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Next Month ENF Comics - announcement
Next Month ENF Comics - announcement more_vert
Post file flag
Next Month ENF Comics - announcement 2020-01-14T16:56:25+00:00close

Hey Everyone,

The current method of choosing the comics and letting you guys vote for the fetiche seem to work well, so let's keep it going.

It has been a long time that I've been doing Pop characters, so for this month I will go for something completely different, I want to us TV women, such as journalists, reporters, weather girls, that kind of thing.

As some of you might have noticed I have a little bit of a skill to represent real life people in a comics way, nothing super realistic of course, I'm not that talented 😊

So I thought why not have both things together, so let's do something that very uncommon and hopefully, interesting for you guys, a series of ENF short sketches, of 1 to 3 pages long.

Let's do USA NEWS ENF, let me know in the comments what you think of that, and also who you would like to see stripped on national television? 😈😈

Media (1)

TVE_ENF.jpg (115.6KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #10851604 - 14 Jan 20 18:32
I think that's a very good idea.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 14 Jan 20 17:33
I'm in the US, but dont watch a lot of news on tv. I get it from news aggregators and youtubers
user avatar
User #360502 - 14 Jan 20 17:12
Great idea! This will add some fun! However no idea about actual news readers or reporters in the USA as I don’t live there and they are completely unknown outside the states... Dan Rather is the only one I have ever heard of. Can we vote on the scene instead? Or provide ideas for the scene?
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 14 Jan 20 17:35
I will open a poll for the fetiches later this week, but of course you can give me any ideas as there will be a couple scenes, probably 3 or 4, so we can explore a nice variety of possibilities.
2020 Change on the way you receive content 2020-01-07T18:18:24+00:00

Hey Fellas,

As Frozen 2 ENF comics is on it's way, I put a lot of thinking and decided to change the way I post content, instead of posting everything here on Patreon, I will email your rewards to you, the content it self will be the same:

- Uncensored pages with and without dialogues.
- Online reading option and download option.

The only change is, that your content will be sent to your email instead of Patreon posts.

Hopefully this will be a smooth transition, thanks for you support as Always!

Frozen 2 ENF Comics
Frozen 2 ENF Comicsmore_vert
Post file flag
Frozen 2 ENF Comics 2020-01-06T18:56:43+00:00close

All right everyone, I'm really excited about this new comics, I just watched the movie, they are still my favorite Disney Princess movie, this month comics will be based directly on what happen in the new Frozen movie, so if haven't watch it yet, I anticipate... there will be some spoilers.

Anyway, I will begin to work on this month comics soon, you can expect for the first pages to be posted in the next couple days.

Media (1)

Frozen-2-Logo.jpg (432.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 7 Jan 20 05:53
I feel like Anna has a great personality for enf. But it is also fun to see Elsa embarrassed too
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 7 Jan 20 13:23
I felt the same when I was writing the story, her ENF feels more fun 😜
Change of plans - we will have ENF Comics in January! 2019-12-28T13:26:09+00:00

Hey everyone!

I posted some weeks ago, about a vacation time in January, that wouldn't allow me to do ENF Comics, but I managed to adjust the dates of that trip, for a period when it won't affect our production.

So basically... just forget what I said before πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ nothing will change.

About the comics itself, I have been thinking about change the Pool, to instead of choosing the characters, you could vote for a ENF fetiche instead.

So basically... I chose the character and you chose what happen to her.

Anyway, I hope works for you, my lovely Patrons! As always if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave a comment.

Important update for January 2019-12-12T18:19:19+00:00

Hello Everyone,

I have a important thing to talk to you about January, because I will take at least a week off from work to relax a little and deal with a possible moving that I've been delaying for while.

Anyway for that reason there won't be an ENF comics done next month, but that won't affect Star Wars comics, it will come out on JAN/05, then we skip FEB/05 and get back publishing rewards on March/05.

When will you be charged? You will be charged in January so you can get Star Wars, but you won't be charged in February, then you will be charged again only in March.

What you have to do? Nothing really, I will check my Patreon "charge option " off in February, so you won't be charged anything from in that month.

I hope this is not too complicated, if you have any doubt please leave a comment and I'll answer as quickly as possible.


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 13 Dec 19 21:18
As long as we are still able to get updates about the comic, I'll be happy to wait. Enjoy your break!
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 14 Dec 19 00:42
Well that is what I was saying, there won't be a comics release in February so there is no comics to update.
user avatar
User #360502 - 12 Dec 19 18:30
Enjoy the break! Have a great 2020!
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 12 Dec 19 20:12
Thanks Dalek!
Blog - Story and Exclusive 2019-09-07T15:38:19+00:00

ENF comics is now Patreon exclusive

All right everyone, as you noticed we had many polls and questions this month, now that I know better what you are looking for, I think we can try establishing new methods to create the best ENF content on the internet.

Story focus pages

The poll is not over yet, but we have a dominant lead for Story pages over all nudity, of course we still going to have lots of nudity in the comics, but we will have more pages dedicated to build up a scenario before removing the clothes.

