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Bubbleline pinup #2
Bubbleline pinup #2more_vert
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Bubbleline pinup #2 2020-09-28T11:41:37+00:00close

Media (1)

Cover.png (177.7KiB)

Marceline's Room
Marceline's Roommore_vert
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Marceline's Room 2020-09-27T03:03:41+00:00close

I'm getting a lot of requests for marceline/bubblegum content, so I bit the bullet and made a set for them. Thank you for your patience I know a lot of you pledged during my pinup spree and I intend to get back onto it now that I don't have to create a half-assed set every time I want to use these two :)

Media (5)

4lm30uM.jpeg (154.0KiB)
Gjkte4f.jpeg (158.1KiB)
oUjOKb5.jpg (185.3KiB)
WP9tWY6.jpeg (169.6KiB)
WZGjt3t.jpg (154.9KiB)

Bubbleline Pinup #1
Bubbleline Pinup #1more_vert
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Bubbleline Pinup #1 2020-09-23T00:28:48+00:00close

If you're into futa check the discord.

Media (1)

Cover.png (150.2KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #25890361 - 23 Sep 20 00:47
Can I get the link?
user avatar
Sourozowy - 23 Sep 20 00:51 you may need to link your discord to your patreon, if anyone has any issues with that just dm me here i'll send them to you
user avatar
User #25890361 - 23 Sep 20 00:56
Frankie Pinup #3
Frankie Pinup #3more_vert
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Frankie Pinup #3 2020-09-19T11:22:41+00:00close

Anonymous request by one of my lovely Pungent patrons :-) no alts bc it's a sequence

Media (1)

Cover.png (200.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8733027 - 21 Sep 20 00:00
ooh oooh me next lemme at the request button
Peridot Pinup #2
Peridot Pinup #2more_vert
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Peridot Pinup #2 2020-09-17T11:16:49+00:00close

still got a soft spot for her lol

Bubblegum Pinup #1
Bubblegum Pinup #1more_vert
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Bubblegum Pinup #1 2020-09-16T09:28:46+00:00close

brush your teeth after eating out

Media (1)

Cover.png (167.3KiB)

New Request Tier & Updating. 2020-09-15T09:49:56+00:00

The info:

* The Tart tier will not change. Tarts will continue to get alternative renders of animations and uncropped pinups.

* The new $7 USD 'Pungent' tier will allow you to fill out a Google Form to make a pinup request. If your request doesn't get picked this month your request will get an extra chance every month to be picked. If that happens I will be in touch to make sure you want what you request, just incase too much time has elapsed and you want something else doing. (Maybe I have a new character you vibe with)

*Unpledging archives your request and chance. Renewing continues it.

The fluff:

There's too many of you to ignore. It's a bit crazy. Even crazier to me is that people want to give me more money per month. While it crossed my mind to make animation alts and pinups a seperate tier it didn't really sit well with me. So I asked the Patreon channel in the discord and this solution was suggested. Pinups are an easy way to keep the patreon alive while I animate things,. it also lets me use rigs that are otherwise collecting dust.

I also need to rephrase tier rewards now that I know what my content output is, make tier images and a banner for this place now that my collection of characters isn't just limited to Peridot lol.

Thanks for your patronage, existing and past. It really does mean a lot :-)

Frankie Pinups #2
Frankie Pinups #2more_vert
Post file flag
Frankie Pinups #2 2020-09-14T11:19:28+00:00close


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #8733027 - 17 Sep 20 10:34
why do i get this strange feeling that the guns are aimed at me
user avatar
Sourozowy - 17 Sep 20 11:15
some sins are never forgiven BLAT BLAT
user avatar
User #8733027 - 18 Sep 20 05:51
i regret nothing
thing for twitter tomorrow
thing for twitter tomorrowmore_vert
Post file flag
thing for twitter tomorrow 2020-09-11T13:15:40+00:00close

Media (1)

