completely in a matter of seconds.

It was either due to her inborn nature or years of hard work of self-cultivation.

“Nevermind, I just came to visit the president and children together with Zhenxiu. I don’t want to be involved in too many things,” Yang Chen said in an indifferent manner.

“Do you think we’re afraid of you?!” Little Li widened her eyes in anger.

The woman frowned and spoke in a deep voice, “Was it still not enough?!”

Little Wen and Little Li saw that the woman looked like she was really going to get mad, and finally settled. They lowered their heads resentfully in silence.

The woman shook her head before sighing helplessly. She turned around and said, “President Cha, I won’t interrupt your time with the child anymore. You guys must have a lot of things to talk about. I still need to visit the orphanage in the next city, I shall leave now.”

President Cha let go of Zhenxiu and said, “Madam, please leave after eating here. The children are all thankful for the gifts you delivered.”

“My schedule is really tight, I can’t afford to delay it. Help me tell the children that I’ll come back during the new year,” the woman replied politely.

President Cha seemed to know that she was telling the truth, so she didn’t make her stay anymore. Bowing respectfully, she said, “Madam, I hope for your family’s good health in this new year.”

“How can you do this?” The woman smilingly held President Cha up. “I’m your junior, it’s more appropriate for me to bow to you, President.”

“I’m doing this on the children’s behalf,” President Cha said with a smile.

The woman took a glance at the entire courtyard with a faint smile for the last time before nodding at Yang Chen as a signal of goodbye, and bringing the two bodyguards out of the place.

Yang Chen nodded back at the woman. Regarding Little Wen’s and Little Li’s gazes at Yang Chen which implied a warning, Yang Chen took them all as sand that entered his eyes. He couldn’t spot any of them.

“Sir, I didn’t expect you to be here again. Good things always come when you come to visit. I didn’t think Zhenxiu would return together with you,” President Cha said with rich emotions.

Lifting the two plastic bags containing candies and other junk foods, Yang Chen smiled and said, “President, I’ll tell you why I brought her back later. I think it’s better to give the children their gifts first.”

“Aye, alright alright. The things you’re carrying must be really heavy.” The wrinkles on President Cha’s face moved when she smiled. She brought Yang Chen and Zhenxiu who just stopped crying into the place.

Outside the orphanage, at a deserted parking area, the woman stopped moving right before she wanted to get into a white Infinity car. She seemed like she was pondering about something.

She asked the two bodyguards behind her, “Did you guys ask for the young man’s name earlier?”

Little Wen shook her head. “We didn’t ask. What is it, Madam? Is it really important? If Madam wants to know, I can go and ask now.”

An uncertain feeling appeared in the woman’s eyes before she ridiculed herself. “I must be overthinking, how is that possible… Eh, you two haven’t even asked for his name and you drew out your guns? Is the gun supposed to be taken this lightly?”

“Madam, Chief told us to properly protect you. Especially for next year’s election, your safety cannot be compromised in any way at such a key moment,” Little Li said as she felt wronged.

The woman suddenly turned dull, as if she wasn’t concerned with the election. Without saying anything more, she slowly sat into the car.

At the same time, Yang Chen who followed President Cha inside the orphanage quickly understood who the woman earlier was. Isn’t she the woman in the biggest portrait in the walkway, the founder of the orphanage—Guo Xuehua?!

No wonder I felt she looked so familiar, and President Cha treated her with so much respect.

When he thought about it more, he felt that she must be inspecting the orphanages she founded at various places, and coincidentally came here today.

Seeing the person in real life, Yang Chen realized that portraits indeed couldn’t display a person’s true aura. The kind of heart-warming smile couldn’t be felt through the cold painting.

Since it was lunchtime, President Cha let Zhenxiu and Yang Chen eat together with the children. All of them got themselves seated at the huge dining room before happily eating away.

After that, President Cha naturally brought Zhenxiu to her office for a rather long chat as a warm welcome. When she found out that Zhenxiu had a small business of opening food stalls, and didn’t starve by the streets without warm clothing, she finally felt a bit better. She later asked questions like how Zhenxiu managed to know Yang Chen. Regarding the past of becoming a gangster and pickpocket, Zhenxiu certainly didn’t tell President Cha about it.

