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Chapter 262: Ocean and Calf 2018-02-11T03:57:10+00:00

Though it wasn’t too high of a hill, it still had an altitude of a few hundred meters. Furthermore, the route was covered in snow, so Yang Chen didn’t dare to move too quickly. He walked and stopped to rest repeatedly. When he arrived at the peak with Mo Qianni, almost two hours had passed already.

The summit wasn’t very flat. On the land with an area of tens of square meters, there wasn’t anything except weeds and a few rocks covered fully with moss.

The chilly sea breeze blew past their ears. Mo Qianni’s ears, cheeks and the tip of her nose were all red.

Yang Chen lovingly caressed her dry face before removing his own scarf, intending to wrap it around his woman’s neck.

“I’m not cold, wrap it onto you.” Mo Qianni wanted to decline his action.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Accept it when a man wraps his scarf around you. When a woman says she isn’t cold, don’t you think it’d embarrass the man?”

“There’s only you and me here,” Mo Qianni said.

“That’s not how you use that sentence,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “If we were lying on a warm, giant bed, I’d like to hear what you just said.”

“Idiot.” Mo Qianni blushed as she obediently allowed Yang Chen to wrap his scarf around her. The soft texture brought the warmth of a man.

The two silently looked at each other for a while before turning to look at the seascape.

Looking east from the peak of the hill, there was an endless ocean. It looked like it sparkled right under their feet when gazed upon.

Probably due to the snowfall earlier, the sun exposed part of its head. Like a tentacle, the sunlight provoked the clouds on the sky which got blown around.

In the afternoon, the waves of the golden sea looked fascinating as they reflected the sunlight.

The wonderful scenery was unrivaled.

Mo Qianni took a deep breath in the cold air as cold wind blew and messed her hair up, looking scattered while arrogant.

“It’s really as described by those uncles. It’s so beautiful here.”

“If you like, I can bring you here often in the future. If you say no, I may not ever visit this place ever again in my life,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Smiling, Mo Qianni replied, “I was born in the hills. Even if I now stay in a city, I would always think of coming to places like this. I’ve always felt that I belong to such a place… Yang Chen, am I really foolish?”

“Why do you say so? Till this date, I still prefer working in the vegetable market over the office,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni chuckled. “How shameless.”

“Facing solely you and the ocean, do I have to be ashamed?” Yang Chen asked as he smiled relaxedly.

A peace of mind appeared in Mo Qianni’s eyes. Reaching her white and slim, precious hand, her cold fingertips slid across Yang Chen’s face slowly.

“Back then when I first saw the ocean when I was a child, my father still lived in this world. At that time, he brought me and my mother to a distant relative’s home which was located in a fishing village near the sea.

“My mom held my hands as she asked, why the ocean was lower than every river and stream…

“I didn’t know the answer at the moment. My mom told me it was because the sea wanted to accept every drop of water that flowed from the river…

“My mom said, Girl, when you get married in the future, you have to be a woman who behaves like the ocean. You only have to silently place yourself at the lowest position, so that the waters from the rivers can flow into your arms. Just like the ocean, your boundaries can’t be seen. Make the people around the ocean look at you obsessively.”

Yang Chen pondered as he looked at Mo Qianni who looked like she was dreaming. Smiling, he said, “Although my mother-in-law isn’t a professor in a university, nor is she a specialist, she seems capable to say uncommon things.”

“I’ve been thinking about something. If I don’t ever get married in this life and if I can act like the ocean, will the person by the sea look at me obsessively too?”

“You have to get married,” Yang Chen said before pulling Mo Qianni into his arms forcefully. “If you don’t get married, but behave like the ocean, too many people would stare at you obsessively. Even if you’re the ocean, I will become Earth that carries you.”


Mo Qianni laughed while lying on Yang Chen’s chest. As her sight blurred, she said, “If you transform into the spherical Earth, I think I don’t want to be the ocean anymore.”

“Do you want to get slapped on the butt, or kissed on the lips?” Yang Chen looked at her with bad intent.

Mo Qianni blinked her big eyes, appearing wronged. “Are they any different?”

“Then I’ll do both together…”

Yang Chen leaned forward and kissed his lips as he used one arm to support her waist, and the other to grope her elevated and elegant backside, feeling a wonderful touch as he continuously kneaded the area.

The ice-cold wind that blew in the outside world seemed to have turned to a gentle spring breeze. It wasn’t chilly anymore.

The two entangled for a very long time. When Mo Qianni couldn’t breathe anymore, she struggled out of Yang Chen’s control. She begged, “Let’s get down the hill. The sky is getting dark already.”

“Don’t you feel that we’re just like the sea and the mountain here?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

[TL note: It’s a Chinese idiom that means the oath between a man and a woman which never changes, just like the sea and the mountain.]

Mo Qianni rolled her eyes. “You’re really getting better at talking each day. Is your mouth always this sweet towards every girl?”

“If that’s the case, do you think I’d have the time to accompany you to this deserted place like a fool?”

“You’re the one who’s a fool,” Mo Qianni complained. She got out of Yang Chen’s arms before starting to walk down the hill.

Yang Chen quickly followed behind. “Don’t walk too quickly. Don’t step on the places which are frozen, you’d fall easily.”

Turning around, Mo Qianni replied, “I grew up in the hills. Do I need you to teach me how to walk here?”

Yang Chen pouted and stayed quiet.

However, after Mo Qianni finished speaking for a short moment, she shouted as her left leg softened, immediately half kneeling in the middle of the path!

Shocked, Yang Chen immediately ran over and supported Mo Qianni’s body. Quickly, he asked, “What happened?”

Mo Qianni’s mouth was slightly opened as her face suddenly turned pale. Shivering, she couldn’t speak properly and could only mumble. She looked like she was having an unbearable pain.

Yang Chen saw that Mo Qianni was pressing on her left calf with both her hands. Her watery eyes made him more anxious.

“What happened?” Yang Chen asked once again.

“My leg… My leg is hurting…” Mo Qianni murmured.

Without hesitating, Yang Chen carried Mo Qianni up horizontally. Hooked up by Yang Chen, Mo Qianni tapped Yang Chen with difficulty. Barely, she said, “Don’t… don’t get nervous… I… I can make it… It’s dangerous… to walk this quickly…”

Yang Chen didn’t intend to ask any more questions. Regarding how slippery the path was, it wasn’t an issue for Yang Chen. Moving almost like wind, he sprinted down the hill through the greatly tough roads.

Since Mo Qianni was suffering intense pain, her half-unconscious state didn’t allow her to feel any abnormality.

Looking gloomy, Yang Chen arrived at the farm stay before asking for a room. The female server saw that Mo Qianni who was in Yang Chen’s arms looked terrible, so she quickly rushed the procedures.

Carrying Mo Qianni, Yang Chen walked into a warm room before placing her, who was drenched in cold sweat, on the single bed with a white bed sheet.

Mo Qianni frowned tightly, her face still looked really pale. She appeared to be suffering awfully.

Without overthinking, Yang Chen removed her long leggings, revealing a pair of white thermal long pants.

“Qianni, I’ll take a look at it for you,” Yang Chen said as he wanted to remove Mo Qianni’s thermal pants.

Mo Qianni stopped him. She said softly, “Don’t… don’t look at it already. I’ll… I’ll be fine…”

“That isn’t for you to decide.” Without hesitation, Yang Chen took off Mo Qianni’s thermal pants.

Mo Qianni was left with a black-patterned sexy underwear. The pair of white and firm thighs displayed luster as they reflected the light.

The thighs which didn’t contain any fats looked like a scripture. They were exquisite like a beautiful jade. The smooth lines extended up to her adorable calves.

However, Yang Chen didn’t have the slightest mood to admire this attractive scenery. His attention was focused on Mo Qiann’s left calf which brought her intense agony. It didn’t look unusual at all. However, when observed carefully, a long but slender scar could be seen.

Yang Chen carefully touched Mo Qianni’s scar with one hand. It was obviously left after a surgery. However, the doctor who operated the surgery must’ve been extraordinarily skilled since the scar was almost invisible by now, or she had used various skin care products.

Yang Chen silently cultivated true Qi, spreading the unique internal energy of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture into Mo Qianni’s aching area.

The clogged feeling made Yang Chen soon realize that the area on Mo Qianni’s leg had suffered serious damage. Although it had recovered greatly, it couldn’t be considered a complete piece anymore, just like a log which had numerous nails inserted within.

The warm and humid internal energy quickly conditioned the previously injured veins. Slowly, Mo Qianni’s brows relaxed as her face slowly recovered liveliness.

Opening her eyes, Mo Qianni gazed at Yang Chen before saying, “Thank you…”

She didn’t ask how Yang Chen managed to perform such an act. Having seen uncommon aspects of Yang Chen, she was used to not asking Yang Chen regarding his unknown past.

“You used to be severely injured here. Under such a cold weather, an inflammation recurrence is normal when it’s exposed in cold air,” Yang Chen explained.

“I haven’t experienced any pain there in the past two years. I thought I had fully recovered already. I’m sorry that I made you worried…” Mo Qianni said sadly, just like a child who did something wrong.

“Your wound extends to a major half of your calf. It doesn’t look like it came from a fall, or a simple stab. Where did it come from?” Yang Chen pondered for a while, but he still decided to ask at last.

Happy CNY! 2018-02-11T04:04:31+00:00

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I have a few announcements to make.

1) New tier: Lin Ruoxi ($60 for 14 early chapters)

I received a few requests on more tiers to push the release rate higher. This is by no means necessary, those who are more financially able, and wish to support can opt for this tier. Otherwise, staying on your current tier is totally fine! Also, the cap of 5 weekly releases is temporary. I'll immediately bump it (the maximum) to 7 or 8 a week in July.

2) No more split chapters.

I won't be posting chapters in parts anymore. However, I hope that you can disable your adblock if you can't pledge on Patreon! Around half of our readers have adblock enabled.

3) Volare CNY Event

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4) For patrons, if you wish to read in a more organized manner, follow these steps:

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As always, thanks for keeping the series going. Feel free to leave comments on LS, I read every single one of them. Most of them keep me motivated! Happy holidays, if CNY is a big thing in your country! I will try my best to not delay the releases during CNY, since unlike you, I have relatives to visit and friends to hang out with! Join Discord and I shall be your first friend, if you don't mind chatting with a frog.

Chapter 261: Footsteps 2018-02-11T03:56:00+00:00

Returning to home, the two went back to their own rooms after passing the medicine they bought to Wang Ma.

Yang Chen went back to his bedroom and suddenly noticed that outside the giant floor-to-ceiling window, snowflakes fell like the feathers of a swan.

Although snowfalls weren’t often seen in the major city Zhonghai, it wasn’t very rare either. Since it was close to the ocean, the sudden drop in temperature made the water vapor condense very quickly.

“It’s almost negative seven to eight degrees already,” Yang Chen murmured. As it was midnight, the temperature indeed got really low.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated. Yang Chen took his phone out and noticed it was a call from Mo Qianni.

This woman had always been really independent. She wouldn’t call him just to flirt, something definitely happened.

“Dear, have you seen it yet?”


“The snow.”

“Are you excited?”

“No, I just feel lost,” Mo Qianni replied.

“Why?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

Mo Qianni stayed quiet for a while. “Because it started snowing, meaning it really got very cold.”

Her words brought dense loneliness, making Yang Chen feel rather desolate.

“I’ll come over now to keep you company,” Yang Chen said.

Since Mo Qianni lived in a small apartment alone, she’d definitely feel empty and lonely, especially at times like this, a night where snow fell in the woods.

“Don’t come over, I want to sleep already. I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m not that immature and fragile,” Mo Qianni said with a smile.

“Ah… what should I do then? My Little Qianqian always wields the attitude of a strong woman towards me. When do I have to wait until the day where I can finally hug you to sleep?” Yang Chen asked jokingly.

“Humph.” Mo Qianni said, “That must be your main goal to come here.”

“Hehe…” Yang Chen chuckled and remained silent.

After a while, Mo Qianni asked, “Yang Chen, are you free on Friday after work?”


“I want you to attend an event with me,” Mo Qianni said.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly and said, “It’s the banquet by Liu family.”

“How do you know that?” Mo Qianni asked in surprise.

“Because Ruoxi said she wanted to bring me there,” Yang Chen replied.

Mo Qianni sighed over the phone. “Ruoxi would never attend events like this in the past. Apparently, she’s doing it for you.”

“Yeah, she would do stuff like this occasionally. I can’t help but to feel she’s contradictory,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Knowing that her husband is cheating, she still managed to do something at this level. Do you think it’s something an ordinary girl can pull off?” Mo Qianni asked.

“That’s why I said she’s contradictory.”

Softly, Mo Qianni said, “Then I guess I won’t go. It’d be awkward having no one with me.”

Listening to how depressing Mo Qianni talked, Yang Chen felt a heartache. Staring at the sky as dark as ink and the silver-white snow, he said, “Dear, the city will be covered in snow tomorrow.”

“Mmh… What is it?”

“Although I can’t go with you on Friday, let’s go on a date tomorrow. Treat it as a gift to make up for my fault, by mistreating you,” Yang Chen said.

Mo Qianni laughed. She asked, “Do you really think you’re an emperor or a casanova?”

“Go with me, I beg you,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Erm… alright. The magnificent me will barely accept your request then, but I’ll decide on the location,” Mo Qianni replied.

Thinking of the strange places he had visited with Mo Qianni, Yang Chen got nervous but still agreed to her. “We’ll have lunch together tomorrow and depart right after, regardless of where we’re going.”

The next morning, the entire Zhonghai was indeed covered in snow. Upon stepping out of the house, the blowing cold wind made Yang Chen feel that winter truly came.

Yang Chen wore a blue turtleneck sweater and a black overcoat, with a knitted scarf wrapped around his neck. Although he didn’t feel cold at all, he had to appear ordinary when he went out.

After buying breakfast from the morning market and visiting the public relations department in the company, Yang Chen noticed that a number of employees were late to work. Evidently, the heavy snowfall brought inconvenience to transportation.

Coming out of the public relations department, Yang Chen went directly to the opposite building, Yu Lei Entertainment.

Although he didn’t have to do any meaningful work, he still needed to pay attention to what had been happening to the operations of the company, so that he wouldn’t disappoint Zhao Teng and Wang Jie too much.

Upon entering Wang Jie’s office, Yang Chen saw her happily ending a phone call. Seeing that Yang Chen came in, Wang Jie immediately stood up. Enthusiastically, she said, “Director, the company that you mentioned would invest in us has confirmed that they’re discussing the partnership in details with us tomorrow. It is expected that they fork out more than a hundred million of funding. I really didn’t expect such an unknown company that has this impressive financial capability to exist in Zhonghai.”

Yang Chen smiled. It was definitely a company newly acquired by Rose. Her effectiveness was a bit too high.

“Since the road has been paved, I won’t involve myself in the journey already,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“This is a very respectable result already. Since our company is newly set up, we won’t be able to borrow a hundred million from the bank,” Wang Jie said excitedly.

After talking to Wang Jie regarding the future partnership plans of the company, Yang Chen left the company during lunchtime.

Having made a phone call to Mo Qianni, Yang Chen drove to the roadside of Yu Lei International, ready to pick her up.

Mo Qianni’s hair wasn’t tied, but was neatly combed to one side. Wearing a brown windbreaker with an orange-red, low-collared sweater within, her alluring body still looked extremely attractive despite her winter clothing.

It was Yang Chen’s first time seeing Mo Qianni dressed in winter clothing. He couldn’t help but to look a bit longer.

Mo Qianni got rather pleased. “Is my clothing beautiful?”

“No, it isn’t. Your person is,” Yang Chen answered.

Mo Qianni covered her mouth as she smiled. “How sweet, I’ll give you a reward.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she leaned forward and gave Yang Chen on his face.

Yang Chen seized the opportunity to counter-kiss once, making her pout in dissatisfaction. “Where should we eat?” he asked.

“I’ll lead, just drive.” Mo Qianni didn’t reveal the location.

Yang Chen pouted as he thought, It must be a weird place again.

Under Mo Qianni’s command, Yang Chen drove for over half an hour. Driving out of Zhonghai’s city area, he continued for another forty minutes. After passing a very long highway, they arrived at a coastal, mountainous area in the north of Zhonghai.

Astonished, Yang Chen saw endless agricultural lands on both sides of the highway. At this moment, they were covered in snow, making them look extraordinarily reflective under the shine of the sun.

Under Mo Qianni’s guidance, Yang Chen drove to a small farm stay.

It was a specialty restaurant founded by a local farmer. Bored citizens in the city would come and dine at a place like this at the countryside. Not only was the environment quiet, the food often tasted more pure and original.

Looking at the rows of houses built using bamboo, the place had a featured hotel in addition to the restaurant. The parking area was rather sparse. Since it was a working day, there weren’t many people there.

Curious, Yang Chen asked Mo Qianni, “How do you know this place?”

“When I was bored alone, I would drive around without destination to help my loneliness. So I discovered this place,” Mo Qianni replied with a smile.

Looking at Mo Qianni who looked like a flower when she smiled, Yang Chen thought, She should be really happy, now that she didn’t come here alone today.

The dishes from the restaurant weren’t particularly fancy, but were all satisfying. Yang Chen and Mo Qianni didn’t consume any alcohol. Ordering four dishes and a soup, they sat in a small and warm private room as they ate the freshly cooked, hot lunch.

After they finished eating, Yang Chen asked, “Where do we go in the afternoon?”

Mo Qianni pointed at the hills outside the window. Through the white fog, the blocks of hills yielded a strong ambience of nature.

“Are we going for hiking?”

Mo Qianni nodded. “Yeah, back then when I came here, the farmers said that you could see the ocean from the hills. However, I’d always been afraid being alone, so I thought of coming here today.”

Yang Chen smiled. “Is there something that even you’re afraid of?”

“Do you have a problem with that?” Mo Qianni rolled her eyes. “Or do you hope that I’m not afraid of even heaven and hell, being a feminist?”

“Erm… My dear Little Qianqian, let’s go hiking,” Yang Chen said as he stood up immediately.

Since it was only a hilly land and not a true mountain, the path towards the peak wasn’t very steep. Although there wasn’t a properly built walkway, a small, meandering route was created as a result of frequent visits by the locals.

As a result of dying leaves, the lush trees made the forest look rather empty. However, the pine trees which looked green on all four seasons still displayed vitality.

Walking on the stumbling road, the friction between the shoes and the ground produced clacking sounds due to the accumulated snow.

Yang Chen walked in front. He would look back occasionally. Mo Qianni followed him tightly. Her walking speed wasn’t slow at all.

Mo Qianni pushed her messy hair to the side. Exhaling white fog, she said, “Yang Chen, I like this sound a lot.”

“What sound?” Yang Chen asked.

“Your footsteps and my footsteps, the sound they produced every time they rub the snowy ground,” Mo Qianni replied.

Yang Chen smiled. He said, “What’s so special about it?”

“In such a cold weather, at such a quiet hill, this place feels isolated from the world. Except the sound of my footsteps, there’s one created by another person. I can listen to that person’s footsteps while I follow behind, with my head lowered,” Mo Qianni said as she smiled faintly.

Yang Chen stopped walking. Turning around, he gazed at the lady who bloomed like a flower, who stood on the ground covered by snow.

“You went to my hometown before. There are hilly roads everywhere in Kunshan Village. When I walked on the snowy paths back then, I could only hear my footsteps resounding beside my ears. I was really afraid at that moment. No matter how I tried to breathe using my little mouth, I could only hear my own breaths, even the sound of my heartbeats… I felt like I was the only one left in the entire world,” Mo Qianni said before smiling, “It’s all good now. I can finally hear someone else’s footsteps.”

“Stupid.” Yang Chen looked at her as he felt empathetic. “Let’s keep moving before the sky gets dark. Thinking about it all day doesn’t help.”

Mo Qianni wrinkled her precious nose before quickly keeping up with Yang Chen.

Chapter 260: I Knew You Would Agree 2018-02-06T13:56:01+00:00

“Sister Ruoxi…”


Seeing the two ladies calling each other’s names, the middleman, Yang Chen, stopped chewing the bamboo shoots in his mouth. Looking at both of them, he asked, “Do you guys know each other?”

Xu Zhenxiu’s face turned slightly pale. Forcing a smile, she said, “Long time no see, Sister Ruoxi.”

Various looks appeared on Lin Ruoxi’s face, from the initial shock to calmness and to the cold stare she gave to Yang Chen. She said, “Is the person you want me to meet? Zhenxiu?”

“Yeah, she’s a girl I got to know a while ago. She’s very cute,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and turned to look at Zhenxiu as pity appeared in her eyes. “Why did you leave so suddenly? Do you know how worried President felt at that time?”

“Sorry, Sister Ruoxi. I didn’t do it on purpose. But… I couldn’t find a better way,” Zhenxiu said. She then got silent as her eyes got wet.

Yang Chen dazed before waving at Lin Ruoxi. “Dear, don’t exert your ice-cold killing aura. You’ve scared Zhenxiu already.”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen as she walked towards the stall before looking at the different kinds of snack, some of which were dipped in spicy soup. She then looked at Zhenxiu’s clothing and her thin face. “Have you been selling snacks here since you left there?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhenxiu’s body shook slightly as she slowly turned nervous. Lowering her head, she didn’t dare to look at Lin Ruoxi in the eyes.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Lin Ruoxi frowned as she got worried.

Yang Chen felt rather helpless. Faintly smiling at Lin Ruoxi, he said, “Then what else do you think she’s been doing? A little girl making her living with her own hands and sweat. Is this something worth making you worried?”

Zhenxiu raised her head as she looked at Yang Chen thankfully.

Lin Ruoxi’s expression returned to normal. She asked, “You seem to know her a lot. Do you know where I met Zhenxiu, or how long I’ve known her for?”

Yang Chen answered smilingly, “Do you think I’m dumb? Zhenxiu is an orphan like me. You must’ve met her at New Hope Orphanage a few years ago.”

It could be seen that Lin Ruoxi felt apologetic after Yang Chen talked about him being an orphan. Softly, she said, “That’s not what I mean… I met Zhenxiu when Mom and Grandma were still here. She was still very young at that time. Back then when she was fifteen, she left the place without saying anything, leaving only a letter behind. President got really worried for her for a very long time. I’ve always thought that she had left Zhonghai already, I didn’t expect her to still be here.”

“I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t stay there and continue bothering President Grandma,” Zhenxiu said. “I felt really sorry to the younger brothers and sisters when I stayed with them.”

[TL note: I might’ve mixed up President Cha’s gender a few chapters ago. Apologies.]

“But you shouldn’t have left silently. Do you know how depressed President Cha got?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Zhenxiu lowered her head and remained silent.

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Let’s not talk about the things that have passed already. Talking about it once is more than enough. I brought you here today to meet this little girl. SInce you guys know each other, isn’t it great to finally meet after so long? Why must you make Zhenxiu tear?”

Lin Ruoxi explained, “I didn’t intentionally make Zhenxiu sad. But she’s merely 18 years old this year, a child that has just gotten an identity card. Why can’t I care for such a young girl wandering in the society?”

“I haven’t seen you caring for your own husband,” Yang Chen said before pouting.

“Yang Chen!” Lin Ruoxi shouted angrily.

“Alright, I was just kidding. Zhenxiu isn’t an immature child. People would only grow up after going through various experiences and witnessing different situations. The poor would get stronger quicker. Look at Zhenxiu, does she look like she’s only eighteen?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Zhenxiu who had a relatively mature appearance, she indeed didn’t look an 18-year-old high schooler.

“Zhenxiu, your Sister Ruoxi still remembers how old you are till this date, and whines for you. It seems like she has been thinking about you. I feel quite jealous already,” Yang Chen said as he winked at Zhenxiu.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes before slowly sitting down.

Zhenxiu raised her head to look at the displeased Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen who winked at her. Smiling, she said, “I really didn’t think that Yang Chen’s wife would be Sister Ruoxi. However, marrying someone as good as Brother Yang, Sister Ruoxi must be really blessed.”

“Zhenxiu, which eye of yours sees that he’s a good person?” Lin Ruoxi asked, dissatisfied. She thought, This fellow is so detestable. Why are there so many women around him talking about his good? Is he not letting go of even Zhenxiu, a child this young?!

Zhenxiu didn’t think much. She said, “In the police station, thanks to Brother Yang, I—”

“Ahem! Ahem!”

Yang Chen immediately coughed loudly. How can she tell others that I entered the police station because I whacked people? This kid is indeed too young. She’s too immature, too immature!

Expectedly, Lin Ruoxi’s cold eyes titled over as killing aura leaked once again. “In the police station? You seem to like that place a lot. Tell me what happened.”

“Hehe, my obedient wife, you wouldn’t mind small matters like this, would you? Tolerate this a bit, see the past as fireworks, don’t feel nostalgic once it has passed,” Yang Chen said.

“I’m not interested in the small matters about you, but why did Zhenxiu enter the police station?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Lin Ruoxi felt really helpless. He could only explain what happened earlier, but he only talked about how the gangsters came to cause trouble, excluding the part where they actually knew Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu knew that Yang Chen was helping her hide her various shameful records. As she felt touched, her heart felt traces of sweetness at the same time. She developed an unprecedented feeling towards how Yang Chen helped her.

Under Yang Chen’s shameless request, Zhenxiu pouted as she served him half-priced spicy soup. Lin Ruoxi witnessed the situation and rolled her eyes.

“Zhenxiu, listen to Elder Sister, visit the orphanage when you have time. Even if you don’t want to see the younger siblings, at least meet President Cha for a while. She guided you as you grew up, and must be thinking about you from time to time,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Zhenxiu’s eyes turned rather gloomy…

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to return, she just didn’t have the face to meet the old woman anymore.

Yang Chen noticed what Zhenxiu was thinking about. Reaching his arm out, he lightly scratched Zhenxiu’s white cheek. “Kiddo, I’ll find time to bring you back. Obey your Sister Ruoxi’s will, don’t even think about getting away.”

“When did I say I wanted you to bring Zhenxiu back?” Lin Ruoxi asked unhappily.

“If I don’t accompany her back, Zhenxiu wouldn’t agree to return. Am I right, Zhenxiu?” Yang Chen asked before winking at Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu burst into laughter as she felt thankful before nodding obediently.

Lin Ruoxi felt that she was getting a headache. She clenched her teeth as she felt helpless. Instead of getting mad at Yang Chen, it was better to convince Zhenxiu to meet President Cha.

Having drunk two bottles of liquor and eaten tens of skewers of food, Yang Chen finally said goodbye to Zhenxiu reluctantly. However, Zhenxiu looked away angrily as she ignored him.

Returning to the car, Lin Ruoxi asked fiercely, “Why are you so shameless? Do you think it’s easy for Zhenxiu to make a living through her small business? Why did you force her for a half-price discount? You even ate and drank so much.”

“Stupid Girl, Zhenxiu was just acting angry to mess with me. What I did will only make us closer. Trust me,” Yang Chen explained.

“Don’t call me Stupid Girl.” Lin Ruoxi almost fainted. “Zhenxiu is only eighteen years old. She should be in first or second senior year in high school. Why aren’t you letting such a young kid go?”

“What are you thinking about? I really like this child, I see her as my younger sister,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Do you have a younger sister?” Lin Ruoxi smiled coldly.

Yang Chen answered, “Of course! Next month, my first aunt’s third younger sister’s husband’s uncle’s grandson’s niece’s daughter, also my distant cousin, will be coming to Zhonghai. She may still in Zhonghai for a very long time and she’ll stay at our home at that time. Being her sister-in-law, you may want to get mentally prepared.”

Lin Ruoxi got dumbfounded as her mind got extremely confused. “Wait, wait! Whose whose whose daughter are you talking about?”

“In short, my cousin sister is coming. Ask Wang Ma to prepare an empty room earlier, to avoid a last-minute event at that time,” Yang Chen said.

“Why should I allow your distant and almost non-related cousin stay in my house?” Lin Ruoxi asked angrily.

“Aren’t we a married couple?”

“Do we look like one?” Lin Ruoxi asked while smiling coldly.

Yang Chen pondered. “Must we prove our relationship? Alright, we’ll kiss now then. You may agree to my request by then.”

Lin Ruoxi pulled back violently, but she couldn’t escape in a short time since she had her seat belt fastened.

“No! Alright I agree!”

Looking at Yang Chen who leaned forward to her unceasingly with an evil smile, Lin Ruoxi directly decided to compromise.

Yang Chen smiled brightly before saying, “I knew you’d agree, just like how I definitely will bring Zhenxiu back to the orphanage.”

Lin Ruoxi stared at him without moving and didn’t manage to say a word.

Chapter 259: Seat 2018-02-05T13:52:16+00:00

After having the particularly difficult dinner with Yang Chen, the two left the lobster restaurant.

The air was filled with the smell of various snacks, but none of them had the capacity left to eat more food.

Looking at the shops around, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Where are we going to get Wang Ma medicine?”

“We can’t get it on this street. We need cross two streets,” Yang Chen replied.

“Then why did we come here to eat?” Lin Ruoxi got displeased. To her, time wasting was an unacceptable behaviour.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen smiled and said, “I didn’t think much. I just felt like eating lobsters and came here.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and wanted to walk towards the parking area, but got pulled by Yang Chen again.

“Let’s not drive there. We’ll walk, take it as an exercise after dinner to aid digestion. It’s only around a kilometer away, very convenient,” Yang Chen said.

“But we’ll waste a lot of time this way,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Disappointed, Yang Chen asked, “Miss Lin Ruoxi, what are you going to do after rushing home?”

“Work,” Lin Ruoxi answered without hesitating.

“Why do you have to work so hard?” Yang Chen asked.

“It’s of course to let the company develop,” Lin Ruoxi answered very quickly as well.

“What happens after the company develops then?” Yang Chen asked yet another question.

“Then… then…” Lin Ruoxi had nothing to say. She didn’t understand why she worked so hard as well. Back then, she got looked down upon due to her age, so she wanted to prove herself, and she had to compete with other companies in the industry

However, Yu Lei International basically had no direct competitor currently. Talking about the responsibility of an entrepreneur, Lin Ruoxi would admit that she didn’t have such a noble quality. So when Yang Chen asked what she worked so hard for, she really couldn’t give a logical answer.

“If you don’t have an answer temporarily, I advise you to walk one kilometer with me. Newton could discover gravity while sitting. Stupid Girl, you’re not as smart as Newton, but walking for a while is definitely better than him sitting. Life highly depends on exercising.” Yang Chen spit out a bunch of nonsense before pulling Lin Ruoxi to walk on the street.

After a while, Lin Ruoxi finally found out what was wrong with Yang Chen’s statement. “Did you just call me Stupid Girl?!”

Yang Chen put on a serious expression. “Look at you, you reacted so slowly. What are you if you aren’t a stupid girl?”

Lin Ruoxi turned her head away and ignored his shameless guy.

The two walked on the side road shone upon by street lights. Their stretched shadows appeared on the ground side-by-side.

Since it was a suburb, there weren’t many people walking around. The people who passed by occasionally would glance at the two a few times.

Yang Chen knew that regardless of gender, everyone couldn’t help but to peek at the lady beside him a few more times upon seeing her. In a sense, bringing a wife like Lin Ruoxi on the streets would boost the ego of any man. This male instinct was present in every man, it was only a matter size, as small as a worm or as big as an elephant.

Lin Ruoxi walked on the streets very seldomly, so she felt rather uncomfortable.

The two finally found a pharmacy chain after a while. Upon entering the shop, Yang Chen explained what type of medicine he needed. Actually, Wang Ma had already taken medication earlier. Saying that he wanted to buy some was only an excuse to trick Lin Ruoxi out. However, since he was here already, he had to put up an act.

Lin Ruoxi knew nothing about medicines, so she waited for Yang Chen at the entrance. After Yang Chen purchased the stuff he needed, they walked out of the shop together.

Coming to the streets again, Yang Chen saw that Lin Ruoxi was walking with her head lowered. Knowing that she disliked being gazed upon, he said, “Dear, we’ll take a bus back.”

“A bus?” Lin Ruoxi got shocked as she raised her head. She hadn’t relied on public transportation for many years.

“You hadn’t had lobsters before, don’t tell me you haven’t boarded a bus as well,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“You’re the one who hasn’t boarded one before,” Lin Ruoxi said. Looking around, she discovered a bus stop on her right which was empty. They then walked over there.

It was nine o’clock at night, most people went home from work already and the night life hadn’t started yet so there was almost no one in the bus route.

After waiting for five minutes, a bus heading to the parking area arrived.

Yang Chen boarded the bus together with Lin Ruoxi. After stuffing a few coins, he noticed that there were only three to four passengers onboard.

Lin Ruoxi looked for a seat along the walkway and sat down, leaving the seat by the window empty. What she meant was obvious—she didn’t want Yang Chen to sit with her together.

Pouting, Yang Chen walked forward with a smile. Tapping Lin Ruoxi’s fragrant shoulder, he said, “Be obedient, sit by the window.”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and said expressionlessly, “There are empty seats everywhere. Can’t you find a random spot and sit more comfortably? Why must you sit beside me?”

“If you don’t obey me, I’ll kiss you,” Yang Chen said with an evil smile.

Lin Ruoxi blushed as she stared at Yang Chen. Worried that this gangster would really do as he said, she instantly moved inside.

Satisfied, Yang Chen sat beside Lin Ruoxi. He even squeezed his butt inwards, to get closer to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi almost went crazy. She thought, why is this man so shameless? He threatened me after I forbade him to sit beside now. Now that he got what he wanted, why is he pressing me?

“You… you’re ridiculous! Why must you sit beside me? Aren’t there lots of seats in the bus?” Lin Ruoxi complained angrily.

Yang Chen smiled and slotted his hand into the pocket of his coat before fidgeting with something. Looking at Lin Ruoxi, he said, “There are indeed alot of seats in the bus. But beside me, there’s only one seat—you.”


Lin Ruoxi’s moist eyes widened as she remained silent for a while. She could only feel her heart jumping around uncontrollably.

Beside me, there’s only one seat—you…

However, after getting the weird feeling for a split second, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have recalled something. Smiling coldly, she said, “Don’t think I’m as easily deceived as a three-year-old. Do you think that I’m not aware of how many seats there are beside you?”

Yang Chen slowly let out a smile. “Regardless of how many seats there are, your seat will always be your seat, not someone else’s. This is the case now, and it’ll always be the case in the future. At least that’s how I truly think.”

Lin Ruoxi pouted before turning her head to look at the night scene outside. She didn’t want Yang Chen to look at her facial expression.

At this moment, Yang Chen suddenly grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s palm with one arm before putting it on his thigh.

Lin Ruoxi quivered slightly before instantly wanting to pull her arm back and scolding Yang Chen. However, she saw that Yang Chen took a bandaid out from his coat’s pocket.

Smiling at Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen said, “I bought this for you from the pharmacy earlier. I brought my wife out for dinner and let her bleed, I’m indeed a failure. I bought the best one for you, I heard that the scar won’t remain after using this. I’ll stick it for you.”

Lin Ruoxi gazed at Yang Chen as her mind slowly went blank, thinking about nothing.