Patreon Exclusive content

Now the censored pages will be Patreon exclusive as well, no more public publishing of all pages, from now on the only content that will go to all public are W.I.P and line arts, but final pages (even the censored version) with color and dialogues are for Patron eyes only.

Thanks for being with me, I hope we stay together for a long time, creating the best ENF comics on internet!


Story vs Nudity 2019-09-04T13:45:06+00:00

As e get ready for this month comics I'm preparing myself for the next Box so I would to hear from you guys what you prefer...

Do you like pages dedicated to the story establishing the scenario before taking off clothes, or just lot of nudity all over?

If you didn't understood read this:

Establishing pages mean the first couple pages won't have any nudity they are focusing on creating an atmosphere before women lose their clothes.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11405865 - 6 Sep 19 04:52
I think it depends on the story. Sometimes the premise involves nudity as well, which maximizes the ratio of nude to story. (I.e. the Wonder Women story that started in the shower) But so far, the best stories from you involve a page or two of establishment followed by lots of enf nudity. (i.e. The cop story)
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 6 Sep 19 13:50
Yes that is probably what I will do for the next comics. As I can see people are voting for Story.
Super Mario Girls + The future of ENF Comics
Super Mario Girls + The future of ENF Comicsmore_vert
Post file flag
Super Mario Girls + The future of ENF Comics 2019-08-24T18:01:36+00:00close

Poll is over and the Winner is Super Mario, well I don't think anyone here want to see Mario naked 😁 so we use the ladies. Any ideas of what could happen leave your comments.


The future of ENF Comics

All everyone, due to lots of drops in the past couple months I decided to make some big changes in my Patreon, the changes won't affect any of the tiers, we still have 10 pages of story.

There will be changes on how the story is told, at least one or two pages will be a build up for the story so probably not so much nudity, and also can be used to create tutorials.

Exclusive pages

This is one of the changes, so far I use to post all pages censored to public audience, from now on only 5 pages will make to the general views last 5 pages will be exclusive to Patreon supporters.

Tutorial new tier $11

This a new feature I always wanted to try, as most tutorial artist in Patreon are teaching about Pin ups, I think would be good to produce some comics drawing tutorials, the $11 dollars is just to separate this from Gold box.

Student Box includes:

Everything from previous tiers +

  • 1_tutorial at least 1 hour long.
  • 1_video analysis of current students art.
  • 1_video drawing a SFW page full length.
  • 1_ PSD of the SFW page used in the video.


Well, this is it guys! let me know what you guys think of those changes, hopefully this can help us grow even more. For those who made all the way down here, thanks for reading! 😁

Media (1)

super_mario_girls_low_res.jpg (106.1KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3308927 - 24 Aug 19 18:04
Have you ever played (or watched a Let's Play of) Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door?
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 24 Aug 19 18:10
I haven't played Mario since SNES, are those interesting?
user avatar
User #3308927 - 24 Aug 19 19:53
It's an OFFICIAL Nintendo game that was available for purchase on an actual Nintendo console in which a LOT of E.N.F. stuff happens to Princess Peach.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 24 Aug 19 20:17
I just made a quick search, I like the invisible formula idea, it fits this world very well, but I didn't see any ENF scene.
user avatar
User #3308927 - 24 Aug 19 20:58
There's also the shower scene and a bunch of other instances of that computer orchestrating situations that require Princess Peach to get naked. We've worked with a lot less for the Disney stuff. https://www.deviantart.com/yoshiman1118/art/No-Under-Wear-Off-Redone-416837607
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 24 Aug 19 22:03
I found a video with 4 moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PLQEmmS9FA that looks funny we can do lots of cool stuff with that.
This month ENF Comics checklist
This month ENF Comics checklistmore_vert
Post file flag
This month ENF Comics checklist 2019-08-02T16:51:20+00:00close

The art above is for demonstration purpose only and it was not made by me.

While we wait for everyone to be charged before posting Supergirl, here is the list for this month comics with Marvel heroines elected by you:

Captain Marvel: 5 pages

She Hulk: 3 pages

Spider Gwen: 1 page

Black Widow: 1 page

Please leave your comments, what you think of this selection? Any ideas for how those ladies will lose their outfits, although I think She Hulk is a little obvious, right? XD

Media (1)

Marvel_Heroines.jpg (4.9MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #360502 - 2 Aug 19 18:01
Well they have all been done so many times before it’s gonna be hard work to be original. Let’s see... Captain Marvel’s suit is destroyed as she punches her way through a robot spaceship. She hulk growing rips... again. Spider Gwen something to do with webs... again, and Natasha... dodging bullets... again. What else is there. Unless you combine them together and have each stripping each other by accident trying to restrain the She Hulk. Now that would be funny.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 2 Aug 19 18:05
Well I don't follow much of what is done outside to be honest so I hope I don't do what others already did.
user avatar
User #360502 - 2 Aug 19 18:17
Good luck with it!
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 2 Aug 19 18:24
Thank you !
Next month comics Poll is Over - Marvel Heroines
Next month comics Poll is Over - Marvel Heroinesmore_vert
Post file flag
Next month comics Poll is Over - Marvel Heroines 2019-07-24T19:21:21+00:00close

**That art above is by MattSkipworth.

Once again we will have Marvel heroines losing their outfits! Tomorrow I will start another poll so we can chose who will be heroine.