It wasn’t a matter of dishonesty, she was just afraid that President Cha may not be able to stand it.

Yang Chen took a short nap in the orphanage alone, but wasn’t feeling too bored, since the children would come to tease him. Some tried to draw turtles on his face while others wanted to tie his feet with a rope. Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

During the evening, it was the children’s homework session, which President Cha had to look after. Reluctantly, she sent Zhenxiu off after asking her to come visit often.

Zhenxiu ran back to Yang Chen’s side. Although she walked for the whole afternoon, she didn’t look any tired, but was energized and happy instead.

“You must be really happy after the chat. Wouldn’t it be better if you returned earlier?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Zhenxiu pouted. “I was afraid of getting scolded by Grandma earlier, and I didn’t feel confident to return at that time. If it wasn’t Brother Yang who came here with me today, I bet I still had to wait until next year or something.”

“Come back more often, the president is old already.” Yang Chen didn’t continue talking about it.

Zhenxiu nodded obediently as her eyes revealed sorrow.

“Brother Yang, can you go somewhere with me?” Zhenxiu suddenly asked.

Yang Chen initially thought that Zhenxiu planned to go back. He didn’t expect that she wanted to go somewhere else, but since he accompanied her out today, he naturally didn’t have a reason to decline her small request.

The place Zhenxiu wanted to go wasn’t anywhere special, but was merely the small courtyard behind the orphanage. There were slides, climbing poles, swings and other huge toys there. It was the place where the children from the orphanage usually played at.

Zhenxiu touched every equipment at the courtyard as she felt nostalgic. At last, she sat on a swing and started moving.

Yang Chen followed her and sat on another swing from the same row. Sitting on the swings, the entrance of the orphanage could be seen right in front of them.

“When I was young, I would come here to sit for a while almost every day. I’d always look at the sun fall from the end of the sky as I waited for Grandma to call us for dinner…” Zhenxiu sounded like she was talking to herself. “I would always dream of this scene at night, as if it happened just yesterday…”

Yang Chen listened to her silently. Zhenxiu who sat beside him didn’t seem like an eighteen-year-old girl currently. The grief between her brows wasn’t something children who grew up being loved by their parents could hold. It wasn’t something considered to be any excellent, but it caused people to not neglect this little girl’s strong mentality.

Zhenxiu turned her head and looked at Yang Chen with a smile before asking, “Brother Yang, do you know what I always thought about when I sat here every day?”

Yang Chen kept quiet for a while. “Were you possibly thinking what you were going to have for dinner?”

Zhenxiu pouted. “I’m not that gluttonous…”

“Then what is it?”

Zhenxiu smiled faintly as she looked like she was recalling something. “I’d always think… would there be a married couple, or a man, or a woman, who would walk in from the entrance… Then, they’d turned their head to look at me, and smile at me… I’d wait for the person to walk in front of me and tell me, ‘Little Girl, can you be my daughter?’ At that time, I’d certainly say yes, regardless of who they were. As long as they were willing to adopt me, I’d leave with them… Because, that was the only way I could have my own parents…”

Seeing that Yang Chen was staring at her, Zhenxiu bit her thin lip and said, “However, almost all of my friends around me were adopted except me. After that, I stopped thinking that way…”

Yang Chen remained silent. In his mind, he pictured a little girl sitting on a swing alone at dusk, staring at the empty entrance, day by day, year by year. It should be tough to get through the type of devastating days.

“Brother Yang, do you know why I don’t feel like studying or going back to school?” Zhenxiu asked softly. “When I used to go to school, once others knew that I was from the orphanage, they’d taunt me and say I broke out of a stone, and didn’t have parents. After that when I grew slightly older, my schoolmates in the junior high school weren’t willing to spend time with me. Some guys who weren’t willing to do their homework forced me to do it for them. If I refused to do so, they’d bully me, and even hit me… They’d hide my lunchbox and forbid me from eating…

[TL note: Breaking out of a stone is a reference to the classical novel Journey to the West where the Monkey King was born by literally bursting out of a stone.]

“Studying, to me, instead of saying I went for education, it was more like I went for a torture or torment.