She looked at Yang Chen tear the packaging and carefully align the bandaid on her minor wound before sticking it around. After finishing the application, he even tucked it lightly to flatten the surface.

Lin Ruoxi’s hand was soft and fleshy, like it didn’t contain any bone. When Yang Chen held it in his arms, he was unwilling to let it go. Lin Ruoxi still hadn’t forcefully withdrawn her hand yet, so Yang Chen took advantage of the situation as he fondled with her palm with his hands. Rubbing and kneading her hand, Yang Chen said, “This bandaid certainly seems like a decoration as well. At least it looks great on my wife’s hand.”

Lin Ruoxi finally awakened and withdrew her hand. Thinking of how Yang Chen caressed it earlier, Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks reddened out of shyness. She wanted find a hole to hide in, and even break the window before jumping out!

“D—don’t do this next time…” Lin Ruoxi didn’t know what to do.

Yang Chen was smiling happily. He was obviously very pleased after taking advantage of her.

Returning to the parking area, they entered the car.

Fastening the seat belt, Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi who had her head lowered all this time with her pink cheeks. Smiling, he said, “Go and visit someone with me.”

Lin Ruoxi still hadn’t recovered from the shyness. She asked softly, “Visit who?”

“One of my younger sisters. I knew her two days ago and promised to bring my wife to see her,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare as she didn’t believe what he said.

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “My dear wife, do you think I’d so daringly bring you to meet a woman of that relation?”

“You finally admitted you have women of that relation.” After getting irritated by Yang Chen’s words, she finally returned to her usual cold behaviour.

Yang Chen felt that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t as cute as before. He shrugged silently and turned on the car engine before driving towards the eastern suburb.

After around 15 minutes, Yang Chen arrived at the street where he met Zhenxiu back then. As expected, Zhenxiu could be seen at her stall from afar.

Yang Chen exit the car and brought Lin Ruoxi to the trolley stall.

Zhenxiu wore an old, dark green vest. Although she was dressed in an old-fashioned manner, her sharp facial features and huge, bright eyes made her look elegant despite how simple she wore.

When Zhenxiu greeted a customer off, she saw Yang Chen who was approaching her before immediately revealing a smile.

“Brother Yang!” Zhenxiu exclaimed as she got surprised. She said, “Why are you free to visit me today?”

Yang Chen very casually took a skewer of bamboo shoots from the spicy soup and took a bite. He said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to meet Sister-In-Law? I brought her here for you to see. You need to give me a discount. A five percent discount won’t cut it, I want at least half price.”

Zhenxiu wrinkled her nose as she smiled before taking a look behind Yang Chen. She noticed Lin Ruoxi who just arrived at her stall.

However, when Zhenxiu’s and Lin Ruoxi’s eyes met, both of them stood stiffly as their expressions turned rigid as well.

Chapter 258: There's One Now 2018-02-05T10:17:50+00:00

After going through the investment project with Yang Chen, Rose decided to contact Wang Jie as soon as possible.

However, Rose had to purchase a small-scale entertainment project before she could officially carry out the investment.

Regarding stuff like this, Yang Chen was merely pulling strings. He couldn’t be bothered to understand how the project worked specifically.

Daytime was significantly reduced during winter. Looking at the dark sky, Yang Chen decided to drive back to the bungalow at Dragon Garden.

Upon stepping into the house, Yang Chen got rather surprised. He was expecting to see a table filled with various steaming-hot dishes. However, there wasn’t half a soul in the hall currently.

Shutting the door, Yang Chen walked upstairs to the second floor before knocking on Wang Ma’s room.

The door got opened, revealing Wang Ma who wore a thick coat. Her face looked pale like she was sick. She said, “Young Master, you’re back. What’s the time now?”

Looking at the muddleheaded Wang Ma, Yang Chen knew that she got ill. Worried, he asked, “Wang Ma, are you okay? Why are you sweating so much?”

“Sigh, these problems will arise no matter what, considering my age. I guess I must’ve caught a cold yesterday night. I felt really dizzy this afternoon, so I went to bed after having some antibiotics. My fever almost recovered, but I still overslept,” Wang Ma said. “Young Master, why don’t you eat out together with Miss? I really don’t have the energy to cook anymore.”

“Where’s Ruoxi?” Yang Chen asked.

“Miss must be working in the study room now. Sigh, she won’t remember to eat if no one were to remind her,” Wang Ma lamented. “Young Master, go and ask Miss out. I’ll go back to sleep now.”

“Wang Ma, I’ll bring back some food for you when I return,” Yang Chen said.

“No need, I won’t be able to eat it anyway. I’ll recover after a night’s sleep. I’m really sorry.” Wang Ma forced a smile before closing the door.

Yang Chen sighed. Although Wang Ma maintained her body well, she was over 50 years old after all. It wasn’t considered a small issue should she really catch a cold.

Arriving outside the study room, Yang Chen could see light coming out from the seam of the door.

Knock! Knock!

Yang Chen knocked on the door. After quite a while, the door finally got opened.

Lin Ruoxi wore a pink pyjamas that looked like a robe, with a fluffy belt tied on her waist. Her stray hair was rather messy. As she stayed in the study room for a long time, her cheeks looked rather red due to lack of oxygen. Her reflective and faint eyes looked adorable.

“Is it time to eat already?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“Yes, it’s time to eat but there’s nothing to eat,” Yang Chen replied.

“What do you mean?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she frowned.

Yang Chen explained the situation about Wang Ma catching a cold. Anxiousness appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes. She wanted to walk over to knock Wang Ma’s room immediately.

Yang Chen pulled her arm. “I don’t think it’s good to disturb Wang Ma. We’ll go out to eat.”

“Go out yourself if you want to eat. I’m not hungry.” Lin Ruoxi directly rejected his request as she struggled to get away from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. After he couldn’t restrain himself from kissing this lady back then, she hadn’t shown him good attitude. “Even if you want to resent me, you shouldn’t make your stomach suffer. You’ve been working since you came home, you must be really hungry now,” he said.

“I said that I wasn’t hungry,” Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

“Wang Ma needs medication now. We’ll buy her some when we go out to eat. You wouldn’t want her to suffer any longer, would you?” Yang Chen changed a method to convince her.

Lin Ruoxi looked like she was struggling to make a decision, but still compromised in the end. “Give me five minutes. I have to change.”

Yang Chen finally relieved. This little girl wouldn’t back off should she start to go the hard way. He couldn’t confront her head-on, and must deal with her indirectly.

After less than five minutes, Lin Ruoxi came out from her room wearing casual winter clothing before walking downstairs. She wore a light purple tight sweater and a scarf-like tassel outerwear, with light-colored slim-fit pants. Her fluttering hair and her snow-white skin color looked particularly charming.

Smiling, Yang Chen asked, “Won’t you get cold wearing this little?”

“Are we eating out in the open?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“Nah, that won’t happen,” Yang Chen answered.

Remaining silent, Lin Ruoxi walked to the door and put on a pair of women’s Nike shoes. Since she had a height of 1.7 meters, her posture looked attractive though she was merely wearing sneakers.

Walking to the garage, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Where are we going to eat?”

“What do you want?” Yang Chen would abide by her decision.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head vaguely. She said, “I don’t have anything in mind. I’ll go with anything.”

“Then I’ll drive and fetch you,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a while, but still nodded in the end. “Don’t drive too fast.”

Yang Chen didn’t dare to drive too quickly. Since they were currently having a cold war, if he were to annoy Lin Ruoxi further, they would definitely get into a battle.

The white BMW drove to a night market street. Yang Chen didn’t plan to dine at a high-class restaurant. It wasn’t because he wanted to force Lin Ruoxi eat normal foods, he just didn’t like the environment in high-end restaurants.

Lin Ruoxi looked through the window, at the night market bustled with people as she contemplated at the scene. To her, these people who were making a living at the streets were living in a completely different world.

This wasn’t a stuck-up nor an arrogant behaviour. To Lin Ruoxi, it was merely her instinctive feeling.

Yang Chen parked his car at a rather spacious public parking area which was surrounded by various small restaurants. The mouth-watering smell of spicy foods filled the air.

Lin Ruoxi was indeed rather hungry. She asked, “What are we eating?”

Yang Chen pointed at a shop with the signboard ‘Little Lobster’. “Have you tried that before?”

“Little lobster? What is it?” Lin Ruoxi really didn’t know what it was.

“We’ll eat there today then,” Yang Chen said before holding Lin Ruoxi’s hand and walking towards the restaurant.

Lin Ruoxi forcefully tried to pull her hand out from Yang Chen’s palm. “Why are you holding my hand while walking?”

“I’m afraid of you getting kidnapped by bad guys. Look, there are so many people walking around. A beautiful lady like you is really dangerous,” Yang Chen said.

“What nonsense are you talking about? I’m not a three-year-old anymore,” Lin Ruoxi said as she continued tried to get away from Yang Chen but her strength wasn’t enough. Finally, she arrived at the restaurant with him.

There were three small tables in the restaurant. Yang Chen looked for a place beside the window and sat opposite to Lin Ruoxi. A young girl which was responsible for taking orders walked over. Using a foreign accent to speak Mandarin, she asked what the two wanted.

After looking through the menu, Yang Chen ordered two servings of little lobsters and a few other dishes, including a bowl of mixed vegetables soup. He also asked the waitress to quickly serve them up.

Lin Ruoxi heard what Yang Chen ordered and got surprised. She had been secretly learning cooking from Li Jingjing, but she hadn’t heard of any of the dishes ordered by him. Curious, she asked, “Are those dishes tasty?”

“Why would I order them if they didn’t taste good?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

Lin Ruoxi stayed quiet and started looking around the restaurant. The old tables and chairs, flooring of ceramic tiles filled with rubbish and dirty water were all off-putting to her. She didn’t understand why the fellow didn’t pick a proper restaurant and came to a place like this instead.

After a short moment, two big plates of hot and spicy lobsters got served.

Sniffing the pungent smell, Lin Ruoxi looked at the dish as she felt clueless.The little lobster got burnt by different kinds of sauces and looked bright-red, not to mention its odd shape. She usually ate huge European lobsters which were cut into meat pieces and naturally hadn’t seen such a complete lobster before.

Yang Chen minded his own business as he peeled off the shell of the lobster before retrieving the flesh within using his hands. Enjoying the meat, he looked at Lin Ruoxi who hesitated to eat. She was just looking at him as she frowned. “What is it? Is it that you dislike lobsters?” he asked.

“This… How do I eat this?”

Yang Chen got shocked. “Look at how I eat and follow along. Isn’t it simple?”

“Don’t you feel dirty eating using your hands directly?” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t accept the way he ate.

“Then tell me how I should eat. If I’m not supposed to peel using my hands, is it better if I use my feet?” Yang Chen asked with a smile as he felt helpless.

“You should at least use sterile gloves,” Lin Ruoxi said.

“This isn’t a star-rated restaurant. Eat however you want and don’t be too picky. Our formidable Boss Lin, do you possibly not know how to peel a lobster?”

Lin Ruoxi got extremely irritated. If it wasn’t for this fellow who brought her here, she wouldn’t have to stare at her food and do nothing.

Feeling challenged, Lin Ruoxi used her hands to pick up a lobster and started imitating Yang Chen’s actions.

However, the shell wasn’t flat and smooth. A relatively sharp portion of the shell poked a hole in her soft finger like a needle.

Lin Ruoxi quickly put the lobster down before grabbing her finger to take a look. It started bleeding!

Since there was hot sauce on her wound as well, the intense pain almost made her cry.

Witnessing the situation, Yang Chen quickly took a few tissue papers over. “What are you rushing for? Do it slowly,” he said.

Lin Ruoxi felt wronged. How much evil did I do in my past lives to deserve such a treatment, to meet this man? Is having a regular dinner at a proper restaurant that difficult? Why should I be tortured at such a place? she thought.

As she thought, her eyes reddened as tears almost dripped.

Yang Chen took pity on her, but felt it was funny at the same time. At this moment, Lin Ruoxi looked really cute as she felt angry and stayed quiet.

“Alright, alright. Stop peeling. Wash your wound at the washroom and wipe the oil away,” Yang Chen said.

Wrapping her finger with the tissue paper, Lin Ruoxi stood up and walked towards the washroom at the corner silently.

Around three minutes later, Lin Ruoxi finished cleaning her wound. Since it was a minor injury, her finger stopped bleeding.

Walking back to her place, Lin Ruoxi who looked displeased got surprised. She saw her previously empty plate filled with a small pile of peeled lobster meat.

Appearing white and deshelled, the lobster meat stained with sauces got shone upon the light, looking particularly appetizing.

Yang Chen saw that she returned, and put yet another peeled lobster flesh onto Lin Ruoxi’s plate. Smiling, he said, “I avoided touching the meats when I peeled them. They should be considered rather clean already. Try eating some, you can give them to me if you dislike the taste. You can eat the other dishes when they get served later.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at her plate full of lobster meat, and the big pile of shells in front of Yang Chen. The dissatisfaction earlier and even the estrangement she felt all this while, suddenly vanished in the air.

Yang Chen who hadn’t felt the slightest change in the situation got perturbed. He asked, “Why aren’t you eating yet? Do you really dislike them? They actually taste rather decent.”

“Yang Chen,” Lin Ruoxi said as she looked at Yang Chen as complexity appeared in her eyes. “Has anyone told you that, you’re stupid?”

Shocked, Yang Chen shook his head. He said, “No.”

“Well, there’s one now, you’re stupid…”

Lin Ruoxi sat down after speaking. Being stared by Yang Chen’s confused eyes, she quickly wiped out the pieces of lobster meat in her plate.

Yang Chen continued looking at her as he felt fascinated. He then shook his head as he smiled.

Chapter 257: Different Worlds 2018-02-04T12:47:03+00:00

Yang Chen finally returned to the hot pot restaurant. Zhao Teng and Wang Jie both got rather impatient while they waited. When Yang Chen appeared, they finally relieved.

“Director, did you meet someone familiar?” Wang Jie asked.

“Yes, it can be considered so. We simply chatted for a while,” Yang Chen said with a smile. “Let’s go, we’ll return to the company.”

After sending Zhao Teng and Wang Jie back to Yu Lei Entertainment, Yang Chen didn’t return to his office. Instead, he told the two that he was going to look for the potential business partner. The two naturally got pleased.

There weren’t many people at Rose Bar in the afternoon. Walking into the bar, he saw Chen Rong ordering a few servers around to clean the place. Wearing a black and white maid uniform, Chen Rong had already grown into a mature lady.

Seeing Yang Chen, Chen Rong immediately smiled sweetly. “Brother Yang, Elder Sister isn’t at home. She went out this morning.”

“Oh, is it?” Yang Chen didn’t feel down knowing he came for nothing. Smiling, he asked, “How has your work been? I heard from Rose that you have taken over some aspects of the business.”

Chen Rong’s face reddened. “I made a mistake on an investment earlier, and lost a lot of money. I’m rather afraid now.”

“You don’t have to be that worried. Since Rose is letting you do it, she must’ve been prepared to let you fail. A lot of successful CEOs started learning slowly with only a high school diploma, while you’re admitted into university after ending high school. Learn from Rose properly, you’ll definitely have your strengths in two years’ time,” Yang Chen said smilingly. “When our Rongrong is qualified to be the gang leader, I can then snatch your Sister Rose away. I’m counting on you.”

Chen Rong pouted before happily nodding.

After calling Rose’s phone number, Yang Chen found out that she went to the apartment that Sea Eagles lived in. She purposely went there to check on their situation.

Yang Chen asked her to take care of the teammates in Sea Eagles. Rose had been very responsible with the task.

Yang Chen arrived at the apartment rather quickly as he drove at a high speed. Following the lead of a guard, he reached the basement of the apartment.

Originally a place to store illegal items, it was a vastly spacious hidden room. Now that it was revamped, it turned into a place where the Sea Eagles placed their precision instruments and high-tech calculators.

When Yang Chen entered the place, he instantly saw a few rows of orderly arranged equipement with screens of different sizes. Some were displaying data while the others showed videos and maps. Only people who had undergone specialized military training could understand the raw data.

At this moment, Rose, who wore a red leather clothing that wrapped around her alluring body, brought a few of his men to chat with the leader of Sea Eagles, Molin. Rose also had a man who could speak foreign languages, to translate for her.

Seeing Yang Chen walk over, Rose sweetly went forward to give him a hug. “Hubby, your friends are too magical. If I had their help back then, I would’ve chopped West Union Society and Dongxing off long ago. I wouldn’t have to arrange the troublesome scheme.”

Scratching Rose’s nose, Yang Chen said, “The process of your own creation is most perfect. Using a nuclear bomb to demolish a city isn’t meaningful, except leaving nothing behind.”

Molin looked at Yang Chen and Rose with an envious look. “Your Majesty Pluto, are there many beautiful women like Miss Rose? Can you introduce one for me? I suddenly feel like marrying a Chinese lady.”

“Are you planning to set up a family here?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity.

“Why not? There are amazing dishes, strong liquor and beautiful women here. The things here are so cheap, this is an absolute heaven!” Molin said excitedly.

Yang Chen pouted before smiling bitterly. “You may make your decision after living here for at least half a year. I’ll make Rose your matchmaker at that time.”

After listening to the translation, Rose laughed before rolling her eyes towards Yang Chen. “I don’t want to be a matchmaker. I don’t even have a proper identity, it’s more appropriate that I get a matchmaker.”

“If you say something like this again, I’ll slap your backside,” Yang Chen said as he reached out to Rose’s butt before pinching a few times. The springy texture made him reluctant to withdraw his hand.

Rose’s face reddened like it was dripping blood. Biting her soft and thin lips, she exclaimed, “Everyone’s watching us! Do you want to embarrass me in front of my men?!”

Yang Chen looked around with his cold eyes. Including the members of Sea Eagles, everyone had turned their heads to other directions. Although they were really tempted to look, the cold sight of Pluto wasn’t so easily withstood.

“Look, nobody has noticed,” Yang Chen said with a naughty smile.

Rose felt really helpless towards her lover’s shameless act. Smiling tenderly, she bashed Yang Chen’s chest a few times. “The calculator systems are fully set up already, so the various monitoring devices can be activated. Starting now, we’re in control of the places which you want to be monitored. We’re planning to visit the practice room now. The few elites that I chose are undergoing training by some members of Sea Eagles. Does Hubby want to go?”

Yang Chen nodded. He was rather aware of Sea Eagles’ capability. Although he wasn’t very interested, he didn’t mind following Rose there as she was very excited.

The practice room was located on the second floor of the apartment. The walls of the entire floor were taken apart while the room got designed like a karate practice room, having bright lights and high-quality wooden flooring.

Opening the door, Yang Chen and Rose entered the place. A burly figure was flying towards their direction!

Yang Chen had a fast reaction time. Taking a step forward, he used one arm to welcome the big and strong body before turning a round and putting it on the ground steadily.

Wearing a blue martial arts clothing, the 1.8-meter-tall elite from Red Thorns Society turned his head around, only to notice Yang Chen and Rose. Immediately stepping backwards, he shouted, “Mr Yang! Chairman!” as his body shook slightly out of excitement.

Yang Chen nodded before looking at the center of the practice room. There stood a black woman with short braids and the female member of Sea Eagles, Adeline, who claimed she wanted to lose weight earlier.

The one who threw the giant guy away was Adeline. The martial arts uniform was evidently tight for this white woman, making the two groups of flesh in front of her chest and her elevated backside extraordinarily alluring. When she saw Yang Chen enter the place, she put on a smile to greet him. “Your Majesty Pluto, Miss Rose, I’m really sorry. I exerted a little too much force.”

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “Adeline, don’t use the training method in Sea Eagles to teach them. Their foundation can only be considered the most common special agent. You only need to use a slightly higher force and speed when you fight them, mainly to train their skills. Their strength and speed can improve in the long term.”

“Alright. Gentlemen, continue coming at me,” Adeline said using Mandarin with a strong accent.

When Yang Chen heard Adeline’s words, the corners of his lips moved. Rose also noticed the strange meaning within. Reaching her arm to twist Yang Chen’s waist, she said, “Stop your imagination.”

At the same time, eight new elites from Red Thorns Society charged at Adeline together, whom she counter-attacked.

Adeline dodged the strikes landed by this group of young guys easily. Using only one move on almost all of them, she struck them onto the ground, causing them to numb away as they temporarily lost the ability to fight.

Rose was surprised. She was very aware of the power levels her men had. Unexpectedly, a lady like Adeline had such terrifying skills. Originally, Rose thought that her skill was considered top-notch amongst women. However, if she were to fight Adeline, she might not even last for more than three moves.

Adeline is merely one of the most common members of Sea Eagles. Then how strong is her leader Molin, Molin’s superior and the head of Sea Eagles?

They’d be the mercenaries with best-of-the-best power levels. This is too horrifying!

Adeline sighed as she looked at the young men flipping on the ground. She said, “Should I use my true strength earlier, all of you would’ve died.”

This Mandarin sentence was pronounced very accurately. It was so proper that some of the male members even had the urge to look for death. Having fought since the morning, she still remained undefeated.

Turning around her head, Rose looked at Yang Chen who had been silent for quite a while. “Hubby, how large is the gap between you and Adeline and her team?”

From Rose’s point of view, Yang Chen was definitely much stronger than Adeline and the others. Having witnessed just how fast and powerful Adeline was, she was curious what the result would be, when Yang Chen fought with her.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “Babe, it sure seems like you haven’t fully understood what I told you.”

“What do you mean?” Rose asked, confused.

“We belong in different worlds and can’t be compared,” Yang Chen said as he shook his head. Walking forward, he looked at the bored Adeline and the other black teammate, saying, “You guys come at me together. Practise with me.”

Adeline and the black teammate got shocked. The previously proud Adeline asked cowardly, “Your Majesty Pluto, do you really want to do it?”

“Don’t ask questions. Use all your force on me and leave no mercy when you attack me,” Yang Chen said.

Adeline and the black teammate looked at each other before nodding. Exploding a freezing aura together, the two turned expressionless. Originally looking bright and cheerful, Adeline suddenly acted like a cold, sharp sword!

Together with the members of Red Thorns Society, Rose who stood nearby held their breaths as they looked at the change in the situation. They suddenly realized this was the true face held by the members of Sea Eagles! Their usual relaxing and humorous acts were merely what they displayed on the surface!

Zoom! Zoom!

When Adeline and her teammate moved, the sound of sharp arrows piercing through the air resounded! Their movements dazzled Rose and the others.

A muffled sound could be heard, as if an explosion was being contained in this small area!

Remaining at his position, Yang Chen stood without moving. Without moving his feet, he moved his body to the side faintly before immediately turning back.

Bash! Bash!

Under everyone’s attention, as soon as Adeline and the black teammate reached Yang Chen, they got violently bounced away before falling onto the ground and rolling three meters away!

No one managed to witness what Yang Chen did. Just what did Yang Chen do?!

Standing at the same position, Yang Chen swept his hands before looking at Rose and the other people emotionlessly. “Don’t feel surprised. In this world, everyone has a domain that they belong to. I was just playing with Adeline and her teammate. I won’t be interested to truly fight them. They’re here to merely train you guys, so don’t get upset just because you can’t defeat them, that’s because you guys don’t belong in the same world. Give the training your best. You just have to defeat the people in the same world with you, then you’ll be the strongest.”

Ignoring whether the people from Red Thorns Society listened to Yang Chen’s advice or not, Rose’s eyes were filled with agitation. Although she knew from the start that Yang Chen was definitely stronger than Adeline, she didn’t expect Adeline who seemed so overpowered to be nothing in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Men would get upset when the women they loved were stronger, but women would always hope their men to be the strongest. So Rose felt deeply satisfied.

Close by, Adeline and her black teammate climbed up as their eyes got filled with helplessness and intense worship.

“Your Majesty Pluto, can’t you throw us more gently? The flooring here is too stiff,” Adeline said softly.

“Aren’t you looking to lose weight? Who knows which part of your body can flatten after being slammed,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Blushing, Adeline extended her tongue and stopped talking.

Yang Chen walked towards Rose and patted her cheek smilingly. “Stop looking at me in a silly way. I still need to discuss something serious with you.”

Rose finally came back to the situation. She asked, “What is it?”

“Something to make you earn money…” Yang Chen winked.

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Chapter 256: Guessing the Secret 2018-01-31T13:38:25+00:00

Yang Chen passed through the alley where cold wind blew. He arrived at a small courtyard where sunlight got blocked.

The courtyard looked obsolete and it wasn’t locked. A few osmanthus and ginkgo trees were there, making the place look extraordinarily desolate. Evidently, the place wasn’t cleaned in a long time as leaves covered the ground, not to mention the musty smell that filled the place.

At this moment, two people were stood in the courtyard. One of them was Gray Robe who intentionally attracted Yang Chen’s attention to come over, Gray Robe from Group of Eight.

The other person wore a dark green military coat. Facing away from the entrance, he seemed to be staring at the overcast sky absentmindedly. He was Lin Zhiguo whose personal bodyguard was Gray Robe.

After leaving Lin Zhiguo at the Tibetan area back then, Yang Chen didn’t have too good of an impression towards this man who had lived more than 50 years. Yang Chen wasn’t someone who would disrespect the elderly, but he wouldn’t respect every single one of them, though he almost never had any senior. Lin Zhiguo’s past, the way he handled things, and his talking manner made Yang Chen really uncomfortable. He could understand why Abbess Yun Miao and Lin Ruoxi, Lin Zhiguo’s wife and granddaughter respectively, didn’t want to accept him.

According his rank being the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, Yang Chen didn’t feel like it was any special.

When he saw Lin Zhiguo at this moment, Yang Chen didn’t act too intimately. Tonelessly, he said, “Is there anything you need, asking Gray Robe to lure me here?”

“You seem to be very busy,” Lin Zhiguo said as he turned around, looking serious.

“Speak. I still need to send people back,” Yang Chen said. He didn’t want to say much. In fact, he didn’t like people who acted cocky just because they thought they were seniors.

Frowning, Lin Zhiguo said, “Yang Chen, I’m your senior. Do you lack even the most basic respect?”

Yang Chen scowled as he shook his head like it was none of his business. “When Ruoxi agrees to see you as her senior, I’ll do the same as well.”

“Ruoxi is just throwing a tantrum at me. Haven’t you noticed?!”

“I only noticed that you definitely didn’t act like a senior,” Yang Chen said impatiently. “If there’s nothing you want to say, I’ll leave now.”

Lin Zhiguo stared at him angrily as exerted a stern aura. The atmosphere in the courtyard seemed like it was condensed!

“Your attitude really disappoints me!”

Yang Chen wasn’t the slightest afraid. He smiled with contempt in his heart. If it wasn’t for the blood relation between Lin Zhiguo and Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen would’ve rushed over to kick him away as he got deeply challenged.

“You better not treat me like how you act towards the people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. My patience has a limit too. Provoking me won’t benefit you,” Yang Chen said as he stared at Lin Zhiguo coldly.

Lin Zhiguo’s face reddened as he got extremely pissed. The longer he looked at Yang Chen’s expressionless face, the more he hesitated to land a strike. He wanted to put show the attitude of a senior to make Yang Chen admit his mistake. However, he didn’t expect Yang Chen to ignore him completely.

More severely, Yang Chen developed hatred towards Lin Zhiguo, just like Lin Ruoxi.

This was undoubtedly an enormous blow to Lin Zhiguo. He wanted to make Yang Chen obey him based on his relationship with Lin Ruoxi. However, judging by the current situation, he caused an adverse effect.

<i>Am I too impatient?</i> Lin Zhiguo asked himself. The answer was ambiguous. He didn’t know what it was.

Sighing helplessly, Lin Zhiguo revoked his ferocious look. He asked, “Is Hui’er coming to Zhonghai next month?”

“Which Hui’er?” Yang Chen asked.

“Lin Hui, also called Hui Lin, my granddaughter,” Lin Zhiguo answered

Yang Chen finally remembered that the old daoist Yun Miao sent her treasured little daoist to Zhonghai because she had too much time. Feeling a headache, he said, “Yeah, she really is coming. Can you discuss with Abbess Yun Miao? Ask her to stop doing something this silly. I don’t even have enough time to deal with my own matters. How am I supposed to take care of another adult?”

“Do you think that Yun Miao will listen to me?” Lin Zhiguo asked.

Stupefied, Yang Chen slapped his forehead. “Good point. All you can do is shout at your subordinates.”

“Humph.” Lin Zhiguo was obviously resented. Sadly, it was actually a fact, so he didn’t respond. “You already married Ruoxi. I don’t allow you to touch Hui Lin.”

“Who do you think I am? Why would I find trouble for myself? According to seniority, she’s my sister-in-law. A rabbit wouldn’t eat the grass outside its nest. I don’t have that much time,” Yang Chen said as he shook his head.

“Don’t think that I’m not aware of how many women you have outside. Since you did it once, you’ll definitely do it again. I can’t go defenseless against you,” Lin Zhiguo said doubtfully. “When the time comes, how are you going to arrange Hui Lin?”

Annoyed, Yang Chen said, “If I knew, do I have to be this irritated?”

“Let me give you an advice,” Lin Zhiguo said.

“What is it?”

“Let Hui Lin live with you and Ruoxi,” Lin Zhiguo said.

Listening to what Lin Zhiguo said, Yang Chen was looking forward to the future. He wondered how Lin Ruoxi would react when she suddenly saw Hui Lin who appeared out of nowhere. Logically speaking, one of their grandmothers was the legal wife, while the other was a mistress. They should be ‘enemies’. The two women were both extraordinary characters, one was cold like frost and untalkative, while the other was adorable and pure.

More importantly, both of them didn’t seem to have a liking to their grandfather. They could actually be good sisters, having a common enemy.

“Who’s older, Hui Lin or Ruoxi?” Yang Chen had been struggling with this question.

A trace of affection appeared in Lin Zhiguo’s eyes. “Hui Lin is 10 days younger than Ruoxi. Ruoxi was born on the fifth of September, while Hui Lin was the fifteenth of September.”

“Ahh… Why does Hui Lin look a few years younger? The children raised in the mountains are indeed more naive,” Yang Chen said emotionally.

Lin Zhiguo stared at Yang Chen angrily. “You indeed have a thought towards Hui Lin?!”

“Hey, don’t point fingers at me! I’m a man who admits what I do. If I ever think of her that way, I won’t try to hide my behaviour. I’m different from you, even your own granddaughters don’t call you ‘grandpa’,” Yang Chen said as he pouted.

“You!” Lin Zhiguo got so mad that smoke came out from his body, but he couldn’t come up with a single word to defend himself. His past demeanour caused this consequence on his younger generation!

Yang Chen knew that Lin Zhiguo wanted Hui Lin and Ruoxi get together because he didn’t hope his descendants to exclude each other because of his mistake. Using such an opportunity, he hoped to make his granddaughters closer to each other.

Yang Chen didn’t outright reject his request, but he had to talk it through with Lin Ruoxi when he returned home. Furthermore, how Hui Lin’s identity should be explained was a major problem as well. Although Lin Ruoxi would know the truth sooner or later, it was impossible for him to announce their relationship directly.

“Do you need anything else?” Yang Chen took out his phone to check the time. He still had three minutes left.

Lin Zhiguo pondered before saying, “God’s Stone is still with you.”

Yang Chen looked at Lin Zhiguo and smiled weirdly. “Didn’t Flower Rain witness me throwing God’s Stone to Yamata Sect?”

“That one is fake,” Lin Zhiguo said as he looked directly into Yang Chen’s eyes. He seemed like he hoped to discover something by looking at Yang Chen’s facial expression, but soon he realized it was futile.

Yang Chen’s expression didn’t change the slightest. “Why do you say so? You should be clear that God’s Stone is only a burden to me, instead of a treasure. Passing it to Yamata Sect isn’t a loss to me.”

“Although God’s Stone is useless to you, you should be aware that the world peace would be destroyed should it land on someone else’s hands. I bet you mustn’t want to witness such an outcome, so you’ve always brought God’s Stone with you,” Lin Zhiguo said. “Moreover, deliberately throwing a fake copy to Yamata Sect would only bring them trouble, as they would be the center of attraction. Not only would the other people who have their eyes on God’s Stone go for them, you could earn some time living peacefully. Am I right?”

Smiling, Yang Chen replied, “You’re merely making a guess. If Yamata Sect got the fake version, wouldn’t they announce already?”

“Not only is Noriko Okawa an absolute Chinin expert, he’s also the leader who has brought Yamata Sect to become one of the world’s strongest organisations single-handedly. He wouldn’t announce his God’s Stone to be fake even if that’s the case. That’s because no organisation would ever admit it’s real either. The more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed. Doing so will only attract more attention which leads to more enemies,” Lin Zhiguo said. He then couldn’t control his laughter. “Noriko Okawa must be extremely pissed now. Your behaviour must’ve brought Yamata Sect a lot of troubles. As far as I’m concerned, Takamagahara from Japan alone has been attacking them as a test.”

“Think all you want. At the end of the day, God’s Stone isn’t in my hands anymore. Whether you believe me or not, I hope that your Yellow Flame Iron Brigade can stop disturbing my private life for God’s Stone. You should be aware that I returned to the country to live a peaceful life, not to fight you all. Furthermore, all of you aren’t capable of being my opponents,” Yang Chen said coldly before turning around and leaving.

After Yang Chen left, Gray Robe who had remained silent walked forward. Respectfully, he asked, “Master, is the God’s Stone Uncle Yang gave away really fake?”

[TL note: Gray Robe calls Yang Chen ‘uncle’ because he’s married to Lin Ruoxi.]

Shaking his head, Lin Zhiguo replied, “I don’t know, I was just testing him. After Yamata Sect got God’s Stone, they haven’t had any movement. Noriko Okawa is an old cunning fox. He knows that silence is the best choice regardless of the authenticity of God’s Stone.”

“If that really is fake, where would the real God’s Stone be?” Gray Robe asked.

“Only Yang Chen himself would know,” Lin Zhiguo said before touching his forehead as he got a headache. “Let’s go, Gray Robe, we’ll return to Beijing. This time, we didn’t manage to stop Hannya and Tanuki from Yamata Sect because we had underestimated their abilities. When we return, we’ll increase the training frequency for Second Dragon Group to let them reflect on themselves.”

“Master, I feel like Yong Ye from Second Dragon Group isn’t suited to be their leader,” Gray Robe said carefully.

Lin Zhiguo pondered as he sighed. “I naturally know what you’re talking about. However, our country is different from American and European countries. Although Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is independent on the government, we’re still a division of the country. It’s impossible that we break away from those stupid eyes in the government. Since Yong Ye is still young, you and the few other old folks can lecture him more. Acting slightly arrogant while being rather capable is fine, we’ll slowly change his attitude.”

Gray Robe looked rather helpless. He said, “Yes, Master.”

“By the way, I asked you to check on Yang Pojun from Yang clan earlier, regarding his abnormal act of moving the amphibious troops from Jiangnan District. Have you done it yet?” Lin Zhiguo asked.

Nodding, Gray Robe replied, “Yes, Master. Yang Pojun was indeed just following the request given by his relative from Zhonghai’s Yuan clan, to help destroy the former gang in Zhonghai, Dongxing Society. He didn’t have any other intention.”

