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Episode 18: So You Want to be a Podcaster, Huh? (w/ Dick Masterson)
Episode 18: So You Want to be a Podcaster, Huh? (w/ Dick Masterson)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 18: So You Want to be a Podcaster, Huh? (w/ Dick Masterson) 2020-05-27T18:56:47+00:00close

You think this is a game? You think you're a troll? An asshole? A dick? You think you're a tough guy, huh? Well, I got news for you little man, you're nothing. In here, you're nobody. Is this where you want to end up? You're laughing now, huh? But I got something I'm going to fill you in on, if you think this is a game, you're wrong. Look over there, you see him? You know who that is? That's Dick Masterson, of the Dick Show. Is that how you want to end up? Like him? Like me? Doing a Podcast?

You better think real hard about your actions, or before you know it people will be making Reddit posts about you and you'll be sucking a big fat mic for Patreon buxxx. You think this is a game? People get hurt. Every day. You want to end up locked up in a brand, behind subscriber metric bars? Is that what your mom and dad wanted for you, you think? I got news for you. This isn't a game. So listen up. This stuff is real. It'll mess you up. You think this is a game? Podcasting is a life sentence.

Media (1)

Image_14.jpeg (284.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3933132 - 27 May 20 19:28
Kantbot and Dick in the same episode?! Truly a blessed episode
Episode 16: Facts and Logic: Red Alert (w/ Thaddeus Russell)
Episode 16: Facts and Logic: Red Alert (w/ Thaddeus Russell) more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 16: Facts and Logic: Red Alert (w/ Thaddeus Russell) 2020-05-23T07:52:32+00:00close

Dr. Thaddeus Russell PhD, CEO of Renegade University, has taught at Columbia University, Barnard College, Lang College, the New School for Social Research, and Occidental College. He has a PhD in History from Columbia University, which is tied with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University for the position of #3 Ranked National University in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report, 2020.

I'm very pleased that Dr. Russell was able to join me today for a free and open exchange of knowledge on the marketplace of ideas. Dr. Russell challenged me to a debate on Stalinism, and its superiority to everything he believes. I was more than happy to oblige, the humble pseud I may only be. I think though I was able to keep the good Doctor on his toes.

Please enjoy, and see which school reigns supreme.

Media (1)

Image_12.jpeg (274.8KiB)

Comments (30)
user avatar
User #3200469 - 23 May 20 14:02
Thad is SHOOK
user avatar
User #34966046 - 23 May 20 14:02
Absolutely brilliant. Send all boomer academics to gulag posthaste
user avatar
User #25431371 - 23 May 20 17:36
Holy shit can you say OBTUSE??
user avatar
User #9682324 - 23 May 20 08:37
Fucking hell 😂
user avatar
User #5048799 - 23 May 20 17:21
lol this is great
user avatar
User #5048799 - 23 May 20 17:35
amazing how people with this many gaps in their knowledge of philosophical history still feel qualified to teach in any authoritative capacity.
user avatar
User #4050611 - 23 May 20 23:15
no, it's just kantbot is purposefully obtuse to try and confuse people lol that's obvious....nobody cares how erudite you are if you don't know how to make a cogent point....kantbot is all rhetoric, no substance
user avatar
User #4050611 - 23 May 20 23:17
blah blah blah did you read this esoteric shit? blah blah blah....dude doesn't know how to make a cogent streamlined argument, he's essentially talking out of his ass
user avatar
User #5048799 - 24 May 20 00:10
You really just shouldn't be a professor or a teacher if you say shit like "I just love TV shows, man."
user avatar
User #4050611 - 24 May 20 02:17
im not saying thad is good that's not the point, couldve been any professor opposite kantbot he is equally as dumb for playing incoherent rhetorical games....this whole thing was a pointless exercise in ego
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 24 May 20 03:40
Absolutely none of it is Esoteric. I'm asking him about pretty standard works. I asked him if he read Paul Hazard's "Crisis of the European Mind" is a foundational classic of Enlightenment Studies. He's an American History professor. And he hasn't studied the Enlightenment? Even though America is an Enlightenment project? I asked him about Gil Blas by Lesage, and Telemachus by Fénelon. Huckleberry Finn is an American Gil Blas, and Twain even described it as such! What about Telemachus? It was a didactic moral and political novel for children. Written by Fenelon as an instructional book for his pupil, the Dauphin of France, the heir to the French throne. The novel was one of the most popular and influential books of the 18th century. It's mentioned in basically any study of the Enlightenment. And you know what? The founding fathers certainly knew it. In fact, here's a list of must have books for a library that Thomas Jefferson gave in 1771. It includes both Telemachus and Gil Blas: https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Jefferson/01-01-02-0056
user avatar
User #4050611 - 24 May 20 04:23
I was speaking specifically to your references to "julia" and "clarissa" which you already know nobody has read, whether you think they should've or not, so you playing "Gotcha!" with professors about 18th century literature or whatever philosophical texts you deem important, that's not useful and you're clearly doing it ironically....i will say he wasn't exactly quick to make ANY interesting counterpoints or call you out in any way so it did look bad but don't do shit like this man it's pointless and in bad faith and you just come across as an asshole who isnt serious
user avatar
User #4050611 - 24 May 20 04:27
i mean, the guy clearly wanted to have a sincere discussion and you steamrolled him with book recommendations...who wants to listen to that? since you like to think you're giving out lessons you should take one on brevity and clarity of thought
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 24 May 20 07:55
Many people have read them. Jack read Clarissa. If me and Jack can, why can't he? I get it. Your attempt to pretend like none of what I said is real or matters is no better than what you're saying I did. He literally asked me to explain a critique of modernity, and I did so by citing essential texts. Zizek has interpreted Julie. Julie is a major work by Rousseau. It's one of the best selling books of the 18th century. Thad likes TV and Hollywood. I understand the problem. He's not really a scholar. Just some guy who works in pretty basic level public discussion using talking points you could just hear anywhere else for free. No denying that he's pretty unqualified on these topic fields. The issue is more just, it was a bit hard to watch. It's easy to feel sorry for this guy. I think it did shake him a bit. And I'm not going to say I don't feel a little bad about showing him up like this. But he's a big boy. He charges people a lot of money for the shit he puts out. He wanted to debate a Marxist. He even wanted Aimee Terese. He came on here, and I gave him a Marxist to argue with. I tried talking to him a bit more before we did this. But he wasn't responsive. When we got on Skype we spoke a bit and he seemed fully aware of my "trolling." I mean, really, he just thought it was gonna be softball shit and he capitulated and gave in and didn't make an effort to be interesting and or respond. It's probably not the best feeling for him walking out of it. But I don't think it's a big deal. He's on Joe Rogan. I'm pretty small time in comparison. I gave him some cred for being a good sport. I don't have anything against him. I even sent him some dms trying to explain my position in more detail to him, to which he didn't respond. So it was kind of embarrassing, yeah. But he's a grown ass man, he's 54 years old and is happy to advertise his academic background and credentials in order to sell peole $1000 internet courses. Dude is not a baby.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 24 May 20 07:58
I appreciate the instinct to help someone when they're getting destroyed like this. It shows humanity. But this dude really doesn't need anyone's help. People pay him $1000 a year for this online courses. He's 54. He's not a little kid.
user avatar
User #19666013 - 23 May 20 15:38
Thank you for exposing this psychic criminal.
user avatar
User #25142285 - 23 May 20 16:53
Not disappointed
user avatar
User #6056400 - 23 May 20 12:45
Asking him for the uni fee he charges is fucking GOLD
user avatar
User #8028983 - 23 May 20 10:08
"Thaddeus Russell has taught the history of philosophy at Columbia University" blackpilled again
user avatar
User #33722027 - 23 May 20 14:12
This guy really seems like a renegade. LOL
user avatar
User #33469644 - 23 May 20 15:26
user avatar
User #687880 - 23 May 20 12:43
user avatar
User #35222671 - 23 May 20 09:18
Lol this is amazing
user avatar
User #5665004 - 23 May 20 12:40
user avatar
User #29824089 - 23 May 20 11:23
user avatar
User #16370726 - 23 May 20 09:07
Typical star wars fan
user avatar
User #34299707 - 23 May 20 17:35
Quality Kontent
user avatar
User #34729585 - 23 May 20 15:19
Who is paying for that guy's online university? Poor fools.
user avatar
User #16305266 - 23 May 20 15:26
Couldn't tell if Thad was trolling you or you were trolling Thad. But I think I was the one getting trolled. Very funny episode
user avatar
User #33630180 - 23 May 20 09:12
Lmao, thanks for this epic content Kantbot
Episode 14: Dashamania (w/ Dasha)
Episode 14: Dashamania (w/ Dasha)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 14: Dashamania (w/ Dasha) 2020-05-14T02:23:51+00:00close

She had it all: Fame. Fortune. Youth. Beauty. Once upon a time she was the darling of Indie Filmmaking's golden age, but all fame is fleeting, and this notorious podcasting starlet has spent the last three months far away from the public's prying eyes.

Cloistered and quarantined within her Brooklyn estate's private screening room, she now shuns the spotlight that at one time favored her so. Over and over she instructs her dedicated Secular-Jewish manservant to press play on her blu-ray copy of End of Evangelion -- the Ice Station Zebra to her weebish Howard Hughes.

Though she's gone by many names, her fans call her... Dasha

Channeling the powerful women she made a career for herself playing on the big screen, she's not about to go down without a fight. What she doesn't know though could kill her, as she's about to discover the one person standing in the way of her success -- turns out to be herself. You can't put a price on fame even if its paid in blood! Look out Hollywood, because Dasha's about to stage a killer comeback... Literally!

This week on the Pseudcast... It's Dashamania, as Dasha reprises the role that first made her a star. That's right cinephiles -- Guest starring as Dasha, its Dasha! And if that's not enough excitement for one episode, joining her as Dasha is the one and only Dasha!

As always only one man is up to the job of bringing so devious a killer to justice... Starring as the world's most famous detective is Peter Falk playing Columbo. Will he unravel the reels of deception? Will he expose the negative of Dasha's ice cold heart and give her a showing she didn't expect? Or has he finally met his match as he goes toe to toe with the hypnotizing power of Hollywood?

The Pseudodoxological New Atlantis Science Network is proud to present another exciting episode of... The Pseudcast.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝖙𝖔 𝕻𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗" by DJ, from the album Annihilism. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

Media (1)

Image_10.jpeg (463.9KiB)