Bubbleline.png (1.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #40536240 - 11 Sep 20 13:50
hod damn
user avatar
Sourozowy - 11 Sep 20 13:58
got hamn
Noodle Pinups #2
Noodle Pinups #2more_vert
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Noodle Pinups #2 2020-09-10T10:33:41+00:00close

She needs more love

Media (2)

head.png (605.1KiB)
Sept_Noodle_Dare_Darefit.png (1.7MiB)

Marceline Pinup #1
Marceline Pinup #1more_vert
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Marceline Pinup #1 2020-09-08T18:07:53+00:00close

Media (1)

Cover.png (157.6KiB)

Marcy the floating cowgirl
Marcy the floating cowgirlmore_vert
Marcy the floating cowgirl 2020-09-07T11:29:27+00:00close

See you Cowgirl. Someday, Somewhere!

Media (1)

spacecowgirl.jpg (83.4KiB)

Attachments (1)

Marcy_Cowgirl_A.mp4 (7.3MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3862231 - 9 Sep 20 07:22
I *really* love that smirk you gave her. I'm not usually too terribly into art that has dicks in it, but this is easily an exception to that rule.
user avatar
Sourozowy - 9 Sep 20 11:43
Had to gloss through my gallery to see how many pieces I've made that didn't feature pingas lol, I'll be sure to remember not all my audience wants to see them when I feel like i need to include them :p
user avatar
User #3862231 - 9 Sep 20 18:04
I'm fully aware that I'm the outlier when it comes to this, lol. Don't worry about just me.
Marceline v2
Marceline v2more_vert
Post file flag
Marceline v2 2020-08-26T23:33:31+00:00close

Some of you may have noticed I never made animations with a Marceline model I made a month(ish) ago, that's because it wasn't up to my standards. Here's a version that does meet my standards :-) Time to start a new tag on here

Media (1)

marce.png (344.3KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
Sourozowy - 27 Aug 20 13:34
I'll release this one, I don't have as much of an inflatuation with the character. I wanna use it atleast once or twice tho before I do to iron out any issues that might come up.
user avatar
User #846744 - 27 Aug 20 13:53
i getcha will it be for blender of sfm?
user avatar
Sourozowy - 27 Aug 20 15:47
Blender, but someone will probably port it to sfm before I get to doing so.
user avatar
User #846744 - 6 Sep 20 16:13
Sweet can't wait
user avatar
User #846744 - 27 Aug 20 13:29
wait is this the one getting a release i complety forgot either way looks amazing as alwaysXD
handy frankie
handy frankiemore_vert
handy frankie 2020-08-24T07:31:27+00:00close

Media (1)

Image1.jpg (131.0KiB)

Attachments (1)

Frankie_Handy_Clothed.mp4 (7.3MiB)

Peri press
Peri pressmore_vert
Peri press 2020-08-18T16:56:13+00:00close

Media (1)

Image1.jpg (134.0KiB)

Attachments (1)

Peripress.mp4 (8.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #40536240 - 18 Aug 20 18:30
Cums and dies
user avatar
Sourozowy - 18 Aug 20 18:58
😔 lost a real one tonight lads
Patreon only anim poll 2020-07-30T17:07:47+00:00

Hey, there's enough of you that I feel like maybe starting doing these. Who do you wanna see this month

you can vote for multiple. Please do :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8439634 - 19 Aug 20 02:13
i really hope you get around to making an enid model one day!
frankie beejay
frankie beejaymore_vert
frankie beejay 2020-07-20T21:22:45+00:00close

happy birthday me

Media (1)

bj0000.png (3.0MiB)

Attachments (1)

FrankieBlow_Jacket.mp4 (2.7MiB)

New Gorillaz song = Noodle content 2020-07-19T23:38:49+00:00

G are putting out a new song in a few hours, so after I render out this next frankie scene i'm interrupting our usual green skin gem and imaginary friend co-host to do some Noodle content, maybe one or two pieces, then it's back to our regularly scheduled content