Who is your favorite? Also leave a comment with any ideas that can be used to strip them off.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #7493175 - 24 Jul 19 19:27
You could have some of them hypnotised or blackmailed to humiliate each other and strip the others in public on official occasions. BTW: I don't have any favorite; I know you'l do a fine job.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 24 Jul 19 19:48
Cool, have one of them stripping the others is a nice idea, I might use it.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 24 Jul 19 20:06
Have Rogue accidentally touch Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, and she phases out of her clothes. She has to wait for the powers to dissappear, but wants to get dressed. She tries grabbing clothes from other women, but it makes the clothes intangible and fall through the floor.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 24 Jul 19 20:07
She only grabs clothes since she is afraid of contacting skin and absorbing other powers that would become more problematic
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 24 Jul 19 20:30
This is a nice way to have them stripping each other.
July Blog - updates and feedback 2019-07-04T15:04:34+00:00

Hello everyone,

First of all if you have any problems with your rewards, leave a comment here and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Let me start this blog with a question, this past weeks we had many patrons leaving and a lot of the "exit surveys" they marked: " The creator wasn't engaging like I expected. "

So my question is, do you feel the same? Am I not engaging like you expect? What you think I could do to change this?

Blog part 2

Now let's talk about the next month, that one will be very important in defining future Comics themes... looking back on my history here on Patreon, it's clear that months when we had a Super heroine comics we attracted many more patrons and much more attention in general, not just here but also in my social medias.

And this month once again DC Heroines won the poll, so if we repeat the success of past Super heroines comics, I might make it a regular thing in here, I know some of you want to see other concepts, but if most of the readers want to read about something, I can't ignore it.

I think this is the longest blog I ever post here, but anyway... I hope you enjoy this month Disney ENF comics, I was very excited about it, too bad so many people didn't, that happens, let's move forward to Box 14 and DC heroines!

Poll is over and DC Super Heroines won!
Poll is over and DC Super Heroines won!more_vert
Post file flag
Poll is over and DC Super Heroines won! 2019-07-01T01:31:32+00:00close

*that art was not made by me.

All right fellas! Another month is coming and another poll is over, so we have super heroines as the stars of our next ENF Comics, this time from DC comics.

As we already did Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Powergirl, I want to focus on other heroines (maybe still do an illustration with them specially Diana, because everyone loves WW, right?) But the main comics most be with someone else or maybe many others.

I have some ideas in mind with Supergirl fighting Mister Mxyzptlk, his powers are very useful for our entertainment, anyway...

I would love to hear your ideas for this month comics, here is a list of the characters for those of you who are not familiar with comic books.


Comments (9)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 1 Jul 19 06:09
I'm a Barbara Gordon fan, as either Batgirl or Oracle, but I can see the latter having some problems if there are jokes making light or taking advantage of her paralysis
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 1 Jul 19 14:24
Probably best as Batgirl, some people might find in bad taste to take advantage the Oracles condition.
user avatar
User #11405865 - 1 Jul 19 02:03
In terms of popularity and DC women, you can never go wrong with some Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy but I'd also vote for Starfire ENF story.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 1 Jul 19 14:22
I know... they are all amazing!
user avatar
User #2420449 - 1 Jul 19 06:18
Also, Selina Kyle/Catwoman is an all time fave, along with the rest of the Gotham City Sirens (Ivy and Harley). Black Canary can be fun. Not really a fan of Huntress, but I liked her paired with Power Girl in the World's Finest run a few years back. Supergirl, WW definitely. Are characters from the Arrowverse acceptable?
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 1 Jul 19 14:30
Yes of course they are, I'm considering use TV Supergirl, cause I love the show. There is an episode where Mxyzptlk have Mon El, (Kara's Boyfriend ) show up at the D.E.O (their Star Labs) in his underwear.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 1 Jul 19 16:05
Adding Alex and Lena Luthor would be great too. Also, Sara and Laurel Lance, Felicity Smoak, Ava Sharpe, Caitlin Snow, and maybe even Nora West-Allen
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 1 Jul 19 18:17
I might do that, they would all look awesome, but if I'm not mistaken Nora is 17.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 1 Jul 19 20:58
Oh, right. Forgot about her character's age. I just know the actress has done nude scenes
$25 Diamond BOX - New feature 2019-06-20T13:40:07+00:00

Hello guys, recently I got a message from a Patron asking if her could get the new comics uncensored version before the release date, I thought about it for a while and decide to make this edit on $25 Diamond BOX tier.