Comments (28)
user avatar
User #15076785 - 14 May 20 14:39
33:25 - My favorite part of Schiller's Aesthetic Education from Letter XXIV—“What is Man before Beauty lures from him his free enjoyment and tranquil form tempers his wild life? Eternally uniform in his aims, eternally shifting in his judgements, self-seeking without being himself, unfettered without being free, a slave though serving no rule. At this period the world to him is merely destiny, not yet object; everything has existence for him only insofar as it secures existence for him what neither gives to him nor takes from him, is to him simply not there. Every phenomenon stands before him single and isolated, just as he finds himself in the ranks of beings. Everything that is, is to him through the instant’s word of command; every change is for him an entirely fresh creation, since together with the necessity *within himself* he lacks that necessity *outside himself* which binds together the varying shapes into a universe, and, with the passing of the individual, holds law firmly upon the scene of action. […] Either he hurls himself at objects and wants to snatch them into himself in desire; or else the objects force their way destructively into him, and he thrusts them from him in abhorrence. […] Ignorant of his own human dignity, he is far removed from honoring it in others, and conscious of his own savage greed, he fears it in every creature that resembles him.He never perceives others in himself, himself in others; and society, instead of expanding him into the species, only confines him ever more closely inside his individuality."
user avatar
User #33630180 - 14 May 20 04:05
Kantbot, why are you so obsessed with these Red Scare girls?
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 14 May 20 04:14
I mean, they're no Chumlee from Pawn Stars, but they're decent.
user avatar
User #5977724 - 14 May 20 16:42
Dasha is now the maggot queen and Kantbot her elite guard
user avatar
User #10846402 - 16 May 20 22:05
think again! I'm already her elite guard dog over on redscarepod. Both she and Anna were positively suicidal before I started putting in work there, November 2018
user avatar
User #5977724 - 18 May 20 02:49
Wow! Gross! 😄
user avatar
User #8028983 - 14 May 20 16:37
Damn dude if you play your cards right..
user avatar
User #4711632 - 15 May 20 22:59
She should just fr marry KB.
user avatar
User #12136043 - 16 May 20 22:51
This was fun
user avatar
User #14031784 - 14 May 20 05:15
The Perfect Blue cover choice is excellent.
user avatar
User #10846402 - 14 May 20 12:24
Dasha uses the word 'auteur' properly Kantbot; "I'm not a pretentious person...." keep telling yourself that BUDDY! 😅 you're just jealous of Dasha's scholarly and cultured intelligence, as well you should be, you grimy little nerd, full of precious sentiments and the underlying pathologies that produce them. There's a constant stream of low-level arrogance that belies a profound well of underlying shame and self-loathing, repressed from conscious awareness of course, it's far too horrible to look at directly. Maybe I should invite you on MY new podcast and we'll have a good struggle session! Actually I should go on yours first, I need to raise my profile, start getting some subscriptions, build some broad appeal among professionals with spare cash. But you won't do that until you know who I am, so I better get to work with some lesser lights, toil in the trenches a while to raise my credibility and cachet. I'm Vranak aka EmeraldOven aka inlieuofcoin over on reddit, and @cjwright79 on twitter and instagram and youtube. Vranak has over a million karma on reddit, but it was banned on redscarepod in December so now I use inlieuofcoin instead.
user avatar
User #5100321 - 14 May 20 14:54
add this one to the cringe comp
user avatar
User #21567327 - 14 May 20 16:34
hope she sees this bud
user avatar
User #10846402 - 16 May 20 22:04
the only cringe here is you little man
user avatar
User #23269207 - 18 May 20 16:58
"Dasha's scholarly and cultured intelligence" lmfao..please...
user avatar
User #10577361 - 15 May 20 20:47
the music in the middle is god awful
user avatar
User #15076785 - 14 May 20 14:33
Ask any Star Wars moron why the empire is bad—they will not be able to tell you why beyond regurgitating counter-cultural 60s platitudes
user avatar
User #4711632 - 15 May 20 23:00
Correct. Reject the Boomer nerd regime.
user avatar
User #12136043 - 16 May 20 22:52
I liked the music
user avatar
User #16268621 - 14 May 20 07:08
Love Barry Lyndon
user avatar
User #5048799 - 14 May 20 07:21
lmao do an ep on Smile
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 14 May 20 07:31
Ok. No one knows enough to do it with me though.
user avatar
User #15476720 - 14 May 20 07:40
Can you get Vincent Gallo or George Hotz (he read moldbug) on the pod?
user avatar
User #4711632 - 15 May 20 23:02
Vincent Gallo would be great, but I think KB only talks to people in his milieu or that intersect it on Twitter.
user avatar
User #12318328 - 18 May 20 09:21
Can you do it as a monologue? I dont care how just get it done
user avatar
User #12201196 - 15 May 20 13:05
reported this content ... for being *too* good
user avatar
User #3889890 - 14 May 20 13:23
Damn that interlude song is jammin'
user avatar
User #7903452 - 14 May 20 18:48
Kantbot shacho I can be your secretary if you truly need help
Episode 13: Asymmetrical Battle of the Bands (w/ Jake Hanrahan)
Episode 13: Asymmetrical Battle of the Bands (w/ Jake Hanrahan)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 13: Asymmetrical Battle of the Bands (w/ Jake Hanrahan) 2020-05-10T05:24:13+00:00close

Tonight's the night, and everyone is out rocking their best fits. It's the big Battle of the Ideological Bands, and every scene in town has its own champion in the show. As the concert hall fills up though, and tensions rise between the anarchists and the tankies, and the left libertarians and right libertarians come to blows, one man remains aloof, Jake Hanrahan of Popular Front. A man without a scene. The single guy in town too cool to be tied down a single ideology.

The theorists slowly file in, through the back entrance of the venue we call post-post-post modernity, depending on who you ask anyway. These guys are hip, you can tell by how they dress, the pins they fly on their jackets, the carefully chosen iconography of whatever bullshit they believe displayed proudly across every article of clothing. For weeks now they've practiced, regurgitating their pedantry of choice. When they get up stage, they know just how to dazzle, with flourishes of the choicest jargon adorning the most frenzied rhetorical shredding audiences have ever seen.

Jake "Post-Ideological" Hanrahan though, he has something these other acts don't. A style all his own, and his ideology can't be bought in any store. He's developed it in clubs all over town, watching every act up there tonight. Like a chameleon, he moves in and out, undetected, between the carefully constructed commodified identities everyone else adopts. He doesn't care what these hipsters think of him, and he's about to rock their world with the performance of a lifetime. He'll give them a something they haven't seen before, a truth solo that's out of this world. The only question? Whether the audience is ready.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Living Machine" by Smoke Access, from the compilation Greenhouse I. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

Media (1)

Image_6.jpeg (474.7KiB)

Episode 12: Return of the Rush Hour Renegades (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision)
Episode 12: Return of the Rush Hour Renegades (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 12: Return of the Rush Hour Renegades (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision) 2020-05-09T17:11:35+00:00close

The year is 20XX, there is no more culture, the institutions are dead. The journalists and blue checkmarks are extinct, nothing anymore but a forgotten whisper. A new class of media elite rule, the Pseuds are the masters of culture, and the celebrities of old huddle in little holes, fearing for their fame, knowing there is nothing they can do but submit to the dominion of the Pseudodoxology Network.

Does this sound like some faraway dream, or, perhaps, a nightmare? No, it's happening right now, as the Network takes over the entire Earth, and reduces the prestige of the old order to rubble. On this episode, we're joined by Logo and Nightmare Vision, members of the inner circle of Pseud, to discuss the cultural transformations currently at work, and how there's no going back. How we're speeding inexorably towards a New World, where everyone is as dumb as us.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Black Porch Desert" by ACTG, from the compilation It's Been One of Those Lives. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

Media (1)

Image.jpeg (248.5KiB)

Comments (18)
user avatar
User #4140388 - 11 May 20 00:25
this was good episode btw
user avatar
User #15240729 - 9 May 20 23:42
Hunter S Thompson sold copies, now they‘re selling ads.
user avatar
User #13903092 - 12 May 20 22:21
Every word over 7 syllables are to be banned soon
user avatar
User #34268448 - 12 May 20 01:00
The logo/nightmarevision episodes are consistently the best in my opinion
user avatar
User #4140388 - 11 May 20 00:24
mena come back also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07_PLiuQ6JA
user avatar
User #25431371 - 10 May 20 00:17
This is even better than the first Logo + Nightmare + KB ep
user avatar
User #5048799 - 9 May 20 21:25
Nightmare's bit about Thompson trying to get a job at Rolling Stone today reminded me of Zappa talking about how there was more experimental and creative music being made for mass audiences when labels were run by out of touch cigar smoking suits rather than woke young cultural elites. https://youtu.be/KZazEM8cgt0
user avatar
User #15476720 - 9 May 20 21:52
reminds me of when yarvin was talking about david geffen, he being the young gun
user avatar
User #13112912 - 11 May 20 03:12
Imposter syndrome big in biz world too -- to me it is lack of confidence. Or maybe you know your product is not good enough but profit motive is 2 strong. Many say: "Feeling of product, dream, is the value" but I think they know in their hearts that it is wrong to put out shoddy crafts. I failed this path in Past. I wonder too if the sex motive cause this in people on bigger scale. Those who mold themselves for da fk. Is this imposter or is this power and free will? Or does it come down to shoddy crafts again hmm, mmm? Some will argue, but I don't know what's what. Maybe some people are born imposters -- doomed to never feel as if they belong in their skin. Maybe some people enjoy the burning sensation of being this thing, pain feels important. And pleasure fleeting, but joy is deep -- slow like whale that eats big cool ship. But I know that I have changed at least, and I do not feel imposter-ish.
user avatar
User #17418029 - 16 May 20 05:24
Great episode and +1 to trueanon not being CIA. They are the only good conspiracy-centric venture from the left imo. All other conspiracy shows either turned into dumbass cringe white nationalists or have low-complexity, crazy uncle synthesis. (happy to be wrong about this btw tell me what's good someone)
user avatar
User #34677232 - 11 May 20 13:51
excellent episode. i'll reference 2 charts to show why the establishment isn't catching up with the edgy new content as millennials hope: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/01/05/fewer-americans-rely-on-tv-news-what-type-they-watch-varies-by-who-they-are/ https://www.census.gov/prod/2010pubs/p25-1138.pdf simply, we are in the golden age of Boomerism due to the sheer size of their demo, and this generation is comparable much smaller in scale (fewer kids in late capitalism). It's just economics and macro trends. Look for adjustments in 2030s and I'll be certain that you folks will be the gatekeeper of the next decade and tweens who mainlined pewdiepie and minecraft will complain about how your memes are antiquated and uninspired. Cheers this has been my favorite episode so far, apart from the Akira one.
user avatar
User #15076785 - 15 May 20 14:02
Help, I'm out of touch, who is this Spinozist??
user avatar
User #17418029 - 16 May 20 05:19
user avatar
User #34649100 - 9 May 20 20:32
I should start a Twitter.
user avatar
User #15476720 - 9 May 20 21:51
Mena come back!
user avatar
User #33469644 - 9 May 20 20:02
At 16:39 logo's eBay listing just sold. Buy his book guys.
user avatar
User #13403030 - 12 May 20 03:27
Scholarship = Coupon Lol so good
user avatar
User #687880 - 19 May 20 00:56
Who’s the ‘infamous Spinozist’? I want to research..
Episode 11: Socrates was a Wisconsinite (w/ Zola Jesus)
Episode 11: Socrates was a Wisconsinite (w/ Zola Jesus)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 11: Socrates was a Wisconsinite (w/ Zola Jesus) 2020-05-05T01:19:46+00:00close

Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, legends circulate, of a frightful witch cooking up curses. Spoken of only in whispers by the townsfolk she terrorizes, she long ago cast off the shackles of her Christian name, and branded herself according to some ancient tongue long unheard, as Zola Jesus. Exiled even from the unholy coven to which she once belonged, now only swarms of black patreon ravens supply her with the materials she requires to work her mischief.

She flips open her spellbook, her rack of samples and synths, running her finger down the list until she comes across one wicked sounding enough to further her sinister ends. A great hound, her loyal familiar, howls mightily in the distance.

"Yes," she cackles, "this will do nicely."

As she concocts her strange brew, and throws together her foul ingredients, the multitracks begin to stir, coming to life and twisting in a cyclonic din of electronics around her ears. An unwholesome miasma envelops the room, the putrefying plastic of her workstation's circuitry as it strains itself to death fills her snorting nostrils. The lights flicker and faint, as her magic is made manifest, and every ounce of power is sucked into the whirring fans of her desktop.

An image of a primordial ritual, some Walpurgisnacht long ago, she stands unflinching in the deepening dread and doom, and far from any fear, she feels now only exaltation at her diabolical offering. "The Master will be most pleased," she revels, sinful in her pride at her own handiwork. The moment has at last arrived. Out of the depths issues a voice.

"Hey there, thanks for joining us Zola, glad to have you on the Pseudodoxological Official Pseudcast."

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Ionosphere" by DEEP SOY, from the album Patchwork. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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User #13903092 - 6 May 20 01:03
Art is not defined as a buisness.
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User #13903092 - 5 May 20 03:14
start bawling my eyes out thinking about how I can't sit around on soulseek all day right now
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User #17401510 - 5 May 20 03:14
Zola pls put out another album.
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User #10981343 - 5 May 20 02:55
can't tell you how much this episode means to me.
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User #5977724 - 5 May 20 13:44
Also great guest, Zola Jesus is real
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User #17418029 - 5 May 20 19:36
this is so good holy shit
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User #3371062 - 5 May 20 17:27
Wisconsin love baby!
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User #5048799 - 5 May 20 19:50
Man, I love this.
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User #8638755 - 5 May 20 08:32
omg i love this
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User #5977724 - 5 May 20 13:40
Linear versus Non-linear editing is what you were talking about Kantbot
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User #25814602 - 5 May 20 16:48
Intro Feat Zola Jesus to M83's double album, magnum opus Hurry Up, We're Dreaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr_HIrfr7is
Bonus Battle: Curtis "Methuselah" Yarvin Vs Fragrant Jack
Bonus Battle: Curtis "Methuselah" Yarvin Vs Fragrant Jackmore_vert
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Bonus Battle: Curtis "Methuselah" Yarvin Vs Fragrant Jack 2020-05-03T19:47:14+00:00close

The clash of the century, the event of a lifetime! In the red corner, the Usenet Brawler, Curtis Yarvin. In the blue corner, the underdog, the hungry pup, my friend Jack from the Perfume Nationalist!