“Brother Yang, I actually rode motorcycles with the bunch of people, became a thief, and constantly involved myself in fights in my junior high school. That was because if I didn’t fight back, they’d bully me more severely. I knew that I could only rely on myself, since I wouldn’t have parents to come help me. If I wanted to live in this world, I could only rely on my fists…”

“Zhenxiu.” Yang Chen turned his head and stared into Zhenxiu’s eyes. “Sit on the swing, don’t move.”

“Ah?” Zhenxiu didn’t know what Yang Chen wanted to do, but still obediently sat on the swing without moving.

Yang Chen stood up and walked out of the courtyard, then the entrance of the orphanage.

When Zhenxiu was still confused, Yang Chen walked back in again.

Yang Chen could be seen looking around for a while, as if he wasn’t familiar with the place. After that, he noticed Zhenxiu on the swing.

Yang Chen appeared to be slightly surprised as he smiled. Step by step, he walked towards Zhenxiu. He walked more and more closely before stopping in front of Zhenxiu.

Yang Chen squatted down and reached an arm out to hold Zhenxiu’s little hand which was rather rough due to work.

Yang Chen acted like it was his first time meeting Zhenxiu. He admired Zhenxiu’s face for quite a while.

“Ah… such a beautiful little girl. I’m reluctant to leave you after seeing you. Little Girl, would you come home with me? Although I’m too young to be your father, can you be my younger sister?”

Zhenxiu felt like her heart got covered by a wave of sweetness. She almost burst in laughter for the sudden appearance of such a happy and touching moment, but her emotions got raised to the peak. Her happiness got converted into teardrops, which fell onto the snowy ground like beads with a broken string, instantly melting the accumulated snow due to the heat…

“Why are you crying? You don’t look nice anymore when you cry,” Yang Chen said gently. “Answer me, do you wish to be my younger sister?”

Zhenxiu nodded forcefully. “Yes, I do.”

“You can’t only be pretty being my younger sister, you still need to get good grades. If I send you to school, you need to study properly, can you do that?” Yang Chen asked seriously.

Zhenxiu held back from laughing. She said in a childish manner, “But, Elder Brother, what happens if someone bullies your younger sister?”

“If anyone dares to bully my little sister, I’ll beat them to death,” Yang Chen said solemnly.

Zhenxiu finally couldn’t hold her emotions which were on the verge of collapsing anymore. She rushed into Yang Chen’s arms as she started sobbing, causing Yang Chen’s chest to be drenched with her tears…

Yang Chen lightly patted Zhenxiu’s back. Beside Zhenxiu’s ear, he said softly and seriously, “Zhenxiu, if you ever feel that everyone in this world is against you, you have to remember, there’s this person who would go against the entire world for you…”


Chapter 312: Obstruction 2018-04-05T04:50:58+00:00

After eating breakfast at Mo Qianni’s house, Yang Chen directly drove to the crossroad where he was meeting Zhenxiu.

Since it was Christmas in addition to the snowfall, the entire Zhonghai was filled with the atmosphere of music and laughter. Quite a number of people were dressed as Santa Claus to promote their stores on the streets, some of which even gave out free gifts to attract customers.

He saw Zhenxiu standing in the cold wind. The kid was wearing a purple fur collar coat and a beanie on her head.

Yang Chen lowered his car window and shouted, “Zhenxiu,” before the kid fearfully entered his car. However, she spent quite some effort to open the door as she hadn’t had chance to interact with a car often.

“Didn’t you say we were meeting at nine? I came here a bit earlier and you’re already standing there. Look at you, your nose got red already,” Yang Chen said sympathetically.

Smiling sweetly, Zhenxiu said, “I’ll be fine. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and I don’t have a habit of waking up late during winter.”

Yang Chen knew that this kid had gone through hardships when she grew up, so he didn’t ask much. “What do you think the children will like?”

Zhenxiu thought for a while before saying, “Get candies. The orphanage actually doesn’t lack clothing and everyday items. It’s Christmas today, the children will love it if we get some sweet snacks and candies.”

Yang Chen naturally didn’t have anything to say about it. He certainly found it hard to communicate with children. Being ignored at a side last time at the orphanage was a perfect example.

As a result, Yang Chen directly came to the closest shopping mall and brought Zhenxiu to the hypermarket which wasn’t filled with people yet.

When they passed by the a shop that sold electronics, Yang Chen pulled Zhenxiu’s arm.

Zhenxiu blushed when she felt that her arm was grasped by Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, what happened?”

