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Chapter 310: Dinner 2018-04-03T02:46:56+00:00

After leaving the restaurant, Yang Chen didn’t return to his office, but wandered around Zhongnan Street without a destination in mind. He wasn’t seriously thinking of anything, he just felt rather down. As a result, he walked to get two poor-quality cigarette packs and smoked them all before finally feeling a tiny bit better.

Yang Chen didn’t feel at fault, but didn’t think he did anything right either. Not everything in the world had rights and wrongs, for instance, feelings. Whether you disappointed someone, or you did that for somebody else’s sake couldn’t be made clear.

After the sky got dark, Yang Chen made a call home to tell Wang Ma he wasn’t going home for dinner. He then drove to the direction of Mo Qianni’s house as planned.

When Yang Chen stopped his car at Mo Qianni’s place downstairs, Mo Qianni’s red Audi coincidentally reached home as well, as if they planned it in advance.

Upon stepping out of the car, Mo Qianni who was dressed in an office uniform couldn’t be seen with any form of tiredness. Carrying a light-colored LV handbag, her long and slim legs which were wrapped in net stockings and feet slipped in thin high heels stepped onto the firm ground covered in snow, appearing stylish and eye-catching.

When she saw that Yang Chen similarly arrived at her house, Mo Qianni smiled in silence. Her moving elegance couldn’t be explained in the snow.

Yang Chen suddenly had an illusion, as if the woman standing in front of her was his true wife. The two of them reached home together after work, and stepped out of the car together before staring at each other with a faint smile on their faces. The countless, passionate feelings could be understood even when not a single word was said.

Seeing Yang Chen stare at her with a foolish smile, Mo Qianni’s cheeks blushed. She complained, “What are you looking at? Your eyeballs are almost falling out already. Pervert, quickly come over to help me carry the stuff.”

“What did you buy?”

“They’re the vegetable and meat I’m going to cook tonight. You have such a huge appetite, there’s nothing other than tomatoes, eggs and milk in my fridge. So I had to get everything I need,” Mo Qianni said as she opened the car trunk, revealing lots of plastic bags from the supermarket which filled almost half of the space.

Yang Chen looked at Mo Qianni weirdly. “There are so many things here. Did you carry them onto your car alone?”

“What else should I do? I just had to take a few more trips, it’s no big deal,” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

Yang Chen frowned and looked at her before saying, “Didn’t I ask you to take care of yourself before? What if the condition of your leg worsens after carrying these many things? What will happen if you fall after feeling the pain when I’m not with you?”

Mo Qianni pouted and said, “It’s my first time cooking for you at home, I just want to perform a little better and make you good food. I really didn’t think that far…”

With a complex facial expression, Yang Chen looked at the woman who had her head lowered in front of him. “Stupid,” he murmured before carrying all the things in the boot with his hands. “Go upstairs, I’m fine taking everything myself.”

Mo Qianni saw that Yang Chen wasn’t mad anymore. Smiling happily, she said, “It’s really better to have a man. I’ll have to spend a lot of time taking them myself.”

Yang Chen followed behind Mo Qianni and walked to her small apartment. It was his second time here, so Yang Chen didn’t feel too unfamiliar with the place. He just thought of the incident that took place during his first night there. He couldn’t help but to smile.

Mo Qianni seemed to have also thought of the night where she tried to kiss Yang Chen when he was asleep, which Yang Chen intentionally acted like he was unaware. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Stop smiling, otherwise I won’t cook you dinner anymore. Put the stuff in the kitchen and you may watch television.”

“You don’t need my help?”

“You’ll only further delay me if you try to help. I’m making Sichuan cuisine, it’s not like you know how to cook them. Forget about offering me help,” Mo Qianni said.

“I’m really good with knives. I can help you cut anything you want,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni knew that Yang Chen was certainly good in fighting, his knife skills could be excellent as well, so she agreed to his offer.

Thus, the two busied themselves in the kitchen. Mo Qianni washed and picked the vegetables while she ordered Yang Chen to cut them and some fish into different shapes and place them into plates.

After Yang Chen tidily finished cutting everything, Mo Qianni kissed Yang Chen on the lips in satisfaction as a reward. She then brought a brisk rhythm to simmer and fry different dishes as she felt excited.

Yang Chen didn’t turn on the television in the living room. He stood at the entrance of the kitchen and looked at Mo Qianni absentmindedly. After having her coat removed, she only wore a sweater and walked around in the kitchen with an apron worn on her neck.

Yang Chen had dreamt of such a scene before, but the woman in his dream had never appeared clear. After tonight, if he ever had that dream again, Yang Chen felt that she would be the woman in front of him now.

After almost an hour, Mo Qianni finished making five stir-fried dishes, a bowl of soup and a plate of hot and sour fish. Yang Chen helped by carrying them all out to the small dining table.

Mo Qianni took a bottle of half-finished, ten-year-old red wine out of nowhere. Embarrassed, she said, “There’s only this bottle of wine at home. I usually drink some before bed to help me sleep. We’ll just drink this in the meantime.”

Yang Chen smiled in an indifferent manner. “I don’t love drinking alcohol a lot, it’s better if you keep it for other nights.”

“No, we have to drink a bit for this meal to be complete,” Mo Qianni said stubbornly and took two wine glasses before filling them up.

Yang Chen received the wine glass and clinked it against Mo Qianni’s. There was still some sweat on Mo Qianni’s face. He said, “Little Qianqian, if you want it to be complete, I advise you to close the lights and use some candles.”

Mo Qianni opened her big eyes widely as she looked perturbed. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t have candles at home. If you reminded me, I would’ve bought them from the supermarket, probably the ones with rose fragrance. I really like the smell.”

Yang Chen pouted as he looked upset. He said, “I just brought it up casually, do you really want to have a candlelit dinner?”

“Of course, don’t you know that romance is the right of a woman?” Mo Qianni said cheerfully.

Looking at the expression of the charming lady, Yang Chen subconsciously smiled and shook his head. His heavy mood in the afternoon suddenly turned much better.

The two chatted happily as they enjoyed their meals. Mo Qianni was rather good at cooking, which made Yang Chen eat in a very enjoyable manner. Mo Qianni herself hadn’t had such a spicy dish in a while, she wiped her sweat with tissue papers repeatedly as her white and smooth face flushed.

After handing a fried chicken thigh to Yang Chen, Mo Qianni suddenly said, “Our vacation is starting in a week’s time. You’re going to Japan while I have to lead the team to Hainan. We won’t be seeing each other in a while.”

“You’re going to Hainan?” It was Yang Chen’s first time listening to Mo Qianni talk about it.

“Yeah, the group from the finance department is going to Hainan. They said it’s warm there, and isn’t as hot as summer. I also feel that it’s a good decision.” Mo Qianni wondered as she asked, “Why don’t you know about it? I thought you knew I was going to Hainan since Ruoxi is going with us this year as well. Hasn’t she told you about it since you guys live together?”

Yang Chen got more surprised. Ruoxi is going as well? He really hadn’t heard about it at all. However, when he thought about it, the gap between them in addition to how Lin Ruoxi had been treating him these days, it was most logical that she didn’t tell him anything.

Mo Qianni noticed that there was something wrong. Carefully, she asked, “Did you argue with Ruoxi?”

Yang Chen pouted. “You understand her personality as well, it’s normal that she doesn’t tell me. Great, she really has to rest after working so hard for all four seasons in a year.”

Mo Qianni didn’t ask more questions. She sighed and said, “Yeah, this is my first time seeing that Ruoxi is willing take a break after entering this company so long ago. She’s even going on a vacation with her employees. You should’ve seen how everyone in the office went crazy when I announced in the department that the CEO was going with everyone. Even I’ve started getting jealous of your wife’s charisma. So many people idolized her even if she behaves so coldly and silently. I thought it was you who persuaded her to go with us, it sure doesn’t seem like it now.”

“How can I manage to persuade her? She doesn’t say it out, but she’s more stubborn than everyone else,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Mo Qianni nodded as if she understood the statement. They didn’t continue talking about the topic, but chatted about other stuff in the company and everyday life instead.

After the meal, Mo Qianni washed the bowls in the kitchen while Yang Chen sat on the sofa as he watched the evening news.

After Mo Qianni finished washing, she took off her apron and stretched her body lazily before obediently leaning onto Yang Chen’s chest. Smiling, she asked, “Are you going back tonight?”

Yang Chen lowered his head and kissed Mo Qianni on her lips. “I’ll have to see how you behave, I’ll stay if you behave nicely, and leave immediately if you don’t.”

Mo Qianni squinted and revealed dissatisfaction on her face. She stood up and stared at Yang Chen fiercely as she said, “Leave if you want to, I won’t be sending you off—”

Before she could finish her sentence, her arm got grasped by Yang Chen before her entire body fell onto his chest once again.

This time, Yang Chen directly flipped Mo Qianni and pressed her below his body. Leaning his head forward to the beauty’s ear, he said with a deep voice, “I’m really sorry, your behavior earlier is exactly what I like. It’s exceptional, I decide not to leave anymore.”

“Mmh…” After a hot breath hit on Mo Qianni’s ear, she felt like electric current passed through her entire body. “If you’re staying… don’t… do this…”

“Do what?”

“Do what you’re doing now.”

“Then what do you want to do?” Yang Chen asked with a naughty smile.

Mo Qianni blushed immensely. She mumbled, “I don’t know…”

“Then we’ll do this…” Yang Chen smiled faintly before kissing the fragrant lips which were very close to him.

The two got entangled together on the sofa, causing squeaking sounds to echo as a result of the pressure exerted from above.

However, when Yang Chen wanted to remove the restraint on his lower body, the phone on the coffee table started vibrating.

Yang Chen stopped what he was doing helplessly. He took his phone over to have a look. It was a call from Tang Wan who had been ignoring him ever since the day she mistook Yang Chen to having a weird relationship with her daughter Tangtang. He didn’t expect that she’d give him a call at this moment.

Mo Qianni grasped the opportunity and hurriedly escaped from the sofa. Just like a wife who was running away from her home, she said, “I’m going to take a shower,” before hiding into her own room.

Yang Chen pouted and picked up the phone call.

Our Payment System is Different! 2018-04-02T14:25:52+00:00

TL/DR: You're not supposed to lower/remove your pledge before the 5th of next month. Confused? Read the whole thing.

Unlike other translators whose Patreon accounts are created much longer ago than ours, we don’t have charge upfront enabled. Patreon has 2 payment systems which are extremely confusing to patrons. I’m just going to explain how our Patreon page works. My explanation may sound absurd, but please believe that it is true. This does not work like Spotify/Netflix subscription. Once you pledge the tier you want, you are not charged any amount yet, and you have access to the advance chapters. No matter when you pledge/which tier you’re on, you will only be charged after the 1st of next month. This means it’s incredibly easy for people to pledge, read the early chapters, and remove/lower their pledges immediately without paying a single cent. In March alone, we have suffered a ‘loss’ of $900+, some of which were intentional while the others were just confused by how Patreon works. I have more than 30 people blocked on Patreon, and a portion of which was banned. Contact me if you’re accidentally blocked. Email:

In short, if you want to support for a month, e.g. $60, you should only remove your pledge after the 5th of next month (payment is charged on the first few days of the new month). Patreon sees you as paying for your previous month, so on April 1st, you’re charged for your access in March. If you remove your $60 pledge before that, or lower it to for example $1 (which many people have done), you are essentially abusing the system, since you are charged whatever amount your account is at, on the first few days of next month. If you only want to support $10 next month, lower your pledge after the 5th of next month!

Being your father, I hope that my children wouldn’t put up such an unethical act. I’m proud of the remaining 80% who genuinely give their support!

April Update:

Thanks everyone for your support. I’m well aware that I should be adding more community goals. I mentioned twice about increasing the release rate once my exams end (in July/August), but there seems to be readers repeatedly asking about it in the comments. I won’t be responding to this type of comments anymore, the ones who make complaints should be reading announcements.

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Chapter 309: If If If 2018-04-02T14:21:29+00:00

Yang Chen felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Cai Yan’s mood as he looked at such a facial expression. He didn’t understand what was going on. Curious, he asked, “What is it? What happened?”

“To be honest, do you feel that being together with me and eating with me are both a waste of your precious time?” Cai Yan asked emotionlessly.

Yang Chen got dumbfounded. Frowning, he asked, “Cai Yan, what do you mean? Why did you suddenly say that?’

“What do I mean?” Cai Yan snorted coldly. “Do you possibly mind your own business and finish your food in three minutes without saying anything when you eat with other women before biting a toothpick while you wait for them to slowly finish their food?”

Yang Chen vaguely understood why Cai Yan was mad. Smiling awkwardly, he said, “I’m really sorry. I thought you were all about effectiveness since you’re a police, and I also don’t know what to say to you. Actually, finishing my food in three minutes is my usual speed when I eat alone. I didn’t mean anything else by it, I didn’t know this’d displease you.”

Cai Yan turned dismal. “Police… In your eyes, except for the fact that I’m a police, could I possibly also not be a woman?”

Yang Chen listened to her silently. He too felt rather weird in his heart, since he really didn’t see Cai Yan as a beauty he could admire, unlike the other women around him.

Although Cai Yan’s appearance and body were both exceptional, he had a few bad memories regarding her. Together with the way Cai Yan spoke and handled tasks, Yang Chen found it hard to equate this lady to a ‘beauty’.

“I… I really didn’t think of this question before,” Yang Chen answered honestly.

Cai Yan said softly, “I specially put on makeup before leaving the house and coming here today. I even carefully selected a restaurant. Do you know what i did all this for?”

Yang Chen wasn’t an idiot. He could connect the dots as he thought of the time where she gave him a Rolex watch, the matter where she did her best to look after Zhenxiu, and the way she spoke and acted for a few times, especially today when she asked him out for lunch after going out of her way to dress up nicely…

Although Yang Chen felt that it was rather unbelievable, Cai Yan evidently had that kind of feelings for him.

Yang Chen felt a massive headache. If it was him back then, he wouldn’t even have time to celebrate if there was such a beautiful police officer coming to his door herself. He definitely wouldn’t refuse the visitor. However today, Yang Chen felt rather afraid when he met a beauty who willingly clung to him. He had always felt apologetic towards the few ladies around him. If he got involved with this beautiful police officer as well, or even took in a few more in the future, Yang Chen felt that his nerves would split one day. The guilt he held in his heart towards every woman of his was enough to make him seek death due to the pain.

Seeing that Yang Chen wasn’t talking, Cai Yan bit her lower lip and said, “You can definitely tell what I’m thinking after what I’ve done. Don’t even try to avoid this.”

“Cai Yan, I… really came out just to return your handbag today.” Yang Chen didn’t know how to reject Cai Yan. He could only push her away indirectly.

Cai Yan’s face expressed disappointment, but soon turned to hatred. She felt like she had to get her dissatisfaction and resentment off her chest as soon as possible!

Cai Yan gazed at Yang Chen directly as tears filled up her eyes. Smiling disdainfully, she said, “Yang Chen, do you know that this seems to be the first time in my life that I got rejected by a man?

“My family, influence, career, and face that even women are envious of, are all useless when I’m faced with such a man...

“Whether you can give me a fulfilling love life or not is already a problem. Other women must be mocking me for my stupidity…

“Return the handbag to me? Humph, how much money is this damned bag worth… Let me tell you, I have never cared about stuff like this!

“If you have considered my feelings for even the slightest bit, before you sat down in front of me and said what you did earlier, you would at least ask yourself if you had to speak this brutally or not, so brutal that you caused cut wounds to appear all over the body of a woman who isn’t very confident, a woman who just wants to speak to you!

“I don’t have to ask you to come to such a place, just to take back a bag that’s worth two thousand bucks… Can’t I live by my own if I don’t see you?!

“Don’t I have a nicer bag?! Don’t I have time to go there and take it myself?! Does the situation not allow me to do that?! Or… do I not have the money to even get a bag…

“Answer me!”

Cai Yan’s voice became really loud at last, but she didn’t attract much attention from the other customers since the restaurant was located by the road, causing the noise outside to be rather apparent.

Yang Chen’s body appeared to be stiff on his seat. Cai Yan’s words acted just like nails as they got hammered into his heart. Although he didn’t have the feelings that he held towards his other women to Cai Yan, Yang Chen knew that this daring lady left a unforgettable impression to him, regardless if he liked her or not.

Cai Yan saw that Yang Chen still didn’t answer her. Contempt appeared in her eyes. Smiling, she said, “Do you possibly think that I’d develop feelings to a man who sees more value in a two-thousand-dollar bag than me? Do you really think I’d constantly think about him in an entire day, a week, or a month?!”

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t avoid much. Cai Yan’s confession made him feel disdainful towards himself, but he definitely couldn’t say he loved her, it’d even be tough for him to say that he liked her. The relationship between him and her was merely limited within friendship, not to mention she was Lin Ruoxi’s close friend. Even if he wanted to divorce Lin Ruoxi, there was still no reason for him to get involved with her close friend.

After calming his emotions, Yang Chen said solemnly, “Cai Yan, I really don’t know what to do for the feelings you have for me, but you should know that I’m already married. Ruoxi is your good friend, it’s impossible for us to work out.”

“You guys are only married on the surface, bound by a contract, aren’t you?” Cai Yan asked directly.

Yang Chen’s scalp quickly went numb as his heart jumped violently. He didn’t expect that Cai Yan would know about him and Lin Ruoxi no matter what.

“Do you feel very surprised? She told me these because you didn’t return home at night after arguing with her. Actually, even if she didn’t tell me, I’ve never believed that you two got married out of true love. Ruoxi isn’t that kind of woman who would suddenly get married. She’s more calm than everyone else, it’s impossible that she got married out of nowhere,” Cai Yan said. “Now, do you still want to use Ruoxi as an excuse to reject me?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “I really didn’t expect you to know about this, but I still can’t accept you even if Ruoxi and I aren’t truly married. Doing this would be unfair to both you and her. If I hadn’t married Ruoxi back then, if the first time we met wasn’t in the police station, then the outcome may have come out differently. However, now… I really can’t accept your feelings. I don’t want to trick you, and don’t want to trick myself as well.”

Cai Yan tried her best to resist from tearing. Turning her head around, she smiled in grievance, saying, “If… if… if…

“The word ‘if’ is what I hate the most in the world. Everything took place already, isn’t it useless to say that word? But after meeting you, especially the day you saved my life in the building, I’ve always been thinking of this term.

“‘If’ I had the chance to be the first one to know you, ‘if’ you met me first, ‘if’ I didn’t stupidly think that you were a bad guy, ‘if’ you didn’t get married with Ruoxi…

“‘If’ I was given an opportunity to start over, I definitely wouldn’t waste every single second of being together with you. This is what I think, if your marriage is just a deal and a piece of paper, am I still considered too late? ‘If’ you can, can you also give me a chance?”

After listening to Cai Yan’s sleep-talking-like words, Yang Chen suddenly realized that he had neglected too many things on this woman, but so what is this was the case? Stuff like feelings wouldn’t come true just because one wanted it to. It couldn’t be stopped if it wanted to come, and couldn’t be found when it didn’t want to come.

Smiling apologetically, Yang Chen said, “I’m sorry, this isn’t the matter of chance. We could be good friends, but… I’ve never had the thought of making you my woman. This doesn’t mean you’re inferior to the women around me, it’s just that I can’t force myself to develop that kind of feelings, so I really can’t promise you anything.”

“If that’s the case, why did you save me recklessly in the building while you’re facing so many people and bullets?” Cai Yan asked as she was unwilling to give up.

Yang Chen shook his head. “I wasn’t reckless. I only saved you because you’re Ruoxi’s friend, and also a good police woman. To me, the bullets aren’t dangerous at all.”

“You’re lying to me. You must be hating me. You hate me because I used to treat you so badly, don’t you?” Cai Yan’s voice became rather shaky.

“I didn’t lie to you, and I also don’t hate you. It is true that I saved you, but this can’t represent anything. I’ve rescued many people and killed countless as well. This is the most common thing to me.” Yang Chen couldn’t hold it anymore. He said, “You can actually pick a much better man. A fellow like me who can never be faithful doesn’t deserve your tears.”

Cai Yan laughed for a while. It was unknown who she was laughing at. “It seems like I’ve misunderstood the situation. You may leave now.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Cai Yan picked up her bowl and chopsticks before starting to eat.

Yang Chen didn’t leave. He frowned as he worriedly looked at Cai Yan.

Cai Yan wiped her tears and raised her head before revealing a bright smile. “Do you think I’m a sixteen-year-old teenager? Just because I got rejected by a man, I’ll do stupid things like jumping out of the building or cutting my wrist? Leave, I hate to see you now.”

Yang Chen knew that Cai Yan must be detesting him in her heart now, but nothing came out of his mouth when he tried to console her. Rejecting a love confession was indeed very difficult. Yang Chen couldn’t imagined, Will I be able to reject someone when it comes to a woman who loves me, who is also a woman I love?

Yang Chen stood up and left the restaurant as he brought his heavy mood.

Cai Yan put down her bowl and chopsticks the moment Yang Chen’s figure stepped out of the restaurant’s door. She lay her head on the table and her shoulders shivered as she started to cry in silence.

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User #9748041 - 13 May 18 18:23
Chapter 308: Date 2018-04-01T10:21:29+00:00

The next morning, Yang Chen saw feather-like snow falling from the sky through the window upon waking up.

Snow covered the grass, trees and houses in an imposing manner, causing the world to turn white and dazzling.

It was the second snowfall in Zhonghai, as if it was an important character that came specially for Christmas.

When he drove to work, various shops by the road were lit by neon lamps, Christmas dolls and ornaments hung on their storefronts. Christmas trees also popped up out of seemingly nowhere.

It was Yang Chen’s first time going through Christmas in China. He didn’t expect the atmosphere to be this rich there. It wasn’t any inferior to America or Europe. He couldn’t help but think that the world really had gotten smaller.

There lay a white handbag on the front passenger seat. It was the one that Cai Yan asked him to take yesterday night, which Yang Chen didn’t forget to do. He saw the bag on a coffee table this morning and took it out with him.

When he came to the parking area in the office building of Yu Lei Entertainment, Lin Ruoxi who fetched Hui Lin recently arrived there as well.

Hui Lin waved at Lin Ruoxi after coming out at the car. Lin Ruoxi lowered the car window and waved back. She looked rather tired but held a gentle smile on her face.

When she saw Yang Chen coming down from his car on the opposite, Lin Ruoxi completely ignored him and raised the window back naturally before driving away, as if she didn’t see him at all.

Yang Chen stared at the car as it left with a faint smile on his face. It seems like what I said yesterday night caused her to completely ignore me. Her way of disregarding Yang Chen made them appear much more distant than speaking in a cold tone.

Hui Lin noticed what happened. She seemed rather worried, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Upon entering the company, many employees wearing thick clothing and scarves could be seen. Evidently, even the people who wanted to look cool started to look for warmth once the snow started to fall.

Yang Chen suddenly remembered he went hiking with Mo Qianni the last time it snowed, and had a memorable night after that.

When he thought of Mo Qianni’s leg issue, Yang Chen got rather worried. The weather turned cold after all, it was hard to say if her problem would arise again or not.

Yang Chen entered his office and closed the door before taking his phone out and calling Mo Qianni’s number.

Within a few seconds, Mo Qianni picked up the call. Her voice was energetic as ever, as if she was elated.

“How rare of you to be so free that you can give a small mistress like me a call,” Mo Qianni joked as she insulted herself.

In a straightforward manner, Yang Chen asked, “How’s your leg? Is it aching?”

Mo Qianni remained quiet for a short while. Smiling, she replied, “After you asked, I would say it’s not aching even if it was.”

“Are you aching or not?” Yang Chen sounded rather anxious. He still remembered clearly about the agony Mo Qianni was in that night.

“Nah it isn’t painful, don’t worry,” Mo Qianni said in a flirtatious manner. “After you healed me last time, I’ve been feeling much better. It started snowing today, so I wore an extra layer of pants and didn’t feel any pain of that sort.”

Yang Chen finally relieved himself. “Tell me if you feel pain, don’t endure. I’ll take a look at your injury for you or even bring you to the hospital.”

Mo Qianni hummed in acknowledgement. “I suddenly miss you already. It’s all your fault for calling me this early in the morning. How am I supposed to work today? How annoying, I have a lot of things left to do.”

“You’re really busy?”

“Of course, I’m now the head of the finance department. It’s year end now, don’t you know that we have different accounts to deal with in the company? Also, many employees are enjoying their holidays at their hometowns since the new year is almost here. Those of us who live in Zhonghai of course have to do a little bit more,” Mo Qianni complained.

Yang Chen thought for a while. “Let’s have dinner tonight, I haven’t been together with you in a while. You need to be rewarded for being this hardworking.”

Mo Qianni chuckled. “So you know how to take care of me, not bad. But I don’t feel like eating outside, can we at at my place? I’ll make dinner for you.”

“Can I sleep at your place as well?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“Do you want to die!” Mo Qianni exclaimed. “No matter what, the decision is made. I’ll go and work now, come to my house tonight. Bye!”

She ended the call as soon as she finished speaking.

Gloominess could be seen on Yang Chen’s face. She ended the call in an overly straightforward manner, she didn’t even give me a goodbye kiss or something.

As he thought of switching the computer on to start gaming, his phone vibrated.

Yang Chen looked at the number which he was unfamiliar with. His biggest guess was it came from Cai Yan.

After picking up the call, he expectedly heard Cai Yan’s voice.

“Did you take my bag out?” Cai Yan asked quickly, sounding rather elated.

“My memory isn’t bad. Have you reached the police station yet? I’ll send it to you.”

“Does your job possibly allow you to come out whenever you want?” Cai Yan asked.

Yang Chen chuckled. “I’m merely a character that plays a small role. All the work is done by other people.”

“That makes sense…” Unexpectedly, Cai Yan didn’t throw a few sentences at him as opposed to before. She said, “I’m not free now. Let’s meet at the crossroad at the north of Zhongnan Street at eleven o’clock later.”

Yang Chen stunned. He didn’t understand why Cai Yan picked a location that was near to neither his company nor the police station, but he didn’t mind it too much and agreed to her offer.

After playing games for two hours, the snow which had fallen for the entire morning stopped, so Yang Chen drove to the place he agreed to meet Cai Yan at.

Zhongnan Street was a walking street, both sides were mostly filled with restaurants and food stalls. Yang Chen walked near the crossroad and searched around as he tried to look for a woman dressed in a police uniform.

At this moment, Cai Yan’s voice resounded from behind.

“What are you looking for? I’m here!”

Yang Chen turned around and saw Cai Yan who stood behind him. Her creamy-white, tight-fitting sweater made the measurement in front of her chest particularly proud. She had a purple scarf wrapped around her neck, causing her to exert charm. The pair of light-colored jeans made the lines of Cai Yan’s long and slim legs appear extraordinarily attractive.

One had to admit that Cai Yan had attracted lots of gazes, male and female included, being dressed the way she was, in addition to her originally delicate and bright face which was covered in a thin layer of foundation.

As she noticed that Yang Chen stared at her absentmindedly, Cai Yan got rather pleased and joyful in her heart. However, she didn’t express how she felt, she acted like she knew nothing as she asked, “Do I look very weird?”

Yang Chen smiled as he felt embarrassed. “I almost failed to recognize you when you’re not in your police uniform, but your current appearance suits you as well.”

“I’m not catching criminals now, do you think I’m addicted to wearing a police uniform?” Cai Yan rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shrugged in an indifferent manner before passing the white handbag in his hand to Cai Yan. “This is yours, I brought it for you.”

“Thank you.” Cai Yan received the bag and didn’t check the stuff inside. Smiling, she asked, “Do you want to eat something?”

Yang Chen hesitated for a while. “Lunch?”

“What else do you think it is?” Cai Yan asked, displeased.

Yang Chen really didn’t expect Cai Yan to ask him for lunch together. Since he promised to be her friend, there was no reason for him to reject her request, not to mention that he got hungry already.

“I’m fine with anything,” Yang Chen answered.

In a straightforward manner, Cai Yan said, “We’ll eat at the restaurant which serves Shandong cuisine then. I ate there before, the taste is quite decent.”

[TL note: Shandong cuisine is a Chinese cuisine.]

Yang Chen wasn’t against the idea. After walking into the nearest restaurant that served Shandong cuisine, they looked for a small table for two by the window and sat down.

After ordering a bunch of dishes from the waiter in a highly practised manner, Cai Yan asked Yang Chen, “What do you like to eat? Order a few more plates.”

“No need, I think what you ordered is enough. I won’t have appetite for dinner if I eat too much for lunch.” Yang Chen thought of Mo Qianni who was making him dinner tonight. If he ate too much now, it wouldn’t be good if he couldn’t perform at night.

Cai Yan didn’t overthink and talked about other stuff, but Yang Chen didn’t have much to tell Cai Yan. He felt that there were lots of things he couldn’t tell her.

Cai Yan noticed that Yang Chen had a form of caution against her. Displeased, she asked, “Do you have to do this? I’m merely curious about what you used to do in the past, and why you’re so good in fighting. Are you possibly someone who committed various crimes, so you can’t say it out?”

Yang Chen sighed lightly. “Cai Yan, you said before that you hoped we were friends. If you really think that way, then I hope you don’t ask these questions. I naturally have my reasons for keeping my mouth shut. Your elder sister should know a bit, but you should know that it can’t be taken lightly since she doesn’t want to tell you.”

Cai Yan snorted lightly and didn’t continue asking him questions.

Before long, the waiter served a few plates of dishes over. Cai Yan seemed like she remembered something. Hurriedly she asked, “What do you want to drink, liquor or grape wine? They also have good gaoliang wine here.”

[TL note: Gaoliang wine is a strong distilled liquor of Chinese origin made from fermented sorghum.]

Yang Chen said directly, “No need, I’ll just have two bowls of rice to fill my stomach.”

Cai Yan was extremely displeased, but there wasn’t anything she could say. She looked at Yang Chen who starting devouring the two huge bowls of rice like a hungry wolf, so she started eating as well.

She prepared different kinds of topics and questions for today, but she couldn’t open her mouth at all. The meal lasted for less than five minutes for Yang Chen. He patted his belly and burped.

“I finished eating, take your time.” Yang Chen didn’t leave immediately as it would be rude that way. So he took a toothpick and slowly waited for Cai Yan on his seat.

Cai Yan suddenly stopped eating. After swallowing the rice and vegetable in her mouth, she raised her bright and beautiful face and stared into Yang Chen’s eyes coldly in an unexpectedly gloomy way.

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Chapter 307: Streetside Conversation at Night 2018-03-31T02:28:47+00:00

It had been a while since he last visited Zhenxiu’s stall. Every time he recalled the night where Zhenxiu adorably gave him her much loved crescent pendant, Yang Chen would be filled with sympathy for this girl.

The street was dim as ever. It had slightly more stalls open than usual. Since the weather got cold, selling supper, especially snacks like spicy soup would be very profitable.

Yang Chen came to the end of the street and saw Zhenxiu who was dressed in a brown and somewhat old coat. In her purple-white beanie, she was occupied at her trolley stall.

There were four to five customers seated in front of her stall, drinking liquor and enjoying fried rice cakes and spicy soup.

Yang Chen didn’t rush over. After waiting for a while when the few customers left, Yang Chen slowly walked towards the stall.

Zhenxiu was wiping the table. When she raised her head and noticed Yang Chen, joy instantly appeared on her face. “Brother Yang, why are you free to come here this late at night?”

“Isn’t the night my only chance of meeting our Zhenxiu who’s growing increasingly more charming day by day?” Yang Chen asked with a smile as he lazily sat on a chair.

Zhenxiu’s white and smooth face reddened. “Brother Yang, did you come to bully me when Sister Ruoxi isn’t here?”

“Why would I do that? I just wanted to get some food here, you can’t insult your customer like this,” Yang Chen said as he took a skewer of pork balls before immediately taking a bite. It was steaming-hot and really springy.

Zhenxiu said angrily, “Pork ball skewers are two bucks each, don’t slip away again.”

Yang Chen coughed really loudly. Smiling bitterly, he said, “I didn’t know I still had to pay even after we got close.”

“Don’t you know that I’m a money-grubber?” Zhenxiu pouted. “I’m trying to earn a bit more during the cold weather to pay rent and water and electricity bills. How can I afford to treat you?”

Yang Chen took yet another skewer of kelp knots. As he chewed, he asked, “What happens during the hot weather? You can’t always sell spicy soup, can you?”

Zhenxiu smiled in a carefree manner. “I’ll just think of a way to sell cold drinks and ice lollies when it’s hot.”

“Zhenxiu,” Yang Chen said and swallowed the food in his mouth, in a solemn manner, he advised, “you’re still very young. You’re only eighteen this year. The people of your age are still studying in high school, or newly entered a university. You’re a smart kid, why don’t you try entering a college? If you’re willing to do it, Brother Yang can lend you some money for you to properly go to school. Go and take the college entrance exam next year and return the money to me after that. It’s no big deal.”

Zhenxiu quietly listened to him. Using a spatula, she flipped the fried rice cakes on the hot steel plate and didn’t give an answer to him.

Yang Chen frowned. “You bear with hardship so well, don’t tell me you’re afraid of studying. If you feel that learning is hard, I can also be your private teacher. I’m totally fine with science subjects and foreign languages. You’ll be fine dealing with Mandarin, since you at least have the basics of primary school. As long as you’re willing to work hard, six months’ time is enough.”

Zhenxiu finally stopped what she was doing. She raised her head and revealed a pretty face which appeared to be rather tired in the cold wind before letting out a smile.

“Brother Yang, thank you, but that’s too troublesome for you. I’m not one who excels in studies, I’m better off continuing my small-budget businesses.” Zhenxiu pulled up the hair on her temple. “A lot of girls of my age are living like me anyway. Although feeding ourselves can be quite tiring, we actually live quite relaxedly.”

Yang Chen replied in a serious manner, “I don’t care about the others. I just believe that I can’t ignore you since I’m now sitting in front of you after meeting you on the bus back then. Your youth is precious. After you get old and immobile, and even your brain isn’t clear anymore, do you still intend to sell fried rice cakes with a trolley stall?”

Zhenxiu paled and bit her lower lip in silence.

At this moment, a familiar female voice resounded.

“Zhenxiu, listen to him. He’s right, you can’t do this forever.”

Yang Chen and Zhenxiu raised their heads to take a look. It was unknown when a graceful and tall young lady reached the stall. Her short hair was rather messy as it was quite windy while her delicate facial features revealed splendor and elegance. She was Cai Yan.

“Sister Cai, you’re here…” Zhenxiu smiled as she blushed. She didn’t look surprised for Cai Yan’s arrival.

Cai Yan took a glance at Yang Chen with her big, watery eyes which contained complex emotions. After that, she smiled gently at Zhenxiu and said, “Yeah, I heard your conversation with this guy. Although he always talks absolute nonsense, his suggestion for you to take the exam is right. If you agree, I can contact a tuition centre for you. I remember you attended junior high school and had rather good foundation. Based on your intelligence, you can at least get into second class as long as you’re willing to work hard.”

Yang Chen looked at Cai Yan in surprise. “You do seem really close with Zhenxiu now, don’t you?”

“What is it? Are you the only one who can be his elder brother? Can’t I see her as my younger sister as well?” Cai Yan said in dissatisfaction.

Yang Chen waved his hand and smiled. “No, I’m just rather surprised. Why are you free to come chat with Zhenxiu today, aren’t you usually busy with work?”

Zhenxiu said, “Brother Yang, Sister Cai treats me really well. After you asked her to look after me, she’d come here two to three times a week to ask if I got bullied. She also talks about how she catches bad guys, how interesting!”

“Tsk, tsk. Luckily the much respected Miss Cai Yan is a lady, otherwise you’d get all the girls in the world. Just look at how long it took you to let Zhenxiu praise you like her blood-related elder sister,” Yang Chen said.

“Do you possibly think that I know nothing other than work, catching bad guys and solving cases?” Cai Yan asked as she clenched her teeth.

Yang Chen actually used to think of her this way. Cai Yan had always gone against him the first few times she met Yang Chen after all, not to mention she also came to him to give him pressure.

However, Yang Chen would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that Cai Yan often came to take care of Zhenxiu and even became close with her just because he brought it up in front of her once.

Of course, Yang Chen wouldn’t think that Cai Yan was just putting up a show or she had too much time. The only reason he could think of should be the one time where he asked for her help to take care of Zhenxiu.

When he thought about this, Yang Chen said sincerely, “Thank you. I used to have some prejudice against you, but apparently you’re a rather good person. It seems like Ruoxi has her reason to be your good friend.”

“Brother Yang, why would you think that way? Sister Cai has always been great, hasn’t she?” Zhenxiu asked unhappily.

Cai Yan blushed slightly when she suddenly got praised by Yang Chen, but she quickly withdrew her expression. “Good that you know you’re wrong. As a generous grownup, this lady will forgive you.”

Yang Chen smiled faintly He looked at Zhenxiu and said, “Since even your Sister Cai is asking you to take the exam, obey your Brother Yang and do it, my great younger sister.”

Zhenxiu hesitated for a while before saying, “Brother Yang, can you let me think about it more carefully? I… Can I give you an answer in two days?”

“Of course you can,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “One more thing, do you still remember what you promised in front of your Sister Ruoxi?”

Obediently, Zhenxiu said, “I remember, it’s about going back to the orphanage. You said you’d bring me there.”

“How about the day after tomorrow? It’s Christmas that day. You still can bring some gifts back to the president and the children there. If you don’t have money, I can pay for you first and you may return me the money later, otherwise I know you wouldn’t accept my offer,” Yang Chen said.

Zhenxiu pouted. “Then I’ll be the one who picks the gifts.”

“You’re of course picking them. I’ll pick you up here at nine o’clock on that day. We’ll buy the presents before going to the orphanage,” Yang Chen said.

Zhenxiu nodded rather excitedly. “Thank you, Brother Yang.”

Cai Yan listened to the conversation and asked, “Only you and Zhenxiu are going? How about Ruoxi?” Zhenxiu told her about Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi coming to see her, so she didn’t feel much surprised.

“Oh, she goes there very often. Bringing Zhenxiu there with me is enough,” Yang Chen said before patting Zhenxiu’s head, causing her to stare at him fiercely. Standing up, he said, “Don’t oversleep that day, otherwise I’ll whack your butt.”

“I won’t oversleep,” Zhenxiu said angrily.

Cai Yan’s gaze struggled for a bit when she saw that Yang Chen wanted to leave. She said, “Wait, there’s something I need your help for.”

Yang Chen turned back, asking, “What is it?”

“I left a white leather handbag on the sofa at your house when I went there back then, can you take it out for me tomorrow?” Cai Yan asked.

Yang Chen recalled. Cai Yan indeed left a handbag at his house when she came to talk about Gao Guoxiong’s case with Lin Ruoxi. On that day, Lin Ruoxi put it on a counter in the house after finding out there was nothing important in there.

Yang Chen felt that he had no reason to decline this small request from Cai Yan. Lin Ruoxi was much busier than him after all. As a result, he nodded and said, “No problem. Call me tomorrow when you’re free, I’ll bring it out with me when I leave home.”

“Thank you.” Joy could be seen in Cai Yan’s eyes. She said goodbye to Yang Chen smilingly before staring at Yang Chen’s back view when he left, until he disappeared around a corner.

From Zhenxiu’s perspective, she looked at Yang Chen and glanced at Cai Yan who was in front of her, immersed in some kind of thought. Softly, she sighed.

Chapter 306: When I'm Not Here Anymore 2018-03-30T07:59:32+00:00

Yang Chen tidied up his emotions and came downstairs. Nothing unusual could be seen on his face.

Hui Lin who came back together with Lin Ruoxi was watching television on the sofa. The television was playing a music event, which Yang Chen knew none of the people shown. Hui Lin was quite serious when it came to music and dancing.

“It sure seems like the future’s hottest singer is emerging from our house,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin blushed slightly. “Our… our house?”

Yang Chen felt that it was entertaining to look at Hui Lin’s embarrassed look. “We’ve lived together before after all. You won’t deny me as your cousin after becoming a singer, will you?”

“Why would I do that…” Hui Lin got really shy after being asked the question.

Yang Chen looked behind and noticed that Wang Ma was still busy in the kitchen. He seemed to have come home early today, and caused Wang Ma to rush her dinner preparation slightly.

Yang Chen sighed lightly. Soon, this house may really return to the days where only Wang Ma and Ruoxi lived together.

As he thought, he walked into the kitchen and approached Wang Ma. “Wang Ma, do you need my help?”

Wang Ma smiled delightfully. “Young Master, you may watch television together with Miss Hui Lin. I can handle this, the meal will be ready in half an hour.”

“It’s still better for me to help you, I don’t always get to do this,” Yang Chen said and walked to the chopping board before grabbing a skinned potato and a knife. He asked, “Are you making potato floss?”

Wang Ma saw that Yang Chen was prepared to start working, so she didn’t stop him. Nodding, she said, “It’s also fine if you simply cut them. We’re all a family, we wouldn’t mind the shape too much.”

Yang Chen hummed in acknowledgement and raised the knife before drawing precise arcs on the round potatoes. Using a speed that couldn’t be analyzed by naked eyes, he turned the whole potato into a pile of potato floss which was ready to be stir fried in the blink of an eye.

Wang Ma was surprised. She praised, “No wonder Miss told me that Young Master learned martial arts. Your knife skills are exceptional, like the chefs shown on the television.”

“This little trick is all I know,” Yang Chen said. It was a little trick indeed. To avoid frightening Wang Ma, he could cut things like that in an unimaginable speed.

Yang Chen continued chopping other cooking ingredients as he chatted with Wang Ma. Under Yang Chen’s knife, the various vegetables and meats appeared particularly obedient.

Wang Ma was meticulously marinating a plate of chicken wings, perhaps to prepare them to be deep fried later.

Yang Chen felt warmth in his heart as he looked at Wang Ma cook carefully. He had lived in this house for almost six months and eaten countless dishes made by Wang Ma. Will I get unaccustomed if I suddenly leave a few months later?

“Wang Ma, the dishes you make are really tasty,” Yang Chen said.

Wang Ma smiled cheerfully. Although there were crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, she appeared extraordinary loving. “Everyone who cooks loves to listen to stuff like that.”

Yang Chen nodded in agreement. Softly, he murmured, “Wang Ma, if one day I’m not in this house anymore, just if, I hope you don’t get too upset.”

Wang Ma stunned and stopped what she was doing. “Young Master, why did you suddenly say that?”

“I’m just wondering how this house would look like if I went to a place where nobody can find me. I guess it’d look like the days where I wasn’t here yet,” Yang Chen said.

“Eh, that isn’t something great to think about,” Wang Ma complained.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “Wang Ma, let’s say the day actually came, you really have to look after the foolish woman who knows nothing other than work. Don’t allow her to stay up late at night or skip dinner because of work. Also, if she’s feeling unwell, get her checked at the hospital immediately. Don’t let the previous incident happen again where she only went for a check up after fainting. The human body cannot be put at this much stress.

“Oh yeah, if she’s unhappy or throwing a tantrum, you may get glutinous rice balls from the shop at First Wen Street. As long as the stuff gets into Ruoxi’s hands, she’ll basically forget every troublesome matter. As she doesn't like to drink medicine, you can get her that as well.

“The woman doesn’t show it, but she’s actually afraid of getting fat so she doesn’t dare to buy it herself. Wang Ma, get her them as often as you can, it’s difficult for her to get fat considering her workload.

“Also, if she doesn’t come home at night, deliver a warm lunch box to her at her office. She’s actually lying to you every time she says she’s eating outside. If she’s not willing to eat, tear up in front of her and lament about your feelings, she’ll definitely eat this way. Ruoxi is actually very soft-hearted, she can’t look at people get sad…”

Wang Ma’s hands were stunned at their original position as she lightly opened her mouth, looking at Yang Chen as she couldn’t speak.

Yang Chen noticed that he said a lot of weird stuff. Smiling awkwardly, he said, “Wang Ma, it’s just a casual chat, don’t take it too seriously.”

“Oh… oh, luckily that’s the case.” Wang Ma finally relieved herself. She didn’t know how to react. “Young Master, the words you said chopped my heart up like dumpling stuffing. Why are you acting like the people in TV series? My eyes are now watery even at such an old age. Young Master, you can only talk about it as an if. If you really ain’t here anymore, the two of us will live a really sad life.”

“Why would that be the case? If I’m not here anymore, you guys can still live comfortably since Ruoxi’s money can be stacked to form the Great Wall of China,” Yang Chen said.

Wang Ma sighed. “Things like money don’t come with you when you’re born, and they don’t go with you when you’re dead. It’s great to just have enough money to spend. Having more of it is not only a burden, but a responsibility as well. The poor isn’t necessarily unhappy while the life of the rich isn’t necessarily meaningful. At the end of the day, a family living together peacefully is the best.”

After Wang Ma finished speaking, she poured oil into the pan and continued her cooking.

Yang Chen cut the last green pepper and arranged the different kinds of vegetable before silently walking out of the kitchen.

On the sofa, when Hui Lin noticed that Yang Chen came out, he hurriedly turned her head in front and acted like she’d been watching the television.

Yang Chen smiled secretly. Hui Lin was brought up by Abbess Yun Miao after all, she could definitely cultivate internal energy to some degree. She must’ve heard the conversation in the kitchen.

Yang Chen didn’t expose her. Sitting on another sofa, he started reading the newspaper.

Hui Lin saw that Yang Chen didn’t say anything. She couldn’t help but to ask, “Brother Yang… do you really want to divorce my elder sister?”

“Didn’t you listen everything earlier?” Yang Chen asked.

Hui Lin pouted. “I feel that… you don’t actually want the divorce to happen, am I right?”

Yang Chen put down the newspaper and gazed at Hui Lin for a while. Solemnly, he said, “Hui Lin, can you promise me something?”

Hui Lin nodded. “Please say, Brother Yang.”

“If I left this house some day, can you still live together with your elder sister? At least don’t leave her like me, always keep her company,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Hui Lin was rather confused. She didn’t know what Yang Chen meant.

“Although your sister looks dignified, even she herself doesn’t know that she’s actually very pitiful. A lot of things are much more brutal than the ones she’s seen.” Melancholy could be seen in Yang Chen’s eyes. He continued speaking, “I can tell that she’s actual suspecting your identity. You need to know that you two are blood-related sisters, there’s actually a lot in common between you. However, she never asked further questions but treats you sincerely instead. That proves she actually likes this younger sister of hers. So, I hope that you can spend more time with her. You learn martial arts and have a personality which suits her temper, I guess there isn’t a better choice than you.”

Hui Lin lowered her heart as she felt rather sour at heart. “Brother Yang, I used to think you didn’t look like a good guy, so… so I was rather afraid of you. But now I feel that you’re actually a very good person. If you leave my elder sister, I’ll get sad about it as well.”

“Stupid Kid, your life continues whether I’m here or not. Planet Earth spins no matter who leaves. Even if I leave, your elder sister can still live very well,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin nodded. “I understand, I’ll keep this promise.”

After a short while, Wang Ma finished preparing the meal. Yang Chen and Hui Lin helped her carry the dishes out while Wang Ma went upstairs to call Lin Ruoxi down to eat.

However, after a while, Wang Ma came down feeling rather helpless. She said, “I don’t know what Miss is busy with again. She asked me to send the food upstairs for her. She’s always been this worrying.”

Yang Chen said, “It’s fine, Wang Ma will have to work hard for a bit and send some food upstairs.”

“Sigh.” Wang Ma was very used to doing this. She quickly got some food and sent it upstair for Lin Ruoxi.

After the meal, Yang Chen wore an overcoat and grabbed the car keys. He said to Hui Lin and Wang Ma, “I’ll go out to meet someone, you guys don’t have to wait for me as I may come back rather late tonight.” As soon as he finished speaking, he went out and entered his car before driving away into the night.

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Chapter 305: Really Childish 2018-03-29T06:08:34+00:00

Lin Ruoxi who was prepared to head upstairs for work turned around and looked at Yang Chen. She noticed that he didn’t look like he was joking. Nodding emotionlessly, she said, “Talk to me in my study room.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked upstairs alone.

Yang Chen didn’t mind her actions and followed her to her study room.

This room was the same as before. It was filled with the fragrance that was exclusive to Lin Ruoxi, causing Yang Chen to inhale deeply in greed.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice what he did. She felt rather repressed at heart. Walking to the windows that extended from the ceiling to the ground, she looked outside the thin yarn curtains at the residential area which was quiet and dark. She seemed absent-minded but was waiting for Yang Chen to say something at the same time.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to rush the discussion. He looked at the overwhelming collection of books and the stacks of thick folders on the office desk. Feeling nostalgic, he said, “I still remember the look you held when I went out to buy books with you, you were much crazier than women buying clothes. At that time, I was wondering why such a woman was a CEO who could manage a multinational corporation, and wasn’t a nerd-like PhD student nor a lecturer in a university instead. I think I understand it slightly now. Sometimes when something lands on your head, even if you originally weren’t willing to do it, you still could somehow show good results. Certain things are inborn while some other things will always be incomplete no matter how you make up for it.”

Lin Ruoxi looked like she was pondering. She could see the reflection of the man on the glass window in front of her. He stood there with a slight smile on his face and seemed like he was telling a tale.

Yang Chen remained quiet for a while. He asked, “Have you finished reading the books you bought earlier?”

“Yes,” Lin Ruoxi said lightly.

Yang Chen nodded before sighing. “The books… regarding how a woman should take care of the relationship between husband and wife, have you finished reading them as well?”

“Yes, but I forgot about them,” Lin Ruoxi replied.

“Could be because you noticed they weren’t useful at all. How can normal logic be applied on a relationship like ours?” Yang Chen said as if he was disdaining himself. “In this marriage that was destined to come to a dead end, our struggles have no other effect than going deeper into a quicksand. The more we move, the quicker we fall.”

Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders lightly shook. Biting her lips, she said, “Do you just want to talk nonsense like this?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “It’s just a small lament from me out of boredom. I want to talk about something serious. You tried to accept me and put in effort to allow our marriage to continue, you gave me the chance to a business trip and brought me to a banquet of the upper class, and now, you made me the director of the new company. Although various problems have arisen, I know that everything you do is for my sake. I want to thank you.”

“Oh, so you know how to say thank you as well,” Lin Ruoxi said as she smiled coldly.

“I know, but I don’t always do,” Yang Chen replied.

“Then you’re now thinking of thanking and repaying me?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen stared at the woman who hadn’t turned around all this time, saying, “Although I want to do it, I noticed that there’s nothing I can do for you except trying my best to not let you get hurt, so I feel like I shouldn’t affect the growth of your company. Now that I’m sitting at the director position of Yu Lei Entertainment, I newly initiated a few projects and I’m responsible for some of the core work as well. I’ve been wondering whether I should leave the company or continue sitting on the position if we divorce six months later. I should listen to your opinion.

“If you think it’s fine, then I’ll continue sitting on the position. Although I can’t guarantee I can make it earn a lot of money, I’ll make sure the company will develop normally. If you don’t want to see me anymore at that time, I’ll leave and delegate my tasks properly. This is what I wanted to discuss.”

Lin Ruoxi violently turned around. It was unknown when her face which was as cold as jade had two lines of tears sliding down.

“Since you know that I put in so much effort, and I no longer look down on you like the beginning, is your way of repaying and thanking me to divorce me?”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to cry after what he said. He felt rather sour at heart and didn’t know how to answer her.

After taking a deep breath, Yang Chen finally said, “You saw what kind of a person I was when Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong came that day. Although Xu Zhihong said that you were the culprit, the main reason Xu family came to their end is me. I did something to obliterate Dongxing, which was a union they were associated with, and caused Xu Zhihong to have nothing to depend on. The other time where you and Wang Ma got kidnapped only happened because we’re together.

“It’s been less than a year since I returned to the country, and I’ve only been by your side for half a year. However, you faced death more than once already. I don’t want it to happen again, because you’ll suffer from that kind of experience if I come close to you. I’m afraid that… there’ll come a day where I can’t make it on time to rescue you.”

“Do I not have enemies after you’re gone?!” Lin Ruoxi asked in disdain.

“At the very least, your enemies are whom you can deal with, while the people I attract are capable of taking your life,” Yang Chen said.

Hatred and anger surged in her beautiful eyes. At last, she snorted in contempt. “Yang Chen, everything you say, and the way you think, are really childish!”

Yang Chen quietly looked at the woman who suddenly changed her tone without saying anything.

“You’re simply trying to escape from reality because you’re afraid, and aren’t willing to take responsibility, you’re using a reason that isn’t even a reason at all to divorce me!” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. “If you tell me, Lin Ruoxi, I don’t like you, I’m not interested in you at all, then I’ll leave you before you even mentioned the divorce, and I won’t think it’s your fault. However, everything you’re telling me now implies you aren’t willing to get divorced at all, why do you have to congest me with such a stupid reason?! Is everything I gave in this unworthy and undeserving?!”

Yang Chen shut his eyes in agony. “It’s not what you think…”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened slightly. Coldly, she asked, “Then what is it? Do you dare to tell me you’ll similarly abandon the other women around you after our divorce? Don’t think that I’m blind, I don’t know how many women you have, but Qianni definitely isn’t the only one. I’m not stupid, I don’t talk about it because I said to not interfere each other’s personal life. I know that I don’t treat you nicely, I’m not qualified to complain about your affairs. But now you’re telling me you’re leaving because you’re afraid that I’d get hurt being together with you. Will you possibly leave all of your other women as well?!”

As she talked, Lin Ruoxi basically asked her final question in a shouting manner. Her surging emotions made her chest to rise and fall repeatedly. Her sobbing beautiful face was filled with dissatisfaction and resentment.

Yang Chen slowly raised his head and looked into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, and didn’t seem like he’d avoid her gaze.

“I won’t leave them, but I’ll leave you. That’s because you’re different from them,” Yang Chen said.

“Different.” Lin Ruoxi snorted in contempt. “Because you like them but hate me. Is this what you’re going to say?”

Yang Chen clenched his fists tightly but soon let go slowly. He smiled sorrowfully and said, “That’s because my eyes will tear, heart will ache and I’ll even get angry if they get hurt… However, I won’t feel that way when you get hurt… I guess, I’ll go insane immediately…”

Lin Ruoxi’s last drop of tear fell onto the carpet. The look on her face got stiff as she gazed at Yang Chen.

“I’ve once lost you, I can’t afford to lose you the second time. Even if it’s merely a possibility, I still won’t allow it to happen…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen silently turned around. Carrying his heavy footsteps, he walked out of the study room.

Lose again? Why ‘again’?

Lin Ruoxi stood in front of the window absentmindedly as she looked at the door get shut slowly. She didn’t know what to do.

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He probably had a lover who died and the said lover is probably similar to Lin Ruoxi. Basically, he’s saying because you’re like my old lover, I don’t want u to die.
Chapter 304: Undeniable 2018-03-28T12:54:02+00:00

Yang Chen brought Hui Lin to the reception area. Since the place was designed to admit various clients, there were reception rooms of different sizes on the first floor in addition to the reception counter, with well-designed soundproof walls separating each other, looking simple yet elegant.

After coming to the room specified by the reception worker, the person who immediately caught Yang Chen’s eyes was the one he expected to come.

Lin Zhiguo wore a thick, black coat and held a cup of hot sea served by the employees there. On his relatively young face, the trace of aging wasn’t very evident. He quietly sat on his seat. He exuded a powerful aura even when he wasn’t speaking.

Gray Robe who was dressed in a gray robe looked the same as before. He quietly stood at one corner of the room with his head lowered, as if he would fall asleep at any moment.