“This son of Yang Gongming is indeed complicated. He should have a secured seat in the next Politburo Standing Committee already. The seat of the vice chairman of the military commission may fall into his hands as well,” Lin Zhiguo said as he analyzed the situation. “Since the founding of the country, Yang clan and our Lin clan had had the most rigorous family traditions. However, none of Lin clan’s descendants are as dependable as Yang Pojun. How unfortunate…”

“Master, when I checked on Commander Yang Pojun, I noticed something weird. Although it can’t be confirmed yet, but it seems very possible…” Gray Robe said. He was struggling if he should reveal this information or not, but he did at last.

“Oh? What is it?” Lin Zhiguo asked. To him, it was rare for Gray Robe to speak this way.

Gray Robe leaned towards Lin Zhiguo before whispering something…

Looking Lin Zhiguo’s facial expression, he suddenly got astonished and slowly got unbelievably silent…

Chapter 255: Low-Class 2018-01-30T14:25:22+00:00

“Director Yang, are you possibly thinking of taking up a loan from the bank? It’d bring more harm than good this way,” Zhao Teng said, worried. “If you’re thinking of partnering up with other entertainment companies, I bet we’d run into various arguments for profit splitting. This wouldn’t be very appropriate as well.”

Shaking his head, Yang Chen replied smilingly, “I’ll give you guys a contact method later regarding the specific partnership. Wang Jie, you’ll be responsible for talking this partnership out. You guys can rest assured for their reliability and capability. However, I’ll have to negotiate with them first. At that time, I’ll ask them to contact you guys.”

Naturally, Yang Chen was referring to Rose. Since Rose wanted to wash her current funds via money laundering through Yu Lei’s influence to slowly legalize the businesses of Red Thorns Society, Yang Chen wanted to lend a hand, as this would be beneficial to both sides.

Investing high amounts in movies and variety shows was just like opening a casino, it was the best approach for money laundering.

Although Wang Jie and Zhao Teng both felt doubtful, they felt excited and were looking forward to what the future held, as they saw that Yang Chen didn’t seem to be joking.

After that, the three discussed about the recent developments of the company. Zhao Teng would be in charge of recruitments and interviews of employees, while Wang Jie would be responsible for communications and negotiations with all parties and hunting of high-performing workers from other entertainment companies. These are all steps required in the early stage of the company’s establishment.

Yang Chen heard that Wang Jie was complaining about newly established artists asking for too high of a price. He suggested, “If they’re asking for an unreasonable price, give up on signing them for now. Based on Yu Lei’s brand name, we’re totally capable enough to train our own superstars.”

“Director, are you suggesting… talent shows?” Wang Jie asked. Her thought process was really fast.

“That’s right, but this season isn’t too good. There’s this type of talent shows all over the world. If we want to do it, we’ll have to do it well, accepting both guys and ladies. We should plan and prepare for the show soon, and its launch will be held next year when the weather gets warm again,” Yang Chen said.

Frowning, Zhao Teng said, “Director, doing talent shows is actually a good idea, but they’re really common nowadays. We wouldn’t necessarily have a good start for our show. If we lack contestants and the effectiveness of advertisements is lower than expected, it’s tough for us to be benefitted.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. I’ll naturally have my own idea when the time comes,” Yang Chen said. What’s so hard about making a gimmick? I’ll just have to ask some immoral old folk to find me people capable of pulling popularity.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng felt that Yang Chen’s words included various mysteries, while being rather believable at the same time. So they stopped talking about it, as it wasn’t going to be launched immediately anyway.

Very quickly, it was noon already. Yang Chen somehow spoke to his two assistants for a few hours, even he thought that it was incredible.

Touching his belly, Yang Chen asked, “Are you guys hungry? I’ll treat you for lunch.”

Yang Chen felt he should treat these two hardworking fellows better, as he’d have to rely on them when he wanted to slack in the future.

Since the superior was treating, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie naturally wouldn’t reject the offer. They felt that talking to Yang Chen was really relaxing, there wasn’t any pressure, unlike their previous superiors. In their hearts, they really quickly accepted Yang Chen.

When Yang Chen led the two out of the office, he happily greeted his fellow employees as he urged them to have their lunch break, surprising quite a few of people. It was evident that this young director was really extraordinary.

Yang Chen didn’t let Zhao Teng or Wang Jie drive. He brought them to the parking lot and entered his white BMW before heading to the city outside.

When Zhao Teng and Wang Jie saw that Yang Chen was driving a car worth more than a million, they were really certain that Yang Chen definitely had a good family background. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to afford a car like this, having worked for merely a few years judging from his age.

However, no one would expect that everything was a result of heavily relying on his wife.

The thing that surprised Zhao Teng and Wang Jie more was the place Yang Chen brought them for lunch. Initially, they thought that it’d either be a refined Chinese restaurant or a quiet western restaurant. However, Yang Chen chose a simple roadside restaurant that served hot pots.

[TL note: Hot pots]

It was really warm in the small hot pot restaurant, with its main customers being foreign workers who wore construction uniforms. When Yang Chen brought the two into the restaurant, they attracted weird looks as they were wearing very formally.

Being born in the upper class, Wang Jie had never visited a restaurant like this, but she didn’t want to reject Yang Chen’s good intention. Looking at the oily and unclean spots on the table, she frowned slightly but didn’t voice her thought out.

Yang Chen summoned the proprietress of the restaurant over, and successively checked tens of boxes on the food menu, making Zhao Teng and Wang Jie stare at him in shock.

“Director, we can’t finish so much food, we can’t finish…” Zhao Teng said.

Waving his hand, Yang Chen replied, “What are you afraid about? You can eat a hundred plates and the bill would amount to less than a thousand bucks. I’m a very generous man, eat all you want!”

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie almost cried. Even if you dare to order a hundred plates, we won’t be able to finish them!

“Oh yeah, do you want some wine? The sorghum wine that costs ten bucks each tastes rather decent, it reminds me the taste of soju. Should we get two bottles of them?” Yang Chen advised happily.

You can get wine for ten bucks?!

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie both felt like they were aliens. They were very confused by the current situation.

“Erm, are two bottles not enough? We’ll get three then, one for each of us. A bottle only weighs 500 grams. Don’t underestimate the volume, it’s especially strong since it holds fifty percent of alcohol!” Yang Chen said as he finished ordering foods and drinks before sitting down at the opposite of Zhao Teng and Wang Jie.

Zhao Teng lightly cleared his throat. Letting out a stiff smile, he said, “Director, Wang Jie can drink since she used to work in the public relations department. I’ll get drunk through the slightest alcohol.”

“Oh. We’ll do it this way, tell me when you’re drunk and I’ll drink for you. Rest assured, I don’t mind having leftovers. Being wasteful is unacceptable, while acting thrifty is glorious,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

After a short while, a hot pot was served while various kinds of seasoning and meat got sent over. Since Yang Chen ordered tons of food, the proprietress ended up giving a plate of pig blood curd and tofu skin for free, making Yang Chen feel really pleased.

It wasn’t Zhao Teng’s and Wang Jie’s having hot pot, but it was definitely their first eating at such a noisy and small restaurant. Being surrounded by a dirty environment, they doubted they had a business licence, not to mention that the health permit was likely a mere decoration. If they weren’t truly hungry, they definitely didn’t dare to start eating.

Yang Chen ordered so many plates that the small table and a mobile shelf couldn’t contain all of them. Without giving a single damn, Yang Chen dragged the table beside over to link with his table.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie got dumbfounded. It was their first time coming to such a small hot pot restaurant, it was also their first time seeing such a lord putting such a heroic act of dragging tables!

“Hehe, this is exactly why coming to a small restaurant is great. I can eat and do whatever I want. Big restaurants are too troublesome, I can’t speak loudly or even smoke cigarette,” Yang Chen said while he took out a cigarette before lighting it up. Clipping the cigarette in one hand, he used another hand to pinch different kinds of meat and vegetable into the hot pot using chopsticks. “It’s necessary to enjoy hot pot in a merry environment like this. It’s better if there’s a snowfall outside while I enjoy strong alcohol. Since we’re our own people, I decided to act simply in front of you guys.”

Smiling stiffly, Zhao Teng said, “Director is right, this is rather good… Ahem, ahem…”

The smell of poor-quality cigarette made him cough. However, he only smiled bitterly as he didn’t know what to say.

Smiling, Wang Jie said, “Director, you really shocked both of us. We haven’t seen such an array before.”

“I know,” Yang Chen replied happily. “I brought you guys out for lunch today to mainly show you what kind of person I am. Fancy or low-class things don’t matter to me. I don’t care about surface-level things. I’m lazy, I lack professional knowledge, and I like to be straightforward. The me that you guys see in the office is real, the me sitting in front of you who acts like an old farmer is real as well. Around six months ago, I was still selling mutton skewers at a food market. Believe it or not, while I truly have a master’s degree from Harvard, it’s real that I used to sell mutton skewers.”

Looking at Zhao Teng and Wang Jie who stared at him silently, Yang Chen opened a bottle of wine and filled the cups in front of the two before his own. Lifting the cup to greet, he said, “Let’s drink some. Don’t look at me like a fool. I didn’t run away from taxes since I didn’t enter the minimum tax bracket.”

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie finally laughed. Lifting their cups, although they felt a pungent smell, they still drank a mouthful of wine.

Wang Jie looked fine. Upon pouring the wine into his mouth, Zhao Teng felt that his throat was burning. He coughed quite a few times before finally stopping with his face reddened.

Yang Chen laughed and asked for a cup of plain water from the proprietress for him, and stopped asking him to drink.

“You should’ve told us that you couldn’t drink. I’m not an alcoholic superior, I won’t look down on you if you can’t drink. Don’t force yourself,” Yang Chen said.

Zhao Teng smiled awkwardly as he said, “It’s not that I can’t drink. Director Yang, this wine is too strong.”

The three chatted for a while before starting to eat the hot pot together. However, what Wang Jie and Zhao Teng ate combined was lesser than Yang Chen alone.

In a short while, the mountain of foods that looked impossible to finish got devoured by Yang Chen into his stomach with ease.

Their understanding towards Yang Chen in their minds changed from clear to blurry, and from blurry to clear, changing repeatedly. No matter how they felt, they subconsciously liked this unique superior even more.

“Director Yang, I don’t think you can drive after drinking. How do we go back later?” Zhao Teng asked, worried. “Why don’t we call someone from the company to pick us up?”

Yang Chen waved his hands. “What bird eggs are you afraid of? The magnificent me drifts on the highway after drinking alcohol. I’m more familiar with the police station than my own house. Let’s go! I’ll send you guys back!”

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie paled from the shock. Is this our company’s director or someone who escaped from the prison?!

After settling the bill, when Yang Chen brought Zhao Teng and Wang Jie to the entrance, ready to leave, he saw a familiar backside of a person.

Yang Chen turned weird. Turning around, he said, “Wait here for ten minutes. I’ll go meet someone I know, and be back really soon.”

Without waiting for Zhao Teng and Wang Jie to reply, Yang Chen quickly stepped out of the hot pot restaurant before turning into a small alley.

Chapter 254: Director 2018-01-29T13:55:15+00:00

After the incident in the gym, Lin Ruoxi hadn’t spoke a word to Yang Chen the entire weekend. Yang Chen looked at the lady who looked frozen completely, he couldn’t help but to feel sad that the journey for the ice to ‘thaw’ still had a long way to go.

Currently, he was seen as a gangster once again by Lin Ruoxi. Although legally speaking, he wasn’t considered a gangster, there was nothing he could do if the lady’s side wanted to think of him this way.

Going to work on Monday, Yang Chen brought breakfast for the ladies in the public relations department as usual. After chatting with Zhao Hongyang and a few others for a while, he saw that it was almost time, so he left Yu Lei’s headquarters and headed to the new building opposite.

Taking the lift to the fiftieth floor, Yang Chen got welcomed by the refreshing signboard ‘Yu Lei Entertainment Culture Company’.

There were two young girls sitting at the front counter who looked around 23 or 24 years old, basically safely assumed to be fresh graduates.

“Director Yang, you’re here,” Wang Jie who wore a blue office suit said with a smile. She had been waiting at the entrance before Yang Chen came. Beside her, there stood Zhao Teng who paid just as much respect when he nodded at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn’t expect his assistants to really look at him this highly, to wait for him at the entrance early in the morning. Fortunately, he wasn’t late and came to the place on time. Otherwise, he would’ve disappointed these two colleagues who treated work seriously.

Looking at how much his right hands respected him, Yang Chen subconsciously made a decision, though he wouldn’t treat work seriously and get devoted, he would do whatever that is necessary properly. At the very least, he couldn’t let these two great colleagues down who wanted the best for the company.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng got shocked. They didn’t expect the first sentence that came out of Yang Chen’s mouth to be such a question, not to mention his smiling face. He didn’t have the slightest superior’s pride.

To them, the fact that Yang Chen managed to climb on such a high position at a young age and yet acted this humbly, they looked up to him even more. Of course, Yang Chen wasn’t aware of their thoughts.

The two nodded. Zhao Teng smiled as he made a hand gesture to show welcome, saying, “Director Yang, I’ll bring you to your office to have a look. Since you couldn’t come last week, I’ll introduce our different departments to you as well.”

Although Yang Chen wasn’t the slightest interested, he still accepted the suggestion and followed behind Zhao Teng and Wang Jie to tour around the office.

SInce it was an entertainment company, there weren’t just administration staffs, producers and entertainment workers were present. Naturally, there were training rooms and artist rooms as well.

It was clear that the decision made by Yu Lei International to purchase ten floors of the office building had to be made.

After running seven floors with the two, Yang Chen arrived at the upper management floor. Entering the bright and tidy hall, lots of busy employees turned to look at Yang Chen out of curiosity.

Everyone was wondering who this young man that needed two senior managers’ companies was. When Yang Chen walked into his ‘director’s office’, almost everyone dropped their jaws.

This average-looking man who held a smile which made him look brainless, was unexpectedly the company’s true leader, the director that had never shown up before!

Yang Chen’s office wasn’t as big as the previously seen Lin Ruoxi’s CEO office, but it still had an area of at least a hundred square meters. Outside the large windows, there laid the flourishing Zhonghai City—the tall buildings, while the exact opposite of Yu Lei Entertainment was the headquarters of Yu Lei International.

The office was decorated with flower-pots which looked well attended to, office table made of mahogany, real-leather swivel chairs and a few leather sofas which were black in color.

An Apple desktop was already turned on, which displayed the wallpaper of Yu Lei’s logo together with the words ‘Entertainment Company’.

Yang Chen was very satisfied. He suddenly felt that he made the right choice for taking this position up. At least this office looked really pleasant.

“The decorations are well done. I really like them,” Yang Chen said to Wang Jie and Zhao Teng.

“It’s great that Directors like it. If there’s anything you feel lacking, feel free to voice them out to the secretary,” Zhao Teng said. “Oh yea, do you need a secretary or an assistant? We basically have plenty of administration staffs already, but we’re still recruiting assistants. If you need, I can help Director find an exceptional one, or you may pick one yourself.”

Secretary? Assistant? One sentence suddenly appeared in Yang Chen’s mind: The secretary does the work, while the boss does the secretary.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen felt rather tempted. It was unfortunate that the women he could touch only included the department head of public relations Liu Mingyu, the head of a gang Rose, or Tang Wan whom he hadn’t kept in touch with for many days, although he hadn’t managed to touch Tang Wan so far. However, why would she become his secretary while having so many financial assets.

The most appropriate candidate was the chick An Xin who passed cultural and quality requirements with flying colors. She’d score well when it came to ‘doing things’ or ‘being done’. Unfortunately, she was still playing hide and seek on the plane.

Although he really wanted to think whether there was a beauty who suited being his secretary, Yang Chen still gave up at last. He unintentionally hooked so many women already, he wouldn’t be able to take care of the trouble if he recruited more of them.

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m a really lazy person after all. You guys mustn’t have too much faith in me. I’ll have to trouble you two to take care of the usual work, I believe in your abilities. When you come across issues that you feel are too challenging, or require a discussion with me, you may find me by then,” Yang Chen said.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie looked at each other as they felt helpless, but still agreed to the request.

Yang Chen looked at the office table and noticed a whole stack of folders. He asked, “What are these?”

Zhao Teng quickly explained, “Director, although we haven’t recruited enough artists and managers, we can’t be unproductive while waiting for the recruitment to be done. So we’ll temporarily start one or two projects at the moment. These are the projects we plan to invest in and start. As this will be the first official major project since the company was founded, I hope that Director can take direct involvement in this.”

Yang Chen felt a slight headache, but looking at how committed these two assistants were, he could only sit down and put up an act as he started flipping the stack of documents.

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie sat down on the chairs opposite as they silently waited for Yang Chen’s speech.

Yang Chen looked through them very quickly. Although he couldn’t understand certain professional terms, it didn’t affect his reading significantly.

Having read through around eight proposals, Yang Chen frowned. “Involvements in these projects including movies, TV series, commercials or variety shows, all require external help and participation to carry out, based on our current resources.”

“Yes, Director. Actually, we can produce low-budget movies by investing two or three million, and still make a respectable profit,” Wang Jie suggested. “I feel like we can start by looking for a decent script and hiring one or two excellent movie stars to make our cost lower than ten million bucks. This way, the profitability of the end product should be very high.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “Let me ask you a question.”

“Eh?” Wang Jie was surprised. “Please ask.”

“What’s the size of our company Yu Lei International?” Yang Chen asked.

Wang Jie didn’t understand why he asked such a question, but still gave an answer. “Excluding liquid funds, around 30 billion of total assets.”

“Then what rank does the business belong to, in the entire country?”

“Of course the market leader. Two years later when the new material gets launched, we’ll definitely be one of the biggest fashion companies in the world,” Wang Jie said proudly.

Yang Chen nodded. “Then, being branded under the company Yu Lei, how do you think people would react if our first investment move is merely a mid-to-low-budget movie, in our perspective of course?”

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng started pondering as they wrinkled their brows. “Director, you’re saying…”

“That’s right, there are only two possibilities. Firstly, we don’t have determination, courage and confidence, our senior management is incompetent, our employees and the outside would would be disappointed, and the board of directors of Yu Lei International… Erm, although more than ninety percent of the shares are owned by Boss Lin, Boss Lin would at the very least be disappointed. Secondly, our competitors wouldn’t take us seriously, and it’d be hard to partner up with other firms.”

Zhao Teng said in agreement, “Director’s words make sense. Since it’s our first major project, we indeed have to gain reputation. The major films produced by the West often are huge box-office hits although they aren’t reviewed highly, solely due to how large the projects are. A high production cost is always a huge selling point. Even if a respectable amount of profit isn’t earned, these movies can usually break even. More importantly, the reputation of the production team and the company would boost significantly.”

“But… our company is still in its early stage. Although the funds provided by Boss Lin are plenty, investing hundreds of millions out of the blue would cause a temporary cut in our cash flow, which would bring serious harm to our operations, since we still have to sign a lot of well-known artists and bands,” Wang Jie said. Being the manager of the marketing department, she was rather worried.

Zhao Teng also said, “Yeah, Director Yang, leaving investments out of the equation, solely signing top artists and bands would induce an extraordinarily high cost.”

Yang Chen nodded understandably. “You don’t have to worry about it. I can pull a good string to partner up for an investment. If it’s done well, we can work together in the long term.”

Wang Jie and Zhao Teng got shocked as they didn’t expect Yang Chen to have a workable partner already.

Chapter 253: Within Your Eyes 2018-01-28T10:47:53+00:00

It was yet another weekend. At a day like this, Yu Lei Entertainment officially hung their signboard on their building in a low-profile manner, right opposite Yu Lei International’s main building at the city centre of Zhonghai.

Even when done this way, it was highly reported in the press. During the press conference, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie showed their faces, while only Yang Chen’s name appeared as the director of the company.

In the press conference, Wang Jie briefly explained the company’s future developments, and announced the signing of several well-known models from the modeling department of Yu Lei International. In the future, they’d participate in variety shows and video making as artists.

From start to finish, Yang Chen, the theoretical leader hadn’t shown himself up, making the outside world extremely curious. Most employees in Yu Lei International knew who Yang Chen was, they found it unbelievable that the legendary unproductive fellow managed to become the director of the new company. The position was even higher than department heads in the company.

However, Yang Chen himself hadn’t had the slightest reaction, so everything developed in a monotonous manner in the awkward situation.

Saturday morning, Yang Chen had a good appetite as usual, he ate more than half the table of foods that Wang Ma prepared, making Wang Ma so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth. At the same time, Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.

“Are you a pig? Won’t you get indigestion eating this much?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“If I’m a pig, you’d be a sow,” Yang Chen replied.

Ignoring Yang Chen’s statement, Lin Ruoxi asked, “Have you thought about the company’s development yet? The actual project will be carried out soon.”

“Are you nervous now? If you knew this would happen, why did you insist on doing it back then?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“I, Lin Ruoxi, never do anything that I’d regret. I’m only asking you a simple question as your superior,” Lin Ruoxi said as she frowned.

“In the short term, I’ll maybe get other companies to partner up and invest in us before planning some projects. However, I heard from Wang Jie that we’d need to sign some artists to expand the company’s resources and fame. So I guess we’re not in a rush,” Yang Chen said.

“You heard from Wang Jie? How about your own thoughts?” Lin Ruoxi asked, dissatisfied.

“My intention is to avoid losing money,” Yang Chen answered.

Clenching her teeth, Lin Ruoxi’s delicate face showed tolerance. After drinking the last mouthful of porridge in the bowl, she stood up before turning around, wanting to go upstairs.

Yang Chen sighed. “Are you going to the study room again?”

“Can’t I do that?” Lin Ruoxi stopped walking.

“It’s Saturday today. Look outside, although it’s rather cold, the sky is so sunny. Why bother staying in a room to work? There’s much more in life than work,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi smiled coldly. “I’m not free like you. I need to review lots of documents and analyse various reports. You are welcome to enjoy life yourself!”

“It’s really harmful to your body this way. You’re fine now since you’re still young. In the future, you’ll start to feel the consequences,” Yang Chen said with a serious expression.

Lin Ruoxi stopped replying as she turned around and proceeded upstairs.

Pouting, Yang Chen left his seat and rushed up the stairs, passing Lin Ruoxi and arriving at the study room. He blocked Lin Ruoxi from entering the room.

“What are you doing? Go away!” Lin Ruoxi shouted.

“Babe Ruoxi, I think you shouldn’t work now. I ate a lot of food just now and feel very full. Go to the gym with me, training can make your body look more perfect,” Yang Chen said before winking at her.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stair. “Not interested, go away.”

Yang Chen sighed. “If you don’t listen to my advice, I’ll have to take action.”

Lin Ruoxi said angrily, “Are you going to beat me?!”

“Why would I beat you…” Yang Chen let out a naughty laugh. Suddenly turning around, his hands reached out to Lin Ruoxi’s back and thighs, instantly lifting her up horizontally!

Lin Ruoxi got stunned as she subconsciously wrapped Yang Chen’s neck with her arms to get stability. However, she felt that this position was too intimate after a short while. Her face was so near to Yang Chen’s cheek that they almost touched. When Yang Chen lowered his head, the two pairs of eyes looked into each other!

“You... You…” Lin Ruoxi got frightened. Since they got married, Yang Chen hadn’t touched her without permission before. Now that they got so intimate out of the blue, she stammered and couldn’t say anything.

Carrying Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen strode to the gym. In this huge bungalow, there had been a gym and a swimming pool since the start, which no one ever used.

“You should’ve listened to me obediently, but you wanted me to carry you over so badly,” Yang Chen said as he shook his head.

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks reddened. She wanted to resist but she was afraid of falling onto the ground. Shutting her alluring eyes, her heart was pounding as she felt Yang Chen’s pair of burning-hot hands wrapped around her body. A weird feeling started to appear, causing her mind to fall into chaos. She didn’t know what happened to herself.

Upon entering the gym, Yang Chen placed the stiff Lin Ruoxi down. Lin Ruoxi slightly staggered as she almost lost balance and fell.

Locking the gym, Yang Chen guarded the door with his arms crossed as he looked at Lin Ruoxi who was still unconscious. “Look for an equipment and train obediently. When I feel like the volume is enough, you’ll be allowed to leave by then.”

Lin Ruoxi finally recovered from trance. Irritated, she shouted, “How can you treat me this way? This is my house! Why should I listen to you?!”

Yang Chen pouted. “You seem like you haven’t learned your lesson. Do you possibly want me to carry you again?”

Lin Ruoxi immediately took three steps back as she looked at Yang Chen cautiously. Her reflective eyes showed grievance and objection as well as helplessness. Since she was raised exceptionally well, Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how she was supposed to scold Yang Chen though she was extremely pissed. She could only pant out of anger as she stared at him.

“My great wife, I’m not forcing you to drink poison. It’s just a simple training for your body. Look, there’s so many equipment here, more than enough to train from head to toe. Isn’t it a waste if nobody uses them?” Yang Chen said smilingly. “Dear, are you possibly clueless on how to use these equipment? Do you want me to teach you hand-by-hand?”

When Lin Ruoxi heard ‘hand-by-hand’, her heart shook as her cheeks reddened once again.

Is this bad guy going to do something more embarrassing than hugging me?!

Lin Ruoxi got frightened. Pouting, she walked to a treadmill nearby angrily like a little girl.

“Yang Chen, you’ll regret treating me this way…” Lin Ruoxi felt like she was too embarrassed. She couldn’t help but to say something back.

Yang Chen didn’t put it in his heart at all. Walking to Lin Ruoxi’s side, he reached out to press the ‘Add Speed’ button a few times.

The speed of the treadmill got really fast soon, forcing Lin Ruoxi to start jogging.

It was Yang Chen’s first time seeing Lin Ruoxi run. Since it was rather warm at home, she wore a rather loose white cotton t-shirt. As she jogged, her black hair bounced up and down while leaving a small gap in her lips to breathe. Following the rhythm, the two abundance of flesh quivered as well, making Yang Chen feel like his blood slowly heated up.

Yang Chen usually wouldn’t have such a thought, or he wasn’t ever given such an opportunity to think that way. In actuality, the most beautiful woman around here was this person that he met almost every day—his legal wife.

However, due to various reasons, Yang Chen would constrain himself to avoid paying attention to Lin Ruoxi’s look and body, ever since the incident happened when both of them got drunk. At this moment, Yang Chen got rather lost when he looked at Lin Ruoxi run at such a short distance.

Lin Ruoxi noticed that Yang Chen was staring at her for a long time, while her heart got rather pleased for unknown reasons. In fact, no matter how she got disgusted by this man, and how she would get angry for him, she had silently treated this man as her husband. Being a woman, it was torturing to not get her own husband’s recognition. When she was young, Lin Ruoxi knew how breathtaking she looked to men, and it was the same case now. However, despite the countless looks she got outside, she hadn’t been able to catch the attention of this fellow’s eyeballs at home. Furthermore, this fellow would openly look for women outside.

To the confident Lin Ruoxi, these would undoubtedly cause dissatisfaction and sorrow. However, she definitely wouldn’t voice out thoughts like these, and would only act indifferent. Since deep down her heart, Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t fully accept Yang Chen, not to mention various unhappy incidents happened between them, making her unable to think with an open mind so quickly. She needed time to think and feel.

Currently, Yang Chen was still staring at her. Looking for a short while was fine, but Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand it anymore when he continued gazing at her. Finally, she could only act like she knew nothing as she jogged. Her face slowly turned pink, which could be caused by the exercise or the shyness.

After running for a mile, Lin Ruoxi panted as beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Smiling, Yang Chen stopped the treadmill. “You’re so obedient. It’s my turn to exercise now. Dear, I need your help.”

Lin Ruoxi got tired and blurry by now. When Yang Chen said he needed help, she responded softly. It was rare for her to be this obedient, like a well-behaved lovely wife.

“What exercise are you doing?” Lin Ruoxi asked softly.

Yang Chen sat down on a yoga mat on the ground. “I’ll be doing sit-ups. Help me support my feet, you can just simply press on them. You should’ve done this before during physical education classes in primary school, right?”

“Yeah,” Lin Ruoxi said. She knew what a sit-up was, as graduating university required a passing grade for sports. She wasn’t completely a princess from a wealthy family.

However, Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed to use her hands or knees to stabilize Yang Chen’s feet. She hesitated for very long as she didn’t dare to take action.

Yang Chen who lay down on the ground saw that Lin Ruoxi was standing still. He smiled in his heart as he felt that this frightened woman looked exceptionally cute at this moment. He said, “Babe Ruoxi, if you don’t want to cooperate, I’ll do it for you. Do you want me to carry your legs?”


Lin Ruoxi instantly kneeled down before reaching her hands out to wrap Yang Chen’s calves and placing her knees on his feet. Her pink cheeks blushed further. Shy, she lowered her head and said, “You… you do it. I don’t want to do it…”

Yang Chen held back his laughter. Actually, he didn’t have to exercise at all. He simply wanted to tease Lin Ruoxi and make her happy. Doing this would make the lady workaholic have a taste at life and improve their relationship. Why wouldn’t he do this?

“I’ll start now .”


Yang Chen’s sit-ups weren’t very fast. He got up, lay down, got up, lay down…

Every time he got up, his forehead would almost stick together with Lin Ruoxi’s. Facing each other, the two could breathe in each other’s breaths.

Lin Ruoxi felt the warmth. Slightly raising her head, she could meet Yang Chen’s eyes. They could look at themselves from each other’s pupils.

Following Yang Chen’s rises and falls, the two met each other and left repeatedly…

After a while, the more Yang Chen did the exercise, the slower he got. The time he took to look into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes slowly increased. Lin Ruoxi turned from being shy to getting inattentive. Inside her clear eyes, highly dense emotions could be found, including sweetness, annoyance, bitterness and helplessness...

When Yang Chen himself forgot how many times he did the exercise, he stopped at the top of the movement. Their cheeks were very close to each other. Within their eyes, the opposite side’s eyes clearly reflected their faces.

“How great, within your eyes, there’s only me,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Startled, Lin Ruoxi immediately moved her face away as her heartbeat quickened. “Are you done now?”

“Not yet,” Yang Chen replied.

Lin Ruoxi looked back, “Then you…”

A warm breath flooded Lin Ruoxi’s unsaid words. Her ice-cold flowery, thin lips got engulfed by Yang Chen’s sudden kiss!

Yang Chen very much wanted to extend his tongue to explore Lin Ruoxi’s fragrant boudoir and kiss intensely for the entire morning, to make the special woman in front of his nose submerge his soul. However, he didn’t stay there for long. After the affectionate kiss, he quickly let go of Lin Ruoxi’s small lips.

Lin Ruoxi stunned as her brain went blank. Emptiness appeared in her eyes. Everything got really messy.

Without any preparation, her kiss got stolen once again.

The last time was at a coffee shop, this time was in the gym, where would the next time be?


Without any warning, Lin Ruoxi violently slapped Yang Chen’s face!

A light, red mark appeared.

Yang Chen smiled silently. He expected this consequence, so he had never thought of dodging.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes got rather wet. Standing up slowly, she suppressed her complex emotions and recovered coldness on her face. “Do you think that teasing me is fun? Do you think that doing this is very interesting?”

“It’s not exactly the case,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Then what is it?”

“It’s because—”

“I don’t want to listen!” Lin Ruoxi turned around forcefully and ran to the gym’s exit before unlocking the door and leaving.

Listening to how hard Lin Ruoxi slammed the door, Yang Chen sighed out of helplessness. “Stupid Girl, what is there to be shy about when a married couple kiss? You should’ve slapped me lighter…”

Chapter 252: The Strongest Organism 2018-01-25T13:49:03+00:00

It definitely wasn’t easy to arrange shelter, food and work for the 12 Sea Eagles members. Although all of them were very adaptive, Rose as the host felt she had to try her best to make them feel at home.

So, after Molin and the others placed their luggages in their own rooms, they started talking to Rose about their needs in detail

Yang Chen looked at Rose who was chatting with the teammates happily. Although she often required translation, the result was surprisingly well. Very quickly, Rose started getting comfortable with the bunch of people.

When they almost finished their conversation, a member of Red Thorns Society rushed up from downstairs to make a report, saying there was a self-proclaimed mineral water truck parked outside the building, and they required manpower to move the items.

Such late at night, who would believe that the truck was here to deliver mineral water?

Molin and the others glanced at each other and nodded, indicating acknowledgement. Molin said, “Your Majesty Pluto, seems like our equipment is delivered here.”

Yang Chen smiled, satisfied. Turning to Rose, he said, “Dear, help me arrange a hidden basement for them to work in. The place needs to be rather wide, so that those equipment can be put inside.”

“Equipment? What equipment?” Rose asked, confused.

“Oh, the ‘mineral water’ in the truck. I asked someone ship them here from overseas using some special channel. With them, only can our members of Sea Eagles truly perform,” Yang Chen said.

“Is it possibly the most advanced firearms…” Rose asked as her eyes shone. The violence in her body seemed like it started burning.

Molin and the others quickly waved their hands. “Miss Rose, we don’t plan to use firepower in China this time. We’re just following His Majesty’s order, for some investigation and detection work.”

“Oh…” Rose said, disappointed.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Isn’t this important? It was fortunate that you informed me on time earlier, otherwise the troublesome fellows would’ve harmed my family members. I summoned Sea Eagles over to prevent something like that from happening again. With their professional skills, we can nicely control the entire situation. At the very least, no one would be allowed to take advantage of the circumstances. We’d notice every minor action in Zhonghai.”

Pouting, Rose gave Yang Chen a sour look. “So everything’s done for the queen in the palace. The people you asked over… are all taken care by me.”

Ashamed, Yang Chen said, “This… Babe, these people will be under your control from now on. They’ll also be responsible of giving you protection and help you train elites, pushing your men to have the power of a top-notch army in the special forces. What do you think?”

Rose pouted as she rolled her eyes. “For real?”

“Of course.” Yang Chen nodded.

Rose finally smiled happily. If it wasn’t for the presence of this many people, she would’ve pulled Yang Chen’s neck and given him a kiss.

After settling the arrangements, Yang Chen and Rose bade farewell to molin and the others. Starting tomorrow, Molin’s team would officially start working.

Having this small team stay in Zhonghai, Yang Chen could feel much at ease.

Arriving at ground floor, Rose looked at Yang Chen with her reflective, big eyes. “Are you still going back to sleep?”

“Back to where?” Yang Chen asked with an evil smile.

“What do you think?”

“I won’t be going back tonight, it’s rather late already,” Yang Chen said before looking at the half moon. “I’ll just go to your place and rest for a while.”

“Yeah, I feel so too,” Rose said with a smile. “If you went back this late, you would be exhausted.”

After around half an hour, Yang Chen and Rose returned to the large bedroom behind Rose Bar.

Since he hadn’t been intimate with Rose for quite a while, Yang Chen had been feeling a fire burning within since he drove. Now that the air was filled with the thick fragrance, he couldn’t hold back anymore and hugged Rose quickly as his hands rubbed on her back and her raised hip before starting to kiss intensely.