Yang Chen didn’t notice the details, he just brought Zhenxiu to the counter that sold phones. He said, “I can’t always visit you at your stall when I want to contact you, I’ll get you a phone.”

Before Zhenxiu could reject his offer, Yang Chen said, “It’s Christmas today and new year’s is almost here. Just take it as a gift from an elder brother. Didn’t you give me a platinum pendant earlier? I want to give you something as well. Pick a model you like and I’ll handle the rest for you, then you’ll pay the phone bill yourself. What do you think?”

Zhenxiu saw that Yang Chen looked like he would get angry at any moment, she didn’t plan to push his offer away anymore as she felt touched. After seriously looking at the phones, she chose a small and affordable phone.

Since it was the era of information technology, buying a phone and doing all the procedures online including getting cell connection took less than half an hour.

Yang Chen saw the adorable look of Zhenxiu when she held the first phone in her life, and felt contented.

Possibly because both of them didn’t have parents since young, and had grown up in a difficult environment in addition to the fate that allowed them to meet, Yang Chen’s liking towards Zhenxiu made himself surprised as well, as if this stubborn girl was really his own younger sister.

“Brother Yang, can I give you a call in the future?” Zhenxiu asked after carefully closing the phone box. Her face was rather pink, perhaps due to the warm air that hit on it.

Yang Chen replied, “Of course you can, why would I buy it for you otherwise?”

“Any time?” Zhenxiu asked softly with high expectations.

“That’s right.” Yang Chen nodded.

Zhenxiu smiled until her big eyes turned crescent.

Originally, Yang Chen wanted to get Zhenxiu new clothes as well, since one should get new clothing for new year’s according to Chinese tradition. However, Zhenxiu strongly refused him this time, she just wasn’t willing to obey him no matter what. Yang Chen didn’t continue forcing her as he was afraid that the girl would be done with everything once she got pissed.

After buying some candies and small gifts, it was almost eleven in the morning already. Yang Chen carried the two huge plastic bags into the car boot before heading to New Hope Orphanage together with Zhenxiu.

As he arrived at the rather old orphanage once again, Yang Chen saw that there was a moderately sized Christmas tree by the entrance. There were stars, puppets and other ornaments hung on the tree, making it appear very well-decorated. Various colors of neon lights were hung on the door frame.

White snow was accumulated on the tens of old pine trees, causing the branches to appear slightly bent. The creepers on the wall were contaminated by snow as well. Although their leaves had already withered, they still served as a special layer when looked from afar.

Zhenxiu stepped out of the car and absentmindedly stared at the entrance of the orphanage which she hadn’t seen in a long time before her eyes got slightly wet.

“Go in, the president will be glad to see you again,” Yang Chen said after taking the two huge plastic bags out of the car boot.

Zhenxiu nodded and forcefully snatched one of the plastic bags from Yang Chen before carrying it with both her hands. “I’ll carry one as well, I’m very thankful that Brother Yang came here with me. I can’t let you do all of these for me.”

Yang Chen felt rather helpless towards this kid’s maturity, so he allowed her to do whatever she wanted.

The two of them walked up the steps and wanted to go in from the entrance, but got blocked outside by two tall and upright, average-looking but seemingly heroic women who were dressed in female western suits and had headsets on their heads.

“Sorry, visitors are not allowed to enter this place temporarily,” one of the women with a ponytail said coldly, without any emotions.

Yang Chen frowned. If he guessed it right, the two women in front of him held an aura of ferocity from the military. They should be professionally trained female special agents, but they currently looked like bodyguards of an important person.

“We came to visit the children. This girl grew up here, she came to meet the president and her other siblings. Please make an exception.” Yang Chen knew that they were merely doing their jobs, so he spoke nicely and didn’t get pissed.

The woman with a ponytail looked at the huge plastic bags carried by the two and shook her head. “Come again another day, or later in the afternoon.”

Zhenxiu appeared rather disappointed. She took a glance into the orphanage through the entrance before pulling Yang Chen’s sleeve. “It’s fine, Brother Yang. There should be a VIP inside now, we’ll come again another day.”

“Is it still Christmas after today?” Yang Chen said.

“It’s fine, it’s okay if it’s a little late…” Zhenxiu said softly.