Seeing the arrival of Yang Chen and Hui Lin, a faint and polite smile emerged on Lin Zhiguo’s solemn and strict face. Of course, it appeared solely because of Hui Lin.

“Hui’er, come to Grandpa.” Lin Zhiguo waved his hand at Hui Lin.

When Hui Lin saw Lin Zhiguo, joy appeared on her face at first, but she then looked a bit contradictory. After hesitating for a while, she still obediently went over to Lin Zhiguo’s side.

Yang Chen pulled a chair over for himself and sat down, before crossing his legs and yawning. He wasn’t planning to speak as well.

Lin Zhiguo ignored Yang Chen. Holding his granddaughter’s hand, he asked smilingly, “Are you used to the lifestyle in Zhonghai? Do you need anything? Grandpa can buy all of them for you. I heard that you’re learning how to sing and dance here, do you want to be a singer?”

Hui Lin replied gently, “Grandpa, it’s not certain that I can be one. I actually just want to look for a job I like.”

“Hehe, my Hui’er definitely can do it since she’s so smart. Oh yeah, since you’re working here, do you want Grandpa to get you a car?” Lin Zhiguo asked.

Hui Lin shook her head. “No need, no need. Grandpa, I don’t know how to drive, and… and Elder Sister said she’d send me over and fetch me home.”

Lin Zhiguo looked elated. “Hui’er, you… you called Ruoxi Elder Sister? You don’t hate her?”

Yang Chen who was sitting aside similarly looked at Hui Lin. He was curious regarding how Hui Lin looked at Lin Ruoxi. She had stayed with Abbess Yun Miao since young, it should make more sense that she hated Lin Ruoxi. She was the granddaughter of a mistress after all.

“Why should I hate her…” Hui Lin said softly. “Elder Sister is really pitiful because she didn’t do anything wrong. Grandma should hate only Elder Sister’s grandma since that’s the matter between Grandpa and Grandmas. I just feel that we have the same blood flowing in our bodies. As long as Elder Sister treats me well, I should like her as well.”

Lin Zhiguo’s eyes got rather red. Being a highly-ranked old man who had experienced countless battles, he still felt rather touched by his granddaughter’s words.

“Ruoxi… does she know who you are?” Lin Zhiguo asked.

Hui Lin shook her head. “I don’t dare to tell her. Grandpa, I’m afraid that Elder Sister would hate me.”

“I’m sorry, Hui’er. It’s because of Grandpa’s mistake back then that you two are forced to grow up this hard,” Lin Zhiguo said as he felt a heartache.

Hui Lin remained silent, as if she didn’t know what to reply. She grew up with Abbess Yun Miao after all, she certainly wasn’t very pleased with Lin Zhiguo deep down her heart, since Lin Zhiguo did something wrong to Abbess Yun Miao and was the reason her parents died outside the country.

Gray Robe who had been standing in a corner suddenly said something. “Master, I believe they can soon get along even after Miss Ruoxi finds out about her identity, considering they’re now living together. I believe Miss Ruoxi will call Master Grandpa before long.”

Yearning appeared in Lin Zhiguo’s eyes, which he soon suppressed. He turned to look at Hui Lin and said, “Hui’er, Grandpa is really pleased that you’re naive, kind and reasonable, but your elder sister is more stubborn and tough than you. She’d do unscrupulous things occasionally. However, there’s something similar between you two—she’s a kind person at heart as well. It’s just that she’s forced to face the pressure of the outside world because of the damage Grandpa brought to her. If one day, she starts to throw a tantrum at you after finding out your identity, don’t conflict your elder sister, because the person she hates isn’t you, but me, Grandpa.”

Hui Lin slowly nodded and bit her lips as she kept quiet.

Yang Chen felt rather touched. Although Lin Zhiguo didn’t watch Lin Ruoxi grow up, and never even met her too many times, he still knew this granddaughter of his very well. The understanding between people was indeed the deepest amongst families.

After talking to Hui Lin for a while more, Lin Zhiguo finally turned his attention towards Yang Chen who had been ignored for a very long time. “Recently, you seem to have a rather big problem.”

Yang Chen knew that Lin Zhiguo must be referring to the incident where he killed Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong. Smiling, he replied, “That can’t be considered a problem, just a small issue. If you really want to put it that way, then I too think that purposely going to Beijing to kill everyone from Zeng clan rather problematic.”

“Humph,” Lin Zhiguo snorted coldly. “You should be aware that it isn’t a realistic solution. Although you have the ability to do that, are you going to annihilate every single person who hates you which easily amount to millions? You’re not a emotionless robot. The fact that you’re willing to return to China to live as an ordinary person proves that you still have feelings. Anyone who has killed before knows that it doesn’t feel good to take a person’s life, not to mention the people around them would suffer as well. You won’t do something this foolish.”

Hui Lin’s big eyes opened really widely when she listened to the conversation between Lin Zhiguo and Yang Chen since she had no clue what was going on, but she obediently kept quiet and didn’t interrupt.

Yang Chen reached out to scratch her face lightly. “Then what should I do? They’re even thinking of killing your granddaughter. Although I totally can keep her safe, what happens to the other people that I care about? I’m not three-armed and three-headed, I have no other choice but to exterminate them and remove their roots.”

“Rest assured, the matter that you’re worried about won’t happen anymore,” Lin Zhiguo said with a smile.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, “What do you mean?”

“At the very least, Zeng clan will definitely not act irrationally before the Chinese election next year ends, unless they want to be removed from the Chinese government,” Lin Zhiguo said confidently.

Yang Chen pondered for a while. “Did you possibly give them pressure?”

“Although Lin family has some form of authority, we never get involved between the government and clans. Furthermore, the person that showed face is much more useful than me,” Lin Zhiguo said.

Seeing Lin Zhiguo’s secretive act, various possibilities appeared in Yang Chen’s mind. At last, only one of them was possible. However, he felt strongly disgusted the moment he thought of the reason.

“I don’t like busybodies.” Yang Chen’s breathing got uneven. “I can deal with all of these myself.”

“Yang Chen!” Lin Zhiguo suddenly shouted. Looking solemn, he said, “I’d always thought that you were a much more mature man than the others of your age. It doesn’t seem completely true anymore. In this world, not everything can be solved by killing. That’s the most low-class solution, you’re aware about this more than anyone else. Also, in this world, you can’t deny the existence of something just because you don’t like it! The things that are yours, will be yours, you can’t escape from them!”

Yang Chen squinted. Coldness appeared in his eyes. “If you only want to tell me nonsense like that, I’m not the slightest interested.”

Lin Zhiguo took a deep breath and sipped on his tea. He said, “Alright, I’ll tell you another thing then.”

“Make it quick, my working hour is ending soon.” Yang Chen got rather impatient.

“You should know that Dragon Group and Water Dragon have been lacking manpower these days. So, starting this month end, we’ll start recruiting a new batch of elites as the backup team of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. As they require harsh training and assessment, I hope that you can give them guidance on actual combat being their main instructor…” Lin Zhiguo said.

Yang Chen frowned slightly. He couldn’t help but to laugh. “Aren’t you troubling me this way? If I become the main instructor, aren’t I declaring that I’m in the same family with you guys? Also, this doesn’t benefit me in any way.”

“Firstly, you’ll only be the main instructor on the surface. You can definitely let others teach for you on usual days. Don’t think I don’t know that you sent a group of mercenaries who are well-known at the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf named ‘Sea Eagles’. It’s exactly this type of tactics from a world-class mercenary organization that we lack in our training. In addition, I promise you that I’ll provide assistance to protect the people you care about. At the very least, you won’t get caught being unaware when facing an opponent like Zeng clan.” After Lin Zhiguo finished speaking, he took a sip of his tea and patiently waited for Yang Chen’s reply.

Yang Chen remained silent. Lin Zhiguo’s deal was definitely attractive in some ways, especially the protection he could offer, which was something he had been getting headaches for. At the end of the day, he couldn’t send huge numbers of mercenaries into China to protect the people around him. Even if they wouldn’t mind, it was still selfish of him to delay their usual work, which was the reason why he only asked for a small team of Sea Eagles from Sauron back then.

When he thought of the divorce between him and Lin Ruoxi six months later, he decided it was still better for him to treat Lin Zhiguo more politely as he’d lose this connection at that time.

Yang Chen nodded. “No problem, but this has to be done in the dark. Try your best to not let the outside world know about my participation.”

A faint smile appeared on Lin Zhiguo’s face. “Don’t worry, I naturally understand the consequences. I’ll contact you again when we need you to take part.”

After finishing his discussion, Lin Zhiguo advised Hui Lin to take care of herself before leaving the company with Gray Robe.

Soon after, Hui Lin received a call from Lin Ruoxi. She was asked to go downstairs and go home together with Lin Ruoxi.

Hui Lin jumped lightly in joy, as if she had lots of things in mind to tell Lin Ruoxi. Of course, she wouldn’t mention anything about Lin Zhiguo.

Yang Chen took a look at the time. As the working hours were almost over, he went downstairs to drive his car home.

In the car, the conversation earlier played in Yang Chen’s mind repeatedly. Although he wasn’t sure who pressured Zeng clan for him, the small possibility caused Yang Chen’s heart to lightly tremor, due to the root that had been hidden in there for too many years.

Yang Chen soon reached home with his heavy heart. Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin just reached as well.

The two ladies who came down from the Bentley were talking and laughing. They seemed to be having a good conversation. However, when they saw Yang Chen’s arrival, they didn’t even bother to say hi to him.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It was fine for Lin Ruoxi, but even Hui Lin did that. Evidently, she learned it from her elder sister. She picked up the skill of being cold and ignoring people rather quickly.

Upon entering the door, Yang Chen talked to Lin Ruoxi who wasn’t planning on entertaining him. “Ruoxi, can we talk? There’s something I want to discuss with you earlier.”

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Chapter 303: Waiting to See You 2018-03-27T08:22:49+00:00

Yang Chen felt particularly relieved after coming out of Liu Mingyu’s office. Although he didn’t know what the two women would talk about, it was fortunate that he managed to resolve the awkward situation this time, keeping their relationship from worsening.

While Yang Chen acted rather calm earlier, his heart wasn’t too peaceful. Since all of them were smart, it was impossible for him to muddle it through. He only spoke his thoughts out, and luckily didn’t cause too large of a disturbance.

Yang Chen walked to the elevator entrance of the building and pressed the down button.

When the door opened, there stood two women in the elevator.

Yang Chen raised his head to have a look before getting stunned. They were Lin Ruoxi who was dressed in a dark blue, slightly old dress, and her assistant Wu Yue.

It was unknown if Lin Ruoxi was going to work or have an inspection at a random floor, but the fact of the matter was she was currently in the elevator.

“Are you coming in or not?” Wu Yue urged as she looked at Yang Chen who was stunned outside the elevator.

Yang Chen didn’t respond to her childish act and silently walked into the elevator before standing beside Lin Ruoxi.

The elevator was completely silent. Yang Chen felt that he’d be seen as intentionally causing an awkward situation if he stood there quietly. So, he asked, “Is Boss Lin going for an inspection?”

Wu Yue frowned and said, “When has CEO’s schedule ever been your concern?”

Yang Chen smiled coldly. “You’re merely an assistant while I’m the director of the subsidiary company. Are you my superior now?” Even Buddha had her limits. Yang Chen had long since disliked Wu Yue, she really went overboard for despising him for merely asking a question.

Wu Yue flushed angrily and swallowed her anger to herself.

“No, I’m going to admit a new vice president,” Lin Ruoxi said without any emotions.

A new vice president? Yang Chen wondered why that was the case. Since Lin Kun’s death, all of his shares got transferred into Lin Ruoxi’s hands. The person in charge of the multinational company Yu Lei International was basically Lin Ruoxi alone. Shareholders’ meetings in the company were essentially done for formal purposes. Whether or not there was a vice president ultimately depended on Lin Ruoxi’s mood.

Since this woman held the spirit of a workaholic most of the time, and the public relations department of Yu Lei was performing very well, the vice president position of the company seemed really extra.

Until Lin Ruoxi got sick that time, she passed certain responsibilities of the company to Mo Qianni before conveniently entrusting her as a vice president, but it was nothing more than a title. Most of the work was still done by Lin Ruoxi alone.

Yang Chen would naturally feel weird when he heard a new vice president was coming. <i>Did she finally change her mind? Is she trying to cut down on her work?</i>

“It’s for the product operations of the new material needed for the partnership with Muyun Corporation. We’ve sent a professional into each other’s company to ease communication and management processes,” Lin Ruoxi briefly explained.

Since the new material was successfully developed and the marketing stage would immediately follow, Yu Lei’s market share would greatly increase and the workload would immensely increase as well. In the name of giving each other trust, Yu Lei and Muyun exchanged a management genius to work in the opposite company with a high position, to be in charge of the market management of the new material.

Yang Chen didn’t ask more questions after listening to her answer. He suddenly thought of whether he was supposed to resign his current job after the divorce in six months’ time. However, the partnership projects under his influence and connection would probably be affected. He felt that he should find time to talk to Lin Ruoxi about it.

Arriving at the first floor, after getting out of the elevator, Lin Ruoxi brought Wu Yue to the parking area without saying a word, while Yang Chen returned to the entertainment company on the opposite building.

Upon entering Yu Lei Entertainment, Yang Chen proceeded to Wang Jie’s office immediately. She was currently busy dealing with some files. Seeing that Yang Chen came, she immediately stood up and greeted with a smile, “Director, how did the discussion go? Is Director Huang trustworthy?”

Yang Chen took out the SD card from his pocket and put it in front of Wang Jie. Without any expression, he said, “This is the end result. You may take a look at it carefully. Click on the video folder.”

Wang Jie was rather confused. She inserted the SD card into her laptop before opening the video in the folder.

Before long, Wang Jie anxiously closed the video!

Wang Jie whose face had reddened didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen anymore. “Director… this… why…”

“Oh, didn’t you ask if the moron Huang was trustworthy? The man in front of the woman is Director Huang while the one behind is the producer. The woman kneeling on the sofa at the centre is the director’s wife. They forced me to watch them perform and asked me to direct their show. Luckily I wasn’t asked to make a voiceover, I really don’t know how to moan like a woman,” Yang Chen said, looking distressed.

Wang Jie sweated like it was raining. She looked really ashamed. “Director, I’ll be sure to check the other side carefully before initiating a discussion. I… I really didn’t expect Huang Hai to be such a director.”

Yang Chen smiled relaxedly and said, “Wang Jie, you mustn’t have interacted with the people in the entertainment industry too much before you came here, am I right?”

“Yeah, I had been working in public relations. I wasn’t exposed to this industry very much,” Wang Jie said.

“That’s right, just be careful next time, not for me, but for yourself. I’m a man, I won’t suffer too much of a loss. You should take care of your own safety and bring a few people you trust to go with you during client meetings, so that you don’t get taken advantage of,” Yang Chen advised.

Wang Jie initially thought that she’d get scolded and didn’t expect this was what Yang Chen wanted to say. She felt thankful and agreed to Yang Chen’s advice.

“Director, thank you.”

Smiling, Yang Chen took out the SD card from Wang Jie’s laptop and said, “You don’t want to collect this?”

“Of course not.” Wang Jie quickly waved her hands. The things contained in the card were too shameful.

Yang Chen exerted force on the card to break it in half before throwing it into the rubbish bin. He said to Wang Jie, “Don’t feel burdened for what happened today, especially in front of me, I won’t think that you’ve neglected your duty. In this world, the most difficult object to understand is the human heart. Starting from now, don’t stress yourself too much, otherwise you’d feel worse at work than attending a funeral.”

Wang Jie laughed. “Director, you’ve exaggerated the matter.”

Knowing that his assistant was fine, Yang Chen stopped teasing her and let her to continue her work while he went out of her office. He took the stairs to the music production room one floor below.

Due to a high startup capital, Yu Lei Entertainment had its own equipment, including a recording studio and different types of music production room. The contracted artists and musicians could all use the facilities there to practise and create music.

Yang Chen was rather worried for Hui Lin who came to the company for her first day. She was a young girl who stayed in the mountains for most of her life after all, she was expected to be anxious being around so many strangers all of a sudden.

Yang Chen saw Zhao Teng and a few other employees when he came to the recording studio. The musicians all stood together while a few of them together with some sound engineers had headphones on.

In the recording studio, Hui Lin who was similarly wearing headphones had her coat removed, leaving only a pink sweater. On her adorable and pure face, there was fine perspiration. Having her eyes closed, she seemed to be immersed in some kind of feeling as she sang.

When Zhao Teng noticed Yang Chen’s arrival, he immediately tapped the shoulders of his colleagues before introducing, “This is Director Yang. Some of you don’t come here often, quickly get to know him while you can.”

Yang Chen shook hands with a few of them with a faint smile on his face. Zhao Teng briefed him through the backgrounds of these people, they were basically producers and musicians contracted with the company. When they found out that this young man held the highest position in the company, they couldn’t help but to feel surprised, but didn’t dare to look down upon him. Regardless of authority or background, age certainly couldn’t represent anything.

“I saw you guys really absorbed earlier, is my cousin here singing very well?” Yang Chen asked.

A musician nodded his head repeatedly. “Is she really Director’s cousin? Like brother like sister indeed. Amongst the singers I’ve seen in my entire life, Miss Hui Lin’s voice can easily rank top three. More importantly, there’s a type of unpredictability and flexibility in her voice which are both really rare among girls these days. This is definitely related to her aura.”

“That’s right, her voice is exceptional. As long as her falsetto and treble get polished, she is suited to sing a huge range of songs,” another musician said.

Yang Chen was rather surprised. He looked at Hui Lin who was seriously singing in the recording studio before taking a pair of headphones over and wearing it.

The headset played a sensational old song. Since Yang Chen didn’t know much about Chinese music or movies, he couldn’t tell who the original singer was. However, when it was sung by Hui Lin’s refreshing voice, it sounded extraordinarily pleasant.

Taking off the headphones, Yang Chen said, “I can tell that she’s tired already. She’s even sweating. I suggest you guys to let her rest for a while. It’ll be bad for her voice if she continues singing.”

“Haha, Director, it’s not us that’s stopping Miss Hui Lin from resting. Miss Hui Lin is so immersed that we’re reluctant on interrupting her,” a few producers said jokingly.

At this moment, a employee from the reception counter came over and asked, “Is Director Yang here?”

Yang Chen turned around, asking, “What is it?”

The female employee answered respectfully, “Director, someone who claims to know you is waiting to see you and Miss Hui Lin at the reception room.”

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed and asked the employee to go back first. He then entered the recording studio and approached Hui Lin.

When Hui Lin noticed that Yang Chen suddenly walked in, she immediately stopped singing. She blushed as she felt rather embarrassed for singing in front of Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, why did you come in?”

“Someone wants to see me and you,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin blinked her big eyes. There weren’t many people who knew her. She asked, “Who is it? Is it Elder Sister?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “If I guessed it right, it’s either your grandma or your grandpa.”

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Chapter 302: Director of the Women's Federation 2018-03-26T06:57:30+00:00

The sound of the door being knocked made Liu Mingyu extremely nervous and worried. Being a department head, if she was found out for secretly making love with a man in her office, how was she supposed to face the people in the company in the future?!

Yang Chen lightly frowned and tidied up his pants. Before he entered the room, he saw that the female colleagues outside were either dozing or busy. He didn’t expect that someone would want to enter the room.

Liu Mingyu hurriedly climbed up from the desk and briefly wiped the desk, chair and some other parts. Although nothing abnormal could be seen, Liu Mingyu was fully aware that the post-climax residue on her face could easily be spotted by an experienced individual.

Furthermore, she was locked with Yang Chen alone in her office under broad daylight. Everyone would have a special thought.

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. It’s all because of you!” Liu Mingyu violently twisted Yang Chen’s arm.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Soft, he said, “That’s also because I have your cooperation. You’ll be fine, just say we’re in the middle of a discussion for work.”

“What work do I have that requires your input?! Can you at least come up with a decent lie?!” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes.

At this moment, a gentle and familiar voice resounded outside the door.

“Mingyu, are you inside?”

Yang Chen’s nerves tightened. It was Mo Qianni!

Liu Mingyu’s legs softened as she widened her big, watery eyes. She didn’t know what to answer.

Yang Chen’s expression turned complicated for a while before he walked to the door quietly.

“What are you doing!” Liu Mingyu lowered her voice. When she saw that Yang Chen was going to open the door directly, her heart almost flew out!

It was bad enough if she was seen by the ordinary staff in the public relations department, let alone being noticed by Mo Qianni! Excluding the fact that Mo Qianni used to be her superior, she currently was one of the person in charge of the company. If this side of her was seen, wouldn’t she leave a bad impression?!

Yang Chen smiled at Liu Mingyu relaxedly before slightly opening the door. He only opened the width of a person, and winked at Mo Qianni who was standing outside.

Mo Qianni thought that Liu Mingyu may just be having a nap. However, when the door got opened, she noticed it was Yang Chen!

Why is this fellow here at this point of time?!

“Little Qianqian, stop dreaming. Come in quickly!” Yang Chen said softly.

Mo Qianni was still very confused. She entered the room because Yang Chen asked her to. After that, he quickly shut the door.

The tall Mo Qianni looked glamorous as ever. With her long hair tied up, she wore a white trench coat and a bright red scarf and held a folder in hand. She looked like just a fashion model walking in the office, but she evidently came to talk to Liu Mingyu about work.

Upon entering the room, she noticed a familiar yet shameful smell between her mouth and her nose. Mo Qianni raised her head to look at Liu Mingyu whose hair and clothing were dishevelled. Her face was flushing, and she wasn’t able to stand straight beside the office desk, not to mention the messy files which scattered everywhere.

Liu Mingyu didn’t dare to look at Mo Qianni while Yang Chen intentionally put up a serious act. Excluding the fact that Mo Qianni was smart in nature, the smell of hormones and her understanding towards Yang Chen in addition to her personal experience instantly caused her to understand what happened earlier!

Mo Qianni immediately blushed as she felt that the situation was extremely awkward. The proud-looking, death-courting man beside her was still making a stupid face and smiling at her in a naughty manner.

Although she herself was a mistress as well, which meant she had to endure all the pain caused by the man, she still felt extremely uncomfortable when she witnessed something this absurd.

“Dep—Department Head Mo, do you need anything?” Liu Mingyu stammered as she tried her best to act calm.

Mo Qianni regained awareness. She quickly answered, “Oh… An issue arose for the year-end financial integration of the public relations department. I came here to talk about it. It… it seems rather inconvenient now, doesn’t it…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Qianni noticed that she said something wrong! What inconvenient! It’s because I noticed something wrong between them of course!

She wanted to act like nothing happened initially. The situation couldn’t be saved anymore.

Liu Mingyu wanted to find a seam on the ground and drill herself into it. I’m finished. I must’ve become something like a seductress in her eyes. Under broad daylight, I got found out for doing that kind of stuff with a married man. Is this possibly something every mistress has to endure?!

Seeing that Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni didn’t have anything to say, Yang Chen walked to Liu Mingyu’s office desk and started tidying the messy folders on it.

As he arranged the items, Yang Chen smiled and said to Mo Qianni, “Come here, there’s nothing inconvenient. We’re all people of our own.”

Mo Qianni stunned for a while before finally understanding what Yang Chen meant… Is he going to confront me?

Liu Mingyu was confused as well. She looked at Yang Chen in doubt and looked at Mo Qianni. Her mind stopped working.

Seeing Mo Qianni who stood still by the door, Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he said, “Little Qianqian, stop daydreaming over there. Do you still want to act like nothing happened? We’ve come this far already, I’d be hypocritical if I try to hide this from you, and you’d be lying to yourself if you act like you haven’t found it out. Furthermore, do you think I am the type of guy who’d do things secretly and deny his doing?’

Mo Qianni took a deep breath, as if she was gathering courage. She walked forward and gave Yang Chen a death stare before smiling at Liu Mingyu whose body got extremely stiff. “To be honest, I don’t feel very good about it, but I also know that you don’t as well. Is being merely a lover and a mistress tough?’

Liu Mingyu felt that her brain cells weren’t enough to be used. The situation had gone far beyond her imagination. Mo Qianni’s words seemed to imply that she had some kind of relationship with Yang Chen as well…

“D—Department Head Mo, are you possibly… his…”

Before Liu Mingyu finished speaking, Mo Qianni nodded. “Yeah, so you don’t have to be this shy. Look at how thick-skinned I am, so thick that I know no shame anymore…”

Yang Chen stopped Mo Qianni from speaking. “Little Qianqian, what are you talking about? Why does it sound so terrible? We have to face the issue if we want to find a solution. Look, I’m righteously standing in front of you guys as the culprit. If you want to compare skin thickness, mine should be the thickest.”

“Oh, you also know that you’re thick-skinned? You came here to find women to play with you during working hours. Can’t you behave yourself? If it’s someone else who’s prying that came today, witnessed you together with Mingyu and noticed the weird smell, what do you think you can do?”

Liu Mingyu suddenly realized that the ‘crime scene’ hadn’t been utterly cleaned yet. She quickly took out a bottle of air freshener and sprayed at the surroundings before she finally could relieve herself.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “These are all chemicals, your body would be damaged if you use it too much.”

“Do I have to use it at all if you didn’t come?!” Liu Mingyu asked angrily before clenching her teeth. However, she quickly realized that Mo Qianni was still there. She almost went crazy saying something like that in front of this ‘similar species’ who, to her, was extremely mysterious.

Mo Qianni sighed. She didn’t feel nervous and agitated anymore. In fact, she had long prepared for this day when Yang Chen said she wasn’t his only lover. Smiling bitterly, she said to Liu Mingyu, “Both of us aren’t any authentic goods, so you don’t have to be nervous in front of me. To put it in a good way, we’re both ‘comrades’, to put it in a bad way, we’re both similarly vixens. So we’re equal at the end of the day, don’t feel guilty about it. Blame this fellow if you want. A good rabbit doesn’t eat the grass outside its nest, this fellow on the other hand ate everything.”

Liu Mingyu felt that what Mo Qianni said made sense. Since Mo Qianni was a mistress as well, it meant they weren’t any different from each other. They then felt subconsciously closer to each other as they felt touched.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to sigh in his heart as he witnessed the helplessness and bitterness that the two women he loved were in. One couldn’t expect the world to be fair. No one could make clear the feelings between men and women since ancient times.

After a moment of silence, Yang Chen didn’t really know what to say to turn the situation better. At last, he said, “How about having dinner together tonight? My treat, I’m fine with eating anything.”

Mo Qianni’s and Liu Mingyu’s cold gazes swept across him almost at the same time. They looked at him without any expression.

“In this situation do you think you can solve everything by solely treating us for dinner?” Mo Qianni asked.

“Are we so easy to be pleased? Do you think we’re as easy to trick as a three-year-old?” Liu Mingyu asked.

Troubled, Yang Chen scratched the back of his head. “My two much respected ladies, can you not do this to me? You can vent your feelings or even scold me! I know that sometimes I really act like a monster, but I’ve never intended to hide things from you guys, or even trick you. I don’t know how things ended up this way, I merely followed my feelings to reach this step. If I were to give up any of you, not only will you guys get hurt, I will feel hurt as well. I really don’t know how to explain it to you.

This is what I want to say. You guys can whack me, scold me, or even hate me. But you can’t detest me, that’s because I love you guys. I promise, except the stupid name column on the marriage certificate, I can give you anything you want, as long as it’s something I have!”

He expressed his thoughts honestly. Yang Chen reached out to his shirt pocket and wanted to smoke a cigarette, but he remembered he was in the office so he awkwardly withdrew his hand and started walking in circles. This is so torturing. Back then when I was still abroad, when have I ever suffered because of problems caused by women? That’s why I say love isn’t something great. People used to call me god, but even gods can’t solve the issue, let alone normal human beings!

After Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu finished listening, they both turned around and wiped their eyes.

“Do you think you’re the director of Women’s Federation or an expert in psychology? Why did you give us a counselling session? We haven’t taken things to our hearts, what are you rushing for?”

“I know right, weren’t we discussing on where to eat tonight? We need to have a drink for our comrades, right, Mingyu?” Mo Qianni winked at Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu nodded. Smiling, she said, “I know a great Italian restaurant, I’ll bring Department Head Mo there.”

“Don’t call me Department Head anymore, just call me Qianni,” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

“Alright, Qianni.” Liu Mingyu smiled and pouted. She seemed to have relieved herself.

Yang Chen felt slightly consoled when he saw that the two women had temporarily untied the knots in their hearts. Smiling, he went forward and said, “Bring me with you, my treat.”

Mo Qianni looked at him fiercely. “Why do you want to join a dinner of two women? Why would we want you to treat us? It’s not like we have no money. If you have nothing else to do, get out quickly. We still have to talk about work.”

“Hey, you can’t do this. How can you disregard your man like this?!” Yang Chen was dissatisfied.

“That sounds more like you. Are you thinking of making us serve you like our master after dinner if you’re coming with us?”

“It would of course be good if that was the case,” Yang Chen said awkwardly with a smile.

Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni looked at each other before pushing Yang Chen to the door together, one from each side.

“Get out get out! We want to work!”

“Don’t push me, can’t I walk myself?!” Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel Are they starting to avoid me now?!

After Yang Chen was pushed out of the room, the two women chuckled as they looked at each other and saw their own faces in each other’s eyes.

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Chapter 301: Vixen 2018-03-25T04:36:56+00:00

After returning to the headquarters of Yu Lei International, Yang Chen took the elevator to the office of the public relations department. Since it was afternoon, many workers from the department were out to meet clients. The office was empty and quiet.

Yang Chen walked to the door of Liu Mingyu’s department head office with light steps and twisted the knot. Since the door wasn’t locked, he immediately entered sideways before locking the door.

Liu Mingyu was busy correcting something on her seat. It was rare that she didn’t wear contact lenses, but black-framed spectacles instead. The look which her tall nose supported the weight of the spectacles highlighted a kind of seductive and intellectual beauty. The contrasting color difference between the black spectacles and her white skin was particularly eye-catching.

When Liu Mingyu noticed that Yang Chen suddenly broke into her room, she got shocked and opened her pink and soft lips. Her frightened expression exposed her exclusive cuteness.

Yang Chen walked towards the back of Liu Mingyu and wrapped around her powdery neck with his arms. A layer of pink appeared on her white and smooth neck.

Liu Mingyu wanted to dodge away but was rather unwilling to do so at the same time. However, Yang Chen’s tens of kilograms of body acted like a pagoda as it pressed onto Liu Mingyu’s body, causing her to be burdened. Her heart was particularly pressured. She panted heavily and avoided to look into Yang Chen’s eyes.

Yang Chen leaned forward and whispered to Liu Mingyu’s ear, “Why aren’t you talking?”

Pouting, Liu Ming answered, “Will you let me go if I did?”

“I won’t,” Yang Chen replied in a straightforward manner.

“You came all the way here just to do something like this?” Liu Mingyu asked, dissatisfied.

The smile on Yang Chen’s face was rather perverted. If there was a mirror in front of Yang Chen, he would probably be embarrassed himself. Kissing Liu Mingyu on her cheek, Yang Chen let go of her neck.

He took out a SD card from his pocket and inserted it into Liu Mingyu’s computer.

“Open the video folder inside and have a look,” Yang Chen said.

Liu Mingyu was rather confused, but still followed Yang Chen’s instruction. After opening the folder, she clicked on the video to play.

It only took three seconds for Liu Mingyu’s face to turn as red as a mature red plant, looking incredibly alluring.

On the computer screen, two men and one woman were being frank with each other. Their bodies tangled together and were doing some improper movements. The waves of speech and sound weren’t out of Liu Mingyu’s imagination.

“They are…”

“The clients I met this afternoon. They really had to put up this show for me. Do you think it’s fun?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Liu Mingyu turned around and looked at Yang Chen as she didn’t know how to react. “They got fixed by you again. Don’t think that I don’t know Department Head Ma resigned after he got played by you.”

Yang Chen recalled the incident where he forced Department Head Ma and his little lover into a play during the day he rescued Liu Mingyu. It was so clear that it felt like yesterday. Unexpectedly, Liu Mingyu became his lover after a few months. The woman whom Department Head Ma spent so much effort to get but failed, followed Yang Chen at last.

Liu Mingyu turned off the video on his computer and removed the SD card before returning it to Yang Chen. “I had enough, keep it to yourself. I still have to work, you may leave now.”

One of Yang Chen’s arms suddenly reached out to Liu Mingyu’s bosom before exerting force as it grabbed onto the lump of soft flesh.

Liu Mingyu moaned lightly and turned around to stare at Yang Chen. “What are you doing… We’re at my office…”

Although she knew what Yang Chen meant when he asked her to play the video, Liu Mingyu still didn’t dare to cause too huge of a commotion in the office.

Yang Chen’s breaths were really heavy. He whispered beside Liu Mingyu’s ear, “I saw such a performance in the afternoon and consumed something I shouldn’t. I’m going to die from holding back if you’re chasing me out now.”

Liu Mingyu indignantly moved Yang Chen’s face away with her arm. “You wanted something to vent on, you came came to look for me? Am I your tool for venting?”

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyu’s enraged apricot-kernel-shaped eyes. Smiling awkwardly, he said, “Why would I do that? It’s just that I haven’t been able to get intimate with Little Yu’er these days, I really miss you a lot.”

“Do you expect me to believe you? Why didn’t you call me if you missed me? Don’t think about taking advantage on me today, it’s not like I’m your only lover. Find someone else to release your desire. I want to work now, get out!” Liu Mingyu shouted angrily.

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyu’s black office suit which was low-collared, revealing the white shirt within that had milk-white buttons sewn at its center. It wrapped around her two lumps of tall flesh but appeared slightly tight, causing it to have occasional gaps. A trace of purple could be seen through the gaps, it was naturally Liu Mingyu’s violet flower-patterned bra, looking extraordinarily alluring.

Yang Chen was merely excited earlier. Now that deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of his eyes, he couldn’t control his crazy secretion of male hormones anymore.

“Little Yu’er, where did you get this white shirt? It’s too good of a purchase. Not only does the color look nice, its measurements are perfect as well,” Yang Chen said before licking his lips.

When Yang Chen talked about her clothing, Liu Mingyu didn’t rush on pushing him out. “Isn’t it just an old shirt? I’m wearing it because I think it’s comfortable. It’s not from any good brands, but it’s made from cashmere.”

Yang Chen praised, “When this shirt is matched with you, the biggest benefit is that it can cause strong desires to others.”

“What desires?” Liu Mingyu couldn’t help but to ask. Does this bad fellow possibly want to praise that I’m beautiful?

Yang Chen chuckled. He said, “The moment I saw your shirt, I had a strong urge to strip the buttons at the center open…”

Liu Mingyu’s look of high expectation suddenly turned to annoyance. She started hitting Yang Chen’s chest repeatedly as she scolded, “You’re never serious! I told you to not disturb me in my office! Get out, get out!”

Before Liu Mingyu stood up to push him out, Yang Chen forcefully wrapped his arms around her slim waist and lifted her entire body up. Extending both of his hands, one upwards and the other downwards, he used his left hand to touch Liu Mingyu’s belly and his right to grope her snow mountain.


It only took a gentle pinch, Liu Mingyu felt like her entire body got an electric shock. The troublesome demon claw started rubbing the red little grape on her chest.

“You… Let me go…”

The woman who had lost all her energy was begging to be released, but it only had an effect equivalent to pouring oil on flame.

Yang Chen leaned his head forward and kissed Liu Mingyu’s lips from the side a few times. Smiling, he said, “Babe, why do you sound like you can’t wait more than me?”

“You… you’re a bully,” she complained like a little girl who got bullied. Liu Mingyu was too shy that she didn’t know what to say.

However, Yang Chen’s next action made her completely unable to speak!

Yang Chen’s lower body rose up, which made Liu Mingyu feel an erected object pressing between her thighs. Under her working dress, it was a stocking of flesh color, which was smooth and nicely textured.

Yang Chen moaned as he indulged the feeling. Her thighs made him feel incredibly comfortable. Needless to say, Liu Mingyu could feel the heat of Yang Chen’s object.

Having had two times of past experience with Yang Chen, Liu Mingyu had greatly felt the strong, explosive force in this man and the ferocity of his object.

Her age of near-thirty was exactly the time where women like her had the strongest desire and were most sensitive to this type of male aura. Although she didn’t say it out, she had complained about and scolded him countless times in her heart.

Her action of repeatedly rejecting was merely a trouble caused by her self-esteem.

When Liu Mingyu inhaled the familiar breath of the man and felt the surging and erupting power on her lower body, she felt that her entire body softened and lacked the energy to move. Her lower body which made her extremely shy, surprisingly had a feeling of emptiness…

Why am I so shameless… Liu Mingyu murmured in her heart. However, her next thought made her dismiss her worries. Damn it! I decided to be his lover myself. What’s the big deal of being a vixen? Isn’t this fellow shameless as well…

As she thought, Liu Mingyu violently turned around and hooked Yang Chen’s neck with her arms before going forward and kissing him intensely.

As their tongues entangled, the clear water passed through each other’s mouth. Yang Chen could feel the woman’s repressed, crazy emotions. His hands subconsciously started getting agile as well.

After doing some work in front of Liu Mingyu’s chest, her suit and shirt were removed, revealing her violet bra which had a hollow pattern. The white and powdery two lumps of flesh lightly shivered, as if they were proudly presenting their oppressed craving.

After grabbing one of the lumps, Yang Chen reached his other arm to Liu Mingyu’s back before starting to unzip her dress.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu grasped Yang Chen’s arm which was undoing the zip. After struggling off Yang Chen’s lips, she looked at Yang Chen with her watery eyes.

“Ignore the zip, do it with the dress on…”

Yang Chen stunned. Liu Mingyu’s sudden smile made a hot current surge in Yang Chen’s brain.

Liu Mingyu could be seen leaning onto her office desk, pressing her two snow-white groups of flesh onto the folders, shaping them into round biscuits. Since the measurements were overly large, the squeezed volume exceeded the region in front of her chest. The soft, powdery flesh expanded to the sides in front of Liu Mingyu’s chest.

Liu Mingyu obediently looked behind. Her expression brought a trace of shyness, urgency and charm.

Yang Chen felt that the little tent on his lower body almost broke. He roughly raised Liu Mingyu’s dress, revealing beautiful buttocks which were wrapped in a pair of flesh-colored stockings. After rubbing the triangular hip, he pulled her stockings down to her knees without hesitation…

Liu Mingyu suddenly felt like her garden was exposed in the air. Before long, a boiling-hot object pressed onto it and wandered on the sides of the stream.

“Dont’... don’t play anymore. Quickly… quickly…” Liu Mingyu couldn’t wait anymore. Although she felt like she was really behaving like a vixen, what reason did she have to refrain herself in front of the only man in her heart?

Yang Chen let out a naughty smile. He looked down disdainfully on the office girl who was lying on the desk as if he was a king. “What quickly? Say it clearly…”

Liu Mingyu cursed him in her heart. This bad guy is still humiliating me at such a critical moment…

However, this kind of malice made Liu Mingyu’s sense of guilt to quickly plummet. “Quickly… put your thing… inside…” she stammered something she never thought she’d say even in her dreams, with her eyes closed.

This sentence pushed Yang Chen to the peak. Without hesitation, he moved his hip and connected with the cherished object at the bottom!

The storm swept across every inch of the skin of the two, and every cell.

In the solemn and clean office, Yang Chen brutally vented on the flower-like lady under his body. After an entire hour, he finally liberated the half-fainted Liu Mingyu who was limping as a result of reaching climax a few times.

The air was diffused with a smell which would destroy one’s purity. Quite a lot of shameful liquid was on Liu Mingyu’s leather chair and scattered onto the carpet beside the desk as well.

Yang Chen kissed Liu Mingyu’s flushing cheek. Smiling, he said, “Little Yu’er, do you want me to clean it up with tissue? I’d be honored to be at your service.”

Liu Mingyu’s body was sore and weak. She felt like her bones were put on clouds which made her extremely comfortable. However, when Yang Chen he wanted to clean her up and would immediately touch the part of her body, she immediately stood up and covered the area. Pouting, she said, “No way, I’ll do it myself. If you want to do it again later, I will really die here today.”

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly as his little trick got exposed. He chose to obey the woman. In fact, he only discharged once, so he hadn’t indulged it enough yet.

Knock! Knock! At this moment, the door of Liu Mingyu’s office suddenly got knocked on!

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CHAPTER 300!!! Nothing to Lose 2018-03-22T13:16:29+00:00

Huang Hai was either candid in his heart, or had long prepared for this moment. He didn’t look abnormal in any way. “This is how it happened, Director Yang, we just calculated the budget in detail yesterday. Previously, we underestimated the price of special effects, which is why this problem arose. However, I hope Director Yang doesn’t mind it too much, since both the theme and design of this movie is rather decent. You may look at it in detail, I believe you’ll be satisfied.”

After he finished speaking, he received the glass of grape wine delivered by his wife Elle before passing it into Yang Chen’s hands. “Come, I’ll do it first to thank Director Yang for personally coming over.”

Yang Chen received the wine glass and clinked it against Huang Hai’s and Luo Changan’s glasses before downing the liquid in one go.

He ridiculed in his heart, Special effects? Do these two think I’m a layman or an idiot? Letting aside the fact that such a small budget movie doesn’t even need special effects, why did the price suddenly go up in three million bucks? Do they think us investors are all stupid?

“Director Huang, I feel like your estimation is a huge problem. It’s a matter of principle. If it’s eight million, I might not be sitting here today anymore.” Yang Chen put the file in his hand aside.

Huang Hai smiled awkwardly before pulling Elle hurriedly. “Elle, quickly pour some wine for Director Yang to calm him down.”

Elle blushed as she felt shy, but went leaned her body against Yang Chen in a very practised manner. It felt intentional and unintentional at the same time when she pushed her bosom onto Yang Chen’s arm and delicate thigh against Yang Chen’s thigh. Her body was really soft and exerted the classic fragrance of Chanel No.5.

She filled up half of Yang Chen’s glass and some for herself. Softly, she leaned forward to Yang Chen’s side and said, “Director, don’t get angry. Let’s talk about it slowly. Please allow this girl to drink a glass with you.”

This girl?!

Yang Chen almost burst into laughter. This woman is in her thirties already, but dressed herself like a teenage girl and referred herself as ‘this girl’. If she does this to other men, I bet they can’t take it anymore and their legs would soften.

No wonder he picked a place like this. So he’s trying to maximize the use of his mini celebrity wife.

When he inhaled the smell exerted by female hormones on Elle’s body, Yang Chen suddenly felt that his blood was boiling, especially his dantian. There was a flow of hot current.

[TL note: Dantian (丹田 dāntián) – literally translates as “Cinnabar Field” or “Elixir Field”. Refers to the region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated. There are technically three dantians, but these novels simplify the concept and only use the lower dantian (located three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel).]

After that, Yang Chen finally understood why the server wasn’t in charge of serving wine, but was Elle instead. She drugged him through his glass of wine!

Unfortunately, due to his special physique, such a drug could only make him a little excited at most, even if it could cause him a physiological reaction. The expected effect couldn’t take place.

However, all of these made Yang Chen feel interested.

Back then when he watched entertainment news on the television, he heard about terms like ‘unspoken rules’, which meant people were willing to pay a high price to achieve something. Unexpectedly, he himself could receive the ‘unspoken rules’ one day as well.

However, this was considered ‘forced unspoken rules’.

Elle’s bosom rubbed against Yang Chen’s chest. She winked at him seductively before saying, “Brother Director, are you feeling hot? I feel that the room is a bit too warm. Do you want to remove your coat?”

Yang Chen smiled disdainfully in his heart, but put up a semi-conscious act. After drinking the wine Elle poured for him, he nodded and said, “It’s really a bit warm. I feel like my head is quite dizzy. Help me remove it.” When he finished speaking, he turned around and to face his back at Elle.

Elle and Huang Hai looked at each other and smiled coldly.

Luo Changan secretly used his phone at his back to make a phone call. After a short moment, Huang Hai’s phone rang. Huang Hai picked up the call and shouted a few lines before standing up apologetically. He said, “Director Yang, I suddenly have something urgent to discuss with Changan outside. We’ll be back really soon, please sit here for a while.”

Yang Chen waved his hand. “It’s fine, go and do your things. I’ll eat something here while waiting.”

“Elle, see to it that Director Yang is taken care of properly ,” Huang Hai said strictly before going out the room with Luo Changan.

After the door closed, only Yang Chen and Elle were left in the room.

Elle helped Yang Chen remove his coat, leaving only a sweater and a thermal vest within.

A cold and white palm suddenly slid across Yang Chen’s face. Sounding infatuated, Elle said softly, “Brother Yang, you’re really handsome, even your body looks very good…”

As she spoke, Elle touched Yang Chen’s chest as she stuck her tongue out slightly through her lips, to reveal a kind of thirst and hunger exclusive to women under Yang Chen’s eyes.

Regrettably, Yang Chen actually noticed the thick layer of power and the ‘potholes’ on Elle’s face since they were too near to each other. Apparently, time had eaten up quite big portion of this woman’s youth. Although she intentionally acted young and pure, she was still a woman in her thirties after all. If it wasn’t for her ‘free labor’, Huang Hai would’ve replaced her with a younger lady long ago.

When Yang Chen thought about just how many times this woman lost her chastity and emotion of a woman just to push Huang Hai to a higher position, he didn’t have the slightest interest to touch her. He had sympathy for her, but felt it was boring at the same time.

At this moment, one of Elle’s hands unknowingly reached Yang Chen’s pants. Although Yang Chen wasn’t affected by the drug, that body part of his still had a reaction after getting teased by a woman.

When Elle felt Yang Chen’s weapon, her body got stiff for a while. Even to someone like her with a lot of experience, the thing’s ferocity still went far beyond her imagination.

However, this was exactly why Elle got more and more excited. She could get satisfaction while working. To Elle, this was really a blessing.

Unfortunately, Elle couldn’t further her seduction to Yang Chen. She suddenly felt really dizzy in her mind and fainted.

Yang Chen withdrew his hand from the back of Elle’s neck and pushed the woman who wouldn’t wake up for a short moment to the side. He stood up and put on his coat before turning all the lights in the room off, causing the room to be in complete darkness. Although it was still daytime, one wouldn’t be able to see their five fingers perfectly.

After that, he walked to the entrance before quietly waiting for Huang Hai and Luo Changan to return to check on the result.

After around fifteen minutes, the door got carefully pushed open. Huang Hai and Luo Changan noticed that the room was covered in darkness, but they thought they succeeded since they could barely see someone lying on the sofa.

“Damn it, this bitch didn’t even bother reporting to us after completing her task. She must’ve felt addicted doing it with this young man!” Huang Hai scolded.

Luo Changan let out a malicious smile. He said, “Don’t you know that this bitch wasn’t satisfied when the both of us banged her together? Women in their thirties are all like wolves. This woman is more energetic the older she gets.”

“Damn, even the lights are off. Were their movements so large that they did it in every corner of the room? Weird, there should be a smell here logically speaking…”

“How long has it been? He must’ve opened fire for only once at most, what smell are you expecting? Eh? Why is this woman still lying still?” Luo Changan asked out of curiosity.

“Why would you want her to move? Just maintain that position, it’d be more convenient for us to take pictures…” As Huang Hai murmured as he relied on his memory to talk to the nearest floor lamp. When he wanted to switch it on…

Suddenly! The lamp turned on!

Huang Hai got frightened immensely. He flurried three steps back and almost fell down.

There stood Yang Chen beside the lamp smiling weirdly and teasingly at the two.

Although they didn’t know why Yang Chen wasn’t affected by the drug within the grape wine, Huang Hai and Luo Changan understood that their scheme got exposed! Elle who was lying on the sofa didn’t even get the chance to take action!

“Director Yang… you… you are…” Huang Hai didn’t know what to say. His face paled as he panicked.

Yang Chen slowly walked towards the two people. “What about me? Aren’t I waiting for you guys to come take pictures of me?”

Huang Hai’s and Luo Changan’s turned ashen and looked at each other. Apparently, Yang Chen understood everything completely.

They only had two paths to pick. The first route was Yang Chen let them go and acted like nothing happened. Naturally, the partnership would sink as well. The second route was to pressure Yang Chen. Since he had looked through everything, they had to end what they started and think of a way to shut Yang Chen’s mouth up!

Almost instantly, Huang Hai and Luo Changan made a resolute decision. Luo Changan closed the door and locked it before rushing up to Yang Chen together with Huang Hai!

To them, facing one man with two wasn’t a difficult task at all! They only had to remove Yang Chen’s clothes and pants and let Elle cooperate before taking a picture. It could still be used in a blackmail!

They had nothing to lose. One wouldn’t consider the consequences calmly once they got indignant.

The attack launched by the two was naturally useless. Yang Chen simply swung his hands to block them before grasping their collars and throwing them across the room, hitting onto the wall behind the sofa!

Bam! Bam! Huang and Luo banged onto the wall forcefully before falling onto Elle’s body.

Elle got awakened. Blurrily opening her eyes, she had no clue what just happened.

Huang and Luo got dumbfounded. They didn’t understand why the man standing in front of them had such strength. They knew that they couldn’t defeat Yang Chen nor could they run away. They could only endure the intense pain and kneel on the carpet before begging Yang Chen for mercy.

“Director Yang! We’re wrong! Please… please let us go this time! We really don’t want to do such a thing, but there’s a downturn in the market… We… we…”

“Oh, so you guys are in a dilemma? What should I do then… You guys have locked the door and brought all the equipment with you. I really can’t disappoint you guys today,” Yang Chen said regretfully as he shook his head.

Huang Hai smiled in a way that looked uglier than crying. “Director Yang, I’ll learn from my lesson. Please give me a chance. After working hard for so long, it’s really difficult for me to achieve what I have today. The three of us just want to earn our living. Who doesn’t have a bit of gray background in this industry? There are lots of people doing more filthy things than us. Director, please let us go this time. We don’t dare to do this anymore…”

Yang Chen knew that Huang Hai was being honest, but drugging him and wasting his precious gaming time was unforgivable. He had to earn some interest at the end of the day, so he reached an arm out at Huang Hai.

Huang Hai stunned. He immediately understood something and took out his leather wallet from his pocket and plugging it into Yang Chen’s hand. “Director, I’ll give you all my cash and credit cards. Please… please don’t call the cops, can you?”

“What do I want your money for? I want you to pass your camera to me,” Yang Chen said with a weird smile.

“Ah…” Huang Hai was distressed. “Director, what do you want the camera for…”

“Since you didn’t manage to record me, I’ll record you then,” Yang Chen said teasingly. “Didn’t you guys say that the three of you played together before? I’m really interested in seeing your show. Come, put up a performance for me and allow me to record it down. I won’t call the cops after that.”

Luo Changan’s facial expression looked like every inch of his organs snapped. “Director Yang, isn’t this equivalent to asking for our lives…”

Yang Chen’s look turned cold. “Do you want to pass your lives to me, or the cops?”

This time, the three got speechless. Huang Hai took his bag resentfully and took out a digital camera from within before passing it to Yang Chen.

After half an hour, Yang Chen went out of the club and entered his car, with a small SD card in his hand. Yang Chen felt that his little junior below still had its head pointing upwards. He couldn’t help it, he hadn’t seen such a realistic three-man war in a long time.

Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he recorded a similar thing before when he saved Liu Mingyu out from a hotel back then. However, Department Head Ma was too old and didn’t have much energy. The clip this time was much more exciting than the one before.

It had been a long time since he last spent time with Liu Mingyu. She was a woman who wouldn’t contact you if you didn’t do so yourself. Even if she had a lover in her heart, she still remained her pride and arrogance.

Yang Chen thought of the night by the ocean. It was crazily enjoyable when he hugged Liu Mingyu’s perfectly mature body in a tall body. A fire ignited in his heart, especially the fluid that was still left in his body. Yang Chen had to think of a way to vent his flame.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen turned on the car engine and pressed on the accelerator forcefully as he headed to the direction of Yu Lei International!

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Chapter 299: Client Meeting 2018-03-21T11:59:51+00:00

Since she was at an unfamiliar place, Hui Lin lowered her head didn’t dare to breathe too loud upon entering the office. When she heard that someone said she was Yang Chen’s girlfriend, she almost fainted on-the-spot. She nervously grasped her palms together which were sweating profusely.

Yang Chen pushed Zhao Teng’s head impolitely. “How do your eyes work? Do I look like an old cow that would eat young grass?”

[TL note: An old cow that would eat young grass (idiom): The man in a romance who is significantly older than the woman.]

“Director, but you’re not old,” Zhao Teng said as he pressed onto his aching forehead resentfully.

“This is my cousin who’s very gifted. After discussing with Boss Lin, we decided to send her to our company to receive professional training in dancing and music. You’ll be in charge of arranging her lessons,” Yang Chen said.

Zhao Teng finally got serious. After looking at Hui Lin from head-to-toe, he agreed that the girl definitely had the qualifications to become a superstar. Since even Lin Ruoxi thought she could make it, there was definitely something unique about her. As a result, he directly said, “No problem, the music and choreography teachers are all masters of their craft. We’re still worried that we don’t have talented members at the moment.”

The following things were much easier to be done. Yang Chen let Hui Lin follow Zhao Teng’s arrangements, to directly head over to the recording studio and the dance classroom to receive an assessment, so that her capabilities and what level of class she should start with could be determined.

It wasn’t possible for Yang Chen to be with Hui Lin all the time. So he said, “After you finish practising, give me a call when you feel like going home.”

Hui Lin found herself in a difficult situation. “Can… can I call Elder Sister’s phone instead?”

Yang Chen felt rather gloomy. “Am I so unpleasant to you that you want your elder sister to send you home on the first day?”

“No… I’m just…”

“Alright, alright. Do what you want.” Yang Chen wasn’t willing to listen to her reasons. He knew that the kid would get shy easily. She’d certainly feel more comfortable being with Lin Ruoxi who was similarly, a woman.

Hui Lin indeed didn’t dare to stay with Yang Chen for too long, especially after the ‘girlfriend’ matter caused by Zhao Teng. She got more and more shy and scared because she felt very sorry to Lin Ruoxi when she was misunderstood as Yang Chen’s girlfriend.

Regarding what Yang Chen said regarding his divorce and women outside, from Hui Lin’s perspective, they were really distant matters. She didn’t believe his words fully.

When Yang Chen returned to his office and wanted to sit down to play computer games, Wang Jie knocked on the door and came inside.

Holding a stack of documents, Wang Jie felt rather embarrassed. She asked, “Director, are you free in the afternoon?”

Yang Chen shook his head and answered, “Yeah. What is it?”

Wang Jie said, “There’s a client meeting in the afternoon which I’m supposed to attend with a driver and an assistant. However, there’s an emergency meeting in Yu Lei’s headquarters. So can I ask Director to go for me, I don’t know if you can…”

Client meeting? Yang Chen scratched his head. To be honest, he didn’t really like things like this. Wang Jie should be aware of this as well, otherwise she wouldn’t have looked at him with a pitiful and helpless look.

Yang Chen asked, “Who are the people we’re meeting up with?”

Wang Jie seemed like she found hope and got energized instantly. “It’s a new director who’s rather famous recently called Huang Hai, a man from Shandong Province. He used a budget of 3 million in his previous film and earned 12 million in the box office. This time, he took the initiative to contact our company and hope that we can invest in a small production movie with a budget of 5 million or so. He may have come to us because of our reputation, since there isn’t his place in other major companies anyway.”

“In other words, it’s his invitation for us, correct?” Yang Chen asked.