Rose choked before breaking away from Yang Chen’s hug. With her face reddened, she said, “Bathe first. You need to bathe as well.”

“Why do you need to care so much during winter?” Yang Chen felt like some steps could be skipped.

“No, we have to clean ourselves first!” Women all liked cleanliness as compared to men.

Yang Chen didn’t say much and rushed into the bathroom. After simply running his body with water, he wore a white bathrobe and quickly jumped onto the bed. Feeling energetic, he waited Rose to finish bathing.

Before long, Rose came out from the steaming-hot bathroom as she wiped her hair. Her body was wrapped with a white towel, revealing two hemispheres of her firm bosom. The cleavage in between seemed like an abyss that tempted people to sin.

Yang Chen gulped as he stared at Rose rubbing her black hair with her pair of white and smooth arms extended to the back. She walked over with an elegant posture, immediately making Yang Chen’s little junior stand up to pay respect.

Rose acted like she saw nothing. Slowly, she climbed up the bed and gently lied on Yang Chen’s chest. Her body exerted the fragrance from the bath combined with her natural scent. The mixed, sweet taste heavily stimulated Yang Chen’s nerves, causing him to lose control over the violent blaze.

“Can we start now?” Yang Chen reached out to touch Rose’s pink and delicate face. The texture made him unwilling to let go.

Rose acted like she didn’t understand. “Start what?” she asked with a naive expression.

Yang Chen smiled weirdly. “Start doing what you love doing of course…”

“Humph,” Rose hummed charmingly. Flipping around, she laid her soft fineness on Yang Chen’s belly and touched his thigh with her palm before drawing circles with a finger on his flesh.

“What do I love to do…”

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “You love…”

“Stupid!” Rose scolded smilingly before raising her head. Using the tip of her pink tongue, she left a wet trail on Yang Chen’s chest.

Yang Chen’s excitement peaked. Turning around, he pressed Rose down.

The two recklessly got into heat in the bedroom, releasing the long-accumulated yearning and desire altogether.

Drenched in sweat, they finally stopped moving after quite a while. Rose’s sore and soft body lay on Yang Chen’s chest. During the final spurt, although Yang Chen was below while Rose was on top, Rose acted basically like a doll as she got thrusted into the sky. After reaching climax unwillingly, she couldn’t move anymore as she got worn-out.

“I’m too tired, let me rest for a while…” Rose said as she panted.

Yang Chen pulled her into his hug before rubbing the ball of soft flesh with one hand, reluctant to let go. Feeling energetic, he said, “I’ll be more free during my working hours in the future. I’ll spend more time to keep you company at that time.”

Confused, Rose asked, “Why?”

“Because I just got promoted…” Yang Chen explained what happened between him and Lin Ruoxi this morning to Rose from beginning to end.

After pondering for a while, Rose said, “Hubby, since you’ll be the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, will you have the authority to take care of the company’s future projects?”

“That’s right, but I plan to delegate my tasks to the two fellows. Asking me to sit in the office to form meetings for them and modify documents would sadden me more than bombing The Pentagon,” Yang Chen said sadly.

Rose suddenly smiled. “Hubby, partner up with me for a project, can you?”

“Partner up with you? What do you mean?” Yang Chen asked.

“Haven’t I said this before? Our Red Thorns Society will not be like the old West Union Society or Dongxing, both of which relied on smuggling, selling drugs and firearms, and illegal immigration to bring in huge amounts of funds. We don’t do any of those, only some traditional trading in the underworld. Actually, a small portion of our funds come from legal businesses, but we haven’t been able to expand them sustainably and we couldn’t find any business partner in the legal world… So, I think I can actually get some return if I invest the cash and resources I have into Yu Lei’s new company. Since you’re the director, I don’t need to worry about interest disputes,” Rose said.

Yang Chen got shocked. He didn’t expect Rose to think of seizing opportunities at this situation. It was evident that there was a similarity between the boss of a gang and the headmaster of a world-famous school—constantly thinking of ways to earn money!

“Do you really want to invest?” Yang Chen wasn’t against the idea. Rose wanted to become a shareholder of Yu Lei Entertainment, which would only bring good to the company instead of harm. Judging from the long-term perspective, Rose gave Yang Chen a big help by becoming a financing partner.

“Yeah… The music industry is having a downturn now, but you can organize a singer’s talent show. Based on Yu Lei’s golden brand name, it would undoubtedly attract lots of advertisers and businesses to join. You can also invest in movies or TV series, but this has to wait until the company is established where the capability of the human resources can be determined,” Rose said with a serious expression.

Yang Chen scratched Rose’s nose lovingly. “Your judgements are really well-reasoned. It seems like my Babe Rose will be a female entrepreneur in the future as well.”

“Humph!” Rose wrinkled her nose, dissatisfied. Pouting, she said, “Stop talking about it. I want to have a hundred rounds of war with you!”

Yang Chen pitifully slapped Rose’s backside which was extremely springy. He advised, “Just give up already. You tried it so many times already. You won’t be able to ‘defeat’ me alone.”

Rose climbed up from Yang Chen’s body and used her butt to roll on Yang Chen’s crotch. As she moved her firm buttocks which pleasured Yang Chen, his little junior immediately got a reaction.

“Hubby, do you know what the strongest organism in the world is?” Rose asked with a smile.

“What is it?”

“It’s women, because we bleed every month, but still have to live strong!” Rose said happily. “So I won’t surrender so easily!”

Yang Chen laughed. “Babe Rose, you need to know that your man isn’t any ordinary man. Other men guard the door so that everyone can’t enter, while I guard the bed so that every woman can’t resist!”

“I don’t know about that, but I know you’re absolutely shameless!” Rose said with a smile. Straightening her back like a queen, she looked down disdainfully before starting yet another round of tenacious ‘counter war’...

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Chapter 251: Easily Satisfied 2018-01-24T13:50:52+00:00

When Yang Chen finished speaking, a few people appeared in the small channel between the piles of containers.

The first one who walked out was a middle-aged white guy with maroon curly hair, and a height of 1.8 meters. He looked rather strong, wore a casual leather coat, dark-blue jeans, and held a small travel luggage. He didn’t look any different from a foreign tourist in China, and didn’t look any dangerous.

“Your Majesty Pluto, it’s my honor to meet you. I’m Molin Klaus, the leader of Third Sea Eagles,” Molin said politely. It could be seen that he was very excited when he saw Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shook his hand. “Molin, I like how you guys are dressed.”

Behind Molin, there were eleven other members with different skin colors, eight men and three women, some were black while some were yellow. All of them wore casual clothing and either held a small travel luggage or a backpack. None of them looked like a mercenary.

“Your Majesty Pluto, the people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade are so troublesome. We haven’t dared to come out until now. Fortunately, you arrived here on time,” Molin said and laughed with his teammates happily.

Yang Chen looked at his teammates who got all excited seeing him, as he felt warmth up his heart. The people Sauron sent were indeed respectable. If Yang Chen met them on the streets, he himself wouldn’t able to tell that they were mercenaries.

“Have you guys had dinner?” Yang Chen asked.

A white lady with a tall nose and sharp facial features cheerfully spoke in Italian, “Is our idol Pluto going to treat us for dinner?”

“Adeline, haven’t you just had three German meat floss bread?” asked another lady who looked relatively petite. Smiling, she said, “Your diet plans will fail this way.”

“Oh, Fanny, thanks for reminding me. I’ll just have fruit juice later,” Adeline said sadly.

Very quickly, Sea Eagles started talking about the famous foods in China, and asked what Yang Chen would bring them to eat. They didn’t put the armed special forces and a few members from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade in their eyes, even if they were defenseless against them.

Yang Chen asked them to keep quiet with a bitter smile. “I know that you all are very proud, but I suggest you to calm yourselves down if you want to have nice foods earlier. The people who came out late at night pointing guns at you guys probably haven’t eaten as well.”

Molin chuckled and let his teammates keep quiet, so everyone immediately stopped talking.

Yang Chen asked them to follow behind. When passing Water Dragon by, everyone was in silence when they saw Yang Chen bringing the group of people away.

Yong Ye who just stood up looked really dull. Anger could be seen in his eyes, but he didn’t dare to do anything.

Looking at Yang Chen and the 12 Sea Eagles members walk far away, Yong Ye clenched his teeth as he questioned Gray Robe, “Why didn’t you stop them?! Are you possibly afraid?!”

“There wasn’t killing aura on them,” Gray Robe said calmly.

“Reserved killing aura is more terrifying than the special forces!” Yong Ye exclaimed angrily. “How can you leave people like them in Zhonghai?!”

Gray Robe stared at him coldly, saying, “Yong Ye, your parents are both influential people in the government and the military. You can be considered coming out from a famous sect as well. But don’t think that you’re superior just because of those. I’m afraid? That’s right. I admit that I can do nothing to go against Yang Chen’s ability. But aren’t you yourself afraid?”

Yong Ye stopped talking. He couldn’t speak a word anymore.

Flower Rain said softly, “The fact that they didn’t bring any weapon into Zhonghai indicates they don’t have the intention to be our enemies. We mustn’t do anything reckless for now.”

Yong Ye turned to look at the cold Flower Rain as an abnormal brilliance started appearing in his eyes. “Alright, since Ning’er opened her mouth already, we’ll let them go at the moment.”

Frowning, Flower Rain said, “Yong Ye, you better pay attention to your phrases. We’re working now.”

“Ah… Okay, Ning—Oh, Flower Rain, I won’t repeat my mistake,” Yong Ye said. His temper suddenly turned down, he even smiled rather happily.

A few members from Dragon Group showed a helpless expression. It was evident that they felt pathetic for their leader’s one-sided love.

After ten minutes, the bus that Yang Chen asked Rose to prepare arrived at the harbor. The 12 Sea Eagles members boarded the bus, with Yang Chen being their leader. They then left the harbor and proceeded to the city area of Zhonghai.

Naturally, Yang Chen wouldn’t bring the bunch of people to some sort of high-class restaurant. Parking the bus by the river near food stalls, he brought the bunch of foreign visitors to a street full of food stalls.

It had been quite a while since he last came to this place with Mo Qianni. Although the environment was rather poor, lots of people were having supper there due to the cold during winter. Furthermore, there were constantly hot dishes being served around, making the street relatively warm.

Molin and the others hadn’t seen such an array before. They turned from the initial shock to the later served rough but fresh dishes and eventually started devouring away.

When Yang Chen told them that it was the most basic place to eat in China, Molin and the others immediately fell in love with the land!

Growing up in other countries, Yang Chen knew that the foods in China were much superior. So their reactions were totally expected.

After filling up their stomachs, Yang Chen brought them to Red Thorns Society’s apartment complex that Rose prepared. There were secret bases of Red Thorns Society at that place, which meant their elites all lived there.

Coming into a nicely renovated hotel-like apartment, Rose was already in there with a few of her right hands.

Seeing the ten or so foreigners that Yang Chen brought over, Rose immediately felt that this group of people weren’t anyone ordinary. So she brought her men to greet Molin and the others respectfully.

When Molin saw Rose, his eyes shone. He asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, is she possibly your legendary wife Queen Persephone?

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Who told you guys that we were married?”

Molin chuckled. “When Miss Jane came over to our headquarters a while ago to meet Leader, she said that Your Majesty Pluto had picked a queen. However, Your Majesty should be more generous and show us how Her Majesty looks like, since she’s everyone’s queen.”

“This is Rose, also my woman. But she’s not the queen,” Yang Chen said helplessly. This chick Jane is so stupid. Telling the big mouth Sauron would mean my friends all know about it already. I need to prepare myself for some trouble…

Molin and his teammates nodded quickly, but still showed a strong interest and respect as they greeted Rose using jerky Mandarin.

Rose said, “You made me do so many things this late at night. Aren’t you going to introduce your distant friends to me?”

“This is Molin, and these are his teammates. Erm… it’s actually my first time seeing them as well. My friend sent them to take care of some issues for me, and they’re naturally my friends,” Yang Chen said. He really didn’t know the names of the others.

The female teammate called Fanny said smilingly, “Miss Rose, you’re really beautiful. It’s really rare to see someone this beautiful from the east.”

“Stop embarrassing yourself, Fanny. You’ve spent eighty percent of your life living in North America. How many ladies from the east have you seen?” another teammate asked and laughed.

Fanny’s face reddened and kicked the guy’s butt. “I’ll kick you with my heels next time!”

Since Rose didn’t understand foreign languages much, she relied on Yang Chen to translate their messages. “Thank you,” she said after listening to Yang Chen’s explanation, before getting distressed of how she could communicate.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “My Babe Rose doesn’t understand foreign languages. Starting from today, all of you will rely on Rose during your time here. So I advise you all to start putting in effort to learn Mandarin from now on.”

With a strong accent, Molin spoke using Mandarin, “Miss Rose, we’re really sorry. But Mandarin is far too difficult for us, but we’ll try our best since this is His Majesty Pluto’s request.”

Listening to the weird tone, Rose snickered. “You can speak slowly. You guys will live in this building starting today, every floor belongs to you. If you have any request, voice them out for me. I’ll be responsible taking care of you, since you’re my lover’s friends.”

“Then can we eat at the food stalls every day?” Molin asked out of curiosity.

“Food stalls?” Rose got shocked.

Yang Chen coughed a few times before awkwardly explaining what happened a while ago.

Rose laughed so hard that her head lowered before rolling her eyes to Yang Chen. Only this fellow would bring foreign friends to roadside food stalls upon arriving. However, these people seemed to have fallen in love with the food there.

“I’ll let you guys have even nicer foods,” Rose said as she tried her best to stop laughing.

The members of Sea Eagles all looked at Rose with their eyes widened. “I guess Mother of Jesus, Mary looks something like you, Miss Rose…”

Chapter 250: You're Very Annoying 2018-01-23T13:58:35+00:00

After getting such an absurd position, Yang Chen went back to the public relations office which looked just like a working day. Under his request to handle the formalities in a low-profile manner, not everyone in the company was informed of his new position.

He had made a decision, to pass the job to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie. He would only sit in his new office occasionally, and spend most of his time staying at the public relations office, as looking at this bunch of eye-itching ladies was much better than sitting in a plain and boring office.

Following the company’s development, it was only a matter of time before other people knew about his position. However, if he sat in the public relations office all day, it wouldn’t cause too severe of a commotion when others were used to seeing him there.

As Yang Chen got off work, he went home in time for dinner, but his eating speed was significantly faster than usual.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen devour two bowls of rice as she frowned. “You’ve been playing games all day. Are you this hungry?”

Yang Chen didn’t explain much. He replied, “I need to go out to take care of an urgent matter. I may not be able to come home today. You don’t need to wait for me.”

Lin Ruoxi immediately blushed as she recalled how she waited for Yang Chen until dawn. As she thought of the conversation on that day, she felt more and more embarrassed. She wondered how those words came out of her mouth, making her really look like a dissatisfied wife.

“Who’s gonna wait for you? Leave whenever you want,” Lin Ruoxi said intentionally.

“I’ll remember what I promised, to report to you whenever necessary,” Yang Chen said honestly before going out of the door.

It was indeed a busy night. Welcoming the 12 ‘Sea Eagles’ members to land on Zhonghai and arranging a place for them to stay were troublesome enough, let alone other tasks.

Yang Chen sped in his car all the way to the southeast harbor in Zhonghai. At the same time, he made a phone call to Rose, to ask for a medium-sized bus to be sent to the harbor immediately, in addition to a hidden shelter from Red Thorns Society which could accommodate around 20 people.

Rose didn’t ask why he asked them for, she handled the tasks personally without hesitation.

Upon arriving at the southeast harbor, Yang Chen stopped at a broad land surface. At this moment, there wasn’t half a person at the harbor. Under the ink-like sky, Yang Chen’s white BMW appeared particularly eye-catching.

He took out his handphone and made a phone call.

After a long time, the call still wasn’t connected while sounds of distortion echoed.

Yang Chen frowned. I still came late after all. Looks like Sea Eagles got stopped by Yellow Flame Iron Brigade as their contact signal got cut off. I wonder if they disembarked yet or not.

As he pondered for a while more, Yang Chen felt it was unlikely that Sea Eagles hadn’t landed yet. If they had a conflict on the ocean, the ships of Sea Eagles and the military would clash and cause a huge disturbance. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would undoubtedly pick a safer route.

After analyzing the situation, the Sea Eagles team must’ve landed somewhere near the harbor, but their situation shouldn’t be too well.

Yang Chen turned on the car engine once again and drove along the coastline as he started to look for their trails quickly.

After driving for five minutes, Yang Chen finally discovered an abnormal situation at the end of the southeast harbor.

Three amphibious vehicles surrounded an area at the port where containers were stacked. In the dark, the angular vehicles had their headlights turned on, shining the entire place into brightness.

Around thirty armies dressed in uniforms of special forces all held heavy firearms as they aimed at the place with containers.

Male and female included, seven or eight people dressed in different uniforms stood in front of the special forces. It was evident that they were the leaders of this armed action.

As Yang Chen’s car entered everyone’s sight, he got starred upon strictly. Two assault rifles even locked their targets on him.

Red lasers pointed at the car’s fuel tank. Yang Chen knew that if he continued advancing forward, his car would undoubtedly explode as a result of bullet penetration. He didn’t want to make such an unappealing deal, so he stopped his car when he reached 200 meters away.

Opening the door, Yang Chen stood up and welcomed the bone-spiking, cold winter air. Taking out a poor-quality cigarette, he ignited his lighter a few times before finally lighting the cigarette up. Blowing white smoke slowly, Yang Chen walked towards the imposing and solemn team of special forces.

As Yang Chen walked nearer, the two armies pointed their muzzles at his forehead. The formidable killing aura could be felt tens of meters away.

Yang Chen was very used to an aura like this. He walked carefreely to the place ten meters away from the special forces.

Wrapped in darkness entirely, the special forces moved slightly at the centre, to make way for the few people wearing different uniforms.

What shocked Yang Chen was that the people who walked out included Flower Rain and Gray Robe from Group of Eight, while he could recognize all other seven members—Cannon, Bigfoot and other members from Dragon Group. They all imposed a stronger aura compared to the last time Yang Chen met them.

Looking at Yang Chen walk over, Gray Robe smiled politely and said, “Pluto, you’re causing too large of a movement this time. We find it difficult to handle this situation.”

When Flower Rain saw Yang Chen, entanglement of emotions appeared in her eyes, which she quickly covered up.

“Senior Gray Robe, is he Pluto?” a good-looking guy who seemed younger than thirty years old asked. Looking majestic, the guy’s face displayed arrogance. “You don’t look too impressive, do you? Pluto, I’m Yong Ye, the leader of Second Dragon Group. I heard about the deeds you’ve done in the past, I can’t lie but to say you look disappointing in real life.”

Yang Chen ignored Yong Ye completely. He said to Gray Robe,” Rest assured, I won’t make you do anything absurd. They’re here to solve some of my personal problems. Help me this time, and I’ll treat you Grandpa next time for a meal. What do you think?”

Being neglected, Yong Ye’s expression turned dull. “Pluto, you mustn’t be this arrogant! We’re the boss of the situation. Are you trying to provoke us?!”

Indifferent, Yang Chen looked at the group of silent soldiers from the special forces, all of which emitted a strong killin aura. Smiling, he said, “Excluding the seven major military regions, this must be the hidden team of Water Dragon. Seems like they’ve slain quite a lot of people in Nanhai. This killing aura isn’t simply accumulated in one or two days.”

“Humph! Are you finally afraid now?” Yong Ye asked coldly.

Frowning, Gray Robe glanced at Yong Ye. He said, “Pluto, send them back. In China, we don’t allow mercenaries as strong as Sea Eagles to step into the country.”

“Senior Gray Robe, what do you mean now? Are we possibly scared of them? Can’t you see the so-called ‘Sea Eagles’ got trapped by our ‘Water Dragon’?” Yong Ye said in despise.

Yang Chen took two breaths from his cigarette before pinching the cigarette butt. “You really can’t make way?”

“No!” Yong Ye answered on behalf of Gray Robe. Having been ignored the entire time, his self-esteem couldn’t tolerate anymore as he got mad. “I don’t care if you’re Pluto or the most influential man on Earth. Don’t even think about bringing them away with you. Since they’re here already, they mustn’t leave to where they came from as well!”

Yang Chen who had his head lowered suddenly looked up. In the dark, his eyes got dyed in a layer of blood light. His frozen aura felt like thousand-year-old ice.

When Gray Robe and the others who stood ten meters away felt like something wasn’t right, Yang Chen disappeared from his original position!

“You’re very annoying…”

The sound felt like milling gears. When Yang Chen appeared once again, he mysteriously moved towards Yong Ye who was speaking earlier!

Yong Ye didn’t get a chance to react. His neck got grabbed by Yang Chen using one arm as his throat got clasped!

Being alone, Yang Chen publicly subdued Yong Ye under the sight of ten or so pairs of eyes!

Every special forces team lost a trace of imposing manner, while the members of Second Dragon Group got dumbstruck when they saw their leader somehow got into the edge of dying!

This man… how did he do it?!

Yong Ye didn’t dare to even swallow his saliva. He felt the aura that Yang Chen exerted which was darker than darkness, making his goosebumps appear. The blood in his entire body got so cold that it almost froze!

Being able to become the leader of Second Dragon Group, excluding his reliance on his family background, he had to be particularly skilled in fighting strategies and combat. His position was definitely not something any top-notch special agent could take over. However at this moment, his psychological qualities and fighting skills, all got demolished!

Was he this flimsy… in front of this man?!

Everyone dared not act rashly, since no one knew what Yang Chen was truly capable of. However, they were very sure that killing Yong Ye could be done in an instant.

“I don’t care who your father is, who your mother is, or who you are. You better shut the hell up when I’m speaking. In my eyes, your power is just like your clasped throat. It’ll be crushed into pieces when I lightly pinch my fingers…”

As Yang Chen finished speaking, he threw Yong Ye to seven or eight meters away, who rolled on the ground for quite a few rounds before finally stopping!

The members of Water Dragon all pointed their guns at Yang Chen, but no one dared to open fire, despite the fact that Yang Chen wasn’t holding any hostage, and he was that close to them.

When everyone stared at him with a struggling and hesitating expression, Yang Chen walked towards the back to the containers. In utter darkness, this bland back view exerted terrifying pressure which shocked everyone!

Gray Robe sighed and turned around to look at Yong Ye who hadn’t stood up with disappointment. Looking at Water Dragon, he ordered, “Keep your weapons. Don’t aim anymore.”

Flower Rain turned around and looked at Gray Robe who looked like he used up all his energy. Complex emotions appeared in her eyes.

At this moment, Yang Chen arrived at the huge containers. He looked through a slit at the centre before coughing twice. Using English, he said, “Come out. When do you guys plan to stop watching scene like a movie?”

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Chapter 249: Chasing a Duck into the Stove 2018-01-22T13:58:08+00:00

The next morning, Yang Chen carried a whole bunch of breakfast foods into the public relations department. He saw the ladies with different types of make-up gathered together, discussing about something happily.

As he got ignored once again, Yang Chen placed the breakfast on his desk before squeezing into the group of ladies, attracting sounds of cute complaints.

“You’re taking advantage of others such early in the morning. Yang Chen, you’re too shameless!” a lady said as she blushed.

Yang Chen snickered. He arms ‘accidentally’ rubbed some soft breasts, but he acted like he didn’t know what was happening.

Looking at the surrounded computer screen, it was a PDF file, with the title ‘Yu Lei International Entertainment Culture Company Draft’.

Curious, Yang Chen looked at Zhao Hongyan who seemed excited and asked, “Hongyan, what is this?”

Zhao Hongyan rolled her eyes. “Can’t you read? It’s the draft for the new company.”

“New company?”

“Yeah, Yu Lei only has a model agency company. Next month, we’re officially investing into an entertainment culture company. I heard that there’d be quite a lot of well-known agents, singers and actors!” another lady said happily.

“What does it have to do with you all?” Yang Chen asked.

“How is it not related to us? If the stars I like get signed, they’d be our colleagues. Everything would be different by then!” a lady said.

Yang Chen said smilingly, “Isn’t it a separately built company? Even if they’re signed, they’d be working elsewhere and not come to the public relations department.”

“Humph, can’t you let us imagine all we want?” the lady replied, displeased.

Listening to the young female colleagues who were arguing who they were going to sign like they were the ones who would be running the new company, Yang Chen sighed helplessly as he shook his head.

Zhang Cai was surprisingly realistic. She blinked when she saw Yang Chen came and immediately went over to take a few steamed stuffed buns before going back to chat with the ladies as she chewed. A married woman indeed had a stronger immunity towards handsome superstars.

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to set up a company so quickly after defeating Xu family and Changlin Media recently, using the leading economic benefits gained by the future of the new material. Operating such a company required a considerable amount of funds. Lin Ruoxi must’ve placed her faith in it.

However, now that Xu family got attacked by Yuan family, they completely died off although their name still existed. There wasn’t any company in the country that could compete with Yu Lei. It was rather understandable for Lin Ruoxi to open up new areas

Based on Yu Lei’s reputation in the fashion industry of China or even the world, investing and forming an entertainment would form a gold signboard. It was almost impossible that for the company to lose money. It was only the matter of how much and in what way they could maximize profits.

Entrepreneurs would always invest after forming their companies, only to invest again. It was evident that Lin Ruoxi understood this principle.

When the office was filled with noise, a thin figure walked in from the entrance before coughing coldly to the ladies who were having much fun.

The female colleagues seemed like they heard a police siren as they quickly ran back to their seats.

Yang Chen turned around to have a look. It was Lin Ruoxi’s assistant Wu Yue. The flat body and ice-cold expression never failed to stand out in the crowd.

Wu Yue frowned as she saw Yang Chen who looked particularly calm. “Yang Chen, follow me.”

“Where to?” Yang Chen asked.

“The CEO office,” Wu Yue answered coldly.

Yang Chen didn’t ask further questions, as he knew the lady wouldn’t answer them anyway. So he followed Wu Yue upstairs as he chewed a steamed bread.

When he arrived at the entrance of Lin Ruoxi’s office, Yang Chen managed to finish the steamed bread. He then followed Wu Yue into the office.

Yang Chen got upset. Can’t you talk to me at home if you need to tell me something? You’re making me come to your office during working hours, and delaying my game time! he thought.

As he entered, Lin Ruoxi was sitting beside the giant table and writing something quickly. She looked really serious, and didn’t even raise her head while the two entered.

Wu Yue stood respectfully. She said, “Boss Lin, Yang Chen is here.”

Lin Ruoxi placed the stack of signed documents aside before finally looking up. Without any expression, she said, “Alright, you may go out now.”

Wu Yue bowed before silently walking out of the office and carefully shutting the door.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stood up and looked at Yang Chen as she pointed at the sofa beside the large windows. A guy and a lady were seated long ago. At this moment when they saw Lin Ruoxi pointing at them, they immediately stood up smilingly and nodded at Yang Chen in a friendly manner.

The guy looked like he was around thirty years old. Wearing golden framed spectacles, he looked gentle with his short hair. The lady was about thirty years old as well, she looked elegant in her pink business suit.

“This is Zhao Teng and this is Wang Jie. They’ll be your assistants starting today,” Lin Ruoxi said, introducing the two to Yang Chen.

Shocked, Yang Chen had a bad feeling. “What do you mean?” he asked with a stiff smile.

“You should’ve seen Yu Lei International Entertainment Culture company draft this morning,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen nodded. “I took a glance at it earlier.”

“This will be the highlight of Yu Lei in the next few years. We’re mainly getting into music, television, advertisements, etc to utilize our resource advantage and fame, to create a first class entertainment culture conglomerate in the country, or even the world,” Lin Ruoxi explained.

“Oh… this is a good thing, but what does this have to do with them being my assistants? Erm… Boss Lin, are you possibly…”

Before Yang Chen finished talking, Lin Ruoxi nodded. “That’s right, you’ll be the director of this company, to take charge of core decision-making in Yu Lei Entertainment. Zhao Teng and Wang Jie will be your effective assistants, being executive manager and business manager respectively.”

Yang Chen wailed deep down his heart. It was just like a bolt from the blue. He had a severe-enough headache when he went to Hong Kong for the negotiation. This time, a newly set up company got thrown into his hands!

“Boss Lin, it’s not that I’m humble, but I really don’t know how to do this,” Yang Chen said as he made various facial gestures, hoping that Lin Ruoxi would realize her kindness and let him go.

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she saw nothing. She turned to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie with a faint smile, saying, “You two are considered the elders in the company. Bearing enough working experience, I assign you to be Yang Chen’s assistants. I hope that you can give him guidance and opinions. Although he has good potential, he lacks working experience when it comes to practicality. You guys may need to put in more effort for this.”

“Rest assured, Boss Lin. Your arrangements naturally have your reasons. We know what to do,” Zhao Teng said humbly.

Wang Jie smiled kindly as well. “Since Director Yang can gain Boss Lin’s recognition at his age, he must be unique in some ways. I hope that we can learn from each other in the future, and improve the company from its already good condition.”

Yang Chen grieved in silence. Unique? What’s so unique about me? It’d be much easier if you ask me to terminate a director from America’s CIA, than to take charge of an entertainment company!

It was obvious that Zhao Teng and Wang Jie had blind idolatry towards Lin Ruoxi. Yang Chen couldn’t stand how the two would accept whatever task given!

However, Yang Chen wasn’t aware of something. Not only did Lin Ruoxi use her prestige, she also told them about Yang Chen’s secret journey to Hong Kong where he negotiated with Muyun Corporation.

As the rookie executives Zhao Teng and Wang Jie were highly regarded by Lin Ruoxi, they naturally knew about the new material technology that Yu Lei International acquired, which would make huge profits to the company. However, they didn’t expect that this humongous portion of profits was seized by the unknown employee in the company, Yang Chen.

From their point of view, Li Muhua from Muyun Corporation was undoubtedly the superstar of the business world. Since Yang Chen was able to hook a chunk of meat from Li Muhua’s mouth, Yang Chen must be extremely capable!

When Yang Chen tried to push the offer away by voicing out his incompetence, they felt that it was the authentic humble attitude that only a truly capable person would have. This made them start to sincerely admire Yang Chen.

If Yang Chen knew what they were thinking about at the moment, he would’ve vomited fresh blood on-the-spot.

After the matter was informed, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie left the office to make preparations for the launch of the new company next week.

Yang Chen didn’t leave. He went forward to Lin Ruoxi before saying softly, “Great Obedient Wife, please leave mercy to me. I really don’t have any interest in being a director.”


“I understand nothing about it, how do I become a director?” Yang Chen asked.

Looking indifferent, Lin Ruoxi said, “You can always learn. Since you managed to learn so many foreign languages, it mustn’t be an issue for you to manage human resources and administration. Furthermore, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie are definitely capable enough to do most of the work. You just need to look through some documents sitting in your office, and make some big decisions. You can completely ignore almost everything else.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. It sounded like a good job, but he still shook his head. “I’m still used to my working life in the public relations department after all,” he said.

“Gaming life, you meant?” Lin Ruoxi asked as she frowned.

“Hehe… Babe Ruoxi, you know me really well,” Yang Chen said happily.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth, looking decisive. “If you don’t go according to my will to become the director, I’ll sack every single one of the employee you like from the company!” she said fearlessly.

“What?” Yang Chen got shocked.

Lin Ruoxi continued speaking. “Except Zhao Hongyan, Liu Mingyu and Zhang Cai appear to be really close to you. If they get fired because you reject the job promotion, what do you think the consequence would be?”

This woman is really merciless…

“Do you have to go to this extent… How can you simply discharge employees?” Yang Chen asked in despair.

“I believe you know me well enough. I can do more ridiculous things. I will do whatever it takes to make you accept my offer. Furthermore, more than 90% of Yu Lei International’s shares are in my hands. Is there anything I can’t do?” Lin Ruoxi asked coldly.

Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi with deep emotions. He said, “You put in so much effort for my work. Have you possibly decided to live with me forever?”

Anxiety appeared in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, which she quickly quickly covered. “I’m just utilizing my resources. Regarding other things, I have to see how you perform.”

Yang Chen smiled as he lowered his head. When he raised his head again, he said, “Alright, if you aren’t afraid of losing money, I’ll become the director.”

“Rest assured, I’ll pay close attention to it. You may do it without any concern,” Lin Ruoxi said. She seemed like she just had a rock removed from her heart. “The new office will be located at the building opposite. I’ve bought the top ten floors already.”

“I have a request,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

“Say it quickly.” Lin Ruoxi started getting worried.

“Can I still work at my seat in the public relations department? I’d feel sad to leave the ladies,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Lin Ruoxi felt that he was really hopeless, and wished that he would change. However, to avoid getting nightmares, she agreed. “Alright, I promise you. Except the director of Yu Lei Entertainment, the officer worker of public relations department…”

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Chapter 248: Eternity 2018-01-21T13:48:14+00:00

After such a long day where so many things happened, Yang Chen felt rather replenished when he reached home.

Late at night, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma went to sleep already. After bathing, Yang Chen turned on the computer in his room. He arranged to meet Sauron tonight.

As he entered the endlessly long and complex web address, a video call window popped out.

The notification was indeed blinking, but something surprised Yang Chen. There were two notification lights blinking. Except the blue eagle, there was a picture of a red pirate ship jumping around.

The corners of Yang Chen’s lips revealed a smile as he clicked into both the video call windows.

Two men appeared on the screen. Except the red-haired Sauron dressed in a military uniform, the other guy was wearing a white nightgown. Looking 40 to 50 years old, his moustache curled up at both sides, his yellow-brown hair was sparse, revealing a huge area of baldness. He wore a black eyepatch on one eye. Currently, he was smiling at Yang Chen kindly.

However, even if these two men were smiling, any ordinary person wouldn’t feel much kindness from them.

“Your Majesty Pluto, reporting from Makedon!” the one-eyed Makedon said passionately using fluent Hebrew language before drinking an unknown beverage.

Yang Chen leaned on the bedside as he looked at the relaxed fellow on screen. Smiling, he said, “Makedon, it should be afternoon at your side now. Did you get a hangover again?”

“Of course not. I’m just experiencing a different time zone,” Makedon said smilingly.

The red-haired Sauron snorted in disdain. “Bullshit! Vulture, all you think about all day is grape wine and fat women! Your Majesty Pluto, I strongly suggest that you transfer his entire intelligence network to me. He’s wasting every opportunity you give him to perform!”

“You rude Red-Feathered Eagle! You’re only expressing your utter jealousy! All my children bear the most sincere belief and the most devoted faith! Except me, no one else can lead them to rush through the sea waves!” Makedon said in disdain using English.

“Sauron, you should be used to Makedon already. Also, I’m sure you know it’s least possible that Mossad changes his faith. No one can replace Makedon for his job,” Yang Chen advised.

“Your Majesty Pluto, I know that it’s hard, that’s why I passed the investigation work to him. It’s just that I feel this old fellow is getting fatter and fatter, and his hair is getting lesser and lesser,” Sauron said, displeased.

“Hey! Red-Feathered Eagle, we’re reporting the results to His Majesty Pluto today. Do you want to start a fight?!”