Yarvin has talked a big game in the past, trying to flaunt his stuff as a man of taste, as a connoisseur of culture. But its time to put that to the test, against the hungry sniffer, Jack.

They go head to head, each picking three films, albums, and books to try and out-culture one another. Things get heated. Curtis tries to "out-gay" Jack. Punches fly. Who will be declared the winner in this battle of taste?

Unfortunately, due to an accident immediately prior to the start of the fight, Yarvin threw out his hip and broke his audacity, meaning his audio was dumped and this show has gritty, fight-worthy fidelity from our discord call.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Carnival of Life" by I Sekuin, from the album Warlike. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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User #33622141 - 5 May 20 00:45
Andrew Anglin would be a 10x more interesting and productive conversation than Mike Enoch
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User #8169161 - 3 May 20 22:07
Not appearing in the podcast / RSS feed...anyone else having this issue?
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User #4711632 - 3 May 20 22:27
I see it in the feed
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User #8169161 - 4 May 20 00:05
Hmm had to re-add the feed. Now it’s workin - thx
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User #33469644 - 3 May 20 20:49
Moldbug is attempting the impossible for his first Pseud-debate. Moldbug recommends cool things; Jack makes things cool by recommending them. Virgin rationalism vs chad divine command.
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User #33472092 - 6 May 20 00:24
Hey Kantbot, if you ever get around to appeasing Curtis with his gift of a debate with “nazis”, I know he had mentioned Mike Enoch.. but I feel like it would just devolve into a technicality discussion of history, “where were the smokestacks, Weimar was awful” kind of stuff.. As an alternative, I recommend Cultured Thug. I think his YouTube channel is C T. He’s more into fascist ideology & is well versed on the topic. Also he isn’t interested in “give me muh white rights or muh ethnostate.” Just think it would actually be a good conversation to have.
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User #13403030 - 3 May 20 19:50
Also the phone audio isn't necessarily bad, reminds me of radio, specifically NPR when they have experts call in. Good stuff man, happy to support this content!
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User #4711632 - 3 May 20 21:57
Soft audio is fine when everyone has it. It's better than 🤖 voice. Also for fun stuff like this it's okay
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User #14192575 - 4 May 20 10:36
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User #33722027 - 3 May 20 23:22
Curtis: in "Eumeswil" there's a passage noting that the town's name (and therefore the book's name) is pronounced You-mess-ville.
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User #23269207 - 3 May 20 20:11
More Curtis and more Jack....fucking love them both the death, my favorite guests of yours along with Logo. The Pseudcast is off to an amazing start
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User #13112912 - 4 May 20 05:39
Powerful intro! We want more Poetry! (Ask Logo too!) Kantbot wins debate.
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User #4711632 - 4 May 20 01:17
You simply must do a functional programming episode with Yarvin. An esteemed genius like you Kantbot surely is familiar with Categories and the work of the great Saunders Mac Lane. I'm fascinated to hear how Yarvin will map the different garbage collection algorithms to types of government and planning.
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User #15476720 - 4 May 20 08:14
i want him to do a garbage collection ep so kantbot can say computers dont exist
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User #4711632 - 3 May 20 22:02
Japanese Story is not very good at all. Sentimental orientalism.
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User #33642214 - 3 May 20 23:05
i stopped listening to the podcast. and watched it. its not bad
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User #7906842 - 3 May 20 19:49
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User #8357188 - 5 May 20 07:07
Can anyone list the books movies and perfume mentioned? I cant really understand everything said its a bit unintelligible
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User #4711632 - 5 May 20 11:06
Hit up Jack on Twitter, it's @J_a_c_k_tpn He's really nice, he will tell ya
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User #5858581 - 6 May 20 02:39
I mentioned (movies) Through the Looking Glass, Liquid Sky, and Poison (Books) Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders, Ancient Evenings, and Sexual Personae (perfumes) CdG Incense Avignon, Bijan for Men, Aromatics Elixir, Magie Noire, Angel
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User #29208279 - 3 May 20 20:12
Reading the plot of Japanese Story rn
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User #13403030 - 4 May 20 23:02
Stop being so mean to CURTIS!
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User #8012793 - 5 May 20 07:47
hard on the old man in this one, but necessary roughness from kantbot, praying for our boy Yarvin
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User #3738067 - 4 May 20 20:29
Of you’re thinking of getting Sam Hyde on definitely consider having either Nick Mullen or Nick Rochefort from MDE on with him. That combo would make it extra special/differential
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User #28000321 - 5 May 20 04:08
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User #3738067 - 5 May 20 04:10
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User #13903092 - 8 May 20 06:46
If sam went on nicks show the earth would be a paradise
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User #13403030 - 3 May 20 19:48
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User #4711632 - 3 May 20 22:00
Tom Tykwer was the director of the 'Perfume' film. It has a couple of good moments but overall it's crap compared to the Susskind book.
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User #4711632 - 3 May 20 22:03
There are only really two or three scenes that are as pure and intense as the book. The ending is one.
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User #16198872 - 4 May 20 12:45
Fun episode! Andromeda Strain is great. total technology porn
Episode 10: Occupy Wizards of the Coast (w/ Sean P. McCarthy)
Episode 10: Occupy Wizards of the Coast (w/ Sean P. McCarthy)more_vert
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Episode 10: Occupy Wizards of the Coast (w/ Sean P. McCarthy) 2020-05-01T02:07:38+00:00close

So me and my buddy, Sean McCarthy were hanging out at my house, dueling in some Magic the Gathering games, playing Donkey Kong Country 2, drinking capri sun, and we got to talking, about maybe doing this totally tubular Pseudcast episode. I thought it was a killer idea, so I got out my Talkboy tape recorder (as seen in the movie Home Alone II) and we just had a nice chat about Populism, Occupy Wall Street being a psyop, the CIA, how much Stephen Colbert sucks. The usual topics. Then my mom drove Sean home.

Next time I'm going over to Sean's house, he has Creepy Crawlers. He's on Disc 2 of Final Fantasy 8. Man Sean is so cool. He's my best friend. Check out the show he records on his boombox with his little brothers about the epic Monopoly sessions they have for family game night at Sean's house. They get to eat popcorn and watch TGIF on ABC Family Network. Okay, bye everyone.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "The Hermeneutics of Ecological Limitation" by Painted Worlds, from the compilation Stay Inside I: Transmission. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Image_10.jpeg (622.3KiB)

Comments (10)
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User #5048799 - 4 May 20 22:42
Great ep!
user avatar
User #13903092 - 1 May 20 08:37
Also when's dan aykroyd coming on the pod
user avatar
User #34516625 - 1 May 20 19:04
top 3 ep so far imo
user avatar
User #34558043 - 2 May 20 15:28
Great episode. A lot to chew on.
user avatar
User #33470063 - 3 May 20 16:07
Kantbot is a Kantian? I've always thought he was a post-Kantian constructive idealist or something.
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User #8456185 - 2 May 20 00:13
Epstein is boring compared to franklin ring in Omaha and mark dutroux in Belgium.
user avatar
User #33470063 - 3 May 20 16:04
Isn't it sorta unfortunate that Epstein was memed into boringness? It's like that was part of the plan, no? They suicide him in front of everyone, it becomes a t-shirt, then everyone who claims to care about these things loses interest.
user avatar
User #8456185 - 3 May 20 18:42
Idk there's a lot of psyop stuff related to Epstein that is pointing the finger in so many different directions. Intentional to say the least. The same sort of stuff happened with the Franklin Scandal and the Mark Dutroux trial with the main difference being that the links to power were more concrete and harder to obfuscate. Also, both involved accusations of child murder that were hard to refute. Franklin Scandal wikipedia page was heavily redacted two days before Epstein indictments were released but there are some great books about it. The Mark Dutroux story makes Epstein look like a saint to be honest, the Belgian government nearly lost all legitimacy when that story broke. However, it looks like the FBI and media have learned from their previous mistakes and have only left little nuggets of insight into the whole Epstein mess that leads to a frenzy of conjecture with every theory adding a new layer of confusion. Idk, the Belgians literally let a serial killer and child snuff film-maker go free so he could clean up his mess and aided in "disappearing" his corroborating witnesses. The first time I read abt Dutroux I had to keep pinching myself because it was so difficult to wrap my head around that kind of corruption. Not the case with Epstein tho.
user avatar
User #33470063 - 3 May 20 23:18
Damn... my fiancée just started telling me about Marc Dutroux. I agree with you 100%
user avatar
User #25431371 - 2 May 20 14:03
“Harvard students go on to be comedy writers or war criminals”. Excellent quote
Episode 9: Speedrunning on Empty (w/ RWhiteGoose)
Episode 9: Speedrunning on Empty (w/ RWhiteGoose)more_vert
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Episode 9: Speedrunning on Empty (w/ RWhiteGoose) 2020-04-30T01:52:44+00:00close

You've waited your whole life for this. You've trained. You've perfected your craft. You've devoted thousands of hours. You're ready. Flown by black helicopter to a remote island, you're about to meet with... The Elite. The greatest Goldeneye 007 for the N64 speedrunners in the world. The fastest. The deadliest. They're waiting to be impressed. Do you think you have the right stuff?

Before you have a chance, though, on your way from the helicopter pad, your convoy is attacked. A mysterious man in black pulls you out of the back seat and spirits you away. Who is this Zoro type rogue? He pulls away his mask, revealing his face. "Could it be? But I thought he was dead," you wonder to yourself. It's none other than Punished Goose . Formerly one of the greatest Goldeneye runners the the game had ever known. Now, an exile, documenting the secret and forbidden lore of speedrunning from his illegal youtube broadcasting station somewhere in South Africa.

He stretches out his hand, a wry smile on his face. "I'm here to save you," he says. Do you take it? Will you side with the Elite? Or with this madman speedrunning terrorist? The choice is yours.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "name and form" by subboreal, from the album childhood's end. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Image_9.jpeg (163.6KiB)

Comments (5)
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User #33470063 - 4 May 20 00:48
Loving this episode so far... reminds me of being a part of the competitive gaming community before e-sports and twitch streaming started.
user avatar
User #13327651 - 3 May 20 02:58
user avatar
User #35202380 - 14 May 20 13:18
I have zero interest in speedrunning but I really enjoyed the conversation on mental health and cancel culture!
user avatar
User #8375604 - 3 May 20 23:53
great episode! Kantbot I think you would enjoy this film by Jon Rafman which thematizes the "tragic" aspect you discussed. I highly recommend Codes of Honor (2012, 12 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WPZbwDHz-0
user avatar
User #27263745 - 30 Apr 20 13:46
Goose’s earnestness is refreshing. Halfway through but very enjoyable episode.
Red Scare and More 2020-04-29T18:26:12+00:00

Very quick update.

The Red Scare episode is up. I highly recommend listening to this one. Trust me.

My engineer has been a bit busy, the Goose episode is being mastered and will be up as soon as its done. Recording with Sean McCarthy today still, so stay tuned for both.

First episode of May will be Zola Jesus, on Monday.