“It could be said that we’re negotiating on equal terms, since he is rather competent and doesn’t necessarily need our help. However, many other new directors hope to work with us because our company is newly set up. After all, if the first film succeeds, they’d be able to become our company’s manager director. This seniority is very important in the entertainment industry,” Wang Jie explained.

Yang Chen understood the situation generally. Currently, the newly set up company Yu Lei Entertainment was just like a huge cake in the eyes of rookie directors and actors. Those who couldn’t obtain good treatments from the other major companies were all hoping to get good benefits as a result of being the ‘founding fathers’ of Yu Lei Entertainment.

“Originally, I wanted to look at his script, character and work ethics. If both his character and competence aren’t an issue, I would sign a contract with him. However, the emergency meeting in the headquarters is really important, not to mention I’ve always been the one responsible for the procedures, so I thought of you, Director. After all, Director was the one who went to Hong Kong to negotiate with Muyun Corporation. This kind of work should be really easy for Director.” Wang Jie didn’t forget to praise Yang Chen.

Everyone loved to listen to great things. Although Yang Chen didn’t have many good memories in Hong Kong, he immediately accepted her request after listening to what she said. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Put the things I need here. I’ll go there in the afternoon.”

Wang Jie relieved herself. If Yang Chen denied her request, she really didn’t know who she should ask. The company was still new after all, it was normal for them to lack manpower.

After Wang Jie left, Yang Chen took the materials to look at the director Huang Hai’s resume and planned work. At last, he saw the agreed meeting place in the afternoon. It was a rather famous entertainment club in Zhonghai called Coconut.

Yang Chen frowned when he saw the location. If he recalled correctly, this place was located near a bar street. It was called an entertainment club, but it was actually a place of prostitution in other words. Various shady services often appeared there. This should also be one of the reasons why Wang Jie wasn’t willing to go, since she couldn’t push away such a duty just because she didn’t like the place. As a result, she used the excuse of attending a meeting in the headquarters to pass the job to Yang Chen. It shouldn’t be too big of a problem for men to attend such an occasion after all.

In the afternoon, Yang Chen drove to Coconut alone. It had a storefront with a southern island design. Although it was winter, the two ladies welcoming customers at the entrance still had their slim arms and thighs exposed in the air. They were only wearing a slightly thicker vest on top of their thin clothing.

Upon entering the club, two rows of room beside a warmly lit walkway could be seen.

After Yang Chen reported the appointed room number, he followed a female server and passed through two corners before arriving at the destination.

He opened the door and looked at the huge room lit by three floor lamps. The lighting wasn’t considered bright, but wasn’t dark as well. There were red sofas, grey carpets and a huge LCD television broadcasting a music program. Yang Chen didn’t exactly know what song it was playing, but it should be a Korean dance music.

The three figures who were seated on the sofa instantly stood up. The moderately tall man in his thirties with a moustache was the director Huang Hai. There were also a bald middle-aged shortie and a rather good-looking woman with rather heavy makeup on.

“Welcome, Director Yang. I’m really honored. I didn’t expect that Director was willing to come over personally.” Huang Hai passionaly offered his hand and walked towards Yang Chen before for firmly holding hands with him.

“Don’t be, since all of us are planning on working together, I certainly have to show my sincerity,” Yang Chen said lightly.

Huang Hai nodded repeatedly before introducing the people to Yang Chen. “This is the producer I always work with, Luo Changan. This lady is my wife Elle, also a second-line actress, but Director Yang shouldn’t have heard of her since she’s not very well-known.”

Yang Chen bet Elle must’ve chosen Huang Hai when she was buying a lottery, in the hope that she could yield a harvest by marrying him. Now that Huang Hai really got more successful, she naturally became the director’s lady.

After greeting Luo Changan and Elle, Yang Chen sat down with the three. The server brought some snacks and grape wine over. He served a British three-tiered snack platter, displaying a rather unique way of treating customers.

“I hope Director Yang doesn't mind that I picked such a place for this discussion. I just felt that having a traditional dinner with various dishes while discussing the film is not only extravagant, but ineffective as well. I hope Director Yang can understand, there are only the four of us anyway,” Huang Hai explained with a smile.

No matter who listened to his speech, the reasoning was actually not bad. Not only would people think he was thoughtful, he would give the impression of being more serious and dependable as well.

Yang Chen let out a faint smile. “Director Yang, you don’t have to be so formal. I’m actually a very casual person. Let’s talk about serious things.”

“Alright, alright. Director is really straightforward, but we have to start drinking before that, since it’s our first time meeting. Otherwise we’d be considered overly rude,” Huang Hai said before turning to Elle who had been holding a smile. “Elle, quickly open the bottle of grape wine and pour for us.”

Elle cozily hummed with acknowledgement as she faintly threw a flirtatious glance at Yang Chen before running to the side to open the grape wine bottle.

Luo Changan took out the newest movie plan together with its outline from a folder and passed it to Yang Chen. Smiling, he said, “Director Yang, being someone who as been in the industry for more than twenty years, I guarantee that this movie will definitely sell. As long as we get enough investment, getting Hong Kong Film Award or Golden Horse Award isn’t difficult.”

Yang Chen took the file and had a look. It was a small budget comedy and action movie, also a type of comedy which is really popular nowadays as it brings out the philosophy of life.

However, when Yang Chen took a closer look at the estimated budget, it was different from what Wang Jie’s materials showed. It became eight million, three million higher than the original budget.

“Director Huang, in the proposal our company’s manager showed me, this movie only had an estimated budget of five million. Why did it suddenly go up by three million?” Yang Chen stared into Huang Hai’s eyes and wasn’t willing to let go of even the most minute details.

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Chapter 298: Blood-Drinking and Ravenous Witch 2018-03-20T09:29:30+00:00

Listening to Hui Lin’s ‘horrifying’ suggestion, Lin Ruoxi immediately raised her hand to stop her. “Enough, you’re excellent. Even I’m starting to admire you.”

She was actually being honest. Lin Ruoxi felt that she was impressive enough to have a master’s degree in her twenties before taking over Yu Lei International. There would always be people better than you, no matter how good you were. Even if this cousin of Yang Chen acted really shy, if her achievements were placed in front of the public, she could directly startle a huge group of people.

“Then, Elder Sister, what job do you think suits me?” Although it wasn’t Hui Lin’s first time living an ordinary person’s life, it was definitely her first time when it came to looking for a job. Furthermore, she wasn’t familiar with the people and places in Zhonghai, so she didn’t have her own opinions.

From the perspective of Hui Lin’s naive mind, whether or not her grandma hated Lin Ruoxi wasn’t her concern. Lin Ruoxi was her elder sister in terms of blood relations, so she’d directly treat Lin Ruoxi as one. This was also why Hui Lin behaved really intimately during the first time she interacted with Lin Ruoxi.

Hui Lin felt that as long as she could behave herself and be obedient, she would be accepted by the time Lin Ruoxi found out that she was the granddaughter of her ‘enemy’.

Lin Ruoxi felt rather surprised for Hui Lin’s dependent behavior, as if this girl wasn’t Yang Chen’s cousin, but her own relative.

“I feel that it’d be a pity to waste your talents. If you like it…” Lin Ruoxi turned her head to look at Yang Chen who was devouring the food on the dining table, “you can work in your cousin’s company and follow the system to learn some knowledge regarding music and dancing, before debuting to be a singer and a movie star should you qualify. If you don’t like to sing, dance or act, you can come to our headquarters. I’ll arrange you to work with Sister Mo in the finance department and become her assistant. She’ll teach you how to do things. What do you think?”

Hui Lin pondered for a while seriously. Carefully, she asked, “Elder Sister, I like to sing and play musical instruments, but I dislike dancing and acting. Can I still be a singer?”

“Yes you can, but trendy music is different from the traditional one. You still need to follow the system and learn from a teacher,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Hui Lin thought of something again. She asked, “Then do I have to be the same with the women on television, who wear minimal clothing to sing on the stage?”

Lin Ruoxi finally smiled, as if she was infected by Hui Lin’s naive thinking. Her mood became a lot better. “Not necessarily, everyone’s style is different. If you dislike sexy clothing, you can use music to conquer the others. Many singers do nothing other than singing, but everyone still likes them.”

“Then I’ll go to Yang… Cousin’s company then,” Hui Lin said happily. “Back then when I was with Grandma, she only allowed me to sing old songs. I actually really like modern music, but I haven’t had the chance to properly learn them!”

Smiling, Lin Ruoxi said, “You may spend around a year’s time on learning since you’re still very young. If you feel that it doesn’t suit you, you can work behind the scenes or maybe something else.”

“No, I won’t. As long as it’s something I want to do, I’ll make sure to perform nicely. Elder Sister, look, these certificates all came because of my own hard work!” Hui Lin appeared to be very confident.

Lin Ruoxi nodded. Liking and affinity seemed to have suddenly increased in her gaze at Hui Lin.

Yang Chen originally wanted to ask Hui Lin if she truly understood what it meant to be a ‘singer’, since she had spent most of her life in the mountains. However, he felt warmth when he saw how Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin interacted, so he felt that everything didn’t matter anymore. He’d be satisfied as long as they were happy.

Blood was much denser than water. Although Hui Lin didn’t dare to state her identity, and Lin Ruoxi didn’t know that Hui Lin was her blood-related sister, they seemed to be able to feel a form of connection in their bones through the simple conversations, and acted extraordinarily close as a result.

After the meal, Hui Lin followed Wang Ma into the kitchen obediently to help out. In Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, this scene made her like this girl she met for the first time more and more.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly remembered that Yang Chen promised something else when he discussed with her to allow his cousin to come over. Coldly, she reminded, “Now that I allow Hui Lin to stay here, don’t forget what you promised. Bring Zhenxiu back to the orphanage.”

Yang Chen was watching the television while biting a toothpick. He nodded and said, “I know, but I have to choose a suitable date. I’ll think about it a few days later.”

Lin Ruoxi coldly replied, “Just don’t forget about it. Tell me directly if you’re not willing to do it. I’ll bring Zhenxiu back myself.”

“Trust me, I’ll definitely fulfil my promise,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt a heartache… Fulfil your promise? Does that mean you’re resolute in our divorce six months later as well?

She instantly hated Yang Chen more. Lin Ruoxi stared at him fiercely before stomping upstairs and slamming her door.

Yang Chen stunned as he witnessed this scene. He didn’t understand how he pissed this woman again.

Since he became the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, it was difficult for Yang Chen to bring breakfast for the sisters in the public relation department. So after discussing with her female colleagues, he managed to remove his burden. His duty became to only bring them breakfast occasionally.

As it was Hui Lin’s first day in the company, Yang Chen naturally had to bring her there. So after having breakfast with Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin at home, Yang Chen was responsible to fetch Hui Lin to her workplace.

Before departing, Lin Ruoxi said to Hui Lin, “I’ll let this fellow fetch you there today. Follow me out in the future. The place is just opposite the road anyway, it’s really near.”

Hui Lin agreed without asking much. Although she didn’t know why Lin Ruoxi would make such a request, she was really happy to be able to spend more time with Lin Ruoxi. Since young, Abbess Yun Miao had been the only relative around her, and she couldn’t call her Grandma most of the time, but Master instead. When she suddenly could work and live together with her sister in the same generation, her simple mind felt particularly blessed.

On the way to the company, Hui Lin sat beside the driver’s seat and felt rather cramped. She glanced at Yang Chen occasionally, Towards the average-looking man beside her who had a terrifying fighting ability, she held a little fear and liking at the same time.

Yang Chen noticed Hui Lin’s behaviour. Smiling weirdly, he said, “If you look at me like that again, I’ll misunderstand that you secretly love me.”

Blushing, Hui Lin instantly shook her head like a rattle drum. “No, no, I just have some questions in mind.

[TL note: A rattle drum (拨浪鼓) looks like this.]

“What questions do you have? State them clearly. Guessing what a woman is thinking is like trying to retrieve a needle from the ocean. Aren’t you giving me a challenge this way?” Yang Chen asked as he pouted.

Hui Lin hesitated for a while before asking, “Why does Elder Sister seem like… she hates (Elder) Brother Yang…”

[TL note: ‘Brother’ in this case is specifically elder brother. I feel that ‘Elder Brother Yang’ is extremely awkward.]

She thought for very long and felt that calling Yang Chen ‘Elder Brother’ was more appropriate. She had a feeling that she’d irritate Lin Ruoxi by calling him ‘Brother-In-Law’.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He answered, “Your question is very deep, I don’t know why your elder sister always gets annoyed by me as well. If I have to state a reason, she seemed to have started treating me particularly cold after I said I wanted to divorce six months later. Oh yeah, she bumped into me when I was with my other woman outside.”

Hui Lin acted like she heard the most explosive news. “Divorce? Why… why does Brother Yang want to divorce Elder Sister?”

Suddenly, Hui Lin thought of the matter where Abbess Yun Miao talked about letting her be Yang Chen’s wife. Does he possibly want to divorce to marry me?

As she held that thought, Hui Lin’s smooth, jade-like face seemed like it was patched with rouge. Her watery, big eyes were filled complexity and nervousness.

When Yang Chen talked about the word ‘divorce’, his mood became uncontrollably heavy. As a result, he didn’t notice Hui Lin’s unusual act. Faintly, he said, “In this world, a lot of things can’t be formed simply because you like something or not. While the word ‘fate’ seems misty, it is immensely important. I guess there’s no fate between her and me. I’m also definitely not a good man. When your elder sister wanted me to be her husband back then, it was just to put up a show. Honestly until now, I still don’t know if she has feelings for me or solely because she feels accountable. In short, I guess separating is a good choice for the both of us… I won’t drag her down and she can set me free.”

After listening to his explanation, Hui Lin felt slightly gloomy. “Oh…” She seemed to understand and not at the same time.

“Oh yeah,” out of curiosity, Yang Chen asked, “why do you want to work in Zhonghai?”

Embarrassed, Hui Lin answered softly, “Grandma told me I must stay here before she allows me to go back. And I’m not even given pocket money, so I have to work…”

Sigh, Yun Miao, Yun Miao… How are you a vegetarian abbess who chants the name of Buddha? You’re a blood-drinking and ravenous witch! Yang Chen shouted in his heart.

[TL note: Fun fact, the witch is literally described as someone who devours animals together with their fur.]

Upon entering the office of Yu Lei Entertainment, Hui Lin who wore light-colored winter clothing following behind Yang Chen attracted a lot of attention.

Although Hui Lin wasn’t a flawless beauty like Lin Ruoxi, she was still a beautiful and refined young girl. Her quiet aura brought up in the mountains made her innate noble aura exceptionally approachable and likable.

Since Zhao Teng was the person in charge of the company’s internal operations, Yang Chen brought Hui Lin directly into Zhao Teng’s office.

When Zhao Teng noticed that the person entering his office was Yang Chen, who had an unfamiliar and beautiful lady following behind that appeared very attached to Yang Chen, Zhao Teng immediately looked at Yang Chen with an ambiguous gaze. “Good morning, Director Yang. Is this lady possibly Director’s girlfriend?”

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Chapter 297: Are They Lacking 2018-03-19T13:03:55+00:00

In the evening, Lin Ruoxi went home after getting off work. Upon entering the house, she saw a strange young lady wearing a pair of fluffy house slippers who was carefully holding a pot of steaming-hot braised noodles as she walked out of the kitchen. It was exactly Hui Lin.

Hui Lin put the pot down and raised her head before noticing Lin Ruoxi who was standing at the entrance.

The moment their gazes met, both of them got some kind of weird feeling. Although it was their first time seeing each other, they felt familiar at the same time, or even… intimate.

“Elder… Elder Sister, you’re back…” Hui Lin subconsciously opened her mouth and said something faintly.

Lin Ruoxi thought about something, and asked, “You are… the fellow’s distant cousin?”

Hui Lin was rather nervous. She panicked for a while before remembering that Yang Chen brought her into the house using the identity as his cousin. As a result, she nodded and said, “Yes.”

Lin Ruoxi was a bit shocked. Is it possible that she doesn’t know the marriage between Yang Chen and I? Logically speaking, she should refer me as ‘Sister-In-Law’ or something. Although she didn’t necessarily want the title, Lin Ruoxi didn’t know why she felt extraordinarily intimate when the girl called her ‘Elder Sister’.

“Since you’re here, please enjoy your stay. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to voice them out.” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t bear malice towards a girl like that, who so obediently helped out the first day she arrived. Even if she was the ‘despicable man’ Yang Chen’s cousin, Lin Ruoxi had to accept her after all.

When Yang Chen finished bathing, he came downstairs and saw that Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin were already seated and prepared to have lunch, like they had a natural affinity towards each other. Although he didn’t want to admit, at the end of the day, it was hard for things like blood relations to fade. When the two women sat together, they were both so cold and quiet, even their auras were very similar, but Lin Ruoxi held more coldness.

When Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen, she felt a heartache and simply acted like she didn’t see him. Silently, she started eating herself after she finished serving rice.

Yang Chen expected her reaction. He sat beside Hui Lin and said, “Treat yourself at home and eat more. You’re very skinny already, if you return being even skinnier next time, your grandma would certainly think that I’m torturing you. At that time, she won’t restrain from coming over to slaughter me.”

“Grandma doesn’t simply go around and kill,” Hui Lin explained in a naive manner.

Yang Chen coughed a few times and signalled Hui Lin to think before she spoke. Casually saying things like ‘go around and kill’ wasn’t something a lady of her age would say.

Expectedly, Lin Ruoxi looked at the two weirdly and wondered if she misheard Hui Lin or not.

“Of course your grandma doesn't kill. She’d be locked in the prison otherwise.” Yang Chen helped Hui Lin cover what she said.

Hui Lin noticed that she said something inappropriate. Using her big, black eyes, she glanced at Lin Ruoxi who didn’t seem to have any reaction, before finally relieving herself.

As they were having their meal, intentionally or not, Lin Ruoxi asked, “What’s your name?”

Hui Lin was rather nervous. Awkwardly, she said, “Hui Lin…”

Yang Chen felt relieved. Luckily, the kid didn’t stupidly state her name as ‘Lin Hui’.

“Hui Lin…” Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly. Although she felt that the name was a bit weird, she didn’t put too much thought into it. “How long are you coming here for, is it for work?”

When Yang Chen wanted to help Hui Lin answer ‘no’, Hui Lin suddenly nodded.

“Oh yeah, Elder Sister, can you help me find a job?” Hui Lin looked at Lin Ruoxi with high hopes

Yang Chen violently turned his head to look at Hui Lin as he stunned. This kid still wants to look for a job in Zhonghai? Is she not planning to go back to Mount Emei already?

Lin Ruoxi didn’t think too much. To her, a girl of Hui Lin’s age was around when someone would start working, not to mention that she came from afar to rely on Yang Chen. Although she felt weird that Yang Chen had a cousin, since he had lived mostly abroad in the past and had a complicated background, she thought that Hui Lin was merely an ordinary girl, judging from how gentle she looked and how naively she behaved. Lin Ruoxi. Finding a job and looking for a man to marry should be what her seniors hope for her.

It had to be said that Lin Ruoxi behaved rather heartily toward Hui Lin, since Yang Chen said that she was his distant cousin. Since they started knowing each other, none of Yang Chen’s relatives or friends appeared before. When one finally came, who was also a girl that Lin Ruoxi liked, she was willing to give her a hand.

“Finding a job will depend on what skills you have. Are you a university graduate?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen smiled secretly. This kid had followed her grandma in Shushan since young, how would she get a chance to enroll in a university? I bet she only had one-on-one lectures on knowledge and culture at best, since Lin family musn’t lack the funds for the upbringing of their only granddaughter.

Unexpectedly, Hui Lin nodded really quickly. Blinking her bright and big eyes, she said seriously, “I have a university diploma, I’ll go get it for Elder Sister to take a look.”

When she finished speaking, before Yang Chen could say anything, she directly put down her bowl and chopsticks before rushing upstairs.

Yang Chen was astonished. Why is it different from what I thought?! How does this little nun have a university diploma?!

Lin Ruoxi noticed Yang Chen’s look. Frowning, she asked, “You don’t even know that your cousin graduated from university? How are you even her brother?”

“Erm… I don’t actually know,” Yang Chen said as he smiled bitterly.

Lin Ruoxi snorted coldly and didn’t plan to treat Yang Chen politely. “Luckily I’m here, otherwise the naive girl would definitely suffer, should she depend on you.”

Yang Chen pouted and felt rather displeased. Didn’t you agree on our divorce six months later? Even if you bumped into me with another woman, do you have to behave this badly towards me? I even talked about it long ago, I never planned to hide it from her. Furthermore, we haven’t made any vows, but agreed upon not stepping into each other’s lives. It can’t even be considered as a betrayal, he thought. Actually, Yang Chen knew that it wasn’t the right time to further irritate Lin Ruoxi, so he minded his own business as he ate silently.

After a short while, Hui Lin skipped down from upstairs before placing a stack of red certificates and some unknown documents in front of Lin Ruoxi. Her white loose T-shirt made her look like a ball of cotton candy floating its way down. Blushing, she said, “These are my certificates and diploma. Elder Sister may take a look.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t expect Hui Lin to take so many things down. When she started looking through them, her facial expression turned wonderful.

For some reason, she raised her head and looked at Hui Lin from head to toe, causing Hui Lin’s face to redden so much that it looked like it would drip blood.

Wang Ma advised, “Miss, don’t look at Miss Hui this way anymore. Look at how embarrassed she is.”

Lin Ruoxi withdrew her gaze and sighed slightly. “It’s not that I want to look at you that way intentionally, I just feel very surprised. You look so young but you already have two master’s degrees from Tsinghua University.”

Yang Chen almost spat out the steaming-hot soup in his mouth. He turned his attention to the certificate in Lin Ruoxi’s hands, isn’t this the case!

It seems like Abbess Yun Miao used her connections to get different types of identity documents and certificates for her granddaughter, Yang Chen thought.

Although Lin Ruoxi felt rather odd, she was indeed holding genuine diplomas and certificates in hand, so there wasn’t much she could say. After she simply flipped a page, her expression turned even weirder. She asked, “You’re even the champions for the national pipa and guqin competitions?”

[TL note: The pipa (Chinese lute) and guqin are both Chinese musical instruments.]

In the stack of Hui Lin’s documents, there were indeed two pieces of certificates for the grand prizes of pipa and guqin national competitions!

This time, Hui Lin didn’t keep quiet. Smiling, she said, “Yeah, I got them when I was seventeen in the competitions Grandma enrolled me in.”

These two certificates were certainly genuine. After all, Abbess Yun Miao brought her granddaughter up using traditional education methods. Other than martial arts, Hui Lin also excelled in traditional musical instruments, chess, calligraphy and drawing.

Soon after, Lin Ruoxi looked more and more surprised. In the huge stack of Hui Lin’s materials, there were also the grand prize for the third Chinese Sword Dancing Competition, champion for the Second National Go Chess Competition for Youth, honorary member of Chinese Calligraphy Association, honorary member of the council in Chinese Art Association, champion for the Seventh National Dance Competition for Youth…

At last, Lin Ruoxi didn’t flip to the front to look at the master’s diplomas for economics and advertising media from Tsinghua University, as they weren’t significant compared to Hui Lin’s other achievements. The girl standing made even the usually proud Lin Ruoxi feel ashamed. In her tiny body, there hid so much impressive power, she could do so many things at once!

When Hui Lin saw that Lin Ruoxi remained silent, she got rather worried and afraid. She asked, “Sister Lin, are they lacking? I… I still have a few more certificates, but they’re all second place. Do you want me to take them over as well?”

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Chapter 296: Sending a Daughter Over 2018-03-18T07:10:50+00:00

The next morning when the sun had barely risen, Yang Chen’s phone vibrated.

He was still lying on the warm bed with Rose in his arms. Annoyed, he grabbed and looked at his phone before feeling that the number was rather familiar.

Picking up the call, Yang Chen heard a voice that he wasn’t willing to hear even if he died.

“What time is it already! Are you still sleeping?!”

It was the old daoist Abbess Yun Miao!

Yang Chen sighed deeply and even yawned. “Abbess, can you look at the time? It’s barely past six in the morning, I still have more than an hour before I go to work.”

“Humph, when I was your age, I woke up every day before five to practise. At this hour, I had long finished carrying two buckets of water down and up the hill again!”

“Abbess, isn’t that what the people at Shaolin Temple do? Does the bunch of women at Emei do this as well?” Yang Chen asked as he felt that his balls ached.

“Shut up! I’m talking about something serious!”

Yang Chen’s sleepy mood completely dismissed. The woman daoist’s spoke so loud that she even woke Rose up who displayed a shocked and adorable expression.

“Then tell me what you want to talk about,” Yang Chen said helplessly.

Abbess Yun Miao snorted. She asked, “How’s Hui Lin doing at your place? Is she used to the lifestyle there?”

“Hui Lin?” Yang Chen asked curiously. He threw another question back and asked, “When did she come to my place? Is she here already?”

Abbess Yun Miao suddenly exclaimed loudly, “What?! You don’t know that she arrived at Zhonghai? Didn’t she contact you yesterday?! Her train arrived in the afternoon!”

Yang Chen felt really confused. Didn’t she say she was going to give me a call after arriving? No one told me anything about it, how am I supposed to know if the lady daoist reached or not?

“Abbess, I really don’t know. She didn’t call me, are you sure you remember it right?”

“I personally sent the child up her train, why would I remember wrongly? It’s her first time in her life getting so far away from me. Did she possibly get lost? This doesn’t seem right, I gave her a phone already, she can call you if she faced any trouble,” Abbess Yun Miao said anxiously. “Get to the train station immediately and look around. You have to locate my granddaughter. If anything happens to her, I’ll look for you to return my precious granddaughter to me even if it costs my life!”

Damn it, how the heck is this my fault! How am I supposed to know when your granddaughter reached?! What can happen to an adult like her who learns martial arts?!

Yang Chen felt annoyed, but didn’t dare to argue with this short-tempered old daoist who lacked the moisture of love. He had to end the call and quickly get out of the bed.

Curious, Rose asked, “Hubby, why do you know some abbess as well?”

“She’s a self-deceiving married old woman who went to be a nun, ignore her,” Yang Chen said as he pouted.

“Then what’s with her granddaughter?” Rose asked as she looked at Yang Chen oddly.

“Don’t overthink, when did you become a busybody? Do I look like someone who’d lay his hands on a little nun?”

“Yes” Rose said without the slightest hesitation. When she said that, she tried her best not to laugh.

Yang Chen got really speechless, and was choked on a breath, making him unable to speak.

After half an hour, Yang Chen drove to Zhonghai Train Station and ran into the empty arrival hall. There weren’t many people walking around in the entire giant hall.

Yang Chen glanced through the rows of seats and each and every corner. As he started to question if Hui Lin left already or not, the back view of a lonely person sitting near the entrance attracted his gaze.

Her long, loose hair was tidily arranged to two sides. Her delicate V-shaped face was clear and moisturized, it didn’t seem dry at all even when it was winter. Her sharp facial features were elegant as always, it was just that she appeared rather tired. Her face displayed a sleepy and adorable expression. Pouting her pink lips, she looked extraordinarily pitiful.

She wasn’t wearing a martial arts robe, but a light brown overcoat that ordinary ladies in the city would wear, and a pair of long, fitting black pants which revealed her perfect curves. On her feet, it was a pair of high black boots which were decorated with mane.

Yang Chen almost failed to recognize Hui Lin who transformed into a modern city lady, as opposed to the usual old-fashioned nun.

Approaching the girl, Yang Chen looked at the pink luggage beside her before staring at Hui Lin who looked like she would fall asleep any moment. Frowning, he asked, “When did you reach here? Why didn’t you give me a call?!”

Hui Lin suddenly got woken up. When she heard the voice, she got so afraid that she stood up from her seat. Rubbing her eyes to allow a clearer vision, she looked at Yang Chen rather nervously and shrank away from him. The pitiful look on her face made her look like she got bullied.

“You… Why did you come here…”

“Why did I come?” Yang Chen didn’t know how to react. “Your grandma even called me and told me she would come at me using her life, can I still stay away from you? Why do you want to sit here all day? Have you been sitting her since last night?!”

Afraid, Hui Lin shrank her neck and fearfully nodded.

Yang Chen really didn’t know what to say. Although the train station had heaters installed, a lady sitting there the entire night alone was still absurd. She wasn’t a homeless and helpless wanderer after all.

“Why didn’t you call me?!” Yang Chen asked once again.

Hui Lin turned her gaze away. She murmured, “I… I felt embarrassed.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “What’s there to be embarrassed about? Do you really think I’ll see you as my wife after your master said she wanted me to marry you? In my eyes, you’re just like a little sister. Since you came to Zhonghai, just treat me as your distant relative. Why are you embarrassed?”

“But… but we’re not distant relatives, are we?” Hui Lin asked softly.

It was evident that Yang Chen found it hard to communicate with this girl who had a naive mind. Sighing, he carried Hui Lin’s luggage and said, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the place you’re staying at.”

“You don’t have to help me, I’ll take it myself.” Blushing, Hui Lin quickly took her luggage back.

Yang Chen stared at her fiercely. “Why are you snatching it away? Listen to what I say since your master asked you to come here. Just obediently follow me behind.”


Hui Lin instantly withdrew her hands and followed Yang Chen to the parking area with her head lowered, before entering Yang Chen’s car.

When they were on their way back to the villa, Yang Chen made a call to Abbess Yun Miao to tell her that he managed to locate Hui Lin. However, when Yun Miao asked why she reached so late, Yang Chen directly passed the phone to Hui Lin and asked her to explain herself.

When Hui Lin said that she didn’t dare to call Yang Chen to pick her up because she was shy, Abbess Yun Miao scolded Hui Lin and almost made her cry.

After that, Abbess Yun Miao only said that she wanted Hui Lin to stay at Hui Lin’s house. Regarding what she was doing specifically, Yang Chen would deal with them, but she certainly wasn’t allowed to be locked in the house all day.

Yang Chen finally understood the situation. Abbess Yun Miao wasn’t giving him a wife, but was sending him a ‘daughter’ instead. She’s an adult already. Ignoring the fact that I have to take care of her shelter and diet, I even have to look for a job for her!

Yang Chen was initially considering if he should let Hui Lin stay somewhere else or not, since he was still in an awkward situation with Lin Ruoxi. However, since Hui Lin was this naive, putting her outside wasn’t a good choice. Since he promised Yun Miao to take care of her, he couldn’t be too cruel at the end of the day. He could only bravely allow her to stay with him.

When they returned to the villa in Dragon Garden, Lin Ruoxi had long left for work, leaving only Wang Ma at home who was cleaning the dining table.

When Wang Ma saw that Yang Chen brought a beautiful lady into the house, she asked out of curiosity, “Young Master, this girl is…”

“Oh, she’s my distant cousin who’s getting an internship in Zhonghai. She’ll be staying at our house for now, I told Ruoxi about it before,” Yang Chen said.

Knowing that she was Yang Chen’s relative, Wang Ma immediately served Hui Lin enthusiastically as she brought her luggage upstairs before quickly arranging a guest room for her. Since there were many empty rooms in the house which were regularly cleaned by professionals, one could stay inside anytime. It wasn’t too huge of a deal.

Hui Lin entered the room and started sorting out the luggage she brought. After knowing that Hui Lin hadn’t eaten, Wang Ma immediately ran downstairs and made a few simple dishes for her to go with the leftover porridge. Wang Ma then asked Yang Chen to call Hui Lin downstairs so that her stomach wouldn’t suffer.

Evidently, Hui Lin who was obedient-looking and beautiful earned Wang Ma’s liking with ease.

Yang Chen saw that it was impossible for him to get to work on time, so he didn’t rush out. Since Hui Lin’s room was beside his, he walked upstairs and knocked on her door, only to receive to response.

Without thinking much, Yang Chen pushed the door open before walking inside and getting surprised. Hui Lin could be seen lying on the giant bed asleep without even removing her shoes or changing her clothes!

After sitting on the train for an entire day and not sleeping for a whole night, this girl had indeed suffered, not to mention she must’ve felt cold and hungry all the time.

Not having travelled afar since young, she came to a big city which she wasn’t familiar with and had no one close she knew. Alone, she sat at the train station full of stranger for an entire night. Yang Chen couldn’t help but to feel compassionate for her.

Yang Chen walked to her bed and pulled the blanket as he prepared to cover it on Hui Lin.

However, when the blanket was about to be put down, Hui Lin suddenly opened her eyes and sat up before looking at Yang Chen cautiously. With her big eyes were filled with panic, she moved to the other end of bed. “W—what do you want to do?! Don’t… don’t do anything reckless…”

Yang Chen got despondent. “What are you doing? I was afraid that you’d catch a cold, so I wanted to cover you with a blanket.”

Hui Lin finally realized the blanket in Yang Chen’s hands. When she noticed that she misunderstood it as another matter, her ears immediately reddened. Actually, she only had a brief understanding towards the matter between a man and a woman. Before she left, Abbess Yun Miao forcefully implanted some idea into her, which she barely understood half. Since she was only a young girl barely past twenty years old, she definitely felt shy when it came to the matter between men and women. So when she saw Yang Chen who was the only man she wasn’t against, she would get a strange feeling.

“S—sorry… I was too nervous,” Hui Lin said, embarrassed.

Yang Chen shook his head helplessly. He said, “Since you woke up, go downstairs and have breakfast. Wang Ma finished preparing it for you.”

“Okay…” Hui Lin obediently agreed.

At the same time, in a hidden and old building located in Beijing which seemed most ordinary from the outside, Lin Zhiguo put down the newspapers in his hands in a giant, quiet office. Taking his reading glasses off, he asked Gray Robe who was standing beside respectfully, “Has Hui’er reached Ruoxi’s house yet?”

“I just received a report just now. Yang Chen brought Miss Hui into the house already. Master may rest assured now.”

“Sigh… How can I be assured? Gray Robe, do you know that I really hope Ruoxi could interact nicely with Hui’er, but I’m still worried how they’d react if they knew that they were each other’s blood-related sisters? Hui’er is gentle and naive by nature, so she may not exclude her too much, but you also know about the exclusion Ruoxi has towards me. Once she finds out the truth, I bet it’d be hard for her to be calm,” Lin Zhiguo said as he frowned.

Gray Robe remained silent. Being Lin Zhiguo’s right hand, he naturally knew the internal affairs.

“Oh yeah.” Lin Zhiguo seemed to have thought of something. He asked, “Did Yang family do anything after I passed the DNA report to Yang Gongming earlier?”

Gray Robe let out a playful smile. “Master’s plan is indeed ingenious. Old Li is thankful that Master told him about it. After finding out the news of his grandson, he showed himself for Master to meet the master of Zeng clan.”

“Oh? Yang Gongming finally came out from his mountains again?”

“Being an old man, he naturally doesn’t hope to see his long-lost grandson who may return to the clan one day get hurt. Furthermore, it isn’t Yang Chen at fault this time, Old Li naturally wouldn’t have any sort of psychological burdens. Zeng clan’s original scheme of taking action on Yang Chen in the dark has been stopped,” Gray Robe said.

“Although Zeng clan is strong, they’re still far behind Yang clan which is one of the founding fathers. Ignoring Yang Gongming’s power, Yang clan could still shine by solely depending on his son Yang Pojun and son-in-law Yuan Hewei. If it isn’t because they have rather little people, the entire land of Beijing would’ve been in their control,” Lin Zhiguo said smilingly. “I didn’t expect that the kid Yang Chen can bring such a level of connection. However, just because Zeng clan stopped taking action now doesn’t mean they won’t do anything in the future. We can’t let loose the people we’re tracking.”

“Yes, Master.”

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Chapter 295: You're Lying to Yourself 2018-03-15T07:17:34+00:00

Lying beside Rose on the huge bed, Yang Chen kept Rose company as they watched TV series for the entire afternoon. Rose yawned lazily and blinked her eyes as she looked at Yang Chen. “Hubby, when are you going back tonight?”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. He asked, “Why are you asking me this? I’m not necessarily going back tonight.”

“You don’t want to go home tonight?” Rose felt rather surprised. “But that happened in the morning, if you still don’t go home…”

“So? Six months’ time will pass in the blink of an eye. I bet she mustn’t hope to see me now. We’re not meant to walk on the same path, we’ll part ways sooner or later.” Yang Chen ruthlessly made a call to the house number and told Wang Ma that he wasn’t going back at night without giving an explanation.

Rose held a complex facial expression. Sighing, she said, “To be honest, for my own sake, I actually hope that you leave her. Even if I’ve never thought of becoming your wife, I still think it’s inappropriate that you do something like this so suddenly.”

Yang Chen reached his arm out to pinch on Rose’s cheek. “Don’t overthink. I’ve walked onto this journey wrongly since the start, haven’t I?”

Rose didn’t reply to him, but her face expressed sorrow. She also didn’t know if it was for Yang Chen or Lin Ruoxi, or even herself.

“Today when you met her, although it was rather awkward, it was still an opportunity for her to give up,” Yang Chen said. He didn’t know why his heart felt so heavy at this moment. He shook his head to try to forget that matter. Tapping Rose’s cheek, he said, “Babe, get up. We’ll have dinner first before doing something serious again.”

“Something serious?”

Rose was slightly stunned. When she understood what ‘something serious’ was, she immediately blushed and hit Yang Chen on the chest, causing her to drop some of her anxiety.

The winter night came especially early.

Lin Ruoxi drove home. Looking pale, she exit the car in a way that clearly displayed her exhaustion.

Seeing the warm lights at home, her facial expression looked rather complex.

Is that guy back? After what happened in the morning, why do I still want to meet him? Should I ignore him? Scold him? Or act like usual?

Troubled, Lin Ruoxi tightly frowned as she pondered, but couldn’t think of anything.

At the start, wasn’t I the one who wanted solely a fake marriage? Why do I feel more and more insecure, for his departure from me in the future?!

Although she still had half a year left, and only one day had passed, she felt an immense heartache.

<i>Is the damned man trying to demonstrate his power, and tell me just how impressive he is?!</i>

Muddle-headed, she walked into the house and immediately smelled a sharp scent of freshly cooked dishes. Wang Ma had finished preparing the meal, but the figure of the man was nowhere to be seen.

“Miss, you’re back. Young Master has something to do and won’t return today. It’s just the two of us eating, so I didn’t prepare too much food,” Wang Ma said smilingly.

Lin Ruoxi stunned. “He’s not coming back?”

“Yeah, I got a call from him just now,” Wang Ma said.

“Oh…” Lin Ruoxi felt really wronged, as if her heart was crushed. He’s not even willing to call me. Is he openly telling me that he’s passing the night with another woman, so he’s not coming home?

There are six more months to go, has he gotten this impatient already?!

Lin Ruoxi looked more wan once again. Silently, she sat down and started eating with Wang Ma.

Under the bright yellow light, the scene where the two women ate together seemed like it returned to the cold and lonely times back then.

They finished the meal within half an hour. When Wang Ma was keeping the bowls and chopsticks herself, she saw that Lin Ruoxi wanted to help. Quickly, she said, “Miss, you don’t look too good now. You must be tired from work. You better bathe yourself and rest upstairs, don’t help me anymore.”

“It’s fine, Wang Ma. I’ll lend you a hand,” Lin Ruoxi said and shook her head.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

As joy appeared in her eyes slightly, Lin Ruoxi put down the bowls and chopsticks in hand and trotted to the door before opening it.

The person she was expecting didn’t come, but the visitor was someone she was familiar with as well. It was Cai Yan who was dressed in casual clothing.

Lin Ruoxi felt rather disappointed, but still smiled to greet the visitor. “Yanyan, why did you come so late at night? Quickly, come in.”

Cai Yan wore a creamy-white down jacket. Her heroic, attractive, V-shaped face looked particularly white and beautiful under her black, shiny, short hair.

She could tell that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t in a good mood. Walking into the house, Cai Yan sighed lightly and said, “I heard from Elder Sister already. You know a lot of things now, right?”

After Cai Ning returned home that day, she told Cai Yan about the alliance Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong formed. Until this day, she didn’t have to hide too many things, since they were all involved. She might’ve hoped that Cai Yan could console Lin Ruoxi as well, since they were really close friends.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and forced a smile. “I’m fine, you don’t have to purposely come for me.”

“How would you be fine? Your face got slimmer and you look really weak,” Cai Yan said honestly and looked at the living hall. “Where’s the bad guy?”

Feeling a heartache, Lin Ruoxi said, “He has something to do tonight, and won’t return today.”

“What?!” Cai Yan got furious. “What’s he busy with?! How can he do this? He’s still staying outside even after such a horrifying thing has happened which made you this gaunt?!”

Lin Ruoxi pulled Cai Yan to the living hall and had her seated before making tea for her. As she was doing that, she said, “Don’t mind him, let him do whatever he wants. It actually feels peaceful when he’s not here.”

Cai Yan saw how indifferent Lin Ruoxi looked, but every sentence she said brought hardship. She couldn’t help but to hold Lin Ruoxi’s hand before asking her to sit beside her.

“Ruoxi, tell me honestly about what happened between you two. You don’t seem like the kind of person who would get frightened this heavily after witnessing corpses. Your current state makes me really afraid and worried. Just what happened to you?!” Cai Yan asked nervously. It could be seen that even she found it hard to accept Lin Ruoxi’s sudden change.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes slightly reddened. “I’m fine, I just need more sleep. We’re really fine.”

Cai Yan got anxious. “How are you fine? Since young, I’ve never seen you this lethargic since young! Even when Grandma Lin passed away, you weren’t this low-spirited, do you know that?! You’re now just like a soulless body shell. I almost didn’t recognize you when I saw you earlier! The gaze you gave me when you opened the door held disappointment, why is that so? It’s because the person who returned wasn’t Yang Chen, am I right?! You must be suffering a lot right now, but why aren’t you expressing your anguish?! Why do you have to endure alone to accept everything?! If you really want to accept or love him, why aren’t you telling him?!”

“So what if I want to accept him?!”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly raised her head and looked at Cai Yan with her teary eyes, as she found it hard to control her emotions.

“In another six months, he said to me that we’ll end everything in another six months. However, not only one day had passed, he was having a sweet date with another woman right in front of me! He even told me he wasn’t returning home tonight, to clearly stay out with another woman. He’s telling me that he’s made the decision to leave this house. He doesn’t want anything that has to do with me.” Lin Ruoxi smiled pitifully. “I don’t want to hide from you anymore, since you’ll know everything after six months.”

Cai Yan stunned. “What do you mean, what… six months?”

Lin Ruoxi wiped the tears in her eyes, and explained to Cai Yan about her marriage contract with Yang Chen back then. However, she didn’t tell her the night where she gave her first time to him, she only mentioned that they met accidentally.

“In other words, your marriage and everything are fake, am I right?” Cai Yan got dumbstruck. She felt like she was currently dreaming.

“Yes, but it doesn’t really matter anymore whether it’s fake or legit. Since he’s acting this way, I’ll have to cut everything off after six months and give everything an end,” Lin Ruoxi said codlly.

“You're lying to yourself.” Cai Yan looked at Lin Ruoxi with sympathy. “If you really don’t care anymore, you wouldn’t feel this suffering and wait for these six months to end before leaving. Ruoxi, why aren’t you fighting for yourself?”

“I just got rather confused.” Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Yanyan, do you know that he put on a pair of shoes for another woman in front of me? I wouldn’t fall for a guy like that even after I died. Rest assured, I’ll be fine these two days, stop worrying about me.”

Cai Yan’s facial expression changed slightly as she felt discomfort at her heart. When she saw Lin Ruoxi’s resolved look, she didn’t want to say much. Sighing, she didn’t know how she could consoler her.

After that, they talked a bit about their daily life before Cai Yan said she wanted to leave so that Lin Ruoxi could rest well.

After saying goodbye to Lin Ruoxi, Cai Yan walked out of the villa and entered her Audi car. She couldn’t calm her mind for a very long time.

Whenever she thought of the fact that Yang Chen’s marriage with Lin Ruoxi was merely a contract, Cai Yan found it hard to hold back her feelings which were suppressed because of friendship.

So, everything’s a fake. He has never been Ruoxi’s husband, everything is merely an empty shell. No wonder he’s still so intimate with other women. Cai Yan quickly understood the matters which didn’t make sense previously while her feelings for Yang Chen surged like a tide.

Even if she felt that she could still be sorry to Lin Ruoxi, people always had a selfish side, let alone women standing in front of love, correct?

However, when Cai Yan thought of how Yang Chen looked when he rejected her gift earlier, she got so mad that her teeth got itchy.

“Just wait, I won’t give up this easily,” Cai Yan murmured before driving away.

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Chapter 294: Only Hoping for One Life 2018-03-14T06:46:03+00:00

At the same time when Yang Chen and Rose saw Lin Ruoxi, Lin Ruoxi similarly saw him who was slightly dumbfounded.

From Lin Ruoxi’s perspective, Yang Chen was kneeling in front of an elegant lady and holding a brand new dark red high heel with one hand, and the lady’s foot with another. Judging from his position, it was clear that he was helping the lady wear shoes.

This was undoubtedly an incredibly intimate act, so intimate that it could make a passerby blush!

What surprised Lin Ruoxi more was the woman’s exceptional appearance. Her eyes were bright and teeth were white, lips red and skin fair, not to mention her particularly charming aura. Similarly being a woman, Lin Ruoxi was very aware that such a woman held immense attraction towards men.

Although she knew that Yang Chen had quite a few women outside, whom he didn’t even try to hide, seeing and hearing one had a day-and-night difference.

Lin Ruoxi’s face didn’t hold any emotions, but her clear eyes held a bone-biting cold aura. The torment in her heart could only be felt by herself.

Although she had been mentally prepared, Lin Ruoxi still felt that her heart shattered at this moment. A kind of impotence and exhaustion from her soul eroded Lin Ruoxi’s entire body.

If it wasn’t for her final trace of rationale and perseverance, Lin Ruoxi could even guarantee that she’d faint on the spot.

Do I really care this much?!

How can this detestable man do this? Is… is this how he treats women outside? Kneeling on the ground to put on shoes for other women?!

When she recalled how the fellow told her he wanted to shorten their marriage contract to six months, Lin Ruoxi was really tempted to rush forward and give him a violent slap!

Why am I so disappointing? I changed this and that for him, thought for him, and tried so hard to learn how to be a wife. In the end, am I still inferior to these women outside?!

He can even kneel for them. I gave him such a huge hint that I didn’t want to divorce, but he so brutally cut off an entire year!

Following different thoughts in her heart, Lin Ruoxi had arrived in front of Yang Chen and Rose.

Yang Chen didn’t stand up, but maintained his original position, while Rose managed to calm herself a short while after getting shocked. Being a woman who had seen the storm, even using her identity of a mistress, Rose didn’t choose to shrink back at all when she faced Lin Ruoxi for the first time.

Lin Ruoxi stopped moving. Turning her head slightly, she crossed sight with Rose who was seated on the sofa. One was as cold as an iceberg, while the other was casual and generous. None of them got affected in any way.

“The shoes look really good. They suit your woman a lot,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly without any emotions.

Yang Chen knew that he couldn’t avoid the situation. Smiling bitterly, he replied, “Really? I thought so too. Did you come here for work?”

“Golden Palm Tower is a property under my company. Is it weird that I came for an inspection?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen stunned. Her assets are too overwhelming. Why is the shopping mall I randomly entered hers? And it’s so coincidental that she came here for inspection!

He didn’t know if the heavens did it intentionally or not. Yang Chen could imagine that Lin Ruoxi’s heart must be really stormy currently.

However, since he made it clear that he’d part with her in six months’ time, this could be a good opportunity to allow her to look at him clearly. It would be a good thing if she couldn’t tolerate him anymore as a result.

Our marriage started only because of an absurd reason. Except bringing her different kinds of problematic issues, all I gave her was various dangers. It’s time for me to clench my teeth violently as I leave Lin Ruoxi. This would only bring good to her.

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she glanced at Rose again before resolutely looking at Yang Chen and bringing her employees away.

“I didn’t expect this to be how I meet the queen for the first time… It’s finished, she seems to be… in a very bad mood,” Rose whispered softly. “Hubby, does she hate me a lot now?”

[TL note: Rose referred Lin Ruoxi as the queen in a way that Lin Ruoxi is the first wife of the king (Yang Chen) in ancient times, while Rose herself is merely one of the king’s lovers in the imperial palace.]

Yang Chen raised his head and smiled in consolation. “Don’t overthink too much, just obediently put on the new shoes and have lunch with me. We’ll continue shopping after that.”

Rose complained, “It’s all your fault that you wanted to put on the shoes for me this way. She must be thinking that I’m a vixen who wants to break you two up.”

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Stupid Girl, why would you think that way? Even after I leave Ruoxi, I still won’t give you up. You’re different than her.”

Rose blinked her eyes a few times. “Hubby, between you two… did anything happen? Why did she so easily walk away and let me go…”

“Stop asking questions. Regardless whether or not you’re a vixen or a spider, let’s not think about other things during our date.” Yang Chen reached out to pinch Rose’s precious nose, making her complain once again.

When Yang Chen brought Rose to the lift as they planned to dine in a restaurant in the mall, Lin Ruoxi who brought a few executives for inspection stopped walking after passing through a long pathway.

An employee who was introducing the business situation of the building got confused. “Boss Lin, what is it? Did anything go wrong?”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath. Her eyes were slightly wet. Turning her head, she said, “We’ll stop inspecting here. I suddenly thought of something urgent I had to do. Pass a report to me regarding the rest of the specific situation. I’m leaving now.”

“Yes, Boss Lin.” A bunch of executives quickly sent Lin Ruoxi away, but most of them were extremely confused.

Taking a lift to the underground parking garage, Lin Ruoxi basically ran back to her red Bentley. Upon entering the car, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hold it anymore and started tearing away. She lay her body on the steering wheel as she shivered…

Yang Chen just arrived at the western restaurant. After ordering food, his mood was erratic as well.

The resolute gaze of Lin Ruoxi repeatedly appeared in Yang Chen’s mind. The kind of familiar and unforgettable gaze greatly affected him.

She must hate me a lot now. Maybe, she’s even deeply regretting what she said to me yesterday, to maintain our marriage for six more months.

Rose was really thoughtful. Softly, she said, “Hubby, you’re feeling terrible now. I can tell that you angered Miss Lin rather intentionally.”

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed. “Why do you say so?”

“I’m not sure as well, but I get the feeling. Hubby, can you tell me why you did it? You don’t look like someone who’d do that. I can tell that you two actually care about each other a lot, and you’re not a man who would intentionally hurt women,” Rose said.

Yang Chen remained silent for a while. As he understood that it was meaningless to hide this from Rose, he briefly told her about what happened to Xu Zhihong and Zeng Xinlin.

“Zeng family from Beijing may really come at me with all they have since I killed Zeng Xinlin. Also, my past isn’t something a woman like her who had been living in a peaceful environment since young can imagine. In this world, there are countless people who hate me and want to take revenge.

“While I’m fine with that, my wife on the surface will easily become their target. Furthermore, someone like me who have a pair of hands drenched in blood isn’t qualified to get married at all. Things like having a family will only become my perfect weakness. Ruoxi got kidnapped a while ago, but luckily I managed to exchange for her coordinates with the kidnappers on time to save her. I can’t guarantee that I can keep her safe like this every time. It isn’t fair that she gets so many life threats because of me,” Yang Chen said.

Rose didn’t expect there to be such a complicated backstory. After listening to him, she slowly said, “Living in this world, there are always situations where you have no choice but to do something. But Hubby, isn’t it too brutal this way? Although it was my first time seeing her, similarly being a woman, I could tell that she actually didn’t want to leave you.”

“Who knows? To be honest, I still can’t tell what she’s thinking until now. However, getting upset is still much better than being frightened all day because of me. I can only cross the bridge when I come to it,” Yang Chen said.

After the main dishes were served, the two quietly finished their lunch.

When Yang Chen was prepared to bring Rose to continue shopping in the mall, Rose pulled Yang Chen’s arm, saying, “Hubby, I’ve shopped enough for today. Let’s go back to my place, can we?”

“But it’s still early now,” Yang Chen said. “Won’t you feel bored this way?”

Blushing, Rose whispered something softly at Yang Chen’s ears.

“Vixen, do you really miss that kind of stuff…” Yang Chen smiled.

Shy, Rose lowered her head. “It’s because you haven’t looked for me for a very long time.”

Facing Rose’s proactive request, Yang Chen didn’t get too horny, but was really touched instead.

It wasn’t because Rose really had that kind of desire. Evidently, this woman wanted to let him vent his sorrow and forget his trouble through this method while he was feeling down.

It’s exactly because of stupid women like her, how am I supposed to let go of them?

However, Yang Chen didn’t expose her even when he already knew her true intention. After bringing Rose out of the shopping mall quickly, he drove back to the big bedroom behind Rose Bar.

Indeed, he needed a channel to vent on.

The weather was cold and the north wind whistled outside the room. A dim, yellow lamp lit up the room. The two who hadn’t lingered together for a long time behaved just like glue. Removing their shoes and clothing, they quickly started tangling together on Rose’s big and comfortable bed.

When they finally ceased action, Yang Chen hugged Rose whose body wasn’t covered by anything, and was busty and warm. Kissing her on the forehead, he said in a deep voice softly, “Thank you, I’m feeling much better now.”

Rose raised her mellow chin and dragged across Yang Chen’s chest. Using a cold and fragrant breath, she said, “Hubby, do you know that since the first day you wanted me, I have been secretly praying? In my next life, my following life, or no matter how many times I reincarnate, I want to be this man’s woman. Even if I’m solely your lover and not your wife, I’d still be satisfied.

“But now, I don’t think that way anymore. I feel that this life is enough, there won’t be a more satisfying one than the life I’m living now. I can’t be greedy, because I feel that I’m already the most blessed woman in the world.”

Yang Chen felt sympathetic, and couldn’t speak a word.

Pouting her red lips, Rose looked at Yang Chen with her big eyes. He said, “Promise me, my man. No matter what happens in the future, don’t treat me the way you treated Lin Ruoxi. I really can’t leave you.

“I’m not as pretty as Lin Ruoxi, and not as rich as well. I’m not qualified to be matched with you. I.... Except loving you much more than you love me, I don’t have any qualities that can exceed yours. So, if someday you don’t want me anymore, it would mean I lost everything…”

Staring at the woman’s gaze which seemed as deep as the ocean, Yang Chen felt a faint heartache.

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Chapter 293: It's Not for the Shoes 2018-03-13T07:58:30+00:00

As he spoke with Rose, Yang Chen handled a few simple tasks in his office before looking at the clock on his computer. It wasn’t lunchtime yet. Standing up, he said, “Let’s go, we’ll go and have a walk. I will not sit in the office today, I will accompany my girl Rose for the day.”

Shocked, Rose asked, “Are you sure you want the entire day?”

“What is it? You’re not happy that your hubby is going to play with you for a day?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“That’s not what I mean, I’m just surprised that you’d have a day’s time to keep me company.” Rose was contented.

Yang Chen felt really terrible in his heart. Instead of saying they see me as a monster, I seem to really owe these ladies a lot…

He brought Rose to exit the company and proceeded to his car. Rose dismissed her men away, since she didn’t have to defend against her enemies at all when she was with Yang Chen.

Excited, Rose buckled her seat belt and asked, “Where are we going?”

Yang Chen thought for a while. He said, “Since it’s so cold now in winter, why don’t we go to a shopping mall? Although I know you don’t lack clothings, I’m afraid it’s something you women wouldn’t reject.”

Expectedly, Rose’s eyes shone. Evidently, even if she was the head of an underground syndicate, she still couldn’t resist the temptation of shopping.