“Do you think that my nuclear warhead would be afraid of your pirate ship?!” Sauron shouted in contempt.

“Enough! Do you guys have to fight every time you meet?!” Yang Chen exclaimed to stop the two immediately. Scratching his head while having a headache, he said, “Sauron, you start first. How’s the situation?”

Sauron got more serious after this. “Your Majesty Pluto, although you only required Sea Eagles with ordinary power levels and exceptional disguise and communication skills to be sent to China, I really couldn’t find teammates with low power levels. All of my Sea Eagles have the power level of a top-of-the-world secret agent. The first batch of twelve will arrive in Zhonghai China tomorrow night, at the south-west harbor.”

“Great, have they given you a way of contact yet?” Yang Chen asked.

“Yeah, but…” Sauron frowned. “But Yellow Flame Iron Brigade from China has detected the whereabouts of our corvette. I guess I’ll need Your Majesty to aid them in entering the country tomorrow night. Although this is impolite, I’m worried that my teammates would get into danger if it’s not done this way. Erm… Please trust me, Your Majesty. While Yellow Flame Iron Brigade isn’t necessarily the strongest secretive defense organisation, they are definitely the most troublesome one, not ‘one of’.

Yang Chen smiled as he thought, It seems like Dragon Group has brought headache to Sauron’s people after all. He nodded to indicate he got the message. Turning to Makedon, he asked, “Makedon, how did your investigation go?”

Makedon took a piece of paper from the short redwood table beside the rocking chair. Glancing through the details, he said, “Your Majesty, according to the data accumulated, the chief of Yamata Sect is Noriko Okawa, an expert that has reached the peak of Chinin level, which is estimated to be the same as the power levels of 800 top secret agents combined. Of course, due to the fact that Japan’s Ninjutsu is highly versatile, this number is only our conservative estimate. There’s also something worth taking note, Noriko Okawa used to be one of the core killers in Zero. This also means that he definitely has sufficient understanding towards God’s Stone.”

Yang Chen’s eyes shone. Without any expression, he said, “Although the original Zero doesn’t exist anymore, I couldn’t annihilate them since they have too many branches. If Noriko Okawa wants to die earlier, I can grant him that wish.”

“For the other investigation, Your Majesty Pluto, I feel like this job is too easy. Miss An Xin that you wanted me to check on, is currently working on international flights. Her main routes are Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France. I think it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to locate her,” Makedon said with a smile.

Yang Chen smiled, satisfied. He only wanted to make sure if An Xin met any trouble. However, she seemed to be living a considerably great life now.

“Pay close attention to her for me. Check if anything abnormal happens,” Yang Chen said.

“Always glad to serve you, Your Majesty,” Makedon said happily.

As Yang Chen thought that there wasn’t anything else, he wanted to bid farewell to the two, but Makedon suddenly said something. “Your Majesty Pluto, there’s still something I want to say. Since you’re living in China, especially in a coastal city like Zhonghai, I can’t help but to remind you something.”

“What is it?” Yang Chen asked out of curiosity. When this playful leader of pirates suddenly got this serious, it mustn’t be anything simple.

Makedon stopped smiling. He said, “According to the data collected by my intelligence network, Holy Grail has finally appeared. Moreover, it appeared in China!”

Yang Chen stunned for a while before he felt that it was rather absurd. “Does that thing really exist?” he asked.

Frowning, Makedon said, “Legend has it that during The Last Supper, after Jesus Christ got nailed onto the cross, the cup he used got filled with his blood. The legend also says that if someone drinks holy water served in Holy Grail, he would gain eternity…”

“Vulture, how is it possible that something like that exists? Even if it does, it should appear in Balkans, Mediterranean Sea or Middle East. How is it the far east China?” Sauron said as he refused to believe Makedon.

Makedon snorted. “Before you met His Majesty Pluto, did you believe in gods or ‘Treaty of Gods’?”

Sauron pondered as he shut his mouth up.

Yang Chen sighed. “The Olympians aren’t really gods. At the very least, I don’t live forever. But there truly exists unimaginably queer things in the world. Continue what you were saying, Makedon.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I didn’t believe this information at first as this does sound overly absurd. According to the data, back in Yuan Dynasty, the Mongolian calvaries brought the Holy Grail back to China when they were robbing a treasure house in the Middle East. After that, it got buried together with a Chinese noble. Recently, archaeologists discovered a graveyard near Zhonghai during an excavation. Devout Christians said that the Holy Grail looked exactly the same with the legendary one. So it got sent to the Vatican,” Makedon said.

“How do you know if the existence of Holy Grail is real solely based on this information?” Yang Chen asked.

Makedon answered, “Although we don’t fully understand the history of Holy Grail, the Vatican and their enemy seem to be very familiar with it.”

“Are you referring to the Dark Council?” Yang Chen asked with a bitter smile.

Makedon got shocked apparently. “Your Majesty Pluto, have you possibly met them before? I’ve always thought that you don’t know about their existence!”

“I met them before many years ago while I was doing a mission. Those guys aren’t as exaggerated as the rumors. But they do have strong superpowers due to their special ancestry. A normal special agent definitely can’t defeat them. If ‘Pope Escort’ and ‘Crusaders’ from the Vatican really go against them, they’d definitely have the ability to shock the entire Europe.”

Yang Chen recalled the various occasions where he met them, he couldn’t help but to get a headache. If those people came to China, he reckoned that he definitely had to show up. Otherwise Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would fall. When that happened, the defensive umbrella of China would be gone. If the defense of the China weakened, he wouldn't be able to stay in the country comfortably anymore.

However, facing those people wouldn't be an easy task.

"You're indeed the mighty Pluto. My intelligence network can't even track their actions in general. We only managed to find out that the Vatican and Dark Council both sent their elites to China… At this point, we can see that the appearance of Holy Grail probably isn’t fake,” Makedon said. He suddenly smiled. “I hope that the Middle East still holds sufficient mysterious power. Otherwise, this war might become a contest of power level difference.”

“If that’s the case, where’s the Holy Grail now?” Yang Chen asked. If he could toss the Holy Grail to another country, or even into the ocean, a meaningless war could be avoided.

Eternity? I don’t care about that!

Makedon smiled bitterly. He said, “I’m really sorry. Your Majesty, my intelligence network is particularly weak in China. Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is really tough, without ‘one of’. I agree with Red-Feathered Eagle on this surprisingly…”

“What’s the use of being tough? The traditional way of raising power level in China is destined to produce strong people at a very slow pace, much different with the western poweruser,” Yang Chen said before shaking his head helplessly. “Your information is really useful. I’ll look out on that. We need to pay close attention to this from now on. Regardless if the Holy Grail is really so magical or not, the contest in grabbing it mustn’t destroy the peace between various organizations in the world.”

“Your Majesty Pluto, I’m really curious about something,” Makedon said.

“What is it?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

After pondering for a while, Makedon decided to voice out. “Your Majesty, since gods really exist, why can’t the other gods come down to make constraints on disruptive forces, like you did? Won’t that help the world stay in peace?”

Yang Chen lowered his head and let out a smile. “Do you think that I stood out willingly? Have you ever seen me forcing anyone to obey me?” he asked.

Sauron and Makedon stunned. Both of them shook their heads, they followed him voluntarily.

“When I obtained the Ring of Pluto, I asked the same question to the former Pluto,” Yang Chen said.

“The former Pluto?!” Makedon and Sauron exclaimed together. It was evident that they didn’t know there was a former Pluto.

“Actually, the answer is very simple, but complex at the same time.” Yang Chen seemed like he was talking to himself. Faintly, he said, “If there really is a reason, it is…

“We have to love this world deeply, more than everyone else.”

Chapter 247: Crescent Moon 2018-01-17T14:23:30+00:00

Seeing that Cai Yan kept quiet, Zhenxiu thought that she wasn’t planning on letting Yang Chen go. Looking sorrowful, Zhenxiu turned her head to look at Yang Chen, saying, “Uncle, it’s all my fault. I got you into this.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he reached out to pinch Zhenxiu’s powdery face. “Stupid Girl, what are you talking about?”

Zhenxiu didn’t know what to do a moment ago. Now that her face just got pinched by Yang Chen, her cheeks turned pink slightly.

“Cai Yan, do me a favor. This kid here isn’t terrible deep down her heart. Although she’s done various bad things in the past, forget about them all at once. Let her go today and take care of the three troublesome fellows. Don’t let them provoke Zhenxiu anymore,” Yang Chen said.

Cai Yan said happily, “Oh, even you need my favor?”

“Don’t I? You are a police chief while I’m a small civilian. We’re not standing at the same level,” Yang Chen said.

“I can do you a favor, but you need to convince me with other reasons. I don’t think I need to do you a favor just because you’re a small civilian. There are civilians everywhere, am I required to help every single one of them?” Cai Yan asked before crossing her arms in front of her chest, making her firm bosom bounce for a bit.

Yang Chen cast a glance. “Ahem, ahem. Alright, we’re considered friends after all. We’re…”

At this situation Yang Chen had to put his pride down to make it work.

Cai Yan seemed very pleased. Nodding, she said, “Alright, you really did help me quite a lot. I understand you rather well as well. I’ll let whatever happened today pass.”

Listening to Cai Yan who promised to ignore this matter, Zhenxiu who looked despondent, as if she was stuck in layers of dark clouds, couldn’t believe what just happened.

“Zhenxiu,” Cai Yan said with a serious expression. “Xu Zhenxiu, you were still underage the first time you came here. You were involved in theft, overspeeding and a group fight. I remember all of them. These records will only do harm to you at such a young age. Yang Chen helped you today, and I believe you are determined to change your ways. I’ll only help you this once, so don’t take this matter too lightly. If you don’t perform well in the future and I see you here again, I’ll be extra strict towards you.”

Zhenxiu lightly bit her lips as tears slowly filled her big eyes up. She stood up and bowed thrice towards Cai Yan thankfully.

“Chief Cai, thank you. I will be a good person from now on. I won’t do anything illegal anymore…”

Smiling, Cai Yan patted Zhenxiu’s head. “Thank this troublesome uncle instead. You heard the conversation earlier, I’m just doing him a favor.”

After listening to Cai Yan, Zhenxiu stopped crying and looked at Yang Chen smilingly with an extraordinary warmth.

Since Cai Yan was present, everything naturally went smoothly. Yang Chen noticed that it was great having a friend who had authority. Although this friend of his constantly got him into trouble.

After everything was settled, Cai Yan also helped Zhenxiu to get her trolley stall back, making Zhenxiu feel touched once again.

During the process of getting everything done, Yang Chen got bored and asked Cai Yan regarding Zhenxiu’s past. Cai Yan briefed him through Zhenxiu’s background, which she happened to know through previous cases.

Zhenxiu’s mom was a Korean while her dad was a Chinese businessman. After they got married, her dad’s business went bankrupt due to an unexpected investment. As a result, he abandoned Zhenxiu and her mother. When Zhenxiu was young, her mother died due to uterine cancer, so she was brought up in an orphanage. As a result of getting bullied, she got forced to walk the wrong path. She repeatedly got arrested into the police station, where she would get educated by the police officers, making her to slowly turn good again.

When Cai Yan talked about Zhenxiu’s past, it was unclear whether Zhenxiu was listening or not. She didn’t react while she went through the formalities with some police officers.

After the incident ended, Cai Yan sent the two out of the police station.

At this moment, Zhenxiu held Yang Chen’s hand as her face reddened in silence.

Yang Chen felt that this girl was really interesting. She changed from the original chilli pepper to an obedient little girl. She would ponder before she spoke.

“Tell me, Kiddo. What do you want to say?” Yang Chen asked.

Clenching her teeth, she pulled Yang Chen to a corner to avoid being seen by Cai Yan and the other police officers. She removed a pendant with red string from her neck. It looked like an old metal accessory. Crescent-shaped, it reflected soft light under the dim lighting.

Zhenxiu put the crescent pendant on Yang Chen’s palm. Shyness, determination and happiness filled her shiny eyes. “Uncle, this is for you,” she said.

“What is this?” Yang Chen asked before smirking. “Is this an item of love affair? Miss Zhenxiu, I’m actually married already. You’re asking me to cheat this way.”

Zhenxiu revealed her cute fangs and made a funny face. “What are you talking about? Who’s getting into a love affair with you? This is what my mom left me, it’s said to be an amulet. I’ll give it to Uncle,” she said.

Yang Chen stopped joking around. Smiling, he asked, “How can I accept something this precious?”

“Uncle is the first one who’s willing to stand out and protect me. You’re also the first person who gave me a good human treatment. In the past, I’ve always felt that this amulet granted me protection. Now, I don’t need to be afraid anymore as long as there’s Uncle,” Zhenxiu said with a serious expression.

“Stupid Girl, I can’t hang on your chest. How can I be an amulet?” Yang Chen asked as he scratched his head. He did something so insignificant, but Zhenxiu showed this much appreciation.

<i>Human treatment? Were all her previous treatments given by non-humans?</i>

Pouting, Zhenxiu said, “As long as I keep thinking of Uncle in my heart, Uncle will be able to protect me. Take it with you, at least make me feel that you’ll think of me too.”

As warmth started to fill Yang Chen’s heart, he received the crescent pendant. “Alright, I’ll help you take care of this. But you have to tell me a way to contact you. I don’t want this to be the last time I see you. I want to see whether you do bad things or not.”

Zhenxiu’s eyes shone, but slowly got down again. “I don’t have a phone number… How about this? I’ll set up my stall nearby the street earlier for breakfast and supper. If Uncle is free, you may visit me there. I’ll for sure be obedient.”

“Will you still be stingy when it comes to how much I need to pay?” Yang Chen asked.

Zhenxiu snicked. She said, “If Uncle brings Sister-In-Law for me to see, I’ll give you a discount. However, do you really have a wife?”

“Can I really lie about this?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

“Oh…” Zhenxiu’s expression didn’t reveal any feeling. “Then Uncle, if you bring Sister-In-Law over, I’ll give you a discount. Erm… 5% discount! What do you think of my generosity?!”

“Miser…” Yang Chen tapped Zhenxiu’s forehead which made her pout once again.

In his heart, Yang Chen felt really comfortable. He really liked this feeling, maybe due to the fact that Zhenxiu was similarly an orphan, and similarly had a depressing past. Yang Chen felt particularly empathetic. He really didn’t hope this to be the last time they met.

After giving out the present, Zhenxiu walked away unwillingly. She would turn her head around thrice every step she took. Yang Chen felt that Zhenxiu was still an eighteen-year-old, cute girl after all, following the melting of her ice-cold shell.

When he looked at the crescent pendant which exerted Zhenxiu’s natural body scent, he got shocked. He previously didn’t notice, but when he took a closer look, he found out that the pendant was made of platinum. Thinking that Zhenxiu’s parents were businessmen, it started making sense.

At this moment, there were only two people left at the entrance of the police station, Cai Yan and Yang Chen. She intentionally coughed twice, saying, “Uncle Yang, how do you feel, now that a little girl got hooked?”

Yang Chen carefully kept the pendant and smiled helplessly. “Cai Yan, don’t speak nonsense. Although I’m not any good, I really don’t have that kind of intention towards Zhenxiu.”

“Are you going to tell me that it’s sibling’s love?” Cai Yan asked as she squinted.

“Erm…” Yang Chen pondered. “That seems to be the case. I’d be happy if she was my sister.”

“No one’s going to believe you…” Cai Yan took a black casing out and passed it to Yang Chen. “Hey, this one’s for you.”

Looking at Cai Yan who took out a treasure like Doraemon, Yang Chen got shocked. “What is it?”

“Take a look for yourself and you’ll know,” Cai Yan mumbled. Her expression turned unnatural.

Yang Chen received the box cautiously and felt that the casing had some weight to it. Upon opening it, he suddenly felt speechless.

Within the box, on top of a light-golden gauze, there lay a delicate Rolex watch. Although it didn’t cost a fortune, he could tell that it was expensive, judging from the respectable amount of real gold and powdered diamond engraved.

Cai Yan saw that Yang Chen was looking at the watch in silence. Nervous, she asked, “Do you like it?”

Yang Chen raised his head and looked at Cai Yan weirdly. “Is this for me?” he asked.

“Do you think that I bought it for myself? It’s a men’s watch.” Cai Yan inserted her hands into the pockets of her shirt, lowered her head, and unnaturally stood on her toes. It was evident that she wasn’t calm.

Yang Chen closed the casing and let out a smile. “Thank you, but I can’t have it. This is too costly.”

“How costly can a watch be? I… I just want to thank you for saving me last time. Seeing that you never wore a watch, I thought that I could buy you one,” Cai Yan explained quickly.

Yang Chen shook his head. “You can’t simply give out watches. After you give it to me, I have to wear it. Once I wear it, there’ll be people asking who I got it from. We’re just ordinary friends. Misunderstandings would arise this way.”

Cai Yan suddenly turned pale. “Are you embarrassed? Do you feel embarrassed that I gave you a watch?”

Frowning, Yang Chen replied, “That’s not what I meant. I just felt that it’s inappropriate.”

“I knew it…” Cai Yan murmured as her eyes got wet. “You say with your mouth that we’re friends, but deep down your heart, you hate me, you feel that I’m stupid, you feel that I’m useless, you feel that I don’t match being your friend, and ultimately, I’m not qualified to give you a present, am I?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. <i>Where is this going?</i> he thought.

“Cai Yan, I really didn’t overthink it. I can’t keep this watch. This isn’t an ordinary present. I don’t mean anything else.” Yang Chen didn’t know how to explain.

“Give it to me!”

Cai Yan snatched the watch casing and stared at Yang Chen angrily, before walking away quickly.

As she walked, she scolded, “Stupid Yang Chen! Hateful Yang Chen! It’s my first time giving a man a present and you dared to reject me! I’ll arrest you every time I see you in the future! Stupid Yang Chen! Hateful Yang Chen…”

Looking at Cai Yan walk away, he sighed deeply. The corners of his lips revealed bitterness. He could accept other women, but definitely not Cai Yan. She was Lin Ruoxi’s close friend. It was difficult enough that he had something going on with Mo Qianni. If Cai Yan was added to the equation, Lin Ruoxi might be pissed to death. Furthermore, Yang Chen and Cai Yan didn’t have love in between to begin with. It was best to break it when it could be broken...

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To $20 or higher patrons, in c243, I put Yang Chen's father as Nasty General Yang, but who knows that's his real name, Yang Pojun, which literally means Nasty General Yang lmao. Apologies.
Chapter 246: Can't Explain Myself 2018-01-16T14:30:49+00:00

Vroom! Vroom!

The sound generated by the engine of modified motorcycles resounded. Three motorcycles with headlights on approached the trolley stall. Each rider was wearing a black trench coat and a helmet.

The front wheels of two motorcycles were lifted and started spinning on the ground with only the rear wheels. The other motorcycle rode on the front wheel and spun like a dragon swinging its tail. If young people who loved excitement were present, they’d undoubtedly be surprised.

Yang Chen didn’t pay much attention. He turned his sight to where Zhenxiu was looking at. They were three individuals who caused countless headaches to the police in Zhonghai for speeding on highways.

Zhenxiu’s expression turned serious. She suddenly removed her white gloves used for cooking. “Uncle, no matter what happens later, go and hide behind the trolley. You mustn’t do anything stupid!” she said.

“Why? Did they come for you?” Yang Chen asked.

“Don’t ask any question. If you don’t follow what I say, don’t blame me for not reminding you when you get injured!” Zhenxiu said quickly.

Without waiting for Yang Chen’s response, Zhenxiu walked forward towards the three motorcyclists beside the road.

They stopped their bikes and removed their helmets, revealing three young and insolent faces. All of them had ear piercings and the hairstyle of an advance guard.

The leader had long hair, sparse beard and the handsome look of a rough person. There was a black shark with open mouth tattooed on his neck, giving people the feeling of violence.

Yang Chen felt excited and curious. He drank liquor while he watched how Zhenxiu confronted the three.

“Zhenxiu, finding you was really difficult,” the guy said with an evil smile.

“Shark, I said it many time. I have quit already. I’m not related to you guys in any way. Why can’t you guys let me go?” Zhenxiu said fearlessly with a cold expression.

“Humph.” Smiling, Shark said, “Quit? Xu Zhenxiu, entering this path would mean staying here forever. What’s so bad about following us? You’d get to eat meat and drink beer, much better than trying so hard to run your broken stall.”

“That’s what you think. I only want to be a good person now,” Zhenxiu replied.

“Are you thinking of leaving us brothers for that? Xu Zhenxiu, stop being so naive. Do you think other people would believe you? Do you think the police would believe you? Or the bunch of idiots in society? Who would want to employ you? Except us, who dares to be your friend? Who dares to believe you?” Shark said in contempt.

“That’s my business. Go away, don’t come and find me anymore,” Zhenxiu said before turning around. Grief appeared in her eyes, but she didn’t let anyone see it.

Grinning, Shark said, “Xu Zhenxiu, the women that I, Shark, want to get have never been able to escape from my palms. I gave you more than enough time. However, since you never understand, I'll give you a hand!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he hopped onto his bike. Vroom! He started his bike engine and made a u-turn. Shark was thinking of rushing towards Zhenxiu’s trolley stall!

Zhenxiu reacted very quickly. In a short moment, she appeared beside Shark. Using her slim and white hands, she grabbed onto Shark’s shoulders and pulled him to the side!

Shark’s robust body got thrown onto the floor by Zhenxiu!

“Brother Shark!” the other two riders shouted. They rushed forward instantly to attack Zhenxiu.

Anger finally appeared in Zhenxiu’s eyes. She rushed forward and started punching and kicking the two.

Yang Chen didn’t step in. He had a rough idea of what happened as he heard the conversation between Zhenxiu and Shark. Zhenxiu should be one of their motorcycle gang members, and she mustn't have been just a simple gang member. Zhenxiu wanted to quit now, but those people weren't willing to let her go.

Looking at Zhenxiu’s fighting stance, it could be seen that she hadn’t just been through one or two years’ of training. Judging from her basic fighting reactions, she must’ve had countless fighting experience. Every strike she landed was merciless, and she grasped every minute opportunity.

However, Zhenxiu was a girl after all. Although her strength was much better than an ordinary girl, fighting alone against 3 guys was rather exhausting.

After Shark got up angrily, he tried to attack Zhenxiu for quite a few rounds. Finally, she got kicked by one of the riders from the back by being careless.

“Ah!” Zhenxiu shouted in pain. She got knocked towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen used one arm to hug her. After making sure she wasn’t heavily injured, he said to the surrounding three riders, “Can you guys stop being so shameless? Fighting a girl as a guy is bad enough, let alone going 3 against 1. What’s the meaning of this?”

“Who are you? Why aren’t you minding your own business?!”

“Piss off, before I stab you!” Shark shouted fiercely.

When Zhenxiu got hugged by Yang Chen’s arm, she tried her best to get away from Yang Chen out of shyness and anger, but didn’t succeed. She could feel a boiling hot arm covering her waist. The sensitive Zhenxiu could hear her own anxious heartbeat.

“Uncle, go away! Don’t get involved!” Zhenxiu shouted nervously.

Yang Chen reached out using another hand and touched Zhenxiu’s springy face. “It’s not good to fight as a girl. Since you decided to be a good person, you should learn to be a good girl,” he said.

Zhenxiu got stunned by the sudden intimacy. At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten everything which was happening around her.

Violence appeared in Shark’s eyes. “Zhenxiu, is this a new guy you found for yourself? He doesn’t look too impressive,” Shark said.

With her eyes reddened, Zhenxiu struggled like crazy and finally got away from Yang Chen. Blocking in front of him, she said, “He’s just my customer. This has nothing to do with him. Come at me if you have balls. I’ll take everything today!”

“Humph! Whether or not he’s involved isn’t determined by you. Both of you, don’t even think about getting away today. Zhenxiu, I’ll let you know how worthless you are after leaving us…”

When Shark finished speaking, the other two riders rushed forward. Three of them surrounded closely around Zhenxiu.

When Zhenxiu turned around and wanted to ask Yang Chen to run, she noticed that Yang Chen wasn’t behind her anymore.


The shouts by two people could be heard at the same time. When Zhenxiu turned back, the two riders who were fearless and arrogant a moment ago, got taken down by Yang Chen together, each using only one arm.

Yang Chen looked at Shark without any expression. Before Shark struck back, he gave a slap on Shark’s face!


Shark lost balance and fell onto the ground. Feeling dizzy, he fainted rather heavily.

Facing three fellow like them, Yang Chen could easily kill them without opening his eyes.

Zhenxiu couldn’t digest what happened earlier. She dared not to believe the gentle and polite uncle to be this strong when he was mad!

Suddenly, the sound of police sirens resounded. Two patrolling police bikes came over with police lights and sirens on.

The residents living nearby may have seen what happened earlier and called the police.

Zhenxiu suddenly turned pale. Pushing Yang Chen nervously, she said, “Uncle, run away now! The police is here! It’d be bad if you’re caught!”

“Why should we run? This isn’t our responsibility,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Zhenxiu didn’t have the time to explain to Yang Chen. Yang Chen refused to leave while she couldn’t escape and leave her stall behind. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she ran herself after Yang Chen helped her. Right now, she could only stomp at her place and embrace whatever was going to happen next.

The two patrolling officers went down their bikes and immediately took out their guns, asking, “What’s going on?!”

Before Yang Chen and Zhenxiu opened their mouths, the two thugs who were lying on the ground said loudly, “Brother Police, this pair of dog couple beat us! Quickly arrest them!”

“No! That’s not the case! They came to mess with us first!” Zhenxiu explained.

Frowning, the police officers looked at Yang Chen and Zhenxiu before turning to the three modified bikes behind. Smiling coldly, they said, “Shut up. Everyone must follow us to the police station!”

Very quickly, the patrolling officers called a truck and an on-duty van over to fetch the five people to the police station.

Zhenxiu’s trolley and the three bikes got confiscated by the police.

After ten minutes, five of them got pushed down the car by the police. Zhenxiu felt really apologetic when she saw that Yang Chen got brought there as well. She said softly, “I’m sorry.”

Yang Chen smiled like nothing happened. “Don’t be. Just don’t ask me to pay for the meal earlier.”

Zhenxiu who looked gloomy finally smiled broadly. “Thank you, Uncle.”

In his heart, Yang Chen was actually blaming himself. He wondered why he came to the police station once again. It was obvious that he was particularly fated with the police ever since he returned to the country.

When Yang Chen entered the extremely familiar office, lots of police officers looked at him with a strange expression. Evidently, they were all wondering why this man came in again.

The three thugs had a special treatment. They got brought to an interrogation room immediately, where they’d get taken care of by professionals. The previously arrogant Shark suddenly became obedient when he reached the police station. He seemed to have suffered in this place before.

At this moment, Cai Yan walked into the office while she spoke with a few police officers. When she saw Yang Chen and a girl being questioned, she frowned and dismissed the police officers. Approaching the two, she asked, “Yang Chen, what happened to you again?”

When Yang Chen saw Cai Yan, he felt slightly embarrassed. He smiled faintly and explained what happened earlier.

When Zhenxiu saw Cai Yan, she looked like a mouse that bumped into a cat. She lowered her head until it almost touched her chest. She got shocked when she saw Yang Chen talking to Cai Yan like they were close friends.

After Cai Yan listened to Yang Chen’s explanation, she tapped Zhenxiu’s shoulders smilingly before saying, “Zhenxiu, it’s your fourth time here already.”

Zhenxiu pouted and didn’t dare to look at Cai Yan in the eyes. Her eyes slowly got wet. She said, “Chief Cai, I… I… I didn’t do it on purpose…”

Fourth time? Yang Chen got shocked. This kid isn’t someone easy to deal with!

When Zhenxiu noticed the change in Yang Chen’s expression, she took it as Yang Chen started hating her. Looking more and more gloomy, she lowered her head once again and kept quiet.

When Cai Yan noticed the situation, she looked at Yang Chen weirdly. She leaned forward and whispered, “Yang Chen, can’t you let go of a girl this young? She just turned 18 recently.”

Didn’t she say she was 20? It seems like she faked her age… Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen said, “What are you talking about? I only know her starting today.”

Zhenxiu thought that Yang Chen wanted nothing to do with her. As her heart ached, she immediately went along Yang Chen’s intention. “Chief Cai, Uncle is a customer passing my stall today. He’s not involved at all. I beg you, please leave Uncle out of this,” she said.

Both Yang Chen and Cai Yan got shocked. They didn’t think that Zhenxiu would still think of helping Yang Chen at this situation.

Looking at the worried and honest look on Zhenxiu’s face, Cai Yan didn’t believe what Yang Chen said. She sighed lightly and looked at Yang Chen fiercely.

Yang Chen didn’t know how to react. How am I supposed to explain myself?!

Chapter 245: Not Free for a Relationship 2018-01-15T14:25:46+00:00

After Yang Chen left, Lin Ruoxi and Li Jingjing played with the children for almost an hour, before President Cha urged the young kids to obediently have their meals.

Lin Ruoxi and Li Jingjing could finally leave. Although they were reluctant to do so, their body strengths were limited being women. After saying goodbye to the president, they left the orphanage together.

Outside the building, Lin Ruoxi said, “Jingjing, I’ll send you home. The sky has gotten dark.”

Smiling, Li Jingjing shook her head and said, “No need, Sister Ruoxi. I live very near, it doesn’t take much time to walk home. You’ll reach home much later than I do. You should drive home immediately.”

Lin Ruoxi knew that Li Jingjing lived rather near. Nodding, she said, “Then do you want to have dinner together?”

“I bought some groceries yesterday, they aren’t used up yet. I think I’d prefer eating at home. Sister Ruoxi, do you want to go to my place? My culinary skill is respectable,” Li Jingjing suggested.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes shone. “Jingjing, are you good at cooking?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Can you… teach me? I can pay for the ingredients,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Curious, Li Jingjing asked, “Sister Ruoxi, didn’t you mention that Wang Ma was really good at cooking?”

“Yeah, but… but I don’t want to be seen by the detestable fellow,” Lin Ruoxi said embarrassingly.

Li Jingjing lowered her head and kept quiet for a while. She said, “Alright, but Sister Ruoxi will have to invite me over to your place after you learn how to cook. Treating me a meal you make yourself will act as a small gift to me as the young master.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded happily. “Sure! But you’ll need to teach me properly. I really know nothing at all.”

“Deal!” Li Jingjing offered her pinky.

Lin Ruoxi smiled sweetly and made a pinky promise with Li Jingjing. The two of them laughed together like little girls.

At the same time, Yang Chen actually didn’t go home for dinner. Bored, he was walking on the quiet streets at Dongcheng District.

On this day, he met Yang Jieyu in the morning and Li Jingjing later in the afternoon. He felt like there was a huge rock pressing on his heart. Having no appetite, he informed Wang Ma before he went walking alone in the city.

Since he wasn’t having a good mood, Yang Chen naturally didn’t want to visit the irritable night markets. He picked an old street with the least people. It was a place where the old civilians in Zhonghai stayed in. At night, it was so sparse that only a few residents would pass by from time to time.

The cold wind in the dark poured into Yang Chen’s collar, which he didn’t mind at all. Walking slowly at a badly lit street alone, one would think that he was a homeless folk unless observed closely.

Just as Yang Chen’s mind went blank, his phone suddenly vibrated in his pocket. Taking it out, he saw that it was a phone call from Mo Qianni.

Ever since they came back from Sichuan, this workaholic who was as crazy as Lin Ruoxi hadn’t contact Yang Chen. Although they would stick to each other privately, she would ignore his presence in the company, making Yang Chen feel rather helpless.

Picking up the phone call, Mo Qianni’s intimate and teasing sound resounded. “Lover, where are you?”

Listening to her flirting, Yang Chen smiled as he leaned on a utility pole before taking a deep breath of the cold air.

“In your heart.”

Mo Qianni got into silence for a while before bursting into laughter. “What should I do? You make me have the urge to ignore everything and contribute my body to you.”

Yang Chen’s eyes shone. “Really? Don’t just get the urge, put it into practice.”

“Then tell me a few more urging lines and I’ll put it into practice,” Mo Qianni said in discompliance.

“Madam, lines like that can only be said when love is concentrated. How do you expect me to say so many of them out of thin air?” Yang Chen said, depressed.

Mo Qianni laughed. “Alright I’ll stop joking around. I have something serious to ask you.”

How are you joking when you talk about something this significant?! Yang Chen thought.

“What is it?”

“We’re getting near the end of the year. Where will you be going for the company’s year-end trip?” Mo Qianni asked.

Yang Chen thought for a while. He said, “The people from human relations department helped me register already. I remember it’s… Why?”

Mo Qianni said regrettably, “Everyone from finance department is going on a local trip. It’s sad that I can’t follow you there.”

Yang Chen snickered. So she called me just for this.

“What? Are you really happy that no one will be keeping you from messing with the women there?” Mo Qianni asked angrily. She wasn’t too happy when she heard Yang Chen’s laughter.

“What are you thinking about? Am I that thirsty?”

“Yes!” Mo Qianni exclaimed confidently.

Yang Chen almost choked himself as he couldn’t speak a word.

Mo Qianni heard that Yang Chen wasn’t talking. Faintly, she said, “Actually, it’s not my problem if you want to mess with them. Being an outsider myself, extending my arms that far out is meaningless. I only said it casually. If you really do it, the only thing I can do is to bear with it.”

Yang Chen’s nerves got a bit tense. He consoled, “Why do you say it that way? Being taken care of by my Little Qianqian is my honor. I’m really happy in my heart.”

“Is it true?”

No it’s fake… he thought. But he said, “Of course! Do you expect me to lie to you?”

After chatting with Mo Qianni for a very long time, he finally managed to please the madam and ended the call.

Yang Chen felt that trying to please women can be really tiring. He didn’t feel like eating earlier, but his stomach was growling after the phone call.

Looking at the surroundings, Yang Chen saw that most stores were closed already, except for a few small restaurants which looked dirty and displeasing. As he continued down the street, he found a trolley stall at an intersection of the streets.

Yang Chen used to eat these kinds of spicy and deep fried foods often. Although they weren’t the most hygienic, they were really affordable and diverse. He really liked them.

At this moment, there weren’t many customers in front of the trolley stall. There were three plastic stools and a box of strong liquor of an unknown brand. During a cold day like this, eating snacks and drinking liquor seemed like a good choice.

“Sir, what do you want to order?” The voice of the stall owner was crisp. It was a young girl.

Yang Chen pulled a stool over and didn’t pay much attention to her. When he raised his head, he almost burst into laughter.

“Why is it you, Little Girl?”

The girl in front of his eyes was the one who pickpocketed him in the bus during the day. It was unexpected that she would set up a stall to sell snacks. The oil barrel she carried around this morning was really used for her business.

When the girl saw Yang Chen, she got shocked for a moment. Cautious, she said, “Uncle, are you stalking me?”

“Why would I stalk you, to bring you to the police station? If I wanted to, I would’ve done it this morning. I was just walking around with my hungry stomach and bumped into you coincidentally,” Yang Chen said as he took out a skewer of spicy seaweed before chewing away. “It tastes rather good. Since we are acquaintances, can you give me a discount?”