Yang Chen said to the bodyguard with a ponytail, “How about this? You guys go in and tell President Cha that Xu Zhenxiu is here. See if she’s willing to see us or not.”

Another bodyguard with short hair looked like she felt it was absurd. “Don’t you guys understand? We asked you to come again later in the afternoon or some other day. It’s not about whether President Cha want to see you or not, it’s that you aren’t allowed to enter now.”

After she said it that way, Yang Chen wasn’t too happy about it. He tried to speak with them reasonably, but they refused to even notify the people inside of their arrival. The two only wanted to visit the children from the orphanage, and didn’t come rushing in with knives and guns, but carried candies instead. Under such a situation, even if they really couldn’t be allowed to enter, the least the bodyguards could do was to go in and notify the people inside. Furthermore, even if it was the paramount leader who came to visit, he still couldn’t behave this terribly!

Yang Chen didn’t look friendly anymore. He said, “I’ll say it one last time, go in and tell the people inside that Xu Zhenxiu is here. If you don’t refuse to do so, don’t blame me for doing something I don’t enjoy doing.”

The bodyguard with ponytail frowned in silence while the short-haired lady seemed like she just heard a joke. Sarcastically, she said, “Oh? What is that you don’t love to do? Try doing it now.”

Yang Chen didn’t want to speak anymore, he directly walked towards the entrance.

The faces of the bodyguards turned cold when they saw that Yang Chen wanted to walk inside daringly. Together, they went forward to grasp Yang Chen’s arms and hook his legs, one from each side, in an attempt to seize him.

However, Yang Chen’s arms and legs were just like reinforced concrete, they weren’t affected at all after getting hit by the two bodyguards.

The faces of the bodyguards revealed surprise. Their strengths were unrivalled by ordinary ladies, even the common male special agents in the military couldn’t get close. The attack landed by their feet output at least hundreds of newtons of force, while the suppression caused by their arms had a huge explosive force as well.

However, even when the weak points of the man carried a burden of more than 200 kilograms in total, he didn’t react to it at all! He was still walking inside as if nothing happened!


The two ladies immediately thought that he was a top-notch assassin who wanted to do harm to the person inside!

Suddenly, the two bodyguards retreated and drew out their own guns from their bodies, immediately aiming at Yang Chen’s skull from both directions!

“Don’t move! Put down the stuff in your hands and raise your hands!” the lady with a ponytail shouted.

Yang Chen coldly glanced at the two before taking a look at Zhenxiu who got terrified.

“Following my habit, you two should be dead by now, but I definitely don’t feel like killing at this place, not in front of this girl. I’ll count to three, if you guys don’t keep your guns, I’ll be forced to do something I don’t want to do.”

“Humph, do you think we’ll get frightened?” The short-haired lady snorted in contempt. Evidently, she didn’t take Yang Chen seriously.

Yang Chen sighed. It sure seems like I have to kill two fools in front of Zhenxiu at the orphanage today. How unfortunate.

Regarding how he was going to deal with the aftermath of killing them, it wasn’t within Yang Chen’s consideration. It wasn’t that he was reckless, some things were a matter of principle. He’d deal with the consequences after doing it.

However, when Yang Chen was prepared to end their lives without making them bleed, a clear female voice resounded from the walkway nearby.

“Stop! Little Wen, Little Li, what are you guys doing?! Put down your guns!”

A woman dressed in elegant winter clothing with a white scarf made of cashmere wool wrapped around her neck walked out from there. Trails of aging could briefly be seen on her bright and smooth face, but her dignified beauty still made her charming. The hair of the woman was tied up in a bun, it was clear and wasn’t gray at all, possibly due to excellent maintenance. Although her gentle eyes brought slight anger, they weren’t unpleasant at all.

When Yang Chen saw this woman, he felt that she looked familiar. He felt like he saw her before, but couldn’t recall anything at the moment.

“Madam, danger! Don’t come here for now!” the lady bodyguard with a ponytail referred as Little Wen said loudly.

The woman didn’t listen to them. “They came to visit the children and didn’t bring any weapons. What are you guys doing?”

Before the woman finished speaking, President Cha walked over with footsteps that evidently showed her old age. Agitated, she asked, “Zhenxiu? Is it Zhenxiu?”