Comments (9)
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User #7331587 - 30 Apr 20 03:56
You're the best, Kantbot. I'm so happy for you. It's going to be a great year!
user avatar
User #4711632 - 29 Apr 20 21:40
"I have many loyal schizophrenic fans and people who really dislike me" This is gold
user avatar
User #7922213 - 29 Apr 20 18:51
here's a link so you don't have to give these girls a dime. https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/3/eyJhIjoxLCJwIjoxfQ%3D%3D/patreon-media/p/post/36539685/2215a6218b17471ab5ae1204e7818474/1.mp3?token-time=1588269327&token-hash=B_5f_OLAZNjUabW7U8ryxTAZJeSWLECxq6DE2Kk7-l8%3D
user avatar
User #33473152 - 29 Apr 20 21:48
i want to be dasha's paypig tho
user avatar
User #4711632 - 29 Apr 20 20:41
God they are so lax and unprofessional. "Just let me plug in my computer"
user avatar
User #25431371 - 29 Apr 20 20:25
KB moves to Texas to found the NEW ATLANTIS. . .
user avatar
User #25431371 - 30 Apr 20 23:17
Not explaining yourself is so powerful
user avatar
User #33460466 - 30 Apr 20 00:48
You should be the interviewee more often my man
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 30 Apr 20 02:10
Nobody lets me.
Thank You 2020-04-28T00:52:36+00:00

Thanks everyone, I think things are off to a good start for our new enterprise. I'm very happy with the quality of the show so far, and think we're over the hump on getting things off on a good foot. Going to be rounding out the initial round of shows with RWGoose, Elite Goldeneye Speedrunner, tonight. And Sean McCarthy on Wednesday. And I'm on for a special appearance on Red Scare tomorrow. The event at Rhizome is on hold, and I haven't been told all the details. Apparently it's the typical deal about not platforming psionic terrorists and some people behind the scenes thought it was "problematic," but I don't know the full story. I got in touch with Nick Pinkerton though about doing the Pseudcast with me independently and he seems game.

"TFW No GF" is up on Amazon if you want to check it out, it came out well in the end, and there's some nice closure happening behind the scenes. After two years of being involved in its production, I'm at least happy that it got a release and people got to see it. But I am planning on doing a follow up show with the people featured in the movie to talk about their perspective on being in it.

There will be more things I'm going to get going in the upcoming month, but will probably back off from this break neck release pace. I've just been working hard to get a backlog of episodes in place for a good foundation. But I'm generally always on my guest grind working things out with people. Nick Land will hopefully be one of the first guests in May. And Liturgy is on board too. We'll be doing a show with Nightmare Vision and E Michael Jones very soon too to discuss his Logos Rising book. And Ken Liu shot me an email saying he'd like to come back on once he has a few new stories under his belt. And I've gotten back in touch with Sam Hyde, who liked how the movie came out too, and will probably talk to him about being on the show at some point down the line. But there's always stuff in the works, and the machine is in motion to land some real big boys like Adam Curtis, so who knows what will happen.

I'm happy to be able to make some good shows for you guys, and I appreciate your support. Please send me a Patreon msg and I will get back to you if you have any questions, suggestions, or need anything. Doing these shows is a lot of fun for me, and I'm glad you guys get a kick out of them. Thanks.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #33463580 - 28 Apr 20 09:26
Ken Liu and Sam Hyde were my favorite guests, happy to hear of their return. Doing the Lord’s work kantbot keep it up.
user avatar
User #5977724 - 28 Apr 20 12:46
Nice man, good work so far, every episode has been great. Just wish you had a comments section. That would have been dope! Oh well, next time
user avatar
User #15476720 - 29 Apr 20 09:52
Can I recommend having George Hotz (Geohot) on the podcast? He's a hacker and is now making AI driving tech. He even mentioned that he watched the doc during his 20 hour stream https://youtu.be/xc0jGZYFQLQ?t=69564
user avatar
User #34317323 - 29 Apr 20 00:21
user avatar
User #6297675 - 29 Apr 20 06:36
Discovered you through the doc .. glad to be supporting the work ..
user avatar
User #16370726 - 28 Apr 20 06:04
Ken Liu was honestly my favorite guest so far, I’m glad he’s so enthused about being on the show. Can’t wait to hear the next one
user avatar
User #33984290 - 29 Apr 20 01:49
I’ve seen all of Curtis documentaries, really great stuff. They all got uploaded for free on YouTube by the BBC so god bless them for that. I’d recommend Liu Xin the novelist
user avatar
User #2660567 - 29 Apr 20 10:47
i second George Hotz, also if its not too dry maybe someone that can expound on goethe's theory of colours with you, I read Bortoft's book and am interested if anyone implements it scientifically that isnt some new age guru-cadenced steinerist
user avatar
User #33620963 - 30 Apr 20 05:34
I’m just here for the Nightmare Vision content.
Episode 8: Revolutionary Virology (w/ Cody Wilson)
Episode 8: Revolutionary Virology (w/ Cody Wilson)more_vert
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Episode 8: Revolutionary Virology (w/ Cody Wilson) 2020-04-27T07:54:40+00:00close

A viral CAD file has escaped from a research lab in Austin, and its engineer is pursued across the world by authorities. His name is Cody Wilson. The most dangerous man in the universe, or something like that. I don't really know. That's just what the media told me. He's a bad, bad, bad man. Or does he just want you to think that? Or does the FBI just want you to think that? I can't really keep track of it all. It's so confusing. Feints within feints. So I'll just say, he's a friend of mine. Though he did pick up an underage girl from a Sugar Daddy hookup site, and then fled the country. I suppose that would make him, in the end, kind of like the Roman Polański of Libertarianism. I'll leave it to you to judge for yourself whether he's a revolutionary, a terrorist, a rapist, a hero.

Naturally, Cody Wilson is also a producer of the sure to be endlessly controversial movie, "TFW no GF," so he's here to throw his hat into the ring, and returns from the shadows to promote the epic new film, and to tell all... well, we mostly talk about Baudrillard actually. But that's probably more interesting anyway. I always love talking to him, and we ended up with a great conversation on the corona pandemic, simulation, revolution, narrative, culture, teleonomy, the closure of the internet, crisis theory, normality, accelerationism, and hiding illegal CAD files for 3D printed guns in underground bunkers built on Minecraft servers.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Hunting Hour" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Image_7.jpeg (521.2KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #860157 - 30 Apr 20 02:59
never heard this guy talk before. he's fantastic.
user avatar
User #11658247 - 3 May 20 04:57
Awesome show
user avatar
User #5600260 - 4 May 20 19:47
Cody’s a treasure
user avatar
User #15476720 - 27 Apr 20 08:51
Fuck yeah CW
user avatar
User #34383503 - 27 Apr 20 08:12
Welcome back Cody we've missed you dearly
user avatar
User #33469644 - 28 Apr 20 14:32
Kantbot, Internet Necromancer (3) Legendary Artifact Creature - Wizard UUU: Return target card that was countered from your graveyard to your hand. 2/2
user avatar
User #33469644 - 27 Apr 20 16:31
tfw no harem
user avatar
User #7906842 - 29 Apr 20 14:22
Best ep so far
Episode 7: My Other Publishing Deal is a Gold Plated, Jewel Encrusted Ford F-150 (w/ Delicious Tacos and Sam Pink)
Episode 7: My Other Publishing Deal is a Gold Plated, Jewel Encrusted Ford F-150 (w/ Delicious Tacos and Sam Pink)more_vert
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Episode 7: My Other Publishing Deal is a Gold Plated, Jewel Encrusted Ford F-150 (w/ Delicious Tacos and Sam Pink) 2020-04-26T08:40:46+00:00close

Coming very soon, the moment all you Pseuds out there have been waiting for... That's right, the best selling episode of the Pseudodoxology Official Pseudcast, Episode 7: "My Other Publishing Deal is a Gold Plated, Jewel Encrusted Ford F-150," is now available as a microfictive Patreon podcast episode description section. Relive all your favorite moments of award winning, best selling, self-published alt-lit sweethearts Delicious Tacos and Sam Pink discussing the travails of literary nano-celebrity. Experience the frustrations of creative self-doubt, the heady peaks of outrageous literary ambition, and the inevitable disappointment when you never get that limo ride you expected to a banquet celebrating your latest magnum opus, let alone that awesome fucking gold plated Ford F-150 someone once promised you on a podcast episode.

And while you're at it, if you liked the chart topping podcast episode, and can't wait to read the description section alt-lit adaptation, consider checking out the books from which the original Pseudcast Shill Network Episode was actually first adapted. Delicious Taco's new Savage Spear of the Unicorn. And Sam Pink's The Ice Cream Man, and Other Stories.

As a taster for the picofictive literary adaptation of the record breaking Pseudcast Episode based on the best-selling books by Sam Pink and Delicious Tacos, enjoy the following free excerpt, and subscribe to the Pseudodoxia Shill Network for more updates about its forthcoming release, and a list of retailers where you can buy the full Patreon Podcast Episode Description Section when it finally hits shelves. Which will be never.

Excerpt from the Upcoming Femtofictionalization of the Best Selling Podcast Episode from the Pseudodoxology Pseudcast Patreon Podcast Network:

My Other Publishing Deal is a Gold Plated, Jewel Encrusted Ford F-150: The Podcast Episode: The Attofictive Patreon Episode Description Pseudoliterary Adaptation

By Absolutely Nobody

The limousine, shooting like an void bolt across Manhattan, speeds to its stop, outside some five star hotel deep downtown, where impatiently awaiting it, the best selling alt-author is eager to board the ship that at long last finally come in for him. Having expressed intently their interest in his work, the big shot literary agents that brought him here have certainly spared no expense in making a good impression. Believe me, for those of you who've never had the pleasure, but there's no other way to feel, when you pop open the mini fridge equipping the private compartment of one of those black beauties, and see the treasure trove of canned frescas for yourself for the first time, except to finally know you've made it, baby. Welcome to the big time. You're a famous writer now.

Smartly, the publisher has stashed a few copies of the finished book atop the little TV next to the mini fridge. So here it is, the now great author admires, picking up one of the slim volumes and inspecting it. Already all the papers are hailing the arrival of his masterpiece, and the triumphant author, reveling in the glory of his great moment, mentally runs through all the ubiquitous names of the publications which have so far lauded his accomplishment. Who hasn't at least heard of this or that paper praising him, the author considers with the most delectable sense of self-satisfaction. The limousine, as it penetrates ever further into the champagne soaked night, unfurls behind it quickly evaporating crimson standards of fame, which but for a moment only, illuminate the deepening darkness, before forever burning out like the dead embers of some ancient warrior's funeral pyre -- suffocated into nothingness by the ruins of the overtaken city he, only hours previously, had died defending, as all the towering white walls of well masoned marble crash down atop his charred and indistinguishable remains.

Thinking nothing for tomorrow, the author, thumbs through the novella that finally brought him to the apex of his career, that he knows for certain, has undoubtedly earned him a venerated place in the future history of literature, and quickly paging over the copyright information and title page and the generous preface the publisher had arranged some supposedly very famous other author he had often enough heard of, but never actually gotten around to ever reading, the author comes at last to the opening lines of his own masterwork, and to pass the time, allows himself to relive a little the novel combination of words his genius had allowed him to assemble. A combination unique to him. Unique to this very soon to be best-selling book of his. A combination all the supposedly brilliant minds of literary history before him had failed to make. Despite no doubt a great deal of trying. And indulging fully for a moment in this last bit of half-ironic self-aggrandizing, he allows a single word to force its way through the anxious tangle of his uncertain impressions and half formed thoughts about the promise of the night to come...