So from now on if you are a Patron of the level $25 or more, you will get access to new pages uncensored version as soon as they are ready.

This edit will take place right away, 4 Cinderella pages uncensored will be post as soon as I finish writing this post.

To conclude, thanks very much to this Patron, and I hope you guys enjoy this new feature!

You can get the page ready in this post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/27771410

Box 12 feedback - Did you got your content? 2019-06-06T13:17:20+00:00


Today I have an "exit survey" feedback from someone saying I didn't deliver the content, I can't see who it is so I can't contact that person to know what happened, but I'm curious to know if anyone else had problems accessing your reward?

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #581126 - 7 Jun 19 09:57
looks good here
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 7 Jun 19 20:17
user avatar
User #7493175 - 6 Jun 19 16:43
Hi, I got them all, but on Quicksilver 01 D the girl but is still covered with a heart
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 6 Jun 19 16:57
Okay, it's good to know it is working, I believe it is fixed now.
user avatar
User #6644214 - 6 Jun 19 22:43
I only got silver box art but no comic pages
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 7 Jun 19 00:01
Thanks for letting me know the links are fixed now.
user avatar
User #360502 - 6 Jun 19 18:17
Yep all good
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 6 Jun 19 18:28
Cool, so what that person was talking about makes no sense.
user avatar
User #360502 - 6 Jun 19 18:56
Well unless they struggled to realize you have to follow the link or had an issue with his browser.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 6 Jun 19 19:15
Who knows, I had someone in the past complaining he could't access a post, but it turn out he wasn't a patron of that level... maybe that is what happened here as well ¬¬
Get past rewards on Gumroad
Get past rewards on Gumroadmore_vert
Post file flag
Get past rewards on Gumroad 2019-05-19T19:20:19+00:00close

Click Here to Visit my Gumroad page

People are always asking me, how they can get past rewards, so I finally decided to create a Gumroad shop, Boxes 1 to 10 are already available for purchase and from now on, every month when the new Box come out the previous Box will be available on Gumroad.

Now some FAQs:

What is Gumroad?

- Gumroad is a store site for creators to sell content, but different than Patreon it is not a subscription but a 1 time purchase, so you buy it and you can download the file instantly.

How can you pay?

You can pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Do I need to have a Gumroad account to buy products?

Nope! We want things to be as simple as possible for you, so just pay for the product and be done with it. If you want to create an account after the purchase, in order to access your files, you can do that through the receipt you receive after paying.


If there is any other question, feel free to leave it in the comments I'll answer a soon as possible.

Updates and Suggestions for next Box... 2019-05-17T04:23:47+00:00

Hello everyone,


If you follow me for sometime you know I like to keep you all informed on how things are going.

We are still getting started with Dark Phoenix posts, but I'm very happy with response, so much that I want to keep using famous characters from now on.

I know some of you prefer regular day women, but having famous names attached to those comics has proven to be the best for us, as we had the highest amount of Patrons in January with the "Justice League comics" then we lost many people in the following months but now with Dark Phoenix we going up again, so I think we should keep moving in that direction.

Ideas for next box?

Now for who should this character be? This month I chose Dark Phoenix because the movie will come out in June 7 and our ENF Comics in June 5, but to July there won't be any female movie to drag the attention, so we have an opening for suggestions...

Should we stay on the Super hero business?

Maybe some Game of Thrones, (although, they are already use to be nude anyway).

Walking Dead? - Disney princesses are always good, right? Doctor Who is something I want to do but is probably better to wait for the next season...

Maybe a video games, we already did Cammy, but eve Street Fighter has some other great girls and Mortal Kombat could be interesting.

All right I just wanted to toss some ideas there, see if you guys can help out decide what to do after Dark Phoenix, just remember the character most be +18, or Patreon will kick us out.