Since it was a Monday morning, there weren’t many people in the shopping mall. Yang Chen brought Rose to Golden Palm Tower which was well-known in Zhonghai. The stores in this mall were mostly luxury ones. Ordinary citizens wouldn’t shop for clothing here, so the place was rather quiet for the two to walk around.

Although they had known each other for almost a year now, and had long had intimacy in between, Rose was still extremely excited when her lover shopped with her for the first time. Elated, she held Yang Chen’s arm and sat the lift to the first floor of the building. The eye-catching fashionable clothing at the surroundings became secondary. Rose very much enjoyed her time with him alone.

Expectedly, the shopping mall was quiet. There were only a few customers, with the promoters who were patiently waiting for their customers smiling at the Yang Chen and Rose.

Yang Chen gazed at Rose who seemed to have returned to her girlhood. He couldn’t help but to smile, saying, “If your men saw your look now, I bet it’d be hard for them to treat you respectfully in the future.”

“So what if that’s the case? It’s not like I’ll continue be the president for long. I’ll be a legitimate boss of an entertainment company soon. It’s better to keep the people’s respect for Rongrong,” Rose said.

Yang Chen asked, “Are you planning to pass your position to Rongrong this soon?”

Yang Chen didn’t think that Chen Rong whom he coincidentally fetched to Zhonghai would one day replace Rose as the president of Red Thorns Society. Although he knew that Chen Rong was smart and therefore a fast learner, he still didn’t expect Rose’s thought of retiring resolutely at the peak of her gang.

“In fact, I’ve always had an idea. It is to integrate the funds of both legitimate and illegal businesses together to become a legal business before entering the stock exchange. This way, the Red Thorns Society’s president seat wouldn’t be suitable for the leaders of the groups anymore,” Rose said.

Yang Chen quickly understood the situation. Lightly scratching Rose’s face, he said, “So you’ve always wanted to become the chairman of a listed company. I’ve been thinking that even if Rongrong really has the competence to handle Red Thorns Society, the people below won’t necessarily listen to her once you leave.”

Pouting, Rose said, “I only did this because I hope to completely leave the circle one day… At least, I can stand with you in public like now, and face everyone’s gaze around directly.”

“I said I didn’t mind your background in the gang.” Yang Chen frowned. “Don’t always look down on yourself, or else I’ll get mad.”

“I know that you don’t care, but I do…” Rose pouted. “Alright, I’ll still do it this way regardless. It won’t bring any harm to me and Red Thorns Society anyway. Hubby, you don’t need to get involved.”

Yang Chen felt helpless and wasn’t willing to talk about the topic again. He brought Rose to the nearest Prada shop and started walking around.

Prada’s products were first launched in 1913. When they were newly released, they quickly became the favorites of the upper class of Europeans especially Italians, and royal families. Even until today, their excellence in traditional product quality was still present. Combining the most avant-garde development elements, they held a particularly long lifespan.

Of course, the high-quality Prada products were all incredibly expensive. Since many of them would only appreciate in value as time passed, they held a high collection value.

Although Yang Chen didn’t bring much money with him, he coincidentally had a saving of around a million yuan, so he brought Rose to such a place to shop, and didn’t have to be humiliated by relying on Rose to pay later.

Rose wasn’t someone who lacked money as well. She didn’t feel anything when seeing the items in the shop with a dazzling starting price of five figures.

When Rose walked to the women’s shoe counter and looked at the new Prada O Series, her gaze got attracted by a pair of dark red high heels decorated with a bowknit, which had sharp heads and thin and tall heels

The promoter who had been silently and respectfully walking behind them cleverly stood out. She introduced, “Miss, this pair of Prada O, really suits your elegant and noble temperament. This is a new series launched this year. It’s made using crocodile skin and has a classic embroidery, following the street fashion in the fifties. If you match it with black stockings and a dress past the knees, it’d appear exceptionally matching and stylish. There are only less than twenty pairs in the entire country, and is limited in quantity worldwide. Our branch only managed to get this only pair. If Miss likes it, you mustn’t miss out on it this time.”

“How much is it?” Rose asked lightly. There was no price tag on the shoes. It was possible that its price would follow market changes.

The promoter ran to the computer and made an inquiry. Smiling, she said, “Miss, the newest market price is 110 thousand Chinese yuan.”

Listening to the figure ‘110 thousand’, even Rose who didn’t lack money violently turned her around. Frowning, she asked, “Are you sure you saw that right? Isn’t an ordinary O Series only around 10 thousand?”

The promoter was still very humble. Smiling, she said, “I didn’t see it wrong Miss. This pair of shoes was worn by the new England princess on her birthday party a while ago and got praised highly. So it’s greatly wanted by the upper class.

Rose hesitated for a while. Even if she really like this pair of dark red high heels which was very matching in style with the pair she was currently wearing, and she definitely could afford to purchase it, spending 110 thousand on a pair of shoes was still unacceptable.

“You like it?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Rose pouted. “Yeah, this color and pattern are really beautiful, but 110 thousand is too expensive. My most expensive shoes are less than even 20 thousand.”

“I’ll buy it for you then,” Yang Chen said.

Rose stunned before quickly shaking his head. “Forget it Hubby. It’s not worthy to spend so much for these shoes.”

“It’s not for the shoes, it’s for you.” Smiling, Yang Chen took out his silver card and passed it to the promoter. “I’ll get this pair.”

Rose felt really sweet in her heart after listening to Yang Chen’s reason. She couldn’t restrain herself from tiptoeing and kissing Yang Chen’s cheek.

Yang Chen looked at Rose who looked particularly satisfied and sighed faintly. “It’s rare for me to have time to accompany you. Since we’re together today, you should obediently take this gift of mine to make me feel better.”

The promoter didn’t think that this average-looking guy could purchase the most expensive shoes in the shop without hesitation. Feeling jealous, she said, “Miss, you’re really blessed,” before immediately proceeding to payment and taking the shoes for Yang Chen.

After paying, Yang Chen received the pair of dark red high heels with a little bowknot. He couldn’t help but to smile bitterly in his heart. Women’s money is indeed very easy to earn. I can’t tell how special these are, and I spent 110 thousand just like that. Luckily I don’t see money as a thing. No wonder men hate to shop with women, not only do they care for their feet, they care more about their wallets.

Without waiting for Rose to finish admiring the shoes, Yang Chen took the shoes and said, “Come, sit on the sofa.”

When he finished speaking, he pulled Rose to the sofa at the entrance meant for customers to rest on and made her sit down.

Confused, Rose looked at Yang Chen and asked, “Hubby, what are you doing?”

Yang Chen squatted down and held one of Rose’s slim calves. Raising his head, he said, “If you don’t wear them for me to see immediately after buying them, I’ll suffer mentally later.”

Rose blushed and finally understood that Yang Chen wanted to remove the shoes she was wearing and put the new ones on for her.

Yang Chen removed one of Rose’s shoes. As he held her calf, she pinched a few times to feel the soft yet firm flesh and enjoyed it a lot. “Babe Rose, don’t use your hands to massage me next time, your feet are too adorable.”

Even when they were tangling in bed, Rose’s sensitive and fleshy calves had never been grabbed by Yang Chen in this way before. In front of the few promoter, one of her shoes got removed and her feet got rubbed and pinched. She felt elated but shy at the same time. The feeling was extremely complicated, which was difficult to be described in words.

“Hubby, don’t do this, everyone’s watching…” Rose said nervously as she bit her lower lip.

Yang Chen let out a naughty smile. “What are you afraid of? It’s not like they know us.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen lifted one side of the winter shoes and slowly put them onto Rose’s foot. It was coincidentally fitting.

Matched with her calves wrapped in black lace, the decorative dark red bowknot appeared particularly lively and lithe.

“110 thousand is so worth it. It’s evident that these shoes have been waiting for your emergence,” Yang Chen praised. Having seen too many luxury items, he still had a decent appreciation for the shoes.

Rose felt that her heart almost melted when she looked at how the man in front of her put the shoe on her foot carefully. This romantic scene hadn’t even appeared in her dream before, but suddenly happened in front of her.

Yang Chen took the other side of the shoes up and planned to wear it for Rose as well.

However, when Yang Chen was removing the other leather boot Rose wore, a few ladies dressed in office wear walked out from the shop’s corner.

One of them wore a simple black suit and had her hair tied up in a bun. The charismatic, clear and refined young lady walked in front while the other ladies following her who seemed like her colleagues were explaining something to them.

Yang Chen’s body instantly got stiff the moment he saw the woman. His hands even stopped mid-air.

Curious, Rose turned her around around to look at the few ladies. When she saw the stunning lady walking in front, she subconsciously opened her mouth slightly in shock.

Although it was Rose’s first time seeing her, she had remembered her face since the first time she checked on her identity. She was exactly Lin Ruoxi!

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Chapter 292: No Wonder She Didn't Listen 2018-03-12T13:28:08+00:00

Early in the morning on Monday, Yang Chen brought breakfast to the office of the public relations department. He didn’t get the anticipated warm welcome, but saw the group of ladies gathered together, chattering about something.

Yang Chen put down the bags of breakfast and went forward to take a look, only to find out that the ladies were surrounding a huge map of Japan as they discussed away.

Seeing Yang Chen’s approach, Zhang Cai who had been arguing with the other girls instantly changed her target. She left the girls and went to pick her breakfast.

“Madam Zhang, can’t you adopt some work ethics? Why did you go eat in the middle of a discussion?!” a lady complained loudly.

Zhang Cai lifted a bag of fried dumplings before taking a bite on one of them, causing her lips to immediately become oily. “Do whatever you want, I’ll follow Sister Mingyu no matter what,” she said.

Yang Chen asked Zhao Hongyan who was beside, “What are you guys discussing?”

Since the office was rather warm, Zhao Hongyan removed her outerwear, leaving only a purple sweater, causing her to look extraordinarily delicate and alluring. Smiling, she answered, “They’re arguing on whether they should go through the customs of Tokyo Narita Airport and play in Tokyo, or head to Hokkaido immediately.”

Everyone from the public relations department picked Japan for their year-end trip. Yang Chen was still in this department back then, he was naturally included as well.

However, Yang Chen was different now than he was before. Because of the matter of Yamata Sect, Yang Chen felt rather odd regarding the action of going to Japan, but there wasn’t a need for him to avoid it. He just thought that he would certainly face trouble if he really went there.

When he suddenly got reminded by Zhang Cai’s words, Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he was going with Liu Mingyu for this trip to Japan. Since he didn’t have the opportunity to properly appreciate her within the country, he could fill his regret over there. It was just that he didn’t know what Beauty Liu would think.

After listening to his female colleagues who blindly argued, Yang Chen didn’t understand the conversation too much, so he carefreely ran out of Yu Lei’s headquarters and returned to Yu Lei Entertainment at the opposite side.

When he returned to his office, there were a few people seated in his office.

Excepted his assistants Zhao Teng and Wang Jie, there was someone whom he’d never expect to meet there—Rose!

She wore grey coat and a white scarf, with a black lace stocking on her lower body and a pair of light brown high-heeled leather boots on her feet. Her hair was lightly permed and faintly dyed with an attractive color of bright red.

Dressed in winter clothing, there weren’t as much laziness and hotness on Rose, but held the low-key sexiness of a city beauty.

Seeing this woman at his workplace for the first time, Yang Chen felt particularly fresh. He winked at Rose, but only received a calm smile from Rose in return, making him feel rather helpless.

“Director, you’re here. Miss Situ has been waiting for a while.” Wang Jie’s face looked like a blooming flower. Evidently, she had a nice chat with Rose earlier.

Zhao Teng quickly stood up to make a cup of hot tea for Yang Chen and delivered it to him, probably to get on his good side. He said, “Miss Situ said she’s Director’s close friend, and asked us to speak as we please. We were talking about the talent show which will be taking place next year.”

Yang Chen sat on his swivel leather chair. Cheerfully, he asked, “Have you guys come up with a conclusion yet?”

Wang Jie said, “We were discussing of naming the show ‘Star of Yu Lei’. Although it’s quite boring, it can further spread our name. Furthermore, there are many talent shows these days named grand paths, guys, ladies or whatever. We’ll win from a professional angle. The name should be fine as long as it’s easily understood and popular.”

Yang Chen really didn’t have any thoughts towards the name. “I’m fine with that. Have you planned out what we’re doing specifically?”

“Actually the entire process isn’t very difficult. At Yu Lei, we’ve planned various large-scale modelling contests before. Organizing this kind of talent shows isn’t very different with that,” Zhao Teng said. “However, it’s still a problem when it comes to our choice of judges. The person has to be popular enough, and has a strong charisma, not to mention the judge mustn’t be overused by other talent shows before. Since Yu Lei is an international company, us at Yu Lei Entertainment has to face the entire world in the future. So we’re still looking for a good candidate. Director, you said you could solve this problem, is it…”

Yang Chen smiled and turned to Rose. He asked, “Who do you think would be most suitable?”

Rose shook her head. “I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, I only came to invest and earn money. You may pick whomever you wish.”

“I also don’t look at the entertainment industry, but luckily I have a friend there,” Yang Chen said as he let out a mysterious smile. He quickly pressed a few buttons on his office desk.

On the snow-white wall of the office, the computer screen was projected. As the blinds covered the window, the screen on the wall became clear.

Yang Chen opened MSN in his computer. After typing an account in, he logged in and went online.

Including Wang Jie and Zhao Teng, it was Rose’s first time seeing Yang Chen on MSN. However, none of them knew who Yang Chen’s friend was. They were curiously waiting.

After he went online, there were more than ten people in Yang Chen’s friend list, but none of their identity could be identified.

Smiling faintly, Yang Chen said, “We’re in luck, she’s online now.”

As he said, he opened the chat box of a female friend before directly making a video call and waiting for the other side to accept his request.

After around half a minute, his friend picked up the call. Possibly due to the internet connection, the video lagged for a while before appearing.

After a while when the look of the person could finally be seen, Wang Jie and Zhao Teng screamed in shock instantly…

“Oh my god! Christen?!”

“Am I dreaming?!”

Although the display was a bit blurry, the look of the opposite side could still be identified.

A blonde lady dressed in a silk pyjamas could be seen sitting on a pink king-sized bed. She brought an obscure drowsiness as she let out an alluring smile to Yang Chen’s portrait.

The blonde lady looked like she was in her twenties. Her skin was creamy like a white jade while her body wasn’t very hot, it was full to the right degree. Even when she was wrapped in a loose pyjamas, the curve in front of her chest was extremely eye-catching. Her noble, graceful and refined aura couldn’t be brought out solely because of beauty. On the contrary, one would feel that it was exactly because of her aura that made this lady breathtaking.

Even when she was viewed by an eastern person, the beauty of this lady would still be so flawless.

“It seems like I called at the wrong time. Christen, were you preparing to go to bed?” Yang Chen asked using fluent American English as he smiled.

Christen teasingly fondled with her sun-like blonde hair. “Yang, although this is rude, but please believe me when I say you never looked at other’s time zone when you want to send a message.”

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie got dumbstruck when they heard Yang Chen calling the lady ‘Christen’.

When Rose saw that Yang Chen was conversing with a foreign lady who was so stunning that she would spike women’s jealousy, she couldn’t help but to feel annoyed. She asked Wang Jie, “Is this lady very famous?”

Excited, Wang Jie softly replied, “Miss Situ, don’t you watch movies? She’s Christen Steward, the hottest actress of Hollywood today. She won the best main actress and the best supporting role in the Oscars, in addition to another five A-class movie awards. She recently earned the recognition of Grammy Awards, and got two major awards of the best country album and the best female singer. I heard that she’s only 26 years old. She’s certainly a genius among geniuses! Be it in other countries or China, she’s the goddess of countless guys’ and ladies’ dreams!”

Although Rose didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, she briefly knew what the Oscars and Grammy were. This woman is definitely extraordinary, but why does Yang Chen know her?

On the other hand, Yang Chen started conversing with Christen fluently in English. After chattering for a bit, Yang Chen told her the main objective of video calling her.

When Christen heard that he wanted her to be the judge of a talent show, she seemed like she didn’t know Yang Chen anymore and gave him a weird look. She laughed very hard before seductively gazing at Yang Chen, saying, “Yang, you’re really living a special life after returning to China. I’m really curious of how you look when you form a meeting for your subordinates.”

“By the way you speak, you’ve accepted then?” Yang Chen asked.

“I can participate in it. I had planned to give myself a great vacation this year anyway, but I can’t make it to every single show. So you still have to invite other judges,” Christen said straightforwardly.

Before Yang Chen could speak, Wang Jie used a rather inaccurate English accent to say, “We definitely won’t trouble you, Miss Christen. In fact, as long as you’re willing to show yourself once as your judge for the finals, our activity will be satisfactorily completed!”

Yang Chen felt gloomy. <i>You’re treating the woman Christen too well!</i> However, since it was Wang Jie who said it, it was best that he kept quiet. “The one speaking to you is my assistant Wang Jie. She’ll be in charge of your work in the future. I’m only using my face to invite you over to China.”

Christen yawned and stretched her body in an attractive manner. She said, “Understood. I’ll let you know my contact method, I’m really tired now. Good night, Yang.”

“Good night.”

The video call ended. Yang Chen turned off the projector and flipped the blinds open.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were still elated, like they were dreaming. Nothing other than excitement could be seen in their eyes. At the same time, they looked at Yang Chen with much more respect.

After writing an e-mail address to Yang Chen and asking the two to start working, he was left in the office with Rose who looked rather odd.

“Babe Rose, what is it? Even a teapot can be hung on your lips already,” Yang Chen said as he looked at Rose who was pouting.

Rose looked at Yang Chen as if her eyes were scanners. After scanning up and down, she said, “Be honest with me. How many more women like the one earlier do you have abroad?”

Yang Chen stunned. He finally understood why Rose was displeased. Smiling, he said, “Babe Rose, you’re really overthinking this time. Christen isn’t my woman. At least I haven’t been able to sleep with her without getting kicked out of bed. We’re just rather close friends.”

Rose saw that Yang Chen didn’t seem to be joking. As she felt it was unbelievable, she asked, “Would you even let a beauty like that go?”

“Do I look that thirsty?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly. The women around her seemed to all think that he was a monster.

Rose kept quiet. Pouting her red lips, she turned away her beautiful eyes and held an expression of ‘isn’t that the case?’.

Troubled, Yang Chen wiped his forehead. No wonder Tang Wan didn’t even want to listen to my explanation last night!

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Chapter 291: Life Is like a Game of Chess 2018-03-11T00:18:56+00:00

It was morning in Beijing. In a huge house at a suburb, there were lots of trees and flowers planted in its enormous courtyard which displayed an ancient design. In the dry and extremely low-temperature weather, the pine and cypress trees looked green as always. Two snow-white plum blossoms stood tall and proud as they resisted the wind. Emitting a fresh and fragrant smell, they made the courtyard particularly pleasant.

On a green stone table, there engraved a huge area of checkerboard for Go. The black and white stones were scattered all over the table while a teapot was placed on one corner, with its spout releasing white vapor.

[TL note: Go (围棋) is a popular board game invented more than 2500 years ago. The black and white playing pieces are called ‘stones’.]

At the surroundings of the courtyard, there stood a few people at the hidden corners, silently guarding the place.

At this moment, a rather small-sized old man wearing an old-fashioned cotton shirt and cotton trousers came out from a few pine trees from a bent down position as he held a small shovel using an arm, and some yellowed, shovelled weeds with another. He had grey and white hair and some age spots. His body was filled with dust, making him look rather pathetic.

The old man put the shovel beside the table and the weeds beneath a pine seedlings before turning around and sitting on the green stone stool. Raising the teapot, he directly sucked on the spout of the teapot.

The tea was quickly finished. The old man took a bottle of hot water from the side and made some tea. After that, he started pondering upon the unfinished Go game.

Wearing a thick, grey clothes, a kind-looking old woman with slightly drooping cheeks walked into the courtyard and came to the green stone table. Smiling, she bowed as she said, “Master, Commander Yang is back. He’s outside waiting to see you.”

The old man slowly lifted a white stone and suddenly dropped it onto the checkerboard. Knock!

On the checkerboard, the situation for the black side was extremely dangerous.

The old man finally turned his head over. Slowly, he said, “Let him come in.”

“Yes.” The old woman slowly walked out of the place.

After a short while, a tall and muscular, general-rank man dressed in a green military uniform walked into the courtyard. Having knife-like sharp and handsome facial features, he instantly got energetic when he saw the old man as he expressed much respect. He was Yang Pojun.

“Father, I’m here,” Yang Pojun greeted the old man with his head lowered.

The old man waved his hand. “Pojun, sit down, take a look for me. Does the black chess still have chance to live?”

Yang Pojun accepted his request without asking any questions. Straightening his back, he sat on the stool opposite to the old man. He looked at it seriously as he contemplated and frowned. After a long time, he said, “The black chess has no way out, there’s no way to save the situation.”

“Really…” The old man nodded and didn’t explain if Yang Pojun was right or not. Raising his head, he smiled faintly at Yang Pojun, causing his white moustache to shake lightly. “You must be tired to rush here all the way from Jiangnan military region just to see this old man.”

“Not tired, I only hate that I can’t always keep Father company,” Yang Pojun said loudly and sincerely.

“Hehe…” The old man chuckled as he was elated. “In this life, I, Yang Gongming, only have a son and a daughter. Jieyu moved to Zhonghai after she got married, while my only son is at Jiangnan military region. To the people outside, I can be considered a lonely old man already.”

Yang Pojun frowned as he felt helpless. “Father, the general election is coming really soon. I am very confident that I have more than eighty percent chance of returning to Beijing. At that time, I’ll be able to accompany Father more often. Oh yeah, Lie’er can also return here to spend time with you.”

[TL note: ‘Lie’ in Yang Lie is roughly pronounced as ‘lay’. Lie’er is pronounced as ‘layer’, instead of ‘liar’.]

Yang Gongming seemed like he thought of something. He said, “I heard that a lot of people have their eyes on the position you’re aiming for—the vice chairman of Central Military Commission. If you face any difficulties, feel free to inform me. It won’t be long before I leave this world. Actually, you’ve depended on yourself a lot to achieve what you have today. While my brain is still clear, I can help you in one way or another.”

Yang Pojun violently nodded. “Father, don’t say that. Your body is still healthy and tough. You still have lots of time in the future, how can you say that you’re leaving soon?”

“People get old and die as a result of diseases. When the children grow up, their parents will naturally get old. When the children become parents one day, their parents get to a time where they’ll die sooner or later. My life is far more imposing, dignified and fulfilling than others. There’s no reason for me to mind saying something like that.”


“Pojun,” Yang Gongming said, “when you were young, you were much more steady than the others at your age. Being intelligent, you always looked at the bigger picture, and handled things in a neat manner. Comparing to the people of your generation, even with a stronger background, no one can achieve something as impressive as you. You’re the only one who can enter our Chinese core circle of authority by taking one step forward. Having a son like you has always been my pride, and also our Yang family’s glory.

“It’s all because of the upbringing given by Father, otherwise I wouldn’t be the same,” Yang Pojun said.

Yang Gongming couldn’t deny his statement. Lifting the teapot, he took a sip of tea before saying, “That’s right, I’ve definitely have given you extraordinary care. However, the reason I’m able to give it to you is because you’re willing to cooperate as well.”

Yang Pojun stunned. He didn’t know what Yang Gongming meant.

The corners of Yang Gongming’s lips showed an unknown and bitter smile. He reached out to his sleeve and took out a roll of documents before passing it to Yang Pojun.

Yang Pojun had a bad feeling about it. Receiving it with both his hands, he flipped it open and took a look.

It was only one look, Yang Pojun’s facial expression changed abruptly!

“Father! Why… why do you…” Yang Pojun paled. His eyes were filled with astonishment.

These documents were a report of a DNA test. Someone secretly retrieved Yang Chen’s and Yang Pojun’s DNA and sent them for a check. The result was evident!

Yang Gongming sighed. “You don’t have to feel surprised. Actually, back then when you married, a couple quietly gave birth to him and sent him away, I knew about the existence of the child…”

This sentence was like a blast in Yang Pojun’s mind. “Then Father, why do you… why…”

Yang Gongming smiled bitterly. “That year was coincidentally my key period of competing for standing committee in the politburo. If I had competed successfully, our Yang clan would definitely step into the line of Beijing’s top-notch families. If I had failed, everyone in the clan would be at risk of being eaten by our opponents until even our bones weren’t left. Being unmarried, you and your wife had the child at that time. Things like this would definitely be a humiliation to families like ours even when it’s viewed today. Although I was strongly against your decision of sending the child away, I had to endure the pain and act like i was unaware as I must take the entire clan into consideration. Unexpectedly, the child couldn’t be found anymore since then.”

Yang Pojun’s face turned red and pale. The matter which he thought only he and his wife knew, had always been kept in his father’s heart unknowingly.

“Pojun, if this matter took place in ordinary families, you married couple and the child wouldn’t face any problems. The child would only be the treasure of the family, and wouldn’t be abandoned in any way,” Yang Gongming said bitterly. “However, it must be tough for you two, being born in such families. Since you two didn’t decide to abort the child back then, there’s no reason to refuse getting the child back now. Judging from our Yang family’s current situation, although the appearance of the child will bring negative news to the family, we won’t be destroyed by others like many years ago anymore. Under such a situation, we don’t have a reason to act unaware, and let our blood-related offspring to wander outside. This, isn’t something people from Yang clan should do.”

Yang Pojun’s facial expression changed several times. He asked, “Father, who’s the one who delivered this report over?’

Yang Gongming sighed. “It’s the master of Lin family, Lin Zhiguo.”

“Lin family… Lin Zhiguo…” Yang Pojun turned gloomy. “Lin Zhiguo is merely a general in the national security. He doesn't have real authority in the military, and he dares to step into our Yang family. Does he plan to use this matter to pull down my standing in the military and our Yang family’s position, to help push some family up?”

Frowning, Yang Gongming said, “Pojun, although Lin Zhiguo is only a general, you musn’t look down on him. Lin family is definitely not as simple as it looks on the surface. However, before you step into the circle, you won’t understand Lin Zhiguo’s true identity. You have to treat Lin Zhiguo with respect as his junior, this is my warning to you!”

Since his retired father rarely used such a dignified tone, Yang Pojun instantly accepted his order. However, his heart was filled with doubt. Lin Zhiguo isn’t just a general? Then what is he?”

After a short silence, Yang Pojun said, “Father, since you exposed this matter and hope that the person can return to Yang family, I don’t have a reason to reject you, being your son. However, you should also know that my election is coming really soon. I hope to only make it clear to that person after my election ends.”

Yang Gongming’s eyes displayed slight disappointment, but he still nodded. “I’m only his grandpa, you’re the one who’s his father. Since this is your decision, it’s inappropriate that I say anything more.This clan will sooner or later fall into your hands. I only hope that you can treat the child nicely. Although we don’t know how he grew up over the years, it mustn’t be easy for him.”

“Understood, Father.” Yang Pojun stood up. “If Father doesn’t have other instructions, I guess I’ll go back to the troops.”

“Go, I delayed a lot of your time after all.” Yang Gongming waved his hand.

After Yang Pojun left, the old woman walked over. Smiling at Yang Gongming, she said, “Master, the thing you wanted me to check on is clear now. Young Master Chen is indeed married. Also, his wife is coincidentally General Lin Zhiguo’s granddaughter, but she isn’t the descendant of his wife.”

“Really… No wonder.” Yang Gongming nodded.

The old woman still held a smile on her face. She said, “No matter what, it’d be a happy event to Yang family if Young Master Chen could return. I wonder how Young Master Lie would react if he knew that he had a brother. Young Mistress should be the happiest, for her long-lost son could finally return.”

Yang Gongming took a black stone up and said, “Life is like a game of chess, everything is difficult to be predicted.”


The black stone landed on the checkerboard. The black side which had its defeat seemingly destined earlier, instantly revived, and bit back at the white side!

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Chapter 290: Laying Hands 2018-03-08T16:05:58+00:00

“Uncle…” As soon as he picked up the call, he heard Tangtang’s sad voice. “Are you free now?”

Yang Chen stunned. “Yes, what is it?”

“I’m at the commercial street beside the crossroad of Third Central Road. Can you come and pick me up?” Tangtang asked.

Yang Chen didn’t know to cry or to laugh. “What show are you putting up now? Did you leave the house again?”

“It’s not like I wanted to do it… Uncle, I’m very cold and don’t have any money with me. Quickly come and save me.”

“You should learn from your mistakes after so many times. Why do you always leave the house without bringing money with you? Also, why did you call me? You should’ve called Yuan Ye!” Yang Chen said, displeased.

Wronged, Tangtang replied, “I… I had a fight with Brother Yuan Ye…”

Yang Chen felt a headache. I thought this kid grew up a bit, I must’ve judged wrongly!

Without any choice, Yang Chen drove out of the house and sped up to the place Tangtang mentioned.

In the cheerful night, both sides of the commercial street were filled with lustrous glimmers. Beside the lively street, Yang Chen saw Tangtang who was standing alone beside a chair and waving at him excitedly.

Although she wore a down coat and had the hood put on her head, under the night of less than zero degree celcius, having sat outside for a long time, she still felt cold.

Seeing Tangtang’s red nose, Yang Chen couldn’t help but to push her forehead with a finger. “Are you addicted to leaving the house already? Haven’t I lectured you not long ago? You have to be appreciative, don’t always think of picking on your mother.”

Pouting, Tangtang said, “Uncle, don’t lecture me for now. I haven’t even had lunch today. My chest is almost touching my back already, bring me to something i can eat first.”

Gloomy, Yang Chen said, “I think I’m not your uncle, but your dad instead.”

“Hehe, I’m fine with that as well, as long as you feed me,” Tangtang said before sticking her tongue out.

Yang Chen felt really helpless towards this odd girl. Looking at the surroundings, he brought Tangtang to the nearest dumpling restaurant from the northeast. At such a chilly night, eating boiling-hot dumplings was considered a good choice.

After the aromatic and white bowl of dumplings was served, Tangtang started chewing away regardless of how hot they were.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, “Aren’t you afraid of getting burnt?”

As she chewed, Tangtang replied, “It’s best to eat dumplings when they’re still hot, not to mention I’m very hungry now.”

Yang Chen didn’t continue to disturb this kid who had starved for half a day. After waiting for Tangtang to devour the big bowl of dumplings, she burped before he asked, “Tell me, why did you leave the house this time again?”

Tangtang blinked her eyes a few times as she expressed sorrow on her face. “Uncle, you mustn’t know that my dad has been coming to meet my mom these two days for whatever reason, and accused my mom of simply looking for guys. He even said more terrible things after that. My mom got really mad and argued with my dad. At last, the two of them stayed in a bad mood…”

Yang Chen knew that Tangtang’s father was Fang Zhongping, but he didn’t expect him to have such a side. Yang Chen wondered what kind of man Tangtang’s mother found, that she pissed Fang Zhongping this much.

“What does that have to do with you leaving the house?” Yang Chen asked.

Tangtang snorted. “Of course it’s related to me. I live with Mom, once she gets into a bad mood, she’d see me as if I was her enemy. I only made a small joke with her earlier, and she said I acted like my dad who always told nonsense and gave her trouble…”

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, “Can’t you bear with it when your mom isn’t in a good mood?”

“I did, but I can’t always tolerate! I called Brother Yuan Ye after that, he’s now treating my mom better than Aunt Yang, much more intimate than his own mother. I asked him to rescue me, but he suddenly went on my mom’s side, and helped my mom say that I was wrong…” Tangtang explained angrily.

Yang Chen quickly understood the situation. Yuan Ye is really interesting, he’s trying to please his mother-in-law this early in the game.

“So you left the house?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“Yeah… I don’t want to see Mom nor do I want to entertain Brother Yuan Ye. All they know is to bully me,” Tangtang said as her eyes got wet. One would feel heartache when her pitiful look was seen.

Yang Chen didn’t know how he could persuade her. After paying the bill, he brought Tangtang and walked around the street.

When they reached the end of the commercial street at a mini park, Tangtang suddenly stopped moving and asked, “Uncle, can we go in and sit there?”

“Are you tired?”

“No, I just want to sit here for a while.”

Yang Chen looked at the time, it was eight o’clock at night, rather early for him to return home. So he agreed on the lost girl’s request and looked for a wooden bench in the park to sit on.

Tangtang moved closer to Yang Chen. Since it was winter, the temperature at night was very low..

Seeing her upsetting look, Yang Chen felt rather compassionate. He removed his coat and put it around Tangtang.

Tangtang immediately rejected, saying, “Uncle, you yourself would catch a cold this way.”

“I won’t catch a cold.” Yang Chen was actually being honest.

“Why won’t you catch a cold?” Tangtang didn’t believe him and pushed the coat back to Yang Chen. Smiling, she said, “Uncle, just let me lean on you. I won’t feel as cold sitting with someone.”

Yang Chen thought for a while and opened his coat wide before using it to cover both his and Tangtang’s body as he allowed her to lean on his shoulder.

Tangtang enjoyed it very much. Leaning her head onto Yang Chen’s shoulder, she yawned.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Kid, you better not fall asleep. You’ll really catch a cold that way.”

“I’m not sleeping for sure, I’m looking at the stars,” Tangtang replied before pouting.

Yang Chen raised his head to look. The sky of tonight was rather clear. Although there weren’t many stars in the galaxy, there were still some scattered around. In the city, such a scene was incredibly rare.

“At such a romantic moment, you’re wasting your time with an old man like me. It should be more appropriate for you to ask Yuan Ye here,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Tangtang wrinkled her nose and said, “No way, a lover is a lover, and an uncle is an uncle.”

Yang Chen chuckled lightly and kept quiet.

“Uncle, I used to come to this park with Mom often. She wasn’t as busy back then, I haven’t walked here with her for a while already,” Tangtang said softly.

Yang Chen silently lowered his head to look at the girl. No wonder she suddenly said she wanted to sit here for a while.

“How long more do you plan to sit here for? I’ll send you back a short while later,” Yang Chen said.

“No, Uncle, can I stay at your place tonight? I don’t want to go home. I’d get upset when I see Mom,” Tangtang begged.

Yang Chen frowned and sighed. Pointing at the stars in the sky, he said, “Kid, do you know what I always think about when I look at the stars?”


“I think of the term ‘miracle’,” Yang Chen said. “In this vast universe, we humans coincidentally live on this planet called ‘Earth’ out of so many stars. Every one of us is as small as dust when compared to the universe. However, dust like us would still meet in this enormous universe, to become husbands and wives, sons and daughters, teachers and students, friends… Every single relationship between people is a type of miraculous fate. The fact that your mom gave birth to you and you became her daughter cannot be changed nor can it be replicated.

“Think about it, the matter took place despite having such a small possibility. Isn’t this a miracle? You told me you were upset, but just how significant do you feel it is, when it’s put in the scale of the entire universe? Will it be as precious as your relationship with your mom? See yourself less significantly and look at the stars in the sky. Don’t you feel that your behaviour is very childish?”

Tangtang kept quiet. After a long time, embarrassed, she said, “I know that I’m wrong now. Uncle, please send me back then…”

Yang Chen reached his arm out to pat on the girl’s head, saying, “Get up quickly then. I bet your mom is looking for you anxiously now.”


The two stood up from the bench and turned around as they prepared to leave the park. On the small walkway of the park in front, an evidently restless and slender figure walked towards them.

With her long and curly hair stretched to her back, she wore a brown cotton wool coat and a pair of high boots made of sheepskin. Dressed in a stylish manner, the graceful lady with a busty and curvy body arrived in front of the two people.

A familiar, delicate and charming face entered Yang Chen’s vision. She was the lady he met two days ago at the banquet—Tang Wan!

Tang Wan’s face displayed anxiety. When she saw Yang Chen unexpectedly, she stunned for a while. As she felt surprised, she looked down and saw Tangtang who was clinging to Yang Chen.

Having Yang Chen’s coat on her, TangTang leaned closely to Yang Chen. When she saw Tang Wan’s sudden appearance, she panicked for a while. Softly and cowardly, she said, “Mom… why did you come here…”

Yang Chen violently turned his head to look at Tangtang as he suspected that he heard something wrong. However, Tang Wan’s angry and loud voice soon followed!

“Why are you guys together?!” When Tang Wan saw that Tangtang was together with Yang Chen and had his coat on, she got reminded of Yang Chen’s flirty behaviour and instantly thought that Yang Chen had something going on with her daughter. Her maternal protective sense immediately rose to its peak!

Did this man intentionally get close to me, and secretly do something to my daughter?!

Tangtang felt that it was unbelievable. Curious, she asked, “Mom, you guys know each other?”

Before Yang Chen could speak, Tang Wan struck with another question. “Why are you wearing his clothing?! Kid, I don’t want to lecture you for leaving the house now. How can you simply lean on a man’s body?! Do you want to piss Mom off to death?!”

Tangtang quickly panicked and didn’t know what to say.

Yang Chen knew that Tang Wan must’ve misunderstood the situation. “Tang Wan, it isn’t what you think.”

“Then what else can it be?! Yang Chen, my daughter is merely a senior third-year student, and you still lay your hands on her?! How can you do this! You… you really disappoint me…”

Tang Wan was feeling extremely emotional. Her eyes were filled with flames of anger. Walking forward, she forcefully pulled Tangtang’s arm, causing Yang Chen’s coat to fall onto the ground.

“Go! Follow me home immediately! Just wait for me to ground you for three months!”

Ignoring Tangtang’s cry and explanation, Tang Wan who wasn’t able to control her volcano-eruption-like anger and sorrow immediately brought Tangtang out of the park.

Yang Chen stunned for a long time before picking his clothing up from the ground. Sigh, such bad luck. I really didn’t expect Tangtang’s mother to be Tang Wan. No wonder I met her in Li Jingjing’s office a while ago, and Tangtang is coincidentally Li Jingjing’s student, he thought. He finally understood why the girl felt so similar to Tangtang when Tang Wan talked about her daughter.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He was greatly wronged this time. No matter how calm and dignified Tang Wan usually was, she looked like a completely different person when she acted like a caring mother.

Why not put it this way? In this world, except men and women, there’s a third type of human—mothers.

However, Yang Chen didn’t plan on giving Tang Wan a call to explain. She must still be pissed at this time. When she finally calmed down, she naturally could distinguish the truth from the falsehood.

Wandering around alone was dull and boring. Yang Chen picked up his coat and quickly walked back to the parking area. It was Monday tomorrow, it was more practical for him to go home and sleep.

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Chapter 289: How About Shortening It 2018-03-07T05:29:08+00:00

After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, the two once again fell into long silence.

After a long time, Yang Chen smiled sadly and raised his head, asking, “Dear, how much time do we have until the contract expires?”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes became clear and bright. She said, “One and a half years.”

“How about shortening it? Make it six months,” Yang Chen said. “Let the two of us scorpions stay for six months more. At that time, even if we’re one of the same kind, we should be tired already, since there’s a gap between our levels after all.”

Lin Ruoxi said calmly, “I accept.”

Yang Chen nodded smilingly. “I’ll go upstairs to bathe. I’ll clean the blood on the ground later, you may take care of Wang Ma and give her consolation.”


After looking at Yang Chen walk upstairs, Lin Ruoxi felt immensely exhausted and walked back to the sofa. The conversation earlier made her feel weak.

In her mind, she recalled various scenes in the past. Finally, Lin Ruoxi could calmly analyze and solve the mysteries.

Back then at the balcony of the cafe, when she wanted to jump down from the building, why he was able to appear behind her back instantly and hug her from behind.

When he faced the gangsters hired by Lin Kun, how he could easily beat them off.

When she and Mo Qianni was kidnapped, how he could smilingly talk the bandits out and save the two away from them alone.

Also, the time where he went on the business trip in Hong Kong, how he could bring Mo Qianni back safely after going through so many dangerous incidents.

Recently, she and Wang Ma got kidnapped and got tied up at a hidden place, the police managed to rescue them using coordinates provided by an anonymous source…

Everything that she hadn’t carefully thought through was apparently related to this man!

Has he always been silently protecting me and shielding this small family?

Lin Ruoxi felt afraid. Luckily, she managed to think of the story of the scorpion earlier and keep Yang Chen from immediately leaving, even if it was only six months. Maybe, after six months, I can calmly accept everything. Since… I may just be not used to his sudden departure. I won’t truly like him, this must be the case, Lin Ruoxi told herself in her mind.

After the terrifying and bloody battle, a bunch of professionals quickly rushed over to clean up the scene.

On the lawn of the bungalow, the corpses and blood got carefully concealed. After half an hour, the outside of the house looked as clear as usual.

Wang Ma got severly frightened. She woke up an hour later since she fainted. After she woke up, cold sweat got her body moist.

When she saw Lin Ruoxi sitting beside her undamaged, Wang Ma got happy and sad at the same time. When Lin Ruoxi smiled at her, she hugged her and cried away once again.

When Wang Ma asked what happened earlier, Lin Ruoxi didn’t tell the truth. She merely said that someone came to their rescue while Yang Chen only killed Hairy Ball, but due to righteous self defense, the police didn’t ask too many questions when they came.

Although Wang Ma had many doubts, she didn’t ask further questions since she knew that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were fine. She was a wise elder after all, she didn’t have to understand everything too clearly. The thing Wang Ma was most concerned with was the safety of her juniors.

After Yang Chen cleaned the blood from his body, he changed into clean clothing and walked downstairs. Seeing Wang Ma who regained consciousness, he said with a smile, “Wang Ma, you must be frightened earlier. I won’t do it next time.”

Regretfully, Wang Ma said, “It’s nothing major that I’m terrified. Luckily Miss and Young Master are both fine, these people are too daring to rush here in broad daylight. Miss, why don’t we move to a safer place? I heard that Huarong Residence is the east is much safer than this place. Although the houses there aren’t as good, the security guards are very diligent. They’re all retired special agents.”

Lin Ruoxi advised, “We’ll be fine, Wang Ma. This only happened because of Xu Zhihong. He’s dead now, we can live in peace like before from now on. We’ve stayed here for this long already, haven’t we been fine all this time?”

Wang Ma sighed a few times before finally saying, “I knew that we needed a man in the house. If it wasn’t for Young Master today, we wouldn’t have lasted until someone came to our rescue. Sigh…”

Lin Ruoxi recalled the times where Yang Chen saved her. She subconsciously turned to look at Yang Chen with a complicated expression.

Yang Chen didn’t manage to think this much. He took Lin Ruoxi as she was, still frightened in a half-conscious state. He smiled apologetically and bitterly.

After Wang Ma went upstairs to rest, Lin Ruoxi didn’t follow her up. Although she was immensely tired, she still stayed downstairs and started asking questions to Yang Chen who was watching television like nothing ever happened.

“Yang Chen, regarding Jingjing, what happened specifically?”

Yang Chen felt rather surprised. Lin Ruoxi knew that he would confess his past, but she didn’t seem like she was going to ask anything about it, and unexpectedly asked about Li Jingjing instead.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to hide it as well. He told her everything from how he started knowing Li Jingjing and her family, to whatever happened afterwards, including his relationship with her and Zeng Xinlin’s scheme.

After Lin Ruoxi listened to him, she pondered for a while and said, “That means during the first time I met her in the orphanage, she had no idea who I was.”

“This should be the case. It was Zeng Xinlin who told her our relationship,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly seemed elated. She said, “I knew that she was a kind lady.”

Confused, Yang Chen asked, “Don’t you hate her for using and lying to you?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “Why should I hate her? She was forced after all. Furthermore, why should a young girl be punished for your flirty behaviour? Do you think I’d get jealous for you?”

Yang Chen pouted. Evidently, Lin Ruoxi was back to her own self. She started criticizing him again.

“Oh ya, how’s Jingjing’s father doing? No, since Zeng Xinlin is dead, she should be facing problems with her dad’s operation fee. I’ll have to check her out,” Lin Ruoxi said, worried.

Yang Chen got speechless. Li Jingjing should be very fitting to Lin Ruoxi’s appetite. Regardless of what happened earlier, she still cares about her family this much.

Lin Ruoxi immediately asked Yang Chen for Old Li’s hospital and room number before immediately making preparations to leave the house.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to laugh. “Do you have to be this rushing? You newly walked on the circle of life and death this afternoon, and you’re getting worried for someone else’s life already?”

“Do you think I’m this heartless to let the girl suffer? Jingjing must be depressed already, she is kind in nature. I’ll go over now and tell her earlier that I don’t blame her. At least she can walk out of misery quicker. Things like this will only get more terrible as time passes,” Lin Ruoxi said. When she put on a pair of heels and wanted to leave, she turned around and asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen replied, “The effect might be worse if I’m there.”

Lowering her head, Lin Ruoxi thought for a while. She said, “You’re right, although we’re not what she imagines, going there together will definitely sadden her.”

It was Yang Chen’s turn to roll his eyes. Really, she only cares about Li Jingjing. He said, “You should just get her as your sworn sister. I can see your brilliance of motherhood.”

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare. “I’m not coming back for dinner,” she said before running out of the house and ignoring him completely.

After Lin Ruoxi left, Yang Chen lay down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling stupidly. Countless thoughts surged up his mind. At last, he mocked himself. Lin Ruoxi as a woman has already jumped out this quickly, while I’m still holding onto what happened today. Life goes on as usual. I’ll say whatever I have to, and do whatever I want.

Don’t I still have six months left? I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it. Who knows what our future lies?

After watching the television for a while, Yang Chen felt that he was rather hungry. Waking Wang Ma up for that sounded absurd. As he contemplated on whether he should touch on his long-absent culinary skills, his phone vibrated.

When Yang Chen looked at his phone, he got pleased. It was Tangtang who was in love, it was rare for her to call over.

Since the kid realized her feelings for Yuan Ye, he had only talked to her a few times online before. She didn’t even call once. It wasn’t clear as to why she phoned Yang Chen this late at night.

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Chapter 288: Scorpion 2018-03-06T13:58:49+00:00

Lin Ruoxi stood still on the ground. Since Yang Chen started killing, she hadn’t even moved half a step. Currently, when she saw the guy covered in red whose palms were soaked in fresh blood as if he bathed in blood, Lin Ruoxi subconsciously took half a step back.

Yang Chen raised his previously lowered head and smiled as he noticed the panic in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes.

“You’re scared,” Yang Chen said with a low voice.

Lin Ruoxi balled up her white hands while her knuckles paled. As her body shivered lightly, she answered after a long time, “Sti—still okay…”

Yang Chen mocked at himself. “You don’t have to force yourself to say that. Sooner or later you will witness such a scene, such a me. Back then, I intentionally avoided showing this side of me, but having come till this day, I guess I don’t have to hide anymore. Any ordinary woman, no, any ordinary person wouldn’t hope to see this side of me.”

Lin Ruoxi’s slightly wet eyes gazed upon Yang Chen. When she heard what Yang Chen said, her heart felt an intense ache. She wanted to open her mouth to console him, but she held too many doubts, and too many complicated thoughts. When she wanted to voice out, no words seemed to come out from her mouth.

Who is he in the past? Why would he kill in such a violent manner? How many people has he killed in the past?

Is he a wanted murderer? An internationally wanted criminal? A terrorist? Or is he… something else…

Lin Ruoxi suddenly felt afraid. The man in front of him looked the same as before, but felt exceptionally unfamiliar at the same time. Although he was smiling at her, there seemed to be a wide gap between them which didn’t have visible ends.

Except heartache and fear, this kind of feeling didn’t include the slightest bit of rejoicing, even if the only reason she managed to survive was because of his competence.

As Yang Chen observed Lin Ruoxi’s silence, a feeling of sorrow and a sense of relief arose.

He had to eventually face everything. It was a type of punishment, and a kind of redemption as well.

Silence continued for a while more before Yang Chen tidied up his thoughts. Sincerely, he said, “Ruoxi, I know that you must be hoping for my instant disappearance now. Tonight, you should be getting nightmares. I’m sorry, I don’t want this to happen as well. However, Jingjing’s incident that took place today… although it was done by Zeng Xinlin himself, I’m at fault as well. I’ve definitely done a lot of things that I feel sorry to you for.

“I’m not a competent husband. Up until now, I’m still not able to give up on the other women who similarly love me with their lives for you. There are some who you know, and some who you don’t. However, to me, they’re the same. Although they’re third parties, they’re still people whom I like and care for. I admit that I’m greedy and detestable. I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t want to lose any of them as well.

“Earlier today, when I saw you running back to your room, I looked at myself with contempt. So, although I didn’t have to take action myself against the people earlier, I still did it in front of you.

“If I choose to continue staying here, I should tell you who I truly am. As you can see, this pair of filthy hands drenched in blood are my real hands. In the past ten years or so, I myself lost count of how many lives I’ve taken away. I have more brutal means of doing it than the ones bef—”

“Stop talking! I don’t want to listen!”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly shouted loudly and cut off Yang Chen’s sentence. When this woman who was as calm as a robot shouted emotionally, Yang Chen stunned in shock.

“I didn’t ask you to say, you’re not allowed to speak. Who wants to know about your past? You’re someone who used to sell mutton skewers! Do you think I’d believe the story you made up?! I don’t want to listen!”

Lin Ruoxi turned around and squatted down. Somehow, she had the strength to carry Wang Ma who fainted on the floor up and dragged her to lean against the sofa. She turned said to Yang Chen, “What are you standing there for? Your entire body is very dirty. Aren’t you going to bathe yet?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Ruoxi, I’ve chosen to confess, you don’t have to evade the matter for me. To be honest, I’m very thankful that you haven’t escaped away after seeing me like this, I’m serious.”

Lin Ruoxi’s body lightly shivered. Turning her head away, she said coldly, “I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

“Regardless if you understand or not, I’ve shown you what I originally hoped that you would never see eternally. I know that you can’t accept it, but who would be able to?” Yang Chen asked softly. “I’m thankful that you’ve tried to accept me, but I guess it’s time for me to leave already. At the very least, you won’t feel the kind of threat earlier because of me…”

When she heard the word ‘leave’, Lin Ruoxi’s face revealed panic. Seeing Yang Chen’s decisive look, he didn’t look like he was joking.

“You mustn’t be too arrogant, Yang Chen,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly after turning around vigorously. “When have I ever said that I wanted to accept you? What does the fact that you have other women have to do with me?! Do you really think I’d fall for you?! Don’t think that I like you just because I started treating you slightly better. My attitude would turn slightly better even if it’s a dog or a cat, as long as it stays at my house for a rather long time. Yang Chen, let me tell you, our marriage is through a contract. Before the contract ends! I don’t allow you to leave! Can you hear me?!”

Staring at Lin Ruoxi who shouted as her reddened eyes teared, Yang Chen was astonished and couldn’t speak a work.

“Aren’t you just good at killing people? Aren’t you just slightly violent?! Didn’t you hear what they said earlier? Ever since I took over Yu Lei International in my twenties, I have stepped over the corpses of other businesses, the loss of countless jobs and the devastation of endless families to finally stand at where I am today, just like the times where I used you and Qianni and destroyed Changlin Media and Xu family with a conspiracy! If you want to talk about brutality, am I that much better than you? There are lots of people in Zhonghai who want to make a hole in my forehead using a gun like Xu Zhihong! But so what if that’s the case? I’ve grown up this way, if I haven’t done this, there wouldn’t be Lin Ruoxi standing in front of you alive… You destroy the lives of people while I destroy the competitors in the market, and the future of families. Do you think you’re any more impressive in front of me?!”

“Ruoxi…” Yang Chen said softly, dumbfounded.

Lin Ruoxi shut her eyes to stop her tears from flowing. Since she got overly emotional, she was heavily panting. Keeping silence for a while, she continued speaking in a recalling manner, “Before my grandma passed away, lying on the sickbed, she told me a story…

“Once upon a time, there was a poisonous scorpion. He wanted to cross a fast-flowing river but he didn't know how to swim. So, he asked for the help of a frog.

“The frog declined his request, as he thought the scorpion would sting him. But the scorpion said, If I stung you, I would drown in the river as well, why would I do that?

“The frog thought it was very logical, so he accepted the request.

“However, when the frog carried the scorpion to the centre of the river, the current of the river suddenly sped up. The scorpion got afraid and stung the frog once.

“The frog immediately got poisoned and was at the edge of falling into the river.

“Baffled, the frog asked the scorpion, why did you sting me? Won’t you die this way as well?

“To which the scorpion replied, I didn’t want to do it, but this is how I live. Knowing I won’t end up well, I still stung like like crazy. This… is my instinct that I can’t resist!”

Yang Chen felt an electric current up his brain and his body lightly quivered.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips miserably as she gazed upon Yang Chen’s face. Smiling coldly, she said, “Now, do you understand why I’ve always been distanced from people? Do you finally understand why I’m always alone? Just like what you think, you’re afraid of me dying because of your instinct, the same goes to me, my instinct will kill other people.

“You and I, are both poisonous scorpions. Because of our instincts, people see us as crazy, living monsters who live ridiculously. None of us can sting each other to death, only we, would kill ourselves…”

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Chapter 287: Do You like This Way of Dying 2018-03-05T13:58:42+00:00

All the twenty mercenaries were brought into the country by Xu Zhihong from abroad. Although they weren’t top-notch or even first-class ones, being born in the military from countries of South Asia, they were valiant criminals who often go on missions in the international waters and territorial disputes. At this moment when they saw that Yang Chen was rather strong, they weren’t the slightest bit afraid.

Everyone held a Type 56 semi-automatic assault rifle which they had owned for years. Although they were full of scratches and battle damages, they fired fatal sparks without hesitation!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The twenty guns with a shooting range of near 300 meters fired together, aiming at each part of Yang Chen’s body, with the firepower incredibly focused.

The firing sound of the machine guns resounded throughout the sky, like it was loud enough to shake the entire land.

The faces of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong held a ferocious and crazy smile, since they were sure that Yang Chen would definitely get broken into pieces a short moment later.

Due to seeing Yang Chen kill, Lin Ruoxi who had been standing stiffly on the ground as she got dumbstruck suddenly regained awareness.

At this moment, her panic and blurriness instantly vanished, leaving only her unbelievably cold palpitation!

However, the bloody scene that she expected didn’t come. After the twenty mercenaries took aim and shot, not even a trace of blood splattered!

Everyone present felt that their vision blurred. There was no one at the original position where Yang Chen stood earlier while the black-colored luxury water dispenser at the hall behind Yang Chen got bombarded so terribly that it became a lump of trash!

The mercenaries suddenly felt dazed. Following closely, an overwhelming killing aura caused them to suffocate, even when they had gone through countless battles!


A slapping sound echoed, causing everyone to look to the edge.

They didn’t know when Yang Chen moved to their left. Standing beside the leftmost mercenary, Yang Chen struck a slap which looked slow but was in fact incredibly fast, hitting on the strong mercenary’s skull!

The soldier didn’t get the chance to defend himself. His skull received a direct impact from the slap.

Just like a crispy watermelon that got hit by a huge sheet of iron, it instantly got crushed into pieces!

Red and white objects connected to various parts of flesh and head organs looked just like blood rain as they dispersed to the surroundings, splashing onto the faces of the mercenaries around and falling onto the green lawn…

Everyone widened their eyes in shock. Even if they were mercenaries who wouldn’t feel a thing when they killed, they couldn’t imagine such a direct but exceptionally violent way of ending someone’s life.

When the mercenary whose skull didn’t exist anymore slowly fell, Yang Chen’s slightly reddened eyes swept across the others before the corners of his lips revealed a trace of brutal smile.

“Do you like this way of dying…”

This question which felt like the netherworld sent chills up everyone’s spine, almost urging them to escape the scene!