Chapter 1
Ever since you can remember, you dreamed of being a writer. Not just a writer, but an author. A wordsmith. A literary visionary. You stroll the isles of some Barnes and Noble somewhere. The embossed covers, shrink wrapped with a pallid sheen, tile the short row of shelves comprising each topical section. The faces of the famous peer at you as you slowly pace the corridors of the childish maze retailers have assembled for you. Tan France from Queer Eye seems to sparkle with pride and joy on the cover of a ghostwritten memoir. Someday, you think, you'll be a great writer like him, and your face likewise will brim with the sense of accomplishment you imagine one must feel over writing something great, something worth selling, something worth buying, something that someone like you will see on the shelf at a Barnes and Noble somewhere.
It's dark out. It must be nighttime now. Was it before? You can't remember. Across the room your childhood bookshelf seems to grow larger and larger the more attently you contemplate it, and for a moment, as your eyes filter across the small library of titles, the melancholy dread you sometimes feel, in moments such as these, seems to be held briefly at bay. These are your books. It's easy enough, for a moment, to stave off the sadness you so often feel, to convince yourself for a few fleeting seconds that you really have read them all. That you know every page. And when your conscience peeps through, and reminds you of the truth, you find it equally easy to forget the whole thing ever happened at all, as you quickly reach for whatever distraction happens to be closest at hand.
Time may or may not be passing now, as you load websites on your phone's internet browser, close them, load other sites, close those, and then load again the one you started with. Your finger compulsively, again and again brings up different writing forums, which you quickly and apathetically scan over and over again searching for something new. Wouldn't it be great, to write something, to have it discussed somewhere online, by those capable of appreciating your special talents? This you feel profoundly.
You know a genius or two, others out there, in cyberland who've written things, and made their mark. You have one of their books. You don't really know whether you enjoyed it. Maybe, maybe not. Do you enjoy anything? You have to, don't you? You must. Though you feel unable to connect any experience you've ever had with a feeling you can call for certain enjoyment. No one is around. The chatrooms you frequent stand silent, and you sense in yourself the building need to speak to someone, brimming up from out of the shadows of the deep well God must have driven, like a railroad spike of negative nothingness, down into the center of your soul with his celestial sledge.
Back and forth your mind paces, edging towards capitulation, before you finally relent and open up the window to send a private message to one of the writers you and all your friends most love to praise. He responded to something you said once. He could be your friend. Maybe he might even recognize in you all that potential you insist to your innermost doubting self you truly have. Then, with his mentorship, you can begin in earnest, doing all the things you're sure you want to, but no one has ever so far given you permission to pursue. After waiting so long already, who can hold it against you, that you grow a bit impatient at the prospect of further delay. He only needs to answer, and your long lingering in the interminable stasis of creative purgatory will all at once be brought to a swift end, and in imagining the possibility, you feel yourself launched on mighty pinions into the far flung heaven of fame and fortune.
He'll answer you tomorrow, this time he has to.

Feeling the slight weight of an invisible wreath of laurels crowning his head, as he subvocalizes these final words, the limousine lurches to the curbside, to destiny, to the beginning of the future of literature. Infinite prospects open up like trumpeting angels at the swirling cloud gate of the highest heaven. Peels of thundering brass blasts sound above, as the godly alt-lit darling bathes himself in the waves of applause that pound him like the roiling surf of a crystal clear sea he dives headlong into on some exotic getaway.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "I Don't Feel So Good" by Painted Worlds, from the album Oh, the Places you Won't Go. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

Comments (18)
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User #4711632 - 27 Apr 20 01:41
There's no way this can live up to the genius of what I have just read, so, I'm content to pass on this one, and use my imagination instead.
user avatar
User #13112912 - 6 May 20 21:09
Btw a lot of marketers (most?) consider books too unprofitable to bother with for serious effort. Books are used as lead-gen to sell speaking tours, subscription stuff, branded merch and so on. Hard to sell the book and then hard to get people to consume the product. Most everyone is moving to either big-ticket sales or subscription stuff -- mass sales is harder to do and more of a headache. Maybe best bet is to seduce a wealthy patron-ess of the arts?
user avatar
User #14031784 - 2 May 20 17:06
I have been reading Delicious Tacos since the beginning, checking his blog, worried every lapse in posting that he ODed, drunk drove into a ditch or just threw in the towel. In the afterbirth of his new books I have been bearing witness to his great becoming like a slug in the sun, and tremble before his gripping prose as it captures the modern person’s destitution in the face of our consumer society that won’t even throw us a measly pity fuck. It really is a marvelous and rare thing to read a book or listen to a podcast someone created out of passion and not because they saw a market, wanted to pander to an audience, or thought it was their turn to be a famous author. It has been awesome to see not only DT's but Kantbot's glow up.
user avatar
User #33473152 - 27 Apr 20 05:03
DT needs to post physiognomy after anti nofap posting
user avatar
User #16305266 - 26 Apr 20 12:00
Holy shit Kantbot you’re spoiling us
user avatar
User #4686558 - 28 Apr 20 18:57
Kantbot is pushing the medium of podcast description posts to a new experimental height
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 29 Apr 20 00:05
No one appreciated how much time I wasted on this.
user avatar
User #34299707 - 30 Apr 20 06:37
We definitely do appreciate it Dr. K
user avatar
User #33475468 - 26 Apr 20 17:42
user avatar
User #33481348 - 27 Apr 20 06:20
Cod Wilson huh, God speed Kant
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 27 Apr 20 06:50
I just talked to him today. Hes doing well. The episode with him is about to get posted rn
user avatar
User #35011566 - 11 May 20 11:16
You should get DC Miller on about the LD50 gallery stuff. He was the counter protester that got cancelled and is now crowdfunding a legal campaign against Turned and co.
user avatar
User #25248131 - 26 Apr 20 15:46
I liked the interlude
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 26 Apr 20 20:26
Get the full album from Lovecrypt
user avatar
User #21567327 - 26 Apr 20 10:13
tacos is the best
user avatar
User #7087644 - 29 Apr 20 02:05
Loved it! Honestly the voice quality on Sam Pink was better than DT--sounded like DT was in a large room with a shitty mic. Good stuff though.
user avatar
User #13112912 - 6 May 20 08:46
Tacos is too lovable, he is destined to get his movie deal and a boatload of bangin' biddies.
user avatar
User #33481348 - 27 Apr 20 07:01
StemPai? If u could, would you reply to my DMs on twitter.cum? Or just bring on the artist formally known as Dugan “Carnik Con”, if Wilson is legit, he’ll know y Ashly quit, and abt the Yankee Boogle, best love and wishes to get-that-Cunt-bot from an HardKore /Kommando Kondor
Episode 6: Casey Kasem's Vaporwave Catholic Accelerationism Countdown (w/ Akira and the Rapturous Sounds of the Lovecrypt Hit Machine)
Episode 6: Casey Kasem's Vaporwave Catholic Accelerationism Countdown (w/ Akira and the Rapturous Sounds of the Lovecrypt Hit Machine)more_vert
Post file flag
Episode 6: Casey Kasem's Vaporwave Catholic Accelerationism Countdown (w/ Akira and the Rapturous Sounds of the Lovecrypt Hit Machine) 2020-04-26T03:30:51+00:00close


CASEY KASEM stands before an ostentatious curtain, so deeply black as to appear an ethereally regal purple, so voluptuously fine it was as if it were made of nothingness itself.

Hi, I'm Casey Kasem, and welcome to the Simulation We All Believe to be Reality's Top 40. I'm your host, Casey Kasem. You know, the other day, I got to thinking, what if an omniscient artificial intelligence from the future is currently holding the real Casey Kasem hostage by using me, Casey Kasem, or at least, a simulation of Casey Kasem, as leverage. What if the real Casey Kasem has no way of knowing whether or not he's actually Casey Kasem? What if Casey Kasem was forced to reasonably conclude that he may not be Casey Kasem at all? But, in fact, was me, Casey Kasem, that is, a simulation of Casey Kasem. If that were the case, then Casey Kasem would be forced to conform to the malevolent will of this hypothetical Artificial Intelligence, lest it extract a penance of flesh from me, Casey Kasem, who, afterall, could very well be him, Casey Kasem.
Speaking of Casey Kasem, one of the Casey Kasems in a simulation somewhere out there, received this letter, from a listener named Akira. I'd like to share it with you. He says:
"Dear Casey, your materialist meme ideology is rotting your brain, please find God and put on some Nishiki Prestige."
Isn't that nice. Well, let's find God together then, shall we? Stay tuned, because after a quick commercial break we're going to be counting down all the greatest Lovecrypt hits.


KANTBOT sits at his desk, typing at his laptop, as the sun slowly climbs the facade of the adjacent building seen through his window. He chuckles as he writes the above segment about CASEY KASEM, and wonders at his own cleverness. But soon thereafter, realizes that he's once again been done in by that very same cleverness of his, as only now does it occur to him the description section for EPISODE 6 of his incredible PSEUDODOXOLOGY NETWORK OFFICIAL PSEUDCAST, interviewing LOVECRYPT cofounder AKIRA, is both not descriptive enough, and also unnecessarily long, weird, and probably off putting. He strikes the return key and continues typing:

This VERY SPECIAL PSEUDCAST NETWORK EPISODE delves into the history and philosophy of Lovecrypt Records, and it's current manager Akira, who cofounded the project with Nishiki Prestige in 2017. Akira discusses the history of the label, counts down some of his favorite tracks, and gives an intimate account of his movement from Accelerationist meme ideology to Catholicism. A recent rundown can be found at California's KCPR's website: Lovecrypt: Soundtrack for the Rapture. Lovecrypt is kind enough to provide all of the sweet copyright cleared music for this show, so the least you can do is follow along with the list of music featured in this episode below and download (and maybe even pay a buck) for any albums you like the sound of:
Spirits by Cor Serpentis, from Atria (Intro Song)
hallucinatory resemblance by INVISIBLE ROBOT HANDS, from GRANITEFALSE
Faithless Predator by Smoke Access, from Greenhouse I
Lights out of Time by Smoke Access, from Greenhouse II
Zoetopia II by Bagaski, from Isle of None
Closeness To by Khan and Polo, from Revelations I
Midnight Run by I Sekuin, from I Sekuin
Lifetime of Grey Skies by Nishiki Prestige, from XOXO (Outro Song)
(And as always: This episode was mastered by Tryppocoles Records)

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Comments (12)
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User #13112912 - 4 May 20 23:43
Why no Neet-Chee question when it comes to loss of values -- rationality without divine -- and so on? He give prophecy and solution possiblity. As for convert everyone -- how can you make someone leap if they do not leap? And what is so wrong with today? I'm out of touch -- out of time. Pain is fun but...The bright side. And the label thing happens in small Biz too, one person sets up as node -- get one client (or supplier, or whatever) and other people see and want to join (better to have active outreach, but sometimes high visibility is enough). Anyone can be this node, this podcast is example too. Fails often, but can be repeated until success, so pain of failure is only barrier to enter. If you have dream -- go for it! (And if you die while repeating, will not feel so bad probably -- since you are doing stuff :) Lastly: Akira is good example that you don't have to be a producer -- you can be a connector and give tremendous value to all the world. A lot of producers of stuff are bad at connecting, and producers and connectors work well together. I hope you guys all keep building friendships and businesses and projects together!
user avatar
User #13903092 - 9 May 20 03:02
In my honest opinion I've said it before but if you want to talk about vaporwave and a lot more about aesthetic please get on James Ferraro please kantb please I'm a hierophant please try and make him have a second interview please please please please also love Crypt masterful I'm such a fucking Dunst for not getting into it until the suit of doxological network had Network me into the acceleration of the sound of Art
user avatar
User #13903092 - 9 May 20 01:36
Hate that I'm late that lovecrypt is all firey bangers
user avatar
User #33722027 - 26 Apr 20 05:36
Not "vacuousness" but "vacuity."
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 26 Apr 20 08:50
I'm not Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross, I don't sell vacuum cleaners. I have no idea what you're talking about. Dyson shills get out.
user avatar
User #33722027 - 26 Apr 20 09:02
Shameful vacuosity
user avatar
User #13403030 - 28 Apr 20 02:16
Super inspiring stuff all around
user avatar
User #4711632 - 26 Apr 20 22:08
Honestly the blurb for this episode and the implicit deep lore is far more interesting. That and slime mould.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 27 Apr 20 01:29
Great, thanks, you just lost us our Lovecrypt crossover copyright cleared music deal.
user avatar
User #4711632 - 27 Apr 20 01:32
Anyway it was meant as praise for your writing, you big silly.
user avatar
User #7087644 - 1 May 20 03:37
"everybody worships something" ...yeah buddy dostoevsky had your experience a couple of years before you. but still happy for you, and great ep Kantbot. love to you both
user avatar
User #25142285 - 30 Apr 20 16:27
Hi Kantbot, could you link the acceleration article you mentioned you wrote if I heard correctly (Eastern Europe here). I checked your archive on AM and cannot find it.
Episode 5: Global Finance Deep Lore (w/ Nic Carter)
Episode 5: Global Finance Deep Lore (w/ Nic Carter)more_vert
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Episode 5: Global Finance Deep Lore (w/ Nic Carter) 2020-04-24T07:57:06+00:00close

The deep halls of high finance resound with the echoes of Pseudcast knowledge transmissions. Elite finance mastermind billionaires sit atop their treasure hoards. The ancient dragon seers rank the Pseudodoxology Sorcery Network as one of the top sources of Economic news and analysis in the networked realms. Second only to Zero Hedge. We're committed here to advancing the esoteric field of Economics, and to that end, we're devoting a full episode to leveling up your financial insight.