Comments (27)
user avatar
User #2947190 - 17 May 19 04:27
Maybe do something for Batwoman since the trailer for her show just dropped!
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 13:09
Batwoman is a great idea, I loved her appearance on Flash/ Arrow crossover.
user avatar
User #6644214 - 18 May 19 23:42
SpiderGwen is pretty hot at the moment, not that’s she isn’t the rest of the time ;-)
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 18 May 19 23:49
Gwen is a great idea she is rocking this days.
user avatar
User #11405865 - 17 May 19 20:50
How about a story where Princess Peach (or Daisy) finds the invisibility potion from Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, and decides to drink it and walk around the castle naked. (... One small problem, that wasn't the invisibility potion, that was just juice ;) )
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 22:07
XD That is a fun idea, but it was really a invisibility potion but it's effect ended sooner than she expected.
user avatar
User #11405865 - 18 May 19 19:23
Even better. The scenario pretty much writes itself. ;)
user avatar
User #6611162 - 17 May 19 18:41
Personally I have a weakness for GoT ladies like Sansa and Cersei.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 18:59
Have Sansa and Arya reunite, and Sansa being outraged about Arya having sex, and trying to be a good leader, has her punished. Arya, being the stronger woman, fights back and both are stripped?
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 19:13
GoT is very possible, as it is a Now or Never situation.
user avatar
User #3308927 - 17 May 19 06:37
Pornhub supposedly had a huge spike in traffic after an OverWatch game released. I know there is a LOT of Overwatch porn out there. I'm sure that could get some traffic.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 13:13
One can never go wrong with Overwatch, I might do something with Tracer at some point.
user avatar
User #3308927 - 17 May 19 17:14
Could you make some Mei art? Please
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 18:14
What Mei? Is she also from Overwatch?
user avatar
User #3308927 - 18 May 19 04:14
Yes she is. She's the Chinese Scientist with the freeze ray that wear Eskimo clothes. https://www.deviantart.com/kittew/art/Mei-oops-preview-784129364
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 18 May 19 04:41
cool, she looks nice, I will get all this ideas and create a poll, soon.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:06
I know this is only supposed to be for characters, but I wanted to throw out this scenario. I know many know of the Bring it On scene, but I like this one since it isnt a dream sequence. Of course, you can combine both, maybe. https://youtu.be/HHRRLLOaNuI
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:12
If you wanna make it a popular/famous character, you can adapt it to be the cartoon Kim Possible. She was a cheerleader.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 19:14
Video is not available T-T
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:14
I'll look for it.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 19:15
Kim Possible is under age
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:17
Kim Possible graduates high school in the series finale, so she can be 18 if you have her be a high school senior or in college.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 19:21
I prefer to stay away from this close call situations, better safe than sorry.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:26
That's ok
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:27
I found the video on another site. It's the entire episode. You can go to the time code 29:32 for the scene. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ve0tl
user avatar
User #2420449 - 17 May 19 19:28
You can adapt it to fit an adult, of course. Just needs the right character
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 17 May 19 19:33
that is funny, we might use it with some other character.
Box 12 - Dark Phoenix ENF announcement 2019-05-06T15:51:05+00:00

Hey you guys!

On the past months when I used famous characters was the months that we had most success so I want to try that again, as our comics will come out in June 5, and the movie Dark Phoenix comes out in June 7, so we can try to join this hype.

As Always this Box will have 10 artworks Release date (June, 7).

$10 - Gold Box: Dark Phoenix ENF (5 pages) + all the early tiers rewards

$4 - Silver Box: Quick Silver steal clothes (3 pages) + 2 X-men ENF Illustrations

$1 - Bronze Box: 1 X-men ENF Illustration

No alternate versions this month 2019-04-06T19:27:45+00:00

"It's not always sunshine and rainbows"

Hey guys,

In the past months every time I posted an update was to give good news, since we increased the amount of pages things were going pretty well and last month started producing alternate versions, fully nude and semi nude.

I had to dedicate a lot of time to be able to make it happen, my expectation was that with this features we would gain more Patrons so I could drop a couple commissions and focus more on Patreon, but unfortunately the result was the opposite, we started March with 69 Patrons and by the time I writing this post we have 48 Patrons, so we lost 21 supporters during this month.

I'm telling you this so you know the reason why this month we have only one version of the comics, I know some of you won't like it but this is the reality, my suggestion is that you pay close attention to the previews being posted through the month and decide you will keep supporting me or not.

Anyway, I hope most of you stay with me in this path to create more ENF content.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 6 Apr 19 20:53
I'm still here. I will continue to support your work (cuz its great!) and look forward to the previews! It's unfortunate that the number of patrons went down that much. I wonder if it might be due to payments processing slowly since I know American credit card companies halt payment to international entities and flag them as suspicious
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 6 Apr 19 21:01
Thanks E. I'm glad yo still on board. Well Patreon is located on San Francisco, and that wasn't a problem till last month, I hope it's just a temporary thing maybe because of Taxes or something.
user avatar
User #2420449 - 6 Apr 19 23:45
They moved their bank to England, which made a lot of patrons suddenly be sending money to an international entity
user avatar
User #2420449 - 6 Apr 19 23:48
The move was last year, but if there are people who are new to patreon in general, it can cause an issue. https://twitter.com/Patreon/status/1025071287020871680?s=19
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 7 Apr 19 00:22
Okay, I didn't know that. Hope it won't cause more people to walkaway, doing Patreon is much more fun than regular work.
user avatar
User #7493175 - 7 Apr 19 07:26
I thought the N stood for naked, so I'm staying
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 7 Apr 19 17:50
It does, so that is what I'm going with this month.
user avatar
User #7493175 - 8 Apr 19 06:51
I think you do an awful lot for us, so thanks
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 8 Apr 19 15:09
Thanks, this is really fun to me as well!
Feedback and comments 2019-04-04T19:15:58+00:00

All right guys, I hope everything is working well in this months boxes but in case is not please leave a comment here and let me know what is wrong so I can fix it as soon as possible.

Also if you have any comment or ideas feel free to post it as well.