“One skewer will be one buck,” the girl said mercilessly.

“Kiddo, can you not be this stingy while you run your business? You should give discount when it’s necessary,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

“I said that I’m not a kid. Uncle, eat if you want to. Stop talking nonsense. Leave if you don’t want to. Leave the money for the seaweed before that,” the girl said unhappily.

Yang Chen felt that this girl was really interesting. Born with bright skin, she was petite and cute. The expression she gave when she talked brought the taste of chilli peppers, especially when she stared at Yang Chen with her black, reflective, huge eyes. It was rather pleasing.

“Alright, alright. I want to eat, okay? You still hold such a bad attitude when I give you money,” Yang Chen complained before taking out a small bottle of liquor from the box. Happily, he got himself a plastic cup and filled it up.

“5 bucks for one bottle,” the girl said.

Yang Chen shook his head smilingly and took a few more skewers of other snacks in front of her. As he picked his food, the girl would report to him the cost of each item.

After eating more than ten skewers of food and drinking two mouthfuls of liquor, Yang Chen felt warmth in his stomach. Looking at the girl who was frying a type of white and red food which seemingly included spicy sauce and cabbage, sniffing at the sour and hot smell that got blew over, he asked curiously, “What are you frying?”

“Frying rice cakes,” the girl replied without raising her head.

“I tried fried rice cakes before, but I haven’t seen anything quite like this,” Yang Chen said.

“This is Korean style fried rice cakes. My mom taught me how to make this dish. I included cabbage and Korean hot sauce,” the girl said.

Yang Chen asked smilingly, “Is your mom a Korean?”

The girl raised her head. Under her thick curved brows, it could be seen in her eyes that she was irritated. “Uncle, you talk too much. Can’t my mom be a Korean?”

Yang Chen raised his hand with a smile, saying, “It’s not what I meant. I was wondering why you didn’t look quite like a Chinese. You exert a different aura. So you’re a half-breed of a Korean.”

“Humph! Half-breed, aura, Uncle, you’re really good at talking. Doesn’t the Chinese love to call Koreans sticks? How can I have an aura?” the girl asked with a smile.

“Don’t stereotype. At least I know that Koreans treat the elders with respect. Little Girl, why are you always so fierce towards me?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

The girl gave him a death stare. “Let me tell you one last time. I’m not a little girl. I’m 20 years old already!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll call you a small lady,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile.

“Are you seeing me as a prostitute? Although I don’t have money, I’m poor, I won’t ever betray my body!”

“Then what should I call you?” Yang Chen asked helplessly.

The girl took a deep breath. She seemed to have gotten annoyed by Yang Chen. “Call me Xu Zhenxiu. You can call me Ah Xiu.”

“Ah Xiu? Not good, it’s not cute enough. I’ll call you Zhenxiu. Your name sounds very Korean, did your mom give it to you?”


“I’m Yang Chen. You can call me Uncle or Yang Chen,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

The corners of her lips suddenly moved. She seemed like she wanted to laugh but couldn’t. “Uncle, did I ask for your name? Why do you take so many initiatives? Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re trying to do. I’ve seen too many men like you. Are you trying to pick me up? Let go of that thought. I’m very busy now. I’m not free to get into a relationship with Uncle who has nothing to do all day. Continue eating if you’re still hungry. Leave if you’re done. Don’t burden my business.”

This lady was really straightforward. Although she looked very pretty, Yang Chen didn’t have any interest in her. He just enjoyed listening to how she talked. Smiling, he said, “Zhenxiu, I indeed have nothing to do, but I definitely don’t have that type of interest in you. It’s just that I had been in a bad mood today, but I feel much comfortable now when I talk to you for unknown reasons. I won’t burden you, you may continue what you’re doing. Hehe…”

Zhenxiu couldn’t do anything to Yang Chen. She shook her head as she sighed. As she continued putting a heck lot of hot sauce into her Korean rice cakes, she suddenly frowned as she looked at the area behind Yang Chen.

Chapter 244: Solving Mysteries 2018-01-14T15:32:51+00:00

“Babe Ruoxi, are you calling me to have some dim sum because you didn’t have enough food for lunch? Calling me at this time of the day is really abnormal eh,” Yang Chen said jokingly.

Ignoring Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi said directly, “Follow me to a place this afternoon.”


“I’ll tell you at that time,” Lin Ruoxi replied.

“Are you being mysterious for your hubby?” Yang Chen asked mischievously.

Lin Ruoxi got speechless for a while before asking, “Do you want to go or not?”

“Yes, I’ll go. I’ll wait for you at your parking slot after the working hours end,” Yang Chen said. He knew that his woman was extraordinarily shy so he sounded particularly frank.

Upon arriving at Yu Lei International, he chatted with his female colleagues for a while and helped Zhao Hongyan and Zhang Cai to handle some miscellaneous inventories. He wanted to enter the department head’s office to wipe some oil on Liu Mingyu’s body, but she seemed like she was avoiding him. Having attended various meetings with the salespeople, she didn’t bother looking at Yang Chen when he served her a cup of coffee.

It was finally time to stop working. Yang Chen came to the underground parking space where the exclusive CEO parking slot was. Lin Ruoxi usually parked her car here.

Approaching the red Bentley, Yang Chen saw that Lin Ruoxi was already in the driver’s seat, obviously not giving him a chance to drive.

Upon entering the car, he looked at Lin Ruoxi who held no expression. Smiling, Yang Chen asked, “Are we going on a date like the previous one?”

Lin Ruoxi immediately blushed. Whenever she thought of dates, she would recall the scene where Yang Chen stole a kiss from her at Starbucks using the excuse of wiping the cream away. Quickly, she started the car and avoided Yang Chen’s topic.

Yang Chen buckled his seatbelts and took a look at the back seat before noticing a huge paper box. Curious, he asked, “What’s that?”

Lin Ruoxi who was driving said softly, “Something to give away. You’ll know later.”

Yang Chen stopped asking. Even if he did, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t tell him where they were heading to and what they were going to do anyway.

After half an hour, Yang Chen got dumbfounded. He noticed that the place Lin Ruoxi brought him to, was a place he visited once before—New Hope Orphanage.

The same old buildings and the same lush trees were there. The only things that changed were the yellowed leaves and flame-red maple leaves.

When he came here earlier, it was with Li Jingjing. At that moment, the two of them were still intimate like real siblings. However, if they met today, they’d behave like strangers and not talk to each other.

As Yang Chen felt emotional, Lin Ruoxi parked her car before saying, “Help me carry the box, we’ll go in there.”

“Did you come here to give children presents?” Yang Chen asked as he wondered.

“The weather got really cold recently. I bet a snowstorm would come in no time. I got the children some new thermal underwear,” Lin Ruoxi answered.

Surprised, Yang Chen stared at her. He felt that it was unbelievable.

Lin Ruoxi got really uncomfortable when Yang Chen looked at her for so long. Frowning, she said, “What is it? Can’t I get something for the children?”

“No, it’s just that I’ve always felt that you’re cold and indifferent. I didn’t know that you’d think of the children in the orphanage. So our Ruoxi is a kind-hearted elder sister after all,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

Shy, Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “Quickly, why do you have to say so much? Do you want me to carry it?”

“Call me ‘Great Elder Brother’ and I’ll carry it for you,” Yang Chen said.


Without waiting for Lin Ruoxi to outrage, Yang Chen immediately exit the car smilingly and took out the box from the back seat. It was rather heavy, may have contained quite a lot of underwear.

Following Lin Ruoxi who was rather pissed to the entrance of the orphanage, President Cha opened the door to welcome the visitors. Looking at Lin Ruoxi with Yang Chen, his expression revealed joy and doubt.

“Ruoxi, you’re here… Sir, long time no see,” President Cha greeted them smilingly.

After greeting the old President Cha, Lin Ruoxi asked out of curiosity, “President, do you know Yang Chen?”

“Oh, Mr Yang came not long ago,” President Cha said. He didn’t mention that Yang Chen came with Li Jingjing. Old people were indeed wise. It was best not to reveal unnecessary information to avoid causing problems.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen doubtfully, saying, “You have some empathy after all,” before walking inside alone.

Yang Chen smiled helplessly and blinked at President Cha. “Thank you President. You’re really good at talking,” he said.

“Hehe, Mr Yang, we should behave ourselves as men. I can see that you’re a rather nice person. This is all I can do to help. However, you have responsibilities to bear later,” President Cha said with a mysterious smile before walking inside.

Yang Chen was thinking about what the president meant, but followed along into the hall. He could hear the laughter of the children far away.

When he walked near, his scalp went numb.

Yang Chen could see two ladies surrounded by children shouting, “Elder Sister!” as they asked for a storytelling or games session.

One of them was Lin Ruoxi, but she didn’t seem like the usual cold and freezing lady with murderous aura, she held a brilliant smile, like gentle and stunning like a spring flower opening under sunlight.

The other one was unexpectedly Li Jingjing. With her hair tied to a ponytail, she wore a sleeveless pink clothes and had a slight make-up. Although she couldn’t rival Lin Ruoxi’s exceptional beauty, she wielded the aura of warmth and kindness, making it easy for children to get near to.

When Li Jingjing saw Yang Chen walking to the hall with a huge box, her sight froze and she closed her lips, but didn’t express too many changes. She seemed like she didn’t even know who Yang Chen was.

Lin Ruoxi also didn’t notice anything abnormal. She commanded, “Put the box there and I’ll distribute them to the children.”

“Sister Ruoxi, are they presents for us?” a cute little girl with side braids asked.

“Yeah, they’re new clothes. Wearing them will warm Little Ying for winter,” Lin Ruoxi said as she pinched the girl’s cheek. She even remembered what the name of the girl was.

Li Jingjing seemed like she calmed herself down. Patting the two children’s heads beside her, she asked, “Sister Ruoxi, is the guy Brother-In-Law?”

Lin Ruoxi’s expression looked rather unnatural. Clenching her teeth, she nodded as she said, “Yeah, I couldn’t stand that you bugged me too often. So I brought him here to see you. He’s Yang Chen. I heard that he came here once, but it’s rather unbelievable if you look at his heartless personality.”

A hint of gloom could be seen in Li Jingjing’s eyes. Forcing a smile, she said, “He looks rather dependable. Why do you say that he’s heartless?”

Lin Ruoxi heard Li Jingjing’s compliment and smiled slightly. Turning her head, she said to Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, she’s Li Jingjing, a good friend of mine here. I brought you here mainly to let her see how you look like as she was really curious.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. Since Li Jingjing chose to act like strangers, he wouldn't be so stupid to act abnormally in front of Lin Ruoxi. Without changing his expression, he said, “It seems like your good friend has more potential than you Ruoxi. She can tell that I’m a good man first sight.”

“Don’t talk nonsense in front of the kids. You better stand further away,” Lin Ruoxi said, displeased.

Jealousy appeared in Li Jingjing’s eyes as she listened to how the couple communicated, but Lin Ruoxi didn’t notice.

Yang Chen shrugged and stopped talking. He knew that the more he talked to Lin Ruoxi, the worse Li Jingjing would feel.

Yang Chen suddenly felt regretful. If he knew that Li Jingjing was here, he wouldn’t have come with Lin Ruoxi.

A bunch of kids looked at Yang Chen as some of them recognized Yang Chen from his previous visit. SInce he didn’t have much interaction with the children, the kids may not have a deep impression for who he was, not to mention it happened quite long ago. Furthermore, since Lin Ruoxi and Li Jingjing were there, everyone decided to ignore Yang Chen. This allowed him to avoid talking to the kids.

Very quickly, Lin Ruoxi and Li Jingjing started distributing new clothing to the children while Yang Chen looked at them from a corner while his mind was full of thoughts.

President Cha slowly walked towards Yang Chen. Smiling, he said, “Mr Yang, something must’ve happened between you and the girl Jingjing. Since I’m this old already, I’ll be a bit shameless and straightforward with you. Since Mr Yang has married such a beautiful wife, please be less greedy and stop searching for options.”

Yang Chen nodded and said, “Yeah, I too feel like I’m very greedy sometimes. However, I promised Jingjing’s parents to stop bothering her life already.”

“That can also be considered neither a good nor a bad outcome,” President Cha said as he nodded. “But I really didn’t think that Ruoxi’s husband would be Mr Yang.”

Curious, Yang Chen asked, “President, my wife seems to know this place really well. She even knows the names of the children. Does she come here often?”

“Yeah, hasn’t Ruoxi told Mr Yang before?” President Cha said as he felt strange. “I thought that Ruoxi would at least tell her family members about this… This kid… sigh… Since young, Ruoxi used to come here very often with her mom and grandma. After a while, Old Mistress and Mistress both passed away. Ruoxi would then come here alone. She likes the children here a lot. She brings presents for them on a regular basis. During festivals or whenever she was free, she would come here to play with the children and tell them stories. The children all like her very much, I like her a lot as well.

“In this world, people like her who come from wealthy families, have a kind heart, and feel empathetic to these pitiful children are too rare to be found. Some people make donations to get recognition from the society. They’d be afraid that others wouldn’t know about their contributions. Ruoxi has spent so much effort for these children and never advertised about it. I know that she’s the CEO of Yu Lei International. It’s so heartwarming that she’s contributing in the dark.”

Yang Chen finally knew why Lin Ruoxi would go out of the house out of the blue. Since she wouldn’t entertain her clients and didn’t have many relatives, Yang Chen didn’t know where she’d go with her slippers. So it was the orphanage, to visit the children.

With this explanations, when Li Jingjing told him that she got to know a beautiful elder sister and became good friends, she was referring to Lin Ruoxi!

As Yang Chen slowly solved the mysteries, Lin Ruoxi finished distributing the clothing she brought for the children. She said, “Yang Chen, I won’t be going home for dinner today. I gave Wang Ma a call already. If you’re unwilling to wait, call a cab and go back first.”

At this moment, a huge bunch of active kids were surrounding Lin Ruoxi, making it hard for her to leave. Naturally, she wouldn’t be able to take care of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen felt that this scene was rather funny. Smiling, he said, “You may have fun with the children then. I’ll leave now.”

He really didn’t want to stay there anymore since Li Jingjing would glance at him from time to time gloomily. Although all of the looks were momentary, he still felt rather uncomfortable.

After saying goodbye to President Cha, he walked out of the hall alone.

Li Jingjing gazed at Yang Chen who walked away without turning back to take a look. Her face looked more pale, while resolution started filling her eyes.

Lin Ruoxi who was immersed in joy wouldn’t notice this at all.

Chapter 243: The Yellowed Page 2018-01-11T14:11:34+00:00

“Oh, you’re here,” Yang Jieyu said. When she heard footsteps, she stood up to greet Yang Chen.

“I got into some trouble on my way here, but I’m not late at last,” Yang Chen said before sitting down.

Yang Jieyu didn’t want to ask about what trouble he ran into earlier. Directly, she said, “What do you want to drink?”

“Anything,” Yang Chen replied.

“There’s civet coffee here that can’t be found at other places. Do you want to have a cup of it?” Yang Jieyu advised.

Yang Chen shocked. “Is there really civet coffee?” he asked.

“Although it’s rather expensive, treating you merely a cup of coffee isn’t a problem since you saved Little Ye,” Yang Jieyu said smilingly.

Yang Chen waved before saying, “Nevermind, I know about the type of coffee. But I don’t think I would ever drink it in my life. Simplicity can be good.”

“Why? Have you tried it before?” Yang Jieyu asked doubtfully.

Smiling, Yang Chen replied, “Don’t you know how it is produced?”

“I just know that it’s the most expensive coffee in the world. Every kilogram can exceed thousands of US Dollars, excluding the other various fees. Is there anything special about it?” Yang Jieyu asked.

Yang Chen adjusted his sitting posture as he nodded. Upright, he answered, “That’s right. The civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in expensive due to its rarity. Its price can be said to be gold in the world of coffee. Being produced in Sumatra, Indonesia, it’s a type of local coffee beans.”

“You seem like you know a lot,” Yang Jieyu said.

Yang Chen smiled relaxedly. He said, “Quite a while ago, my friend from Indonesia gave me a small pack of the coffee beans. Originally, I thought they smelled really nice and I liked them a lot. However, I returned it to him after listening to the production process.”

“What about the production process?”

“After waiting for the coffee berries to mature, the local farmers would allow a type of palm cats which are exclusive to their country to enter the coffee farm. They would then wait for these cats to get diarrhea before searching for their poo there. When the undigested coffee beans are picked out and polished, they would be considered as the most superior coffee beans in the world,” Yang Chen explained. “In simple terms, the most expensive and luxury coffee is basically cat poo… Pathetic, but some people would still proudly drink the beverage. They may think differently from me, but I still dislike it.”

Yang Jieyu’s expression slowly changed. Covering her mouth, she looked at her empty cup of coffee with a bitter smile, saying, “I regret listening to your full explanation…”

“Apologies, I didn’t know you were drinking the exact same type,” Yang Chen ridiculed.

Yang Jieyu summoned a server and asked for two glasses of orange juice instead before feeling slightly better.

“I heard from Little Ye that you’re a master’s degree holder from Harvard University. You do seem really knowledgeable,” Yang Jieyu said calmly.

“Not really, universities abroad usually have a lower threshold. I can say that I was barely able to graduate,” Yang Chen said blindly.

Yang Jieyu nodded as she said, “You’re indeed really humble. However, judging from how you treated the terrorists on that day, you’re not as simple as an overseas graduate.”

“I learned quite a bit of martial arts back then, and participated in some military training. I may have trained a little better than the others, but to be honest, my potential only got forced out when I almost died. So I’m not as impressive as you may think,” Yang Chen said as he carefully picked his words. He wondered what Yang Jieyu asked him out today for.

Yang Jieyu asked a few more questions regarding Yang Chen’s life abroad, which he answered with countless made-up bullshit. However, he didn’t seem to create any loophole.

“Yang Chen, you’re a really good young man. Our Yuan Ye lacks friends like you. Do you have any family member? I want to invite all of you to visit my house one day. What do you think?” Yang Jieyu said smilingly.

Without changing his expression, Yang Chen replied, “No need, I’m always alone. My stepparents have passed away.”

“Your stepparents? How about your biological parents?” Yang Jieyu asked as she looked at Yang Chen with curiosity.

“Sigh.” Yang Chen said softly, “I have no idea. I got adopted when I was very young. I don’t know who my parents are.”

A hint of regret appeared in Yang Jieyu’s eyes. She said, “I’m sorry. It must be hard living alone for so many years.”

“If it’s because of my lack of parents that I had a tough time living, that hasn’t happened to me. I’m used to living alone. It’s great this way,” Yang Chen said expressionlessly.

Yang Jieyu’s face turned stuff, but she forced a smile and nodded lightly. “This… Yeah, abandoning a kid this young is really the parents’ fault.”

“I think they aren’t alive anymore,” Yang Chen said.

Yang Jieyu got startled. She asked, “Why do you say so?”

“If they’re still alive, I really wonder how they still have the face to live,” Yang Chen said before finishing all his fruit juice in one go.

Looking at Yang Chen stand up, Yang Jieyu quickly said, “Have you thought that your parents may have their reason doing so?”

“Humph,” Yang Chen smiled in contempt. “Maybe, but that doesn’t concern me anymore. I still need to work in the afternoon. I shall take my leave now.”

Yang Jieyu wanted to let him stay, but after looking at Yang Chen walk out of the exit quickly, she could only sit back down helplessly.

After Yang Chen left for a short moment, a man who looked like a meticulous soldier, wearing a nicely trimmed, lead-colored western suit, looking handsome, with eyes of huge depths, walked out from an isolated seat towards Yang Jieyu before sitting down on Yang Chen’s seat.

Yang Jieyu raised her head and smiled to the guy. “Elder Brother, he looks very similar to when you were young regardless of his look or the way he talks,” she said.

Sitting upright and looking dull, the man replied, “Jieyu, take the incident today like it never happened before. Don’t get near him anymore in the future.”

“Why?” Yang Jieyu asked doubtfully. “Sister-In-Law has never been truly happy ever since abandoning Yang Chen from our home. Elder Brother, don’t you want our family to reunite? He is the biological son of you and Sister-In-Law! Back then, you had no choice since there wasn’t any news about him. But he was right in front of you minutes ago! Since he’s this outstanding now, why wouldn’t you show yourself up and recognize him?”

“That’s exactly because I don’t want to suddenly pop up in front of him. Also, just like you said, he’s now an extraordinary person. We have to be extra cautious. Our Yang clan isn’t a normal family. These two years will be significant when an inheritor is chosen. No matter what situation we’re in, we mustn’t let our competitor have any chance of success! If a son suddenly appears, we would definitely suffer from much negativity,” the man said with a serious tone.

“Elder Brother! Is a stupid rank more important than your own offspring?!” Yang Jieyu shouted as she couldn’t control her temper.

“Jieyu! You’re the eldest daughter in Yang clan. Can’t you have the slightest rationale?! I need to take the entire family into consideration, including everyone who relies on our Yang clan. We can’t afford to collapse for being careless! At times like this, how can I do another mistake for the one I did 20 years ago?!” the man exclaimed.

“Mistake? You are the one who made the mistake. Why must your child shoulder the consequences?!” Yang Jieyu said loudly as her eyes got filled with tears. “Whenever I see Yang Chen’s face, I recall the times where Elder Brother was still young. He’s more amiable, humble, polite than you. Won’t you feel guilty when you see him?”

The man took a deep breath. He said coldly, “Jieyu, one who is destined to do something major doesn’t care about the minor details. Yang clan has always been solemn and just since it started. That’s only because we can sacrifice things that are far beyond other’s imagination. You don’t need to persuade me anymore. You mustn’t talk about it to Sister-In-Law. We only want a son with clean birth history to inherit Yang clan!”

“Haha, clean…” Yang Jieyu laughed in contempt. Standing up, she said, “Looking clean on the outside, while acting disgusting deep down in the heart. Yang Pojun, you’ve completely disappointed me!”

“Yang Jieyu! Are you rebelling?!” Yang Pojun shouted angrily.

Yang Jieyu suddenly stopped walking. Without turning her head around, she said, “Rest assured, I will take this as it never happened before. I won’t affect Elder Brother’s bright future. This is a sin made by you guys. You all will regret one day…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yang Jieyu quickly left the cafe.

Yang Pojun sat back down angrily. His expression changed as the past vaguely emerged in his eyes.

Like yellowed papers, time flipped back to more than 20 years ago…

At a snowy night, a military Jeep stopped in front of an orphanage at the north of China.

A pair of couple dressed in military uniforms passed a child of two to three years old who was asleep to an old woman who had wrinkled skin.

The child was deep asleep. Wrapped in a fluffy blanket with warmth, he couldn’t hear the young woman’s sobbing as north wind whistled.

The old woman hugging the child smiled as she received a letter before turning around and returning to the orphanage.

The young lady stared at the old woman who walked into the building with her child. She forced herself up the car as she felt sorrow before leaving through the snowstorm.

Time quickly elapsed. After more than a year when the married couple returned to the place, they found out that the deserted orphanage had moved away.

No clue was left to track every single child there. They left no method of communication, like they disappeared in the air.

The young woman held onto her slightly elevated abdomen as she leaned on her husband’s chest before crying away…

Yang Chen who left the cafe towards Yu Lei International had no idea that all these happened. The attitude that Yang Jieyu revealed to him made him feel extremely upset. Having been through all types of disastrous waves, Yang Chen still couldn’t remain calm whenever he recalled his broken childhood memory.

As he walked absentmindedly, his phone, which was in his shirt pocket since the pockets in his pants were broken, suddenly vibrated.

Yang Chen took out his phone and got dumbstruck. It was a call from Lin Ruoxi.

Whenever Lin Ruoxi took the initiative to call him, there must be something important that she needed to tell Yang Chen. Smiling, he picked up the call.

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Chapter 242: Casually 2018-01-10T14:44:11+00:00

The next day, Yang Chen went to Yu Lei International for work as usual. After a relaxing morning, he had lunch together with Zhao Hongyan and Zhang Cai at the staff restaurant. Being promoted to a department head, Liu Mingyu had to follow other senior managers to dine in a special area. Although she didn’t want to, she was just following what the other staffs were doing.

After Zhao Hongyan became single again, her family matters were solved. She had been having a good mood lately. Although her wage got cut in half, she wasn’t significantly affected as she was rather thrifty. She joked all day with Zhang Cai, making their lunchtime rather long.

Yang Chen was focused on eating his food. Having devoured half his meal, he noticed that the two ladies only ate a little. Smiling bitterly, he said, “You guys can talk in the office later. If you continue eating at this pace, you’d delay my napping time when I go back.”

“Humph! You’re the only one who sleeps in the office. We’re here to work,” Zhang Cai said, displeased.

Using chopsticks, Zhao Hongyan pinched a chicken drumstick from her plate and passed it to Yang Chen. “Shut up and continue eating!” she said.

“I have enough food, eat it yourself,” Yang Chen replied.

“You don’t expect me to retrieve it back from your plate, do you? Just eat it when I ask you to,” Zhao Hongyan said before rolling her eyes and talking to Zhang Cai.

Yang Chen enjoyed this trace of warmth in his everyday life. Ignoring the two young women, he minded his own business and continued eating his food.

After returning to the office, Yang Chen noticed that Yuan Ye contacted him on MSN.

[TL note: Yuan in Yuan Ye is the surname. I changed it to two words from ‘Yuanye’ by the previous translator.]

This kid has been recovering rather quickly, Yang Chen thought before opening the chat box.

“You can finally go online?” Yang Chen asked.

Yuan Ye sent a laughing emoji, saying, “I’m still in the hospital, but the wireless network is rather fast. I’m feeling bored so I’m asking you to play Warcraft together.”

“There’s a gunshot wound on your chest. Did the doctor say you could play games already?” Yang Chen asked as he worried that his wound would split.

“Don’t worry, the doctor said that I’d be fine as long as I don’t do any intense activity. I don’t know why but my wound heals significantly faster than ordinary people after the bullet got removed. The doctor said that my speed of recovery was terrifying. I can fully recover in about a month’s time,” Yuan Ye said joyfully.

Yang Chen smiled as he thought, seems like the aura of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture I left in his body is rather effective. Due to his extraordinary body type, he still couldn’t feel how much of an effect the scripture would bring to a normal person. Judging the situation now, the scripture could grant speedy recoveries for the injuries of an ordinary person.

Since Yuan Ye could play, Yang Chen decided to play a few rounds with him, not like he had anything better to do anyway.

After two hours, Yuan Ye said, “I’m still beginning to recover, so I’m quite tired already. Let’s stop playing here. I need to take care of something in the club.”

“Alright, take care. I’ll take my afternoon nap now.”

After getting offline, Yuan Ye suddenly sent him a text message. “Wait, my mom is beside me. She wants to speak to you.”

“Your mom?” Yang Chen stunned. Yuan Ye’s mother was naturally Yang Jieyu, the woman that he wouldn’t hope to think much about.

“My mom wants to treat you for coffee and ask you a few questions. Is it okay? It’s fine if you don’t want to do it. She just feels rather curious towards you. You also know that I don’t have many friends. She hasn’t thanked you yet for saving me earlier,” Yuan Ye said.

Yang Chen thought for a while, and felt that he had no reason to decline the offer. “Alright, where and when do we meet?” he asked.

“Meet at Blue Dream Cafe near the building of Yu Lei International an hour later. You should know where that is.”

Yang Chen certainly knew which cafe it was. Due to high expenses, there weren’t usually many customers there despite its strategic location.

After accepting Yang Jieyu’s invitation, Yang Chen felt rather concerned. He brought fear and expectation towards what she would say to him, making his mood rather complicated.

After staying in the office for half an hour, Yang Chen proceeded to Blue Dream Cafe.

As it was in an urban district, finding a parking slot would be a challenge. Yang Chen didn’t plan to drive there himself, but wanted to board a bus at the bus stop in front of Yu Lei International. He would reach the destination directly within ten minutes.

After waiting for five minutes, a red bus placed with countless advertisements stopped there. Since it was post lunchtime at noon, lots of white-collar workers were taking the bus to return to their companies after eating out. Inside the bus, there was no seat available. Everyone had to stand and squeeze with each other.

Yang Chen didn’t mind the inconvenience at all. After returning to the country for so long, he had learned what a white-collar worker had to go through on a daily basis.

Upon boarding the bus, he took a stack of cash out from his pocket. He then drew out two pieces of bank notes to slot into the cash machine before walking behind to stand with other passengers.

Since he had to exit the bus after two stations, Yang Chen walked to the back, near the back door where he would exit from a while later.

Yang Chen held onto a pole. He frowned as he felt suffocated before feeling a trace of regret. I should’ve walked there instead. It’s not too hot outside, I wouldn’t sweat doing so, he thought.

Just as Yang Chen was feeling uncomfortable, a crisp voice resounded from behind. “Elder Brother, are you feeling uncomfortable being squeezed around?”

Yang Chen turned around to take a look. It was a short and young girl who looked like she was around 15 years old. She had bright and white skin, a V-shaped face with elegant facial features, especially huge eyes and thick while delicate eyebrows. At this moment, she was looking at Yang Chen apologetically, making him feel pitiful for her.

The girl was wearing an old, brown coat with black tight jeans. There was a huge plastic barrel in front of her, containing liquid that seemed like vegetable oil.

Although her face exerted elegance, how she was dressed up made it evident that she was a foreign worker. She brought the smell of various foods. Most people would choose to stay away from her from first sight.

Yang Chen shook his head smilingly. He said, “Nope, I just feel rather suffocated. But it’s got nothing to do with you.”

Feeling embarrassed, the girl nodded lightly. “Oh, I’ll move the oil barrel away.”

The girl still felt that Yang Chen was suffering because of her oil barrel, so she moved it slightly to the side.

“Hey! My pants!” a white-collar lady with thick make-up exclaimed. She was standing right beside the girl whose oil barrel rubbed her light yellow pants. She freaked out although her pants weren’t stained. Her expression changed drastically. She shouted, “Stupid kid! Where did this wild kid come from? Is the bus for you to put your stuff as you like?! Once my pants get dirty, can you afford to repay me?! Stupid bitch… I’m so unlucky today!”

“Sorry, sorry…” the girl said repeatedly as she shivered in fear and bowed to the woman. Suddenly, the bus driver braked hard, causing the girl to lunge forward and hit a pole nearby.

“Ouch…” The girl’s eyes reddened. She looked like she would cry any time.

“Karma! It’s all because your dirty stuff touched my pants! They’re a few thousand bucks. Are they something a stupid kid like you can afford?!” the white-collar lady said. She was in a very bad mood.

“Sigh.” Yang Chen silently pulled the little girl’s arm, saying, “Come near me. Stand behind me.”

The girl hastily shook her hands. “No need, Elder Brother. You already feel suffocated. It’s fine for me to stand here.”

“If you touch her pants once again she’d stab you with a knife until you’re dead. Come over here,” Yang Chen said before pulling the girl to his side. He then leaned forward to pull the oil barrel over as well.

The girl looked at Yang Chen thankfully. “Thank you, thank you,” she said.

Yang Chen let out a warm smile. “Why do you have so much oil with you? Is it used for cooking?”

The girl flushed as she said softly, “It’s used for a small business. The oil store there is selling oil at a very cheap rate. So I used public transportation to get there.”

“Oh… It must be tough for you to handle a business this young,” Yang Chen said.

“Yeah…” she said lightly. She then kept quiet, looking gloomy.

Yang Chen turned around to look at her before letting out a helpless smile at the corner of his lips.

After five minutes, the bus reached a station. The girl bent over to lift the oil barrel up before waving at Yang Chen. “Elder Brother, thank you once again. I’ll go down now,” she said.

“Oh? I’ll go down as well,” Yang Chen said before leaving the bus with the girl.

The bus then slowly drove away. There was no one else at the bus stop except Yang Chen and the girl.

When the girl saw that Yang Chen came down with her, her expression turned slightly unnatural. She said, “Elder Brother, are you coming to this station as well? Where are you going?”

“Is it that after I tell you, you’ll walk the opposite direction?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

The girl suddenly turned pale. Her naive and timid smile went away immediately. She then looked cold and helpless…

“Uncle, you’re really impressive, aren’t you?” the girl asked. She seemed like she changed to a completely different person.

Yang Chen lightly touched the pockets of his pants. There were holes in each side.

“Little Girl, return my money and phone to me. I’m rushing now. I won’t find your trouble today,” Yang Chen said as he smiled faintly.

The girl casually reached into her coat and took out Yang Chen’s stack of cash and handphone before passing them to Yang Chen.

“Oh, so outright?” Yang Chen asked in surprise.

“Humph!” The girl said, “You knew the truth from the start. Since you didn’t turn me in to the police, this is what I owe you. I’ll give your stuff back to you, and we’re even now.”

“Wow, wow. Little Girl, you’re rather cute, aren’t you?” Yang Chen thought that the young lady was rather interesting.

When they were still on the bus, the girl intentionally got a scolding from an outsider after testing Yang Chen’s kindness, to make him pull her over. She then managed to make holes in Yang Chen’s pockets to steal his cash and phone in a very short moment. It was apparent that she was highly skilled. It was all perfectly planned. However, it was unfortunate that Yang Chen’s senses were much more sensitive than those of normal people. He could easily that what the girl was thinking about.

“Stop calling me Little Girl. I’m 20 years old already, legal to get married following the law. Let me ask you, did you know that I was a pickpocket from the start?” the girl asked. It was obvious that she couldn’t understand why she failed.

Yang Chen shrugged and winked. “It’s a secret.”

“Tchh! Whatever. Uncle, we’ll meet again!” the girl said before turning around and leaving with her oil barrel. She was extraordinarily strong. Lifting the huge barrel was an easy task for her. Obviously, the show she put up on the bus was all fake.

Looking at the girl’s back, Yang Chen smiled. It’s exactly because of these different kinds of people that this world is interesting. The more you explore the world, the more interesting things you’ll come across, he thought.

He was ten minutes away from the meetup with Yang Jieyu. His plan wasn’t delayed by this spontaneous incident. Quickly, he started walking to Blue Dream Cafe.

When he had two minutes left, Yang Chen entered the cafe and asked a server. As expected, Yang Jieyu booked a place already.

Yang Chen walked to the south of the well-decorated restaurant, to a table beside the window. Dressed in a dark-red western suit, wearing a white sweater within, the stylish and young-looking Yang Jieyu was already seated, enjoying her strong coffee gracefully.

Chapter 241: Can't Say It Aloud 2018-01-09T15:21:55+00:00

Yang Chen took his phone over and had a look. It was a call from a stranger’s number. Curious, he picked up the call.

“Is this Yang Chen?” a girl’s voice resounded.

Yang Chen got shocked slightly. He couldn’t remember whom the voice belonged to. After thinking for a moment, he finally recalled. It was Abbess Yun Miao’s voice!

Regarding this junior sister of Song Tianxing, Yang Chen didn’t dare to be overly intimate with her, but not overly cold as well, since Song Tianxing could be considered as half his master. When Yang Chen left them earlier, he thought that he’d never have any connection with them anymore. He didn’t expect that she’d take the initiative to contact him. He felt surprised and a little bit upset.