Inside the house, Lin Ruoxi who had newly relieved herself covered her mouth with one of her hands as she forced herself to not scream out loud. Just like watching a scene in a horror movie, she forgot to breathe, and even didn’t dare to look at the man who seemed familiar!

Everyone was stunned after witnessing Yang Chen’s bloody and vicious means, Yang Chen’s figure moved again.

Yang Chen’s trajectory was too difficult to be grasped. He moved so fast that he left an afterimage at the place he previously stood at. However, every time he stopped moving, he arrived beside the nearest mercenary to him. Using an angle which couldn’t be blocked, he crushed their skulls with merely a slap each!

The slapping sounds created a rhythm. Within the blink of an eye, another seven to eight fighters got easily turned into headless corpses by Yang Chen!

Devil… devil! Everyone only had this word in their hearts. Their legs and feet started softening, because the speed of this man even made them lose the courage to escape.

The utter helplessness and weakness made them forget to express their fears!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A rather competent soldier opened fire at Yang Chen’s afterimage. Unexpectedly, he shot hundreds of holes on one of his teammate’s body!

The next moment, Yang Chen appeared behind the shooter and waved his left palm again, harvesting yet another human life!

The fairly wide lawn became just like a violent battleground. Corpses and bloody flesh were all over the place. The scarlet blood water irrigated the yellowish lawn, making it extraordinarily eye-catching during winter!

Within less than half a minute, among the tens of people previously standing on the lawn, only Yang Chen was left. Bringing his red palms that slowly dripped blood together with his reddish shirt, he stood in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong with a vague smile.

Zeng Xinlin finally noticed that the two bodyguards in front of him had their heads crushed like watermelons by Yang Chen as well. They didn’t even get the chance to react. On his face, there was even the smell of blood due to its splashing.

“You guys shouldn’t have come back. Otherwise I would’ve asked someone else to kill you. This way, you won’t die until your heads are gone.”

There was slight sympathy on Yang Chen’s face. The scarlet in his eyes became more and more dense. Using relatively slow footsteps, he walked towards Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong.

Although Zeng Xinlin was a special agent, he had never seen such a superhero-type array. His legs felt weak. He wanted to shout for help but he didn’t even have the courage for that.

Xu Zhihong basically opened his eyeballs wide as he lost the ability to think. In fact, the moment Hairy Ball died, he felt incredibly worried. Currently, he acted just like a stake.

Witnessing the entire scene, Lin Ruoxi subconsciously shed tears. She initially felt frightened, but for unknown reasons, she currently only felt slightly disgusted and wasn’t afraid anymore, even if the air was filled with the strong smell of blood.

This man’s back view looked cold and dignified, like pale lights shone upon his figure on a dark stage. That kind of unfamiliarity would arouse pity.

“Yang Chen! Stop it!”

A hasty sound of a lady resounded from not too far away. A black BMW 5-series could be seen approaching the house at a speed of 150 to 160 kilometers per hour. After an emergency stop, three panicked people ran down from the car.

Indifferent, Yang Chen glanced at them, only to discover Cai Ning, Sky Dragon whom he hadn’t seen in a while, and another skinny and tall guy with an unfamiliar face.

“Yang Chen, I’m from Beijing’s Group of Eight, Mo Feng!” the skinny guy shouted. “You cannot kill Zeng Xinlin. Opposing Zeng clan will only bring you a more severe trouble!”

Frowning, Sky Dragon said, “Yang Chen, keep calm for a while. This isn’t something that can be completely dealt with by killing.”

Yang Chen looked unconcerned. The scarlet color in his eyes hadn’t disappeared yet.

Zeng Xinlin who previously felt that he would die suddenly shouted in surprise, “Cousin Mo Feng, you’re finally here! Quickly, save me!”

Mo Feng solemnly nodded. He said, “Yang Chen, you should feel contented killing this many people already. Back off now, General sent us here from Beijing to stop you from killing Zeng Xinlin. It’s for your own good. He’s the most highly regarded grandson of the master of Zeng clan. They won’t let you go if you kill him.”

“Contented…” Yang Chen suddenly burst into laughter as he looked at Mo Feng jokingly. “You’re Zeng Xinlin’s cousin right…”

“That’s right, but my suggestion if for your benefit as well. Once you kill him, are you able to kill everyone from Zeng clan as well?” Mo Feng asked.

Yang Chen looked like he realized something. Coldly, he said, “Whether or not I can kill everyone is none of your business. However, since you’re his cousin and you came over yourself, I’ll kill you first before killing him if you dare to stop me.”

“You! You musn’t get too defiant!”

Mo Feng got so pissed that his face turned red. Due to his arrogance, he wanted to immediately attack Yang Chen.

However, knowing how terrifying Yang Chen was, Sky Dragon instantly grabbed onto Mo Feng when he felt Yang Chen’s upsurge of killing aura. He shouted, “You can’t give your life away!”

Since Sky Dragon was the strongest in Group of Eight, Mo Feng couldn’t break away from him even if he wanted to.

Yang Chen didn’t care about Mo Feng who came to interrupt anymore. His body teleported again before appearing in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong.

“Since you guys came to give revenge to me together, you may die together as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his left and right arms rushed towards the two skulls at the same time. Just like the others who died previously, bringing their final looks of despair, the two proud individuals had their skulls beaten into two groups of blood mist under Yang Chen’s palms!

Cai Ning shut her eyes as she turned her head away, not daring to witness this scene.

Sky Dragon let go of Mo Feng who was completely stunned. Mo Feng’s eyes shed tears and turned red as his body got stiff, as if he didn’t dare to believe what happened in front of him.

Yang Chen turned back and looked at Mo Feng, saying, “What do you think? I killed him already. If you want to follow him go, I’ll help you do that.”

Mo Feng’s lips violently jumped. Using a hoarse and low voice, he said, “You’re an animal, an animal…”

“I’m an animal, so I kill animals as well,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “If you want to fight me, do it quick. If you want to scold me, I won’t keep you company anymore. If it isn’t because of the friendship I have with the two beside you, I would kill you right away. So, you better vanish quickly if you want to live.”

Sky Dragon gave Yang Chen a helpless and complicated look. Pulling Mo Feng, he said, “Let’s go, your cousin’s death cannot be stopped by you. General didn’t order you to take action. We can’t go back now.”

Mo Feng vigorously held his fists. Looking at Yang Chen for the last time, he walked back to the car together with Sky Dragon.

Cai Ning sighed as she glanced at Lin Ruoxi who looked inattentive and soulless. She said, “We’ve temporarily sealed off this region. No one will come here and I’ll ask people to cover up the battle traces here. However, Zeng clan will definitely not let this go. You better make some preparations. If you cause an overly huge disturbance, even if we don’t want to do it, we’ll certainly show up to stop you.”

Yang Chen remained silent.

Cai Ning pondered for awhile and said, “It must be hard for her to accept this. You should console her.”

After she finished speaking, Cai Ning silently entered the car and left the place.

Yang Chen took out a small medicine container and poured two pills out before quietly swallowing them. After painfully shutting his eyes for a while, he opened his eyes again before the scarlet in his eyes slowly dissipated.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen turned around and walked back into the house. He felt heavier than when he killed earlier.

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Chapter 286: Undermined 2018-03-04T11:49:57+00:00

Lin Ruoxi didn’t panic nor did she dodge away while Xu Zhihong didn’t look like he was going to pull the trigger immediately.

Yang Chen’s nerves suddenly tightened for a split second, but didn’t rush to disarm Xu Zhihong. The current situation was rather tricky.

“What is it? Do you finally know that you’re wrong? But everything’s too late, Xu family doesn't exist anymore. Because of you, my father and mother committed suicide by drinking pesticides. Do you know how I’ve been living abroad all this time? Although I have food, clothing and shelter, do you know how my heart has been feeling? I feel a knife shaving my heart away as blood never stops flowing.” Xu Zhihong’s eyes were filled with hatred. Loudly, he said, “Do you know I’m the only one who hates you? Think about it, during the development of Yu Lei International, how many competitors have you pushed down their horses, and families destroyed? Do you think they all would feel good? Today, I’ll let you repay your debts.”

“You want to kill me.” Lin Ruoxi seemed like she was asking a question, or mumbling something to herself.

“Killing you would be to your advantage,” Xu Zhihong said as he laughed. “Maybe before I kill you, we can play for a while. Anyhow, I’ve chased you for so many years.”

Lin Ruoxi remained silent, like she wasn’t concerned with this all. She only stood still fearlessly as she looked at Xu Zhihong.

Xu Zhihong saw the look on her face and got so mad that he sneered. “It’s still the same look. Do you know that I hate this look of yours the most? Do you think you’re a goddess?! Who are you to look at me like that!”

Zeng Xinlin tapped on Xu Zhihong’s shoulder and sighed. He said, “Master Xu, everything will be solved today. You don’t have to get this emotional. After I finish dealing with the things, you can do whatever you want to this woman.”

[TL note: 少爷 (Young Master) is how the young people in wealthy families are called. I shortened it to one word.]

As he finished speaking, Zeng Xinlin received a stack of documents from an assistant behind him. Smiling at Lin Ruoxi, he said, “Boss Lin, before you get brought away by Master Xu, I hope you can patiently read through these documents. This way, your company will be majorly benefited as well.”

“What?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“This is the transfer of ownership of Yu Lei International’s shares. Since you’ll leave this world very quickly, instead of passing your ninety percent of Yu Lei’s shares and your tens of billions of assets to the country, you may pass them to me. I’ll properly take care of the business you built for sure,” Zeng Xinlin said with an evil smile.

Lin Ruoxi taunted, “It sure seems like you haven’t been living well. You don’t even care about your reputation anymore, and want to force me into transferring my shares to you. Is it because you’ve lost the support of your family after I defeated you, and you have no other choice but to team up with Xu Zhihong?”

Zeng Xinlin turned mad. He said, “Do you know that Xu Zhihong and I hate women like you who can think of a lot but usually remain silent? Your words humiliate me a lot.”

After Changlin Media’s utter failure, Zeng Xinlin indeed lost the support of Zeng clan from Beijing. While some seniors still trusted him, most of them started doubting his ability, causing his prestige to fall to rock bottom instantly. Naturally, he wouldn’t be taken care of by his family anymore.

Bearing hatred in heart, Zeng Xinlin managed to contact Xu Zhihong who was in another country. Forming a common objective of revenging Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, Zeng Xinlin used his connection with certain agencies at the customs to allow Xu Zhihong bring people and huge amounts of cash into the country.

After receiving funds, Zeng Xinlin relied on Zeng family to cover Xu Zhihong’s identity before silently waiting for this day to come.

“I’m really happy that you don’t like me,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly. “I agree to transfer my shares and other assets to you, but you have to promise me something.”

Frowning, Zeng Xinlin said, “Say.”

“Since you hate me, you can kill me, but not Yang Chen. Killing him won’t do you any good,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen violently raised his head as he couldn’t believe what just happened, looking at Lin Ruoxi who was expressionless.

At such a situation, the first thing this woman thinks of is saving me?!

Doesn’t she hate me for hurting her so many times? Doesn’t she mind that I hid so many things from her, and lied to her this many times?

“Haha, what a loving husband and wife,” Zeng Xinlin said as he looked at Yang Chen fiercely. He then turned to Xu Zhihong, asked, “Master Xu, what do you think?”

Xu Zhihong smiled oddly. “She really sees merely a mutton skewer seller as a treasure. Humph, I can let him live, but at the very least, he can’t be allowed to live as a man for the rest of his life…”

Malice appeared in Zeng Xinlin’s eyes. “This is a good suggestion.”

“No,” Lin Ruoxi said resentfully. “I’m the one who left you no choice and defeat your businesses, not Yang Chen. If you guys hurt him, I won’t sign on the document even if I die.”

“Fucking bitch, if you don’t want to sign, we can take your thumbprint after you die!”

Xu Zhihong couldn’t endure anymore and suddenly pulled the trigger!


The sound of gunshot echoed in the hall. Wang Ma who had been standing behind Lin Ruoxi nervously shouted in shock.

However, the bullet didn’t follow the trajectory towards Lin Ruoxi’s forehead!

Apparently, the gun Xu Zhihong held got bounced away by an enormous force. The bullet hit the ceiling and ignited a spark.

Lin Ruoxi originally closed her eyes as she waited for her death. Unexpectedly, the matter was suddenly changed, causing her to open her eyes again out of confusion.

She saw that Xu Zhihong turned his head to look at Yang Chen at a side.

“Yang Chen, do you think you guys can be left alive after hitting my gun away? There are twenty mercenaries outside hired by me who would kill without even blinking. You guys won’t be able to escape.”

“You may try,” Yang Chen said in a dull manner.

Xu Zhihong snorted before waving his hand.

Hairy Ball who had been witnessing the scene while he stood behind Xu Zhihong walked over happily. He still had a messy hairstyle, a moustache that looked like weed, and wore a dirty coat.

This perverted-looking, tall, strong and filthy man was extremely loyal to his master Xu Zhihong. Regardless of his past identity of being the young master of Xu family, or today’s of being a wanted criminal, Hairy Ball was still willing to follow him.

Xu Zhihong smiled coldly. He said, “Hairy Ball, haven’t you always wanted to fight Yang Chen? Before he dies today, you can play with him.”

Hairy Ball snickered and said to Yang Chen, “I knew that you were rather good in fighting long ago, but Young Master had always stopped me from approaching you. Not long ago, the two of you made him a wanted criminal, which caused him to suffer heavily. Now that you’re going to die soon, we’ll play for a while.”

Lin Ruoxi regained awareness and understood that she was saved by Yang Chen out of the blue. As she felt a complex emotion, seeing that Yang Chen was going to fight with Hairy Ball, she hurriedly shouted, “No way! He was a special agent back then. You won’t be able to defeat him!”

“Humph, why can’t he? It’s not like he can run away. Today, we’re the boss here,” Xu Zhihong said with a smile.

Yang Chen faintly smiled at Lin Ruoxi and signalled her to stop getting worried.

Having reached this day, there were things that he simply couldn’t continue hiding from Lin Ruoxi anymore. No matter what would happen to the two in the future, the fact that he concealed his past made him seem selfish.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen with a confused expression as her heartbeat swiftly quickened. She had a feeling that something unbelievable was going to take place.

Taking his coat off, Hairy Ball was left with a black sweater which tightly wrapped around his muscular body. Posing a fighting stance, he winked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at him and said, “Although you’re quite solvent, you’re genuinely loyal to your master. Looking at your stance, you should be an expert on Aikido, but you’re still not someone who can go against me. If you surrender now, I’ll let you live if you agree to tidy up the corpse of your master.”

Hairy Ball stunned. He seemed to be surprised that Yang Chen managed to see through him with a simple glance. However, he still sneered and said, “You yourself said that I was loyal to my master. Since my life is given by Master, I have to use my life to fight you even if I’m really going to lose today.”

“Alright then.” Yang Chen sighed and reached his right arm at Hairy Ball’s neck.

He planned to execute him with a single strike, to leave Hairy Ball die without too much pain.

On the side, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma saw Yang Chen who suddenly seemed like another person as he acted in a domineering manner steadily. This feeling made the two stand on the ground stiffly. With their blurry eyes, they gazed upon Yang Chen as they felt unfamiliar with this man who was with them almost all the time.

At the same time, Hairy Ball felt an extremely strong pressure when he saw Yang Chen’s attack which looked extremely slow, causing him to get difficult in breathing.

He was indeed a master in Aikido who emphasized on countering hard attacks with soft ones and borrowing force to counter force. Facing Yang Chen’s slow-motion attack, he got a bit anxious and tried to dodge the strike.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen’s arms suddenly hastened. Following Hairy Ball’s movement trajectory, he quickly grasped Hairy Ball’s neck!

Both of Hairy Ball’s arms posed into a blocking stance as he tried to withstand Yang Chen’s arms.

However, when his attack almost reached Yang Chen’s arms, Hairy Ball horrifyingly felt that Yang Chen’s arms were just like the coldest composite metal. When his forceful attack from both directions landed, Yang Chen’s arms didn’t move the slightest!

How is it possible?! Hairy Ball got terrified. Having known Yang Chen for so long, he thought that he could hold a playful attitude while facing Yang Chen. At this moment, he outrageously noticed just how wrong he was! Has he never been on the same level with me?! he thought. However, the next moment, he lost the opportunity to think.

Crack! Crack!

Yang Chen didn’t give much time to Hairy Ball. As he lightly pinched using his hand, Hairy Ball immediately stopped breathing.

He had interacted with this dirty man ever since he met Xu Zhihong the first time. After so long, he finally used such a simple yet direct method to send him away from this world.

Xu Zhihong shouted in fear. He seemed like he refused to believe that his most loyal servant died under such a short moment, being crushed on the neck by Yang Chen using only one arm!

Zeng Xinlin used to be an outstanding special agent and briefly knew the power level of Hairy Ball. He finally noticed that the situation in front wasn’t so easy to be dealt with. Violently pulling Xu Zhihong out of the house, he waved his hand outside. The twenty masked mercenaries lurked around the bungalow and armed with submachine guns appeared from each dark corner and the groves as they rushed out before aiming at the entrance!

Two bodyguards stood in front of Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihnog as they nervously looked at Yang Chen who stood beside the door.

Inside the door, Lin Ruoxi, who witnessed Yang Chen kill someone in the blink of an eye, widened her big eyes in shock. She couldn’t speak a word. Everything that happened in front of her undermined all her senses towards Yang Chen, like she came to another world.

Regarding Wang Ma, she had fainted on the ground since the moment Hairy Ball was killed.

“Open fire! Open fire! Kill this man immediately!” Zeng Xinlin couldn’t care about snatching Lin Ruoxi’s assets anymore. At this moment, he only wanted to eradicate this dangerous man!

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Chapter 285: You’re the Executioner 2018-03-03T08:55:01+00:00

After leaving the hospital, Yang Chen walked back to his car and locked the door. Dropping the window down, he silently smoked a cigarette alone.

White smoke spread out into the air from the car window. At the deserted parking area, it was exceptionally quiet and peaceful.

Yang Chen tried his best to forget Li Jingjing’s words and her painful expression. Sorting his mind out, he thought through what had happened, the current situation, and what would take place in the future.

Although it was Zeng Xinlin’s retaliation, it was his mistake for letting it happen after all.

It couldn’t be said that Yang Chen hated Zeng Xinlin. He would be looking up to him this way. Of course, he didn’t like him either. However, in both the worlds of business and love, conspiring against each other was the most common thing. It wasn't too surprising that he got backstabbed this time.

Yang Chen also noticed that although Zeng Xinlin’s company left Zhonghai, the problems related to him weren’t necessarily cut off yet. It seemed like Yang Chen had to take some actions.

Of course, the most simple and direct method to solve the issue was to kill him. But Zeng Xinlin wasn’t the only one in Beijing’s Zeng family. While he could secretly kill him, based on Zeng family's ability, investigating the matter and discovering Yang Chen wasn't considered a difficult task.

Even if they didn't dare to face Yang Chen himself, they could totally take actions on the people around him.

A dog would jump the wall when it was nervous, even a rabbit would bite when it got anxious.

Since he returned to the country, he hoped to live a peaceful life comfortably. His past lifestyle of killing whoever he disliked couldn't be continued anymore.

Leaving other matters aside, although his brain was currently stable, once he held the intention to kill, he wasn't confident to keep himself in control.

If he lost consciousness, in addition to being with no one who knew him well, it was totally possible for him to do something terrifying which couldn't be undone.

Having thought the matter through, asking someone else to deal with Zeng Xinlin for him seemed most appropriate. Regarding who specifically was suited for the job, it was still a question that had to be thought through.

When Yang Chen was pondering, his phone vibrated.

Yang Chen looked at his phone, and saw it was the leader of Sea Eagles, Molin's call.

"Your Majesty Pluto, an unusual situation took place at your house," Molin said solemnly.

Frowning, Yang Chen replied, "Tell me in detail."

"Through our surveillance equipment and report from the members on shift, ten minutes ago, more than twenty people who seemed to have received professional training, should be some type of foreign mercenaries, have lurked in a place near your house. Also, a Lincoln sedan has stopped behind the place you stay. I can't determine the situation within their members, but they seem to be waiting for your return."

Yang Chen's facial expression turned cold. It seems like someone is getting anxious before I even take action. Is this the so-called taking action beforehand to gain advantage?

"Watch over them for me. You can't allow them to do anything dangerous."

"Yes, Your Majesty Pluto. As soon as you give us an order, our two members on shift will settle those mercenaries within five minutes. Their ability can only be considered second-class on the international level at most," Molin said with high anticipation.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. "No need, I know that your hands are itchy, but I want to take action myself this time."

"But they aren't qualified for you to get involved." Molin got rather surprised.

"Molin, sometimes the reason of taking action is far more important than the objective," Yang Chen said softly.

Molin stopped talking, he seemed to be able to tell that Yang Chen was feeling down.

After around ten minutes, Yang Chen returned to the bungalow in Dragon Garden. He acted like he didn't know there was ambush in his surroundings. He only walked into the house with an unhappy expression.

When Wang Ma who had noticed something wrong earlier saw Yang Chen's return, she asked out of concern, "Young Master, what happened just now? Why did Miss suddenly lock herself in the room?"

Yang Chen smiled gently. “Don’t worry, the problem is quite complicated but I’ll take care of it.”

Wang Ma noticed that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to explain, so she didn’t ask more questions. But she was still extremely worried. Evidently, she couldn’t put the matter down from her heart.

At this moment, the doorbell of the bungalow rang.

Wang Ma got slightly shocked and wanted to open the door, but was stopped by Yang Chen.

“Wang Ma, I’ll open the door,” Yang Chen said.

Yang Chen walked to the door before opening it., revealing two familiar faces. However, when he saw them currently, Yang Chen felt rather surprised.

One of them was naturally Zeng Xinlin, whom Yang Chen expected to come. Looking elegant as ever, he gazed at Yang Chen with a wicked smile.

Unexpectedly, the other person was Xu Zhihong who had hidden himself abroad so well that he wasn't caught after Dongxing got destroyed!

Xu Zhihong looked like he got a few years older. Being only around twenty years old, there were signs of aging on his face. His beard wasn't well-shaved, and his hair was much longer than before. He wore a western suit and wasn't tidily dressed. When he stared upon Yang Chen, he looked like a venomous snake which would go berzerk at any moment.

"Long time no see, Yang Chen," Xu Zhihong said as he sneered.

Holding a faint smile on his face, Yang Chen stepped aside in a neither happy nor sad manner. He made a hand gesture to invite the guests in. "Indeed, we haven't seen each other in a while. You look like you haven't been eating well. Aren't you going to come in?"

Zeng Xinlin said in a mocking manner, "It seems like you don't like the present I gave you very much. Or do you actually like it, but act like you don't?"

"What do you think?"

"I really don't know this time. Oh yeah, Ruoxi should be in the house now. Why isn't she out to welcome her senior?"

When he finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi's cold voice echoed from within the house.

"I just came down, I hope I'm on time to welcome Senior."

Lin Ruoxi could be seen slowly walking down the stairs while Wang Ma followed beside her. Evidently, Wang Ma must've called her upstairs when she saw the visitors.

Lin Ruoxi's eyes were rather red, but her emotion was finally stabilized. However, the cold look on her face seemed to have gone back to the time where Yang Chen initially knew her, just like an unmeltable ice.

Seeing Xu Zhihong, Lin Ruoxi wasn't very surprised. She asked in a dull manner, "You're still a wanted criminal. Aren't you afraid of getting caught?"

When Xu Zhihong saw the woman he used to go for, his eyes turned cold and fierce. "With Master Zeng here, I won't get caught that easily."

"You guys seem to have made some kind of deal," Lin Ruoxi said as she stared at Zeng Xinlin. "Senior, although I've done something merciless towards your company, on the personal level, I've always respect you. However, I want to ask you a question. Are you the one behind Jingjing's incident?"

Splendor flowed through Zeng Xinlin's eyes. He glanced at Yang Chen before looking back at Lin Ruoxi, saying, "Since I came today, I didn't plan on keeping it a secret. However, I still admire your keen senses for noticing this quickly that it was my scheme. But so what if that's the case? Although it was me who guided Li Jingjing, this plan wouldn't have worked out if Yang Chen didn't feel guilty for his unclear relationship with Miss Li. When there's a first, there will be a second one. I believe you understand this point as well. So, you should be thanking me for showing you what kind of a person your husband is."

"His behavior is none of your business. Zeng Xinlin, you're very hypocritical," Lin Ruoxi said without hesitation after gaining confirmation.

"Haha..." Zeng Xinlin acted like he heard a joke. "Hypocritical? Lin Ruoxi, I brought an opportunity for your Yu Lei International to develop, but you single handedly took down my Changlin Media and backstabbed Brother Xu beside me, annihilating the ten-year business of Xu family. Do you think you're qualified to call someone hypocritical?"

"In the business world, the strong feeds on the weak. Since you guys participated in the game, you should follow the game rules and silently accept your defeat. Applying hatred from the business world onto personal relationships is disdainful, not to mention your act of bewitching others without consideration. I'm very disgusted," Lin Ruoxi said mercilessly.

Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong looked rather gloomy while Yang Chen lamented slightly. He seemed to have underestimated Lin Ruoxi’s endurance psychologically. He didn’t expect her to so quickly realize that Li Jingjing’s incident wasn’t as simple as it looked. However, even if that was the case, it was still difficult for him to forgive himself.

“You’ve always been this way. Haven’t you yourself realized your arrogance and cruelness? Don’t rationalize destroying people’s family like they deserve it. Don’t you know that you’re the executioner in all of these? I hate Yang Chen, but he's merely your partner-in-crime. He's only a sacrifice dragged down by you!

"Lin Ruoxi, don't think that just because you're beautiful, good in doing business, and capable to defeat others in the business world, then people should silently endure everything. Let me tell you, you'll realize today just how ridiculously wrong you are!

Xu Zhihong couldn't control his emotions. After angrily complaining, he reached out to the pocket inside his coat before withdrawing a black automatic pistol and aiming at Lin Ruoxi's forehead!

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Chapter 284: Silent Chess 2018-03-03T08:54:02+00:00

Listening to Yang Chen’s sudden question, Li Jingjing lightly shivered. She continued lowering her head and kept completely silent.

She requested to visit the house, and came to knock on his door and hug him before intentionally voicing out the ambiguous entanglements. Yang Chen quickly arrived at the conclusion that this definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

Yang Chen stared at her for a while before sighing deeply. He didn’t force her to say anything.

“I don’t know why you did that, but I believe the Li Jingjing I know isn’t someone wicked who would intentionally destroy people’s relationships,” Yang Chen said as he gazed upon Li Jingjing. “If you still don’t want to tell me now, I won’t ask any more questions. However, I hope that this is your first and your last time being someone who isn’t like yourself.”

When Yang Chen finished speaking, Li Jingjing finally couldn’t hold back anymore. Tears dripped onto the ground as she started sobbing.

Yang Chen didn’t go forward to comfort Li Jingjing, because there’s someone who needs to be consoled more waiting for him.

Walking to the door, Yang Chen looked at the shattered porcelain plate and scattered fruits as he vaguely felt a pain in his heart.

Her heart now should be the same as this porcelain plate, broken.

Yang Chen wasn’t an indifferent fool when it came to love. In the days where he interacted with Lin Ruoxi, she started talking more to him, restraining him in some ways, and asking about his past occasionally. Today, he even saw that she had been learning cooking secretly to show him the hardworking and lady-like side of her.

Although these signs didn’t show that this woman had fallen deeply in love with him, they were enough to prove that she had been working hard to accept him, and to become a qualified wife.

However, the words Li Jingjing said earlier when she hugged Yang Chen acted like a sharp knife which stabbed into the woman’s arrogant and pure heart.

In front of Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen acted like he didn’t know Li Jingjing, who also concealed the fact that she knew him.

Lin Ruoxi trusted Li Jingjing so much and treated her as her good friend. However, she got a dual betrayal from her husband and good friend together in return.

Being a man who often upset his wife, Yang Chen hated his unfaithful personality when it came to love. However, this time, Yang Chen’s hatred towards himself was much deeper than before.

Regardless if Li Jingjing did it on purpose or not, it was still his fault to some degree.

Yang Chen walked to Lin Ruoxi’s bedroom door. His sensitive hearing allowed him to faintly listen to the sound of sobbing in the room, even when the room was nicely sound insulated.

Yang Chen reached out his arm and wanted to knock on the door. However, when his hand travelled half way, he withdrew it at last.

I want to explain, but what can I explain? I don’t even know how the situation turned out this way.

After standing outside the door for a long time, Yang Chen returned to his room.

Currently, Li Jingjing was paralyzed on the ground. Her eyes were red and swollen as a result of crying. Seeing Yang Chen walk over, she didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen in the eyes.

Yang Chen slowly sat down on his bed. After a short while, she said, “Jingjing, tell me why you did that. If you refuse to do so, then we may have to cut our friendship as well.”

Li Jingjing raised her head and revealed her watery eyes. Looking at Yang Chen, she said, “Brother Yang, I’ll tell you. But can you go to a place with me?”


“City Two Hospital.”

Li Jingjing’s words made Yang Chen feel that the matter wasn’t so simple. Without asking more questions, he brought Li Jingjing out of the bungalow and quickly arrived at City Two Hospital by car.

Li Jingjing led the way and walked to an intensive care unit. Outside the room, Yang Chen looked through the window and saw the patient lying on a bed.

“Old Li?”

Yang Chen stunned. Unexpectedly, the one lying unconscious on the bed was Li Jingjing’s father, his old friend Old Li!

Li Jingjing said softly, “Brother Yang, do you remember the day where I brought my father to the hospital and bumped into you?”

Yang Chen carefully recalled. Something like that definitely happened once. On that day, he purposely treated Li Jingjing coldly and even greeted Old Li before.

“During the time, my dad kept saying that he hadn’t been feeling well. I brought him here for a medical check-up… and found out that…” Li Jingjing mumbled and sniveled, “it was a liver tumor…”

Yang Chen got serious. He seemed to have thought of something, but remained silent.

Li Jingjing continued speaking, “At that time our family was frightened. The doctor said if surgery wasn’t done immediately and once cancer cells spread out in his body, he couldn’t be saved anymore. However, we couldn’t fork out that amount of money at all. I told Father that we could borrow from you, Brother Yang, but both my parents strongly opposed my suggestion and even scolded me loudly. Dad said he’d rather drink pesticides to die earlier if I trouble you again.”

“I was really afraid at the moment, afraid that he’d leave us suddenly. But being a new teacher, even if I take a mortgage using the house and take up a bank loan, I still won’t be able to gather enough money,” Li Jingjing said. “When I felt hopeless, someone suddenly appeared, and said that he’d pay for all the costs induced for Father’s surgery if I was willing to do as he said.”

Yang Chen sighed in his heart. It was the same as he expected. He asked, “Who was it?”

Li Jingjing slowly raised her head. “Brother Yang, do you remember the guy we bumped into when you accompanied me to buy furniture?”

Yang Chen recalled and violently stood up straight. “Zeng Xinlin?!”

When he went to get furniture with Li Jingjing, they met Zeng Xinlin. Although he felt that his smile was really peculiar, nothing special happened afterwards. Unexpectedly, he had his eyes on Li Jingjing since then!

“Yes,” Li Jingjing said. “He said he’d pay for the surgery fees if I follow his instructions.”

“He’s indeed very patient…” Yang Chen thought that Zeng Xinlin would withdraw from the war after getting defeated by Lin Ruoxi in the business world. Yang Chen didn’t think that he’d use Li Jingjing as a chess move. Even if Zeng Xinlin lost in the business world, he didn’t plan on letting Yang Chen live a good life with Lin Ruoxi.

The two slowly walked to a secluded corner of the hospital where Li Jingjing elaborated on what happened, to allow Yang Chen understand the entire situation.

When Zeng Xinlin noticed the intimacy between Yang Chen and Li Jingjing, he sent his men to check on Li Jingjing’s family background. While he did that, he accidentally noticed that Li Jingjing always volunteered in the same orphanage as Lin Ruoxi. After a while, he got brutally struck by Lin Ruoxi, forcing him to leave Zhonghai. So he wasn’t able to instantly use the information he got.

After Old Li got sick and stayed in the hospital, Zeng Xinlin appeared once again. He told Li Jingjing that the woman she often met at the orphanage was Yang Chen’s wife, and asked her to improve her relationship with Lin Ruoxi before finding an opportunity to cause a disturbance in the relationship of the married couple.

It was undoubtedly a partly inciting and threatening act towards Li Jingjing. Zeng Xinlin knew that Li Jingjing must be feeling envious towards Yang Chen’s wife due to the sudden coldness Yang Chen gave her, and was worried about his father’s operation fee.

Combining both reasons together, enduring the pain, she accepted the offer at last.

Furthermore, Li Jingjing was merely an ordinary young teacher. She wouldn’t dare to go against a wealthy family like Zeng family. Zeng Xinlin only had to simply threaten Li Jingjing to prevent her from disclosing everything.

After that, concealing everything, Li Jingjing quickly got close to Lin Ruoxi, and found an opportunity to put up today’s act when she said she wanted to learn cooking. This was also the result Zeng Xinlin had been waiting to see.

Zeng Xinlin wanted to use Yu Lei International as his base which he can firmly stand on. However, he got defeated in the business world and naturally lost hope in getting Lin Ruoxi. This time, his cunning act of putting Li Jingjing in between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi successfully caused a disturbance in their relationship and did harm to everyone involved, even if doing this wouldn’t earn him Lin Ruoxi.

He won something in the end, though he lost severely.

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed for a long time. He said, “Jingjing, you should know that he’s using you this way. You should’ve told me earlier.”

Sorrowfully, Li Jingjing replied, “I know I did something wrong. Brother Yang, but I… I really lost my mind back then. Every time I notice that you ignore me completely and treat me so coldly, I would get a negative idea towards Sister Lin. I can’t control myself no matter what… I now know that I’m wrong, but I hurt you and Sister Lin. I… I really don’t know what I should do… Brother Yang, you won’t forgive me anymore, will you?”

“There will be times where people make mistakes. It’s my fault for treating you overly cold as well. If people were more understanding and forgiving, this matter probably could’ve been avoided. I won’t allow Zeng Xinlin to do something like this anymore.” Yang Chen sighed. “Since it ended up this way, you just have to take care of your father. Don’t tell him what happened. Just say that an anonymous donated money. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Brother Yang!”

Li Jingjing shouted as she cried, stopping Yang Chen who was turning around.

“Is there anything else…” Yang Chen felt that his heart was exhausted.

“Do… do you… do you really not like me anymore…”

Listening to this stuttering question, Yang Chen stood still stiffly.

Li Jingjing saw that Yang Chen didn’t have any reactions, tears dropped from her eyes once again. She felt like her heart turned into ashes. She mumbled, “Brother Yang, I know that you must hate me a lot now, for my stupidity and hypocritical acts. But please listen to what I have to say.

“Do you know how I’ve been living these days… I never have appetite to eat, and can’t sleep at night. These are the most fundamental ones. After I fall asleep, it’s common that I woke up in the middle of the night, because I didn’t understand why the person I loved and was closest to suddenly became a stranger who wouldn’t look me in the eyes even for once.

“I don’t dare to talk to my parents or anyone else about it. I’m afraid of bothering them, so all I can do is to find a place with no one to cry at.

“But the most painful thing is… the one I cry for, seems to not think about me at all. I’m the only one doing this. That person seems to have forgotten about me, and is enjoying his life with another woman himself.

“I really want to die, but I can’t, because I’m afraid… of not seeing that person anymore. I’m afraid of not seeing you anymore, Brother Yang…”

Yang Chen’s clenched his fists tightly as they trembled. Slowly, they loosened up again. Exhaling a deep breath, he walked away with big steps without looking back.

Li Jingjing seemed to have finished all her energy. She kneeled on the ground with both her knees and she stared at Yang Chen’s back which got further and further away. In the lonely winter night, she was just like a flower that couldn’t withstand any damage, silently dying away...

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Chapter 283: Couldn't Be Cut Off 2018-03-03T08:53:11+00:00

It was Sunday, the following day, also the day where Li Jingjing said she was coming over.

Wang Ma went out early in the morning to buy various types of meat and vegetable to prepare to properly treat the visitor.

Yang Chen didn't plan to intentionally avoid her. He sat in the living room downstairs and watched television as he waited for Li Jingjing's arrival.

However, Yang Chen felt extremely surprised since Lin Ruoxi wore an apron and helped Wang Ma in the kitchen with some tasks, like she wanted to cook as well.

Since Lin Ruoxi's culinary skill wasn't that great, Yang Chen treated her like a kid trying to have fun and didn't think much about it.

When it was almost noon, the doorbell rang.

Putting on furry slippers, Lin Ruoxi quickly ran to the door before opening it. Currently, Lin Ruoxi appeared much more lively than usual. Putting a smile on her face, she welcomed Li Jingjing into the house. Evidently, her relationship with Li Jingjing was exceptional.

Li Jingjing who wore a white down coat walked into the house gracefully. This lady looked more mature than before as she brought the natural aura of a teacher together with slight elegance.

Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi hold Li Jingjing's hands as she spoke intimately. He felt that it was rather unbelievable considering how quiet she normally behaved. He thought, Isn’t their relationship developing a bit too quickly? However, he didn't know that Lin Ruoxi had been learning cooking techniques from Li Jingjing.

"Wow, Jingjing, why did you bring something here?" Lin Ruoxi complained when she saw the plastic bag Li Jingjing was holding. "Didn't I say I was going to treat you for lunch today? Why did you bring stuff here?"

"Since it's my first time here, I, of course, had to pay attention to my manners," Li Jingjing said with a smile. "Sister Lin, I guess you mustn't lack anything, so I only brought some dried vegetables that you can use to stew meat with."

After Lin Ruoxi listened to her, she happily let out a smile as received the plastic bag, before bringing Li Jingjing to the sofa in the living room.

"Yang Chen, Jingjing is our visitor. Why aren’t you standing up to greet her?" Lin Ruoxi asked. She was displeased when she saw Yang Chen mind his own business as he watched the news.

Yang Chen smiled faintly before greeting Li Jingjing, "Welcome, Miss Li."

Li Jingjing paled slightly when Yang Chen called her 'Miss Li'. She forced a smile before nodding.

Lin Ruoxi didn't notice anything abnormal, she just thought Li Jingjing was shy in front of strangers. She said, "I'll help Wang Ma out. The meal will be ready very soon."

"Do you want me to help out as well?"

When Li Jingjing wanted to stand up, Lin Ruoxi stopped her. "No need. I promised to cook for you today."

Seeing Lin Ruoxi's stubbornness, Li Jingjing didn't continue speaking, but sat down smilingly instead.

After Lin Ruoxi ran back to the kitchen, Li Jingjing and Yang Chen both sat on the sofa. While the distance between them was short, they appeared extraordinarily far at the same time.

Yang Chen grieved. Not long ago, the two of them still acted exceptionally intimately. However, he had brutally drawn a line between them for the sake of Old Li's family. He wouldn't have done so otherwise.

Li Jingjing stared on the screen that displayed the news, which she didn't pay attention to at all. Her mind was really messy while her eyes expressed a complex emotion.

The two quietly sat down for almost half an hour until Wang Ma served the dishes from the kitchen and called the two to start eating.

Yang Chen turned the television off before walking to the dining table himself. After keeping her gloomy look, Li Jingjing walked to the dining table before sitting down as well.

Wang Ma said politely, "Miss Li, since it's your first time here, please eat as much as you want."

Li Jingjing quietly smiled as she hummed in agreement. It couldn’t be seen that she was behaving abnormally.

The sumptuous dishes on the table were really eye-catching. Without saying much, Yang Chen lowered his head, almost burying his head into the bowl, he stuffed big mouthfuls of rice and vegetables into his mouth.

Lin Ruoxi was elated when she saw how Yang Chen was eating pleasantly. She tried every dish as well and was rather satisfied with the taste.

At this moment, Yang Chen blurrily praised, "The dishes Wang Ma makes are always this delicious. You really can't blame me for eating so quickly. I truly can't stop eating."

Wang Ma giggled. "Young Master, I didn't cook the dishes today."

Yang Chen stunned before looking at Lin Ruoxi oddly. "Babe Ruoxi, did you possibly cook everything here?"

When she got called this way in front of Li Jingjing, Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but to blush. As she rebuked in her heart, she asked, "Do you have any objections?"

This time, Yang Chen really looked at her in a completely different way. "Did you improve this much in such a short time?"

Proudly, Lin Ruoxi answered, "Isn't it just cooking? Jingjing taught me a few times before. As long as I'm willing to learn seriously, it's actually not that hard."

Yang Chen felt rather warm in his heart. Behind his back, this woman secretly learned how to cook from Li Jingjing. Although it looked quite dumb, it was so foolish that it got cute at the same time.

No wonder she's this close with Li Jingjing. She even became her disciple in cooking already.

"Sister Lin is very talented. I actually didn't teach her much," Li Jingjing praised smilingly, but her eyes were containing bitterness. Evidently, she wasn’t feeling too good looking at the intimacy between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

After half an hour, lunch ended and Yang Chen pretended to yawn. Using afternoon nap as an excuse, he walked up to his bedroom.

Actually, he was feeling terrible when Li Jingjing glanced at him in sorrow occasionally.

Resented, Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “All you know is eat and sleep.”

She seemed like she’d gotten addicted to doing housework. Lin Ruoxi entered the kitchen with Wang Ma to wash the bowls, chopsticks and cooking utensils. While she was doing that, she asked Li Jingjing to watch the television in the living room.

Li Jingjing obediently sat on the sofa for a while. After a few minutes, she seemed to have made a decision as she gathered courage. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and walked upstairs.

Coming to the second floor, Li Jingjing walked to the bedroom where Yang Chen earlier before knocking on the door.

A short while later, the door got opened. Yang Chen didn’t go to sleep. He was still dressed in a thin sweater. When he saw Li Jingjing standing at the door, he didn’t know what to say temporarily.

On Li Jingjing’s beautiful face, it contained anguish. Looking at Yang Chen in the eyes, she asked, “Brother Yang, can I talk to you for a while?

Yang Chen noticed how she looked at him with high hopes. His heart softened as he stepped backwards to allow Li Jingjing enter the room. Turning around to avoid looking at Li Jingjing’s face, he said, “Say whatever you want quickly.”

Li Jingjing entered the room and didn’t shut the door. Sobbing faintly, she asked, “Brother Yang, do you really want to be this brutal?”

“I’m not being brutal. I’m making a choice that I feel is most appropriate. What your father said back then, I believe you understand it as well.” Yang Chen sighed. “I know that you’re a good girl, but I also know that you have parents who don’t hope to see you that way.”

“But Brother Yang, have you thought about it before? Even if you really cut off our relationship and act like a stranger, do you think I can make my parents live with satisfaction this way?” Li Jingjing said mournfully.

Yang Chen didn’t turn back to look at her. Listening to what Li Jingjing said, Yang Chen remained silent as his mind went messy. He recalled too many interactions he had with Li Jingjing in the past.

Since he knew her after returning to the country, the shy college student who followed him around became an independent and mature teacher today. Although only one year had passed, the root of their relationship was just like a flame facing the wind, difficult to be suppressed.

He still remembered how the girl looked at him through the window when he walked home late at night.

He still remembered the smile on her face and the look in her eyes when he sang at the gathering he went with her.

“I just want love, I just want Brother Yang to only pay close attention to me, to love me and only me… However, the only thing that I want, is also the only thing that I’ll never get…”

He still remembered that evening during the sunset, how soft and unpredictable Li Jingjing’s words were, as if her sound was still echoing beside his ears.

When a million thoughts passed through Yang Chen’s mind, he slowly forgot where he currently was. He felt a soft and delicate body pressed onto his back before a pair of slim arms crossed in front of his waist, hugging him from behind.

Li Jingjing placed her head on Yang Chen’s back tightly as she murmured, “Brother Yang, I won’t forget them. We’ve been through so much and you’ve done so much for me. How can I forget you? How can you choose to cut off my feelings for you?

“I won’t ever forget how you dealt with Chen Dehai and Chen Feng for me, how you brought me to buy clothes and told me I was your princess, and how you looked when you sang in front of me during the gathering you went with me…”

Yang Chen wanted Li Jingjing to withdraw her hands, but was afraid that such an action would only further hurt the girl’s feelings, and bring an overly severe harm.

“Jingjing, let’s talk properly. This isn’t the matter of whether you want it or not.” Yang Chen sighed.

Li Jingjing suddenly got agitated. She shouted, “No! Brother Yang, how can you reject me?! Have you forgotten how you rushed into the toilet when I was bathing at home? You… How can you treat me this brutally?!”

Clink! Clink!

The sound of porcelain shattering on the ground resounded at the door.

Yang Chen suddenly regained awareness. When his mind was filled with various messy thoughts, he didn’t realize that someone walked upstairs to his door!

When he slowly turned around, Yang Chen instantly stunned.

He saw Lin Ruoxi standing outside the room, covering her mouth with one arm and tightly gripping her apron with another, as she restrained her tears from dripping. Her face was filled with torment, horror and despair.

On the ground, a broken porcelain plate and freshly cut fruits scattered all over the floor, looking like a complete mess.

“Sister Lin…” Li Jingjing let go of her arms from Yang Chen’s body. Lowering her head, she shrank to the side like a child who had done something wrong.

“Ruoxi, we…”

“Stop talking! I don’t want to listen!”

Lin Ruoxi swiftly turned around and ran a while. The echoing of door slamming soon followed. Evidently, she ran back to her room and slammed the door.

Yang Chen stood in shock for a very long time. Turning around, he looked at Li Jingjing who seemed to have spent all her energy. With a complex expression, he said, “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

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Chapter 282: Everything Is Eternal 2018-03-03T08:52:08+00:00

Yang Chen recalled the scene where Mobses disappeared last night, and thought of the vague feeling he got when the Holy Grail landed in his hands. He felt rather worried.

“Lilith, do you know that every organism in the world is eternal?” Yang Chen asked.

Lilith widened her eyes and seemed like she refused to believe such a sentence just came out from Yang Chen’s mouth this seriously.

“How is it possible? When it comes to us in the blood race, although we’re eternal and indestructible in theory, we just grow old and die at an incredibly slow speed, and aren’t eternal at all. How are other organisms all eternal?” Lilith murmured.

Yang Chen stood up from his seat and walked to the window before staring at the dense roads, big and small, outside the apartment.

The stream of countless cars and people were endless.

“Lilith, do you know about the Russian roulette?” Yang Chen asked.

Lilith nodded. “I know. It’s a game testing on fate where two people load one bullet into a revolver capable of holding six bullets before taking turns to shoot themselves.”

“That’s right. In this game, one person will definitely be shot in the end.” Yang Chen let out a strange and vague smile at the corner of his lips. “However, if you believe in the theory of multiverse in quantum mechanics, then you can assume that no one would die in the end.”

Having lived for more than 200 years, Lilith had witnessed the development of the scientific theory of parallel universes and quantum mechanics.

That was because when Einstein died, Lilith was already old enough that her age could make her a grandmother already.

However, even if she was a vampire who had limitless experience, she still expressed astonishment when she heard Yang Chen’s unrealistic speech.

Yang Chen knew that Lilith wouldn’t necessarily understand. He continued explaining, “The theory of multiverse states that the world is formed by countless parallel universes folded together. This mean in any of the universes, there exists completely identical things. They are interrelated but exist as individuals. In quantum mechanics, this world is made of different microscopic particles. Including living and non-living things, the particles that form them are unstoppably in exercise.

“In other words, there are countless you’s, me’s and identical worlds. However, all of us and all of the parallel universes are folded together, while the matters that make up everything are microscopic particles that are constantly changing places. Regarding what the particles are specifically, they’re constantly changing as well,” Yang Chen said.

Lilith seemed to have understood some of it. She asked, “However, what does this have to do with people not dying in the Russian roulette?”

Smiling, Yang Chen answered, “The Russian roulette is just one of the many examples. In fact, the moment any of the bullets shoots a fatal part, for example the temple, according to quantum mechanics and the theory of parallel universe, regardless of how low the possibility is, there will be one universe in which the bullet penetrates the place where microscopic particles coincidentally separate. As a result, in that universe, the bullet won’t pass through the ‘dead victim’’s temple, but will fly through the person’s head instead without damaging his tissues. Thus, in that universe, the person is alive.”

[TL note: Temple: the flat part of either side of the head between the forehead and the ear.]

Lilith widened her eyes as she felt incredible. If the person speaking wasn’t Pluto whom she wouldn’t resist against, she would’ve thought that the man was talking nonsense. Why does there exist such a terrifying and bizzare thing?!

“Your Majesty Pluto, according to what you said, why do the people in this world still die?” Lilith asked.

Yang Chen chuckled. “As you just said, the ones who die, are the people.”

Lilith suddenly understood something. “Are you saying that gods really don’t die?”

Yang Chen smiled rather bitterly.

The corners of Yang Chen’s lips revealed bitterness. “I believe there are records in your family’s historical literature regarding this topic, but you refuse to fully believe what’s written. Actually, gods being eternal and indestructible isn’t as impressive as it sounds. It doesn’t signify the so-called divine power nor is it reincarnation. The reason gods can live forever is due to the existence of infinite parallel universes, if you look at it from a scientific standpoint. No matter what diseases or injuries we get, there will be one universe where we’re perfectly fine.

“However, every other living organism other than gods isn’t able to detach themselves from the universe they’re initially in. As a result, they’ll die after getting a fatal injury, while gods can gain a new life through the multiverse.”

Lilith remained quiet for a long time, as if she was trying to digest what Yang Chen just said. Confused, she asked, “According to what Your Majesty Pluto just said, aren’t all gods extremely old beings then? Even if they can avoid death through the multiverse, they shouldn’t be able to get away from the decaying of the body.”

“That’s right, but this involves a field you don’t need to know about. All I can tell you is, gods have their way of recovering youth,” Yang Chen said. “You’re more intelligent than I imagined. I only explained once, and you managed to understand it.”

Lilith rolled her eyes at Yang Chen as she felt resentful. “I’m more than 200 years old already. I haven’t been living for nothing.” After thinking for a while, she continued saying, “I finally understand why gods would form Treaty of Gods to limit the battles between themselves. Since all of them live eternally, battling is pretty much a meaningless act that may cause unnecessary damage.”

“You’re right, but gods don’t necessarily live eternally. They’d fall under certain conditions as well. However, that is overly complicated, and not something you need to know. In short, although damaging the parallel universes won’t affect gods, it’s a huge disaster towards other races,” Yang Chen said as he looked rather gloomy. “Mobses is a good example of a sacrifice.”

Lilith widened her eyes in shock. “Did Elder Mobses really disappear out of thin air because of cracked universe?!”

“I’ve been wondering even until now, on who damaged the parallel universe last night to snatch the Holy Grail in front of my eyes.” Yang Chen sighed. “It must have been done by a god. I have a feeling that he definitely isn’t weaker than me, and is even stronger than me. Even if I unsealed at that moment and used the same way of manipulating the parallel universe to track, I wouldn’t stand a chance on chasing him.”

“Did he snatch the Holy Grail away? But isn’t the Holy Grail still in your hands?” Lilith asked, confused.

Yang Chen shook his head. “That wasn’t the Holy Grail anymore. Although I’m not sure if the Holy Grail previously had any miraculous divine powers, I can guarantee that the one that dropped on the ground had something important stripped off of it, with the culprit being the robber god. The one that was left is merely a metal antique cup which doesn’t hold any value.”

Lilith finally relieved herself. “In other words, the god isn’t an enemy of the blood race, but only went for the Holy Grail.”

Yang Chen nodded. “That’s right. Having said this much, I just want to tell you that you guys can return to Europe without worries. The fellow isn’t coming for the blood race. Also, don’t worry too much about the legend where one can gain the so-called eternity by solely relying on the consumption of some holy water. If that’s the case, gods would be too invaluable.”

Lilith grinned. “Your Majesty Pluto, since you told me so much key information, do you possibly like me?”

Yang Chen waved his hands as he smiled stiffly. “Although I like beauties, Miss Lilith, you’re more than qualified to be my ancestor with your true age. I guess I’ll pass.”

“I hate you!” Lilith shouted in dissatisfaction before stomping on the ground. “See you next time!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lilith rolled out of the meeting room like wind before disappearing away.

Yang Chen felt really helpless. He seemed to have triggered Lilith's sensitive part. Apparently, human and blood race included, women are all sensitive to age.

Lilith’s going made Yang Chen feel rather despondent. The god that appeared yesterday evidently had the ability of an Olympian. However, none of the remaining Olympians he knew had that kind of energy fluctuations…

Who would it be? Is he some ancient and nameless mighty god?

No, it’s impossible. Ever since the world was created, the strongest gods have always been the Twelve Olympians. There are only a few of them that went missing. Could it be one of them?

However, if he’s really an Olympian, why isn’t he willing to reveal his face? Why did he snatch the Holy Grail away? Why did he publicly violate the Treaty of Gods and unseal the use of his divine power?!

Yang Chen felt a headache. It seems like I need to find time to discuss this with the others. I hope it isn’t too terrible of a situation.

At this moment, Wang Ma sent a message over to ask Yang Chen if he was going home soon or not.

Yang Chen just realized that he stayed here for too long. He quickly replied the message, saying that he’d reach home very quickly.

After around twenty minutes, Yang Chen returned to the bungalow. In the living room, the freshly-cooked dishes were served. Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were seated and prepared to start eating.

After resting for a while, Lin Ruoxi appeared slightly better but still looked rather bleak. Seeing Yang Chen rush home after being out for the entire day once again, who didn’t immediately sat down to eat, she said, “Wash your hands before eating. Take care of your hygiene.”

It was Yang Chen’s first time hearing Lin Ruoxi’s request on good hygiene. Snickering, he ran into the washroom to wash his hands before coming out again.

Taking up a bowl of rice served by Wang Ma, Yang Chen started eating like a hungry wolf.

“Eat slower, no one’s snatching the food from you,” Lin Ruoxi complained as she frowned.

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly before slowing down. He too felt that he was rather uncultured, not to mention he was sitting beside two women.

After a short while, Lin Ruoxi seemed like she felt something wasn’t right again. She said, “Why are you only eating meat? Have more vegetables. You need to replenish vitamins and water during the winter.”

This time, Yang Chen really stopped everything he was doing. He felt like the dinner tonight was too weird. Raising his head, he stared at Lin Ruoxi as if he was doing a research.

Lin Ruoxi panicked as she got gazed upon. Frowning, she asked, “What is it? Why aren’t you eating?”

“Wifey, you’re behaving very weirdly today. Do you not feel well?” Yang Chen asked, concerned.

“No. Why do you ask?”

Wang Ma chuckled as she witnessed the behavior of this married couple. She understood what was going on, but remained silent as she lowered her head.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen said emotionally, “Why do I feel like you’ve suddenly become a housewife that’s taking charge of everything? Your usual coldness is nowhere to be found, I’m not used to it!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Are you complaining that I’m restraining you too much?!”

“No, no!” Yang Chen instantly denied. Smiling, he said, “You’re doing it correctly, this is how you should restrain me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen quickly pinched some cabbage into his bowl with a pair of chopsticks before eating away.

Lin Ruoxi stared at him as she refrained from smiling. Clearing her throat, she started chewing away as well.

Wang Ma witnessed the entire scene. She smiled faintly as she shook her head.

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Chapter 281: Visitor 2018-02-28T14:19:06+00:00

When Li Jingjing suddenly called over, Lin Ruoxi looked much happier. After chatting for a while, she seemed to have agreed to something before ending the call smilingly.