Next month Comics announcement and ideas 2019-03-30T01:21:59+00:00

Hello my friends,

The polls are over and the winner theme and scenario for next month comics are:

Shy Exhibitionist and Policewoman.

I already have some ideas coming to mind but those of you who follow me for while noticed that, I really like to hear your thoughts after all this Patreon comics is only possible thanks to you my dear supporters.

So feel free to write down your ideas for a Shy Exhibitionist Policewoman. Who knows I might use it in the comics.

Comments (3)
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User #2420449 - 30 Mar 19 03:48
Perhaps she arrests a streaker, and the idea of being naked in public intrigues her? She tries to do it after work, goes to a beach at night to minimize anyone seeing her. However, she is caught by a coworker, who arrests her, and makes an example to everyone else by keeping her naked through the processing. All her coworkers and superiors see her naked.
user avatar
User #7493175 - 30 Mar 19 12:06
The idea of arresting a streaker is great. But then the streaker forces her to strip and puts on her clothes and leaves her naked on the street
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 30 Mar 19 13:23
Thanks guys! I like the streaker idea, and she decides to join the streaker instead of arresting her. While they streaking she spots a robbery, there is not time to get back to where she left her clothes so she stop the crime naked.
ENF Box 9 - Blog 2019-03-04T15:39:41+00:00

Hello everyone,

First of all of course I really need to thanks all of you, I wish I could hug you all for everything you guys are doing to me, I never thought so many people would be interested in my art.

So much that Patreon now represents a nice part of my income, what makes me being able to dedicate a lot more time to produce ENF comics from now on, so I'm expecting to produce ENF comics with the same quality as my commission artwork, and also include new versions:

Half nude (Accessories) and Lingerie

I'm hoping to bring even more people on board and I'm counting on your help to do it, if you know any forum, sites, blogs or other places that deal with ENF community please let me know so I can bring ENF Comics to people all over the internet!

Again, thank you all so much this month Reward will soon be released if it haven't already depending on when you reading this.

I hope to see you all here for another month voting on polls and leaving you comments to help make ENF comics better every day!

April BOX - New features - suggestions? 2019-02-27T01:44:02+00:00

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we get close to March Box release with our dear Singer ENF, I want to let you know about the future expansion of ENF comics.

The poll about full nudity and accessories is coming to an end, and the result is so close together that I decided to finally apply an idea I have in mind for while, that is create alternative versions, so for April Box we will have 3 different versions of the 10 artworks (9 comics + 1 cover illustration).

Those versions will be:

Full nude, Accessories and Lingerie.

As for the lingerie version I this is good way to attract a new audience for our Patreon so we might grow faster.

As Always, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment, this Patreon wouldn't exist without all of you!

Anyway I hope I can keep counting on your support, you guys have no idea how important this is to me! Thank you all so much!!

Comments (4)
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User #11405865 - 28 Feb 19 04:22
Okay I got one. It's a bit long, so bear with me. A tall, strong elven warrior in full plate armor storms across the city towards the shady old dwarven blacksmith outside his shop who sold her the shoddy Mythril armor demands her money back and compensation for all the wasted health potions she had to use last battle. The blacksmith offers to fix the armor at no charge instead. She reluctantly agrees. After an awkward handshake the Dwarf takes a tiny hammer, hits a small section of the armor and *poof* the entire armor set falls to the ground, leaving the elf completely naked / with minor accessories / in some unexpected but kinky lingerie. She starts yelling but the blacksmith is adamant that the longer they argue the slower the fixes will take place. Plus the warrior realizes the more animated she gets about the situation, the bigger the town crowd starts noticing and gathers around. After a while of the dwarf stalling and assisting it's almost done, he realizes that the armor isn't Mythril and whoever sold her this gave her steel. (To which she gets pissed the he was the one that sold her the armour) But don't worry he has a spare Mythril in the back and disappears leaving her completely exposed to an even greater gathered crowd. After 20 minutes, she realizes the blacksmith shop is empty and the old dwarf escaped with all her possessions. (Also in my head, there's a part 2 where the enemy army invades and she has no choice but to defend the city as is, and after she is victorious she is confronted by her king, a senile old doofus of a king, and thinks that's why he's losing the war. It's because the women soldier are too over protected with armour, "I mean duh, female armor rules in a fantasy settings clearly state that women have better defence with more exposed skin. Everybody knows that" :P )
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 28 Feb 19 13:25
Oh boy, I really want to draw that now XD, I'm definitely saving this for when we have a Wardrobe malfunction theme!
user avatar
User #3132096 - 27 Feb 19 08:20
I would love to see a fitness model, who works part time as a personal trainer, blackmailed into training her clients in the nude, because she got caught selling steroids on the side.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 27 Feb 19 13:15
This is a good idea for a Blackmail, I'll keep it filed for when people vote for Blackmail theme on the poll.
Singer ENF 01
Singer ENF 01more_vert
Post file flag
Singer ENF 01 2019-02-14T15:55:35+00:00close

Let's get started with this month ENF Comics, I thought this comics really needed an establishing page, before we can get to the ENF part of this comics.