“Abbess Yun Miao, I thought that I wouldn’t have any interaction with you anymore in this life,” Yang Chen said slowly.

“Humph,” Abbess Yun Miao groaned coldly. She said, “Yang Chen, back then, I promised Senior Brother Song to take good care of you. Did you think that I was joking?”

“Abbess, I’m not even Son Tianxing’s disciple officially. Although I respect and feel thankful to him, what does it have to do with you?” Yang Chen asked.

“Since you practiced Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, that means you’re the inheritor of Shushan. According to seniority, you’re my nephew disciple. How am I not related?”

Weren’t you and Lin Zhiguo the ones who pushed Song Tianxing into fire pit? Yang Chen thought angrily. However, he couldn’t express his anger. Otherwise this old woman would have lots of excuses to look for his trouble. Since he respected Song Tianxing, he couldn’t just approach her and slice her head off.

“Abbess, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade should be busy trying to catch the two Jinnins from Yamata Sect. How is an expert like you so free?”

“Humph,” Abbess Yun Miao groaned in despise. “I don’t care what the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade does. Being a member of Group of Eight, I can choose to stay out of the activity. Furthermore, I have no interest in working together with people like Lin Zhiguo. I’m calling you today to remind you of something.”

Yang Chen asked, “What is it?”

“I said this before. I want to let Hui Lin be your wife!”

Yang Chen got shocked. The shy and beautiful lady Hui Lin started showing up in his mind. Although she was stunning, she wasn’t someone who could belong to him just by simply opening his mouth.

“Abbess, I’ve only met Young Master Hui Lin once. Why do you want her to be my wife? Can’t you take your own granddaughter into consideration? Her life-long blessing isn’t something to be taken lightly for,” Yang Chen advised.

“I won’t allow my own granddaughter to suffer! Old people can judge a man most accurately no matter what!”

Yang Chen smiled in contempt. You still judged me wrongly, he thought.

“Ahem, ahem…” Yang Chen coughed. He said, “Abbess, forget about it. Wives are not clothes or pants. I can’t change them whenever I want. I’ll accept your acknowledgement, but you may keep the person with you.”

“Why won’t you accept the accept the offer? Do you think that Hui Lin is inferior to Lin Ruoxi?!” Yun Miao asked angrily.

“You can’t phrase it this way. I’ve always thought that Young Master Hui Lin is excellent. But since Ruoxi and I got married for this long and could finally stabilize, I won’t simply swap her out. This act will seem irresponsible not only to Ruoxi, but to Hui Lin as well. Furthermore, I don’t even know what kind of person Hui Lin is. She doesn’t know who I truly am as well,” Yang Chen said.

Stubbornly, Yun Miao asked, “Does it mean that Lin Ruoxi knows that? You’ve always hidden your true identity to face the people around you. You’re only making an excuse. Since I decided to let my granddaughter be your wife, I naturally have thought it through. You mustn’t push my offer away!”

“One would rather tear a bridge down instead of breaking a marriage. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. Abbess, why are you not giving up?” Yang Chen asked, frowning.

Yun Miao replied smilingly, “I didn’t say I wanted to tear the bridge down. I just want to change the shore before it’s fully built.”

“There’s no feelings between me and Hui Lin. How do you expect it to turn out well when she directly steps in between me and Ruoxi?!”

Yun Miao explained, “Are you telling me that you married Lin Ruoxi because you two were in love? According to my understanding, that isn’t the case.”

“Abbess Yun Miao, say it however you want. I won’t accept your offer,” Yang Chen said.

Yun Miao thought for a while before saying, “Alright, then I’ll ask you one last question. If you can answer me with complete honesty, I’ll give up what I have in mind.”

“Ask,” Yang Chen said as he slowly got nervous.

“Do you think that Lin Ruoxi loves you?”

Lin Ruoxi, does she love me?! he thought. This question came out too abruptly. Yang Chen hadn’t thought of this question before. He was totally unprepared to answer it.

“If you tell me that she loves you, then I’ll stop bothering you two.”

At this moment, Yang Chen felt like his mind went blank. Countless scenes replayed in this mind, like reels started to unroll themselves. Sentence by sentence, he started contemplating…

“Do you really think that I’m willing to marry you?!”

“If you cooperate with me, within three years, at most three years, we can part ways when my business starts to stabilize. We won’t have any responsibility for each other…”

“Don’t think that I’d be willing to bring you there. You’re such a shameless person…”

“I’ll pay you a huge sum of compensation. It’ll be much more than what you can earn selling mutton skewers in your entire life!”

“I, Lin Ruoxi, am extremely decisive. I won’t go against my words. You just have to obediently put up a show with me for three years. Just don’t cause me any trouble.”

“I won’t ever follow the stupid rule of Lin family! Once the contract expires, I won’t force you to stay by my side. At that time, you’re free to decide whether to leave or stay!”

“You’re so embarrassing! Go away! I don’t want to see you!”

Yang Chen got very confused. He didn’t know how to answer this question.

Yun Miao started speaking again, “What is it? You can’t say it aloud, can you?”

Yang Chen contemplated for a while. He said softly, “This has nothing to do with Hui Lin.”

“How is she irrelevant? This relates directly to my granddaughter’s happiness for the rest of her life! It’s also the only wish I have for the rest of my life,” Yun Miao said loudly. “I already decided to let Hui Lin move to Zhonghai next month.”

“What?!” Yang Chen couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, you heard it right. Next month, Hui Lin will find you in Zhonghai alone. This will be her entry to the world of cultivation. Regarding how her journey would end up, no one call tell at the moment. I only asked her to find you at Zhonghai. How she’ll do there will depend on your arrangements. I only have one request. You mustn’t mistreat her in any way. Otherwise I’ll help her revenge even if it costs my life!” Yun Miao shouted on phone.

Yang Chen almost cried on the bed. What arrangements can I make? She’s coming next month, alone! How am I supposed to arrange her schedule? I can’t let her help out at Rose’s place like Chen Rong, can I? She can’t possibly mix with gangsters, he thought.

“That’s all I want to say. Keep in touch.”

“Wait, wait!” Yang Chen wanted to decline the offer, but Abbess Yun Miao had already ended the call.

Yang Chen threw his phone away, sitting on his bed as he felt helpless. As he thought that the lady cultivator Hui Lin would suddenly appear by his side in a month’s time, his head would ache intensely.

However, the question that Abbess Yun Miao asked earlier started spinning in his mind once again, causing him difficulty to take an afternoon nap.

Losing the mood to take a rest, Yang Chen didn’t plan to force himself to sleep. He then sat on his bed and started watching television until Wang Ma asked him for dinner in the evening.

When he walked downstairs, he saw Lin Ruoxi who was chewing her food slowly as usual. She only nodded lightly when Yang Chen sat down.

Sitting opposite of Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen stared at her silently.

Lin Ruoxi seemed uncomfortable as a result of Yang Chen’s gaze. Frowning, she said, “Start eating.”

“Ruoxi, are we a married couple?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi’s actions got stiff as confusion filled her eyes. She looked at Yang Chen silently with a weird expression. After a while, she asked, “Did anything happen?”

Yang Chen felt rather upset in his heart. Forcing a smile, he replied, “Nope, nothing happened. I was just thinking how long more there is before the contract expires.”

Lin Ruoxi’s hands which were holding a bowl and a pair of chopsticks shook lightly. Looking expressionless, she replied, “Oh,” before continuing her meal.

Yang Chen shook his head before taking a bowl and filling it up with rice.

Seated for dinner, the two of them both had something in mind. They had no idea what they ate.

Chapter 240: Dinner and Sea Eagles 2018-01-09T15:19:31+00:00

Listening to what Lin Ruoxi said, she wanted to drink the medicine already!

Yang Chen suddenly got stiff for a while before slowly putting the bowl back on the table. Bitterly, he said, “Of course not. My dear Babe Ruoxi, come over and drink it quickly. You’ll be awarded one rice ball for every mouth you drink. This way, it won’t taste bitter anymore.”

Lin Ruoxi walked down from upstairs and lifted the soup bowl up. The corner of her lips moved. She seemed like she was restraining from smiling. “Are you trying to trick a child? I’m not a three-year-old already. What’s the big deal of drinking medicine?” she said.

Grinning, Yang Chen said, “You’re a child in my eyes. You’ll always be a child in this life.”

Displeased, Lin Ruoxi said, “What are you talking about? It’s not like you’re older than me.”

“I’ll protect you like a child. Isn’t that great?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks suddenly turned pink. “I don’t want to talk to you. Nothing serious comes out from your mouth,” she said.

Wang Ma who had finished her medicine was elated when she saw these young people together. Smiling, she returned upstairs.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and forced a mouthful of soup down. Before drinking for a second time, she frowned and spit out her tongue as a result of the bitterness.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to laugh. He untied the plastic bag and took out the freshest glutinous rice ball before passing it to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the rice ball eagerly. She couldn’t resist the temptation after all. Receiving it from Yang Chen, she quickly took a bite, but felt like she would lose face. As she chewed, she explained, “It’s just that I don’t like to waste food. I’ll finish these since you bought them.”

“I know, I know. We’re a thrifty family,’ Yang Chen said certainly.

Lin Ruoxi mumbled, “It’s best that you know,” before proceeding to drink the medicine as she ate rice balls.

When she finally finished the medicinal soup, she devoured the entire box of rice balls as well. Yang Chen felt that if there was a competition for eating rice balls, Lin Ruoxi could at least enter quarter finals.

Carrying the empty bowl, Yang Chen walked to the kitchen before starting to wash the pot that he used to simmer the medicine.

Lin Ruoxi stood beside the door of the kitchen, staring at Yang Chen’s back while he worked. Suddenly, she felt that her heart was nice and warm. The more she gazed at Yang Chen, the more she wanted the moment to last longer.

When Yang Chen finally finished washing the dishes and turned around, Lin Ruoxi suddenly noticed that she was doing something inappropriate. Quickly, she turned around and acted like nothing happened.

Yang Chen asked, “Babe Ruoxi, aren’t you going to rest?”

“Yes… I… I have something to tell you,” Lin Ruoxi said. She immediately thought of an excuse she could use.

“What is it?” Yang Chen asked.

“You heard what I told Yanyan earlier. It’s a dinner event taking place on next Friday. I want you to go with me,” Lin Ruoxi said.

Yang Chen got astonished. According to her understanding towards Lin Ruoxi, she wouldn’t participate in events like this often. She didn’t even have to entertain her customers.

Lin Ruoxi said, “I know what you’re thinking about. Back then, I didn’t really attend events like this, but it’s different now. Although it doesn’t really matter if I show up there, you can get to know a lot of people that are helpful for your future development in Zhonghai if you agree to go.”

Shocked, Yang Chen thought, <i>so she’s trying to get connections for me, that’s why she wants me to go.</i>

“I think there’s no need for that. I’m living quite comfortably now. I don’t hope to get how high of a wage. It’s tiring enough for you to take care of Yu Lei International. If I still go and find more things to do, life would be meaningless,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi said calmly, “Since you know that I’m tired, why can’t you help me shoulder some stress for me? The men from other families are all working hard. Why are you always so free? And how do feel so at ease doing so?”

Yang Chen didn’t know what do say. It was true that he was someone who relies on the woman at home, and do nothing to help out if he was looked by the society. He lived at his wife’s house, drove his wife’s car and his wife even arranged his job for him—he wouldn’t get fired when he did nothing in the company.

Lin Ruoxi felt that her words hurt Yang Chen’s dignity. She said apologetically, “I’m not saying how bad you are… I just feel that you certainly are competent enough to achieve more. Why do you only want to rely on your wife? I don’t expect you to conquer the world or be much impressive. I just hope that one day, I can pass the company into your hands… I’m not a woman with a strong heart to run an enterprise. If I could, I would’ve stayed at home all day and lock myself. I don’t want to spend so much effort on those people. Just like the gamble I had with my seniors, to be honest, even if I wasn’t the CEO of Yu Lei International, I’d still be unwilling to work at Changlin Media. Sitting at my position, I need to take too many people into account, even if my heart wasn’t willing to. I hold way too many responsibilities… Do you understand what I mean?”

Yang Chen nodded. Smiling, he said, “Alright, I understand. I’ll listen to your arrangements. I’ll follow you there.”

Inheriting Yu Lei International? Of course, Yang Chen wouldn’t do that for sure. However, if he rejected Lin Ruoxi earlier, their relationship which had improved slightly would worsen again.

Elated, Lin Ruoxi said, “You don’t have to feel too pressured. Just do it slowly. This event is organized by the second biggest clan in Zhonghai, Liu clan. Their main business is Jade Clouds Corporation. Although they aren’t as significant as Yuan clan, they can still be considered a major clan in Zhonghai.”

<i>Liu family? Jade Clouds Corporation?</i> Yang Chen suddenly thought of the fiancé of An Xin, the one who argued with him at the police station back then. <i>Isn’t he the young master of Liu clan? If I recall correctly, his name should be Liu Yun.</i>

Yang Chen didn’t expect Liu clan to be this powerful. He finally understood why An Xin’s father wanted to push his daughter to marry Liu Yun so much.

“It’s a charity auction dinner. There will first be a prom, then there’ll be an auction. It’d held at Jade Clouds Hotel owned by Liu clan. Almost every successful businessman and influential government members will be there. This time, you’ll just go there to let people recognize your look. It’ll help you substantially,” Lin Ruoxi further explained.

Yang Chen nodded. He said, “With you, I think getting to know people wouldn’t be tough.”

Lin Ruoxi understood what Yang Chen was saying. It was true that she appeared very seldomly in the public. A lot of people had only heard of her name, but hadn’t had a chance to meet her in person. Her appearance would undoubtedly welcome lots of interactions with the guests.

“Don’t think about it too much. I just want you to do stuff seriously. One day, there’ll be people trying to get near you,” Lin Ruoxi said.

“It’s just that I dislike my woman being displayed in the public,” Yang Chen said before winking at Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare. “Can’t you get serious for a moment?”

“Where am I not serious at?” Yang Chen asked sadly.

“You aren’t serious everywhere!” Lin Ruoxi said angrily before putting on her rabbit-head slippers and sprinting upstairs.

After tidying up everything, Yang Chen didn’t plan to attend work today. He went up to his own room as well.

After switching his computer on, Yang Chen took a cigarette out and lit it up. Various expressions showed up in his eyes. Finally, he took a deep breath, as if he made a major decision.

Clipping the cigarette with his mouth, Yang Chen’s hand quickly moved on the keyboard. He typed in a random web address which was encrypted.

After pressing the ‘Enter’ key, he got connected to a video call.

The profile of the other side appeared. It had an image of a soaring blu eagle.

System: “Connecting…”

After waiting for around a minute, the image of the blue eagle disappeared when it got replaced by the face of a western white guy which looked handsome and strong.

There was a tatoo on the guy’s face which looked like a code. His pair of green pupils looked like leopards constantly looking for preys. On top of his brown hair, he wore a western officer hat.

“Pluto, reporting from Sauron!” the guy said energetically with a strong British accent while his hand formed an accurate gesture of the noble. He looked at Yang Chen with utmost respect, his eyes looked like they were filled with fire.

Yang Chen involuntarily yearned at the past while he heard the same old voice. Using English, he said, “Sauron, long time no see. Is everybody doing well?”

“Except that all of us are missing Our Majesty Pluto, all of us are having a great time,” Sauron said. He seemed like he was smiling, but his face wasn’t cooperating, as if it was made using metal, looking rather weird.

Yang Chen breathed out some smoke. “Sauron, I told you a lot of times that you’re not my slave nor my servant. You’re my friend. Relax.”

Sauron grinned, revealing teeth that had turned black. “Your Majesty Pluto, I’m already very relaxed. You must understand that I’m giving utmost respect to someone who has helped me significantly. I guess my brothers and your other friends all have the same thought. Please believe that all of us are happy to be friend with someone as strong as you. But… this process is rather difficult. You never gave us time to get used to it.”

“Alright, alright. It seems like you’ve been spending too much time with the old man Constantine. You’re starting to get good at repeating words over and over again,” Yang Chen said.

Smiling, Sauron replied, “Ron is an interesting man, but he’s way too stingy. When I came back from Italy last week, he only gave me two bottles of Margaret from 1980s. I clearly saw that he salvaged some champagne from the 19th century.”

“Don’t you know what Ron’s life-long philosophy is?”

“I know. Money comes from savings! Sigh, I hope that even Satan can forgive this stupid old man. I bet even the devils detest his stinginess!”

“He’s a Catholic member. You don’t need to worry that the person you have faith in would dislike him,” Yang Chen said.

Sauron shook his head, saying, “No, no, no. Please believe me, Your Majesty Pluto, the fellow Ron is definitely a fake Catholic member. He’s very aware that he can’t get into heaven. His clothing can only be used to trick women who only know how to dress themselves up. In my eyes, they are no different from broken cloths. He even wants to earn the money from intercontinental missile. I’m very angry at this!”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to laugh when he saw Sauron who was displeased. “You guys are still this interesting,” he said.

“Yeah, Your Majesty Pluto, although we all think that these are serious matters, you see them as interesting shows. Why did you go back to China? I hate countries where I need to get permission from before I play with machine guns,” Sauron said.

“Sauron, I don’t think any country can satisfy your hobby. So I don’t feel like explaining why I came back to China. I actually hope that you can help me. That’s why I find you today.”

Sauron’s eyes shone. “Your Majesty Pluto, are you finally going to draw out your devil claws again? Tell me, is it Middle East? North Africa? Or is it Amazon Rainforest? Damn it! My blood is boiling already! If there’s a naval battle, I guess I can send out a few nuclear submarines. These fellows are very powerful after being modified!”

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen shook his head before saying, “Sauron, the world is really peaceful these years. I don’t hope to initiate a war myself.”

“Oh… I’m sorry. I forgot that Your Majesty Pluto has reached God Rank and can’t step in during times like this. Then may I ask what mission it is? My friends and I will be happy to serve you!”

“Thank you, Sauron. Actually, it’s nothing serious. I hope that you can send a team of ‘Sea Eagles’ to the central ocean of China. I need teammates who excel in disguise. Their power levels don’t have to be too high. Also, help me track down someone, but this is absolutely confidential. I’ll send the person’s information and contact details to you later,” Yang Chen said. He listed out all his requests directly.

Sauron greeted with a gesture used in the navy army. “I will accomplish the mission in glory!”

“Thank you,” Yang Chen replied before cutting the connection off. He then sent the prepared details over.

After getting this matter done, Yang Chen went back to his bed and wanted to take an afternoon nap. At this moment, his phone vibrated once again.

Chapter 239: Medicine 2018-01-09T15:17:22+00:00

On the way back to Dragon Garden, Wang Ma had been sneezing in the car repeatedly. She seemed to have caught a cold.

After going back to the hall at home, Lin Ruoxi said worriedly, “Wang Ma, have some medicines and get some rest.”

Wang Ma who looked pale waved her hand. “No need. Miss, you should go back to your room and rest. You need to work, you can’t get sick like I did. My body and bones are hard, an insignificant cold like this is nothing to me. After the incident, I need to check the house to see if anything valuable is lost.”

“Wang Ma, don’t check already. Can’t you see that the house is fine? The last thing that the house needs is money. Why would care care about those? Listen to Ruoxi, take some medicines and rest,” Yang Chen said.

Wang Ma kind of agreed to what Yang Chen said. Looking at the surrounding with minimal changes and feeling her dizziness, she said, “Young Master, there were only the two of us here in this house last time. We don’t keep any medicine at home. I still need to trouble you to get some outside.”

Yang Chen naturally didn’t deny the request. “Then Wang Ma and Ruoxi, you two may go upstairs and bathe. I’ll be back with medicines when you’re done,” he said before rushing out of the house.

Wang Ma smiled as she looked at Lin Ruoxi, saying, “Miss, Young Master must’ve felt really bad earlier. Looking at his expression at the police station earlier, anyone would feel heartache for him.”

“Really…? I wasn’t paying attention,” Lin Ruoxi said softly. “I said that I didn’t blame him. I can’t do anything if he still wants to think that way.”

“It’s because Miss hasn’t been treating him enthusiastically. When you suddenly get so understanding, Young Master would feel sorry for you,” Wang Ma said and coughed.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi asked, “If I don’t usually treat him nicely, shouldn’t he feel happy when I get sympathetic?”

“This is where Young Master is different from other guys. He doesn’t keep it in his heart when Miss doesn’t treat him well. That’s why the situation turned out this way. Sigh,” Wang Ma said before walking upstairs slowly.

Lin Ruoxi contemplated as she stood silently, before walking upstairs as well.

At the same time, Yang Chen was thinking what medicines he was supposed to get for the two while driving. Since he would never get sick, he had no knowledge when it came to the effectiveness of different medicines. He reached a private pharmacy. When he wanted to enter the shop, someone called him from behind.

“Young Master, don’t get medicines from this place,” the voice of an old person resounded.

Yang Chen turned around and saw an old man dressed in a gray robe standing in front of him. His appearance attracted quite a lot of attention from the passersby.

“It’s you…” Yang Chen said as he squinted. This guy was the person who followed Lin Zhiguo around, Gray Robe.

Since Gray Robe reached Zhonghai, Lin Zhiguo must’ve come as well, Yang Chen thought.

God’s Stone was indeed impressive. It even made the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to rush over to Zhonghai.

Gray Robe seemed really kind, he looked at Yang Chen like he would look at any junior. “When it comes to medicine, taking Chinese medicine is a better idea. There’s a pharmacy nearby, I’ll bring Young Master there.”

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen nodded. Although he wanted to avoid Lin Zhiguo, it didn’t mean that he’d reject this old man’s good intention. Furthermore, Yang Chen had limited knowledge when it came to medicines. He knew that taking Chinese medicine would condition the body better.

Following Gray Robe across a street, they stopped at an old Chinese medicine pharmacy located at a crossroad.

Upon entering the shop, Gray Robe told the shop owner a list of medicinal ingredients. After packing them up, the old folk at the pharmacy passed the package to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took some money out to pay before saying, “Thank you.”

“Young Master, you don’t need to thank me. This is what I should do,” Gray Robe said. “Sigh, it’s our responsibility as well that Miss got kidnapped by Yamata Sect. Master asked me to thank you.”

“He doesn’t hate me for passing God’s Stone to the people from Yamata Sect?” Yang Chen asked in a mocking manner.

Shaking his head, Gray Robe answered, “Master indeed got mad. The matter regarding God’s Stone is significant. It can influence how energy is divided in the entire world. If it’s not handled appropriately, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and the organizations from other countries would get into a disaster.”

“The ninjas from Yamata Sect excel in lurking and escaping. You guys won’t necessarily be able to catch them,” Yang Chen said smilingly.

“This is also why I came here to see Young Master,” Gray Robe said with a serious expression. “We hope that Young Master can help us to track the whereabouts of God’s Stone and kill the three people.”

“I don’t want to be related to God’s Stone anymore, and I’m not interested in letting people think that I’m your ally,” Yang Chen said as he rejected the request. “God’s Stone isn’t related to me anymore, not even in the slightest way. If you guys are capable enough to retrieve God’s Stone, it’s fate you should thank. If it ends up being used by Yamata Sect, I can only say that they’re more lucky than you guys.”

Gray Robe’s eyes shone. He said, “Young Master, do you mean that you won’t care where God’s Stone ends up at? You won’t step in anymore?”

“That’s right. I quit,” Yang Chen said as he nodded.

“Alright, deal!” Gray Robe said before taking a deep breath. “Actually, Master has his concern as well. He’s worried that Young Master would step in to retrieve God’s Stone. This way, our large-scale hunt would be wasted. Now that Young Master doesn’t want God’s Stone back, we can do as we want.”

“There’s no use for it to be with me. It’ll only cause trouble to the people around me,” Yang Chen said with a bitter smile. Waving his hand, he said, “You guys may do all you want. I’ll go now. I still need to simmer and serve the medicines.”

Gray Robe nodded smilingly. He said, “Simmer the medicines following the instructions written. A cold can be gotten rid of within a night. Help me greet Miss Ruoxi when you see her.”

Yang Chen nodded before leaving the pharmacy.

After Yang Chen left, Gray Robe took out his contact device. After the connection was up, he reported, “Master, Young Master has promised to step out of the fight for God’s Stone.”

“It’s as expected, since God’s Stone doesn’t hold any meaning to him anymore. I just didn’t think that he’d give up God’s Stone for Ruoxi.”

“Master… what do we do next…”

“You may come back. Since Yang Chen isn’t stepping in, we’ll seize this opportunity. We mustn’t let Hannya and Tanuki go back to Japan.”

“Isn’t Tengu with them as well?”

“Tengu got poisoned by them. His corpse got destroyed into powder. We just got this information after examining the bone ash.”

“Although Tengu was strong, his escape ability was far inferior to Hannya and Tanuki. He’d only form a burden towards them. Now that Tengu was gone, catching the other two would be much more difficult…”

“Yeah… No matter what, whether we can conduct the project ‘God Creation’ depends on this one-day pursuit. If we delay for a while longer, Yamata Sect will send backup for them. Once God’s Stone lands on their hands, it’s very possible that a troublesome enemy would arise. So, we mustn’t get careless this time!”

“Yes… Master!”

On the way back to the bungalow, Yang Chen’s mood was rather good. He was thinking if he should bring other stuff back home, since he felt sorry for the two women at home.

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen turned the car around and proceeded to another street to buy some small gifts.

Regarding God’s Stone, it was a matter between Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and Yamata Sect. It was none of his business. He only wanted to go home to simmer the medicines. This was a new life to life, he had never done something like this before.

As he reached the kitchen, Yang Chen followed the instructions and took a crucible out. He started simmering the medicines as he read the instructions given.

After more than ten minutes, the smell of Chinese medicine filled the entire kitchen, and dispersed to the second floor.

After bathing, Wang Ma and Lin Ruoxi walked downstairs after changing.

Looking at Yang Chen happily pouring medicinal soup into a bowl, Wang Ma got curious while Lin Ruoxi daydreamt.

“Young Master, why did you think of getting Chinese medicine? Did you come up with the recipe as well?” Wang Ma asked.

Yang Chen placed two bowls on the table as he said, “How would I know any recipe? I asked an old man for a recipe to cure cold.”

Yang Chen didn’t mention Gray Robe at all. He was very aware that Lin Ruoxi would never consume the medicine if he did.

“I haven’t had any medicine in a while. I still remember when Old Mistress was still here, she’d buy medicines and boil them herself every time someone got sick in the house,” Wang Ma said. “I still remember Miss was always unwilling to drink the medicine. She had to be consoled before she would agree to consume it.”

Looking at the light brown medicinal soup on the table, Lin Ruoxi said, “Wang Ma, you may drink the medicine yourself. I don’t want it.”

Yang Chen got shocked. “Why don’t you want it? You have to remove the cold from your body,” he said.

“Yeah, Miss, Young Master put in a lot of effort for this. Please drink some,” Wang Ma said.

“I won’t drink it because I say so! I’m afraid of bitterness, okay?!”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly got irritated. She turned around and ran upstairs.

Yang Chen quickly ran into the kitchen to take a small plastic bag out. He shouted, “Wifey, if you obediently drink the medicine, I’ll give you some glutinous rice balls!”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stopped walking. Her shoulders shivered lightly. Turning around, she shouted, “Bad guy!” before running back to her room without looking bad. It could be seen that her eyes were wet.


Yang Chen got stunned like a wooden chicken. Confused, he thought, doesn’t this girl love glutinous rice balls? I purposely made a big turn to get them. Is it really that torturing to drink medicine?

Wang Ma looked apologetic and sad. Looking at the bewildered Yang Chen, she said, “Young Master, Old Mistress used to console Miss with glutinous rice balls as well, to make Miss consume medicine. You did the exact same thing. You must’ve reminded Miss of her grandmother.”

Yang Chen got speechless. He didn’t expect to hook Lin Ruoxi’s sad memories twice intentionally. No wonder she seemed like she was going to cry.

“Then… Wang Ma, please consume the medicine. I can’t do anything if Ruoxi doesn’t want it,” Yang Chen said helplessly. “Sigh, I got hit by a bullet even when I was lying down. I bet Ruoxi will roll her eyes to me for the next few days.”

Wang Ma said, “I don’t think that’ll happen. I think Miss may like Young Master even more.”

“Because I made her think of her grandma?” Yang Chen asked.

“Instead of saying it’s because of Old Mistress, Miss may have felt how concerned you are for her. Being able to do something to this extent means that Young Master has truly placed Miss into your heart,” Wang Ma said.

Embarrassed, Yang Chen replied, “This sounds rather cringey. Aren’t they just a few rice balls? If she likes shark fin or bird’s nest, there’s no way I’m buying them for her.”

However, when Yang Chen brought the bowl to the kitchen as he wanted to pour away the soup, Lin Ruoxi suddenly opened her door from the second floor.

Lin Ruoxi looked down with her wet eyes while she pouted. It was evident that she cried for a while. The usually ice-cold Lin Ruoxi looked particularly cute this way.

“Yang Chen, what are you doing? Are you pouring it away? I haven’t had my medicine yet! Do you hope that I never recover?!”

Chapter 238: Credit 2018-01-09T15:11:44+00:00

Yang Chen ignored Cai Ning completely as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand. A geographical coordinate is written on it. It was assumed that Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma were there.

“Hubby, you finally called me. Is everything settled?”

“Yes… Rose, help me look for a coordinate and send your men over for a rescue mission.”

After telling Rose the coordinate given by Hannya, Yang Chen ended the call and raised his head, only to discover that Cai Ning was standing in front of him without moving. Frowning, he said, “If you want to see me as the criminal, you may arrest me to meet your stupid general. I can tell you directly. Since your sister is Ruoxi’s close friend, I won’t kill you, but I’ll abolish your skills.”

“Such arrogance…” Cai Ning knew that Yang Chen was telling the truth. In fact, she wanted to throw all the darts she had on this man so bad, if she could.

Yang Chen stopped giving her attention and walked towards the direction he came from.

When he got back to his car, he received a call from Rose. Since the entire Zhonghai had men from Red Thorns Society, locating the targets didn’t take long.

“Hubby, luckily we got there early. Otherwise they’d be in trouble,” Rose said.

“Where are they?” Yang Chen asked calmly, but he was trembling deep down his heart.

Rose replied, “My men from the west located them at a pool behind a natural water plant. They were unconscious and tied up in there. Water slowly filled the pool up. If we got there 15 minutes later, it’s very likely that they already drowned.”

Yang Chen felt really irritated. Obviously, Tengu and the others wouldn’t hesitate to kill. If they didn’t tell him the coordinate, Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma would’ve undoubtedly drowned.

“Thanks, Babe Rose. Pass them to the police there,” Yang Chen said. At the same time, he added Tengu and the other two to the blacklist in his heart.

After ending the call, Cai Ning appeared behind Yang Chen. She said, “General is very mad. He said he was very disappointed in you.”

Yang Chen turned around angrily, with his eyes turning bloodshot. “I want to visit the police station to look for my wife and Wang Ma. You better stop talking about your bullshit general. He’s a piece of shit in my eyes. If you dare to remind me of him again, I’ll kill him!”

Noticing the incredibly concentrated killing intent, Cai Ning quickly stepped backwards and couldn’t speak a word. She felt that tears would flow out immediately but they got stopped forcefully by her.

After getting into the car, Yang Chen started the engine and drifted off to the police station in the west.

He had to witness Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma with his own eyes to truly feel relieved. He didn’t want to care about anything else.

Cai Ning looked at Yang Chen’s car driving away. After standing at the same place for a while more, she pressed a button on the receiver in her ears.

“General, Yang Chen left.”

“Flower Rain, come back to the division. Search the borders of the entire Zhonghai strictly. We mustn’t allow the three from Yamata Sect escape to Japan!”

“Yes… But, General, Ruoxi almost got harmed. Do you want to visit her?”

“No need, there are more important tasks.”


“Oh yeah, where is Yang Chen going? Is he tracking the three from Yamata Sect down?”

“He’s going to a police station to visit Ruoxi and Wang Ma…”


At the same time, Tengu and the other two stopped running at a hidden border in the south.

After making sure that they were not followed, the three of them let out a smile.

Tengu opened his palm, revealing the crystal which was reflecting dark light—God’s Stone. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“We got it… Finally… we got it! We can become gods… become gods!”

Tanuki walked towards Tengu happily and tapped his shoulder. Looking at the stone in his palm, he said, “Lord Tengu, let me take a look. Is this rock really that impressive?”

Tengu immediately put God’s Stone back into his shirt. He warned, “Tanuki, I got this thing through my carefully tailored plan. Before God’s Stone is handed into Leader, I won’t hand it to anyone else.”

“Wow, Lord Tengu, do you think that Hannya and I would steal your credit? Why do you insist on holding the rock yourself? Do you possibly want to keep it to yourself?” Tanuki asked with a cunning smile.

“Tanuki! You’re insulting my loyalty towards Leader! Don’t try to challenge my limit!” Tengu shouted angrily.

After listening to what he said, Hannya let out a cold smile. “Tengu, before we came to this country, Leader said that I would be leading the plan. Although you succeeded, you disobeyed Leader’s order to stick with the team. Don’t think that you can get away from Leader’s punishment.”

“Humph! Hannya, although I like you, I only want to hand God’s Stone to Leader. Every punishment would be voided at that time. I’ll also request Leader to make you my woman!” Tengu said loudly as he grinned.

Hannya stared at him coldly. “I think you should pass God’s Stone to Tanuki,” she said.

“Why? I was the one who managed to grab God’s Stone. Why should I give it to you two useless folks?!” Tengu said angrily.

“Hehe…” Tanuki laughed cunningly. “Why? It’s because you’re immediately dying.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hannya suddenly disappeared from her original position, leaving smoke behind.

Tengu got dumbfounded. Being a Jinnin himself as well, he immediately knew that Hannya was going to kill him.

“Hannya! Do you really want to die this badly?!”

A sharp light shone in Tengu’s eyes. A short blade appeared in his hand out of nowhere. He then landed an attack on his northeast direction.


Hannya appeared out of thin air. Her short blade got blocked horizontally.

Tengu laughed coldly as he gathered strength to push Hannya away forcefully. Suddenly, his entire body shocked, his knees couldn’t make him stand anymore, making him kneel on the ground!

Puff! Tengu vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as he screamed in agony before falling onto the ground.

Tanuki let out the same cunning smile as he stepped on Tengu’s chest. “Tengu, you got so happy when you got God’s Stone, that you didn’t even notice I poisoned you. Hahah!”

Tengu buzzed and wanted to say something. As the scene when Tanuki tapped on his shoulder replayed, he suddenly got pissed before vomiting blood again.

“Hehe, Hannya, your poison is really effective. This dog is indeed dumb. His body is strong like a cow, I didn’t expect him to fall this soon,” Tanuki said in contempt.

Holding onto her cold expression, Hannya bent down and grabbed God’s Stone from Tengu’s hand relaxedly. “Tengu, you betrayed Leader’s order. Even if you were the one who got the stone first, you’d still be the organization’s betrayer. Tanuki and I will help you pass it to Leader.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Should we bring you as we leave China? Or should you be buried here?” Tanuki said. Rubbing his hand, he turned to Hannya and said smilingly, “Miss Hannya, can you let me take a look at God’s Stone?”