Yang Chen felt quite surprised. When has their relationship improved this much? Did they become good friends due to their common interest in volunteering in the orphanage?

He had purposely drawn the line between him and Li Jingjing because of her parents. Now that the two women became such great friends, he wouldn’t ask too many questions.

“Miss, you look really happy. Did a friend call?” Wang Ma asked with a smile. She too hoped that Lin Ruoxi would walk out of the shadow sooner.

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Yeah, the girl that I mentioned to you last time who’s a teacher. She asked if she could visit our house tomorrow. Since it’s a weekend, I agreed.”

Wang Ma looked like she thought of something. She smiled weirdly as she glanced at Yang Chen before saying, “That’s great, then I’ll get more cooking ingredients tomorrow.”

Yang Chen didn’t understand why Wang Ma looked at him that way, but didn’t think about it much as well. He was just hesitating if he should avoid Li Jingjing by staying out of the house.

However, when he thought about it more carefully, avoiding her wasn’t the right choice. He would just be telling Li Jingjing that he had problems, much worse and direct than the time where he acted like a stranger in front of her.

When they reached their home at Dragon Garden, Wang Ma entered the kitchen as she busied herself while Lin Ruoxi silently walked upstairs out of exhaustion. She directly entered her bedroom instead of going to the study room like usual.

Yang Chen was considering if he wanted to sit down and watch TV while he waited for lunch to be prepared. However, his phone suddenly rang.

Looking at the number, Yang Chen recognized it was Molin, the team leader of Sea Eagles.

“Your Majesty Pluto, a lady who wishes to see you came to find us.” Molin sounded rather helpless, like he ran into a problem.

Yang Chen was shocked. Since the lady wanted to meet him but looked for Sea Eagles instead, she was definitely displaying her power.

“What’s she called?” Yang Chen asked as he frowned.

“The lady refused to tell us her name. She said you’d know her once you’re here,” Molin said, displeased.

Yang Chen ended the call and sat on the sofa for a while. He seemed to have guessed who it was.

Seeing the time, it was three hours away from lunch. Since he didn’t have to rush, he ran into the kitchen and informed Wang Ma before going out.

Driving to the apartment where Sea Eagles was in, there stood Molin waiting for him at the entrance.

Although it was winter, Molin only wore a white short-sleeve shirt as he stood near the door. He didn’t look like he felt cold at all.

“Don’t you think you’re dressed very weirdly?” Yang Chen asked.

Molin smiled until the wrinkles on his face appeared. “Your Majesty Pluto, the winter in China isn’t cold.”

Being a special agent who mostly acted in the Arctic Ocean, he wouldn’t be affected unless the weather was colder than negative twenty degrees.

“I know it’s not cold, I don’t feel cold either. However, being an ordinary person, you have to act like a normal person after all. If you’re seen wearing this less in the weather, people would think you’re crazy,” Yang Chen said.

Molin blinked a few times before nodding with a smile, but he evidently didn’t look like he was going to change his behaviour.

Under Molin’s guidance, Yang Chen reached the meeting room located at the top floor of the apartment. In the huge meeting hall, there sat a shadow who was enjoying coffee alone.

Yang Chen directly let Molin leave and not come with him. Molin knew that the two definitely had things to discuss and smartly left them alone.

Entering the meeting room, after making sure the lady’s identity, he smiled weirdly. “Elder Lilith, haven’t you gone back to Europe yet?”

The lady who came was Lilith whom he met yesterday night. He didn’t feel surprised at all regarding her appearance at this place as the Dark Parliament’s intelligence network had been expanding in the past tens of centuries. Naturally, it was all over the globe.

Lilith wore a casual beige cardigan with a pair of tight-fitting and light-colored jeans. With her blonde hair put down behind her head, her charming face didn’t have any make-up on. Her natural smooth and white skin looked particularly alluring when shone upon.

To a person of the blood race like Lilith, sunlight could only limit a small portion of her ability.

Lilith didn’t answer Yang Chen’s greet question. She was just sitting on the leather seat beside the window as she enjoyed the warmth of the sunlight passing through the window.

“I haven’t been exposed to the sunlight this relaxedly in a while. Your Majesty Pluto, I don’t dare to go out during the day in Europe. The people of Rome Vatican are too detestable. They’re more annoying than insects,” Lilith complained.

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised that Lilith found out his identity. Being intelligent, she should’ve guessed who he was last night. Pulling over a chair, he sat beside Lilith. Looking at her from the side, he could see exactly Lilith’s busty bosom which looked like little mountains and her sharp facial features.

As he admired her body, he said, “Ordinary people must think that the blood race is afraid of sunlight and garlic. However, I bet someone like Lilith mustn’t care about them at all.”

Smiling, Lilith replied, “Those are the things only the cowardly would be afraid of. Your Majesty Pluto, let me tell you a secret. I love garlic-flavored potato chips, but my family hates the smell, so I always secretly eat them at home.”

Yang Chen felt that talking about food with this female vampire was weird. So he swapped a topic. “Do you want to drink? I can ask someone to bring some decent grape wine over.”

“No need, I rejected the offer earlier.” Lilith turned her head over and looked at Yang Chen. “Your Majesty Pluto, aren’t you going to ask why I came to look for you?”

“I guess that’s something you should be rushing to say, since staying here would only involve the danger of being stared upon by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. They seemed to have reached a common objective with the Vatican. While your ability is respectable, you won’t be able to defeat them when you’re surrounded by many,” Yang Chen said.

Lilith said confidently, “Your Majesty Pluto doesn’t have to worry about that for me. I still saved enough ability. Solely based on the few people in China from the Vatican combined with Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they still have to put in a lot of effort to get me.”

Yang Chen suddenly had a question. “Miss Lilith, may I ask which generation of the blood race you are?”

Smiling weirdly, Lilith answered, “Fourth generation. What is it? Is this something worth knowing?”

Yang Chen’s face suddenly turned pale. He pouted. “As far as I’m concerned, the third generation is called the golden generation that could rival gods, but that’s the blood race of tens of centuries ago. Miss Lilith, I suddenly regret on kissing you yesterday night. According to my estimation, you aren’t very young anymore, being one of the fourth generation. I had been wondering how you became an elder at such a young age. It seems like your appearance is casted with spells.”

Lilith laughed so hard that her back curved on the leather seat. “Although I’m from the fourth generation, I bring the pure royal bloodline as a result of being given birth through parturition by my mom. So I’m only a little more than 200 years old, still very young.”

200 years old… still very young…

Yang Chen touched his face as he regretted for asking this many questions. Last night, he unknowingly kissed more than two centuries! Out of curiosity, he asked, “So the blood race can give birth just like us humans? I didn’t know that back then.”

“We can. The stronger we are, the harder it is for us to reproduce. Furthermore, through this method of giving birth, it would hurt our strength, especially women of the blood race. If my mom didn’t have my dad’s protection, she wouldn’t have given birth to me,” Lilith explained.

“Your parents are the third generation. Even if their strengths got deducted, I bet their enemies still wouldn’t dare to attack them,” Yang Chen said as he smiled faintly.

Lilith’s eyes shone. “Although my parents’ generation was seen as equivalent to gods, being a god yourself, Your Majesty Pluto should know that they still have an unfathomable distance with gods. Even our ancestor Cain could only be considered a demigod.”

This time, Yang Chen moved slightly. Squinting, he said, “Miss Lilith, you seem to know a lot about gods.”

Lilith answered proudly, “I inherited my mother’s bloodline. My mom is a pure descendant of the Lady Devil of the Night, our ancestor Lilith, also the wife of the devil god Satan.”

As Yang Chen’s finger tapped on the armrest, he said, “No wonder. In that case, it definitely makes sense for you guys to interact with something of that aspect.”

“That’s right. Last night when Elder Mobses disappeared out of thin air, having read various scrolls passed down by my family which recorded some information regarding gods, I could roughly guess the truth, not to mention your appearance and your angry reaction I saw.” This time, Lilith wasn’t acting carefreely anymore. The topic she was talking about was rather serious.

Looking dull, Yang Chen said, “Your guess is more or less correct. However, regarding how it happened specifically, I’m still perplexed. It definitely wasn’t done by someone I know.”

“I know. That’s why I came today with the hope of discussing another thing with Your Majesty Pluto,” Lilith said with a smile.

Yang Chen signalled her to continue speaking.

“Your Majesty Pluto, as far as I know, you came to China for personal reasons. However, I’m sure that you don’t wish your peaceful life is disturbed. For example last night, China didn’t look too safe. Especially since you’re here as well, the protective umbrella Yellow Flame Iron Brigade became exceptionally important. At least, their existence would free you from worrying,” Lilith said. “However, since the Vatican stepped in, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade seemed to have stood on our opposite side.”

“What do you want to say? Be straightforward,” Yang Chen said.

“We at Camarilla have always followed our seclusion treaty, but the people from the Vatican appear to be unappreciative towards our endurance. Therefore, after our elders at Camarilla discussed, with me being the representative, we decided to form an alliance with Your Majesty Pluto to stop Yellow Flame Iron Brigade from siding the Vatican when we fight in the east.” When Lilith finished speaking, she looked at Yang Chen with high expectations.

Yang Chen kept quiet for a short while. “I’m not against your idea, but ask Molin to hook you guys up. I don’t want to have too many interactions with you guys at Camarilla. I live in this country after all.”

“That’s more than enough. We only need a form of deterrence,” Lilith said happily.

After hesitating for a while, Lilith asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, I still have a question. Since it concerns the security of our blood race, I want to make a confirmation with you.”

“Do you want to ask if Mobses’s disappearance last night was because of his blood race origin or the Holy Grail?” Yang Chen asked.

“That’s right. Also, can the Holy Grail really grant people eternity?” Lilith asked the biggest question shrouded in mystery.

Chapter 280: Keeping a Secret 2018-02-27T11:10:13+00:00

After that night, Lin Ruoxi dressed herself in an ordinary black coat and black pants after waking up. She also used a black hairband to tie her hair.

When Wang Ma saw Lin Ruoxi’s clothing, she stunned for a while. Carefully, she asked, “Miss, are you going to visit the funeral of an old folk?”

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she hadn’t had a good sleep. Her eyes were rather red. She explained Lin Kun’s situation to Wang Ma without hiding anything.

Since Wang Ma was an old person of Lin family, after hearing the news, she quickly sat on a chair as she got absentminded for a while.

Looking pale, Wang Ma’s expression turned weird for a very long time. She then said, “I’ll go with Miss and Young Master to send Master Kun off for the last time. Since he’s dead now, resentments should be let go already.”

After having a simple breakfast, Yang Chen drove his own BMW and fetched Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma to the hospital where Lin Kun did his yearly checkups and checked for sickness. His dead body was sent there as well.

Handling the death procedures as a family member wasn’t an easy task that could be dealt with in a short time.

Seeing Lin Kun for the last time, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma both looked particularly gloomy. As they cheered each other up, they signed various documents under the guidance of a nurse.

As Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma felt downhearted, a tall, righteous-looking doctor wearing a white coat who looked around fifty years old walked to the side. After glancing at Yang Chen and the other two, he asked Yang Chen politely, “Is this Miss Lin’s husband?”

Yang Chen was dazed. After looking at Lin Ruoxi who was still signing documents without reacting, he nodded at the doctor.

“My surname is Bao, I’m Mr Lin Kun’s former main doctor. There’s something I need to discuss with his family members. Since Miss Lin is busy, can I invite you over to my office as you’re his son-in-law?” Doctor Bao asked.

Yang Chen saw that Lin Ruoxi didn’t have any objections, and since he wouldn’t want to further exhaust her, he followed Doctor Bao into the office.

Upon entering the huge office which brought the smell of medicines, Doctor Bao asked politely, “May I know your surname?”

“Yang,” Yang Chen said after sitting down.

Smiling, Doctor Bao walked to the water dispenser and poured a cup of pure water for Yang Chen before getting back on his seat and taking out a folder from his desk.

After flipping the folder a while, Doctor Bao took out a stack of photostated information and placed them in front of Yang Chen.

Frowning, Yang Chen asked, “Doctor, what are these?”

“Medical history,” Doctor Bao said with an odd smile. “This is my patient Lin Kun. Ever since he came here for treatments, his medical record had always been kept. However, this isn’t the original folder, but merely one of the photostated ones.”

“Why are you showing me this?” Yang Chen had a bad feeling about it.

Doctor Bao moved his lips as he pointed at the documents. “Mr Yang can take a look at it, especially the second page. You’ll understand after you finish reading.”

Yang Chen lifted the medical records and slowly flipped them open. When he arrived at the second page, his face immediately turned expressionless as his eyes shone.

“Doctor Bao, what do you mean?” Yang Chen squinted at Doctor Bao who was grinning in an exceptionally weird manner.

“Mr Yang, you’re really a man people would get envious for. You have such a beautiful wife who happens to have a net worth of tens of billions as well. I guess Mr Yang mustn’t be anyone ordinary as well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to get such a woman as your wife,” Doctor Bao complicated.

Smiling coldly, Yang Chen said, “Tell me what you truly think.”

Doctor Bao sneered. He said, “Actually, I don’t think about much. I’m just wondering what effects would such a beautiful and wealthy married couple have, if the details in this medical report are known to the world. I believe the company and the society would also…”

Yang Chen more or less guessed the reason he was called in for. Frowning, he asked, “May I know what amount does Doctor Bao have in mind, to make sure the medical records aren’t leaked?”

“Mr Yang is indeed understanding! I like your boldness!” Doctor Bao laughed before raising his hand and lifting one figure. “Just this amount.”

“One million?” Yang Chen asked.

Doctor Bao shook his head.

“10 million?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“For the CEO of Yu Lei International, 10 million would be insulting to her,” Doctor Bao said as he shook his head smilingly.

Yang Chen tapped on the medical report in his hands before saying, “Then do you mean 100 million?”

“It’s not too much nor is it too little, it’s only a 100 million, I just need a 100 million Chinese yuan. It won’t bring Mr Yang’s family any financial burden, but will grant your entire family the peace of living quietly for the rest of your lives,” Doctor Bao said with an evil smile.

It couldn’t be seen whether Yang Chen was happy or sad. “100 million… to buy peace. Hehe, it’s really affordable.”

“That’s right, it is very cheap. Comparing to the information on this medical report, the amount really is nothing,” Doctor Bao said before sighing. “Actually, the reason I asked Mr Yang over is also because I didn’t want Miss Lin to get overly sad. Mr Yang, please understand my good intentions.”

Yang Chen nodded his head repeatedly in agreement.

Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t say anything, Doctor Bao asked eagerly, “Mr Yang, can I know if we can make a deal?”

Yang Chen looked like he was troubled. “Doctor Bao, I would really like to give you 100 million, and settle this matter in a peaceful manner. However, you need to know that in my house, my wife is in charge of the money. If you want me to take 100 million out, I really can’t do it.”

Doctor Bao then looked displeased. Keeping the medical record into the folder, he said, “It sure seems like I invited the wrong person. I’ll have to invite Miss Lin herself inside.”

“No, don’t,” Yang Chen advised with a smile. “Why do you have to trouble my wife for such a small matter? She’s tired enough now.”

“Humph,” Doctor Bao snorted. “This isn’t a small matter. To me, keeping this as a secret is extremely important. I’ll feel sorry to myself if I don’t get some benefits out of it. Mr Yang, if you can’t take the money out, don’t waste my time anymore.”

Yang Chen shook his head as he sighed. “Although I don’t have money to pay you, Doctor Bao, I have another way to make you keep this secret.”

Frowning, Doctor Bao asked out of curiosity, “What way?”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile as his eyes shone cold light. “Doctor Light, actually, as long as you’re dead… this matter will be covered as well.”

Yang Chen’s sudden change made Doctor Bao to jump up from his seat as a result of being frightened!

However, before Doctor Bao screamed in fear, Yang Chen slightly moved from his seat and immediately appeared behind Doctor Bao’s back!

Reaching an arm in front, Yang Chen used two fingers as thin as nails to lock Doctor Bao’s throat!

Although Doctor Bao was tall and strong, because of Yang Chen’s sudden surge in killing aura, he got horrified as he felt a helpless fear!

“You can try shouting. I’m confident that I can directly crush your throat before you do so. Don’t think that I don’t dare to do it. I can’t endure blackmails…” Yang Chen whispered beside Doctor Bao’s ear as he let out a violent and cold grin.

Doctor Bao forcefully tried to calm himself down. Since he was just an ordinary man, he naturally couldn’t bear with Yang Chen’s bloody path which produced a turbulent killing intent. As a result, the more he wanted to calm himself down, the more nervous and terrified he got. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he’d piss or shit himself at any moment.

Yang Chen took away the folder easily from Doctor Bao’s hands before taking a piece of A4 paper out.

Under the situation where Doctor Bao trembled in fear, Yang Chen’s left arm pinched the A4 paper and flung it like a poker card, shooting out the piece of thin paper more than ten times the size of a poker card!


Just like a metal disc, the piece of paper followed a straight trajectory before slotting into the cement wall!

Doctor Bao stared in shock as his mouth subconsciously opened. He even forgot to breathe!

Legend says that wuxia experts can harm people using a leaf. Did the man beside me just turn a thin piece of paper into a weapon more horrifying than a knife?!

[TL note: Wuxia (武俠 wǔxiá) – literally means “Martial Heroes”. Regular humans who can achieve supernatural fighting ability through Chinese martial arts training and internal energy cultivation.]

Yang Chen was very satisfied with the stunning effect. “Doctor Bao, if the piece of paper earlier suddenly flies towards your direction when no one is paying attention, would anyone think I’m the culprit?”

“Mr Yang, please… please don’t kill me… I… I don’t dare to ask for money anymore. I definitely won’t dare to leak this out…” Doctor Bao noticed that he had provoked someone that he definitely couldn’t displease. Although money is great, how can I use it without being alive?!

Furthermore, can I even blackmail someone like him who can do pull up such an act?!

Yang Chen didn’t want to truly kill him. Since killing a doctor in a hospital was something difficult to cover. He only wanted to use some brutal way to dispel his greed.

Letting Doctor Bao go, Yang Chen patted his shoulder. However, he instantly fell onto the ground upon making contact with Yang Chen!

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “You can keep the medical records. If you want to die someday, feel free to leak the information inside. I’ll give you a good way of dying.”

Doctor Bao’s smile was uglier than a cry. Quickly, he said, “I won’t, I won’t. I’ll deal with every single copy of it today.”

“You’re such a great doctor. If I get diseased one day, I’ll definitely come back to you,” Yang Chen said before winking at him and walking out of the office relaxedly.

Upon leaving the office, Yang Chen’s expression turned serious. He sighed as he thought of the things in the medical report again. Things always changed. If it was shown to Lin Ruoxi, a great disturbance would undoubtedly arise. At the very least, nothing good would happen.

Yang Chen decided to keep whatever he’d seen today to himself, and bring it into the coffin. This should be the best option.

When he walked into the room where Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were in, Wang Ma raised her head and asked, “Young Master, did the doctor say anything?”

Yang Chen smiled. “It’s nothing major. He only talked to me about his past medical records, and why he couldn’t be saved this time. Let the past stay in the past.”

Wang Ma nodded before turning to Lin Ruoxi. “Miss, if things are settled here, let’s go back first. You don’t look very energized, go and rest at home.”

Lin Ruoxi stood up weakly and raised her head to look at Yang Chen. Softly, she said, “Thank you.”

“What for?”

“Since we met, that guy has been causing you trouble. Now that he has left, it’s still you who told me,” Lin Ruoxi said gloomily.

Yang Chen sighed in his heart. Although she hates Lin Kun, she still hasn’t completely let him go in her heart. Just like although she hates Lin Zhiguo, she still listened to his order and followed the house rules of Lin family, to endure the pain of marrying me.

Thinking of these, Yang Chen felt like the decision to keep the information in the medical reports to himself was right.

When the three walked out of the hospital, Lin Ruoxi’s phone rang.

When Lin Ruoxi saw the number, she let out a rare and gentle smile. She looked at Yang Chen and said, “It’s Jingjing, the girl you met when I brought you to the orphanage earlier. She’s calling.”

Yang Chen got rather shocked as he looked at Lin Ruoxi who picked up the phone with a much improved mood.

Chapter 279: Winter Night 2018-02-26T11:50:46+00:00

The robbery crisis of the auction made the peak moment of Liu family’s banquet come to a stop suddenly as a result of guests getting out of the place.

Liu Kangbai was in a very bad mood. He even gave his son Liu Yun a massive scolding, as he thought it was Liu Yun’s neglection of duty for not supervising his men properly.

After the incident, the one who got especially annoyed was Cai Yan. She was the chief of a police station, while such an event took place in front of his eyes. The more depressing thing was, the criminals couldn’t be tracked down after putting up such a major act of robbery.

However, after it happened, her sister Cai Ning’s sudden disappearance and Yang Chen’s abrupt departure made Cai Yan feel rather weird. But she kept it all within herself.

Outside the main entrance of the villa, dark lights shone upon two black cars under four pine trees which were green during all four seasons.

Beside the giant vases by the road, there stood Lin Ruoxi who was still dressed in her gown. In the lonely and cold night, she felt absent minded as she stared into the distance, at the direction of the conference hall.

Without saying much, Yang Chen suddenly left. He only said that he was going to look at the situation. However, almost an hour had passed already. His lack of news made Lin Ruoxi anxious if he had gotten into an accident or not.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t think that she cared for him that much. It was just that they were always together, and were a married couple. Lin Ruoxi believed that she would develop feelings for even an animal, let alone an adult. It was mostly normal that she was worried.

As a result, bringing a perturbed heart, Lin Ruoxi decided to wait for a while outside the entrance. But an hour quickly passed and she was still waiting.

Since it was winter, although the cities in the south weren’t at their coldest, Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t help but to hug her body as she repeatedly rubbed her arms, with her nose reddened.

At this moment, Yang Jieyu who had a marten coat draped around her shoulders, exited her purple Cadillac limousine before walking towards Lin Ruoxi gracefully and wrapped an old-fashioned white coat on Lin Ruoxi carefully.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t reject her offer. Although she was surprised by the kindness shown by the married couple from Yuan family to accompany her wait for Yang Chen, she didn’t want to ask more questions.

“Girl, let the driver wait for Yang Chen. Why are you waiting for him yourself? It’s too cold outside,” Yang Jieyu said, distressed.

Lin Ruoxi moved her lips to smile. Maybe because she was in the chill for too long, her smile looked stiff and forced. “I feel cold myself too. I wouldn’t feel good letting others bear the consequences for me. I was the one who asked him here. If he disappeared at such a time, it’d really be my fault if something bad were to happen to him.”

“What kind of things can happen to an adult like him? But you, you might get sick before long if you continue standing outside being a girl,” Yang Jieyu said gloomily. “Yang Chen is quite inconsiderate as well. How can he leave you alone and make you wait for him?”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t answer the question. Seizing the opportunity, she asked, “Mrs Yuan, how do you and Mr Yuan know Yang Chen? I’m only aware that he managed to know your son through video games, but I didn’t expect you two to know him as well.”

Since she was speaking to the people from the number-one clan in Zhonghai, Lin Ruoxi spoke rather politely.

Yang Jieyu seemed to know Lin Ruoxi would ask such a question. Smiling, she answered, “Little Ye introduced him to us. I feel that he’s a rather good young man. Although we’ve had a few interactions, we haven’t known each other for long. That’s why he didn’t mention it to you.”

Lin Ruoxi believed her words for the most part, but still felt dissatisfied towards Yang Chen’s hiding. However, when she thought about it more carefully, she was the one who hadn’t taken an interest in his life. Her heart got inevitably cold.

“But Miss Lin, how long have you known Yang Chen for? When did you two get married? My husband and I are really curious. Although the kid Yang Chen is not bad, he doesn’t seem like the type Miss Lin would like. Looking average, he doesn’t run any business and usually behaves carefreely. What part of him does Miss Lin like?” Yang Jieyu asked.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly couldn’t speak a word. What do I like him for?

If this question was asked the other way round, regarding what she didn’t hate him for, she could maybe list a few things out. But liking… was a rather tough question.

Having pondered for a while, Lin Ruoxi said, “It may be due to his open-mindedness. He normally isn’t calculative.”

In other words, he’s absolutely heartless! Just like tonight, he left without a word!

Yang Jieyu nodded as her expression turned rather odd. She didn’t continue asking questions.

At this moment, Yuan Hewei walked down from the car. He complained, “Jieyu, Miss Lin, quickly get into the car. I’ll wait for Yang Chen. The fellow must’ve eaten the wrong medicine. Can’t he send a message after going out at such a cold weather?”

“He left his phone in the car,” Lin Ruoxi said as she frowned.

“I really have nothing to say.” Yuan Hewei got rather frustrated. Walking towards Yang Jieyu, he leaned forward and whispered, “This nephew is really worrying.”

Yang Jieyu rolled her eyes, but had a deep feeling at the same time. Since he met Yang Chen, different kinds of absurd things had taken place. If it wasn’t for her birth in a major clan and thus her experience in witnessing various disasters, she wouldn’t be able to take it.

Seeing the intimacy between Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu, Lin Ruoxi felt rather envious. A good-matching couple like them who have walked the journey for the past twenty years together and still be this close to each other, they must feel really blessed…

When she thought of the man from her house who dumped her after an explosion before disappearing utterly, Lin Ruoxi felt extremely irritated. What am I doing? Why am I waiting for him here?

As she felt annoyed, she heard someone shouting in front.

“You haven’t left yet? I asked you to go home first when it gets late.”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head, only to notice Yang Chen who ran towards her with a bright smile.

Seeing Yang Chen return peacefully, Yang Jieyu and Yuan Hewei both got relieved.

Lin Ruoxi said unhappily, “Go home first? Do you want to stay here overnight then?”

“I’ll be fine calling a cab,” Yang Chen replied.

“The nearest place where you can call a cab from is at least forty minutes away. If you appear on the newspaper as a result of freezing to death, and I get blamed for being the culprit, wouldn’t I be wronged?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen silently thought that he could complete a forty-minute journey in less than five minutes. However, he didn’t know what to say at the moment, as he felt warmth for Lin Ruoxi’s willingness to wait for him while resisting the cold. No matter what happened between them, there were still feelings between them.

“Alright, it’s my fault for forgetting the time as I strolled around. I apologize to my well-respected wife. Let’s get back into the car, don’t stay in the cold anymore,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“I don’t need you to tell me that.” Without looking back, Lin Ruoxi entered her car before forcefully shutting the door.

Yang Jieyu stared at Yang Chen. “How could you wander around at times like this? You better nicely console your wife when you get home.”

Yang Chen felt a bit unusual towards Yang Jieyu’s attitude as a senior. In his heart, he understood the relationship between them. However, since both of them didn’t talk about it for some unknown reasons, Yang Chen smiled unnaturally as he felt Yang Jieyu’s care. “I understand. Thank you guys for keeping Ruoxi company. Please return quickly as well.”

Yuan Hewei tapped Yang Chen’s shoulder before hugging Yang Jieyu back to his Cadillac limousine and driving away.

Yang Chen returned to the back seat of the Rolls-Royce. Lin Ruoxi silently stared out of the window and utterly ignored Yang Chen.

The driver Li Ming didn’t dare to make noise while he breathed. Noticing that his CEO employer wasn’t in a good mood, he rationally decided to drive quietly and speak nothing at all.

Yang Chen thought about it thoroughly, and felt that he should apologize in the end. Otherwise he would’ve to endure a cold war for a few days. Thus, he thought of what he was going to say and got prepared to voice his apology.

However, before Yang Chen opened his mouth, his phone vibrated.

Yang Chen picked up his handphone left in the car, he noticed that an unsaved number had called his number consecutively for more than ten times, but he didn’t manage to answer them since his phone wasn’t with him.

Picking up the call, Yang Chen asked, “May I ask who’s calling?”

“Is this Mr Yang?”

“Yes.” Yang Chen heard an unfamiliar man’s voice that sounded rather anxious.

“I’m from Zhonghai Mental Hospital. The patient that you sent over, Lin Kun, do you still remember him?”

“Of course.” Yang Chen glanced at Lin Ruoxi beside him as he answered. He hadn’t seen Lin Kun who had gone mad for awhile. As far as he was concerned, Lin Ruoxi hadn’t visited him for even once. It could be seen just how terrible the guy’s behaviour was.

“Something happened to him. A few years ago when his condition suddenly got serious, he jumped down from a high platform. After that… his brain bled severely, the emergency rescue is ineffective…” the guy said.

Yang Chen’s expression turned stiff. Although he wasn’t sad, he didn’t expect that fellow to pass away so suddenly.

Yang Chen sighed. “Alright, noted. I’ll take care of it tomorrow at your place. Now do whatever’s needed, money isn’t an issue.”

“Okay, you may call this number if you have any needs,” the guy said before ending the call.

After around an hour, the two silently returned to the bungalow in Dragon Garden.

Before entering the house, Yang Chen called Lin Ruoxi, “I have something to tell you.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned. “If it’s regarding what happened just now, you don’t need to tell me. I’m not interested in your explanation.”

“It’s about your father,” Yang Chen said solemnly.

Lin Ruoxi stunned. She seemed to have gotten unfamiliar with the term ‘father’. Looking at Yang Chen quietly, she signalled him to tell her about it.

“I told you that he went mad earlier, but you never asked which hospital he was in. I bet you mustn’t have paid him a visit before. I know that you hate him. His harm to you cannot be expressed in merely two or three sentence. Since I knew how you felt, I didn’t tell you about it earlier.

However, the people from the mental hospital gave me a call just now. I was told that he jumped from a high spot as a result of his worsened condition. Due to bleeding in the head, he passed away as the emergency rescue was ineffective.”

When Lin Ruoxi heard the words ‘passed away’, Lin Ruoxi took a step back as she shivered. Slowly, her eyes got filled with tears.

Sighing, Yang Chen said, “No matter what, visit the hospital with me tomorrow. He was your father by law after all. It’s more appropriate that you sign for the cremation of his body and other procedures.”

Lin Ruoxi stood still for a very long time. Softly, she asked, “Actually, I thought of asking you where he was before. I planned to bring him back to the old house and hire someone to take care of him for the rest of his life.”

“Is it the old bungalow you mentioned that he wasn’t willing to give you?” Yang Chen asked.

“That’s right. After he went crazy, although the house got transferred to me, I’ve never paid it a visit before. I notice I’m still afraid to go back to the place. I’m scared of being reminded of Grandma and Mom, and the things in the past,” Lin Ruoxi said as she wiped her eyes before taking a deep breath, trying to suppress her tears.

“However, I didn’t expect him to leave suddenly before I made a decision.” Lin Ruoxi smiled bitterly. Turning around, she opened the door before saying, “It’s Saturday tomorrow. We’ll go there in the morning.”

Yang Chen agreed and looked at the graceful but lonely figure who walked into the house, feeling rather dismal.

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Chapter 278: You Mustn’t Say It Out 2018-02-25T12:32:30+00:00

Such a scene had exceeded most people’s imagination. They couldn’t visualize what happened at all.

There weren’t any fluctuations of energy, nor were there any fancy cover-ups. The life of an elder of the blood race just disappeared out of thin air. It was a completely unexplainable problem.

Before everyone regained awareness, Yang Chen bent down and picked up the dark-golden wine cup from the ground.

The side of the wine cup was engraved with ancient lines of the Common Era. Except looking particularly antiquated, it didn’t seem any special.

However, Yang Chen didn’t get too excited for holding the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ in hand. From the perspectives of the people around, he seemed like he was treating the item that could supposedly grant ‘eternity’ as a piece of broken and worthless metal.

“It’s you… Did you kill Mobses?!” Archimonde asked loudly.

Turning around, Yang Chen smiled coldly. “I can assure you that I didn’t kill him. But regarding how he died, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to give you guys an explanation. Now, your most desired Holy Grail is in my hands.”

“What does Your Majesty plan to do?” Lilith asked as she looked at the wine cup in Yang Chen’s hands, with her eyes expressing a strong desire. However, she rationally suppressed herself to not step forward.

Playing with the cup in hand, Yang Chen murmured, “This thing may really be the true ‘Holy Grail’, but regrettably, it’s merely an antique now. I believe telling you guys the reason is a waste of time. Since it’s useless now, I’ll make it disappear as it’ll still be the reason you guys fight for.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen pinched the Holy Grail in his right hand forcefully before waiting for the people around to react.

The metal cup acted just like a piece of hard paper—it got distorted and twisted into a ball of scrap.

Everyone widened their eyes as they refused to believe that Yang Chen really destroyed the Holy Grail!

“You… You dared to ruin the Holy Grail?!” the holy knight Thomas shouted angrily. “This is an insult to the Lord! You’re challenging us at the Vatican!”

Gabriel, Lilith and the others of the blood race felt like they were dreaming. The item that both sides fought so hard for was gone just like that!

Yang Chen directly threw the piece of scrap onto the ground. “Don’t you guys feel odd? If it was the real Holy Grail, would it get destroyed this easily by me earlier?”

“The reason the Holy Grail is unique is because it holds the divine power of Jesus Christ, not because of its special material. What’s so weird about it?!” Thomas still couldn’t calm himself down.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “Since that’s what you want to believe, I can’t do anything about it then. Ultimately, as you guys have seen, the Holy Grail is gone. Whether you choose to fight me or go back to where you came from is your choice. However, let me warn you, all of you must die if you choose to fight. I’m not being arrogant, this is the reality. Of course, I think you guys may really risk your lives to fight me for your so-called faith. Doesn’t the Vatican like to propagate this idea?”

When Yang Chen finished speaking, everyone there kept quiet.

In fact, all of them had dismissed the thought of battling since the bizarre disappearance of Mobses. People would always be afraid of things they weren’t familiar with. All of them were worrying, Am I going to disappear suddenly like that as well?

Thomas and Gabriel looked at each other and discovered helplessness in their eyes.

On the Dark Parliament’s side, they didn’t get too upset for losing the Holy Grail, since it was something that belonged to the Vatican. Their main objective of acquiring it was to bring it back to Europe to act as a symbol of victory, and probably do some research.

After all, the believers of Satan wouldn’t gain eternity from God.

Their only failure of the mission was the loss of the elder-level Mobses from the blood race. Regarding the blood servants, they were meant to be sacrificed anyway.

As a result, Archimonde, Zobo and the others all looked at their strongest teammate, Lilith, to determine their next step.

Lilith appeared really calm. After getting slightly surprised, her beautiful, scarlet eyes slowly turned pale as they changed to the color of a blue gem, recovering her elegant blonde lady look.

Somehow, Lilith hid her Massacre Blade which glimmered a violent light behind her back. It disappeared completely. Evidently, she wasn’t going to fight anymore.

Smiling sweetly, Lilith walked forward as she gazed at Yang Chen with an indefinite look. “Your Majesty, I really like how you speak. I think I know who you are now. I represent the Dark Parliament to offer you a sincere apology for offending you earlier.”

“Have you made a decision yet?” Yang Chen didn’t think he could hide his identity for long. Although the Dark Parliament wasn’t an organization affiliated with any countries, their historical origin was much deeper than any other secret organizations. Naturally, their intelligence network was all over the globe.

Lilith nodded. “Of course, I fully believe that Your Majesty has the ability to let us leave the land of China peacefully. Since the Holy Grail is gone now, we should return to Europe already.”

“May you have a happy journey,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Smiling, Lilith suddenly leaned forward to Yang Chen’s ears before whispering something that only Yang Chen could hear.

Yang Chen wasn’t worried that Lilith would attack him suddenly during her approach. Although Lilith was strong, Yang Chen was at an entirely different level with her. To him, her ‘Massacre Blade’ was something that could be crushed with ease just like the Holy Grail. Furthermore, Lilith didn’t bring a killing aura.

After Lilith finished speaking, she moved her head away from Yang Chen’s ear before gazing at him nervously with anticipation. When she looked at Yang Chen without blinking, she didn’t look like the lady devil earlier at all, but an ordinary beautiful western girl.

Yang Chen felt embarrassed as he smiled before touching his chin.

He looked extremely perverted, shocking everyone else present. What happened to these two?!

Being a woman, Flower Rain felt a immensely disgusted. Did he just get that intimate with this vampire?! They even looked like they’re flirting with each other. This… this is so shameless!

However, she somehow felt that she was being jealous. Flower Rain had an uncontrollable, complex emotion at the moment.

“Do you really want to do that?” Yang Chen asked softly like he was making a confirmation.

Lilith’s white and smooth skin slowly reddened. As her eyes shone, she asked, “Can I?”

“I’ll sacrifice a bit then,” Yang Chen said righteously.

Elated, Lilith rushed forward as she wrapped around Yang Chen’s neck with her long hands before placing her red and delicate lips onto Yang Chen’s.

Soon, a cold and smooth tongue stretched out and intertwined with Yang Chen’s together.

This scene shocked everyone. No one understood what was happening, Why are they French kissing all of a sudden?!

Flower Rain looked away as she couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. As she kept quiet, she was talking bad about Yang Chen in her heart. It’s not like he’s related to me in any way. Why should I care about his stupid behaviour? Oh yeah, when I return, I must tell Lin Ruoxi that Yang Chen once again kissed and hugged other women behind her back!

After indulging Lilith’s blood-race-exclusive sweetness for a short while, he finally separated with Lilith. Smiling, he said, “Alright, it’s done now. Bring your men and leave quickly.”

Lilith gazed at Yang Chen for a while more before smiling and turning around reluctantly to make a hand gesture to Archimonde and the others from the blood race.

Being stared upon by the Vatican and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the blood race disappeared into the forest in the blink of an eye.

Yang Chen looked at Gabriel and the others. “Do you guys want to fight me by staying?”

Displeased, Gabriel said, “Although I really want to try battling, it’s not the right time currently. We’ll leave China, but Your Majesty, please remember that you’ve destroyed our Holy Grail today.”

Although they detested Yang Chen to the fullest, Gabriel and the others decided to return to the Vatican calmly to check on Yang Chen’s identity before they made any plans.

After he finished speaking, bringing an angered look, Gabriel brought Thomas, Arthur and the other holy knights to leave the scene.

At last, only Flower Rain, Yong Ye and the other members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were left. Although Yong Ye was irritated regarding Yang Chen’s intimidating way of handling the matter, he didn’t dare to go against him. After glaring at Yang Chen, he waved his hand as he planned to bring his injured members away.

Flower Rain on the other hand wasn’t leaving in a hurry. She stood on the ground as she looked at Yang Chen, appearing to be waiting for something.

“Ning’er, why aren’t you leaving?” Yong Ye asked, worried.

Flower Rain didn’t turn her head to look at him. She said, “I’ll contact some people to take care of the crime scene. You may bring the others away first.”

“No way, I can’t be at ease leaving you with someone this dangerous,” Yong Ye said loudly. “I’ll stay here with you.”

Annoyed, Flower Rain glared at him. “Since you know he’s dangerous, why do you want to stay? Can’t you tell that he doesn’t like you?”

Yong Ye carefully glanced at Yang Chen. Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t have any reactions, he felt even more uneasy. Although he was angry, he felt like his life was more important. Thus, he looked at Flower Rain once more before leading his teammates away.

Flower Rain sighed faintly. “Such a coward.”

Yang Chen had been looking at the scene silently. He said, “Although he’s a coward, he’s still a rather interesting fellow. Aren’t you leaving?”

“Yes, I am. But before that, I have many questions to ask you,” Flower Rain said.

“What questions?”

“Regarding what you said earlier. You said that we didn’t understand the Dark Parliament. Isn’t it wrong to see them as vampires who do harm to the human race?” Flower Rain asked.

Only at this moment was Yang Chen reminded that he was going to give them an explanation. After thinking for a while, he said, “I have to talk about the history of the blood race to start. Since they have existed for too long, I don’t know much about them. However, I can tell you the general situation about the Dark Parliament.

“Before the Middle Ages, the blood race could be considered the ruler of Europe. Back then, they were indeed a violent race. However, due to the existence of Rome Vatican, the people started to resist and fight back. Although the blood race was strong, they couldn’t defend against the collective attack of thousands of citizens.

“The blood race then set up a secret party—Camarilla. This organization is a major part of the Dark Parliament. They have six major commandments, with the most significant being ‘seclusion’, meaning they have to live hidden from the human race and give up their dominance in the world. Since then, the term ‘blood race’ seemed to have turned to a legend. The people now don’t see them as reality anymore.”

Flower Rain frowned. Lilith mentioned about ‘Camarilla’, which her family seemed to be the members of. On the other hand, the other people were from another organization. “The… what’s the other organization called Savath then?”

Yang Chen said, “Savath is referred as the ‘devil association’ in the blood race. They’re a bunch of extremists who don’t like being secluded. Anyone from the blood race or of heresy can join, but since they’re inferior in fighting ability, they aren’t as strong as Camarilla in the blood race. Today, Archimonde and the others came to snatch the Holy Grail with the intention of strengthening their position within the blood race to go against Camarilla, while Lilith and the guy Zobo came to limit them.”

Flower Rain understood something. “In other words, even if the Holy Grail really ended up in the hands of the blood race, it won’t affect the people in any way?”

“That’s exactly the case. You guys from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade just got used by the Vatican as their fighters…” Yang Chen shook his head as he smiled. “Actually, although the Vatican is an organization that serves justice on the surface, in actuality, they’re just another association that goes against the Dark Parliament. They have always been fighting for their benefits and normally won’t get involved between the interests of different countries. That’s why I asked you guys to not get dragged in.”

Flower Rain nodded. “I’ll report to General. The damned Vatican, we shouldn’t have trusted them.”

“If there’s nothing else you need, I’ll leave now,” Yang Chen said. He felt like it was almost time to go, otherwise he really had to take a cab home.

Flower Rain stopped Yang Chen as she said quickly, “How about the Holy Grail? Is the rumor true? Can it grant people eternity?”

Speaking of the Holy Grail, Yang Chen didn’t look too happy. Sighing, he said, “I don’t know. This question is very complicated. No matter what, Mobses’s disappearance earlier is an issue much more significant than you guys can imagine. However, this isn’t what you should take care of. Simply briefing your general when you return is enough.”

Flower Rain felt rather disappointed. In her heart, she still felt that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to tell her the truth.

“Then, just now…. Just now Lilith… How could you do that?” Flower Rain said as she resisted the awkwardness. She hesitated on this topic for very long, but still decided to say it out. “Aren’t you afraid of me telling Ruoxi about it? You guys just went back on good terms not long ago, do you want an argument to arise again?”

Yang Chen quickly turned around as he tried to please her. “You mustn’t say it out! Earlier, Lilith looked at me just like how a fan would look at an idol. We merely kissed for a bit using our pure hearts. I haven’t kissed a vampire in my life before. You know it as well, I don’t have any immunities against beauties. Furthermore, it really isn’t a big thing to kiss to the western people. I couldn’t hold myself back from trying, I really don’t mean anything else.”

What he said was in fact the truth. Yang Chen truly didn’t hold that kind of intention towards this woman of the blood race who had lived for an unknown amount of time. He was just curious how it felt like to do so.

Flower Rain got completely speechless. This man can’t reason at all! Is it that fun to kiss a vampire? Her mouth must’ve sucked a lot of filthy blood!

“Disgusting.” Flower Rain spit out a word angrily before leaving the scene using Lightness Skill.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Only Yang Chen was left on the scene. Puzzled, he scratched the back of his head as he mumbled, “Didn’t this woman say she was going to take care of the crime scene? Why did she leave?”

Chapter 277: The Strange Scene 2018-02-25T12:30:29+00:00

As the Massacre Blade approached Flower Rain, the heart felt utterly helpless.

The sound of the wind cut past her ears like tens of thousands of ghosts growled, but Flower Rain wasn’t afraid at all. Her biggest feeling was regret instead.

Am I going to die just like this? Is my life ending this way?

Countless scenes emerged in her mind. Being born in a clan like Cai family, she was destined to walk unusual paths. When she was eleven, before she graduated from primary school, she got chosen by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to be sent for strict training, which she got from the masters from Tang Sect.

In her memory, except practising day and night restlessly, she lay down in a simple wooden house alone, listening to the sound of the heavy rain at Shushan. The nights filled with loneliness and silence which were solely accompanied by the sound of the rain felt just like yesterday.

Slowly, she didn’t understand what she was living for. She had a home, parents and relatives whom she couldn’t meet nor miss. Although she had a good reputation in her sect and organization, she had never been happy before.

During the twenty or so years she lived, she felt like she had been lost in a jungle. She could survive with ease, but could never walk out of there.

When she finished her apprenticeship, she asked her master, “Master, why do people want to live?”

Her master pondered for a very long time before answering, “That’s because everyone else wants to leave.”

Yeah, that’s indeed the answer. That’s indeed life. Who knows what they’re living for? Aren’t they all living for someone else?

The complex thoughts flashed in her mind like electric current. Flower Rain shut her eyes as her glamorous and cold face revealed an obscure and unexplainable smile.

However, the pain she was prepared to receive didn’t come as expected.

Suddenly, Flower Rain felt that her slim waist was wrapped around by a hot arm. Her body was being lifted as if someone was carrying a plastic bag, appearing so effortless.

She seemed to have felt an instantaneous movement. However, before her brain could react, it all ended.

What happened?

“Hey, even if you feel that you can’t escape, you should at least try. Why were you waiting to be cut open all of a sudden? You don’t look very ugly, were you waiting for someone to perform plastic surgery on you? You have to undergo that kind of operation in a hospital. In the wild, even a giant vegetable knife would complain that your butt is too big.”

The detestable but highly familiar sound pulled Flower Rain back to reality very quickly.

When she opened her eyes, she had mixed feelings. In a trance, she saw a man standing on the ground. There was a cigarette in his mouth and his nose seemed to be exhaling smoke, making him look like a gangster. In the thick atmosphere, he appeared surprisingly clear and bright.

It’s him?!

Struggling out of the arm wrapped around her waist, Flower Rain turned around and saw Yang Chen who rolled his eyes in a helpless and sad manner.

“You… You… Why are you… here?” Flower Rain asked as her face turned pink. It was her first time being hugged by a man and interacting with one this up-close.

When Yang Chen appeared, he didn’t just shocked Flower Rain, everyone who witnessed the scene got astonished as well as they felt their hearts beating hard.

Flower Rain who was expected to be sliced in half by Lilith’s Massacre Blade suddenly got swept away by a shadow, moving her away from her original position. When the scene got clear again, this man was seen standing aside while he hugged Flower Rain.

Yong Ye and the other members of Second Dragon Group recognized Yang Chen. He truly felt elated and pissed at the same time. He was happy that Yang Chen rescued Flower Rain, but was annoyed that Yang Chen hugged her!

The people from the Vatican and the Dark Parliament expressed astonishment. It wasn’t solely the matter of courage, rescuing someone under the strike of Lilith’s Massacre Blade. His speed was definitely much stronger than Lilith’s. Although her age couldn’t rival the blood race of previous generations, she was definitely one of the ten strongest among them due to her noble bloodline and possession of a legendary weapon!

Yang Chen didn’t answer Flower Rain’s question quickly. He suddenly felt that the cigarette in his mouth was put out.

Since the speed he moved at was overly fast, the sudden cold airflow not only extinguished the cigarette, but froze its end as well. Feeling helpless, Yang Chen spit out the half-smoked cigarette.

“Do you think that I’m willing to be here?” Yang Chen asked, dissatisfied. “You people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade are such busybodies. The fight between the Vatican and Dark Parliament for the Holy Grail is their ‘internal affair’. They have been fighting for tens of centuries, what are you guys stepping in for? Do you possibly think that they’d harm the citizens in China? The blood race has a commandment called ‘seclusion’ while the Vatican similarly operates underground. What benefit do you get by doing this, except asking for contempt?”

Flower Rain panicked. She said, “This is an order from above. Furthermore… isn’t the Dark Parliament the evil side?”

“You guys don’t seem to understand the blood race at all. I’ll explain it to you after this matter is dealt with,” Yang Chen said before sighing. “I wanted to just watch you guys fight by the side. However, I saw you were going to die immediately. After thinking for a bit, I still decided to rescue you.”

Flower Rain was stunned. Showing yourself for me? She felt rather weird in her heart. She couldn’t help but to ask, “Why did you come out for me?”

“Think about it, you’re Cai Yan’s sister. Cai Yan is my wife’s great sister. Even my wife calls you Elder Sister. During the robbery in the bank back then, you helped me out of the situation, and we’ve had a couple of interactions in the past as well. I don’t know a lot of people in this country, and I’m not considered intimate to you, but I know you after all. Although I’m not concerned with your death, I’d feel bad seeing someone getting sad about it, since I can be blamed in a way after all.”

Yang Chen took a cigarette out from his shirt pocket before lighting it up as he spoke. In the dark, the white smoke appeared particularly eye-catching. After leisurely inhaling a mouthful of smoke, he continued speaking, “You’re in luck. I would definitely have left you to die if it was a few years ago. Now that the magnificent me has my own family, I live like a human. I have to do something humane one way or another.”

Flower Rain didn't ask further questions as she felt dejected listening to the bunch of baffling reasons. She couldn’t help but feel regret for her initial trace of anticipation. What am I thinking about? Hasn’t he always been this strange?!

At this moment, Yang Chen’s arrival gave made the people there hold different kinds of thoughts.

The war situation was at its peak. On the Vatican’s side, only Gabriel, Thomas, Arthur and seven or eight other holy knights were left. A few members of Yong Ye’s Second Dragon Group died as well.

On the Dark Parliament’s side, Lilith, Archimonde and the other four elders of the blood race only had four blood servants left.

However, since the perfect cooperation of Lilith’s Massacre Blade was overly strong, no one knew how the ending would turn out. But since the Holy Grail was in the hands of the blood race, the Vatican definitely wouldn’t give up.

At this moment, after Yang Chen’s astonishing power level was revealed, he seemed to be the determiner of the ending no matter which side he decided to help.

“Mister, although I’m very curious who you are, I only want to know which side you’re helping now,” Lilith said solemnly after keeping her water-like Massacre Blade. She was the one who could most clearly feel Yang Chen’s ability.

Although Yong Ye detested Yang Chen, he knew that he must stand on Yang Chen’s side if he wanted to live. As a result, he immediately said, “Do you still need to ask?! Didn’t you see that he saved one of us? He’s naturally on our Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s side. Quickly hand over the Holy Grail and piss off from China!”

Yang Chen glanced at Yong Ye coldly. “Which one of the heck of your ears heard that I’m one of you? If you talk nonsense once more, I’ll kill you first. Do you think your stupid life is worthy of being saved by me?”

His merciless words pushed Yong Ye’s arrogance back to his stomach. Looking pale, Yong Ye didn’t dare to say a word. He was afraid that Yang Chen would really leave them or even fight them.

Having felt Yang Chen’s terrifying pressure in addition to seeing his horrifying speed, Yong Ye didn’t dare to go against him.

Gabriel’s heavy armor had some scratches currently. However, he was generally highly skilled, he wasn’t injured heavily. Frowning, he asked Yang Chen, “Your Majesty’s ability is far beyond us. Are you possibly doing this for the Holy Grail as well?”

“I can’t even confirm the authenticity of your Holy Grail, why would I be interested in it then? Furthermore, the term ‘eternity’ doesn’t hold any major meanings for me,” Yang Chen said as he smiled disdainfully.

“Then what does Your Majesty want to do?” Archimonde asked nervously.

Yang Chen thought for a while. He said, “I just want to leave a peaceful life here, so you can’t kill too many of the members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade too quickly. Of course, if they want to kill you guys no matter what, I can also give you a hand. I personally don’t hold any feelings towards your Vatican and the Dark Parliament. To me, none of you is considered good or evil. So, I advise you all to disperse now and see today’s matter like it never happened before.”

“So many of our glorious holy knights died. How can I simply ignore this matter?” Gabriel asked with a deep voice.

“Humph, Gabriel, I think you’re just unwilling to give up the Holy Grail, not because of the deaths of your people,” Mobses said fiercely.

Smiling, Lilith said, “I wonder what the name of Your Majesty is. Judging by the situation, even if we’re willing to get out of China, the opposite side isn’t. May I know what Your Majesty thinks about it?”

Yang Chen pouted. “Since you guys aren’t willing to give up the stupid Holy Grail, let’s do it this way, hand it over to me and I’ll destroy it on the spot. It’ll be fair after that.”

“No way!” Gabriel, Archimonde and the others shouted loudly.

Yang Chen suddenly turned expressionless. “Do you guys think I’m here to listen to your opinions? Don’t irritate me anymore. When I take action myself, none of you will be benefited.”

“Your Majesty mustn’t look down on us too much. Although Your Majesty is much stronger than most, I don’t think we’re free to be killed easily,” Archimonde said solemnly.

Yang Chen didn’t have the patience to talk anymore. If I return a bit later, Lin Ruoxi may really go home herself and I would’ve to catch a cab. This late at night, isn’t it torturing?

“Since none of you can compromise, I’ll search every single one of you and see whose body it’s on. I’ll take it myself if you guys don’t hand it in willingly.”

As soon as Yang Chen finished speaking, his body immediately disappeared from his original position. When he appeared once again, he stood beside Charlie’s body.

Astonished, Charlie wanted to dodge away. However, before he could do that, he felt Yang Chen’s hand grabbing onto his forearm!

A painfully cold killing aura and domineering oppression appeared, giving Charlie’s old spirit palpitation, making him forget to resist!

After Yang Chen quickly searched Charlie’s body and made sure it wasn’t with him, he threw Charlie away and leaped onto his next target—Mobses!

As everyone present looked at how Yang Chen unbelievably threw the elder-level Charlie away like a toy, they quickly noticed that Yang Chen’s so-called ‘take it myself’ was real!

However, when everyone felt helpless but contented that Yang Chen wasn’t killing, Yang Chen suddenly stunned on the ground!

“Why is it so…”

Yang Chen’s expression instantly turned dull like he witnessed something unbelievable, gazing at Mobses who stood three feet away.

At the same time, as everyone felt confused, Mobses vanished into thin air!

“Mobses!” Archimonde and the others shouted. Evidently, they were extremely nervous as they weren’t aware of what was happening as well.

Before everyone’s shout could be heard, at the spot where Mobses disappeared, a small, dark-golden wine cup suspended in the air!

In this incredibly strange scene, Mobses didn’t appear anymore, while the wine cup fell alone, rolling around on the ground before coincidentally ending up in front of Yang Chen’s feet...

Chapter 276: Lilith 2018-02-25T12:27:40+00:00

Flower Rain’s sudden move destroyed Mobses’s and the other’s intention to escape, in addition to the fact that they got locked on by the muzzles of Water Dragon members. The members of Second Dragon Group surrounded them as well.

Yong Ye looked at Flower Rain pitifully before saying, “Ning’er, stand behind me. I’ll protect you.”

Displeased, Flower Rain stared at Yong Ye, saying, “Do you think I need your protection?”

“Hehe, although you’re proficient in using hidden weapons, you’re a lady after all. These fellows aren’t humans. I’m worried that you’d get into trouble,” Yong Ye explained.

Feeling rather helpless, Flower Rain decided to ignore him.

The battle between Archimonde and Gabriel was on track, which apparently came out to be a draw. However, when analyzed carefully, Gabriel hadn’t gone all out yet while Archimonde was hard-pressed. He shouldn’t be able to last for long.

Mobses and Charlie led the remaining eight blood servants to gather closely as the situation turned precarious.

Judging by the material used for Flower Rain’s silver needles, they could imagine the guns of Water Dragon probably held bullets made of silver as well, which would undoubtedly be highly harmful to the blood race.