Zhenxiu who was previously standing at the entrance nervously heard the familiar voice. Ignoring everything else, she quickly rushed over to hug President Cha.

“Are you two still not going to keep them?” the woman asked angrily.

Little Wen and Little Li looked at each other awkwardly before slowly keeping their guns, but still looked at Yang Chen with caution.

Chapter 311: 147 2018-04-04T06:02:32+00:00

After the call got connected, there was no sound coming from Tang Wan’s side. Yang Chen thought his phone wasn’t working properly anymore, but he then managed to hear breathing sounds. He knew that Tang Wan didn’t know how to initiate the conversation.

Yang Chen smiled faintly and said, “What is it? Are you testing my hearing on whether or not I can hear the sound of you breathing?”

Tang Wan finally opened her mouth. “You… are you still mad?”

“Mad? When did you see me get angry?” Yang Chen asked.

“I misunderstood you last time. I… I was too anxious at that time. I only found out the situation yesterday…” Tang Wan spoke really softly. She sounded a little scared. Comparing to her usual dominance, she appeared much more gentle now.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “It’s great that you know it now. I’m really not angry.”

“Then can I treat you for a meal tomorrow? It’s Christmas coincidentally, take it as my apology,” Tang Wan said.

“I’m not free tomorrow, and you’re not at fault. I didn’t know Tangtang was your daughter earlier, otherwise I wouldn’t be this careless,” Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan seemed like she still thought Yang Chen wasn’t planning on forgiving her yet. She asked, “Do you really hate me now? I behaved so recklessly and said something so terrible.”

“You’re not reckless at all, I can understand your mentality as a mother. Furthermore, the kid really is worrying. It’s just that I’m quite occupied these days. I’m going to Japan next week for my company’s holiday trip. I guess we can talk about it after new year’s,” Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan sounded rather down. “Alright then, I’ll contact you after new year’s. My virtual age will be forty years old at that time, would you start to ignore me because I’m too old?”

[TL note: Virtual age is based on East Asian age reckoning in which people (Chinese specifically) begin their lives at the age of one instead of zero.]

“What nonsense are you talking about? Do you think you look like a forty-year-old woman? If I have to point out a gap between us, it should be Tangtang since you’re her mother. To be honest, if something really took place between us, it’d still feel weird although we’re both adults now,” Yang Chen said genuinely.

“It should be hard for Tangtang to accept it,” Tang Wan said as she blamed herself. “Luckily nothing happened between us that night, otherwise I really wouldn’t dare to meet Tangtang anymore. I think I’ll use this period for me to think calmly on how I feel about you. See you after new year’s.”

Tang Wan’s straightforward and generous expression made Yang Chen feel helpless yet relaxed. This woman would tell you very directly that she wanted to sleep with you, but would also tell you honestly that she was now hesitating.

Yang Chen didn’t have too much thought. It couldn’t be said that he loved Tang Wan, it was only a liking at most. He liked Tang Wan’s beautiful body and her aura, not to mention it was her who offered an intimate relationship without any responsibilities. Yang Chen admitted that he didn’t have the energy to reject her.

After ending the call, Yang Chen pointed his spearhead at Mo Qianni’s bedroom.

He walked to the bedroom and knocked on the door. “Little Qianqian, why are you taking a shower in your bedroom?”

After a long while, Mo Qianni’s voice could finally be heard. “I fell asleep!”

Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel. Why does this look like a scene whereby a perverted middle-aged man is trying to trick a little girl, while she still answered in such an adorable manner?

“I’ll kick the door open if you don’t open it, you know that I’m strong enough to do that,” Yang Chen said.

“You… go sleep on the sofa,” Mo Qianni hurriedly said.

“Is this what you say to your man?” Yang Chen asked angrily.

After a short while of silence, Mo Qianni finally opened the door slowly. She was still hugging a pink bolster. Looking at Yang Chen with a scared expression, she said, “I’m very nervous. Can you just sleep and not do that kind of things?”

Wouldn’t this take Yang Chen’s life? There was an enchanting woman beside him whom he could only look but not touch.

“Why are you nervous? Didn’t we do it in the hills before?” Yang Chen asked gloomily.

“I was in too much pain after that, I felt pain for three days straight…” Mo Qianni said softly as she felt afraid.