Hannya looked at him with a death stare before tossing God’s Stone to Tanuki.

“You’re indeed Leader’s daughter. You’re not petty like him,” Tanuki commended happily. As he played with God’s Stone, greed could be seen in his eyes.

Hannya said coldly, “Tanuki, you better not do anything funny. Except Leader, no one else knows how to use God’s Stone.”

“I know, I know…” Tanuki said with a smile. “Miss Hannya, I just can’t wait anymore. I hope to transform into a god… Hehe…”

In the completely silent forest, there echoed Tanuki’s evil laughter.

On the other hand, Yang Chen arrived at the police station in the west.

Since it wasn’t Yang Chen’s first time here, the officers here knew that this man seemed to be related to the police chief. No one went forward to stop Yang Chen from entering.

Entering the huge office within, Yang Chen immediately saw Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma. The two were sitting beside a huge office table, making legal recordings together.

Since the two people got completely drenched, they changed into simple clothing and wore a police coat on the outside.

However, Lin Ruoxi’s hair hadn’t dried yet, it was dripping water. Due to coldness, her lips turned pale while she looked sluggish.

Being a close friend and the police chief, Cai Yan had been beside them from the start, looking worried. Seeing Yang Chen walk into the office, her expression turned slightly cheerful. “Yang Chen, you’re here.”

Wang Ma turned around and called out, “Young Master,” as soon as she saw Yang Chen. She didn’t look too good as she had to go through such a terrible experience at an old age.

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she heard nothing. She just silently sat there.

“Sorry that I came late. You guys must’ve suffered,” Yang Chen said. Seeing the two who looked gloomy, his heart ached as he felt remorse.

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and looked at Yang Chen in trance. A vague smile suddenly appeared on her face. “We don’t even know how we got kidnapped and how to returned. What different does it make if you reached earlier? You’d just be destined to get kidnapped with us.”

Initially, Yang Chen was mentally prepared to get a scolding from Lin Ruoxi or get a cold treatment from her. However, not only did none of them happen, Lin Ruoxi didn’t want Yang Chen to be bothered, making Yang Chen feel surprised.

If I was at home, you guys won’t ever get caught, he thought. However, he didn’t want to say it out.

“Ruoxi, I promise it won’t happen again. I will properly protect you all,” Yang Chen said seriously.

Lin Ruoxi lightly shook her head. “Yang Chen, you don’t need to do this. Although you often get on my nerves, I’m not an unreasonable woman. This didn’t happen because of you. I don’t blame you for passing your night outside. Before we got married, I said that you’d have your freedom. Us getting kidnapped has nothing to do with you. You can go back to work.”

“Yeah, Young Master, Miss and I don’t blame you at all. Those bad guys must’ve come to our house for money. If you were at home, it’d be more dangerous,” Wang Ma said. She didn’t want Yang Chen to blame himself either.

Lin Ruoxi was an exceptional businesswoman. Though she got kidnapped and almost drowned, both of which happened for unknown reasons, she could still look at the situation clearly and rationally.

Sigh. Yang Chen could feel what the intentions of the two were. Wang Ma had always been on his side, but even the usually cold Lin Ruoxi asked him to not get upset. Yang Chen only felt a heart-tearing pain on his chest.

Maybe she doesn’t like me, but she does care about my feelings. I can’t tell them that the true reason they got kidnapped. It was all because the thing in my hands!

Cai Yan who had been silently standing aside walked towards Yang Chen as she felt grief. She said, “Before you came, we collected the information we needed. Ruoxi and Wang Ma must be tired now, you may send them home.”

Yang Chen nodded and went forward to support Wang Ma stand up before turning to Lin Ruoxi, saying, “Ruoxi, let’s go home.”

“Yes…” Lin Ruoxi stood up and followed Yang Chen for a few steps before stopping. Turning around, she said, “Yanyan, we’ll attend the dinner next week.”

“You guys?” Cai Yan asked in shock. She then looked at Yang Chen who looked confused.

Yang Chen asked, “What dinner?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home. Let’s go,” Lin Ruoxi said. After saying goodbye to Cai Yan, she turned around and left the office.

Chapter 237: Sacrifice 2018-01-09T15:07:52+00:00

Yang Chen walked out of his room and proceeded to the underground garage.

After turning the lights on, the garage got lit like it was daytime. Due to regular maintenance, the luxury cars in the garage all shone brightly and were very reflective.

Yang Chen seemed like he had no interest towards these popular cars that could make ordinary people scream. He walked to a corner and reached his hand to touch a green brick.

As he pinched on the green brick, Yang Chen carefully withdrew it out from the wall. One would never expect an seemingly ordinary green brick to be drawn out of the wall.

A small gap was revealed. Yang Chen reached his hand into the empty space and when he drew his hand out, there was an extra black casing which had the size of a palm. It couldn’t be seen what the black casing was made of. When it got shone upon, some glossy lines strangely appeared.

This was the exact same casing where Yang Chen broke his broken apartment’s wall to retrieve before coming here.

Yang Chen gave the casing a few more looks before smiling bitterly. He said, “This thing causes me a lot of troubles, doesn’t it?”

Shaking his head, Yang Chen carefully opened the casing, revealing a similarly black cloth. At the center of the cloth, there was a stone with the size of a thumb which looked like diamond, but was a transparent crystal with black patterns within.

After taking the crystal out and putting it into his pocket in his pants, Yang Chen threw the black casing back to the hole before putting the green brick back into place.

After half an hour, Yang Chen arrived at South Botanical Garden by driving.

Since it was an early morning, most people just started work. In addition to its remote location, no one could be seen there. It could be considered a deserted area.

Yang Chen had never been here before. Since it was the season of autumn-winter, no one was there to collect the entrance fee, allowing Yang Chen to drive directly into the garden.

Driving along the asphalt road, Yang Chen saw a signboard stating ‘Xinglin’, which was exactly the area Tengu was referring to. Stopping his car at the outside, Yang Chen walked into the woods under low temperature.

Walking along the meandering abandoned cobblestone road, Yang Chen slowly entered the depths of Xinglin.

The ginkgo trees referred to as ‘living fossils’ made this region extraordinarily dense. The giant fan-shaped leaves fell onto the ground and got crushed the moment they land, forming soil instantly.

When he walked to an empty area of more than 10 square meters, Yang Chen stopped moving and raised his head.

At the peaks of the two ginkgo trees, two male ninjas who were dressed in black, tight uniforms could be seen standing, seemingly as light as feather. One was tall and strong while the other was short and skinny. They were exactly the two of the three great ninjas in Yamata Sect, Tengu and Tanuki.

Behind Yang Chen, Hannya was playing with her flourishing red nails. With her long hair waving to and fro, she walked out from empty space. Her face was covered with a mask with black and red pattern. Her water-like eyes contained various feelings.

“Where are the people?” Yang Chen asked directly.

Tiangou used his rough voice to say, “Your Majesty Pluto, don’t get impatient. If you want to see them, we have to see God’s Stone.”

“God’s Stone is in the pocket of my pants, but I want to ensure the safety of the hostages,” Yang Chen replied.

“Hehe,” Tanuki let out an extremely high-pitched laugh. “The mighty ‘Beheading of Ten Thousand People’ is indeed worthy of its title. The Death God Hades who has slain countless lives unexpectedly came to negotiate for the life of an ordinary woman using God’s Stone.”

Hannya’s charming eyes turned their attention towards Yang Chen’s pocket. “Your Majesty Pluto, I really got a bit jealous as a woman myself,” she said.

Yang Chen frowned and said, “It’s not just one ordinary woman. You guys kidnapped two people.”

Tengu hummed before saying, “Rest assured, as long as you pass God’s Stone to us, we’ll give the old woman back to you. If you allow us to run away for a kilometer without pursuing us, we’ll tell you where your wife is via a special communication method. Of course, if you dare to take action or lie to us, then your pretty-as-a-fairy wife would need to have her skull crushed.”

“Are you guys threatening me?” Yang Chen asked coldly.

Tengu laughed cunningly. “We know that Your Majesty Pluto hates it when people threaten you. However, please think properly. Your woman, your family… are still in our hands. As soon as we make a mistake, they’ll have to go through funeral with us.”

Yang Chen held his fists tightly, but eventually let go slowly.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen reached out to his pocket and took out the reflective, black crystal with the size of a fingertip.

As soon as the three great ninjas saw the crystal, all of them started getting excited together.

“It’s indeed in your hands!” Tengu laughed loudly.

Hannya’s eyes also shone as she stared at the crystal in Yang Chen’s hand in focus.

“Your Majesty Pluto, give it to us!” Tanuki exclaimed smilingly.

“Let me ensure Wang Ma’s safety first!” Yang Chen said loudly before keeping the crystal into his palm.

“We swear upon the dignity of the warriors in Japan, as long as you give us God’s Stone, we’ll definitely give the two hostages back to you safely!” Tengu said with a serious expression.

“Your dignity is worth nothing.” Yang Chen shook his head.

“You’re slandering us!” Tengu said angrily. “No matter how you think, we won’t give the hostages back to you if you don’t pass us God’s Stone! If you dare to touch us and they don’t get rescued in time, they’ll both die!”

Yang Chen raised his head before shutting his eyes. He seemed like he was tryng to think of a solution.

At this moment, Tengu and Tanuki jumped down from the trees.

Suk! Suk!

Two traces of light flew past the places where the two were standing at.

“Who is it?!”

The two suddenly got attacked by hidden weapons and got furious as they looked at the direction where the hidden weapons flew from.

A tall and graceful woman wearing a white sweater and a pair of pale jeans walked out. She had pink cheeks and her brows looked like a crescent moon. Once in a while, she exerted the aura of loneliness and coldness.

“It’s you again… Flower Rain…”

Hannya recognized who the person was. She was Cai Yan’s elder sister, Cai Ning, one of the Group of Eight, Flower Rain.

Cai Ning’s expression was extremely serious. Her gaze upon Yang Chen was as sharp as a knife. “Yang Chen, General gave an order, you can’t give God’s Stone away!”

After the experience in Tibet, Yang Chen naturally knew who ‘General’ was. He was Lin Ruoxi’s grandfather Lin Zhiguo whom she refused to recognize.

“I think this is my freedom,” Yang Chen said as he shrugged. “God’s Stone is in my hands, not his.”

“That’s right, Miss Flower Rain, you better think it through before trying to stop the deal between us and His Majesty Pluto alone,” Tanuki said smilingly.

Cai Ning glanced at them coldly, saying, “Don’t forget where you are. Not touching you guys doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to slaughter you all!”

“Humph! Then you shall see if His Majesty Pluto is willing to sacrifice his wife and his family’s lives,” Hannya said with a smile.

Cai Ning ignored them and turned to look at Yang Chen. She said, “Yang Chen, I know that you’re having God’s Stone with you. Our people from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade have known about it all this while. The reason we don’t ask for it from you is because we trust that you won’t join forces with the evil. You’re our ally. We won’t forcefully ask for God’s Stone, but… you can’t give it to Yamata Sect. Do you know the consequences of handing it to Yamata Sect?! Not only will they pose a threat to China, they’d be a huge danger to the entire world!”

Yang Chen pondered for a moment before saying, “You know Ruoxi’s identity. You also know how she’s related to the ‘General’ in your mouth.”

Cai Ning got shocked. She said, “I know. That’s why I respect General so much for his unbiased attitude.”

“Oh, you know about it?” Yang Chen couldn’t help but to laugh. “”What do you know? He wants Ruoxi to call him Grandpa, he wants her to give him some attention. However at moments like this, he wants to stop people from saving his own granddaughter for a little stone that doesn’t even belong to him?!”

“Can’t you differentiate righteousness and personal relationships?! How can these be discussed together?! For the benefits of the billions of citizens, he can sacrifice his own family member. Is this something so disgraceful?! Doesn’t he deserve our respect?!” Cai Ning shouted angrily.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have such upright qualities. All I know is, I wouldn’t give up my own family members, my own women, even if it comes at the cost of the entire world. If you people at Yellow Flame Iron Brigade rely on selling your family members to protect the country, I really wonder how many family members you have left.”

“You…” Cai Ning got gloomy. Clenching her teeth, she shouted, “You’re being unreasonable!”

“I’m unreasonable?!” Yang Chen smiled coldly. He said, “According to your logic, the soldiers and commanders all want to defend the country, and not themselves? Aren’t they trying to protect someone they love in their families so they want to protect China? If there isn’t anyone you love left in the world, where would their home be? Without home, where would the country be? How do they protect the country this way? Sacrificing family members is an act of the weak. Giving up on someone you can save is fucking pathetic! A while ago, I couldn’t rationalize Abbess Yun Miao’s actions. I finally understand now, I understand how Abbess Yun Miao felt when Lin Zhiguo allowed his son and his daughter-in-law to die in the frontline. He shouldn’t force it if he’s incompetent. I haven’t heard of secret agencies from other countries who would sacrifice their own family members to earn respect.”

Cai Ning’s expression turned dark. “Regardless of what you say, General ordered me to stop you from passing them God’s Stone. Our backup is arriving immediately. At that time, it’d be impossible for these three fellows to escape! Before that, you mustn’t accept their request. Even if Ruoxi dies, it’s her sacrifice to the country!”

“A living entrepreneur is far more useless than a dead person to the country,” Yang Chen said as he took out the crystal. “I can’t afford to risk Ruoxi’s life. I won’t complain to trade this broken stone for my wife’s life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Chen directly threw the crystal to Tengu’s direction.

Tengu got extremely pleased as he made contact with the crystal. “Your Majesty Pluto is indeed a wise man!”

Hannya and Tanuki also felt that they were dreaming. They were overjoyed when they saw the crystal in Tengu’s hands.

“Release the people,” Yang Chen said expressionlessly.

When Cai Ning saw that God’s Stone fell into Tengu’s hands, her expression immediately changed. She turned to look at Yang Chen, shouting, “Are you crazy?! Did you really give them God’s Stone?!”

“You people are the ones who are crazy! Don’t try to stop me from saving my wife using a stupid stone!” Yang Chen replied angrily.

“Does Lin Ruoxi really worth your effort?!”

“She does! Every single one of my women are worth more than this rock!”

After numerous deafening shouts by Yang Chen, tears started filling Cai Ning’s eyes.

“Hehe… Your Majesty Pluto is indeed an obsessed man. The people that you are looking for are on the paper. If you go slightly later… I’m afraid time would run out really soon…” Hannya said before lightly kissing the paper and throwing it to Yang Chen’s hands.

Instantly, Hannya, Tengu and Tanuki disappeared in the woods together, leaving no trails behind.

It was a piece of cake for ninjas to hide in the forest. It wouldn’t be easy even if Yang Chen wanted to chase them himself. Furthermore, Yang Chen wouldn’t leave the hostages alone to chase them.

Cai Ning finally got back to the situation and wanted to launch a pursuit. However, it was all too late. She turned around and looked at Yang Chen angrily, saying, “It’s all your fault! General wouldn’t forgive you easily! You’re challenging Yellow Flame Iron Brigade!”

Chapter 236: Facing the Ocean 2018-01-09T15:06:15+00:00

After seeing the excitement Liu Mingyu had, Yang Chen got rather nervous. Is she trying to do something more illegal and ridiculous? he thought.

When a person who had constrained their craziness for a very long time, they would be more frightening than a lunatic should they unleash themselves.

“What are you trying to do?” Yang Chen asked, perturbed.

“We’ll watch the sunrise here tomorrow. I’ve never seen sunrise by the beach before,” Liu Mingyu said joyfully.

Yang Chen finally relieved. If they wanted to watch the sunrise next morning, they had to get out of bed really early. However, he didn’t want to disappoint Liu Mingyu’s naive little wish. “Alright, we’ll have to stay at a hotel here then.”

When Yang Chen talked about hotel, it was the exact same one where he couldn’t enter with Tang Wan, Maple Hotel. If Tang Wan knew that this fellow couldn’t go there with her after she left, and brought another woman there, Tang Wan would get so pissed that she’d crush her steering wheel.

At the 23rd floor of the hotel, the balcony of the room faced the ocean.

Upon entering the room, Liu Mingyu quickly opened the glass door and walked to the balcony. She looked at the endless ocean which looked like a black mirror quietly.

Yang Chen hugged her warm and soft waist from behind and laid his head on her shoulder. He said, “Don’t look at it anymore. Why would you want to stare at the ocean at night? We can watch the sunrise tomorrow morning.

As Liu Mingyu felt that Yang Chen’s hands crawled up from her belly to her cleavage, she turned numb and got stimulated. She angrily turned around and rolled her eyes. “Why are you so impatient? I even came here with you. Do you think I won’t give it to you?”

Of course I’m impatient! I didn’t just hold myself back for a short while, I have been resisting ever since Tang Wan left! he thought.

“Little Yu, be a good girl. Go and have a bath.”

“No, I want to sit here for a while more…”

“You’d catch a cold like this. Be obedient and have a bath…”

“I don’t want to. Looking at your perverted and impatient attitude, I’ll do the complete opposite and not give it to you.”

Looking at the mischievous Liu Mingyu, he finally knew what to do. “Alright, I won’t take a bath as well.”

“Yes, that’s right. Accompany me to watch the ocean,” Liu Mingyu said happily.

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “I said that I won’t take a bath, but we still have to do the stuff that we need to do…”

Without waiting for Liu Mingyu to respond, Yang Chen flipped her around. Her hands were holding onto the rails of the balcony. Surprised, she suddenly felt coldness up her backside.

Because she was wearing a dress, and only had black stockings within, Yang Chen instantly lifted her skirt up and exposed the pair of chubby and alluring buttocks through the grids and into the air!

“Yang Chen… You… What are you doing…” Liu Mingyu got so anxious that she almost cried. Does this fellow want to do it at the balcony?! she thought.

“Hehe, we’re facing the ocean. I guess we can’t do anything when the flowers bloom in spring. Since autumn is here, you may recite the lyrics from the ‘Spring Song’ while you face the sea. Haha!” Yang Chen said and laughed. He used one hand to press onto Liu Mingyu’s body to prevent her from moving, and used the other to remove her last layer of clothing until her knee…

At this moment, there were balconies of different designs on both sides, quite a lot of which were still lit. It wasn’t certain when the other people from the hotel would come out to enjoy the seascape.

As wind blew and the sea waves whistled, Liu Mingyu’s moans were concealed while Yang Chen’s laughter spread out into the air.

Liu Mingyu who had a considerable amount of alcohol at night, felt that a hand was comforting her sensitive position intimately, making her exquisite hips to shake lightly. Her face turned red like she was dripping blood, she felt that her small area instantly soaked. As she tried her best to resist the itch, she felt particularly empty…

Her entire body felt like it collapsed. Deep down her heart, she probably liked a special environment like this, liked Yang Chen’s rough movements…

Although she just had a one night stand with Yang Chen not long ago, she had been craving for another experience already. At the age where her sexual desire was at its highest, her pattern slowly became more and more evident as she got teased by Yang Chen, and combated the blow of cold wind.

“Please… Please stop playing around…” Liu Mingyu begged.

As Yang Chen admired the view of the elder woman who was got so soft that she could barely move, he pinched and played with Liu Mingyu’s pink, powdery flesh. “What do you think? Is it romantic to do something you love at the balcony, facing the cold wind and watching the broad sky?”

“You’re such a naughty boy…” Liu Mingyu held onto the rails of the balcony with both her hands before extending her elegant and thin waist and raising her firm and nicely shaped buttocks. This posture caused her much disgrace. However, under the teasing and touching of Yang Chen, she couldn’t help but get impatient as he refused to conduct the practical activity.

Yang Chen felt like it was time. He extended both her arms up her both before groping her sinking and squishy papayas. “Don’t soften your legs afterwards…” he said.

“Mmh…” Liu Mingyu couldn’t speak anymore, but could only open her bright red lips slightly.

As heat entered her cold and vacant space in her body, Liu Mingyu trembled as she felt that she was running out of breath.

As happiness hit like tides, Liu Mingyu immediately forgot where she was. The alcohol she consumed earlier dazed her. She fully expressed herself as she catered Yang Chen.

The night of lingering passed really quickly.

The next morning, the sky got slightly lit.

When Yang Chen woke up from bed shirtless, Liu Mingyu was inside the white blanket completely, only some of her hair could be seen.

“Wake up, Lazy Pig. It’s time to watch the sunrise,” Yang Chen said happily as he slapped Liu Mingyu’s butt.

Liu Mingyu slowly drilled out of the blanket as she made some weird sounds out of blurriness. At this moment, this mature woman looked like a little girl asking for candies.

“It’s all because of you… that I couldn’t wake up…” Liu Mingyu complained. She really went all out yesterday night. She could faintly feel that her lower body hadn’t recovered from the numbness.

Smiling, Yang Chen inserted both his hands into Liu Mingyu’s blanket before exerting upward force to lift her up.

“Ah!” Liu Mingyu shouted out of surprise. Yang Chen carried her up together the blanket.

Yang Chen carried Liu Mingyu who was in the blanket horizontally before kissing her on her tender cheek. “It’s cold outside, I’ll carry you out like this to enjoy the sunrise,” he said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought Liu Mingyu to the balcony. Cold wind hit on his solid and firm body, which didn’t seem to have the slightest effect.

“Go and wear clothes. You’ll catch a cold like this…” Liu Mingyu said, worried. She could feel the chill even when she was in the blanket.

“I know very clearly of how strong my body is. I’ll be fine,” Yang Chen said before winking.

Liu Mingyu blushed as she blushed. Looking at Yang Chen’s eyes which brought gentleness and depth, Liu Mingyu felt a complicated feeling which passed one by one.

As dawn slowly appeared in the sky, Liu Mingyu finally turned her sight away from Yang Chen and looked at the direction of sunrise quietly.

“Yang Chen…”


“Have you brought any woman to watch sunrise with you before?”

“... No.”

“I’m really glad that I can be your first time as well.”

Yang Chen got surprised. He lowered his head to look at the incredibly peaceful Liu Mingyu. Her face got shone by the dawn, making her look particularly brilliant.

Guilt suddenly arose in Yang Chen’s heart. I’m indeed too greedy. The women around me are all unhappy, he thought.

“Little Yu… I’m sorry. I’m very stubborn when it comes to this… I’ve always thought that the best way to handle a relationship is to treat everyone I like with sincerity, instead of letting go. This may seem like an excuse for my irresponsibility, but I’ll still do it,” Yang Chen said as he let out a self-depreciating smile. “I’ll treat you well.”

Liu Mingyu kept quiet as she lowered her body before squeezing his head into Yang Chen’s chest.

The quiet but romantic time suddenly got cut off by a phone call.

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyu apologetically and carried her back to bed before reaching for her phone.

It was a phone call by Rose, which made Yang Chen surprised.

“Babe Rose, why are you calling me this early in the morning?”

Rose didn’t sound too relaxed. “Hubby, is it that you weren’t home last night?”

“Yeah, I passed my night outside,” Yang Chen said. He felt that something bad had happened.

“Sigh, I knew it…” Rose said.

“What happened? Did anything happen at home?” Yang Chen face turned gloomy.

“You asked me to send some people to protect your family members. I sent four highly cautious men there to secretly provide protection, and let them report to me every day. This morning, I suddenly lost contact with them. I sent someone to check on them immediately, only to find out that they… got unconscious as a result of getting poisoned.”

“Then how about the situation inside the house?” That was what Yang Chen was most worried about.

“The door of the bungalow was wide open the entire night. There was… no one inside.”

“Understood,” Yang Chen said before ending the call. Taking a deep breath, he turned around to look at Liu Mingyu who looked confused. “I have something urgent to deal with. I can’t have breakfast with you anymore. I paid the fee for this room already. You may check out later and get a car to send you to the company.”

Looking at Yang Chen who wanted to leave nervously, Liu Mingyu asked nervously, “Yang Chen, did anything happen? Do you need me to go with you?”

“It’s fine Babe,” Yang Chen said as he smiled relaxedly before quickly exiting the room.

Yang Chen ran all the way to the parking slot. After starting his car, he sped up to the bungalow at Dragon Garden.

During the journey, Yang Chen called Rose once again and asked her to check on the location of Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma through underground networks. Although the success rate was slim, he still had to try.

Being able to poison Rose’s highly skilled men and bring two adults away only proved that the culprit wasn’t an ordinary robber. Yang Chen’s eyes were burning with killing intent.

Fortunately, the other side kidnapped Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma. It seemed like they wanted to have some sort of negotiation with him. If this was the case, the two women should be safe for now. Yang Chen very urgently wanted to know who the culprit was.

Regardless of who the other side was, Yang Chen didn’t plan to leave mercy as they laid their hands on his woman when he wasn’t at home.

When he reached the bungalow at Dragon Garden, the door was indeed wide open.

Yang Chen quickly got out of the car and ran to the hall. It didn’t seem to have any apparent change, not even signs of searching for stuff.

Yang Chen frowned and ran to the second floor into his own room. It had indeed been searched before. His clothes and other stuff got thrown all over the place.

At the same time, there was a piece of white paper with blank writing placed neatly on Yang Chen’s bed!

Yang Chen walked forward and picked up the note.

“Your Mightiness Pluto, the place you stay in is overly huge. Finding God’s Stone isn’t an easy task. We’ll wait for your arrival patiently at Xinglin of South Botanical Garden in Zhonghai. We’ll use the treasured family members of Your Mightiness in exchange for God’s Stone—Tengu.”

The paper got torn into pieces by Yang Chen. After contemplating for a short moment, he made a phone call to Rose.

“Babe Rose, ask your people to stop the search. The enemy this time isn’t someone they can deal with.”

When Rose heard how dull Yang Chen’s voice was, she didn’t say much except, “Be careful,” before ending the call.

Chapter 235: Making Up for Youth 2018-01-09T15:01:24+00:00

Yang Chen hugged Tang Wan’s soft backside while she felt an intense excitement. Her body was uncontrollably twisting. The more it twisted, the tighter the connection with Yang Chen’s body was.

Yang Chen only felt that he was run over by cotton balls. He comfortably let out some breathing sound.

Tang Wan felt that her under portion was drenched in water. After years of defending her private room alone, she would feel lonely sometimes. She knew very clearly what this feeling was—she fell in love. Her tides were bursting frantically.

This late into the night, there was no one to be found around. Even a drunk man wouldn’t be this bored to come to a place like this. However, Tang Wan was still afraid, afraid that the absurd and brave would have fun with her at this place.

Although she had confessed her heart out, and she knew that her youth would end really soon, she wouldn’t go this far to treat the sky as the blanket and the ground as the bed. She didn’t want to be so reckless to conduct the passionate activity here.

“Yang… Yang Chen…” Tang Wan broke away from the kiss that she didn’t initiate. She begged, “No, don’t do this here… I don’t want this…”

“Then what do you want?” Yang Chen bantered.

Tang Wan pointed at a tall building nearby which had bright lights. “Go there, that’s my Maple Hotel. I bought it so that I can come here whenever I miss my mom.”

Yang Chen got dumbfounded when he looked at the luxurious building. He couldn’t resist but to think, why is every woman around me richer than me?

Tang Wan seemed like she knew what Yang Chen was thinking about. “Are you one who cares about money?”

Yang Chen laughed before saying, “Yeah, you’re right. It’s not like I know how to spend even if I have money.”

When Yang Chen happily held Tang Wan’s hand as they were happily walking to the hotel, Tang Wan’s phone rang.

Tang Wan frowned when she looked at her phone. Her expression turned slightly weird and helpless.

“What is it?” Yang Chen asked.

Tang Wan withdrew her hand from Yang Chen’s, saying, “I’m sorry. It seems like our date today will have to end here.”

“No…” Yang Chen’s heart shook. What is this? You hooked my fire up and want to leave so casually? he thought.

Tang Wan let out a forced smile. “It’s a message from my daughter. She came home. She said that she would move out of the house again if I didn’t return tonight.”

“Move out of the house?!” Yang Chen didn’t know if he wanted to smile or cry. “Does she need to be this extreme?” he asked.

Shaking her head, Tang Wan answered, “You don’t understand. My daughter is really stubborn. I have never stopped worrying about her since she was young. A while ago, she moved out of the house once because of academics. Recently, she has been staying at someone else’s house, to take care of my friend’s child. I didn’t expect her to return so suddenly. That’s why I asked you out today. She must be really tired and want to tell me a lot of stuff. Otherwise she wouldn’t say something like that. I can’t possibly hurt my daughter’s feeling.”

“It’s appropriate that you care for her. However, aren’t you feeling that I’d suffocate to death if you just leave like this?” Yang Chen said, depressed.

Tang Wan smiled as she looked at Yang Chen. “Don’t you know that although women are soft and weak, they’d do anything for their children? Although I like you, you’re far inferior compared to my daughter!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Wan waved her hands naturally before jogging away. In just a short moment, she turned on her Land Rover before drifting away.

Yang Chen sighed helplessly. As he was contemplating whether he should express his fire on other women, his phone vibrated. It was a message from Tang Wan.

“Hold on, I’ll come and collect my interest payments fully in the near future.” There was also a heart emoji behind.

Yang Chen almost vomited blood on his phone. Collect your interest payments fully?! I’d choke to death already if I need to wait for your arrival!

However, before he turned his phone off, it vibrated again.

As he looked at the number, he recognized that it was Liu Mingyu’s phone call.

“Oh, do you miss me already?” Yang Chen asked.

“Yang Chen… are you free now?” Liu Mingyu said. She sounded really lazy.

“Didn’t I say that I would appear whenever you call?” Yang Chen asked smilingly. He felt that Liu Mingyu should be consuming alcohol.

“Look for me at the bar. I need your help for something…”

“Tell me which bar you’re at. I’ll be there immediately,” Yang Chen answered. Coincidentally, he was looking for someone to put off the fire in his heart. Obviously, Liu Mingyu whom he hadn’t pestered in a while was the best choice as his helper.

Liu Mingyu told her an address. After thinking for a while, Yang Chen couldn’t resist but to laugh. The bar was only a street away from the beach he was at. He only needed to walk for a while to reach there.

After ten minutes, Yang Chen walked into a bar named ‘Red Danube’. Upon entering the place, he could sniff the smell of incense and alcohol mixed together.

After searching with minimal effort, he discovered a person sitting alone in a corner. There were three bottles of whiskey on the table. It was evident that this lonely woman had had a considerable amount of alcohol.

Yang Chen walked towards Liu Mingyu and reached out to touch her red and blurry face. “Why are you drinking so much alone?”

“I do public relations. This small amount of alcohol is nothing to me,” Liu Mingyu said before smiling sweetly. She then poured some amber liquid from a cup into her mouth.

“Did you call me here to carry you back?” Yang Chen asked. He didn’t want to stop her from drinking as Liu Mingyu indeed didn’t seem drunk.

Gloominess and ignorance could be seen on Liu Mingyu’s face. “Do you know that… I have never drink until I’m drunk at a bar because I wanted to wait for that person? I’ve also never truly revelled with my friends. I even didn’t dare to come to a place like this. I was afraid that people would approach me, or bad guys would touch me. If that really happens, no one could help me get out of the situation.”

Liu Mingyu raised her head to look at Yang Chen as she pouted. “I’m very mad about this! Other women have all experienced this. Why is it that I missed the opportunity? So I specially came here to have a try… It’s such an unpleasant experience. I think I’ve really gotten old. I drank so much alcohol and no one was willing to approach me. Why can’t they give me a chance to reminisce my past youth?”

Yang Chen smiled. She wants me to act as the hero now, and let her experience an unprecedented romance of young couples, he thought.

Although both of them weren’t in their thirties yet, and were still considered youngsters, Yang Chen himself would blush if he were to act like lovebirds in high schools.

“Then what should you do? Do you want me to hire someone to put up a show and flirt with you? And do I whack them afterwards?” Yang Chen asked jokingly.

Liu Mingyu shook her head and suddenly let out a cunning smile. “No need, I have prepared another storyline,” she said.


“Did you bring any money?” Liu Mingyu asked.

Yang Chen naturally brought some. He took out a card and a few wrinkled bank notes from his pocket. “Didn’t you bring any?” he asked.

Liu Mingyu nodded smilingly as she stood up, before walking to Yang Chen’s side. Hugging his neck, she whispered beside his ear, “Don’t pay any money… Let’s run away…”

After listening to the gentle but gangster-like words, Yang Chen let out a bitter smile. “Babe, this doesn’t look like something you would do. Why are you acting like a rebellious young girl?”

“You’re right. I’m rebellious. I just want to do something that I’ve never done before. Can I have your company?” Liu Mingyu asked as she looked at Yang Chen with high hopes.

Yang Chen felt that this lady in front of her was rather pitiful. She wasted her most precious time period, protecting something that had no result. When she thought of filling the empty space in love, she could only choose this stupid manner in grieve, a rebellious manner. Or to her, this was only a way to grieve her lost youth, no matter how crazy it was.

“Hold my hand, and don’t let go,” Yang Chen said resolutely.

Liu Mingyu nodded as her eyes shone bright.

Yang Chen dragged Liu Mingyu to the bar exit. An alerted server immediately blocked them from leaving.

“Sir, this young lady here hasn’t settled the bill,” the server said with an insincere smile.

Yang Chen turned around and winked at Liu Mingyu. She then held his hand tightly.

Yang Chen reached out to pat the shoulder of the server politely. “Brother, are you feeling sore here?”

The server looked at Yang Chen’s hand patting his shoulder. Confused, he asked, “No, it’s not sore. Sir, please don’t cause us any trouble.”

“I’m not causing you any trouble, just want you to feel a bit soreness.”

Yang Chen smiled as he exerted some force using his fingertips. He pinched the jointed on the server’s shoulder!”

“Sss!” The server hissed as he took a deep breath. A heart-tearing pain arose, forcing him to take a few steps back.

“Run, now!”

Yang Chen seized the opportunity and ran out of the bar while holding Liu Mingyu’s hand.

When the server turned back, he noticed that the two had rushed off for quite a distance. He tried his very best to chase them but was blocked by the passersby, losing sight of his targets very quickly. As a result, he shouted helplessly, but no one on the street would be so free to help him chase his targets.

When it came to escaping, Yang Chen was really familiar with the steps. Getting rid of someone who was inexperience in pursuits was a piece of cake. Dragging Liu Mingyu who was heavily panting during the sprint, Yang Chen finally stopped after running across a street.

“My dear Little Yu, how do you feel about this domineering experience?” Yang Chen asked smilingly.

“You… you… you exhausted the heck out of me…” Liu Mingyu said as she panted. When she heard that Yang Chen addressed her this intimately, she couldn’t help but to blush. She continued speaking, “Ahem, ahem… I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s too exhausting. I ran until my heart almost jumped out.”

“Sigh, if you want to make up for your lost youth, why are you getting mad at your stamina? If you don’t try your best to escape, you’d get arrested into a police station.”

“It’s just that I couldn’t think of anything else…” Liu Mingyu said sadly. As she looked around, she noticed that they arrived at the seaside. As her eyes shone, she said, “Yang Chen, I have another idea!”


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