Under normal circumstances, the blood race could easily dodge these attacks due to their inborn terrifying speed. However, under the light of Mass Silver Cross from the Vatican, the ability advantage of the blood race was completely dismissed. It even affected the release of their power levels.

When Thomas and Arthur worked together with the members of Dragon Group to besiege them, the laughter of a woman suddenly resounded from afar, coming from the west of the dark forest.

Almost everyone stopped moving, as the emergence of such a character under this situation was unusual.

Flower Rain raised her brows. She recognized this laughter, it came from the woman whom she disturbed during the auction when buying the Holy Grail.

As expected, having changed to a female suit and a white shirt, Lilith, elegant as ever, walked out from the forest with 13 white men who wore black suits and held no expression.

Looking at the appearance of Lilith, Charlie licked his red lips as evil light appeared in his eyes. “Lilith, you really came at the right moment.”

Lilith smiled joyfully as she glanced at everyone present. Using a seductive voice, she said, “Cousin Charlie, has the injury of your arm recovered yet?”

Smiling, Charlie answered, “Thanks to your Massacre Blade, my hand hasn’t grown back yet. My adorable Cousin Lilith, your love to me is indeed deep.”

“Tch… My dear Cousin Charlie, I said that I wasn’t the slightest interested in doing that kind of stuff for now. Furthermore, you joined the Savath while my parents and I are loyal Camarilla members. I’d naturally resist if you try to force me,” Lilith said with a smile as she felt rather apologetic.

“Stop talking nonsense with this woman. Charlie, aren’t you humiliated enough? Lilith, Zobo, although your Camarilla believes in different dogmas than ours, similarly being people of the blood race, you wouldn’t push us to a more difficult situation than now, would you?” Mobses asked.

The man called Zobo said frankly, “My respected Elder Mobses, we definitely wouldn’t help the Vatican and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to go against you guys, but we’ll certainly take the Holy Grail back.”

“You…” Mobses panted.

The already impatient Yong Ye shouted angrily, “Stop being this arrogant! Do you really think we’d be afraid of you, having a few more bats?! This is China, we, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, will have the final say regarding whether you stay or leave!”

The smile on Lilith’s face slowly disappeared. Insted, it was replaced with arrogance and coldness. “Little Guy, although I’m not too huge of a fan of the people from Savath, I hate the ones who insult the blood race even more. Even Chief Gabriel hasn’t spoken yet, who do you think you are?”

Gabriel suddenly opened his mouth. “Do it quick if you want to fight,” he said a simple sentence.

Archimonde seized the opportunity to rest as he backed off to the side of Lilith. Looking serious, he said, “Tell us your request.”

“As expected, Uncle Archimonde understands the situation best,” Lilith said as she smiled happily. “Very simple. Make a ‘blood oath’. After we help you escape, pass the Holy Grail to us Camarilla.”

“You’re straight up threatening us! It’s a blackmail! Lilith, wouldn’t your behaviour bring shame to your noble descent, Witch of the Night?!”

“That’s none of your business. Furthermore, we at Witch of the Night are fans of malice and mercilessness, Elder Mobses…” Lilith said coldly.

Archimonde looked extremely gloomy. After staring at Lilith’s flawless and elegant face, he nodded and said, “I accept your offer. Holy Grail being in your hands is much better than belonging to the Vatican.”

“Archimonde! You don’t have permission to do this!” Mobses shouted loudly.

“Do you possibly want all of us to die to the mosquitos before losing the Holy Grail to them at last?” Archimonde asked.

Charlie stopped Mobses from speaking. He said, “Archimonde is right. If we partner up tonight, we can at least deal with the dogs from the Vatican and the group of fellows from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. We can still vent our anger this way.”

Mobses snorted but didn’t continue objecting.

Without saying anything extra, Archimonde extended his hands to draw blood-colored rune in the air. Sighing, he said, “The blood oath is done. Lilith, take action now.”

“Stop being delusional. Since all of you want to die together, bring it on,” Yong Ye said as he smiled coldly. Waving his hand, he ordered, “Team Water Dragon, feed these smelly bats the blessed silver bullets!”

The row of special agents from Water Dragon immediately raised their guns before pulling the triggers!

“Spread out!”

Following Archimonde’s shout, everyone of the blood race left their original spots with an incredible speed.

However, since firing of the submachine guns was overly dense, tens of blood servants still had silver bullets penetrated through their bodies, causing them to start burning as they turned black.

After successfully eliminating those blood servants, they hoped to look for more targets. However, Lilith at this moment appeared behind them already. She took out a curved blade from her back which looked like it contained moonlight. The blade seemed transparent, but brought loops of ripples, looking particularly impressive!

However, an overwhelming killing intent and a substantial aura of death exploded suddenly, after which sounds of shouting could be heard, just like countless spirits started spreading out into the forest!

“Dodge now!” the holy knight Thomas shouted, but he was too late.

Although the members of Water Dragon were elites among elites, they weren’t anywhere close to the experts from Group of Eight from Dragon Group. Most of them still relied on their equipment. Under such a condition, they couldn’t dodge the attack in time.

The glittering curved blade passed by, releasing some airflow. Before the tens of members of Water Dragon understood the situation, their skulls and necks separated entirely!

Blood splashed. The red strings seemed like they were attracted by a strong force, all of the got absorbed into the curved blade held by Lilith.

When the shining blade received blood, its body exerted bright-red light, appearing even more terrifying and ferocious!

The twenty or so holy knights immediately pulled out their swords and posed a fighting stance in front solemnly. A strong holy aura appeared and wiped out the evil spirits.

“The blade on Lilith’s hand is the Massacre Blade, one of the thirteen devil weapons. During its birth, it absorbed five million spirits. Used to deal with the prisoners of the blood race, it can seal the self recovery ability of the blood race. To other races, it absorbs blood and spirits, and strengthens as a battle goes on,” Thomas explained with a serious expression. “You mustn’t relax now, a small mistake can cost you your lives!”

Yong Ye and the others finally felt how serious the mission were. Aghast, they didn’t dare to move forward anymore.

Holding her blade, Lilith stood in front of the group of holy knights steadily. Smiling, her person looked like a flower while its blade appeared to be a devil.

“If she’s so terrifying, you’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t touch you,” Flower Rain announced to the others. She seemed to have made a decision. “Leave this Lilith to me. I’m fast, I can use long range attacks on her. I’ll leave the others to you guys.”

Yong Ye shouted, “How can you do that?! Ning’er, you can’t—”

“Then do you want to deal with her?” Flower Rain asked.

Yong Ye suddenly kept quiet. As the scene of how Lilith waved her unfathomable curved blade, he immediately stepped backwards. Stiffly, he said, “Alright, be careful then.”

Flower Rain didn’t mind him anymore. Taking a step forward, she stared at Lilith in front of her as both her hands were full of silver needles.

At the same time, the battle comprehensively started. Yong Ye led the members of Second Dragon Group while Gabriel gathered the power levels of the Vatican to fight the blood race led by Archimonde and Zobo.

Blood light and the milk-white divine light shone repeatedly in the forest. The low-grade blood servants fought each other violently as they quickly wore down.

Lilith giggled. “I wanted to fight you earlier during the auction. Do you know that I hate beautiful women? I hate women who are pretty and go against me even more…” Lilith said with a smile as she looked at Flower Rain who approached her.

“How unfortunate. I must be the type that you hate the most,” Flower Rain said coldly.

Lilith’s expression instantly turned gloomy. “Since you know that, you should understand that you must die.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lilith’s figure turned into a blur from her original position. When she appeared again, she was only one feet away from Flower Rain. As she extended her blade that looked like moonlight, it got so close that it almost cut open Flower Rain’s face!

Flower Rain’s body suddenly slid down at an incredible angle. After dodging the attack as she almost lay flat, she stepped onto a sky-high tree and leaped upwards before releasing ice-cold silver needles from her hands!

“Too slow!”

Lilith simply waved her Massacre Blade and blocked every single one of the silver needles outside the light of the sword!

Without waiting for Flower Rain to land, Lilith leaped upwards and waved her blade once again as she aimed for Flower Rain’s chest!

The corners of Flower Rain’s lips revealed a faint smile. A fallen leaf coincidentally ended up near her in the air. Suddenly, her toe lightly stepped on the leaf. As she appeared to have borrowed an enormous energy, her body suddenly exerted her strength, making her rapidly shoot towards the ground!

Lilith’s facial expression revealed astonishment and terror. She didn’t expect Flower Rain to be able to speed up her landing by solely stepping on a leaf in the air.

“You’re the one who’s too slow.” When the sound of Flower Rain echoed, her other hand shot out 27 Pear Flower Needles which rushed towards Lilith’s lower body!

Lilith’s body was in mid-air while her blade was on top. She wanted to block but everything was too late. As she widened her eyes, she expressed horror!

In a moment, the short but thrilling battle was immediately going to end, but a chill suddenly gushed out in Flower Rain’s heart!

This is bad!

When Flower Rain reacted to the situation, she immediately turned around, only to find Lilith standing behind her whose beautiful face held an evil smile, looking particularly brutal. Seizing the opportunity, she waved her Massacre Blade in her hand which brought a soaring blood light!

In midair, the ‘Lilith’ that got penetrated with multiple Pear Flower Needles turned into fog!

Blood image?

The legendary name of a blood technique appeared in Flower Rain’s mind like lightning. However, thinking about it at this moment was too late!

Chapter 275: Old Enemy 2018-02-21T02:54:58+00:00

In the depth of an unknown forest, a few figures shrouded in huge black cloaks moved towards the east of the forest using a speed much higher than the limit of a human being as their feet never touched the ground, just like a floating spirit.

“We’ll reach the coastline of China in another 13 miles. The submarine arranged to pick us up will be there. We shall be at peace by then,” the leader wearing a black robe said using English with his deep voice.

“Archimonde, the execution of the plan is much easier than we previously imagined. I have a bad feeling about it,” another guy said using his thick voice.

“No matter what, now that we obtained the Holy Grail, we should deliver it to the Presbyterian Church,” the man called Archimonde said.

Another leader in front laughed weirdly. He said, “Mobses, you’re overthinking again. Don’t you think it’s more exciting if some people were to appear to stop us? I heard that Lilith came this time. I really miss the chick whose sweet blood can be smelled from a mile away.”

“Charlie, don’t take her too lightly if you don’t want your other hand to be slain by Lilith as well,” Archimonde said.

Under the black cloak, Charlie snorted in contempt and kept quiet.

Leading the nine men similarly covered in black cloaks, the three leaders maintained their horrifying speed as they swept through the forest like a black whirlwind.

However, after advancing for another mile, the leader Archimonde suddenly stopped first.

“Be careful!”

Following his reminder, around a hundred meters away in the dense and dark forest, three extremely bright incandescent lights shone!

The three lamps were covered by cross-shaped lampshades. The outer shells of the lampshades had a metallic silver sparkle.

The bright lights shone upon the dark forest, making it look like daylight. The twelve men shrouded in black cloaks stood in the light directly as they got exposed, having nowhere to hide!

At this moment, a complex dark-golden pattern was revealed on top of the cloaks of the twelve men. It looked like a totem, but had no regularity to be found.

“Damn it, it’s the Mass Silver Cross! The dogs of the Vatican!” Mobses shouted angrily.

“Don’t get reckless. Finding an opportunity to send the Holy Grail out is priority,” Archimonde said softly.

Behind the three lamps, more than ten people gradually emerged. Due to the backlight, the faces of these people looked dim. However, the vision of these cloaked men didn’t seem affected because of the lights. They immediately recognized a few familiar faces.

Smiling, Charlie said, “Archimonde, is the old folk from Vatican City using his trump card? If I looked correctly, the chief of Red Cross Army, Gabriel, with his high position and great authority, came over from afar, just to go against us.”

A man wearing a medieval royal knight armor walked to the absolute front. With his square face unshaven, his curly maroon hair lightly fluttered in the night. Not even the slightest emotion could be found in his grey eyes. An old and unsophisticated aura was emitted from his actions just like an aging wine.

The man reached his arm out to draw out a humongous one-handed sword from his back. It looked like an ancient object. Its hilt had a red gemstone embedded into it.

A piece of white cloth fell from the blade, revealing the rusty iron. The entire body emitted a decaying aura which was unwelcoming.

Calmly, Gabriel looked at the twelve people dressed in black who confronted him. He spoke using blurry Italian, “Archimonde, hand over our Holy Grail.”

“Gabriel, you’re indeed arrogant as ever. Do you really think that we’d give up something in our hands easily?” Archimonde said as he smiled coldly.

“You dirty monsters, do you think you’d gain protection from the Lord after snatching the Holy Grail?”

A rather young and rough voice resounded. Yet another tall and strong white guy appeared. He wore a chain mail and held a one-handed thin sword in hand.

“Little Guy, it doesn’t look like a place for you to speak here,” Archimonde said in contempt.

The young guy laughed before saying, “Big Bat, widen your eyes and look properly. I’m Arthur Vince, the youngest gifted templar in the Vatican. After tonight, you’ll shiver for even hearing my name.”

“Hahaha, Gabriel, your Vatican’s new and fresh blood seems to be degrading as time passes,” Archimonde said as he laughed.

Gabriel remained silent while Arthur appeared to be heavily insulted. When he wanted to rush forward to attack, a middle-aged man stepped forward and blocked him with one arm.

The man had black hair, his face was quite thin and his body looked tall and strong. Shaking his head at Arthur, he said, “Don’t get provoked by Archimonde. He’s trying to irritate you.”

“I know, but I’m not afraid of him at all!” Arthur said fearlessly, but he didn’t act recklessly.

“Oh.” Archimonde said, “Your Majesty Thomas, long time no see. Is this young fellow your disciple? When did your Knights of the Holy Palace get its bar this low?”

Indifferent, Thomas said, “Archimonde Marquis, hand over the Holy Grail. You guys have zero chance of winning tonight. Solely having three elders and nine ordinary fighters on your side won’t be able to defeat Chief Gabriel, Arthur, and I together with the twenty holy knights from Pope Escort Team behind us.”

Archimonde sneered and said, “Having crossed swords with you guys for tens of centuries, I naturally recognized the people on your side. However, who are the remaining ten people behind all of you? Your friends don’t seem like people from the Vatican.”

Displeased, Mobses said, “Archimonde, do you really have to ask? The only people who would be so daring to bring the Vatican to confront us must be Yellow Flame Iron Brigade!”

“We’re not your friends in any way,” a young man said using English as he walked forward. “I’m the leader of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade’s Second Dragon Group, Yong Ye. According to our orders, we’re supposed to team up with Rome Vatican to attack you invaders and retrieve the Holy Grail.”

Yong Ye looked confident and contented. Behind him, his teammates from Second Dragon Group walked forward with him as well.

At the same time, Cai Ning followed them from behind. Behind her, there stood the team of special agents from Water Dragon.

“Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is such a busybody. Don’t you guys know that intervening Vatican and Dark Parliament is out of your range of authority?!” Charlie yelled angrily.

Yong Ye said disdainfully, “We at Yellow Flame Iron Brigade only recognize the existence of Vatican. Heresies like you guys should be hanged, bunch of filthy things that feed on human blood. If you guys weren’t in Europe, we would’ve annihilated you all long ago.”

Frowning, Cai Ning said to Yong Ye, “Don’t say unnecessary things. We only came to help.”

Yong Ye smiled warmly at Cai Ning as he immediately shut his mouth up.

At this moment, Gabriel seemed to have run out of patience. His two-feet-wide, three-centimeters-wide giant sword violently slotted into the ground. “Archimonde, whether to fight or to escape depends on you. If you hesitate a bit longer, I’ll launch attacks first.”

“Gabriel, don’t you think that no one else should step in between us? You guys went so far to form an alliance with Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, how disappointing,” Archimonde said regretfully.

“I’m not concerned with these things. I’m the chief of Red Cross Army. We only follow the pope's oracle, while I, am only responsible to fight.”

“Since you think of it that way, I have nothing else to say. Old Friend, I haven’t fought with you in years. I hope that your body didn’t get as rusty as your giant sword.” As soon as Archimonde finished speaking, his body shrouded in cloak suddenly shot out!

Wearing an ancient tailored suit, his face looked lifeless like a piece of paper while his body was tall and thin. Just like black thunder, he penetrated the silence of the night!

Archimonde’s fingertips on his right hand turned dark-red as his nails quickly extended for one centimeter. The flickering trajectory in the night tore the air, causing the sharp sound of sound barrier to reverberate.


Gabriel calmly pulled out his sword from the mud and used the edge to swat the incoming attack like a flat board!

The simple-looking swat sealed off different angle. Under the situation where speed was limited, Archimonde was tricked into forcefully resist the blow!


As red fire appeared in his eyes, Archimonde directly extended his scarlet blood claws fearlessly to collide with the rusty, giant sword!

“Holy Light of the Cross!” Gabriel shouted fiercely. Halo appeared on the back edge of his sword as the cross symbol suddenly enlarged, forming a humongous cross-shaped light which enveloped Archimonde!


Buzz! Buzz! A drop of fresh blood discharged from Archimonde’s fingertip before transforming into a light-green flame in the air, colliding with the cross-shaped halo as the sound of corrosion reverberated. Soon, the light and the flame both got wiped out.

After combating Gabriel for a round, Archimonde backed off for tens of meters. Using a very soft voice, he said to Mobses and the others behind him, “Quickly leave this place while we’re not surrounded yet!”

Mobses and Charlie knew that they couldn’t break through using brute force. Without caring for Archimonde’s safety, they quickly turned around and wanted to leave from the other side of the forest towards the coast.

“Don’t even think about escaping. Do you think we only came to cheer for them?”

The templar Arthur wielded his sword with one arm as he glided in front of Mobses and the others. Holy light emerged on the edge of his sword. Millions of trails produced by the sword rushed forward to Mobses!

“Little Guy, don’t underestimate your opponents!”

Mobses felt rather annoyed. Evidently, Arthur’s young age irritated him a lot. Raising an arm under the cloak, a long sword formed by blood technique exclusive to the blood race appeared out of nowhere. Bringing blood light, the long sword charged into the bunch of sword shadows, crushing every single one of Arthur’s attacks!

As the blood sword violently exploded in the air, the strong aura made Arthur irresistibly fall back!

“Did you just try to stop me, the mighty Mobses?! You overly underestimated the elders from the domineering blood race!’

However, when Mobses led his team to escape as he thought that he successfully blocked the attack, tens of ice-cold sharp objects came in his direction!

“Dodge, now!”

The incredible speed of blood race saved their lives, but a blood servant didn’t manage to duck quick enough. He got attacked by the few incoming needles!


Following the fierce shout, the blood servant started burning under his cloak, making him roll on the ground in agony.

“They’re silver needles, are they the Chinese hidden weapons?!” Charlie exclaimed angrily as he looked at his irretrievable teammate.

At this moment, Cai Ning who wore a tight battle suit walked out from the dark. The slightest joy couldn’t be seen on her emotionless face. She still held some thin hidden weapons that seemed like needles in one of her hands.

“The Rainstorm of Pear Flower Needles shoots out 27 of them at once. Although they weren’t shot out using the purest machine, it’s more than enough against you guys,” the lady answered Charlie’s question. Her attitude changed back to Flower Rain from Group of Eight.

Chapter 274: Confusion 2018-02-20T15:14:59+00:00

Listening to the call price of the sexy lady, many people present took a deep breath.

With a starting price of 2 million, she directly called for five times the amount. Is this westerner crazy or does her family print money?

However, people soon understood her logic. Since it was a western antique, westerners would naturally hope to bring it home. It was the same principle when Chinese bought the antiques which ended up in other countries back to China.

Thus, after listening to this western chick who so casually shouted five times the starting price, everyone remained quiet.

The people there weren’t stupid. Although the unknown item looked strange and rare, the value wouldn’t be too high when it finally got identified.

However, a lot of people felt weird towards the sudden appearance of these foreign guests. They were all unfamiliar faces, no one knew why they attended Liu family’s banquet.

Such a scene made it hard for the auctioneer, as the table of this western woman didn’t have a number sign. This meant that the guests on this table weren’t originally invited, and could merely watch the auction. After the woman shouted her price, the auctioneer didn’t know what to do next.

Liu Kangbai who was sitting at one corner of the hall got shocked as well. He turned to an assistant beside.

“Isn’t that lady representing British Chambers of Commerce to inspect us? Why did she join the auction?”

Nervously, the assistant answered, “Yes, according to the data submitted by the people below, Miss Lilith is indeed one of the core members of British Chambers of Commerce. She seems to also have a noble bloodline of some British royal family. Regarding why she suddenly joined the auction, I feel very surprised as well.”

“Humph, did you let the guests in before properly checking their backgrounds?” Liu Kangbai said in contempt. He continued saying, “Since she joined in, immediately send her a number sign. We’ll discuss other things after the auction ends.”

“Yes,” the assistant said as cold sweat wet his forehead. He then ordered someone to send a number sign to the table of foreigners.

Seeing that someone rescued him, the auctioneer felt relieved. He said, “10 million by guest number 137, going once…”

When everyone thought that no one would compete with those westerners, on the silent table of the Cai sisters, Cai Ning suddenly raised her number sign.

“12 million,” Cai Ning said solemnly without any expression.

Quite a number of guests felt shocked as they looked at Cai Ning who created some confusion. Why did the unrelated Cai family get involved? Does the cup possibly have any special meaning?

The white lady called Lilith smiled, her seductive look made a lot of men to instantly feel heat in their eyes.

“15 million.”

After Lilith called for a price, Cai Ning immediately bid again.

“18 million.”

Under everyone’s attention, the small and normal-looking cup almost exceeded 20 million under the shouts of these two women!

A lot of collectors started wondering. Did they misjudge the cup? Or were these women crazy?

Yang Chen frowned lightly. <i>I can understand if the foreigner is willing to buy the cup at a high price, but why did Cai Ning join in?

Is Yellow Flame Iron Brigade possibly interested in Holy Grail? Even if they are, obtaining it isn’t very easy.</i> he thought.

To the bunch of fellows in Europe, Holy Grail was something that would give them a stable base. Regardless of who owned the item, it’d definitely affect their strengths. Why would they simply hand it to the people in the east?!

If it wasn’t handled properly, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would only be seen as an enemy by many for owning the item.

However, Yang Chen knew that explaining it to them wouldn’t help. Although he didn’t know why Yellow Flame Iron Brigade wanted to step in and compete with the few white people, it could at least be seen that they were prepared to go against those people.

How worrying… Yang Chen thought gloomily.

At this moment, price shouting turned white-hot.

After Lilith called a sky high price of 25 million, Cai Ning immediately followed with 27 million without hesitating!

Lilith finally lost her calmness. Together with her partners on the table, she stared at Cai Ning who sat in front coldly.

Cai Ning seemed to have noticed the gazes of Lilith and the others. Turning around, she stared at them as she declared her fearlessness.

Lilith suddenly let out a smile full of meaning as she stood up. Soon, the other foreigners stood up as well.

They left the hall directly one after another, like they had given up competing under many people’s surprise.

The auctioneer wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He couldn’t think rationally anymore. He shouted, “27 million going once! 27 million going twice! Sold! Congratulations, guest number five!”

After the auctioneer finished shouting his lines, a deafening voice entered everyone’s ears!

Boom! Boom!

The violent vibration shocked the guests in the hall. It was obviously the sound of an explosion. It even felt like a missle attack!

After the entire hall shook fiercely, all of the lights turned off. The hall entered complete darkness!

The yelling of men and women mixed together while many bodyguards nervously started to seal each exit. Since it was too dark in the hall and the situation was too messy, the bodyguards panicked as well.

“Damn it! What’s going on?!” Liu Kangbai shouted angrily. Feeling the major shake of the hall, Liu Kangbai didn’t know what happened. He also didn’t which part of the place exploded!

The siren started ringing as warning lights lit up as well in the hall. Evidently, the backup electricity source was activated.

The situation was far worse than what Liu Kangbai and the guests thought. The auction that took place perfectly a while ago suddenly turned to such a terrifying scene.

“Chairman! Bad news!”

An assistant who just received a call said loudly, “I received a call from the security team. Our storage room of the auctioned items got exploded from the inside! Since many things got destroyed, it’s difficult to estimate our loss at the moment!”


Liu Kangbai got anxious. He quickly realized it was all planned, but he couldn’t think of why something like this happened.

“Call the police! Call the police! Quickly track the criminals down! Also, check on what went missing!” Liu Kangbai ordered loudly.

When the hall was a complete mess, Yang Chen felt rather energized.

Although the lights got extinguished, Yang Chen’s vision wasn’t affected. He relaxedly looked at Cai Ning who flew out of the hall using lightness skill when the others weren’t paying attention.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Yang Chen couldn’t confirm if the culprits were the bunch of foreigners earlier, but they were undoubtedly related one way or another. When he thought that Yellow Flame Iron Brigade may clash with the bunch of people tonight, Yang Chen felt a headache. Although the fight wasn’t his concern, the land of China would be defenseless if they died. It would mean his life wouldn’t be peaceful anymore, not to mention the people around him may get into danger.

Furthermore, quite a few people in Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were considered his friends. If Yang Chen were to see them give their lives away while he refused to offer help, he would be a bit too shameless if he wanted to continue living in this country.

No matter what, he couldn’t watch and stand by.

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi who was beside him was rather anxious, but she didn’t shout like other women due to her inborn calmness. She was only looking at the surroundings cautiously.

Yang Chen walked closer to her and said, “I’ll take a look at the situation outside. Stay with the two from Yuan clan at the moment. If it gets too late, don’t wait for me anymore. Go back yourself.”

Lin Ruoxi was shocked as she didn’t understand why Yang Chen wanted to check on the situation outside. When she wanted to say something, she felt that Yang Chen was long gone.

The electrical system of the resort wasn’t working anymore. The crowd and the messy security teams were all over the place.

In the dark, Yang Chen quickly sped through the dark without any interference. His sharp and keen senses allowed him to catch the trace of cold aura which felt rather familiar and odd.

Looking at somewhere not too far away, it was a forest behind the resort. It was blocked with tall metal fences with acted as a blockage.

The sky at this moment didn’t have any stars. The entire forest was engulfed in darkness, feeling rather ghastly and mysterious.

Without hesitating, Yang Chen followed the trace of aura. When nobody was looking, his body started using an uncatchable speed as he leaped into the forest.

Just like shadow, he passed through the forest with ease. In the blink of an eye, he went deep into the forest.

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Chapter 273: Auction 2018-02-19T09:07:16+00:00

Such a charity auction was nothing more than a chance for the wealthy to spend huge amounts of money in public.

In this society, you would get looked down upon for being poor. However, once you got rich, you’d get scolded for different reasons. If you were stingy on spending, you’d get scolded. If you were to donate a huge sum of money, people would accuse you of writing empty cheques. Therefore, instead of getting scolded for not donating, it was best to contribute while getting something good in return.

However, Liu family’s charity auction wasn’t something to purely make their name sound. Liu family had their own auction business. In other words, lots of auctioned treasures were authentic, thus making them worth bidding for.

As a result, many wealthy people had certain items in mind that they wanted to get, only then they came to attend the banquet.

Following the guidance of servers, the guests entered the assembly room one after another. Instead of calling it an assembly room, it looked more like a conference hall.

There were tables and chairs arranged nicely in the hall, with fruits and wine in addition to different shapes and sizes of number signs on top of the tables.

Finding the number stated on the invitation card, Yang Chen followed Lin Ruoxi to a table specially prepared for two people.

Coincidentally, they were sitting behind the married couple Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu. When they sat down, Yuan Hewei and his wife turned around to greet them.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t understand why Yang Chen was this close with Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu. Although she knew that Yang Chen accompanied Yuan Ye for his birthday, she also knew that the social circles of parents and children were normally different in such a major clan. At least, before the son inherited the position as the master of the family, knowing the son didn’t mean his parents would act friendly towards you.

One way or another, Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t find a reason to why Yang Chen knew Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu. Although she was curious, she still didn’t plan to ask Yang Chen.

Yang Chen looked at the surroundings and noticed the Cai sisters sitting on the front row, while some foreign guests attracted Cai Ning’s attention as they sat down on a table behind. They were chatting happily and acted in a very relaxed manner.

Liu family’s auction business was a legit major company. This time, the auctioned items were naturally not ordinary ones. When an auctioneer finally went up the stage, he immediately showed the first item.

On the huge LED screen, there was a three-dimensional rotating blue and white porcelain.

When this item appeared, it attracted an exclamation of amazement. It was evidently rather impressive.

Loudly, the auctioneer introduced, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is our first auctioned item by Liu family. It’s the well-known porcelain collectible called Moutan Peony-Patterned Can. I believe a lot of guests here are antique collectors, I don’t think I need to explain its value. Unlike any ordinary blue and white porcelains, this signifies our Chinese ancient age of changing from the use of ceramic to colored porcelain.

“Such a rare collectible is conserved in a complete package. It’s also provided by our friend from other countries. Its starting price is 5 million yuan, starting now!”

Following the words ‘starting now,’ a lot of people who loved antiques started raising their .

“6 million!”

“8 million!”

“9.8 million!”

“I’ll pay 12 million!”

The sound of price calling resounded one after another. Very quickly, the price of the porcelain exceeded 20 million.

Listening to the wealthy people who were shouting their prices like money was nothing but plain paper to them, Yang Chen smiled and asked the silent Lin Ruoxi, “Dear, why are you this quiet? This item has huge potential to its future value.”

“Not interested,” Lin Ruoxi said in a dull manner.

Yang Chen of course knew that this chick had money, she was probably just shy to join in the crowd to shout prices, so she remained silent.

In the blink of an eye, someone shouted a high price of 43 million yuan. This amount was equal to the assets of a couple small businesses combined!

Although this type of porcelain could be as expensive as hundreds of millions, this piece in particular was merely a mid-to-high-grade one, instead of a true representative treasure. As a result, many big bosses regretfully kept their number signs and stopped trying to compete.

The attendance of the guests already signified their position in the society. Hurting the relationship between each other because of a small amount of money wasn’t a good choice.

The auctioneer started shouting, “Guest number 57 offered 43 million. Going once, going twice…”

Before the auctioneer could continue talking, Yuan Hewei who had been silent all the time suddenly raised his sign, saying solemnly, “I’ll pay 50 million.”

After Yuan Hewei spoke, the customer who offered 43 million stopped talking. Instead of saying he lacked funds to compete, it was more appropriate to say that if he dared to snatch something from Yuan clan, he was basically declaring his leave in Zhonghai.

Furthermore, Yuan Hewei didn’t offer 50 million because the item was really worth that much. It was nothing more than his participation in the event, showing everyone the demeanor of the number-one clan by purchasing the first item at a high price.

Unsurprisingly, everyone chose to remain silent. After the auctioneer counted down, Yuan Hewei successfully acquired the first item using 50 million.

After the first round ended, Yuan Hewei turned around to smile at Yang Chen before saying, “I know nothing about antiques. I bet a lot of people are laughing at my foolish act.”

Shaking his head, Yang Chen said, “It’’ be worth 50 million in a few years’ time. Just leave it at home.”

“Oh, do you possibly understand this field?” Yuan Hewei asked out of curiosity.

Lin Ruoxi and Yang Jieyu looked at Yang Chen with doubt as well.

Smiling faintly, Yang Chen said, “I looked into them a little when I was bored abroad. I guess I wasn’t too productive back then.”

He was of course talking nonsense. Yang Chen only knew understood the values of antiques because he had received numerous blue and white porcelains as gifts before. Thus, he knew something about those things. Regarding where they were currently, Yang Chen didn’t care much. Someone must be taking care of them anyway.

“Haha, this isn’t an unproductive act. These are all cultures,” Yuan Hewei said with a smile. “Lots of people here who have developed their businesses to this extent have relied on their senses. Participating in such an auction is only their way of building reputation by throwing money. I bet they’re envious of the so-called ‘unproductive act’.”

As they chatted, the auction continued.

The second and third items got displayed consecutively on the screen.

The ruby jewelry, painting masterpiece from the Middle Ages and ancient Chinese calligraphy scroll, none of them got sold for the price of under 10 million yuan.

However, after purchasing the first item, Yuan Hewei stopped calling prices. Lin Ruoxi remained quiet as usual, like everything was irrelevant to her.

Yang Chen felt rather bored. The games played by the wealthy were rather monotonous. Except getting a temporary excitement for purchasing something, these people who had no idea how to spend their money would only feel empty shortly after.

Putting it another way, it actually wasn’t as exciting as smoking a cheap and strong cigarette.

However, when the fifth item got displayed, Yang Chen suddenly felt a little weird.

A dark-golden wine cup appeared on the screen. It brought the feeling of the Gothic era. It normally contained grape wine.

Looking roughly cylindrical, its opening was rather wide while its foot was round. The wine cup looked really ancient, with some metal scratches and blurry lines engraved. However, it could be seen that it was a mixture of gold, silver and some other precious metals, making it seem like a wine cup used by the noble.

Yang Chen finally understood why Cai Ning came today, and why the few white people had such a weird aura.

Earlier on the internet, what Makedon said was apparently true. Surprisingly, the legendary Holy Grail appeared on this charity auction!

At the same time, Yang Chen felt a slight functuation of cold aura at the back of the hall. It was a surging fluctuation of energy, allowing Yang Chen to immediately recognize the white people’s identities.

“Tch tch… how generous. Even these people came…” Yang Chen muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she frowned. She thought that Yang Chen was talking to her.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “My great wife, this cup looks really nice. Drinking grape wine at night can help you fall asleep and aid beautification. Do you want to get it?”

“Buy it yourself if you want it. It’s only two million after all, not very expensive,” Lin Ruoxi said without any expressions.

Yang Chen pouted. He didn’t have that much money.

The auctioneer introduced, “Ladies and gentlemen, this treasure is provided by a seller who requested to remain anonymous. It’s a wine cup used before Christ. The long and mysterious history was the biggest feature of this item. No one was able to tell its name. Today, it starts at the price of two million, but the real value is very difficult to be determined. I hope everyone seize this opportunity—”

Before the auctioneer finished speaking, at the back of the hall, a hot lady with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in a dark-red gown used very choppy Mandarin to speak, “10 million.”

Chapter 272: Stopping Midway 2018-02-18T13:02:36+00:00

Following the waltz tune which originated from Danube, Yang Che brought Lin Ruoxi to the middle of the dance floor.

Slowly, Yang Chen held Lin Ruoxi’s back with one of his hands. He could feel the softness under the gown made of silk. His fingers on another hand intertwined with hers as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Lin Ruoxi would be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. Her body shivered slightly. She even forgot the starting steps of the waltz for a short moment.

In fact, although Lin Ruoxi learned different types of dances before as she had undergone education in the upper class, her tutors had always been women. As a result, it was her first time dancing with a guy.

Her first dance partner was this man, not to mention they weren’t on good terms currently. Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but feel its irony.

The married couple Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi was too eye-catching. So when they started dancing away, they received countless gazes.

Being an introvert, Lin Ruoxi hadn’t attend many events like this before, let alone being stared upon when dancing. As her body got stiff, her dance moves didn’t really have the flow.

“If you get stiff, you’ll dance very terribly,” Yang Chen said as he held back from smiling.

Biting her lips, Lin Ruoxi said, “You should focus on yourself.”

Following the simple conversation, Lin Ruoxi finally calmed herself down. Thinking that it was only a dance, it wasn’t a big deal that she was hugged by him. The surrounding people were hugging around anyway, some young couples would even kiss each other occasionally during gaps.

Ballroom dancing had its history all the way back to the eleventh or twelfth centuries. However, before the seventeenth century, it was merely a dance admired by the European royal families.

After the French Revolution, it slowly got integrated into the lives of civilians, branching out into more remarkable dance moves. Later, it spread into the American society, eventually turning it into today’s ballroom dancing, including waltz and rumba.

Since there were many different types of them, the people who learned who rather variable. As a result, the dance moves were inevitably irregular to some degree.

The type that Lin Ruoxi was taught was the orthodox ballroom dance for etiquette purposes, so she only knew the most fundamental steps. Although her dance moves were rather accurate, her steps were quite restrained.

After dancing with Lin Ruoxi for a while, Yang Chen couldn’t help to ask a question, “Dear, do you know how I feel when I dance with you?”

“How do you feel?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly. Is he asking because my moves are messed up? I haven’t practised in a while…

“I feel like I’ve returned to the Middle Ages of Europe, dancing with a princess of a royal family during a banquet in the palace using the most traditional ancient ballroom moves. Although the steps were elegant, we’re just like dolls which lack tension,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t stupid. Rolling her eyes, she said, “You can tell me directly that I’m very rigid. You don’t have to tell me in a roundabout way. My teacher taught me this only. Tell me how I should dance then.”

“Do you want me to teach you?” Yang Chen winked at her.

Unconvinced, Lin Ruoxi said angrily, “You’re only someone who happens to know how to dance. Who are you to teach me?”

“Who told you that I only knew how to dance? I was just cooperating with your moves. Actually, even using the most traditional moves, we can make it more appealing by making some slight changes,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi naturally didn’t believe him. To her, it was already a miracle when she found out Yang Chen could dance. She didn’t think he was any good in it.

As she wanted to expose him, she said, “Alright, tell me what to do. Let me warn you, I won’t cooperate if you’re asking me to do any silly moves.”

“It seems like our Boss Lin is a timid woman. At least she isn’t very open-minded when it comes to dancing,” Yang Chen said and sighed.

Mocking Yang Chen, she said, “You don’t need to provoke me. Do you want to dance or not?”

“Then relax your body more. If you’re exerting this much force on your bones, how do you expect me to lead your movements?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated as she felt worried. Following the movements of the dance, she slowly let her heart open. Clenching her teeth, she started relaxing her body.

Suddenly, when Lin Ruoxi was prepared to take a step back, she could feel that Yang Chen withdrew his arm from her waist. Following closely, her other arm was pulled, allowing her body to smoothly move back for two steps!

“We’re just getting started.”

After Yang Chen finished speaking, a series of actions executed one after another!

Lin Ruoxi could feel both of Yang Chen’s hands exerting various techniques on different parts of her body. Following a few taps on her thighs, her tempo slowly quickened, increasing the range of her movements.

Coincidentally, the accompaniment music sped up as well. The original waltz started bringing the feeling of tango.

Lin Ruoxi could see the hanging crystal chandeliers spin rapidly. Her body moved along the indulgence of Yang Chen’s hands. Catering to different trajectories, as long as she extended her body naturally, she could perform various actions that she didn’t think were possible.

The dance moves of the two got completely different with the ones of the people around, especially when they performed certain complex actions occasionally. Just like professional figure skating, combining high-speed spins with perfect coordination, Lin Ruoxi felt that her waist was hugged by one of Yang Chen’s arms from time to time, making her float in the air for a short moment repeatedly…

In fact, since Yang Chen moved too quickly, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have a chance to feel what she was doing. She merely followed the guidance provided as her body naturally started to move along.

Quite a number of dancers around them stopped to admire the waltz performance put up by the two which felt relaxing and exciting.

Having been to many western countries, some of the people present could easily recognize the strong western style, variety and essence brought up by their performance.

Lin Ruoxi’s black gown which was made of silk appeared particularly tight at this moment. For quite a few times, she was really worried that her dress was going to break.

Her spinning skirt looked just like a blooming black lotus. Following the glorious dance moves, her firm and white calves were revealed occasionally.

Lots of young ladies were looking at their performance with envy, while many men decided to stop dancing for the night as their moves indeed looked rather obsolete and boring.

The one who currently looked the weirdest was Liu Yun who was prepared to see Yang Chen embarrass himself. At this moment, his previously hanging smile turned to complete darkness. He stared at the figures moving on the dance floor like he hoped that they would catch fire.

Tang Wan who was drinking cocktail alone in a corner and the Cai sisters all got dumbfounded. The Yang Chen they knew had never exposed such a side of him.

When the music ended, lots of people who got addicted to their performance called out as they requested Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi to dance again.

Listening to the cheers around, Lin Ruoxi’s pinkish cheeks slowly reddened as she blushed further. Her big eyes were rather wet. It was her first time immersing this deeply into dancing. She lied on Yang Chen’s body like a soft object repeatedly during the final few steps. Fully relying on Yang Chen’s strength, she managed to pull off a few highly difficult moves.

At this moment when she stopped, Lin Ruoxi just realized how daring she was. Her cheeks further heated up as she didn’t dare to raise her head to look at Yang Chen even for once.

Yang Chen didn’t feel it was too tiring. Lin Ruoxi’s basic techniques were actually quite decent. He only had to exert a little force to smoothen the movements.

“Do you want to do it again?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi lightly shook her head which was still lowered.

“Wasn’t it a lot more fun than the old-fashioned usual way?” Yang Chen asked happily.

Lin Ruoxi finally struck with a question. “Have you danced with lots of women before?”

Yang Chen got speechless. Clearing his throat, he asked, “Why do you say so?”

“Your actions were highly practised. Back then, you used to dance a lot like this in other countries, am I right?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she raised her head without any expression.

Yang Chen carefully answered, “I learned it from pubs. You know, the people abroad are very open-minded, so it’s normal that everyone danced together. Some movements were a lot more complex.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded. She said, “I think I finally understand why you behave that way. In other countries, you must’ve lived… very…”

“Very what?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s get away from here, I’m tired.”

Yang Chen felt really helpless. Why did you stop midway? What was with this habit? Aren’t you making me more perturbed?

However, judging by the situation, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have stopped the cold war already. It was considered good news after all.

More unexpectedly, after Yang Chen stirred up the situation, nobody in the dance floor was dancing anymore. Since everyone felt inferior, the started chatting as they consumed alcohol, acting like they were really busy.

Being the host, Liu Kangbai naturally noticed the situation. He immediately walked up the stage to announce the end of the dance party, and the start of the charity auction.

Chapter 271: I Didn't Overthink 2018-02-14T13:47:18+00:00

As he wondered what had just happened, a few people approached Yang Chen from the side.

Turning his head, he saw a few people he knew. The married couple Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu, and the party’s secretary Fang Zhongping.

When Yang Chen saw Yang Jieyu, he still felt a weird feeling in his heart. Since they weren’t stupid, they could roughly guess the matter even if none of them confessed the truth. However, the more that they were in doubt, the more they weren’t willing to initiate a conversation regarding the topic.

On the other hand, Fang Zhongping appeared gloomy. He faintly smiled at Yang Chen, but his gaze seemed to be fixated at the direction Tang Wan left to.

Yang Chen got rather curious. Is Fang Zhongping possibly one of Tang Wan’s admirers? he thought. However, he didn’t think any further as he was troubled enough for the night.

“I didn’t know you were here, not to mention the fact that you’re Boss Lin’s husband. We all got shocked for a moment,” Yuan Hewei said smilingly.

Since Yuan family was the biggest clan in Zhonghai, Yuan Hewei’s attendance to the event was a friendly signal to Liu family.

The humble and resolute master had left a good impression for Yang Chen, much better than Liu Kangbai’s. Yang Chen asked politely, “How’s Yuan Ye’s recovery doing?”

Yuan Hewei laughed before saying, “The kid has been staying at home all day recently. He’s almost recovered completely already. Doctor said that his body got much healthier than before, but his belly got a loop thicker.”

Yang Chen wasn’t surprised. He didn’t cultivate True Qi of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture on Yuan Ye for nothing.

“Yang Chen, do you know Tang Wan?” Fang Zhongping asked suddenly.

Shocked, Yang Chen lightly nodded his head. He said, “Yeah, but we’ve only met each other a few times before.”

Fang Zhongping seemed to have relieved himself after listening to Yang Chen.

Both Yuan Hewei’s and Yang Jieyu’s expressions looked different, but they didn’t say anything at last.

Yang Jieyu thought of something. Kindly, she said to Yang Chen, “I saw your wife earlier. She’s indeed a stunning beauty. I even got jealous of her appearance as a woman. However, she didn’t look too happy. Did you get into an argument with her?”

Yang Chen wasn’t very used to Yang Jieyu’s intimate way of speaking. Nodding, he said, “Yeah, there’s a small contradiction between us because of me.”

“I saw her together with the Cai sisters, she should be fine. However, Yang Chen, I don’t want to nag you, but it’s best to tolerate each other between a married couple. As your wife is in charge of such a huge multinational company, it’s inevitable for her to have a small temper. Since she decided to marry you, she must still like you in her heart. You need to understand her actions.”

Seeing Yang Jieyu who took up the job as a peacemaker, Yang Chen smiled bitterly. How would anyone outside know about the principles between me and Ruoxi? I guess I can only accept her suggestion temporarily.

Yang Jieyu continued speaking with a smile, “I heard from the kid Little Ye that you’re a married man. I had been wondering what kind of person your wife would be. Judging by the situation, you’re now living a life much better than we imagined. Since you’re so excellent, combined with such a wife, your kids in the future would undoubtedly be perfect.”

Kids.... Yang Chen thought. It does seem like a pretty perfect blueprint. But isn’t it impossible between me and Ruoxi? I bet we’d be act like strangers again once we get home later.

I shouldn’t have come to such a banquet. Tragedy truly arises one after another.

Yang Jieyu seemed to have gotten emotional. “Sigh, I heard that you haven’t been together with your parents since young. How unfortunate. If they’re all here, I bet they’d be proud and joyful for you two.”

When Yang Jieyu finished speaking, Yuan Hewei subconsciously pulled his wife’s hand, hinting her to stop talking about something.

Yang Jieyu helplessly shut her mouth up. She really had gotten a bit too far.

Yang Chen smiled faintly and didn’t mind her speech too much.

To the people around, this scene wasn’t as simple as a casual chat.

Originally, they thought that Yang Chen entered the place purely because of Lin Ruoxi. Unexpectedly, he even knew Tang Wan.

It wasn’t too big of a deal if he knew Tang Wan. However, Yang Chen appeared to be having a close relationship with the married couple from Zhonghai’s biggest clan, Yuan family. Moreover, Secretary Fang from the Fang family even talked to him in an extremely polite manner.

These three people were much more significant than Liu Kangbai of the Liu family, especially when some of the people around knew just how profound Yang Jieyu’s family was in Beijing. When they saw how soft she was talking to Yang Chen, most people couldn’t help but think, Can this lucky guy Yang Chen… possibly be one of the members from the major clan in Beijing?

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi, Cai Yan and Cai Ning who were standing in a corner had noticed Yang Chen’s interaction with Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu and Fang Zhongping. They all got rather curious excluding Cai Yan who knew some of the inside information. Lin Ruoxi and Cai Ning never knew that Yang Chen had such a high connection.

Lin Ruoxi was having mixed feelings. She brought Yang Chen here to let him mix with the people in the upper class. Unexpectedly, not only did he know Yuan Ye from Yuan clan, he was even related to Yuan Hewei, Yang Jieyu and Secretary Fang Zhongping. However, Yang Chen had never mentioned these matters to Lin Ruoxi before.

I’m still stupidly trying to find a place for him to stand in Zhonghai. I guess he has been silently ridiculing my actions after all… Lin Ruoxi thought.

Yang Chen didn’t know that he suddenly became the main focus of the banquet, while Lin Ruoxi’s hatred on him further deepened.

Yuan Hewei said, “Liu Kangbai seems to be unhappy about you. If he really dares to do something, you may look for us whenever we can be in use. Since we owe you in some way, we don’t hope that you get harmed.”

I really hope that he dares to do something, Yang Chen thought. He said, “Alright, thank you.”

After chatting for a short while, the banquet entered a dance session.

Gorgeous lights started circulating in the dance floor of the hall. Nearby the dance floor, there stood the accompaniment band invited all the way from Vienna. They started playing a melodious waltz tune.

Lots of men and women, old or young, spread out on the dance floor with their own dance partners as they started ballroom dancing.

Being a gentleman, Yuan Hewei made a gesture to invite Yang Jieyu. The married couple then started to dance away lovingly after getting on the dance floor.

Fang Zhongping looked at them with an envious expression. Sighing, he walked to a corner of the hall before sitting down alone.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to dance. He was prepared to look for alcohol. However, he suddenly saw that Liu Yun stood beside Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters at one corner of the dance floor!

Frowning, Yang Chen knew that it wasn’t anything good. So he quickly walked over.

At the same time, Liu Yun offered his arm as he made an accurate posture of a dance invitation before smiling at Lin Ruoxi politely. “Miss Lin, being the host of tonight’s event, do I have the honor of inviting you for a dance?”

Evidently, Liu Yun’s actions were challenging Yang Chen. Earlier, he used a few provoking lines to separate the two. Currently, using his host identity, he casually asked Lin Ruoxi for a dance.

Lin Ruoxi was troubled. She, of course, didn’t want to dance with this guy. She wasn’t stupid, she knew that Liu Yun was trying humiliate Yang Chen on the spot.

However, Liu Yun was the only son of Liu family and the host of the banquet. In such occasion, it wasn’t inappropriate in any way for him to ask Lin Ruoxi for a dance. As she couldn’t say she didn't know how to dance, she didn’t know what to do as she didn’t have any good excuses.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi who got anxious, Cai Yan said, “Mr Liu, Ruoxi isn’t a fan of dancing. Look for someone else.”

Liu Yun still acted very gently. Smiling, he said, “Chief Cai, my invitation is very sincere. I hope Chief Cai can step out of this.”

Cai Ning pulled her younger sister’s hand to stop Cai Yan from talking. Since this involved the relationship between Cai and Liu families, there wasn’t any reason for them to step in.

“Hey, where did you come from? I haven’t even danced with her yet as her husband. What trouble are you trying to cause?”

At this moment, Yang Chen blocked in front of Liu Yun.

Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters got dumbfounded regarding Yang Chen’s appearance. They all held a complex expression.

Liu Yun smiled coldly. “Oh, is it? I thought that Mr Yang was going to dance with Miss Tang. Miss Tang is a rare stunning beauty as well. Mr Yang really wants to conquer every beauty in the world, am I right?”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “Is this an envy or an admiration? Why do I feel that you think every woman around me has a weird relationship with me?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Liu Yun asked, displeased.

Yang Chen pointed at the Cai sisters behind. “How about them? Chief Cai has arrested me into the police station a lot of times.”

“Stupid Yang Chen! Why are you pointing at us? Do you want to die?!” Cai Yan shouted as she blushed. She acted like her tail got stepped on.

Cai Ning got rather awkward as well. Although she knew that Yang Chen was merely arguing with Liu Yun, she still held a weird feeling.

Liu Yun didn’t have anything to say either as the Cai sisters weren’t ordinary women. Forcing a smile, he said, “I admit it’s my fault then. At least there are some exceptions. However, Mr Yang, I don’t think Miss Lin would be willing to dance with you, as her husband, would she?”

Without any expression, Yang Chen turned around to look at Lin Ruoxi who had been in silence. When the two crossed sight, there seemed to be endless complex emotions.

Suddenly, Yang Chen took a few steps back. Raising his arms, he spun on the ground as he showed off precise waltz dance moves. Following a few practised steps, he bowed in front of Lin Ruoxi as he offered his arm, doing an ‘invitation’ posture so accurate that it couldn’t be criticized.

Not only was Liu Yun who was prepared to see Yang Chen embarrass himself shocked, even the Cai sisters revealed an astonished expression.

It was Lin Ruoxi’s first time in her life that her mind went completely blank in public. She had never thought that Yang Chen would really invite her for a dance. The more shocking matter was, this man who sold mutton skewers really knew ballroom dance!

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi got so shy that her heartbeat quickened.

After pondering for tens of seconds, Lin Ruoxi raised one of her slim arms before placing it into Yang Chen’s hand.

“Not accepting your invitation is an incredibly rude action. I don’t want to become someone with no manners. That’s the only reason I agreed to dance with you. Don’t overthink.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He said, “I didn’t overthink. I really just wanted to dance with you.”

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Chapter 270: Rescue 2018-02-13T11:43:13+00:00

“Mr Yang doesn’t seem too happy, could it be our fault as the hosts?” Liu Kangbai asked smilingly.

Seeing Liu Yun’s father who didn’t look too old, Yang Chen’s mood didn’t get any better. Simply shaking his head, he planned to turned around and walk away.

“Mr Yang, I heard that you’re related to my future daughter-in-law An Xin.”

Liu Kangbai’s words could be heard out of the blue.

Turning around, Yang Chen said, “Your son just gave me a warning earlier. Do you want to do it again?”

“No, no, no!” Liu Kangbai exclaimed with a smile as he waved his hand. “I’m old already. I don’t plan on stepping in matters among young people. My son Liu Yun has always had his own views. Since he chose to marry An Xin, I’ll definitely support him as his father. However, I hope that Mr Yang would support his decision too. Although the CEO of Yu Lei International is highly influential, it doesn’t mean I, Liu Kangbai, wouldn’t dare to take action.”

Yang Chen smiled faintly. Does this fellow really think Ruoxi is the reason I dare to go against Liu Yun? That’s why he’s telling me he isn’t afraid of her.

Actually, from Liu Kangbai’s perspective, what he said had its basis. Although Lin Ruoxi controlled Yu Lei International, came from a wealthy family and was definitely among the top ten richest people in Zhonghai, Liu family didn’t just have money, they had connections and power. Liu Kangbai was much stronger compared to a pure business.

Indifferent, Yang Chen said, “Think however you want. Initially, I was feeling a headache for women. However, I don’t have too good of a temper. Since you insist on asking me to back off from An Xin’s matter, I’ll have to think of a way to look for An Xin again. At that time, when you and your son feel displeased, feel free to come for me.”

“Mr Yang, smart people don’t speak in the dark. Don’t think that I don’t know what you were doing back then,” Liu Kangbai said. Although his facial expression hadn’t changed, his eyes obviously showed irritation.

A while ago, he asked someone to check on Yang Chen. Although Yang Chen was a graduate student from abroad, it was true that he came out of a market selling mutton skewers. As a result, Liu Kangbai didn’t take him seriously. To him, dealing with Yang Chen wasn’t much different from pressing an ant to death.

Yang Chen didn’t want to entertain him. When he was about to leave for some alcohol, Liu Kangbai’s men blocked in front of him.

Quite a lot of guests around had noticed the situation here. Some of them were prepared to witness a good show. However, Lin Ruoxi and the Cai sisters went missing, so they didn’t notice this.

“Mr Yang, I’m the host here. If you’re holding an unfriendly attitude, I bet no one is able to save you,” Liu Kangbai said with an evil smile.

At this moment, a slightly lazy voice resounded.

“Who’s having an unfriendly attitude?”

Both Liu Kangbai and Yang Chen got shocked. Turning around, they saw a charming woman dressed in a dark-red pleated gown who held a glass of Bloody Mary in hand. She was the one Yang Chen hadn’t seen in a while—Tang Wan.

Tang Wan’s slightly curly hair was tied up in a bun behind her head, with a few strands lying in front of her forehead. Her enchanting face held a confident yet reserved smile. Her curvy and hot figure was proudly wrapped in a red-orange gown. Every step she took was soul-stirring following the swaying of her moving curves.

After the abrupt separation of the two by the beach that day, Yang Chen hadn’t met Tang Wan before. Since she wasn’t the type of clingy little woman, she didn’t contact Yang Chen at all.

Since both their thinking was mature to the point where they could be considered old people, even if they had feelings or sexual desire for each other, they weren’t noticeably affected after not seeing each other for this long. So they weren’t really surprised when they met in the hall.

“Miss Tang, you’re beautiful as always. It’s my honor to see you today,” Liu Kangbai said. He was rather familiar with Tang Wan, so he walked forward to greet her politely.

After greeting Liu Kangbai, Tang Wan seemed shocked when she saw Yang Chen. “Yang Chen, why are you here as well?” she asked.