I wonder if anyone will recognize this song XD

BOX Feedback and Error 2019-02-07T00:23:28+00:00

All right this month Box took a little longer because of Patreon processing issues, but it's finally here, I hope you all enjoy!

What you think of this month Box, have any complains, suggestions, please leave a comment here or at the Box post.

Report errors, this is probably the most important, wasn't able to access your reward, is there anything missing on any broken link, please tell me and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you all very much!

Patreon sloooooooowwww processing - February BOX update 2019-02-04T12:24:45+00:00

Hello everyone, as we are getting close to this month Reward I got bad news from Patreon a couple days ago.

It says:

Hey creators,
As you might have noticed, payments are processing at a slower rate than normal, which means your patron’s pledges might take longer to process than they usually would. Our team is working around the clock to solve this issue.
This is frustrating, and we want to apologize for the delay in getting you your money. You will receive your anticipated total payout as soon as possible, and please know that we’re working as hard as we can to get our payments processing back to up regular speed.

I don't want to Post a reward that many of you won't be able to visualize because their payment wasn't processed, and I know some Patrons won't understand this is not my fault and will drop ENF comics, so to avoid this misunderstanding I will wait until Patreon solve this issue before Posting this month Reward, I'm really sorry about it but I guess this is the best decision.

2019 - Updates (longer comics and new features) 2018-12-28T14:52:07+00:00

First of all... I wish you happy holidays to all and to your families!

There is a lot to be said here so I'll go straight to the point.


There won't be that many changes, just some adjustments to make ENF Comics better.

The amount of content remains the same 10 artworks but instead of 2 short comics and a couple illustrations our content will be:

1 short comics of 9 pages + 1 cover

I believe that with longer comics we can tell more interesting stories.

Levels: $4, $10, $25, $50 keeps the same amount of content from before.

Level: $1 Will lose one artwork, since we no longer have 2 illustrations, you'll still have access to high resolution versions of my regular artwork and commissions.

New Features available to level Silver ($4) and above:

- Commissions nude options, remove women clothes from my regular commissions.


You can stop reading it here the list bellow shows how the tiers will look like for 2019, for those who like knowing all the details:


Tiers for 2019, changes will take place in JAN/05:

Bronze ($1):

*1 cover artwork for this month comics.

*Early access to ENF related commissions

*Access to sketches and W.I.P.

*Access to pools

Silver ($4):

*1 cover artwork for this month comics.

*4 Pages of this month comics (the amount of nudity will remain the same)

*Alternate NSFW versions of commissions (remove women clothes of regular commissions)

*Early access to ENF related commissions

*Access to sketches and W.I.P.

*Access to pools

Gold ($10):

*1 cover uncensored artwork for this month comics.

*9 Pages of this month comics

*Alternate NSFW versions of commissions (remove women clothes of regular commissions)

*Early access to ENF related commissions

*Access to sketches and W.I.P.

*Access to pools

Diamond ($25)

*Instant Access to 2 past Boxes

*1 cover artwork for this month comics.

*9 Pages of this month comics

*Alternate NSFW versions of commissions (remove women clothes of regular commissions)

*Early access to ENF related commissions

*Access to sketches and W.I.P.

*Access to pools

Plutonium ($50)

* Instant Access to past rewards months 1 to 5, I will send it to your email in less than 24 hours after you are confirmed as Patron of this level

*1 cover artwork for this month comics.

*9 Pages of this month comics

*Alternate NSFW versions of commissions (remove women clothes of regular commissions)

*Early access to ENF related commissions

*Access to sketches and W.I.P.

*Access to pools

All right I said this would be a lot, thanks for taking your time to read it, hope you stay with me for another year.

Any problem accessing this December Box? 2018-12-11T00:46:03+00:00

Hi guys,

Today a supporter left ENF comics in the "exit survey" this person calim not having access to the content, that when clicked the link it says: "the page cannot be displayed"

Anyone else having this issue?

Please leave a comment and I'll send you your rewards directly to an email of your choice right away.


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 11 Dec 18 04:12
I was able to to it just fine
Get Access to Box 1 to 5 2018-12-08T13:20:17+00:00


I have many people that come to me asking about old boxes, so now that we are on Box 6 already working on 7 I think is a good moment to start this new tier, that gives you access to boxes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

If you new it's important to tell you that this Box 1, 2 and 3, has 3 pages and 2 illustrations, from Box 4 and ahead we have 6 pages and 4 illustrations.

You can get all this content in you email in less than 24 hours. If you become as soon as you get charged I will send it you as fast as possible, I'm always online so it won't long.