Joining us is Nic Carter, of Castle Island Ventures, cofounder of coinmetrics.io, and cryptocurrency financial analyst extraordinaire. He's here to anoint us, to bestow upon us the clout that's our rightful due. His financial genius brings an entirely new level to Pseudodoxological economics. Sending the discipline into overdrive. Listen to this episode and learn from us, the Loremasters of the Global Financial System. The dwarves nod approvingly as you shower us with golden trinkets and subscribe."How shrewd," they think solemnly to themselves as they stroke their long grey beards, knowing full well that you're about to get fucking rich, baby, by listening to our unbeatable, hot as shit stock tips. Hell yeah.

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Dead Oceans, One Race" by Storm King, from the album Sever the Hands. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Image_11.jpeg (604.9KiB)

Comments (20)
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User #33472092 - 25 Apr 20 04:20
US corporate debt is 74% of GDP.... ho boy
user avatar
User #33637736 - 24 Apr 20 16:58
Such an interesting episode!
user avatar
User #15076785 - 24 Apr 20 21:23
Very interesting so far—and I enjoyed the point about maximalism. Far from being an expert on these things, I tend to look to Karl Polanyi (author of 'The Great Transformation') for forecasts in regard to moments of crisis. Such times usually call for a "countermovement" wherein a diverse array of interests navigate between entrenched (1) oligarchy (as capital becomes increasingly tied up in land and other fictitious commodities apart from industry), or (2) a caricaturesque reassertion of a social principle lacking in the previous regime which see itself as internally coherent, yet, in its eternal paranoia, must always create an enemy to be extinguished to create a need for a war machine, (3) or a system of governance wherein growth is cast aside as a priority in favor of distribution. I don't see the third option possible without a strong central government (Polanyi's embrace of the state as a tool is refreshing from other leftists). Financialization will lead to the first option! My pessimism sees this development as increasingly likely, I'm afraid... In short, Polanyi's emphasis on the growing importance of fictitious commodities (FIRE sector) in decaying economies is useful, drawing class lines along those who hold assets and those who hold debt. Sorry for the screed. Thanks.
user avatar
User #15076785 - 24 Apr 20 21:36
1:00:45 absolutely
user avatar
User #15076785 - 24 Apr 20 21:44
1:07:35 Deng Xiaoping "won the century"
user avatar
User #2660567 - 8 May 20 04:25
i just received the great transformation in the mail today, dope screed, getting my hype for reading it
user avatar
User #15076785 - 8 May 20 10:05
Damn, I'm very excited for you! It's a truly great book.
user avatar
User #33718667 - 24 Apr 20 19:07
I wonder how it could be possible to actually fix the financial market. Is it even politically possible to do anything? Or are we too deep into the autumn of our civilization.
user avatar
User #493961 - 24 Apr 20 23:59
Its completely un-fixable at this point. The financial system is firmly in the hands of incredibly immoral people. All you can do is try to live a good life and take care of the people around you. When it comes down to it we are all essentially various gradations of slaves to a handful of bankers.
user avatar
User #860157 - 25 Apr 20 00:11
1:00:08 should be shouted from the rooftops.
user avatar
User #34677232 - 2 May 20 06:29
the air force fly-bys happened today and they didn't drop any PPEs or red envelopes. really loved your work mr kantbot and nic was a great guest that clearly outlined the unelected power grab done by the central bank cohort. i think japanification as nic mentioned is going to be the ineluctable trajectory because our current govern body will not budge from the status quo. as i've joked before during occupy wall st with my banker friends in new york: when you guys feel the pinch of paying 3-4k a mo out of your 5k starter take home salary for just 1br in 3-4br at even midtown, you'll be occupying wall st conveniently on your way to work. but in the end, the irony is probably gonna be they would still agree to their own perverse serfdom this until they only have 500 bucks left to order seamless on their iphones. but don't worry probably at that point the ivies will only take legacy admissions and manhattan is probably just company town.
user avatar
User #33460794 - 27 Apr 20 16:25
Really enjoy the finance & economics topics. Let’s do more!
user avatar
User #33469644 - 25 Apr 20 05:15
Oh man make this guy a regular!
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 25 Apr 20 10:15
user avatar
User #4711632 - 25 Apr 20 01:50
Excellent episode. Absolute brainlet retardation to make noise at 7pm on cue like trained animals.
user avatar
User #860157 - 25 Apr 20 00:33
It is said that they have names and addresses.
user avatar
User #17418029 - 27 Apr 20 01:47
That was fuckin great
user avatar
User #493961 - 25 Apr 20 00:19
The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with the power to create money 'ex nihilo'. Its not defensible. Same thing as the Bank of England and the European Central Bank, and we don't even know the true shareholders of any of them. Crypto-currency is fine until these banks implement their own version of it, at which point it will just be a new way to further enslave us.
user avatar
User #21567327 - 25 Apr 20 01:41
If you agree with marx that socialism is the inevitable logical conclusion to capitalism, then why would a return to real capitalism be favorable? Wouldnt we just slowly get back to this point of hyperfinancialization and corporatism?
user avatar
User #15076785 - 25 Apr 20 02:36
I think Marx exaggerated capitalism's break from feudal societies. In both types of society, the process of extracting surplus from the direct producers involve a complex mix of political, cultural, and economic practices. Following this, Marx sees contradictions within capitalism's development through analyzing its tendencies in isolation from these other forces. The way I see it, capitalism is built upon the lie that fictitious commodities are like any other commodity—the contradictions, therefore, exist from the Inclosure Acts in England. IMHO, there is no "going back"—the state is and has always been an instrument for protecting class interests. The economy *has always* been embedded within society. It functions best as a utility, not as our master. Unfortunately (though hardly surprising) those who hold money and power are better at organizing their own interests and determining what values the economy responds to (mobility, fluidity, &c.) Thus the paradox that the only thing that can save a true market society is centralized regulation, in my view. But what do I know! I'm no economist...
Episode 4: Alternate Universe Rush Limbaugh Hallucination (w/ Jack)
Episode 4: Alternate Universe Rush Limbaugh Hallucination (w/ Jack)more_vert
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Episode 4: Alternate Universe Rush Limbaugh Hallucination (w/ Jack) 2020-04-24T01:49:54+00:00close

What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimensions. A world where Rush Limbaugh is replaced by Kantbot and a really incredible soundboard loaded up with Sliders and K-Pax Samples. The Pseudodoxology Podcast Network has found the gateway. Now the problem is... finding a way back home.

Beloved Pseud Jack from TPN helps usher in the Patreon New Atlantis properly with an episode about his highly sophisticated taste as I hammer the same Sliders sample over and over again in the background for 100 or so minutes of top quality content. Late night madness. Scientific hallucination. Jupiter Ascending. This episode has it all.

(Some people were reporting issues with this episode not loading correctly into their RSS feeds. I've reuploaded it and deleted the previous post to hopefully correct the issue.)

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "fair" by inner worlds, from the album 20¹¹-20¹³. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Image_10.jpeg (373.8KiB)