Here's the outfit i'm gonna have to model for her in action

Frankie pinup JULY
Frankie pinup JULYmore_vert
Post file flag
Frankie pinup JULY 2020-07-17T18:56:03+00:00close


Media (1)

Frankie_July_Panties.png (3.0MiB)

Frankie taking it
Frankie taking itmore_vert
Frankie taking it 2020-07-11T08:20:50+00:00close

alts are on discord if you can't use discord for whatever reason lmk

Media (1)

FINAL0010.png (1.7MiB)

Attachments (1)

Pat B-1.mp4 (5.0MiB)

Peridot JULY B-Sides
Peridot JULY B-Sidesmore_vert
Post file flag
Peridot JULY B-Sides 2020-07-03T21:15:27+00:00close

Media (1)

pinupcSIDEB.png (1.5MiB)

Peridot Pinup JULY
Peridot Pinup JULYmore_vert
Post file flag
Peridot Pinup JULY 2020-07-03T21:09:34+00:00close

Media (1)

kek.png (1.6MiB)

Looks like we have a bad apple. 2020-07-03T21:08:14+00:00

Hope you enjoy the new way i'm delivering content xo

Scene 5 Unwatermarked
Scene 5 Unwatermarkedmore_vert
Scene 5 Unwatermarked 2020-07-02T02:02:23+00:00close

Media (1)

Image1.jpg (225.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Scene5_Frankie.mp4 (3.9MiB)

Frankie Pinups
Frankie Pinupsmore_vert
Post file flag
Frankie Pinups 2020-06-29T21:43:47+00:00close

Media (7)

A.png (1.0MiB)
AB.png (1.0MiB)
B.png (1.0MiB)
C.png (1.0MiB)
D.png (1.0MiB)
E.png (1.0MiB)
F.png (923.0KiB)

Noodle Pinups
Noodle Pinupsmore_vert
Post file flag
Noodle Pinups 2020-06-28T20:34:41+00:00close


Media (3)

asfa.png (1.4MiB)
fee.png (1.5MiB)
unknown.png (907.3KiB)

Peridot Pinups (MonthlyPinups)
Peridot Pinups (MonthlyPinups)more_vert
Post file flag
Peridot Pinups (MonthlyPinups) 2020-06-28T20:31:20+00:00close

Thank you so much for the support new patreons! I've decided I'm gonna do a pinup of a bunch of my rigs every month. I'm privately posing my rigs like barbie dolls anyway.

Media (5)

ef.png (835.0KiB)
f.png (975.9KiB)
unknown.png (956.5KiB)
Raunchy.png (860.4KiB)
g.png (794.2KiB)

Frankie Masterpost
Frankie Masterpostmore_vert
Post file flag
Frankie Masterpost 2020-06-08T17:09:04+00:00close

Media (5)

sfw.png (685.1KiB)
nsfw.png (950.5KiB)
Bunny.png (853.3KiB)
render.png (656.9KiB)
Fress.png (616.8KiB)

Peridot Rides (twitter no watermark) 2020-01-07T16:01:41+00:00!dAl0nSyD

Key : 0netDMdbY1tGjU9AV57vKYAeHtFLXZ_OFlwyf-5kmHM

Peridot Rides 2020-01-07T15:59:46+00:00!pV1inIJJ

Key : rY3AKDzJa-jACkBeA4eyCgrMcCiYY_j_MG3H766cA9M

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7362385 - 7 Jan 20 18:12
That's real hot
user avatar
Sourozowy - 7 Jan 20 18:17
Thigh Alts 2019-12-20T06:13:00+00:00!YUNyWK4A

Key is BTuLrAp7Hf-qB9lj332hC2am-7LRLfBRybPD83jH194

Contains a version of both videos stitched together, as well as standalone loops.

*wipes dust off of posting area* 2019-11-23T16:45:35+00:00

good grief.

Hello world 2015-08-18T03:14:23+00:00

Hello world


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