Here is a list of the exclusive content you'll get:


- Start trek ENF comics

- Scooby doo - Velma ENF

- Female Locker room Interview


- Power Girl ENF Comics

- Naked weigh in

- Scooby doo - Daphne ENF


- Street Fighter Comics - Cammy stripped during fight

- Scooby doo - Daphne and Velma stripped by ghost

- Pantsed Woman arrested


- ENF comics - Race Driver removes race suit because of fire

-ENF comics - Dragon Ball, Master Mutenroshi strip Bulma and Chi chi.

- Tinker Bell Shower spies

- Poison Ivy betrayed "stripped" by plants

- Scooby Doo - Velma and Daphne stripped by ghost part 2

- Wonder Woman Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) strip fight


- ENF comics - Girl lose at strip poker

- ENF comics - Fantastic Four 2 movie ENF scene continued

- Archie - Betty and Veronica stripped

- Anatomy teacher CMNF

- Manga girl public nudity

- Urusei Yatsura - Lum Pantsed

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 11 Dec 18 09:59
Cool =)
If you have trouble accessing Gold BOX part 2 2018-10-15T18:59:12+00:00

This is the place for you to post any problems you have with Gold BOX part 2 post.

The Post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22068178

Let me know if you guys have any issue or if everything is working.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2420449 - 15 Oct 18 23:01
Since to have worked fine
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 16 Oct 18 01:36
Good to know, I'm always worried that you guys won't get the rewards. Thanks Elliot.
If you have problems accessing your reward please let me know 2018-10-05T04:35:19+00:00

Guys, yesterday I received a message from a Patron saying he wasn't able to access his BOX from September, I was abe to solve his problem and he is still a Patron, so if someone else had a problem or if you have any difficulty with you reward please contact me and we will solve it.

Thanks for being a Patron!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #5398119 - 5 Oct 18 11:42
Yeah, it's letting me download it just fine but i can't open the file. I'm on mobile, though, so i'll try it on the ol desktop before i panic
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 5 Oct 18 13:23
Hi Alec, this one is on me, I wanted to add the Download link so much that I forgot about the traditional Online view, now it's fixed, we have both links working, sorry about that.
user avatar
User #5398119 - 10 Oct 18 01:24
No big deal, I'd like to think I can handle a minor inconvenience now and then. We're all human.
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 10 Oct 18 18:43
I'm glad it's working now, thanks for understanding.
user avatar
User #11190362 - 19 Jun 19 21:08
You do nightmare sequences?
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 19 Jun 19 22:13
Hello, I do work with any kind of comics, if you are looking to commission me send me a private message, please. Thanks for your support by the way! :-)
BOX 3 Dates and Updates (Velma and Daphne stripped by Ghosts) 2018-08-16T14:54:38+00:00

Hello Everyone, I'm here to let you know how BOX 3 is going to work, and how this Patreon is going t work from now on.

On the 20th day of every month including this month, I will make the post you gonna be charged, Patreon will charge your credit card by the first days of the next month, so on the 5th day of the next month I will send the Rewards to all Patrons who completed their donation.

I will only charge you if there is a BOX ready to be sent, and you will see the content preview before, so if you don't like it you don't have donate for it.

Sorry for any confusion, I'm still getting used to Patreon format, but I believe it's going to work fine from now.

Now For BOX 3 Content, If you not a Patron this is what you missing!

3 Comics Pages: ENF Cammy vs Ken

1 Illustration: Scooby Doo (Velma and Daphne stripped by Ghosts)

BOX 3 News and Date 2018-07-03T15:38:30+00:00

Hello Guys! Hope you all doing great, I'm happy that we are getting to BOX 3 already.

First let's talk about the date for BOX 3 to be released, that is Aug/ 05, and "why so long?" you ask... Well for two reasons, first is because the amount of pledges still don't make up for the time I take to produce all the content for each BOX.

Second we had in BOX 2 with new Patrons coming in downloading the BOX and jumping off before the charges are processed, So from BOX 3 ahead I will wait for Patreon to process the payments before posting.

It wasn't my intention to do this kind of thing but I don't want to charge some of you while others get the same thing for free, my goal with Patreon was never to make more Money but only to replace my current commissions with something I really like to draw.

Anyway I hope you understand my reasons, and stay with me in this journey!

Rafa Lee

Box 2 thoughts and Thanks new Patrons 2018-06-28T15:15:20+00:00

Hello Everyone!

I'm very excited about all the new Patrons we got this month, so many people joining this simple idea, I really appreciate each and everyone, so thank you very much!

Also I want to ask you guys old and new (well this our second month so you all new) But anyway... I would love to hear from you guys what you think about this BOX 2, your feedback is Always welcome, it helps me improve and offer you the best Rewards as possible.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9367160 - 29 Jun 18 11:30
I will repeat and add to my opinion. All of your pics and stories have been 10/10. I loved the powergirl one in particular. but the lockerroom and weigh in scenarios where even better! I dream of a day when this niche is better catered for and those scenes are turned into photo stories! Amazing
user avatar
β˜… enfcomics - 29 Jun 18 13:18
Hi John, thanks. I feel the same about ENF niche, there is almost no content available, that is why I created this, I'm glad you like it.

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