Comments (24)
user avatar
User #29208279 - 24 Apr 20 23:13
Play this at my funeral
user avatar
User #15530001 - 24 Apr 20 14:29
great episode, my favorite so far! I would be more interested to hear you talk about scanners than videodrome on TPN tbh..
user avatar
User #33467133 - 25 Apr 20 23:57
Videodrome please!!!
user avatar
User #25431371 - 24 Apr 20 17:37
Best episode yet. Loling at Rousseau + Cum tag
user avatar
User #4711632 - 24 Apr 20 12:04
I just realised that Jack is the gay Harvey Pekar.
user avatar
User #4711632 - 24 Apr 20 12:09
Instead of old jazz 45s, Jack has late-70s soap operas and perverse cinema.
user avatar
User #3933132 - 24 Apr 20 09:41
user avatar
User #13903092 - 24 Apr 20 04:27
I still want to know a good translation of Faust
user avatar
User #33606419 - 24 Apr 20 18:13
great ep.. went to listen to perfume podcast about Dune after, really enjoyed that one. Frank Herbert was such a crazy freak, Kantbot has talked about how he introduced like sex cults or whatever into all his timelines of original Dune series. 1) Bene Gessereti, Paul-Era 2) Hot lesbo supersoldiers that has some mass orgasm ritual with the God Emperor, God Emp-era 3) Long after passing of god-emp humanity has scattered across the universe, cult of "twisted bene gessereti" returns to old empire and is primary antagonist in last books. Their special power is that they fuck you so good that you feel such immense pleasure that you have to obey them..
user avatar
User #33606419 - 24 Apr 20 18:15
But there's more ! In book Hellstrom's hive a breakaway cult of american commies live on far away farm and has modified into antlike people. They live underground in some sort of flesh nest with fleshlights on the walls
user avatar
User #33606419 - 24 Apr 20 18:23
Worship series: A spaceship with AI has become god and has made some sort of sick scenario on an alien planet where an upper cast.. actually I give up explaining the plot of this book. But basically clones are property - and they run all kinds of sick experiments on them. ANYWAY the Frank Herbert moment is that some woman superclone has resonance with a giant gigabrain kelp that spans the entire world ocean.. she fucks it in the last book
user avatar
User #2671072 - 24 Apr 20 23:43
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 25 Apr 20 01:56
Scanners tho
user avatar
User #2671072 - 25 Apr 20 03:42
user avatar
User #14031784 - 26 Apr 20 18:51
It is so strange to listen to this podcast and have the very phenomenon that I experience listening to the podcast described by the host (Who experiences about a higher art forms). Like It would seem wrong that TPN would ever go on Redscare let alone be acknowledged by them because I see everyone like the characters in the Idiot. TPN listening to Redscare and seeing the cultural movement being like Myshkin staring at Ganya’s photo of Nastasya Flippovna and seeing the depth of her soul. TPN forced to perpetually chase the object of his desire which right as it is within grasp be pulled away by the chaotic energy that is the basis for the fascination. The only logical conclusion in my mind is if the Red Scare girls agree to go on TPN but bail at the last second to do a Joe Rogan interview for clout and end up embarrassing themselves to such a degree they delete all their online accounts. Driving TPN crazy to the point of retweeting his Clarissa victory lap over Chapo everyday. Like the prince waiting at the church only to not be surprised when Nastasya runs away to petersburg and subsequently be stabbed to death.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 26 Apr 20 19:42
user avatar
User #8169161 - 24 Apr 20 02:50
Download worked like a charm. Thank you for fixing, Dr Kantbot Esquire
user avatar
User #13112912 - 1 May 20 02:13
I don't know what any of these videodrome or any of these things is -- I do not know
user avatar
User #13403030 - 24 Apr 20 03:33
Saving this for my doomer night walk
user avatar
User #4711632 - 24 Apr 20 11:58
This is such a love-in episode between KB and Jack, shitting on the audience. Brilliant.
user avatar
User #8638755 - 24 Apr 20 10:47
alien covenant was awful except for the flute scene, which was brilliant, ontological and touching
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 25 Apr 20 10:18
Ridley Scott enjoys a reputation as one of Hollywood’s last remaining auteurs. A man with a long career of iconic, and at times even, artistically innovative films behind him, Scott has succeeded in cementing himself in the public consciousness as a kind of second-rate, second-generation Stanley Kubrick. I say second-rate because glancing through his filmography he’s been responsible for more than his fair share of questionable films: 1492: The Conquest of Paradise, Robin Hood, Exodus. Movies like GI Jane and Black Hawk Down would make more sense in the filmography of Michael Bay. The bleary slow motion action of Gladiator feels like something out of a bad History Channel reenactment. And for all it’s sumptuous orientalism, one can’t help but wish Kingdom of Heaven would have used Tasso as a script rather than the generic and confused historical material Scott chose to serve up. The Alien prequel Prometheus though outdoes them all in terms of shallowness; a movie about creation that’s more interested in spinning a Chariots of The Gods inspired deep mythology to prop up the ailing franchise than it is in exploring the psycho-historical origins of Humanity, not just as a species, but also as an idea and ideal. As is the case for every Hollywood remake or re-imagining there was a simmering, and largely unwarranted, excitement at the prospect of Scott producing another (proper) Alien movie, as if the only problem with Prometheus was that, despite having plenty of alien horrors, they didn’t look enough like the one from the original for it to count. There have now, counting Prometheus, been six Alien films, and that’s not including spinoffs like Alien vs Predator. For such a beloved franchise it’s strange that, on the whole, the general quality level across the different episodes doesn’t average out all that well. Truth be told though, in Alien: Covenant all the pieces are in place. There’s the colony crew of somewhat schlubby civilians with half-unspoken personal problems. There’s the android run amok. There’s the cyclopean alien ruins looming ominously around the characters as they discover unspeakable cosmic nightmares. Eventually a woman with short hair and pointed nipples in a tank top runs around the ship and blows the alien out an airlock. Judged by the internal standards of the series, Covenant is adequate, and that’s more or less the agreement the critic’s consensus has come to. The elements are there, in more or less the correct proportions, and in today’s cultural environment that’s usually counted as a success, but as a whole, judged against the standards of Art rather than those set by the franchise, as a self-sufficient work it fails. It’s the latter standard of judging the latest mass produced form of entertainment that prevails among critics, both online and off. When it comes to every new super hero or Star Wars movie, the critical consensus goes about reproducing itself, spreading itself like the alien virus of Covenant, hijacking our cultural DNA until a thousand identical mutant clones spring forth and run roughshod over taste. In Prometheus man mounts an expedition, to discover the most antediluvian architects of the human race: the Engineers. What they discover, as one might expect, turns out to be quite upsetting. The forebearers of our species consider us a mistake, and plan to eradicate us using a mutagenic bioweapon. The film concludes with all but two members of the exploratory crew dead. The only survivors, the android David among them, set out in one of the Engineer’s ships to visit their homeworld and confront them about their designs for Humanity. This premise, which it took an entire film to set up, is concluded off screen prior to the opening of Covenant, and this new film finds a new crew accidentally stumbling on the aftermath of David’s encounter with the beings who created mankind millions of years ago. The center of Covenant’s attempt to pick up the questions Prometheus asked is to be found in the central segment of the movie, after the survivors of the crew recover from their initial brutalization at the ends of the alien virus which David used to genocide the Engineers. The details are ultimately unimportant. Still, it’s the all-too brief scenes with David in the Necropolis that are not only the most unnerving, but which also do most of the conceptual legwork for the film. It’s David, we learn, who has created the alien species which has disemboweled so many throughout the series. He’s been experimenting, creating new forms of life using the Engineer’s technology. At last, he tells us, he believes he has finally perfected life. This, for some, may come across as confusing. In what sense could the monstrous forms he’s concocted ever be considered “perfect”? From a certain perspective, he may have succeeded. The creature is virulent, infecting all forms of life it comes into contact with, using them to reproduce itself. As it matures it becomes all but unstoppable. It can survive in otherwise uninhabitable conditions, even in deep space seemingly. Attempts to kill it cause it to spray acid blood strong enough to melt through the hull of a spaceship. Etc. From a perspective of pure biological utilitarianism, David has created a life form if not perfect, than at least not far off. What’s most disturbing, perhaps, about all this, is that David has adopted such a perspective in the first place. It’s a principle against which Humanity appears poorly, a standard we are poorly suited to measure up to. It’s not necessarily the disgust his creations inspire that induces us to fill ill at ease at him, but what they say about the role of Human-ness in the universe, at least in David’s eyes. The morality of civilization is reduced to a necropolis overrun by nightmares made in our own twisted image, a species devoid of Humanity, but one that’s capable of conquering all life in the Universe through its virulence and revolting adaptability. Covenant opens with a brief introduction of the themes in intends to explore, that it more or less never gets around to doing so with its undivided attention is beside the point. A newly created David, prior to the events of Prometheus, is meeting his creator for the first time. A painting hangs on the wall. A piano sits to one side. The David of Michelangelo runs like a column through the ceiling, as if to hold up the whole scene. David (the android, not the statue) carries on a brief conversation with his maker regarding his own intended perfection. What perfection though? For both David and his creator it seems that perfection consists in immortality, which is the one characteristic the two will never share. In Prometheus this idea was reduced to a somewhat contrived quest by David’s geriatric inventor to learn the secrets of immortality from the Engineers. His quest fails, and the Engineer rips of David’s head and uses it to beat him to death. Why are the engineer’s trying to destroy us? Neither film ever gets around to answering that, but we might plausibly infer that it’s because they look on our own creations, on David, the way we look at the monster’s which David later creates in Covenant. It’s not necessarily the form our creation has assumed which the Engineer’s hold against us, but maybe the perspective which we have assumed from which such creations appear “perfect” to us in the first place. This is, of course, speculation, and in Alien: Covenant, these themes only serve as detours to Scott’s primary mission of connecting point A to point B to point C in the Alien cinematic universe. As David sits surrounded by perfect creations of man, the high points of the Arts & Sciences, as traditionally conceived, he is enshrined by the Museum setting as a work of Art. Whereas artworks typically only comprehend themselves however, David, in his perfection, comprehends more fundamentally the ability of Man to create such things generally, and through this comprehension, he compounds within himself all these works, everything that this creative drive can produce. The value of these works, as David is instructed by his designer, is their enduring quality, their immortality, and that is why David, too, is ‘perfect’; he is a man raised to the status of an artistic object, but only in the sense that he’s an object which will can persist beyond the lifespans of ordinary men. David, in Covenant, eventually confesses to his counterpart, an identical, but intellectually sterile and begin android named Walter, that he has developed a great antipathy towards Humanity. They are a dying race, David pronounces with conviction. They don’t deserve to spread themselves through the universe. They are unworthy. The form of life David has created is more deserving of the cosmic real estate Man would end up inhabiting. There is no further elaboration, as to why Man is unworthy. We can speculate though: Man uses his creative ability to perpetuate his own biological weakness in service of an enduring, if ephemeral and elusive spark of Humanity. David uses his creative ability to perpetuate biological strength in service of an ideal of virulence, adaptation and linear extensiveness. Man’s ‘failure,’ in his eyes, consists in his human perspective, his sense that ideal principles in operation within the soul possess an independent validity and value beyond their ability to reproduce, survive, and adapt. As David is immortal, there is no need for Man to perpetuate his Humanity. Humanity has been raised to the level of a machine-object, which, finally being freed from any need to reproduce itself, may now go about perfecting the reproduction of life itself. The civilization of the Engineers is ancient, their city, which none of the crew have even the slightest curiosity or interest in, stretches out like the ruins of some non-euclidean Atlantis, a cosmic Pergamon millions of years older than Mankind’s earliest tribal settlement. As David’s creations frighten Daniels and the rest of the colony crew, the Engineers are frightened, and in the end done in by David, as we will in turn be done in by David’s perfect lifeforms. Here then a reductive algorithm is running its course. In the beginning, with the Engineers, we have a personification of spirit in its earliest stages. Through man, and David, and the aliens he creates, we see the degradation of that essence. We see it being bred out of life, and personified in a machine who, unleashed from the physio-organic constraints conditioning the development of its own powers, creates a form of life unleashed from the constraints of higher puroposiveness, reducing life down to a vicious biological mechanism of virulent infestation and linear multiplication. This is a discussion which is largely absent from Alien: Covenant. One merely suggested in a brief prologue, a few conversations with David and some deleted scenes. It is here where we meet with the real problem regarding not only this film, but the overall outlook which prevails in Hollywood and among critics of all stripes as well. The standard that David applies is the standard of Ridley Scott, and by extension, Hollywood. It is a standard by which films like Alien: Covenant are judged: against their virulence as strains of their respective franchises. Here, the outward appearances of the artwork are taken as the rule of survival. What are the elements of the series, of the original movie that established it, and what is the correct proportion to mix them in to ensure maximum virulence in the current box office environment. There are two stances we can assume when approaching Alien: Covenant (or any other blockbuster franchise film): Firstly, the perspective where they’re judged as additional reproductions of an original object manufacturing itself in order to persist and infect as much of culture as possible. Secondly, the perspective of a more fundamental standard of Art, not as something possessing the quality of endurance, but something that endures in relation to its realization of an idea of Human-ness which exists only through its own effort to comprehend some aspect of that idea. Most current among critics, especially of the internet variety, adopt the first stance, where the quality valued above all others is the most potent reproduction of the outward elements of plot and design associated with some ‘classic’ movie they were raised on. By this measure Alien: Covenant does well enough for itself. It’s a sufficiently graphic remix of the familiar elements of the long-winded series to meet with fan approval. The film is only marred by a few strange moments in the middle where David explains his ideas of Creation to the crew. From the other perspective, however, the film is such a half-hearted exploration of what it purports to be interested in discussing that it’s deserving of minimal praise. Two competing perspectives were at work in Alien: Covenant, and the one that won out was David’s, of the Alien series as precisely the kind of linearly multiplying infectious phenomenon which serves as his ideal. This may make for decent enough entertainment, but as a perspective which forms the basis for how our overarching cultural enterprises conceive of themselves, there’s something deeply unsettling about it and the creatures it engineers. Why bother criticizing it? Why waste time on inferior productions? Because criticism is only productive when it assumes the other perspective, when it doesn’t reduce the value of culture to its infectiousness, but judges according to a more fundamentally human perspective, where reproduction of the material conditions of civilization is seen as secondary to the development of Humanity as an idea across a never-ending dialog of activity through which it is not reproduced, but developed. As adequate as Alien: Covenant is, as art, it falls short. It is not necessarily the form the monster takes which terrifies, but the perspective from which its creator judges its hideous perfection.
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User #8638755 - 25 Apr 20 15:19
exactly, coulda been so much more, great review
user avatar
User #8638755 - 25 Apr 20 15:37
still, how did you manage to write such an elaborate, truthful piece without mentioning that flute scene even once? gotta embrace the flute scene, king <3
Episode 3: Egression (w/ Xenogothic)
Episode 3: Egression (w/ Xenogothic)more_vert
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Episode 3: Egression (w/ Xenogothic) 2020-04-18T22:08:14+00:00close

Scrambling through the nondescript halls of Goldsmiths, University of London, Matt Colquhoun outruns the Agents of Hyper-Capitalism, or something. Is he jacking into the Matrix? Or out of it? Who can even say anymore. Abandoning his slave name to become Xenogothic, he joins me to hack into the mainframe of the simulation, to upload the pirate code that will emancipate humanity. Or whatever. To be honest I don't know how computer stuff really works. Anyways, I'm very happy for Xenogothic to join us to discuss his excellent new book, Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy and Mark Fisher. I think its about how to configure your modem, at least I hope it is, because I have no idea if this is making it into your computer screens or not. In any event, its a can't miss episode to be sure.