This woman is so good at acting. If she was an actress, she’d undoubtedly win the Academy Award for Best Actress. However, since she’s here to rescue me, I’ll just accept her help, Yang Chen thought. Smiling, he said, “I followed my wife here. Master Liu and I were having a discussion regarding his son.”

“Oh, really?” Actually, Tang Wan had noticed Yang Chen long ago. She also found out that the wife Yang Chen mentioned before was Lin Ruoxi. Although she felt it was unbelievable, she still came over to help Yang Chen when she saw him in trouble. She said, “Chairman Liu, Yang Chen is my friend that I haven’t met in a while. Can you allow us to reminisce our past?”

Liu Kangbai got shocked. This woman isn’t an ordinary businesswoman. The connections she has are all at least as frightening as Lin Ruoxi, he thought. Since he couldn’t contradict her face to face, he acted like he was fine with her decision. “I’m already honored that Miss Tang could attend the event. I wouldn’t mistreat our respected guests. Suit yourselves, I’ll go entertain other guests.”

After he finished speaking, he brought his men to leave the scene before smilingly greeting other guests.

The people around who were prepared to watch a good show didn’t manage to witness any intense scenes. When they saw Yang Chen was even related to Tang Wan, most of them got surprised.

Originally, they thought that Yang Chen was merely a man reliant on women who followed Lin Ruoxi inside. Unexpectedly, he had other major connections.

One should know that lots of people had the intention to get close to Tang Wan in the upper class. However, no one dared to touch the stunning beauty due to her bewildering background. Maple Forest Leisure Centre alone was the place where filthy rich people burnt their cash. Although it wasn’t listed on stock exchange, it was definitely much more frightening than some listed companies in terms of financial capability.

Seeing Liu Kangbai walk away, Tang Wan walked closer to Yang Chen as she tried not to smile. “Not bad, the goddess that countless men strive for in Zhonghai has actually been kept in your room for a long time already.”

“Who?” Yang Chen asked.

“Are you acting dumb? I saw it all already. Your wife is Lin Ruoxi,” Tang Wan said as she gave him a stare.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. I have more than one women. Furthermore, I haven’t even stepped into Lin Ruoxi’s bedroom before, he thought. “I thought the goddess that countless men strive for is you.”

Tang Wan’s cheeks reddened. She felt shy and elated at the same time. “Aren’t you afraid of your wife punishing you when you get home if you’re seen standing this close to me?”

I almost made her vomit blood already. Why would she care about something this insignificant? Yang Chen thought. He said, “A truth is a truth. I can’t throw my other women away like broken shoes just because my wife is here, right? That would be too cruel, don’t you think so?”

“Is this a sophistry from the mouth of a stray?” Tang Wan asked jokingly.

“I don’t like the term ‘stray’, it’s inappropriate. I’m the type of guy who would stare at beautiful women a bit longer, and normally wouldn’t reject the ones I like,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Tang Wan looked at him a bit longer weirdly. She asked, “Did you get into an argument with Lin Ruoxi?”

“How do you know that? But it isn’t considered an argument, it’s more like a little depression,” Yang Chen said.

Taking a sip of Bloody Mary from her wine glass, she said, “I found out just by looking at you, a youngster stranded in love.”

Yang Chen said, “Women would always claim to be young. Why are you acting old in front of me?”

“Don’t you favor older women?” Tang Wan asked with a smile.

Yang Chen pouted. His desires were really more inclined to elder women. Probably due to his past living habit, he had developed an unusual taste as western women tended to have more mature figures.

“No matter what, thank you for helping me earlier. The Liu father and son aren’t being too friendly towards me,” Yang Chen said.

“How did you manage to irritate them? In Zhonghai, Liu family can’t be displeased by just anyone,” Tang Wan said as she frowned.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose. As he didn’t plan to hide the truth, he briefly explained An Xin’s incident to her.

Tang Wan got stunned as she listened to Yang Chen before bursting into laughter. “You didn’t even want to let go of Liu Yun’s fiancée. I really have nothing to say.”

“Why did you laugh? Aren’t you the slightest jealous?” Yang Chen asked, dissatisfied.

“Why would I get jealous? I’m not an ordinary little girl. Furthermore, I myself am a woman who seduced a married man. Do you think I’d mind that my naughty man has one or two more women?” As Tang Wan spoke, her voice got softer and softer. When she wanted to continue talking, she seemed to have seen someone walking over. As her facial expression turned weird, she instantly turned around and walked away while saying, “I have something urgent to take care of. I’ll call you later!”

Yang Chen got extremely confused as he looked at Tang Wan running away like her life was threatened who soon disappeared within the crowd.

Chapter 269: Appreciation Birth from Lost 2018-02-12T09:46:23+00:00

“It’s truly rare that Mr Yang is here, and we have such opportunity to meet each other again,” Liu Yun said with a gentle smile. His handsome appearance had earned him countless favors from wealthy women.

Yang Chen seemed rather dull. Although he knew that Liu Yun didn’t brought good intent to greet him, he still had to bite the bullet and face the situation.

“Yes, it’s really rare, but I haven’t been looking forward to it,” Yang Chen replied smilingly.

Liu Yun laughed. “Father just told me that Mr Yang is married, with your wife being Boss Lin from Yu Lei International. How envious!”

Lin Ruoxi was still talking with the Cai sisters. All of them looked at Yang Chen out of curiosity. None of them understood why Yang Chen and Liu Yun knew each other.

“After you’re done getting jealous, you may leave,” Yang Chen said as he waved his hand. He didn’t want to entertain Liu Yun.

Lin Ruoxi frowned. She brought Yang Chen here with the hope that he could socialize with major families like Liu family, to push him to the upper class. Yang Chen’s behavior wasn’t what she wanted to see. Trying to save the situation, she said, “Yang Chen, stop joking around.”

Yang Chen felt gloomy, Do I look like I’m joking?

Liu Yun got really excited as he sort of knew how to deal with Yang Chen. Looking at Liu Ruoxi, he said sincerely, “You must be Boss Lin. Although it’s our first time seeing each other, Father has talked about Boss Lin’s exceptional wisdom many times before. You’re the model that we, as people in the same generation, should learn from. I didn’t know you were married to Mr Yang at such a young age. It certainly surprised me.”

Unlike the others, Liu Yun didn’t start praising Lin Ruoxi’s appearance. He took the approach of talking about business first. Evidently, Lin Ruoxi seemed pleased.

“How did Manager Liu get to know my husband? I’m rather curious,” Lin Ruoxi asked casually, but she was indeed rather curious.

Yang Chen took a deep breath of the cold air, while Liu Yun had been waiting for this line all this time!

“This… erm, how do i start? I guess we can talk about it privately next time,” Liu Yun said with an innocent and regretful act.

Judging by the situation, every witness would think that Yang Chen had done something offensive to Liu Yun before. Many people started to look at Yang Chen with a weird gaze.

Suddenly, Liu Yun started speaking again, “Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t see Chief Cai earlier. Things will be better explained this way. Boss Lin looks like Chief Cai’s close friend. Since Chief Cai was present when the incident took place, why not we ask her to explain the situation on my behalf? It actually isn’t a scene that I wish to recall.”

Damn, this fellow is too immoral! He can’t bully people like that. Making Cai Yan say it is far worse than making me confess the truth! Yang Chen scolded in his heart.

The chick Cai Yan was really straight and direct. Having upheld the idea of fair law enforcement as she lived for more than twenty years, she wouldn’t hesitate to even arrest her own family members, let alone the fellow Yang Chen who just sabotaged her self-esteem not long ago.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi who looked at her without any expression, as if she was being questioned, Cai Yan bit her lips before whispering beside Lin Ruoxi’s ear.

In fact, Lin Ruoxi had long been involved with An Xin’s incident earlier since she was the one who asked Lawyer Zhang to bail Yang Chen out. However, Cai Yan didn’t explain the situation back then, and Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the slightest interested in that matter, so it eventually got forgotten.

At this moment, Yang Chen got himself into an even more awkward position. Most people knew that Cai Yan was the chief of the police station in the west district. Since the misunderstanding between Yang Chen and Liu Yun got the police involved, the incident mustn’t be anything insignificant, but something shameful.

Of course, the person who’d carry all the shame was Yang Chen. Liu Yun was merely the victim.

Cai Yan briefly explained the incident where Yang Chen slept with Liu Yun’s fiancée An Xin before getting caught. She then described the argument between him, Liu Yun, An Xin and her father An Zaihuan. When Cai Yan finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi’s face turned extremely pale. Her eyes were a few times colder than the outside howling wind blowing from the north.

Yang Chen felt that his scalp went numb. Smiling stiffly, he said, “It’s in the past, it’s all in the past. I’ll explain the situation to you when we go back. I’m actually a victim as well…”

“You don’t have to explain. That’s your problem, and I’ve never been able to manage you.” When Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, she felt like her heart got weak and broken. Bringing Yang Chen to this place seemed like a bad idea. If she hadn’t come today, she wouldn’t know about the matter between him and Liu Yun.

Being hidden from the truth would be better than knowing that this man went to grab someone else’s fiancée, and even got arrested into the police station.

That’s right, she told him back then, that they’d live their own lives and mind their own businesses.

However, having been through so much together, she was finally willing to announce their relationship of a married couple. Unexpectedly, the guy became a fiancée grabber in the blink of an eye.

Without a doubt, Lin Ruoxi’s self-esteem got destroyed, just like a sharp knife that violently cut her.

The corners of Liu Yun’s mouth moved as he smiled. After a short while, he said, “Boss Lin, please don’t get sad. The matter will slowly get forgotten as time passes. Although my fiancée An Xin made a few mistakes, it still doesn’t change my resolution to marry her. Before long, our wedding will take place. Please don’t be too harsh on Mr Yang, people make mistakes after all.”

When Liu Yun finished speaking, he looked at Yang Chen apologetically before walking past Yang Chen.

When he passed by Yang Chen, he used a voice so soft that only Yang Chen could hear to say, “I want to you to lose everything.”

Yang Chen didn’t have any expression, like he didn’t listen to Liu Yun’s provoking speech at all. At this moment, Yang Chen certainly didn’t have the mood to entertain Liu Yun, since Lin Ruoxi seemed to have gotten extremely depressed.

Fortunately, only the few parties involved heard the truth, so a huge commotion wasn’t caused. After Liu Yun left, the situation got calm again.

Cai Yan noticed Lin Ruoxi’s anguish, and couldn’t help but to blame her directness. At the same time, she looked at Yang Chen regretfully, but he didn’t have the time to pay attention to her.

Walking forward, Yang Chen said sadly, “I know that an explanation is unnecessary. I’m indeed someone who can’t give you peace, but I hope you don’t feel too miserable. Hurting your body isn’t worth it.”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head, revealing her wet eyes. She said, “I should’ve known. Keep your empathy, I’m not that dumb.”

After she finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi walked to a corner of the hall alone.

Worried, Cai Yan and Cai Ning followed her. The two sisters had complex expressions. Except the care they’re giving Lin Ruoxi, they seemed to feel apologetic at the same time, as they had concealed too much.

Yang Chen felt really irritated and troubled, not because he was angry for Liu Yun’s disturbance, but felt terribly upset for his women.

It wasn’t the matter of which ones he should give up on. No man would hope their woman was shared. Similarly, no woman would hope their husband was someone else’s husband as well.

It wasn’t that Yang Chen didn’t understand this point. His past rotten and ignorant way of living combined with the haunting experiences made him lose the courage to reject any one of the women that he loved. He was very aware that he liked them, and even didn’t dare to ensure he wouldn’t like more of them. Moreover, he couldn’t bare with the women’s tenderness, let alone hurting them.

However whenever he thought of Lin Ruoxi’s unwavering and cold gaze, together with her incredible similarities with someone, Yang Chen would get really afraid that she’d really leave him one day.

Because he experienced lost before, he was all the more appreciative of her.

When Yang Chen felt a headache and wanted to consume alcohol alone, the organizer of the event Liu Kangbai brought two of his men to approach Yang Chen.

Chapter 268: Never Heard of It 2018-02-11T04:03:08+00:00

Yang Chen noticed the men’s intention and felt really helpless. He couldn’t possibly land a punch on each and every one of them to strike them away. However, he quickly thought that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a approachable woman. The men wouldn’t be able to gain anything.

Holding a glass of dark-red grape wine, a short-haired guy with a tall and well developed body walked over. Smiling humbly, he said, “I’ve heard of Miss Lin’s great reputation long ago. Now that I managed to see the person itself, the phrase ‘to discover a man by name is not nearly as good as meeting him in person’ is indeed true.”

Two other good-looking men who came late clenched their teeth in anger as someone reached earlier than them.

When the man was praising Lin Ruoxi, he didn’t look at Yang Chen, like he didn’t exist at all.

Without expression, Lin Ruoxi looked at him, asking, “What do you do?”

The man got elated when Lin Ruoxi asked about himself. As he feel pleased, he forced himself to remain calm. Feeling proud, he said, “This one is Hao Yingjian, the general manager of Guangde Construction Group. Boss Lin must’ve heard of it before.”

Very lewd?!

His name almost made Yang Chen spit out the champagne in his mouth.

[TL note: Hao Yingjian (same pronunciation, different words) means very lewd.]

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi replied, “I don’t know. Never heard of it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she held Yang Chen’s arm and headed to another direction without turning back, leaving Hao Yingjian who paled as he stood in shock with his wine glass in hand.

At such an occasion, the sentence ‘never heard of it’ was more devastating than scolding someone directly. It meant his status and identity weren’t seen similarly as hers! In other words, he wasn’t qualified to talk to her!

The few young people who didn’t manage to approach her first all revealed happiness on their faces. Looking at the angered Hao Yingjian who didn’t dare to express his resentment, the people around mocked him for not realizing his incompetence.

Nobody would’ve thought Lin Ruoxi to be this direct and straightforward. Rejecting people mercilessly, her legendary ‘ice mountain’ behaviour was proven to be true!

Yang Chen on the other hand felt pleased, but was curious at the same time. He asked, “Don’t businessmen always say making a friend would mean making one less enemy? After treating him that way earlier, aren’t you afraid of getting stabbed from behind one day?”

Lin Ruoxi said coldly, “Since there’s a first, there’ll be a second one. I don’t like it, so cutting all their intentions in one go is better. Regarding friends and enemies, I only believe that as long as I’m stronger than them, they’ll never be able to touch even my shadow.”

“Oh my… That’s not cute at all. You’re too fearsome,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Dissatisfied, Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare before letting go of Yang Chen’s arm and walking in front alone.

At this moment, Yang Chen just noticed two figures approaching them.

The two were wearing a similar orange gown, but had different hairstyles. The elder sister had her hair tied up in a bun while the younger sister’s short hair was neatly combed. They were Cai Ning and Cai Yan.

Yang Chen got shocked for a short while, but eventually understood the situation. Cai family should be considered a family of the upper class, so it was normal for the Cai sisters to attend such an event. However, being a significant character in Group of Eight, Cai Ning, also known as Flower Rain, didn’t just come to show respect to Liu family.

When Cai Yan saw Lin Ruoxi, she seemed really elated. Walking forward to hold Lin Ruoxi’s hand, Cai Yan said smilingly, “Ruoxi, I didn’t know you’d come to such a place. I thought you’d hide at home forever.”

Dressed like a lady, Cai Yan didn’t look as heroic as compared to her in a police uniform, but appeared much more attractive and bright. Her stylish short hair made her seem rather special.

“Yanyan you’re talking nonsense again, when have I ever hidden at home? I just dislike joining events like this,” Lin Ruoxi explained before greeting Cai Ning, “Sister Ning, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Cai Ning was a classic example of major families. Being raised in Tang Sect of Shu since young to receive ancient education, she exerted a silent aura which made her look like she came out from an ancient painting. She smiled at Lin Ruoxi and said, “If I knew you were coming, I would’ve asked Mom and Dad to come as well. They haven’t seen you for many years.

[TL note: In classic wuxia novels, the disciples of Tang Sect are proficient in using hidden weapons. Shu is another name for Sichuan (China), probably translated as Shushan/Shu Mountain in other novels.]

“Aren’t Uncle and Aunt Cai here yet?” Lin Ruoxi asked regrettably.

“My parents have gotten bored of these events long ago. Since Elder Sister was home, I asked her to come with me,” Cai Yan said before glancing at Yang Chen. Since she wasn’t entertained when she gave him a watch earlier, she stared at him angrily. “Ruoxi, I really didn’t think you’d bring him here together.”

Yang Chen felt really helpless, but couldn’t say anything either. This lady Cai Yan really hates me, doesn’t she? Wasn’t it just a watch? Did she have to speak so coldly? he thought.

Cai Ning noticed that Yang Chen had a weird expression as well. She was the only one who knew the true identity of this man. She was very clear that Yang Chen at this moment was just a wolf covered in the skin of a sheep.

Especially the time where she chased the three ninjas from Yamata Sect, the angry words that Yang Chen gave her and his domineering actions made her feel wronged until this date. So she simply nodded at Yang Chen without saying anything.

In the hall, quite a lot of people noticed that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were chatting with the Cai sisters before feeling jealous. Cai family was a big shot in the military. As long as one was in the upper class, they’d probably know how influential and powerful Cai family was in both the political and military worlds.

Directly rejecting ‘very lewd’ earlier and chatting with the Cai sisters currently, made the people who wanted to make friends with Lin Ruoxi to fully take back their intention., since they knew just how insignificant they were. Although they were all in the same hall, there was an enormous watershed lying between them and Lin Ruoxi—they belonged to completely different worlds.

However, when Lin Ruoxi was chatting with the Cai sisters, Yang Chen felt rather lonely. Looking at the surroundings, everyone whom he didn’t know held a fake smile on their faces, making Yang Chen feel exceptionally bored.

At this moment, a few tall white people entered the hall. Having blonde hair and blueish eyes, they seemed like true caucasians.

The white man wearing a leather western suit looked strong and bulky. The woman wore really revealing clothes, with her bosom and backside looking exceptionally eye-catching. When these people appeared, many guests felt surprised. They initially thought this charity banquet was only open to Zhonghai. Unexpectedly, some friends from other countries joined as well.

Yang Chen immediately felt an abnormal aura. He subconsciously turned to look at Cai Ning. Expectedly, Cai Ning looked worried as she furrowed her brows.

As she noticed Yang Chen’s gaze, Cai Ning regained awareness as she turned to look away, acting like she had seen nothing.

Yang Chen smiled secretly. He knew that Cai Ning wouldn’t attend a random event out of nowhere. She indeed had a special objective.

At the same time, a familiar face appeared from the crowd. Dressed in a white western suit with a red tie, the good-looking man brought a proud smile on his face. Being the young master of Liu family, Liu Yun finally showed himself and walked towards Yang Chen.

Chapter 267: Banquet of Liu Family 2018-02-11T04:01:59+00:00

Time passed really quickly in the car. An hour’s time flew by in the blink of an eye.

Tired, Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes slowly. As she regained consciousness, she immediately noticed that she was lying on Yang Chen’s shoulder.

It felt rather weird. The man beside her who had remained still to act as her pillow unexpectedly gave her an unprecedented sense of security and peace of mind.

I must be too worn out. I wouldn’t have this absurd thought otherwise.

Lin Ruoxi silently moved away her head from Yang Chen’s shoulder. Arranging the hair on her temples to make sure it was still in shape, she asked, “How long did I sleep for?”

“Around five hours. The banquet ended already,” Yang Chen replied with a smile.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi looked at the built-in exquisite clock in the car. After making sure she slept for almost an hour only, she gave Yang Chen a stare. “Can you stop smiling all day and be this carefree? Jokes like this aren’t funny at all.”

“Since I’m not allowed to smile, I can’t possibly cry right?” Yang Chen said shamelessly.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and sat at her seat quietly.

Yang Chen looked at her for quite a while before asking, “Did you rest well? You look much better than before.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t reply a single word. It was obvious that she didn’t want to entertain Yang Chen.

Yang Chen could only give up. The two quietly waited until the car was driven into the resort of Jade Clouds Corporation. The surroundings were lit with different colors of brilliant lights.

Cold wind blew through the trees in the dark. On the roadside, bodyguards dressed in black who were patrolling the area would pass by. Evidently, Liu family paid much attention to the banquet tonight.

After passing through the wide roads in the resort, the car stopped at a parking slot after five or six minutes. The road was long filled with various world-class luxury cars. Cars Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class looked oddly obscure and insignificant when they appeared at such a place.

Yang Chen could clearly feel that Lin Ruoxi’s body was rather stiff. However, she managed to calm down after taking a deep breath. Apparently, Lin Ruoxi was rather unfamiliar with such an occasion.

“Don’t simply open your mouth or walk around after going down, do you understand?” Lin Ruoxi informed him strictly once again.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he said, “I’m not a child anymore.”

“You’re more troublesome than a child,” Lin Ruoxi said mercilessly.

Yang Chen pouted as he got speechless. He was indeed looked down upon this time.

At this moment, the similarly anxious Li Ming solemnly walked to the back to open the rear door before bowing at the side.

Smiling, Yang Chen offered his left arm to Lin Ruoxi.

After pondering for a while, Lin Ruoxi knew that it was inevitable. She reached out her slim and jade-like arm to hook onto Yang Chen’s forearm.

Since she had decided to accept this man, she couldn’t back off repeatedly.

The phantom of the black Rolls-Royce, even under the eyes of these celebrities and highly influential businessmen, was considered a remarkable first-grade luxury car. As a result, when the owner of the car came down, many guests who were still outside subconsciously turned to look over in an organized manner.

Yang Chen was the first who came down the car. This completely unknown face distracted numerous guests as they looked at each other coincidentally, asking each other with their eyes regarding which family this young master was from, or was he a highly ranked young officer invited over by Liu clan?

Soon, Lin Ruoxi who walked out holding Yang Chen’s arm acted like a powerful magnet, attracting almost everyone’s attention on the spot. The various complex expressions brought by the obsessed men and the envious and jealous women were indescribable. However, Lin Ruoxi’s face was considered unfamiliar as well, having attended almost none of these parties of the upper class.

The chilly winter air wouldn’t back off just because the women were wearing sleeveless and revealing gowns. However, the women still had to hold a smile on their face while resisting themselves from shivering, like they weren’t affected at all.

Yang Chen felt that being a woman wasn’t easy. When cold wind blew, he felt that Lin Ruoxi unintentionally leaned towards him. The ice mountain would feel cold after all, he thought.

Following the greetings of the servers, the two walked towards the entrance of the hall. It was a three-storey building with the style of Baroque architecture. The tall and tidy Athens-style stone pillars displayed the strong financial capability of Liu family.

When they were walking towards the entrance, a middle-aged man dressed in a black tuxedo walked towards them from afar. With neatly arranged hair and moustache extended to two sides, he looked energetic and rosy.

“I’m flattered, definitely flattered! I didn’t expect Boss Lin to personally attend the event organized by this one. Haha, have my warmest welcome!”

Lin Ruoxi said beside Yang Chen softly, “This is the master of Liu clan, also the organizer of the banquet tonight, Liu Kangbai.”

He must be the father of the fellow Liu Yun then. I bet he had scourged a lot of women as well when he was young, Yang Chen thought.

At the same time, the curious guests could vaguely guess Lin Ruoxi’s identity after how Liu Kangbai personally greeted her and addressed her by ‘Boss Lin’.

Having a net worth of tens of billions, this incredibly looking woman was surprisingly the owner of a major multinational company!

Very quickly, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi became the main focus of this event. Quite a number of people were guessing Yang Chen’s relationship with Lin Ruoxi, since it was known that Lin Ruoxi hadn’t gotten married yet, not to mention she wasn’t rumored to be together with any young masters from huge clans.

“Chairman Liu is being too humble. We’re only juniors, you don’t have to treat us this way,” Lin Ruoxi said with a faint smile.

Waving his hands, Liu Kangbai said, “A gentleman would never mistreat a lady. I have been saying this since Old CEO was still in charge of Yu Lei. Now that Yu Lei is in Boss Lin’s hands, it became the leader of Chinese fashion industry. We old folks are fully aware of the situation. Greeting you personally is merely the respect paid to a successful businessperson from a businessman.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded with a smile as she remained silent.

Turning to look at Yang Chen, Liu Kangbai said, “And this is…”

Before Yang Chen could speak, Lin Ruoxi answered, “He’s my husband Yang Chen.”

Surprised, Yang Chen turned his head to look at Lin Ruoxi. Although he knew that Lin Ruoxi was prepared to announce their relationship since she asked him to attend a public event together, he didn’t expect her to act this casual and direct, not to mention her unchanged facial expression.

Evidently, Liu Kangbai and the other guests who heard what Lin Ruoxi said got shocked. Suddenly, Yang Chen became the centre of attraction that caused endless envy.

Yang Chen scratched his nose awkwardly. Smiling, he said, “Although Chairman Liu doesn’t know who I am, I actually know your son.”

Liu Kangbai instantly recovered his calmness. Politely, he said, “Mr Yang knows the brat Liu Yun? Are you possibly his former schoolmate?”

“Nope, we’re not schoolmates. We’ve seen each other before and had a small misunderstanding,” Yang Chen said as he explained the situation very lightly. He thought, if grabbing your daughter-in-law is considered a small misunderstanding.

“Haha, people always say that you never truly know each other before getting into an argument. Every visitor is my guest, you’re both welcomed inside.” Liu Kangbai was naturally wise, having lived for many years. Before understanding Yang Chen’s background, he decided to not continue the topic.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen doubtfully. Although she didn’t know why Yang Chen knew Liu Yun and even had an argument with him, she chose to keep the questions to herself as it wasn’t appropriate to ask there.

After the two entered the hall, Liu Kangbai whispered to a man beside him, “Check on the man immediately.”

The man immediately left the place while Liu Kangbai put on his smile once again before greeting other guests.

Although the area of the hall was large, it was still rather crowded. Under the process of servers shuttling back and forth, the guests inside quickly got informed of the situation that happened outside.

The appearance of the unknown husband brought to the banquet by the secluded and mysterious young CEO of Yu Lei International swiftly swept through the hall like tornado. As a result, when Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi entered the place, they immediately noticed plenty of gazes, intentional or not.

Lin Ruoxi easily became the centre of attraction as well. Wearing a black gown made of silk and the set of cornflower blue jewelries, her clean and refined posture exhibited magnificence and charm, just like a tulip that bloomed in the dark. Regardless of gender, everyone found it hard to resist the sudden surge of glamor and charisma.

Yang Chen was extremely displeased. Earlier, he said that they shouldn’t attend the event. Expectedly, everyone stared at his wife.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the slightest nervous. She seemed to have gotten used to being the brightest star amongst crowds. Receiving a glass of champagne presented by a humble server, she walked to the centre of the hall together with Yang Chen.

A lot of successful male entrepreneurs and highly ranked officials looked at Yang Chen with jealousy and hatred when they saw Lin Ruoxi holding his hand. To them, this average-looking and unfamiliar face was much inferior to their alleged elite class. Since Lin Ruoxi was still young and naive, it was possible for her to accidentally pick a wrong guy.

It had to be said that the male thinking ability could be crazy sometimes. At this moment, they weren’t willing to consider the fact that Lin Ruoxi could manage a business empire. It wasn’t possible for her to be so stupid to misjudge a man.

As a result, a few well-dressed, highly educated and wealthy men with great backgrounds incidentally approached Lin Ruoxi together.

Chapter 266: Let’s Not Go Anymore 2018-02-11T04:00:40+00:00

It was Yang Chen’s second time seeing Lin Ruoxi together with a young and unknown man. The first one was Zeng Xinlin who crawled back to Beijing after getting defeated. Similar to his first experience, Yang Chen wasn’t feeling too happy this time as well.

As a result, Yang Chen’s expression evidently turned gloomy.

However, when he approached them, the tall man bowed humbly and said, “Director Yang, good afternoon.”

Shocked, Yang Chen said, “You’re…”

“I’m Li Ming from the security department of Yu Lei International. Boss asked me to be today’s driver,” Li Ming said politely.

Since Yu Lei International was this huge, Yang Chen wouldn’t feel surprised if Lin Ruoxi were to tell him she had a private security company. So when Li Ming said he was the temporary driver, Yang Chen instantly understood the situation.

Tonight’s charity event was held at a very large scale. Excluding the dance party and charity session, there’d naturally be a time where everyone could socialize while drinking wine. If he drove after consuming alcohol, getting caught by the police would be troublesome. It wasn’t that big of a deal usually, however, under so many pairs of eyes, whoever embarrassed would feel unfortunate.

Yang Chen turned his head to look at Lin Ruoxi who sat entered the car herself. He apparently misunderstood her. When he thought about it, it actually made sense, since Lin Ruoxi didn’t look like a lady who had male friends.

Trying to please, Li Ming ran towards to a side to open the rear door of the Bentley for Yang Chen before getting back to the driver’s seat and driving out of Yu Lei International.

Sitting beside Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen turned his head to look at her. She looked as cold as an ice mountain, but her absolutely beautiful cheeks looked rather pale and dull. Having worked all night yesterday and tirelessly today, it was impressive enough that Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were still opened.

“You’re really thoughtful. I didn’t even think of asking someone to drive for us.” Yang Chen tried to initiate a conversation.

Due to what happened this morning, Lin Ruoxi was still displeased with Yang Chen. She could guess that this fellow went out for women once again, thinking solely with her feet. Annoyed, she stared at him before saying, “Do you think I’m similar to you?”

“What similar?”

“I don’t do filthy things,” Lin Ruoxi said straightforwardly.

Speechless, Yang Chen looked at Li Ming who was focused on driving before turning to Lin Ruoxi. He said awkwardly, “Can’t we talk about this in private? Why did you call me filthy in front of someone else?”

Smiling coldly, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Since you dare to do it, are you possibly still afraid of being known by others? Rest assured, he’s now deaf.”

Yang Chen got speechless once again. When this woman got irritated, she really was horrifying, as Yang Chen could clearly see that Li Ming who was driving in front had cold sweat coming out of his forehead.

Li Ming was struggling silently at this moment. He didn’t know he’d listen to such sensitive information while he fetched his boss this once. However, to keep his job, there was only one thing he could do—sticking everything he heard into his stomach!

The Bentley wasn’t heading to anywhere else, but to Dragon Garden. According to Lin Ruoxi’s words, she wanted to change her clothing and swap a car at the same time. The elegant red Bentley was her usual car. Attending such an important event, she wanted to switch a car that would suit the occasion more.

When moments like this came, women would take a significantly longer time to prepare than men, regardless of how swiftly they usually acted.

Yang Chen walked to his room and took out a simple low-collared Armani that looked like a formal suit. Without buttoning his shirt up, he tied a bow tie and simply combed his hair. Although he didn’t look too impressive, he could definitely qualify to attend that kind of event. At least his aura wasn’t any inferior to a playboy.

He went downstairs to wait for Lin Ruoxi. After around forty minutes, she slowly walked down the stairs.

Yang Chen wanted to make a complaint for the long waiting time, however the moment he turned around, the person he glanced at made him hold his breath, making him unable to say a word.

Hair tied up in a bun, Lin Ruoxi looked like a completely different person in her full black, silk formal dress.

The black gown worn looked true-to-life, like it was splashed by ink. Following the sway of her hips, Lin Ruoxi’s arms which were exposed in the air, combined with her exquisite collarbone and her snow-like skin looked breathtaking.

Usually, it could be seen that Lin Ruoxi had a decent figure. However, since she wore loose pyjamas and office suits most of the time, she didn’t appear too unique. At this moment, her tight-fitting gown wrapped around her graceful body with a height of near 1.7 meters, paired with black crystal heels inlaid with South African diamonds. Her perfect curves looked like an artwork done by the most outstanding artist.

The more ridiculous thing was this woman’s financial capability. Her pure, light blue gems with an unknown origin looked highly reflective and glamorous. Wrapped in a platinum frame, it was evidently produced by a world-famous jeweller.

Having seen numerous jewelries, Yang Chen quickly recognized the item. It was the most rare

cornflower blue produced in Kashmir!

Several pieces of blue gems together with countless azure diamond fragments formed Lin Ruoxi’s necklace, earrings and bracelets. Especially the enormous blue gem in front of her chest, they all looked like a depthless ocean. This set of jewelries made the already hot and beautiful woman look extraordinarily elegant and graceful.

Lin Ruoxi usually had a light layer of make-up on when she went out. For tonight’s event, she specially applied some lip gloss and drew her brows, causing her sharp facial features to appear exceptionally alluring.

Approaching Yang Chen without any expression, Lin Ruoxi said, “Leave.”

Yang Chen finally regained consciousness. Sighing, he said, “Dear, let’s not go anymore.”

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Why? Are you backing down right before the battle?!”

“No, that’s not the case.” Yang Chen endured his desire of rushing up like a hungry wolf. Looking at the woman who exerted a jasmine-like fragrance, he felt rather proud deep down his heart. “If you attend the event dressed like this, every man would look at you. I would get hurt that way. You know, I grew up selling mutton skewers, little men like me are the pettiest.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know what she was supposed to do to this shameless yet funny man. Biting her lip, she said, “Stop joking around, I merely put on a slightly different attire. Didn’t I still get stared upon when I walked on the streets wearing normally?”

Yang Chen pondered. What she said made sense. The two times where he walked with Lin Ruoxi on the streets, passersby would gaze at her.

It seems like I have to kidnap her to a deserted little island. No, I should bring every woman to the island so that only I myself can look at them…

As he made his future plans, Yang Chen stood up and walked out of the door after saying goodbye to Wang Ma.

In front of the bungalow, there stood Li Ming who was standing beside a brand new black Rolls-Royce. When he saw the two coming out of the house, he opened the rear door.

Yang Chen had seen this car in Lin Ruoxi’s huge parking garage earlier. He didn’t expect that it would ever be driven.

People didn’t usually get a Rolls-Royce for its excellent characteristics, they only wanted it as a form of status. Of course, sitting in a car like this was undoubtedly comfortable.

When Li Ming saw how Lin Ruoxi was dressed, he too got stiff and oblivious for a while. When he noticed Yang Chen’s unhappy expression, he quickly hopped in the car like he was escaping from prison. He didn’t dare to lay his eyes on Lin Ruoxi for even half a second from that moment onwards.

Not only was she his employer, a guy who could marry such a woman definitely had an uncommon background. Li Ming rationally chose to act deaf mute as he secretly developed envy for Yang Chen’s blessing.

The banquet organized by Liu family was held at a five-star, resort-like hotel which was one of the subsidiaries of Jade Clouds Corporation owned by Liu family. Being the second of Zhonghai, inferior only to Yuan clan, Liu family naturally invited a lot of people who normally had high rankings to attend their charity event. As a result, they couldn’t hold their event at a random and noisy hotel, so they chose to use this resort which was located near the South mountainous area of Zhonghai.

The car journey went on for an entire hour. On the back seat of the Rolls-Royce, Yang Chen could smell the charming fragrance constantly released from Lin Ruoxi’s body. His mood got excited to an unprecedented level. Bringing such a woman to attend a dinner event would not only bring him pride, but challenge as well.

The two hadn’t spoken the entire time. Yang Chen constantly had something up his mind. After around ten minutes, Yang Chen suddenly felt a slight pressure coming from his left shoulder.

Following the swaying of the car, Lin Ruoxi blurrily leaned her head on Yang Chen as she felt asleep as she was overly exhausted.

Having stayed awake and worked for the entire day, it was impressive enough that this woman managed to hold herself to this moment. Furthermore, Lin Ruoxi made extra preparations to attend this grand dinner, suddenly making Yang Chen feel rather bad.

Although he had his own hardship, he might’ve truly caused Lin Ruoxi to work this hard for him. He couldn’t help but feel anguished.

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have forgotten that the man beside her was Yang Chen. She subconsciously hoped that she was able to get a dependable shoulder that she could lie on, to let her rest.

Yang Chen remained silent. He quietly adjusted his shoulder so that Lin Ruoxi could sleep more comfortably.

The Rolls-Royce was really steady while the interior was very quiet. Li Ming who had been driving didn’t dare to look at the rear mirror to check on the situation behind.

Lin Ruoxi looked like a child who had fallen asleep. Lying on Yang Chen’s shoulder, her fine and pink lips were slightly opened, causing her to exhale an orchid-like scent and look incredibly innocent and cute.

Yang Chen lowered his head as fondness appeared in his eyes. He couldn’t help but to hope that the car was driven slower and slower, to let this hardworking woman sleep for a while more.

Chapter 265: Embarrassing Act 2018-02-11T04:00:08+00:00

After staying for an intense and warm night, Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he didn’t make a call to home last night when fetching Mo Qianni back to the company.

He didn’t plan on staying overnight at the farm stay yesterday. Furthermore, Mo Qianni’s old wound suddenly started taking effect again. After that, a fire started between them. When the love was concentrated, he forgot the ice-cold phone call again!

Yang Chen didn’t know what to feel in his heart. After bidding farewell to Mo Qianni, he pondered on whether he should give Lin Ruoxi a call or not.

If a cold war were to start between them once again, he could only endure and wait for time to heal, since he was the one who promised to inform her whenever he wasn’t going home.

Having hesitated for a while, Yang Chen still decided to call Lin Ruoxi. After a short while, the call got connected.

“What is it…” Lin Ruoxi sounded really tired. It was rare for her to talk to Yang Chen this way. She didn’t sound so domineering.

“Erm… regarding yesterday night,” Yang Chen said before clearing his throat, “I’m sorry. Some things happened too unexpectedly, so I forgot to inform you. I’m calling now to ask for the respected wife’s forgiveness.”

Lin Ruoxi remained quiet for quite a while. She then said, “Didn’t you come home yesterday night?”

Yang Chen got shocked. Why doesn’t Lin Ruoxi know?

“I’ve been working all night in the office. I didn’t go home,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen almost vomited blood onto the steering wheel. If his men knew about his embarrassing act, he bet they’d laugh lying on the ground.

But really quickly, he noticed something wrong. Frowning, he said, “Why did you work overtime all night? Are you really a workaholic? Do you think you’re the champion of triathlons, or some heroine with strong fighting capabilities from some random mountain? If you faint as a result of overworking, aren’t you afraid that no one will be there to save you?”

“What’s wrong with your metaphors? So what if I work overtime? Do you think you’re really impressive staying outside all night?” Lin Ruoxi retorted with a cold voice.

Yang Chen continued debating. “They’re completely different things. I’m definitely at fault, but it isn’t right for you to mistreat your body. I told you many times, you should delegate the tasks to your employees. When you’re doing everything yourself, not only will you get exhausted, your workers won’t have a chance to perform. Does your brain belong to a pig?!”

“Did you just scold me as a pig brain?!” Lin Ruoxi’s tone got raised really high. She couldn’t believe that Yang Chen would scold her loudly. However, she didn’t know how to say something rude. On the phone, she said the word, “You…” for really long, but no words seemed to have followed.

Yang Chen felt that he indeed got rather emotional. He quickly said, “Erm… I wasn’t scolding you. I just felt that your body would collapse eventually if you don’t change your working habit. I was just persuading you to alter your workaholic behaviour. Since you’re not getting enough sleep nor are you eating properly, you need to know that wrinkles will form very easily this way although you’re young. Menopause will come early as well!”

“Gangster! You… you don’t need to care about my menopause!” Lin Ruoxi almost fainted.

“This… I was really just analyzing the situation from a medical perspective,” Yang Chen said before coughing a few times, “In short, you’re not allowed to work at night in the future. If I ever find out, I’ll kick your door down and pull you out from the office. Or I’ll stand beside you like a steel pillar. I’ll see how you work at that time!”

“I don’t want to talk about this issue with you anymore, I have a meeting to attend later. Don’t forget about the charity function tonight by Liu clan. I’ll call you at around three o’clock in the afternoon and tell you what to do,” Lin Ruoxi said before immediately ending the call.

In the office, Lin Ruoxi contemplated her phone silently. Having spoken so much nonsense with the shameless man, but… why don’t I feel annoyed? she thought.

Lin Ruoxi stopped thinking about it. Although she worked overtime all night, she still had a bunch of tasks to take care of, not to mention the meeting she needed to attend immediately.

Feeling dismal, Yang Chen drove to his own office. He noticed that Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were already waiting for him there.

“Did anything happen, that you two came this early?” Yang Chen got shocked.

Smiling, Zhao Teng stood up and said, “Director Yang, we’ll be signing contracts with Miss Shitu this afternoon. We purposely brought the contract here for you to look through.”

Yang Chen didn’t think Rose would complete the task this quickly. Receiving the contract expressionlessly, he quickly read through the contract. Generally, the contents inside were about the same as he imagined, but the specific partnered project wasn’t determined yet.

“This contract can gain us at least 200 million of funds combined with what we currently have. Have you guys decided on what to do with them?” Yang Chen asked.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie looked at each other for a while. At last, Wang Jie opened her mouth to say, “Director, although we can sign a few well-known producers and artists in our current situation, we’re still barely able to launch our own TV series which is strongly associated with our brand. It’d affect our promotional effect. We’re thinking of launching our own talent show as previously suggested. Not only do we have enough funds, doing such an activity would boost our company’s reputation significantly.”

“It’s a good choice, I personally support the idea,” Yang Chen said as he nodded.

Wang Jie hesitated for a while before saying, “However, the most important part in such a project is the judges. I’m afraid that using ordinary senior producers or singers wouldn’t be enough. So I hope Director can think of whether you can invite a few most influential superstars to become our judges.”

Yang Chen thought, it seems like these two have noticed my extraordinary background, and want to use my influence to get some big shots to help out the situation. However, this isn’t a challenging task at all.

“Alright. Although it is a bit difficult, it’s not entirely impossible. I’ll give you guys an answer within a month. You may start planning the overall event soon,” Yang Chen said.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie smiled out of satisfaction. They chatted for a while relaxedly before leaving the office.

After taking care of some insignificant matters, Yang Chen slept in his office for a while. In the afternoon, he rushed to the headquarters of Yu Lei International to have lunch with Zhao Hongyan and the other ladies. Being unproductive, Yang Chen somehow managed to pass time until three o’clock previously planned by Lin Ruoxi.

Incredibly puntual, Yang Chen’s mobile phone vibrated at three o’clock sharp.

Yang Chen picked up the call and heard Lin Ruoxi’s emotionless voice.

“Come to my parking slot,” Lin Ruoxi said before directly ending the call.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. This woman really liked to end calls with him. It seemed like he could only hope for one day where she could finally say goodbye.

However, if Yang Chen would get bothered about such a minor matter, he would’ve been pissed to death long ago. Carefreely running to Lin Ruoxi’s parking slot, he noticed that Lin Ruoxi was waiting for him beside her red Bentley together with a tall man who wore a necktie and a western suit.

Chapter 264: Morning Make-Up 2018-02-11T03:58:17+00:00

After a small-scale snowstorm, the temperature of the entire Zhonghai fell below zero degrees.

The rooms in the farm stay were rather decent. At least the heater kicked in on time. The rooms were all warm and comfortable, making people feel rather sleepy.

Not to mention the couple Yang Chen and Mo Qianni who were currently lying on the bed, having fought in hundreds of rounds of war at night.

Since he was with his own woman, Yang Chen didn’t sleep with caution after the night’s vigorous activities, not to mention he was currently at a rural area. Thus, his sleep this night was exceptionally satisfying.

It was Friday the next morning. Although Yang Chen had to work early in the morning, he woke up later than usual.

When Yang Chen opened his eyes, he blurrily noticed that Mo Qianni who previously lay beside him, was sitting in front of the make-up desk alone. She was using the cosmetics she brought with her to enhance her appearance for him.

Mo Qianni just ‘broke’ her body last night before getting continuous ‘bombings’. Yang Chen thought she’d only wake up in the afternoon. However, she still had the energy to wake up at dawn to apply make-up.

Yang Chen slowly got out of bed and walked towards the make-up desk, behind Mo Qianni.

In the mirror, the two bodies adhered together.

Bending his body, Yang Chen lightly hugged Mo Qianni’s waist from behind, asking, “When did you wake up?”

Mo Qianni noticed that Yang Chen was approaching her long ago. Although the two acted extremely intimate last night, Mo Qianni still felt rather shy currently.

People always behaved this way. The closer something got near to yourself, the more cherished it would be, and the more afraid you’d get for losing it.

“Four in the morning. I couldn’t fall asleep,” Mo Qianni said.

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Little Qianqian, weren’t you exhausted? Why did you wake up this early for a make-up? You look very pretty as well without make-up.”

Mo Qianni stopped moving her hands. Lowering her head, she blushed as she said, “No, it’s different.”

Smiling, Yang Chen asked, “What’s different about it?”

“My mom told me that I must wake up earlier than the man to put on make-up after I get married, to let him see this version of me. Because only then would the man feel my true love for him.”

Yang Chen’s heart shook lightly. Listening to the silly woman’s speech, he affectionately placed her cheek towards Mo Qianni’s face. Rubbing a few times, he said, “I want to thank my mother-in-law. She didn’t teach you how to truly love a man. What she did was placing a woman who deserved true love into my hands.”

Mo Qianni turned her head around with a smile. “So what if that’s the case? It’s not like I can get married to you. I can only have a taste of waking up beside you in the morning occasionally.”

“Are you asking me to divorce with your great sister to marry you?” Yang Chen asked jokingly as he squinted.

“Yes!” Mo Qianni exclaimed out of the blue with a serious expression. She then sighed and said, “But it can’t happen. I want it to happen, but I can’t make it happen. You should know what I’m talking about.”

“I understand. However, it isn’t because of your relationship with Old CEO. It’s all my fault. I can’t do that now at least, before I truly understand how I feel,” Yang Chen said sadly.

“Furthermore, I bet I’m not the only woman in your queue,” Mo Qianni said mischievously.

Yang Chen nerves suddenly tightened. Standing up, he coughed twice before putting up an act of staring outside the window. “It’s quite late already. Let’s get back to the city. Oh yeah, I suddenly feel really thirsty. I’ll boil some water to drink…”

“You’re acting dumb again,” Mo Qianni said as she pouted before rolling her eyes. She then continued applying make-up on her face.

Chapter 263: Convey a Message to Her 2018-02-11T03:57:48+00:00

After listening to Yang Chen’s question, Mo Qianni looked away and refused to speak.

“If you feel it’s something humiliating or depressing to you, please tell me as well,” Yang Chen said seriously. “If you approve of me, I don’t want you to think I’d feel your inferiority for things you deem humiliating. I don’t want you to endure depressing matters alone.”

Mo Qianni remained still. She seemed to have completely missed what Yang Chen said.

Feeling dismal, Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “I must’ve felt too good about myself. Correct, why did I even expect you to tell me such a past of yours while you have a high self-esteem? Who doesn’t have a gray area in heart that they don’t hope others to know? I’m being too greedy…”

Mo Qianni’s eyes got rather reflective as they were wet. Her body shook lightly.

“Rest well, I’ll send you back tomorrow morning.” Yang Chen stood up and turned around before walking towards the door. Mo Qianni’s silence made him feel rather distracted. He needed to drink a few cups or smoke a few cigarettes to calm his mind.

At this moment, Mo Qianni called out faintly.

“Yang Chen…”

Yang Chen turned around before saying, “What is it? Are you still suffering?”

Mo Qianni shook her head. Her clear eyes didn’t contain the slightest impurity, just like the most transparent crystal.

“My leg, was broken by broken by people…”

Yang Chen felt a chill up his heart and his head. He didn’t know what kind of emotion it was. When Yang Chen heard that Mo Qianni’s leg was beaten, he suddenly felt like his heart had fallen.

However, she understated the matter like it was somebody else’s leg that was broken.

Slowly walking to the bed, Yang Chen squatted down and looked at the beautiful and bright calf of Mo Qianni which looked like it wasn’t damaged at all.

He gazed at it for a while before pulling the blanket to cover Mo Qianni’s lower body.

“Don’t catch a cold.” Yang Chen didn’t know what he could say. He regretted asking Mo Qianni to tell him the truth.

Mo Qianni smiled sweetly. Since she used too much energy, she couldn’t quite open her eyes. However, she felt a strong desire to look at Yang Chen.

“Do you still remember that I said… I escaped when I was thirteen. I stole someone’s wallet and ran to Zhonghai to work and earn money,” Mo Qianni said. “Around three months before I met Old CEO, Ruoxi’s grandma, I was washing plates and vegetables and doing some general tasks. Since I was too young, although I looked older than the similarly aged kids, I would be sent back to my hometown if I got discovered to be a child labor…”

As Mo Qianni talked, her voice got softer and softer, making Yang Chen feel extremely guilty. He stopped her from speaking, saying, “Stop talking about it. Let the past stay in the past. Don’t torment yourself anymore.”

“Is it that you don’t want to share the pain with me?”

“No… but…”

“Then listen to me,” Mo Qianni said with a smile as gentleness appeared in her eyes. “Back then, I only wanted to earn some money and enroll in high school. Since the school fees weren’t very expensive, I could deal with working part-time and studying at the same time.

“However, the owner of the small restaurant kept harassing me behind his wife’s back. He’d say shameless things to me, and even touch me.

“There was once where I got accidentally blocked in a storeroom by him. He didn’t allow me to get out. He even wanted to do that thing to me…

“I used all my energy to bite him before running away. However, the owner told the employees that I was stealing in the store room, that I got discovered and he got bit as a result.

“So… I got grapsed and couldn’t escape. Finally, the owner’s wife seized the opportunity to whack me.

“That woman had despised me for a very long time. So under the situation where the owner couldn’t say anything, she used a rolling pin to whack me violently, saying I was a thief, a thief who dared to escape after stealing and biting someone. So she broke my leg…”

As Mo Qianni spoke, she seemed to struggle more and more.

Yang Chen held his fists tightly. He asked, “Is the married couple still in Zhonghai?”

Mo Qianni’s eyes were still wet. She said, “No, they’re not. Old CEO helped me send them into the jail. They couldn’t get out of there after that. Old CEO even paid for my surgical cost. Otherwise, I’d be left with various hidden side effects…”

“So that’s why you respect Ruoxi’s grandma this much. She indeed had done too much good for you,” Yang Chen said as he nodded smilingly.

To Lin Ruoxi’s grandma, she may just be helping Mo Qianni out of empathy, and bringing a little girl with high potential up. However, to Mo Qianni, it was an unforgettable support when it came to her funding for education and dealing with the people who caused her intense suffering.

If that wasn’t the case, Mo Qianni may have turned to a petal that fell into mud long ago.

“Do you know that… every day, there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t hope to see you… However, knowing that you were in the company, I didn’t ever intentionally look for you. It isn’t because Ruoxi and I are very close… Although we are great sisters, I won’t back down when it comes to love. Even if I’m merely a third party, I wouldn’t feel despicable as long as you don’t avoid me… The reason I didn’t approach or take initiative to contact you is because I didn’t want to feel sorry to Old CEO. If a day comes where Ruoxi wants me to disappear completely, I guess I won’t decline her request,” Mo Qianni said softly.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He said, “I think she wouldn’t want you to leave, but me. I don’t think I’m more important than you in her eyes.”

Smiling, Mo Qianni replied, “I said this before. It’s not that she refuses to accept you, it’s just that it’s too difficult for you to be accepted.”

Yang Chen reached out to hold one of Mo Qianni’s hands. It was cold and soft.

“If you ever dream of Old CEO, tell her that Yang Chen wants you to convey a message to her.”

Mo Qianni mumbled, “What do you want to say?”

“Just say, sorry, although this must be tough for you, but please don’t let Mo Qianni leave Yang Chen. Since the person at fault isn’t Mo Qianni, but the man who has been holding onto Mo Qianni’s hands,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Tears immediately wet the pillow below Mo Qianni’s head. Since her emotions fluctuated, her hands couldn’t stop trembling.

Yang Chen silently touched Mo Qianni’s fringe. He could smell an alluring fragrance. Yang Chen didn’t plan to console her nor advise her to stop crying. At this moment, the tears made Yang Chen feel that crying women were the prettiest.

“Yang Chen, my leg isn’t hurting anymore,” Mo Qianni said softly.

Yang Chen hummed with acknowledgement. “The sky has gotten dark already. I’ll ask them to send the dishes I ordered earlier over. What do you think?”

“I said my leg isn’t hurting anymore,” Mo Qianni said.

“I know you’re not in pain already, but you still need to eat, don’t you?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Mo Qianni pouted. He said, “You removed my pants.”

“Wasn’t I looking into your issue…” Yang Chen said awkwardly.

“But you’ve seen it all already. From my waist to my feet, you saw a major half of my body already,” Mo Qianni said.

Yang Chen slowly understood what she meant. Suddenly, he felt heat on his chest as his eyes got filled with excitement. “Little Qianqian, to make up for it, do you want to see half my body as well?”

Mo Qianni blushed. She said blurrily, “Yes.”

Yang Chen gulped. Without speaking more nonsense, he abruptly leaped onto the bed before removing his coat, pants, socks and everything else!

When the high-spirited object appeared in Mo Qianni’s sight, her heart was pumping extremely fast, but she didn’t shut her eyes. Instead, she looked rather curious and blur.

“What are you doing? I didn’t ask you to remove the innermost one.”

“Then what should I do? I removed it already, and you’ve seen it as well,” Yang Chen said as he pouted.

“Then I’ll show you as well…” Swiftly, Mo Qianni’s face looked exceptionally charming. “If you want to see it, do it yourself.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she removed the blanket on his body, revealing a pair of bright and seductive thighs and the black-patterned sexy underwear...

Yang Chen’s body slowly leaned forward as he reached out to touch Mo Qianni’s face using one hand, while the other hand extended to the side of the underwear. Over there, the bowline knot slowly got unfastened…

“What should I do? Little Qianqian, I feel really hot now,” Yang Chen whispered to Mo Qianni’s ear while he exhaled hot air.

At this moment, Mo Qianni’s face looked as red as blood. Her breaths slowly got heavy.

“Remove your clothes if you’re hot…”

“Wouldn’t you see all of me if I did?”

“Then you remove mine too, I won’t take advantage on you…”

When one after another binds got thrown down the bed by Yang Chen and scattered onto the ground, the two naked bodies were already entangled together.

Yang Chen held Mo Qianni’s delicacy, firmness and softness into his hands as he recklessly tasted the sweet lips and groped the pair of elasticity in front of his chest.

“Little Qianqian, my lower part has gotten cold already. What should I do?”

“Wear pants,” Mo Qianni said with a hoarse voice.

Yang Chen deeply inhaled the strong breath exerted by the female hormones. He said, “Wearing pants is too troublesome. Give me some warmth.”

“Then come in yourself,” Mo Qianni mumbled while her face got boiling-hot.

As wind blew the precious door, red plums got squeezed in as well.

This chilly night passed a bit too abruptly, but was simple and fulfilling at the same time.

When the two finally ended their exercise, Yang Chen hugged Mo Qianni with his arms on the narrow single bed. Mo Qianni’s head used his chest as a pillow. Her face still brought the post-climax flush. The red peaches would easily make someone intoxicated.

Under the blanket, one of Yang Chen’s hands was still dishonestly fondling the group of elegance. However, Mo Qianni seemed like she was exhausted, or she may just be allowing her lover’s mischievous behaviour. Silently feeling the touch, she acted like nothing happened.

“Yang Chen.” After a long time, Mo Qianni raised her head to look at Yang Chen gently. “I like you.”

“I know.”

“I’m serious, I really really like you,” Mo Qianni said willfully.

Yang Chen lovingly pinched her chin. “I said I knew. Even if you don’t say it, I knew that you liked me.”

“No… I like you, more than how you imagined I liked you, a lot… a lot… more than that.”

Yang Chen didn’t allow her to continue speaking. Even though he knew his lady who just became a true woman couldn’t be punished anymore, he still lifted the blanket and pressed the ‘disobedient’ woman below his body...


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