Yang Chen recalled that he couldn’t hold himself back in the hills earlier. He did it twice to Mo Qianni continuously. It was her first time after all, when a melon broke for its first time and got multiple rainstorms, she may have really developed a phobia towards it.

Under such a situation, the more she avoided touching it, the more afraid she would be in the future. Yang Chen knew that the best solution was to pleasure Mo Qianni in different ways, but couldn’t hurt her once again. This way, the fear in her heart could be eliminated.

Yang Chen walked forward and hugged Mo Qianni with his arms. “Call me Hubby.”

Mo Qianni felt the man’s warmth and could smell the familiar scent. As she felt peaceful, she called out shyly, “Hubby.”

“Dear, let’s try it once more, alright? If you feel uncomfortable again, I won’t do it anymore,” Yang Chen said gently.

Mo Qianni struggled lightly for a while, but agreed to him at last.

Yang Chen put down the delicate body in his arms onto the soft mattress before turning off the main light in the room, leaving only a small lamp by the bed on.

In the dimly lit room, Mo Qianni’s hair looked like ink while her elegant face seemed like jade. When she bit her red, thin lips, her beauty was unrivalled.

Very gently, Yang Chen removed Mo Qianni’s arms which tightly hugged his body before giving her a look to ask for her trust. Only then did he start removing the woman’s clothing…

After a gentle entanglement, Mo Qianni lay on Yang Chen’s arms. She was only covered by a thick blanket being naked, while the two tightly hugged each other.

Yang Chen lowered his head to take a look. There was a smile on Mo Qianni’s face while her eyes were shut. Her curvy brows shook lightly, as if she enjoyed the experience very much.

“You won’t be afraid anymore,” Yang Chen asked.

Mo Qianni blurrily answered, “You have to do it this way every time in the future. You can’t treat me like the first time again.”

“I’ll ensure that you feel comfortable every time,” Yang Chen said. He then thought, As long as you aren’t afraid anymore, aren’t I still the one in control for how I want to do it?

After the long day, Yang Chen felt exhausted as well. He fell asleep deeply with Mo Qianni in his arms. Since there was a soft, fragrant jade beside him, Yang Chen had a particularly enjoyable sleep.

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

The sky was still dark outside. Yang Chen felt that there was something repeatedly falling on his eyebrows like raindrops.

Yang Chen moved his head slightly before opening his eyes. Mo Qianni who put on clothes was staring at him with a smile. Her face without makeup looked extraordinary fresh.

Yang Chen yawned and smiled bitterly. He said, “What is it again? Why did you wake up this early? I remember today is a weekend.”

“147, 141,” Mo Qianni said excitedly.

“What’s 147 and 141?” Yang Chen asked as he rubbed his eyes.

Mo Qianni behaved just like a naive child who just had honey. Happily, she said, “Your left eyebrow has 147 hairs, and I haven’t finished counting your right eyebrow, but I’m at 141 now.”

Yang Chen thought he misheard her. Stunned, he asked helplessly, “Why are you counting my brows?”

Mo Qianni looked into Yang Chen’s eyes stupidly. “I read a book before. It says once a woman loves a man, she’d even know how many hairs there are on his brows very clearly. Since I can’t count them every day, I’d of course have to seize the opportunity.”

Yang Chen kept the smile on his face and looked at this woman who was rather foolish silently. At this moment, he felt that everything he said would appear lifeless.

“Why do you always make me feel sorry to you? Little Qianqian, a true vixen should behave like you. Other women seduce men with their bodies, while you used your heart to take away even my chance to breathe.” Yang Chen hugged Mo Qianni tightly. Smiling faintly, he asked, “Do you want me to suffocate?”

“It isn’t as serious as you put it,” Mo Qianni said with a smile. “Since you’re awake, I’ll go make you breakfast.

Mo Qianni wanted to get off the bed, but got pulled back onto the bed by Yang Chen.

“Eh, what are you doing?” Mo Qianni’s heart shivered. She was afraid that Yang Chen wanted to do that kind of stuff again.

Solemnly, Yang Chen said, “This is unfair. You counted mine but I haven’t counted yours yet. Stay still obediently and let me count your brows clearly.”

Mo Qianni finally understood his intention. It was annoying yet funny. At last, she burst into laughter and rushed into Yang Chen’s chest.


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