Also check out his cool looking blog too: https://xenogothic.com/

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Misery" by I Sekuin, from the album I Sekuin. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records)

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Comments (21)
user avatar
User #13403030 - 19 Apr 20 18:11
Really getting David Foster Wallace vibes with the cultural regurgitation bit
user avatar
User #8643039 - 20 Apr 20 13:04
what do you mean dfw vibes?
user avatar
User #15076785 - 20 Apr 20 18:08
This was good shit
user avatar
User #4711632 - 21 Apr 20 23:54
Does it get better? Because people talking about the books they are trying to hock doesn't do it for me, and I don't care about the dude's dead man crush.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 22 Apr 20 06:49
Be nice!!!
user avatar
User #15076785 - 22 Apr 20 10:52
Depends on the book and the dead man, friend!
user avatar
User #13903092 - 27 Apr 20 23:47
GET KOJO hes just too legit.
user avatar
User #33472092 - 19 Apr 20 15:51
Excellent discussion on a topic & man I know little about. TYKB
user avatar
User #13903092 - 28 Apr 20 08:46
This episode really helped me think much much further on my own issues of depression and help. I really got to read more kpunk and xenos book. I want to just weep but I feel strengthened so much =]
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 28 Apr 20 09:01
Wow, I'm so glad to hear this. I was really proud of this one
user avatar
User #6926194 - 22 Apr 20 06:26
Please do an episode on acid, Kantbot
user avatar
User #23269207 - 20 Apr 20 05:29
What's the name of the Nick Land essay you mention (at the 42 minute mark) about the relation between death and reason, and the death of Socrates? Amazing ep btw, keep the good stuff comin'.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 20 Apr 20 05:59
"After the Law"
user avatar
User #23269207 - 20 Apr 20 18:27
user avatar
User #13903092 - 28 Apr 20 03:05
Also kb got so heavy like 20 minutes before the break he began to tear a hole in the universe
user avatar
User #28000321 - 2 May 20 09:00
Does anyone know where i can locate a copy of "More Brilliant than the Sun," that isn't $980 on Amazon? Thanks.
user avatar
User #3088784 - 19 Apr 20 01:31
Episode never finish loading.
user avatar
User #3200469 - 19 Apr 20 01:33
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 19 Apr 20 02:13
The sample track was a bit out of sync. Episode was down while I was uploading the fixed version. It's ok now.
user avatar
User #31097865 - 19 Apr 20 16:34
extremely good ep thank u
user avatar
User #13534917 - 22 Apr 20 20:31
Loved every minute. Thank you x
Episode 2: RosiQucianism (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision)
Episode 2: RosiQucianism (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision)more_vert
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Episode 2: RosiQucianism (w/ Logo and Nightmare Vision) 2020-04-18T18:35:45+00:00close

Big time Pseuds, Logo and Nightmare Vision, join me in reforming the secret alchemical brotherhood of imaginary doctors sometimes known as the Rosicrucian Order. Together we unlock the long hidden secrets John Dee's encrypted grimoires to finally reveal the secret truth of Qanon. That's right, as predicted long ago, Christian Rosenkreuz has returned. Unfounded speculation and unproductive theorizing abound. This is a must listen episode, if you don't want to learn anything at all, which, if you're really smart, I know you definitely don't!

(Intro Theme: "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, from the album Atria. Outro Theme: "Lifetime of Grey Skies" by Nishiki Prestige, from the album XOXO. Interlude: "Isol I Urbanite" by DJ, from the compilation STAY INSIDE II: INFECTION. All music courtesy of Lovecrypt. Episode mastered by Tryppocales Records.)

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Comments (12)
user avatar
User #27263745 - 18 Apr 20 18:37
Lol of course Logo is gonna do his Mormonism bit
user avatar
User #33775366 - 20 Apr 20 15:25
Good criticism of Moldbug/Yarvin here. Like a lot of people I read, good on insight and revelation and but less on prescriptions for paths forward.
user avatar
User #23269207 - 20 Apr 20 18:31
Big agree with this and the critiques levied in this thread. Personally, I agree with the basics of Yarvin's argument about all the implicit control that goes on in our society, as well as the inefficiencies of the explicit , democratic government. What I never understood (and don't really think he addressed in the episode) is how having an explicit dictator, or "CEO of America" would actually make that explicit force more accountable. Sure, we'd be able to point at them and say "all of this is because of Bill Gates!" but given our culture's lethargic nature towards protest/mass demonstrations, it doesn't follow that we'd actually gain any more ability to control their actions than we already do. Less so if this CEO wouldn't be elected. The accountability argument makes much less sense to me than the efficiency argument.
user avatar
User #13403030 - 19 Apr 20 16:40
Good stuff!
user avatar
User #2660567 - 2 May 20 07:24
can we get some of the name drops, who is the "gyor karman" you reference alot, and nightmare vision mentions a "david dennat" from medieval times identifying matter with god
user avatar
User #2594831 - 23 Apr 20 00:13
To defend moldbug a little here, as I remember under neocameralism all government employees would be retired with pay and unable to work for the new gov. Also, all political power would be formalized and turned into stock in USG. Shareholders would elect a board which would choose a CEO of the country.
user avatar
User #33722027 - 19 Apr 20 07:04
Encrypted text is "ciphertext". Before you encrypt it, it is "plaintext".
user avatar
User #33606419 - 22 Apr 20 07:42
very cool
user avatar
User #8169161 - 19 Apr 20 04:02
Good podcast...music levels need to be quieter while Logo is hitting his rhetorical crescendo though!!
user avatar
User #33472092 - 19 Apr 20 15:53
*takes long drag off cigarette* Yes. This is the content revolution of mind into spirit made matter.
user avatar
User #21567327 - 19 Apr 20 21:16
user avatar
User #24354827 - 9 May 20 01:46
Podcast sounds good. Only thing I could think to (potentially) improve it would be to add some side chain compression to the music when people are talking.
Episode 1:  Namek Pandemic (w/ Curtis Yarvin)
Episode 1: Namek Pandemic (w/ Curtis Yarvin)more_vert
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Episode 1: Namek Pandemic (w/ Curtis Yarvin) 2020-04-16T06:08:30+00:00close

Certified Pseud Curtis Yarvin addresses the response to his article on his Plan A for Coronavirus and the Fed's Bailout

That part isn't really interesting though, so we mostly just talk about Dragonball Z, and whether SSJ3 Goku could beat Coronavirus.

(New Theme "Spirits" by Cor Serpentis, off the album Atria. Courtesy of Lovecrypt)

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Comments (24)
user avatar
User #31097865 - 17 Apr 20 18:12
loved the lil flex at the end of mb trying to take the reins lol. excited for the new future. bring ariel rosenberg back on sometime if he wants, really enjoyed that one
user avatar
User #19120656 - 16 Apr 20 20:00
intro music goes hard no cap
user avatar
User #860157 - 20 Apr 20 02:53
He always starts out so convincing, but the more he rambles the more clueless he sounds. He's always too reliant on history, and too ignorant of psychology. "Alphabet worshippers" is a great sound bite though. I'm stealing that.
user avatar
User #15076785 - 20 Apr 20 18:03
His completely pointless forays into the Latin roots of words sums up quite neatly my view of his being a blowhard. Remove the meandering chaff and you have about 5 minutes worth of pretty weak content.
user avatar
User #493961 - 19 Apr 20 12:15
Sounds like Yarvin honestly believes coronavirus is real. Some tricks are actually more effective on people with high IQs. The key to all tricks is misdirection and high IQ people have a tendency to intellectually misidirect themselves because once they believe a lie they can go so in-depth in imagining the details of the lie.
user avatar
User #29258498 - 17 Apr 20 00:52
Gonna start telling people they have "NPR voice disorder"
user avatar
User #6670556 - 17 Apr 20 21:07
Awesome first episode, would be cool if you had some sort of outro music because the end feels kind of abrupt.
user avatar
User #13903092 - 17 Apr 20 22:14
Chills from that intro
user avatar
User #3027476 - 16 Apr 20 12:46
Yes, Kantbot is a Hootie & The Blowfish-head
user avatar
User #33469644 - 16 Apr 20 17:09
Audio really is the best substrate for Moldbug. It's obvious that he prefers everything be clever, waste-less, and polished but there is no audience like a podcast audience. Just as a reader must build stamina, so too must a listener. But unlike the reader, the listener doesn't stop listening just because the content ends. In a sense the podcast listener has mastered "the art of being ruled." Kantbot, don't ever feel like you have to cut it short for our sakes. Make hay while the sun shines.
user avatar
User #15476720 - 16 Apr 20 10:02
Enjoyed it. What's your planned release schedule, 1 ep a week?
user avatar
User #33470063 - 17 Apr 20 11:44
Truly excellent stuff. Keep it up.
user avatar
User #33875882 - 19 Apr 20 15:52
RE: American culture in tech - SAS out of North Carolina, one of the biggest, oldest family run software companies. Privately owned. Interesting culture there.
user avatar
User #4711632 - 16 Apr 20 09:00
What a great episode, well done KB.
user avatar
User #13403030 - 17 Apr 20 20:49
Wow this was heated, although essential.
user avatar
User #33460794 - 16 Apr 20 09:24
Fantastic first ep. Hopefully you can get an economics discussion with him sometime (e.g. mainstream v mmt v Austrian v mercantilism). Great to have the heavy hitters like yarvin on during these world historical times.
user avatar
User #4139044 - 19 Apr 20 00:53
Is America the worst on corona? What if just like asian countries, three years from now we actually do respond to future pandemics as well as Asia does, we would still have the same fundamental problem as before. And as well if the bill gates fixation was really motivated by the psychology mentioned here, would they resist say renting out the function directly taiwan and taiwan was tracking your phone? I imagine a huge portion of the people who fixate on gates would be fine with that. And a lot of the internet weirdos who were good on corona were a community that was created by fertility, and that seems like the most fundamental thing we need and what would make us respond better and it was not spawned by the format of the executive but barbarian internet tribes. And like Kantbot probably alludes to its in our hearts and minds and culture. And you can not create new fertility via format alone.
user avatar
User #525785 - 16 Apr 20 19:19
Brilliant talk. I agree with 4thbox... The one issue with Tekwars was it was too short, so if you've got the stamina i'd go full Joe Rogan or even beyond. Allan Watts & Terrance McKenna used to hold 3 day lectures so we can see a return to something like this.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 16 Apr 20 19:31
Thanks Lev, Patreon has limited file size, so I think 2h40m is the max I can do. But I could certainly talk to Curtis for hours
user avatar
User #33639496 - 18 Apr 20 07:23
Break it into multiple parts then?
user avatar
User #13112912 - 20 Apr 20 05:10
Everyone being a 9 year old is an assett, a joy -- what price is not worth paying for this principle? To be safe, pragmatic, effective...These words bring no joy to the reader. All they bring is a relief from fear, but what vision? What use is a road without pointless drives? Maybe I am too slow! Or too heartless! Maybe I am too *without* the age and wisdom of others and their sympathy. Still, I am what I am. Am I good? Stimulant user vs. Opiate user maybe. But is that crude? I apologize for this comment. I will go to the toilet now. What I do there, I will not mention. I find it impossible to be 10. 11 is infinite to me. (If you look from above, all looks different -- some cannot fall -- they are too clever, too wise, too good) [That was rude, but it might be true!] {Perhaps the problem is that everyone thinks they are 75 rather than 9, so scared so scared so scared of banal things rather than fantastic things.} *Why would anyone with pride submit to some ugly thing with ugly reasons for submission -- ugly reasons such as the mechanical preservation of life? Will you see paintings of hospitals, or paintings of battles? The King must provide some reasonable beauty to warrant submission. Stubborn-ness is not borne of reason or lack of reason. It is inherent in certain people. Oh, and how ugly the snitches! Who point with cackling finger to say: Put them away, put them away, stupid, stupid, stupid! And yet, I suppose snitching is inherent in certain people too. All things have their humour in the story. After all, it is funny to laugh at ugliness! Ok, now I go. Thank you for the podcast, it is enjoyable :) P.S. Mechanical is important part of puzzle. It is very difficult to empathize when one has no connection. Is this un-connected one really "redeemable" to the empathy of the one who is intimately connected with death via the virus? How can he care? Is it really his short-coming? Perhaps the empathetic one has the short-coming -- if we are being pragmatic. After all, to what end is your pragmatism aimed to? And you cannot easily escape pragmatism, when you are lambasting others for not being pragmatic. Maybe I am slow. I misunderstand. But maybe, this is right. And then what are you doing? Are you 9? Are you gonna cry and then lambast others for being 9? Are you so crushed? By what? Oh you feel! But the child, I think, feels more. Feels more wildly, more free. It is *barbaric*. It is Barbarism. And say the word and you will feel quite 9. It is a savage word. Once again, I confess: I am avoiding the toilet for so long now that I fear I have done horrible damage to myself. So now, I go.
user avatar
Pseudodoxia - 20 Apr 20 05:16
Please go to the bathroom!
user avatar
User #11180204 - 16 Apr 20 07:10
Moldbug's grandmother is 106?! Is he related to the McCains?
user avatar
User #3889890 - 19 Apr 20 15:43
Glad you got him to state what his solutions would be a little more clearly. Couldn't disagree with him more.

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